Robert Kiyosaki: America Is Headed For Totalitarianism

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    Author Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad says the United States is headed for totalitarianism and that he wants to flee the country with his gold. American is already fascist, regardless of opinions on the matter.

    Fascism is the merger of corporations and the government, while totalitarianism is a complete subservience to the state. We are the crossroads of both, to be honest. And the faithful sheep who serve the state and the banking cartel will dutifully go vote in November for a puppet who has already been chosen by the Federal Reserve to complete the enslavement of mankind.

    In an interview with Kitco, Kiyosaki explains that Americans have almost lost every smidge of liberty that their ancestors had. “The freedom of speech is gone. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and also the freedom of religion,” he said.

    Kiyosaki has prepared for a time when he would have to leave the U.S., he said, by holding safe-haven assets like gold and silver. “Way back when I started storing gold in Switzerland and in Singapore, so in case I had to run, plus I had different passports. Gold and silver are flight capital, and as you know, the only people making money today in America are moving vans,” he said.

    Regardless of the price of gold, whether it’s $1000 or $15,000, Kiyosaki says he will continue to buy more because it’s one way to protect yourself from the central banks. Kiyosaki wants to remind people that he fought for capitalism, not socialism. But the U.S. is becoming Marxist quickly.

    He added that bitcoin also qualifies as a safety asset because it’s “international currency; it operates outside the Fed and the Treasury. Kiyosaki says he holds gold because it’s “God’s money” and Bitcoin because its the “people’s money.”  He seems to be attempting to remove himself from the system of enslavement set up by the Federal Reserve.




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      1. American? Do you mean America? How about just saying The United States just to be specific.

      2. The totalitarians have ordered people to raise hell in the streets and wear surgical masks at home. Maybe Total bullshitarians would be a more appropriate term, not that I advocate for totalitarianism at all. They are so fucking incompetent that they don’t even know what totalitarinism is and what it is supposed to accomplish. Figures from the people who have chosen a senile candidate out of 35-50 presidential candidates depending on if you are willing to count major third party candidates or not.

        Andrea Iravani


        • “…the people who have chosen a senile candidate out of 35-50 presidential candidates….”

          Actually is is NOT the American people who chose the US President, it is those who serve within the state governments. All the people of the state do is say who the majority of that particular state wants the state gov REPRESENTATIVES (legislature) to choose. It makes the people of the state feel that they are involved in the presidential elections so they stay quiet and not change the system they no longer understand.

      3. Politics…meh…Whaddabout the V shape recovery back to the best economy evah? America’s great again now, ya know.

        The orange man loves the rising stawk market. “Lookee…see? Things is great. Muh economy is the best in the history of the world. Pent up demand is very strongly coming.”

        Sorry. That’s like holding a match under the thermometer and saying “See, look how hot it is. Hotter than ever in the history of the world.” It’s all a fake.

        Orange buffoon

      4. It really makes normal people that have brains wonder why the Presidents do not repeal 1981 Executive Order 12333 which is a confession of high crimes and all rights violations including illegal enslavement.

        GWB 43 was spying on the Trump family in his first term. The deep state despises the Trump family and would really like them offed. They have been quite clear on their absolute hatred of the Trumps. That is just one of the crime confessions that violate peoples rights that ought to be repealed.

        Who knows what Biden might do with executive order 12333 to the Trump family if Trump does not repeal it. Maybe use directed energy weapons while he is on the golf course to strike his club with lightening and kill him or unfortunate traffic, boating and plane accidents.

        All sane people that are law abiding red blooded Americans would immediately repeal all of those confessions of high
        crimes and treason passed by congress and the president.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. The average person can’t flee the country but he can live in rural America where he can homestead and protect himself. Trump is doing all he can to save America. He is being attacked by both sides of the aisle. We will know on nov 3 whether we will have another 4 years to prepare or not. God Bless the USA!!

        • I think your comment bout sums it up. It’s gonna happen, just a matter of when

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