Ruger Blows Away Expectations: Gun Sales Surge Ahead of Presidential Election

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Headline News | 302 comments

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    You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    Attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto
    Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy

    Amid abysmal earnings reports from some of the world’s top companies in recent weeks, Americans may be spending less on things like consumer electronics and dining out, but one trend remains seemingly unstoppable.

    We’ve got an insatiable demand for weaponry, with more guns being purchased last year in America than there are active duty military members in the world’s fourteen largest militaries.

    Americans like their guns, and according to the latest quarterly revenues from Sturm, Ruger & Co., that isn’t going to change anytime soon. In fact, over the last five years we’ve seen a massive increase in gun buying. So much so that Ruger was forced to suspend new firearms orders earlier this year because they simply could not keep up with demand.

    Last quarter, Ruger blew away analysts expectations with sales of $118 million, which amounts to nearly half a billion dollars on an annual basis.

    Moreover, what’s impossible to ignore about this trend is what’s behind it.

    The single largest determining factor as to why gun sales have surged since early 2008 seems to be a collective fear surrounding the election of a big government anti-gun socialist as the final arbiter and protector of the U.S. Constitution.

    (charts via Zero Hedge)


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        • Guns and 3D printing…

          “Putting a 3D printer in key offices means simply printing out whatever tool, part or object is needed, as it’s required.”

          “This week, Stratasys, which makes very high-end 3D printers, confiscated a 3D printer from a man named Cody Wilson, despite the fact that he had leased it for $20,000, not a small sum for an emerging tech company to earn.

          Wilson’s offense? He leads the Wiki Weapon project, which aims to create user-tradable specifications for creating firearms. If Wilson’s team successfully creates designs for working guns and then freely gives them away, it would enable almost any 3D printer to create a firearm. Users would just need to download the file and print the gun out.

          Some people are ahead of Wilson and his team, already creating working weapons on 3D printers that were successfully tested at a firing range.”

          • Watch the government scramble then…

          • Don’t wait for one to get printed up… 🙂

            Personally, the pawn shops and gun shows would be a great place to get one *if* you know what you’re doing, and *if* you know how to sort the gems from the crap.

            Most important of all, is to not only buy the ones you need, but spend a good amount of time shooting (and cleaning!) it, even if you’re a top-notch shot. Unless you’re completely comfortable with using that particular gun, don’t rely on it to save your butt.

            • This is my rifle there are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle and I are the guardians of my country we are the saviors of my life. Without me my rifle is useless, without my rifle I am useless…….

              Stading by in SC out

              • I went through Paris Island (1983), but I never had to learn that “this is my rifle” mantra.

            • Im waiting for the ink to dry on my newly printed S&W mod. 29 🙂

          • They have created a .22cal based on an AR-type lower reciever. The material in still a type of resin, ansd is not suitable for larger calibers. There are efforts being made elsewhere to be able to change the molecular structure of the base material, to be able to create true metalic, and even organic objects, with 3D printers, and CNC stereo lithography machines.

            • The AR upper takes most of the shock from the shot, if the lover was a high strength polymer oversized a bit to make it thicker and stronger at critical points the resin lower would work with any mail order upper, !!!!! Cool beans

              • In the ‘Who’da thunk it…” category

                A turkish firm has in the last year begun marketing – in the US – an AR-pattern 12 ga 3″ magnum shotgun through the RAAC (Russian American Arms Company) which employs a completely synthetic lower component in which the Stock and lower (proper) are of single-piece construction. In it’s action it is principly similar to the actions of most automatic shotguns previously sold and manufactured over the last half-century in this country by the big names, Winchester, Remington and Browning, the firearm is magazine fed through a oversized 5 round clip which allows for BHO after the last tound has been expended. As sold, it arrives with the exact same lateral profile as the original M16 including elevated front sight. The ‘Carry Handle’ is actually non-metalic (synthetic) and is detachable from the metallic receiver mounted thereto on the unit’s in-built M1913 Picatinny Rail.
                The unit has been evaluated by various magazines and some several machine shops whose previousexperiance was primarily with the Saiga-type units. This unit, the AKDAL MKA-1919 has been noted by almost all as having a far lower rate of neccessary machinework required before being sufficiently dependable to achieve to sales to the public. Of those who have used same, amondst whom are many 3-gun competiton shooters, the reception has been warm and in the words of most , ‘…is highly dependable’ It is to be noted that due to the unit’s light weight – 6.5 lbs without a magzine installed – the recoil is formidable however afternarket accessories are available now through such as Firebird Precision, Carolina Shooters club, Tromix and others thus allowing for the use of collapsible, folding, recoil-absorbing stocks. Please note that the use of any aftermarket stock – especially those of a folding design – will neccessitate BARF 922(R) compliance in order to be functionally legal. Again…’Who’da thunk it?’

                • Oops,

                  2nd to last line rerads ‘BATF 922(R) compliant…either or 🙂 NOT AN INTENTIONAL TYPO!!!!

                • Vy true and there are a few state that even with the fed form still make it illegal to possess when it is attached. If you are in one of those state leave it on the shelve until you need it. It is a felony.

            • This is the last piece of the puzzle for SkyNet, to go online…

          • Been following 3D Printing for a little more than a year. They are doing some amazing things, but for guns they can’t machine a barrel and are limited to synthetics which is fine for the Glock fan. I love that it will drive the anti gun nuts crazy but its just a bi product of the 3D printing movement.

            DDD stock has been terrific to me this past year and I don’t put much into the market place but that one rocked my little bitty portfolio.

            • @ Jim,

              Yeah….emphasis on ‘Bitty’ Been there, STILL doing that!

          • No imagination. I would use a 3D printer to print out a smaller 3D printer. And then low caliber guns.

          • They are scrambling now. Diabolical minds have a eyes and ears everywhere. They are responding by buying millions of rounds of ammunition along with MRAPS armored vehicles and no doubt are planning stages of phsycological warfare and counter measures

          • Sorry, but I call BS on this. I have seen the details of these printers, yes they could produce the lower receiver for an AR platform rifle, but cannot print anything even remotely strong enough for a 60,000+ psi cartridge. Maybe a nice blowgun, bow, or pellet gun, just maybe…

            • Agree entirely. Ex-manufacturing guy here, well aware of the whole 3D printing concept. It works with plastics because the energy requirement to achieve fusion is low. Fusing metal is a whole different ballgame, and only metals, and strong ones at that, can handle the forces found in a firearm.

              The only reason this the process has any utility at all is because of the peculiar decision to make the LOWER of an AR the carrier of the serial number. Functionally the AR lower is not the receiver, it is the fire control group and little more. It’s as if they decided to put the s/n on the trigger group of an M-14. Absurd, but there it is.

              BTW this 3D printing thing is not new – Pratt & Whitney was using it to make lost-wax casting forms for turbine blades, over 20 years ago.

        • Glenn Beck reported on his show that the single largest day for gun sales would be the day after the election if Obama gets back into office.

          Who knows…but I can tell you that a personal friend of mine has a gun shop and business has never been better than the last 4 years.

          • Gun shows and many FFLs have reported increases in buisness over the past 4 years too. What do the NWO/TPTB expect? It won’t be a cake walk for them when they come for our weapons or to enslave us.

            • Do you really think they’re going to make it that simple for you? They’ve already planned a way to pit you against your neighbor, or the folks in the next town over, or the next county, or state.

              You of course gotta know how to use your guns, and the more competent user will know when to use them. However, the master will know when NOT to use them.

              Psychopaths are playing games with your life. Don’t be their pawn.

              • Chum, agree and well stated.

              • Hey Guys,
                Chum what you say is true. Its happening here in the land of Australia. Our problem here is our guns were taken off the law abiding citizens back in the late 90’s by the then Consevative Gov. Crime is esculating, home invasion becoming oh so violent, shooting by criminals in this country the highest ever….but if the innocent are found to have a gun to protect themselves the innocent are the ones who are persecuted. Government are no longer for the people. If your gun laws are changed there watch your back because the criminal will know you have no protection. I was born in Australia 52years ago its a county I hardly recognise now. Our freedom is dissapearing and people no longer feel safe in their homes and Government is of no help to the innocent. Good luck guys.

          • and I hope that for some “coincidental” reason that the BATFEieio or FBI centers that all purchases are run through aren’t somehow mysteriously shut down the day after the election if O-Hole wins.

            • thats ok In my state we can sill buy rifles, and shot guns

              • I have to ask this, I’m sorry. I would not live in a state that had any restrictions on what I could or could not buy in the way of arms….I’d have to vote with my feet but that’s just the way I am. I am sorry if my “red neck” mentality offends anyone.

                Standing by in SC out

            • Support your private sellers at local gun show. There are a dieing breed.

            • All it would take is one Executive Order…

              • Maybe so but they still will have to take them from our cold dead hands. The good thing is we will be able to take theirs as well !

              • or through the courts, or enforced by the IRS, or through some other means…

                If Obama is reelected, I believe gun control will be on the agenda in the next term. Both Obama and Michelle have said they want gun control. The “gloves” will come off.

                • Screw all of them.

              • Yeah, than send the guy that signs it to MY door than

                • you can have mine– barrell first–Only a fool would try and disarm us. Like Charleston Heston they will have to take mine out of my cold dead hands.

          • First I’m sorry to say Obama is in deed going to win. It looks like God sent him a storm just to look all presidential just in time, and to wash away any desire to look at what he didn’t do in Benghazi.

            But fortunately I think the House will remain a “Republican – Pro Gun” house and so the chances of him getting any meaningful anti gun legislation in place is very unilikely. Does not mean he won’t try.

            I do love the rush to buy guns and particular ammo. Most of these buyers will be selling next Spring when they want money for something. I use the classifies at and score some real deals on ammo after an event – like the election.

            • Don’t you mean HAARP sent him a storm?

            • i am afraid Obama does not care if congress was all republicans he will just do another executive order to seize weapons and all hell will break loose. i think he is a narcissistic lunatic. i pray your wrong and Obama loses but with all the fraud in place it is possible Jim is right.

          • 3 sock monkeys didn’t agree with you T.

          • At least the purchase of any firearm is a hedge against inflation and possible premature death as well.

            Good for Sturm Ruger..I have 2 of their finely crafted weapons..and they eat anything they are chambered for.
            And we are supporting an American company who is not laying off their employees..

            What more needs to be said?

            Stimulus by the feds be damned!

            We, the supporters of the 2nd amendment are creating our own stimulus..

            And by the way, please note Mac that Smith&Wesson, along with HiPoint and Keltec are experiencing exponential growth as well..just try to buy a keltec sub2000 anywhere or a HiPoint 40 cal carbine..fagetaboudit!

            It is at least a year or longer to even find one..

            I have corresponded with both companies..and many arms dealers across this land..they can not keep up with the demands..



          • Lol, Glenn Beck

          • Tina,

            Considering the fact that as governor Mitt Romney signed into law a permanent “assault weapon” ban in Massachusetts, and I’m willing to bet he wouldn’t hesitate to sign such an absurd & draconian law for the entire nation; folks know what is coming down the pike and they are getting theirs NOW before the window closes for good. It’s better to be day early than a second late. Cheers.

            • Gun stores here in Mass. are doing a brisk business in AR-15’s. His ‘permanent’ ban is not as bad as , say, NJ.

            • Not if he wants a second term as a republican!!!

        • One major issue Romney has over on Obama is that he’s got to stay consistent with the traditional and historical GOP platform of retaining 2nd amendment rights, whether he’s actually behind it or not.

          While Obama has not made this an issue during this election, he has clearly telegraphed his support for the UN small arms treaty which in fact would affect American civilians in the worst way possible.

          • Yep! And lots of folks ON THIS VERY SITE say there is no difference between Romney & Obama and therefore they refuse to vote.

            Me, I’ve already voted for Romney for reasons such as this and also because I believe that we need a man of God in charge in the coming difficult times – that I know are inevitable. I’m not naive enough to think Romney can stop it – my heart hopes he can but my mind knows better. After all, without hope, you have nothing to live for.

            If you are in a swing state & refusing to vote for Romney over this crazed dictator, then I urge you to reconsider. It’s that important.

            • I think the plain and simple truth of why gun sales are so high is that it’s quite clear, we are in big trouble who ever gets in the hot seat. Either the Bolshevik, Bi-sexual, Psychopathic Bastard child Mulatto OR the questionable, some say closet liberal, “other” guy.

              • I am completely pro-gun, pro-self defense, and pro-freedom and there is no way I can trust romney to keep this. I already know about obama, why I call him BO. However people fail to look at rombot’s terrible record against the 2nd amendment. Some people think that romper will be their savior, and they will likely be shocked just what an awful against basic freedoms he could be. No one I have ever met in my lifetime flip-flops like him on everything, he is a freaking chameleon.

                You know what romney reminds me of is like someone with 5 times the legal blood level of alcohol weaving from the left side of the road to the right side of the road. It reminds me of the way people are confused by where the hell he stands on anything like when you get behind an elderly person driving in the middle of the road with the right turn signal on, everyone waiting for the right turn or the elderly person to do something that will cause an accident. Clueless people are extremely dangerous, you don’t know if they will be for you or against you.

                I hear this over and over again that romney will support the 2nd amendment, and I say, did he before? Answer, a resounding NO. Someone that is a dictator has a hell of a time taking away people’s firearms when they know what is coming. NO, I am not saying BO deserves to be re-elected. Now someone that the pro-freedom people trust will keep their 2nd amnedment rights is far easier to sneak away your gun rights, like in Massachusetts. If you want to vote obama out for many good reasons, that makes sense. But to support someone like rombot thinking he will be in your corner no matter what is way beyond the word naive. This is what manipulating dictators will do, get your trust and then shish ke bab you. DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN WITH WHOMVER IS ELECTED NO MATTER WHAT, YOU CANNOT.

                One more question to ALL preppers/survivalists. Would you trust someone like romney that you have no clue where the person stands, waffles on his or her beliefs, and all out lies about much? Would you trust such a person with knowing all about your survival supplies, your stored up precious metals, your firearms, your bug out locations, etc? When you trust a leader this is exactly what you are saying, that you would trust just such a person with your lifeline. Something to think about.

                • To Be Informed
                  As a rule, I enjoy your comments but dang it. It sounds like you had rather have O back in office for four more years rather than vote for R. Yes, I support R. He would not have been my first choice but……I will absolutely not vote for O and I will not waste my vote. I’m sorry,
                  you probably don’t care but being as knowledgeble as you sound in your articles I guess I just expected more.

                • Hi Concerned,

                  I believe that BI’s comment is actually directed more at the notion of ‘In voting for the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil.’ In this once great country – which to be sure has had it’s share of missteps and wrong-turns…on myriad levels – we have selfom been faced with the circumstance that NEITHER candidate was even proximately suitable to occupy the Oval office. I say suitable from the context of someone who has at the root of thier being the notion to obey the oath to ‘Protect and defend the Constituion and the People of the United States of America…’ What if ‘they’ had an election and no one came to vote? What would TPTB do then. What Supreme Justioe could in good conscience stand before tha American People on a podium and take the oath of someone who had not – in any way, shape or form – even the slightest measure of the respect of the American people by such a measure. Until, and only, at such time as Americans can push away from the existent artifiically limited ‘two and only two’ candidate paradigm there does not exist the possibilty that we will ever see an improvement in what has come to be here. The Endless crushing debt which we have been yoked to by the actions of our elected have and will enslave every last American and the children thereof into perpetuity…forever. The mathematics of this situation are stark in extremis and inarguably true. The position we have come to be in is wholly untenable and so long as we continue to allow the limitations that have been girded into the system to strighten the possible results we have no hope at all. I mean no offence in what I have said to you or any who read this…another way is required, another pathway must be opened to our future for at present I truly do not beleive that anyone now living can – by thier actions – extricate us from the ouur current dilema. May God Watch over us all and show forth to us a way. Amen.

                • If Romney wins, I again will maintain that his upholding of the 2nd amendment isn’t him acting on his own as President, but merely a shill for the Republican Party. Roms won’t piss off the GOP platform if he ever intends to run in 2016 and will therefore vote on partisan lines instead of his presumptive anti-gun leanings. He has no choice in this matter.

                • I’m not voting for either of these two. To me the reasons are obvious.

                  However, if I were to vote I can tell you this. I just saw “Dreams from my Real Father” last night. If you have yet to see it, it’s on Netflix for free. Words can not describe my disgust for the vile Mulatto. Even before he was elected in ’08 he turned my stomach. But after watching this film, the director connected so many dots that were once loose ends in my mind, that NOW, I’ve come to realize, the Mulatto’s primary objective is, without a doubt, to turn America into a socialist/communist country. I mean, that’s always been there, but after seeing the film I could see how a massively large organization based primarily in Chicago, has been grooming him for this position almost since the beginning. (And his brain has been thoroughly washed.)

                  Romney, well, he may “waffle” here and there, but at least one has a 50/50 chance that he may do “the right thing” once in awhile. Whereas, the Mulatto is hell bent on destroying the values inherently embedded in our Constitution at their core (specifically through our “educational” system).

                  After Benghazi, it’s clear he is even more than a lying SOB, HE TRULY IS PATHOLOGICAL WITH HIS LYING. He’s Psychotic. (Scary shit)

                  I want him out! I want him exposed! I want him to go to prison! I want him dragged through the streets and tarred and feathered. I want the whole world to see him taken down. He’s sick, rancid and infected with a stench so vile that it’s possible this country may never recover, fully.

                  We may need to get used to the fact that whomever wins the audition, it could very well be over for this Republic. Personally, I’m just fed up with all these maniacal minded, psychotic politicians pretending to think they know what’s best for us. I could go on, but I think you know where I am coming from.

                • @ concerned. Do you see all these articles that use the term BO to describe obama, it means body odor, I started that on this site. He stinks with what he has done with this country. I will not jump on the romney bandwagon just because he MIGHT be better than obummed. I don’t trust him at all. I have known people just like him, not even close to the level of crap that changes from his mouth each time he speaks. These individuals have proven it 100% of the time to be backstabbers and totally unreliable to anything. You bet I fear such a leader, because the very people that keep the freedom in this country could and would be seduced by this devil that no one has a true clue where he stands.

                  I have to point this out in case he is elected, because so many individuals that are the very backbone of freedom will allow such a person to sneak all sorts of laws and other pre-conditions into taking over. It has happened again and again over history. Someone that is hated is voted out for the lesser of two evils and ends up regretting not seeing the sledge hammer coming over their heads because they were “too” fooled by this person.

                  The point I am making is simple, DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN WITH ROMBOT NO MATTER WHAT IF THIS PERSON IS ELECTED, YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY FOR IT. I don’t endorse BO at all, and to tell the true I am looking forward to this being over. ANYONE, I don’t care if they are rublican or democrat or another party cannot be trusted when they won’t tell you where they truly stand. I didn’t like what Bush Jr. and Cheney did to the country, but you know something I could trust them BOTH. And neither Bush and especially not Cheney would have EVER gone against the 2nd amendment. Rombot urinated on the 2nd amendment, a true freedom cherishing individual could NEVER do this. DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN WITH THIS PERSON SHOULD HE BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT. I don’t want to come back later and say see I told you so to everyone that fell into this trap.

                • @ JustOneGuy. You are so correct in your assumptions. My whole point is to make people aware as possible of a potential gun and freedom grabbing individual that could take away everything that we all need and want. Dictators start out by catering to the needs of those that want change desperately. People trust this person to get rid of the other bum. They are so relieved to get rid of trash that they turn the other cheek, all the while the “leader” putting through their agenda quitely.

                  I know it is science fiction, but in that Star Wars movie a silent emperor came into power to replace an idiot. He seduced everyone with what they wanted to hear, just like rombot is doing right now and will continue to. Instead of people seeing this, they allowed this person to consolidate power silently. People still supported him when he massacred the Jedis because he lied his way around. Not saying that romper even has close to the intelligence to gain power like this, but the parallels of deceit are definitely there.

                  Truly the thing to fear is to let your guard down. If romney is elected the one piece of advice I have for EVERYONE is don’t let this character ever fool anybody that still wants freedom. ANYONE with a track record like he has, and someone that can believe his own lies and can MORPH (like a shape shifter) into what the people want to hear is dangerous and must always be regarded 100% of the time as suspecious.

                  I remember a twilight zome in which the ghost of hitler was giving the Dennis Hopper character advice on gaining power, and he said find out what the people want and need and then become that person even if you believe in it or not. In other words be the biggest phony you can be. This is what alarms me and should alarm every single person that would ever put any trust in this person EVER.

                • @ Concerned. One other thing, I am hard core honest and I truly would be hated by other politicians if I ever held office. I cannot in good conscience say that I trust romney at all with anything. I will not praise someone that deserves none in my opinion. I will not say that he is anything more than the piece of crap that he could or could not replace. I just want everyone out there to not for a nanosecond trust this character and let their guard down. I am trying to protect everyone out there from being totally disappointed and fall into a trap of false hope that he spews out like the venom of a spitting cobra.

                • Be Informed, I will be casting my vote for Romney, but I hear you loud and clear, and agree that in this day and age few politicians can be trusted. I am of course hoping the secrets he has hidden in his closet are a years worth of Mormon preps and magic underwear, but whatever it is, it can’t be as bad as some of the stuff that might come slithering out of Obamas or Hillarys closet.

                  As I said before, the only power and pleasure we have is to kick out one bum, then kick out another in four years.

                • you are not looking at the hole picture,what about all the other things this president stands for! are you really wanting for another 4 years! at least mr. romney is a true american and a christian! May God help us all.

            • Romney supports abortion “rights”, and “assault” weapons bans. Just sayin’.

              • @ Tomas. How do you know this? His past record sure as hell doesn’t support this. He signed an anti-assault wepaons law back in Massachusetts. He was known as someone that was a big pro-choice person in Mass. I predict earthquakes by going back and seeing the past and patterns to where they will strike again. This last cycle I saw that the line on the Australian plate was affected when a certain section of the Balleny Islands was hit. 6.7 ten miles from where it hit 2 years ago. Vanautu was hit with a 6.6 or 6.2 depending on the seismic station. The a 6.6 in Costa Rico. Then I gave a list of places that would be hit with a 7.3-8.6 and was 135 miles when a 7.7 hit in Canada earier this week. Case in point the past tells the future. R. money has a track record of going anti-freedom. Do I trust someone like this, NO. Just saying to everyone, don’t let your guard down.

              • I live in Massachusetts where Romney was governor. Massachusetts is a one party state for just about forever. Romeny was “forced” to be more liberal in this state. He could have vetoed some legislation but it would have been quickly overturned by the commie state legislators.

                Look, Romney is clearly a “moderate” compaired to that idiot in the white house. He will NOT overturn your gun rights but he will also NOT try to overturn Roe vs. Wade either.

                Romney is our only hope for this country. Don’t waste your vote by NOT voting. This is the most critical election in our lifetimes.

                Stay safe my friends.

                • Agreed 100%!!!!

                • @ Robinone. This is just me, but you could not force me to go against the 2nd. amendment, nor could you with many individuals that fully respect a person’s right to self defense. This is what is called conviction. I disagreed with some of the issues with Bush and Cheney, but they did not back down on issues that were extremely important to them. Compromise is one thing on issues that one can have wiggle room with. The basic principles of the constitution, you cannot compromise with because it opens up for more dilution and watering down. No one forces someone to go against what they truly believe in unless they are weak, dishonest, or actually don’t believe in what they preach. This goes with ALL leaders in ALL countries.

                  Having trouble sending messages, I hope this did not go through twice.

            • Really Mr. B?!
              You chosen guy is the same one who via Bain corp. bought 51 % of a AMERICAN company and shipped it lock stock and barrel to China to his PERSONAL profit and to ALL the employee’s impoverishment.And he’s been doing this for decades(hence all that “off-shored” multimillions).And this mindset is the kind of you want running the country?
              I urge you to rethink your position(unless you too believe you’re here only in-between jobs in heaven).Obama isn’t all that good(more than a few failed promises).But ‘ole “I switched my stance on eveyrthing” Mittsy?
              We’ll see how long it takes if he wins for him to make his real position known.
              FEMA camp beds anyone?

              • Wow, you need to lay off the politco and huffpo!!!

            • Yes, it’s a mattter of war and peace

            • My sentiments exactly!

          • LOL…

            Mittens does’nt care about anything but power, and will say anything you want to hear…

            He would’nt be where he is, if he was’nt a sock-puppet like obummer…

          • i think most people on this site are with me in that i will never submit to rule by the U.N. let them send foreign troops here and we will use them for dog food.

        • Read the article.I will not enter a Church without my sidearm.If i can’t,so be it,im not in it.

        • @ VRF :

          this and the like are why my wife and i carry even when in church… there is truly no safe place anymore…

          • sad but true

        • Stop worrying about Romney taking your guns. Start worrying about the race riots after Romney is elected.

      1. I love my Rugers

        • Me too! Quality products.

        • Glock Glock Glock Oh I said Glock

          • Just what the glock are you trying to say you motherruger?

        • was one of my best friends in southeast asia for two years

        • …Five days prior to this article I picked up my two Rugers. Now I have enough guns that I can shoot some and bury the others in places where Obama slaves won’t find.

        • Yup!!! 10/22, P95, & KP90. All flawless!!!

        • Isn’t that the first rule of Looting

          • I dont know, could be..but its also the #1 rule for survival, thats for sure

      2. Kind of cool to think this rear’s election will be decided by a few million men with guns.

      3. And O, just hates hi cap mags.
        By them while you can, they will have a better return than gold
        if Berry wins.

        • I remember $100 Glock and Sig mags and $30 for AR and AKs

      4. No one wants to enter into an age of revolution without being armed

      5. Why do so many uneducated/endereducated people kill
        each other ?

        • who cares? 🙂

        • Self defense.

        • The president seems to have went to the best colleges.

          • “have went”…????

        • I dont know,..unhappiness?

        • Darwinism?

        • Because the those that ‘determine’ their education say theres a war on terrorism to make sure the the real terrorists (the ones operating under the fictional state) arent figured out? Is this a rhetorical question?
          lol! 🙂

        • Why would you assume that folks like Josef Mengele or Ted Kaczynski were un/under-educated?

          • Or, the worst murderers of the last century, Vladamir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung, responsible for over 160 MILLION dead. But, oh, I keep forgetting, the communists are the parasite’s beloved allies…

            “One man with a gun can controll 100 without one.”- Vladimir Lenin

            “The only real power comes out of a long rifle.”- Joseph Stalin

            “Political power comes form the barrel of a gun.”- Mao Tse Tung

            • To be fair, Stalin didn’t get them all right.

              He once scoffed at religion, saying with a laugh: “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

              A couple of decades after that utterance, this gent named Karol Wojtyla comes along. The first thing he does is to persuade his home country of Poland to push back against communism. He helps build this enormous cross, and in direct defiance of local troops, kneels and prays in front of it with his followers. He defiantly stayed for hours on end, in spite of being told at gunpoint to get up and leave. The whole time, he stands right up to the USSR and tells them exactly what they are, without fear or hesitation. He later gets promoted at his job, and immediately works with then-president Reagan and then-PM Thatcher to dismantle the USSR entirely, all without firing a single shot. By the time he dies of old age, well over a billion people loved and respected him.

              For those wondering who this Wojtyla guy is? You may know him better as Pope John Paul II.

              • My point was about bad people being educated. Ironic, is it not, that Joseph Stalin was an excellent student, first in his class, at a seminary school. And it in seminary school, where he became an atheist. It would probably have stopped there, had he not been abused as a child, and been involved in marxist activities, he may not have been the worst butcher of the 20th century.

              • Stalin was dead by then.

        • Because they are uneducated…

          Besides, you can take the savages out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the savages.

        • Probobly because they are such ignorant MONKEYS!!

          Next question, DR.

      6. I guess I should have bought a gun before the big run. The few guns I had were all stolen – see attached police report for Hussein Obabama. Sorry I didn’t have any of the serial numbers, or make note of any identifying marks, or even the brands. All I know is I had big ones and little ones, a few mid size ones and they are all gone! Oh, and some were kind of shiny and some weren’t.

        I guess I’ll simply remain weaponless counting on the government to protect me, just like a good little citizen should do. Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya…



        • The hole should of been pre dug.

          • …and pre-limed

      8. Got all the guns I need, I guess I’ll head out today & get some more gold………ummm I mean more ammo. Some extra cleaning supplies are also on the list.

        • If I could afford gold (say $1750) I would rather have a second 338 Lapua and a 100 rounds of ammo for it. I’m guessing when SHTF I can get 2 ounces of gold for that easy.

      9. Sounds pretty damn scary to me…millions of people buying firearms, most of whom have no clue as to proper weapons protocol with a societal meltdown looming in the not so distant future. I pray that the vast majority of sales are to those who “have a clue” and are just adding to their arsenal.

        • Tat why we should stay out of the way if it go that bad. Sit out the first week at least.

          • Page…you Sir are on your game tonight.

            you can’t shoot a ghost…evade…evade…sit tight.

            Well said Sir!!

            ….be safe… scarce……..BA.

        • wncmountainboy:

          Let me put your mind at ease. Those of us in the mountains of East Tennessee (not far from Hot Springs NC) know how to use our firearms …. We are not clueless.

          • Are you just over the line i.e. the Newport area? I’d love to get a Sub Sand. at Brock’s Deli!

            I have no doubt those of us in Southern Appalachia are fully versed in firearms.

            • WNC: Rocky Top —- above Del Rio. Can’t move without tripping over bear hunters.

              • Bears are super heavy in population this year…last years very mild winter and this years massive mast crop has them on the move. Wildlife officers in WNC are burned out on all the phone calls i.e. “THERE’S A BEAR ON MY PORCH!”

                Very few bear harvests plus mild weather=lots of bears!

                Hope to shoot one this year on the property I deer hunt on.

          • we do too in upstate south carolina and training more every day

          • My posts are being stricken. I replied to you, it posted and then and hour alter it disappeared.

            What’s with that? Have I been deemed a troll?

            • Unless you said something pretty darned horrible and threatening, you haven’t been deemed a troll. 😉 Mac doesn’t censor the comments. It sounds as though there might be some kind of system issue, Anonymous.

              • There has been a delay in moderation today. Remember you have to add a email.

        • Yuri Orlov: There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That’s one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?…

        • Half of them will shoot off their kneecaps trying to load their brand new Glocks…

        • So it’s preferable to you that millions be unarmed in the face of a possible ‘without rule of law’ situation? I’m not certain you’re scared of the right things.

      10. Here is something for you all to ponder

        the question has been asked before..”Do they know what we have”

        I have this to say..I dont think so (to some degree)

        A good friend and I were talking a few nights back, he goes on to tell me that in his little po’dunk town they had 8 armed home invasions within the past few days, and that the local cop showed up at his farm to “see how things were going”
        The cop notified my pal of the diturbing trend in his local area, and out right asked my friend..”Do you have any guns” to which my pal replied only one old little wich the cop said..”Go Buy you a bigger gun”

        no kidding

        so..1st thought to me is..why would he ask the question if he knew the answer?
        2.In my state only pistols are registered, and only since 1968 or so

        they have no friken clue what you have, where it is..or how many are out there

        so if your not stupid as the day is long and tell them what you have or where it is..they dont fricken know, and you shouldnt be dumb enough to tell them.
        If you are asked by a cop if you have a gun or any guns, dont be a dope and think you have to tell him..

        the only time (in my state) that we have to disclose is when we are traffic stopped and have a CPL,, carring a conciealed pistol.

        You are not obligated to answer that question to a cop at your door or in any other case.

        So my deduction is..they dont know, unless you fill them in

        • They do but it’s not that easy for them to accurately produce the information. For example, in states where registration is not required, and you only need a NICS check, they record the serial number on the paperwork you complete. This is completely separate from the recording and filing of the paperwork with the ATF. when I worked in firearm sales (a long time ago) we submitted our paperwork to the feds monthly. Someone, some where within the ATF (it may be 6 months down the road) enters that serial number against your name. That said, there is always the loophole of selling it, losing it in a canoe accident etc.

          • Trust me , they dont have a dam clue

            most if mine were bought with no record or paperwork

            the only ones that have that trail are my pistols..and thats it

            also with the ability to do private sales, and the fact that a lot of pistols still were sold before 1968 and a lot of gun people didnt get them registered when asked to do so

            there are a shit ton of un known amount of guns..

            I happen to know some kids that own trap and skeet guns that are not registered or in a “name”

            again im going to reiterate this point…you are not obligated to tell them do not have to tell them if you have guns..if you are not being charged with a crime, you have the right to remain silent and you dont even have to talk to law enforcment..

            so if you have the ability to STFU,, than I would suggest you do just that..’cause they dont know unless your dumb enough to tell them.

            they cant keep track of anything..look at how these departments are run, and by who..they would be lucky to be able to pour piss out of a boot with the directions on how to do so, printed on the bottom of the heel

            I dont have any guns officer..thanks for your concern. good day

            • NDAA anyone…?

              • I Can’t recall now which website I read this info at? Perhaps J.B.Campbell’s site(hes the founder guy that started the Militia movnt. in the late 1980’s).

                But this guy compiled all the info worldwide of every nations…Active and Reserve Armed forces, total active and reserve police forces, and the USA 50 state Total of Nat. Gaurd active memberships.

                It all aded up to aprox, just slightly over 55 Million total armed armys etc and cops Worldwide for the entire planet.

                Then he compared that to the aprox. 100 Million Armed USA Citizenery…As you can see its nearly Two to One Us against Them.

                And that’s asuming “Them” included not just USA cops & armys etc…But rather the Entire worlds armed armys and cops combined!

                Obviously such a massive gathering of entire world of “Thems”(vs. Us citizens armed) is not ever going to be a real posibility due to various logistics etc.

                So maybe nobody can say for certain how many armed foes we may face in any full total disarmament procedures attempted in america?

                Suffice it to say We armed usa citizens will definatly highly Out number “Them” if its ever attempted.

                Thats good to realize isn’t it?

                • You have more faith in American gun owners than I do…

                  And, orginized forces usually don’t have too much problem mopping up scattered individuals…

          • I recently purchased a firearm from a retail store.
            There was a 45-minute wait while they ran a background check on me.
            The paperwork showed details of the weapon, including serial number.
            To my ongoing regret, I seem to have misplaced the weapon.
            I’m SURE I brought it home after purchase, but I can’t find it. I MAY have accidently left it sitting on a picnic table in the National Forest after shooting it there last week.
            Boy, my memory is really getting bad.

            • Yeah – memories fail us sometimes. You probably left it in the trunk the night your car was stolen. What? You didn’t report your car stolen? You should have. Even though you, the police or a friend did find your car a couple days later parked somewhere (sans gun, of course) at least it would be on record that the gun was stolen. If someday, by chance, you do find it on that picnic table in the woods – even people with a poor memory get lucky sometimes!

        • The cops don’t have access to that kind of information, unless they are executing a warrant or he actually checks on a particular person by name and DOB, etc. The entire list is in a federal database and can be called up at any time, but not by just anyone.

          As it was explained to me, at this point, they need a name and other identifying information to get a record. They can’t just put in “who has a gun in “Podunk Arkansas”, or “Jerkwater County Wyoming”. That only counts for REGISTERED weapons.

          As with any database, the FEDs can call the entire database up and break it up, giving smaller portions to local cops for confiscations, but some backwater cop can’t do it…yet.

          Or so I’m told.

          • Ok..but this is for the guns they already know about, the ones that are registered..

            wheres there data base for the ones that are not, werent required to be, or were owned before this became a requirement, and never were done?

   doesnt the only guns they know about are the ones registered..and in my state thats just pistols after 1968

            No record on deer rifles, muzzle loaders, shot guns..etc..and no record of pistols SOLD before 1968

            they are lucky if they have an ice cube size portion of the guns in this country, to the size of the ice cap at the north pole, and thats why they are acting like a bunch of scared to death gun and rights grabbers..because they know thier criminal acts could be called to the table at any given moment..staring down your judgement day at the buisness end of a .45 is a scary proposition, one they would like to scare you away from at any cost.

          • Cops do not have access to that info – period.

            I understand the dealer doesn’t even maintain a copy of the questionnaire that is completed at the time you purchase a firearm.

            However, Uncle Sam has everything on every body in the big database in the sky.

            With all of the 3rd world mental giants hacking federal sites at will, maybe they will inadvertently delete that one just for practice.

            Thank you and please, Mr. Flip Som Dung.

            • FFLs do have to retain the name and contact info of the person they sold the gun to, linked with the gun’s serial number. If the gun turns up at a crime scene, law enforcement can query dealers by the serial number to see who originally bought it. In theory, at least, there is no central database linking guns to owners, because Congress explicitly prohibited it. The Clinton administration flouted that law, so Congress prohibited it again, more strongly the second time. What we do not know is whether the current administration is violating this second law. I assume they are – they ignore everything else.

          • Sixpak: Under the 1986(?) FOPA aka Firearm Owners Privacy Act, enacted to thwart “some” of the potential stuf atf could do, due to the 1968 Fed gun laws act etc.

            NO Fed agencys Nor ATF nor FBI etc. can leagally amass nor keep ANY lists or registration lists of gun owners or guns owned etc!

            Also, No fed owned or leased or used buildings or offices or storage centers etc can be used to “warehouse” any such info on guns or owners etc!

            Weather or not all fed agencys obey that fed law?…Who know for sure eh?….But it IS very Illeagle if any feds are ever caught doing such.

          • It is not supposed to be stored in any federal database, that is unconstitutional. The 4473 forms you fill out have to be retained by the retail seller, and are only supposed to be turned in to the feds if the dealer gives up his FFL. The background check info has to be deleted within 6 months. But does anyone really believe the AFT is actually following the rules???

      11. I could use a decent rifle. Am open to suggestions.

        • AR-15 of course, and dont forget to stock up on ammo while youre at it…

          • semi, bolt or what?

          • And Mags. Good ones Parts too

        • answer to that question is same one as: “WHICH IS THE BEST KIND OF BOOB”—WHICHEVER ONE YOU CAN GET A HOLD OF THE BEST!,OR THE FASTEST. beyond that statement is a never ending argument. practice, cheap ammo,reliability. weight. recoil. Close in, in your house, get a 12 gauge shotgun, messy but reliable. Otherwise like boobs, try a bunch see what you like, all are fun, to bet your life on; go for quality, feel good,: forget size. If they work they work

          • Amen to that Paranoid, whatever you get, get it fast. They ain’t gettin’ any cheaper and things ain’t gettin’ any better!

            • …and just like boobs, they are better in pairs…

              …one is none, two is one—always have a backup(plan).

              ……with points sittin’ way up high..B.Seger…lol

              ….be safe….BA.

          • @ Paranoid

            OMG!!!…THATISOFUNNY!!!!HAHAHAAAAA. Honestly, the BEST REPSONSE I HAVE EVER HEARD. And I AM ‘shouting’ on this one with full malice aforethought for those who have recently witnessed me criticizing someone else for using AL CAPS!

        • We’ve got AK’s. Darn near impossible to find right now and if you can find them…..BIG $$$$$$$.

          • Right now we can’t get rid of the assault guns at the show. People come in with AK at 400 and are still leaving with them. I remember when O was just elected they were selling like crazy for 750 and above.

            • My S.I.L. was just offered a sale price on a Rock River by his FFL. I suspect that the AR-platform builders may have over-produced in 2012. Ruger’s business is hand-guns, strong, reliable and priced right.

              What Ruger is selling by the trainload is cheap handguns. Personal defense weapons for concealed (or open) carry. An AR doesn’t do that very well.

        • If I could only own one rifle it would be with out a doubt- M1A1, min.– 25 mags, 5,000 rounds.

          • To heavy for most shooters. New shooters stick to ARs AKs and Pump Shotguns. And keep them simple.

            • How about a Mini-14 or 30, this is an article about Ruger after all!!

          • Red Racer, I see your M1A and raise you a Glock and a FN FAL.

            • ES: Two good one’s to have. I think you know as well as anyone HAVE SOMETHING, and know it inside and out. I like 1911, have some Kimber’s, fal, ar’s, ak’s, m-1’s and just about everthing in between.

          • MIA is like a trusted, dutiful, faithful spouse. Sure, maybe not the absolute sexiest, most accurate, lightest, most reliable etc, but damn near the tops in all categories. Just rugged and reliable with the
            .308 heavy hitting, good range, ubiquitous cartridge.

            Make mine an M1-A, especially for outdoor perimeter defense.

            If I had money to blow and had to buy more ammo, any kind, I would buy .308.

        • Look for a quality AK, Arsenal out of Las Vegas is very good. Any Bulgarian, Hungarian or Yugosalvian if u can find are very good quality. Most in 7.62×39, 5.45×39, even 5.56×45 same as the AR 15 ammo. AKs not as expensive as ARs, and less high maintainance. Very good guns.

          • My cheap chinese Norinco has eaten over 10,000 rounds of cheap ammo without a single failure. If $$ is an issue, don’t discount these. It also shoots 4″ groups at 100 yards with open sights. I love that thing!!!

        • What is the main purpose and is there a secondary purpose? Will you gather food with it? What type of animal if so?

        • AK47 ain’t bad either

        • Randy says an AR-15 below. In the army, our m16’s and ar’s jammed all the time. It took me alot of practice cleaning and oiling it right to keep it from jamming. If you get an AR-15, make sure you shoot and clean the crap out of it as soon as possible so you know how to keep it from jamming. Not cleaning certain areas of your rifle, using to much oil or too little oil will give you problems.

        • “I think it is important for all Americans to at least be familiar with the operation and manipulation of the AK, if not be an AK owner. Why?

          Because it is the most prolific combat rifle in the world.
          Because it is far more reliable than most other weapons.
          Because it is easily aquired everywhere (except California)
          Because the likelihood of coming across one is high.
          Because it will probably be what the bad guys choose to use.
          Because owning one or knowing how to use one infuriates the liberals.” Gabe Saurez

          But, hedge your bets, and get an AR, too…

        • Define the purpose, than you can go from there

        • Ruger mini-30 shoots relatively inexpensive 7.62 x 39 like the AK around 700 bucks at big 5 about half the price of an AR

        • ScoutMoto

          What are your requirements & what’s your local topography?
          For example per the rifle, what are you after?

          a.> extreme accuracy.
          b.> long range capability @ +500yds with knockdown power.
          c.> high capacity magazines for zombie defense.
          d.> general purpose rifle for most situations.
          e.> cost.

          If you’re after extreme accuracy go with a bolt gun & quality optics or a M1A match, ditto the glass. Stick with .30cal, meaning .308 or 30-06.
          The .308 is an honest 750yd weapon & a 30-06 with hand loads will put you in the 1km class. Ammo for both is widely available & very, very common. Which is an important point to consider in a ‘POST SHTF’ environment.
          If you hand-load, a .300Winmag is good for 1500m, if you’re good!
          Manufacturers per a bolt-gun vs. $$$…go with Remington or Savage, if cost is important.

          Per ability to throw lots ‘o lead fast. Go with 5.56=.223, 7.62×39 or .308
          Quality AR’s are accurate & good for +400m. But ya better keep ’em clean. Cost= min +$800.00

          Quality AK’s are good for 200m accurate-fire & you can abuse the sh*t out of them & they won’t let you down. Always replace com-bloc sights with ghost-ring type from, takes 15min to do & cheap, you’ll never regret it! Cost= min $450.00

          Quality FN’s will run you approx +$1000.00 & up.
          M1A national-Match= $1800.00-$2000.00…but worth every penny!

          For a general purpose rifle that’s good for 150yds & is lethal on deer & black bear sized game.
          Grab a Marlin 336 30-30! If you hand load, you can stretch that out to 250 max. Plus, 30-30 ammo can be found almost anywhere. Numerically, there are more 30-30s out there in the abodes of American hunter’s than any other caliber. Cost= $360.00-$385.00
          Outfitting it with acceptable glass will run you an additional $150-$200. Start with Nikon & look around.

          Lastly, you may even consider the lowly SKS in 7.62x39mm. Stopping power is on par with the 30-30. The ballistics are slightly better. Look for com-bloc or Russian models. Always ditch the stock & furniture. Replace it with a quality US made synthetic unit…accuracy will improve tremendously as a result!
          Also, replace the rear com-bloc sight with a ghost ring unit from Cost $295-$385.00
          Ask others here about scoping one.

          Understand that today, there are a bunch of calibers that far exceed the performance level of the calibers I’ve recommended & I am in no way slighting their capabilities.
          The various belted magnums & new short magnums are, to be blunt…effing awesome!

          But my intent, while composing this post, was to coach it, in the context of likely ammo availability, 3 years into a post SHTF social environment.
          My recommendations may be wrong, but per my area of operations…I don’t think so!

          Lastly, before all you Nagant fans endeavor to bust my ass!
          Know this…I have one too!
          Buried, in the woods, miles from the house with a 440 spam can of silver-tips.

          Understand what that means?

          Best of luck to you, ScoutMotto!
          Hope this helps somewhat.

          • Coulda written that myself – except for the Moisin. If I had a Moisin, I’d bury it too. But I’d make a point of forgetting where. . . .

        • I’ve just got one thing to say, if something does happen ,know for sure who the bad guys are and lets not shoot each other, or like minded people. Because it will be real trigger happy at first. The East Coast is headed there if some athority does not show up. Oh yeah where did Obumer go maybe see him on MTVeee. LOOSE THIS JERK ON NOVEMBER 6th!

        • A Ruger semi-automatic 10/22 LR will put you out of commission in a heart beat. Price Around $350.00 Ammo 500 rounds about $65.00.
          BX 25 Ruger clips around $25.00 apiece, holds 25 rounds. No need to spend a fortune on a fancy rifle especially if you haven’t got the money.
          Don’t let anybody tell you a 22LR won’t put a man down. CCI 22 LR Stinger ammo will kill you at 400 yards if hit in the right place. Peace brother.

        • Intended use? For hunting, get a bolt action, there are a million scoped deer rifles out there for $200-$300. For defense, get a semi-auto. Stick with common calibers, like .223, .308, 7.62×39, 7.62×54, 30-06, like that. For defense, get a rifle for each adult or teenager you expect to have in the home. Look at the Mosin-Nagant for immediate stocking up, and then replace as you can with semi-autos. The SKS or AR is just fine. Avoid the AK-47 if you can, there is better stuff. Get plenty of magazines, plan on spending $250 on magazines alone. You’ll need 5,000 rounds stocked away, but get 500 or 1000 now, immediately.

      12. Who in their right mind would be with out protection along the east coast right now?

        With all the madness going on around the world and in our own country only a sheeple would walk around defenceless.

        Hold your RIGHTS close to your heart and God Bless America.

      13. Sing with me everybody!!! Hail to tge Redskins . The Founders decided that the election of the chief executive,the President,would be decided by a group of electors called the Electoral College,to be appointed by each state in numbers proportional to the states’ populations. Fearing decisions made by what they perceived as the uneducated mass public in a direct democratic system,the Founders created the College to insulate the presidential selection from the public’s whims. Making the electors state-delegated preserved some state sovereignty, ensuring the country remained a federation of separate states, while also solidifying the republican,representative-based nature of the government. In wash-ing-ton ra ra ra!!

      14. And thanks to the 1968 gun control act they are all very good quality. Thanks to BO we all have lots of ammo

        • Is that what all those green boxes in my safe are, Ammo?

          • Zombie ammo?

      15. Violence Rules. Guns are cool, cuz we got guns in our schools.

        • Please try the decaf.

        • @Dead Milkmen … sigh ;0P … your an idiot .

          GET A CLUE DIMTARD …

          We don’t own firearms for the pleasure of committing brutal violence … We own firearms to ensure violence is never used against us by others .

          Whether they be a nwo u.n. zog banker controlled fascist puppet dhs gestapo dicktatorship fedgov stategov government looking to enslave us or individuals on a psycho rampage cause nobody loves them .

          It’s A-holes like YOU who hurt our cause to remain FREEMEN FREEWOMEN in a FASCIST COMMIE SOCIALIST CARBON CREDIT VAT TAX DEBT SLAVE WORLD WHERE THE 1% GLOBALIST BANKERS would have us be their VERY REAL DEBT BONDAGE SLAVES for our entire lives LIVES !!!

          ;0p pssszzt

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • TCoco puff. Your jew hating gets really tiresome. Can t you think of a new angle.

            • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;0p pssszzt

              • *** IsRiaHell to NWO U.N. ZOG Fascist controlled puppet state AmeriKa … DON’T PUCK WITH OUR PALESTINE GENOCIDE .

                USSA belongs to ZION Israel!

                ~israel mossad proverb


      16. Oh, the 1968 gun control act. Oh, the 1985 assault weapons ban. Run to the gun show to buy overpriced guns and ammo. That is what they want to do to us. Why hasn’t the NRA stated that if the Legislature don’t stop Fucking with the 2nd amendment, we are coming to Washington D.C. ARMED. End of story. Keep paying those people for lip service. Not good to pry it from your cold dead hands.

        • I was the 1994 assault ban. Ad yes there is a premium paid to have a paper free gun. Why shouldn’t there be.

          • I was buying SKS’s at $70 a pop and AK-47’s at $250. Less than 6 cents a round for 7.62x 39. Venders could hardly give the guns and ammo away at the time. They were considered junk guns. After a few run ins with the law and politicians hype as bad guns, they are now over $500 a piece and ammo as high as 41 cents a round.

            I have some steel core. Want to buy it at a dollar a round?

            Is it Premium or is just ripping people off?

            • Just one more thing. How many of us would like to have had a Polytech Legend AK for only $300. They are NIB at $2200 today. and Yes I have seen Two at the gun show.

              • Private sale or ffl

            • In the right place you could come close to a dollar a round for steel core

              • @ Facebook Page.

                Both were FFL. I do not have a problem with the free market. But from 6 cents a round to a dollar a round is scalping in my book. Yes some vendors used black magic marker to color the tips and called it armor piercing.
                Even 22 cal. bricks went from $8.00 to $32.00 at some tables.

                • I Have seen the marker gimmick. When I Do find that steel stuff for my display collection of any cal. I always bring my magnet.

                  And I though those were Fll Price Polyteck never fired in the box go for much more than that in a private sale.

                  Weapons and Ammo = Gold and Silver. That’s why they are going up Just like the street price of gold in Greece. No paper higher premium. Private sale is becoming a dangerous endanger sport.

            • 15 years ago I was buying SKS’s for $85 and selling them for $150. And yes, the Norinco AK’s used to be everywhere for $250, that’s what I paid for mine. The steel core ammo is considered a class 3 destructive device now, and is considered contraband. Good stuff to hoard!!!

      17. Our founding fathers understood that a well armed citizenry was a block for a government ingaged in terriony. The constitution gives us the right to own guns and that is why the Obama administration has done everything it could to deny us that right. We understand what is going on and react accordinly. Stay armed patriots.

      18. Scout
        There are a million different answers to that question. It’s all contingent on what you want to do with it.

        Stay with known brands, and then weigh the caliber decision against your target size and the distance you’ll be shooting.

        A .308 is a little large for squirrels unless you just want the feet, but is an excellent sniper rifle out to several hundred yards.

        In a populated urban area, or clearing a confined space, Beretta makes a small, compact rifle in 9mm,.40 cal and .45 caliber rifle. A benefit is that you can have a sidearm and a rifle in the same caliber. There is also less of a chance of your round penetrating your target causing injury to a 3rd party. However, you are at a loss outside maybe 75-100 yards.

        Before you buy the biggest caliber made, keep in mind – shot placement. Iv’e see several people killed with .22’s simply because of where they struck. Yet, I would never recommend it for home defense.

        The worse damaged I’ve ever seen inflicted to a person by a firearm is the result of a shotgun blast. Some firearms certification courses require that you hit an aluminum pie plate at 100 yards with a slug, you must also show the ability to skip shot under a vehicle allowing you to strike a perpetrator in the feet and lower legs on the other side of the car. Making a shotgun highly valuable in an urban situation, but of little use use on the prairies of Kansas.

        So look at the area in which you live or plan to go in the event of an emergency. Then weigh out all of the circumstances you will have to deal with, before you decide.

      19. “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the Body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind . . . Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”

        –Thomas Jefferson, Letter to his nephew Peter Carr, August 19, 1785.

      20. I had a weird thought the other day. What if letting the majority of the public acquire firearms is part of the plan so the when there’s a serious SHTF event – and I mean national or global, the plan is to let the general public wipe each other out trying to get or protect resources?

        TPTB, just sit back and wait for a year and then resurface with a lower population to control.

        Wild idea, I admit, and far fetched but something to ponder.

        • Arkaden,
          I have wondered the same and when you think about it, not so far-fetched. TPTB can’t have the finger of blame pointed back at them if that happens. Win-Win for them.

        • It would probably happen anyhow, but it will be easier for the herd to thin it’s self out with all the guns around. That being said make sure to have a few (or more) and LOTS of ammunition.
          Have a wonderful day.

        • Its not a weird thought, I’m sure we’ve all thought about that.

        • See my comment above…

        • TPTB probably already realize that the arming of America has already made protecting of the average US citizen in a SHTF scenario with wild shoot outs a lost cause long ago.

          So yes, they will simply watch, just like the hockey refs allow the fight between two players to rage on a few minutes until one of them get’s knocked out.

          TPTB will be focusing instead on protecting only the institutions that are vital for them to retain power. It was so with the Banks, it will be so with whatever military loyalists/mercenaries remain that align themselves with TPTB in a hypothetical SHTF scenario.

        • Arkaden, I think you give them way to much credit. We’ve all thought about it. But, regardless, let the morons wipe each other out if thats what happens.

          I’ve had a gun in my hand since I was 3 years old. To say I’m “comfortable” with guns is an understatement. It gives me an unfair advantages. I know how to make a bullet do what I want and I know how to make sure it doesn’t do what they want. If thats what they want and thats what they get, I’m still in a far better position than 99.9% of the population.

        • Keep on thinkin’, you’re good at it.

      21. Regretfully private sales are not following this trend. The new buyer do not understand or care yet about what a paper free firearm is. Hopefully they will not need to find out what the advantages are.

        • I’ve actually had people shy away from sales where there were no docs. Fine with me. Not everything I own is paper free but 95% are.

          • I have bought only 8 weapon on paper that didn’t require a form 4. In my entire life.

      22. VRF, I couldn’t agree moreand let me add to it. NEVER, EVER, TELL ANYBODY, NOT EVEN COPS, WHAT YOU HAVE!!! Possibly the only weapons they know about are what has been added to the federal database since the 1994 Clinton Assault Weapons bill was first enacted. When you go to buy a weapon from any FFL holder you have to fill out that BATF Form 4473 and wait while the dealer calls it in to the FBI facility in West Virginia that processes the forms and does the NICS background check. Once the process is completed, if you pass the check, you get your gun; if not, you’re SOL trying to buy from an FFL holder. However, there are still private deals which are still 100% legal, depending on the state you live in. Some newspapers actually still allow guns to be advertised in their hunting and fishing needs section of the classified ads. At the gun shows, there are separate tables where private owners sell guns and you can usually get some good deals. Over the past year gun shows in Memphis have definitely become more crowded and harder to get around in. For the most part, since 1994, I’ve been buying guns in private deals, my “off the grid” guns, and used cash to get them. best way to go, no paper trail, and almost impossible to track. Also, before the GCA 1968 was passed, you could buy guns almost anywhere, even at Sears. i still remember going to Sears in 1965 with my Dad when he bought a new S&W Model 36 snubnose .38Special. He paid cash for it, no paperwork required, no questions asked, and we walked out with it. Those were the days! nailbender, I hope you’ve managed to get yourself at least one other gun and plenty of ammo for it; if not, you’re gonna be screwed. Everyone, get your guns and ammo now while you still can! Braveheart

        • Remember even firearms from before 1968 have been listed with ATF if they ever went though a FFL in a trade or trade in.

      23. Of coarse we are all buying guns people are scared of a tyrannical government. Until 2008 I never had a reason to fear my government. Then all of the sudden the communist and socialist all came out of the closet in 2008 and who knew they were all elected to; or working for the government.

        America has been infiltrated and now we are going to have to fight to get it back. The moral decay of people, though a small percentage of the population have taken over government and media. The communist agenda of the early 1900’s is almost complete and healthcare and guns are the lynch pin.

        Looking back its plain as day to see now, but the progressive creep was cunning and multifaceted. School prayer, interracial marriage,divorce,break up the family, gays, welfare, healthcare, social security and the federal reserve.

        We are screwed folks and this is just the beginning. If he’s reelected I’m seriously considering selling the business, maxing out every line of credit, buying ammo, guns, food and heading for the hills somewhere. Watch what happens in NJ/NY if they don’t get the power on soon.

        • @Patriot One

          Bite down hard, dig in deep, take the high ground.

          Now is not the time to max out your card and turn tail. I’m not saying that you are a coward, I can tell by your post that you are not.

          Stay awake, stay alert, and for God sakes, stay alive! American will need all the good men She can muster!

          JC, (John Connor/Jesus Christ) will come for us if we can hang on.

          • Maxing out the lines of credit is a use it or lose it scenario. In 2008 after the initial crash the banks shut down most people’s HELOC’S and collapsed down any other lines of credit to the balance. It really screwed me and many other business owners over. You see I had about $300k in unsecured lines of credit with interest rates between 3-6% . I never used more then 25% of my lines, but when they collapsed them down to the balance I looked like I was maxed out on everything. Then they jacked up the interest rates to 9%, 14%, 18%, 23% and finally to the default rate because I was maxed out. I was never even late on a payment so I can only imagine what they did to someone who was late.

            When the SHTF the banks will be the first thing to shut down and you will lose everything. When I see the signs of collapse I’m going to start charging till I’m out of credit or they shut me down. I can guarantee I won’t be buying big screen TVs.

            As for those liberal and Godless people buying guns I’ve seen them at the gun stores and shows, most can’t properly shoulder a weapon. They will learn, but at the onset people with my skill sets will have a huge, unfair advantage.

            • Hi Patriot,

              Interesting thesis…I suppose that now, each time when the ‘Consumer Confidence’ report comes out over at ZeroHedge i’ll be intently looking for a sudden 40 point jump as the final indication that everyone is about to go ‘Voting with thier Feet’. A new watch point, Hmmmm…..
              Goooood Idea. /NoSarc at all!

      24. disagree strongly, this started happening when bush was in office, never before have we fallen as fast as we have until loser bush came into office, obama is just following his unconstit path

      25. Tennessee does not have a mandatory registration law so the GOVT does not know what you own if you buy it privately. However, when you buy one from a retailer it will be registered. Tennessee was also the 2nd state in the nation after Montana to challenge the feds in state made and sold guns so we are a gun freindly state despite what happened to that guy on the television show. You also do not have to get permission from the local sherrif like other states before you buy one. You just have to pass a background check if bought at a retailer. We also have a castle law so whenever the looting begins, so will the shooting.

      26. I will never buy another Ruger. The company openly supported the original large capacity magazine ban.This year a Ruger executive was quoted as saying that they should support our fuehrer because sales numbers have been so strong since he took office.

        • ……buy the way….don’t forget the ammo.Ammo is the new war on guns. Big Brother purchased 1.3 BILLION rounds this year. That cool looking ”black rifle” you have is merely a tomato stake if you can’t put some brass in it!

          • Thats why you shoot straight with the ammo you have, then go take theirs.
            if they have 1.3 billion rounds..than I say we go get some of it for us,if they want to go pointing their guns at us 2 can play that game, after all we were the ones who paid for it.

          • I’m no longer stocking loaded ammo, only components. They can outlaw all they want. I’ll still have 15,000 rounds of whatever I want to cram the components into.

      27. If this is their plan, they’d be facing a hell of a lot independent, tough survivors, who now have battle experience. IMO, if they were to try something, they’d do better with a lot of sheep still surviving. It would be easier to confuse the issue by “helping” those who can’t survive on their own. They would also need the sheep as a useful source of cannon fodder. Of course one cannot accuse the current administration of thinking their cunning plans through…

      28. Don’t assume that it’s all Conservative/Christians, Ron Paul supporting, John Wayne Patriots buying all those guns.

        The Left has a long history of violence. To them it’s just another tool to gain power with.

        If he can, should Obama lose the election, I would not put it past him to try a coup to stay in power.

        • We have been noticing a large increase of Obama Bumper stickers at all the shows. Ad they are not afraid anymore to park up front. I still waiting for the one who wear a shirt in.

        • Ha! A coup? After having General Ham arrested for trying to help his guys in Libya after the White House gave the stand down order? Or, maybe, a coup using the secret service? They hate his guts. He’s rude. Of the first lady they say, “She’s a bitch, hates anyone who isn’t black and talks down to the secret service.”

          A coup. I thought you were serious but now that I think about it, were you joking?

          • I have heard the same thing. Rumor???

      29. keep in mind a weapon gun knife bow what ever is only as good as the person whose hand it is in. practice practice and then practice some more. Remember when the SHTF we will not be the only ones out there with guns if you dont know how to use it or have the mind set to use it then it will do you no good. there will be many out there that have not prepperd but still have guns they will not hesitste to use them to take what they need. be ready and be prepared the time is closer that some think. stay safe and dont hesitate to protect what is yours.

      30. Well when obummer said the economy was improving, he didn’t say WHAT sector of the economy he improved.

        • He does’nt have to say anything, the righious left never do. They just promise the idiots, and fawning party-faitful the Moon…at some later date, of course. Of course, the other side does the same thing, only in different ways. It’s all about the perception of the spin, as they tell you the Chocko-rations going up again…

      31. Yep, the gullible sheeple are rushing out to enrich the gun and ammo makers who are doing nothing but taking advantage of the gullible by engendendering irrational fears. The gun and ammo makers are taking the money from so called law abiding citizens and the criminal element. What a racket. They profit from criminality and encourage the gullible to purchase their products to protect themselves from the same criminal element the gun and ammo industry sold their wares to. What a racket.

      32. Guys, teach your woman and your girls to shoot. There is nothing worse than a pissed of woman/girl who is protecting their children or loved ones. They have no scruples about killing the bad guys. Ever hear of the legend of the Amazons? An American woman is worse, she knows what is at stake and will die defending her family.

        Teach the hard stuff – like dealing with the post shooting/killing phase: that person deserved what you did. Simple as that. God is on our side to preserve Christian families.

        Help those we can. Shun those who want a free ride.

        Trust only family. Few as possible.

        Pray, Prep and Survive.

      33. Obummer hasn’t pushed for much gun control because of Michelle insists on her right to bare arms. (See it’s funny because of her sleavless little sun dresses.. har har.)

      34. Somewhat off topic, but if you have not voted, you have two choices, the Mormon or the Muslim.
        In ’92 Clinton defeated GHWBush because many voted Perot.
        Make your vote count.
        We have a better chance of maintaining the 2nd Amendment
        with Romney. Two Supreme Court justices will be appointed
        by our next President.
        Ruger, et al, will set new records if the Muslim is re-elected.

        • Those are the two issues in this race. No one really knows what Romney will do with the 2nd amendment, there is no guarantee there. But after his horrible choice of VP candidate, I shudder what he’d do with the Supreme Court.

          Not that Obama is a good choice either, I just think your faith in Romney is misplaced.

        • AR SHEEPDOG
          I agree with you 100% – there are folks on this web site that really need to think about that!

      35. @Scout-

        You can pick up a Ruger 10/22 rifle for $200-225. Comes with (1) ten round clip. Ruger selling (25) round clips for $25.
        Copper plated ammo is cheap. You can start here.

        • magazines. not clips unless you’re buying an M1, or other clip fed rifle…….

      36. Although I guess I would have to acknowledge that I am a sort of a “gentleman prepper” it absolutely amazes me the inordinate fixation people have on procuring guns and ammo.

        My feeling is that even in the hypothetical drawn out SHTF scenario, if one lived to shoot more than 200 rounds, he’d have to be very lucky, very well isolated, and by extension, well prepared to allow such isolation.

        Don’t think for a minute that you would just be mowing down a bunch of defenseless zombies out to snitch the chickens out of your farm house, or wheat berries from your granary. In the US, judging by the numbers of arms and ammo sales, they will be well armed also and shooting right back at you, even as a rabble.

        Having gun and ammo for barter? Well, if people have to get even more ammo than what they have already stored up, then it might be inferred that a whole lot of shooting must have been going on to create the new need for ammo replenishment….which means a lot of people will already have died. Sorry, it doesn’t seem consistent.

        Why isn’t more attention devoted to aspects of body armor, residence hardening via various materials, fire proofing, tear gas defense etc on this blog? Sure, it is reasonable to have guns and ammo and means of self sufficiency, but a better use of resources would be to purchase some body armor, wouldn’t it?

        In a purely home defense situation, would it not be better to have class 3 or even class 4 armor (heavier, but in a home defense “siege” you don’t have to walk very far, and fatigue /mobility is not as critical an issue.)
        I understand in a a lightening sudden home invasion it is not practical because you won’t have time to don it. Rather home hardening, which buys you extra minutes to prepare, is the better strategy in that scenario.

        What about ballistic shields for all round portability and utility, or ballistic blankets?

        Well, how about it?

        • I do respect your right to your opion but you can easly blow thru 200 rounds in 1 defensive fire fight as far as bartter there will be some that did not stock up on ammo and will need it when the true S hits the fan it will not be a 3 to 4 month thing but could last for years I would much rather have my guns and ammo and not need it than to need it and not have it be prepared be ready

        • That would be excellent discussion. But I think most on this board couldn’t afford any of it: a shield is $3k, good body armor $1k. A lot more expensive than a cheap SKS and a box of bullets.

          I have a collection of links on home hardening I’ll try to post later. Unfortunately I’m stuck renting, so I haven’t been able to implement much of that.

      37. Barry Obama…..Gun Salesman of the Year, 4 years running……

        • How’s the pv output?

      38. Do you think folks in New York and New Jersey wish they had a gun.

        Oh that’s right only thugs have guns in new york ! Well i suppose so do the police.

        Oh that’s right the police are busy and can’t protect you. Huh who would have thought that would happen?

        Oh that’s right only those tring to defend the 2nd ammendment ( on those nice sunny days When needing a gun was theory )

      39. Patriot One,

        The dictator’s reign is over, he is going down in a big way. This will be one for the record books, landslide Romney. Do you realize how many people are voicing the same opinion as you, believe me most of the country feels the way you do. The polls lie, the liar in chief lies, the democraps lie and the truth is, they know they are going down but they forgot to tell the dictator that he aint wearing any clothes.

      40. Random Thoughts: Floor Sweepings From The Warehouse Of An Empty Mind…

        One of the few perks of driving a truck is that you often have time to think. Long stretches of open road and, since I’m not training a student at the moment, plenty of solitude. My last 3 trainees have all been hard-core country music fans. That’s perfectly fine, but even I can get overloaded on Johnny Rodriquez and Mel Tillis. So today I started the day with my new Best of Pink Floyd cd. Just to flush out the ears, you understand. (don’t want to lose my membership in the National Association Of Twang Bangers, but I needed a break)
        After just a few miles on the road, something happened. It was as if an unseen hand guided me to click over to “Welcome To The Machine.” Then to set the ‘repeat track’ button. I kept driving and the song kept playing…over and over.
        After about a hundred miles, somewhere near Colby, Kansas I think, it seemed as if I’d driven into an alternate universe or something. All at once my mind was crystal clear. The song kept playing, but my thoughts were coming in loud and clear over the music. I asked, and answered, many profound questions that have dogged me for years. I’ve never experienced such clarity.
        I thought- Bill Cosby once asked ‘Why is there air?’ then answered his own question- ‘To fill up basketballs, of course.’ That makes perfect sense to me. And Jerry Clower, another great philosopher, once said (quoting the Bible) ‘Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stall-fed ox, and hatred therewith.’ Then Clower gave the southern language version- ‘Better to eat polk salat in a happy home than T-bone steaks every day but you’re fightin’ and bickerin’ all the time.’ I couldn’t agree more.
        And that song kept playing…
        Now, I’m no longer driving a Freightliner. I’m in the captains chair of a Starship! This isn’t I-70. It’s a wormhole into another galaxy!…”There’s a tractor beam pulling us down! (a steep hill) Scotty, we need more power!” (my foot instinctively pushes the accelerator). “Klingon bird of prey, dead ahead! (trooper in the median) Sulu! Shields up!” (my hand reaches for the radar detector).
        And still the song played…
        What if archaelogists, a thousand years from now, dug up the remains of Michael Jackson’s glove, Anna Nicole’s chest and Nancy Pelosi’s face? Would they put them in the Museum of Unnatural History? And, except for the plaster reconstruction of Anna Nicole, would anybody pay to see them?….
        …(repeat track)…
        Does it really matter WHAT we use for money? Isn’t it just a medium of exchange? Whether it’s green paper, sea shells, carved rocks or gold coins. It’s all just ‘currency’ that we trade with, right?…Maybe so, but I’m gettin’ sick and tired of the boss paying me with a 400 lb sack of shells every payday. Besides, you can’t eat shells!….
        …and the song still plays. Is that the Welcome to Colorado sign ahead?…
        “Captain, we HAVE to stop! Otherwise we’ll have a disaster on our hands!”
        “Affirmative, Mr Spock… Checkov, take us to one-quarter impulse power. Spock and Uhura have to get out and pee (rest area 1 mile)….

        • For a second, just one full second, I thought this was going to be serious. Instead, I laughed.


        • What size of shells?

      41. Tokarev TT33 and standard 7.62×25 ball defeats almost all body armor without ceramic or steel plates, and Kevlar helmets too. How do the Russians come up with stuff?

        • Oldboy: A very good defensive round. I have CZ52 love it.

      42. Congratulations Mac..first topic EVER that I had nothing to add. 🙂

        Since my stupid husband went fishing in a canoe, no doubt, and flipped over and lost all his guns, and all the ammo. 🙁

        • Hehehe. I just hate it when that happens. Ruins your whole week.

        • @ JJ,

          An epiphany has just occured for me…it IS a result of the upper atmosphere spraying of a bio-engineered ‘clumsy’ virus which IS causing all these canouing/boating accidents!! It is so self-evident!!! IAM going to the law enforcement agency’s tommorrow with this incontrovertible truth!!!! Thank you JJ for helping me see this!!!!!

          • Hell, tell Janet Nappytonto–see something, say something!!!:-)

      43. The Rights of FREEDOM LOVING American Citizens PATRIOTS to self-protection:

        “I don’t much care for the bother and responsibility of securing a firearm nearby. But I’ve lived long enough to know the world sometimes presents threats that justify its presence. A free person’s right to defend his or her life is a very personal right, a “fundamental right” – pre-existing our U.S. Constitution – which is more important than our property, our ability to speak-out on political issues, our right to vote, or our rights to a Miranda warning when approached by a police officer. Throughout history this has always been true among free people.”

        “During the years American Colonists were bickering with Great Britain over taxes, representation, and rights; the one thing that finally provoked a shooting-war with their mother-country was Britain’s use of armed soldiers to disarm free citizens. The Founders were well-read on history and the classics, and well-acquainted with what England did to it’s “subjects” in Ireland; first disarming them, taking over all their lands and resources by force of British arms, and consigning the Irish to virtual serfdom or slavery. The most loyal of America’s Founders knew that government’s disarming of its free-citizens was the first step to slavery. “Slavery” was the word they used. History has confirmed this basic truth countless times in countless countries over the succeeding 200 years. Free, law-abiding citizens do not give up their right to arms.”


        ~N.O. ;0p

      44. I’ve been following this site for more than 3 years. I did some prepping, loved gardening, tried hunting. I really feel silly to have gotten caught up in the fear induced gun buying. I have gotten closer to God through it all and my heart is telling me to sell the guns and ammo and donate to charity. I’d rather put my faith in God than myself. It was hard enough killing a deer, I don’t think I could kill a man. I will probably keep the handguns for home defense but I really want to sell the rifles and shotguns (maybe keep one or two).

        • “fear induced gun buying” – Yeah, I get that. Like, I’m fearful that if I don’t spend the money now, the number of dollars it takes to buy it will just go up. That absolutely terrifies me!

          …but, then, I’m kind of a gun nut since, well, I was three. I see a gun as just a somewhat complex tool.

          If a man was threatening to kill one of your kids, you don’t think you could kill that man? Really? I consider myself pretty close to God and he seems to tell me that there are situations that you need to have the hammer back and the muzzle pointed in the correct direction to defend against violence to yourself and others.

          Don’t pull this pacifist stuff. The Bible is nothing if its not a manual for revolution against TPTB. While there is one passage that says, “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”, pacifists take it out of context. Given in context, it means that the “excessive use” or having “excessive faith” in the use of the sword to solve all problems is not good. Its specifically not talking about self defense.

          I think Thomas Jefferson said it best: “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t!” Don’t get me wrong, I intend on doing lots of plowing but I will do it of my own free will.

          Frankly, if you think killing a deer was hard, I fear for your safety. I doubt that you’ll be able to do what you need to do. In that case, it might be best that you just get rid of all the guns lest they take them from you, to kill you and others. I don’t say that to be harsh, just stating reality. When you are armed, you cannot be timed. You have to think through the scenarios of exactly what you’d do and be prepared to do it. If you don’t think it through or if you’re not prepared to do what is necessary you have no business even thinking about using firearms for self defense.

          I abhor violence and I’m not confrontational, but, there is a line in the sand and once crossed, compliance will be had by either free will or it will end with the coroner. All self defense must be looked at that way. If you can, you better just run and hide. Evasion is a good tactic but when it fails, I feel one should be ready to defend your position fully. I won’t run and hide but I will try to avoid.

          What about all the other people around you? Don’t you feel a little bit of responsibility to help defend them? I carry not just for my protection, but as a duty others. What kind of man, father, brother, son, co-worker would I be if I left the best tool for thwarting violence at home, locked in a cabinet? My answer: not much of one.

          With the world that is coming, I would recommend you get as far from civilization as possible. It sounds to me like you will be prey in short order.

          The first thing that has to happen is that you have to lose all your brainwashing about “gun magic” and “gun mystery” that hollywood, the lamestream media and ignorant people have implanted. You may still not be comfortable with the guns. After you’re comfortable with the guns, then you start applying self defense strategies just like you would a club or a tazer. Its just a tool. Nothing mystical about it. You pull the trigger and a chunk of copper and lead come out the end, really fast.

          Killing a deer, a man or a bear with a knife is no less or more “sinful” than doing it with a gun. Why you did it is what determines whether its good or bad. Its just that, for some reason, our society has laid this big guilt trip on guns.

          Guns are just a tools. Use them appropriately and there are no problems.

          • totally agree. As Archie Bunker said to Gloria after she extolled the amount of people killed with guns;
            ” would you feel better if they was all pushed out of windows, little girl?”

        • fair enough, I wish no one behind me that does not want to be there, nor do I wish to come between anyone and their god. So, no judgement,just comment: Fist: stealing two quotes; “All that is required for evil to win is for good to do nothing.” & “The man who pounds his sword into a plow share will be the farm save of the man who doesn’t”. Lastly; I wish you luck, but if I have to save mine get out of the way.

      45. @ braveheart or anyone else interested: Check out this web site for New Madrid info-

      46. 76 reasons for having a gun will help you decide whether this power tool should be in Your Optimal Toolkit:

        1. The simple act of having a gun is its own best use. Like a battleship parked off the coast its mere presence changes the dynamic of the situation without having to fire a single shot. By having a gun you become too dangerous to your predators. Criminals interviewed in jail say they don’t want anything to do with an armed civilian. That change in my human predators is exactly what I want to accomplish.

        2. A right exercised is a right retained.

        3. It’s the best single tool for protecting your life and the lives of your loved ones. (JFPO)

        4. You detest American gun laws based on 1938 Nazi weapons laws. (JFPO)

        5. Armed societies are polite societies. (Switzerland).

        6. Switzerland is armed to the teeth with virtually no crime (Stephen Holbrook).

        7. Because of the patience and discipline you acquire while learning about the tool.

        8. So you can de-bunk Hollywood gun myths for your kids.

        9. So you’ll know that not using toy guns when playing is an important step in teaching kids to respect and handle the real thing safely and appropriately.

        10.It removes force from the equation of human interaction.

        11. Home Invasion Robberies. And your gun tool should be easy to get to (Since it will be in the holster you’re wearing).

        12. “Robbery and assault victims who used a gun to resist were less likely to be attacked or to suffer an injury than those who used any other method of self-protection or those who did not resist at all.” according to Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University, Gary Kleck, in Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America.

        Continue reading at:

        Free, law-abiding citizens do not give up their right to arms.

        • Thanks! Good article. You must have run out of Coco Puffs and laid off the crack!

        • very well worded

        • ;0) I’m just a “SHTFPLAN Prepper News Tour Guide” trying to bring you all important prepper insight Thank You though ;0) … the TRUE credit for the above posts “76 Reasons To Have a Gun” rightfully goes to @Terence Gillespie [email protected] of LEWROCKWELL.COM

          • “SHTFPLAN Prepper News Tour Guide”

            And you do a great job with it!



            • @MAC SALVO ;0p slurp

              ;0) wuv you too BIG GUY !

              Bwaaa ha ha ha ;0)

              ~N.O. ;0P

        • NinaO:

          The natives are starting to like you ,Bro—-

          ….as the wolf draws in the sheep….lol.


          • @BA ;0) whassup prepper brotha

            Yeah i noticed that too … ;0P blah

            What most folks here don’t know is half my POLITICAL posts are being denied , are bein’ POLITICALLY CORRECT censored by @mac salvo and crew ;0p pssszzt

            *** CENSORSHIP is for FASCIST SOCIALIST COMMIES and Zionist Jooo’s . ***

            And … there’s only “Enough Room in my Rocky Mountain Re-Treat Dug-Out Sod Cabin in Montana’s Glacier National Park for occupancy of 1 One ~ ME ;0P !!!”

            I’m a “Prepper Sheep Dog” who doesn’t want a “Prepper Flock” to Guard from the Wolves … I only want to “Hunt the NWO U.N. ZOG DHS GESTAPO Wolves !!!” when the time comes ;0)

            PEACE @BA … may “Mother Gaea Earth” guide you safely in the hard times coming .

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • NinaO

              Hard times comin’ for sure, I’m glad I have “MEAN” on my side.

              …see ’em first…they’ll reap the worst..OPSEC..BA.

              • @BA OPSEC ;0p don’t need it … I’m already “Red Flagged” where I am – don’t really care either “PUCK THE DHS ZOG TRAITORS” … and any NWO U.N. ZOG Gestapo DHS Martial Law Security Force is gonna be way to busy controlling the “Real Montana Locals – born in Montana” ;0) to be worrying about where I’m bugging out too .

                Trust Me on this one … they wont be worrying about chasing me around 1500 square miles of National Park Land in the dark … I’ll be the last of their worries .

                They haven’t met the “LOCAL MONTANA WOMEN” … YET ;0P !!! You just don’t mess with THEM or their home state .

                The “Real Montana Locals” born here , simply will not put up with it !!!

                It’s in their Montana Raised Blood !!!


                ~N.O. ;0p

        • @ Coco,

          Thumbs up! Good job Coco. No Caps I see, VERY good.

          • Oops,

            Meant ‘Less Caps’

            • @JustOneGuy … Woof woof woof woof Woof ;0P pssszzt !

              ;0) @JOG we do try … Honest Abe .

              ~N.O. ;0p

              • …next you’ll be serving them tea….lol

                ..stick to your hammer…it’ll keep ’em frosty.

                and they need frosty..!.

                “I was schooled with a strap right across my back”
                —-Jumpin’ Jack Flash—-The Rolling Stones

                ..your friend….your brother….your blood…BA.

      47. Well, I must admit, I helped create that graph. I bought a 10/22 earlier this year and just purchased a LC9 about a month ago. I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning.

        Funny, though, Shalloween night I was testing 357 magnum loads (I settled on 8.5g of Unique behind a 125g jacketed hollow point.) and I didn’t have any trick or treaters. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to eat the candy myself.


        • that is a nice load, I have been playing with a HP-38 powder for .38’s and .357 ..Nice powder

          I’ll have to give a try to a pound of Unique in these loads to see what you got there, thanks for the info

        • Are you hording all the AR-15 parts too!? You…You PREPPER, you!

        • Perhaps you should head out to the northeast..

          Plenty of live targets will be appearing in the next few days..

          Never mind..

          No one is allowed in Jersey or NY with a legal concealed carry

          Only the gangbangers who are already looting..

          And do not, repeat do not!, open carry nor conceal a large soda in NYC..


      48. To be honest with you all, Its all scare really is. Because there is No way anyone will ever completely disarm the US of A..they will try yes..but fail.
        UN arms shit , dont mean nothin to me..Im not a country or a government..Im a Human on the earth..and I dont take my orders from the UN, or This countries president..they can ask all they want, and they can do something else too, all they want.

        these mind game tactics is old play , and not working on me.

        They are acting scared, I can smell fear..I have been smelling thier fear for a long time, and these are the tactics of scared ass holes who know they fucked us, and are afraid of when the bill is going to come due.

        Bad Moon Rising for doubt..its been coming for some time. Just remember we didnt start it.

        • but dont get me wrong.,,, will you be needing a firearm?
          Oh you betcha..your gonna need it, that is why you dont let any..ANY one tell you you cant own one..

      49. Off Topic…
        @Be Informed
        What do you think about this site?
        Possible 7.4 in California Sunday – Wednesday

        • @ PrepperGal35. I have seen others try to predict earthquakes using the HAARP method with mixed results. Much of what they are saying is that spikes in the magnetic fields mean earthquakes are coming. Not so if those spikes were because of increased solar activity. I actually pondered this as someone on another survival site tried to predict earthquakes using this and it did not pan out. I have found that by going back and looking at past records of polar activity you can see quite accurate patterns develop. There is no way I could have predicted that 7.7 in Canada if I did not have all these past records of earthquakes in the polar areas.

          7.4 in california, maybe, but until I start to see more indications of stress directed towards california from other plate boundaries I would say this forecast is not really likely. However if there is a jump on plate tension this could change. I will try to continue to look at the earthquake maps and see if there is any focal points of stress aimed here. We are still in a dnger period of another possible big earthquake till tomorrow in this last earthquake sequence.

      50. Greeting Everyone!
        Wouldn’t be nice of we had a place on the ballot for none of the above?
        Perhaps if a candidate didn’t get better than 56% of the vote then both parties would do a better job of offering someone of real substance and value to the country.
        jus’ saying.
        I used to dislike guns as self-defense,but with the changing times you need to re-consider your views.
        I know I won’t go looking for trouble,but if they break in the house it will COST them.The criminals today no longer want just your valuables,they want your life.Perhaps we’re entering “The Great Tribulation” as spoken of in Scripture,perhaps not.Seems like it to yours truly.Friends of mine would be shocked at my changed views on gun ownership.That’s their right.Some folks views here sound a touch “overboard” on the subject to me.Yet I can’t really say they’re without evidence to support their views.The coming years will prove which views is more on track.There may even be a little time to get more “in-tune” with God’s plan as it unfolds to all.One thing for sure,some here will be on time and on target.As for the “sheeple”……
        Best to All
        My prayers and sympathies to the folks on the east coast this time.

      51. A family member is a retired Col. I grew up around guns, ammo, learned how to shoot, handle, and respect guns. Many, myself included have pistal permits to carry. I do not personally carry, others in my family do. I will not vote for Obama. Yes, I know how many are concerned about Romney and the 2nd amendment. I’ll take my chances. I cannot stand the current President apologizing for this nation, it is blastphemy to those that died to set up and preserve this nation.

      52. Red Racer, thanks for the link on NMF. NetRanger, you’ll love that 10/22. I bought one just before Katrina and it’s the best .22 rifle I’ve ever fired; won’t give it up for squat. Last February I bought a M1Carbine from a private owner at a gun show for $400 and it is sweet. Don’t underestimate the .30Carbine round; with a 110-grain bullet it will get the job done. You can even get 30-round mags for the M1. The only thing i don’t like about the rifle is you can’t install a Picatinny rail on it. I’ve got a scope mount for it, but I have to take it to a gunsmith to get installed; something to do with the way the weapon was designed. Also have Springfield XD-40 which sits at my bedside every night; another good weapon. Reminds me, need to get some more .30 and .40 ammo this weekend. Stay safe and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • I’ve owned an M1 Carbine since they were $20 bought part of the last carbine ammo the US gov ever sold, yes it’s a nice little weapon, Why in Gods world do you want a scope on it? Unless you want to try long range water balloon shooting? at any range the slug is good for; JUST use the sights! It’s a pistol cartridge in a rifle.


      53. HELP … DON’T HELP

        THE CONSTANT PREPPER CONSCIENCE INNER BATTLE each Individual Prepper “WILL” must face in a SHTF SCENARIO … just how much “HELP” do I give to others and not risk my own personal safety and long-term survival supplies .

        CARING individual PREPPER STATEMENT :

        Anonymous said…

        I am the superintendent of a townhouse/apartment complex- 70 units, total population about 175 people. Every single one of these people, knows that I have two-three months of food, candles, flashlights, batteries, supplimentary heat, stoves, etc. etc.- here.
        Every one of them has been told to consider doing the same thing.
        I got one other ‘prepper’ couple on this property- of the rest of ’em, perhaps 25% you would not want to know, (and that’s RIGHT NOW- when the shit hasn’t even hit the proverbial fan, yet…….
        There are people here, (single mummies with kids, etc.) that I care about- but they aren’t the ones that I worry about. Ya know what I’m saying?
        Personally, I’m thinking of relocating my preps- to a friend’s place, (about a half-block away).
        Good luck, to all of you!
        November 1, 2012 3:21 PM

        CALLOUS individual PREPPER RETORT :

        Responding Anonymous said…

        “I am the superintendent of a townhouse/apartment complex- 70 units, total population about 175 people. Every single one of these people, knows that I have two-three months of food, candles, flashlights, batteries, supplimentary heat, stoves, etc. etc.- here.”

        That means there are 175 people who will kill you to get your stuff, when TSHTF. Hopefully, you have somewhere else to live besides this apartment complex.

        I have an answer to the “new preppers”: it’s way too f***ing late. I’ve been trying to warn people for at least 30 years. Friends, family, church members, fellow workers, you name it. Almost no one has taken me seriously, while most have ridiculed the hell out of me. They can all rot in hell. They have made their beds, now they can lie in them. And, if they show up at my doorstep, they will get no help. They will not be ready to live the kind of lifestyle it takes to survive what’s coming, and they will blame me for not providing their creature comforts.

        No thanks.
        November 1, 2012 5:52 PM

        *** Just food for Prepper thought . How Far will you go to Help Others with-out Risking your own Personal Family Survivability Level .

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • 6 Tips for Dealing With the New Prepper

          Over the last few days we have seen one the biggest storms in the history of the US slam into the east coast of our country. And then, a week ago, a huge 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the northwest coast of British Columbia. In the case if the former, there are – as of this writing – 62 casualties with more expected. There are still six million homes and businesses without power and the cleanup efforts will cost billions.

      54. not having a gun is just Obamacide

      55. Looks like the ppt pumped up the dow.

      56. Wish Ruger would make a 308 version of the mini 14 design .

        • Yeah, I can’t believe they haven’t. It would have to cost less than the $1500 Springfield.

          • Yeah , it would be a big hit ! you would basically have a small modern version of the M1 garand with 3rd party manufacturers making high capacity magazines for it ……Tool up and start making them !

        • they make the mini-30…shoots 7.62 x 39

          • Yes , I have one , its a great backpack gun . Fun to shoot as well .

        • A mini-14 in .308 is an M14.

      57. The Chicago PD is short thousands of police. Yes, 2000 or 3000. Politically connected minority politicians own security companies that will be getting large contracts to provide armed and untrained, under-educated security police to the city. This is how the next Obama term will start the civilian army that Obama called for.

      58. If everyone is buying more guns because of Obummer, I guess that’s good. It’s like a kid staying out of the neighbor’s yard becuase of the poodle on the front porch, but then again I’ve given up expecting people to question what’s behind the fence.

      59. I’m 86, will I get to partisapate(sp) in coming revolution

        • My luck says not unless you live till 100.

          • It won’t take 14 years LT. I hope myself and HD are not participating before his 87th. Seven weeks to the cliff. Still thinking the latest annoited one will fix it in time? They can warm up with a debt limit increase. That can they have been kicking doesn’t go very far anymore.

      60. 3D Printng. A gun or rifle is a more intricate peice with the need for specialized barrel material and firing mechanisms. However 3D printing can produce some pretty effective grenades, mortars, IED’s ect; even small rockets. Even better, simplified drones can be manufactured by the thousands and fitted with all kinds of hardware.
        Vote Liberty or Death

      61. in Switzerland everyone is required to keep their gun from the military and every man has to serve 2 yr’s in the military they have the lowest crime rate in the industrialized world. they have also never been invaded in modern history i believe.

        • jimbo

          What you say is true but an armed civilian population in and of itself does not guarantee peace and order. Somalia can probably boast 100% arming too.

          Switzerland kept it’s economics in order and has a high standard of living with the manufacture of ultra high quality goods untouched by “Free Trade”. The Swiss government I believe has the best interests of the Swiss citizens at hand. They allow very little immigration and you must show a benefit for Switzerland to allowed to immigrate.

          Legally armed law abiding citizens are one component but not the only component. A responsible “on the ball” government is vitally important.

          • Actually, no. The percentage of Somalis who are armed is quite small. That’s why the ones that do have firearms can lord it over everybody else.

          • So thats how the Swiss get those holes in their cheese. Seriously, look to the Iceland experience on how to get rid of the banking cabal without the riots. That is, if you don’t want the riots.

      62. Now if only Ruger could deliver the products the dealers order. And improve their quality of what they actually deliver.

        • Amen to that! Never saw a Ruger that didn’t need hours of fettling to make it worth owning. Even back in the ’80s when they were a customer of mine, they cared only for the holy bottom line, (and weren’t too ethical about improving that). Don’t let me get started. . . . .

      63. Go Ruger!

      64. Bought the first of the Ruger .22 Autograph series for $400. New. Did I get taken?

      65. No one will ever be able to confiscate your weapon if you have an escape goat.

      66. If Obama gets re-elected this site will be outlawed under the new Hate Crime Laws. The 2nd Amendment will be dead. How? He gets to put at least 2 more Supreme Court Justices on the bench. He already put Sotomayer and Kagan there. The main steam media is his propaganda wing. Remember that. If you have any spine at all. The MSM. Remember them.

      67. To replace those confiscated and to hide those to be used in the second strike, explains these sales numbers. The same mandate as our submarine fleet. Dig in, it could be a long one.

      68. I am a little concerned about the company’s foreign sales if the U.N. treaty limits foreign sales. The stock could take a big hit, and seems to be already. 🙁
        Looks like somebody already knows something. They are bailing out.

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