Rudy Drops New Bombs: Slams Obama Cabinet ‘Pattern Of Corruption’; Claims China ‘Bought’ Biden

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Headline News | 13 comments


This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has been on quite the tear of late – slamming former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s financial dealings around the world, while House Democrats move to impeach President Trump over a phone call with the Ukrainian president about the Bidens.

Wednesday morning was no exception, as Giuliani burned the midnight oil on Twitter – tossing bombs at Biden and the Obama administration. Hours later he appeared on Fox News to discuss ‘Ukrainegate.’

“We know corrupt Ukrainian oligarch laundered $3 million to the Biden Family,” tweeted Giuliani, adding “ut $3 to $4m more was laundered to Biden. So release all the financial records of all businesses involving Biden, Kerry’s stepson and notorious mobster Whitey Bulger’s nephew” – referring to an investigation by journalist Peter Schweizer which uncovered what appears to be a massive pay-for-play operation in China.

Rudy also slammed a “pattern of corruption involving high-level members of the Obama cabinet” that the Democrat party is “covering up.”

The multi-million and billion-dollar pay-for-play is mind-boggling. Biden Family sale of office to Ukraine was not the only one or the most egregious. Slimy Joe is not alone.”

Giuliani then called for Biden to “release records to see if he flew Hunter to China in Dec. 2013 on AF 2 to facilitate Hunter’s sale of his office to China for a total of $1.5 billion.” Rudy then claimed that China has bought other politicians.

“Is there any doubt that China paid it to compromise VP. But they bought another pol as well. Guess?”

Hours after his tweets, Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends, where he said the transcript of a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had been “read to him.” 

He also called out the Obama administration for being “in the tank,” asking “Why didn’t Obama say – when he saw the first Ukraine article that said there was a serious conflict of interest. Why didn’t Obama call his Vice President and say ‘Joe, you can’t give this kid a job … Joe, did you get your kid a job with the most crooked oligarch in Ukraine? Just four months after we had to toss him out of the military for drug addiction? Do you know how that’s gonna look, Joe?

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    1. Kevin2

      The democrats apparently never heard of the phrase, “People living in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones”. To hell with the Ukrainian law enforcement where has the US Justice Department been? The last AQ Jeff sessions lets this stuff slide and wants to focus on marijuana. You can have video, audio, fingerprint and DNA evidence and despite this justice isn’t prosecuted. “Equal Protection Under The Law” requires equal enforcement of the law. Without the latter the former is meaningless. The last remaining remedy is the “court of public opinion” where testimony is suspect, rules of evidence non existent and the jury asleep or disinterested.

      Corruption isn’t in the system, corruption is the system.

      • NEC_Wrangler

        They know, they dont care. its their playbook:
        Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty.

        Ironically, its a paraphrase of Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister:
        “The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing,”

      • Kevin2

        oops……..AG not AQ. However as poor as he was at being an AG he might as well been an AQ Attorney Questionable.

    2. Serenabit

      Historically speaking, if the Department of Justice doesn’t bring about equal protection And Application of the law, the people will have no choice but to bring it about themselves. This rarely ends well … imagine pitchforks and torches. It’s about time that our government “servants” start to “serve” their constituents.

    3. Clown World

      It’s annoying for these celebrity dictators to be tried in the media, only.

      Then again, dialectics for the sake of dialectics, was it’s own point.

      I would like for people to ask more questions about their own, individual living situation and your own personal acquaintances, before becoming embroiled in made-for-tv scandals like soap operas and finding escapism in the likes of mobsters.

      Alan Jackson – Little Bitty (Official Music Video)
      h ttps://

      Sling Blade – It Ain’t Got No Gas In It
      h ttps://

      ^ Ask questions at this level, first, and see what happens.

    4. aljamo

      Giuliani was mayor of NYC on 9-11. Who in their right mind would believe anything out of this liars mouth?

      • HOMO-Aljamo

        Did you put your underwear over your head again and spoke out your arse?

      • David


        The only thing I want to know from Rudy is: Was he an accessory before or after the fact of the 9/11 false flag.

    5. The Deplorable Renegade

      Aljamo, good point about Giuliani but the things he mentioned are still very possible and not surprising. Giuliani is still part of the system so he knows all too well.

      • Kevin2

        Facts are facts. Hunter Biden becomes a Ukrainian Natural Gas Executive, making $50,000/month because he is qualified? His father is on record strong-arming the Ukrainian government not to investigate corruption. It doesn’t matter if Al Capone and John Dillinger repeated the above, “facts are facts”. Then Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s son and the nephew of Whitey Bulger start a Hedge fund that out of the clear blue gets over a billion dollars from China but Joe Biden has nothing to do with it.


    6. JRS

      Russiagate’s over and done. U-Crane-Gate is the new distraction. Look at them purty lights over there. Instead of Spy vs Spy, it’s Crook vs Crook. They’re all corrupt in that swamp. Cronyism and nepotism. Both Trump and Biden fit right in.

    7. Heartless

      I’m wondering where the hell Barr is? We’ve gone from a Keebler elf to Mr. Magoo.

    8. Frank Thoughts

      Obama was the most corrupt president and was the Clay Davis (“I need to see some green cross my palms, feel me???!!”) of high office, bringing in an African hustle to DC.

      He diverted funds for aid and development to ISIS, Hillary’s campaign etc.

      He has these mystery income sources that have turned him and his trans wife into billionaires. Who would have thought you can give birth to two beautiful girls from your anus??!!

      Black people will defend him to the ends of time because he is blackish I am afraid.

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