Ron Paul: “It’s Going to Get Much, Much Worse”

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Editor’s Note: The deceit, the statistical machinations, and the reality of the situation is being realized by more and more Americans every day. The mainstream media may not be talking about the severe storm that’s coming our way, but it is undeniable. While some doubt that legitimacy of the analysis and information being made available through alternative media, here’s the view from one insider known to most Americans as an honest straight shooter who has a working knowledge of economics, history, and how our government functions at its highest levels. His assessment of our imminent decline paints a dire picture. 

Ron Paul: Rejecting Authoritarian Government Is Our Greatest Priority
Self-reliance is the key to our future

Dr. Ron Paul has long been a leading voice for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, civil liberty, and non-interventionist foreign policies.

His last term in the U.S. House of Representatives ended earlier this year, so we caught up with the former Congressman to get his latest perspective on how successfully our national leadership is dealing with America’s economic challenges.

In Dr. Paul’s assessment, Washington is too committed to deficit spending and the debt-based economy – both operationally and philosophically – to expect it to embrace a more fiscally-responsible model without a forcing crisis (which he believes is coming):

[T]hey believe it like a religion that spending is good no matter what the spending is on. And that the deficits don’t matter; deficits are not a burden. And even though we have this national debt and we have a foreign debt, they don’t consider that so bad, as long as people will spend money. And if the people won’t spend any money, the government has this moral obligation to do it.

I don’t expect anything else because they are reflecting what I consider “prevailing attitudes.” And the prevailing attitudes for the last 50 or 60 years, especially since the 1930s, has been spending and deficits and printing money is the way to go.

But where I am encouraged is outside of Washington. You get a better perspective from people like you who talk about this and get people to look at their investments. I think this is beneficial, because a lot of people are realizing this whole system is deeply flawed, and they are looking elsewhere. And that is why I talk a lot about free markets, and property rights, and Austrian economics, and getting rid of the Fed. All these things are now up for grabs. A lot of people, especially the young people, are looking at this. So, for this reason, I am a bit encouraged by what might come out of this.

But I think we are going to go through the wringer. I think it’s going to get much, much worse. It is bad enough already, but there is no way that we can step back.

The one thing I am convinced of, after having spent so much time in Washington, is that this will not be a gradual recovery from this disaster that we have. We are not going to elect enough people and have enough courage to vote the right way; there is too much demagoguing and too much misunderstanding. The people would revolt, but the collapse will come. It is going to hit the dollar, and then we are going to have our opportunity.

So, the more people who are protected intellectually as well as financially, the better off we will be in rebuilding what we will need to do in the near future.

Dr Paul continues to be vocal about the destructive role the Federal Reserve’s loose and interventionist monetary policies are having in enabling the mal-investment in the system:

What if the Fed could not buy government debt? What a different world it would be. Everybody said this would be a disastrous to the economy but what if people accommodated with this?

What if there was a dependency on saving? What if we did have a market rate of interest? And what if that resulted in less bubbles? All of a sudden the world would be a different place.

But no…The only thing they can even do is spend more and more money. That is the only tool they have.

So, for that reason, I am not shocked at the numbers. I guess I am more surprised that the whole thing holds together so long. Because when you look at this, and you look at the foreign debt, and the national debt it is so outrageous, and there is still confidence in the dollar, the world – they do not have a good currency, so the best they can come up with is the dollar, but even the dollar is less popular than it used to be. It is being held a lot less now as reserve currency, but we can still buy oil, and we can still buy our stuff from China, and they take our currency.

But what amazes me is that it holds together. So I think monetizing debt and spending and deficit is going to get much, much worse until the world rejects the dollar. And there will be a rejection here at home, and prices will soar, and eventually interest rates will break loose and they will start rising.

He continues to view precious metals as prudent to hold in advance of this currency crisis. But in the long run, he sees civil agitation for smaller government as our best strategy:

I don’t think the euro is going to replace the dollar. And that certainly looks like it is the case. You are not going to go to yen, and you are not going to go to special drawing rights…

No, when people become frightened, they look for things of real value, and I don’t think they can repeal the laws of economics that says that for 6,000 years metals have been beneficial.They will go to monetary metals, gold and silver, and they will buy other things, such as buying property. But no matter what we have, whether we have our gold coins or we have our property, if we have an authoritarian government, that is our greatest threat.

So, I would like to think that there is no perfect protection, other than shrinking the size and scope and power of government, so that we can be left alone and take care of ourselves.

(Note: this interview was recorded before the NSA/PRISM developments were reported.)

Click the play button below to listen to Chris’ interview with Dr. Ron Paul (19m:37s):

This interview and accompanying article have been contributed by Peak Prosperity.

Ron Paul

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    1. Watchdog

      It’s war…. Let’s get used to it.
      Dr. Paul is a genius. He has awakened some t=of the masses but I wish the rest weren’t so sheep-like. He is my unelected president.
      Wake up people…Smell the shit around you.

      Keep preppin’

      • Tip Toe

        Christians on this site should be discerned
        I will not listen to Ron Paul because of his Jesuit connection through the John Birch Society. The Revelation 17 Vatican whore cardinals & papal nuncios will goose step with dictators & tyrants while at the same time their Roman catholic lay preachers & priests will be indoctrinating the masses with liberation theology. The papacy has been playing this game a long time & are behind the creation of NWO, all deceit has its origin in rome

        • Stez

          Somebody forgot his medications.

      • The Rifleman Next Door

        I never thought that I would one day wake up and find myself and the way I was raised to think as being “the enemy” of the money-corrupted globalist powers that have captured the highest seats of power in Washington D.C.

    2. OutWest

      A politicians worst nightmare — the lie detector.

    3. VRF

      wait until they demonize the NSA leaker…he’s going to end up a child molester or pedofile or a politician., sorry my bad ,one in the same.., they will think up something to discredit him im sure.

      • Watchdog

        VRF… It’s probably Bradley Manning 2.0
        It would not surprise me if the fedtards are purposely lighting a revolution in order to control the masses.

        • Walt Kowalski

          I look at the stuff going on now…what with the scandals of this administration, (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, phone taps of media..and now the NSA stuff) and wonder myself if that is EXACTLY what they are trying to do….Foment a revolution so they can put it down. The Hegelian Dialectic in action again.

          • Alien Hunter

            Won’t be no damn revolution, people are cowards!

          • c

            That might explain why the military are not allowed to look at news stories that portray Obama in a negative light or that have anything to do with all the current scandals Obama is in the center of.

      • Gonetoolong

        Damn skippy. Right now the NSA leaker has no friends. The MSM is scrambling to figure out how Joe public feels. I think they sense that the citizens don’t want him crucified and are testing the waters on both (Repub and Dem) sides to see if it is ok to completely villify this guy yet. Even Rush Limbaugh is on the fence on this one. TPTB are worried of this getting out of control. You can tell that they know damn well that Snowden is in the right, but that doesn’t square with helping Obama. The Republicans (Thune, King, others) want to hang this guy. They feel that if they get their turn later, they want the power to spy on us at will as well.
        Those that sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. Never more appropriate than now.

        • Kulafarmer


          • NetRanger

            You don’t know how many times I’ve said that under my breath!

            In fact, I consider myself a member of Team MLF.

            But, no, the press is NOT trying to figure out how the rest of the country feels. What they are trying to do is trying to figure out how they can talk use into feeling like the NSATFB(C)IA and their masters want us to feel. But, since the media’s credibility credit cards has been chopped up for months, they are simply in a panic scrambling, waffling, trying to figure out what to say. Its kind of like the Kenyan on the mic the other day when they forgot his teleprimpter and speech.

            I just love that this stuff is finally coming out. These unlawful bastards are nothing but elite errand boys carrying the water for TPTB. I’m just expecting, at any moment, while these guys on screen that the lamestream are interviewing are lying like a sheet, that their pants BURST INTO FUCKING FLAMES and they run around the room screaming. Definately would be an LMAO moment.

            • OutWest

              NetRanger—Great observation my friend

              I’ve always said that Obama is nothing but the PTBs
              pissboy that empties their chamber pots every day.

            • Walt Kowalski

              I watched “America’s Doomsday Plan” on the Military Channel the other night. (Link posted below) It’s about “continuity of government” in the event of a nuclear war or other “event” that threatens the country.

              Essentially, it talks about the underground bunkers that have been built for these “elites”, so that they can survive and provide “leadership” when all the shooting stops.

              They gave the example of a nuclear war where over 200 million Americans are killed.

              Of course….they see themselves as being the ones to lead the survivors after it’s over.

              The thought that came to my mind was….

              “What the heck makes you think we want your sorry asses running things after most of the world has been destroyed? You are the people who screwed it up in the first place, or we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

              The hubris of these morons is astounding.

              • c

                Walt I would give you 10 thunbs up if I could.

      • red

        According to Drudge he has been “Disappeared”….

      • Walt Kowalski

        They are already trying to discredit him because he had a stripper girlfriend.

    4. Barn Cat

      Most of the dollars in existence are held outside the country. Eventually there will be panic selling of the dollar. Most likely, that will start with individual investors. According to Zero Hedge, 1/15 of all the dollars in existence are held by individual investors in Argentina alone. A dollar collapse could occur in stages where individuals and different countries dump their dollars at different times. We could wake up one morning to find that gas is now $10 a gallon. Or $20 a gallon. When the dollar completely collapses we won’t be able to buy food or gasoline or pay for electricity. We’re going to see mass starvation and complete anarchy in this country. Most likely in the next two years. Prepare like your life depends on it because it does. Food, water, guns, ammo, a way to cook your food and heat your home. Something to use as a toilet.

      • Barterman

        Its so sad that this is the way it will end.

        • REB

          The ole proverb says that all good things must come to an end….and that applies to bad things too….this current gaggle of usurpers are the end game of a strategy that set American liberty back a long ways in a manner so subtle that most people never even noticed that America had been quietly displaced by an evil centralized federal dictatorship…so lets look at this as a good thing…the federalized imitation in charge must come to an inevitable end so that liberty can be reborn anew and sadly it often takes losing something before people realize its gone…lifes not on a straight line…its on a circle… what is shall pass…what was will be again…they wont win but for a season as long as we don’t give up on ourselves that season will be short!

          • Anonymous

            Could not have said it better myself. Staying positive through all this coming and present turmoil will be crucial in the coming years. I plan on seeking truth and keeping my head down, not in the sand.

      • ItIsWellWithMySoul

        I have a question that I would like to get others to tell me their perspectives. What happens when we can no longer pay our house payments? I won’t be able to take all my preperations with me. I know some have their homes paid for but I am not able to do so. I also am aware that they can tax even the people that are debtless into loosing their homes. If our nation is heading toward a crash deeper than our Oct 1929 depression than what will happen to our homes? Will they kick us out and our homes stay empty? Will they make us live in camps or Hooverville type towns? This is my greatest concern because I have maybe 6 months worth of food that has taken me years to accumulate with my finances and I cannot even get a single payment ahead.

        • JayJay

          One of my MOST favorite songs!! I believe there is no way in hell 200 million residents(renters and owners) can be kicked to the streets.
          Remember, the kickers are LEOs and I doubt if even the sheriffs own their homes.
          Relax. Even property taxes will be handled somehow, because they just can’t have 200 million on the streets and in camps.
          It is well in our souls as should be.

        • CLess

          It is well,

          as long as the banks dont speed up the time tables on forclosures, you should have about a year before the sheriff comes knocking to evict..

          As far as kicking ppl out and leaving the home empty, It Is Being Done Now..

          The banks hold vacant homes on their books as assets and hold them till either the market improves or intrest increses, if they allowed all vacant/forclosed homes back on the market, the market would be flooded with dirt cheap homes. Thus the banks would scream bailout again…

          I think these camps will be a refuge many will line up for when they have lost everything… poor farms..

          Thats the happy thoughts…. In reality, Uff-Da.


          • BerthaButt

            Squat. If they kick you out of that one, there are plenty more squat homes. LEOs won’t forcibly kick out people en masse because somebody will start busting caps. The banksters know if they get too agressive, the empty houses will start getting torched, and these houses will be uninsured. If you back people into a corner they come out swinging.

          • no body

            Cless said it better than me- Forclosures will increase as people cant afford there homes. Its only a matter of time before people start Squating if u get kicked out of your home simply move in to the empty bank owned home next doar. If all the people currently living in tents start doing this the whole housing market will collapse taking all the banks with them. the bank will control and suck as much money from people as long as posible.

          • JayJay

            Yes, it is being done now..but then WILL NOT be now when TSHTF.
            It will be WAAAY different.
            Can’t compare apples with oranges.

            • JayJay

              That post was in reference to foreclosures happening now.

        • John W.

          No your home will not be empty. Some deserving so called refugee or illegal immigrant from some third world hellhole will be given it. Amazing how we let our country be stolen with not a peep of protest.

          • ItIsWellWithMySoul

            That actually came to my mind as well.

        • Hey You

          Don’t panic, Itiswell. The majority of people are not going to be kicked out simply because empty homes are very non-profitable to those who own the mortgages. You may recall a comment that says “if I owe a hundred thousand dollars, I have a problem; but if I owe ten or twenty million, the guy to whom that is owed has a problem”.

          Well, turn that around, to where a mortgage guy is trying to collect payments. If just one or two homeowners owe, those homeowners have a problem, but if a million homeowners owe, then the guy (bank) to whom the payments are owned has the problem.

        • no body

          The Collapse will happen slowly so they will do what ever u see now. There will be a lot of Foreclosers people will loose their homes. untill the volumes of forclosers gets to mutch to implement. It is the most important thing is to keep your home legaly until a time when they cant take it from u anymore.

      • dave

        @ barn cat July 6 2013 works for me.

        • Barn Cat

          I don’t want a summer collapse. Late fall works for me. Most people would freeze rather than starve. The cold weather would keep the bodies from stinking until spring. And I’m not looking forward to a summer without air conditioning.

    5. Tom T

      People need to get ready for whats to come. The Government will be out for themselves, They will be taking anything of value that can be traced to you, ( Bank Accts, Gold, Ret, Property, Money, Anything). Hide what you can while there is still time.. Take your money from Accounts. This is real and will happen soon. If you cant see the signs, your blind or don’t care….

      • MadMarkie

        @ Tom T –

        “Take your money from Accounts.” You are 100%correct in this statement Sir. But may I suggest that we also include so-called “safe-deposit-boxes” located in bank vaults? They aren’t safe either; important papers OK, coins, jewelry, etc. NO!!! Nothing of any REAL material value.

        Add up every monthly obligation that you owe. This, + a small amount as a ‘buffer’ is the maximum that anyone should ever have in any bank account. Savings accounts are also a bad idea; besides the fact that most now pay < 1% interest. 1% is much less than the current rate of inflation.

        The only thing that the US $ has going for it is the fact that all the other world currencies are so weak that there isn't another out there to replace it, yet.

        Supplies, a reasonable cash reserve, items for barter and PMs are where I am invested with any 'extra' cash that we have.

        The road ahead looks a bit rough, to say the least, but former president Jimmy Carter is loving it! He really appreciates the wonderful job that President Obama is doing helping poor Jimmy look a whole lot less like the most incompetent president in history. Jimmy says; "You rock Barak!!!"

        Ya gotta love it! And the beat goes on. Please make sure that your seat-belts are fastened securely.

      • Them Guys

        Things are SO bad that Today newswires announced that New auto Sales are the Best and MOST in last 6 yrs. Therefore US automakers said they WILL be Hireing at Least 35,000 MORE US auto workers. No Mention as yet how many More good jobs will ensue due to, outside parts makers etc that will be needed to Supply those additional auto factory workers. So far auto sales on track to Top 15.5-Million New cars sold. Best sales in over SIX yrs.

        So yeah while some folks see imminent collapse, there must be quite a few folks who are doing swell.

        Two days ago it was stated that Just in the Outdoor type entertainment industry of usa, it employs a massive number of related workers/jobs nation wide. And the overall moneys spent yearly for all outdoor related stuff americans do, as entertainment, IE: Camping-Fishing-Hikeing-etc etc. Totals a massive 6.5 Billion us dollars spent yearly.

        So some folks somewheres IN the usa Must be doing ok to very swell. And if you tear yourself Away from fear mongering now and then, to take a Gander across america you must admit, there is zero lacking in many more industries, and Many americans doing the normal things folks does. See any airline co’s fileing bankruptcy of late? Or any Other major money related spending set backs?

        Don’t get my post wrong. I do agree the whole world is in a very bad way, and many things, especially fed govnt’s-banksters-polititions and msm liars etc, Yes alot is deffinately wrong in america and the entire world today. But when has’nt it been so. I just don’t buy into so much mass fear and sky is falling and likly to Fall on our heads Today! or if not today certainly Tomorrow! or next week! or or or!!!

        What if a silent bloodless-Kommie Koo has Already been done? Without Them fireing a single shot? Because That is exactly what the TPTB has planned all along for all armed or powerfull nations, Especially the usa take-down.

        I agree things could be better, alot so too, yet I see no real reason those eliet PTB folks would prefere total civil war and mass riotings etc, if they can confiscate the entire usa Without it. I see way more a likly scenario of tptb changeing the usa and entire world into a SMOOTH transition into a total Cashless computerized system. And with such huge portions of todays american people of ALL age groups, so thouroughly dumbed down, and seemingly happy and content with basically Everything as it is Now. That alone will make what’s truly needed to Fix america nothing but a distant memory for the Few that do get it all…Like Most folks Here does.

        Instead of sudden collapse of us dollars or fed govnt etc, I see way more likly a Slow burn. TPTB have planned and done all their machinations over a very long time frame now. Several Centurys!…Give me One good reason tptb cannot continue on their same course, and simply wait for only another 25-30 yrs at Most, untill all boomers are dead, and what is left is…Yoots-GenX’rs etc that Yes have ALL been fully communized in Public schools-Todays false churches-and of course by Hollywood/MSM systems.

        “IF” You were a top mmember of the True TPTB eliets who really do run it all Their way. Which method would You recomend to Your other 299-Fellow TPTB membership?

        Slow burn for a little longer, ie: 25-30 yrs tops? Or Geek up Mass violence-rioting-dollar collapse-and what will lead to 99% of 7 Billion folks worldwide Seeking Your sorry Ass, so as to whack You? remember them TPTB got zero problems paying Their personal bills monthly. So whats the rush? I know which method I’d prefere if I were them. At least in a nation such as the usa anyways.

        PS: Why does Ron Paul like many others keep promoting Higher Intrest based money systems? Why with such Vast knowledge of all things moneys related do None of them, Paul included, ever speak about Ending All Usury/intrest systems for banking etc? Max Kaiser keeps saying the same as Ron Paul. That being Too Low intrest rates, for too long is a huge problem now. Why Not ZERO intrest Usury and End all forms of bankster profiteerings methods?

        And also of course why not Promote telling the bankster or TPTB crowd FU! we Refuse to Pay you any more that You say we “owe” You, when we All know it is All Based on a massive SWINDLE since 1913? Perhaps I missed something? But I never Yet heard Any money expert guys, OR Ron Paul either speak of these issues. Why Not? Makes me think “Controlled Oposition” operators to pacify the reg avg sheep.

        • roast duck

          The death of the petrodollar is something TPTB cannot control. Other countries outside the control of western bankers, and some within their control, have already begun to abandon the dollar for international trade. Oil is being sold all over the world for currencies other than the dollar, and trade between nations is increasingly being conducted with their own currencies as the median of exchange. As the dollar dies, many of those dollar reserves of foreign banks will find their way back to the good old USA. No one wants to hold a free-falling currency. Prices will skyrocket and US citizens will not be able to afford imported goods. Not a pretty picture for a country with an outsourced manufacturing sector. This is what the next war will be about.

        • Dick

          In every time of despair there are some who succeed. The depression, war, famine etc… are rough on most people but inevitably someone also succeeds. 25% of the country on food stamps, only 65% of working age men gainfully employed, and a government in complete disarray are better examples of how most of the country is fairing. The bad part is this information Dr. Paul is giving has to be read on a prep site instead of the evening news or MSM. Many people prefer ignorance. Prep!


        • BK

          I suspect a good portion of the robust vehicle sales are directly connected to new subprime bubble in auto loans.
          I’ve also noticed loans are now being written for over 6 years in duration.
          Bubbles are being reinflated in housing, stocks, and auto loans, along with student debt loans.

          • Montana Mike


            Also consider that a quantity of those vehicles are going to Federal agencies including the GSA.


        • Former Cal Girl

          Good post TG but a few points to consider, all those cars being sold are mostly 5+ year loans. Young people today have huge college loans to pay and low paying jobs to try and do the repayment with. Jobs are out there but wage increases are not. Big credit bubbles everywhere. Fed manipulating the stock market . Then we have the uncontrolables like earthquakes,wars,solar flares,etc.. A lot of stuff outside TPTB control. So I guess I see an unfortunate end to the circus sooner rather than later.

          • Them Guys

            Yes but so many New auto factory jobs cant be ignored. They have always been the best blue collar type jobs. Also After I wrote the first post, I heard on some tv news channel as I flipped thru the channels, that SPAIN has Even listed an UPTICK in Jobs created. Not any earth shattering number of jobs no. BUT for spain to create one single job is a good thing.

            And regardless what student loans are etc, Many tens of millions of americans Are doing swell. And are spending cash to vacation-buy goods-homes-cars etc. If the usa was anywheres near such disasters as so many claim, many do not see it. And I see no reasons they cannot keep it all going alot longer. Of course natural disaster can halt it. But thats not anything new or different compared to any era in world hisrory.

            Look at that east coast hurricane, sandy was it? Yes caused Massive troubles THERE. But here in northern lower mich?..To be honest, if the tv or online news didn’t mention it? I would have never known of it. Nor would have my neighbors. because it only affected That portion of the nation basically. Dont get me wrong. Yes I prep, beeb doing so for decades. I just think quite alot of Fear mongering is ramping up folks anxiety’s way more than necessary. Especially with events humans cannot control like earthquakes that split usa into two sections. Or Sun Flares that if it happens, what can humans do about that? Use alot of tan lotion? or????.

            I bet there are a few prepper types out in america somewheres that paid so much atten to fear of this or that, they never saw the huge buss that flatened them as they crossed the road to go to a surplus store for more whatevers. Whatever happened to christians place main trust into God for unknowns or events we cannot control?

            • Anonymous

              T TG yes we actually are reaping the benefits of those new auto plants here in TN and new jobs are being created., But still not enough. Many folks spend a lot commuting to those jobs because homes are not selling here. And rentals are impossible to find. So here is where we differ in what we see, I do not sit around in fear all day but in the reality of an unsustainable economy. Too few working for the debt we have. Government in fear of its citizens and moving to a police state. Moral decay on a level I could never have imagined in my lifetime. Biblical prophecy moving closer and closer to true end times. Now for agreement, we both prepare physically and spiritually how and what the future holds is in God’s hands not ours. Good conversation.

            • mqg25

              TG…the car industry is in a bubble like the housing boom was. What is driving the auto sales is that are putting anyone and everyone in a car even if you have a 400 credit score. You have to understand like the housing market this cannot be sustained and will burst. The FED is artificially proping up the auto market and is doomed to fail…soon.

          • John W.

            Being that it is possible to get a new car loan for under one percent a five year loan is a pretty smart move especially if rates move up next year.

          • BerthaButt

            Student loan trouble is largely the fault of the students. Sticker price on XU (Catholic college) is $35K/yr. That’s $140K if you borrow 100% of cost. The best nearby public college is $24K/yr sticker price. Another decent school is $20K/year sticker price. If you live with mom & dad, it cuts the price by more than 50%, so you would have to earn $10-12K/yr to cash flow your college education. But mom & dad probably won’t let you & your buddies play beer pong till 4 AM 3 nights/week.

        • JayJay

          {{{Give me One good reason tptb cannot continue on their same course, and simply wait for only another 25-30 yrs at Most}}}

          Because I think the unsustainable level is here–there’s nowhere to go with this mess created by the global bankers and elites.

    6. VRF

      “when people become frightened, they look for things of real value”

      Guns and ammo

      need I say more?

      • rainyday

        and matches and tampons and alcohol and antibiotic ointment and seeds and……………

        • VRF

          right on!

      • freespeach

        VRF – Let’s not forget seeds to plant so you can eat.

        Guns & Ammo are great to protect what you have from those who come looting from the cities but guns & ammo alone you can not eat.

        Stay alert & prepared!!!

        • VRF

          oh im not forgetting those things either..but seeds, and food don’t scare politicians

      • Legion7

        I hope those people don’t “look for things of real value” at my place! I will suffer not the unprepared, that bought a new mercedes every two years while I drove a well maintained 1993 Ford truck and used the savings to buy arms and food and dirt for my ever expanding garden. Look elsewhere!

        • anonymous6.8

          @ Legion 7

          I have an untested theory that homes that look like photo spreads from House and Garden will get raided before homes that look like the neighborhood haunted house.

          Keep your home built claymores disarmed and the rolls of razor wire in the garage until the time comes. Then sit back and watch the Golden Horde hit the curb appeal properties first. ” I’d know those screams anywhere. That’s Mrs. Frothingslosh getting taken hard. ”

          Ifn you are lucky they might look at your home and say, “Not a chance” before they roll elsewhere.

          • Anonymous

            Better yet, you and Frothingslash get together with some other folks and keep them out of the entire neighborhood.

        • BerthaButt

          Most of them are fleasing that Benz.

      • Sanity

        Yeah blah blah blah. Paul is loonier than you

      • Kulafarmer

        And broadheads and carbon shafts and powder …..

    7. wheedle

      Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket folks. In Argentina it got so bad that police were breaking into homes and robbing residents. Hyperinflation scenarios like the ones Ron Paul has discussed will turn good people into bad people when hunger sets in. Plan accordingly and good luck.

      • VRF

        yep, although still one problem for our boys in blue..the Nazi’s in DC haven’t gotten all the guns yet,,..and they NEVER WILL!

      • patientmomma

        What’s a good way to bury items? What types of containers would stay dry under ground?

        • Dick

          Pelican cases or 5 gallon buckets with gamma seal lids.


        • Kulafarmer

          Pvc pipe

        • Montana Mike


          Check internet military surplus for empty used heavy duty mortar round tubes. Yes they are a little pricey. They are made of a very heavy duty plastic. They do have a heavy twist off cap with a gasketed seal. Once saw on the internet where a family laid out a bunch of them to be buried in a straight line to simulate utility pipes to a metal detector. The other's suggestions are good too. My opinion stay away from metal ammo cans. Takes to much work to truly make them waterproof. If you are in your home consider a false back, of appropriate size, to a closet. If you hide something a map is necessary. Then what to do with the map…..


          • Anonymous

            Put your linear caches under a 2″ steel water pipe running out to a waterpoint in the yard or back acre. That will definitely fake out any committed searchers, they’ll dig down to the water pipe and quit when they find it. Your caches are a couple of feet below.

            You don’t need to put water in the pipe continuously , so don’t worry about it breaking and flooding your cache, just valve it off at the source.

            • BerthaButt

              Bull shit. You’ve been watching too many movies. If in doubt, off to camp FEMA with you!

    8. Watchdog

      G. G. & G

      God, Gold & Guns

    9. braveheart

      Ron Paul was our only hope of bringing about PEACEFUL change to this country and we lost that. Now we’re going to be forced into civil war 2, revolution, whatever you wish to call it, in order to get this nation back to its original founding principles and bring it back into God’s good graces. THAT IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR THIS NATION! We have already been going through God’s judgment for a long time and He is nowhere near being finished with us yet. the government is going to declare war against us eventually. Why else would DHS buy more ammo than the military, all other weapons, military vehicles, even building up the ‘civilian national security force’ that Obama called for during the 2008 campaign? The government will lose this fight; even with foreign troops they won’t have anywhere near enough manpower to defeat us. DK is always saying that 100,000,000 gun owners have the future of this nation in their hands. I’ll stand up and do my part. I just pray that all other gun owners will do the same. I know damned well that I’m not dropping the ball; I’m going to run with the sucker! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      • VRF

        I like Ron too, but he wouldn’t have been able to change a dam thing about where this bunch of clowns is taking us.
        without cleaning up all these greedy , pilfering, lying ass politicians, Judges, representatives and agencies..we still would be headed straight for the wall, just with him at the helm, and he didn’t deserve that.
        we don’t deserve that, so its time to get all the bums out because its too late for anything else.

        even with “them” out were still gonna hit, and hard

        • Montana Mike


          AGREE 100%. To the your list of criminals please add all those bureaucrats at all levels of our government. They exercise much of the power. The unwritten Word is passed down to them inferring "The President would like to see this done"


        • sixpack

          They would’ve JFK’d Paul, long before he got anything meaningful done, it’s that simple. NO PRESIDENT OR POLITICIAN in this country can do anything to stop the elitists who own this country, without paying for it with their lives. b

      • Anonymous


        10% of those gun owner really care. And only 10 % of them will even fight. And many will die right away because they have no idea what they are doing.

        How many will survive the first month is the question.

        If that number was anywhere close we would not be in the bowl of shit most are in.

        Everyone buying a gun to protect their front yard from their neighbor. Not to defend their freedoms.

        Or they are buying one so they can take all from their neighbors. Try listening to the buyers at the gun shows and shops. The don’t talk about freedom they talk about surviving longer than their neighbor.

        • John Q. Public

          10% of 10% is still 3,000,000 armed activists.

        • Kevin2

          Your correct in your assumption. Freedom if it will be protected at all will be done by States invoking the 10th Amendment and if abandoned by the USSC in a convoluted ruling they as Nancy Reagan said will, “Just say no”. The very last think Uncle Sam wants is to fight his nephews that just happen to be sitting on oil, gas and food rich property. Actually those nephews have far more wealth then their broke in debt uncle.

          I believe the powers to be have very limited control over State Houses in the rural west and as Willy sutton said about banks, “Thats where the money is”. Guaranteed these State officials have more bugs around them than someone dipped in shit and honey in the everglades”.

          An analysis of all of this is quite interesting but damn ugly.

          • Them Guys

            Kevin2: Thats a Very astute observation you made. I also think at least a few mid west states may feel the same at some point.

          • REB

            Agreed….this will play out at the state and local level as individuals who think the same and have had enough stand together and tell the fed its been fun but now its time for them to kiss off.

        • Eat Al Gore

          Just find a big fat politician and invite him over for dinner…then tell him he’s the main course if the shtf and the shelves are empty. ha ha. joking here.

      • S. Gullifoil

        @ BH,…AA meetings will be held downtown on Jefferson avenue next to the Piggly Wiggley tomorrow, Your welcome to attend my friend !

      • Sanity

        Says the fearless dude on the computer. Hahahahaha. 06,7,8,9,10,11,12,13….

      • Dick


        As long as 3-4% of those gun owners stand up I believe “The Constitution” will be upheld.


      • John W.

        Ron Paul is still a loon and his son is just slightly less goofy. Name one thing Ron Paul accomplished in his many terms in Congress. Still waiting.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Yeah…those people who believe in the Constitution are real loons aren’t they?

          Hey guess what John W…..You’re a dumbass.

        • mqg25

          When you are surrounded by politicians that are only in for the money and power and not the American people then you will not get much accomplished. Of course by your logic you must think that the late Sen. Ted Kennedy was a great man because he sponsored many unconstitutional bills that passed. You just don’t get do ya?…you will.

    10. Randy

      Get ready for the worst possible outcome…get your preps up to date!

    11. braveheart

      Howdy, VRF. They won’t get my guns either; unless they’re ready to die! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      • VRF

        I know that’s right boss!
        got yer 6

    12. 3n3my of th3 Stat3



      Zionist Miriam Levinger is from the Bronx, New York and is living illegally as a colonial occupier in Al Khalil / Hebron, Palestine, fully supported for decades by the United States government to carry out genocide against the indigenous Palestinian people of the city. Miriam Levinger and her fellow colonial settlers work together with the colonial Israeli army and police to make the lives of the Palestinian families of the city into a living Hell, in an attempt to force them to leave their land.

      This genocide is fully funded by the United States government through the stolen money of the U.S. people’s tax money to the tune of $11 -13 million dollars a DAY. Most people in the U.S. have no idea of the ongoing and constant genocide that is happening in Palestine, or that they themselves are paying for it, because they are lied to constantly by their government, who steals their money at the same time.


      N.O. ;0p

      • Barn Cat

        Actually, it’s Palestinians who work to make the lives of Palestinians a living hell. Arafat stole billions in western aid from the Palestinian people. The PA is run like a corrupt and incompetent mafia. If you want to make sure people are miserable, let them be governed by Islam.

        • John Q. Public

          Arafat was long dead when the Master Race pushed the button on Operation Cast Lead and murdered about 1,200 Palestinians, about half of them children.

          The MasterRace also genocided then demolished several hundred Palestinian cities.

          The MasterRace has repeatedly invaded neighboring nations and murdered dozens of thousands of women and children.

          The Master Race has started 2 world wars, is gunning up a third world war, and genocided about 60 million Christians in the USSR.

          The Master Race banksters have looted this nation three times over and continue their worldwide economic crimes against humanity.

          The Master Race is the most active among historical and contemporary slavers, especially sex slavers.

          Prosecution and punishment of the guilty is long overdue. Leave the innocent alone.

          • Barn Cat

            It’s Muslims committing genocide against the 7 million Coptic Christians in Egypt. Christian shop owners are beaten. Both men and women. The boys and girls who are working there at the time are beaten too. The shops are looted. The store are destroyed. Egyptian police show up and make sure the Copts don’t fight back. Christian girls are abducted, raped, kidnapped, and forced into marriages where they will continue to be raped. They will be beaten daily because of their faith. So don’t you DARE tell me that MUSLIMS are VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Them Guys

        Nina O: They are now waking up to what You wrote about if they watch RT news videos and documentary shows, that do show Everything you wrote of occuring in palestine.

        Not sure of truth? But a few months ago I read somewheres I cannot now recall where, that the Grand total of US-taxpeyer us dollars spent on israel, cash-weapons-etc Combined Grand total equals aprox $35,000 Per year Per every indivudual jewish israeli citizen there.

        if true? That makes israel the largest welfare State in the entire world that us taxpeyers fund and pays for. And they live 7+ Thousand miles away from Our shores!.

        ps that does not include Mountains of additional Cash paid since 1948 by German taxpayers for the ongoing WWII swindle aka HolyCOST $$$!! The New One world Religion…”Holocaustianity” Pay Up Goyim Suckers!

        • yental

          Another awakens to the “zionist shell game”. Welcome…and spread the word ASAP!

          • Them Guys

            Yental: yep. Wide awake and totally jewise. That Is the proverbial missing Link or missing puzzle piece. Once you awaken to it…Everything Else fits and makes perfect sense. Now if Only Barn Cat would awaken!

            Barn cat reminds me of that old dunkin donuts commerical on tv. recall? Guy wakes at 4am and 1/2 asleep says “Gotta go make the Donuts! I gotta Go make the Donuts.” Only with barn cat its more like “Gotta Defend and Worship israel and jews no matter What!” “Cannot allow for even a smidgen of evidence to the Contrairy to enter my brain” “The Master Race can do zero wrongs…Must defend them no matter what.”

            Ok lets hear some famous words of wisdom from the kitty cat…Like say, call us all Nazis! racist! if it werent so serious a issue it would be laughable.

            • Thinker

              Them Guys? Did you see that the U.S “Finds” the long lost diary of Hitlers Aide? Now is that convenient or what ? And why would dhs still be looking?

              • Them Guys

                Thinker: No I have not as yet. Please tell me more if you can. Was this some type “history” aka Hitler channel tv show? I stopped watching most all history channel shows a couple yrs ago, due to it has turnd into the Hitler channel 5 days per week, then the final two days per week tv shows are usually about Evil whiteys-KKK!-Poor slave victim negroes-Poor amer. injuns vs Evil whiteys-Poor mex illeagles vs Evil whiteys- or just the typical Whites are evil bad and no good for anything type shows.

                What is supposed to be in hitlers “diary”? And yes why is dhs still searching for it? Now that all nazis are dead and long gone, perhaps we need massive nationwide Protests that Demand the History-Discovery-Learning-TLC-Nat Geo-Channels All stop doing non stop nazi hitler re runs shows. AND Begin to do shows that examine the Russian Bolshevik Jewish Kommies, that made the Nazis as well as Hitler seem more like 5yr old Kindergarten kiddies compared to Soviet Butchers and Killers huh.

                Of course that will never happen as long as bolshi kommie jewish zionists own all tv channles and control the entire FCC board. How much longer will america, that Other 98.5% of Goyims, continue to allow The 1.5%- ziokommiebolshevikjews to remain in total control of all they see on every tv station?

                50 yrs ago as a kid age 10, if anybody told me that them kkk and nazi and german folks of wwii era was correct when they kept telling us all, that americans future will be destroyed by negros and jewish comminists? I wold have never believed them. But Now today? You bet they was right as rain. Too bad our elders back then rejected all such warnings eh. That too was due to massive TV propaganda Against all such groups and their warnings.

                • Thinker

                  TG; The article is on rense sight. Check it out!

      • BerthaButt

        I’m not a jew lover, but jews were there before the muslims even existed. That said, let ’em work it out among themselves. If Iran can mass produce nukes, israel’s threat is greatly diminished. That scares the jews shitless.

        • Them Guys

          There 1st, yes, Untill God Had them Booted Out for the Second and Final time. At least till he returns anyways.

          Being Booted from Every goyim gentile nation they Ever infiltrated says quite alot eh. However being Booted Out by God Twice from their Own nation?! You cannot make this stuff up. Perhaps its why we have biblical verses that declare Them the “Adersaries of God, and of All of Mankind” aka adversarie=Enemys.

          As klinton would say “its the…Talmud stupid!(instead of economy stupid) Christ tried to enlighten them too about their evil false beliefs from their talmud religion of self worship and mammon/money worship both. I Eagerly Await when finally we begin to see those that are the “good” ones step fwd and denounce the evil ones of their tribe.

        • mqg25

          Well Bertha guess what the Canaanites,Jebusites and Mideonites were there before the Jews. So do they have a rightful claim?

    13. Iowa

      Ron paul!

    14. 3n3my of th3 Stat3


      what ZOG AmeriKa has truly become … A DICKTATORSHIP !

      N.O. ;0p

    15. Japheaux

      What’s funny [not haha funny, but weird funny] is the irony: The Bible-clinging, gun-grabbing, ‘rednecks’ often viewed as paranoid delusional idiots will be the only hope that liberal-azz America has when Uncle Sugar starts enforcing what he’s been dreaming. Don’t confuse ‘idiot government’ with America. We have a great country and a whole lot of great folks who will come out of their virtual ‘Galt’s Gulch’ and rebuild when DC realizes that maybe this country runs better when leaving the citizens alone to prosper. We WILL be a great country again, when God returns his protection over us. Keep thinking positive and keep prayin’, folks.

      • Kulafarmer


      • Hey You


        It’s gone. “We” will not be a great country again. Maybe we’ll be 50 great, reasonably sized countries. Much more logical and much more humane!

    16. peter parker

      What will the administration do when the dollar fails? Will they repudiate the debt, ala Iceland? What replaces the dollar? We need trade controls, tariffs. Tell you what, I’ll trade you a bushel of corn/wheat for a barrel of oil. Seems fair to me. Don’t want to trade, fine, eat your oil. The government depends on, runs on, tax revenue. If people are out of work, and many are, less revenue paid into the government. Putting people back to work is Job 1. What is the advantage to this administration to run our economy into bankruptcy?

      • Barn Cat

        They want to make America part of the one-world government prophesied in Revelation. They agree with the UN’s Agenda 21 that the world is overpopulated by people and they want to kill most of them. Among the one-world government types, they see 500 million as the maximum sustainable world population. People like Obama hate America and they hate what America used to stand for. They’re working to destroy it once and for all.

      • Warof1812

        @Peter Parker – The administrations going back to Clinton (if not farther than that) have sold us to the New World Order/International bankers. They want our land and natural resources.

        • Kevin2

          Way further. Often they were put into positions that played right into the hands of the internationalists doing what they thought was best at the time for the US. Ronald Reagan’s arms build up is an example. I think any administrations control over the bureaucracy is somewhat limited and very limited in the intelligence community. I believe Presidents are considered but a temporary amateur warming a seat from a bygone era.

      • anonymous6.8

        @ peter

        The unspoken premise behind your last question is that our masters in DC care about us.

        Not in the least do they.

        Nine-tenths of us dying off is their ultimate goal. With the survivors being their slaves. Same old same old, with the sham and pretense removed. Naked tyranny.

        Covertly, blatantly, via sleight of hand, brainwashing incrementally ramped up over decades … whatever works … they don’t care how as long as they get there.

        Prepping, gardening, arming up will help us as individuals survive awhile longer.

        There are, I estimate, between 30,000 to 100,000 folk at the very peak of the pyramid amongst the Power Elite. Then there are several million useful idiots, willingly complicit, putting their best efforts into fostering the tyranny.

        Just to be clear, from oblunder on down, the political vermin aren’t the PE themselves. They are the PE’s flunkeys. As long as we believe they have authority over us they do.
        But they are only errand boys.

        Few of the useful idiots are PE themselves. Most are mercenaries, careerists doing their thing for the heady proximity to “power” and because it pays well. So when times get tough most of them will run.

        They ALL need to face sanctions. Proportionate to their crimes.

        • Merree

          The flaw in their plans is that they cannot continue to maintain their way of life with the population decreased to the level they have talked about. It takes billions of minions to keep the wheels of production rolling. And it doesn’t matter how prepared they think they are, Mother Earth plays by her own rules and I do not think the PTB have any comprehension of what those rules may be.

      • Kevin2

        Peter Parker

        This administration like many proceeding it work in the interest of globalist bankers not the American people.

        Look up 2x MOH recipient Lt General Smedley Butler and his book, “War is a Racket”.

      • JayJay

        Peter Parker-I just Ixquicked Keynesian vs. Austrian model today–I believe you just made a case for the Austrian model, sir.

    17. king krazy

      I’m too old to care about survival. I plan on going down fighting. Hopefully I’ll take some of them with me.

    18. SD Mule

      Thank you, all of you right wing and left wing, forever programmed, can’t think for yourselves, dumb-asses!!! You couldn’t break out of your right/left paradigm to save your life (literally). Ron Paul may not have made a difference, but now we will never know!! What we do know is, voting for the right/left will guarantee the “same as it ever was” results and yet you did it anyway!! This is why voting doesn’t matter, voting for the right/left is a vote for the same result, regardless of what their campaign platform says. You deserve what your limited mind allows you!!

      • Gonetoolong

        It won’t happen until it is ready to happen. The sheep won’t wake up until shit gets “in their face” bad. Unfortunately we all have to suffer because humans are basically dumbshits. Rand doesn’t have a shot yet either until the masses get a good taste of nastiness. Be patient, this can’t be forced until the public is ready for the change.

      • Them Guys

        Was’nt Ron Paul also a REPUB? is that not on the right?

        It was my understanding, that Long before tea partys got “famous”, for about 5 yrs before tea partys, the Ron Paul “Movement” was attempting to create a Viable valid 3rd party. Is that not correct? Yet all a sudden tea partys formed to promote paul mainly. Untill a year later when Hannity-Beck-several other neocons hyjacked tea partys and all a sudden they were voting repub party right?

        Plus Paul Twice ran as All in it for the Duration/Long Haul…Untill avg reg folks sent him $50-Million in campaign cash…Then couple weeks later…Paul dropped Out of prez race…THEN Paul got Back in and got More Cash doantions…THEN Again paul dropped Out.

        Then I watched Ron Paul on live cspn- Tell a group at some political speech function, he was no longer running. BUT will Remain a REPUB and seek his same us rep office again. THEN Paul introduced SIX seperate Indep and various other smaller parties Candadits for us prez. 5 were there on Live cspan..One was unavail to be there but Paul mentioned him also.

        THEN Ron Paul basically said “All SIX are great folks and ALL can make a swell US PREZ! Sooooo..Just cast Your vote for ANY of these Six…I wont recomend or endorse ANY single person of the SIX as all are good. So as long as You cast a vote for ANY of the Six persons…That is good. Better than a vote for dems or repubs.

        So How does advising Millions of voters that supported Paul for prez, to Now switch plans with Two weeks to go! and vote for ANY of Six prez seekers, do anything else besides cause a Massive split in so many votes?

        What was the reason for such stupid advice? Sorry, but Paul Was/Is a repub, always was, retired As a repub, Twice ran then Quit(after the cash rolled in!).

        Got himself Re elected to us rep as a Repub again. And so far How much of that $50 million Cash donations he never spent(besides a paltry few million for a couple stadiums speech events or rallies etc)…Has he yet Returned? NONE!

        Then How many folks automatically voted his son Rand into the us senate as his first real political position/job, thinking Rand=Ron and its a swell deal?…MOST did!

        But it seems maybe Rand aint the same as his dad ron eh. Seems hes way More like Rubio and Cruz etc…neocons with their master string pullers in Telaviv.

        So I think if one removes their Rosy colored eye glasses and looks at it from These perspectives…Then Ron and Rand paul are basically…Typical Polititions. Somewhat better than others? Maybe yes. But not what so many hoped for right. Like I said Ron Did run and Quite Twice in Two major elections right.

        And as for tell folks vote for any of Six individuals instead of Endorce ONE? Come On. How intelligent was That?

        I think alot of folks, good folks, put hopes into another politition and got royally screwed. And whenever votes are split it seems always dems will win. Thats how prez wilson got elected and we got the fed reserve banks in 1913. By Split repub votes so dems can win. Aint saying Ron Paul wanted dems to win…But once ron QUIT again, seems he cares not or why reject to endorce One of the Six? Hes a good “Politition” thats for certain eh. Wealthy now also! they get to Keep all that Unspent cash as long as they pay income tax and retire. Oh wait! he Did retire…Anybody get a Refund as yet? You Wont!

        Be sure to watch that Yutube video of Rand Paul wearing his little skull-cap, surrounded by a Dozen israeli Rabbi’s while Banging his nogin and thrusting his pelvis at Their famous Wailling Wall. Indeed! that video makes it Certain Who and What is Most important for those polititions who do that. Oh wait! They ALL Must oblige israel in such fashion eh. ZOG-Indeed!(zog=zionist occupied govnt=the usa).

    19. slingshot

      Rock an Roller, Cola Wars.
      I can’t take it anymore!

      Billy Joel.

    20. The Republic Strikes Back

      Verizon: Can you hear me now?
      Obama: Yes we can.
      Hillary: Yes we can., but what does it matter now?

    21. Be informed

      The BO plan. Print up as much money as possible so 50-75% of the population can’t afford a loaf of bread. Then start ‘giving” out plenty of government vouchers for “all” you need at the supermaket. When you have enough of the masses totally dependent on the government to eat, then you start with your plan to control the country like BO dreams of being, a king or emperor. Real nice plan that the masses are falling for hook, line, and sinker. Free money, oh boy! No wonder the masses are going to hold a parade for helicopter ben, he wants to give away lots of greenbacks for nothing. Where are the tar and the rooster feathers when you really need them?

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        I can always count on you for being a beacon of
        sanity in an insane world. I’ve been trying to
        escape the asylum but the wall is too high.

        I asked the Lord to give me a sign:
        The clouds parted and in a loud voice came,
        “You Pissed Me Off!!”

        • OutWest

          Or, if you’re more inclined to political correctness:
          “Thou Shalt Continue Thy Penance!!”

    22. johhnyblaze1971

      First off, I am a loyal reader of this and many other sites alike… But, some of the stuff I read online here and other sites make me wonder. If the gov is into this big censorship or blocking what the media speaks of etc then why do these sites still are allowed to operate in an anti-gov tone?

      I can only think of a few reasons;

      1st – they (gov) just don’t give a shit if we know there up to something.
      2nd- studies have been conducted in the past and present where its proven if you give someone so much information, it creates a, “deer in the headlights
      look” thus freezing them.
      3rd – people (sites ) are profiting off of fear..

      My opinion, its all three above.! So whats the soulution, make prepping a lifestyle. I enjoy prepping knowing if I ever lose my job, my family has food , water etc..

      I’ve talked to too many preppers who are miserably and have twenty different ways the world is going too end. STOP, enjoy what life has to offer. I have found that this thinking has helped me fine tune my thoughts and preps.

      As always, puff puff pass

      • durango kidd

        JohnnyBlaze: You forgot number 4: The PTB wants to be able to identify everybody, then profile them, and sort them into “to do lists”.

        I am on the “red list”. I am a priority! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          No you are not. They allow you to play so it makes the serious one feel safe.

          • Anonymous

            I also find it a little funny how this site gets thousands of views but only 250 or so comment on avg.

            Folks, if you believe there tracking preppers, than you merely surfing this site and many more puts you in the bad people group.

            So you might as well exercise your freedom of speech

      • Barn Cat

        The government isn’t ready to censor the internet. Also, the sites are useful to them because they can trace everyone who posts and put them on appropriate lists.

    23. ScoutMotto

      There is a gun show this weekend at the Outlet Malls in Loveland, Co. 9-5 Sat, 9-4 Sunday. I will be there early as usual.

      • Sanity

        I will come by and check out the accidental shootings.

      • Them Guys

        DK: We need a valid site to track When we reach Peak Kommies! that way we can plan how many rnds ammo we need for certain. Peak Kommies= When the last final kommie becomes a real kommie in the usa. Then…It is Showtime!

        We probobly will need some type ID for Kommies to wear on outter clothing. Maybe a Huge RED K! Located over their Heart area of coats. harvest time in america. Uprooting all them tare weeds. Just look for the RED K symbol!

    24. buzzfix

      Raise a fist Lads!

    25. funny...

      I’m more worried about getting my kid to do some laundry. These problems are too big and there’s no solution but to hide your wealth… stay as self sufficient or shtf proof as possible and out class the guy next to you on the line or office so you keep a job in this face capitalist society. The fucking commies have won. SO…. TREAT ALL DEMS AS THE SCUM THEY ARE AND MAKE THEM FEEL VERY BAD ABOUT THEMSELVES. THAT’S MY NEW SPORT. FUCK WITH THEM. GIVE THEM A HARD TIME.

      • Them Guys

        Hide wealth or gold or cash wont work. If they go to cashless worldwide, and Track all buy or sell, then they will know you bought stuff with hidden undeclared cash or gold or??? and they will reject Your implanted ID chip for further transactions. Then what? Barter? How? How can one do barter across a vast nation like the usa is without phones or fed ex deliveries etc?

        The Only barter then will be between close neighbors or friends. And after even Barter is made illeagle? How many close enough friends or neighbors will chance arrest for doing barter? What if they include Rewards of xtra meat and butter next month for every barter or patriot person turned into their 1-800-zio-boys hotline to DHS?

        FYI= In Russia once Lennin got control, the very first Law he dictated was. All persons of all age groups, small kiddes too, that were “Suspected” of antisemitisim, were Shot Dead withOUT trials etc. Antisemitisim equaled anything spoken or “Thought” of, that mentioned the fact that communisim was a jewish invention and operation/system. Or any complaint of it. Or if suspected of “Thinking it so”! BANG! shot to back of Head=Dead.

        The soviet kommie eliets offered Rewards of an extra Pound butter and Or pound of Meat per month if You turned in anybody, even Family members to the Checka=secret police=Murder swat squad. Families were So terrified of each other, as well as outside friends or neighbors it did not take long for folks to Remain basically Silent even at dinner tables! For Fear somebody, even family, may turn You in to the dreaded CHEKA Murderers.

        People who coveted Your job or position at work, would turn You in to get Your job as Their Reward! Or if Your Wife was sexy looking…Want her? ok turn in Her hubby to the Cheka and shes yours! Neighbors do not need to raid your home for food etc…Just turn in Your name to cheka and bingo! they get some of your stuff(cheka takes most away for themselves of course).

        They WILL do the Same in america once They gain enough total control. 99.9% of usa folks has NO idea of whats to come if we go under a True Soviet dictatorship like russians did back in 1918. Think You wont Fear own family at dinner tables? Just Wait. Americans same as russians will stare Down at plate due to fear of Own family members if such systems occures Here. Nothing is worse than Kommie soviets rule. NOTHING! and it Is what the Master Race zios are going after Here. Beware of the Khazers.

        Once it all goes computer debit cashless with chip id it is game OVER. Nobdoy can live 100% self reliant withOUT use of all fuels, store goods, like salt or sugar etc. Even the early cowboy settlers had to make a store run every 6-12 months for sugar and salt etc.

        Even them guys on tv shows like alaska mountain men series still need go to real town and stores now and then. Or get plane dropped goods to their cribs. There is NO real self reliant survival methods once stuff runs out.

        Cashless with computer tracking of everything done by each person makes all a perfect slave no exceptions. Only by total rejection of such a system can one remain free. yet for How long? And yes they Will be hunting down them what rejects it. Personally I Hope what the bible says of “In that hour of temptation which shall come upon the whole world…God shall protect us and KEEP us from it”

        I hope that is speaking about Keeping us from such a cashless system. As I do believe when it is time for every person to accept or reject the Mark aka 666 number is talking of such a cashless chip ID system I described.

        It definatly will be a time of “Temptation” eh. Like when hungery small kids cry to Eat food! yet NO chip ID-666 and NO eat food kids. Many shall indeed be tempted like never before to accept it. Do Not do so. Its a Trap leads into hell.

        • Kulafarmer

          If we get to the point you bring up at the beginning of your post,
          I have no interest in being a part of that sort of world anyway and wont give a shit what goes down, i would bet i wont be alone, especially here in the islands,
          Agro Island Rootz

    26. lonebull

      king crazy has it right for many of us who are too damned old to bug out. we are old & we hurt in places young people don’t even know about. but we own a gun & if each of us can take out two “doorbusters” that will at least make them think about busting down that next door. that should be every old persons plan- if you can’t run take a few with you. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

    27. Anonymous

      Network (1976)

      Howard Beale:

      “I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TV’s while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We know things are bad – worse than bad. They’re crazy. It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, ‘Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.’ Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad! I don’t want you to protest. I don’t want you to riot – I don’t want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write. I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad. You’ve got to say, ‘I’m a HUMAN BEING, God damn it! My life has VALUE!’ So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’ I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

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