Rioters To Target Whites: “You Will Never Be Safe… Not You, Not Your Children”

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Headline News | 476 comments

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    We are likely just 24 hours away from a Grand Jury decision in the officer involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

    Scores of Department of Homeland Security vehicles have been spotted 25 minutes outside of town and the Governor of Missouri has already declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the fallout should officer Darren Wilson be exonerated. National Guard units have been called up and one law enforcement official has advised residents to be armed because the police department will not be able to protect the town’s citizens should violence erupt.

    And violence is exactly what we should expect – more specifically, violence against Caucasians and their children. Two recently recorded videos have surfaced from the Ferguson area showing activists and protesters who are developing a strategy for how they will engage in civil disobedience and who they will target.

    As Brian Hayes of Top Right News notes, “they are making plans to focus on White areas — and are threatening to target police officers, and even their families.”

    In fact, the protesters in Ferguson have as one of their lead organizer a woman by the name of Lisa Fithian, who was partly responsible for organizing the violent protests known as the Battle In Seattle during the 1990’s. In a video recorded several days ago and posted by Progressive Today and The Gateway Pundit Fithian explains to those in the audience that they need to be targeting areas where the residents do not look like them:

    “Personally, I think we DONT need to be on West Florissant. I wanna advocate that we go on South Florissant because the people on South Florissant don’t look like me. The people on West Florissant look like me and they’re with it. So… I really don’t have anything to protest on West Florissant. So if I’m in the area I’m going to Ferguson Police Department.”

    But as Bryan Hayes highlights, this isn’t the only organizer looking to target whites. In fact, one Palestinian protester directly threatens police officers, as well as their families:

    “You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children  – none of you will be safe.”

    During the height of the protests following Michael Brown’s death President Obama sent Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate civil rights violations.

    Now that the targets for the coming mass protests have become white people, will Obama act again to ensure the peace? Or does that only apply when racism affects African Americans?

    Whatever the case, should the decision be in favor of Darren Wilson then we may well see riots across the country that surpass the violence and destruction we saw in Detroit in 1967 or Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict in 1992.

    (You can see historical archives of some of the most widespread and violent riots in American history here)

    For those resident in the immediate St. Louis area, you should already be prepared for civil unrest. But, this may not be limited to just Missouri. There are “direct action trainings” taking place across the country and reports indicate that as many as 83 cities are being targeted by protesters.

    Given the direct action training being provided by the likes of Lisa Fithian, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the targets of these protests, riots and possibly violence will be white people, including children.

    Officials have warned resident to be prepared for a period of disruption.

    Step number one should be personal and perimeter defense, and that starts with firearms. As noted previously, those who were armed during the first round of Ferguson riots had nothing to worry about:

    It turns out that when violent looters come face to face with people prepared to kill to defend their property, the looters tend to choose a ‘safer’ target.

    Here are some tips and strategies to consider:

    Here is a general list of supplies to have on hand. Remember that sometimes power supplies are lost during situations like this. Occasionally officials do this to gain more control over the populace and sometimes it happens as a side-effect of the wholesale destruction by the rioters. Keep the potential for a down-grid situation in mind when preparing.

    • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
    • Necessary prescription medications
    • well stocked pantry – you need at least a one-month supply of food for the entire family, including pets
    • An off grid cooking method (We have charcoal barbecue, an outdoor burner, and a woodstove inside)
    • Or food that requires no cooking
    • tactical quality first aid kit
    • Lighting in the event of a power outage
    • Sanitation supplies (in the event that the municipal water system is unusable, this would include cleaning supplies and toilet supplies)
    • A way to stay warm in harsh winter weather
    • Over-the-counter medications and/or herbal remedies to treat illnesses at home
    • A diverse survival guide and a first aid manual(hard copies in case the internet and power grid are down)
    • Alternative communications devices (such as a hand-crank radio) so that you can get updates about the outside world
    • Off-grid entertainment:  arts and craft supplies, puzzles, games, books, crossword or word search puzzles, needlework, journals

    We urge our readers, regardless of your skin color or location, to be vigilant. When the violence breaks out no one will be immune. Stay off the streets if riots or protests erupt in your city if at all possible.

    Otherwise, move quickly, don’t attract attention and be prepared to defend yourself with deadly force.


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      1. Touche, n*****s – if you retards even know what “touche” means…!

        Please, eat your own bullets… lest we’ve finally the chance to feed them to you, personally.

        • Do these lib zombies even see the hypocrisy of targeting white people?

          • I don’t like these things, but as it may be If I remember correctly someone named Capt Parker once Said: “If it’s war they want, let it start here.”

            • Everyone needs to realize all the cliche’s are in play…what goes around comes around…it works both ways…once the genie is out of the bottle, you can’t get it back in, etc….these trouble makers will know this after its too late

              • I would add a scanner to the list of must haves, so you can listen to police, fire and paramedic communications. That will give you real time information on what is happening.

                Another source of information so you can know what is going on around you is, a 2 meter Ham radio. I guarntee you that every Ham will be on the air discussing exactly what they are observing in their AOs.

                Knowledge is power. It also makes for good decision making.

                • My Ipad App Police Scanner + which streams over the internet has St. Louis County dispatch and Highway Patrol too. Pop some popcorn!

                  • Just found that app tonight, scanner is great, the radio portion of the app is awesome too

                    • On my android, I use Scanner Radio from GordonEdwards.Net LLc, and also XiiA live Internet Radio by Visual Blasters LLC , a radio real good radio app that includes Radio References Nation Wide Scanner add on with it. They work for me.

                    • You have to think, though, they pull the internet stream the minute the SHTF

                  • Here is the Black Hoodie Preacher Man of God, Instructing Rioters where to go, to “Case the Joint” before you Loot it. And how ISIS will follow up with attacks after the Rioters do their looting work.

                    • Also, over sixty cities may riot over the same thing as black leaders like Al Sharpton, are org. protests etc. and cities will be chaos with Muslim activists joining in. This and the immigration bill and Obozo now a complete dictator, this country is finished/trashed. Prep. and live for self, family.

                • Scanners cannot receive several newer digital modes that will be used by multiple agencies. If you listen to medical services and state police if they use open trunking radio systems or hams you may be able to catch info of where to avoid.

                  • The newest scanners can recive digital trunking systems. They will cost more than analog. 400 to 500 dollars.

                    If they are using encripted digital, you are totally out of luck.

                    Up here in the mountains everything is analog. They would have to double the number of repeaters if they went digital. Because of the low population and large area, analog will be with us for a while.

                    • This must be where the upper class hang out, huh? Ain’t it? Iah new it, yup…

                    • As Greg T says if you follow the Medical and Fire Dept un-encrypted channels, they will be alongside “shadowing” the Cops locations. So you know whats going on what and where, and Fires and Medical responses.

                  • XiiaLive-Internet Radio and Gordon Edwards Scanner Radio are 2 real good ones I use on my Android!

                • Good Prep to Save – Hey Turkey Lovers – That Plastic Mesh bag that your Turkey comes in, will make a nice Bait Fish Gill Net to scoop up Bait in, or frogs or part of a small fish trap. Careful when removing the bag to keep it all intact top to bottom with no holes cut and take a pair of needle nose pliers to undo the metal clip holding the bag. Then you can loop the open end of the net around a green stick to make a ready made fish scoop net.

                  You can also roll the Plastic Mesh net up into a ball with a sponge in the middle, and tie it tight. It also can used or double as a Pot scrubber for your bug out bag.


                  • A Martha Stewart moment ?

                  • If I am leaving home, I have to bring the old greasy Turkey bag and my pot scrubber too. you never know when you are in a survival situation when you may need to bake a turkey.There’s not a lot of room for more pot scrubbers, since I have the huge turkey pot in my bug out bag and pot holders and a gravy boat. I figured since I am putting all that other useless crap in my bug out bag , I figured I would add a cornucopia just so I have a festive bug out bag. Not a lot of room in the bag for that either because of all the Christmas decorations and Easter decorations in my bug out bag.

              • I don’t like posting here much anymore but….I’ll say this… blackman, best be careful. You raise the ire of the white man and we’ll fold you like a cheap fucking suit and sprinkle your ashes in the hog lot.

                  • We have more ammo. Let eat lead.

                  • Who’s Pootin?

                    • Wasn’t me. I haven’t had beans in a week.

                  • What wonderful reading, thanks for the link.

                  • Thanks for the link.

                    I read Pukin’s remarks and pungent lines with knowledge of who the real Communist leader is and where he comes from.

                    He likes to spout lines that lead the uninformed and ignorant appeasers to his style, (such as sixpack) to a different form of World order.

                    Don’t be fooled. The proof is in the pudding. He likes to set the US gov up as the “only” terroist supporting thugs across the world. Yea, the US has used “Muslim” fighters/extremists. But, are they the only supporters? Who has poured billions into the coffers of the # One supporters of terrorism around the globe, Iran?

                    It is Russia and China. So Putin is just as much to blame for world terrorist organizations as anyone.

                    Putin has an axe to grind when it comes to the USA. it goes back to his college days. To believe that he only wants to take out vengeance against the gov of USA is ignorance of the facts. he wants control and dominance just as much as the NWO crowd does and will bulldoze anyone that comes into his path; white, black, brown, man, woman, or child; right into mass graves to achieve his idea of world dominance.

                    He, or his successor, won’t be facing the USA, in their weakend state when their federation of armies come marching to “take a spoil”. No, it will be the hand of the Omnipotent Owner of the Universe.

                    He will smite the evil armies in the wilderness of their graves with a mighty blow from the Heavens.
                    Leaving a sixth part to return to tell the truth to their countrymen….”there is a Mighty God that lives and He has spoken!

                    It will happen my friends. Possibly within the next few months or years. soon after that event, and the following events, that begin the Antichrist kingdom, look up….. for our redemption draweth nigh. Be thankful.


                    • PWTW:

                      When reading Putins speech who can ignore his mention of the United Nations and the One World Order?

                      The “group think tank” he was addressing is the Valdai Discussion Club made up of 100 experts? from 25 countries. They are proponents of the One World/New World Order. Their 11th meeting was entitled “THE WORLD ORDER”.

                      One of the speakers at that conference, Masahiro Akeyama stated “it is difficult to determine New World Order”.

                      Looking at Wikipedia, at the end of their article on Valdai, they have the trilateral commission, Bilderbergers, etc. as links. I would guess this is a suggestion that Valdais’ experts are connected/intertwined with these organizations.

                      So let your fingers do the walking to see just what Putin is really involved in. Actually he is saying Russia wants to be at the table of the NWO as one of its controllers.

                  • Hi JQP:

                    Just out of curiosity what did you glean from Putins speech.

                • Always enjoy your posts PO’d…youre one of the oldtimers here…guess we both are 🙂 its too bad the answers to alot of these “problems” are so easy yet impossible to impliment…leastways theres no will to impliment them…stay warm!

                  • REB, you said a mouthful in a minimum of words…

                    • No… he just remained indifferent and sat on the fence. There was nothing of any relevant value mentioned.

                      Taking the time to give yourselves a shout out, despite impending violence… go hide in your bunkers with all your apocalypse food and guns… we’ll all still be here when you realize how bad you’ve been con’d

                    • Thanks Eppe 🙂

                • Bumped up from a Beretta 9mm to a Walther .40. Just because

                  • Either hand gun is effective. Both can send a scumbag to their reward. For personal and home defense, I prefer an auto-loading shotgun, .12 gauge, with an extended magazine, with 00 buck, military grade ammo. It will send whole bunches of scumbags to their reward, in under 4 seconds. It is non-discriminant when blasting into a herd of savages.

                    • I’ll stick to the old workhorse Mossberg 500 12ga pump, don’t have to worry about the auto jamming.

                  • It is soooooo Obvious who here is still delusional and subscribes to that John Hagee false doctrine eh, where all one need do to achieve perfect and correct biblical interpretation is to simply Substitute in every biblical verse of both old and new testement’s alike wherever they see the word of “israel” substitute it with the word “jew” or “jewish” and then…Wallah! they have fully solved every possible question pertaining to accuracy and proper doctrine biblically speaking!

                    Any who doubts that…just join Hagees semi-synagouge of Deep satanic influences. Mixed of course with a pastorial Rabid Lust for…More $$$$ and yet.. More Cash!

                    For when one gets “rich with jesus” one can purchase more acres to add to the existing 8000 acre 401K investment ranch, and of course build a larger, longer Runway to acompany a larger yet Jet, courtesy of course of americas “best friends and allies of the mid east regions”!

                    Cannot wait to see those many deluded faces once they awaken to the frauds and false teachings eh…it will be as they say…”Priceless”!

                    $10 Million House for head pastor…mastercard!

                    Several million apiece for each of 5 kids houses…Mastercard!

                    $20 Million for church expansions to hold larger crowds of dupes and imbeciles…Mastercard!

                    FREE LEER Jet Plane with runway built especially for jet…ISRAEL & New York Jewry!

                    Millions more in Cash to Pay pastor and wifes yearly combined over $2 Million salaries…ISRAEL+Dupes!

                    Aprox additional $400,000 per yr into 401K ret plan aka IRS labeled such plans as the “Rabbi Fund 401K” since only a select small Few rabbis, has such vast wealth to incure such large yearly contributions to their 401K ret plan…And of course Haggee’s 401K too.

                    One day in not too distant future when most everything as haggee teaches and taught so far turns out to be total Mis-Interpreted prophecy, due to afore mentioned “methods” of just switch word of israel biblically into new word of jew everywheres the word is found in bible verses. Turns out to be Falsehoods Galore…and regular church membership of 20,000+, plus several hundred million more globaly thru the massive TV-“ministry”, are seen with Shocked facial expressions once the many scams and falsehoods gets revealed…..


                    Stay tuned situation developing…Main question then will be, how many formerly duped, dupes shall wize up and burn their Cyrus Scofield apostate zionist funded and published study bibles, with their most every interpretations so relied upon by likes of hagee et al by then well Proven as false as a three dollar bill?

                    OR like typical duped libs will most simply reject admitting it as so, and instead leave hagees ziozone for greener pastures with a brand new apostate zio shaboz goy shill that closer resembles the Jimmy Jones cult in central america?…Updates when available.

                • wtf is wrong with you? white people should be protesting against police violence in ferguson. Then maybe you would not be aiding in starting a race war.

                  • Are you frackin’ kidding me?? Obviously, you grew up in a predomninantly white neighborhood. Let me tell you, race issues are right at the boiling level. HOWEVER, now in reverse. The blacks think they are “owed” something, regardless of the fact that they don’t do a darn thing to earn it. AND, there are some who think the cops have over stepped their bounderies. Okay, so if you are a murdering, thieving thug, then what??? The cops should put you in time out???? Get real people!!! If you act disrespectful,expect disrespect. If you act harmful, expect harm!!! DUH!!!!! The police are just doing their job. It’s the populace who think they are allowed to do whatever they want, regardless. OH, maybe their “parents” should’ve put the rebelious populace in time out!!!

                  • Why on earth would ANYONE be protesting in Ferguson? The big fat ass knee growth was a bully, a thief and an idiot, he attacked that little guy in the store just for some cigars? he attacks the police officer and broke his eye socket! He NEEDED KILLING!, that officer should get a medal for “public service”!!!

                  • WTF is wrong with you? Besides stupity. If we were helping start a race war it would be done already. With a BUNCH of dead gars.

                  • If there had been police violence I would agree with you, but every bit of evidence that has come out says a lawless bully got what was coming to him. Nothing to protest here. Also, no one here is advocating STARTING a race war, just finishing it if the progressive rabble-rousers and their useful idiots start one.

                  • Sure Shinoku, if you are white, go help your black pals protest during the riots. You just explain that you are on their side, they will welcome you with open arms. They will pass no judgement on you because of your skin color. Let us all know how that works out for you.

                  • @Shinoku….

                    And what is wrong with you?

                    A question: Is there ever a time when a white police officer is justified in shooting a black man?

                    Just exactly how badly should an officer be beaten by a 6’4″, 300lb gorilla before he is permitted to defend his own life?

                    And when is it ok to riot, loot, and burn a business…or attack innocents just because you don’t like the decision of a jury?

                    • @Walt,
                      You said “Just exactly how badly should an officer be beaten by a 6’4″, 300lb gorilla before he is permitted to defend his own life?”

                      But there were videos posted right here on Mac’s board that showed Darren Wilson coming and going at either the hospital or the cop shop….he appeared in every shot to be looking and walking fine as a frogs hair two hours after the incident. And the pics posted online of his eye socket (also linked here) being broken were proven to be false. All I am saying is, posted pics in favor of cop were proven to be false, they were a different person after a motor cross accident in 06 I believe. And time and date stamped video released of him after the incident, he “appeared” to be fine.” If a 6’4″ 300lb gorilla were “beating” you, I would think a video of the “beaten” walking around would reveal some supporting evidence of this, no?

                      Hey on the other thread you posted something in regards to a tool being in your trunk. And I wanted to ask you in a serious manner……do you have access to your trunk through the back seat? Some cars do and I thought if your’s doesn’t, you should modify it so you can. If your car becomes surrounded real fast, you won’t be able to get to the trunk.

                    • I really couldn’t care less about any photos….or even how badly he was hurt.

                      The issue is….Was he in fear for his life?

                      I would submit that if Michael Brown had struck him and attempted to get his weapon away from him, then there was sufficient cause for him to be in fear of his life.

                      Bottom line…..if you try to disarm a police officer, expect to get shot. You got it coming.

                      As to your other question. I could get into my trunk through the back side if I want to. I carry a handgun in the car with me. But that’s just so I can fight my way to my rifle. The idea is to not allow myself to get trapped where I can’t escape. (that was rule #1 I learned when I was a PI doing surveillance). I have no problem using my vehicle as a weapon. If a mob attempted to block me in, I assure you that I will not hesitate to run over whoever I have to run over to get out of the situation.

                      The rifle is for if I have to abandon my vehicle. And actually…It’s an AR pistol…and I have about 240 rounds in 30 rnd mags with it.

                      With enough advance notice, it’s no problem to get the AR in the front seat with me. I just don’t want it in the passenger compartment all the time. Too much trouble moving it in and out of the trunk.

                  • The autopsy, and no one is contesting that. Shows that he didn’t have his arms up. And the grand jury has heard there was blood in the cop car seems to prove that Brown attacked the cop in the car.

                    Don’t get me wrong. I am seeing far too much police violence and corruption. But Ferguson is not the right cause.

                    • Totally agree Sierra Dave

                    • Actually there are a lot of reports that Ferguson PD has some serious problems….surprise surprise. But this particular case wasn’t the BEST one to use to protest and fight back on for sure.

                    • Whether or not Ferguson Police has serious issues, is irrelevant to whether or not the shooting was justified.

                      My understanding is that Ferguson PD has 1 (one) black officer. Since the city from what I understand, has a high percentage of black residents, the wisdom of that is most definitely in doubt. I believe your PD should somewhat resemble the demographic of the people they serve. An all white department in a city where most of the population is black is just asking for trouble in my opinion.

                      I do not know the history of Ferguson and how the relationship between the populace and the PD has been. I do know that in the months and years leading up to the LA Riots in 1992, that there had been a history of heavy-handed police behavior in LA under Daryl Gates. That, combined with a very poorly handled criminal trial of a black girl who was killed by a Korean store owner, set the stage for the riot after the King police beating verdict.

                      Even still…..a LARGE portion of the people who participated in the subsequent riot were simply using it as an excuse for their thuggery and lawlessness.

                    • As far as fearing for your life…..I buy that for the part that took place in the car. but when the kid was shot…..both were out of the car. So (putting prosecutor hat on here) if cop was in fear of his life in the car….why the hell did he get out of the car without back up present??

                      I know the Ferguson PD history is directly irrelevant to this particular shooting, but goes a long way in factoring onto the community attitude towards the PD,

                      If they only had one cop, they have none now. Three days ago, news broke of a black cop who raped a pregnant woman and then let her go free from the jail….if I understand the story correctly. She went to ER immediately and they have proof…..he has been arrested.

                  • The war was started by black thugs.

                  • In this instance, the police violence, as you call it, was controlled, proportionate, justified, and legal.

                    None of the citizen violence that followed, or will follow, meets any one of the four terms above.

                    You are being delusional.

                  • Check out the White Girl Bleed A Lot site to see the news you have been missing. Here is a hint at the end of the month after this Ferguson Liquor store robber was put down a serial killer that targeted gays using a hookup phone app was caught. Why did this serial killer of gays not make Marxist Stream Media? Mohammad Ali Brown is a black Muslim, if he was white it would have been a bigger story than liquor store robber guy.

              • @ PC-sux>>>

                ..sadly the “real trouble-makers” are banking on precisely that!!!

              • That is exactly what they are hoping for:
                Pure unbridled/unmitigated violence.

              • They are just saying what obozo and jackson and sharpton told them…they are mimmicks, little trained brainwashed parrots! but they still make good targets LOL

            • It’s really quite sad.

              10% of the population
              0.01 % of armament (if they’re lucky)
              Yet they’re gonna wipe us out.


              • That is because due to the PC nonsense whites have not pushed back in a long time. If these animals target peoples children they better have their burial affairs in order because no one is going to tolerate that including most blacks.

                • I think everyone here is so correct & stuff.

                • Govt caskets are on deep discount through December. Must use EBT card for purchase.

              • The Obama White House got BUSTED Transferring over $3 Billion Dollars to Health Insurance Companies to keep Obama Care Premiums low through out 2014. Congress never authorized this Spending, and is Filing a Law Suit. OH My the Lawlessness. That is Obama Caught Pilfering Tax Payers Money out of the till. Prison time and Obama can share a Cell with the REV AL Sharpton Tax Cheat, and Bill the Rapist Cosby.

              • You forgot over 50% of all murders. Their guns are not legal, tracked, cleaned or maintained.

              • I wonder if the victim is a white or black woman? The pig is black and I am just curious, because this made news three dadys ago and we haven’t heard about it until now. I am thinking she is black, and with the pig being black, they won’t protest that violence against the people by a pig because there both black.

          • Remember without White People nobody else is paying any taxes to fund the Freeshit Crowd. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

            • These “people” do not know and do not care from where the free shit comes.

              • Remember the shoe store that was looted in the first round? I hear the work boot aisle was unscathed.

                • LOL!!!

                • Actually, the boots were looted along with the rest of the store. Craigslist was pulling ads for stolen goods right and left for a while.

              • All they “know” is that their messiah Obola gave them stuff.

            • ive seen many a dog ,and even good dogs bite the hand that feeds them ,BUT!!! i dont know anyone that didnt beat that dog half to death for doing it

          • When I was in college back in 1998, I was put into a class titled: The White Experience at Guilford College, Greensboro, N.C. : I was placed in this class by my adviser and when I questioned what the class was about, my questions went unanswered. During the class it began fairly trying to reveal how black people have been repressed by the white good old boy school. I felt compassion, then the class quickly escalated to how blacks where going to rid the United States of Pigs (Jewish People) and (White People) they were more than happy to inform the entire class that they were not going to kill us for being white, but because we were evil!! The so called professor even had the nerve to point me out for having naturally blond hair and blue eyes!!!Not to mention how she called me out for driving a Mercedes!!This so called professor had about 30 Louis Farrakhan followers show up at our classroom and declare exactly what they planned to do to us white and Jewish people after their black president was put into office!! This happened in 1998 when Barrack Hussein Obama was a Senator in Illinois!! I know your question is what did I do about it?? Well, first, I stood up in class and stated that I had heard all of their SH*T that I was going to listen to, I turned and then left those black prejudiced people alone. Then, Myself and other students went to the dean of students and turned the class in. Now they kept the so called professor, but canceled the “white Experience” class.

            • this is going on today in Jackson Mississippi I worked as a teacher in Jackson public schools, Jackson ms. and the school that I worked in has every morning a African American moment.The principal would announce during staff sessions that they were going to bring in black mentors to mentor to the young males. the principal was asked one time what about the white males and he said that they don’t need any help. they would have programs for young black children they would bring in mentors for black children they even brought in a rap DJ. The school held an elect Obama rally and all the children were shouting Obama Obama Obama. All my black children which constituted 95 percent of the class would tell me that when Obama got elected that they would not have to pay any utility bills or gas bills and that he would give them all free food and that they were apologizing to me that I would not get those benefits as I was white. The city of Jackson Mississippi elected a mayor that is also the President of the New African Republic his name was Chokwe Lumumba in his motto was “Free the Land” you can google free the land new African Republic and read all about this black separatist organization that wanted a homeland for All Blacks to inherit and for whites to be put out

              • They where right about them getting free stuff that’s what welfare is all about.

            • Ta, that was a very interesting post. Had I been there, I would’ve had a confrontation with that communist bitch aka professor and most likely someone would’ve been hurt. I knew I was right to stay out of college.

          • True racist….good thing is ammo prices have fallen so

          • @FreeSlave

            Its called “white guilt”, and used to great effect by the “progressives”

            • Why feel guilty about being white? That just makes no sense. Feel guilty about morally wrong behavior or feel guilty about committing sin, then repent, and move on.

              But for goodness sakes, don’t feel guilty for being white.

              • FreeSlave, I don’t feel guilty about anything.

          • Where I’m from there are so many different colors people and so many nationalities… people just don’t pay attention to these trivialities… there are Chinese, black people, Hispanics, Muslims and whites and they all mix together, befriend one another and intermarry. So its really hard for me to fathom this sort of thing (the article above.) People are just people in my hometown.

          • So verdicts out…not guilty! But I thought that threating a police officeofficers life or family’s lives was against the law. I say we push for this man to go to jail.

        • ht tps://

          Off grid propane.

          LDS Prepper’s videos are always pretty good and he is one heck of a nice guy. He has a lot of practical videos on gardening, food and going off grid. He even posted cool videos of him and his son at that real expensive shooting school out West…can’t think of their name right now.

          • Too bad they won’t redirect their energy and anger towards the real enemies.

            • “Too bad they won’t redirect their energy and anger towards the real enemies.”

              Sorry, can’t resist:

              You mean enemies like work?

              You mean enemies like child support?

              You mean enemies like the Po Po?

              You mean enemies like the old white Masser?

              You mean enemies like the Koreasn with the liqour store?

              You mean enemies like the land lord?

              I get your point BJ, just joking around.

              How come no one ever caters to the Asian voters?
              (cause they don’t vote)


              • I know you are….and don’t think everyone of your funny points didn’t cross my mind as I was making my original post. 🙂

              • Don’t forget the big enemy in Detroit right now is the Water Department !

                One day they’ll catch a meter reader in his Klan robes and prove it.

              • @BigB
                Maybe if most of our manufacturing base was still here in the US and not shipped overseas by “free trade” that was supposed to make us all more prosperous, and we deported some 20 million illegals, most of these protesters wouldn’t be in the streets….maybe.

              • You mean the Korean who came 5 years ago with just the clothes on his back? He’s raysis.

              • its hard to succeed when you follow the three rules for success there fathers taught them
                (1) a cold beer
                (2) a loose pair of shoes
                (3) a warm place to shit

              • Actually Asians in CA & NYC are voting against affirmative action because they get penalized by it as well. There was an engineer with a PHD who lost a promotion to an illiterate black.

            • Because the real enemies are pulling their puppet strings, & want it to go down like this. (keeps everyone outraged & scared) Then they have the perfect excuse for martial law, & all the draconian nonsense that comes with it….

              • …you are the first person that I’ve read so far on this site who understands the theatrical nature of all this and the opportunity it presents for the thugs in charge…their loss of power…the loss of the dollar’s power…they need violence to begin their violent suppression of the American people….but they have played the race card…the poverty card…brought in all kinds of outside agitators….some of it has been successful…but when the people see the martial law will apply to them as well…and they and their relatives are the ones being hauled off to FEMA Camps… perhaps they will re-think their racist beliefs?
                RJ O’Guillory
                Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

                • Martial law would be a very bad idea for anyone to consider. Civil unrest, which may erupt in Ferguson and spread to some major cities, is a far cry from open civil war. Once that Pandora’s box is open, nobody will be able to put the lid back on. It is unthinkable, the destruction that will occur. Nothing will ever be the same. I really do not want to see that.

              • 2nd that. i think its too late now for enough black to realize they’ve been pawns by govt and liberals for decades; but if the leadership today actually cared for the future of the ferguson blacks; it would not be going down like this.

                so sad.

                i think, most of america will be too concerned with themslves for this to turn into anything outside of ferguson, but just incase i will be staying in as much as possible and armed when out in public until this is over.

                • lena baby, your really hot when your scared!

                  • Lena is a man….

                    • Dave I was just spoofin. I read his old comment.

                • Amen! Get a Stun Gun, and Mase for extra non-lethal protection, and for convicts and others who can’t own fire arms. And get in shape, and take up Martial Arts.

                  • BS Forget stun guns. I stay out of fights if I can, I’ll take a few hits if I have to. But if I have to fight, it’s a 9Mm jacketed hollow points. I fight only when I have to and only once with anyone.

              • And Black wonder why they are profiled? When 17% of the American Population (Blacks) commits 75% of the Crime……(FBI Statistics) That’s why Dickheads…. Blacks also commit 75% OF ALL GUN SHOOTINGS which are Black on Black. (Also FBI Statistics) So if Obama would like to reduce gun murders by 75% then Ban Blacks and not Guns. Do the Math.

                • Want to watch a liberal self-destruct? Next time you get into a gun control conversation, you know, the one about preventing domestic homicides and saving the children, just tell them confiscating guns from blacks would reduce gun violence in the country by two thirds, overnight, without affecting the gun rights of any law-abiding white person.

                  They will absolutely freak out, as well as reveal they don’t care about saving anyone’s life.

              • The real enemies are the white progressives that have destroyed the black family with their welfare programs and pushed the you are too stupid to make it without affirmative action self defeating fantasy.

                • Most excellent comment John w.

                  • What r u people talking about?

                    • All of this is the mindset of most blacks that are still hanging on to something that happened 200 years ago, and are using it as an excuse to throw hate, and violence around, and in their mind beleive it is justice. My people, (Cherokee) got their, land stolen, livelihood, genocide, and slavery, but you don’t see them going around hating on whites, and threating to kill their children and rape their wives and daughters!

                • John W – Maxine waters, Sharpton, Jackson, wrangle, Sheila Jackson and a fairly long list of other progressive libitards are black…but you know that right?

                  • You won’t see ANY of those black leaders taking the lead, er.. I mean lead, once the riots start.

                  • Yes I do but they are merely the lackeys for the people pulling the levers. Useful idiots in it for the money and mostly too stupid to even know the issues. Gramsci, Marx, Alinsky, Ayers and an endless list of oh so smart self hating whites are the real source of the problem. The progressive left even put in writing how they planned to go about their takeover and the other side did absolutely nothing to respond. Now the schools, media, courts and every site of societal power is in their hands.

                • John W., you hit the nail right on the head with that one. I call them commies, not progressives.

                  • Self Hateing Whites?…Alinsky, Marx, Ayers are/were JEWISH….NOT real whites. Khazar jews…aka a racial Mix of Turk+HUNN+MONGROL+Caucasian.= KHAZAR=Jewish. Not sure on that fourth guy gramsci? sounds as a likly candadit for jew also.

                    Their ability to FOOL 99% of folks into belief they too are simply whiteys is How their tribe constantly Nation Wrecks every place they invade, and Then leave all Blame for whites to deal with!

                    That is what John W, a total jew defender extremeist, has “forgoton” to include in his posting.

                    Its Ok though as I have Corrected it for you John W.

                • Culture and lazyness…. you DO NOT have to accept EBT, welfare, and obami phones. thats is also what helped destroy the family.. regardless of race (but a disproportion of blacks verses ethnic population.)

            • BJ, I agree with your point. If they direct any anger and energy in targeting me, I will most certainly direct my energy and anger toward responding in self-defense.

              • I agree with all of you…

              • If someone is trying to kill you, you kill them back first!

            • It takes little courage to attack some helpless bystander who happens to be white.

              In the knockout game they have attacked the elderly, women and handicapped!

              I suspect there will be limited demonstrations and riots, it’s too cold.

              I wonder if coats for kids has made their deliveries for this winter?

              If I wanted to avoid conflicts and I was the government, I would choose the coldest day among the next few, to release the results. If they choose a warm day, that in itself is indication of a political agenda. Will they time it for minimal violence or to coincide with another political event like Obama immigration tinkering.

            • Isnt this Lisa promoting mob action?
              Isn’t that illegal?
              Shouldn’t she be arrested?
              Shouldn’t obolma be arrested for his actions here?
              If these people directed such energy towards working…wouldn’t we be in a better place?
              As I remember the brown kid took brunt of bullets to his front..and not his backside..?

              • As far as I’m concerned, if any innocent person is killed in one of these nationwide planned events, just one person, everyone involved in the concept, planning, organizing, funding, and control of the entire list of ‘events’, should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to cause a riot, conspiracy to commit murder and mayhem, and depraved indifference to human life, just for starters. Add civil liability for all damages, and seize everything they own or control.

          • Front sight is the school I believe.

            • You can get cheap admission to front sight…..people who pay full price get free gift certs to give to friends. Many sell them on eBay for $150. At least a year ago they did.

        • Fuck anyone that tries to hurt me whether it be scum rioter or scum pig. I have enough semi-auto rifle ammo with me to kill hundreds of you everywhere I go. I have become a very good shot throughout these years of prepping.

          • Good Job FP. Let er’ Rip!! You know when you are a Prepper in Nov 2014 when every Gun in you house is loaded and ready to deploy.

          • I do believe that if WE, get “angry”, instead of respond to the attacks on us, our families, our homes, it WILL be exactly what these lowlife scumbag anarchists/marxists/communist/Maoists/LiberalProgressives want.
            The useful idiots fomenting this racial violence against “whitey” are the first ones, the ProgressivePLantation-Massas will execute. These anarchist-organizers are indeed taking their orders from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s political section. We’ve seen this kind of crap before in 1917 in Russia, and while it sort-of “worked” for a very short time, it did in fact collapse under it’s own weight. This time, the czars have not disarmed the populace, except in their Democratic Party strongholds, in the rest of the Republic, we are still free and are willing to take on the DHS-Cossacks sent by EmperorObama and Czarina Michelle.(and their puppet-masters, as neither is smart enough to manage this on their own-or together.)

            • …yep….


          • Pigs wear body armour.

            Saw off the ends of some concrete nails and epoxy them to your hollow points.

            Poor man’s pig splitter.

            I hope the fucking pigs in Furguson all get shot.

            • Be careful what you wish for, Acid Wretch. You seem to be one of those people who are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.

              Without the cops, you’ll swing and sun dry when it hits the fan. No one is going to suffer an angry, demented loudmouth who can’t get along with others in the neighborhood.

              • “angry, demented loudmouth” Smokey, that’s the best description of acid/eisenturd I’ve seen yet. Good one.

                • Smokey was referring to himself.

              • Remember the Alamo, Tex!

              • Only reason he is alive is his parents had no clue what a moron they were conceiving. Bet they moved and left no forwarding address.

              • Actually he is alive because his parents basement is hard to get to.

            • Acid Etch, is that you BJ!

            • I am a bigot, a racist, treat my women like dirt, don’t work and I have a small penis!

            • Dumb idea Acid, the round will soon tumble as soon as it exits the barrel. And how do you think you are going to cycle nail tips in your pistol without jamming? Maybe in a Judge 4:10 357 rotating cylinder. That’s why fletchettes(sp) loaded in say a 12g round are illegal in most states, they can penetrate body armor, like a knife can.

          • stay calm sir

        • Well, let’s just say if/when these folks turn violent, guess we’ll have to just provide an avenue to help them ventilate, say a .45 or 308 size hole to help them release their pent up gas so they can finally realize that the only person who is afraid of them looks them in the mirror every morning. That is, of course, if they have the intellectual quotient to know to brush their scum sucking teeth and wash the brown stuff off their noses from sucking youknowwhat… oh you poor, uneducated victims of society….. booo hoooo…..

          • I view these “protesters” as terrorists. They aren’t wanting to protest…protesters don’t threaten people. They attempt to make their voices heard not interrupt daily activities, threaten people or their families, loot, steal, hurt others. This is ridiculous. When these protesters get out of hand, and they will, any return fire they receive will be deserved. I hope that no one gets hurt, but hell, if you play with fire eventually you’re gonna get burned and right now, the “white” community that is being threatened is a sleeping giant. DON’T wake the giant, morons.

            • This is just “entertainment” for the unemployed “porch monkeys”…

          • Help the Rioters ventilate their frustration 12 g style. Open them up with a splitting headache. Breath….feel all better now…??.

          • Blacks (and muslims) are not animals because they’re poor, they’re poor because they’re animals. As always, the leftists have things perfectly backwards.

        • This is straight out of the marxist revolutionary playbook.

          And, no, there will be no speaking out against the targeting of Whites. The people who run the show want you all dead, it’s time White people face that reality. White Genocide is their goal, either before or after they install soviet union 2.0.

          • @ JustMe–>

            Soviet Union 2.0 is here already sir!

            ..we now live in the “Kingdom of Shylock”!!!

            • Good luck, Hunter.

              • …and too you, JM!

            • Last I checked Russia is againt the NWO. How about Obama boot licker?

              • Here is How Russia Bans and Fights the NWO-
                “It’s Official, Russia Has Banned All GMO Products!”

                Its funny watching how Russia is becoming more like How America should be, including new gun carry permits being issued in Russia. And Sad of how America is turning into, more like the old Soviet Union style of Government.

                I wish we could remove our Boot Lickers from Power.

            • Uncle SAMBO wants you to have your fair share of Obola.

          • So where are the mothers against guns in Ferguson? Oh that’s right, they only do TV and department store protests in while neighborhoods.

          • Obamas amnesty is just another step in the elimination of the resident legal American population specifically the whites. Everyone better wake up to the fact that while we are clueless and have no plan against others the same cannot be said about them and their plans for us. Obama is actually leading the world against us. He is not our president but theirs. Wake up people!

        • Uzziel, I do have “lead and brass nutrients” waiting for whoever attacks me.

        • Yes, talk is cheap. I suppose it never occurred to them that white folks might shoot back, and it doesn’t need to stop there.

          • They need to get out their welfare money and buy some of those “4 person” FEMA coffins….they are going to need them!

        • To paraphrase the news, I have a gun and ammo, and I’m not afraid to use them.

        • Where is the militia from the Bundy standoff

          • Quietly watching

        • VICTORY!


          O WAIT…

        • “You Will Never Be Safe… Not You, Not Your Children”

          Oh, I will be perfectly safe.
          You, however, will die of lead poisoning.

        • I can’t wait. Our whole neighborhood in St. Louis has been planning for this. Bring it.

          • The headlines will read “Just a normal day in St. Louis”

        • “You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children – none of you will be safe.”
          Here’s a news flash hun.
          We hold weapons right side up and practice.
          The direct result of your actions will result in a
          “cleansing of the gene pool”

          • You know why thugs hold their guns sideways?

            That’s how they come out of the box…

            • ???????? eppe

              the guns come out of the box sideways or the thugs come out of the box sideways

            • How would they know? They’ve never bought a gun in a box, from a store.

            • Actually holding the gun sideways works better for their shooting style. Normal recoil is up and down, while they can use recoil to spray groups of people without aiming.

          • @Mongoose

        • Why I live waaaayyyy out in the forest…… Braveheart… be careful in the mid south…

        • Ils sad to pull out a case of amo for live target practice.

          • Yeah, Break out the Hollow Point +P’s

            • I would think FMJ’s would be the way to go here. You might get two or even three for one. Don’t tell me that a FMJ, in any caliber, wouldn’t ruin your day.

              Oh and don’t forget battlefield pickups when you can. It’s nice to have spares.

            • Another thought. Back in the 60’s, I read an article about the ideal weapon for riots. It is the .22 LR. Just open a window, stay back inside the room and let her rip. They won’t see the flash and they won’t hear where it is coming from due to all the noise.

        • I can remember when America was Great….And we would have never imagined what is happening to our Beloved America…And Then……


        • I love the terror the MSM r trying to drum up…uh oh, the’groids r coming for white folk. What a joke. We are not afraid we are waiting for these pieces of human excrement. Bring it already.

        • A ‘Palestinian’ threatening violence. Surprise, surprise, SURPRISE!!

          Bring it, darkie. Hell ain’t half full.

        • The only thing I see here is another reason for whites to kill blacks……it’s funny most of the blacks that live near me are just on survival mode for there families. Like really we were already slaves(we can see how that turned out….well the blacks do anyway). What are you scared of. Whites control everything already. Me as a proud black man I would starve to death to ever steal anything from any white person. Why in all of gods name would you be scared. I submit to that every black person should afraid. After 100’syears of the rape and murder and the flat disregard for the lives of my people from whites.WE BLACKS SHOULD BE AFRAID. But hey two thumbs to the white race. Keep at it…..blacks will die out.Just like you did the American Indian. Where is the honor in any of these things.

        • Back to Africa they must go! No more millions of damage being passed down to our white children in taxes!

        • I’ll be waiting for you. POS

      2. OK white boys….time to shit or get off the pot. I have always tried to live and let live…I am done…Hopefully you are all over your “white guilt”. Bring it Nigs…this white boy is ready!

        • True, it makes one wonder where the justice will be when they target whites, just because they are white? If this administration wants a bloodbath, they will probably get it, only it won’t end like they want. The leader goes on the tube, not to tell the crowd to tone it down and use restraint, but to preach to the people how he using his power to unite the people. What a dickhead, besides being a liar.

        • Drillerman, never had any ‘white guilt’ and not looking for any. never touch the stuff.

          • Realizing you will never meet a black as smart in real life as smart as seen on TV is the cure for white guilt. You can meet enough in the army or working in an inner city hospital.

        • Make sure you’re in a group with a plan. Gotta watch your flanks. Also, you need at least two people with sniper experience.

          • I’m not seeing any preparation for rioting in Arizona. The Polar Vortex moved through and dropped daytime temperatures to the low 70’s; night time temps to high 40’s. So at the worst we are wearing our pajama bottoms to bed to protect the family jewels and adding a blanket.

            We may have to turn the heat on by Thanksgiving. Just saying everything is pretty much back to normal where I am at and the latest numbers show a 33% drop in illegals; so it safe to drive again. 🙂

            • Durango, not to be rude, but if the new Congress grows a pair and defunds Obama’s amnesty it may not stay peaceful in Arizona.

              I remember mass demonstrations for amnesty in the schools and on the streets in Texas in, I believe, 2006. We are being invaded by foreign nationals, and they won’t be deterred.

              Send some of that warm weather my way. We’re excited because it’s supposed to get above freezing today.

          • Love how u think…

      3. I try to be ready always, but worry about wife and two teen daughters all the time. But I guess that is called ‘life’…
        Be careful, people, and ultra cautious…

        • That’s why our ancestors ha sons, to carry on you lineage when you were gone. Our ancestors didnt hide behind the fact that they had wifes and children. Unfortunately modern White Americans seem to.

          • crazy

        • Did anyone just listen to our liar in chief?
          We need to take this country back.
          It is a shame where we are headed.
          And a single peice of lead could fix the problem.
          I am disgusted and scared of where this will end up.
          Cocked, locked and ready to rock, Doc….

          • You have every right to be disgusted, im getting the feeling theres quite a few of us, the biggest problem is there are just as many who think this is wonderful!
            Makes me feel sick,,,

        • Buy them the bust out holsters that go with bras so they can always carry.

      4. Strange at the timing of immigration and the Ferguson situation/decision are at the same time. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The big if is that the unrest moves to area where the altercation happened. White areas? Fear is a powerful emotion and if residents of another race feel they are being attacked that will not turn out well at all. God Bless, James

        • And the timing of being the week before Thanksgiving and it being Mexican National Revolution Day…kind of strange huh?

          • None of this is strange or coincidence. There are stories all over the internet on the planning of these circumstances.

            • I’d give every Illegal Allien 48 hours to get out out America bullet free. Then all bets are off and then a $50 bounty paid for every scalp and DNA Sample to determine origin.

              • Pinky fingers, just sayin, easier to lop off with a cable cutter, not as messy.

                • If you get any afro scalps, save them incase you run out of Brillo pads for cleaning greezy pots or pans.

            • In the history of the world, there has NEVER been a “coincidence”, not a single one.

              • I know, when I posted, I didn’t feel like getting accused of anything from the half sheeple here and starting any arguments, so I posted it as a suggestion instead of a fact.
                I was trying to get someone else to post a link, I’m a little worn out from the last few days of waste of time arguing on here.

            • Got any links?

              • …go to….you could read on that site for days and learn more than you can imagine … I was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for over two decades…I worked all over the corrupt US Empire…so I’m fairly informed about the corruption… but WRH is a great source for a lot of documented information…

                • RJOG. For some unlucky reason I find Fraud everywhere. I must just really pay attention or the world is a very corrupt place. I will NEVER sacrafice my good integrity for some scandal quick gain BS. And probably why I am not a millionaire. Teach your children well people. If you loose your integrity you pretty much have nothing left.

                  • Integrity is the only thing ,anything else is just vanity ,anyone that would compromise there value’s ,for any amount of money is a true whore

                    • That is true and sadly the Congress and Senate are full of whores who will sell out on anything even their childrens and grand kids futures.

                  • @WWTI I agree but the importance of preserving integrity only works if you have morals.

                    Half this country is immoral, Godless, brain dead, and completely self centered.

            • Hegelian Dialectic……
              It is simple….Hegelian Dialectic….TPTB have created the Problem and fanned the flames…They know what they are doing and what they are looking for as an outcome….They just want us to do the dirty work for them….Then they step in will all the OdoucheBag executive orders and then…..

              I just pray that this is all just a bad dream…..

              • Be careful….most times I post about HG, I get bashed by the half sheeple still in the matrix.

          • BJ:

            I left you a post on the last subject. Did not really understand what answers you were looking for. I will look back to see what your reply is. Thanks

        • Now they are warning about a cyber attack on our power grid too….

          • I also heard that if by any chance the Black Race were to take control…That all the White Men will be forced to have sex daily with all those 500 lb Spandex wearing Ghetto Porker women !!!

            Now put that thought in your heads…That should take your mind off of what is happening in Ferguson !!!

            Excuse me…….I think I have to go vomit !!!

      5. I have been in a very sobering and downcast mood all day. I read the last article but didn’t post anything on it. After reading this one, I have to respond. My mood is a result of what we all possible face in the hours and days to come. To any and all morons threatening white people, I say this: I don’t care what your color is, what you believe, what you’ll be wearing, whether you’re law enforcement, etc. You will fail. You will encounter resistance. You’re taking the biggest chance with your lives considering what you’re planning to do. If you have any brains at all, you better reconsider such plans. Your actions could result in your own deaths. I DON’T WANT TO SHOOT ANYONE IF I CAN AVOID IT, BUT I WILL ACT IN SELF-DEFENSE OF MYSELF AND MY LOVED ONES. ANYONE WHO TARGETS ME WILL SUFFER CONSEQUENCES. AS I SAID, I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE.

        • Practice with the laser light on every spic on TV blabbing. Real time shite soon.

        • Braveheart.. you should retire, pack your stuff, and move to your BOL. Enjoy your remaining years fishing and hunting. (I took my own advice).

          • Hows the weather been up in your area?

            • Snow started last night. Should last for a few days. Before that it was real cold. I was going to drill some foundation pier holes for a solar rack, but the ground is froze too deep for my 26000 pound auger truck to bore through, I’ll wait until spring as carbide bit prices are high.

          • Amen. I did it too. Havent been this happy about a positive step in years. Most of the anxious anger is gone and we all work towards a common goal here. No more payouts to the govt for supporting slime like those in this artical.
            Get out while you can, Braveheart.

            • Agreed. Get off the treadmill as soon as practical. I work less than ever. Not to be lazy, but why bust my butt so the IRS can take a higher percentage of my income to buy votes with?

              You can’t buy sunrise on a mountain stream, or the time to spend on that stream.

        • Relax Brave; if all these people shoot as well as they talk or work, the accidental death rate will take care of them. Just watch out for stray slugs.

        • Amen brave heart, God bless us all of us for what is to follow. Stay true to what u believe and u can never go wrong

      6. Hopefully the police don’t bother with rubber bullets and tear gas. Shoot them dead and solve this problem.

      7. Folks this could very easily mushroom into an all out race war in the entire country. Whites vs. Blacks, Browns, and Yellows; if they start harming white children open season will be declared on anyone not white no matter where you are, riots or not. Sgt. Dale cover your six because badges just may be lumped in with “them”. Times are about to become very ugly. One hell of away for Thanksgiving to start with open WAR on the streets. Use commonsense and be vigilant! Be safe my friends.


        • When the president and our entire government is provoking the war you speak of there is a very good chance of it becoming reality.

        • Charles Manson must be creaming his jeans about now.

          It’s not gonna go all out race war. Yeesh. For one, that would be about a 15 second war. Yeah guys keep beating your head into the same old brick on this one, point is if you coulda done it you woulda done it by now.

          I do hope what’s her name race-baiting crotch gets a good nightstick up the wazoo though. With friends like her, what community needs enemies?

        • I hear some minorities live in highly concentrated living conditions, such that, if something like a fire would happen to start and if the fire department were not able to get there, it would not go very well for them. It’s cold living on the streets this time of year.

        • Yup,you are right. It’s likely to be a very bad 20 minutes.

        • Actually yellows are on our side did you not catch that part during the LA riots. I will gladly join Asians on their rooftops with rifles. Asians and whites evolved under similar conditions that’s why they are comparable on all merit based tests.

      8. I think these VIOLENCE INCITERS are nothing more then PAID PROVOCATEURS! Just like Occupy Oakland, the WTO protests, etc and so forth. Who gains from this BS? The Militarized Cops, thats who! So, yah some idiots are spouting nonsense to agitate the Crowd. Nothing more. PAID PROVOCATEURS ALL!

        • The “paid provocateurs”, are THE ONLY “targets”, IF, it ever would come to that, we need concern ourselves with. They hide behind the women and children, like the cowardly scum that they are. The sheeple following them will scatter into the “inner city” from whence they came, once their braggarts are “gone”. Justice if it is truly what they are seeking, IS the rule of law. I do not believe for a second that the “rule of law” is what they or their President and his Obamanazis are seeking at all.(in Ferguson, in regards to immigration, or anything else)

      9. Isis want to go after our soldiers
        Illegals want our jobs
        Asia wants our land
        Now American citizens are threatening Americans ,
        They don’t leave a true American much choice , that’s why I prep,
        FYI michigan sold 700,000 firearm deer license, bet they didn’t figure on that army….

        • I for one say, bring it !! I’m sick and tired of every one and their damn grandma talking trash about the ” evil ” whites. I’m tired of my people being assaulted, I’m tired of my women being raped, I’m tired of affirmative action and public assistance. White Americans build this country and made it what it is. If the other races dont like that fact, then they can just get the hell out. In fact I wish they would ! Maybe the white men need to get off their asses and help them pack.

          • I got a T Shirt that said “white privilege is evolution that’s why Asians have it also” Wore it to amusement parks over the summer and lots of people liked it, no blacks where smart enough to read it, and some disingenuous liberals got mad about it. Since white privilege is being preached in school a simple message like that derails it

        • On the other hand, it’s been a long long time since anyone has accused preppers of being conspiracy theorists.

      10. Well, this could be the moment everybody has been blogging about for a long time.

      11. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Amen tony, I got YER back

      12. If this were whites, threatening blacks or the police, they would be locked up for terrorism. Like our president , if he were white, he’d have been impeached by now.

        • Really? You really think that? Well, the KKK has made a number of threats to those in Ferguson. And I haven’t seen or read anything labeling them as Terrorist in this situation. What the hell does KKK mean anyway? Ku like a pigeon, klux like a Chicken, and Klan looks like ” a member”(penis)! Sound about right? Yes, they should be referred to by their actions. A Terrorist Group, no better then ISIS!

          • 10-4 wwti

      13. Bring it on rugheads. I think the time has come for a race war. Dont cry when you lose. Armed and ready.

      14. What is very clear to me is a mob of mostly black protesters trying desperately to provoke an incident by blocking traffic in order to force unwilling motorists to pay attention to them. I’m sure the memory is still vivid to many people of Reginald Denny being pulled out of his truck during the L.A. riots of 1992 and having a cinder block being smashed over his head by a mob with pretty much the same mentality as this one.

        • After a kid in my sisters class got the crap beat out of his self after being drug out of his car i vowed i would never stop for anything that looked even a little iffy, thank the Lord i have never been in that situation and God willing i never will!

        • @ JOE

          Remembering that scenario in the LA riots….I have just sat and shook my head when I see all the White Libtards in the crowds with the protestors….What in the Hell are these White Libtards thinking !!! All hell breaks loose and do they think that they won’t be turned on instantly and given the Reginald Denny treatment….How *$#&$#O$ Stupid can some people be ?

        • Someone tries to block me on the road, I will not stop.

      15. If what occurs as stated in this article a whole can of woop ass is going to be released ,

        DHS has orders to protect critical infrastructure ( power , natural gas , pipelines etc) with deadly force if necessary we are NOT INVOLVED WITH CROWD CONTROL . If any body is detained it will be the agitators involved creating this situation , they will face the full force of the law and WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL VIOLENT ATROCITIES., THEY WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW .
        Think ! what do you have to gain ? Are you willing to riot for a Thug that in time would have ended up where he is now anyway .are you willing to,through away your life for this piece of trash?
        If an innocent family gets targeted and hit by these racist radicals it will spiral out of control and will force a confrontation not seen since 1860 , you may be responsible for igniting a conflagragation you may not be able to stop once it starts ,are you willing to live with that ? You should take that anger and direct it to those in your own community who are lawless sociopathic degenerates and clean up your own hood before blaming others.

        This Sh*t really pisses me off.

        may God have mercy on our souls.

        Rant over

        Semper Fi 8541

        • The chimps are only 13% of the population. They can kill a lot of us but no way they’ll kill all of us.

          • Chimps are a step below humans, why should any of us be afraid if these animals, wen we have superior intelligence

        • So, the Death Penalty is appropriate for petty theft? Really? Lots of racist , violent talk here. No solutions. Looks like from comments here that there a lot of PROVOCATEURS PAID to POST INCITING COMMENTS. No better then IDIOTS making threats in Ferguson proper. ALL People with GUNS OUT in Ferguson will be shot…… Why do you think the Cops want EVERYONE SCARED AND ARMED? Cops kill WHITES TOO! Dead is DEAD regardless of SKIN COLOR. Again, ANYONE HOLDING a GUN in PUBLIC in Ferguson will be shot. You didn’t think about that did you? Any of you think about that? NOPE! No need to DISCRIMINATE, just shoot ALL THOSE WITH GUNS. Being White won’t save you, cause they don’t care! The Ferguson PD that is!

          • YUP!!

          • One of the funniest comments I read an article back and sorry for not remembering who posted it, was that if the Blacks demand public transpotation then just plant a tree every 8 ft apart down the road. Lol. I’m still laughing. F-N Apes.

          • Your common sense isn’t too common apparently. You speak the reality but for these keyboard warriors, its completely foolishness. But there are few that understand what you are saying. In this world, in my lifetime, I have seen that only a few will have the ears to hear and eyes to see. Those ignorant blacks and these ignorant whites all have the same fate for their folly, sudden and swift destruction as well as hell for all there hidden (not really) hate. Ohh I advocate self protection but many of these comments are plain ignorant. Many of you are so disillusioned its not even funny its really sad. You will be surprised when its people of your own race fighting against you, its already happening. I don’t care what you say, but WE ALL on the plantation now. Hopefully there are more freethinkers out there to provide hope for those who feel they have none. As a Black man, I hope all those wrongfully attacked and assaulted will protect themselves. I don’t care if the attacker is black, protect yourself. But the ignorance on this page, in Ferguson, in this country and in this world, shows what happens when humanity continues to move away from the Laws of God (Torah) and more toward a secular, pagan way of life where sin abounds

          • Michael Brown was not killed for petty theft. He was killed because he attacked a policeman trying to arrest him for stealing cigars. His parents should have taught him not to steal. If he had paid for his cigars, he would be alive and none of this would have happened. Instead we are left with a powder keg about to explode. The black community wants to push a lame issue and the whites have had enough.

          • Did you not see the liquor store video? In the beginning it had the entire “Hands Up” witness group participating in the robbery. Then Gentle Mike pummeled an Asian clerk, then walked away and charged back at him. The skinny “hands up” witness has a big gold bracelet in the liquor store robbery that is on the ground by the cop car at the shooting scene so he must have done something more than put his hands up.

        • Right on NB
          Hope all goes smooth and safe, just know that isnt what these people want,

        • They are still doing that,

        • Night Breaker,
          You said “we are not involved in crowd control.”

          Are you employed by the Government?

          • Night breaker is dept hmld but he’s a good guy.

        • Night Breaker. Off topic question: any ideas on what caused the bright orange flash seen over the Urals a couple of nights ago? I’m thinking meteor or bolide lighting up the atmosphere, but why Russia? This type of phenomena has happened numerous times in that country
          Supposedly there was a power outage in the area after the skies lit up.

          • Unknow what happen over Russia , there seems to be an increase in fireball activity around times of the major meteor showers , bolides ( fireballs) have been known to produce electromagnetic activity ( they can be heard on radio) and some are known to produce EMP depending on the velocity , mass and composition of the object . Ionization of the air around a reentering object produces this phenomena . i.e. loss of radio contact with reentering space craft .
            So it is possible .

            I would be more concerned with a large object impacting or terminating above ground and the associated blast wave . It happened before in 1908 in Russia in a place called Tunguska .

            Semper Fi 8541

          • Putin must be testing his “EMP” bombs

        • 10-4

        • I have a sign that says “The dogs eat everything I shoot”! LOL

        • I have to wonder if this is part of Obama’s last stand, I mean just like Custer. Some blacks actually thought they would own slaves by now, but that didn’t happen.

          I almost piss myself laughing when I hear about the illegals taking our jobs. Not only don’t they speak English, aren’t these the same people that won’t use a restroom? LOL! Sure, take my job and poop in the hall.

        • The 8 hours of the food stamp system going down in 16 states on 10-12-13 show what the free stuff army will be like without power. Every black criminal is inne cent there is a video out of blacks causing a traffic accident with a sow on megaphone trying to work out a narrative that it wasn’t them. The mom of the unarmed 15yo black that was stomping on a white womans head as part of a 150 black on 3 white attack in a Kroger’s parking lot said her son was a good boy.

      16. Turn the keys………..

      17. I’m 40 miles away from Ferguson and work in the City. The only question is, How much destruction should people tolerate? I say ZERO. They have a right to peaceably assemble. They’ve shown they won’t do that and are actively promoting violence. The police are neutered. Citizens are going to have to arm themselves and protect their property. As with any cancer, TOLERANCE only makes it worse.

        This is not about race, it’s about right and wrong.

        -Esse Quam Videri

        • Southpaw, AMEN to your comments. Let me add that NOBODY SHOULD HESITATE TO ACT IN THEIR OWN SELF-DEFENSE WHEN A SITUATION REQUIRES IT. DON’T LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY. I don’t worry about ‘legalities’ in any such situation. My primary concern is getting out of such a situation alive and I won’t let any restrictions on self-defense interfere with that.

        • “It’s about Right and Wrong” So, the Death Penalty is OK with you for petty theft? Is that what you are saying? Thats what happened. Street side Execution is OK with you? What if it were your kid that was killed for stealing a candy bar or some other trivial item. Death Penalty is ok then? Really? Well?

          • It’s not about stealing candy moron, it’s about protection of life and property.

          • cold340t, I’ve got a few questions for you. Do you think its OK for someone under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs to get in a car and run over someone you love? Do you think it’s OK for someone with bad intentions toward you to have their own way with you? You consider theft or any other crime to be “petty”? Would you call losing someone you love “petty”? would you consider an invasion of your home “petty’? I DON’T SEE SUCH THINGS AS PETTY; THEY’RE DEADLY SERIOUS TO ME, MOFO. I LOST MY WIFE TO A DRUNK DRIVER. I’VE SUFFERED A HOME INVASION IN THE PAST. THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ NICE ABOUT EITHER THING, MOFO. LET’S SEE YOU GO THROUGH SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND THEN YOU COME BACK AND TELL US HOW THINGS WENT, IF YOU LIVE THROUGH IT, MOFO. I’M SO FUCKING SICK OF ANYONE TRYING TO JUSTIFY WHAT THESE BLACK THUGS DO OUT HERE.

          • Cold340T:

            Do you REALLY believe the cop shot Mikey just because he stole some cigars? Are you a member of the grand jury hearing all the evidence? Where did you come up with that? You think that cop just went hunting blacks that day? Really? Well?

            • Bullshyt…that officer didn’t even know about the store robbery….he shot the dirty s.o.b. because he beat the crap out of him and shattered his eye socket…more than enough reason seems to me!!

          • Wilson was not aware of the petty theft. Brown instigated the fight over being told not to walk in the street. Nice try though.

          • cold
            WRONG The TURD was shot several times because he was attacking a man with a hand gun after beating the man face in. If you are STUPID enough to attack someone with a gun after he just beat the HELL out of you. They are STUPIC enough to die for it. Yes Death Penalty for attacking someone with a gun. You see you have a right to defend your self! If it was a BLACK Cop that killed this TURD, nothing would be said, not a Damn thing!

            • Hey Sgt. Dale,
              Haven’t seen you post recently… hope all is well in your area. Take care of yourself.


          • cold340t needs to take their medication, and then go join the rioters in Ferguson.

          • If he hated black people he showed great restraint not getting any disciplinary action against him for 6 years in a target rich environment. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid getting shot when someone has a weapon pointed at you is to comply. Michael Brown made a series of bad choices in the last hour of his life. It’s sad, but every choice we make has a consequence.

        • If you get a support Officer Wilson shirt add to it “look elsewhere for unarmed white liberal victims” It will bother the liberals more than anything, and criminals will be afraid to get hurt.

      18. No worries here.
        A. The state I reside in, blacks are a very low minority.
        B. I don’t live in a big city.
        C. This state is one of the highest guns-to-population ratio.
        D. I might have enough firepower to put down a small uprising.
        (but then again, I “might” have lost those in a boating accident)

        • The last line sounds like it could have come straight from the princess bride.

        • unknown suspect, I hear ya, maybe we are even in the same state. It would be hilariousy foolish for the darkies to even try anything here. They would all be dead in hours and no where to hide either.

          • It depends. I know where I am.. Where are you? LOL

        • Many people cl as I’m the lost many personal things in a house fire. But seriously who looses all their guns csuse their boat sank. Unknown Suspect keeps changing his name. Or it was a multi boat pile up gun running scheme. Ha.

          • Hmmm.. No.. I’ve not changed me name. It seems like everyone else on this site loses guns in a boating accident, it must be catchy around here. Kind of like a cold.

            • I think we need to start buying better boats!

              • I’m beginning to wonder if the screen door in the bottom is the problem

          • It was the great Mississippi guns overboard boating accident of 2008. It was a real tragedy, hundreds of people lost their guns that day, but luckily no one was hurt. A real sad day for anyone who has read the Turner Diaries. With a little luck people might be able to retrieve them in usable condition.

      19. Just another good example of why we fled our beloved dixie and came to beautiful Idaho.

        I was going to say more when I got interrupted by the neighbors insisting on paying our kids for the eggs we give them. I really tried to refuse, reminding them they wouldn’t let me pay them for the raspberry or blackberry cuttings, swathing the pasture, or help plowing the snow. They said they were paying my kids for doing the work and not me and returned the empty cartons to boot.

        2nd neighbor who has insisted on paying my kids today, the first even gave us some extra rabbit hutches (pretty subtle huh?)

        Man I love Idaho. No riots or rampaging negroes here.

        • Amazing sometimes what decent people are like, isn’t it?

          Another world, almost.

        • It basically comes down to where there is No Cable TV, no nigs.

          • @ WWTI

            Well….I had my Cable TV turned off a couple of years ago….Now I feel better….and safer !!!

            This sounded funny in my head !!!

            I want to go to Idaho ….

        • Rebel:

          I was born and raised in Idaho. Camas County. People were mostly rancher/farmers or worked in sawmills. Never even knew anyone who smoked dope. Different world indeed. Still own some land there and if worse comes to worse probably will head that way.

      20. This craker dont crumble.

      21. To the white folks in St. Louis and around the country:

        “Stand your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here”

        (With apologies to Captain Parker.)

        Another well-known quote from that day: “I’ll give them the guts of my gun”.

      22. I was working with a gang banger on a job when I was younger and full of it. I asked him why they didn’t bang against rednecks. He looked at me and said ” you F$$£rs shoot straight. I said fair enough. Makes sense.

      23. Blacks have every right to beat random white people.

        It was done to them.

        • Wow,
          Really? You first skippy

        • Shaddup Ass Itch.

        • OK, let’s send some over to your place to beat hell out of you.

          Take your white guilt and shove it.

          • Can I have the pleasure of watching?

            • Old bitch,

              You can watch what I do with a granny with my big trouser snake.

              • Ass itch your still here. Its amazing your still breathing air that belongs to cockroaches.

              • Granny got to much class for you.

              • Sometimes you make good suggestions, like the one about consistency of pockets for EDC, and I think there’s hope for you.

                But then you make posts like this and I’m just at a loss.






            • Acid, you sick bastard, if you think you have what it takes to “calm me down”, come on and let’s see what you’re made of.

            • Pick the tree you want to swing from, Wretch. You’re a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        • Well some deserved to get beaten. Opposed to this snowman knockout game for thrills. We may see a good ol race war ahead of us like they had in South Africa. When you see a black gang coming at you weilding machettes, you will be glad you prepped with multiple high capacity magazines. Ans start shooting early cause somr can run a hundred yard dash in under 10 seconds. If more than 2 or 3 are withing 20 yards they can be on you in Second or 2. How fast can you pulla trigger or clear a pistol jam?

        • @Enemy of the State: We are all Tax Slaves, and many Debt Slaves. All forms of slavery are oppressive. We are the Boiling Frog. Its just where do you want to draw the line? And take action.

          • true , but were not talking about Tax Slaves so your off the topic of what Ass Itch was advocating ..please go back and look at what He said
            and the only Beating Tax slaves are getting is from the Government, not some land owner

            you show me a “Slave” in the sense of his comment and I’ll pay him off, besides my Comment was My WHITE daughter Born in 98 never enslaved anyone or beat any Slave

            reading comprehension 101 bud

        • Start with you sparky. They can beat the “white guilt” right our of your ass.

        • Living on welfare is better than being in the top 1% of natives of black nations. The last king of Rwanda lives in Virginia on welfare getting better free healthcare than you could buy in his homeland. You can still buy slaves in Africa.

      24. I don’t advertise the fact that I’m a gun owner, in fact many in my extended family don’t even know I’m armed… But if these clowns want to loot and harm my family, they’ll find out real fast that I am.

      25. AR in the trunk. I’m ready.

        Bring it.

        • Walt. Ditto with the 9mm. My spouse has a .357 mag within reach. She stays home while I work nights and some day shifts when called in to cover call-outs. But I’m only a couple of miles away when I’m at work.
          I try to be a low key and reasonable person, but God help anyone that f*cks with me or my wife. And my property.

        • Walt,
          Do you have a way to your trunk through your back seat?

          • @BJ…


        • You want your AR in arms reach in your car next to you. Thats where a 5.56 pistol comes in handy under a towel on the passenger seat Ask Reginald Denny what he would do different today while driving. You need to get your concealed weapons permit Yesterday for reasons like what we are about to face today and tomorrow. We may see gun laws relaxed more so people can protect themselves from car jackings etc. Oh wait a second while I stop and get my AR Out of the trunk. Its better than nothing but think about all these situations and when pulling up to stop lights always leave a full car and a half space between you and the c in front of you in case you need to quickly get out of there. Be aware of everthing around you. Put your cell phone away when walking into a store and look around to see who’s watching you.

          • WWTI;
            yes indeed, situational awareness is key at all times. I try to instill that with my wife. I will test her at times like when we are out a at store. I’ll stop and ask where the nearest 2 exits are. She’s pretty good and can usually rattle off all of them.

            I’m in the peoples republic of NJ so carrying a firearm in my vehicle and getting caught is 5 year sentence. We unfortunately must use alternate means. And before anyone jumps on me saying that I should carry one anyway, while I agree with the sentiment I have two very young kids that I have to go home to and I will not risk jail time, when I can use other means of protection.


          • Leaving that car length in front of you at the stop light is good advice. I thought the cops did that to prevent double expensive repair bills to their cars if rearended at a light, but I’ve been told it’s maneuvering room.

          • Reginald Denny made a critical mistake…. he hade 81000 pounds, and about 400 horsepower of weapon in his hand.

            • But he believed in equalism

      26. The title of this article:

        Think so eh?

        Try it.


      27. Why hasn’t this instigator ( Lisa Fithian ) been arrested for inciting a riot?

        • b/c shes a negroid and as we all know laws don’t apply to them…were she white, talking about negroids this way, was she would be arrested…all is going as to girly boys plan…ahh think what a wonderful country this would be if there were no negroids here…

          • Imagine the reaction from the government and the media, which are really one and the same anymore, if this recording had been made at a Tea Party meeting.

            • Don’t need to imagine. At the end of the month which this liquor store robber was shot a serial killer of gays was arrested. He used a phone app that gays use to find each other, but the Marxist Steam Media ignored Mohammad Ali Brown because he is a black muslim

      28. With apologies to Captain Parker:

        “Stand your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here”

      29. Will be packing the GHB tomorrow. Hope I don’t need it.

        • Why are you not packing this EVERYDAY?

          I know why, because you are human. I stopped bringing mine in the work vehicle a few months ago. Then I was like, WTF do I have a GHB for if it is not ALWAYS with me?

          I smacked myself with a spiked chain a few times like that freak in The Da Vinci Code, and felt better.

          Just imagine how pissed you would be the day you don’t have the GHB with you, but it is sitting at home, worthless. When I said BRING IT, above… I was talking to you!

          • Townsaver, I have not repacked my car since I got back from MS. I’ve been busy after being gone a month and this just kept getting bumped down the list. I need to add cold weather gear tonight. For the most part I have. 1.5ish mile drive in a safe area.

            I also believe if you don’t carry (GHB or other items of necessity) then it’s no point having it. Sometimes life gets in the way. 🙁

            • Well stated.

              Just a friendly kick in the pants friend. My journey is 37 miles, one way.

              Cold weather repack happened a few weeks ago. The cold did not bother me 20 years ago. It bothers me greatly now, mostly in the hands, knees and ankles.

              Also new folks… I am a sarcastic ahole 99.3 percent of time. My comments are meant to elicit a response.

            • I’ve been carrying 2 pistols when driving. One on me and one next to me. And a spare magazine in my pocket you people with Glocks. Buy a few 30 round magazines for the glove box and night stand. Yes keep them full at all times. The only good gun is a loaded gun ready to deploy in a seconds notice.

        • I’m thinking about taking my entire load out for a while.

          What do you call a group of looters in the street?

          Sporting Clays.

      30. Nothing will happen .. Like Always..

        nignogs are all opportunists.. They will strike only when Jonny Law ain’t looking..

        They know they will be stomped if they step outside the white line!


        • And most hoodies will find themselves dead laying within a white chalk line. They won’t be crossing No Mo Lines agains.

      31. First “slaves” in USA were White! When they got away they would get lost in crowd. Solution in bring in Black and Brown folks. Can’t disappear into Crowd of Whites. Indentured Servitude, look it up. Too lazy to do work and too cheap to for it. Proud? It came BEFORE SLAVERY.

      32. Using the accepted gutter-speak uttered by the Obamanazis is and should not be acceptable to any rational human being.
        Yucca Mountain is the perfect place to house the “Harry Reid Mountain of Mediocre Bovine Excrement Collection” that Nevada needs to house him in and the sooner the better.
        Let the gutter-trash follow their pimps into oblivion, we need not and should not sink to their level of Ebonical Behavior.

        • Aww, did the bad would hurt your feelers?

          Show us on the doll where the bad words touched you.

          Harry Reid is a southern issue, voted in by illegals. Nevada has the highest illegal population in ratio to population, which is low.

          We should absolutely “sink” to that level, as being Mr. Sophisticated keyboard warrior has helped no one. Take your high moral ground, and go back to church.

          • Townsaver, just another psychological projector. I might ask you to touch the doll where the bad words hurt you, but knowing how you have been abusing your blow up dolls, there probably aren’t many left.

            And moral high ground? In your world, ethics, by definition, cannot exist, so there CAN be nor moral high ground, or morals at all – only preferences. Maybe you should take your outrage – predicated on nothing – back to one of those atheist “churches” that are now forming.

            And leave that doll alone!!

            • Whatever Jesus Freak!

              Psychological projector? You are the one that brought blow up dolls in to this. Very telling indeed.

          • The casinos could not survive without illegal labor especially when they are overbuilt and things are slow. That is the business model for much of the country now. Citizens need not apply.

      33. I was looking at the list of 83 cities slated for riots. It’s odd that all but one of the cities in NC on the list are college towns. None of them are in northeastern NC or southeastern VA. Also, none are in western NC. I’m more than a two-hour drive from any town on the list (Greenville and Rocky Mount).

        I’m pretty sure that things will go on as normal tomorrow in my area.

        Anyway, I just bought more chocolate. And 93% hamburger was on sale for $3.99 a pound.

        • West Hartford CT is heavily populated with the Jewish community, and they are on that list. Will be interesting for sure.

        • I hope a lot of leftist college kids get felonies out of this, and lose their right to vote.

          The ones that live, anyway.

          • Without voter ID they could always vote as a dead person

      34. I hope my daughter and her little family are ok, anything happens to them and ill be on a plane to illinois and do some hunting, anything goes hunting.
        I wish some of you stupid fuckers would try this here, you would all end up as chum.

        • Hey Kula,
          I didn’t realize you had a daughter… yup, never fuck with a man’s family.

          Also, I think you are in Maui, if so my cousin just moved there. She says she loves it… I would introduce you to her but she’s a liberal, tree hugging, Obola lover. Oh well can’t pick your family.

          Stay safe in the hills.


          • Never fuck with a mans family is dead right!

      35. Lol

        • Hey Warface I’m going back to Iraq soon. You like to come too? Should be your cup of tea!

      36. The emotional flames are being fanned by both sides. I guess that some of it is orchestrated while the rest is taking on a life of its own. This incident by itself should not be sufficient to be the ignition for violent civil disturbances across the nation.

        I believe a bigger hand is involved here beyond the standard Jackson / Sharpton team capitalizing upon local passion. They, whoever they are want a problem to develop. One can guess why but the strongest possibility in my eyes is to justify the use of large scale militarily armed law enforcement to be the savor of the public. Cut and dried cases on video of excessive lethal force being used don’t get this level of traction with the local body politic.

        • Repost is repost you troll.

          You mostly are like DK. Your opinion matters… NOT.

          • Sure it matters. First you replied to it; thanks. Second the board would be quite boring if everyone was in agreement.

            Remember 911? Remember all the chanting and support regarding all the unconstitutional laws that were passed that were ostensibly directed (but not codified) against Islamic Terrorists? A decade later and there is a mission shift and the focus goes domestic and the definition of terrorist is massively enlarged to include peaceful people disenchanted with governmental policy. Watch the US body politic cheer as the black rioters (worked into a frenzy by various forces) are put down only to see a mission shift a decade later against civilian protests over a collapsed economy.

            Beware what you as for, you might get it.

          • Townsaver

            Read this article from The Daily Sheeple then rethink your opposition. This case of a cop shooting a back man is not “clean” enough to create by itself this kind of reaction. This is being aided.

            Ferguson: A Highly Organized, Scripted Agenda to Overshadow the Executive Amnesty Announcement? – See more at:


        • Obozo wants a reason to declare martial law, then he can cancel all elections and stay in office…’THAT’S’ what it is all about!!

      37. Anyone, regardless of colors, should be shot and double tapped if they assume target innocent families for a thug.

      38. Hubby went to the local gold exchange today. Turns out the owner is opening his eyes and he and my husband got on the subject of prepping. He said that the BRICS nations will be outfit rejection US Dollars as of 11/30/2014 and that’s what’s got him worried. He can’t keep PMs in the shop, they’re flying out the door and nobody local selling. He’s getting all his from larger dealers.

        I googled BRICS and ejections of US dollar in nov 2014 and came up with nothing recent. Anyone out there have anything?

        • If we do have a lot of nationwide rioting, the dollar could well be worth a lot less in short order, but the BRICS nations aren’t going to upset the apple cart for a while.

        • No Pity. Do your research. Its like the stock tip from the shoeshine boy. Rumors spread for a reason. Silver droppin yet $16.25 Gold $1193 @ Thurs close.

      39. Paid PROVOCATEUR? Hills have Eyes Guy eh? Saw the movie you people scare me!

        • There are many laces in Nevada that I would not pull over to take a piss.

          Be scared.

      40. We need not be using racial epithets or sinking to the depraved level of gutter trash that are seeking “vengeance” instead of the rule of law and actual justice. We need not “react”, we only need to respond to actual viable threats of violence to ourselves, our families and our homes in accordance with the laws of each state. The Cossacks of the DHS are looking for an excuse to march into any normal neighborhood, regardless of the racial demographics therein, and impose their will upon US. The only “targets” we really need to concern ourselves with, are the provocatuers, those beinf those fomenting this “revolution” and anarchy “in the name of justice”. They tried it in 1917, and it lasted a very short(in relation to history)time, not even a good pimple on the anus of history. The intellectual cretins who masquerade as so-called “intellectuals” will fold and cowardly run or slink back into the fetid oblivion from whence they came, IF, confronted with the rule of law and an unwavering, unafraid population united in actual solidarity for the Rule of Law, and the United States Constitution. We need not fear any so-called threats or repercussions from the ideologues who are employed by the DHS in any form, they are merely pogues of the State, dependent upon the leavings fro their ProgressivePLantation Massas, who would as soon enslave them, just like the rest of us. Let it happen, be vigilant, pray, and be immovable in our beliefs. There IS safety in numbers, and believe it or not, we do in fact outnumber the ProgressiveMarxist slaves and their puppet-masters.(which is WHY, the need/must disarm us). Never give in, never retreat, never surrender our beliefs and hope in the US Constitution and the Republic.

        • TPSnod. Agree but you just offended the gutter trash and they would like an appology. LoL. I think many are over this PC political correctness campaign and also why our country is in a mess cause more pople need to be called out for what they represent. I also think peaceful protest do not work any more. I can bet corrupt politicians would pay more attention to pitchforks bullets and bayonetes.

      41. So the first set of slave descendants (whites serfs who seem to have forgotten their own damn history!) will battle the more lately arrived group of slave descendants (blacks) for the entertainment and amusement of their shared masters. (Who found it prudent to lengthen the leash for a couple of generations but are now desirous of a return to the historical norm but on a global more effective scale).

        How stupid are working class Americans? Unwilling to face the truth that they have sold out to a bunch of globalist pyschopaths they are now willing to let a bunch of low life servant provocateurs cause widespread human misery. This despite the fact they have had full access to the Internet and other sources of information so should damn well know just how bad inter ethnic civil war can get. (Rwanda or the Balkan conflict to name just two previous episodes of the psychopathic masters game show). Just because these damn provocateurs have taken their 30 pieces of silver doesn’t mean everyone else has to rush to join their outright betrayal of the nation that was at one point the torch bearer for freedom around the globe.

        If you have young children, by now you should have left any areas that are potential flash points for conflict. If you are a free agent and really enjoy violence and want a good fight then go after the puppet masters – not other poor souls in the same damn overall predicament you are. It’s been obvious for a while now that tptb want a race war in the US – it’ll provide them with the cover they need to save their own guilty, dirty hides.

        Cut the puppet masters strings, work out how the hell to protect your family and keep a logical head on your shoulders. Don’t rush to give the puppet masters a golden opportunity to implement martial law. Some of the posters above seriously need to do some critical thinking as the stakes are too damn high for bigotry and foolishness to rule the day. We are a hairs breath away from the implementation of global feudalism and our ancestors & children will not forgive us for condemning them once more to inter-generational slavery if we don’t wise up fast.

      42. Obama worked you all up into a frenzy so you’d forget about what it seems only Eppe and myself saw happen today. While you were all hunkering down to fight off the droves of so-called pissed off black masses that are coming for your children your weasel of a POTUS just back-doored millions of illegals under your nose.


        • Amen Mr.Hill, I am ready for the dark and milk chocolate brigade equally. And I cannot blame anyone but the ptb that have ruined this once great country. I worry more about my offspring, and their children. As Be Informed once said, there is no where safe to go, except for outer space…
          Just be ready for anything…

          • This site provides only information that is out there

            Preparing for real life situations is the key

            Yes the race baiters are in number here,but to be aware of possibilities facing us is part of the equation..

            The entire situation is all sysops..let us not fall for any of it.

            We have a society in freefall.

            They want nothing more than to have us eating each other..fractured,divided, and taking our anger towards those we disagree vehemently with..rather than focus on the real enemies within the gates..

            and we all know where that lies..

            They will be sitting back enjoying the shitshow as whites, blacks, and hispanics all draw lines in the sand against one another respectively

            Nothing is by accident

            Everything’s by design

            Prepare accordingly


            • @eppe;
              I too worry about my kids future. They are the reason I prep.

              Nothing to dispute in your post. Things are definitely getting interesting.


        • Yes because you and eppe are the only ones on this site that are informed. Fuck you.

        • Get over yourself Billy Hill. You think you and eppe have the only access to the internet here? How about posting links and sources other than your . 02 cents of drivil.

          • I will also add eppes depth of knowledge is about a half a joke deep as he never posts anything of knowledge to add anything but some marshmellow generalized opinion. So yes it appears just you and eppe are on the same thought wave length. I just call it like you post it.

            • LOL @ you and towncryer all butt hurt. 🙂

              Get overyourselves and get on with your keyboard-warrior lives.

            • Wwti, in the 11 months that you and others have graced our board, Mac’s readership has dropped off drastically. Everyone go back to the start of the year and take a look. Then you just look up some news on the internet, copy the site and throw your two bits in, looking like some intelligent person. Called a truce twice, yet you started again. Liars cannot be trusted. You cannot even answer the one question POG & I posed. A legend in your own mind. You must be a sad individual, lone wolf for a reason. Jew bashing GOD hating useless poster.

      43. This is just the beginning of the birth pains leading up to the end, but it is not the end. ” Nation shall rise against Nation.”. That word (nation) is where we get our english word ethnic from.

        It is a sad day, but we must keep a calm head. These are evil men which provoke violence. They have their limits put on them by the Almighty and they can do no more than he has forordained. He is in control even in the chaos.

      44. ***Note Folks:

        This is a classic setup for “Divide and Conquer” and “we shall wage war by way of deception.” Many of you know where that last quote is from. These Same White cops target Whites just the same. , so if the rioters want to attack the correct target, it is easy.

        But it takes balls to stand up to the oppressors. The ones killing Americans for the terroristic act of mere existence. The ones who use civil forfeiture against known good Americans. It is They, the cops, that have become the terrorists. They have become steroid jockeys hell bent on evil work against their own people. For a good reason too.

        The Gov needs them as insulation for the damage they did to this country. Shipping our jobs overseas, stripping us of wealth through mortgage backed securities, raising prices of fuel and bare necessities, quantative easing on taxpayer backs. ETC ETC. What these “enforcers” should see is that even they will not be spared from Retirement fund thefts, 401K thefts, Bail in thefts. This is all just the beginning. The freight train is just leaving the station. Ferguson is just the distraction. Pay attention to what really matters.

      45. Prepping is a State of Mind, and by the looks of many of the so called preppers here, when the author of this article, fuels then fans the flames of anger and hatred, the programmed misfits step right up and show just how they are going to go down, in flames, when their emotional inaptitude gets the best of them.

        What if there was a collapse and the only ones that came, were those who hoped for it the most?

        • There is plenty to be angry about. Let them vent.

          That is some mighty fine sagebrush you have behind you sir.

          Always the future, emotions.

      46. I actually feel sorry for the fools that are caught up with racebaiters trying to start shit. The ignorant have no clue what will come down on them the first time an innocent white person is harmed as a result of a Ferguson riot. Yea I’ve read ” White girl bleed a lot ” I know of all the black on white violence that go’s on daily, not talking about that. This will be a media hay day.That my friends is what will start the shit flying, video of some poor white smuck getting beat to death by the “Hood Rats” A spark in a dry forest…

        • HillBilly…well never see that video and you know it. But I’m sure it will happen. Just like the flash mob attacks against whites at state fairs in Iowa and Wisconsin a few years back.

          • The new “flash mob” will be the muzzle flash from the end of a patriot guard weapon.

            A wiser man than me said, “Once this gets started you will have a real hard time stopping it.”

            Pick your team.

      47. Thank God we have so many posters here that have their head screwed on straight. Now, I’d like to add my 2 cents. I used to go out of my way to avoid conflict. No more. If you are a TAKER, regardless of color, background, etc, if you are a TAKER, you will be met with a barrage of pointed missiles. I am finished with TAKERS. Go away, bother somebody else. If you darken my door, you will start to stink in a couple days….period!

      48. Non-violence is the only way.

        As Solshenitsyn wrote about his time while a prisoner in the gulag, the line between good and evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts. Racist blacks (yes, they are just as bigoted as the worst KKKer) ought to get a clue.

      49. Wow! I’ll bet big money race baiters Al and Jesse are making plan for an uber-luxe vacation right now with all the dough they’ll making of this one.

        Note to Al and Jesse: I hear Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obungler is renting out the whole country of Lichtenstein this coming March, for just her and 800 of her closest cronies. Why, I’ll bet you two could rent out Andorra for your cronies with this windfall!

      50. If you like your illegal immigrants, you can keep your illegal immigrants!

        Been waiting to say that ALL day…

        Be safe people, tomorrow is not going to be a good day for America.

        • “Whether you like our illegal immigrants or not, we’re gonna make you keep our illegal immigrants”.

          There – fixed it for ya.

          • “Whether you like our illegal immigrants or not, we’re gonna make you pay to give our illegal immigrants welfare & EBT”.
            There- fixed it for ya

      51. A whole lotta crap going on at the same time…within days of each other. sure looks planned to me.

      52. ” I would handle this problem so fast it would make the negro’s heads spin ” Adolph Hitler

        • The jews have been at the forefront of the genocidal anti-White diversity agenda, and they have the blood of White women and children on their hands. I can only imagine how much better off the world would be today if the Hero Hitler would have actually exterminated millions of those ugly, parasitic, subversive evil, rat-faced kike vermin!

          • ” Stavros, You are now the head of my Waffen SS ” Adolph Hitler

            • Hitler was the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth;but I will make him look like a boyscout. My Spartan ancestors knew well how to deal with traitors and subhuman colored filth and vermin!

      53. Thanks for the laugh chris45. I needed that! Lol

      54. IF Minorities REALLY WANT a RACE WAR in America – I say: Bring it on, “Bro”!

        • The net effect will be A WHOLE LOTTA DEAD MINORITIES !!! in the final analysis. Be careful what you wish for, “Bro”!

      55. I lived in a white area during the 92′ riots. People that are making these threats don’t leave a 5 mile radius of where they live. They wouldn’t know where to go. Plus there wasn’t a “white” house within 200 miles of the riots in L.A. that didn’t have a hi-power rifle waiting for the door to be breached so they can rapid fire into these low-life thugs. These threats are nothing more than just that, thus the huge increase in firearm sales in and around “ground zero” of Ferguson.
        Sleep well they only know how to kill each other!

      56. Rifle by day,
        Buckshot by night.

      57. Torture, mutilate, lynch, repeat millions of times until these cowardly, ugly, utterly evil colored subhumans are in the mass graves where they belong. And hunt down and kill the jews and their treasonous, evil White poltical lackeys who have inflicted the evil of diversity upon Whites for the past forty plus years. But first, make them watch as THEIR families are tortured to death.

      58. BRING IT ON,MOTHER F####S

      59. I am on city number 63. I hope all of this is a lot of hot air, and nothing arises. I hope.
        But, I am prepared, and so are my family.

      60. well, they should remember that they comprise only 13% of the population…that doesn’t even come close to the top 20. So, if they want to sh!t in their own backyard, as they tend to repeat every other decade or so, and attempt a rather feeble race war, that never seems to pan out, despite the hoopla surrounding such a stupid event, great. Either way, the lowest common denominator’s demise will just make way for the next round of idiots to try to their hand at make believe.

      61. I know I have said this before…but no one riots when it is 25 degrees.

        • It’s going to get up to 60 in Fergus on Saturday. I expect a decision on Friday, about the time the warmer air starts to move in. This is not a coincidence, tptb want as much attention as possible to be directed away from the amnesty of the 5 million illegals and all that insanity.

      62. Wake up white people. A race war is taking place and only the apes are fighting it.

      63. Those white guys Obama plays golf with all the time know who’s side Obama is really on… It’s not poor blacks and it never will be…

        Obama is probably sitting somewhere with a white guy right now… Probably the same white guy who’s telling him to send more CIA agents and weapons into Ukraine to kill Russians or perhaps the white guy who is orchestrating the media frenzy against Bill Cosby.

        • Obama is hanging out with Acid Etch.
          Acid Etch is giving Obama a weenie wash.
          After weenie wash, Obama shoves his rod into Acid Etch’s ass.
          Michelle (Michael)is facing Acid Etch so he/she can get weenie wash…. cycle repeats.

      64. This game is played out to take focus off the real cause. Race baiting and politics aside, this is a war on the common human. This is a war dedicated to separating people and to loose focus on the enemy. Satan wants us to war against one another while he gains. In the end all will stand before Christ to answer for actions here. Save yourselves and protect yourselves from attacks.

      65. 13% of the population of America is about to cease to exist!

      66. A home without ballistic protection is unprepared. A wise man once said: “There’s always more air than meat…”,but considering the cowardly nature of the bad guys,some random shooting may take place.You’ll sleep better if you and those you care about are behind cover,with adequate fire suppression equipment, of both kinds. Otherwise you may end up in the meat wagon and bed down next to one of the suckers you were engaging. Whatever the cause, at this point going forward practical considerations trump politics. We may survive the initial conflict to find ourselves bereft of life, liberty, and happiness. Stand well.

      67. Racism is stupid. Our grandfathers fought a war against the nazis and their racism did nothing but get themselves destroyed. All it takes is one idiot (who isn’t even black) to say some rubbish and all your vile purile racist crap pours out. Dumb ass rednecks this is just what they want, a reason to disarm us. Big talk about guns and shooting people the fact is you ain’t going shoot anyone, you will be the ones getting shot by law enforcement agencies or disarmed and put into fema camps. There is just as much white trash as black trash and you guys took the bait; hook, line and sinker.

        • Jews have been kicked out of hundreds of Nations from all different cultures. If you got kicked out of one bar it might be the bar is bad, if you got kicked out of 200+ bars maybe you are the problem.

      68. Please come to KY and riot…

      69. It’s pretty obvious by now that they already know the outcome of the grand jury decision. And have for some time.

      70. The government (no friend of black nor white) would just LOVE for there to be some extreme violence, it justifies everything they want to do anyway.

        But don’t worry, it’s all “for your own good”.

      71. Bring it. And if these people are dumb enough to give me legally justifiable need to use deadly force to defend my life, my family, my home, or my neighborhood I guarantee you I have the training, tools and will to get it done.

      72. Bring it. And if these people are dumb enough to give me legally justifiable need to use deadly force to defend my life, my family, my home, or my neighborhood I guarantee you I have the training, tools and will to get it done.

      73. Target my family and I like Risky am prepared. If these people were smart they would target the morons in DC but they’re not smart. They’re being used as tools and the hidden provocateurs scattered in the crowd. The real powers that be are smart. They know that if they can keep us fighting among ourselves (white against black) that the real culprit (the elite wealthy) will have a free pass to keep on screwing over all of us. Wake up people – figure out who your enemy is (Obama and his entire administration in DC, Soros, Kissinger, etc and go after them. Oh wait you can’t because they live in Elysium gated and guarded communities.

        Stupid black rioters, they’re tools being used by the very rich (black & white) to usher in chaos and finally Marshal Law. Stupid people. This is not a race issue. This is a social issue. United WE ALL stand. Divided we fall and America is falling.

      74. Hell! It’s been a long time coming…too long. They’ve destroyed wonderful cities and an entire country. Bring it! I never wanted to die of old age, anyway.

        • Yep me too. I don’t want to die of old age leaving a good looking corpse. I want to die sliding sideways all worn out and completely used up. Exclaming what a hell of a ride!

      75. I dunno. I think it’s hyperbole. Marching in the streets, talking trash is about as American as it gets, and perhaps one of the only countries left that doesn’t turn a protest into Tiananmen Square. Nobody is going to ‘target’ white people. Not because they can’t, because payback is a bitch. The LAST THING any of those protestors want is an angry white mob…so far, they have the mainstream media on their side. But just kill innocent people, I don’t think it matters what color innocent people are, and the gloves come off. It is one thing to run from the cops. It is quite another to have to run from EVERYBODY! Weed and malt liquor may pump up the protestors at first, but if you’ve ever had a gun shoved in your face, you know that you get sober FAST and reality makes you re-think your position in about a tenth of a second. Double-down with the fact that your assailant can now shoot you, the victim, and make up any ol’ story they want. Remember, the Judge only wants to hear one side. I believe that’s how this whole mess started.

      76. Oh please…..

        The video is a joke. White person holding the video camera, white people in the background. The speaker sounds like a “young democrat” with the nasal tone….valley girl type if you will.

        This is ALL MANUFACTURED. If there are any protests, it ain’t gonna come from anyone in the Ferguson neighborhoods. It’s too damn cold out.

        It’s all organized by Washington PACs….with the approval of the police.

        IT’S ALL ABOUT NEXT YEARS FUNDING PEOPLE. POLICE NEED TO BUY MORE WEAPONS. They need cause. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if DHS has slipped some funding to the PACs that are “organizing” this.

        What a joke.

      77. Ive been bad, Ive been good
        Dallas Texas , Detroit Hood

      78. I would like to hear the black community in Ferguson ask for the truth to be told and be willing to accept it. Instead they demand the incarceration of the police officer that shot Michael Brown or they will riot. Now they have threatened the white community with violence if they don’t get their way. More bullying just like Michael Brown stealing the cigars. Bullying and unreasonable demands seem to be their tactics. Bullying is the reason Michael is dead. Time to stop this uprising now.

      79. ok……..I smell sell out black and white people getting paid to agitate a race war, and excuses for martial law nation wide, and a whole list of other crap aimed for the purpose of fooling the general public, and a black president who gives no f*&^%s about it. If your one of the silly misguided fools who thinks that this isn’t staged to scare, and that black people are coming for you and your kids, your just as foolish and you should rethink your position as a human being on a ball of dirt and water hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour, while surround by 3600 known life sustain planets, while the ruling class of this one figure out a way to wipe out 6 billion people with wars, vaccines (bill gates), fluoride in our municipal drinking water, POLICE VIOLENCE, G.M.O.’s in our food, taking our guns, our rights, and chemtrails. WAKE THE F&*$ UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      80. As long as I have my Glock nearby, I’ll be safe.

      81. open threats against any group of people or their families should not be tolerated in this country, and those that do it should be removed from society permanently. if this shit gets out of hand i hope the police and military take care of it without flinching, and let it be a lesson to dumbasses who think they can do anything, some in this country have gotten away with too much shit anyway, its time it stopped, they need to be body slammed hard. get on with it police and military, i will always support you doing the right thing for the good of honest decent people, and let those that act like animals and savages be damned.

      82. White, Western, Christian,culture has been under attack for decades. The same TRIBE that created and organized the NAACP, ACLU,ADL, SPLC, ISIS,9/11. Their motto is “NEVER FORGET & NEVER FORGIVE”


        For you who dont believe some serious Agitprop is going on .
        This has the potentional to be what we all fear , prepare , get those last minute preps in .
        Whoever printed this should be charged with terrorism .

        This is going to be serious business.

        Got preps , supply’s , heat and light . Life and Safety implements ?
        The dear leader said ” Stay the Course ”

        Fundamental Transformation.

        Fundamental trajectory

        Today is the first day of the rest of your life

        Semper Fi 8541

      84. Link moved

        Click on photo of flyer

        I have a copy but cannot compremise my commo ( OPSEC)

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Go to the drudge report evidently this has been removed

          Semper Fi 8541

          • cant find what you speak of, can you give the wording that is posted on Drudge?

            • It’s there on Drudge…left column, down a way and in among the other stories on Ferguson.

              Read also the comments on the article. Sounds like the students are pretty nonplussed about it, with most just tossing it in the nearest trash can. They have finals coming up and really just want to focus on that and be un-bothered with the Ferguson crap. None of them are interested in seeing their roads blocked or their water interrupted. In all likelihood, if these commie punks tried anything like that, there would be more than enough “ripped” students taking care of business.

              Night Breaker: Your insights have been interesting. The coming facts will prove whether you have been on target or a chicken little. Until then, not sure what to make of you.

            • Enemy top link still works open in a new window

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Thanks
                It worked this time

            • campus leaflet

      85. I will not feed the hate- I’m better than this. But I will also not take any hostile action against me, my family, or my community laying down.

      86. The fact that this event has been so hyped and basically allowed to boil over, shows me DC wants this to happen, and even helping it along!! Once upon a time death threats were illegal? Welcome to the era of “color” control!

      87. With luck – Mother Nature will drop about 6′ of snow on the entire area – problem will be solved.

      88. Replace the rubber bullets with black talons; replace the water cannons with flame throwers; hold the instigators responsible; and finally , tell the people to accept the truth or accept the consequences. We are tired of the threats against our families. Most people on this site prep for bad situations just like this. All of this because of a cheap box of cigars.

      89. Thus is a very disturbing, but true, article confirming the Obama Administration incitement of racial attacks.

        The Governor of Missouri can still stop this, its obvious Homeland Security is tasked by the Obama Administration to instigate riots either deliberately or just through its policies.

        Obviously, residents should arm and protect themselves.

        But what could the Governor do to stop bloodshed?

        1. Very, very few people will charge coiled barbed wire. Lay some out in Ferguson to protect the businesses and homes, and also to funnel the rioters. The Feds have slinky coiled barbed wire that self erects from the back of a moving truck, they can do this quickly.

        Keeping the two sides separate will save lives. No one needs to die over this.

        2. The Bible says “without wood a fire dies out”, and without contact a riot dissipates.

        3. If you live in Ferguson with kids, and are staying, fill up pillow cases with dirt, tie them off, and stack them around where your kids sleep on the floor to protect against stray bullets. The military does this to protect their soldiers.

        If any Turd, Leach or Zombie comes after any of mine or me, they had be ready for one hell of a fight, and I hope that they have made peace with their maker.

        For these turds to make threats is crazy!

        You wouldn’t here an DAMN thing if this TURD Mike Brown that’s right gang banging drug using thug/turd that can only take on people small than him. (that’s not his fault he is only around 6’4′ and 300lbs.) Was shot and killed by a black LEO.

        Race baiting Bastards, Leaches and Zombies can all riot and burn down stuff that they had no part in building and call it justice?

        This was what I was told in Missouri by a person how is in a militia there. If any white folk want us to protect their property that they would do it in a heart beat. This could get interesting Black Panthers square off against the KKK


      91. Once again the black community has resorted to bullying to force their will on the white community. This time they have crossed the line. Come for me or my children if you must, but bear in mind I will be ready. I have not harmed anyone in the black community and I do not think I will allow the black community to harm me or mine because of some twisted sense of revenge.

      92. That place needs 7 feet of snow. Where was the Taco Bell dog commercial during the potus speech…

      93. My grandfather when I was young over 50 years ago told me someday I would be in a race war. Those blacks should check out the history of what happens when a black mob is in a no holds barred situation. Back during the civil war in south Arkansas the slaves thought the emancipation procumlation gave them the right to loot the plantations. And with all the men off fighting they had a easy time doing just that. General Fagan got word and he & his men rode all nite crossed the swamp and caught the loters on the levee road. Killed them all from the oldest to the youngest. left them lying side by side along the levee. Right or wrong it made sure that they didn’t do that no more times. I sure history will repete itself.

        • OG: Both of my Grand Fathers said the very same thing probably around 50 years ago. They said there will be a war between the whites and the blacks. They just may be right.


        • ht tp://

          moderation takes too long

      94. Off-topic, quite.

        I have long wondered about the ‘timing’ of various things…’odd things’ that have occured over time in the last 10 years, one of those things was the timing of the collpase of the US Housing markets in 2008 after the debacle of Lehmen Bros and Bear-Sterns. Per that point let me share this with you…in truth, as this comes from “Business Insider” I cannot assess how accurate it is, nonetheless, even if it isn’t it begins to become something – in it’s own right – of a ‘stirring of the Global pot’…as it is presented. That said, when I glanced over this piece I felt the hair stand up on my neck…if the article can be interpreyted as being true in any real sense; Vladimir Putin is FAR ahead of the West in nearly all that he contemplaties: consider this bit, titled

        “BREMMER: Russia Is Moving Toward Making Crimea And Southeast Ukraine The Same Place”

        “The true colors of this new cold war came to light recently. In August 2008, according to Henry Paulson, the U.S. Treasury secretary at the time, “top level” Russian officials approached the Chinese during the Olympics in Beijing and proposed “that together they might sell big chunks of their GSE (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) holdings to force the U.S. to use its emergency authorities to prop up these companies.”

        “This incident took place just weeks before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The U.S. economy was inches from revisiting the Stone Age. The proposed Russian-Chinese maneuver could have made such an outcome more likely. The Federal Reserve would have had to step in and buy Fannie’s and Freddie’s debt, and the dollar would have taken a dive, worsening the plunge in the U.S. economy. Our friend Putin wanted to bring the U.S. economy down without firing a single shot, just as he annexed Crimea from Ukraine.”

        Inasmuch as ‘what happens BEHIND the scenes’ is invariably a mesh of ‘insider information processing’ – as we all know, quite clearly by now – then what are the inmplications here; WHAT actually happened ‘back then’?…I wonder.

        Gotta go for a bit, till later all…

        • Please don’t bother coming back.

      95. If my family or friends get hurt by these animals in my area of operation, retaliation doesn’t begin to explain what will happen.

      96. Hey, if we’re lucky, the black rioters will kill the white communists and anarchists among them. It’s happened before. Stupid white sympathizers were beaten by their black co-rioters because no other whites were available to beat.

        • THAT would be a best case scenario outcome!

        • Kind of a Win-Win situation.

      97. Donate items or give directly to people,instead of dropping off items that may go where you you don’t want them.

      98. I’m about tired of all these threats from the national socialists, blaques, mooslimes and every other form of vermin crawling around out there. It’s time for the low life lefties to ooze into action so I can show them just how tolerant and accepting I am. I have over 40k rounds of love for them and am itching to deliver it.

        • Dont blow your wad all on one issue.. we still have way more crap headed our way than this my friend

          you dont want to come up empty mag’ed

      99. C’mon down to my house and try that shit. My entire family is armed to the teeth and protected with ballistic armor. 5k rounds of .223 for each of 5 family members, each with two side arms and almost unlimited ammo. Im guessing im not the only one prepared like that either. Oh, and military trained as well. Try it at my house you incompetent pieces of shit.

      100. It may be time for the gun control freaks to see why people need 30 round mags.

      101. The Second Amendment is a cornerstone of a free society as law abiding people have a right to defend themselves but many of you are by your statements are wishing for violence. This is madness.

        Many of you are frightening which unfortunately the more crazy crazies will take as a complement. If your looking forward to race riots you need psychological help.

        • The only rights someone that comes around here will have is the right to die.
          Keep you rights that ships done sailed. To late for negotiations.

      102. It’s a “Black eat White” neighborhood but the Whites must be wearing food-stamp underwear.

        It is what I said all along. It isn’t about a cop, it is about hate for whites.

      103. “I’m your Huckleberry!”
        My buddies, Smith & Wesson, say otherwise…

      104. Only gutless cowards target kids and women. It would be a fast way to solve the race issue here. Where is Holder in all this mouthing of race based threats of violence Why is the Fed govt silent.

        • To paraphrase Dirty Harry, ‘There’s nothing wrong with a little threatening, as long as the right people get threatened’. Obozo and Co. are remarkably silent when white people need help but all over it when “people of color” need help. Does anyone seriously think that a black US Marine would have been left to rot in a Mexican prison for 6 months, as was USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi? No, a simple phone call from the US President to the Mexican President would have had the matter cleared up very quickly.

      105. Silly people the real trouble is with your government and the bankers and corporations that bribe said leaders.

        When you protest to stop the fracking adding poision to the water table you too will have cops pointing guns in your face.

        Talking does not work with the government so direct action is the only answer but the red necks here don’t seem to understand that the police are not here to protect you but are brown coats living the good life on your taxes.

      106. To fellow Whites in Ferguson: Neither the Republican or the Democratic parties care about your White working class survival. Both are controlled by the anti-White media masters. Embrace racial tribalism and the idea of a volkisch state NOW.

      107. In the conflict to come it is an undeniable primordial fact that your skin WILL be your uniform.

      108. In Okinawa they had “the cave of the Ne6r05” where the locals tossed the bodies of all the black servicemen that raped locals for decades after WWII that was only uncovered recently.

      109. wow. disgusting excuse for muricans here. racist pieces of turd.

      110. There’s an old European proverb, ‘When two men fight over a coin, the Jew gets it’. This historical wisdom will be affirmed again in the pending engineered conflict.

      111. Big scary monkey’s ! Your race won’t last long at all!
        Too STUPID !

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