Rudy Giuliani Sued by Dominion Voting Systems For Defamation

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for allegedly stating false voter fraud claims. Dominion is asking for $1.3 billion dollars for defamation.

The 107-page lawsuit alleges that Giuliani made more than 50 statements disparaging the company’s equipment in speeches, on Twitter, and on podcasts. “Although he was unwilling to make false election fraud claims about Dominion and its voting machines in a court of law because he knew those allegations are false, he and his allies manufactured and disseminated the ‘Big Lie,’ which foreseeably went viral and deceived millions of people into believing that Dominion had stolen their votes and fixed the election,” the lawsuit said, according to a report by USA Today.

“Giuliani’s statements are defamatory,” the lawsuit added. “They have exposed Dominion to the most extreme hatred and contempt.”

Courts rejected scores of complaints about the election for lack of evidence. Then-Attorney General William Barr dismissed an assertion on December 1 that “machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results” by saying the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security “haven’t found anything to substantiate that.” –USA Today

The lawsuit alleged that Giuliani sought $20,000 per day for his efforts. Earlier this month the company also sued another Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, for $1.3 billion alleging defamation.

Giuliani still seems confident that he has found fraud in the voting machines. “Let’s have trial by combat,” Giuliani said. “I’m willing to stake my reputation, the President is willing to stake his reputation, on the fact that we’re going to find criminality there,” he said during a speech at the Trump rally near the White House on January 6 before the Capitol riot.

The New York State Bar Association may boot Giuliani from its membership over his speech on that day. If this is not evidence that you are not allowed to speak against this oppressive system of mob rule and slavery it’s hard to say what is.

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    1. Darth Skippy

      Activists, passing out flyers, in front of the courthouse, can get arrested for trespass, disturbances, and litter.

      Or, they can appear for jury duty.

      A recognized member of the court is going to ask their biases, hand them a mic and loudspeaker, over a room of 100 or more people, who are not allowed to leave.

      “Courts rejected scores of complaints about the election for lack of evidence.”

      This is a teachable moment, if they have to follow ordinary, legal procedure, in which evidence is examined.

    2. You guys crack me up

      This guy goes around saying provably false things, over and over again, and you think this is “silencing” him. Actions have consequences, douchebag. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

      • Darth Skippy

        Name just one, specifically.

      • Gct

        ‘Provably false” ? Now either you’re stupid or you think we are. What exactly was proven false as opposed to never considered ? We saw it with our own eyes.

    3. alfie

      Hmm, using the court system and law to cover their rear ends and misdeeds and actions.

    4. FreemanSteed

      Giuliani, Powell, Newsmax,OANN and practically every conservative news site is being sued by Demonion.

      You can do that after all the evidence has been irretrievably destroyed .


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