Ron Paul: “The Next Crisis Will Be Even More Destructive”

by | May 3, 2012 | Headline News | 467 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Congressman Ron Paul explains why the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve are responsible for financial and economic crises spanning several decades, including the one in which we currently find ourselves. Putting the brunt of the blame for our situation on the Fed, government intervention and neo-capitalists dependent on easy central bank money, Paul notes that these policies not only led to the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008, but that they will lead to an even worse crisis down the road as our currency is destroyed and our debt becomes un-serviceable. We opine that, while Ron Paul lays out a common sense approach to stop the madness, those in power will continue to pursue strategies and policies that work only to enrich the upper echelons of society while the masses continue to struggle with an untenable situation where prices for essential commodities like food and energy continue to rise, debts pile up  to levels that can never be repaid, and the productive capacity that made America great shifts to slave labor driven third world countries and emerging economies.

    Article Via The Daily Crux
    Originally Published by Ron Paul at FT

    Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt
    by Ron Paul

    The financial crisis has fully exposed the intellectual bankruptcy of the world’s central bankers.

    Why? Central bankers neglect the fact that interest rates are prices. Manipulating those prices through credit expansion or contraction has real and deleterious effects on the economy. Yet while socialism and centralised economic planning have largely been rejected by free-market economists, the myth persists that central banks are a necessary component of market economies.

    These economists understand that having wages or commodity prices established by government fiat would cause shortages, misallocations of capital and hardship. Yet they accept at face value the notion that central banks must determine not only the supply of one particular commodity – money – but also the cost of that commodity via the setting of interest rates.

    Printing unlimited amounts of money does not lead to unlimited prosperity. This is readily apparent from observing the Fed’s monetary policy over the past two decades. It has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, providing money to banks with the hope that this new money will spur lending and, in turn, consumption. These interventions are intended to raise stock prices, lower borrowing costs for companies and individuals, and maintain high housing prices.

    But like their predecessors in the 1930s, today’s Fed governors behave as if the height of the credit bubble is the status quo to which we need to return. This confuses money with wealth, and reflects the idea that prosperity stems from high asset prices and large amounts of money and credit.

    The push for easy money is not new. Central banking was supposed to have ended the types of periodic financial crises the US experienced throughout the 19th century. Yet US financial panics have only got worse since the centralisation of monetary policy via the creation of the Fed in 1913. The Depression in the 1930s; the haemorrhaging of gold reserves during the 1960s; the stagflation of the 1970s; the dotcom bubble of the early 2000s; and the current recession all have their root in the Fed’s loose monetary policy.

    Each of these crises began with an inflationary monetary policy that led to bubbles, and the solution to the busts that inevitably followed has always been to reflate the bubble.

    This only sows the seeds for the next crisis. Lowering interest rates in an attempt to forestall a recession in the aftermath of the dotcom bubble required massive credit creation that led to the housing bubble, the collapse of which we still have not recovered from today. Failing to learn the lesson of the bursting of both the dotcom bubble and the housing bubble, the Fed has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy and has promised to leave interest rates at zero through to at least 2014. This will only ensure that the next crisis will be even more destructive than the current one.

    Not content with its failed attempts to prop up the US economy, the Fed has set its sights on bailing out Europe, too. Through currency swaps, it has committed to offering potentially hundreds of billions of US dollars to the European Central Bank and we cannot rule out the possibility of direct intervention.

    The Fed’s response to the crisis suggests that it believes the current crisis is a problem of liquidity. In fact it is a problem of poorly allocated investments caused by improper pricing of money and credit, pricing which is distorted by the Fed’s inflationary actions.

    The Fed has made banks and corporations dependent on cheap money. Instead of looking for opportunities to invest in real products that will serve the needs of consumers, Wall Street awaits the minutes of each Federal Open Market Committee meeting with bated breath, hoping that QE3 and QE4 are just around the corner. It is no wonder that long-term investment and business planning are stagnant.

    We live in a world that seems to have abandoned the concept of savings and investment as the source of real wealth and economic growth. Financial markets clamour for more cheap money creation on the part of central banks. Hopes of further quantitative easing from the Fed, the Bank of England, or the Bank of Japan – or further longer-term refinancing operations from the ECB – buoy markets, while decisions not to intervene can cause stocks to plummet. Policy makers focus on spurring consumption, while ignoring production. The so-called capitalists have forgotten that capital cannot be created by government fiat.

    Control of the world’s economy has been placed in the hands of a banking cartel, which holds great danger for all of us. True prosperity requires sound money, increased productivity, and increased savings and investment. The world is awash in US dollars, and a currency crisis involving the world’s reserve currency would be an unprecedented catastrophe. No amount of monetary expansion can solve our current financial problems, but it can make those problems much worse.

    The writer is a US congressman and a candidate for the Republican party’s presidential nomination


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      1. words of wisdom?

        • why would anyone thumbs down three words?

          • They probably thumbed down the question mark, not the three words.

          • eppe, they thumb down because they have an agenda. What Ron Paul said is spot on and very simple. A couple of days ago, we had the article on paranoia. To those that don’t believe we’ll be in one hell of a crises soon, is Ron Paul paranoid or being factual? Before you thumbs down, be honest: how much studing of economics/financing have you done?

            • I never thumb down, only up. Studied many years, and have prepped as long. The real question is: Is the devil you don’t know worse that the one you know? Is our future secure or prepare for the worst, hope for the best? Will we ever get a hold on the problems at hand, or will it get like Germany in the 30’s? I wish I had a crystal ball, but we all know that is unrealistic. But something needs to happen to get this boat back on course, else the outcome may not be what we want or expect.

            • It won’t be any time soon guy

        • Question, how do we get Ron Paul in the White House when the PTB control who gets in?

          Second, if we succeed, how do we prevent the Federal Reserve from hiring a hit like they did with J.F.K.?

          Ron Paul for President, not just elected, but alive to serve all 8 years!!!

          • Ron Paul for President
            Jim Rogers for VP
            10 year term
            Gold standard currency
            Clean up our own backyard, before we clean others.
            Common sense required

            • Jan Brewer of ARizona for VP.

          • It would be wonderful if people would stop promoting the myth that JFK, as well as certain other Presidents were assassinated because they opposed either the FED or bankers.

            First, in naming JFK as being hit by the FED you assume that the mythology about his opposition to Central Banking is correct however, the facts speak differently, just as the facts speak differently about Lincoln.

            Lincoln, while opposing foreign banking interests, did, in fact, favor a strong Central Banking system and opposed Andrew Jackson’s fight against the Second Bank of the United States. In fact, for the rest of Lincoln’s life he criticized Jackson and continued to advocate and indeed, once he was President, institute a system of Centralized Banking and fiat currency. Under Lincoln’s Greenback system, bankers became extremely wealthy and, in fact, many of the very same banking families that became involved in setting up the Federal Reserve got their start under the Administration of Lincoln, thanks, in large part, to his Greenback and Banking policies.

            Lincoln, like all the Whigs and later the Radical Republicans, were Mercantilists, believing that there should be a patronage system of government and corporate interests. The Legal Tender Act of 1862 empowered the Secretary of the Treasury to issue fiat Greenbacks (an economic disaster for the people of the North and the system increased the debt 5 fold over what the war would have cost otherwise). The National Currency Acts of 1863 and 1864 created a system that would later form the blueprint for the Federal Reserve. The Acts created a system of Nationally Chartered Banks, and a 10% tax was placed, through those Acts, on all State Bank notes with the intent of completely driving State Banks out of business in order to create a federal monetary and banking monopoly governed and controlled by the federal government. By July of 1864, the Greenback Dollar was worth 35 cents gold…it was a disaster for the common man who had to deal with inflation during wartime. It was however, a boom for the government and for bankers who reaped the benefits of inflationism.

            Lincoln was not shot because he was an enemy of bankers, on the contrary, look at those closest to Lincoln and you will find some very strange dealings concerning his assassination, both before and afterwards. Andrew Johnson, for instance, and many of Lincoln’s own Cabinet members, were either friends with or familiar with John Wilkes Booth. Most of the Radical Republicans (formerly Whigs), were extremely upset with Lincoln’s plan to accommodate and pardon the Confederacy, those Radicals (they were also known as what we could call left-liberals today) wanted to scourge the South, some even called for complete genocide.

            Garfield, on the other hand, was a hard-money man, even though he was a member of the Radical Republican party. He thought that Lincoln’s Greenback system was un-Constitutional, thought Lincoln’s banking system was illegal and he fought to bring about a system that was, at least, more closely associated with the Constitutional mandate given to Congress about the coining of money.

            McKinley, was an interventionist who believed in Empire, in particular in the promise of an American Empire and had been rather “soft” on the whole banking and currency issue until around 1896. Even after 1896, he was not very adamant about the differences between hard and soft currency or banking, for that matter. In fact, if you read Volume 19 of the January, 1898 issue of the Economist, you will find that McKinley was hardly a enemy of banking. In fact, he was an advocate of a similar system of Mercantilism as Lincoln and he believed in many of the same ideologies concerning the role of the Federal Government.

            He and Garfield, both sought to eradicate any Jeffersonian ideals from the workings of our government and country, in fact, they were Hamiltonians, like Lincoln. They wanted a “nationalized Senate”, they wanted Centralized Banking and far more power for the federal government….those goals were reached in 1913 with the nationalization of the Senate through the 17th Amendment, the passage of the 16th Amendment and of course, the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

            Now, let’s touch on myth you are promoting, this one about JFK. The myth goes something like this:

            “On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority: “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the treasury.”… Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve’s control over the creation of money.”

            The fact is that EO 11110 had absolutely nothing to do with the issuance of Silver Certificates held against silver bullion, silver or standard silver dollars in the Treasury. Read the order, but beyond the order read this which was in the President’s Economic Report:

            “I again urge a revision in our silver policy to reflect the status of silver as a metal for which there is an expanding industrial demand. Except for its use in coins, silver serves no useful monetary function.
            In 1961, at my direction, sales of silver were suspended by the Secretary of the Treasury. As further steps, I recommend repeal of those Acts that oblige the Treasury to support the price of silver; and repeal of the special 50-percent tax on transfers of interest in silver and authorization for the Federal Reserve System to issue notes in denominations of $1, so as to make possible the gradual withdrawal of silver certificates from circulation and the use of the silver thus released for coinage purposes. I urge the Congress to take prompt action on these recommended changes.”

            Contrary to the myth, JFK was not attempting to support the issuance of more Silver Certificates, but he was attempting to do away with them altogether and strengthen the power of the Federal Reserve’s fiat currency regime.

            Always chew before you swallow folks….

            • Woah Woah Woah there Republicae, that was a lot of blah blah blah and very intersting at that. BUT YOU FORGOT SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT!!! You forgot to tell us who did kill J.F.K. You sure do seem to be 100% sure of who didn’t kill him. But don’t go betting your life on it. Maybe the fed didn’t have him killed but I’ll bet it all they sure wanted him dead.

            • Dude-Why are you quoting johnsons drivel?? Johnson had nothing to gain by the murder of jfk. Waite, hold on. I get dizzy sometimes.

            • @SilverFox…Honestly, in a government where corruption is no longer a concern, where morality and ethics are held in such low regard, where lip-service is given to the law while the law is subverted at every turn by the very institutions that are suppose to uphold it, does it really matter at this point who assassinated JFK?

              The question I was addressing is, of course, the myth that is widely promoted that JFK was killed due to some fabricated assumption that he was bucking the Federal Reserve through EO 11110, when in fact, he was not. The matter at hand in the comment was not who assassinated him, but that the myth that is propagated, as my reply addresses, is nothing more than a myth due to a certain misconception of EO 11110. The idea that the FED wanted a man dead that supported them seems to be logically contradictory…I would look closer in this Administration for the culprits, as with the Lincoln Administration.

              It’s not that hard Silver Fox, really it’s not.

            • WTF are you TALKING ABOUT?????

              This is WHAT Executive Order 11110 says. You just can’t go to the first thing google gives you. WTF????

              AMENDMENT OF EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 10289 AS AMENDED, RELATING TO THE PERFORMANCE OF CERTAIN FUNCTIONS AFFECTING THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. By virtue of the authority vested in me by section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, it is ordered as follows:

              SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended – (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j): “(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821 (b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,” and (b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof. SECTION 2. The amendment made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

              JOHN F. KENNEDY THE WHITE HOUSE, June 4, 1963

              Nothing to do with silver. Nice.

            • @kevin, I’m not sure you are commenting on my reply to SilverFox however, no where in my reply do I quote Johnson drivel???

              I was addressing, as stated, the contradiction between the mythology and the facts that JFK was a supporter of the Federal Reserve System, strengthen its scope and power through EO 11110 and his Economic Report request to Congress. There are those who even go as far as to state that JFK ordered the Treasury to issue what is commonly known as U.S. Bank Notes however, that too is a misconception since U.S. Bank Notes had been in circulation since 1871 and were circulated along side Federal Reserve Notes. There was nothing new with the monetary request of JFK except the demise of the last issue of $1 Silver Certificates. His purpose was not to empower the People of this country with a sound currency, quite the contrary, his intent was to empower the Federal Reserve System and set the stage for the withdrawal under the Johnson Administration of silver coinage in 1964.

            • I am sure I could DESTROY the rest of your drivel(about lincoln and the rest) if I wanted to. But I already WASTED my time reading your comment+ the 20 seconds getting the RIGHT E.O. to DESTROY your comment about 11110.



              Just cutting and pasting bull$hit from a bull$hit internet site like this (Which is what YOU did!)

              You can’t just sit in accorns office and type drivel around these parts without getting SMACKED DOWN!

            • @ Kevin

              Please Kevin, do so…be my guess, if you have something to say then why not say it instead of just saying you could say something. Obviously, you must have some thoughts that are more substantial than the one you offered, say it man, let’s see what you got.

            • OOOPS. I just re-read your last paragraph. You are correct.

              I just put my foot in my mouth by posting that executive order. I get wound up, and I start not reading sometimes.

              I just looked at it and ASSuME-d it was johnsons drivel in 1963, so I vomited on my computer, and started ranting.

              Please forgive me and ALL my comments.

              I sometimes come out of the barn guns ablazing.

              I deserve ANY and ALL tongue lashing you give me.

              Please be gentle.

            • I did not chew.

              I am going to pay the price for my ranting this time.

              *kevin yells* HELP! I’m about to get my A$$ handed to me by republicae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • @ Kevin….you idiot, what I was saying is that there is an entire myth that has been built around EO 11110 that, as I said, purports that JFK was trying to strip the FED of its power to issue interest-bearing notes.

              What I was saying was that the EO had nothing to do with that, just as you said, just as I said.

              This is part of that popular myth that is widely circulated on the internet and by certain popular authors:

              “On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority: “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the treasury.”… Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve’s control over the creation of money.”

              What I am saying if you will actually read it is that EO 11110 had nothing to do with that, nor does it support the myth that is associated with EO 11110.

            • @ Kevin
              As I was saying:

              All EO 11110 did was delegate the authority of the President under the Thomas Amendment to the Secretary of Treasury regarding the issuance of Silver Certificates. It was not, as the myth espouses, to either reign in the FED or to issue a U.S. Note outside of the Federal Reserve Charter as the myth, that is widely circulated, purports. That myth is the basis of the notion that the FED had JFK assassinated because of EO 11110. That was what I was debunking.

              I am well aware of EO 10289 and other EOs regarding silver, silver certificates and the Treasury.
              In other words, we are saying exactly the same thing…

            • @republicae- You are a wise man *kevin gets down and starts cleaning republicae boots*

              Go easy on me brother!!

            • @ Kevin

              Here is basically what I was saying….I will follow your lead with some cut and paste:

              “Executive Order 11110 is quite infamous among conspiracy theorists, such as Jim Marrs, author of the 1989 book Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy,[15] who speculate that there is a link between the John F. Kennedy assassination and E.O. 11110 by arguing that the Federal Reserve Board was involved in the murder to protect its power over the monetary policy of the United States.[12] G. Thomas Woodward, in the Congressional Research Service’s report for Congress, Money and the Federal Reserve System: Myth and Reality, writes:[16]

              According to author Jim Mars, Executive Order 11110 issued by President Kennedy on June 4, 1963 authorized the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes. Mars further asserts that after President Kennedy’s assassination, the order was never carried out.

              The claim is not borne out by the facts. First, E.O. 11110 had nothing to do with United States Notes, and did not affect any section of law referring to them. Second, E.O. 11110 did not anywhere mention any quantity of money; wherever the $4 billion-plus figure came from, it was not E.O. 11110. Third, The President had no authority to issue such an edict. Even utilizing the provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, the most the President could issue without statutory authorization was $3 billion.

              The reason for the move was that the President had just signed legislation repealing the Silver Purchase Act. With this repeal, the Treasury Secretary could no longer control the issue of Silver Certificates on his own authority. However, the issuance of certificates could be controlled under the President’s authority. Hence, for administrative convenience, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110.
              Ironically, the purpose of the order and the legislation was to decrease the circulation of Silver Certificates, with Federal Reserve Notes taking their place.

              To conserve on the silver needs of the Treasury, President Kennedy requested legislation needed to bring the issuance of Silver Certificates to an end and to authorize the Fed to issue small denomination notes (which it could not at that time). The Fed began issuing small denomination notes almost immediately after the legislation was passed. And in October 1964, the Treasury ceased issuing Silver Certificates altogether. If anything, E.O. 11110 enhanced Federal Reserve power and did not in any way reduce it.

              Does that make it clearer Kevin?

            • @republice- Idiot?

              In this case YES.

              Me posting without fully reading what you posted was dum. I just get dizzy and start to vomit if I think I am reading anything from johnson or kisinger.

              I get all that EO1110 stuff, and you made your last post for no reason.

              I can admit when I mess up

              After I realized I mis-understood what you said

            • Not a problem Kevin, it was almost an honest mistake….LOL

            • And Kennedy was on the last 90% silver quarter ever issued for circulation. I know this fits somehow. Working on it. Post later.

            • Kevin is one angry little dude. We’ll be reading about him in the paper some day.

            • from what I’ve seen, it appears that the reason JFK was assassinated is that he was going to do away with the CIA. The pervasive idea that the presidential protectors simply “stepped aside” at his assassination lends some credence to that story.

          • You sheople worship RP in the same way Obama freaks worship him.

            • Maybe you have a point Sally, but there is a glaring difference in terms of the two individuals you perceive being worshipped. In its most simplest expression; “Light vs. Dark”, and we’re not talking skin color here, honey.

            • Sally
              Most here worship nobody except God, what they do is watch, listen and learn and make decisions based on that.

              It would be good if you stick around for a while and you will see what I mean.

              Take care

            • @ Sally, I don’t think it is a case of worship as much as admiration for the fact that he has and does speak his mind regardless of the political consequences, the same cannot be said for Obama who is so carefully scripted and managed that an original idea would not dare slip through his lips.

            • Sally you are a sheep!

            • Lay down Sally.

          • Silver Fox

            “Question, how do we get Ron Paul in the White House when the PTB control who gets in?”

            In reality you do not get him in the White House. What you do is set the conditions for another with his ideals to get in at a later date. He speaks the truth that cant be suppressed forever. Every person that hears it potentially becomes another cork that rises and as their numbers increase they become far too many to hold down. A system based on lies kept the USSR in power until the money supporting the masses ran out.

            “Second, if we succeed, how do we prevent the Federal Reserve from hiring a hit like they did with J.F.K.?”

            Hell JFK pissed off the Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that President Eisenhower warned the public about three years before. Ron Paul is sticking his finger in the eyes of the same people. Considering that the power of the “Establishment” has become almost plenary it’s doubtful that he would be sworn in. All the chips are on the table and they would stop at nothing to retain power.

            A wise person once told me that power comes two ways; a lot of people or a lot of money. Ron Paul is a catalyst for a lot of people. The vision of the US that we were taught multiple decades ago needs a mandate from the body politic. Anything less then a mandate fosters kayos and in the end would be destructive.

            • Silver Fox

              We’re in the first quarter of a long game. The PTB took the better part of the 20th century to wrestle power from “The People”. One President alone does little change without a receptive Congress and Senate that “The People” oversee like fly’s on honey.

          • if Ron Paul does, by some miracle, win the presidency, I am willing to bet he will only serve 4 years by his own choice, if the evil banking cartel types do not make it less than 4 years.

        • Ron Paul is our next president – pass it on!!

          • RP can never live up to the demigod status some elevate him to.

            • BBW you may be right, but if you are I fear that will mean they (the puppet master global elite) got to him. Will he eventually bow to them or will he stand tall in the face of death and do the right thing for the people of this once great nation? I believe he will stand tall.

              But I digress; many have been fooled in the past. Take George Obama and Barrack Bush for example. Add up the debt and the death and we realize history will treat them both very harshly. If they choose to teach it that is.

        • Perhaps words of wisdom, but Ron Paul is NOT correct about the intellectual capacity of the GB’s.

          They are highly intelligent and highly competent. They know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing to US.

          He also mistakenly believes in Free Trade. Free Trade does not exist. All trade is managed. It is managed by the GB’s to the benefit of themselves and the Uber Rich. The table is tilted; which is why America is broke.

          He is also mistaken about restoring gold as money. Under the current Free Trade Agreements OUR gold would soon be transferred offshore along with OUR factories and OUR jobs.

          Better that the Chinese hold fiat.

          • DK..I believe you are speaking of this from a gold miners perspective.And you are correct about gold leaving. That is why Nixon closed the gold window.But any money will leave from the consumer to the producer…be it fiat, gold or shiny pebbles. One way to approach this is if you grew a good crop of potatoes one year but the neighbor didn’t. You sold him a couple bushels for some gold coins. Next year his potatoes did better than yours so he sold you some potatoes.As a country, if we don’t produce anything of value to another country but we need their products the gold will flow to them. That is economics 101 simplified.The fed has distorted this by picking up all the shiny pebbles on the beach and substituting them for gold.All the pebbles are going overseas, but they keep picking up more and more. Gold is finite, pebbles are close to infinite and have very little value. In the end the only wealth in this world is food, water ,shelter ,liberty and spirituality.

            • JRS and DK; both of you have good points. Basically what DK is saying(the theme) is RP is making a mistake to underestimate the GBs, I whole heartedly agree. Free trade is a myth. I have lived overseas(9years) and the one item that brightens the eyes of people(most)is the sight of American fiat greenbacks. Our gold (past tense) has been and whatever little remains is part of the PTB to bankrupt us.
              JRS, your example of econ.101 is correct, if both sides are fair and trust worthy. Remember, advancing armies need to be fed and empires thrive or crumble based on how much gold/silver they have. The belief is: you can buy what you need or just take it. Take overs aren’t about fairness, they are about strength.
              Enjoyed both of your comments. We’re in this together and God willing to the end.

            • Actually Nixon closed the gold window for reasons far different than you seem to suppose. First, there had been talk of going on a total fiat system in this country for years, the invention of SDRs during the early 60s was in anticipation of such a move by the U.S. government and in fact, the U.S. government helped institute the
              SDRs through the IMF and World Bank. Nixon was simply following through on a process that began much earlier, before his administration even was conceived. Additionally, the debt stress that grew up from the War years of the 60s meant that all debt repayment would have to be made in gold to those who sought repayment, France deemed it necessary to call in that debt and demand that it be paid, as agreed, in gold. It is also necessary to understand the differences between a classical gold standard and a mixed standard such as the one the world was on after Brenton Woods, the inflow/outflow mechanisms that normally work well were skewed, distorted and in a constant imbalance.

              The closing of the gold window was nothing more than an elaborate default on U.S. debt, and indeed, on all sovereign debt of the period, it completely turned the global economy from a market economy into a managed and manipulated economy because other countries were forced to follow the U.S. and thus began the era of a total fiat currency system where money substitutes are used as currency, the total organization of debt into currency and the market for such debt securities replaced asset payment for debts with debt for debt swaps. There is however, no possible way to repay a debt with another debt obligation. Today, the fiat currency backs the fiat bonds that back the fiat currencies, it is not based on asset valuation but on the perceived value and soundness of the debtor nation. Gold and silver were double assets on both sides of the ledger, while fiat currency is a double liability on both sides of the ledger and you cannot repay a debt with a debt.

            • Nicely stated…Economics 101 for Dummies.
              Good job, JRS..wouldn’t be a grade-school teacher by chance??

          • Ron Paul has never endorsed “free” as it is anything but free. He is for fair trade.

          • @Durango Kidd, factually Dr. Paul does not believe in what is now called “free trade”, he calls that little more than State Controlled and Managed Trade which is substantially different than what is supports, which is free trade based on markets, not on governments controlling and managing the trade. Additionally, if you look at history when a country returns to a sound money system after the collapse of a fiat system, gold and silver when allowed to be money do not flow out of the country, they flow into that country. I suggest you read about the inflow and outflow of money written by David Hume almost 300 years ago, he gives an excellent explanation for the process, and yes, it is still just as relevant today as then because the mechanics of money has not changed, only now we have monetary manipulation instead of market mechanics that seek to override market principles…the truth is they can’t be overridden, only distorted until the entire system collapses.

            In fact, during the 2008 elections, there was an article in a Canadian Financial paper that stated if the U.S. every returned to a classical gold standard of money that Canada would be forced to return otherwise the competition from the U.S. in economic terms would be far to great to resist.

            • Republicae: America cannot operate on metals alone in an interconnected and economically interdependent world, while everyone else operates on fiat.

              End of story.

              As for anyone else doing that it is not going to happen anytime soon, and if and when it does, it will be because the GB’s have figured out a way to put the gold in their pocket at OUR expense.

              And in a flash of economic time.

              Gold is the money of the GB’s. They have allocated fiat for US. Gold is a symptom. It is not the cause of our economic demise, and it would not make any difference in the American economy if metals backed the money.

              Crony capitalism would only concentrate gold instead if FRN’s into the accounts of the Uber Rich. The system is corrupt; not the commodity of money.

              The FEDERAL RESERVE is the cause of OUR financial ills. Kill the FED.

            • Republicae: I haven’t heard or read every statement Dr. Paul has made, but I have heard him say that he supports “free trade”.

              In today’s context “free trade” is the managed trade of the GB’s. It cannot be construed as anything else.

              The last time “free trade” was practiced in America, the Indians allowed white Europeans to establish “free trade zones” on their land and populate them with more and more white Europeans.

              WE know how well that experiment with “free trade” worked out for them don’t WE?

              If Dr. Paul believes in “fair trade”, he should use the term “fair trade” instead of spouting “free trade”.

              I have read Hume, Locke, Ricardo, Smith, and Keynes. And many, many more. Granted that was long, long ago and far, far away; but I do not have to go back and re-read them to understand what is happening today.

              You are wrong about the mechanics of money which is why your argument is flawed. The mechanics of money HAS changed, precisely because it is manipulated.

            • @DurangoKidd

              First, if the U.S. reconstituted gold and silver, the wealth of nations would once again flow into it. The focus of the elite has been, for generations, to demonetize gold and silver and for good reason, they could not control it once it was released into the hands of the population.

              It is one of the greatest ruses of history, is it not, to think that people look at pieces of paper that hold the same physical value, that happened to have different images printed on each that designate a value of $1, $5, $10, $50 and $100 as though they actually are different. The problem, of course, with all fiat paper money substitutes is that governments cannot, not have they ever been able to be trusted in maintaining the purchase value of such fiat paper money substitutes. The reason for that is governments don’t want to, why should they, they have the perfect instrument of redistribution of a nation’s wealth within their power. Under a fiat paper money substitute system there is no real need for taxation, but that is another ruse played upon the people, for the gradual depreciation of the purchase value of the fiat paper currency is a hidden form of taxation that is rarely protested. It is a perfect instrument of control and wealth redistribution. You think the problem is just the FED, but the truth is that it is the combination of the FED and its manipulation of the fiat paper money substitutes. The whole purpose of the FED was, from the very beginning, to implement the gradual replacement of gold and silver money with a fiat paper money substitute system that could be controlled and manipulated.

              The problems you insist on, as impediments to gold and silver are not nearly as substantial as you seem to think. Corruption, while definitely possible, is not nearly as possible under a system of honest weights and measures that are integral parts of a gold and silver monetary system. The ability to deceive and conceal such corruption, especially in government and corporations, becomes extremely difficult and has a far greater chance of exposure than with the current fiat paper money system. Physical gold and silver demand proper accounting; it cannot be avoided long without the system shouting out that something is wrong. Banks must operate as actual trustees of people’s gold and silver, instead now the banks operate as owners of the deposits of fiat paper money instead of trustees of people’s deposits. A whole host of issues would be eliminated by a return to a system, outside government control, of sound money.

              If you kill the FED without killing fiat money you have not done much to change the way this government operates, in fact, the Treasury would simply take up the manipulation of the fiat paper money substitute system. Sorry, but just killing the FED is NO SOLUTION!


            • Ah, you are correct, the mechanics of money has been changed, but why has it been changed? The reason for the change is that gold and silver were not subject to the manipulation that can occur under a fiat monetary system. Nor can the property title of gold and silver, once in the possession of an individual, be removed except by force. There are no adequate controls over gold and silver once it is released into circulation, that is one of the reasons behind the huge amount of effort by the elite to remove gold and silver from monetization.

              Monetary mechanics and indeed market mechanics are always working under the surface even in this manipulated and centrally controlled economy, that is why massive distortions have emerged, the system of manipulation and a planned economy cannot be maintained in the face of the laws of economics. Sooner or later the distortions become so enlarged, so destructive that the system that the elite have put in place crumbles under the weight of the stress between the manipulation and what the market forces are actually pressing.

              Every fiat paper money system fails, there have been over 700 failures throughout history of fiat systems and the only thing that can reverse the destructive effects of such systems is a return to sound money. Gold and silver will be money again, there will be no choice in the matter for as actual market forces and economic law presses against the present manipulated system the stress will cause a collapse of this present system of manipulated mechanics and it will be replaced. There will be a triple stage collapse, where a hyperinflationary depression will destroy the remaining purchase value of the currency and governments lose the confidence of the people, then a barter system will most likely replace the current system, from that a gold and silver monetary system will once again arise, as it always has throughout history. I dare say that the People will not wait for such things to take place before they rise up against this present government system of Mercantilism which is nothing more than a system of patronages, socialized risk and redistribution into the hands of the corrupt elite and their political allies.

              I honestly think that the States will rise up against this government eventually, the People will have had enough and the States will once again, hopefully, take their Rightful Place as Retainers of the Majority of Constitutional Power. Once that happens, the federal government will be forced to once again assume its proper role as a limited and restricted government deputized for the benefit of the People through the agency of their respective State Republics.

              Now, as far as Ron Paul using the term Free Trade, one must naturally discern the context in which he would naturally use that term based on all the other positions he has taken, such a Free Market. Obviously, he does not endorse the current form of globalization that has been hoisted upon the people of the world by their governments in an attempt to form a global governance and that is the purpose of all the so-called free trade agreements. As he has said, on many occasions, Free Trade is not between governments, it is not something controlled or manipulated by government, but between the producers and consumers of the world. He has said that trade does not need government in order to take place, all it needs is a market free from government intervention and control.

            • Republicae: Your statement that:

              “if the US reconstituted gold and silver, the wealth of nations would again flow into it” (the United States).

              This statement is patently false.

              In truth, it would only exacerbate the problems WE have now, as the dollar would grow stronger while backed by gold and silver, continuing the status quo that WE have today, where a strong dollar cannot compete with cheap labor and cheap currencies and offshore manufacturing facilities.

              A strong dollar would only make Wal Mart richer as American consumers continued to flock to their stores for bargains. The same “bargains” that have decimated the US of its manufacturing base and stripped it of its jobs over the past ten years.

              Then, the Chinese would demand the gold and silver backing OUR currency, just as the French did, before Nixon cut the cord between metal and money.

              Nixon cut the cord between metal and money to preserve America’s true wealth: gold.

              In an interlinked and interdependent world economy under NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO where production facilities seek the highest profit margin; American gold and silver would follow the same path as FRN’s and you would hear a second “giant sucking sound” (with the distinct clink of metal) as the gold and silver in American accounts vanished forever into Southeast Asia.

              You seem to be an intelligent person, how can you make a statement as ill informed as that? Follow the money. Don’t parrot the propaganda.

              The desire of some to replace FRN’s with metal will not change the direction of the flow of wealth in the world from North America and Europe to Asia.

              Its a very bad idea and totally ill conceived as long as FREE TRADE is the principle guiding American economics.

              This flow of wealth under FREE TRADE is DESIGNED to enhance the wealth of the Uber Rich who, under the management of the GB’s, have invested in the factories built offshore using American depositor funds.

              The only way to reverse the direction of the flow of wealth to Asia is to replace FREE TRADE with FAIR TRADE.

              FREE TRADE is a euphenisum intended by the NWO to sell Americans FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM by assholes like Lew Rockwell, when it is a system designed to strip America and Europe of their wealth and redistribute it to others under Agenda 21.

            • eeder: Banking is a necessary function for civilization. It will never go away. If ALL of the current banks failed, say from an EMP that moved US back in time a few hundred years and destroyed virtually all wealth; banking would eventually emerge to facilitate the rebuilding of civilization.

              Banking cannot be eliminated from society unless WE move back to strictly hunting and gathering societies. Not a likely occurrence to my mind.

              But it must be regulated, controlled,and monitored, and those individuals or corporations who violate the public trust ought to be severely punished.

              OWTFH! 🙂

            • Republicae: Now you are starting to ramble and make no sense at all. You did not respond to my comments or address my argument at all.

              You said:

              “Ah, you are correct, the mechanics of money has been changed, but why has it been changed? The reason for the change is that gold and silver were not subject to the manipulation that can occur under a fiat monetary system”.

              Bullshit. Quit spewing the party line.

              This statement is also patently false. Gold backed money can be manipulated just as easily as fiat.

              Here’s how: through the use of currency manipulation just as it is done for fiat.

              Even if the entire world had their currencies backed by gold and silver, the price of any given currency would still be pegged to gold and silver, just as it is now. There would be a different price for gold in rubles, pesos, or dollars.

              As long as currencies are unequal in value, the price of gold and silver will be pegged at different prices for different currencies; just as it is now.

              So a metals backed currency does nothing to change the paradigm established by the GB’s under FREE TRADE which their propagandists like to sell to Americans as a FREEDOM.

              If you wake up one day and find that all currencies are equal in value, guess what?
              Welcome to the NWO and One World Government.


          • JRS: No, I am looking at this from a Patriots perspective. If I were looking at it from a miner’s perspective I would want a metals standard for money to increase demand, to increase the price of metals, to increase my wealth.

            Your hypothetical example about potatoes only proves my point about gold leaving the country under a metals standard. America cannot operate on a metals standard alone in an interconnected, interdependent world economy.

            If you believe that gold and silver are real money, real wealth; why would you want it to leave the country in a scenario that would diminish and eventually eliminate Americans wealth under the Free Trade (managed trade) of the GB’s?

            As long as the table is tilted, corrupted by the GB’s under their managed trade system, it doesn’t matter what item is used for money, including “pebbles”; that wealth would flow offshore. It is flowing offshore.

            Gold IS finite. So are “pebbles” and seashells. Only FRN’s are unlimited and FRN’s can be injected into the system and extracted from it. It is not a one way street.

            Many of the dollars that have been created have only replaced the dollars that the GB’s have lost as they have absorbed losses from bad debt and been forced to write these losses off of their books.

            When the amount of losses from the bad debt exceed their liquidity ratio they are technically insolvent. QE 2 and 3 has been designed to replace the losses of the banks, provide them with profit without making loans, and prevent their insolvency. It is not designed to stimulate the economy.

            And it hasn’t has it?

            In a truly economically competitive world, with a level playing field, wealth would flow to that nation where the productivity of the workers was the highest. (America)

            Under the false paradigm of the GB’s, wealth flows to the nation with the cheapest labor and cheapest currency; not the most productive labor.

            To establish metals as currency in America would not change that process. It would only accelerate it as those nations who now operate on fiat, but desire gold and silver, (which they recognize as real wealth) like France did in the 70’s and China, Viet Nam, and India do now, would demand gold and silver from US for payment of those “potatoes”.

            The USA ran a $700 billion balance of trade deficit last year, primarily because the currencies of China and Mexico and others, are a fraction of the value of OUR FRN’s. A manipulated fraction.

            These currency values are arbitrarily set by the GB’s and allowed to trade within a range before being manipulated.

            IE The pound has historically been about 2 dollars to the pound, meaning that Brits holding pounds have twice the purchasing power of an American.

            Why? The economy of the UK pales before the size and diversity of the US economy. Where is the credit risk? The UK has a debt to GDP ratio about twice that of the US; meaning that they are leveraged twice as much as WE are leveraged.

            If currency markets accurately measured currency and credit risk, the value of the pound and the purchasing power of a Brit ought to be half that of an American. Instead it is the reversed.

            It would also value the Chinese RMB at two or three times the value of the dollar.

            All markets are manipulated. Currencies are manipulated. Metals are manipulated. If metals backed dollars, metals would follow OUR dollars offshore and disappear into the accounts of the GB’s and Uber Rich.

            When metals back money again, and they will, it will be the final stroke to transfer all of the real wealth of the world from the masses to the few and in a comparative “flash”.

            Then of course, it will be time to establish fiat again. 🙂

            • How would you propose to value the currency then?I’m sure most of us on here would like to get rid of fractional reserve banking.Are you saying this would only work on a worldwide basis? Be it gold backed or pebble backed or just pieces of paper, if your trading partners don’t have sound money you will be on the losing end.I’m no economist and I only have a high school education,but I am in favor of eliminating the Fed,breaking up the big banking system and returning the money system back to the Treasury Dept. Banks could be setup state by state with $1 reserve for every $1 loaned out. No usury. Banks could charge fees for transacting their business.As far as global trading, I’m sure there are brighter economists than the ones running the show now to figure that out.

            • JRS: As long as there are “market makers” to support a given commodity or currency there will be manipulation and corruption.

              That is human nature.

              Even if all transactions were legitimately priced by “auction” electronically like Ebay, it is human nature to find a way to cheat or manipulate the system.

              The real problem is that those who manage the system and make it work are not satisfied with a “reasonable profit”; or they ARE satisfied with a “reasonable profit” but want to define “reasonable”. 🙂

              IE: CEO salaries now being hundreds if not thousands of times the value of their average worker wages, rather than the historical normal of 40 to 50 times the average.

              The cult of corruption that pervaded Wall Street, was transferred to K street via the lawyers who transmitted it like a virus. Look at them like a mesquito.

              The country just needs a good fumigation and Congress, who is suppose to applying that pesticide, has been infected too. Now it has mutated into the G Flu: R1, D1, L1

              There is nothing intrinsically wrong with fractional reserve banking as a process to facilitate commerce; its the abuse of the process which is wrong.

              There is nothing intrinsically wrong with fiat. SOMETHING must act as money. It is the abuse of fiat which is wrong.

              If metals were the standard for money, the GB’s would find a way to abuse them too. Its human nature.

              The Federal Reserve has inserted itself into the economic and monetary systems of the USA and the world. It is an unnecessary third party legally skimming a percentage of all economic activity.

              The Mafia is green with envy.

              When WE took the Ten Commandments out of the schools and the Courts, WE allowed Satan in. The devil is in the details and as a Nation, WE have abandoned OUR basic Principles.

              KILL the FED.

            • DK.. How does fractional reserve banking facilitate commerce? Why should anyone be able to lever their assets 20 or 30 times and use that as collateral only to have it be levered again? On a micro level,I cannot do this. Why should it be allowed on a macro level? To me, this is a scam and part of the whole problem.To be able to lever your assests gives a false presumption of wealth you do not have. Regarding your last paragraph on, I certainly agree with that.

            • durango kid…. you are largely right… however in the end, you basically say the bankers CANNOT be defeated, but that they MUST be defeated…. thats what your thinking amounts to.. so whats the answer buddy! well if they must be defeated theirs only one choice .. DEFEAT THEM!and YES THEY CAN BE DEFEATED!

            • ANON: Why should you have a personal right to leverage your assets to facilitate commerce like a bank?

              You are not a bank.

              Banks have a license from the government to leverage their assets to facilitate commerce because it is deemed essential to the public good, that viable, credit worthy businesses and individuals have access to ready capital and/or liquidity to pursue economic activity.

              Apply for a license and you too can facilitate commerce by leveraging shareholder assets through fractional reserve banking.

              FRB is not the source of OUR ills. It is an exceptional mechanism to promote capitalism, investment, development, business and job creation.

              OUR banking problems have developed through abuse of the system; not the system itself. Guns do not kill people.

              People kill people with guns.

            • Eeder: Banks serve a useful purpose, which is why banking is the second oldest profession in the world. 🙂

              Bankers can be regulated and monitored properly. The laws were in place to regulate banking activities; the mechanisms were in place too. Regulators failed US and should pay the price.

              Bankers ignored the laws. Regulators failed to monitor the banks and enforce the rules, regulations, and laws under which banks are allowed to operate.

              Bankers failed to exercise good judgement and apply sound risk management to their credit decisions. Check SHTF Economics and look for derivatives.

              Mechanically, the system is sound.

              The system failed US because of Gekko Greed. The guilty, both bankers and regulators need to be held responsible for their crimes and made examples of in the most compelling ways; to ensure that these errors are not repeated.

              While the banks are a necessity to commerce, the FED is not. KILL the FED!

            • durango kid,
              i hate to break it to you, but when we kill the fed(which we will at some point) the bankers and banks will go are just too old i think… fgairly smart guy.. but absolutley unbending.

            • DK…So what you are saying is just because the fed corp(banking regulators) grant a license to do something, that makes it sound monetary policy? I have to disagree with this. Leverage IS the problem. This creating “money” out of thin air is wrong.Just because the fed corp condones it doesn’t make it work except for their benefit and the corrupt banks. It enables the expansion of the “money” supply and theft through interest charged on thin air capital. The common man suffers for this while the world corps benefit. By promoting fractional reserve banking you seem to be supporting the status quo.

            • JRS: You said that I said:

              “So what you are saying is just because the fed corp(banking regulators) grant a license to do something, that makes it sound monetary policy?”

              No. I never said that. You did.

              Please to not set up a false statement, claim that I said it, so that you can disagree with it. Was that deliberate? Or is your reading comprehension that bad?

              Fractional Reserve Banking is NOT monetary policy. It is merely a tool, a process, an instrument to implement monetary policy; like a gun is an instrument to deliver bullets; or like the way a nail gun operates for a roofer.

              It is a tool, not a policy. And a good one.

              Without FRB there would not be any liquidity and economies would grind to a halt for lack of funds, businesses would close (especially small businesses) and many jobs would be lost.

              The resulting contraction would spiral downwards out of control, create poverty and hunger for the masses, and eventually chaos would ensue.


            • I apologize for my lack of reading comprehension.Let me just say that I cannot agree that leverage is a sound monetary “tool”. I am inferring from your statements that you support it. I don’t think I will sway your opinion on that and you won’t change mine.

          • Durango,

            You rock!

            Finally, a non-RP’er! And you, Sally and BBW are correct. I mean look… the man (Ron Paul) is NO true Conservative. Anyone who says he hates “pork” and will do all he can to end it, but then on MULTIPLE occasions has added “pork” to a Bill he KNEW was going to pass through, and then voted AGAINST that same Bill. C’mon people… he’s no “George Washington”, “Thomas Jefferson” or hell, even “Hamilton” for that matter. RP has learned (through his 30+ years and BTW, that makes him another “professional politician”) how to play the “belt way” games. And that is just the way it is….

            • Really: While I don’t agree with many of his views, I have immense respect for this man.

              Like some here, he argues for a “philosophical free trade” that doesn’t exist and hasn’t existed since the American Indians made the fatal mistake of allowing Europeans to establish free trade zones on their land.

              WE need to deal in reality; particularly with respect to international trade. True free trade will never, can never, manifest above the level of garage sale economics or Ebay; unless there is One World Government.

              Not a trade (excuse the pun) I am willing to make.

              I also appreciate his defensive foreign policy stand as the American military has become a tool of the NWO to extend Crony, Phony Capitalism to everyone whether they want it or not.

              I do not consider myself a “conservative”.

              I perceive myself a Patriot willing to put the good of my country before personal profit because I believe in the Ideal of America as annotated in the US Constitution and recognize that it is OUR responsibility, individually, to make it so.

              Engage my peeps.

        • Its not the just the bankers, though, most of the blame can be placed on the average citizen. Esp the generation that some hold to be the greatest, but then again ours probably trumps theirs. Were all to blame, please stop placing the blame “out of your own hands” Everyone on this damn site is to blame just the same… Is it not “your country”?

          • Thank you!

          • peteropolis: Spoken like a true GB. Spread the blame. That is the way Corporations justify their mistakes: governance by committee, so that no one individual is responsible for their failures or crimes.

            These assholes never step up and shoulder the responsibility; but they are the first to pursue the glory if a decision was remotely successful.

            Well the banking industry IS responsible for their crimes and they will pay the price for treason when Patriots control government again.

            All of you fools who thumbed me down when I said that RP was wrong and that the GB are “highly intelligent, highly competent, know what they are doing, and what they are doing to US”; need to recognize the difference in the penalty between malfeasance and treason.

            The GB ARE responsible for the economic and financial mess that WE are in; and Congress and the White House is complicit in the Financial Rape of America.

            Americans are only guilty of complacency that has allowed the NWO to infiltrate OUR most cherished institutions and pervert them in their attempt to undermine the US Constitution and merge US into the North American Union as a prelude to OWG.

            Lets give credit where credit is due. OWTFH!!


        • Free market economics is a pile of rubbish and just as dellusional as the notion of communisam. Freidman’s idea’s are utter rubish and bunch of made up dogma that any philsopher could drive a horse and coaches through.
          Used as a proxy to underpin such wonders as the World Bank, IMF, privatisation, etc. In summary the wholesale theft of the commonos and public goods to benefit a narrow few.

          Again Paul and Americans don’t understand socialism – it is where the state and its resources are used for the benefit of all (currently they are being used by a narrow majority to enrich themselves and oppress the majority in the US). This is not communisam. The contary to the current Randian bollocks where everyone is an self seeking and selfish individual and a narror Kelptocracy or plutorcacy uses the state to steal from the majority. The answer is not more production, more stuff, etc, it is better utilising what we more effectively.

          But saying that and even though I don’t agree with some of the context of what Paul says at least he has a good intellect and is standing up and saying things are wrong and instilling debate.

      2. yup..he’s dead on

      3. As usual, RP hits the nail on the head.

        • He missed the nail… hit the board. Its everyones fault… If you dont get it, its no wonder there is this whole “mess”. Take some fucking responsibility…

          • Right on Peteropolis…. even if we want to admit it or not! Now the question is…

            Enough is ENOUGH!!!

          • I think your right. I think RP knows this but I wonder what kind of response he would get if he openly said this. I think he could create real class warfare from such a statement. He knows its true but maybe feels it would do more damage than good. I personally think it needs to be said. Hat’s off to you Peteroplis for having the balls to say it.

            • Just wanted to add…. It’s not everyone! Just the about 70% of americans. Many of us do live inside our means and when you think about it could spur real growth in the economy if we were not taxed so much. There are alot of good folks out there that love this country and our way of life! With that said I think everyone regaurdless of “thumbs up, thumbs down” is on this site because we know something is wrong and we care. We are always going to have differencs but that is because we are all coming from differnt levels of knowledge on different subjects. All in all we are here because we care and are trying to educate ourselves and share information. Sorry for the long long post buI really feel everyone here cares about not only his or her own future but all of us as a whole.

          • peteropolis
            you make a good point, which i have made many times… at this point it is the peoples fault. It wasnt originally , but at this point it is most certainly the peoples fault. THE TIME TO STAND FIRM AGAINST TYRRANNY IS NOW!

            • and that means yankee and zionist influence MUST BE CRUSHED! THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE FALSE ZIONIST TEACHINGS OF JUDASIM(which in fact is not jewish at all) MUST BE CRUSHED! and eliminated, by incineration.. never to rear their ugly head again.

        • Oh pleeeeeeeaaaassseeee!!!!!!

          • So… the new “moderator” that was spoke of… is he a Paulite too? I have posted several comments since LAST NIGHT around 7pm that are STILL under “moderation”!! WHY??!! Just because I have a differing opinion than the rest? If so… you all are truly showing your pathetic political agenda and your true colors! :<

            • @Really??

              Just because Mac is not available to moderate the spam queue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, does NOT mean that he is censoring what you have to say.

              Just as an FYI, if you use an email address, any email address, after a few posts you will bypass the spam queue once the system recognizes you. Furthermore, all posts with links go to the spam queue and must be moderated. Many of us type out links and add spaces to speed things along. example shtf plan dot com

              I hope this helps speed up your posting process.


            • Gracias, Señora!

          • eeder- I thought we crushed the Nazis. I guess we will always miss a few like you fuckwad.

      4. Ron Paul for a ten year term forget king bamer

        • Ron Paul is nuts. Not even his peers agree with him.

          • can you back that up with solid FACTS?

            the definition of “Nuts” is continuing to do the same dam thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

            and as far as Im concerned thats what all the fools in power have been doing for over 5 decades,, same shit different idiot at the podium

            • oh and BTW..those people in congress, senate, house and president and all the collective politicians are NOT RP’s peers..Not even close.

              so if thats who your refering to as “peers” try again

          • Hmm, “jackmeoff”? No, you already did it to yourself and boy did you leave a mess.

            • Wrong, the best part is still on the ceiling!

          • For your information, jerkoff, Ron Paul HAS no peers.

            • Bingo…

            • ~Smokey~

              Damn straight! Bust his liberal ass…..

              Its Ron Paul or no one at all…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • You stole my thunder.

          • your name says it all

          • The Piper sees another Harvard graduate here.
            Those who are educated beyond their innate intelligence.
            Who think with their …well, you know.
            I mean yes, his name says it all, eh?

            Jack be nimble,
            Jack be quick,
            Jack jump over the Federal Schtick,
            Cause you just tripped over your .

          • @ OFF. Why is it that those people are consider nuts have some of the best ideas and actually care the most about saving their country? Why is it when someone comes up with ideas on how to help the country that they are ridiculed to death? Why is it that someone that thinks outside the box of conformity that they are thought of as some wacko? Why is it that the last true Americans that enjoy freedom for all Americans not totally endorsed as a representatives of the people, like was orginially meant to be? Why would anyone not want someone as a leader that is straight-forward and honest? Why would anyone call Ron Paul anything other than someone that wants what is best for everyone?

          • Ron Paul has no peers, you jackass! I just came from a Ron Paul rally at UC Davis, and I saw you there; or one of your clones. Some moron holding a sign proclaiming Dr Paul was a racist while he walked through a sea of multi-colored supporters. Good thing he was at a Ron Paul rally and not a Obama thuggery. The moron was booed and trailed by supporters of the good doctor who blocked the offending message with ones in support of Dr Paul, but live and let live prevailed and no one beat his ass. When tyranny prevails and you find your sorry head facing a police thug with a gun, I promise I will not interfere.

            • You should post a picture of that! Thank you for your support! Ron Paul 2012. The fight has just begun!!!!!!

          • Jack

            There is a very fine line between being classed as sane and been classed as nuts. Da Vinci, Voltaire Einstein and Newton all once had their mental state brought into question.

            As someone on the outside looking in he appears entirely sane to me, I wish we had a few politicians like him.

            Are you worried you may have to contribute something to society if he makes it and halts the gravy train?

            Take care

            • @ Burt the Brit. Don’t forget about the super genius Nikola Tesla that was the reason behind AC power and many other inventions. He wanted to find a way of delivering free energy to every household and later in life because of his giving nature died a penniless pauper saying that his pigeons where his only friends. In the first Superman animated cartoons the mad insane scientist trying to kill Superman was portrayed as someone that looked just like Tesla. This is the reward for someone that tries to do what is right for his fellow human beings, gets labeled as some nut case.

              Ron Paul may have ideas that may or may not work, but the good intentions are there, and people like Ron Paul that try to do what is right should be applauded. All we can do in this life is try to do what is right and fair.

            • Thanks Brit…..
              See, Jack..even foreigners see clearer than you.

          • jackmeoff

            Those peers are bringing the US to it’s knees with debt. Those peers are seeing to it that my children and grandchildren will have a lower standard of living than I while productivity and technology massively increase. Those peers have supported US wars and covert intervention against nations that did nothing to us except desire payment for their export with a non devaluing currency.

            Ron Paul in reality has no peer. Honesty and integrity is that rare in Washington DC.

            • Be Informed

              I didn’t know about Tesla to be honest. Bad Burt. I agree with you, if someone can honestly say they have tried their best, that is all we can ask. I have said before, I only have a very small grasp of US politics, but I am a bloody good people watcher and I firmly believe that people is people, American, British, Australian, whatever, and mostly the people involved in politics in the US are very like those in the UK, liars, cheats, scoundrels and thieves. I don’t need to understand your system to get a measure of those involved in it.

              I am hoping Dr Paul gets the Presidency for our sake as well as yours, it has been said on here that Washington and London are joined at the hip…they are, and Ron Paul may just make the fools in power over here realise what a bit of honesty and integrity can bring to the table.

              Take care

            • Wait for it Auntie is back…automatic thumbs down for anything I say…good or bad lol

              Take care

            • Kevin, I love your posts.

              First to reply. LOL

          • Yup, crazy as a shit house rat!

          • I would take that as a great sign… have you seen his peers?…

          • See that’s your problem…. Too much jacking off . You were warned that too much of that would make you blind and now your blind as a fuckin bat!!!!

        • diesel dan
          so you want to replace one DYNASTY, with another? this is nonsense…. this goes agianst what dr paul is trying to do. we are not creating political dynasties here… we are bringing back freedom, trutyh and good. please think about it. i believe if we are lucky enough to see dr paul as president it will be a 4 year term by his choice. I just hope he brings in term limits and begins the process to PERMANANTLY ABOLISH PARTISAN POLITICS. Meaning no more democarats, no more repukelicans…. just a small number of people doing the few things we need them to do at the federal level. thats it…. we dont need to create false heroes.

          • lets be very frank and honest here…. the main problem is AIPAC, the repukelican party and the federal reserve. Elimination of these vile institutions is the beginning of a new good life. and the democarats can go too… they are also to blame.

        • RP has already been in CONgress way too long.

      5. Ron Paul is a very wise man, and tells the truth.

        He is not backed by multinational corporations, therefore does not get the support of the mainstream media. I just wish that the US public were more aware. Hopefully the Occupy Wall Street movement will educate them.

        I have done an animated cartoon explaining our current global financial problem. Link below:-

        • HRUK!

          You! Da! Man!

          You gained a follower today. Clear, conscise, and, well, Jennifer is cute too! Can I be turned into a cartoon so I can ask her out? Lol.

          But, back to reality, you know, the one where fiat currency is about to be a thing of the past, your explanation is very clear and I did enjoy the cartoon.

          Prep Up People! …and it better include real stuff and not just a bunch of fiat BS.

          Keep up the good work!

          • @NetRanger

            Thank you for your comment, Yep, Jennifer is cute.

            In the UK very few people understand the seeds that have been sown for the depression ahead.

        • The problem with Occupy is the rather extreme elements it has attracted. You have plenty of reasonable people in the movement but it is the wack jobs that seem to get all of the attention. There are too many protesters waving anti-Semitic signs and espousing Marxist beliefs for it to resonate with the majority of the populace.

          • Yeah, and a lot of them are Ron Paul supporters. Don’t say it’s not true either. There are way too may pictures and videos to prove it. So, that’s the type of people support Paul, huh? If so it tells me a lot about this site too!

            • There is little RP support in that group of idiots. If there were 3 people you’d see it all over your screen like it was 99% RP fans. The news wouldn’t pass up the chance to associated “the 99%” mongrels with RP but they have not.

              …unless they were really that desperate to ignore him.

              The fact is, the establishment is so absolutely desperate to keep him out from in front of you that they’d accuse pink kittens of being instruments of the devil if they thought it would turn you against him.

              Any of you can have a cynical view the RP campaign if you want. As for me and my house, we’re voting for Ron Paul. As I’ve said before, if I have to carve his name into the tabletop and fill the grooves with my own blood in order for it to count, I’ll vote for Ron Paul.

              I’ve been voting since the Carter years. I’ve never completely agreed with a candidate 100% of the time. Its the wierdest darn thing I’ve ever seen: There is nothing Ron Paul has ever said, ever done or ever voted for that I don’t agree with. When you get right down to it I find that if I think Ron Paul was wrong and I study the issue, I find that it was *ME* that was wrong.

              NOW! *THAT* is saying something!

              Ron Paul 2012 – It may be America’s last chance.

            • Really

              You have to ask yourself if they are REALLY Ron Paul supporters. Time and again a tactic used by those in power is to hijack a march, protest or movement to discredit an individual or organisation they feel is a threat to them.

              I am not generally a conspiratory theorist but I have seen this happen with my own eyes. A peaceful protest march that has been turned into chaos when a couple of hundred well rehearsed and well orchestrated people pull on balaclavas and start throwing things. Next thing you know anyone who attended the protest is a bad guy, it happens all the time.

              Take care

            • You would be surprised how many Obuma Supporters are now Paul Patriots. It’s doesn’t take long for one of intelligence to realize Barry’s BS. I am one, and I support the Occupy and Tea Party movement ideas. I hate the Koch Brothers and George Soros equally. I don’t trust Democrats anymore and there is no true republicans except RP. Is it possible to be a Liberal Libertarian? I think I am? I know socialism is not the answer, but some true Capitalism would sure be nice. I think Capitalism without corporations would be ideal.
              This is what Wiki says a left libertarian is (not really me though)

              Most left-libertarians in this sense are anarchists, and frequently claim to reject the concept of self-ownership, at least when it is understood to underwrite capitalism,[10] along with private ownership of the means of production and absentee ownership of private property, in favor of alternate rights of possession and stewardship which are understood as protecting personal autonomy while rejecting putative rights which they see as permitting the economic elite to control the lives of others. They support rights to personal property and the rights of occupancy over one’s dwelling, but reject commercial propertarianism and some do not consider the re-appropriation of such wealth to be an act of theft but rather an act of liberation (see individual reclamation). Many reject arrangements that allow for hierarchy, kyriarchy, or begrudgingly consensual subordination. Similarly, some reject the non-aggression principle to the extent that it is used by right-libertarians to treat assaults on private property as assaults on individual liberty.

            • Hey Really

              Who REALLY is there beside Ron Paul. Maybe there are some kooks who support RP, maybe there are a lot of kooks that support RP, but who cares? Who gives a flying fuck who supports RP. It doesn’t matter. Who else is there? Who the fuck has any integrity other than RP. Who out there other than RP cares about you and I? Really, Really, WHO?

              NAME ONE PERSON, in the running.


            • European American,

              To answer you… NO ONE!

              However, I voted McLAME last time, and GWB the time before that. Both in 2004 and in 2008 the RePUBICans (I say that because I can… I am a FORMER Republican, now just a Conservative with no one to support)… anyway… the Reps. gave us no one then, and I REFUSE to do it again this go ’round.

              I will not throw my vote away however. Meaning, a vote for anyone who is not the nominee will absolutely guarantee us BHO for another thrill-packed, horror-filled 4 years!

              I can’t support RP. Too many years in the Congress. Too many games played. Too many inconsistencies that never get cleared up, only explained away. And more importantly, being a wartime Vet, I cannot support his policies at this time. If the globe was at “peace” (understand that I realize that’s an oxymoron), and terrorism was quelled or defeated (and YES, there really IS terrorists who want us — ALL of us dead– and their heads are wrapped in these ‘towels’ that are evidently cutting the circulation from their brains – or lack thereof), then maybe I could support some of RP’s policies. But today, in the real world… NO WAY!!!

              I visit this site once in a while. But I never realized it was a dyed in the wool RP fanatic site. It’s a shame too. It’s too good of a site to be used in such a political fashion…. but oh well… who am I?

            • Actually, no. People like me support Ron Paul. I want nothing to do with racism, antisemitism, or any other brand of hate. What I want is a return to a federal government that does not pick winners and losers, uses sound monetary policy (gold and silver standard) and does little to interfere with the lives of it’s citizens. I don’t want government run “free” health care any more than I want the government bailing out corporations and banks that are deemed “too big to fail” (AKA: Systemically important financial institutions.) I don’t want a government run police state that believes it has a right to monitor every thing I do and run it through an algorithm to see if I am to be deemed a “terrorist” and therefore subject to the revocation of my constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. I want to maintain the right to purchase, own and carry a firearm if I ever decide I wish to do so. I want the right to buy and drive the vehicle of my choice, even if it does not meet federal safety and emissions standards. I want the right to own private property and use it as I best see fit so long as it does not impinge on others. In short, I just want to be left alone and not forced to be part of a collective.

          • You’re going to attract those types to almost any protest movement that isn’t ultra (almost unrealistically?) organized and hierarchical.

            People should just shrug at that part.

            But instead the media focuses on it. Convenient.

      6. He needs to be treasury sec!

        • I’d be willing to live in a Monarchy for a couple of generations; Ron in charge, Rand in line. It might take that long to straighten out the present social, financial and environmental cluster presently causing havoc in our countries cesspool gene pool.

          • Oh man! Your ancestors lived in a Monarcy 200 years ago and they gave it all up for a line of crooked inter-related Presidents! Now you want to go back?

            • It would only be making it “official” with Paul, considering the present status of the mulatto.

              My point though was to impress upon my fellow bloggers here, how deep the present QUEEN has got us in the hole and that any change for the better would be a breath of fresh air.

              Off with Her Head!

          • European American

            I wouldn’t advise it lol

            Monarchs are generally figureheads who have no power whatever. The queen cannot make a law, change a law, nothing. She is a symbol of the country that costs taxpayers a fortune as do the rest of her family.

            Going back a few hundred years gives you monarchs who had way too much power, which resulted in the setting up of Parliament allowing the current band of idiots to do what all the previous idiots have done, feather their own nests, hand out jobs to their mates and generally live a nice life while their country falls apart.

            Rock meet hard place….hard place meet rock

            Take care

          • Back up EA for a minute. Thats how it starts. “I’ll give up my freedom and independence” temporay, for a grand leader that can fix this crap.
            History is full of these “saviors”. And it usually does not end up well.
            George Washington is my personal hero, not for his leadership during the Revolution, but because the people at the time were ready to make him king, as he grasciously and wisely turned them down. What man would turn down the offer to be made “king”. Wow!
            The Constitution of The US contains the framework, well thought out, to operate a working system. Over the years, the PTB and the people have wandered of track. They have forgotten the essence of power flows up from the people, to the state. It has been slowly twisted to where people belieive power flows down, from the state.
            If we could somehow get back to less statism, many of our problems would be solved. Less State control, market capitalism where the individial or company “suffers” the pain of capital mis-alloctation.
            Unfortunatly, it may require another revolution. Uh-oh, their going to come for me now…….

            • Let’s see in my voting life, we have had Bush, Clinton, Bush, then it was supposed to be Clinton (Hillary). They want more Bush (Jeb) and maybe even more CLinton (Hillary 2016 PUKE) Anyway it seems like we were one primary away from a possible Bush Clinton 28 year Monarchy. Right?

          • European American

            Sorry to hijack you but I put a maybe queasy cure on the posting section of the last article for you. I did try you site but the email would not go through.

            Take care

          • European American,

            I found the blog and pictures of the 1948 (Singer 15-90) sewing machine. Jamie talks about converting it to a treadle machine. She also has links to free patterns to sew basic clothes.


            Hope this helps.
            KY Mom

          • Be careful what you wish for.

          • we dont need any more monarchies. we must eliminate the remaining ones on earth that still exist. Rand cannot be rons running mate for this reason.

        • Yep

        • Rather have him as President. A least he’d pick a Cabinet that wasn’t a bunch of Chi-town Hoodrats!

          • ~Bert G~

            LOL…Chi-town Hood-rats!!!

            …on the other hand, I don’t think he’s inclined utilize the Constitutionally illegal Czar positions…currently selected/pulled from “Gold-in-my-Sacks” & the “ADL’s” Rolodex.

            • TY…as for Czars in this administration, I consider them nothing more than low-level leg breakers to be dealt with accordingly. The commie SOB that even allowed the title of “Czar” to enter into the vocabulary of the United States Government should hold a Traitor’s unmarked place in Potter’s Field. Repug or Demacrap no difference. I also equate the title Czar with Russian Royalty. The only thing royal about these ‘rats is the misery they inflict on America.

        • satori
          possibly… however i bleieve we are at the point where if we dont have change of the staus quo , we all will be in a world of hurt incluyding the fucking bankers… and yes, despite what durango kid says, the fucking bankers are too stupid to understand this.

          • I have to agree with DK (I just t hrew up in my mouth a little). The banksters and obama crowd know exactly what they’re doing.

      7. Everything has a breaking point, you just cannot continue to owe and owe, without it reaching a stopping level. The U.S. is not even able to pay the interest on the money owed anymore, they have to cut back or default. People don’t see this because they don’t want to, don’t understand this, or they just plain don’t care because they have the misinformation that it won’t affect them. Unless you are an island without any dependency on outside civilization, it will affect everyone hard and ugly.

        Of course someone that tries to show the dangerous road that the country and other nations are taking, they are alarmists and too radical to be taken seriously. I get so fed up with all these conformists that go around in their stupid little worlds under the assumption that nothing is going to change for the worse. These imbeciles will likely go to work, go to their soccer games, go play games on some toy, go shopping whatever while ICBM’s race from Russia and or China into U.S. and NATO airspace. There have been songs made about how naive and sh&* stupid the masses have become.

        I feel sorry for people such as Ron Paul and others that are attempting to save the country from itself, and how it is going in one ear and out the other of most people. The common person has nothing between those ears. Sometime look the blank stare and the dead eyes of the majority of people, it is scary.

        • @Be informed

          The beauty of a fiat monetary system is that debt becomes only a word, one that can and has been defaulted on in this country on at least three occasions, one in the 1860s under the Greenback system, one during the Administration of FDR, then during the Administration of Nixon….

          Under a fiat system where debt is organized into a currency there is no other way to repay debt, there are simply debt swaps for newer debt, but in the end someone will be left holding the bag, usually that is the people themselves. Under fiat systems debt is either directly or indirectly defaulted on either through a direct default such as Nixon closing the gold window, or an indirect solution as is now taking place by inflating the debt away through fiat monetary depreciation.

          • @ Republicae. Exactly, fiat money is truly phantom money that ONLY has value because someone else will accept it. I enjoy these cartoons in which the characters trade off rocks or ice crystals or whatever that have the same intrinsic value as fiat money to those that will take it.

            Years ago I saw a Beavis and Butthead show in which those two flaming imbeciles decided to make xerox copies of a dollar bill and Beavis made one of a nickel. Butthead then commented why other people had not thought about this before. They both tried to purchase their favourite nachoes with this copied money. The store clerk said what is this, you think I am a moron or what and begins tearing up the paper copied money. Then Beavis tried to get back the paper copied nickel from a donation can to Jerry’s Kids. The first time I saw this I laughed so much out of the absurdity of this, but later got to thinking. What is the difference to fiat currency? If someone with the mentality of a moron is willing to take this xerox money and give back something for it then what in the world is going on with today’s monetary system.

            The U.S. dollar really ONLY has the value of the fact that other countries use it to purcahse oil. What happens when OPEC and other oil producing nations start using a basket currency or just real money, hard currencies for its transactions? As you said it is swapping debt for new debt, but this time the enemy, China, is left holding the bag about 15-20% of it. The Chinese hold this over the U.S. like a loan shark and the U.S. is often held hostage from trying to force China to do something about its currency rate, the mammouth trade deficit, and Taiwan and Tibet. China knows that they can cause huge stock crashes by demanding payment on this debt. Just the threat of this is enough to control the U.S. on CERTAIN issues.

            Something must happen as Ron Paul is saying, there has to be some solution whether it is his or someone else’s. I equate the debt to a large asteroid coming in. At first it appears tiny in the sky, upon entering the atmoshere it catches fire and heats up and then slams the planet, GAME OVER. The economy is the same way, even though it is obvious of the size of the problem, it will not be until it catches fire and the few moments before it slams everyone, will people really take it seriously.

      8. over at silver docters, the are saying jamie dimon and ceo’s from all the tbtf banks are in a “closed door” meeting with the fed (fed=unconstitution bank of bitchez).

        Something MIGHT be going down.

        Last time they had such a “meeting”, jpmorgue bought lehman bros on the cheap.

        • who f-ing cares kevin… they are a bunch of bloody twits who are running scared…. the problem is you are all too weak and exhausted to slay this vile animal while its down…..the time to stand as freemen is now.

          • RIGHT ON!!!!

            Lock and load… or don’t bitch when it’s your freedom that gone!

          • Hey man- you don’t need to “beat me down”, I’m “concentrating” on the “bankers’.

      9. Gotta love that every year he runs, we start to back him, then bam! America forgets to think and goes with the most popular used car salesman available! Or just settles for what we already have…I cant stand watching this shit…How can we stop it? We need leadership. Leadership in the form of opposition that is willing to do what it takes to give ourselves a fighting chance at a free future.

      10. Dr. Paul is the only congressman that will actually get in the face if Ben Bernanke and ask the REAL questions. The rest of em hem and haw around and thank him for showing up to answer their questions. No one can be as dumb as they appear to be. They are complicit in the looting of the world as long as they can line their pockets.Sec of State “Thunder Thighs” was in China the other day for “talks”. Who appeared in a phot-op with all the big chiefs? Treasury Sec Tim Geitner on her right. What in God’s name is he doing in China? He’s over there setting up Goldman Sachs and the rest of the bloodsuckers to rape the far east. Hang all the Fascist MFers by their feet and let the people have at em like they did with Mussolini and his henchmen.Ron Paul is the only politician that will come out and say that the corporations are taking over the world.

        • jrs

          I agree completely


          he will be marginalized even though I will vote for him..

          let me put this into perspective

          I come from family in state dept and intelligence

          the game is rigged..period

          the chosen one will be decided very soon..and the game is done..period.
          as well as the economy/stock market etc.. and everything else

          nothing is by chance nor accident

          everything is planned..period


          • possee
            the time has come to “UNRIG” the game. you man enough?

      11. He knows we’re heading down the rabbit hole, so do most of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Ron Paul supporter for other reasons, but what is exactly needed to stop & reverse this economic mess? Yes, disband the FED; fire & imprison the Traitors here; remove control from the banking cartels. Somewhere along this trail, someone’s ox is gonna get gored. My question is who’s?


        • Good job kev with the correct punctuation used it was not even a run on sentence! I mostly agreed with the first and third paragraphs however the whole essay was well written! RP bitches!

          • rumor is nevada gop is going to F^CK the RP deligates AGAIN!!! THEY GOT F^CKED IN 08, and they are about to get fucked again. I hope those gop guys have unlisted addresses, because people are PISSED!!

            Public record statement by kevin-
            Of course I do not support such activity for I am a good american, and good americans don’t go around beating the shit out of gop higher ups.

        • Kevin

          Can I assume you will be supporting the good Doctor?

          Take care


          • First, I’d like to thank my cooker/dealer, for with out him, I wouldn’t be able to load my glass pipe.

            I would also like to thank my black step dad for giving me my first bump of meth(and my first glass pipe on my 12th birthday).

            Last but not least, I would like to thank auntie for the nomination.


        RON PAUL 2012!

        • who?

          • ROFFLMAO!!!!

      14. I have been talking to alot of people lately about Ron Paul and iam horrified at the amount of propaganda being absorbed by so many “Chris Mathews” fans. Im loosing alot of energy trying to wake people up. I treat people with respect and always try not to sound like im talking down to them, but still it seems people are pre-programmed to get angry right away and call me “conspiracy man”, Its not a conspiracy theory that the more money we print, the less our dollar is worth. theres are many good reasons Ron Paul has a problem with the federal reserve.

        • You’re not going to get anywhere,
          to a nation of sheep,
          that have been programmed to believe the Lie.
          In the words of Hosea;
          “my people are destroyed through a lack of knowledge”…

          Prepare, and link up with brothers, for the future of a Remnant, that’s all that matters now.
          We are toast.
          No avoiding it now,
          and Caesar Romney is ‘establishment’ too…
          I only hope I am upwind of the fallout.
          When Babylon goes down; “in one hour”.

          • I have been thinking of an analogly to explain what “it” fells like now.
            How’s this.. A Jack-in-the box, being cranked, sometimes slow,sometimes faster. You can hear the tune. Slower, faster, louder,softer. But everybody knows, at some point…that damn lid pops open, and BAM!

            • Taking bets on Jun 28th, 2012. Why?
              That’s when China begins paying for oil, with GOLD. Because this stupid (clever by too far?) administration, kicks Iran out of the SWIFT system for paying with DOLLARS…

              Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. If China cannot pay for oil with dollars, what need do they have for TBonds (other than messing with us?)

      15. “Voluntaryist” Ron Paul is the only candidate who has joined Comrade Barry in stating on video that the Constitution has not worked and never will. In the same video, posted by his supporters over at the Libertarian von Mises Institute, Paul also calls for abolishing the military and Constitution…

        Treason From Within:

        “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”—Thomas Jefferson

        • ReaganVet, I believe those video clips are taken out of context. He swears to uphold the law and specifically refers to that law as the constitution.

          • I believe when rp said the constitution hasn’t worked in the past is because for many years our leaders have walked all over the constitution. And so what if he thinks one should lead by example and not force. As long as they can’t force you than they can’t pass laws that we are against. Not trying to argue but that’s what I got from the video. Please share your thoughts.

            • But that slanted video for what it’s worth obtained its objective..just reading RV’s statement proves it.

        • ReaganVet, it appears that you have never read much of what Ron Paul has written or either you simply have no ability to comprehend, but he does not call for abolishing the military, quite the contrary, he calls for making the military a defensive, instead of an offensive power. He calls for having the military actually defend this country, these shores, this people…America First! As far as the Constitution is concerned, he is the only Congressman that bases every single vote he cast in Congress on the Constitution. He is called and calls himself the Champion of the Constitution, thus the disconnect between your comment and what is actually on record is extreme.

          I strongly suggest that instead of you reading comments and listening to manipulated vid clips that you actually read some of the books and speeches that Dr. Paul has given over the last couple of decades. Read A Foreign Policy of Freedom, that will be a real eye-opener to you, particularly when you see just how crazy-nuts our Congress is when it comes to foreign policy.

          You will read in that book that Dr. Paul believes that Congress has the only Constitutional authority to Declare War, which is absolutely the position of a Strict Constitutionalist. He also states, that it is the Sworn Duty of the President of the United States to protect and defend this country and if there is a direct, verifiable threat to this country that the President has the authority to defend this country and seek Congressional Declaration of War as soon as possible. But what Dr. Paul and many in the Military are against, is all the Political Wars, the intervention that has taken place in the last 123 years in over 200 countries that has created the type of world we live in today. Much of what you see is the direct result of 123 years of failed interventionist foreign policies by this government, it has not made this country nor the world safer, it has not worked, it cannot work. That is why Dr. Paul states, clearly states that this government should and must operate within the restrictive confines of the Constitution, not beyond it.

          • Keep drinking your libertine messiah’s Kool-Aid, but I will stick with Paul’s actual words quoted from his books and his spoken words on video as posted by his supporters. If you ever get around to pulling your head out of Paul’s posterior and watching the video objectivly, maybe there will be some hope for you traitorous Voluntaryists…

            • Another voice of reason and not fanaticism!

            • Ron Paul for 2012 You are useless or a useful idiot!

              From a combat Marine….

            • Sorry reagen vet, but youve got your schitt screwed up.

      16. I’m tellin’ ya-


      17. The PTB will of course never allow RP or anyone similar to him into the club. That would be like exoecting the mob to go legit. So we will have to wait for the system fail.

      18. Greeting Everyone!
        I believe that Ron may be the best choice in November.And I THOUGHT when our current leader was elected he showed promise,but as time has passed he seems to be more pro-corporate,not less.
        As a aside,The mega bankers STILL haven’t been reigned in and now the FDIC funds are being subverted by BoAssume thru their “funny money” “saving accounts”.
        Sad,very Sad.
        As for Mitsy the “Runaround” fella,what a truly UBER-RICH dilettante he’s becoming(or always was!).
        That seems to leave the country with Ron Paul.
        If it’s too late….
        And we’ll be the first to know!
        Do you have your towel?
        All the Best!
        Thanx Mac for your timely articles
        You have a coffee mug waiting for you by the camp fire if it gets to that point.

        • The current President never showed promise, all you needed to do was look at his back-ground, read his writings and listen to his speeches to see that not only was he not going to be the President of Hope, but instead his agenda was that of a Marxist that was willing to use Mercantilism to achieve his Commie goals.

          • Someone else posted this on a thread here, about a week ago, If you didn’t watch or see it, its worth the 3 minutes of your life.


            Dreams of my REAL father.

            Naked pictures of obummers mom!

            • That certainly makes sense, even if Frank Davis is not his biological father, he is definitely his ideological father. I care less who sired the swine however, the fact that this man, this avowed Marxist now occupies the seat of power in this country is absolutely one of the most disturbing and amazing things in the history of this country. What on earth were the American electorate thinking? Oh, that’s right, they were not thinking…the ability to think has been effectively educated out of them by the government propaganda machine.

          • To Republicae:
            To disagree with you,let’s start with some history.The person who preceded the current President was a FAILED oil man,FAILED business man and a total failure as President(he was the man who took a SURPLUS and managed to leave us a MASSIVE deficit!).George W. also failed to “get” bin Laden.And,lest you forget,BUSH left us with two(yes TWO)ongoing police actions(read aggressions),EIGHT thousand dead American servicemen,TWENTY plus thousand maimed,and no war was ever declared in either place against our country.And do remember,one of said “actions” had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and EVERYTHING to with getting control of the Oil fields.Period.
            Put all these things together,and you might see why the current President looked better in the beginning.
            Bush’s Crony Capitalism(They’re damn sure NOT the free market system as I was taught!)policies are still bearing poisoned fruit as we write.Marxism? Hardly.Mercantillism?Give us concrete examples of either.Your putting the two concepts together creates a true oxymoron.Your tired(commie??come on now)out-of-date labeling is so out of date.Your flawed premises need serious reworking to not to be so completely banal.You statement:”all you need to do was look at his background” smacks of covert racism.Both Bush and the current President went to the same school.THAT might help explain why neither seemed to able to come to grips with our crisis.
            The best that can be said of our differences is:”you like oranges and I prefer apples”.But when both turn rotten it’s time to throw them BOTH away.

            All the best to All
            Hope you have the necessities for this day.

            • @GrayFoxGreen

              Actually, Bush was a shade better than Obama, like the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is just as cankered with corruption and cronyism as the Democratic Party. We have commonly heard that they are two sides of the same coin, but all that means is that they are made of the same metal and the only thing that is different is the image stamped on each side of the coin and that image is for the public’s consumption. Every four years they put on a big stage play for the public so that the public thinks they are getting a choice. While the actors may change from time to time every election cycle the playbook does not, the script remains the same.

              Thus the ruse fulfills its purpose, to keep the American People subdued, complacent and compliant for in their minds the people think they are doing something important when they vote, they think they are getting something different this time around, that is their hope, but alas, nothing changes except in the most superficial way.

              The politics of Ron Paul is a politics that makes the establishment shake in its pants, for the words of Ron Paul, whether you agree or disagree with them, are something completely different and those words, those ideas challenge the American People, awakening them to other possibilities that they have not considered, that has been subdued through years of government re-educational propaganda. The bottle has been opened, there are a growing number of people who are now thinking differently, differently about this government, its role in our lives and in the world. There has slowly been a shift, but there is no way to put it back in the bottle. Ideas are the most feared power this and other governments fear, for when the government loses the ability to control the ideas of the people, it loses the ability to control them.

              Revolution begins with ideas, and though people are not naturally inclined toward revolution, it does not take long for ideas to take a political shape, become a political force that must be reckoned with at some point, that point is near.

          • He made no secret of his plan. The banksters are right. Hope is not a strategy.

      19. It continues to nag me that RP and many posters here believe that the FED created this mess. It did not. It only reacted to the CONgressional practice of massively overspending, which is OUR FAULT. Well, the fault of the looter class that responded to the pork-barrel policy that has been the rule rather than the exception since Franklin Destroyer Roosevelt. Banks learn to make money in whatever milieu they find themselves in. When banks were ordered to make bad loans, they quickly figured out how to shuffle the risk off onto others, (CDS). They plan for the bursting of bubbles by placing trusted associates in the Government, so that the taxpayer can be forced to bail them out. But that’s a consequence. Bad government created the need for massive inflation to pay for the deficits. Yes, the Fed could have played gatekeeper, but the revolving door went both ways – CONgress and the Executive Branch placed its’ people in the Fed so that their game could go on. We cannot unelect the Fed, but we CAN unelect the mendacious asses that put us here. The sorry fact is, that may now be impossible, until a severe collapse rids us of an adequate portion of the looter class.

        • The Federal Reserve was the creation of a criminal banking cartel.

          So while the Fed did not pass the laws spending the money, they made it possible to do so.

          The Federal Reserve is a private corporation, not a government entity. And it’s policies have been responsible for most of the misery that we will soon be facing.

          Jefferson believed that a central bank was more dangerous to liberty than a standing army.

        • 3rd time is the charm… this is the 3rd time for a (actually a private owned bank) federal reserve banking system to control AmeriKa’s wealth… previous two died folded due to corruption thievery…

          the federal reserve is a private owned bank corporation , each separate fed reserve is privately owned , i once upon a time worked for them. created on December 23, 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act…

          ole’ cooch … get a friggen clue moron … have you learned nothing trolling here as you do … your an idiot savant , go back to drooling and touchin’ yur’self at the little kiddies in the nursery school play ground.

          the private 12 regional federal reserves which are/ is a “privately owned” bank’s is controlled by private bankers in europe ya dumb puck , controlled by the privately owned family rothschild of england/ germany and other private Illuminati bankers etc etc

          the united states of amerika is not a sovereign state it is a privately owned corporation , owned by the virginia company corp of great britain!!! ameriKa is a privately owned corporate colony people!!! wake up and smell the fascism…

          yur’ a dumb ass @ole’ cooch! get a clue finally will ya…

          you are all corporate owned! your social security numbers are you own personal debt slave bar codes!!!

          sigh… you are All property of the corporation! get it!!!

          you can never leave … you can only check out!!! permanently!!! as in d e a d!

          ya bunch of carbon credit tax debt slaves!


        • he who controls the issuance of money

          controls the state

          last time I checked

          federal reserve issues/prints the money

          we pay the federal reserve ( confiscated taxes on the interest to the debt) via the irs back to the federal reserve

          the federal reserve loans it to the too bigs at zero interest

          they leverage out the money up to 700%

          collapse ensues

          we bail them out

          how quaint it all is..


        • At Old Coach:

          The fault is in a Mercantilist system where the FED operates for the benefit and at the behest of this government. This government could not possibly do what it has done without the FED, nor could the FED do what it has done without the government, it is a symbiotic relationship, the FED is a political machine, created by Congress to allow this government to function outside the parameters of the Constitution and outside of reason. FED monetary policy is the direct cause of every single bubble that has existed since the 1920s, it was FED policy that created the credit and stock bubble of the 1920s that lead to the crash and subsequent Great Depression.

          This is a Mercantilist government, it began, in earnest under the Administration of Lincoln and the Radical Republicans, who followed the Hamilton and Clay formulation of Mercantilism. Read your history on the subject…it’s not hard do discern.

          • @republice- man, I am starting to like you(a liitle 🙂 brother!!


            A. letting me off easy.
            B. Knowing the Radical Rebublics arn’t histories rEAL rEPUBLICANS
            C. You know “your” history. (For not all peoples view of history is the same)

            I agree the bankster fed policies were at the root of the bubbles EXCEPT the one in the 20’s. You have to take into account- Our (strategic) LATE ENTRY into into WW1, and the inflation and asset bubble that was created by all our “allies” and “enemies” gold coming over to america (buying our weapons and food), and the fed was really young(in the late teens early 20’s), and hadn’t tooken over(by influence of money) alot of industries yet. I believe there HAD to be a big percentage of men of character in the FIRST generation of beurocrats of the federal reserve and like the founding fathers, it started going to shit RIGHT AFTER they left(or in this case replaced)by crooks.

            It is my thinking that just as in 2008(the banksters using crisis to sercure and consolidate even more power), 1929 was used as the first step/power grab by the fascists.(the changes to law/ignoring constituion in the 30’s are as radical as the changes today)

            The people in the 20’s, who were partying like it was 1899 fell for the same $hit WE fell for in the 2000’s when we were partying like it was 1999.

        • Actually Old Coach, this government is the beneficiary of the FED monetary policies, the FED operates and the behest of this government to advance its Mercantilist agenda. The creation of the FED made it possible for this government to operate and function beyond the limitations set forth in the Constitution, without the FED and its monetary manipulations this government would be restrained by the limitations of budgetary restraints placed upon it by the Constitutional mandate that only gold and silver be money. When gold and silver are money the government can only borrow so much and tax so much. Do you think that this government could possibly get away with what it is doing if it actually had to tax the people directly to go to war, to implement a massive welfare state or to be go generous with money it does not actually have? No, the symbiotic relationship between this Mercantilist government and the FED is no accident, it is a planned purpose that has been used to subvert Constitutional Order, expand government power and the abuse of power.

      20. You guys can sit here and type in all the “I love Ron Paul”
        stuff you want. It still does not change the fact the man will never get elected.

        Hell will freeze over first……

        • He will probably be RFK’ed.

          • That was mature…

        • FROZEN HELL/FLYING PIG 2012… as okie would say

        • @ Zip

          I agree with you and gave you a thumbs up however I can understand why some people may with to give you a thumbs down.
          I’m voting for Ron Paul because whats the alternative? I won’t sit quietly by and do nothing as our great Republic goes to ruin. I feel this is our last chance to peacefully save it.


          – – – You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

          • Great post brother.

      21. On June 28th 2012 China will cease using petrodollars for purchase of oil.The brent-woods treaty established the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. India, Russia, have already begun trading commodities for oil. On June 28th the brent-woods treaty will be ipso facto voided. This will end reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar. Huge economic implications. We have now been given a date, dictated by other countries of when the financial collapse will begin. Its been a great ride. tallyho!

        • It will be interesting. Thanks for the thought.

        • That implies that they will sell something to obtain gold. Unlikely that they will spend their gold reserves. Either this will not happen or you are correct that this is the beginning of the end for the petrodollar.

      22. The American people, as a whole, are simply too stupid to vote for Ron Paul.

        As Franklin said, “When the people discover that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.”

        That’s where we are. A nation of idiots who are too stupid to realize that mild doesn’t come out of a carton can never be expected to have enough sense to realize that the confiscation of property from one individual, in order to give it to another that is considered “more deserving”, will never vote for a Ron Paul.

        • mild=milk (fat fingered it)

        • “When the monkeys learn they can vote themselves bananas, they’ll never climb another tree”…

      23. I think I will vote for pinochio, if he lies his nose will grow ai least i can see the truth then. way i see it he has as much chance as ro paul. shameful but true. nobody will put him on ballot nor pinochio, we will accept who is chosen as we have for decades….sad sad sad. weneed a miracle to get us outta this mess

      24. Ron Paul will go down in world history as the ‘Paul Revere that was ignored’…to America’s peril.

        God bless Ron Paul.
        Deo Vindice
        Death to the New World Odor

        • And the odor smells shitty.

      25. Totally off topic,,,,when did the DHS take over 1/5 of the military (coast guard)..guess I missed that. Precedent….is the Army next? Drop your cocks and grab your socks…the end began a while ago.

      26. I have a feeling romney will pick Ron for VP!

        • When hell freezes over…
          The Establishment picking an Anti-establishment man?
          (Can I have some of what you’re smoking…;)

        • Romney will pick someone who is even weaker than he is. Nothing freaks out a weak manager more than having a strong partner or subordinate.


            New Jersey governor FAT BASTARD Chris Christie is at this very minute in the country of “”Israel”” wearing his pretty XXXXL crotch-less pink tutu over his rolls of hairy fat and double chins with thick knee pads on offering ALL Israeli Jews at the Weeping Wall Free BJ’s and Vaseline Rubs to All who support his Corrupt Criminal Political Career!

            To Win the Israeli Zionist Jews approval to be Zionist Fascist AmeriKa’s NEXT EL’ VICE PREZIDENTI (vice president)!!!

            TRUTH!!! Apparently Jews from f-ing ZIONIST ISRAEL have too now approve you for political office now in f-ing AMERIkA!!! WTF???

            Chris Christie of NJ has “sold you” All Out AmeriKa to ISRAEL!!!

            CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???


            • Jewish settlers poison Palestinian grapevines

              AMERICAN supported ISRAELI JEWS genocide poisoning killing of defenseless PALESTINE women and children, makes me soooo proud to be a AmeriKan Veteran!!!

              A group of Jewish settlers from Karmi Tzur settlement attacked Palestinian grapevines in Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, on Saturday.

              Locals said that the settlers sprayed toxic chemicals on the grape trees that destroyed their leaves and fruit.

              The locals noted that the settlers repeat their attack on the same area each year.

              Settlers of Karmi Tzur are notorious for regularly attacking and damaging Palestinian farmlands in Beit Ummar village and its environs.

          • he will probably pick failin palin

        • Romney pick him???? That Black Horse flip-flops more than a fresh fish on a boat dock.


        I pledge this to you All!

        If they touch one hair on Ron Paul’s or Rand Paul’s Head!

        None of them Illuminati Zionist Bankers , nor their seed will survive!

        It is the Bankers who I will Hunt Down! Not their Dirty Thievin Pedo Homo orgy Prostitute Politician Puppets!

        It is the Very Luciferian worshiping Bankers themselves who – Own , Manipulate and Terrorize us All! No one Else but the Bankers of the Illuminati! Is who I will Hunt and their families!

        Till they are Destroyed!


        • Don’t get caught.
          Even though we agree, it will take more than just you.
          What it will take is millions of people to stop paying mortgages, taxes, fees, insurance, and just say NO.
          What is really needed is a JUBILEE.
          But its ok to burn/whip a few bankers,
          that’s what the Lord did…
          he lost his battle,
          it should become our WAR.

          • Stick it in your pipe Piper!!!

            • what is there to disagree with a** wipe?
              JUBILEE? That is the only way to reset the system.
              And then return to a distributed system, not centralized, but gov can’t have any of that, they would lose their advantage. SO who’s side are you on, a** wipe?

              If money is made real again, via your value, instead of the centralized valuation of the fed, a modified Real Bills system, with matching currency requirements and gold and silver as a savings currency, we would never have these massive cycles and bubbles again.

              You come in drop stools, and go away, like trolls do.

            • Re-read your asinine “riddle” again. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll catch the stupid parts. If not, then it proves that you should STOP PIPING!

              And I’m not a troll moron… I have been here in and out for I dunno… a few months? So, once again quit assuming, loser!

            • Piper’s riddles are only
              for those with ‘eyes that see, and ears that hear’
              I hear no constructive suggestions in any
              of your posts, just anger.
              I apologize for the a**wipe comment,
              but you would do well to abandon
              the status quo…
              It is consuming your substance.

      28. Don’t matter who gets elected. We are off the cliff. GAME OVER.

        • When you go over the cliff, doesn’t matter if you step on the brake or the gas. Saw that somewhere and just kinda like it.

      29. Not everyone has to agree with what Ron Paul is proposing and says, but there is one thing that he would not do, and that is sell off fellow Americans like cheap cuts of meat on the open market to martial law and a police state. Most politicians sell off their own souls to get elected, so what would keep them from selling off the country and their countrymen for whatever benefits them? Just look at how politicians have sold off jobs and the national security of the United States to other countries, especially China. Most politicians have to be totally crooked to get elected but most American people only want to be told what they want to hear now, because they later forget about it with their short attention spans.

        When a rarity such as Ron Paul gets up there and tell you what is on his mind, the truth, people don’t want to hear this. The country is going down and people don’t want to hear this because it takes effort and sacrifice to save their country. They rather hear Nero playing the violin while Rome, oops I meant the U.S. is burning.

        • Forgot what I was going to say….Oh yea, I have the same problem here at home with “Don’t worry, they will figure it out and fix it”.Apathy all around.

      30. So here is the question. How much time do we have left to prep? Please don’t reply in generalities. Give me a date. I’ll start. I’m going with August of 2013. I think Europe goes d own later this year, having nowhere to turn countries will flock to the dollar temporarily giving it more legs. Then early next year they will print us in to oblivion and thstf

        • Norse prepper, no offense, but you’ll drive yourself mad if you keep looking for a date for these things to ” go down”. The reason tptb are going to win is because they’ve designed the world to fail in a long and incremental process. They have set up in three ways to where they can sit back and watch the world go to hell. It’s also designed to where tptb can pull the rug at anytime if their nwo is being heavily resisted. Thirdly it’s set up so the power stays in specific bloodlines so the “bad guys can never go away”. It could happen tomorrow, or even 20 years for now. No one really knows, even as bad as things are we still don’t see much anger coming from the American people at least. So that makes me feel they can drag this process out.

          Just a thought here, what if tptb want to drag this out so long in hopes that people start to doubt it’s real or just give up and accept it as normal. I don’t believe that will happen but it is a possibility, I mean just look back at how long they’ve been dragging it out so far.

          • The best time to prep is like the best time to have planted your wind break of trees, was yesterday. The next best time to prep is today and thereafter. Even someone starting slow will be better off than someone that never starts. It doesn’t have to be an economic collapse, it can be a whole number of calamities. All of the sudden a super virus can hit and the worst thing that someone would be in is needing food and supplies while exposing themselves to the crowded shopping areas loaded with concentrated pathogens everywhere.

            Sowhatstheplan? Prep and prep and know that even if nothing happens for awhile, you can still use what you stocked up on. At very least what someone bought at a lower price can be used later when inflation has raised the price much higher. This makes good personal economic sense. Inflation is something EVERYONE can be sure.

            • @be informed, your damn right. I hope your prepping is going well, I myself am ready to take care of my family for atleast a year. I grown to love having lots of extra food, especially since it’s cheaper today than two years from now. You make great points. God Bless.

        • you’ve got only 10 DAYS left to prep preppers…

          is all you’ve left from today… israel just mobilized 12 Divisions 120,000 soldiers of their Army Reserves for War.

          *** israel will start WW3 on the 14th of May 2012 it’s birth date!

          *** then look for a zionist cia fed gov false-flag attack on chicago ill on the 23 May 2012! a bunch of 28 country NATO Leaders Reps will be intentionally assassinated by the u.s. cia zionist fed gov false-flag attack on chicago to galvanize the NATO ALLIANCE into a full global war against Iran China Russia Syria India Lebanon Egypt!

          this is the END GAME!


          • The call-up of their reserves is indeed massive. This is not something to take lightly.

            • Give a link for this call-up. Couldn’t find it. Not saying it isn’t so, just coundn’t find it.

            • @rick- You have to “Fool” google these days to find useful info. My link to the story is clearing spam now.

              SOPA by the “corp” people

              ADAPT OR DIE!

              I “heard” the number was 22 divisions.
              Ninao”s number is 12.

              We are both “wrong”

              It’s 6 with 16 more on hot standby to be “activated” in a moments notice.

            • The Israeli call up is all was all over BBC news online…it’s still there type it in the search box

              Take care

          • nina… thye wont be doing their fucking fighting here. i am coming very close to declaring this a separate country…

            • @eeder ;0P pssszzt does the brit luciferian lizard queen know this…

              ;0) you might want to inform your monarch “the queen of england” of that, as it is she who actually “physically owns” and “really runs” the legal corporation company of canada!!!

              suggestion: start a under ground Guy Fawkes 5TH NOV patriot group in ontario canada. get organized, train, prepare “FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE “FREE” SELF AWARE INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUALS!”

          • @birtbrit-It wasn’t all over the place 4 days ago.(thats when I heard about it)

            SOPA by the corp is here people.

            • Kevin

              The BBC is always late of the mark but there was a good bit of info on there

              Take care

        • Hmm, “how much time left to prep?” As if, at some point in time, there will be no more time, thereafter, to prep? And, at that point in time, you’re implying (I’m assuming) one would be living off the “fruits” of ones preparations?

          I don’t think preparations ever stop, no matter what obstacle or challenge appears in the road. The whole idea of “collapse” or when TSHTF is temporary, fleeting, relative. What happens when the fruits run out?

          I think the more one prepares, the more one realizes that no matter what comes up on the radar, the nature of being prepared is an on going process, never ending, always evolving. When the store shelves are empty, it’s the nature of the efficacious prepper to continue locating various resources to make life just a little bit better, easier, smoother.

          To answer your question, and contrary to popular belief, there won’t be a date.

      31. ;0) OHHHH BOY ARE YOU GUYS SOOOO SCREWED … ;0p pssszzt


        All Freemen American Veteran Patriots Please Plan Accordingly! Your Federal government is now your Enemy!!!

        Police State USA: FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations

        The Red Cross, United Nations, Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA have partnered with the US (and foreign) military to find a way to deal with Ron Paul supporters once and for all. It’s called FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations in which the PTB plan to place OWS protesters, tax protesters, military protesters, NPR listeners, peace activists, the Dalai Lama, 9-11 investigators, the Kennedy family, and any person who wishes to overthrow a tyrannical government.

        • Civilian Internees
          1-10. A CI is a civilian who is interned during armed conflict, occupation, or other military operation for
          security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power. (JP
          3-63) CIs, unless they have committed acts for which they are considered unlawful combatants, generally
          qualify for protected status according to the GC, which also establishes procedures that must be observed
          when depriving such civilians of their liberty. CIs are to be accommodated separately from EPWs and
          persons deprived of liberty for any other reason.
          1-11. Protected persons are persons protected by the Geneva Convention who find themselves, in case of a
          conflict or occupation, in the hands of a party to the conflict or occupying power of which they are not
          nationals. (AR 190-8). Protected persons who are interned for imperative reasons of security are also
          known as CIs. Protected persons under the Geneva Conventions include—

          • Madison Ruppert from End the Lie, appears to have gone over the doccument with a fine tooth comb. Ruppert writes:

            In the Army Regulation 190-8 document also called “Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees,” which is available on the Air Force’s website, some details are given on what exactly Civilian Internees are and how they are treated.

            Chapter 6 of the document, entitled “Administration and Operation of CI Internment Facilities,” beginning on page 23 of the PDF (page 19 of the document), delves into some of these issues.

            Beginning with section 6-3, we learn that Civilian Internees have no real right to property under this military rule.

            While they pretend to give the detainees property rights, it is clear that they can strip you of your belongings at any time for any reason.

            Sub-section b. states, “The personal effects that detainees are allowed to retain, but are taken from them temporarily for intelligence purposes, will be receipted for and returned as soon as practical.”

            Essentially, they can claim your belongings are needed for intelligence purposes and hold them until it is deemed practical to return them.

            When that would be is anyone’s guess but the language is clearly ambiguous enough to allow the military to strip Civilian Internees of any and all personal belongings for however long they please.

            Section 6-4 goes over the so-called “Internee Committee” which is a two-three person committee which is “empowered to represent the camp to the protecting powers, International Committee of the Red Cross, or other authorized relief or aid organizations and U.S. military authorities.”

            Once again, the military is able to determine what exactly you can do and this language clearly allows the military to deny access to any outside relief or aid organizations by saying that they are not authorized.

        • Civilian Internees
          1-10. A CI is a civilian who is interned during armed conflict, occupation, or other military operation for
          security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power. (JP
          3-63) CIs, unless they have committed acts for which they are considered unlawful combatants, generally
          qualify for protected status according to the GC, which also establishes procedures that must be observed
          when depriving such civilians of their liberty. CIs are to be accommodated separately from EPWs and
          persons deprived of liberty for any other reason.
          1-11. Protected persons are persons protected by the Geneva Convention who find themselves, in case of a
          conflict or occupation, in the hands of a party to the conflict or occupying power of which they are not
          nationals. (AR 190-8). Protected persons who are interned for imperative reasons of security are also
          known as CIs. Protected persons under the Geneva Conventions include—

          • Do you just like to hear yourself ramble on and on, or what dude? Geeze, shut the hell up!

            • *really yells* I can’t HEAR god dammit!! American IDOL is ON!!! SHEESH!

            • @really … make me douche bag! i triple dare you ya puss… i haven’t had the pleasure of physically beating a man down for quite some time. i’d love to practice on you some! come on… ;0) i’m waiting!


            • Ummmmmm….. let’s see…… you’re dumb ass name is so long, how ’bout I jest call ya ANTI-CHRIST??!!

              Tell me idiot…. are you in 8th grade, or are you just really that immature? I have neither the time nor the patience for assholes like you…..

              P/S — Must a struck a nerve though ’cause baby-boy had a hissy, didn’t he? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

            • nina…. im not sure what to say… you dont need to beat any of us down…. concentrate on the bankers buddy.

            • Granny said you have to overlook fools and little children.

              The only thing this nimrod ever beat down is between his legs.

      32. Ron Paul, right or not; it doesn’t matter. He will not and cannot be elected in 2012. Take heed.

        Satori says: I will be voting for Ron Paul. And 2 lines later he says: the people running the world will NEVER allow someone like him to be elected.

        This ^ action is a critical mistake. Do you want the current illegal commander in treason back for a second term to ruin what’s left of the United States Constitution? He has clearly violated the Supreme Law of the Land on numerous levels with NDAA, PIPA, and SOPA (and others)…his last signing “in secret” being H.R. 347, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act. This violates our 1st amendment rights. And we sit back watching American Idol while he whiddles away at our freedoms. Imagine a second term…it will be our demise. I would rather him out, than in.

        Open your eyes. Ron Paul will not get the nod. Not now, at least. It is not up to us, sadly…and the rest of society is too ignorant. We must, with regret, vote only AGAINST this obamanation by all standing together…even if the GOP candidate is not perfect. A split vote will lose the battle. Think about it.

        Keep preparing, protect your family, keep God close, and never back down to anyone that tries to take away your freedom!

        • No, I will NOT vote for the lesser evil. I will vote for the best person for the job.

          • The South,

            If they get all 50 states like they did in Minnesota at their State Convention and cause melee and disrupt the entire process with “procedures” and “out of orders”, then maybe he has a chance! They want a brokered Convention and let me tell ya… it jest ain’t gonna happen! The only way RP can win, South, is STEAL it… ya know… kinda like the OBUMMER did!?!

            • I don’t think “steal” is the right word, How about- “work within the rules to get the outcome you desire”.

              THEY STEAL,BRIBE,LIE and CHEAT to win(the game), all we gotta do is just have a little *wink* EXTRA contact past the 5 yard limit to make sure they don’t catch the ball.

          • Than it’s 4 more years of BO …..end of country.

            • It pains me to say that Tom Sc is, without a doubt, correct.

              It is true; however, that Doug is also correct. It is the right thing to do…to vote for the best candidate for the job. However, it is not the smart thing to do. I also believe in that ideal…and in most cases would comply. However, I do know the result of this misconception. The split vote…is the end.

              It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. – Voltaire

              Sadly, I expected more…especially from this website. I don’t post much on here, but I do read a lot. After finding SHTF Plan, I figured that I found a diamond in the rough…a group of people that had their eyes wide open.

              It would seem, right now, we have two types of people in America today; the ignorant and the intelligent.

              The ignorant: That group of people that initially thought a “nobody”, a virtual ghost of half black, half white racial make would save our country. There was no background, no history…and he brewed a noxious cocktail of Kool-Aid. They drank…they continue to drink and stumble about with kaleidoscope eyes pretending not to see or understand the truth. They use variations of the word “race” to back their fight…because there is no rebuttal. There is no recourse. If you have a weapon with no counter offense, it will be used. These zombie aficionados will only believe the media and the ramblings of the left. The lies win this battle…and this, my friends, is our downfall. Mark my words.

              The Intelligent: They see what has happened. They see what is happening. They not only read between the lines, they feel it in the home, the economy, our lifestyles, our families. They do not fall for the media’s trickery. The intelligent put 2 and 2 together…and it, undoubtedly, does not equal 4. It is blatant and easy to see. If the intelligent do not get the point out to the rest of the world…stand together…stand strong, we all fall into the hands of tyranny. Period.

              Do the right thing…when it is right to do. Now, is the time to do the smart thing. Vote the traitor out of office…no matter what it takes.

              Keep preparing, protect your family, keep God close, and never back down to anyone that tries to take away your freedom!

      33. John Deere Justice

        I was on the thread for the last article but I get squeemish around needles and Burt the Brit scared me off! Besides, I got other more pressing problems than post-crash surgery techniques. If I get hurt then…I’m callin Burt!
        For the moment, it’s this pesky letter from the Okla Dept of Motor Vehicles that’s bugging me. It says:
        “Dear Mr Okie,
        It has come to our attention that you have not registered your motor vehicle, to wit: one 1953 John Deere Model 2860. Please be advised that you will not be able to operate this auto on the public roads of Oklahoma without proper registration, tags and fees paid. Furthermore, our records indicate that the said motor vehicle has not been registered since 1977. The 1978 registration fee of $35.20 plus applicable late fees and penalties brings the total due to…$8,654.55. Please remit the total amount immediately so that we may clear this from our records. Sincerely, etc etc.”
        Well, I haven’t owned that particular tractor since I sold it to my neighbor 9 years ago! Plus, it’s a danged FARM tractor, not an on-road vehicle. I tried for several days to get this straightened out with the bureaucratic numbskulls in oklacity, but to no avail. Must have called ’em a dozen times.
        Then, as luck would have it, the neighbor I sold it to is moving, and last week he was taking the tractor, on a trailer, right through okie city. And, even luckier, the newspaper mentioned a speech to be given by the director of the DMV at the same time. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, so I went with him.
        We stopped a half block from the state capital, right in front of the Dept of Motor Vehicles building. While he backed the tractor down off the trailer, I unrolled my homemade banners. Then we unbolted the muffler and took it off. He fired it up and that thing was LOUD!
        He started driving in circles closer and closer to the few media types and the small crowd gathered in front of the building to hear the speech. Mr Dipstick (director of the DMV) was completely drowned out. The media turned all their attention toward the tractor. And maybe it was the banner hanging from the trailer. It said “Oklahoma Farmers Charity Drive For Children’s Hospital, sponsored by Gov Mary Fallin”
        Of course the other banner, on the street side said “DMV Unfair! Noise Ordinances Suck!” The folks there for the speech didn’t see that one. But several Harley riders going by did. They honked and waved and really revved their bikes as they went past. I smiled and waved back. After about 15 minutes, Mr Dipstick gave up on the speech and stalked back into the building. We then quickly packed up our traveling circus and left.
        When I got home I wrote the DMV a letter:
        “Dear bureaucrats,
        If you think the disruption of Dipstick’s speech on Thursday was something, wait til you see what’s next. My neice is the president of the Oklahoma Alliance of Militant Gays and Lesbians For Change NOW! She has agreed to wholeheartedly lend the support of her entire organization to helping resolve this matter. In fact, several dozen of her most vocal members are anxious to conduct another protest, and the DMV seems like the perfect location. However, if you will quickly clear up the matter of the tractor registration (etc, etc) I will try to convince her to protest elsewhere. Sincerely, Mr okie”
        Two days later I got a priority mail letter saying the matter had been completely cleared from their records! …but I think I’ll ask my neice to protest there anyway, just to keep ’em honest!

        • Mooahahahahahhahah…poetic justice.

          gotta love the American way , especially when it works.

        • Smokin’

          Sorry about that lol. I wouldn’t upset you for the world, your posts brighten my day. If I do anything like that again I’ll put “Smokin’ Beware” note at the top

          Take care

      34. I have heard that mittens romney has “spent” $100,000 PER DELEGATE. My quetion is- I wonder HOW much of that is in a briefcase handed to them?

        • “mittens” is a term the far left radical marxists & communists are using for Romney.

          Showing your true colors?

          • no
            plenty of people who aren’t far left radical marxists are calling Romney “mittens”
            its kinda cute dont ya think ??

            beats the hell out of Willard

          • I can call him WHATEVER the F^CK I want to call him.

            Yeah, I’m a “marxist” because I call someone some name.

            You showing your true I.Q.????

            You got me figured out einstein. Put an ap in with csi tel aviv.

            Blutarski. Is that JEWISH? Are you an anti-gentile?

            • If it’s the same person, this cat goes around the comment sections on a lot of sites to disrupt. I suspect it’s one of those paid trolls. Several I know tracked it’s IP.

            • @berG- NO, its YOU and this guy above who are “disrupt”ing MY comment that delegates are getting PAYED OFF!!

              AND ITS ON TOPIC!!!(in a way, because it deals with RP)

              Once someone puts jewish in a comment, you trolls come out in FORCE!

              Bye bye!

              P.S. Track these NUTS!

            • Sorry I disrupted your rant. Won’t happen again.

            • What a total loon. Wow. There are freaks everywhere I guess.

            • While they bribe and steal and destroy this nation, you just call people names. Who’s the loon.

              I’m a loon for-

              sound money
              freedom to worship God
              Our congress serving US NOT any other nation
              and(drum roll) NO WAR!!!

              P.S. How much of that $100’000 per delegate do YOU think is in a briefcase? Grow up, it is happening.

      35. RP for President. Andrew Jackson’s skeletal remains for VP. Together they can kill the banks.

      36. Short clips of ron paul crowds. Kinda reminds me of the crowd here when I went to see ross perot speak(back in the day).

        Funny story(at ross’s speech), I got there late(the lobby of the stadium was packed(as well as the stadium). I got to talking to one of his person security guards,(after a couple of minutes of bull$hitting) he took me up to 2nd row center(an empty “press” seat because NO press showed up.

        NO press showing up. hmmm-Sound familiar?

      37. 88.4 million people unemployed. The bubble is getting ready to burst. This number is staggering and unprecedented. Their is no way to sustain these people in a manner that is anything more than inhuman. Each day that passes, we are more in danger.

        When you try to comprehend this statistic, how could you not feel the need to prepare and pray? This is an American tragedy unfolding in our lifetime. How can so many ignore this doom, that is at every doorstep. I believe the outcome for many, is out of our hands now.

        A man must make his own arrows- Winnebago


        Any of you montana boyz know anything about this?

        Obummers “town hall” in montana being staged with actors flown in?

        I heard real montanians couldn’t attend. What was the word on the street at the time?

      39. Practicality, Logic and Patriotism will not enter into the equation. Ron Paul represents all that is right with our system as designed. He is not the Chosen because these three things are not part of our electoral process, it is all flash, promises and lies. Voluntary austerity will not be accepted by the PTB, the electorate or the voters. Austerity will come by default.

        • ~TX Hillbilly~

          -(quote)- “Austerity will come by default”. -(unquote)-

          …as will abject misery & genocide!!!

          Thumbs up to you!

      40. I have heard comments about the Federal Reserve’s 100 year charter expiring this year. Much as I have searched the Federal Reserve Act, I cannot find any reference to this. Is it hidden somewhere or “whited out” from public view? Is it even true? This could explain the ramping up of the fed’s money printing to extract as much wealth as possible before it expires.Anyone know anything about this?


          I have been looking for this also. I just started reading this e-book from 1919. I don’t know if that is in here.

          Look how this fraud was sold

          here is a little past from it.

          “hoarding throughout the United
          States and led creditors to strenu-
          ously press their debtors for settle-
          ment. Money suddenly appreciated
          in value, so that property measiured in
          money fell in value in some cases to
          half of its previously estimated value.

          This enabled thousands of cred-
          itors to take over the property of
          thousands of debtors on a basis that
          was ruinous to debtors, causing the
          bankruptcy of hundreds of thousands
          of people; causing a violent disloca-
          tion of business; and throwing out of
          employment vast numbers of people
          and inflicting injuries which required
          years to repair in the industrial and
          commercial life of the nation”.

          That is happening NOW!!! But with paper FUNNY money for real wealth instead of REAL money being used.

          Property values were going down because money was “APPRICIATING”??? WTF, thats good for savers and citizens, and BAD for the banksters!!

          Now property values are going down with DEPPRICIATING “money”.

          What as scam. They ended up with the “REAL” money with gold confiscation (and stealing the silver in 64) and now, they will end up with ALL property(eventualy) with funny fiat monopoly bull$hit money.

        • @jrs-I have a link going through spam right now. It is a book from 1919. The guy who wrote the book was the comptroler of currency(or whatever) at one time. I’m not to far into it, but this book is a MUST read.

          This guy went to europe in 1898 looking at the “elastic” money system in europe and helped it get into practice here with the federal reserve act. So he can burn in hell as far as I’m concerned, but again MUST READ E-BOOK (because its FREE)

          • I think jim rickards got alot of info from this book for his book “currency wars”

          • I THINK he helped the act get past(I could be wrong,just started reading. So IF I’m wrong, may his soul fly in heaven forever. But I doubt it, I think he is rotting in HELL)

        • It ‘don’t’ matter..coporatocracy doesn’t follow law; they just make up their own as they go…hence, our nation is in ‘distress’ mode.

          • ‘corporatocracy’…spelling..oops…boy, what I’d give for ‘edit’ when multi-tasking!!

      41. The government has and always will manage the economy to benefit government, not citizens. The way to stop it is simply to stop funding it. As tax revenues decline government will become more and more draconian in its attempts to expropriate funds, alienating more people until the natural outcome occurs.

      42. Oil futures drop $8 in 3 days. Gasoline demand in the US is way down. Durable goods drop 4.3%. Something evil this way cometh.

      43. Every month the US needs to create 300,000 new jobs just to stay even. That’s just to cover new entrants into the work force. We’re only creating about 100,000. Every month 150,000 people lose their unemployment coverage. In June 700,000 unemployed will lose their extended coverage. And they claim the unemployment is only at 8.1%. Really? Doom is looking like a sure thing.

        • Acually its more like 125K/month. Most months USA is short of that, but unemployment goes down. PFM.

      44. If you ever thought that any of the republicans that have dropped out of the presidential race did’nt support big centralized government and perpetual war, look at who they endorsed. It damn sure wasn’t Ron Paul! It was Romney care and the establishment republican party!

      45. a new president– even if it’s ron paul– is not going to solve anything. don’t any of you fucking read?

        if you want change you have to start with yourselves. ron paul (or anyone else) in the white house isn’t going to fix anything. TPTB killed the last president who tried changing things.

        the Bushes are in charge of this country. none of you are going to sneak past them.

        you want the Bushes out? ain’t gonna happen, cousin. most of you are still locked into the old paradigm. the old paradigm still rules. haven’t you noticed?

        real change comes from within, not without.

        most of you aren’t going to believe these words and that’s fine. you go right ahead and go vote (LOL). after the “election” (LOL) you’ll settle in to defeat (again) and if it’s not so obvious at that point, it’ll become clearer as time goes by, and you’ll be right back here whining about your new president’s misdeeds and lies. within a year or two you’ll have found someone new to latch onto and promote as your next president who will fix everything cos this time it’ll be different.

        yeah yeah yeah, this is a rerun. seen it before, heard it before, this happens every four years without fail. they got you running in circles. hasn’t cognitive dissonance kicked in yet?

        *yawn*, you bore me to tears. no, not the preppers who gave up voting or have never voted…you folks are on track. it’s all these people who paste RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT all over these boards. these people are hopeless and are deserving of whatever president is selected. ((you do realize you’re only voting for a president of a corporation, right? he’s a slave master, do you not see it?))


        • Agreed with all your message, but ONE thing…the fraud’s message, et al, is totally opposite RP message.

      46. btw, ron paul is giving you a clue as to what’s coming down the road ((ie, “the next mess will be more destructive’))……so batten down the hatches, folks. your next president is going to make a real mess. and many of you will have voted for him.

        • i wonder what the outcome would be if no sheeple or others went out and voted, no votes at all on election day? what would they do?

          • the state electors would be happy??

      47. WATCH the video on the bottom right. “reality check”. All is not lost for RP. Actually if you are a RP guy, it will boost (almost) make your day.

      48. Since Gerald Celente’s ‘Civil War’ prediction of last year, executive orders NDAA CISPA and National Defense Resources Preparedness were signed into law by President Obama, which are both politically damaging actions taken by a sitting president.

        And most recently, requests made by the US Army for 800 Million 5.56 , 7.62 , etc etc and the DHS for the procurement of 750 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition only fuels speculation of an upcoming tragic event expected on American soil.

        These major events, as shocking to the American people as they are, have taken place during an election year.

        Escalating preparatory activities by the executive branch and DHS throughout the last decade—from the Patriot Act, to countless executive orders drafted to suspend (or strip) American civil liberties “are just the beginning” of the nightmare to come, Hagmann said.

        He added, “It’s going to get so much worse toward the election, and I’m not even sure we’re going to have an election in this country. It’s going to be that bad, and this, as well, is coming from my sources. But one source in particular said, ‘look, you don’t understand how bad it is.’ This stuff is real; these people, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), they are ready to fight the American people.”

        TruNews‘ Wiles asked Hagmann: who does the DHS expect to fight, in particular? Another North versus South, the Yankees against the Confederates? Hagmann stated the situation is far worse than a struggle between any two factions within the U.S.; it’s an anticipated nationwide emergency event centered on the nation’s currency.

        “What they [DHS] are expecting, and again, this is according to my sources, what they’re expecting is the un-sustainability of the American dollar,” Hagmann said. “And we know for a fact that we can no longer service our debt. There’s going to be a period of hyperinflation . . . the dollar will be worthless . . . The economic collapse will be so severe, people won’t be ready for this.”

        *** ARE YOU “PREPARED ENOUGH” PREPPER to Fight a CIVIL WAR against your own Foreign Banker Illuminatti Zionist Mafia Controlled Federal Government ???

        *** TRUTH: This is Very Real … It Is Coming – Prepare!!!


        • That is a super story I had heard about him before. thanks! Super cool story that everyone should read…

      49. Wisconsin governor Walker cut state deficit by billions, mainly by requiring govt employees to kick in a little for their health insurance and almost eliminating overtime.

        For gov Walker’s fine job, the democrats in the state got enough recall signatures and a recall election is in a few weeks.

        Imaging president Paul’s first bill to reduce the debt, even for one cent.

        Enjoy your life for the moment, for these are the best of times, for what is to come will wreck all lives.

        We fell off the cliff in 1871-1873, it has been a 60 trillion mile cliff, you are in freefall, and we will hit the bottom at any time without warning.

        • Bob:don’t forget to add the fact that Walker ALSO cut the taxes paid by the UBER-RICH in his state as he pushed to “reduce” the living standards of teachers state-wide.IF he had raised taxes and STILL needed the teachers to “kick-in” it would be a different story.Walker is a stooge of the Koch brothers,no more no less.A “vacation” back to reality is just what our boy Walker needs.Your comparison of Walker to Ron Paul reeks of one of the Koch “SHILLS”who are highly paid to justify the demagogues financed by them on sites like this one…..
          But you of course knew that already when you wrote that fatuous piece.
          Have a nice day!
          There aren’t many of them left for any of us (including the Koch brothers)!!!

          • Shut your pie hole you freaking Libtard, sold out leftist socialist pig!!!!

      50. Mac,

        I wrote a post this morning at 8:26, it is now 3:54, is there a reason why my posts take anywheres from 3 and one half to 7 and one half hours and counting, to show up?

        • Yes, I have a legit reason today…sorry for the delay, but was up all night working the day job so couldn’t get to the queues until now. We have a new moderator in the works that will be watching this stuff more closely in the future.

          Thanks for posting all, and thank you for your patience with Queue moderation recently.


          • T?

      51. Don’t know what you all are smoke’n, Paul will be lucky to even be allowed into the Republcrats convention, hell he might not even get a table at Bern’s steakhouse?

        • I love smoking me some socialist pigs! “Fire them bitches up boys!”

          What you got against smokers?!?

          Your man says that he smoked and that he inhaled… “I smoked marijuana, cause what’s the point if you don’t” BHO –

          • Try writing your post again and this time try making some sense, O.K. Libertard?

            • 🙂 thanks for the IPA…

      52. What is stopping the economy from growing?

        (1)Lack of cheap energy. The industrial economy is fueled by energy, and energy allows a tremendous amount of output as compared to an economy without energy. Expensive energy is caused by more energy being used to acquire energy, leaving less and less net energy profit. As a consequence of the end of cheap energy, industrial output is being squeezed. This is a long term problem, progressively getting worse, which is having devastating consequences. Clearly drilling down 30,000 feet in the Gulf, going to extreme places like far Northern latitudes, and resorting to tar sands and oil shale show where we are on the cost curve.

        (2)Debt. We have a monetary system that creates boom and bust, and causes serious mis-allocation of resources. All of these create instability in the economy. One of the ways resources are mis-allocated is that a huge amount of wealth is transferred to the banking and financial sector out of the pockets of the majority. As long as there is significant debt overhand, moving forward will be retarded, and efforts to prop up the current debt structure, keeping most people as debt slaves, just drags out the bad times. This alone is cause for revolution.

        (3)Government is a major problem in the economy by picking winners and losers, retarding production with massive regulations, taxation, and restrictions on competition. All this is far in excess of any authority granted in the Constitution, and causes mis-allocation of resources and much human suffering as we suffer subjugation instead of enjoy freedom. This is also cause for revolution.

        Until we get out from under the boots of those who control the seats of power we have little hope. Even then it will take great human inventiveness to overcome the resource limitations that are at our doorsteps. The outcome of the peaceful effort of Ron Paul to restore freedom so far is in doubt. If this fails, the likely course is violent resolution of the present crisis.

      53. Montana under Attack by the CIA :

        American CIA supported sponsored US ARMY Special Forces trained AL-CIA-DUH AlQueda Terrorists Plan to ATTACK with timer FireBombs the State of MONTANA!!! No Bullshit…

        U.S.-raised Samir Khan, who memorably titled one of his articles urging Western Muslims to wage lone wolf attacks “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.” But issue nine carries equally lethal advice, with “It Is of Your Freedom to Ignite a Firebomb,” which gives detailed instructions on how to ignite an “ember bomb” in a U.S. forest, recommending Montana because of the rapid population growth in wooded areas.

        “In America, there are more houses built in the [countryside] than in the cities,” says the writer, who uses the pseudonym The AQ Chef. “It is difficult to choose a better place [than] in the valleys of Montana.”

        Issue eight has an eight-page article on how to construct remote-controlled explosives, with a laundry list of parts and ingredients and photos showing proper assembly.

        *** I’ve seen the sites … the bombs are very real!!! Your own ZIONIST CIA run Fed Gov is pushing its own Puppet Terrorists AL_CIA_DUH to burn down your very homes people!!!

        I doesn’t get any more GESTAPO Gangster then that!!! This is Your Own ZIONIST FED Government pushing this , encouraging this Attack upon you and your children’s homes and property – FEDERAL CIA FALSE_FLAG FIRESTORMS ATTACKS in MONTANA!!!

        ummmmmm WTF???


        • I’d also like to Remind you ALL that KILLERY Lucifer CLUNTON herself gave these fake CIA controlled AL-CIA-DUH Terrorists the EX Libyan Consulate Embassy in Wash DC when they Assassinated Quaddafi Duck and took over Libya for the CIA US STATE DEPARTMENT!!!

          Your Own Government is Attacking you on AmeriKan Soil once again through FAKE CIA TERRORISTS paid for with YOUR TAX MONEY!!!

          I now am requesting please asking every one here looks up there own states Fed Buildings where the FBI CIA DHS FEMA offices are and post them here at SHTFPLAN for all to see!!!

          Its time we All started to fight back against FED GESTAPO TERRORIST Tyranny as ONE!


          • If you live in Montana and don’t want the FED GOV CIA controlled Al-CIA-Duh to FIREBOMB Montana I suggest you Contact DHS FEMA and tell them that!!!

            Mailing Address

            Federal Emergency Management Agency
            Denver Federal Center
            Building 710, Box 25267
            Denver, CO 80225-0267


            North Dakota
            South Dakota

            • Tribal Contact

              Scott J. Logan
              E-Mail: [email protected]
              Telephone: (303) 235-4864

              Public Assistance & Fire Management Assistance Grant Programs

              Denver, CO
              Telephone: (303) 235-4900

            • Public Assistance
              Federal Emergency Management Agency
              Denver, CO
              Telephone: (303) 235-4900

        • Viva La Israel!!!!!!!!!!!

      54. when da looten start we be catchenya sleepen – Target rich environment here folling ya’ll for a long time. got ip adds n all dat shit on most of ya’ll. we be cutting up n shit every day watching this site…. we be hack in to yo shit all da timefuuk it b easy. ain’t gotda b siencetest or shit cause we gots peoples who knows…all dat tech-ie shit!

        Dont ya ll be all scared n shit cause wezz gotlots of easzzzzy before he hve to hit da road we got what we need got da say some ya dont look like no kind of preppers you better have som good shit dont worry cause we be leaven our mark when we get dun.

        • @anonymous ;0) no problem here bro… visit me any time… I love “Long Pork” bacon with my fresh eggs in the morning! And having a few ex-thievin raiders now broke knee’d ham strung crippled “human slaves” around to do the dirty work like pulling wagons and field work works for me too!!! VISIT ME ANY TIME FRESH “LONG-PORK” MEAT is always welcome in my meat locker!!! Ya’ll come on back ya’ hear!!! ;0P slurp.


      55. when da looten start we be catchenya sleepen – Target rich environment here folling ya’ll for a long time. got ip adds n all dat shit on most of ya’ll. we be cutting up n shit every day watching this site…. we be hack in to yo shit all da timefuuk it b easy. ain’t gotda b siencetest or shit cause we gots peoples who knows…all dat tech-ie shit!

        Dont ya ll be all scared n shit cause wezz gotneedlots of easzzzzy before he hve to hit da road we got what we got da say some ya dont look like no kind of preppers you better have som good shit dont worry cause we be leaven our mark when we get dun.

      56. @mac- Hey, Up above I made 5 statements(3 dumb,2 when I realized I miss read him) in a row to republicae, and I didn’t see ANY of his posts in between my comments at the time(or on the side bar), then I come back(hours later) and they are all spaced 1-5 minutes after mine like we were having a conversation or something but HIS never showed up in real time, or within a half hour, because this is my home page, I would have saw them.

        Bugs on the site lately?

        • Kevin,what % of commentators in here are gov’t plants?

          I love this site. But I had a thought today. Anyone can figure out I’m a nobody, but what do we know about Mac.

          I gave up my up more than my treasure, I gave up my. Anonymity. Who’s more committed?

      57. It now appears over 600 top execs worldwide have abruptly left their multi million paid jobs of late.

        The recent departures..
        The CME Group’s CEO Craig Donohue has retired effective Thursday, 7 months ahead of schedule when his contract expired in December, and Bank of NY Mellon’s CEO Robert Kelly resigned late Wednesday amid accusations the firm shortchanged (fleeced) clients when conducting currency exchange transactions.

        “Something huge is going to go down soon, because why would so many bankers (600+) resign and/or go on early retirement if the shit is not going to hit the fan big time and soon?
        Bankers are running from the burning buildings?”

        Witness what is ensuing..

        conjecture what you might..


        • Soon, we’ll be hunting them with dogs.

        • One insider speaking of this asked…why are no Americans here stepping down, retiring??
          The answer was, they did, but left quietly; grabbed their families, baggage, and left for a ‘permanent’ vacation where their money is sitting.
          David Wilcock Interviews Whistleblower Drake

          Very well explained…if we can believe it.
          This man is extremely knowledgable, from what I listened to.

          • They are scared of Drake and the White Dragons

          • They can run, but they can’t hide.


          “This stuff is real; these people, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), they are ready to FIGHT the American people!”

          ***I love this quote so much i taped it to my workout bench for motivation! ;0) tee hee

          DHS DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY has no clue how many Pissed Off Angry experienced knowledgeable Veterans there really are in Once Free AmeriKa!

          I suggest to All Freeman Patriotic American Veterans when you strip the DHS FEMA gear off the dead Fed Agents bodies after killing them that you use a can of dark spray paint to mute the colors badges on the gear you keep … so we others don’t snipe you by mistake!!!

          We All need to choose a common flag for Freemen American Patriots and standard colors??? Like the Gadsden Flag but blood red brown , gold and black??? To distinguish us all from the traitor u.s. troops , russian , nato , u.n. troops trying to put the country under martial law!

          hmmmmmmmmmm… suggestions???


          • You realy think that some federal agents will come to disarm you?
            When it starts, government will just forget about you. No food, no police, no money, no shops just you, your guns and your hungry heighbours. Federals will quarantine your city. People around you will have to kill each other just for food.

            • @alex ummmmm… where i live there is plenty to eat, plenty of fuel, plenty of water, very self efficient hardy people – montana’s patriotic christian’s will survive for a very long time and will not be broken by just being isolated! it will probly actually thrive! the nwo zionist feds will have too come in here in force! And will be met by FORCE!!!


            • Alex

              Lets face it if a nation has nothing we want we don’t bother with it regardless what is going on there. That logic can be applied to your prediction domestically. If you have food and natural gas/oil/coal or other resources there would probably be a significant Federal presence in the event of a society breakdown. The rust belt has nothing but what Kissinger called, “Useless Eaters” and therefore is only a liability not “worthy” of effort. I think you may see some token presence for MSM consumption but if a city like Camden NJ has poor police coverage now it would be non existent in an economic collapse.

          • Very stealthy hunter killer teams but, now is not the time.

      58. To Republicae:
        Thank-you for your reply.
        We may differ as to the extent of which side of the REPOCRATS(both the Dem.& Rep. parties) is most at fault,but we can both agree we need someone like Ron P.(no matter what color tie he wears!) to save our country and what it’s suppose to represent.The combined REPOCRATES are in the pockets of the likes of the Koch brothers and their evil and ungodly Ilk.I have nothing against someone being wealthy until the money is used to try to dominate someone else’s life.It’s been said by better men than me that:”You can only put so much sand into a engine before it quits all-together”.
        All the best to All here!

      59. maybe the American public has gotten the government it deserves

        ” Luckily for the politicians, most Americans are delusional and apathetic. They just got another text message from their BFF. They are consumed by who will get booted this week from American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. The NFL draft is tonight and did your hear that Kim Kardashian is doing Kanye West?”

        • Satori

          I think of them as right and left….fists of course.

      60. Terrorism is an instrument of the Illuminati Jewish central banking cartel based in London.

        Ninety five percent of the world’s terror, including 9-11, can be traced to this source via the world’s intelligence services, especially the CIA, Mossad and MI-6. They are funding the Taliban AlQueda Al-CIA-Duh so Americans can waste their energy in endless war.

        We live in a society that is breathtaking in its hypocrisy. But that is the strategy, to pretend to be one thing while becoming its opposite.

        -black pope jesuit motto

        -Israeli Jew Mossad


      61. The next crisis will be both financial and radioactive. Hope everybody is ready for that! This is part of the globalist eugenics program. It’s not ‘conspiracy theory’, it is reality.

        The fact that some of you cannot accept this, it is not my problem, it is yours.
        You know who will do the ‘job’. What are you going to do in it’s aftermath? You’d better pick a side now! I chose mine a lomg time ago and we wear white hats. Saddle up pilgrims, we’re burnin’ daylight.


        • Umm…is your caps lock broken er something?

          Its not very easy to read a bunch of Upper Case type, just sayin’

          i guess im saying its anoying

          YELL when you want to Yell..But to type everything you say in Upper case is a bit rediculous

          I know , I know..Its a free fuckin’ just screw me and do it any dam way, but im here to tell you I find it hard so I just pass over your posts mostly.

          Im sure im not alone


        • dufferin will be taken back at the entrance to urbania… the dufferin-peel line just south of orangeville. orangeville will be returned to the orangemen as it should be…. further north we will see it as certain that the zionists vile drivel does not return here. it is not welcome here as long as i am here and will not be tolerrated… the real orangemen of grey and bruce please stand up.

        • I’m in!


      65. I put my tinfoil hat on before I posted this but it didn’t help. Take a good look at the Republican Party logo. The stars have been inverted so that the point is now down. This implies that it is now a Satanic pentagram. All it needs is a goat head in it so there is no doubt what it means. I think the stars were inverted around the time of shrubs first term.

        • JRS
          either way the star faces , it is an evil satanic symbol. it symbolizes zionism regardless and is a problem, which is what i dont like about RSG-NYSE … same star in their logo! look … message to america and israel and the vatican, if you dont knock off your sick games than we, the rest of the world will have no choice but to knock yoou off your pedastal… you just dont get it , do you?

      66. The USA & the economy is being destroyed on >purpose; It’s a reasonable conclusion. After all:

        The >big thinkers controlling the USA economy are mostly from the prestigious Ivy League schools. They ALL can’t be stupid; they must understand basic economics.

      67. My thinking is we need to have partisan politics abolished , politicians salaries reduced to the average salary, and term limits imposed…. and all governments of the world need to go in this direction in order for democracy to be saved and for the entire world not to fall into anarchy and chaos

        • I think I’d rather have my Representative Republic back than any dam Democracy

          • vrf
            i think id rather your vile boomer influence and stupid little thoughts are crushed… you are living in tyranny, communism and fascism… call it what you want but a bit of democracy as opposed to this which you have lived in your entire durango kid, i fear you are too old and unbending to chnge.

            • Hhahaahh….silly rabbit

              funny how you think you know me..than prove otherwise in what you type.
              Again..what is the point of insulting someone who never insulted you?
              I also dont need you to tell me what im “living in”..Im well awake and have been, probably way longer than you.

              but thanks for your concern.

              but before I go..why should I change? their is nothing wrong with the founding of americans design.. what we haave now is not it. The point most of us are trying to make , is to get back to it.



      69. Hey fellow preppers! Just got back from a few days away, on a badly needed camping/fishing trip. After a late start at 4:00 am to begin the trip, I was reminded of what has become of our current system. About an hour in to the 125 mile drive, I was pulled over by a city cop hiding in the shadows, just at the city limit sign. To make this story short, I’ll cut to the point. It was a sting operation to pull in revenue and get a cops quota. He had all his lines rehearsed as smooth as a recording. I was charged for driving 65 in a 50 zone. I admitted i was speeding cause it was a four lane and I went around a tractor trailer at about 55 to 58 mph. I never went above 60. I still got the ticket and the worst part was a cop in Swat team apparael standing about 30 ft from my wife’s window with his hands on his hips and feet spread with a menacing look at us the whole 20 minutes. Looking more like a Police State every day.

        • After going thru my emails; I got a word from the Johnathan Turley site that I visit. WTF is going on with the police? A speed trap is one thing and has been going on for decades; but this shit is crossing the line. I have never heard of such a blatant misuse of LE authority, and a direct hit at the Occupy Movement. I will use a quote from Walt K. about the occupier’s…..”they are hard core leftists” and I must add, “fuckin’ idiots”. Check out this link and see what you come up with……

      70. The world isn’t being run by central bankers. It’s being run by people intent on destroying the global economy so they can set up the one-world government prophesied in Revelation.

        Don’t think for a second that the people in government and the central bankers are stupid. They’re not. They’re doing what they’re doing deliberately. Obama is spending as much money as he can and he’s promising as much future spending as he can. He’s captain of the Titanic and he’s going full speed ahead looking for icebergs.

      71. Don’t worry, folks! Jon Corzine (and the rest of corrupt Obumbler’s cronies) will save us all! And Corzine and his cronies has the dough (mine and other taxpayers!) to do it, too!


        And Michelle Malkin’s book spells this out precisely with the facts

      73. eeder

        Jon Corzine is living proof that an office can we bought right in front of the face of the voting public.

        In the end we got the government we collectively deserve.

      74. NinaO, a comment on your multiple and informative posts: as I read these SHTF posts I thought about posting a reference to and their article “we are preparing for massive civil war”. Your post was basically a cut and paste and, unless I missed it, the original article was not mentioned. Again, I think it was a timely and pertinent post, I just like to see credit given where credit is due. Also, I can’t remember where, but I read about the Israeli reserve call-up over a week ago, about the same time the F-22 deployments to the AOR were announced.
        Eeder: Please don’t blow a gasket! (You seem to be on a rant, easily understood) I can guess the answer, but how do our northern neighbors feel about ditching their national identity and becoming citizens of the North American Corporation, along with the USA and Mexico? You know, one continent = one corporation, ala Rollerball, 1975.
        ALCON: I know we think of the average Joe as a sheeple. I’m not so sure. Maybe, just maybe, their OPSEC is top notch. Millions of weapons and multiple millions of ammo being sold to American citizens!?! Example: I recently overheard the following conversation at the gun counter: Senior Citizen: “I used to deer hunt alot. Think I’ll try again. Let me have a couple of boxes of 30-30 for my old hunting rifle. THEY COST THAT MUCH! Let me have a couple of boxes of 22LR also. I was thinking of some ammo for my old 38 special, but I’ll have to put that off to next month.” Most Americans are less than 200 years away from their ancestors who had the fortitude to immigrate and forge a new life in a foreign country (I posit to you that is the equivalent of one of us today having a chance to go to another planet and start our lives anew from scratch)!

      75. Off topic but I needed to say this. I was at work and my mind was troubled. I have to ask everyone a question. I know this will ruffle some feathers but I feel the need to say this. I see alot of “rambo” types that say they will fight for our country and freedom til the end. I have to ask when is the time to fight? I personally did a lil sould searching on this the passt few days. Before I say my stance on things I will further ask this to those of you who see keep quiet about your preps. How do youi keep quiet and fight at the same time. AWill I raise a stink? Forst of all let me explain I am a mother and that alone tells you I will do what ever is needed to kepp my kids safe and alive.Would I submit to authority if they were going to club in my kids head..honestly yes. How are we to form a group to fight when that would mean we would be a terror group? We would then be on a watch list for sure and dis,amtles. The laws are here and on the books now, so that leads me to when are all these hero’s for our country going to make a stand? In my thoughts I have come to the conclusion that preppers will be fighting ALOT, zombies, authority, the sytem etc. AND there is NO real plan how to unite. Voting does not count and fighting will not be a real solution.My only conclusion is that preppers need to educate people about what is happening, not by just lip service but by teaching them also. We need to take a leap of faith with our fellow Americans. I do not think in reality there will be any heros in this. I am not giving up as that is too easy ( not that kind of gal) but realistically we must think of the brutality abd technology we are up againstl This is meant in no way to offend but I am more askin the guyz out their ( for you are the protectors) when will enough be enough. After we are all seperated in from our loved ones in a camp being beaten and raped, tortured and killed? That will be too late. I am not saying an uprising as that is what gov. would LOVE but what do we do and when? It all seems so hope;ess to think we can keep America in any sense of the word. I hate to sound so dismal but their is alot of talk amoung people. alot of trustworthy news, wnough laws to support what were therios only a few months ago, so when do we come up with a real idea how to educate sheeple? When do we admit this is going to go in only one direction? Maybe I am wrong, I am OK with that but every site I have been to is alot of talkers about liberty etc. but no answer on how to reclaim it. Thank yoiu for your time and I apologize to those who find this offensive, I mean no disrespect just curiouse as to how far America goes to hell before somebody takes a stand. I will be honest I choose not to put my family in danger that is why i do not, ask yourself why you do not either. ( MAybe they already have won)

        • I have personal “lines in the sand”. There are several of them. I have no desire to engage in violence, but I will definitely use violence to resist if those lines are crossed.

          Here are a few of those lines:

          1. I will NOT be disarmed.
          2. I will not submit to forced inoculations.
          3. I will NOT consent to forced relocation (No getting on FEMA trucks)
          4. I will NOT surrender food, water or any other possessions (see #1)
          5. I will NOT consent to a search of my home without warrant, and even then I will reserve the right to decide whether or not the warrant is valid. (so they better have their ducks in a row. No trumped up charges)

          Now…..if TPTB will simply leave me alone and not cross any of the above lines, I will be happy to be a peaceable individual, willing to live and let live. But ANYONE attempting any of the above, will be asked ONE time to un-ass my property, and will be told not to come back.

          There will be no second conversation.

          Anyone showing up on my property in a Ninja suit will be greeted with deadly force immediately. I have done nothing that would justify such a visit. I assume therefore, that anyone in such attire and carrying lethal weapons intends to do me and my family harm and will be dealt with in a manner consistent with their obvious intent.

      76. Mac, can I change my name?

      77. I had been on board for quite a few years .
        with the usual nwo agendas and such..
        first watched/listened the faux news leprechaun and shammity
        then beck
        then jones
        then steve quayle
        then activist post
        then intel hub
        then what does it mean
        survival sites
        prepper sites

        the nat geo comes along to extend the nonsense
        doomsday preppers
        and so on and so on

        then none of the above

        and now it is 2012 and the usual drivel still perpetuates the net

        gloom and doom supported by the usual sales oil pitches
        selling their gold! silver! our long term inflated food storage! ..but guns!..gas will be 5 to 9 bucks a gallon!..etc etc.. to the ill informed masses..the sheep..preparing for every gd doomsday scenario since the beginning of time..

        the russians are coming

        the un is invading!!!

        the military is rounding everyone up!!!

        massive chinese troop movements in mexico!!

        give me a friggin break..

        is anyone here stopped and asked for papers?

        is anyone who still works drive to work without gangs attacking them and police searching them?

        has anyone seen u.n troops or russians or chinese troops somewhere in the u.s.a.?

        it seems to me everyone is in fear mode and exactly where tptb want you to be..


        enjoy life..

        fuck the nwo and all those agendas portrayed everywhere

        you are alive

        you are breathing

        you are not shackled and chained

        take a deep breath and live..

      78. I have been on board for quite a few years .
        with the usual nwo agendas and such..
        first watched/listened the faux news leprechaun and shammity
        then beck
        then jones
        then steve quayle
        then activist post
        then intel hub
        then what does it mean
        survival sites
        prepper sites

        the nat geo comes along to extend the nonsense
        doomsday preppers
        and so on and so on

        then none of the above

        and now it is 2012 and the usual drivel still perpetuates the net

        gloom and doom supported by the usual sales oil pitches
        selling their gold! silver! our long term inflated food storage! ..but guns!..gas will be 5 to 9 bucks a gallon!..etc etc.. to the ill informed masses..the sheep..preparing for every gd doomsday scenario since the beginning of time..

        the russians are coming

        the un is invading!!!

        the military is rounding everyone up!!!

        massive chinese troop movements in mexico!!

        give me a friggin break..

        is anyone here stopped and asked for papers?

        is anyone who still works drive to work without gangs attacking them and police searching them?

        has anyone seen u.n troops or russians or chinese troops somewhere in the u.s.a.?

        it seems to me everyone is in fear mode and exactly where tptb want you to be..


        enjoy life..

        fuck the nwo and all those agendas portrayed everywhere

        you are alive

        you are breathing

        you are not shackled and chained

        take a deep breath and live..

        and then prepare..


        • possee,

          Facts are facts… no matter who reports them. While it is true that the news is overwhelming at times, basically because it is 24/7 nonstop, doesn’t mean we need to ignore it. We need to do our due diligence and research it out responsibly. Then, it’s up to us to make up our own minds. To assume everything’s fine just because we can make it to work (or fly cross country for instance) without incident doesn’t mean things are in deterioration mode.

          As for Russian troops and Chinese troops… YES, they ARE here. Do a little research and see if we don’t have CHICOM’s in Texas, Russians in the Western USA as well as the SE (and probably in more areas than that). We also have Canadian troops here. Yeah, they’re supposed to be our ally, but does that mean we are to allow foreign troops (from whatever country they may be from) into the United States? NO!

          Anyway… I get your frustration and you vented it. But don’t allow the massive amount of news to deter you from culling through the “stack of stuff” and pulling out the gems that are really important and credible news stories.


          • Last part of the first paragraph should have said….
            “doesn’t mean things AREN’T in deterioration mode.”

            Sorry… I’m suffering from that old typist disease, ya know, “brain working faster than fingers” syndrome!


        • possee

          Food for thought. Major nations increasing their gold reserves and reducing their US dollar usage is nothing to be concerned about. Neither is a deficit increasing dramatically while the US cannot find a buyer for our increasing debt so the Federal Reserve “buys” it with newly created money. No worries, sleep tight.

          • Kevin2

            I do sleep tight..

            especially with my semi auto at my side

            and as my last line stated..prepare(d)
            just not giving in to the rampant fear factor everywhere

            economic collapse..a given

            societal collapse..most likely

            stay focused
            stay positive
            stay tuned


            • possee

              Your sleeping better then me. I have weapons too. In these times it’s like having a fire extinguisher while the home two houses down is burning, the wind is blowing your way and the fire department decided as a solution to wash and wax the new trucks. You sleep fully understanding that it’s only a matter of time before your home starts burning.

              My concern is IRA/401K and investments.

              I misunderstood your strategy. I agree. That’s why we retired in Florida and I’m typing this by the swimming pool. In the end what will be will be.

        • I agree with your comments here possee. We are not to fret and entirely consume our lives with these end time events. If our hearts are right, and they need to be, then we also must believe and trust in our Heavenly Father, that is sitting on the throne, fully in charge. As He has said: “….see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass,….

      79. Dr Paul, Nina, or anyone who knows the answer to this.
        What is going on in Israel and the knesset when polititicans go there? I know nina , you said that fat bastard chris christie is there and our own fat bastard, my MP Larry Miller went over there a couple of years ago.( An MP is the equivalent to your congresspeople)Can someone please explain and lets begin to expose what this vile ritual is all about. Are these leaches getting some kind of approval from the knesset?what are the reprecussions regarding refusal or speaking of this vile ceremony? I think the time has come to expose this… FULLY

        • eeder

          Probably to promise more exchange of our billions to Israel.


          knesset is akin to our congress

          a den of vipers and thieves


          • yes possee.. i think you are right , but i think there is more to it than that.. i think some kind of sick ritual is going on too

        • If Christie is there he is looking for their endorsement and financial support, which will be forwarded by the Jewish community in America to the Republican Party.

          Jewish money is necessary to overcome O’bummer’s massive financial lead.

      80. eeder

        Probably a combination of
        animal sacrifices
        male and female prostitutes
        young boys and girls

        and then a wide screen viewing of Caligula

        just to judge how well they performed compared to the original


        • I was going to look up caligura,but I got scared.

          My first thought was-They are probably having homosexual orgies with viaga, then the blackmail begins.

          Wasn’t there a wistleblower chick that was hit with a gage order about that going on there with a female congresswomen(with a husband and children)?

          • I meant “gag” order

          • BOYS TOWN – CONGRESS PEDO – For years, former Nebraska State Sen. John DeCamp has spearheaded an inquiry into a massive pedophile ring with a base of operations in Omaha, Nebraska, that has been linked to high-ranking political figures in Washington. Recently, DeCamp won a $1 million civil judgment against former big-name Republican Party figure Larry King (an Omaha credit union founder) on behalf of a young man, Paul Bonacci, who charged that King had molested him and brought him into the pedophile ring.

            DeCamp was the guest on the February 24 broadcast of Radio Free America, the weekly talk forum sponsored by AFP (American Free Press) with host Tom Valentine. Valentine’s questions are in boldface. DeCamp’s responses are in regular text. Caller’s comments are in italics.

            When your client, Paul Bonacci, filed a law suit against Larry King of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, you also named the Catholic Arch diocese of Omaha as a co-defendant. Why?

            The reason was that my client said that it was because of a couple of Catholic priests there started doing improper things to him at a very young age that started him into the tragic life that he led. The federal judge ruled that it was not possible to name the archdiocese—that it couldn’t possibly be guilty of anything, because how would they know what individual priests had been doing. In other words: “How would the bishop have known anything to stop it?”



            • SEX SLAVERY

            • , Hollywood CA , LUCIFERIAN EL DIABLO SECRET

            • SOCIETIES and Real American Hidden Heterosexual

            • Homosexual Bisexual political

            • Black Mail since 1952 to 2012!!!

            • @Southern Boy … all i need is a 50,000 man strong armed armored merc force with air support too take out wash dc is all i fucking need!!!

              you know nothing!!! ya dumb puck… keep watchin faux news inbred…

              of what the real amerika is controlled and who it is truly run by…

              if you did… you wouldn’t be posting your dumb ignorant comments!!!



            • You are a complete nut case! Even though God could help, I know that He’s not in your agenda!

              So… having said that, I feel no remorse for saying this… Does your own shadow scare you too? Do the bad childhood memories (oh yeah, that was just yesterday for you… wasn’t it?) make you remember all the horrible things? Does the “Boogie Man” come to you in the night and ‘spiritually’ communicate with you?

              Lord boy… your one of those hopeless cases! You are one of the “McVeigh” types that we will hear about in your hated “Faux” News! You are the exact personality that makes the REAL PATRIOTS here look bad!

              It’s time you understand… NO ONE CARES what comes from your twisted, demented and evil mind. But, I know, that won’t stop a mental case like you… for you’re not only schizophrenic, you’re incoherent babble proves you are also a classic withdrawn paranoid schizophrenic! One of those in their mother’s basement, sitting in their underwear and munching out after their 20th toke!

              Get over yourself, get a life, get within the REAL world… and start helping others instead of thinking you’re cool and tough. That facade may fool some, but most of the folks here see right through you! Only the truly WEAK have to tell everyone how tough and mean they are. A typical BULLY mentality. Ya know the type I’m sure, since you are one! The first time a truly tough guy confronts you, you will turn tail and run like the sissy you are!

              So… IMF… you’re times up! So SHUT up!

              OK… I’ve had my monthly rant about a piece of “human trash”. I will step off and continue my good evening!

            • @SOUTHERN BOY ;0)

              GOSH YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! keep drinking the fluoridated cool aid… keep gettin those very healthy immunization shots… going for swims in the very crystal clean gulf of mexico… keep eating that delicious seafood from the pacific… keep drinking eating that gh radiation enhanced milk vegi’s meat etc etc… nothing to see here… i’m just making this all up just to get attention!!! yeah that’s it…


              your a fuckin idiot!!!

              call me all the names you want , give me all the psycho babble diagnosis you want… its not going to change the “”TRUTH”” of who controls , pushes brain washing MUSIC MOVIE NEWS media, very fake pedo homo run luciferian religions and WHO truly runs owns ameriKa… its not going to change what is here NOW or what is coming!

              all i can do is try to inform folks of the TRUTH…

              and hope some good folks survive this that which comes this way!!!

              as for your “fake 2000 yr old dead jew gawd” i wont even go there!!!

              it simply amazes me just how dumb and brain washed some folks are… you deserve what is coming… you shall reap that which you sow – that shall be your gawds gift and reward for your blind faith ya’ ignorant fool!!!

              sheeple are meant for just one thing – slaughter!!!


            • You’re VERY lucky you are in the country you’re in. For most of the things you just wrote would get you arrested, tortured, or worse.

              Do me a huge favor… when you meet your Maker (the fake Jew God as you call Him), remember that I told you this… OK? You WILL meet the Lord Jesus, and He will ask you, “Why should I let you into My heaven?”. What are you going to say then? Will you have the evil within you then to say the things you just wrote? Of course not… you’re not stupid… you’re just evil!

              God created even you IMF. He loves even you! For you to curse your Creator is not only silly and evil… it’s moronic! I tell you now… if you don’t change your ways and accept the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior… I guarantee the ONLY words you will hear Him say when he asks you the above question will be…
              “Depart from Me, for I never knew you.” Then you will go to the place of your father, the Devil, where God has prepared for those who forsake Him and reject Him. Your soul, and yes… even YOU have a soul, will be in eternal torment! You want to know what that true torment is? Even if you don’t want to know… I’m going to tell you anyway. It is the souls separation from its Creator for all eternity! It strives to be with its Creator bur can never cross the vast abyss that has been transfixed, and will be tormented for that very fact.

              So… in short, you can curse, yell, throw your tizzies, flip God off, be a Jew hater and all the other things you do and spew. But that fact is… you will NEVER fool God, and He will never stop loving you, no matter if you “think” you hate Him. You can act all tough and cuss me out and think you’re intimidating me or making me nervous or scared of you… but all of that won’t stop me from praying for you and your soul, nor being very blunt and honest with you! I will not cuss you, hate you, blaspheme you, or any of the things you do. But if that is what makes you feel like a real man, and makes you feel better… then have at it!

              You are only proving your true intentions and you hate to everyone. You are only digging your hole deeper for when you need help.

              Have a good evening, if you can get your hate out of the way to even rest comfortably!

            • the “human ideas of religion and false fake god worship” is nothing more than a mental emotional crutch for the weak minded population of the world and a tool of manipulation control of the weak minded masses by those who use it for purposes of personal fulfillment of lust , greed and conquest of feeble weak human minds the world over!!!

              you can take that bible of yours and shove it right up your arse!!! i’ve read it… great book!!! buncha bullshit though!!!

              go peddle your false JEW gods somewhere else i ain’t buying your “BRAND” … come shtf day you and i will see who is right … till then the floor is yours sheepman!!!

              preach your lies all you like… come shtf day… i’ll take my .45-70 , axe , arkansas toothpick and walking boots ; over your bible every day of the week and twice on sunday!!!

              all that bible of yours is going to do come shtf day is get you killed!!!

              guaranteed d e a d .


            • Tsk, tsk, tsk…. such anger, such hate!

              So you’ve read the Bible huh? Me thinks not. For if you truly read it, you would see the truths within it. The historical, archeological and the scientific proofs within the text cannot be disputed. They have tried and tried, and yet nothing has stuck. I wonder why? Could it be that the ones who have tried to disprove the Bible have ALL failed? The answer is … YES!!

              So… go on, hurl your hate. Spew your diatribe that is meaningless and baseless! You will NOT win. God is God no matter if you think He is or not. He doesn’t need YOUR approval, oh but one day… one day very soon, YOU will need His.

            • Southern Boy ~

              Take a moment to think about this. You have no idea what is in the mind or heart or private life of the people you attack. You can have no way of understanding a person’s motivation or what makes him or her tick. All you have to go by is what you see typed on these pages and that is a shallow snippet of the person’s thoughts.

              Consider that you might be very hurtful to the posters that you attack and belittle. Consider extending a hand up instead of a shove down, if you truly beleive that someone is having a problem.

              You’ve done this to me before too, verbally accosted me and made me feel terrible, without knowing that when I posted something I was dealing with a death in the family. You followed me around the threads for a few days, belittling my posts and basically trying to pick an argument and discredit me. That’s all cool, I’m a big girl and I can deal with it.

              But not everyone has a thick skin and the words you post can be like poisoned darts, getting into their soul and self esteem. Is that really the effect you wish to have, one of inflicting mental anguish and hurt?

              Maybe you need to monitor yourself a little more and give some thought as to where people are coming from, the experiences that have brought them to that place, and the fact that any one of us here is deserving of respectful conversation, whether you agree with them or not.

              I’m not just referring to IMF with this comment. You have attacked others as well.

              As for IMF, sure he can be tightly wound but his heart is in the right place and he genuinely wants to share information from his research. Many of us get a lot from his posts and the links he provides. Many of us would do well to tap into the same kind of passion for freedom that he displays.

              I hope this gives you something to consider, and if it just ticks you off to the point that I become your target again, well, that too is always a possibility.


            • Daisy,

              If you think IMF’s heart is in the right spot, then you might want to rethink that.

              Anyone who is so blatantly anti-Semitic, anti-God, anti-Religion, is such a racist, a bigot and is filled with such hate CANNOT has their “heart in the right spot”!!

              I understand some of what you say, but if the words I speak cuts those who exhibit such diatribe and ridiculousness, then good! That’s the point Daisy… to make them see the ‘errs of their ways’. As for the things they may be going through, well… we ALL have that, no one here is the Lone Ranger.

              And yes, the words THEY say are what I attack. How are we to know that person, or troll, by any other than that? We ALL react and respond to “the words” they type. You do too, ya know? It’s a might bit like the pot calling the kettle black there Daisy.

              I will continue to DEFEND Christianity, the Jews, the RIGHTS of others to voice a differing opinion, and lambaste the hate no matter what you or others think. As you do not answer to me, nor do I answer to you. If you cannot see the difference in the way I respond to (for example, IMF’s hate) others, then I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree with the methodology that I use.

              Have a good day….

            • I’m far from perfect, SB, but most of my more vitriolic posts are in defense of someone who I feel is being unfairly maligned or harshly treated.

              I also didn’t agree or disagree with the relative placement of IMF’s heart. I am very happy to recieve the information he provides because he’s extremely intelligent and accurate regarding things going on in the world. His personal philosophy doesn’t come into it for me. I’m thankful that the information gets shared.

              The reason I wrote what I did to you is that I have seen good people driven away because of things said to them here, behind the anonymity of a keyboard. Some of those people email me privately and it is such a shame that we no longer have their contributions.

              Kindness and empathy – that’s all I’m suggesting. No one ever changed anybody else’s frame of reference by berating, belittling or humiliating them.

              I appreciate your response, and you are certainly quite free to continue to respond in any way you see fit. But hopefully you will be reminded that we are all damaged little bits of humanity and can all use some understanding, even when we’re wrong. Heck, ESPECIALLY then.

              Have a nice day.

            • I’m far from perfect, SB, but most of my more vitriolic posts are in defense of someone who I feel is being unfairly maligned or harshly treated.

              I also didn’t agree or disagree with the relative placement of IMF’s heart. I am very happy to recieve the information he provides because he’s extremely intelligent and accurate regarding things going on in the world. His personal philosophy doesn’t come into it for me. I’m thankful that the information gets shared.

              The reason I wrote what I did to you is that I have seen good people driven away because of things said to them here, behind the anonymity of a keyboard. Some of those people email me privately and it is such a shame that we no longer have their contributions.

              Kindness and empathy – that’s all I’m suggesting. No one ever changed anybody else’s frame of reference by berating, belittling or humiliating them.

              I appreciate your response, and you are certainly quite free to continue to respond in any way you see fit. But hopefully you will be reminded that we are all damaged little bits of humanity and can all use some understanding, even when we’re wrong. Heck, ESPECIALLY then.

              Have a nice day.

            • Daisy,

              So it’s OK when YOU “feel” someone is being berated and the like, to defend them, right? Wow! What a coincidence! So do I. But mostly it is when God, the Jews, the homosexuals, and the like are being “berated”. Ya know… “humanity” as you put it.

              I do not believe it “takes a village”. That is Liberal hyperbole and code for “redistribution”.

              Remember my dear lady… NO ONE is to hate others, or do things that exhibits hate. We are to HATE the sin, and love the sinner. If you reread most of my posts (and like I’ve said before… I fail all too often at this), I try to cut with truth and the turning around of THEIR hateful words to others.

              So… you see… we are doing the same exact thing, just in a much different way.


            • Sir,
              I would listen to Southern Boy…you are deeply in distress and lost in the darkness of this world.
              God is real, now proven in the new Einstein-Enoch Equation of the Piper.
              There is much Mystery in the Bible but that is fault of Rome which hid books and called them Forbidden to further their narrative of Emperor Constantine.
              Einstein said; “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.”

              I therefore give you proof of God, in the form of math.

            • Piper Michael,

              Very interesting website you have there. I will take some time and digest it. And NOW I understand your nickname! 😉

          • *** my posts are being intentionally misdirected blocked by the feds… CENSORED!!! FUCK YOU DARPA, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS!

            • IMF,

              You are a clinical example of “PARANOIA WILL DESTROY YA!!!”

              You need help!

            • mine were too nina.. its becuase i asked why the mp s and congresspeople go to israel s knesset? i guess these slimy , filthy , zionist, luciferian, devil worshiping trash have nothing better to do .. the knesset is homos, israel is an illegal state, the cia is a piece of shit, GO TO HELL YOU NWO ZIONIST PRICKS!~

          • @southern boy

            “Fuck your false fake imaginary God!!!”

            …you Simple Simon Muthaphooker… how many more MILLIONS of unarmed defenseless innocents must be molested raped tortured starved burned bombed radiated suffer and die the world over “IN THE NAME OF YOUR FALSE FAKE IMAGINARY GHOST GOD” just so a bunch of “brain washed” wanna be part of the club simpleton insiders to the religious hoax cult’s called christianity and judaism can manipulate and control the masses of the ignorant and weak minded! how many more must suffer rape molestation torture and die in the name of your false gods!? how many more children must suffer in the name of the church , british fake monarch luciferian practicing royalty and vatican DEVIL WORSHIPING child SACRIFICE cannibal eating of the flesh CEREMONIES, A VATICAN and british false monarch royalty RULED CONTROLLED BY LUCIFERIAN EL’DIABLO WORSHIPPING the BLACK POPE AND JESUIT’S???

            hmmmmmm how many more children must be raped? how many more innocents bombed destroyed? how many more starved to death? how many more countries intentionally tricked into unpayable debt USURY by the Vatican and their papal states to ensure that genocide will soon sweep the countries and control of its government , national resources will pass to the Vatican or one of its controlling ORGANIZED CRIME states in its web of control deceit thievery debt-enslavement encircling the world???


            “FUCK your fake false imaginary GOD!” come SHTF DAY if you shove that bible in my face , I’m gonna take it and the hand holding it – off permanently!!! AND BURN THEM BOTH!!! FOR THEY ARE BOTH DISEASED WITH EVIL LUCIFERIAN EL’ DIABLO INTENTIONS TO CONQUER ENSLAVE THE “FREE thinking scientific WORLD” AND I AM one of THE CURES!!!

            That’s a promise!!!

            ~Black Pope Jesuit Motto of the Luciferian Vatican


            p.s. @daisy – don’t help … this is between me and the simple simon luciferian bible fucker!

            • Keep it going IMF, I’m sure you’re impressing the “fake Jew God” that you hate so much. If you’re trying to offend me, you can’t. You see, ‘greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.’… which includes YOU!

              Keep going… I’m sure you’re also impressing all here on this board too.

              I’ll just keep praying for you… OK?

            • Oh, BTW… if you exhibited even half of the energy you use to try to disprove my God, and to hurl the hate that you do, and use it on a singular item, like, let’s say… oh, I don’t know… FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and RIGHTS. Heck, you WOULD BE an absolute hero for the Patriot movement.

              So… how about trying to refocus a bit? What do ya say?

            • Hate to say it Nina, but I pray for you too. Daisy and I both used to absolutely revile you–remember that? Till we called you out one day. LOL!

              You are right that we are sheeple, but we are a flock who know the voice of our Master. I pray to God I would have the courage to die with my Bible in my hands.

              And this I know about you, Nina: you are a lost lamb, a pure, whole, worthy, undefilied child of the Creator who maintains a spark of that original innocence, no matter what trappings of pain and rage and fury and damage and brokeness and fragmentation and wounded-animalness you have been wrapped in.

              I KNOW that you know this too. That you feel the spark of the Spirit. I don’t know how, I just do. I’ve always been pretty good at textual analysis.

              Feel free to tell me I’m talkin’ crazy-talk, but I would stake a beer on it.

              P.S. You might want to listen to S.Boy on this–most of his posts have been fairly annoying and tone-deaf, but he is cutting to the heart of things with his posts here.

            • Mama Bear,
              “fairly annoying and tone deaf.” LOL!

              I like that! If by tone deaf you mean, ignoring his ridiculous and continual assault on everything uttered from his keyboard… then, you’re spot on. If you find that annoying, sorry.

              As for the annoying part, I find it wholeheartedly annoying that in the day and age in which we live, you can hardly find anyone who is willing to stand up to these type of people and defend the Word, the Lord and our faith! If that’s annoying… I simply don’t care! You hardly find a “pastor” in the churches today that has common sense, power of the Spirit, and teaches with power and confidence. All we have is PC tickling of the ears, and it’s accepted as a “good sermon”! No way! It’s not a sermon, it’s only a safe way for that “pastor” to get his next paycheck.

              I will NOT listen to evil Mama Bear, and you shouldn’t either. You and Daisy say IMF is intelligent and good at heart. I understand why you and she say that. We must also see the meat of the Word and not only the milk. We are also to shun evil, ALL ASPECTS of evil! Not tolerate it, and expose it. We are not to condone it, nor agree with it in any way. So, to accept ANY THING IMF says (even if some things make sense) when he exhibits such vitriol toward our God and Savior is also condoning his actions, his hate, and his message. No Mama, this can’t be done.

              I hope you understand….
              Maybe that’s why you see my posts as “annoying” and “tone deaf”. If that’s the case… then I have accomplished what the Bible says in regard of how to deal with evil.


            • NinaO…

              Southern Boy…

              Nice to see two people from different perspectives engaging in their first amendment.

              …glad I brought popcorn …

            • BadAmerican,

              Heck, I suppose we should charge admission too! LOL!

              Now, I’ve got some good Mt.Dew, or Coca-Cola if you must, to go with that Orville Redenbacher! LOL!!


            • Southern Boy, just to clarify, I thought that your posts above were outstanding, and I admire the staunch apologetics and the refusal to back down–the “annoying” posts are the ones where one posts 500 comments on one thread and they are all “lite” without much to say…but please don’t take offense, as I am very easily annoyed. 🙂 That’s one of the fruits of the Spirit, right?! Wait, what?

              Also, I do NOT think that Nina’s heart is in the right place at all. I disagree with 80% of what he says, and take the rest with an asterisk.

              I just think he recognizes, although he likely wouldn’t admit it, that part of him is crying out for grace. And although we are all cracked and imperfect vessels, I have the feeling that something with his heart is absolutely shattered, but not beyond repair by Grace.

              I just get the feeling that he is in particular need of prayers, even if it angers him.

      81. when the economic reset button is pressed…..expect massive corporate and small biz layoffs..hence no income taxes will be paid out to feds nor local and state govts…hence no payroll checks to local law enforcement as they’ll either be laid off or will refuse putting life on the line for no money when the SHTF….the only local police remaining and paid will safeguard the local govt offices and commercial banks…

        the law of the land will be by civilian guns…and no US solider will turn on their brothers and sisters as they’ll not support the corrupt criminal govts and cartel bankers….these are 19 years olds. and the civilian army, filled with ex military veterns outnumber our enlisted army 100 to 1….and no international army will survive their massacre imposed by ex military, armed civilians and even current enlisted military….

        and when payroll checks stop coming in and mortages arent being paid, no bank nor county authority will dare risk their lifes to evict an armed, pissed off homeowner…once a few are killed attempting to impose eviction, no one in their right mind will support this. their wifes will insist they remain home to protect the family….

        so im not frightened by DHS purchasing half billion ammunition rounds cause 98% of DHS staff will not support putting their lifes on the line for this corrupted govt….they will join our side….

        • race

          Since when does the government run out of money just because tax revenues are insufficient? Government makes their own money and will by force confiscate whatever they want from whoever they want. The people employed in the service of the ruling elite will get first dibs on everything.

          “no US solider will turn on their brothers and sisters as they’ll not support the corrupt criminal govts and cartel bankers”

          They are trained to take orders and will do as they are ordered; guaranteed. You see the cops in New Orleans wrestling a revolver away from a female senior citizen with abusive force? Seen Kent State? Waco?

      82. just read something interesting. apparantly steve forbes is pushing for ron paul as chairman of the federal reserve! steve forbes! this would be even better than to have rp as president! because he would have more power to do what needs to be done and force mittens to be a good boy!its something to think about anyway!

        • You don’t try to bring under control, an entity that should have never been given authority to begin with.

          The Federal Reserve needs to be eliminated, not reformed.

          The Constitution delegates to Congress the authority to coin money….not a private corporation.

          END the Fed.

      83. i still have a sneaking supicion that there is something going on between mittens and the ron paul camp…. i just havent put my finger on it yet… ever since that train interview with wolf blitzer and mittens on cnn in iowa… i have had a suspicion…hmm

        • eeder,

          What happened to you? Seems you’re a little stressed today? Everything OK?

      84. Heres one for you.
        Mitt Romney/Jesse Ventura with Ron Paul as federal reserve chairman!no fat bastard chris christie

      85. or romney/rand paul with ron paul as fed chairman!

      86. that would be so cool to have rp as fed chairman and be the last one by his choice… near the end of romneys first term, he could just pull the plug on the fed and romney can step down after one term and let rand run. after that rand can abolish partisan politics and institute term limits… one more thing i would have jon huntsman as secratary of state.

      87. the catholic bastards newty and sanatrorium would have no place in this government.they can go to hell.the ORANGEMEN must take back this world NOW! its our time.. let zionism and the catholic church die peacefully!

      88. eeder,

        Each person is his own judge. – Shawnee

        To classify a group of human beings into one category, makes you no different than the president. Divide and conquer seems to be your message.

      89. Biggest crowd RP has is the dope heads…think their living in a video game…time to move on…

        • It’s “they’re” not “their”. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

      90. Thanks Mac! Working like a charm so far! 🙂

        Chris Christie is a fat zionist bastard. so is larry miller. Lindsey “war piggy” Graham “cracker” is a war mongering fucking homo. wasserman schultz is an alien. benji netanyahu is a fucking zionist homo. so is nicolas sarkozy.. part alien too. YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF EVIL ZIONIST BASTARDS! WE FUCKEN HATE YOU! RESIGN EN MASSE NOW.. ALL POLITICIANS OF THE WESTERN WORLD.. STEP DOWN AND GO TO HELL WE HATE YOUR GUTS AND DONT WANT YOU ANYMORE!

      92. DALTON mcguinty is an irish catholic bastard. stephen harper is a zionist enabler and hates the cnadian people. barack obama hates the american people.. they love the bankers and the knesset and aipac. WE FUCKEN HATE ALL OF YOU! GO TO HELL!

      93. i think barack obama, jon corzine, jamie dimon and lloyd blankfein have homosexual orgies where they perform satanic rituals as well.. YOU SICK EVIL ZIONIST BASTARDS!

      94. I have read some skepticism above and in many othewr articles about just how precarious this planet, not just the U.S., is truly in. People will say that nothing has happened for all these years and much of what is going on now is all just hype and paranoia and we all should just go live our lives. Live your lives yes, but prepare for what is coming is beyond essential.

        It is true if nothing happens at the end of 2012, some people will jump ship like they did after a year or two after nothing happening after 9/11. Anyone can say that nothing has happened and won’t because it has not in the past. The problem with this is that it has happened in the past and every year that goes by without it happening increases the odds of something occurring that year and that much more every year after that. IF human beings had changed their destructive habits and changed thier behaviour, then those odds mean much less. Human beings have not and are repeating the same idiotic mistakes of centuries past, so those odds are excellent for something hug to occur not to the benefit of the human race.

        Geophysical events happen and continue to happen as long as there is heat driving the mechanics of the inner planet. That is not going to change for billions of years because that is how look radioactive decay that generates the heat in the planet will take before it does cool down. Plates are going to migrate and collide with each other. Super volcanoes are going to go off in the future. Off the planet, asteroids are going to hit again, and super flares are going to erupt on the sun. Geologic events are on a long time span and thus unpredictable in one’s life span.

        What is closer to serious that cannot be denied is the population of the planet. People cannot say that too many people will not have detrimental results on everything. I have mentioned before the individual ratio of countries in regards to arable land. I didn’t mention though the whole world. There are more than 7 billion people on the Earth and there is about 5,175,000 square miles of arable land. That means for each square mile of arable land there is 1353 people.

        Up until this time OTHER countries with much lower people per square mile of arable land have taken up the slack of countries that cannot feed their own people with their own nation’s land. Usually there is a breaking point around 1000 people per sq mile of arable land as a country that can export extra food out. There are exceptions to this but 1000 is usually pretty close. At 1500 people per sq mile of arable land, they need food from elsewhere are they start starving. At 2000, people die of starvation in masses without outside food either purchased or donated.

        Each year the amount of arable land drops because of the land being overused to the point of it becoming worthless to desertfication to urbanizism pushing away good farmland, to climate change. Assuming even if that number remained at 5,175,000 sq miles of arable land, this means that 1500 number will soon be reached at 7 and 3/4 billion, and the number of 2000 will be reached decades lates at 10.35 billion, but it will be reached if something doesn’t happen by then to stop it. No one is going to come to anyone’s rescue if and when this threshold of too many mouths to feed happens.

        Food is a huge problem and disease and plagues begin because of lack of nutrition that take large populations and civilization down hard and fast. There is also the issue of energy reserves that nations will fight world wars over.

        Year ago a petrogeologist accurately foretold the peak oil of the United States within a few months in 1970. Peak oil or peak anything is where a certain amount of oil or any product is used up over half of what is available. Hurbert, I think I might be misspelling his name, came up with the estimation that the world would reach that peak around 2000-2005. The world has used about 1.1 to 1.2 trillion barrels of oil and it has been estimated that there was 1.8-2.1 barrels of oil available of pure oil in the world. Many OPEC nations have uoverestimated their supplies since the 1980’s to have more say so in the OPEC decision making processes. Forget about those oil sands and oil shales that take almost as much energy to refine them as the amount of energy is obtained from them, not to say the high levels of water.

        Because oil is below the ground there could be more pure oil, but those estimates were accurate about the U.S. peak oil in 1970. It should also be oted that MOST countries’s oil fields are also in decline. The exceptions to this are in the Caspain Sea region, Iran, Iraq, and perhaps Venezeula and a few others. The North Sea, Mexico, and many other U.S. dependent oil sources are in decline. Canada is a funny number because oil sands are thrown in there.

        Natural reserves are what are the big problems now that like numbers that have not been skewed, figures don’t lie. Doubters can say all they want about NWO, conspiracies, terrorism, even geophysical events, but they can’t dispute that the planet’s resources and arable land is being used in an alarming rate. This is something that everyone should be very concerned about, because it is real. Everyone can see what happens when you use up your money in a savings account, use up all the water in a pond or lake, use up anything. This is what is happening right now all over the place and why preparation for this is reason enough to prep and be legitimately concerned about it, even if someone doubts everything else that could happen.

      95. Today is a good day.

        … had chili dogs for lunch….mmmmm.

        … cleaned the shotties, carbine, and semi autos.

        … set up three more food and ammo caches for relocation to BOL and select remote locations.

        … planted snow peas and squash.

        … turkey,taters ‘n gravy, stuffing,peas and biscuits for supper.

        …dropped off some starter plants and seeds to neighbors to help get their gardens goin’

        …coffee and mini cheesecake (creme brulee flavor) while watching sundown at the beach.

        A good day indeed….

      96. I read this on Fox News: It just suddenly hit that what is so lacking in this country and many other places is HOPE. Even though someone like Ron Paul being elected president of the U.S. is remote at best, his ideas, his very presence offers some degree of something to hold on, an idealism that the United States can be better.

        It may seem as ridiculous as some superstition to worship a white animal as to galvanize around someone like Ron Paul. This animal represented something good, some degree of optimism for the future and some cretin butchered it and made a lot of people that harm no one feel awful inside. Ron Paul and a very few select others off this optimism for a better future. While it may seem unrealistic and the ranting of an old man to some people, he and others do offer something most politicians can’t and won’t give to the people, some reason to think that there is a glimmer of hope for the salvation of the United States of America.

        I am personally a realist, but can totally understand that human nature must have hope to not drop deeply into depression and despair. Without something to hold on to, some people will even stop prepping have no reason to continue. I say you should plan for the worst, but still maintain that optimism of being able to survive through the hard times that seem to be coming closer each day. This seems like the most logical approach.

        Two thumbs up for Ron Paul and the select few others that at least offer the possiblilty, this choice to a better country; to the alternative of martial law, a totally collapse infrastructure of this country and most other countries, Mad Max type world of chaos and butchery, and true hell on this planet. The wisest course of action is to plan for hell on Earth and prep and then prep more than that. It is still nice though to think about that remote possibility of a country once again becoming like yesteryear. This is what hope is all about, no matter how unrealistic it is or may appear.

      97. The wash dc Gay Pedo Connection – washington dc , hollywood, bohemian grove , harvard yale secret homosexual pedophile societies:

      98. Hi folks, Mondobeyondo here. First time listener, long time caller. I normally hang out on the Economic Collapse Blog, but I have a little extra time on my hands, so thought I’d make a guest appearance here.

        A few observations:

        Yes, Ron Paul is right. The next crisis will indeed be destructive. The next crisis will obliterate life as you know it.

        I truly hope Secretariat will enter the presidential race. Because none of the current candidates can beat a dead horse.

        That’s all for now…

      99. Tthe sooner we get this new MODERATER the better .
        This Used to be One of my favorite web sites .
        As soon as we get a new moderater , I may even contribute to your sight MAC

      100. Really?? Just for you?

        Here I sit in silent bliss
        Listening to the trickling piss
        All of a sudden a sound is heard
        Followed by a Really?? big turd!

        Y’all Beware! No TP for you. Really!

        • OK GrayFoxGreen, OK! Good try! LOL!

      101. BadAmerican,

        That is a good day.

        eader, eader, eader, Go on over to Owen Sound, find a pole and go piss up the damn thing. If that’s not close enough, stick your arse in Wiarton and get stuck on north hill and vent your crap over there!!
        Y’all Beware!

      102. In 1.5 years, I’ve been successful in awakening only a small handful of people. I’m weary. The willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance is astounding. The never-ending love for the warfare/welfare state is plain gross… and the resulting indignance equally nauseating.

        • ExitTheMatrix

          I’m with ya regarding waking up the masses. Lets not forget the Cold War Mentality Republicans too. If the US said we should bomb Canada they would not question. Hell I know a few that would argue the point that Vietnam was just, a noble cause as they say. They buy into Lee Harvey Oswald thing. I believe they’re frightened by the thought that their government could be dishonest and if government does lie it’s in our best interest.

      103. The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks.
        – Lord Acton [1834-1902]

        “AAAHHHH!! WHAT A GREAT MORNING! The sun is shining, the birds are whistling and….”
        “Hiroshima citizen who woke up at 8:16 a.m. on August 6, 1945”

        • The mathematics intrigue me;but I don’t think the site will see me.Can’t link to the site at the end of your blog. Any help?

      104. This we can understand!!
        *Republicans don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING
        * Democrats don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING
        * Liberals don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING
        * NO ONE understands THE DEBT CEILING..(well some dont)
        SO – Allow me to explain…
        Let’s say you come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood. Your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings. What do you think you should do? Raise the ceilings or pump out the chit? Your choice is coming in November. Don’t miss the opportunity

        • VRF

          You have no choice in November and haven’t for many decades.

          Republicans don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING
          Democrats don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING

          Your choice is in the Republican primary before November. Romney is no choice.

        • Oh and before everyone jumps in and says votes dont count..I know its a F’ed up situation..and I agree its F-ed up..but If none of the running parities got any would prove what we already know

      105. VRF: The party faithful will ALWAYS vote for their party. They profit personally and corporately from their participation in their respective party whether it is a job or contracts at every level of government.

        New political structures like GOOOH, America First, The Patriot Party, or The Constitution party must be empowered by independents, seniors, and gun owners to protect OUR liberties and give young people and disaffected politicos a new direction.


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