Rise of the Mob: Wisconsin Fairgoers Attacked, Violently Beaten

by | Aug 5, 2011 | Headline News | 452 comments

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    You head out in the minivan for a fun-filled day with the family at your local mall or the fair. The next thing you know all hell breaks loose and hundreds of individuals are attacking shop keepers, stealing, and violently attacking patrons.

    The police, as is typically the case during such incidents, are nowhere to be found until it’s too late.

    This is exactly what happened in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin State Fair when hundreds of individuals attacked patrons and passersby:

    Witnesses’ accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night.

    Authorities have not given official estimates of the number of people involved in the attacks.

    “It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,” said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ.  He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis.

    “They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.”

    “It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car.

    “I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us.  They just kept walking right past their car.  They were looking in everybody’s windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black.  Guarantee it.”

    Eric, a war veteran, said that the scene he saw Thursday outside State Fair compares to what he saw in combat.

    “That rated right up there with it.  When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops to handle this.’  There’s no way.  It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles.”

    Another witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “it was like a scene you needed the National Guard to control.”

    Source: TMJ 4

    Earlier this year Tess Pennington wrote Teenage Mobs: A Rising Epidemic, in which she discussed mob mentality and future trends. Within a week flash mobs became front page news as loosely tied large groups of individuals coordinating via text messages and social networks began robbing pharmacies, convenience stores, jewelry stores, and other businesses. As the success of these types of “mob” attacks becomes more apparent to teens, gangs, and would-be criminals, Pennington says that their frequency is likely to increase:

    It is a fact that when people’s basic needs are not met, they will act out.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time before these senseless acts of violence will not be limited to only misguided youth, but reach out to others who feel they need to take their own desperation into their hands.  Due to the recent increase in unemployment, and an under stimulated economy there will be an increase in crime, and violent mob attacks are sure to increase, as well.

    Source: Ready Nutrition


    For the time being these attacks seem to be limited to teenagers, but it won’t be long before we see professional criminal organizations begin to use them to coordinate higher-end robberies or even vendettas against others. As was pointed out in the afforementioned article, researchers suggest that it takes only 5% of a group to influence the actions of the other 95%. When the call goes out, the mob will act without even knowing why – they just will.

    This is exactly what happened in Wisconsin when they began vandalizing fair storefronts and robbing them, eventually turning their attention to patrons. In this case it is reported that the majority of the mob was black individuals, and the targets became white people.

    This trend is going to expand across the country, and thus, we must start taking even more precautions when out in public, especially at large events.

    If you see trouble brewing, our advice, just as we recommended in the event of riots, protests and civil unrest, is to get out and get home. But this may not always be possible, as you may end up stuck in the middle of it.

    Because of the extreme violence displayed in Wisconsin and in past cases, we cautiously advise our readers to consider arming themselves (and learning lethal self defense techniques). While the laws in each state are different, if you feel your life or the lives of your loved ones are threatened you may be justified in using extreme force. Though most of these flash mobs are made up of teens, they are nonetheless dangerous and a threat to the lives and well being of others.

    While some may argue that a mob cannot be stopped, consider that it may be made up of tens or hundreds of individuals, but not many of them know each other. And even if they do, we are hard pressed to believe that they have any loyalty to each other if bullets start flying. A warning shot may be enough. If not, there’s always the other sixteen rounds in the magazine.


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      1. “A warning shot may be enough. If not, there’s always the other sixteen rounds in the clip.”

        Unfortunately not here in California – we’re only allowed 10 rounds in a clip. 🙁

        • carry lots of fully loaded magazines.

          • Be sure to use your ammo and make every shot count.NO WARNING SHOT’S. Protect your position around you with dead bodies.Shoot them in the back when they run away and they wont come back for more.Then drive home like you just run over a rabbit in the road,don’t look back or feel bad about it. COULD HAVE BEENYOU STOMPED TO DEATH. Problem solved. Have a good day

            • just make sure there are no fingerprints on the shells

            • A warning shot might be enough to turn potential attackers around without any loss of life.

              You would need several dozen dead bodies to protect your position, and unless you have enough bullets for that and are practiced at “human masonry” or have time to move around all the bodies, that plan is unfeasible.

              Shooting them in the back to keep them away could only ever be useful if you’re chasing them away from a place you stay at often. If it’s in the middle of the city somewhere, it doesn’t matter.

              Why the %(#& wouldn’t you feel bad about running over a rabbit, jerk?

              Problem solved, butt covered legally, have yourself a very fine day.

            • I see none of you have been in combat situations. I hope you never have a chance to help cover my back. You would only waste ammo shooting warning shot’s and then probably run with wet pants crying help:::::::help::::::help……

            • There will be no warning shots. Our sons whom served for the last 4 yrs and ! Whom still serves today tells me the warning shot comes to the forehead to the man in front..I’m very proud to say that the youngest has just made Ranger training, he and his buddies are the strongest young men I have every got to party with.But the bottom line is they protect us the people, they do not protect the bullshit with our goverment. I pray for their swift return everyday.

            • Typical American Ignorance. I would expect nothing less from the biggest joke of a country.

        • Surely you don’t obey that law?

          • Hell no! I got a 30 round clip from my dear ole Dad in ID! 🙂

            • Sorry – make that “magazine” lol!


          • I follow the law as much as our nation’s attorney general.
            ….and don’t call me Shirley!


          • Went to a night shift in the ER in Chicago. Walked with my girl friend from parking lot to the car. Some black dude came up to us with a knife, my girl friend took a gun from under her coat, shot the guy! We stepped over him and left him on the side walk. 2 hours later a gun shot wound victim was brought in our ER: yes it was him. How is that for a revolving door. Never knew my friend walked around with a gun. Think it is time for all of us.

        • The sad thing is that in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, the bad guys don’t follow the 10 round mag limit.

          • neither do I…… 🙂

        • Who says we ONLY have 10 round magazines here in CA? Sounds like during Fair time is a good time to carry concealed!

        • Surely you don’t actually follow that unconstitutional law. Where are “the laws” during a time of riot like what happened at this fair? When your life is on the line, all bullcrap laws go out the window!! If we all told Sacramento to SHOVE IT on the 10 round capacity law, they would be forced to yank it, but instead, people just do as they’re told. Sad. Not me! I carry concealed even though I can not obtain a CCW permit because our area simply doesn’t issue any, and I carry FULL 13 round mags in my Glock 21. Screw that 10 round BS and their lame laws! MY life is worth more than their stupid laws!

          • We have an old guy going to prison for life here in Oklahoma.
            His crime? His drugstore was being robbed and he pulled out not one but eventually two guns to minimize the threat. They looked up him and inside him every way from Tuesday, implied he’s a liar,
            a radical, put HIM on trial and he’s paying now because a group of thugs decided to rob the drugstore- for the umpteenth time. Don’t assume in today’s America you can defend anything and not go on trial yourself for it. Soon as they saw it was a robbery, they should have thrown their pissy ant conceal carry laws over their shoulders.
            Don’t come to Oklahoma and expect to protect your homestead or your business. Business owners here are quaking in their boots now. Maybe it shouldn’t have happened- maybe the pharmacy guy screwed up or lied instead of the muggers- but it did.

            • Heard about this. It is pretty easy for some O.J. jury to second guess his actions and say he shouldn’t have got the other gun and shot the thug again. This thug had just tried to kill him. I would also want to make sure he could not get up. The pharmacist obviously
              had a huge shot of adrenaline running through his system, as could be expected when threatened with imminent death.

              I am sure this animal was “really a good boy”.

            • It is up to a jury to decide any and all cases of self defense and jury nullification will take care of the elite’s unwillingness to take on black racism like they took on white racism. In the meantime, stand up or they will carry you out on your back.

            • Actually, the OK guy took the second gun out when the kid was out of the fight after having been shot, and then shot the kid three more times. He was out of the fight and unconscious. He did it very calmly, in no hurry, NO FEAR for his life, and killed the kid. It wasn’t necessary, and THAT is why he is going to jail.


          • The time when open carry becomes common is not too far away. I think it is actually legal in some states, but thuggish tactics are used to deter the practice.

            • Where were those concealed weapons when you needed them?

          • A&D,

            Remember these phrases:

            1. I do not consent.

            2. I waive the benefit.

            There is a third phrase, almost important, but, its for the judge to remember, not you:

            3. Case dismissed.

            I’ll let you do your own research.

        • If you allow someone to decide how many bullets can go in your gun you deserve what you get. The proper number to carry is one for every public official, whatever that number may be.

          And don;t forget one for each member of the criminal banking families.

          • Damn I need to get some bigger mag’s

            • Spoken like a true coward.

          • Yeah, as I have suggested before, at this point, if I lived in Cali, I would seriously consider taking the risk of owning some hi cap mags. IF I were to take that chance, I would just bury them in my yard or something…and get them out only if (when?) things get ugly.

          • Come on GC, they DO NOT MAKE MAGS THAT BIG!

            You’ll just have to carry several.

            • have you tried the new sure-fires, went through 1k of 5yr old stock xm193F and they functioned perfect…..;-)

        • bring an extra clip…or two !!

        • A very sad state of affairs. Unfortunately, the author’s advice to fire a warning shot into the air will get you arrested in most states for disturbing the peace. Follow his advice and get the hell outta there. Always carry, just be have some defense, but if these reports are true, you will be grossly outnumbered and probably out gunned.

        • The Cleveland Flats died for the same reason. The US government has created millions of poor people by sending their jobs oversees. When these people decide that the country is not what their ancestors fought for, maybe they will demand that Washington do something for Americans besides compromising to spend one trillion dollars instead of two trillion and then recess to work on reelection.

          • I lived in Milwaukee when I was a teen through my 20’s. These are not poor people having a tough time. These are $%^& punks and they choose to live off the goverment cheese. They have always been like this and always will. Up in the Pacific Northwest now and yes I still carry! Milwaukee has just gotten worse through the yaers. They can keep there $%^&hole. Keep stacking guys and remeber, “you can never have enough ammo.

          • The elite have used economic internationalism to ship jobs out of the country and to increase their wealth, but have used diversity race training to create race hate tribes stewed in economic jealously to weaken American resistence to their internationalism and total control.

            What you see in black racist mobs attacking whites is called racism and it has been carefully nutured by the liberal elite in all our schools in the US. Whites have taken on the role of race shame and self hate. Now you see the result of whites having put up with it thinking it would improve race relations. It is not designed to improve race relation. It is racism and it is designed to create violence – like all racism. Get rid of diversity racism in socialist studies and restore constitutional civics in the schools NOW.

            • Lilly: I declare the Age of White Guilt OVER! Make a note of it everyone. It was the white vote that elected O’bummer. No need for anyone to claim “racism” anymore, except for racists.

            • Go girl!

            • I too refuse to have any white guilt. I’ve lived a productive peaceful life and have harmed no one. However I will defend myself if a group of thugs try to harm me. I will kill them before they kill me.

              My husband told me to fight to the death if need be. Usually these thugs do not expect whitety to fight back.

              We have coddled these race hustlers for years in the name of white guilt and what has it got us? Nothing.

        • Make sure to collect your brass – and don’t stick around and wait for the cops to arrive after you cap a couple punks. I always carry an extra clip. I’m in NY, and here in the upstate area everyone holds concealed carry permits – not like NYC. Plaxico could’ve gotten one and he’d be OK. A little known fact is that they let you carry concealed in NYC if you call ahead and stop in at the police station with your upstate permit. They issue you a peace officer badge.

          • Say what? Call ahead and issue a badge? You’re teasing us, really? I’ve never heard of that.

        • if you are only allowed ten shots in you’r clip,chamber one round and reload the tenth round back into you’r clip.ten in the clip,one in the chamber.

        • A warning shot is a great idea. Put the first round into the chest of the closest perp and that should be a warning to the rest of them.

        • Clips are for hair and paper. magazines are for guns.

        • You can buy a bunch of parts in CA to fix your “old” magazines. If all the parts have to be replaced oh well…..I just got enough parts to rebuild 5-30 rnd magazines here in CA….

          • CA D.O.J is tracking the orders from CalegalMags.com , especially the BETA rebuilds and the 30, I hope you paid cash and went to their store under the will call section? you were that smart weren’t you?

        • okay there are no police, then kill all of them. you idiots we are on our own. freaking grab a damn bulldozer and bury their black asses in a hole! then go back to having fun.

          • I agree with you Jaspertwo. My fathers 45 from WWII & 8 shots in 8 foreheads would create a nice Salvador Dali painting. He had one of those drum magazines but I can’t find it

          • Why is black on black crime ok. But black on white crime is a no-no. Crime is crime. Looks like nothing has changed. Guess thats why the country is dying. And dont blame Obama He is just the patsy. It started long before he was born. You live by the sword. You know the rest.

            • Seriously, Shirley? Black on Black crime isn’t racism. White on White crime isn’t racism. When you target someone as a victim based solely on the color of their skin…presumably different than your own…it is racism. Just as surely as KKK crimes are a “no-no”…these crimes are as well. It is amazing that I must explain that very simple concept.

        • Make the animals fear the dark. Carpe Noctem! Stand aside. Arminius has been turned loose. There is no turning back now.

        • just carry a couple extra mags, 30 rounds in 3 10’s of 40 S&W if used in a controlled manner is better then spraying 16. Maybe upgrade to the .357 sig. round, does a number. Its not always about quantity but quality(control). If you have your ccw then why would you worry about the warning shot anyway, you have a permit for a reason, right?

      2. Thank god ccw starts in Nov.

      3. These sub humans just haven’t met the right White guy yet. When the do and “whitey” puts down 4 or 5, you will hear everything from “Jamaaaal was such a good kid” to Keontaaaa was starting college in the fall”. Obama supporters out in full effect!!!

        • Ditto….I go to these crime scenes and see JaQuante leaking from 10 holes. Then I log the stolen gun I take out of his waistband (because he lost the match) and run a criminal history on him that is several pages long…..
          Of course, on the news his relatives are wailing and the bubblehead on tv talks about how this young man was turning his life around….


        • Glad to see your response to racism is racism.
          And YOUR the one calling people sub-human?
          We can only hope that when the SHTF, people like you inbreed themselves into extinction.

          • not racism idiot….its called reality….if you want to stick you head in the sand feel free…when your ass gets dragged out of your car don’t come crying…..PS. your running a little low on milk, and you might want to change your sheets. 🙂

            • LOL

            • It’s not racism. Facts are heartless biaches sometimes.

            • It’s racis to mention reality. Get it right! 🙂

          • you’re*

            • eat shit typing police!

          • Let’s see here. It was blacks attacking whites. Key word: attacking. I would say that is sub-human behavior by any race, so to say they are sub-human is not racism, dipshit.

            • exactly,,,,,sub human is the keyword use 45 cal from car,hold weapon out window to avoid ear shock, and pop off 2 rnds, to get attention and stop movement then let lose .

            • Americans attacking Arabs.. sub-human tosser!

            • Meanwhile… the mainstream media ignores the story. I saw this at Drudge, The Blaze, and here. That’s it.

              And if this was white on black crime, how many news outlets would be in Milwaukee right now??? (Hint: All of THEM!!!)

              Well, fellas. I hate to say it, but these inner city types ARE sub-human. And when the SHTF, they’re coming for you and your loved ones. When they stop getting their allotment of government cheese, they’re gonna rampage. Cities will burn. And that’s the first sign of the END.

              Be prepared… But I’m preaching to the choir here, ain’t I?

              God bless and take care.

            • Racism is now defined as criticizing anyone other than a white person. The PC idiots must think they will be left alone in such a situation if they just explain their worldview. Yea, THAT will surely happen.

          • Responding to racism (which has no scientific basis to begin with – or end with, as the case may be) with racism is, unfortunately, only playing into the hands of the PTB. Our further division and distraction is precisely what they want. That way they can safely go on screwing all of us over, regardless of whether we’re black, white, red, yellow, mixed or purple with green stripes. Cases as this can go either way and are more about being young, bored and stupid than anything else. The whole race thing is just the excuse employed. Unfortunately, most Americans are uneducated and small-minded enough to let the myth of race dictate their thoughts, feelings and actions. I’ve seen young white kids act just as cruelly and stupidly. By the evidence, it’s more a matter of socio-economics and family structure than of any color. As the middle class descends further into poverty and disarray, this should become more apparent.

            • Forget the racists. The comments they make are more proof that the NWO programming has taken full effect.
              The end comes, the economy collapses. In the chaos of local war and looting, white supremacists take hold and begin ethnic cleansing. The government is unable to act. This is allowed to occur for five years, with atrocious acts occuring across the nation. In the ashes of nation states, a world government body rises up and says “See what nations did? Look at America with it’s ethnic pogroms, look at the world with it’s poverty. Join us, and let us help to fix the problem.”

              The Inbreds are paving the way for violence. They are paving the way for Global Governance. Lohkai, know that the intelligent stand with you. Keep up with your comments. And take pity on the sordid Inbred.

            • Dear Lohkai:

              Which state university awarded you a degree in Liberal Arts? Was it a Sociology or Psychology degree? And… hate to ask… Are you unemployed right now? Or did Obama give you a stimulus job?


            • Your multicultural indoctrination can be considered successful.

            • Right on Lohkai. Racism is an ugly bird, whether white, black, yellow or pink. It’s the spirit that counts, not the skin color.

            • Lokhai, So I guess you think it’s OK for young blacks to form gangs and assault white people? Sounds like no one should protest because the criminals were black. Notice that the TV commentator would not even say that the gang was comprised of blacks.

              HeHeHem, You sound like someone who should stay away from dangerous weapons and sharp objects.

            • Oh, boy. Racism. After a fashion, you’re right. Racism IS a ploy of the elites. However, as a matter of reality, if people with excess melanin in their skin desire the destruction of people who don’t have enough melanin in their skin, then, right or wrong, racism is a fact! If one race desires bad things for another race, it IS racism.

              Them’s the facts…

            • Mal: I do work, and actually do so in a business college. No liberal arts. I’m a writer of science-fiction, fantasy, thriller, horror and occasionally humor, broadly self-educating through research and insatiable interest for 30 years, a lot of hard science and, yes, a little psychology (so I could convincingly write f-ed up folks who cannot reason effectively). Most college grads stopped at 4 years and weren’t as invested in their studies, I assure you, but just wanted them to be history, quickly forgotten. I see enough of those 4-year idiots every day. Most don’t know squat.

              BD: I am, by genetics and upbringing, multicultural myself – Norse and Native American. We live in a colorful world. It’s not all as lily white as your ass, thank goodness, because too often that small mind comes with it.

              Don: I don’t think you read what I wrote but, rather, what you wanted to read into it. I in no way condoned this stupid action and profer no forgiveness or tolerance. Quite the contrary. I feel the black community needs to stand up and condemn these actions immediately in a very public good-faith effort for its own good. I’m just aware that stupid actions are not defined by pleiotropic genes or polygenic traits, as so many here as so happy to assume, probably because it makes them feel better about themselves for the haphazard luck of being born a different color. I must question the overall mental wellbeing and moral fortitude of anyone who lives on such assumptions and goes so far as to defend them and must therfore further question their having access to dangerous weapons and sharp objects, as it’s clear they are more subject to emotion than reason.

              C Sam: You’re almost there. Don’t give up. As a matter of reality, race still exists only as a false theory, as a myth forced into reality, but it will continue to exist so long as we remain feable enough to give it credence, unwilling or incapable of rising above it (as these fool kids) – same coin, different side.

              Racism is a pendulum. When pushed in one direction, it will come back from the other. Or, so, it will until the cycle is broken. That can only be done at the individual level. Either you participate and perpetuate or you withdraw and educate. We, none of us, should continue to allow race to be thrown around as an excuse to think or act in ways that make us feel apart for some supposed better when common sense and science have shown us we’ve been fools all along. The PTB would like us to remain fools. Fools are predictable. I prefer to make them have to guess. Dancing to their fiddle will only do us all harm in the end.

              There’s a lot of resentment and hate in a lot of these posts. It is, sadly, understandable but only to a point.

              By the way, do you know why we even have white people? One word: rickets.

              Come on, folks. We all have the capacity to be so much more. You’re never finished until you’re finished. If you quit before then, then what could you possibly contribute to the human condition? Nothing.

          • I was going to provide a link to REX84 that I saw about 2 years ago. Now there is so much info out there on it that the link is now buried and frankly your not worth my time he he he.

            In it, it specifically states that illegal mexicans and blacks will be rounded up first. Could it be, just maybe, that certain groups are thought by our govt to be more prone to rioting and civil unrest?? Gee, I wonder why that is????

            Gonna call our loving govt a racist too, Cretin?

            Facts are facts. Remember the Black Friday stampede at the wal-mart in Long Island about two or three years ago? You know the one, where the white Wal Mart employee was trampled to death? Look it up on YouTube – every single one of the stampeders were black, you phucking race baiter.

            • We know none of these gentlemen will be accused of a hate crime since thanks to our esteemed gov’t only white people can be guilty of hate crimes.

            • And when they came for the blacks I did nothing.
              And when they came for the illegal mexicans I did nothing.
              And you know what? Things worked out really well!

            • That DOES prove the government is rascist you idiot. And rioting has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with being disenfranchised.
              Our “loving” government?
              Glad to see you bought uncle sam’s poison hook, line, and sinker. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I PRESENT TO YOU THE CANCER OF OUR NATION: THE FASCIST AMERICAN! You disgrace the very land you walk on.

              And I’m not talking about the Turner Diaries.
              REAL STUDIES.
              I challenge you.

          • Dear He He He, For your information, your is the possessive, as in, your lack of education is showing. Where as, you are is a contraction and is written you’re. The proper sentence would be “And YOU’RE the one calling people sub-human”? Sorry, I’m sure you’re the product of our rotten education system. Why don’t you ask for your money back!

            • So instead of rationally responding to my point…you attack my grammar. I see! The classic grammar Nazi, in words AND ideology!
              Bravo sir!

            • From K-12, it doesn’t work that way. They demand MORE money when they fail. Not bad work if you can get it.

          • Glad to see that the Dizzy Left – in He He He – has arrived to take down ANY sensible and irrefutable remarks. I wonder what it would be like to live in an old fashioned early Twentieth Century (or earlier) society in which Liberty included Freedom of Speech and Self Defense, and bubble heads were almost unknown? May those days come back soon!

          • It’s not YOUR but YOU’RE. Seems like you are inbred.

          • You HE HE HE are very ignorant !!!! You and people like you will be the ones to inbreed yourselves into extinction!!! Get your head out of your crack!!! Any group of thugs that attacks innocent people are subhuman!!!!!

            • Quit using my name Anonymous. This is abuse Mac.

            • According to our latest cultural missive, it is double sub-human to attack (lynch) people you hate in racist gangs. What they missed in our cultural missive is that it goes for any color of subhuman racist. HeHeHe can’t be expected to know this as the lefties in the schools failed to tell him.

          • and you are from which fairy tale land?

          • He–You have it wrong. The reaction you are reading in this thread is not racism. Rather, it is the creeping reality of self-defense awareness. Concealed carry is going to become more and more prevalent, and there are going to be a lot of dead people on the streets when these gutless little “flash mobs” try to hurt innocent people. Color has nothing to do with it, ultimately. I will react to an attacker regardless of color. It just so happens that in this instance, it was pure black on white attacks. Time to arm yourselves folks, whenever you venture out. Do it legally, and defend yourselves.

          • I say screw you He He He.

          • Racism is a code word for anti-white. Only whites can be racist right?

        • So True drillerman. At the end of the video the reporter says how this crime may have been racially motivated, if it was a bunch of white kids beating on minorities Rev. Al would be all over this shit! The double-standard with the race card in this country is making me sick!!! And no one in the media or police/government has the balls to call it for what it really is… racism! Good day!

          • These black kids are punks. I want to hunt them down and measure justice myself. But not cuz they’re black, but cuz they’re pussies.

            There will be no ethnic cleansing in this country. You racists are too chickenshit to visit the hood, and blacks will certainly reward your attempts with equal measure. You won’t sucker punch blacks out in the open either. Way too smart to think whites like you are hard to spot.

            So don’t think you’re Dirty Harry-that’s all fantasy.

        • Really, you are no different then these idiots when you say they are Obama supporters. I’m black & support Obama, so does that make me a sub-human as well?!?! How would you feel if white supremicist or KKK (MOB) go on their crazy sprees and someone said, these McCain supporters are some idiots… That’s ignorant.. But when it’s said and done, it’s not about black or white, but rich and poor… And by rich I mean elite rich, so we are all in the same bag, unless you have a billion dollars put away for a rainy day..

          • Your not sub human…..just an idiot for supporting Obama …..and ask yourself a deeper question…..do you support him just because he is black…once you answer that…everything else you said can be stuck right up your ass….

          • THANK YOU CAROLINA BOY!!!!
            The Inbreds are totally conditioned by the elites to believe that the rich are “benevolent” and that all the nation’s problems are about race. They have totally swallowed the propaganda, and are playing the role.

            Whats SAD is that they don’t realize they are but mere tools. Back when the polish meat packers went on strike, the companies shipped in blacks from the south. The poles, being racist, forgot all about FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS, and just started attacking the new black community. LOOK INTO TIM MCVEIGH!!!! These white supremacists are merely the rabid dogs let loose by the government to provide an excuse for wider police powers.

            The Inbreds are nothing but ignorant tools for the emerging global empire.

            • You, son, are a simpleton. Do you honestly believe your own bullshit?

              Bottom line here:

              (1) These attacks at the Fair were purely racially motivated.
              (2) It is 100% accurate that if this were white on black crime, the entire freaking mainstream media, the entire Left wing of Congress, and President Obama, would be calling for the heads of the attackers, using it to pass still more racially motivated, anti-white legislation, and telling us we are all evil simply because we are white.
              (3) Whites are getting sick and tired–really, really sick and tired–of putting up with this bullshit, from attacks like this to the inevitable lies perpetuated by the racist wing of the Left.
              (4) With the S&P downgrade, with the deficit deal, with entitlement programs, with so many jobless, with a MSM that does nothing but lie for Obama, with President and Left wing that hates the U.S. and is doing all they can to destroy it, we are fast approaching a point of no return. There will be a reaction, people will have to choose sides, and in the end, my guess is that the bad guys are going to come out in really bad shape.
              (5) I would urge all Americans to be honest about all of this sort of stuff. Ignore the Left, MSM, Obama, Congress, and the like when they perpetuate their lies. Be honest about your family, your friends, you colleagues. DISREGARD race and ally yourselves with good people. Don’t let the Left and racists split you apart by race.

              Folks, if you keep calling people inbreds because they are tired of this sort of bullshit, and if you keep spreading the lies your masters in the MSM want you to spread, you are going to end up on the wrong end of this thing.

            • We all learn from our own life experiences.

              First, in damn near sixty years on this planet I have yet to meet a member of the KKK. Next, there used to be a Winchell’s Donut shop on Imperial Hwy at Figeuroa (I believe). I used to stop & get coffee on my way to various customers in the area. Well when I would walk in the converstaion would cease and the coffee dripping into the pot was the only thing you could hear. Every eyeball in that place was glaring at me. Those people seemed absolutely livid that a cracker would invade THEIR donut shop. I started going there with other guys just to watch the fear in their face when they saw the reaction.

              Living thru the riots of 92 I can tell you 98% or more of the people I saw looting and acting out were black and Mexican.

              Today, anyone on this page can link a hundred you tube videos of black mob behavior or black women acting like animals in fast food joints. White mobs? Well, not so much. I do think it is coming though but for now, the facts yell for themselves.

            • And you believe what the mainstream media tells you about these “white supremacists”! Tim McVeigh was a gov’t agent.

              And these “inbreds” that you ignorant morons are talking about are rarely, if ever, inbred at all.

              Sadly, we ALL look at history and see it with our own spin put on it.

          • Not sub-human…. just stupid for supporting Obama. Ask yourself the real question…..do you support him just because he is black??? If you answer that honestly, you can take everything else you said and stick it.

          • Sorry, CarolinaBoy, but when’s the last time 400 white teenagers assaulted a bunch of blacks? Lynching went out of style… what?… 50 years ago? Black on black crime is the most prevalent. Black on white crime is next. 50% of all murders in this country are committed by black males, which are roughly 7.5% of the population. (FBI statistic). Using rough math, that makes a black guy 7 times more likely to commit a violent crime. SEVEN TIMES. If you were a white suburbanite, wouldn’t you, because of the very math, be a little more cautious when visiting the inner city? It’s math!!!

            The poor have always been present in society. Did we ever see acts like this during the Great Depression? No.

            The simple truth is these inner-city black kids are:
            a) Most likely in a single parent household
            b) Never been inside a church
            c) Been told their entire lives by everyone around them that they live in a racist society
            d) Been told by race baiters and communists that whites are all evil
            e) Been told by race baiters and communists they can never succeed in society

            What a wonderful world…

            • These baiters just don’t want to face facts. Hey, if they were white punks I would be embarassed as well. I’m white. For the trolls that think it’s not the black culture to hate in Milwaukee I can send you on a tour of some truley f#$%d up places. Hell I have black friends that won’t even go there. But then again your not closed minded ingnorant to THE TRUTH like he he he and corolinaboy.

            • White liberals have cultivated this attitude, and now we al get to experience the fruits of their labor.


            • They aren’t all rich? Are they all racist like I was told in diversity drills in school?

          • Dude…it’s a rich/poor issue, in this you are correct….but is is also a cultural issue when one large group of one color violently attacks another small and unsuspecting group based entirely on racial anger and haterd.

            Like most black Americans, when you look in the mirror and see your failing culture’s ugliness and collective failure, you punch the mirror instead of punching yourself in the face.

            That is called denial my friend….and you and most of your kind are in denial. That is why I cannot ever turn my back on a black male during a SHTF crisis… no matter how smart he thinks he is, how much money he makes, or what uniform he is wearing.

            You and your people have a serious cultural problem that is violently manifesting itself among the tweens and twitterers of your particular shade under God…..and you are incapable of fixing it on your own.

          • “so does that make me a sub-human as well?!?!”

            Would you riot and trample innocent white people? If so, then, YES YOU ARE! You are just as subhuman as a crowd of white people trampling a group of black people. The problem here, as you say, isn’t about race. However, what is a person (regardless of race) supposed to say when they look at the majority of people belonging to each race? How many whites live in public assistance housing? How many blacks? How many whites commit violent crimes? How many blacks? How many white people speak English SO BADLY that you can’t carry on a decent conversation with them? How many blacks?

            Day by day, black people, AS A WHOLE, prove themselves to be subhuman. Not all black people; I have A LOT of black friends who are just good people. They would stop and help white people who were being trampled. They wouldn’t trample them more. Likewise, I would help them (or anyone else if I could).

            To bring this to a point, racist or not, when a race of people show themselves to be subhuman, what are the other races supposed to think?

        • You sound like a racist Idiot, all of you. They ain’t met the rite white guy yet, i bet you a punk. I don’t agree with what these kids did but you hyping yourself off of some fantacy like you some cowboy hero or something. I bet face to face you scared a black kids. Take your gun to the ghetto and get it take from you. go embaress yourself you computer tough guy.

          • BJ–I don’t hold myself out as anything but an honest and decent person. What you fail to appreciate is that for my entire 50+ years of life, I have been told that (1) I am a racist because of my skin color; and, (2) blacks can do no wrong; and, (3) I have to give to and give in to blacks no matter what. This is the evil that has been perpetrated by 50+ years of lies and deceit. This is the evil that results when monsters like LBJ, Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and a whole host of others decide to try to make a lot of money and gain a lot of power by creating race-based advantages for one group over another. I don’t know a single white person who is racist, and I know hundreds. But I know quite a high percentage of my black colleagues and acquaintances who are racists. They cannot help it. They were created by the race industry in this country, from LBJ to Obama to the NYT to the Washington Post. Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right. His dream was exactly the right dream. Unfortunately, evil men saw an opportunity after his death to turn that dream into our long national nightmare, and the ultimate result is going to be horribly ugly.

          • just come over to my house black guy and you will be on the news…

          • Also, I could barely understand your post…..between your terrible grammar and awful sentences you the exact shit I am talking about……get your bus pass and we can talk.

            • It’s damn racists like you who perpetuate this hate, so pull your head out and shut the hell up!!!

          • Glad I live in Asia.

      4. Two million men assembled at Tiananmen on 1989.

        It took one single tank to get rid of them all.

        • One: Two million that were conditioned to living under iron fisted, communist rule.

          Two: 1989 was a really long time ago in the sense that we know what is coming.

          Three: American military personnel think for themselves.

          Four: Second amendment.

          • “American military personnel think for themselves.”

            Is that why they struggle to explain what they’re doing in Iraq or Afghanistan? Sure as hell don’t “think for themselves” when they get shipped out, don’t “think for themselves” about what exactly they are doing killing people who’ve done nothing to them, don’t “think for themselves” when they are exposed to radioactivity due to Depleted Uranium Shells, and they really didn’t “think for themselves” in Gulf War 1 when they were injected with various experimental substances resulting in Gulf War Syndrome and even the loss of their senses.

            Soldiers do not think for themselves. Soldiers follow orders and kill.

            • As expected, Jester, you’re half right, and expect everyone to think you’re 100% correct. Bah!

            • I volintered for airborne infantry to go to viet nam simply to sharpen my hunting skills. we were not all drafted. 7th SFG

            • I am a vet. I think for myself.

              In WW1, WW2 and Korea less than half of the infantry ever fired their rifles in combat.

              I do believe that it is easier today to get folks to kill one another because of the diminishing respect for human life. That diminution is due to multiple factors but two large ones are abortion (the killing of human life for convenience) and video games (vicarious killing of game characters as a sport).

              When the US engaged in military conflict overseas under Bush, Colin Powell was at the UN begging for permission to enforce resolution (threat) number whatever. More importantly however (tho still not in accordance with the constitutional requirement that only the House of Representatives may declare war) the CinC did obtain a vote authorizing military action from the legislature.

              To think that the military members should refuse to follow lawful orders because YOU have a different opinion of the legality or justification than congress did is very arrogant.

              The undisciplined reactionary behavior that you appear to advocate would enervate the military force.

            • Just thought I’d ask the question…

              What radiation? They don’t call it “DEPLETED uranium” for nothing?


            • Historical events that occured domestically that the US military was party to:

              The gassing, bayonet-charging, and rolling of tanks against the Bonus Army by troops under MacArthur and Patton to drive them from the National Mall.

              Forced integration of schools in the South.


              Don’t ever think for ONE MINUTE that “those who protect our freedoms” won’t follow orders to put down “subversives,” ‘terrorists,” “the unlawful” because that’s how you will be described when TSHTF to the “semper fi, do or die” types who can’t be expected to bite the hand that feeds them in an ever-worsening economy. And these folks aren’t exactly noted for outside-the-box thinking.

              Some will remember their honor and lay down their arms. Maybe even most. But not enough, that you can count on. It’s harder to find a more dyed-in-the-wool statist than your average veteran. And don’t forget that the military harbors numbers of blacks and browns in higher proportions than is reflected in the population as a whole; how many of these folks do you think will disobey orders to disarm or kill whitey? Most are just LOOKING for any little excuse, as they’re learning in Milwaukee.

              Too many of those who “protect our freedoms” think there’s some difference between “the government” (bad) and “the military” (good); if they haven’t yet realized the fact that the US military is an enemy to the freedom-minded, as is the entity that controls it, they are dangerous to you and you aren’t going to want them around in a potential conflict with government forces because you will never be able to guarantee which side they’ll stand with. They must renounce it.

          • And, yet, even with all that against them, they came to a halt when one little man stodd firmly in front of them. They didn’t stay stopped, of course, but I can just imagine how torn (how human) that tank driver was as he sat there listening to orders that surely contained threats, real or simply understood, on his life and/or his family’s lives. But, yet, that moment still lives, and considering the backdrop, it speaks volumes about our humanity – it can be beaten back and overridden through force but never fully extinguished.

            • Obviously you never was in military.

              Soviet soldiers during WWII committed unspeakable acts of cruelty, but few of them ever showed any emotion.

              They drank lots of vodka, but all Soviet(and Russian) men do so anyways…

            • It wasn’t a drunk soviet in that Chinese tank either. And there was pause. Cruelty and abuse of power by someone in a uniform? Just look at the incidents with some of our own law enforcement officers. Each of us processes bitterness and disgruntledness in different ways. There is no all in or all out across any board. Generalizations make poor vectors for all-in bets. Could the Chinese guy at the wheel of that tank have possibly been the only living Chinese soldier with a conscience? Yeah, but statistically, that’s highly unlikely. He could’ve just plowed right over the guy without even slowing down, and maybe if he’d been ruled by disgruntled bitterness, he would have. That’s the point though.

              And, no, never been in the military. Don’t have the right subserviant mindset required. Besides, back then, they didn’t much five girls guns, tanks and bombs to play with. Without any of that, where’s the fun? You just get harrassed by the men at their leisure, likely raped in the course of your short career, and are less likely to get away with any due justice in either case. No thanks, I’ll pass.

            • Soviet “soldiers” during WWII hardly qualify even for that lowly title.

              The typical Soviet soldier of WWII was an illiterate peasant, often from areas so rural they scarcely knew what civilization looked like, even more frequently Asiatics that thought of Europeans as subhuman, and who were starving and bred to savagery.

              Yes, they committed unspeakable atrocities. The Soviet bloc’s massacre of German nationals and ethnics after VE day is one of the most shocking genocides you’ve never heard of before.

              US soldiers are not animals, despite the best efforts deployed against the armed forces to force upon them foreigners, alien foreigners, contradictory personal characteristics, and the notion that war fighting is wrong while social justice is good. This paradoxically guarantees that eventually those in Uncle Sam’s employ won’t think twice about pulling a USSR on “their own people”. (Neither would be true, but the talking heads will never see it that way.)

              Now, come back to me five years from now because I think it will be unrecognizable as enlistment contracts and officer terms-of-service for voluntary indenture in respect for education provided all expire and are not renewed.

            • Let’s not discuss the inhumanity visited upon the Soviets by the invading Germans. May have left an aftertaste.

        • wow, that’s an embarrassing statement. you have that backwards, ComeInUs. it took one person to stop a line of tanks.

          guess you don’t read much.

        • They forgot their “cocktails”. Who goes to a tankfight unarmed?

          • Has such moving history been forgotten already? Gee, I’m not that old. It’s rather disappointing to think that moment is that far gone from human experience. If so, it’s a tremendous loss. The moving thing was that that entire crowd, like that one man, was just part of an unarmed populace living under Chinese communism that wanted more of the freedoms too many Americans take for granted. But, despite being unarmed, they gathered anyway, and that one man made the loudest statement he could as a whisper to a storm. He knew the risk and likely the outcome, but he did it anyway. And that one picture of him – small, frail and vulnerable – standing face to face with a tank without so much as flinching? Well, anyone who can’t respect that level of courage under such hopeless conditions probably doesn’t have much of their own.

        • I think some of the people who jumped under the tank tracks were women.

      5. And where is the NAACP on this one? While the entire concept of this post is terrifying, reverse this situation and organizations like the NAACP, mainstream media and everyone else who capitalizes on racial hatred would be in your face. Now picture this scenario where a large number of these victims were armed, even only to just fire into the air to disperse the crowd. This situation not only potentially saves lives but now I’d bet your headline would be “White Wisconsin fair goers open fire on black teenagers.”

        Personally, I’m staying in my car and the first person that starts trying to rip open my door I brandish my 9mm to as a fair warning.

        • where is the mealy mouthed preachers, the reverand al sharpton and the honorable jessie the bs er jackson

      6. This is why I have a canceled carry permit. I have a Ruger SR-9 with 2 clips, in the side compartment of my vehicle, and carry a S&W 38/357 snub on me. Seriously I recommend everyone start arming themselves. Only you can truly protect you and your family. Beans Bullets & Band-Aids…
        Prepare now & Stay safe!!!

        • Bilbo,
          You are so right! Every person needs to be armed enough to take care of themselves. We cannot and should NOT put the responsibility on the police or other agencies to protect us because it will simply not happen. Self reliance is the key to making it through situations like this. I am willing to bet that if several shots were fired at this crowd then they would have dispersed immediately. This is why I have a firearm with me most of the time.

        • what worries me about that is this; as soon as one of them screams gun, you have to think that many out of this mob of possibly a hundred or more has a gun or guns as well and then bullets start flying randomly or a bunch of guns all come out and are pointing at you and your family in the car…your toast! and your kids and wife are toast!!!

          What do you do? I ask this seriously cause do a little research on where I live in Muskegon, MI and know this: this mentality is coming here…you can feel it and see it. We get death stares all the time for just being out on the street somewhere. A lot of us around here have been talking about it and it is evident. It is like you can cut the air with a knife. It is brewing here and only a matter of time. Already on one occasion coming home from church on a sunday afternoon, we had to turn the car around and find another way home from the mob in the street and they were staring at us like animals getting ready to pounce. I am street smart and have been around (did my time on the streets as a younger guy messed up in drugs on the streets of south Florida a long time ago), but I am only one, wife is sweet and not street savvy at all.
          I am more than concerned and worried about this

          • You will find that most of these wannabe street thugs can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a weapon. A couple of well placed rounds will disperse them like spraying raid on an ant mound.

            • agreed

            • There was this one time, when a wannabe street thug emptied a magazine at a car with 6 people in it and never hit anyone. No lie!!

          • BJ, I’m from Muskegon, have family there, and you are correct, visiting family, or seeing a sick relative and HHosp., I’ve had to weave around “youths” staring and blocking my path. That town is a tinderbox.

          • Two words: OPEN CARRY! If you don’t live somewhere were this is allowed, move. If you think that you have to go somewhere were this is not allowed (shopping malls, resturants, public events, etc), make new plans. An armed society is a polite society.Encourage responsible family members and friends to open carry, especially in your presence. Attend events where others are legally armed. Shit like this dosn’t happen to people who present themselves as “hard targets”.

            • Exactly! Arizona is not only an open carry state, you can carry concealed WITHOUT a permit.

          • That’s where your largest weapon comes into play, BJ….you’re sitting in it, it has a big engine and can probably take out 10-12 in one push of the pedal!! Never let yourselves be a sitting duck! Put that car into drive and GO!!! If they are in the way…they are in trouble! We learned that lesson years ago in Tampa…sitting in bumper to bumper traffic after a fireworks display and the guy in front of us went ballistic because he car was over heating and he couldn’t move his car…he got out of the car and was beating on the car in front of him and screaming for them to move…and that car happened to be my mom’s!!
            We determined to NEVER let that happen to us again, so we try to avoid crowds and traffic…and if we can’t, we stay VERY observant, ready to get out, any way we can! We are entering dangerous times in America…scary, dangerous times!!

            • Remember to leave yourself an “out” when driving in congested areas. Two years ago my family moved from the megalopolis to “the country”, I still leave enough room in front of my truck at stop lights to peel off if something happens.

          • Move.

            • trying to….need some paychecks first

        • I hope it isn’t CANCELLED !!! concealed maybe?

      7. “Though most of these flash mobs are made up of teens, they are nonetheless dangerous and a threat to the lives and well being of others.”… Myself and most who I served with in Viet Nam were teens, a “teen” can kill you as fast as an adult. This will not stop until the “teens” begin to reap what they sow…blood for blood, when the cost to them becomes too high this crap will cease.

        • Unlike most adults, teens do not yet understand one simple concept – consequence. They all believe they’re invincible.

          • That is why they drafted eighteen year olds.

          • And they don’t know who they are yet, can’t think for themselves, thus, they get brainwashed easily.
            Majority of them anyway.

      8. Just more Obama supporters showing their class!!

        • it s more like they have been showing their arses. Let ‘s move into the whitehouse after all its paid for by us and they have plenty of food and entertainment

      9. More than 100,000 unarmed men, women, and children assembled at Tiananmen Square in 1989. It took eight divisions of the People’s Liberation Army, supported by police enforcing a martial law declaration, to get rid of them all.

        • Once the tank started rolling, the mopping-up was just a chore.

      10. When I read this article I thought to myself “What would I have done had I been there with my Mark 23 in the vehicle with me (as usual) and someone would have jumped on my hood or attempted to open the door?”

        • You would have been glad you had 8 or more hi-cap mags and 230gr. +p….

      11. As things worsen in the USA, planning travel routes to better (safer)locations, plus when and how to travel, will become important issues that need attending to sooner rather than later. Knowing where to avoid will become more important.

        • The backup vehicle: minimum of 15 years old, tinted windows, drag-ass suspension, a set of spinners (those pathetic bling-bling hubcaps), a gold homemade paint job, and a license plate that reads “BOO”.

      12. Sorry to be picky Mac, but it’s a magazine not a clip. Clips don’t have springs.

        • I changed it to magazine…. My father-in-law busts my chops about that too… I guess I’ve listened to too many Gangsta songs. 🙂

          • Yeah MAC, in the academy the offense of saying (clips) instead of magazine but lead to 20 pushups per offense, for some would be officers 5 was too many, Lol! And the reason it called Rap is because they mispelled the word, they forgot to put a C before the R.

            • Oops typing on this Droid.

            • A Big Hearty Amen tpp that!

          • Jeez! Firearms Terminology Nazis are so lame. …even when they’re correct.

        • Fussy fussy. How ’bout “the little goomer with the bullets that hooks into the whozeewhatsit of the rapid projectile spitter”? Now, that’s just endearing.

      13. I have often thought about a carry permit; but then again, then they will know who is packing

        • If you buy a weapon legitimately, they already know everything about you.

          • Not in 38 states. You can buy anything you want from any non-dealer off the books. Been doing it for years. All absolutely lawful.

      14. Okay folks today we will introduce you to another execise.

        For this exercise you will need some softball sized rocks and a tree over 10′ tall. Taking the rock in your dominant hand, using a underhand softball pitch, try to toss the rock over the tree. We will start with 5 repetitions 5 times a day and work up to 20 reps 10 times a day.

        “Why”, you ask?

        “Grasshopper, do you recall wax on – wax off? Insert cheap knife in dominant hand with blade edge up. Swing into attacker’s groin and attempt to throw over 10′ tree when cheap knife hits sternum. Continue exercise for the minimum 20 reps or until you run out of attackers.”

        • blade edge coming out of pinky side or thumb side…..IO would think and prefer pinky side so you are fisting knife……is this right?

          • I would think that would be for a cross-punch or backhand maneuver… unless you’re Gumby.

        • Groin? Hmm. Not as easy to get to as you’d think. I prefer to break the nose with my palm or use a side kick to the knee.

      15. Just wait until the unions organize these useful idiots:

        Years of indoctrination…
        a dash of class warefare….
        a touch of racism….
        and a free lunch…you’ve got a Marxist Revolution.

        God save our Republic!

        • * warfare

      16. Wrong place, wrong time.
        You are lucky because carrying a gun is legal in U.S.
        Here it’s illegal both to have and to carry it.
        To be honest if i had to face a mob like this unarmed, i wouldn’t know what to do.
        Probably i would step on the pedal and get the hell out of there.

        • Not allowed to carry a gun? Think insect spray (like the wasp spray that shoots 15 to 20 feet) and a lighter. The surprise should give you an edge at least. Better than nothing and not illegal to carry. At the minimum, a claw hammer or phillips screwdriver will do.

        • Ever been sprayed in the face with a can of starting fluid? The effect is devastating, lasts several minutes (1/2 hour?) and no permanent damage. Lohkai’s insect spray works good but you’re putting yourself up for a lawsuit, maybe. In any either case, use whats available. Fight like your life depends on it, because, well, it does!

      17. Anybody want to guess when the media starts to acknowledge the main thing all of these groups of “yoots” have in common?

        • Would that be about the same time Eric Holder prosecutes them for hate crimes? You know, when hell freezes over!!

        • This is the first I have heard about it. I watched the cilp of the local news there, but it never hit mainstream. Hmmmm wonder why. To even point this out, it will be considered ‘racist’. What an effed up world we live in. Where they hell are the parents? Oh, guess we better not point that out either…(gone, prison, cracked out) But damn if we are allowed to spank our kids! I got the belt as a kid, and you know what? I wasn’t out there doing this crap. I’m a productive citizen. Spare the rod and spoil the child. My kids arent’t angels, but they would NEVER be a part of this. There is no sense of right and wrong in groups like this.

          • correction, “where THE hell are the parents” Didn’t mean to get my ethnic on.

            • Yeah where are the parents???? The town I live in has had one murder so far this summer some shootings and other stuff and now gang graffiti…….

          • @MIT,
            They’re not clips, they’re magazines!! Magazines dammit, Magazines!!
            Oh, wait a minute…you meant VIDEO clips. Sorry, my bad…
            my spousal unit is now ordering me to sign off so I can go self-medicate. “Step away from the keyboard”, she stated in a firm tone…

        • Um, never. To do so would be to abandon the required political correctness that is leading our society to be a bunch of two-faced biggots for the sake of appearances.

        • Probably not until some of them have been victimized.

      18. Correct my history if I am wrong….wasn’t it President Lincoln who had troops open fire on a mob during draft riots under the theory that if you whack some in the front, or at least the loudest, that the mob will scatter and stop ?

        That’s what stops this kind of thing. One of these times you’ll see a Tackleberry type step out of his pick up with a drum loaded Saiga……

        • And the guys in the draft riots had, I assure you, more conviction regarding the “what” of their doing. This was just a bunch of “act up, act out, manufacture an opportunity to vent” stupidity. When I was that age, we just slam danced… mostly. But this is what happens when youth are raised by technology instead of parents and given no constructive outlets for all that energy. Stupid is as stupid does, so should they fall, well, that’s just natural selection at work.

        • Or just arm the masses with Saiga 12’s… Only an airstrike or tanks would stop them…maybe gas.

      19. No weapon. LOL how about the car you sit in?? Blocked in? no prob smash a few between the car in front and back of you.If you don’t keep a gun in the car with you always carry a hammer. Think about it folks every car is a weapon and most of what is in the car is a weapon. I build Cabins and house’s, hell I got a whole bucket of weapons. But then again I carry a gun thanks to the Castle Doc.

        PS The hells angel’s fav weapon to carry besides a gun a ballpen hammer.

        • Please help me, how is it better than a claw hammer? Don’t doubt you, but would like to make sure I use the best tool for the job.

        • I recall an incident back in the 70s in Ohio where a bunch of black fellas (about 30 as I recall) blocked the street off around a fella driving a big ole caddy,they attacked him with various things and the old boy stomped her down…killed 11 and badly injured some as I recall,didnt stop till he got to a police barracks,was ruled self defense…so yes a car is a good weapon.

      20. Hey Mac whats up with this now??
        Your comment is awaiting moderation

        • The system does this automatically… It has a mind of it’s own…until ‘it’ decides it knows you well enough it will drop comments into the moderation queue… I generally never censor anything in the comments so be assured your comments will appear as soon as we go through the queue to approve them. Srry for the inconvenience…

          • Well this is a first but hey its cool


      21. Go ahead fuck with me, I give one warning shot and you will see it clearly as your eyes cross following it right between your eyes.

        • What is f/sec?

      22. I’m sorry, I’m in the car…a couple of thousand pounds of steel and horse power. “I’m sorry officer they just jumped out ahead of me I couldn’t brake in time” thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

        • True. The auto is the deadliest weapon in the US, statistically. Before anyone pulled me from my vehicle and thrashed me in the driver’s seat, I’d inflict damage on every vehicle on every side. Too bad for any bodies caught between. It’s just not human nature to sit there and take abuse.

          • An epileptic fit of defense… well considered indeed.

            • Hey, my car insurance is paid up. That’s what it’s for. Cars don’t bleed either. They’re just things, easily repaired or replaced. I’m not.


        • HAHAHAHA!!!! NO YOU DIDN’T!!! I thought it but didn’t want to take the time to say it! Good on ya!

      24. 11B, as I recall Wilson also set the troops against vets protesting the non-payment of vet bonuses. Then while I was with the 82nd, 2nd Brigade was deployed to DC in 1971. We had already been trained up from the earlier deployment to New Haven.

        “All the way, Sir.”
        “Airborne, good morning.”

        • Over: I believe you’re talking about the attack on the veterans of WWI who were in DC demanding early payment of their war bonus. It was the Hoover administration that ordered army troops under the command of Douglas MacArthur, assisted by majors Dwight Eisenhower and George S. Patton to disperse these men and, in many cases, their wives and children. A number of people were killed and dozens severely injured in the army’s raid on the Hooverville the vets had built. It was a very sad day for Amerika.

          • And it’s still a sad day, especially when most Americans aren’t aware that it ever even happened. Guess I was lucky. My American history teacher had been born in 1904, so we actually got a firsthand account of much of it, lots of details the books leave out.

        • I wasn’t commenting on draft riots per se, just methods used to stop a riot or mob action. Not sure if dropping one or more in this case would have had an effect on the rest of the mob though. This reminds me of those “wilding” attacks in NYC 20 years ago or so near Central Park with one difference…..those attacks actually made the news…

      25. This is just the beginning; it will get far worse. We’ve raised several generations of father-less, God-less and direction-less youth who have had their natural youthful tendencies to think that the world owes them something fully enforced their whole lives. Imagine what the press would be saying if it was a mob of young white kids attacking black people ? Imagine what will happen if BHO only narrowly looses the election; or if it is contested like the 2004 election was.. I imagine and I shudder.

        • I think you mean 2000, but still a good point. Some have still not let go of the 2000 election, even though, as hard as they tried, they could not make AlGore the winner.

      26. Is it time to go Norwegian? Always carry a gun with high cap mags if you go in public especially around the darkies. You cannot use reason against animals, only deadly force. After all, it’s not a debate! It’s survival!

      27. If I’m in traffic and this happens, I’ll stomp the gas and crush the sub humans in front. Put it in reverse and crush the sub humans in back. Rinse, repeat.

        • You’ve got your facts wrong, scientists just revealed this week that all races of people, excluding black africans have dna from neanderthals……..google it. It seems the subhuman is you.

          • Anyone who preys on the innocent is sub human. And anyone who targets me because I’m white will be dealt with as such.

        • You don’t want to crunch the front too hard without a proper pad (aka body) in place. You do not want to prematurely disable the engine. Whenever possible, I try to leave a little wiggle room in front of the car (actually the evil SUV).

        • Years ago I used to drive a one ton dually GMC with a service body throughout the greater Southern California area. Anytime I was stopped on Firestone or 103rd near Alameda I always made it a point to do two things: Leave enough room from the vehicle ahead of me so I could drive the sidewalk or oncoming lane AND keep the windows down with loud country / western music playing on the radio, LOL.

          • POA, GREAT advice on leaving enough “getaway” space with the vehicle in front of you. That isn’t mentioned enough. Too easy to get boxed in if you don’t.

            • Remember the incident outside CIA headquarters where they shot the driver in the first car in the turning lane (heavy traffic), thereby trapping numerous other cars? The shooter then proceeded to shoot the occupants of (I think they concentrated on drivers) the trapped cars.

      28. Somebody should have rolled the window down two inches and tossed a bannana out.

        I mean, ain’t no crocodiles up there, but a fast-moving chevy … will sure do some damage.

        • Riot control……50 basketballs, they’ll all stop and start dribbling

          • You need to double that POp.

      29. Well, it’s nice to know our tax dollars are being used to support affirmative action,lol.I’m sure I’ll donate to the United Negro College Fund.You know what they say,”A mind is a terrible thing to waste”,lol.Shouldn’t those black teens be studying or something,lol.We’ve allowed too much of this lawlessness to continue.

        • LOL, “a mind is a terrrible thing to waste” unless of course they are trying to waste you!

        • Studying what?

          • …proper filling out of welfare, rent subsidy and foodstamp forms.


            …and people, look, this incident may have been a mob of “BLACKS”, but its not about skin color. I can see this kind of crap happening anywhere there are large concentrations of dependent populations. These are the voters that government loves!

      30. When I was a teenager up in Milwaukee, me and my friends Potsie and Ralph had a band and played at this place called Arnolds. The only black guy in Milwaukee at the time was this we called “Sticks,” who played the drums for us. Things sure have changed. I’ll bet Mayberry has also gone down the crapper.

      31. DPS says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        August 5, 2011 at 12:21 pm No weapon. LOL how about the car you sit in?? Blocked in? no prob smash a few between the car in front and back of you.If you don’t keep a gun in the car with you always carry a hammer. Think about it folks every car is a weapon and most of what is in the car is a weapon. I build Cabins and house’s, hell I got a whole bucket of weapons. But then again I carry a gun thanks to the Castle Doc.

        PS The hells angel’s fav weapon to carry besides a gun a ballpen hammer.

        Mac whats up with this

      32. I would think without military training the average American would freeze in such a situation. The key would be to train oneself to automatically assess what was going on, establish calm and then act. Seems so simple when I’m typing on my laptop but in a push come to shove situation, I’m not so sure what my initial reaction would be. This video reminds me of the mental prepping I need to do since I’ve accomoplished the BBBs prepping.

      33. The commies in Madison offered up some real tantalizing welfare benefits that attracted Chicago’s worst. I forgot to send a thank you note from Illinois.

      34. we dont have a gun problem…we have a race problem

        so what happens when something like this goes down and you wack a few with your .45 and leave?

        will you than be hunted down by the boys in blue? as a criminal?

        anyone notice the girth on some of those cops? way too big a target if you ask me..jeeze dude lay off the sprinke dougnuts

        • True. If things get really hairy, it will immediately go tribal. It always does.

      35. I was attempted car jacked “on” the “Tange” over in Europe driving out of airport. New Mercedes was bumped twice in rush hour stop and go traffic by two different cars. Six local yoots. They tried getting me to roll a window down or get out. They kicked in every panel & light while the rest of onlookers in other cars just watched. Traffic opened up and I tried running over one that was standing at the front bumper. I got a good look at him while he was on the hood. Their Fiat was pinched in front of me with drivers door open. I played a little bumper cars, folded their drivers door forward and swapped some paint with them. You should have seen the lady at the front desk at Euro Car rental when I returned it the next day with a police report. Purchased an metal baseball bat the next day. You can’t buy experience like that!

        • Frankly, that sounds like an absolute blast. Not sure I could’ve stopped grinning to file the report with the police, and not sure just being a “crazy American” would have cut it.
          Officer: “And what happened next?”
          Driver: “Well, had to run over the bastard.” [snicker]

          • Felt naked without my best friend while over there. Wouldn’t hesitate to run one over, the question is how many times I would have backed up for the speed bump. I did get a kick out of them trying to fold the drivers door back while watching in my rear view mirror. A cheap Fiat cannot keep up with a Benz. I knew it would stand out but the car is safe and I always buy the extra rider insurance.

            • But Fiat is going to save Chrysler!

            • You got me there BD but Germany bailed out Italy yesterday.

        • Which airport?

          I used to spend a lot of time at the Brussels Airport.

        • My martial arts instructor always told us that if we are encountered by multiple assailants (unarmed) and cannot retreat safely to inflict the most damage on the closest guy, then the rest will pretty much leave you alone. If one or two of their friends are writhing on the ground screaming because you just pushed their patella through the back of their leg or are suffocating because their wind pipe is crushed it sends a clear message that you are not to be fucked with. The same rule applies to dealing with armed assailants, double tap the closest guy and possibly a 2nd and the rest will scatter like cockroaches, and if they don’t then use the hand of Darwin to make sure they are removed from the gene pool. If you happen to be in the unfortunate predicament of being unarmed while confronted by armed assailants then your only hope is to comply with their demands and hope they spare your life.

          • “The Hand Of Darwin”???


            Oh, thats good!

            • My new nickname for my 1911 is going to be “Hand Of Darwin”.

      36. What kind of extraordinary stresses were these kids under that they “snapped”? It’s not like they all just lost their good high-paying jobs to the bad economy. If that were a good excuse you would see all manner of people doing this, but it seems limited to a “narrow demographic”.

        CCW holders, how are you informed by your training and your assessment of what lawful carriers experience at the hands of the blue band? Unless the mob broke a window and were physically ahold of you or a family member, that barrel better remain cold. Your lawyer would get rich enough off of you even if you were clearly justified. Don’t forget that your name, address, and picture get broadcast everywhere after you fire. The nightly news will likely have the reporter standing in front of your house for the segment. It better be worth it.

        • NOYB,
          I believe you make a GREAT POINT. I neglected to say I also have pepper spray, and a “SEAL” knife at my side as defense line #1 and #2.

          I also carry a leatherman multi-tool wherever I go.

          My point was to cover you basees by making sure YOU can protect yourself and your family as the situation presents itself…

          But if lethal force is to be met head on, I do not want to be in a gun fight with a knife.


        • I have a concealed weapons permit and I will take the chance with a jury of my peers thank you very much!

        • Sad, but true. Unless you wait until you have clearly lost the fight for your life, you will be punished severely. One must weigh that against the punishment you are about to receive at the hands of the “youth”.

      37. Most were probably wacked out on drugs.

      38. Monkey bars

      39. AMAZING THAT most the people blogging their oppinion cant even see that this is a set up of trying to involke some sort of racial / war divide and time and again. the majority of american idiots keep falling for it. this is another bullshit distraction. still the american idiots cant see it. the only thing they’ll keep talking about it shooting an racial divide.

        • Right. Best reaction would be to reason with them and ask them to help you resist TPTB. Good luck with THAT.

        • Please explain….a set up? I realize that the powers that be would love to divide us along racial lines and have us fight each other,but how do you explain this trend that seems to be getting worse daily? Surely you are not suggesting that the PTB are organizing these incidents in some master scheme to further their evil agenda,or are you? Seems to me they are opportunists,taking advantage of a situation for their own payoff whatever that might be,that would apply both to the mobs and to the PTB.

      40. To all my like minded gun lovin people…..I am sorry for my mis-speak.
        I meant to say a Ruger SR9 and 2 “magazines”, I know “clips” are what sexy girls put in their hair to show off their long necks.

        I shall NEVER do that again…

        • Clips are also inserted in an M-1…

      41. I just want to know where is the media coverage on this??i have looked for it and cant find it…..BUT if it was white kids doing this it would be all over CNN,MSN, AND FOX. Jesse and Al would want a million man march(really about 200,000)in DC and some type of compensation for “holding down the black man” but since it was black kids….nothing. I want my WET t.v…..my United White College Fund because satistically we are becoming the minority in this country……ok im off my soap box now.

      42. On your person a hi-cap glock with an extra mag or 2. In your car under a blanket an 18″ pistol gripped mossberg roadblocker 12 gauge loaded to the hilt with double ought buck. Potent negro repellent.

      43. In Florida a warning shot for someone with a concealed carry permit is a “NO-NO”. You are either in fear for your life or for another persons life, or you are not.

        Once you shoot the asshole, don’t make a statement to anyone, especially to the sure to arrive on the scene way too late to be of any assistance police. If the police press you for a statement, politely remind them that you are just exercising the same rights that they would exercise themselves in a similar situation.

        A cop who is involved in an “officer involved shooting” is allowed 24 hours to compose themselves prior to making a statement. They are also going to have their PBA Rep. and an attorney present with them when they make the statement.

        Don’t make any statement to anyone until you have had a chance to consult with an EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL attorney …. it’s your legal right.

        That being said; you’re also much better off is the POS is dead rather than merely wounded. That way he isn’t making any contradictory statements against you and is in NO position to sue you after he gets out of the hospital and finishes his jail sentence.

          • Yo Patriot One –

            Are you familiar with the incident that happened in Plantation, FL 2 – 3 years ago.

            It was the one where the BATF Agent was out in his car with his young daughter when he decided to ‘road-rage’ an elderly gentleman. Who knows what the provocation was.

            The old fellow had a Concealed Carry Permit and he was packing at the time of the incident. Rather than get involved in an altercation with an obviously enraged individual; the man pulled into a strip mall and phoned the local police. The BATF Agent, in civies and without obvious ID, followed him into the parking lot and went ‘bananas’ on the older man. He did this in front of many witnesses. The ol’ boy pulled his handgun and blew the much younger man away.

            It really pissed the Federales off; but, based on the witness statements, the Plantation PD and the District Attorneys Office determined that the shooting was justified and refused to charge the shooter.

            Things like this seem to go on with increasing frequency here in Florida.

            • I didn’t about it up here, but I spend 2 hours a day on 95 and I see people intentionally trying to piss others off.

              You will have young drivers in the left driving 5 to 10 MPH under the speed limit. When people get pissed off and pass them, usually follow by a finger salute the chase is on. They speed up and try to scare the other driver then cut in front of them and slam on the brakes.

              I’ve had them do it to me and I never even gave them a salute. After they came up on me a third time I pulled over and prepared to stand my ground. They were so focused on me when I stopped they slammed on the brakes and got creamed by a truck.

              The lack of respect and consideration for others just amazes me.

              The guy on the bridge was lucky the citizen was not a professional. This was a situation I consider a classic for having a laser on your carry weapon. You can’t aim while driving a car, but I would have lit him up with the laser and emptied a magazine at him.

              If you carry I think its your duty to be a good combat shooter.

              Alert S&P just down graded the US to AA+

        • “consult with an EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL attorney …”

          LOL at the capitalization. Very good advice all round. Good post.

        • You are wise beyond your years M&M.

        • Dead on right
          exactly as I was told to deal with this situation

      44. The white man has had the fight bred out of him. This kind of black on white violence will only get worse until the whites fight back.

      45. fucking monkeys

      46. I,fortunately,live in a state where we are allowed to protect ourselves. I can guarantee that if I was attacked there would be several of those black punks DOA. It is time to start letting them know that actions have consequences,in their case,fatal ones! Bring it on bad boys!

      47. This really sucks and makes me feel awful, but there are stupid people of every ethnicity. No ethnic group is exempt from stupidity. We’re all in this together and if you write off a whole group of people based on the actions and attitudes of some, collapse is going to be a lot worse than it has to be.

        • you need to quite being a sissy and be a strong white person…

        • New Culture,
          Dont make this into something it isn’t. Yes, there are stupids in every race – it’s just that some are more prone to certain “behaviours” than others. This has been proven as fact based on past events. One doesn’t need to look very hard to find the proof.

          There has a been a blatant lack of accountability for far too long and hard working, educated blacks, mexicans and whites would admit to that because they were able to rise above it.

      48. They want us divided. They don’t give half a shit about any of us little people, no matter what ethnicity. Don’t give them the pleasure of winning.

        • The only “group” mentioned is the bunch of crazy black kids terrorizing people.

        • Again I ask are they engineering these attacks? Are TPTB able to cause this to happen?It cant be ignored,it has to be dealt with…ignoring it in order to somehow stop “THEY” from winning seems a bit out there in left field!I wanna know how “they” are involved in these incidents.

      49. I really wonder how the same kind of scenario would play out if a bunch of angry black teens tried to do the same stunt here in Houston or up in Dallas……

        • You know how it would turn out!!!

          • ohhhhh yeahhhh…..with no charges filed….God Bless Fortress Texas.

      50. I love all the racist pigs who commented. And what the hell are you doing promoting a racist article. I am white and often think maybe we should steal everything from rich white people who are oppressing everyone in this country. Its why white fascist pig GOP needs to be banned as a party.

        I seriously doubt it was a riot of black youths. And if it was it was because they are economically shit on and given no chance in this country.

        • Self-hating piece of shit.

          • GO Granny!

          • Amen Granny. When I drove through Appalachia I didn’t see any poor white rioting or causing problems. These self-hating whites make me sick. Let’s see how much diversity they like when they’re dragged out of a car or car jacked.

        • Just fully open your window and explain your worldview. I remember all the people in the L.A. riots screaming “get the conservative white bitch”.

        • PS– Acknowledging the truth right in front of you is not racist. I would run over white “youths” trying to kill me just as quickly. The alternative is being the subject of a short news story about the family that was killed during “senseless violence” and no suspects have been arrested because “nobody saw anything”.

        • Its not being a racist to realize that a good percentage of blacks are uncivilized and not too intelligent. Its called being a realist. However I forgive your extreme ignorance, and realize that it is probably just a by-product of your age and your lousy government education.

        • “I love all the racist pigs who commented”

          If you love them then why do you call them names?

          The remainder of your post indicates that you are not very good at critical thinking skills. You might wish to work on that. It could save your life.

      51. I would have just ran them over with my truck… act stupid and get hurt…we need to go back to the time when white people did not take stupidity from anyone

      52. Looks like ‘planet of the apes’, wearing cloths.

      53. This is wonderful proof why we should sieze little black (and muslim)babies at random, carefully decapitate, operate, and replace their little soft heads with heads of pig-lets so their true animal nature can be displayed in various fairs around the country. We’re simply…of course,using these vermin for animal experiments they’re bred for anyway.
        ….Can’t you imagine the realism of little black pig-headed babies “oinking” in cages at fairgrounds?

      54. Can someone tell me the best type of gun to carry in this situation?

        Not planning to use it of course but just in case.

        • Sure use a Kel Tec KSG loaded with Centurion Multi-Defense 12 gauge shells. Use the 2.75 inch shells and when you fire all 15, follow thru with an attached bayonet.

        • Loaded

        • JG,
          Probably a handgun, because you can carry it close or on your person — easy access. If you have time, then a 12 gauge shotgun with 000 Buckshot or Buckshot/Slug combo. A Remington 870 Synthetic stock, 18 inch barrel, or a Mossberg 590. I would definitely not want to be on the receiving end of a 12 gauge shotgun. When you hear that thing being cocked you’re going to fill your undies.

        • Its probably not a good idea to carry a firearm if you are “not planning to use it of coarse”! If you are seriously considering armed self-defense, I suggest that you do your homework on the mental, legal, technical, and physical aspects involved. A good handgun self defense course would be essential if you have little or no experience; at least take a concealed carry class to find out if this option is for you. The other option is to scream into your cell phone as you are being beaten.

          • “The other option is to scream into your cell phone as you are being beaten”

            Now that’s some funny shit!!!!LFMAO

            • LMFAO, dah!

            • the powers that be were being entertained by all the celebs last night while their brothers were doing their bidding in Wisconsin. Perhaps BHO will sit down with all the white victims and have a beer ala Cambridge Mass. Maybe he can explain why holder and the DOJ will not prosecute the actions of the angry little picaninnies. White people have no rights in the Hope and Changed America of today. Only the worthless POS have govt protection. I can only wonder how many of the victims of this black on white violence were liberals. Perhaps they can see it in their hearts to take some of the perps home with them to help re adjust their attitudes in a positive manner. kumbaya MF.

            • Sounds funny, but THAT is the option we have all been told we must choose.

        • Something you’re comfortable and proficient with. “This situation” involves a mixed crowd. When you pull that trigger, the bullet is going to keep going until it hits something. The last thing you want to have to live with is missing and hitting an innocent bystander. The “best type of gun” in any situation is dependent on the strengths, weaknesses and preferences of the shooter with that particular weapon.

          I like my G36, but it’s definitely not right for everyone. I think of guns like underwear. The variety of cuts and cloths exists for a reason, and what works for the person next to you might give you a wedgy.

          • I change my underwear twice a day.

            • I always wear clean underwear at the fair. you just never know….

        • I carry a Beretta Model 21A .22 cal. pistol that I really like; 1 in the chamber, pistol on half-cock, 7 in the magazine.

          Personal preferences are a lot like assholes; everyone has one. I guess that it comes down to whatever works best for you.

          If you don’t have much experience, then some high quality instruction is a MUST.

          • I think I have that tool. Is that the one with the tip-up barrel? Makes chambering a round easy.

            • Yes it is Ben. They come in .22, .25 &.32 cal. I first purchased it many years ago for my wife who doesn’t have the strength in her hands to pull a slide back. I especially like the larger than normal trigger guard. The current models come with plastic grips rather than the nice walnut grips that they originally came with.

              ALERT EVERYONE!!! Everyone that has an Outdoor World nearby that is. They are having a MAJOR sale on all types of ammo currently in progress. Best grab a couple of more boxes of everything.

        • “Not planning to use it?” Then stick with a security whistle, don’t even bother carrying a firearm, especially in a mob situation, it will be used against you.

          Also, just pulling it out to ward off is legally “brandishing” and a no-no. Not that there’s any rules on the street, and not that pulling a gun seconds before shooting (or even simply grasping handle without pulling out) while the threat runs away has proven to be effective time and time again. The bottom line is you have to be willing to you use the weapon, no warning shots, no wounding — to kill. This isn’t the movies. It normally will take several rounds to get them down, no matter what caliber.

          And in a mob situation, it’s very serious, and can be very dangerous, as you can get surrounded 360 degrees, etc. And yes, you can open fire on a mass mob of unarmed teens to protect yourself — disparity of force. However, in this day and age with the rule of law being destroyed — I would no way stick around, but that involves a level of prepardness as well.

          Also, the politicians or attorney general or press who knows will make the first white person a “racist” who wiped out some rats for social justice, or whatever game these fools cry to the media, so there will be pressure to prosecute you. Screw them too.

          The bottom line is you have to have a game plan in this situation, like many situations involving self-defense and the responsibility of carrying a firearm. It’s a mental game. Otherwise, your freedom and livelihood can be permanently destroyed. And over what? Some scumbags who are attempting to rape pillage and murder? I don’t think so.

          These modern times we will most likely face multiples.

          That’s where modern subcompact high capacity handguns are relevant:

          Baby Glocks
          Springfield Armory XD subcompact
          Beretta PX4 Storm subcompact
          Smith and Wesson M&P subcompact

          Small, very accurate even at distance, and give you the versatility of refeeding these puppies with larger mags. In fact, many also except 32/33 round happy sticks (factory/nonfactory) you can keep in bag or car for more suppression of fire.

          • Whew, just got back from the range (my back door). Timed drill on 9 targets (three silhouetts, 6 bowling pins) at 7-25 yards: five 15rd (75rds) magazines from a glock 22, about 55 seconds with approximatly 75% hit rate. Crowd control?

            • Not bad. Suggest you slow down a bit till you can hit over 90%, then work the speed back up.

      55. I can’t believe nobody has picked up on TWO separate witnesses mentioning the need for the National Guard to control such a situation. If that doesn’t make the hair on the back of my neck stand up after just reading about all the suspicious troop and military vehicle/weapon movements throughout the country, then I don’t know what would. The “crazy” predictions about Martial Law coming to this country now look profetic.

      56. “A Strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”
        – Thomas Jefferson

        One of my favorite quotes from T.J.

      57. Through out history young men need an outlet for their energy and agression, and its up to the parents to put them in sports or encourage them to join the army or national guard. Youth and aggresion seem to go hand in hand especially for boys, but sometimes girls. Give them a positive outlet.

        • “sometimes girls”. Yes, true, and sometimes we don’t outgrow it.

      58. oops, “prophetic”.

      59. This is nothing too new, as the same thing happens at banks in South Carolina..2 WOGs (black wenches)
        jumped in front of my car last friday as I was pulling into my bank’s parking lot….I simply did not slow down & hit one(the other jumped away), knocking her out of my way so she hit the pavement screaming with a swollen hip and butt, then I went inside to finish my banking…I couldn’t have had more fun if it were the pig-daughters of the fake-prez.She was hauled away in an ambulance, as I explained to police I saw the jumping coon too late.

      60. It sounds like “Land of the Living Brain Dead”!

      61. the powers that be were being entertained by all the celebs last night while their brothers were doing their bidding in Wisconsin. Perhaps BHO will sit down with all the white victims and have a beer ala Cambridge Mass. Maybe he can explain why holder and the DOJ will not prosecute the actions of the angry little picaninnies. White people have no rights in the Hope and Changed America of today. Only the worthless POS have govt protection. I can only wonder how many of the victims of this black on white violence were liberals. Perhaps they can see it in their hearts to take some of the perps home with them to help re adjust their attitudes in a positive manner. kumbaya MF.

        • WERE is right.

      62. Join the NRA, National Rifle Association, they are the strongest group in America fighting Capital Hill to retain our rights to defend ourselves and our families. If not for the NRA, we would have already lost our rights to keep and bear arms, and they are currently active maintaining our freedom to carry handguns against the United Nations, who believes no one should ever have a handgun.

        • Or any type of firearm!

      63. Start with a Beretta 9mm with a 15 round clip. If they keep coming pull out your AR15 with a 20 round clip. Make sure you have extra clips is each back pocket. 75 rounds would probably have some effect. If not, gun the engine and make a few hood ornaments out of anyone else left standing. : )

      64. this is a good case for carrying a weapon….namely a gun. We’ve had a ccw permit in force here in Mich. for some time now.

      65. Bring back the days when the police would spray them with fire hoses . That was a non-lethal, non harmful way of controlling a violent mob.

      66. A few years ago in my city, a young guy tried to carjack a woman at a red light. He was holding a gun on her. Her child was in the backseat. As she moved to get out of the car, like he was yelling at her to do, her left hand pulled “The Club” laying on the passenger’s seat to her back. She put it to good use just as soon as she cleared the door. She just about beat that boy to death and would have if others hadn’t pulled her off him. He recovered in the hospital then went to jail. I doubt the makers of The Club intended such a use, but the product couldn’t have been more aptly named.

      67. Anybody here anything about the supposed “Powerful” solar storm heading for earth today?

      68. hear….not here

      69. I find it interesting that no one defended them selves with a firearm in this crowd?

        • My sentiments exactly. Either no one in that entire group had a weapon in their vehicles, which, in this day and age is almost unheard of, or there was a weapon, or weapons, and either they were afraid of using them or in their mind(s) the situation did not appear to warrant their use. Hmm.

          In this new era we find ourselves navigating through, even if one’s life is being threatened, many have been programed to not always take the logical or rational path. Using a weapon to protect oneself or ones immediate family/friends is one thing. Using a weapon to protect an unknown person in a car across the street, is an entirely different situation. I would like to think I would come to someone’s aid with my gun if their life was in danger. I sit here thinking that I would, but if it was late at night and chaos was running rampant, it’s hard to say what the circumstances might dictate. Would I be willing to be shot in return? Go to prison even if I thought I was in the right? The justice system is corrupt all the way around. If I was directly involved, while defending someone in harms way, in a shoot out, I don’t know if I remotely trust the system to stick around afterwards. It’s a sticky situation in this new era we all find ourselves in. No longer black and white.

          In addition, most younger Americans (and many older ones) haven’t got a clue what is needed to achieve freedom and maintain it. We’ve all become complacent, somewhat. We are so used to living where everything is taken for granted that we’ve forgotten how precious it is to not have to worry to lock the doors of our home. But those days seem to be disappearing. I lock everything now and I live in a relatively “safe” neighborhood. These youth mobs who run into a store and steal and destroy things are breaking the unsaid code, breaking the boundaries of respect and gratitude, that have been a way of life for us for all our lives. It’s a new era we are entering. A time when a handshake is no longer acceptable to close a deal.

          People willing to screw others to get ahead is nothing new, but to physically hurt others to satisfy some psychopathic disorder is and will become common place.

          The whole thing is a set up, anyway. A program that’s been put into place long ago. Just have to see it for what it is.

          The key is to avert the danger before it begins. Like others who have said in this thread, use common sense. Don’t go out late at night. Maintain a relationship with your neighbors. Stay on good terms with family and friends. Put aside old feuds and grudges that are ego based and a waste of precious life. We all need to snap out of it. And realize there are a lot of good people out there that just need some help. The black kids who went on the rampage have been abused. They may never recover. They may end up with a your or my bullet lodged in their hearts. It’s sad to have to even go there, in thought form, but it’s the world we now live in. Let’s hope (one way or another) the discomfort and suffering ends quickly for those who feel the need in inflect pain on others.

          • They will put you in for life even if you stick around. Remember Bernie Goetz (unsure of the spelling of the name)? They could not find him until he turned himself in. I would not make it easy for the “justice” system.

            • The jury found Goetz innocent. They shocked the elite.

      70. If you are getting to flash mobs and thinking a gun will protect you your society is a bit sick and getting sicker. It is a fact that even in a heavily armed ‘society’ like the US I don’t think anyone on a gun rampage has been stopped by a civilian. In fact when the congress woman was shot there was someone armed at the event but if he had pulled his weapon he admitted that he would have probably shot the wrong person.

        • “He probably would have shot the wrong person”, because it was a Democrat rally! By the way, a few lesser known gun rampages were stopped in the early stages by teachers with guns, that’s why they were lesser known.

        • You should stop think’in.

          • I was gonna’ say that!

        • You won’t hear it in the lamestream media. That is why you think the way you do. Cops are much more likely to shoot an innocent victim than a CCW citizen. Also, more crimes are stopped by CCW citizens than the cops, by a magnitude of 3. The deal is the news neither wants to or gets the chance to report it.

          Truth be known, cops carrying guns are much:

          1. Less effective on stopping crime.

          2. More dangerous to the general public.

          Truth be known, citizens carrying guns are:

          1. 3x as likely to stop a crime in progress.

          2. Are much less likely to injure and innocent bystander.

      71. Welcome To South Africa !

      72. black males face a 50% unemployment rate. most turn to drug dealing to mae a living. the majority of people in prison are black or hispanic. this goes back to the high unemployment rate.

        as unemployment continues to rise due to outsourcing our jobs and killing our dollar expect the unemployment rates of black males to sky rocket even higher…like 90%. They will have to turn to crime as a career.

        meaning they will be armed and will shoot to kill…blaming the whites for all thier issues. it;s easy for them to blamewhites for most politcians are white.

        I would avoid any areas, cities or places that is realitivly close to know gangs. Even the little city I live 45 minutes from is loaded with gangs. And yes, I carry whenever I go anywhere near that city.

        • “They will have to turn to crime…”, bullshit! I feed, cloth, house, AND educate my family of four on less than a thousand USD a month. Willingness to improve ones’ situation is all that is required. Our country was founded AND expanded by those who have learned and put in the hard work to do for themselves.

      73. Just remember this, them being many and you being, well, few, don’t cast about looking for any help. DON’T BE OUTGUNNED. I carry a bug out bag in my vehicles. Ones got a AK with several thirty rounders. One has a AR with several thirty rounders and in my work truck I carry a folded stainless mini 14 in large Dewalt bag (for opsec) with several thirty rounders. I also possess a Utah CCW. My wife doesn’t ask me if Im carryin’, she casually asks, ” what flavor do you have tonight?” Usually its one of my 1911’s or one of my snubbies, depending on weather and dress. Maybe this will be a wake up call for those who witnessed and those who were injured to GET RIGHT! or keep paying the price.

      74. I would suggest keeping the toilet seat up, then cracking the back of their skull with it when it is getting a drink of H2O.

      75. Off subject but ZeroHedge just reported that S&P has downgraded the U.S. AAA rating this evening.

      76. Well.. white, black, brown, yellow, red or some shade inbetween.. S&P just downgraded our bonds to AA+. Others are bound to follow. Higher interest rates will be a likely minimum impact. We’ll see if silver finally breaks out of the weird price suppression that it has been suffering..

        Although expected, this is NOT good news folks..

        • I’d say it’s great news, long over due.

          Let’s face it, this country never deserved the higher rating, since ’08. Hopefully, a little dose of reality might snap us all out of denial.

          The present system needs a TOTAL overhaul, from bottom up.

          • Well, I can’t say I disagree with the sentiment.. so let’s call it really GREAT, really BAD news.. This is very likely to have a big bad effect in the economy. Think jobs are hard to get now ? Just wait. Think housing is bad now ? Just wait. Think cars aren’t selling as good as we would like ? Just wait. Think small business is not expanding and hiring ? Just wait.
            Although this has never happened in any of our lifetimes and we can’t be certain what will happen; the ripple effects of this could be massive.

            • Yes, but you are way ahead of the rest. Doesn’t mean good or bad, just that you have the awareness of the world around you and a solid take on things. That’s half the battle right there. When you have that awareness, Sam, you have what it takes to make the transition. All the other stuff doesn’t matter anymore. Back to the simpler life that we’ve all been expecting. Just lay low till the storm passes over. Might take some time, but thats just the way it is.

              Time to be invisible for a while.

        • So I am wondering in light of our S&P downgrade, what is everyone expecting for Monday?

          Is anyone planning any purchasing/selling?
          PM buying over the weekend?
          Anyone planning for mass pandamonium if the masses awake?

      77. I don’t know where you folks live, but down here in the south (especially FL), if these walking turds opened more than one car door there would be dead negros in the morgue…

      78. “An armed society is a polite society”
        Keep it up children…..
        You will FORCE open carry and concealed carry as a defacto status if you insist on acting like rabid uncontrollable animals.
        The American People are historically very patient and long suffering. When that patience is exhausted the pendulum swings back swiftly.
        Beware the consequences of imprudent action.

      79. It’s best to stay out of areas with a large black population especially after dark. I’ll never go to Chicago again. Or to the Wisconsin State Fair again. (I live in NE Wisconsin 50 miles from Green Bay.)

      80. I’m slightly curious the disenchantment of blacks in our American society today, particularly how they have manifested success in entertainment, sports, media, and other professional achievements, besides being courted by a politically correct minded lamestream hack azz kissing media;
        I believe it has more to do with urban rabble who don’t have parents, haven’t been taught basic mores, values, etc, and far too much sugar in the diet.

        Nevertheless, this is just a split second observation that I could care less about while these rat packs descend, I’ll be too busy lead farming anyway.

        Throughout history and recently in eastern African hellholes our troops have gotten a taste of how to combat mobs — extreme violence of action without hesitation. So the goal would be to become Mr. Scary, opening up on the nearest goons, getting off the x and ultimately out of dodge.

        I could care less about unlawful gun restrictions by state, city, etc. God given 2nd Amendment Right shall not be infringed. I carry everywhere, with the 2 gun rule I try to abide by. If on the road or traveling that includes other goodies in the car, like more ammo, carbine/rifle/machine pistol variations, Celox, strobe light. As the rule of law collapses under corruption and tyranny, the rule of the jungle springs forth. And it’s pretty obvious to me — I want bigger guns with more ammo than any opposing force, including police.

        Welcome to the real world.

        In a urban non-permissive environment walking amongst crowds of people besides subcompact gun, I carry blackjack and blade. They give you more options. Silence is golden. A surefire torch is also effective at night. I don’t depend on mace, tasers, ASP batons, or security whistles. It may be your best bet to flash forged police credentials or fake badge amongst witnesses with take charge attitude — after all, I’m clean cut lovable stud — why else would I have a firearm? Only the police are allowed to, right?

        Deception. Control. Assertion. Speed.

        And with the 11th Commandment — thou shall not get caught.

        Many gunners would disagree, having more the selfish approach, but I believe it’s also morally prudent to protect obvious mob victims. If from a distance, or neighborhood scenario, any special ops folk will tell you a .22 carbine with scope, bipod, loaded with flat nose fmj match ammo with hopefully a suppressor can retire rat packs with head shots discreetly.

        The rat packs have been at it, we should all be prepared for worst case scenarios. It’s amazing though there has yet to be gunfire by vigilant citizens — Unless it already did happen and not known or reported.

        The winners write the story. 😉

        • I hear a 2-liter bottle works for a few .22 rounds.

      81. The only thing in nature, that comes close to these flash mobs we’re seeing, is in the monkey world. That’s right!! Baboons in Africa rove around in troops and behave in a very similar fashion. Kind a reminds me of the Planet of the Apes …… The baboons I mean. Bunch of monkeys behaving badly.
        Maybe we should call them Flash Troops instead of flash mobs. Or Baboon-ers!!!
        Hey I like that!

      82. Right on dude!!!!

      83. So I am wondering in light of our S&P downgrade, what is everyone expecting for Monday?

        Is anyone planning any purchasing/selling?
        PM buying over the weekend?
        Anyone planning for mass pandamonium if the masses awake?

        • Eat popcorn. Watch the show. Hold and watch the dollar devalue and watch metals just sit there and do nothing, like they are supposed too.

      84. Words will not solve this problem.

      85. First one attempting to hurt me or my family in my auto, would have been shot dead on the spot.

        Black, white, little green men, shot on site. My bullets know now color or race.

      86. If this had been a mob of white people attacking only black people this would be worldwide headline news. The FBI, Homeland Security, Al Sharpton et al, heck Eric Holder himself would be in Wisconsin to investigate the injustice. Just sayin’.

        Folks, we have a problem with our black citizenry in America. Certainly its not all black people, but many of them are really showing their true colors lately. Until we can move past political correctness, identify that we have a problem, then we will NEVER solve the problem.

      87. Dollar devaluation buys less bananas for the SNAP mob, now they will really be angry.

      88. Greetings Everyone!!!
        Hard times bring out the worst in people….
        About 20 year ago I was riding my 10 speed thru a mixed ‘hood that seemed safe…
        when i rode past 20 black “kids” in the street,I received that “animal stare”.I almost made it thru when one of them threw a basket ball at me to try to knock me off my bike.Fortunately,They were a poor shot and only hit the rear tire.I was able to ride FASTER than they could run(I was in top shape back then!).The comments I heard as I sped away were:”F*nkn whitey sure can pedal,I can’t get close enuf to jump him,cleo”.FF to Today,their street-wise descendants KNOW the worst they get is kiddie jail and back on the streets,no matter how bad the crime.In One of our mainly(99%)black schools the previous freshman class girls are 80% “expectin'”.I drink the same water and it didn’t work for me!I’m NOT racist,but have learned to be careful where and when we shop.Even in the “safe” areas.
        Rappers espousing “F**kover whitey”,”kill coppers” and their ilk are the inspiration that these wannabes listen to.Add the fact that the UBER-RICH have taken any hope of their getting a job to buy what the TV and black magazines tell them they should have and BAM! we get flash mobs,etc…
        What’s truly making me sad is the fact that very recently,an educated,six figure income and supposedly DEEPLY religious BLACK man that I “thought”I knew went on a “rant” about how THE whites care more about dogs than “people”(read poor blacks).Since I was the only white in the car I inferred he meant whites like me. Now I continue to see standards and moral restraint disappearing everywhere,but especially with the Blacks.Just why,I’m not sure.They play into the hands of the UBER-RICH.The UBER-RICH WANT these “angry children”(read opportunistic hoodlums)to flash-mob enough so the troops can be deployed(because there is no local money for police,due to the tax cuts given to the U.R.),first against “mobs” and then against the rest of us in the name of security and safety.
        Gotta love these end-games the UBER-Rich play…
        Best to All

      89. I remember when carjackings were first reported on the news, remember the first time in fact. National news gave us the term – carjacking. And within days, it started happening all over the country. The delinquent network is not that good at communications. The thugs were just watching the national news and thinking, “Hey, there’s an idea.” It may be that the MSM is being encouraged to keep this news on the lowdown for fear of such another “rash” of outbreaks. After all, criminals who like the idea of taking cars at gunpoint are WAY outnumbered by impressionable teenagers with nothing better to do.

      90. Not the first nor last time this crap will happen. The NAACP is already whining here in ATlanta because the police are controlling gangs and groups hanging out at malls. But the crap still happens. Arm yourself and take your chances, whatever the law. Race wars in metro areas are a given. There will never be enough cops or military to defend you. Shooting thugs is an honor…but beware because lots of them are armed and will return fire.

      91. I’m a person of color but I gotta tell you, I just saw previews of the “Planet of the Apes” and this looks like it came right out of that movie!
        The KKK are smiling, and now probably have a reason to say “We told you so, we’ve been telling you from the days of slavery that if you give these guys freedom this would happen”, but I despise groups like the KKK, Black Panthers, and any kind of hate group.
        Don’t let the hate groups get their jollies by becoming like them, don’t let this perpetuate the hate, this is want they want, they want the hate to grow in to the heart of the masses, so they can gain power & influence.
        Political correctness has perpetuated the hate in the Black Mans hearts, they have created a victim mentality in their minds which has turned in to blame, and thus hate. Now the hate is becoming full blown. We should have condemned all racist comments, and acts, not let Chris Rock, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson get away with spreading this hateful agenda. Now it’s gotten hold of the masses, especially young black men, and now the problem has built to the point where people will get killed, there will be incidents where some will die.

      92. Totally agree!

      93. Mr. Augustin, your predicament is the tragedy of the official racial double standard maintained by the government and its media lapdogs.

        I am white and I grew up in St. Louis, one of the most racially polarized places I never want to see again. After I left my all-white prejudiced suburb to live and work in other parts of the city, I learned for myself that there are many more honest, hard-working, church-going black people than thugs.

        You and I are natural allies, but the many government regulations that micromanage who we must hire and promote, what we can say or publish, who we must lend to and rent to and sell to, etc., make it difficult for us to recognize each other. In a SHTF situation, it will be almost impossible. You will not be wearing a sign saying ‘NOT A THUG’; I will not be wearing a sign saying ‘NOT A REDNECK’.

        Stirring up hatred and division between us is the #1 tool in the kit of politicians of all colors: it guarantees them loyal voting blocs and puts them in charge of huge government programs with lots of sinecures and money to hand out to themselves and their families and friends. They really don’t give a doughnut hole about you or me.

        I will never know what it’s like to grow up black in the USA, but I can see that a substantial fraction of the black population is convinced that they’ll never have a chance in Whitey’s World, so government handouts and preferences are their only hope for a decent life. The black people who have drunk that Kool-Aid hate me just because of my white skin. After years of seeing hatred in the eyes of so many black people in St. Louis, I’ll never forget the first time I looked into the eyes of a black African man: he looked at me like one human being at another. It was literally an epiphany.

        Please keep putting the lie to their con game by having a personal work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility rather than buying into the collective entitlement and collective guilt which perpetuates their illegitimate power. I will do my part by continuing to be lazy and irresponsible…without blaming anyone but myself for the inevitable poor results. 😉

        I agree completely with you that it doesn’t matter what color someone’s skin is: when they threaten me or my loved ones or indeed any innocent person with violence, they forfeit their right to due process. Blam. Blam. Justice is served hot.

        I know that there’s a good chance I’ll be the one portrayed as a dangerous vigilante, pilloried by the ‘just us’ system and ‘pre-tried’ by talking heads who have seemingly just discovered the rule of law…while the sobbing mothers and sisters of my ‘victims’ are interviewed endlessly on every primetime soap oprah that needs a little ratings boost. But, all in all, I’ll be happy to be here.

      94. M Augustin;

        I understand your frustration and your rant and support your rant 100% I wish more people had your fire and passion .

      95. Wisconsin has a new concealed-carry law, don’t they

        What on earth are you folks waiting for… shoot them

      96. Wow, finally we hear from the “silent” masses ..I was so afraid all the real Americans O(of any color) had left the country…

        Obama and his cronies..Michelle Obama..”For the first time I am proud to be an American” WHAT Say you?? He and His backers including Whoopie, etc. are instigating this. Our mea coupa >..I’M So Sorry has encouraged this color warfare. There has been slaves since time begain to be recorded..you don’t think the pyramid were built by the willing do you.. Hell even the share croppers whining..how many of us work and work for a place to live, heat, food and clothing and end the year with nothing left. OH YEAH we use a good deal of our income to support all those TAKERS and slackers.
        Yes, get a gun and make sure they are dead dead dead so they don’t sue you and win. The pendulum is swinging enough of this apology for slavery…times up

      97. Another great piece, Mac! Fantastic conversation too! We really get a range of people in here, don’t we?

        Wow! What a read! I mean, we’ve got some real racists in here and some really liberal PC idiots too. Then there are the hard core regulars.

        What impresses me the most is that the 2 or 3 black guys in here show the most patience and thoughtfulness. Isn’t that wierd? I mean, watch the TV and all the blacks are stupid, violent, dishonest jerks. Why the discrepancies? It comes from the TV. The box in the corner of the room LIES TO YOU.

        I urge all of you: evaluate people based on their behaviours not on the color or shape of their bodies or what the box in the corner shows you. To do anything less is immoral and dishonest.

        I think this mob thing is a power play by TPTB to increase the tension in this country so as to hasten the implosion. They know time is growing short and they haven’t been able to get done what they wanted. They’re trying to sprint for the ribbon to get ahead not realizing that the good people in America are already there.

      98. Don’t worry. When every second counts, the police will be there in a matter of minutes.

      99. Just a note to all those complaining about “the uber rich”. The top 10% of taxpayers pay 60 % of the taxes collected in the US as of today 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all and many of them get a handout from the government called “the earned tax rebate” When over 50% of any society receive their money from the government kaos will follow when those who are paying decide enough is enough. Anyone who gets food stamps or welfare now qualifies for a FREE cell phone and 250 minutes a month free. The politicians have created this monster and the TEA party is trying to stop it. There will be violence as the handouts start to dry up. Look at Greece, Italy, and Wisconsin. The Unions in all cases stirred up the masses. I was in Italy in May and saw it myself. We live in a dual society the “ruling” elites like Obama and Kerry who are smarter than the rest if us and while they live like kings while we are supposed to live as they tell us.
        Don’t let the facts color your opinion

        • Seal 1,
          I think the statistic is actually the top 1% pay 38%, the top 5% pay 58%, and the top 10% pay something over 70% of the federal taxes.

          • Just a correction to your figures…The top 1% pay NOTHING(ZERO) in the way of taxes.The top 5% pay far LESS than 38%(try 10% at best)The middle class however are the real taxpayers.Corporations thru accounting “creativity” and offshore setups pay slightly more than the UBER-RICH.At the turn of the 20th century 90% of ALL taxes were paid for by the corporations and thru tariff taxes on imports.The tariff tax of the US at 4% is a joke while China has a 20% and India has a 40% import tariff.Just raising the tariff tax alone between China’s 20 and India’s 40 would go a long way to lowering the trade balance and decrease the deficit.Dealing with the “TEA Party” subject,the VAST majority of those folks get a S.S.I. check AND Medicare at last count.If they WANT to decrease Government spending,just RETURN YOUR CHECKS and cancel your health insurance people!And tell the Koch Brothers to pay their fair share of taxes instead of funding “Tea Baggers” as a tax write off.And don’t forget that the Koch brothers trying to get complete control of the Silver metal market.Being rich isn’t a sin as such,in fact the UBER-RICH are in position to do much good with their untold Billions.People like the Koch brothers paying people to troll web sites and distort truth is NOT the way to avoid being on the wrong side at Judgment Day.The same can be said for corrupting the democratic process by “donating” multi-millions to run false slick ads for certain parties in elections.Then to use said parties as “puppets” to destroy the hard fought rights of Teachers and other fellow Americans while you yourselves tax cuts to evade taxes every way possible.
            J.C. and God will not be amused at your heartless,evil machinations.And that includes those who do your “wet” work.
            Have a nice day

            • You sound as though you have bought the class warfare propoganda hook, line and sinker.

              Talking point: Koch Brothers, etc.

            • To Plain Old American:
              If you check out Blacklisted news.com you can find the Article from the Atlantic Magazine that goes into great detail on the Koch Brothers and their behind the scenes efforts to “influence” elections and try to impose their “vision”(I.E. 70 year old mens vision of “bygone Times”)of America.They have(to paraphrase the article)a virtual octopus of “think tanks”,”foundations”massively funded by their billions.All to reset us back to the turn of the 20th century conditions of low wages,no health care(to name just a few) for the vast majority,and a Oligarchy at the top(ever read in History class of the machinations of Standard Oil in this country back then??).Do YOU think such actions are those of a professed Christian????
              I would not “rant” about these tired old men except that I see their names and secretive but well funded groups espousing some VERY UNCHRISTIAN,and VERY UN-AMERICAN agendas.I would dismiss it as sour grapes,but for the fact that same general theme about them keeps coming up.Every one of the journalists Can’t be a leftist liberal.Yet,in spite of their wealth and power,I DO have full faith that with them in their “sunset years”,they will get to meet God and J.C.Real Soon Now.J.C., whom the Bible says has been appointed to judge the living AND the dead knows just what they have done,are doing and plan to get done.And NO Lawyers will be Allowed in his courtroom as the video is played.
              So,P.O.A. on who’s side are YOU on???
              Best to ALL

      100. On “racism”, like it or not, “White America” has developed a bad rep at home and abroad based on what I think one might call the “sins of the father”(including those before the existence of America). If one looks at history with even a modicum of objectivity, one will clearly understand why.

        As an example, I have “Black” friends back from Iraq and Afghanistan who report of more lenient treatment if not outright exoneration of captured American troops “of color” vs. so called “Whites”. There exist similar examples from Vietnam although in all cases I suspect they are the exception rather than the rule.

        Likewise, “Black America” has a bad rap (no pun intended) of it’s own. Both are oversimplifications albeit based in part on some truths. But the huge difference is that “Blacks” (until recently in the U.S. and by perception ONLY, and otherwise not since the Moors occupied Europe) have not been at the helm of Empire where “Whites” are significantly affected, but on the contrary have been the victims and the colonized (I ain’t crying, I’m stating fact. Take your blinders off, read a book or two and get your warped sense of privilege in check).

        What most “Whites” in America fail to realize (but are beginning to notice) is that most of us so called “citizens” regardless of “race” are in fact, to varying degrees, SOMEONE ELSE’S “chattel” or “property”. A slave.

        Got birth certificate (taken directly from colonial slavery practices)? SS#? Pay taxes? Have a mortgage? In the military?

        “Black” folks have experienced slavery in the extreme, and the results over time, stand as they are today.

        “Blacks” KNEW they were slaves. “Whites” albeit more humanely treated and brainwashed with “racial superiority” nonsense, are just figuring it out.

        What is often overlooked in scenarios like this and discussions of “racism” in general is the very nature of tribalism and specifically, the complex, long standing history of empire, slavery and “race relations” in the U.S. and worldwide. Simply put, this is another clear example of how “racial” (class, cultural) divides have been and continue to be used by the PTB to divide and control “The People”.

        Any political pandering to the “Black victim” mentality (real and imagined) serves only to further this agenda.

        Any “White victim” mentality (as revealed in some of the comments) only exposes the longstanding acceptance of “racial” mythology in this country and likewise continues to aid and abet the PTB agenda.

        On the incident at hand, these disenfranchised “Black” kids simply chose easy marks in what would normally be a relaxed environment (state fair) to vent their various frustrations and possibly grab some loot in the process. The fact that some purportedly left the “Black” denizens alone reveals two things. First, their level of desperation was not (yet) at an extreme. And second, as a result of the first, tribalism (a common human characteristic) is still in effect.

        Longstanding vendetta will always be a factor in “cultural” interactions but acts of desperation (and we are only seeing the beginning thereof) are proportional to perceived opportunity, wherever and whenever.

        Believe you me, when the SHTF the common “thugs”, regardless of who and where they are won’t be making cultural or racial judgments about their victims as much as the immediate expediency of their acts and desired results however irrational or violent; just as the PTB “thugs” have always done.

        What concerns me here is that it would clearly be a little easier for some of you to bust two into a perceived “other” rather than your “own” just as it was chosen who to assault and rob in Milwaukee. As long as this oversimplified “racist” mentality exists, the increasingly wealthy and increasingly global oligarch elite will roll over all of us. They are doing it now as I write. They have been smashing and grabbing your shit all along and exponentially since ‘07. What are you doing about THAT? I don’t see anyone talking about shooting international bankers and their pet political elites who wild out on their peaceful outings (lives)?

        Yes, by all means protect yourselves wherever you are. But also clean out and use your brains and look at the big picture.

        Got it? I thought so.

      101. Have to agree that all black people should be furious at what white liberals have done to them.

      102. A bunch of guys I know called me up and wanted to try this new “mob attack” stuff. So, we met, drank some booze and then drove to a low income/minority neighborhood. There were about 30 of us. We just started jogging up the street, and attacked any black idiot too stupid to run away. I estimate we punched, kicked, karate chopped, flipped, strangled, and threw at least 60 – 70 of those poor, misunderstood SNAP card users. And you know what? It felt GREAT! I highly recommend a good mob attack to any frustrated whitey!

        • Come try that in my neighborhood.

          • Name the time and place, smarmy. In a fair fight, black idiots always run away. Scientific fact.

          • I’m with you….just stay safe and obey the law of the land and let angry black America continue to destroy itself in the court of public opinion….especially now that it is becoming obvious, even to the stupidest liberals, that we can no longer easily support yet another generation of them on public funds.

      103. Milwaukee is one of the most racially divided cities. Fortunately some of you understand the reasons for this. Unfortunately, I fear this is a small taste of what is to come. Now that our credit rating has been downgraded, be prepared for the market to burn on Monday and the cost of everything to continue to skyrocket. It is getting nastier out there!

        • It really kind of destroys some memories for me. I went to the Wisconsin State Fair back in ’97 while taking some classes at Magnatek in Menomonee (sp?) Falls. I had a lot of fun, got pulled into a few dances by some lovely ladies at the beer thingy.

          Used to go there for classes (New Berlin) every few years. Really enjoyed Milwaukee. I am sad to see things turn out this way.

      104. And I thought the cold winters in Wish-consin would keep most of those state-sponsored professional-liberal voters down in the south where it’s warm.

      105. I see a lot of individualism. How many of thugs 100?….and how many people were at the fair, families? United We Stand Divided We Fall!!! Would it not be great to have heard in the news “0ver a thousand AMERICANS Black, White, Asian, & Hispanic stomped and kicked to death over 100 thugs that started attacking people at the Fair. One thug opened fire at the group but quickly went down in a hail storm of bullets. Minor injuries were sustained by the group…. While on the other hand all the thugs were killed.

        @ politicalfool Grany is right! You need to think long and hard. In reality by your own words it is easy to see you will be one of the dead 100 thugs.


      106. Given a sufficiently poor economy this will become more common regardless of race.

        That being said white people accused of racism are more often just frightened of blacks. Blacks on the other hand accused of racism most often truly hate white people. Decades of injustice breeds decades of counter injustice which left unchecked fuels more injustice.

        Run if you can, fight if you must.

      107. NetRanger said:

        “I think this mob thing is a power play by TPTB to increase the tension in this country so as to hasten the implosion. They know time is growing short and they haven’t been able to get done what they wanted.”

        That makes me ask – then why isn’t this sort of thing getting heavy mainstream media coverage in order to facilitate what they’re after?

        What good would it do to keep it covered up like its currently being handled? Lots of exposure would get lots more radical (and racist) response such as some of those in this thread.

        Just wondering.

      108. when TSHTF and the law is no longer responding…when the camera’s arent working, the grid is down, information is shoddy at best and everybody is focused on their own survival needs rather than the “big brother” liberal conditioning of the last three post WW2 generations…..

        when everybodys, prozac, paxil and other mind-contol meds run-out, when all the other pharmaceuticals either run-dry or become coveted black market staples….

        When VA, social security checks, foodstamps, welfare checks, medicaid and medicare stop funding the sheeple and proles and/or they no longer are worth enough to sustain their charges who rely on them…

        When America’s industrial capacity can no longer function on a level that can even provide basic infrastructure upkeep and maintenance….

        when the smell of unburied death hangs in the hot summer air…when store shelves are empty, credit cards don’t work, hospitals are overwhelmed and shutting down and banks are no longer open….

        Blacks will be the first collective group to go 100% primal and violently lash-out at everybody else.

        Until this time….obey the law and let them continue digging their own grave in the court of public opinion…but when “The Long Emergency” becomes the immediate emergency…they will be the first to destroy everything around them including their own.

        • Well said, Dr Prepper! I think that very few people honestly realize the massive entitlement society we have created. If there is a break in the checks, medicine, food, or whatever, all I can say is “Head for the hills!”. Honest people will admit that there is a pervasive, tense, uneasiness with the multitudes of entitled blacks. I agree that they will explode first. If you all aren’t prepping after reading all this, then there is no hope for you. Good luck.

      109. OK, I think this dead horse has had enough. Next!

        • Jeremiah Johnson: [Jeremiah and Caleb find Del Gue buried to his neck in sand] Are you all right?
          Del Gue: Sure, sure, I got a fine horse under me!
          Del Gue: Got one of them feathers in my nose.
          Jeremiah Johnson: You keep sneezing, it’ll come out all right. Haven’t seen anyone pass by recent, have you?
          Del Gue: Nobody’s gone in front of me. Can’t say what’s happened behind me, though.
          Jeremiah Johnson: The Injuns put you here?
          Del Gue: T’weren’t Mormons. A Chief, name of Mad Wolf. Nice fella, don’t talk a hell of a lot. Say, you wouldn’t have an extra hat on you, would you? Shade’s getting’ scarce in these parts.
          Jeremiah Johnson: What’d you shave your head for?
          Del Gue: Mad Wolf figures like every other Injun I know. Says this scalp isn’t fit for no decent man’s lodgepole. Ain’t the first time I’ve protected my head in such a way. Name’s Del Gue, with an “e”.

      110. Wickedness prevails when good men do nothing. Be brave stand together. Be loud get others motivated into the right actions . Work together. Protect each other. Strength in numbers. It is the only way to beat these flash mobs when they happen. All that was needed at the Fair grounds was brave men and women to inspire others to group together and put an end to the thugs. Instead it sounds like they were divided, scattered, and picked off at the thugs opportunity.

        I have not heard of any other good solutions.

      111. Is their any doubt in anyones minds about the black race. They are below subhumans. They are not capable of any type of culture, oh excuse me they have gangster rap, gangster movies, and thug professional athletes. Every nation that was predominantly white who allowed blacks into their midst has fallen. South Africa, a first world country and nuclear power under apartheid is now the murder and rape captiol of the world. Any white person who associates or allows their children to associate with blacks is asking for a tragedy. Every single one of these mob attacks that have been occuring have been perpetrated by black thugs. However, I am sure some Lib scum will find away to blame whitey for this. White man wake up know before it is to late, drop the white guilt and stand up for you culture, people, and race. Now I await all the responses that will say I am a raging racist. However, if you read Websters definition of a racist it is someone who loves his race, so I guess I am guilty as charged.

        • Jason: You have it as wrong as the black racists, above. To say that blacks are subhuman is horribly racist and it is despicable. I have known many blacks who are very good people–people I would trust to watch my kids, and they cannot get more trustworthy than that. So why lump all together? It is certain that there are serious problems in the black community, and that way too high a proportion of crime, childbirth out of wedlock, welfare, drug abuse, and so forth inflict the black community. But there are alot of great black people running major corporations, government agencies, military units, schools, and so forth. Don’t make yourself sound like an ignorant fool by this sort of racism. It is awful and it is as bad as what the black youth did at the fair.

      112. As if the attacks themselves were not bad enough, how could the reporters on this video fail to link the attacks to racism? Nothing in the report suggests that these were anything other than white kids possibly attacking Hispanics. It is almost as if they were intentionally misleading the audience into thinking it was not black on white crime. That is despicable. Is this our idea of a free press?

      113. DPS,
        Excellent, I’ve been saying something like that for years but not so eloquently. May I reproduce that?

      114. When in doubt, whip it out!! The weapon, of course!

      115. Learned your lessons well.

        Too bad.

        I used to own and operate a small business in Southern California. Guess how many blacks applied for a job? Come on….guess.

        You’re wrong. One applied. ONE.

        I hired him. He was a decent kid.

        The black pity train derailed at suck it up & get over it. It’s morons like you that pedal the “poor oppressed victim” bullshit that keeps these punks in the ghetto.

        YOU are black America’s worst enemy…..the self hating enabler.

        • POA- right on! Thanks for saying EXACTLY what needs to be said! These enablers need to understand that they’re doing harm, not good, to the recipients of their misguided idiotic version of ‘tolerance.’ And as for their self-hatred, they need to take that up with God or at least a therapist.


      117. From nearly 30 years in law enforcement it has been my experience that no race of people has a corner on A**holes. They come in all colors. Tweekers are the worse.

        As a long time Chemical Agents Instructor and Firearms Instructor, I would also suggest carrying a large can of pepper spray in your vehicle. I am talking the big ones used for bears. This can be very effective against crowds as it shoots more than 20 feet. Be sure that you are not down wind from the plume when you deploy it. You can also roll down your car window slightly and deploy a large cloud into the bad guys.

        It is also important to be aware of the crooks using pepper spray on you. The worst thing is to to get pepper spray in your eyes and not be able to see targets for any of your use of force tools. We teach a technique where you use your weak had at your eyebrow line with your thumb down the side of your head to create a sort of visor. You have to look down but you can still see legs up to 5 yards out. If you can see their feet you can deploy your firearm.

        If you cannot see the bad guy, they can take your gun. This can put you in fear of your life and you can justify to a large degree, deploying your handgun.

        Your first option should always be to avoid trouble at all costs, disengage and run away. Having a gun does not make you Superman. Going toe to toe with someone in a verbal shouting match when you are armed can end up in a long prison sentence and a ruined life. These are the times we live in.

        Having been totally surrounded in the Rodney King riots by more people than we had ammo, if you try to make a go of it in the city, you will lose. A bottle of gasoline and a road flare on the roof of your fortified house by the bad guys will settle the issue quickly.

        I see no good outcome for any long term survival in urban areas.

        • Don’t wait for them to come to your house. Ethnic cleansing equals security. Be the fastest with the mostest!

        • “Your first option should always be to avoid trouble at all costs, disengage and run away. Having a gun does not make you Superman. Going toe to toe with someone in a verbal shouting match when you are armed can end up in a long prison sentence and a ruined life. These are the times we live in”

          Pay attention folks. This is excellent advice-take it.

          I’ve always said that only the insane desire violence. Killing another human being should always be a last resort.

          (politicians are not necessarily human)

      118. @ Lilly says: Nine months ago, gangs in LA sent texts to each other and started a mob incident just like those reported the last three months. This group of blacks don’t even participate in regular society. The racists (black) you refer to want no part of people like you.

        The apologists you mention don’t even know those racists (black) exists. Quit spewing you nonsense about white guilt. Most people take care of their own. I know YOU didn’t feel any guilt-because you feel superior to blacks (as if all blacks are thugs).

        I know these thugs-and I hate em. I think prisons are a waste of money and since they’re used as training grounds, the only purpose for a prison is to char the inmates. I’m extreme-but out of knowledge of the thug mentality.

        As for you, you’re ignorant. Whites are not the guilty type. Just look at those demonstrators in Wisconsin this past April. Didn’t see much concern about anyone but themselves. Which is human nature. Clearly you haven’t been paying attention the last 15 years. Everybody but racists have little time to waste on racism because they’ve been spending all their time staying solvent.

        Just so you know, those white firefighters in Boston were right-if you can’t study for a test, you’re not qualified

      119. Unemployment is no excuse for violence. This is criminal behavior….don’t hire criminals!

      120. As a resident of Wisconsin who lives not too far from Milwaukee, and a yearly attendant of the Wisconsin State Fair, I have to chime in.

        These attacks were indeed racially motivated. When those being attacked were white men, women, and children, and having their attackers scream at them racial slurs and threats as they were getting punched through car windows, dragged across roads, kicked in the head, and thrown into the bushes, beaten and bloody, how can anyone possibly deny the fact? We have always taken our kids to State Fair, usually mid to late afternoon til it closes at 11 pm. Not this time. Yesterday, we went late morning and were out of there at 5 pm. As we were leaving, there were HUGE masses of white people leaving, and HUGE masses of black people coming in.

        Large groups of black kids have been mobbing and attacking white people during several Milwaukee-area venues the last few years. Greek Fest in 2007, the 4th of July celebration this year during Summerfest, and now State Fair. Not to mention they created a “flash mob” at Mayfair Mall in the last year where they ran screaming through the mall, knocking people down, trashing displays, and stealing from various stores. And let’s not forget the shots fired in the parking lot at the same time. Another mall dried up a few years ago because there were constantly fights breaking out among groups of black kids. We don’t dare go into some parts of Milwaukee, even in broad daylight, anymore. Even our black friends refuse to go into those parts…they’re not stupid!

        If you go to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal (http://www.jsonline.com/) and click on Blogs, find Eugene Kane. He loves to blame such incidents on white people, calling these black thugs “knuckleheads” and saying that the white middle class needs to do more to keep them busy, employed, and out of trouble.

        My husband and I don’t own guns, and we’ve never had the desire to own one…until this past year. Now, we can’t wait for CCW to go into effect, and we’re planning on getting handguns…thanks to these “knuckleheads.”

        • The same thing has happened to my city Diane. The fair & malls have been taken over by rough groups that pull guns now. Good people do not want to take their family. The more police or security I see gives me even more thought to stay home.

        • Diane….we’ve never owned guns either..til this year. And I’m in what I’d consider a very safe city, low crime rate, and no “racial problems” as far as I’m aware! My son and his new wife have also decided to arm themselves! My husband and I, my oldest son and his wife are all signed up for a C&C class in Sept. This is a sign of the times…yesterday my daughter in law and I went to the local orchard to pick peaches…and as we were in the back of the orchard, no one was around, I looked at her and said…”Why don’t we have our guns with us? We’re out here all alone, anyone could come driving up”! I was so mad at myself! And then I was sad because I thought that way! I’ve decided to carry, even though technically I’ll be breaking the “unconstitutional” law…but I’d rather be safe than sorry!

      121. Now you know why we pay taxes! If the welfare state fails, all is lost.

        • too true. Welfare, WIC, medicaid, foodstamps etc. keep them waiting at the mailbox in THEIR neighborhoods instead of breaking itno the mailboxes in OUR neighborhoods….

      122. Baloney!
        More victims of lynchings were white than black, so it wsn’t a “let’s kill negro’s movement”, it was a local justice dynamic.
        Secondly, those blacks that were lynched had just gotten done raping & killing 14 year old white girls (like they do on a daily basis today) and that’s something that should be brought back to these savages in order to keep them on their own goddamned side of the tracks.

      123. like my southern-raised mother in law always says….there’s the black folk that YOU talk good about in your home and there’s the black folk that BLACKS talk bad about in their homes…..

        Let’s not mistake one kind for another in a crisis…good guys and bad guys need to be judged by their actions and not their skin color….and let’s remember folks that everybody will be acting the fool if and when TSHTF so don’t be in a hurry to take anyone’s life if you can avoid it.

        If order is restored you will be held accountable by the law…if order dissolves you will still be judged by the Lord so don’t take killing and causing death too lightly.

      124. Only problem is that we can’t seperate the good from the bad in split seconds. So the only viable solution is to go back to segregation. It worked. If you want to integrate go right ahead and move into the ghetto and see how long you last. No more mister nice guy. I’m going to be in their face, on their back and up their ass.

      125. When you read “youths” or “young people” that is the new codespeak for thug punks from African heritage with dark pigmentation and tight curly hair. The liberal media is doing everything they can to minimize these racially motivated attacks on white people. Also, you morons who use the word “clip” to describe anything other than a M1 Garand ammunition clip need to re-learn your firearms volcabulary.

      126. TEOTWAWKI IS HERE! This is becoming more and more prevalent. I need to be able to survive in place for another year or 15 months, then I but out if at all possible. In the meantime, I am armed and supplied, and if the SHTF we hightail it out of here into the woods. If you haven’t started prepping, you had better get to it.

      127. 2 new reports from Chicago. 200 hundred crash the gates at Huge Music Fest on the Lakefront. Also police interrupt beat down in progress on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile being committed by large group of “urban teens”. 1 arrested. The rest go cockaroach and escape. Welcome to the big city stupid suburbanites. Tourists with their heads way up their asses. Would you go on vacation in Afghanistan? I bet they would. Morons.

      128. Am I the only one who thinks this is yet another set up?
        We know they want to start patrolling the ‘social networks’, so suddenly we have attacks on whites, organized on, ‘social networks’.
        Problem reaction solution.
        Same shit, different day.
        And to those who said it’s not reported on msm, watch the video again, sure looks like msms to me.
        Divide and conquer, works every time.

        • Was it a set-up in Haiti 200 years ago when they killed every last white person that lived on the island?

          Blacks don’t seem to think they are any less slaves now than they were then, so expect a similar situation when the gubmint cheese dries up. These people will drop the pretense that they are not robbing you by receiving government subsidies extracted from you first through taxation backed by the implicit threat of force, and just come see for themselves what’s in your pantry.

          You will NEVER live in harmony with people of another ethnic group. It is simply contrary to nature. You do not find this ANYWHERE ELSE on the planet without government guns trained on both groups keeping the peace.

      129. Greetings Everyone!
        I suspect by years’ end we’ll have quite a good idea where the country’s headed.Hopefully it won’t start Monday and be over by Friday.When these “flash Mob’s” finish wreaking everything in sight,then they’ll turn on each other.I almost think it’s not a half bad scenario tucked in with the 50% reduction in the Dollars’ value.Soon followed by every other country around the world(they,including China cannot afford to be that much higher than us and not go broke!).No telling how low it might fall.Gold at $2500,gas at $15.00(that will put a quick end to the transport for the mobbers),a bag of food at $50.00 each,perhaps? I’ll wager my last silver dime it happens real soon….
        Best to Everyone
        Got your preps in order?

      130. I am going to be racist in this statement. I am not a skin head, not a white supremacist. I am a self employed white man in my late 50’s with three kids, two have graduated from college and one still going. One of my best friends is black, he is an ex marine and he is ashamed of what ‘his people’ are doing.

        These ‘kids’ doing these acts are mostly coming from 2nd and 3rd generation welfare homes. I would lay you odds that less than 5% know who their father is, their mother has been cranking out babies and drawing welfare money all her life. These kids are out running the streets in gangs at an early age.

        Now that they have a ‘black’ president they feel empowered. Guys like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are fueling this hatred. You see it in their tattoo’s, you hear it in their music. I have driven down the street in broad daylight, a single black man walking several feet from the curb in the traffic lane. As you pass him you can see the hatred in his face, he is daring you to hit him. They hate the white man and we will see race wars in the big cities in short time.

        This is only the beginning. These guys are testing the waters, seeing how much they can get away with, seeing what the response time is from law enforcement. This is organized, not random acts of violence. You can bet they have organized crime in the background pumping up these acts.

        I have a brother that lives in downtown Chicago. I have warned him of what he could be faced with once TSHTF, but he won’t listen to me. He voted for Obama and drives a frigg’n Prius, what can I say but that I am ashamed of him. I hope that he can make it out alive when the day comes.

        • America has gone far too long without the bitter memory of the consequences of economic failure and racial warfare….we have forgotten the taste of it.

        • Racist? I don’t see it. This “design’, that you so aptly described, has been in the works for some time now. The key is to see it as it is and don’t get overshadowed by negative emotions. Consider each person you meet a relative, no matter what color. Smile at them and they’ll generally smile back. Unfortunately, though, there’s a lot of
          pent up anger out there just bursting at the seams to vent. Best to take the path of least resistance and lay low when the time comes. If you are white, it could be that a black person might end up being your best ally. Leave all bridges open. Treat others with dignity and respect. It usually comes back. It will be the “mob” mentality, whether black, white, latino…, that will be out of control; possessed by rage and looking to take it out on whoever fits the profile. Best to encounter that on the internet than up close and personal.

        • You are spot on with your comments,OKPrepper!! Not racist at all..My best friend is a Tampa cop and she see’s it all the time…a 22 yr old momma,living in the projects, with 4 kids…all different daddy’s…it’s a real shame!

        • Here it is again…the programming at work.

          “I am going to be racist in this statement. I am not a skin head, not a white supremacist. I am a self employed white man in my late 50′s with three kids, two have graduated from college and one still going. One of my best friends is black, he is an ex marine and he is ashamed of what ‘his people’ are doing.”

          This statement says a hell of a lot more than just the verbiage. You tell us first what you are not, throw in some self-aggrandizement about your position in life and accomplishments of your children, and of course the obligatory black friend who is “ashamed”…

          Everything you said is SPOT ON, yet you begin your statement with a disclaimer, as though you feel you need to apologize for making a statement like this…


          You are a member of a race that has bent over backwards to just give away everything built by its forebears, to create a standard of living for blacks and browns that is higher than in any country over which they themselves rule, and to thank us we have to live in fear of them because they can do whatever they want and if you retaliate it’s your word against them, and Eric Holder has made it plain that his hate-crime prosecutions only go one way. In Peoria the PD was actually telling people to stay in their homes for God’s sake.

          This is what it has come to, and STILL there are people that feel they need to grovel, scrape and apologize before they say anything even remotely critical of the black darlings.

          This has got to stop. The negroes are out of control. The Spanish-speaking Native American hybrids we call “Hispanics” have now brought their particular penchant for drunkenness, rapine, and sexual molestation of minor children to add to the mix as well. You work and pay taxes to support welfare for those who won’t work and the salaries of the black and brown “middle class” that is made up almost entirely of government employees. And you’re still saying you’re sorry.

          White people will never regain the country and society they built until they stop living in fear of the social Marxists’ vanguard of rainbow soldiers that have white men and women under siege with racial guilt and terrified to right the ship. Stop being afraid to call a spade a spade.

          And PLEASE stop being so afraid of that evil word RAAACCCIIISSSSSTTTT. There are far worse things you could be.

      131. Firing on a violent mob may work to save your butt, especially if you have help or good position. Most folks hesitate to do so, knowing they will probably spend the next two years defending themselves in court and be broke afterwards even if they “win”. This is why no one opened fire to help those being beaten.

      132. Damn…bringing them bastards as slaves was a bad idea.Should have shipped em back asap in the 60’s.knew this woulda happened.

      133. Thanks for your reply, NetRanger. Reading the comments here makes me very sad. I started a small collapse awareness & prep group online. Most of the people in the group are white. I’ve also taught a lot of people primitive wilderness living skills. Most of these have been white also. The irony of a black man like me coming to his site and reading such hateful crap after helping mostly white people to prepare for SHTF, collapse or whatever…

        See, this is how hate spreads. Congratulations guys.

        • ABPD: Makes me sad too… and I’m mostly white. Sometimes, you just have to tune out the squeaky wheels and deny them the grease they’re whining for. Don’t worry too much though – only small minds are incapable of exercising independent intelligent thought and are vulnerable to the virus of hate. Intelligence and compassion are some serious antibodies. And you can have my cover fire if ever you need it. I would give it freely to one as you before those squeaky wheels.

          A small man falls.
          “What?! You said you had him covered!”
          And that quickly, the world is a better place.

      134. This incident is horrible. HORRIBLE!!!

        That said, I’m a black dude. A good dude. I also help people prep. All kinds of people. Most of them happen to be white.

        I do not approve of this violent mob junk AT ALL, but if some of you guys wanna start a race war or shoot people because they’re black or bring anything stupid like that my way… You’re not immune to loss.

        Look, we’re human beings in this together. Cut that crap out, please.

        • Unfortunately when the razor-thin veneer of civilization is stripped away and people get back to baser instincts, lines in the country formerly known as America will be drawn along racial boundaries. The race war will happen. It has to. There’s never been a time in history that two culturally distinct peoples contacted without clashing. Government’s been holding a weak truce since the 60s but it can’t last forever. Their position (government’s) is weakening.

          I have no reason to believe you aren’t a good man. But I grew up a white kid in a majority-black neighborhood. Went to school there. Worked there. The shit I’ve seen most people would simply not believe. Things I’ve never seen in any white community and I’ve laid my head down in homes of friends from trailer parks all the way up to 5000 sq ft homes in gated communities. These are the facts that are important. Your people are out of control.

          What most people mistakenly call “racism” is actually prejudice, and it exists because it’s served mankind well for millions of years. In the caveman days they weren’t concerned with the actual temperment of each sabre-toothed cat. They just assumed they all were dangerous, as it was wise to do so. I’m going to do the same thing.

          You should do so as well. Just keep in mind that statistically you’re far more likely to have your throat cut by someone who looks like you than someone who looks like me. Make sure you prejudge properly. Hell even Jesse Jackson does it.

      135. Isnt that referred to as a “target rich environment”?

        • If your worried about court and not worried about surviving, you’re going to die. Shoot first and shoot often.

      136. I read your article, but must say that your analysis is rather tepid First, I will explain to you about wilderness safety. If you are out hiking in nature, one must understand certain facts. For instance it is not helpful to know that “animals” protect their young and therefore it is wise to stay away from mothers with young. A mother squirrel is not a problem. Neither is a mother rabbit. Even certain larger animals, such as a deer are not much danger. However, if you come across a grizzly bear, it is different. In that case, expect trouble.

        Throughout your article you speak of “individuals”, or “teenagers.” Yet the news-story actually explains that it is not teenagers as a group, or all individuals that are prone to this sort of mob violence. It is rather black teenagers, and black individuals that are the problem. In fact, using the passive voice you admit as much.

        I suggest that you do your readers a favor and tell them to stay away from groups of black youth, as they are the ones causing the problems. Do not worry about being called a racist for pointing our facts. It is not your fault that reality is what it is.

      137. ya know what? fuck em all. kill everyone!

      138. Milwaukee news stories (THESE stories repeats every fricking week!!):

        MONDAY: Another illegal alien unlicensed uninsured drives wrong way on freeway and kills a white family. .32 BAC and says he only had a couple to drink. He will get 15 years, out in five.

        TUESDAY: Another black welfare mother sleeps with baby and kills the child by crushing and smothering it to death. The mother will get away with murder.

        WEDNESDAY: Another black was caught in entitlement fraud.

        THURSDAY: Another white kid from the burbs dies behind the wheel, illegal drugs from Mexico found.

        FRIDAY: Another flash mob of black teens attack whites.

        SATURDAY: Hundreds of cars owned by black teens stop traffic on Capitol Drive, they block all lanes, they get out of their cars and vandalize private property and play hiphop loudly and do drugs and drink.
        Another flash mob of black teens attack whites.

        SUNDAY: Flash mobs at the malls run off with tens of thousands worth of clothing and electronics.

        … ALL this and more and the police department doesn’t see a problem with black/latino crimes against whites… BECAUSE on the police report their isn’t a White Victim check box, only Latino victim or African-American victim check boxes. THEY are not keeping track of crimes against whites by latino/blacks.

        Now that Milwaukee now has concealed carry, it won’t be long before an all out massacre occurs. It is what the police chief wants, an all out shooting massacre, since his hands are tied by the black community and the courts just let the minorities out scot-free.

      139. I’d rather die as an idealist than live as a monster, thanks.

        Race maniacs should remember that America is so mingled at this point that you won’t be able to pick sides based on skin. There are white people who will kill you for effing with a black person, and black people that will kill you for effing with a white person.

        Good luck.

      140. two plugs for using national gaurd to help domestic police force. multiple race baiting comments. propoganda article for federal intervention in self created ‘race’ riots. be wary of people and groups that suggest you don’t trust a group of people for any reason, white, black, chritian, or muslim. our strenth is not in our ability to shoot, but it is in our ability to trust.

      141. there are riots, and there will be riots, but they will be against the special privileges that are created and protected by force…not religious or racial as the distraction mechanisms would have us believe.

      142. Mardochee – you are welcome in my neighborhood anytime. If SHTF I’d love to have someone like you in my bunker.

      143. Now how did I figure it out that it was blacks right before I even read this? because this is nothing new when you were brought up right next to them and look what happened to Detroit.. white people have been cowards for years… step up and stand up cowards or get your asses kicked. I am not black.. I’m so called white(a cracker) and I wont take their sh-t if I was there, I would be defending my life and trying my best to kick some serious ass. Second amendment.. never give it up.. its time people band together because its getting worse. The media is slime

        Search prisonplanet.com and search THE GREEN AGENDA

        Never give up your arms look at the London riots..

      144. Sounds like the Mayor has some character. I would respect him more if he called out JJ, the NAACP, EH & the VP while he had the microphone on this and then wait for a reaction from our leader.

      145. There is racial motivation in many events in history. However, there is NO such thing as racism. The word is nothing more than a Marxist perjorative (insult). The word racist was invented in the early 1930’s by either Trotsky or Magnus Hershfeld, both commies. It’s intended use is for argument through intimidation, a debating tactic, carried to the extreme. That’s why, if you pay close attention, some times you will hear liberals say that only white people can be racist. They know the word was meant to intimidate white people out of the political discussion about multi-culturalism. Why? Because the Communist movement determined back in the late 1920’s that the best way to destroy the West was through multi-culturalism. And now you know.

        • a jewboy faggot he was

      146. Well unless most of you making comments today are using something like a WWII M1 Garrand, your weapon will have a mag not a clip! So this provides just cause that I don’t want to have any of you covering my six! Your best move in a situation like this is to get the hell out of Dodge not play Rambo, it will get you killed. Unless your with a group of experienced people who have combat experience I’d just use the three to four thousand lbs weight of my vehicle and blow through anyone who was blocking my path to safety. Here in Texas we have castle laws to assist CHL licensed citizens but it won’t allow you to dump mag after mag into a large crowd.

        Good luck

      147. Time to carry the AK-47 with 10 mags, and your 15 round 9mm, 10 mags, and your Smith & Wesson .44 mag. When they pull a Flash Mob robbery, give them the “Muzzle Flash” on the mob. Then call the cops and tell them to bring lots of body bags and to pick up the trash.

      148. Where was the national media during all of this? I guess they were busy covering obama’s latest daily excuse.

      149. keep a mini-30 with collapsable stock and five 40rd mags in the trunk or storage space in your suv. ski mask. shoot to kill. run them down.

      150. a good tool that works fine for a women, not a gun but a can of wasp spray, good from about 7 to 10 feet away. in the car it is not a weapon next to your bed. you spray some one in the face it will stop anyone and it is not a weapon,,,,,cheers/////////

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