Ron Paul On State of the Union: “It Was Rather Depressing” ; Serious Problems are Inevitable

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Headline News | 221 comments

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    Dr. Ron Paul may no longer be a congressman, but he still understands the core problems facing the United States of America.

    Despite President Obama’s promises for a better, more prosperous future for our country, as with his previous State of the Union addresses, it was light on substance and heavy on the rhetoric.

    If you’re one of those who feel that hope and change has turned to despair and more of the same, you’re not alone.

    Ron Paul is right there with you.

    I didn’t come out of that very optimistic. It was rather depressing.

    It was terrible. It’s like a circus…

    The jumping up and down and the ritual they go through… it sounds like the world’s been saved. If you had walked in, just being on that floor, it would be so distorted. But that’s about the way Washington is. It’s so distorted. They live in their own little bubble and they don’t know that there’s anybody like you who might have questions about what’s going on in this country.

    And, certainly, we didn’t get any answers tonight.

    The truth is, after listening to a speech like that, we should be convinced that this spending isn’t going to quit before we have a calamity.

    That’s what I think is going to happen.

    But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to change people’s minds.

    But, to think that next year or two years from now we’re going to have more members of Congress and we’re finally going to come to our senses and we’re going to vote against some of this largess for all the special interests, and that we’re going to bring our troops home, and they’re going to repeal and restrain the President from assassinating American citizens – his so called right to do that – that’s not going to happen.

    There’s going to be a serious problem – economic and a crisis here…

    I think it’s inevitable…

    Video Interview With John Stossel (Via: SGT ReportADG UK News:

    After 35 years in Congress, Ron Paul says that it all got worse – spending always went up, government got bigger, more wars, more printing of money, more power the to The Fed, and more central economic planning.

    Now, after decades of government interference, we will, as a nation, experience the blow back.

    A three year old with a pocket calculator can figure out we’ve got a one way ticket to collapse.

    At this point, there is no fixing it.

    Nature will take its course and the economic, financial, and political free markets will soon correct the imbalance.

    As Dr. Paul warns, it’s inevitable.


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      1. And yes, we know who to blame for it all, sure would hate to be in their boots..

        probably another reason why you see a lot of chairs becoming empty as they “step down” hoping that will save them from the skinning they all should recieve

        • Old and retired politicians are not the target we need to be aiming at. It’s the guys who claim the right to print money…not the idiots who spend the counterfeit bills.

          • maybe, to some degree

            but , dont forget they were in a seat of power and didnt do a dam thing to make things right or to show the public how they are getting fucked( oh you know thay got paid, and a healthy pension and bennies, some that will carry on to the day of death all paid for by us wroking class) just because they got old on the job doesnt mean that the time spent on that job wasnt corrupted, or payed to say what some wanted to hear, and thats just as wrong.

            they stay on my list until they answer to the truth publically

            • Agreed, but if the roots are not attacked first the tree of evil will continue to grow.

              There will be plenty of time later to pick up the nuts once the tree has died.

              • for the last time.

                I’m not going to let that happen so help me God.

              • Hilariously spoken….wife and I thank you for the laugh

            • “You can’t stop what’s comin’, it ain’t all waitin’ on you. That’s vanity.”

              -No Country for Old Men

              P.S.: God Bless West Texas

              • Politicians can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.
                We should NOT encourage Ron Paul and other politicians to do the talking (ranting) only. 🙁

                According to Paul: “There’s going to be a serious problem – economic and a crisis here… I think it’s inevitable.”

                What is he waiting for?

                Citizens want Ron Paul, Rand Paul and others to propose a bill to stop the madness and have multi-millionaire politicians pass at least a single bill for a change for goodness sakes.

                Ron Paul and Rand Paul keep ranting 🙁 and jumping on the band wagon about what American ppl already know about.)

                • “After 35 years in Congress, Ron Paul says that it all got worse.”

                  — The PAULs could stop them by passing all the bills, or at least one, to stop wars or spending on PORKS & WARS. But Ron Paul never did during his long career as a politician (over 35 years )…..

                  But his son Rand Paul still has many opportunities to do so.

                  — Not from Ron & Rand Paul, but from websites we already know : 🙁
                  “Destroy the dollar and excessive spending for PORK projects, so the US’s economy WILL COLLAPSE. So the carbal will buy the U.S. for pennies on a $$$$$. Just like what they did with Russia in 1991.”

                  Yes sir, now it all got worse, much worse!!!!

                  — What Ron Paul, Rand Paul and others need to do is to STOP BLAMING AMERICAN PEOPLE for wars or anything else that goes wrong. We’ve seen many bills for PORK spending projects that have been passed, but the American people DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THEM (BUT THE PAULS COULD & CAN). Because the people never see them or even know about them until they’ve been passed.

                  • Easy for you to criticize. Just participating in presidential caucuses shows me how helpless changing the federal gov mentality is, and how rigged the system is. Really, seems the only weapon we have is through education. Which Ron Paul is doing. Get real, playing in rigged politics will get ufew little results. Its a waste of my time for sure.

                  • Remember what Ron Paul’s nickname was here in Texas: “Dr. No” He got that name from his habit of never, ever voting for anything that Washington was selling.
                    Be careful about saying that Ron Paul had the power to stop anything on his own. He didn’t. I worked for a U.S. Congressman, and I’ve worked for a Texas state representative. My brother is Chief of Staff for a leading House Repub. Congressman. No single member can do anything on his own, and and Ron Paul always had the reputation of being an island. He wouldn’t vote for even the bills that had bipartisan support–those so called comrpomise bills. The stories I’ve heard about Dr. No would curl your hair. He was always about principle. If you are going to find fault with Ron Paul, at least give him credit for pissing on marginal ideas because he wouldn’t compromise. He is right to blame the voters–they choose their poison.

                  • In reality propagandists, the media outlets and politicians have still not told you that the PATRIOT ACT BILL WAS WRITTEN BY BILL CLINTON’s UNION LEADER under his terms. 🙁 They intentionally left the truth out; I wonder why?????

                    After the 9-11 ATTACKS and apprx. 3,500 people deaths and Osama’s admitted it in his video for doing it. So president Bush passed the Patriot Act as advised and not by his own choice:

                    – to PROTECT the country and his citizens.
                    – America has it right for self defense
                    – to PREVENT another 9-11 (or 3-11-2011 or 9-11-2012 American Embassy in Lybia by AlQaeda).

                    BTW, since Democratic Party (D) have controlled both the White House (prez Obama), the upper house (Democrat senators & Rand Paul) and the lower house (Ron Paul, before retiring), Dems should not renew the Patriot Act after the 9-11 attacks.

                    Also, they should not create further unconstitutional Bills — as we’ve heard the entire world’s complaining.

                    1. PROPOSE the new bills & HAVE them passed, that’s the jobs multi-millionaire politicians are paid to do.

                    2. POINTING the fingers at other party (the Republican Party) that does NOT HAVE the majority votes, or

                    3. BLAMING AMERICA is evil and it gets what it deserves is evil and inhuman although they know American people (America) were the victims.

                    It’s not my opinion, it’s only what I’ve observed.
                    Don’t blame me, I am just the “messenger”.

                    God Bless America!

                  • In reality propagandists, the media outlets and politicians have still not told you that the PATRIOT ACT BILL WAS WRITTEN BY BILL CLINTON’s UNION LEADER under his terms. 🙁 They intentionally left the truth out; I wonder why?????

                    After the 9-11 ATTACKS and apprx. 3,500 people deaths and Osama’s admitted it in his video for doing it. So president Bush passed the Patriot Act as advised and not by his own choice: 🙁

                    – to PROTECT the country and his citizens.
                    – America has it right for self defense
                    – to PREVENT another 9-11 (or 3-11-2011 or 9-11-2012 American Embassy in Lybia by AlQaeda).

                    BTW, since Democratic Party (D) have controlled both the White House (prez Obama), the upper house (Democrat senators & Rand Paul) and the lower house (Ron Paul, before retiring), Dems should not renew the Patriot Act after the 9-11 attacks.

                    Also, they should not create further unconstitutional Bills — As we’ve heard the entire world is complaining.

                    1. PROPOSE the new bills & HAVE them passed, that’s the jobs multi-millionaire politicians are paid to do.

                    2. POINTING the fingers at other party (the Republican Party) that does NOT HAVE the majority votes, or

                    3. BLAMING AMERICA is evil and it gets what it deserves is evil and inhuman although they know American people (America) were the victims.

                    It’s not my opinion, it’s only what I’ve observed.
                    DON’T blame me, I am just the “messenger”.

                    God Bless America!

                  • @ Ricardo Pic,

                    You don’t know any better. Politicians keep talking and get more famous for their BS.

                    They just keep getting richer.

                  • Crazy Uncle Ron Paul ( love this guy 🙂 had something called Integrity. Say it with me In-teg-ri-ty. His stances NEVER change He wanted to fed to be held accountable. Wonder why no one was on board for this one? I mean personally when i pay for something I like to know WTF I am buying, how much it costs, and what it does,

                    He is a rare breed in upper gov.

                    His son Rand is finally coming to light, finally stepping up and out form behind his father. He has a LARGE pair of shoes to fill. So large, I am not sure how he handles it so welland he knows it you see it in some of his interviews.It is time to start supporting and backing the Rand Pauls, and the Gary Johnsons now. Remember they did not let US down we let THEM down by voting for romney or obama. Well those of you who did anyhow.

          • who lets them print?????????? the idiots in DC that is who

            Time for rusty pitchforks

            • The idiots in DC have ZERO control over what the FED does.

              • not true…the Fed cannot legally print the fiat currency without FIRST getting the approval from congress….Congress betrayed us a century ago and has never shown the guts to admit or attempt to fix this calamity.

                Blaming the Fed as those solely responsible is like blaming the fox for killing all of your chickens whenthe coop was left open and a blood trail was set from the woods to the barn…the sly and bloodthirsty fox is just doing what is in it’s nature to do —same as the sly and money hungry Fed does what is natural to them…

          • old retired politicians should not get a pass…

            • Anyone who has signed the Patriot Act or NDAA has committed TREASON and should be treated accordingly.

              If America were still a nation of laws, they would be hanging from the Lincoln Memorial.


              • The Washington memorial doesn’t resemble him at all.

          • Don’t discriminate; treat them equally like we are supposed to do by their own rules.

            When things get nasty and people no longer pretend to be civil, it will be interesting to see how many of those who occupy the seats of power abandon their posts so as to not have themselves and their families the targets of a rebellious public. From what I have read, violence from the drug cartels in Mexico drove more than a few government people from their posts, so apparently intimidation does have some effect.

          • GC,

            I cannot agree that the old and retired politicians should not bear the brunt of some anger. They have helped bring about this police state, they have been a large part of the fiscal irresponsibility over the years(this spending spree is not new), and participated in crony capitalism. They should not be exempt because of their age.

            • not exempt, just a secondary target….

            • Yep, and they all got rich while betraying their country and the people they were elected to represent

        • VRF: part of who is to blame is all of us. By that I mean the voters who did not vote out the Congressmen who serve only special interests. Most of us on this site have probably been trying to do just that but the majority of Amreicans have just let the crooks stay in office. So a big part of the blame goes to the people who still have not said “stop” because they voted Obama into office AGAIN.

      2. Ron Paul for leader of the New American Republic, or whatever we decide to call America after the collapse and rebuild.

        I think I could actually follow this guy and I can’t think of anyone I have ever said that about before.

        • I’m totally with you, Kindle. He is the only person of true integrity I have seen in Washington.

          • Daisy, fortunately he Fathered a son who has his traits, and he may be more sucessful at advancing than his Father. At least the Media gives Rand more attention. If he’s not brought down, or corrupted by the system. But I’m afraid we’re to far along to be saved, by anyone other than GOD. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • Agree MT.

          • I like R.P. until his latest comment about the troops. When the SEAL was shot in Texas (probably by the PTB) He tweeted, “Live by the sword, die by the sword” pretty low down comment about a man that did his job. I know how Paul feels about us fighting overseas, but that was something that didnt need to be said. All he did was create more division between the troops and the civilians.
            He lost my respect.

            • It was a pretty fair comment because Ron Paul knew what his job was. People doing that job is what gives teeth to the criminals war machine. Without fools to do that job, freedom could overtake the world. The banksters could never have that.

              Atrocities committed in some costume are no less evil because of their perpetrator wears a uniform.

              If you choose to fight the banksters wars for them to the point of selling your mind and body for the purpose, that is the business of the one making the choice.

              Just don’t come telling me how you are protecting my rights and how much respect you deserve because of the uniform you wear.

              I respect Men for their respectable actions. No uniform has my respect. It merely means that many others have sold themselves to the same evil masters as the wearer.

              What Ron Paul said was fine and truthful. What is not OK is blind acceptance of the acts of a criminal merely because they wear a uniform you identify with.

              There is NO act one can perform as a military function that benefits the People of this country. Uniform or no uniform.

              • GC,
                So, did every troop commit atrocities in an unjust war?
                What about if the troop was sent to the war based on a lie that was believed by the majority of Americans and ther troop himself? What if the troop kills to defend himself or the troops he is charge of while on that deployment? I dont know if you have served, I wont make an assumption, but before you call us evil and claim we knew everything the day after 911 or in March of 03, you might want to put yourself in the shoes of someone actually engaged in combat and see how you would react. Would you throw down your weapon or defend yout troops?

                • I can understand the problem faced by troops lied to and sent abroad to do what they thought was their duty.

                  I can’t understand troops who would fire on their fellow countrymen.

                  So how about waiting an seeing who does what. I suspect that those in the military are divided and some support freedom while others just follow orders.

                  • The UCMJ has some pretty stiff penalties for those who refuse to follow orders. Fortunately the Geneva Convention requires military personnel to disregard “unlawful orders”.

                    Firing upon Americans ought to be recognized as unlawful by American Commanders and their troops. Mark my words:

                    The day will come when Generals will be arrested and shot when they resist such orders. On that DAY Americans must rise up as ONE to resist the Tyranny planned for US.

                    When you see or hear of American Generals arrested and shot “trying to resist”. Understand that they will be coming for US next. Everyone must be a leader in that event. Everyone must take the initiative as God gives them the vision to take that initiative.

                    Washington’s Vision. Spread the word. I do.

                • Bulldog,

                  Why would you be a “troop” to begin with?? You cannot claim ignorance as a defense. There is plenty of information (Smedley Butler) for the masses to determine if being a “troop” is an honorable profession. This includes information from other countries (Great Britain), as well. The emperor has no clothes, why pretend otherwise?

                • By placing yourself in an unjustifiable position that requires you to violate Gods Law based on some “mans” order, none of your actions can be justified from that point on.

                  It matters not that you were lied to, only that you were gullible enough to believe the lies.

                  If someone ordered you to go kill someone else, it does not relieve you of the spiritual burden carried by all murderers.

                  The fact that you believe ANY man has the right to issue an order to any other man to take the life of another shows that you are incapable of free thought.

                  The bottom line is simple. If you don’t have a right to order someone killed or attacked with force, which is a violation of Gods Law, then no Man can rightfully order you to do so.

                  It takes a good corporate citizen, fully indoctrinated, to blindly accept that a legal fiction can order you violate Gods Law and that it is OK if you do it so long as you wear the uniform.

                  “Thou shalt not murder” is one of only 10 Laws that you have to live by. A war started by criminals does NOT suspend Gods Law and your obligation to it, nor can the corp protect you from the ultimate cost of your actions.

                  • God’s Creation,
                    Let us say that you lived in the old testament days. Lets say that you were told to go and destroy an entire people(Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 20:16-20). What would you do?

                    I am in NO WAY impying that we were in iraq for God and doing his business. So dont try to puts words in my mouth.

                    Would you have killed the women and children? Remember, you are being told to do this. Would that have been considered murder? What would be the “ultimate costs” of your actions?

                  • Well put GC.

                    BD…..apples and oranges!

              • GC,
                It was a pretty fair comment because Ron Paul knew what his job was. People doing that job is what gives teeth to the criminals war machine. Without fools to do that job, freedom could overtake the world. The banksters could never have that.

                Freedom will never overtake the world until Jesus comes back.

                Atrocities committed in some costume are no less evil because of their perpetrator wears a uniform.

                Is it an atrocity to snipe people trying to kill someone on patrol? What will you be considered if you defend your family from a bad guy? You should not have put yourself in a situation where they could attack you. SARCASM

                If you choose to fight the banksters wars for them to the point of selling your mind and body for the purpose, that is the business of the one making the choice.
                Just don’t come telling me how you are protecting my rights and how much respect you deserve because of the uniform you wear.

                I never said I was protecting your rights when I served. I don’t need your respect. (God is not a respecter of Men).

                What Ron Paul said was fine and truthful. What is not OK is blind acceptance of the acts of a criminal merely because they wear a uniform you identify with.

                What criminal act do you claim he committed? If he sniped someone that was going to kill someone else, he is justified.

                There is NO act one can perform as a military function that benefits the People of this country. Uniform or no uniform.

                So I guess the founders and the troops that fought for the Republic and the troopers of the Confederacy that defended the legitimate Confederate States after an invasion and the troops who served in WW1 and WW2 performed no function that benefitted the people of this country.

                • That part of “God is not a respecter of men” reminded me how most of todays pastors love to say that very verse…Followed next by “Jews are Special-Chozens with a free pass to eternal bliss and do not need christianity”

                  Which is it?…God dont be predjudiced or a respecter of men, OR thats true Except when it comes to special chozens?

                  Actually it simply means God judges fair and square for every Individual person ever born.

                  Ironic how them pastors twist it by my example above no.

                  God loves all persons equally…Except he Loves self-chozens More so! Animal Farm by G. Orwell perhaps?

              • GC,

                You have captured the whole issue perfectly. Thank you!!

            • “OUR” troops? Not my troops. If you think the US troops are anything more than whores for the pimp bankers then you haven’t got a clue of what IS and has BEEN taking place over the last 20 years. This “Patriotism” towards these so called “heros” of “democracy and freedom” is an illusion. WHAT ARE THE TROOPS DOING OVER THERE? I’ll tell you what. Their terrorist actions are creating terrorists. Some “foreigner” comes to this country, rapes our women, indiscriminately kills children and women, all for the sake of taking over OUR resources, what would you do?

              I’m sure you mean well, Bulldog, but your stance is deeply rooted by the “program” that we’ve all been indoctrinated in, through the media and our educational systems, since time immemorial, based on the notion WE are the GOOD guys and everyone else, especially those of different colored skins or religious affiliations, are the BAD guys.

              Why do you think there’s such an epidemic of suicides with vets? I’ll tell you why. When they get home, the reality of their massively criminal actions overseas sets in, and they finally realize, they were duped. The trauma, from their less than glorious actions, is simply too much. America is the instigator, the BULLY on the block. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the reality of the world we live in, today. Being “Awake” means knowing one is directly responsible for creating the collective that each of us is a part of, whether we like it or not.

              With that being said…

              The “Seal” sniper was no hero to me. He was a pawn “doing his job”, killing whom ever he was ordered to kill; men, women and children. Those days of supporting “our” troops, for me, are long gone. They are simply “hit men” criminals for the mafia bankers. No glory there. Ron Paul was spot on: Live by the sword, die by the sword.

              • EA,
                Dont even try to act like you know why the troops are killing themselves. That shows your “deeply rooted” belief in the main stream. Have you thought that they are because the government docs are labelling them and addicting them to drugs? Or maybe because they government has deployed them numerous times to the same zones.

                I am tired of being lectured about the troops by fools who listened to alex jones too much during the bush years. I thought preppers were supposed to be free thinkers instead of mouthpieces for who ever told them what to think.
                The word hero (in ref. to the sniper) never came out of my mouth. I also never called us “the good guys” at any time.
                Let me ask you and GC a question:
                When the evil troops come for your guns, will you fight?
                According to your wisdom, you should lay down your weapons because the war will be based on lies and you will know that going in, We didnt. I wouldnt want you to be accused of being evil or a baby killer or any of the other things that you leftist preppers call us.
                Let me be clear. I dont call troops heros unless they did an act that saved a life during combat. Just showing up doesnt get you that term.
                As for me, Yes I did go and fight. I have awakened to alot of the shit these fools have done after coming home. I have no shame for my time in Iraq and if you think I should
                Eat Shit. At least when they start the war here I will know how to fight them. You cant get that training online or playing video games.
                Bulldog Out

                • It seems one of your “triggers” has been pulled in this thread. Half of what you seem to be implying has nothing to do with what I’ve said, which means you are believing in a preconceived program created by your own delusions. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that some “doc” has got you on some Psychotropic(s).

                  • EA,
                    You dont know any better. When I left the Army, I took nothing except my experience. No labels, no drugs, no disability, nothing. I would never allow them to label me for a dime every month. I hung my boots up. I get no gumberment extras. Keep pretending you know things that you dont. Most of your ideals and views can be traced to some website somewhere on the web. I get my views/beliefs from research and REAL LIFE experiences.
                    I am going outside and drink a couple beers, so if you would like to spew more leftist BS towards me I promise to reply early in the morning. If I didnt know any better, I would think you were all for occupy wall street, etc.
                    Nice commando bike. Bet it will do well after the collapse. Is that white flag your flag of surrender to the NWO?

                  • EA,

                    Let me tell you one thing, I was a military wife for a long time. Gi’s are everyday Americans, their hearts are good and alot of them are God Fearing people. They are close knit, and they fight for each other to come home. PERIOD.

                    They are not baby killers or rapist. Like anything there are nuts in the whole, but the majority are really good people, all races involved.

                    You have a skewed mind set on the troops. Due to your liberal brain washing, you have no clue what real life is. Sit in your desert and dry up, please.

                    My husband did his time in the military, we have never taken government food stamps, pension, disability, etc. which we could of easily got. We made a decision to be done once and for all, our choice. I am still proud of what he did, none of his soldiers died, nor did they kill babys or rape any women, like you imply.

                    We woke up to what is happening in our world, we choose to use a biblical world view on life. That I thank God and my Saviour Jesus Christ for. Maybe you need to find your salvation and quit dogging people who are really good human beings.

                  • Yes, you go outside and “continue” sucking down the suds, drown your sorrows and pass out so you can resume more of the same incoherent, nonsequitur, delusional, gibberish, “trash talk” tomorrow.

                  • Fuck you Bulldog and your bulldog wife. This “Leftist” picture of me you’re painting is bullshit, i.e. your delusional con game. Go sit out on your porch with your husband and drink all you want. I’m not interested in yours our your husbands sob story. You think if someone disagrees with you then they are “on the other side”. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. There was a time when I supported “our” troops, but not anymore, They are whores, i.e. the one’s over there killing in the name of MONEY for their handlers. Hear what I’m saying? THey’re Bitches. They are programmed to kill and they have no honor. Tell me why we are in Afganistan? Why are we there? Killing the bad guys so the good citizens can live FREE? If you think that then you live in a fantasy world. I simply don’t buy into your “we are military AND RELIGIOUS people” so treat us with honor, bullshit. As the suicide rates and PTSD increase exponentially for military vets, it’s because they bring back with them the guilt and shame of killing people who don’t deserve to die. You, Bulldog wife, are as delusional and misinformed as your “husband”. I suggest you and your husband read this, for starters.


                  • EA,
                    the fuck you and your wife thing is really stupid. You are obviously out west and far from me, so the name calling BS is really childish. You know you can spew your crap and nothing will happen to you. (keyboard warriors are so brave)
                    My wife is far more awake than you could ever be. She has actually done the research to find out the real truth, not just the truth that A.J. gives you.
                    Please stop trying to sterotype us as something you have been trained to think we are. Assumptions are things people have when they cannot or chose not to understand something or someone.

                • Spot on EA!

                  • To bring God and His Son Jesus into this discussion is only further proof of your delusion and brainwashed controlled minds. I can guarantee you that God and His Son Jesus do not like one bit of what America and it’s military have done for a very very long time.

                  • ea,
                    no sob stories here, just the facts. I am board with your BS. Re-read my posts. I never justified the wars. Use your brain and read.
                    Let me say this for the record: We believed a lie, as did many Americans. I deployed to Iraq in 03. I protected my troops for my year over there. I never did anything in Iraq “for my country”. I did everything to keep my soldiers safe. All the stories that you have read online or videos you have watched did not have me in them. I chose to leave the Army and forget about the government because they are full of shit.
                    Until you have sat in the TC’s hatch of a tank and been shot at by people who want to kill you (the reason they want to kill you doesnt matter) you cannot understand. I have met some of the brainwashed idiots who the government will send after us. They do exist, but I am not one of them. These guys believe the hype and will gut you and never lose any sleep over it. They will do anything they are told for their next rank or for their next position. Once again, I am not one of them. I am sure you have seen the videos where the chopper pilots gun down the people in the van and on the street and laugh about it. Those are the guys who will come for you and me. Everyone who hates the military love that video. What about the ground troops who went in and cleaned up their mess and tried to save the children’s lives who were in the van? Are they baby killers and rapists? Those are the guys who will fight the government when they come.

                    People like you are worthless to me. You dont affect me other than pissing me off when you assume BS you have read on the internet about a war you cant understand, because you never went there. The war was a lie. Most of the troops are not brainwashed idiots like you have been taught. You have one side only. I have two sides. I was there and I have learned the truth since coming back.

                    Let me ask you a question super prepper. How do you disable a tank when it comes to get you? How do you conduct an insurgencey? I can. How will you set the headspace and timing on a Ma Deuce when you get your hands on one? Do you even know what that is? You may be able to field strip your AR or AK, but can you rebuild the entire weapon with parts from one of theirs? These are things that you cannot learn by looking at a computer screen or reading a few books. These are things that TPTB dont want you to know, but I learned first hand. WHen the war starts, and it will, you will need to run and hide from them, I will face them, because I know how. That is why I keep saying to people like you that you need to quit demonizing troops and maybe try to educate the ones who are not awake as we are, so they will be an asset when SHTF.

                    I dont know if you believe in God or not, but did Jesus come down here and say to the sinners, “you are evil and have sinned, you are worthless”? No he tried to teach them what was right and wrong, so they would be saved.


                  • “””I dont know if you believe in God or not, but did Jesus come down here and say to the sinners, “you are evil and have sinned, you are worthless”?”””

                    No, but those trying to justify their sins as right instead of confessing the wrong and asking forgiveness probably got on His nerves a little.

              • In my training as a physician, I have worked at VA hospitals. I even worked for part of a year on a VA psychiatric unit.

                From what I have seen there are many factors that lead to suicide among the returning troops. (And, yes, I think there may be implications that some of the medications can increase suicidal and violent ideation but that is a long complicated side track.)

                There are young men who aren’t even fully mature placed in tense situations. Sometimes they make foolish decisions that haunt them. I think the ones that have some morals and sense of right and wrong end up hurting the most. The people that are sociopaths enjoy the gruesome parts and come back relatively unscathed.

                Sometimes the people learn to lose their worries with drink or drugs. I saw a lot of drug use- the people never learn to cope with reality once they return. They can be in an odd state of never becoming fully mature emotionally because they went to war at a young age but they are no longer innocent because of what they have seen. The in between states like that can be deadly because they no longer have a place to fit in.

                I have long thought that society woud do better if we copied some of the tribal societies that have specific rituals of return for warriors coming back from war. The rituals created a doorway between daily life and the world of warfare.

                There are so many veterans, each with their particular circumstances. The ones I am familiar with are only a small group of people seeking psychiatric care at one MidWestern VA.

                • Merree,
                  The troops that I know that are having issues are usually the younger ones. I have friends who deployed numerous times to one of the hellholes over there. You cant keep deploying someone over and over again a not expect to have problems. I never understood why they would stay in the Army and keep going back. The government offers them a tax-free bonus for re-enlistment and they bite. It aint worth the measley amount of cash they wag in front of their faces. I also know many who have decided to be labeled for disability pay. It is easy to get. They prescribe some stupid mind altering drug and you get paid for the rest of your life. I am not saying that there arent troops who need help, but when these guys start taking drugs that were prescribed by the government, then they mix them with alcohol, bad things happen. I met a guy the other day who was in the Air Farce and never went outside the wire. He is on government drugs now for his BS “PTSD” and gets paid. There are many out there that are just gaming the system also.
                  IMHO, the young troops need to talk to other vets who are older and have managed to put the wars behind them. Labels, like PTSD are part of the problem. Hell you can have PTSD from a car wreck. People tend to think it is only for soldiers.

                  • @ Bulldog.

                    I take great offense in refering to our young men and women in the service, as Bitches and Whores. They are someones son or daughter, Mom or Dad sent off to war to do unthinkable deeds. I entered service in 72, Not, “In Country”. I will say I was called names and shunned by some I thought were friends.
                    In my neck of the woods, if anyone burned or desecrated our flag, or called a service person a bitch or whore, they would get a good ass beating.

                  • Slingshot,
                    thanks. nice to know someone on here has the eggs to stand up. Alot of the vets from the 70s are seeing the same attitude towards us that was directed towards them after Vietnam.

                • slingshot,
                  I agree 100%. However, I think you are reading someone elses posts. I am not the one calling us the bithces and whores. please re-read. No one would ever walk away from a flag burning in my presence.

                  • @ Bulldog

                    I meant it as a statement and not directed at you.

              • Good Grief! Take your meds! Chris Kyle was an American Hero: plain and simple. He did NOT shoot women and children, but he did kill many of our Muslim “friends” who wanted nothing more than to maim, kill, or torture our troops. I frankly don’t give a good damn about those people. Stealing “their” oil?? Shix-we have more oil in the USA than all of the fuXXing Middle East. We can’t get at it because of airheads like you-and don’t tell me you are not part of the global-warming-french-kiss-a-tree crowd! Why has Europe been able to provide their Free Medical Care? State of the Art Train System? Full Retirement at 50? Because Europe spends zilch on their own security-The Crazy Americans have been providing bases, weapons, and soldiers since 1940, that’s why. All the while, the Europeans can tell us how under educated we are, how unsophisticated we are, how we don’t have the ability to negotiate with countries who thumb their noses at everything Western Civilization stands for. Add to this-the Japanese, the South Koreans, and sundry other nitwits.
                Personally, I am all for kicking the UN and all the illegals out, bombing the coastlines 400 miles out, and sealing our borders. Trust me, we would do just fine in this country. Never again would any father or mother get that horrible visit from our military telling them their son or daughter is dead. The United States would have plenty of water, food, gold, fuel, horseflesh, fast cars, and most of all-a FREE country.
                I could finally be a FREE and SOVEREIGN citizen in a FREE and SOVEREIGN country!!

            • bulldog unfortunately I was one of the gov. lackeys in the 90’s
              He is right, we lived by the sword, we murdered in the name of the future american interests, we slaughtered people. We tortured people in horrible ways that you have not even seen in the movies. We killed women and children. some with no remorse.
              All because we were young and believed we were fighting for america and american rights, not big oils’s rights, not the greed of the us gov. we were fools and to this day there are many fools still. Even if it is not their own fault for being naive. Uncle Ron he tells the truth, as HARSH as it is. And I Respect him for that, more so then those who gave me a silver star for murdering children.

              • AL,
                I call bullshit on that one.
                If you are telling the truth, and did half of what you claim, in the 90s, you did it of your own accord.
                (WTF was going on in the 90s that afforded you an opportunity to do any of that?)Let me guess, you were a “green beret” and cant discuss what you did or where you were.

                • actually no i was a tier 2 special ops, green beret and seals etc. are called t1’s. I was an airborne ranger, Out of ft. Drumm. What we did? well first i went over to the friendly eurasia as E.O.D., for you bulldog that is explosives ordnance disposal or 89d is the mos classification. We were taking out land mines from around schools we were shot at by children in those schools.

                  I then was put in as head of a fire team of 6 ppl including me.

                  My other mos was O251 Interrogator/Debriefer.

                  See no special green beret no navy seal here. Just soemone with more then 1 mos and with more then just a fucking ground pounder mos. Also just so you know you really think that all operations the us conducts is privy to your knowledge? I see you still sleep. wakey wakey. Bet you didn’t even know we were in Kazakhstan in the 90’s 🙂

            • First, full disclosure, over the last two election cycles I have been a big RP supporter and done what I could; but, and it’s a big but, I too don’t cotton to his comment for several reasons: (1) RP had huge support among the military and especially front line troops and officers; and he was constantly telling people he did and was overwhelming supported by the troops (many of whom generally had doubts about our seemingly endless wars and other violent actions). Therefore, why now pick out this one guy who was tragically killed by a crazy ex-soldier he was trying to help? A consistent person would vilify all soldiers all the time; and that he didn’t do. (2) Given the implication of his tweet, how did he know that this ex-soldier was an awful person who wantonly killed people and deserved to die in kind? Ask yourself, would Jesus tweet such a thing? (3) If you are now going to proactively criticize and demean even dead people, why didn’t he approach politics before retirement in a more no holds barred kind of way? That is, why did Dr. No spend some 35 years in Congress being principled, playing by the Queens rules so to speak, and watching the current train wreck build up while refusing to play dirty to help the cause only to succumb to what appears to me to be an almost juvenile nasty comments directed at a person that cannot, by definition, defend himself? At the very least it certainly makes me go hmm, and wonder if this is just an aberration or if this combined with seeming support for another amnesty is the straw that broke my proverbial back and will forever turn me off for one of the few politicians I had respect for and willing supported (note the past tense). Furthermore, I ask myself as a bottom line question, when gun registration turns to inevitably confiscation who would I rather have covering me and my family, a guy like Chris Kyle (ex-navy SEAL, unabashed pro-2nd Amendment, etc.) or the Ron Paul (ex-US Congressman that last tweeted a tragic murder wasn’t tragic at all)? Several weeks ago I’d love to have both, after that tweet, I can’t help thinking I’d like to get a refund on my time and money spent on RP and have God give me Chris Kyle back? After all, RP lied down with dogs/politicians that have destroyed this country and, therefore, shouldn’t we expect that he now has fleas/perverted thoughts about right and wrong? It’s time to water the tree of liberty not tweet bad thoughts about dead ex-Navy SEALs trying to help fellow Americans. It seems to me he is now more concerned with things like legalizing illegal aliens than resetting the system to be Constitutionally principled with a semblance of justice & rule of law.

        • Im with you, where the hell are the people with any common sense though?
          where are the people who actually have half a brain and can see where the current government is taking us??

          • I think way more Americans are dependent on the government in one way or another than we realize. These people have blinders on (both willingly and perhaps subconciously) which prevent them from coming to grips with reality.

          • They are all commies. That’s why they voted him in. Commies everywhere.

          • Yes,KulaFarmer…..If you could package ‘Common Sense’and convince people that they needed it ,you would be a Muti-billionaire in no time!!!That’s the BAD thing about common sense , if you don’t HAVE any ,you don’t realize how bad you NEED IT!!!

            • mountain man,

              Nicely done!!

        • I didn’t watch the SOTU address but this line by RP “The jumping up and down and the ritual they go through… it sounds like the world’s been saved.” I call it “Pageantry of the absurd”.

          The state of the union is simple, We are in debt over our ears, we’ve shipped out our manufacturing and can’t build our way out this crap, our trade policies screw us, our tax laws hinder us, our environmental laws handcuff us, our government is a vampire and is sucking the life blood out of our nation, american ingenuity isn’t going to save us with the obstacles and road blocks that’s been put in place, wall street growth is a sham built on false profits and offshored jobs, our schools have failed the past few generations and continues to fail our youth. The government is disconnected with the governed and is preparing for the worst case scenario, the people have lost faith with the government and is preparing for the worst case scenario.

          • Very nicely stated Rickin Oregon !

        • Just switch “New American Republic” to “New Republic of America” and we can be called the NRA for short. We’ll do it out of spite towards the idiots that have gotten us into this mess. 😛

      3. We are all Doomed!

      4. These stupid fucking socialist idiots who are trying to run the country,,
        they are running it allright,
        all their social programs, and trying to take money from those who can and do make it to give it to those who dont, the healthcare crap that is nothing more than welfare for health insurers, all the while taking money from hard working people and depositing it in the bank accounts of insurance companies and giving the people worse and worse coverage and services,,
        the gun control in the name of giving the people security and safety while the whole world around them is regressing into a violent cesspool of disarray,
        where working for years and saving is not enough to be able to relax and reap the benefits because the dollars people work for are worth less and less because the banks and the government has taken the value to lower and lower levels with the stroke of a pen or the whirr of a printing press,
        the government wants all to have better wages, so they can tax us more to pay more governmet salaries for more useless overinflated government assholes who will treat us all like slaves or piggy banks or both,
        Fuck these assholes,

        • Found this site several months ago. Have been following and enjoying the articles. Slightly unrelated, but I have noticed the use of acronyms in multiple posts (including your use of “NOMI”). What does it represent?

          • NOMI = not one more inch.

            • Ah, well suited. Thanks

          • Tex:

            It’s a battle cry of sorts. Was posted by someone a while back, and just kinda grew on us. It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

            Got a feeling we’ll all be dancing to it soon.

            KySSG . . . out.

          • Tex,

            And the rest of it is CATIMF = Come And Take It M—– F—-…

            And welcome to the site brother Texan, Keep your eyes on the skies and the highways for intel.. we all do..



        • kulafarmer , thank you for acknowledging Ovomitcare is about welfare for the insurers ! I’ve not seen many comments in regards to that ! After finding out last week our deductible went up from
          $ 150 a year to $2750 , up some 16 times , I now realize how true it is . Americans will be mandated to hand our money over to the shysters who will not have to pay diddly out with several government panels denying us care ! What a LIE , what a fiasco !!!!!

          • You’re lucky Julie, mine has gone up to $9000!!!!

      5. Theory: The Vatican knows something is going down soon. I believe that they themselves contribute to the mystique of the Papal Prophesy and keep it going. They prob whispered in the ear of the current Pope that it is time for the 112th. They want to ensure that he is in when whatever happens, happens.

        Theory 2: Obama does not want the SHTF…..yet. He is preparing for it with all of the things we see (Huge ammo buildup, fusion camps, realistic urban training exercises, executive orders, body bags, etc.). He is aware that it will go down relatively soon but that there is an unpredictable nature to things. His goal is to keep the farce going until the 2014 elections when the House fills with Dems. Then his changing of the Constitution is all legit. This is the “wet dream”. And so far, so good. He has pushed and pushed and none of us has done a damn thing about it except type on these damn websites. The MSM has his back and anyone with an oposing view is a zealot freak, fringe kook teabagger. However, he is ok if things turn south sooner rather than later. He is prepared (as should we be). The world collectively knows something will pop soon. Stevie Wonder could see this coming.

        • I agree with everything you just said.. You stated

          “none of us has done a damn thing about it except type on these damn websites”..

          I agree with this statement. But truth is, I don’t think people know what to do to change it. Noone is giving advice on where to start, where to go, what do we sign. To many petitions floating around and never do all the signatures end up on one petition. and even so, the government makes their own rules.

          Truth is, most are asleep and they won’t wake up until they see when something is actually happening to them. It will be to late by then.

          So if anyone has suggestions on what to do to take part in keeping the constitution in place without just writing on these sites which get us nowhere, that would be a step forward. But like I said, they make their own rules regardless.

          It’s such a shame to because there are so many more of us than them.

          • @harmony they will not take anyone serious unless we are large in numbers. I would say the first is to organize on a LARGE scale.
            said this in another post a few days ago:

            We have had gun appreciation day, we have had the small marches on the state capitols ( how did this go anyone know?). This was last week, t his was last month. The time to slow down is not now Keep the momentum going, what have we done this month? what have we done this week?

            Maybe it is time to start more militias, have multiple militias in ranks, in formations, in mass numbers. MLK had his million man march. We need a Million Militiamen March. We need to gather and let them SEE not just our words but our bodies and not 1000 not 10000 we need 10’s of 1000’s. Will we get this? who knows.

            What we need is that V moment when hundreds of thousands of people march on DC. We need to be heard FOR REAL not on these sites. All we do is tell each other the shit we already know. New ppl trickle thru yes and find some of the info and it opens their eyes. We need more. Not everyone is to spread the word, some people need to pound the pavement, some people need to march, and some people need to fight.

            We say NOMI here. Guess what? They have moved another inch nice slogan we got, wish it stood for something more then our own angst.

      6. The sad thing is, the majority of Americans CHOOSE to remain blissfully unaware of these problems or listen to someone like Paul who actually has sense. They’re too busy tweeting and voting for an American Idol. Then, when a super storm rips apart their home and region, they expect the government to swoop in and save the day-contrary to ALL the examples of the governments inability to actually do so (Katrina, Sandy, etc..).
        People will continue to vote for whichever ass-hole is media approved.
        But hey, they’ll get an Obama-phone, so it’s all good, right?

      7. serious problems? Just like the end of the world you preppers keep claiming for the past 10 years. There is a reason the government is interfering so much more now than before. Its because of preppers. I hope you people wise up one day and see that you’re spending money and wasting time on prepping is causing this mess.

        Have you seen the show preppers? You all are just as crazy. You need to understand that the world is not out to get you. I hope you watched the state of the union last night and saw what our great leader wants for us. You people are just blind and scared. It’s ok.

        Obama ’16

        • Wish I had more of those red thumbs. Anyone know where I can get ’em in bulk?

          KySSG . . . out.

          • Yah, just pullum outta finx’s ass! Unlimited supply.

            • He kinda has a point. Paul couldn’t get much more than tiny portion of votes in the primary. He either lied or didn’t read the news letter he sent out for over 30 years. Paul and rand are one trick ponies who live off the nutty prepper ilk. Your new republic can’t take off with the small number of goofy fuck prepper types. You are all chicken little dipshits who all ways think the fall is almost upon us. ( for decades ). Keep your little club going and leave us all alone.

              • Lick,
                Leave you alone? No one made you show up here. just what is it you lick? hate to even think of what life forms you hang out with.

                • Lick yo wife.

              • At least we can spell.

          • KySSG,

            Is it just me but when a comment is hidden I have to read..Ha guess thats why I never played well with others. Tell me no and I will make sure to get it done..



            • Yep, I have to read ’em too. Ha.

              KySSG . . . out.

            • lick and finx 🙂 Im not a prepper. what now? 🙂 the preppers may not be spending their monies the way you would like them to but then again who cares what you think about how other people spend their money? say you want to be left alone but yet your talking shit to the people here and not leaving them alone? It is your right as under the 1st amendment and I would never tell you to stop 🙂

              But remember even the preppers are stimulating the economy. The buy products from companies every day, it is a #10 can or it is a water filter, or it is a solar pannel or even a little blue jug to store water. They have become self sufficient in many areas. Like we used to be just a little over a 120 years ago.

              Millions of guns and ammo has been sold to americans lately. Guess what? they are paying taxes on their purchases ( in most cases 🙂 they are stimulating local economies even in states like NY that has such strict gun control laws now. What are the thousands of welfare mommas who are useless and when I say welfare mommas I mean the ones who don’t even try to help themselves out of the pit they are in.

              @dps LOL me too if it is hidden I JUST GOT TO SEE IT! wonder if it is backlash form all the scouring we do on the web searching shit out?

        • Readers. Please don’t be baited by finx. Just don’t rate his comment. Trekker Out. Tempted but not Hooked!

          • No one took your silly shit advice.

            • lick,
              Such a wit like yours should get over to Daily KOS where you will seem to be a veritable genius.

            • Lick, thanks for your input. Looks like your popular too. Lot’s of good people on this site, a FEW thumbs up, are better than what you get. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • @finx….

          You are a certifiable moron.

        • “There is a reason the government is interfering so much more now than before. Its because of preppers”

          BWAAAAHAAAAAHAAA ROFLMAO. Ummkay. Thanks for playing. Man, I hope you just forgot your sarcasm tag.

          • wait wait he is right the government HAS been more active because of preppers…. But not for the reason he is implying, they are more active and interfering because they know we are on to them and they know more and more are awake and waking up every day because of you guys. So in essence if we think about it he is right that they are more active because of the survivalists and the preppers ( had to add the survivalist part for some of us here are not preppers or well what they would classify as a prepper anyhow )

        • I normally don’t like to feed the trolls but…

          Yes, please elaborate how my preparations were wasted when Hurricane Sandy decided to hover over my house for a few days and give my area nature’s version of a high colonic. Remember a few years ago when “Snowmageddon” covered the same area and people were without power for weeks? Yes, it was crazy of me to have food, water, backup power and heat. I’m a nutjob. You got me.

          You are right about one thing, the show Doomsday Preppers does feature crazy people and they also misconstrue much of what is really said to purposely get ratings- that’s how TV works.

          • Yep hate to respond but did it anyway.

        • Another one of Barry’s cyber warriors….eh Finx?

        • Thats alright spincter, the voices in my hear are my friends.

          • head (not hear).

        • I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or just plain ignorance on finx’s post? Can someone help me out here?

          • Just bat shit crazy…

        • finx….finks? Your total lack of awareness is stunning..”our great leader”? are you daft?…this Republic is NOT YET a communist or socialist Nation…..obama 2016??? Not hardly. Hope they pay you decently for commenting bs in order to garner responses…

      8. God Bless Dr. Paul. The willful ignorance in DC knows no bounds and the State of the dis-Union speech proves it, yet again. Squirrel away what you can. If I’m wrong you are ahead a few groceries, never a bad thing. If I’m right…. Clay

      9. BOO HOO. The constitution is dead. It’s been obsolete since the 1900’s. I would love Feinstien to write a new one. MAybe one that doesnt allow crazies to get guns. Who’s with me!

        • Hey troll, nice try!

          • You responded to the troll?

            • Such a nit wit you are. Very entertaining.

          • Fink & Lick= Sayanim-Hasbara-agents for mossad.

        • If you don’t like MY United States and MY constitution, get out!!! And take your government cheese!

          • If you don’t like MY president get the fuck out.

        • Finx gave me an idea. How are we going to prevent our country from getting in this situation again, our grand children or ancestors will begin to take freedoms for granted starting a cycle of destruction.
          Could we add an amendment barring Marxism/progressivism?
          Could we remove the groups that suport progressivism?
          How would we keep the culture a true liberty loving culture, not the disgusting, degenerate filth we call “culture” we have know.
          How will we adjust to new technology?

          If we win liberty in the future we need to ensure it lasts longer than it did after the Revolutionary War.

          • The NWO was brought to US by Republicans AND Democrats. “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance”.

            Engage. Washington’s Vision.

            • I’m ready to just let DC borrow & spend whatever they want. It’ll suck canal water, but we might as well get it over with. Just like a rotting tooth, it ain’t gonna get better on it’s own. Iceland=FIFO.

          • I can not agree with the idea of amending the constitution.

            Even for the betterment of the country.

            It would make us just like them. Changing that which once made us great. It would make it so we are trying to conform the citizens. We would be voiding the first amendment. And because of peoples beliefs you want to remove them?

            tyrannical we will become with that line of thinking. We would have to find a way to keep our liberty without taking the liberty of others.

        • NOMI FOAD

        • @ cockraoch finx. You have to be incredibly stupid or just looking for attention. Ron Paul is a hard core realist and can see what is happening with BO and the never ending debt. Go to a credit counsellor and see what happens to people that keep setting their credit limit higher and higher, they go bankrupt. The U.S. CANNOT continue to not stop the debt from skyrocketing into the stratosphere. I look at your comments and it appears you are just trying to irritate everyone like a screaming caged bird wanting someone to notice it, or like a hissing cockroach named finx wanting out of its terrarium or to be fed its daily meal of garbage.


          • Thumbs down for going junior high.

        • I am buddy just tell me where you are so we can hook up


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        • LOl..ask him if he has any ammo for all those guns he’s selling…what he’s got are a bunch of black scary looking baseball bats

          • if you need ammo go to cheaperthandirt dot com ;0P

            • ATC. Just wondering. Last month were’nt we boycotting cheaperthandirt. I was thinking that cheaper and dick’s was our enemy. How soon we forget! Or am I mistaken.Someone please correct me so I’ll know. Trekker Out. Honor Few and Fear None!

              • hmmmmmmmm decisions decisions … boycott or stock up on ammo ???

                ;0P at this point in the globalist nwo zog take over the world game i’m thinking getting stocked up is more important , might just save a life – Mine .

                but that’s just me .

                i’m gonna buy from whomever “gots the goods” at the cheapest price and shipping .

                i’ll go back to boycotting them after my ammo chest is full . ;0P psszzzt


                • ATC, please don’t take this as an attack, but good idea. If you don’t need anything they have, don’t buy it from them. Now that’s boycotting! Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • Cheaper can suck my lug nuts. Won’t buy anything from them or Dick’s or Walmart or Kmart or any other asswipe Obama sucking corp. I am only 42 and already an old prude. No more Stallone flicks, (and many other hollylibs). Really a good thing. Needed something to make me utilize my time better anyhow.

              • yea I aint getting nothing from them and am still telling folks about there screw you in the ass prices.

      11. Last night during the speech he kept harping on the 2nd amendment and pulling on emotions by repeating “They deserve a vote! They deserve a vote!”

        I kept adding on “and American’s deserve due process Mr Dronestriker!”

        The entire event made me sick to my stomach. Mr Charisma, who can wow an audience of kool-aid drinkers and claim everything is going great, is second only to the Devil whose greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

        My parents, close to retirement, called me the other day and said that they’ve converted their spare bedroom closet into a pantry and suggested that I do the same not knowing my entire basement could feed me for over a year. Point is, my parents are clueless about most world events and when THEY are catching on, something’s up.

        Mark my words, in 2014-15 when he gets full control of congress, this country will change in ways that make our worries today seem like children fighting in a sandbox over a toy.

        Leading into this year, I felt I was good with my preps, only picking up the occasional thing here or there. Two months in now, I feel I need to double everything I have.

        • many lawmakers are now bent on enacting national gun-control laws, and too many of their opponents are debating the merits of these laws when they should be questioning their constitutionality. They will continue to do so unless the American public asks them the fundamental questions about the source of their authority and demand a reasoned response.

          congress doesnt have this authority, and neither does the any “law” they null and void and a smoke screen..and they are pissed that this is a fact,, so it needs to be pushed in their face at every possibility

        • Where ya gonna poop?

          ‘Cause everyyybody pooooops…


          (sung to REM).

          I found something on composting it. Doesn’t that give you cholera?? Heck if I know but I’m out of any other ideas…

          • The Humanure Handbook can be found for free all over the web if you look hard enough. There are also composting toilets you can get.

            As I understand it you can also make a mini septic tank out of blue plastic 55 gallon drums, that would handle the poop of 1 or 2 people. I can’t remember where I saw the plans for that though. Good for trailer living with no official utilities.

            If you compost poop, keep it far away from your water source and let it decompose for 2 years before you use it as manure. This requires there to be several piles, one for each year. Another way to do it is have an outhouse and when it gets full, plant a tree on top of it and dig you another outhouse somewhere else. In a city, you’re probably not going to be able to control where others poop, so get out of there as there will be rampant cholera.

        • SOTU??? SOTU??? All I could think about when I saw his mug on TV again was STFU!!!

      12. I don’t know about anyone else, well I do, but my business sucks right now and has since 2009. Each year has seen a decline but everything else continues to rise. Now our small community, strapped with a bond debt they can’t pay, wants to institute a property tax. Fortunatly “We the People” will get to vote on it and it will go down to defeat and they know it. If it goes down, they tell us they will have to cut “non essential” services. I ask, what the hell do we have “non essantial” services for??? Dumb asses, it never ends!!!

      13. Right on Dr. Ron Paul – keep speaking the truth from your experience. Just wish more people could handle reality instead of being duped by that socialist shill Obummer. Where are the jobs Mr. I will not rest ? Unless he is on another vacation. I can’t even watch that slick sack of lies any more. Keep getting ready folks our day is coming and soon.

      14. Liberty: I guess we weren’t ready for that yet. Don’t worry… our kids are gonna love it.

      15. Can you imagine if we could get 25 or 30 senators and about 100 or so representatives in congress with DR. Paul’s vision? We could turn this country around in a couple years, and congress would not have a lower approval rating than a skunk in your kitchen!

        • You are on to the answer. Independent representatives, answerable ONLY to those electing them, who are prepared to listen to all view points, rep[resent them on the floor of the house and then thrash out the common good outcome with others of like mind.

          Those are the people we need to demand to represent us and we will not find any of them in political parties antwhere in the world.

          The standard response of “it would not work” assumes that thewy will act like party representatives. Not everyone is that pig ignorant.

          We need government, but not by those whose interests are conflicted before they make their first decision “one our behalf”.

          • <q cite="We need government.."

            Do we? Really?

            I, for one, refuse to allow others to do my thinking for me- nor will I ever 'follow' anyone who claims the 'authority' to do so on my behalf.

            • There are some of the nicities of civilisation that are most efficiently delivered by co-operative action.

              The organisation of that co-operative action is what I regard as the role of government, nothing more.

              Individualism is fine, and we should all seek to be as self sufficient as practicable, but it does have its limitations and we should be smart enough to recognise them.

              We can live without lots of things, the question is whether doing so is a wise choice.

      16. They get their “Pleasure” from other peoples “Pain”

      17. When all the shouting and shooting is over we’re still going to need someone to lead this oversized, overweight country. My personal choice would be Ron Paul for President with Sarah Palin as his running mate.
        He might not be perfect, nor is Sarah, but I can’t think of anyone else who would be better.

        • Paul / Napalitano. I can’t support Palin, but that’s just my opinion.

          • Judge Napalitano…I hope. Can’t stand the sight of cousin Janet. Almost as bad as Pelosi

            • Oh God… I should have clarified that THANK YOU! *shudders*

            • Kindle, the Judge is great, but saw him on tv the other night. May just be me, but he looks like he’s been sick. Maybe he has just lost some weight. Anyone know? Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • He didn’t look that well. I was seriously bummed when they pulled his show because he dared to speak the truth too often.

        • Hahahaha. Dumb and slutty. That’s what we need.

          • lick,
            Then have you old lady audition. Might just work. She knows you that gives her a lot of experience.

        • Dr. Ben Carson and Rand Paul as VP. Ron has a couple things that disturb many. Including me. If you have not heard Dr. Carson’s speech at the prayer breakfast go watch it. He is impressive.

        • Ron Paul/Gary Johnson

          Gary Johnson/Ron Paul

          Ron Paul/Rand Paul

          Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura

          Gary Johnson/Rand Paul

          Gary Johnson/Jesse Ventura

          My Nominees.

      18. Anyone listening to Obamas speech should be doubling up on the PREPS!
        Still time to escape and Leave all cities Go..GO NOW and buy what ever ammo you need or can get.
        Soon they will find a way to impede the sale, price and production of ammunition.
        Sell your gold and buy silver!

      19. Each time I listen to BO talk he makes me feel like all the preparing I have been doing over the past few years has been a very wise move. I hope to never need any of my preps or acquired skills, but I have no hope in our elected officials to recognize our problems, much less solve them.

        • Personally, I appreciate all the Obama speeches. Every time I hear or see him speaking in public I am reminded why I prep. He is not only a great gun salesman, but he is also a great poster child for prepping and bettering ones gardening and all other self sufficient skills.

          Thanks Weasel for all the reminders.

      20. What better source than straight from someone who has been on the inside? At least, that’s how I see ron Paul. Other good sources have spread the message with their behavior in the stock market. Indicators are all around us.

      21. Did anybody hear Mr. Paul’s response to Chris Kyle’s murder?

        • Dingo,
          definately did. After that response, I no longer will have anything to do with Paul. That did not need to be said. Demonizing the troops is not the way to get them onboard.
          Let the RED THUMBS begin. I have a thick skin, bring em on. Before you red thumb my comment, remember Americans are hoping that the troops will side with the Constitution when the shooting starts. Talking shit about the troops for the wars that Americans sent us to is not the way to accomplish this.

          • I agree to a point Bd, but have you considered the possibility that perhaps TPTB & the HNIC are attempting to orchestrate or manage the collapse, where the civilian population will be near starving…while the grunts still have 3 hots & a cot?

            Do you really believe the won’t follow orders because of their oath vs going hungry?
            FYI dude, the stomach will over-rule the parchment, every time!

            • Anon,
              I agree. There will be many troops that will do the bidding of the gubberment. Especially if their family is living on some base somewhere while they are being forced to go after us. I was in the Army for a long time. I saw the quality of soldier change throughout the years from Patriotic troopers to the new “me” generation. There are alot of troops now who only care about themselves and would believe the lie and come after us, just like many civilians would do, but I know there are many that would take their toys and go home.
              It is going to get ugly. I am not looking forward to it. All we can do is prepare for it the best we can.

              My recomendation to all who believe that “they” will come for our guns, along with prepping and stockpiling, etc., be ready to go completly off grid at a moments notice with alot of ammo and weapons. I hope it never comes to that, but an insurgency cant be successful if you are stationary.

      22. I’m with a lot of you folks on here. Whatever it’s going to be is coming, and it’s coming pretty quick. We are all in for a long, hard ride.

        Have several people out sick and had to cover at work. Picked up a little overtime in the process, so it wasn’t a bad deal overall. So, I didn’t watch the SOTU Address. I’ve been around a lot of dairy farms, and even worked at a few in my younger days, so I know shit when I smell it. From what I gathered, the whole SOTU Address would have reminded me of those days on the dairy farm.

        As for prepping, it’s been stepped up another level. When I’m at the grocery, I find myself putting one item in the cart for now, and two items in there for later. May have to go for three-to-one. As it stands, I could get by for quite a while with what I have on hand.

        Ammo is creeping back on the shelves. Found a dealer in a neighboring town who must have some great suppliers. He’s stocking a decent selection of the elusive .22 LR., 12 gauge 00 buck, and popular handgun and rifle calibers.

        Lastly, I wish to thank you Mac, for all your hard work putting this together, and giving us a place to air our thoughts and ideas, tips, and general prepping info. Not too many brights spots around these dark days, but damn it, this site is one of ’em.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • ok so hes got some ammo..but, at what price?..and can you buy more then 2 boxes?

          • VRF:

            Box of 50 American Eagle .22LR high velocity, $4.50, box of 25 double ought 12 gauge, $18. No limit, as far as I know.

            KySSG . . . out.

            • wow , not too bad i guess..thanks for the heads up. wonder who his contact is, or supplier.

              • Ha. He wouldn’t tell me who his supplier was.

                A good friend and I went there the other day and we both grabbed a brick of the .22s. Comes out to $3.90 for a box of 50 that way. I can’t find anyone else that has any, so I can’t make a price comparison.

                KySSG . . . out.

        • Yep any day now. Since 1975.

          • Lick put down that cane toad. It’s messing with your brain!

          • Yep any day now….. Since 1975

      23. Folks, I was just looking at buying some silver (Gold to High) and the only way to buy it is in quantities they wont sell it 3or4 pieces at a time must be 20 or more. Plus they have a over spot rate plus shipping. Would it be more cost effective to buy at a pawn shop? I like the 1 Troy ounce silver dollars. I have been slowly trying to deplete my IRA account by taking 10 percent out per year without penalty however I pay fed and state tax on it. I rather pay taxes now than later. I have been doing this for the past four years and still have over 25k to go. Should I take out in lump sum or wait till dollar crashes to nothing? Also someone asked me the best way to bury or hide pistols/shotguns/ammo, I did not know how. I am 52 years old now and very worried about the near future.

        • Reel,
          Pawn shops are good but buy less than $600 at a time. I believe they have to report purchases over that amount. Pay cash…leave no paper trail.

          Some will tell ya to take the lump sum…others would say get it out. Depends upon who answers. Me personally, take it out. I don’t want anything tied up.

          Hiding stuff…there are others that are more qualified to answer than me. I’m looking at caches…pvc pipe…but need some more info on the how to.


          • Kindle, that 600 hundred dollar law didn’t go through. It wouldn’t hurt to ask the proprietor though.

            @ Reel, If you can pare that 25K in half, and get some PMs, firearms and food. Find yourself a reputable pawn shop to buy silver. Get a figure in your head and ask for the owner and tell him/her what you want to spend and he might cut you a break on the commission. There’s a lot of other items to consider so don’t hesitate to ask here.

        • I buy at coin shops. Some charge $2 over spot, some charge less ($1.25-1.50). I buy 1 oz coins (circulated, not collectible) or 1 oz bullion bars or rounds. They let me look through what they have on hand and choose the ones I want to buy. I’ve never paid a shipping charge and pay by cash only. I am learning to cost average (down), so watch all the time.

        • @ REEL,
          I wish I had your problem in a way. We buy locally at about 10% over spot from a coin dealer. Nothing collectible – just 1 ounce coins. This allows us to have an ability to buy silver at all. I used western territorial mint last year but it took 3 months to get the physical product.

          Hang in there -we’re all worried. It looks pretty ugly from where I’m standing but we do what we can to prepare.

          • your paying way too much. Look around, you should find less mark up.

        • REEL,can’t tell you best way to hide ammo, but I can tell you what not to do. I put some 223 ammo in a section of PC pipe capped on both ends and hauled it around, in my black tool box in the back of my truck, winter and summer, and when I went to shoot it, at least 1/2 wouldn’t fire. It had drawn moisture and the powder was damp. Would have been bad news in a fire fight. Trekker Out. Usually Prepared!

          • Put a silica gel in it next time, and also if you shake your ammo after it’s been stored it will work better (just don’t shake it in a way that will hit the primer)

            • Silica is found in bulk at the florist supply section at craft stores. You can sew a little bag or put some in a coffee filter and tie it up. Just do that inside a bucket because the little balls of silica want to bounce away and they get static cling too.

      24. And of course most of us in here know that all this mess was all done by design. We also know Obama is just a puppet following orders and if he was not there it would be another puppet. The thing is they did pick a good one. He can speak and lie with the best of them. This plan to crash the economy has been in place since the beginning of the FED. Yet most people still think the FED is a government agency oh well we keep trying to inform. But I will tell you folks something very sad is most Canadians are watching things down there kind of and just say oh well its in the states. If the folks that live here think this will not impact people up here they are sleeping more than the usa citizens watching American Idol and dancing with the stars or whatever else people can fill their empty heads with. Lets face it Obama was put in place because he could speed up the process of the change better than say hillary or someone else. If you call him on wrecking the constitution you are labeled as a racist. Last time I looked and yes I have read it as I am an American Citizen it says all men created equal. Anyway you can not wake people up to these things until they actually realize they are sleeping. sometimes I just want to use the 2 by 4 approach. mmmmmm maybe well no just pray for em and keep care of my family.
        Love you folks and remember faith in the Lord God Almighty not the gov.

        • at least in our case if we die(80 million rifle owners) at the hands of 7 mil Americorps tyrannical racists + 1 mil DoD Military traitors who will back Obomber in this power grab They’ve got to steal veterans’ Arms and ammo because they cost 1 – 17 thousand $ . Americorps tattle-tale Legion Loyalists who are too poor and desperate to buy their own rifle have to confiscate ours so when we eventually do die in the process of being dis-armed (Not!) then we will be absent from the flesh and present with sovereign God forever so all is not lost. when we shuffle off this mortal coil. Is’nt Anonymous against DHS and illuminati? so that is an added ally in the order of 20 million. Sounds more and more like we are safe seeing as how 80 – 100 mil. including most Sheriffs are in solidarity against any force including the military DoD. and if our military could’nt beat the NVA and Viet Cong on the Ho Chi Minh trail when north and south were near equally matched save for the southern V. peasant farmers who majoratively saw the NVA as liberators of the poor. so if the U.S.M.C. & U.S.A.Force could’nt beat the NVA with a total of 8 million then they sure as hell won’t be able to beat the ready American 80 million + Anonymous (if they’re still with us as stated). Worry not for the Lord is with thee.

      25. To this day, I can only stomach about 30 seconds of choreographed, scripted (NLP) speech, spewing out of the mulatto’s mouth. Somebody tell me this is just a bad dream I’m having,,, he really can’t be the “President” of the United States, can he?

        • well if the TRUTH were to be known, he probably isnt really the Prez

          • What the fuck? Really. Truth be known you are stupid.

        • More of your in depth original work. Let find two informed people that will say their name.
          I understand secrets.

          But with all the patriot that are supposedly in the government you would think one by now would of made it out the door with real proof of something by now.

          • @Face,
            Hey old friend, Michelle Bachman tried along with 6 other members of Congress and almost got tarred and feathered for her trouble.

      26. Off topic big time but, Something tasty for Valentines Day.

        2 pounds fine quality chocolate. I use Dove dark chocolate
        1 Qt heavy cream
        1 stick unsalted butter. Don’t rush out and buy it if you don’t want. I’ve used regular and it’s fine.

        Melt chocolate and cream over a double boiler (a smaller pan in a larger pan filled with water) Careful not to get water in the mixture. Whisk till totally melted. It will thicken some. Add butter and whisk till melted. Your suppose to use a melon baller to make balls and roll in cocoa powder but this is messy. We just pour it in mason jars and refrigerate it. Eat with a spoon. It’s good over ice cream too. Takes 30 minutes if that and you will not regret it. If you like it flavored with some sort of liqueur then add that (1/3 cup) with the butter. Hard to beat just plain though.


        Oh yea, piss on obama.

      27. I just wish someone in DC would stand up and state that things are not going to improve, period. There are more people of workforce age every day and fewer and fewer good jobs. With more and more companies not paying pensions, workers have to wait longer to retire, so jobs do not open up. There is no way that everyone in this country who wants to work can get a good job. Some of the jobs went over seas, while others were outdated by modern technology. I was a government contractor for 23 years and each year the government pays bonuses to companies that can produce DOD products for fewer manhours. You can not have it both ways. You buy fewer items, each created by fewer manhours the rest of the people have to go find another job. Maybe once the boomers all retire, there will be some good paying jobs available, but how many more people will be looking for a job by then?

      28. Welcome to the “Obamatization” of America.
        Bend over and kiss your freedom good-bye!

      29. I thought the speech was well crafted. It was meant to be a rallying speech. I only have one demand: “Show me the money!” We all want more research investment into everything (and yes, it generally provides a good return), we want to rebuild our infrastructure, we want to invest in our future generations education, we all want it all to be better. Where is the money to pay for this? If they taxed – all – the earnings from the top 1% it would not begin to cover the deficit. It’s kind of like dieting: calories in have to equal calories out or it’s calories on (fat). Revenues have to equal expenditures or it is deficit time (annual) which year after year adds to the the national debt. Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money. The western European nations have shown us the result of big government and high taxation to provide the cradle to grave nanny state that strangles personal freedom, free markets, and the individual work ethic. Ask a Soviet how well it worked out for them.

        On a brighter note: at Wally World, on the next to bottom shelf, sitting there like 3 shiny wrapped presents under the Christmas tree, were three 100 round boxes of Federal 45 FMJ for $32 and change. Ka Ching! OBTW: WW has instituted a 3 box limit per customer in all of the local stores I’ve visited. Also: many suppliers are now getting (per their site info) pallet shipments of ammo in this week.

        How quickly we forget: Any new intel on Fu*k-us-hima? I’m reading new thyroid cases.

      30. Just received response from Senator John McCain:

        Dear Mr. ***********:

        Thank you for contacting my office regarding the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and its impact on federal gun legislation. I appreciate your taking the time to share your views with me.

        As you know, on December 14, 2012, a mentally unstable gunman committed a senseless atrocity by murdering twenty students and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. While many Americans continue to try to rationalize this tragedy it remains clear that the inhumane and depraved actions of this individual gunman appear to be motivated solely by his extremely disturbed mental state.

        On January 16, 2013, President Obama and his administration introduced a twenty-three point plan which lays out both executive and legislative proposals that would attempt to prevent future violence. As the details of the President’s proposals become more clear, I look forward to reviewing them, and working with my colleagues to find sensible solutions that respect the Second Amendment but also help us prevent these type of horrific events from ever happening again.

        While I am an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment, please know that I will seriously consider all reasonable public safety legislation that comes before the Senate.
        Thank you once again for contacting my office. Please do not hesitate to do so on this or any other issue of concern.

        John McCain
        United States Senator


        • What I received in response from Dick Durbin (Illinois’ criminal, oops, Senator). I am so sick of these Bullsh!tters statements of ‘majority’ or ‘most’ Americans agree with me. WE DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU!!!
          Dear Mr. *************:

          Thank you for contacting me about gun violence prevention in light of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I appreciate hearing from you.

          I share with all Americans a profound sense of sorrow at the senseless act of violence committed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The nation mourns this event and many Americans wonder what can be done to prevent this type of tragedy in the future.

          I am an original cosponsor of the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act which would reinstate a ban on magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The ban on multi-round magazines expired along with the federal assault weapons ban in 2004. I am a cosponsor of a bill that would reinstate the ban on assault weapons and would expand the definition of assault weapons to close loopholes that allow gun manufacturers to work around the previous ban.

          I support universal gun background checks, which prevent the transfer of firearms without a background check by non-licensed gun sellers. I am a cosponsor of “terror gap” legislation that would give the Attorney General discretionary authority to deny gun sales to individuals who are known or appropriately suspected to be engaged in terrorism.

          The majority of Americans and the majority of thoughtful gun owners and hunters agree that there must be reasonable limits on gun ownership and weapons. We must institute common-sense limits, such as barring those with a history of mental instability, those with a history of violent crime or who are subject to restraining orders, and those whose names have been placed on a terrorist watch list from owning weapons. Straw purchasers and gun dealers should face firm penalties. There should be limits on how many firearms may be purchased in one month. Those who own firearms that are within the reach of children should have protective locks on their weapons.

          The United States Supreme Court has raised questions about the Second Amendment and the protections and responsibilities under this Constitutional amendment. I plan to hold a Senate Judiciary Hearing in the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights Subcommittee to address this Constitutional question and how to forward on gun control.

          My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families in Newtown, Connecticut, as we remember the children and teachers who lost their lives.

          Thank you again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to keep in touch.

          Richard J. Durbin
          United States Senator


          • Durbin can save taxpayers alot of$$$$$ for Ink & Paper by shortening his unconst crapola down considerably to something closer to this…

            Thanks for your concern, as you know I am a fuckin Kommie jew who cares Only for “is it good for jews/isreal” ?

            Therefore if we kommie jews are to repeat our prior mass murders of over 100 Million Whites and Christians when we jews kommies began this quest back in 1918 Russia, we Must first totally Disarm all of you Real Americans and True Patriots.

            As you know, that IS the only sure fire method for us kommie jews to kill off so many folks. And lets be honest, how else can we kommie khazer jews who believe our Rabbis and Talmudic training that we Are the Only true “Master Race”, ever get full kontrol & Ownership of the entire world so we can enslave the “few” we allow to remain alive?

            Thank you for supporting our Kommie jewsih dual citizen plans for a JWO(jew world order) and the ultimate Deaths of 100-150 Million Real Patroit Americans who stand in our way.

            PS: Send donations to my Off-shore accounts located in sunny Telaviv Israel. Address donations to “Durbin Kommie Jew JWO fund”…Thanks alot Suckers!

            pss: A special shout out thanks to all the Pastors in the usa who keep so many folks Fooled to believe me and my kommie ilk of khazer Edomites are actually “jews” aka Chozens(self chozen).

        • McLame unwavering in his support of the Second Amendment???? He lies almost as well as 0bama!

      31. To My AmeriKan Red Commie Comrades ,

        the AmeriKan Red Commie 1984 Police State U.N. AGENDA 21 eugenics deathcare Control State is here – inflation is going to slowly choke all of us into tax debt serfdom and complete dependence on / to the Red Communist AmeriKan state .

        zog amerika is now , will continue to become a even greater state spy control grid .

        the only way to ensure you remain free of the state spy control grid is under ground “black market” phyzz pm’s precious metals markets .

        there will always be a under ground “black market” for phyzz guns ammo food meds drugs alcohol fuel etc etc

        something all preppers should think about and learn , how to secretly “barter” on the under ground “black market” in a red communist controlled country like AmeriKa .

        as ameriKa fails and russia and china grows become richer there will be new open great markets to sell to both china and russia through underground export dealers markets .

        all of you should think on this some what could you sell as a business to keep yourselves and family alive fed housed through the great change now coming to AmeriKa .

        its a sign of the changing hard times … it only get worse from here .

        good luck to you all AmeriKan Comrades ;0P we’re all gonna need it this coming summer .


      32. I’m glad I was at work and missed the fake out speech by OBummer. On the other hand every morning when I read the alt. news I feel like I’m on another planet. Every time I think I’ve seen the worst, something else crops up on the computer screen. I just feel sick to my stomach. I have about zero hope that my acupuncture medical practice will ever be anything. UGH!
        It’s hard waiting for this “event” to happen with so many predictions being circulated. I keep looking towards a time when things will get back to normal but I’m not sure in the next 20 years that will even happen. TPTB are bleeding us dry emotionally and physically. What’s next?

        NOMI and Molon Labe to all.

      33. State of the Union?=Terrible
        Hope for our childrens future-?

        It is time to quit attacking each other and get ready. “Our” government is out of touch with reality. Focus on helping each other or at yourselves through what will undoubtedly be a difficult journey. The 1st Ammendment gaurantees your right to say what you want about who you want but it was first the militia and now the military that made it possible.


      34. The United States of America is finished. It will not vanish from the face of the Earth, don’t worry. But much the same as Babylon, ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the British Empire collapsed to give way to the rise of another power, so too will it be for the USA. It will be many decades, if not centuries, before a re-stabilization occurs, and by then new superpowers will have exerted their dominance. More than likely China, perhaps India.

        Nothing can stop this. Indeed, if somehow the tide was turned and the USA remained in power, it would be the EXCEPTION to all of recorded history, not the rule.

        Use the vast amount of information at your fingertips. All knowledge known to man is more than likely accessible on a small device in your pocket. See the future for what it is, unflinchingly, and prepare your place in it accordingly.

        I have disconnected my cable, I don’t even turn on the T.V. anymore. There is no point. All I saw on it are people trying to sell me something (material goods, lifestyles, adulterated food products) or politicians trying to keep me asleep, pacified, docile.

        Keep your ear to the ground, attune it well to listen to the sound of the approaching storm. It won’t be long now…


      35. Finx and Lick, both of you go f#$% yourselves and get off our site. Back on topic, I feel something is going down sometime in the spring. We’re all running out of time. I’m still prepping all the way to the last minute. I didn’t bother with listening to the BOY in the White House last night; nothing but the same BS coming from his mouth. Once again, Ron Paul is spot on. The house of cards will collapse eventually and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it. Once the balloon goes up, it’s TEOTWAWKI. Everything in this country will change and even our lifestyles will be lost. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      36. The president always talks a good talk. and this one is good at it appearing to be inspiring. But wake up world. When will you see that they always talk the talk but never walk. I’ts to gain the people’s trust and give us euphoria for a while they move forward with their plan to control us which is in place and almost finished.

        Unless people stand up it will continue. But how can that happen if most are asleep and are followers. To many followers in this world. And those that are awake never do anything about it but complain.

      37. CALL TO ACTION

        Gun Owners of America
        We also deserved a vote, Mr. Obama,
        but we didn’t get it from Harry Reid!
        Stockman, Broun answer the call to
        KILL ALL GUN CONTROL in the House

        Note to Barack Obama: Spare us the snide sarcasm and the dripping contempt. Obama’s condescending state of the union speech shows, once again, why gun owners don’t trust him.

        “They deserve a vote,” hollered Obama, pointing to drooling anti-gun activists in the galleries.

        Well, so did we.

        Veterans deserved a vote on whether they would receive due process from a court of law before having their constitutional gun rights taken away. But, when Senator Chuck Schumer threatened to filibuster the DoD authorization bill in order to block that amendment, it didn’t happen.

        Gun owners deserved a vote on Sen. John Thune’s reciprocity legislation — allowing concealed carry holders to carry their firearms from one state into another. But Democratic Leader Harry Reid made sure each controversial bill coming before the Senate was filled with the maximum number of allowable amendments, so Thune’s amendment couldn’t be offered.

        Gun owners deserved a vote on appropriations language to block 16,000 IRS agents from imprisoning those who refused to comply with the anti-gun ObamaCare law. But Reid carefully manipulated the Senate rules to insure the ObamaCare-related votes were kept to a minimum.

        From responsible budgeting to gun rights, Reid’s office became the graveyard for votes on issues of interest to conservatives.

        Reps. Stockman & Broun circulate letter to KILL ALL GUN CONTROL

        So what can gun owners do? We can create a groundswell of support for what Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) is doing in the House.

        Rep. Stockman has just told GOA that he and Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) will be circulating a letter asking the House leadership to refuse to bring up anti-gun legislation that is NOT supported by a majority of the Republican members of the House of Representatives.

        Stockman’s effort could potentially kill ALL GUN CONTROL in the House.

        We know, we know. We believe that gun control should die if only one constitutionalist-representative opposes it — or even if none do. But, as a practical matter, if 117 congressmen sign a letter demanding that Boehner not bring up a gun control bill opposed by those 117 congressmen, gun control will die. Without that letter, Democrats will join with anti-gun Republicans, and gun control will pass.
        ACTION: Click here to contact your Representative and urge him or her to cosign the Stockman-Broun letter. Please note that there are two different action responses for you to send, and the system will automatically send that response, depending upon whether your congressman is a Republican or Democrat.

        • I love the GOA Action Alerts, I send them to my left wing congress-creeps every chance I get just to piss them off. All I ever get back are form letters saying how much smarter they are than me. Disgusting.

        • I heard that yesterday, it is absolutely true but utterly demoralizing.

      38. There is no fixing any of this at the ballot box. That train left the station a while ago.

        “I know nothing”

      39. The ONLY reason gov’t “trolls” are coming to THIS site in droves is to 1. glean info from posters 2. inflame 3. refer to #1 and 2

        I find it difficult at times to “not take the bait” but perhaps that is just another way for them to “know” us…gettin’ very weary of the continual bs from our OWN gov’t…

      40. when the shtf we will wish we had more men around like chris kyle.

      41. and women.

      42. Thanks folks for the return comments. my next day off I will certainly be talking to a pawn shop with cash in hand.


      43. Hey Bulldog.

        Let’s leave the politics out of War for a second.

        To draw some compareatives, in WW1, WW2 and Korea the enemy wore uniforms. A few insurgents here and there.
        Vietnam was different for the person cutting your hair or cleaning your hooch in the daytime, was shooting at you at night wearing no uniforms unless they were NVR’s. Same way in the Middle east as within the security IRAQ patrols they have turned on us killing our troops. Hell within our own Army we have an Officer kill his own troops. Puts a thought in your head as to WHO IS THE ENEMY. Fast forward and we will see some of our troops in uniform/geared up to patrol our streets. Still another we will have to figure out who is the enemy dressed in civilian clothes. Get the picture.

      44. “And it’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall !”
        I’m reminded about that Biblical addage that sez : “And they shall have eyes to see, but they will not see.”
        And another : “Behold, I send them strong delusion.”
        To the people who are willingly having children these days, start schooling them on their new mantra : Get tough, or die !
        I am sooo glad that I moved away from Megalopolis (L.A.) and got myself situated rurally, remotely !
        Life is good !

      45. I agree with all that I read here about SHTF and how so screwed up. I do not understand how individuals protecting their house and home can stand up to what is coming. I do not care how good you are, they will take you down with their equipment and manpower. This is my worry. I feel that when this happens the gov. will shut down cell towers, tv, internet. No communication between us. We must be prepared to form into groups of 100s&1000s and more to fight what is coming.How will we do this?

        • ex vet,two way radios with would have to use people on the ground to transfer information.what i’ve been hearing lot of the military don’t like the dictator.prevent NG from reaching units.your right on the group size.and even some five man teams.

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