Right-Wing “Extremists” Plan To Descend Upon Washington Again For Biden’s Inaguration

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Some supporters of Donald Trump will once again descend upon the Capitol on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration. There will be protests against Biden’s inauguration as the evidence of voting irregularities continue to surface.

    “Many of Us will return on January 19, 2021, carrying Our weapons, in support of Our nation’s resolve, towhich [sic] the world will never forget!!! We will come in numbers that no standing army or police agency can match,” wrote a popular Parler user who frequently posts about QAnon, and is being tracked by the Anti-Defamation League.

    “Round 2 on January 20th. This time no mercy. I don’t even care about keeping Trump in power. I care about war,” an anonymous person posted on the platform TheDonald.win, which is filled with comments posted by people who lauded those who went to the capitol on January 6th as “heroes.”

    According to NBC News, censorship is necessary because people are rallying against corruption in the government.

    Parler, Telegram chat rooms, and the platform TheDonald.win were all used to plan and coordinate the Jan. 6 rally that turned into a riot. Posters explicitly stated their intentions to “occupy” the Capitol. QAnon conspiracy theorists and people associated with militia groups had a visible presence in Wednesday’s crowd. –NBC News

    They are setting the stage for the takedown of communications and massive censorship campaigns that have already begun.

    “There is growing concern that violent extremists are emboldened by the breach of the Capitol, which means the clock is ticking on taking down the most influential incites of violence before they act again,” said Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI assistant director and NBC News national security analyst.

    Brace yourselves:

    Things are going to continue to get more divisive and the rhetoric won’t stop.

    Stay prepared and alert. Watch these headlines and understand what the media is doing.  This is all about the division and it is not going to get better after Biden’s inauguration. This will not end until we wake up en mass and stop allowing ourselves to be ruled by the few.


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      1. If you are nominally-conservative, but cannot explain what you are conserving, or for which traditional demographic, you are Antifa or BLM, playing dress up. You are a hack, radical, holding the place of a sincere person.

        I think of moderate Republicans on the same level as that guard, who opened the door, during the first shelter-in-place exercise.

      2. The MSM is the enemy of the USA people.
        They are controlled by the ONE WORLD ODER Socialist
        The media needs to be brought to it’s knees or we will be socialist country in less than 10 years

      3. BIDEN’S INAUGURATION – 2 words I never,ever thought there would even be a remote possibility of reading in my lifetime.The horror of cadaver Joe in office is terrifying.When I think of that woman behind him quickly becoming the actual president and running our country even more into the ground – I cringe! What an absolute horror show the American people have to look forward to for the next four years!!?

      4. There won’t be a “Joe Biden Inauguration” to attend unless you follow him back to the basement because they are never going to allow a CCCP Agent like Joe Biden anywhere near the White House. And once the DECLASS INFO starts moving to the front & center Joe Biden will disappear faster then the Chinese Virus in America once we move beyond January 20th 2021. Trump did NOT concede nor did he say there would be a Biden administration taking the reigns on the 20th either. Trump is getting ready for term number two while Joe Biden is getting ready to go back into hiding in his basement. I’d bet anything I own on it too…

        • Biden had an office in the White House for 8 years. What kind of stuff do you have?

          • @Noble Boomer,if touchy feely Joe is actually inaugurated as president – he can add the stealing of an election to his “untarnished” accomplishments.Does anyone really believe that this guy who couldn’t get anyone to show up for his rallies actually received more votes than anyone in the history of the USA?!?!

      5. The real power brokers moved from DC (k street) years ago.
        You’re just harassing the hired help.

      6. First they came for the juice. I was not juice so I did nothing.

        Then they came for the blacks. I was not black so I did nothing.

        Next they came for the parler tards. I was not a parler tard so I did nothing.

        After that, things calmed down and they stopped coming for people.

      7. False flag operation.

        No Trumper is going to DC … It is over
        The Trumpers will be blamed for any violence. So Joe can call them all Domestic Terrorist.

      8. In describing me, I will only agree to the term RIght Wing Extremist, if they agree to the term for Antifa/BLM as Left Wing Extremist.

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