Ron Paul Responds to Finger Pointing Rick Perry Photos: “I Don’t Even Recall the Moment”

by | Sep 9, 2011 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    The news media was abuzz Thursday morning amid photos that emerged of Rick Perry and Ron Paul following Wednesday’s night debate. Since the pictures were taken during a commercial break no video or audio feed has been released to the public.

    There was much speculation over what was said, with the Washington Times referring to the confrontation as a “scrap” and “dust up” between the Governor and Congressman. The situation was made out to be an ‘in-your-face’ engagement which was apparently so bad that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman had to get involved to break it up.

    According to Ron Paul (and confirmed by those present at the debate prior to Paul’s own words on the matter) nothing of the sort occurred between the two:

    I wish it were a much more interesting story than that, because I don’t even recall the moment that it was occurring and I don’t remember exactly what he said. But we didn’t have any cross words.

    The most challenging words were said on stage when not only I, but others, called him on some of the programs in Texas.

    Watch Congressman Paul explain the situation in his own words:


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      1. Since when politicians talk like this?
        Never seen any politician holding arm of his opponent while pointing finger at him, this is absolutely disgusting!
        Perry should be automatically DISQUALIFIED!

        What an arrogant PIG !!!

      2. Mr. Ron Paul is a statesman AND a gentleman!

      3. stand tall Ron Paul. This incident just verified Rick Perry’s thuggish behavior.

        Rick Perry is a THUG.

        • Thuggish? really? Ron says himself that NOTHING happened!!! If I took candid pictures of you for an hour and picked out 3 frames I could make you look like a Thug as well. Don’t be an ass. perry is not the enemy here, anyone with a “D” behind their name is! Get your prioritites straight you Jack Wagon.

          • Anyone with a “D” behing their name? You obviously have not been reading here long (or elsewhere for that matter)or have just woken up. Party affiliation doesn’t have much to do with how “sold out” any particular politician is. Ignore the distractions and pay attention to what these people are actually doing to our country and freedoms and you’ll learn quickly, “R” or “D” doesn’t really matter much.

            Let each person be judged on their own merit.

            • Amen! Two wings of the same bird!

          • Still caught in that left/right paradigm? Ron is a Libertarian running as a republican. Republicrats and Demopublicians are the same thing.

            • Donkeyphants or Elephonkeys?

          • Rick Perry is nothing more than a Chivato. (a turncoat)
            Anyone on this board foolish enough to support him may find that some sins do not go unpunished in this life.

            “RON” (Ron or Nothing!)


          • Yeah, but why won’t Ron Paul say what Perry was saying to him?

          • D or R or ABCDEFG……Perry is a fake,and yes Ive followed him and his actions for years…he was one of the biggest supporters of NAIS(animal ID)and of that mextex hi-way scheme and numerous other vile acts…do I want rid of obummer? You better know it but Im not going to support a shapeshifter just to get er done….use your head! His history is right there for anybody to see!

      4. The more Ron Paul talks the more I like the guy. He seems to be the only one that “get’s it”.

        • If the red phone in the White House rang at 2 o’clock in the morning, I hope to God it would be Ron Paul answering it…

      5. Ron Paul is a gentleman and a patriot.

        Rick Perry is as worthless as banker servant and shoe shine boy Obama.

        • wow from Paul revere even

      6. Class Act….

      7. Thank you for being a true gentleman Mr. President!

      8. Rick Perry is J Edgar Hoover, a thug who likes to dress in women’s clothing.

      9. Ron Paul is a gentleman. Rick Perry is…well…

      10. I wish Ron could somehow steal Rick Perry’s life force and instantly become 25 years younger. The longer we have that man around the better.

        • Hey, have you seen any videos of the 70’s with the message, “he hasn’t changed..his committment is the same, etc, etc. etc”….
          He was a fine looking young man—standing beside these two, he can take ’em on looks any day (in his day).

      11. Rick Perry is a NWO Thug, Period another in a long line of Corrupt Loser, criminals from Texass, Just like a Bush

      12. Not surprised to see end of worlders supporting Ron Poot. Get your meds refilled before it’s too late.

      13. I think that qualifies as assault because he touched him without his consent.

      14. This must be a pro-Ron Paul site.

        So….it’s favorable to bring ALL troops home, gut funding to the military, and increase funding to first responders for the next attack???
        (Paul’s foreign policy from 2008 debate)

        Also…let’s not forget the last debate where he threw Israel under the bus. Iran should be left alone with it’s nuclear aspirations….b/c we didn’t interfere with China and North Korea. REALLY???

        I wouldn’t let this guy give me a pap smear, much less make executive decisions for our Nation. His isolationists views are too extreme for me. We need to bring many troops home and stop spending taxpayer money to nation build, but there’s a need for our presence in many parts of the world.

        I DO agree with his “audit the Fed” campaign. That place is terrifiyingly secretive and powerful!

        Finally, I don’t agree with Perry 100%, but he’s a better choice IMHO. (At least he won’t throw Israel to the terrorists.)

        • Yes, the wars are pointless, illegal, and just serve to further the boogey-man argument that the government is using to keep you under their thumb. Patriot Act?

          And what makes Israel special? I’m sure you’re not for the billions in aid we give other countries around the globe, but somehow think we should treat Israel special? We should openly trade with them, but why should we be the big bully that stands behind the mouth on the playground? Why should our troops cash checks their mouths write? Furthermore, Israel is a sovereign nation, if you really gave a damn about them, you’d ask why we have to meddle in their affairs, why they have to check with big-brother before they do anything *including* defending themselves from the so-called terrorists. If they feel at risk, they should be able to defend themselves, but it shouldn’t be our problem. But I suspect you don’t give a damn about what our meddling does to Israel, or us. Are you just jumping on the pro-Israel bandwagon?

          What need is there for our presence across the globe? And who are you (or the U.S.) to dictate the rest of the world? Honestly, that’s your Imperialistic views coming out… you’re not the parent of these other nations, they’re * sovereign* states, let them act as such.

          Paul understands very well that the Federal Government should serve limited function, including protecting Americans… We have bases in over 170 countries, but we can’t protect our own citizens at home from neighboring invaders. Paul wants to open up trade with everyone, but avoid entangling alliances, that’s *not* an isolationist policy. An isolationist policy is one that makes us the enemy of the world, like we are now.

        • There is a need for our presence all over the world? We are NOT the world’s policeman. We can NOT afford to have our presence all over the world….not militarily anyway. Much of the hatred gaining against us is because we are stationed in sovereign nations. That hatred then grows into a desire to retaliate which then grows into potential terrorist attacks against us abroad and here at home.

          So no….stop causing the people of other nations to want to attack us by leaving their homes and minding our own business. We are a powerful country. We can bring the troops home, protect our borders, concentrate on jobs here and taking care of ourselves. Once we have taken care of ourselves here, then maybe we can see if anyone else needs a hand.

          Iran getting nukes is propaganda, a BS threat to the people to gain support to go attack them. Why is it BS? Because if Iran really had an interest in attacking Israel, they would pay off any terrorist network to accomplish that. They don’t have to do it. Do you seriously believe that Iran will send nukes at Israel, knowing full well Israel is the only one there with nukes and will just strike back? Do you seriously think anyone over there wants a nuke war which will turn the entire Middle East into a glass sheet? Seriously, think. Everything you are hearing is propaganda to gain our support to go into Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, soon Syria. Wake up, it’s all BS!

          War is a racket. War is money. Endless war is what they want. Don’t fall for it.

          • Agreed. I say if we’re gonna FIGHT then OK let’s FIGHT and get the job done and get outta there. This “peacekeeping action” BS has got to stop.

          • Well said my friend, well said.

        • Wow! You ARE programmed and brain washed… Pretty typical.

        • RightWingMom, have you given any thought about Why there would be a “next attack” as you put it?

          Stop poking them in the eye with a stick is the place to start.

          Also, the Israeli People can take care of themselves, they have nukes, and a military which has won wars there. Why should the American working class be forced to finance them?

          Ron Paul does Not fit the definition of isolationist, look up the definition.

          Name One Good reason why U.S. troops need to be anywhere else but here. There are none.

          All the other candidates are just more of the same warmongering, liberty and freedom stripping bunch.

          • Isolationist according to Wikipedia
            1.Non-interventionism – Political rulers should avoid entangling alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial differences (self-defense).
            2.Protectionism – There should be legal barriers to control trade and cultural exchange with people in other states.

            Terrorists are the ultimate bullies. All they understand is power. If they don’t fear us, we WILL be attacked again. It doesn’t matter if we pull EVERY branch of the military home. We’re the Great Satan and according to their beliefs, we MUST be destroyed.

            Israel does have an incredible military and defense capabilities, but have you noticed they’re the size of a postage stamp on an average map…surrounded by sworn enemies who believe Allah will give them paradise if they destroy the Little Satan. Call me a Bible thumper…but I stand with Israel…always have and always will! Heaven help if another Holocaust occurs and we did nothing to stop it.

            • As an evangelical Christian supporter of Israel, you are what they call “a useful idiot”. Ask yourself: Why were Mosaad (that’s Israeli Intelligence) agents caught by a NY city policeman filming the World Trade Towers on 9-11 even before the first plane struck; then seen laughing and cheering, high fiving each other after the collison. If you ever woke up to who is really behind most of the world’s terrorism, you’d become nauseous.
              Israel is a state founded by terrorists thru acts of terrorism against the British garison and Palestinian civilians. Please Madam, read a history book.

            • Hat Muller,

              1. Love how you blocked my ability to reply.

              2. Do you need tin snips for that foil hat?
              I think it’s a little too tight!!! 😉

            • Scratch #1 😛

            • RightWingMom, the ultimate bullies are totolitarian states, make no mistake and know this, as should everyone!

              All totlitarian states understand is power, everyone else is a reactionary to that power.

              I always use Merriam-Webster, note the word “and”… As I understanfd it, Ron Paul favors economic relations with All nations and that hardly makes him an isolationist.
              It does not appear that he wants to withdraw international political relations either.

              Definition of ISOLATIONISM
              : a policy of national isolation by abstention from alliances and other international political and economic relations

              You say, as do many others, “Call me a Bible thumper… Heaven help if another Holocaust occurs and we did nothing to stop it.”

              What kind of bible thumper relies on the will of man to stop things and not the will of God? I don’t get that. Your statement seems counter to biblical thinking.

              It’s not like “we” have done nothing, “we” have given trillions of Dollars, when is it enough? How broke does the average Joe and Jane have to be before someone looks out for them instead of the Isreali People? Is not theft wrong?

              One good plus is, at least you’re trying to think about the issues.

              However, you say you were “active in stopping both the Trans-TX Corridor AND the Gardasil debacle”

              I was under the impression both were going full steam ahead.

              Also, seeing as how your supposedly a Christian, have you read any of the articles by Laurence M. Vance?

            • Dear Right-wing Mom: Personal insults and derisive remarks about tin-foil hats do not discredit me. They rather illustrate your lack of ability to refute facts which disturb your delusional mindset.

            • Fear mongering ultimately produces war mongering. How do people like you get up each day. I bet you’re on a bunch of pills to keep your hypertension down.

              Certainly there is an unresolved issue regarding the occupation of Palestine. Not one created by the US I admit, but now being sponsored & protected by sponsored politicians. It would have been cheaper for the US or Europe to repatriate the Israeli’s into an independant state located either in the US or specifically Europe(where the problem of persecution & genocide reportedly took place) than the amount of money that has already been spent defending them now. Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder why you pro Israeli’s shy away from the suggestion of having your Israeli friends close to you. Is there perhaps an underlying reason for this?

              This is the reason that all of you are viewed as racists, for allowing the Palestinian nation(consisting of Jews,Christians & muslim’s) to suffer for the benefit of another race.

        • How about we take care of US? and forget worrying about people who if they had superpower status would forget us in a heatbeat…Im not anti Israel…frankly though I dont spend alot of time worrying about them either,why is it that some people seem to be more loyal to a nation that has proven itself hostile to most of what we profess to hold dear as a nation?

        • ive got an idea rightwing mom….. why dont you go fight your silly zionist wars that you love so much… YOU .. personally… at the front of the line….you are a pathetic zionist shill…. nothing more…. you are whats wrong with the world.. go get em ….

        • Bring our men and women in harm’s way home immediately. RP 2012!

        • Why don’t you move oversees if your so adamant about defending other countries? this is the USA not israel. where is your patriotism? in the middle east? NONE, absolutely no, American life is worth any impetus in that plague-ridden hell they refer to as the middle east. Additionally, I’d rather see fellow Americans employed rather than spend borrowed money on a foreign country WHO DOESN’T APPRECIATE IT. Where is out aid from israel? What a waste. It is imperialism without any benefits. Let other nations fend for themselves.

      15. I hope this video went viral–the nation needs to see what an ass he is now; imagine what an ass he’d be with more power.
        If he’d sell out his own state with the Trans-Texas Corridor to a foreign nation for toll booths…what would/could he do to this nation???

        • The citizens of Texas said no to the Trans-Texas Corridor. UNLIKE our current POTUS (aka wanna-be dictator) Perry listened to the will of the people and backed down.

          • The citizens said no to the public road sales to foreign companies, that didn’t stop. TTC didn’t stop until citizens fought back hard… oh, and lets not forget the *executive order* for Gardasil against the public’s wishes, proven by almost immediate repeal by the legislature by a near unanimous vote.

            Perry is slime. He’s slime, and he’s selling you exactly what you want to hear. Everything you probably like about him can be refuted in his years as Governor of Texas, and the information is out there, if you’re willing to look.

            • The Gardasil EO was stopped too.

              If by information you mean being active in stopping both the Trans-TX Corridor AND the Gardasil debacle…I participated in both.

              I’d like to think that’s my research. 🙂

          • wrong RW mom… you are wrong again.. and a zionist shill.

          • Dear RWM,
            When you finish with the “Tin Hat” and the “padded cell” can I use them for a spell?
            I could use some mental protection and real quiet time just now…(no offense meant or implied)

      16. i like ron.lots of spunk but no chance of knocking off obummer

        • Hope springs eternal!

        • A man who defends the Constitution is always able to beat a Commie, every time.

      17. jj.there is no video

      18. I have tried my best to warn you guys of better watch him like a rattlesnake in the house—god forbid that snake ever makes it into the whitehouse.don’t be surprised to see him appointed to the presidency by the supreme court. sound familiar?birds of a feather.

      19. If only Paul were 10-20 years younger and stronger on national defense… regardless, he could (and should) be our next President.

        • Paul is very strong on national defense. Bring home the troops and shore up our borders. Save billions. Ron Paul 2012!

      20. What Perry’s REALLY saying to Paul:

        Look you little squirrel…
        you NOT suppose to bury your OWN nuts!

      21. Sorry but I just dont understand how being pro-constitution and pro US is somehow weak on national defense…we say we want a return to first principles and then we get angry when someone espouses them….our federal govt is to protect Americas 50 sovereign states from outside invasion not set up a military industrial machine that has to be fed with our blood and treasure and our kids…the way to keep America safe is simply to make it clear that if you are foolish enough to attack us we will destroy you,period! no questions asked you will cease to exist and then back it up,its that or put up with ever expanding military programs and expenditures…cant have freedom and sovereignty and anti constitutional BS at the same time…and dont tell me the world changed…we changed we lost our guts and ditched our God and now we wallow around with no rudder wondering why we cant find our footing,we have to go back to our core principles or abide by this watered down pablem they are feeding us!

      22. I favor Ron Paul BUT I’m not happy with his not being straightforward about this — either he’s lying when he says “… I don’t even recall …”, or he’s getting senile. Paul’s decline into politicking BS apparently has begun.

        • Some days neither one of us can remember what we had for breakfast, but BOTH of us can recall with total clarity where we were on important occasions. Maybe he’s just going through an MAM (middle-aged moment). And please don’t say he’s too old. Dr. Paul will NEVER be too old!

        • Or, AnonEnough, when someone says, “I don’t even recall” it could be because it was much to do about nothing, ever consider that?

          A.k.a. Perry’s finger pointing was all show and no substance.

        • Paul is too smart to jump into the ring with such a fool as Perry. Why give Perry ANY further air time? A wise move from a wise leader.

        • What you should see in this is that Ron Paul will not use another politicians bad manners and lack of civility to boost his career. A pure gentleman in my opinion.

      23. did you catch that..”been in buisness together..political buisness” (thats all it is, fuck the people, its a buisness)

        doesnt recall the moment? what?
        if some one gets up in my grill about something, I fuckin remember it.

        hey I like Paul, I really do , but this sounds a bit too much like the rest of the dip shits in power..

        Im still for a clean sweep..every one of these fools need to go..complete sweep of the fed, the senate, the house, and any representatives..all ststes men and have to prove it..or be lynched and burned at the stake. Im afraid this guy would cave to TPAB also, 2 days after getting elected

      24. Wow…
        I express a less than favorable opinion of Ron Paul and support for Isreal.

        *** The result ***
        Christian “useful idiot” AND zionist shill

        Nice to know opinions are respected around here.
        I’m considering the sources on these attacks.

        BTW ~ Hal…seriously???
        “Why were Mosaad (that’s Israeli Intelligence) agents caught by a NY city policeman filming the World Trade Towers on 9-11 even before the first plane struck; then seen laughing and cheering, high fiving each other after the collison.”

        ^^^ THAT’S an obvious observation of a truther. I stand by my tin foil recommendation.

        Back to reading Patriot’s History….It’s a GREAT book! 🙂

        • Rightwing Mom – I am surprised there are people like you hanging around boards like this. Your ridiculous neocon ideas have long been discredited, not by words but by history itself. A man I intially voted, Bush, with the urging of the neocon nuts, involved us in the incredibly wasteful and pointless war in Iraq. I fear Rick Perry is just a sequel to George W.

          Regarding Israel, as Americans we should care more about our tax dollars propping them up then if they can survive their neighborhood.

          I don’t buy into the conspiracies about 9/11 but the Israeli celebrators are well documented. It’s not to much assume that any Israeli knew that the attacks were going to benefit Israel.

      25. Greetings Everyone!!!
        I still have that the belief the we now have a REPOCRATE form of government in Washington.Ron Paul seems to be a “elder statesmen” in compared to Mr. Perry(“Folks,let’s all pray for rain in Texas to end the wildfires”).All else being said, it may not make any difference in the end whether a Demo or a Repo get’s the head spot.Our money grows less and less valuable EACH MONTH!Obama’s finally waking up to the fact that the ghouls(KOCHITY Brothers)who RUN the Repo “Red Party” side of the REPOCRATS hate him and everyone else who aren’t in the “top 10% bracket”(GW’s voter base,his words not mine).Yet CHANGE is in the air,coming as fast as the will of God chooses for it to come.When exactly and what and how severe is in his hands.Doing the next right thing on a local level and being personally “Prepped” make for a good start.As my Grandfather was told by his father,”One(small) bag of Gold,two of Silver” rings truer each passing day.Wish we had at least one true statesman running,but the odds aren’t very good.
        Best to All

      26. With the exception of his border policies – I like Ron Paul. He is a true gentleman like his son. Perry will likely be elected, because voters like the idea of having a Ken doll in office as opposed to a true statesmen.

      27. Right wing mom needs a tin hat,and a padded cell,what a fucking nutcase.

      28. Perry is a piece of garbage and this incident was all I needed to see to know that I would NEVER vote for this tyrannical thug. He’s a typical politician, just saying what he thinks the people want to hear. Flip flopping from party to party, position to position, now pretending to embrace Tea Party values. What a total fraud.

        I’d sooner vote for Obama than Perry.

        Ron Paul 2012!

      29. Paul proved he was a sissy.

        He and Perry should shoot it out like true Texans, though i would bet on Perry if I had a gold dollar.

      30. Rick Perry = a Bilderberg puppet. ‘Nuff said.

        Bible Thumper here as well but not duped by the Judaizers who have infiltrated Christianity. Modern Israel is a *fake*, established & paid for by Rothschild, not God:
        1. There has to be a *fake* Israel first…
        2. …to be the home base for the *fake* rebuilt Temple…
        3. …in which the *fake* Christ (antichrist) will sit & declare himself God.
        (ever hear of Paul’s epistles?)

        God did not establish Modern Israel, contrary to the Judaizers’ propaganda- specially formulated for Christian consumption. Judaizers are the same ones trying to put Christians back under Law, get Christians to celebrate Israel feast days, sell Judaism occult trinkets & symbols like the socalled Star of David to Christians, want Christians to buy & wear prayer shawls, want Christians to send $$ to bring Russian & other foreign Jews to Israel so they can be destroyed at the *fake* Christ’s (antichrist) feet, etc.

        STOP IT!

        “AFTER the Tribulation of those days” God will send his angels to gather from the four corners of the earth his Hebrew elect remnant, NOT BEFORE.

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