“Voter Fraud is a Felony” Billboards Removed Amid Outcry From Critics

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Headline News | 176 comments

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    In a country where showing your identification is required for everything from opening a gym membership and renting a movie to purchasing a six-pack of beer and placing a wager at a blackjack table, it’s nothing short of ridiculous that the same standards are not required to cast a vote for representatives who we empower to make decisions that include how much we’re taxed, how we’re regulated and who we send to die in wars on our behalf.

    What’s even more ridiculous is that those who make the argument for identification requirements at the election polls are usually accused of disenfranchising minorities and seniors, or are often labeled as racists or bigots.

    In Ohio and Wisconsin this month a private group of individuals posted 140 billboards across the state highlighting the criminal implications of voter fraud – things like voting in multiple states or fabricating voters, for example.

    As you may have guessed, community organizers attacked the message and the messenger like rabid dogs:

    More than 140 billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin warning of the criminal consequences of voter fraud will be taken down starting on Monday after the sponsor chose to remove them rather than reveal its identity, the billboard owner said.

    The sponsor was not identified on the billboards owned by Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. The company said this was a violation of its policy against anonymous political ads.

    After discussions, the sponsor, whom Clear Channel Outdoor has called a “private family foundation” but declined to name, “thought the best solution was to take the boards down, so we are in the process of removing them,” the company said in a statement.

    Crews on Monday will begin taking down 30 billboards in Cleveland, 30 in Columbus and 85 in Milwaukee, Jim Cullinan, vice president of corporate communications for Clear Channel Outdoor, told Reuters.

    Cleveland City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, one of the most vocal critics of the billboards, told Reuters on Sunday: “Needless to say I’m happy they will be taken down but I want to know who was behind this in the first place.”

    In response to the outcry, Clear Channel Outdoor donated 10 billboards around the Cleveland area that read “Voting Is a Right. Not a Crime!”


    So let’s get this straight: if you want to run a billboard about voter fraud and identification requirements you have to prove your identity, but to cast your actual vote in elections that determine the future direction of our nation no such verification is necessary.

    Does this sound bass-ackwards to anyone else?


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      1. Let the TRUTH be known…

        • Sounds like business as usual in the corp.

          • Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it some of the same people that are crying they are being disenfranchised because they have to show ID the same ones that have to show identification when they cash their government checks? Don’t they have to show ID when they sign up for Medicade or WIC? Or ID when they pawn someone else gold teeth?

            I just don’t understand how anyone can argue this sucessfully.

            • Only two idots here that voted you down earlier.

            • Tina, They do not need state issued id to sign up for those gov programs a pic ID and a bill with an addy works fine. Did you know our vets me included can not use Our Retired Military ID as ID for voting? It has to be state issued with an address on it. Strange how I can die for my country but not vote for it with the id I would die with in my pocket while fighting for the country?

          • My comment here is completely bland, without content, without links, without controversy hence it will probably pass the censorship here and be quickly seen by all.

            Isn’t that nice? Kumbaya all.

            • “Americans who simply display political signs expressing opposition to Obama’s policies have been treated as potential violent threats by authorities in the past,
              and yet not a single Twitter user has faced retribution for making direct and sometimes graphic death threats against Romney.”


        • The parasites will do anything, and everything to install thier people. It really won’t matter if people casting “ballots” are ID’d, or not. The “votes” are being counted by a Soros-owned company…in Spain. Face the truth, the people of this country have no say in the future, the “election” is little more than a side-show.

          “Vote early, and vote often.”- Al Capone

          “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide evrything.”- Joseph Stalin

          • Just me: I’ve been warning people about what you wrote and about votes being counted in Spain. Savvy folks know about vote fraud, even on local/state elections. I will be sitting out the election like I have been for twenty five years. The lies, hypocracy and scandals have turned others off who quit. It’s all a farce as many talk shows say, a staged suckers game.

        • totally off subject, but I need some TEXAS Prepper advice.
          I may be doing some work that will keep me in Texas for a little while. I am from Louisiana. Our vehicles are extensions of our homes here. I carry locked and loaded in my truck everywhere legally. Does anyone know the laws in Texas for guns and vehicles?
          Thanks ahead of time.

            • HisArmsWide,
              Thanks much. I always carry a copy of the law stating we can carrying in Louisiana here so I can prove it to the not so smart cops.(there are quite a few here who dont know the law) I plan to carry a copy in Texas as well. I hope I dont half to be there more than a month, but I never leave home without one or two, or three or four.
              Hope the S dont hit the fan while I am there. It is a long walk back.

            • pardon my spelling,
              HAVE to stay there

        • Just like everyone said before Obama became President, everything that was right will now be wrong, everything that was wrong will now be right. Everything that is now criminal will now be legal, everything that is now legal, will be criminal. Assbackwards Assclowns is all I see.

      2. The name says it all, in all seriousness nothing surprises me at this point anymore. Next those who protest or contend voting fraud in this election will be thrown in jail

        • Connecticut Dem Jokes About Corruption

          Dems joke they’ll get enough votes to win — even a couple of days late!

          Bridgeport Mayor Finch Guarantees Murphy The Vote

      3. Please please please dont forget what your vote will buy and implicate for all around the world. It has some length to it, but is a wonderful example of your hard earned “tax” (theft) dollars at work, will come to a country/state/city near you soon…..


        • ” Was it Primo Levi who said that the worst moment in the Nazi death camps was the recurring fear that people would not believe him, when he told them what had happened, that they would turn away, shaking their heads’ This ‘radical gap’ between victim and listener, as psychiatrists call it, may well be suffered en masse by the East Timorese, especially the exiled communities. ‘Who knows about our country?’ they ask constantly. ‘Who can imagine what has happened to us?’ “

        • In the fact that there are always new “peeps” to this site, I will clarify my above and below positions on voting. I do not, nor will I ever condone, support, or commit the great sin of voting myself.I will forever wish others to explore the wonderful world of Voluntaryism, and its importance to the freedom of the individual with wich we would not have the thought of ever seeing a truly civil society. Please find it in your heart to realize no one man, two men, or twohundred thousand for that matter has any business nor right to impose upon an individual the wishes of the majority by physical force or other means. Democracy is not freedom nor will it ever be, it is only the subjugation of the minority of thought to that of the “collective” who doesnt want the injustices they commit to come full circle to be placed upon them so they might have to face those same perverse acts their actions imposed upon another. Be free, do not hinder freedom of another by voting, instead show your love for the freedom of others by abandoning the “bullshit” boxes.

          • Read any Noam Chomsky lately?

      4. (“)As in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, the first to die were often minorities. The Chinese population was singled out. An eyewitness described how he and others were ordered to “tie the bodies (of the Chinese) to iron poles, attach bricks and throw the bodies in the sea”. On the north-west coast, the Chinese population was decimated. The killing of whole families appeared at first to be systematic, then arbitrary. Soldiers were described swinging infants in the air and smashing their heads on rocks, with an officer explaining, “When you clean the field, don’t you kill all the snakes, the small and large alike?” (“)

        • was to be for above post

      5. Voter fraud is with both parties, cheating is a human flaw, just look at lance armstrong. Human race will progress massively spiritually if they can become fair and honest. Until that day, we all will go through this horse crap and more anger will boil at the unfairness spread like manure over all of us.

        • BI, we will never move as a race to a fair and honest way. You know this I know this it is sad, but too much seperation, too much hate and blame, not enough owning up to ones mistakes. Yes acceptions to the fact do exist, BUT it is the majority that are stuck in the bog of hate and blame. Even if there was a perfect society someplace on earth that there was no hate no crime everyone pulled thier wieght a job for all all to thier job, as I like to say. YOU KNOW that society would be crushed under by the greed of the rest. They would want to own it they can not survive if we come to this point. They know it. For they are Greed and greed is insatiable.

      6. Truth is painful for the adversary. He and his followers will scream when confronted with truth.

      7. There is one way of helping to avoid voter fraud, and it would not cost that much money. After all the debt is 16 trillion+ and expanding like a big balloon getting ready to pop. Everyone that wants to vote gets a free voter ID card of some sort in which they show up at some pre-voter registration place. Here they get a photo ID to be used later, good for 8 years. This way no one can complain about the cost of obtaining an ID card. People worried about ID and big brother could still use a driver’s license or state issued ID card.

        It would not be prefect of course, but no one could say that they are being discriminated against because they are too poor to afford some form of ID. It would not cost much in comparison to the other pork that the government poisons the tax payers with. Everyone could obtain a free voter ID card and vote in whatever election they choose. The voter ID card would have a number in which they could also vote through the mail. Just an idea to help makes things more fair. Maybe others could exapnd on this idea, or come up with a better idea IF there is another election.

        • @ BI,

          It’s the ‘IF’ part that I’m soooo worried about…

        • Nah, they’ll stick a chip in everyone long before 8 years…

        • BI–the illegals would just buy a BC or other id..they’ve been trained.

        • Wisconsin DOES provide a free ID if you are too poor to get one. So they argued that it was too much work for the elderly/minorities to take the bus/bum a ride to go get their free ID. Peoples Republic of Madison happily provided a judge that blocked the law in time for the election.

        • BI…Even if for free wont work…Heres why. Recall last time this voter id stuf was all on MSM. If I recall correct it was the state of Georgia.

          Soon as they said voter id was a good plan etc…Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, along with the usual crowd of race-baiter-dem-lib-polititions, began their normal Rants and Rages against it.

          But that time, state reps of GA and others who were FOR voter id Met each challange. IE: Al Sharpton went to msm tv news complained “Poor folks of Color” wont afford the costs.

          So them Pro id side said “OK WE will pay it!”…Then again complaints from Jessie J, “them poor Minoritys folks aint got no Car to drive to get ID’s”

          Again State of Ga reps et al said “Ok We will give FREE ID’s…We will Drive to YOU Free…OR we will Pick you poor folks up to drive You to the ID locations and we still will Pay it all!”

          That tit for tat back N’Forth was non stop till finally Sharpton and his band of “minority Victims” wore everybody down, and it fadded away. That was for the 2004 or 2006 election cycle if I recall right.

          Just cant win when dealing with these Parasitic liberal kommies period. Never ending circular debates like I described here is all they do.

          I am going back to Not voteing again. I just wish I could go back to being Ignorant of all this political crap like I used to be for a long time prior.

          I first voted when age to vote was lowered to age 18yrs. When McGovern(D) was running for Prez. 1972(?) Think so.

          Then due to hatred of all things political, I never again voted untill GW Bush ran in 2000 cycle.

          I let my step dad talk me into voting again. But I told him only if I First use web onilne sites to Learn all I can of differences between dems and repubs etc. (step dad and entire family are dems…Union type dems).

          Let me tell ya…Doing all that research is good as far as it led me to read of all sorts of scams and most stuf I now know.

          But it is also a Two edged sword as it also caused me to Hate all stuf political as I never did prior.

          I guess its what is meant by “Ignorance is Bliss eh!”

          Thats our two Real choises any longer…Choice #1 Know truth and be Pissed off royally!

          OR choice #2- Never learn of it at all, remain ignorant and live in Bliss!

          As glad as I am to know what I do now after last 15 yrs of learning etc…I sure do miss when I never gave a damn and refused to vote due to corrupt system.

          I think now I will combine Both…Keep the knowledge(no other choise now eh) and Refrain from voteing at all period.

          I refuse to give my approval to any lesser evils or whatever folks label it.

          The gas cash I save will buy more Ammo. I think it will be needed regardless who wins as prez.

          If obammy looses?…And if detroit explods in riots?…I wonder if any of my family or old friends who refuse to listen or prep will survive it?

          All been told by me…Do Not come up here unless are well prepared or my door remains closed!

          I will allow One nite stay over-One hot shower-One free meal…..Then Adios!!…See ya later pals!…Told ya so!

          I wish I never listened to step dad and remained a non voter, as I basically knew already of all the swindles and lies etc…Just didnt yet have all the exact minute details like now is all…I could have done ok without “Details”…

          • @ Angelo M. I was really getting at all the complaints about how people say that they can’t afford an ID card and this is the reason they vote without knowing if this is the reason person that is allowed to cast a vote. Then when someone in a district tries to make it as honest as possible, which is a far cry from the word honest, by requiring some form of proof they are called a racist or trying to sway the election one way or another.

            I have heard people say the difference between say a driver’s license and voting is that a driver’s license is a privilege and voting is a right. This is correct, absolutely. But making sure the person voting is the right person, is simply a fair verification that a person is whom they say they are. I am not against requiring ID to make sure the person is whom they are suppose to be. I am totally against there being any costs for this. I hear BOTH parties crying foul, yet I don’t see too often either party offering to pay for free ID cards for potential voters to help curb voter fraud. It is just both parties bitching and not doing much to find a good solution.

            Anyway, check out those earthquakes! First another polar earthquake towards the Balleny Islands. Then exactly where I said there would be activity, 6.0 in The New Caledonia area and 5.9 in central Japan, more like south central Japan. Still not that really big earthquake. It is coming, that Australian plate is moving big time and that means large earthquakes. The Australian plate was the cause of the 9.1 mega quake tsunami 7 years ago. A 8.1 a few weeks before towards the southern portion of the Australian plate was almost certainly a precursor to the 9.1. I still say expect a very large earthquake in the areas I warned about. It is really warming up to this.

        • One thing I want to bring up is voter fraud think about it.
          Dead ppl voting? that is not the ppl going to the booths doing it, it is the parties themselves.
          Stuffing boxes? That is still not the ppl going to the booths.
          Since what was it 2000 I think there has been 1 case of voter fraud by a person going to the booths. 1
          I repeat 1
          Voter ID is not going to stop fraud the fraud is coming from the inside. Hey did we not just bitch about the companey who will count the votes? Im sure that the ppl in spain who run this company will not be going to the booths and using ID lol. Now I may be wrong but if there is actual cases of voter fraud BY the actual VOTERS at the booths not the insiders for a campaign please post it link it so I can be corrected. Please provide a link of proof of it not a news story from a blogger 🙂 If the vid of the chick is posted who told the undercover person to vote in two different states, remember she is part of a campaign she is not at the booths casting the vote and it was a set up to see what the representative would say. And we are talkign IN PERSON voter fraud not absentee voter fraud because heh you do not need id at a voting booth for those now do we and we are talkign abotu in person voter fraud because we are talking about voter ID 🙂

          • ?? The problem is the systems’ reluctance to prosecute. MN has decided to prosecute and has HUNDREDS of cases pending. Wisconsin, Milwaukee area, had buses hauling dementia patients from polling place to polling place to vote over and over again for Obama. When asked why they would do something like that by a local reporter, one patient said that they’d do just about anything for free lunch, cigarettes, and a day away from the group home.

            Voter Fraud is real…the issue is that it’s tolerated and even encouraged by some.

            • Even if they did prosecute, the most likely result would be it being thrown out because of pressure from the Obama administration. Remember last election when the thugs from the new black panther party threatened voters and etc. Some of it was caught on cellphone video and clearly ample evidence for prosecution. The offenders were charged and in some cases court proceedings began. All of a sudden pressure from the attorney general’s office and the white house and the end result case closed all charges dropped.

      8. The Democratic Party of Today:
        Romans 1:21
        (Democrats do not want God mentioned in the party platform and are actively removing God from society) 21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools
        (They worship the state, SOCIALISM and the Earth, HUMANISM) 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.
        (If it feels good do it, no right and wrong) 24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie
        (They worship the Earth, Radical Environmentalist) and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
        (They support and encourage Homosexuality)
        26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

        (Their thinking is backwards and unGodly, they lie right to your face)
        28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.
        Of course this can apply to all of us, but look at the Democrat party; this is a pretty good description from the word of God about what they are peddling.

        • Sorry,but I’m thinking you are describing the republican party more than the democrats. Personally, they both fit to a T.

        • <h3Three new planks of the Democratic Party:
          1).We support the right of all families to have equal respect, responsibilities, and protections under the law. We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples. . .

          2).We oppose discriminatory federal and state constitutional amendments and other attempts to deny equal protection of the laws to committed same-sex couples who seek the same respect and responsibilities as other married couples. We support the full repeal of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act.

          3).We know that putting America back to work is job one, and we are committed to ensuring Americans do not face employment discrimination. We support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because people should not be fired based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

          Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

        • Wideawake: Wow, where do you find the time to write when you’re so busy thumping the bible and your proud republican chest? Let me refresh your cloudy memory on the the vaunted party of ‘family values and pruity’ the GOP. Republican Congressman Mark Foley of Florida resigned after it was discovered he sent harassing emails and photos to male pages. He was replaced by a democrat. Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho resigned after his arrest for homosexual advanses in a men’s bathroom. He too was replaced by a democrate. And wait, this is my favorite: A handsome up-and-coming young Republican named Jack Ryan of Illinois dropped out of the race for senator when it was discovered that he had asked his wife, actress Jerry Ryan, to perform sex acts with him at swingers clubs. A young unknown democrat ran unconstested for that Illinois seat for the U.S. Senate and he won; his name was Barack Obama. I think you know the rest of the story. So take your false pride in the Republican Party and jam it where the sun don’t shine you moron!

          • But the Democrats who do the same things stay in office. A senator who let a girlfriend drown in a car stayed in office. A president who sexually abused employees stayed in office.

          • “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23
            “And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:11

            Lord have mercy! Gregory8, your post is an excellent commentary on the adverse consequences of sin. Thank you! ” A young unknown democrat ran unconstested for that Illinois seat for the U.S. Senate and he won; his name was Barack Obama. “ Who would have known.

            “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near.” Mark 13:28

            Keep on prepping! If time is not short, then I can’t tell when the fig tree’s branch is tender.

            p.s. I may be wrong, but didn’t Barack have Alan Keyes running against him in that race. Other than that, you’re spot on with other points you made. I wonder how long it will be before Republicans will stop resigning and have celebrated positions like Barney Frank? I guess when they stop espousing traditional values and a higher path. Tim Gill will be a happy man then. Him and his husband will celebrate, and he will finally be able to donate to the Republican party.

            • the Wild Goose: You’re correct about Keyes, but it was too little too late. Keyes didn’t have much time to mount a campaign so it was a walk for Obama. At least with Ryan there was a chance until his sexual predilictions came out into the open. My point is that neither party has any claim to the moral high ground.

            • “My point is that neither party has any claim to the moral high ground.”~Gregory8

              At least one party still attempts to walk the moral high ground; even though its members are human and capable of stumbling and falling as noted above. While the other party has completely abandoned the moral high ground and openly embraces evil while calling it good.

              There is no end to the depth of depravity humans can embrace and justify depending on the circumstances they find themselves in.

              Gregory8, I’m a social conservative 1st and foremost. I would vote for a pro-life, pro-traditional values democrat before I would vote for a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT republican. The problem is, it is kind of hard to find such a democrat anymore.

              People like Tim Gill are doing all they can to make socially conservative republicans an extinct breed too. Fortunately, as of yet, they are not.

              We are all born sinners and have a propensity to stumble and fall just like any of those you mentioned. Sin involves consequences, and you pointed out a dandy societal consequence for sin above. When someone who is attempting to walk the narrow way(Matthew 7:13,14) stumbles, there is only one right thing to do; pick yourself up and continue your attempt to go in the right direction.

              No matter how great a society we can build, if it is morally bankrupt; I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for it or its future.

              ~” I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear. “~

          • We already know BO was “placed” not elected, and doesn’t anybody ever wonder HOW this personal, proprietary information gets out? Do ya think the Ryans told the news about that? No. They were under surveillance by TPTB, who were looking for an edge for their favorite horse at the time, BO.

            I’ve always said this surveillance grid IS NOT FOR US!

          • Wideawake, et al: Looks like I hit a nerve with the room-temp IQ folks by telling the truth about the sins of the Republican Party. Dems are bigger reprobates, but your Republicans are sicko-scum bags too. I noticve that those that preach the loudest are the most disturbed folks; Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, and Jimmy Swaggart come to mind, so cut out the holier-than-thou crap you morons.

          • Aug 29, 2012 … State Sen. Shirley Huntley was arrested this morning and pleaded not guilty to charges that she allegedly funneled taxpayer money

            Racine, Wisconsin Mayor Gary Becker was planning on going to the Obama inauguration party next week. But his plans have been cut short because of a little legal trouble — namely he was trying to hook up with what he believed to be a 14-year old girl that he met on the Internet. The AP, who broke the story I read, spent 281 words to describe the charges against Mayor Becker. But guess which word they intentionally omitted from their story?

            Yep — DEMOCRAT.

            Barack Obama’s 2008 Iowa New Media Director was arrested Friday for attempting to use the identities of Secretary of State Matt Schultz, and/or his brother Thomas, with the intent to falsely implicate the Secretary Schultz in illegal or unethical behavior

            Of course you can’t forget Marion Barry smoking crack with a prostitute!!!

            A young unknown democrat ran uncontested for that seat in illinois became president then the (democrat)govenor got arrested for trying to sell that seat to the highest bidder. Obama then added more $$$ to the national debt than all presidents combined including Bush jr. and because of that and many other terrible policies the american people are hoping to change presidents. Thank GOD he only has a few months left as president.

          • Got more Republitards here than I thought, 7+ and 18-! Hey you morons; the items on my post are verifiable FACTS, not opinions, and they were on every channel, even FOX. I know many of you suffer from low IQs (70-95 range) from too much inbreeding, but you’re showing your ignorance for all to see. There’s no way to be kind about folks who argue against facts: you’re a bunch of mental midgets who couldn’t spell GED, let alone get one.

        • For all the talk of right vs. left, Republican vs. Democrat, Conservative vs. Democrat, these are all ways of not saying what we really mean. Anyone who can approve of the abominations, outright evil and corruption that the Democrat party now openly promotes is obviously not a Christian. I know some who insist they are, but I could tell everyone I’m a toaster oven, doesn’t make it so. Only if I actually possessed the properties of a toaster oven could my claim be considered in any way to be even slightly true. Conversely, Christians have attempted to back the Republican party as it more closely resembles what they already know to be true. The problem is that it only “more closely resembles”, and many are already claiming that the R party needs to start trying to appeal to a broader demographic (in other words, compromising principles).

          Unfortunately, many of us still have not learned that we cannot put our faith in any man, woman, or government. Even one that was constructed with the very best of intentions. There is only one true king. I think it best to focus on Him. We know for certain things are going to get really bad eventually. Even if the U.S. somehow turned around, became economically sound and responsible, the entire Democrat party was jettisoned for being illegitimate and treasonous, which it obviously is, and those currently in power jailed for the rest of their lives…the end is still going to come.

      9. Well the UN is going to monitor our voting booths to make sure the conservatives are not intimidating the voters.

        That is just like the Radical Islamics monitoring the Christians in Libia and Egypt.

        • Where is this? I’m curious. It’s funny I wore am FBI hat ( my niece is an agent and got me one ) o the voting booth in 08 and 10 and both times the poll worker asked me if there was a problem like I was there to investigate. I appreciate paranoid pole workers. In late 1990’s I heard rumor of democrats bussing a load of Hispanics from polling place to polling place to cast ballots for pre identified registries they knew would not be showing up ( cause they were dead ). A few of us tried with great passion to find them but it never happened.

          Yes it occurs, but it’s not as big a deal as we might like to think. I worry less about people cheating at the polls then the counters / machines doing their masters bidding.

          • Hey,Jim wearing that hat you are walking a fine line of pretending to be a LEO. Just a warning.

            • Moman,
              I have a hat that says porn star.
              I wore it to a topless bar with a bachelor party.
              I think I was walking a fine line as well.
              I was not breaking a law by being in there.
              Nor did my hat intimidate any patrons that I could tell.
              The FBI hat might.might. I say Might! Intimidate someone who wasn’t supposed to be voting.
              Why does that bother you?

        • Mona…Since Iran has the Second largest group of Jewsih residents, compared to Isrel, with the number one largest ammount of Jewsih folks.

          Do you think irans muslims also monitor them too in iran?

          Gee I wonder if anybody told benji netanyhaoo about the Mid easts second largest grouping of jewish folks is located in the same nation Benji desires to carpet bomb into oblivion?…That being Iran.

          ps… Isreali IDF-army continue to whack alot of Christians who Reside along side muslims in Palastine.

          Do you know of that Mona?

      10. “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

      11. The U.N. is sending international monitors to our cities to monitor voting places

        this is screwed up~~~!!!!

        • Yes and if Barry boy wins, they’ll be sending monitors into your home to see if you are hoarding some of “The People’s Food”.

          “Show us your papers!”

        • The UN presence is proof positive of the banana republic that we are turning in to. Obama must be giddy.

      12. Mac, I love yout posts on this blog and appreciate everything you do to inform and educate the public. I had to comment on this post, because I fear that you are missing some important problems and challenges related to the requirement of government issued ID to vote.

        Your arguments are compelling and it would be nice if we could require photo ID to help ensure the validity of all votes. Please allow me to describe one possible scenario where your logic is problematic. There are many (probably millions) of currently eligible voters who have no photo ID and have enjoyed their right to vote for many years. Many of those without ID also have no birth certificate or no birth record of any kind. How is this possible? I expect that many of these people were born at home without the benefit of a hospital or midwife as was common decades ago. In this situation, it takes significant effort and a visit to one or more government offices in order to establish birth records, citizenship, etc.

        So it’s not as simple as waiving fees and offering free ID. The eligable voters without ID are often elderly, sick, infermed, shut-in, or otherwise unable to leave their place of residence. They may not have easy access to transportation. They may not know how to locate their birth records or otherwise establish their identity as required for being issued a government issed ID. Besides voting, they likely have no other reason to need a photo ID.

        So, you see, in many cases, requiring a photo ID to vote results in disenfranchisement, because these voters would more likely give up their right to vote than go through the trouble to become eligable under these new photo ID laws that are being passed.

        Another obvious argument is that the requirement for photo ID can only help prevent in-person voter fraud. There have been few documented cases of in-person voter fraud, so these voter ID laws are preventing a crime that rarely happens. Even if there was a problem with in-person vote fraud, the voter ID requirement would only help reduce the risk of this particular fraud, but would leave many other avenues for illigitamate votes to be cast. In other words, you cannot require a photo ID for absentee ballots, and you cannot easily prevent voters from voting in multiple districts.

        Hopefully this clarifies the problem a little further for you and your readers. We must all carefully consider how important it is to avoid hinderances to our most charished right to vote and our ability to perform our civic duty.

        • Calvin. I have elderly parents who were both born at home many mnay many years ago. They both have SS cards and both receive SS checks. While my father has a drivers license from the days when he used to drive my mother has never drove and never had a DL license but she does have an in-state picture ID card.

          It is not to much to ask of anyone that wants to vote. You have to show ID for everything else including cashing a check (even anSS check) so why not to VOTE?

          • Calvin Per your logic(?) then since cops arresting “Some” party store thiefs, yet many are Never caught, cops should not bother to arrest bank robbers eh?….Nor shop-lifter thiefs neither eh?

            Also main culprits dems want votes from, and the people are eager to cheat and vote illeagly are them Illeagle Imigrants mexicans….And they all have babies born in Hospitals so they Can get a recorded live birth and qualify for FREE shit galore for lifetime!

            ps them baby factorys(mex moms) visit our hospitals(without And money to pay!) between 400,000 to 650,000 times Per Year to give birth to “anchor” babys.

            I think you highly exagerate to state Millions aint got no birth certs etc!…get real…Typical liberal twisting of words or facts….

            Calvin= Enabler types…

            • under 350000 or about 8% from the actual numbers of births in the us.I rather rounded up because there were less then 4 mill births last year in the us and illegals count for 8% of that. So I just took the 4 mil number and ran with it because it was rounding up not down:) O and that is ALL ILLEGALS not just mexican ones 🙂

        • Where I live you dont need a photo iD.
          You can even register to vote on election day. Many people dont have photo ID. But almost any old person, Invalid, Shut in so on and so forth does have a SSN and most have statements from Soscial security showingwho they are. This combined with a utility bill, deed, lease or other such localized document shows location and allows them to register.
          I am completly against many of the voter ID scheems because I think they are more about reducing your freedoms but I am for people proving that they have the RIGHT to vote. Its not hard.
          When I worked in California I watched many times busses comming to constructon sites that I worked at and picking up all the illegal and go off to vote.

        • Calvin,

          Bullshit. You cannot hardly function in America without an ID. The idea that people are “disenfranchised” if they are required to prove who they are to “vote”, is a farce.

        • Really? No identification required for SS or disability checks? No identification required for starting an account to cash those checks?


      13. ID is so necessary in a country like our that has such open borders. And while we are at it I would like to see each person also provide a copy of his or her last years tax’s to prove that they actualy have the right to vote. You have to be one of the ones paying into the system to decide how your money is used. Not one of the ones who don’t pay anything (47%). Thats like giving a fox a vote on how the hen house security should be set up.

        And don’t give me that “I pay sales tax”. Not the same thing. Maybe on a state level but not on a federal level.

        • Sorry bud, that 47% is a talking point of the plutocrat elite, a distraction. Quit falling for it, especially when you will likely be in that group very soon. Don’t take my word for it, just wait and see for yourself.

          • hey they forgot that alot of that 47% did pay into the system and are retired, they like to forget thier moms and dads and soon some of them will be recieving this or not the way shit is going there will be no SS. They forget some of that 47% are vets who are now disabled. We support our troops eh?

            • AnonLegion,

              You may have a point on that SS and SSDI. However watching yesterday that 108 year old WW2 veteran having some lady filling out his ballot you have to ask yourself if at 108 a person has the cognitive powers toi make an inteligent decision. Then take the disabled, how many of them are to disabled to vote? Same thing with the wounded vets. (I am a vet)

              So ,maybe in the cases where some one has earned the right either by working all of thier lifes and paing into the system for all those years or you are disabled maybe there should be some type of competency test. I am not trying to mean about this but should the old, infirmed and mentaly incompetent be able to have a say in what is best for a country in a world that has passed them by? Is it fair that a caretaker gets two votes?

            • Honestly everyone should be given the test not just old or disabled. Most people vote by party. Almost everyone I have been debating this election with as to who would be better, ( SHAMELESS PLUG TIME: Gary Johnson 2012 :)have no damn clue about the person they are voting for. All they know are what they hear on fox news or cnn or some attack ad, none even try to look at it from both sides, and then go look for outside the box information places, to get more of the story then the one sided. You are right we do need these tests but we need them for everyone, specially those running for office after all they are the ones that got us into this shit storm 🙂

      14. just more proof to me that its a sham

      15. Sorry, folks, but you are missing the point. There is virtually NO voter fraud in this country, but there is plenty of election fraud.

        It has nothing to do with showing an ID to vote–that’s a false flag to draw your attention away from what’s really going on.

        It has to do with hacking the electronic machines, throwing away paper ballots, creating confusing ballots, throwing people off the voter rolls for no reason, and screwing around with voter registration. Not to mention giving people the wrong information about who can vote and where you’re supposed to vote…and moving the voting machines out of the precinct, leaving only a few machines, so you have to stand on line for six hours.

        Finally, you ought to wonder why only Republicans are passing voter ID laws….

        • Well said, thanks.

        • Because it is the demon rats that get Illegals to vote for them. And it was The dems that were caught by the stings in many states showing people how to vote in multiple states and multiple times.

          If anyone thinks that having to show an id and prove who you are to be able to vote is anything but proper, I have to say you are the real problem.

          This argument is absolutely ridiculousness.

          Same as us having to prove the joke in the white house is eligible, instead of him being required to do it.


        • Right on point. One thing I see happening is the divide that we American’s have allowed. United we stand Divided we fall. Well we are all being divided between left and right and for some reason, which I especially do not understand within the prepper community, we are falling for it. I hope all of you understand one very important thing, both candidates are owned by the same 5 corporations and so their alliances are not to the American people.

          The one thing I see happening however is this: Obama wins and the upper and middle class get pissed but have too much to loose to make much of a stink or do any kind of rioting. They will try to get involved and change things at the local level governments. They have a little more money and education to make a difference locally and move up within the system, republican or otherwise. Now Romney wins: There are going to be people that have nothing to loose pissed off. These people are going to be more likely to riot, commit crimes, go after what they think are the “1%” and due to lack of education will not understand the true problem is. This could cause devastation especially in inner city areas. Innocent people will get killed, it could cause the breakdown we all fear (well most of us fear). I hope I am wrong.

          But at this point the desperation is growing and more middle class families are falling into poverty because even if the jobs are coming back they do not pay a living wage. The cost of energy food and gas is taking money away everyday from the middle class families and this is not going to change because the POTUS does.

          Stop allowing the government to divide the people, quit falling for this. Look at the numbers 47% to 47%, could we be more divided. And the f’d up thing is they are dividing us between the same evil entity. I refuse to fall for this any longer.

        • salon.com/2011/09/27/votinghack/

          Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011 07:01 AM CDT
          Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control

          I’m NOT voting; I refuse to be part of this charade.
          TPTB know already who is chosen.

        • Election fraud might be a bigger threat than voter fraud, but if you think voter fraud doesn’t happen, you weren’t paying attention to Racine County in the last recall election in Wisconsin. That state senate seat was out-and-out stolen, handing the majority back to the Public-Sector Unions…whoops, I meant to say Democrats.

        • Sharonsj …Why only repubs?…Easy answer…Because ONLY African Black Panther negroes are dressed in WWII Russian Kommie army uniforms, and holding Police Batons in hands.

          Visably and Vocally(loudly) Intimidating White Voters, especially Elderly whites at dozens of vote locations.

          Whats worse?….Show ID to vote?..

          OR: Africans Intimidating/Threats against white voters at Pools?

          ps…I hope this time around if african black panther types do it again, that dozens of Bad assed Huge biker type Whites go front them off and if necessary…..Kick monky ass.

        • Sorry Sharon…I grew up in the Chicago area…you have no clue about the amount of both voter and election fraud that goes on there…

          It’s a running joke for a reason…

          • Illeagles voters was main reason for them massive mexican illeagles rallys prior to 2008 election cycle.

            It was shown and Admited to by Cspan tv when the head guy promotor and Union conection was Bragging to cspan callers/viewers how them Rallys were a Front to use mex owned party stors etc, as stop-off locations en route of protests.

            Illeagles went into stores where Union dems and LaRaza(in english=The RACE! Picture a white org saying “The Race”!!)

            And tables were set up to seat and Register illeagles to Vote. Then vote reg card is sent via us mail to residence of illeagles and they now got vote reg id as if were a citizen with actual right to vote.

            They also gave a choice to get Mail in votes if preferred!

            No method to check mail in vote for fraud as long as illeagle Is registered as true voter resident citizen.

            I seen that mexican pro illeagle guy say it live on cspan tv. Soon as he started to say it and brag…he stopped short and mumbled of making a mistaken statement etc!

            The cspan lady host reminded him what he said. But then took another dem caller and switched subject as if nothing was spoken!

            These bastards probobly had 10 Million illeagle mexicans vote for obammy. if not More yet!

            How long has MSM been saying “America now has almost 11 million illeagles here”?…15 yrs now is how long!

            Better Add in an xtra 1 1/2 million Per yr every year.

            Theres only One thing will fix these problems now…Cast votes sure aint it!

            And all the enablers bleeding hearts who make tons of excuses for illeagles or black scam voters etc, go on laugh now….Just you wait!…Enablers=Traitors.

      16. Just your everyday TPTB MSM demonizing anyone who believes in America.
        They did the same thing with the Tea Party people who put up billboards showing Navy Seal memebers with the caption, “We got rid of one threat to America, now it’s time for Americans to remove the other threat”.
        The ones who are awake all ready know what America will be getting this election, just smole and mirrors with a new packaging with a slight twist.
        Regardless of the outcome, there will be fraud 200%, finger pointing, name calling, and a whole lot of the same old sh*t!
        The legs of Lady Liberty are growing weaker by the day. How much more can this country take?
        The seed of divide and conquer is thrown in your face every single day. Wake up America and smell what our Government has been shoveling!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • The only threat to this country is the .01% (yeah, check it) elite who consider themselves “global” and no longer have any allegiance to any country.

      17. If anyone out there has any doubt about the rape of the Constitution they are either in total denial or total psychopaths!! This is yet another symptom of our decaying rights, that billboard is NOT offensive in any way, shape or manner, yet the liberals scream foul!!! American civil liberties are a thing of the past, we are NOT a free nation, we are a nation being robbed blind by a pack of deceitful, money grabbing, self serving, pandering, and the most corrupt government officials ever to exist at any time in history! Tell me I’m wrong, you know that to be the truth! America, what are you pretending not to know?

      18. Look at it this way, if Barry wins, we will have billbords of Marx/Lenin/Obozo everywhere you go…now that’s offensive!

        Just like, “Back in the USSR-You don’t know how lucky you are boy-back in the US,back in the USSR”.

      19. Right on spot CJM!

        The United States of America has become the most corrupt nation on earth. We are now morally, financialy, politicaly and ethicaly bankrupt. Our political system has strayed so far from the original intent of our founding fathers it is unrecoganizable. Finacialy the powers to be have turned the American people into slaves. Ethicaly, well there are no ethics in play any longer. Moraly, what is the definition of morality today? Religion is constantly under attack by shock attention individuals who want a moment of fame. All of what we Americans once considered the norm has been twisted and turned to fit the financial systems and minorities desires of the day. In essence our system has been corrupted in the name of political correctness and the greed of politicians.

      20. BigB, have you ever been to Mexico or Central America? Yes we are becoming more and more corrupt in our political process, but “THE MOST CORRUPT NATION IN THE WORLD”?…..I don’t think so.

        However, I could not agree with you more on the focus of your post, we certainly are going to hell.

        Remember, as the late Francis Schafer said, “We live in post-Christian America”.

        • As a matter of fact I have been to Mexico and travelled around the world. The United States not so many years ago was the greatest place on earth but in the last 30 years we have been transformed into a place unrecogizable to our founding fathers. The thing about it is that we have been transformed by manipulators who have led us down a slippery slope but being Americans we felt we have been above all the others and sanity would some how find its way back into our world. But it has not!

          I still believe we can get back there just not under the present system. God help us all.

          • You are correct, sir. This mirrors my experience.

            • I was a Missionary in Central America and Mexico for 15 years and we are far from becoming either.

        • I do believe that was released as propaganda to maybe sway Republicans to stay home??

      21. not a real believer in the myan thing but boy is this country sure going to the crapper,i cant believe we have a president in office that has never worked a day in his life and had to resign being a lawyer instead of being disbarred worked with acorn fraud loans to people who couldnt afford to pay them back before even getting them,his wife gets a clothes allowence more than almost everyone in u.s makes let alone there vacations all paid by you and me,how about all those on goverment assist. and we suppose to be in recovery….YEA…if he was white hed be kicked out already..but dont worry romney isnt any better..and this is the two we get to vote for because noone wanted someone that could fix things(ron Paul)talk about fraud our country is nothing but fraud…if your saying if you dont like it move,GIVE ME A PLANE TICKET IM OUTTA HERE

      22. This is a clear indication to all Americans that the rights you thought you have are gone, taken from you and will not be returned. Each and everyone of you are free human beings that have the right to breath, eat, laugh, love and prosper ! Knowing this you also need to understand that one day soon you will have to stand your ground and possibly die to keep those rights. The good old U.S.A. Is ” Under(U) Strategic (S) Attack (A) and all of us in this nation and world will be the victims. Learn to stand your ground even as uncomfortable as it may be, share your values in the open Instead of whispering them, make those accountable to you be accountable. Then and only then through generations will your children and there children possibly be free again to enjoy the splendors that our Lord Jesus Christ gave to us.

      23. FYI All,

        A M-5.0 Solar flare was recorded by NOAA about 40 minutes ago. The apparent source is the newly numbered NOAA 11598 which just rotated into view yesterday. During the course of the next 3 days this region will steadily move into an ever more geo-effective position so any activity at this point starts becoming a cause for some concern. If anyone has followed the dialogue between BI and myself over the last few days you’ll note that we’re both seeing an excess of activity of late…NOT neccesarily ‘Ginormous’ as yet but still excess. Eyes and Ears open everyboby, God Bless

      24. Time for some serious change, purge the leadership and start from scratch

        • Sure…but how do you purge the ignorance and apathy of the majority of the American populace??

          We, as a nation, get the leaders we deserve…

      25. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!! Yeah right. Go vote get your little sticker “I voted”. Then go home take two pain in the A$$ pills and bend over. Isn’t our government wonderful. Thats just me for what it’s worth!

        • COPPERHEAD:….I will answer your other article post to me Here as it is eaiser ok…

          I took your advice to read Romans ch 11 etc…

          I Also checked out Galatians and found this which may intrest you, and show you what I was trying to convey as to bless isreal/jews as you said is mandatory of christians etc.

          This should clear up the mistaken beliefe of that.

          Know then that it is those of faith who are the sons of Abraham. [8] And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying, “In you shall all the nations be blessed.” – Galatians 3:7,8 (ESV)

          And as Jesus is the true Israel and Seed of Abraham, the promises of God were made not to natural Israel, but to Abraham and to Christ, for again it is written in the Scriptures:

          Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say, “And to offsprings,” referring to many, but referring to one, “And to your offspring,” who is Christ. – Galatians 3:16 (ESV).

          There is one plan of redemption throughout history, by faith in Christ, the faith of Abraham, for it is also written in Scripture:

          For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. [28] There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. [29] And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise. – Galatians 3:27-29 (ESV)

          Thus there is only one true Israel, Jesus Christ, and none other; one redemptive plan of salvation throughout all history; one Gospel; one people of God –the Church, the Israel of God-by faith having been united to Jesus Christ, the true Israel and made heirs according to the promise of God.

          For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory. – 2 Corinthians. 1:20 (ESV) [emphasis mine].

          AND: This will verify as to Location/Lands etc…

          Jesus said to her,

          “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father. [22] You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. [23]

          “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. [24] God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” – John 4:21-24

          Here, for the first time in the history of history, God tells us that earthly Jerusalem will no longer retain spiritual significance. Jesus tells us the time for that truth had arrived. That hour “is now here.”

          Under the Gospel, earthly places like Jerusalem no longer hold distinction as a spiritual place of worship.

          The time when men were to go to the temple in Jerusalem, attend feasts and observe outward ceremonies under the old covenant were now forever dismissed with the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus to the Father, with redemption of the elect now completed.

          God is seeking worshippers from every place, from every tribe and tongue to worship Him. Where one worships is no longer spiritually significant, the important thing is how, in “spirit and truth.”

          4:20 “…on this mountain.”

          Both Jews and Samaritans recognized that God had commanded their forefathers to identify a special place for worshipping Him (Deuteronomy. 12:5). The Jews, recognizing the Hebrew canon, chose Jerusalem (2 Samuel. 7:5-13; 2 Chronicles. 6:6).

          The Samaritans, recognizing only the Pentateuch, noted that the first place Abraham built an altar to God was at Shechem (Genesis. 12:6,7), which was overlooked by Mt. Gerizim, where the Israelites had shouted the blessings promised by God before they entered the Promised Land (Dueteronomy. 11:29,30).

          As a result, they chose Mt. Gerizim for the place of their temple.

          4:21 “…neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem.”

          There was no reason to debate locations, since both places would be obsolete soon and neither would have any role to play in the lives of those who genuinely worship God. Jerusalem would even be destroyed with its temple in 70 A.D.

          In one fell swoop, our Lord Jesus lets every child of Zion know with certainty, the entire company of the redeemed by way of the Gospel, that the spiritual significance of earthly Jerusalem in Palestine, along with the spiritual significance of every nation, is obliterated forever.

          Under the New Covenant, through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the effectual calling of God, peoples from every tribe and tongue join the mystical community of faith, the Church! Glorious truth!

          • @M: Thank You for clearing this up. Again Thx.

            • Copperhead…You are welcome, and also I am sorry if I beforehand came off too mean sounding. I guess I get somewhat fed up or pissed at times when the issue revolves around todays many misguided christian folks who are good folks, but just their heads are messed up by fake pastors or wolves n sheeps clothes we been warned of.

              Like I stated prior, I do not hate anyone as individuals. I do Hate what many evil types has done and still doing to Us and america as a nation.

              And once any person gets wide awakened to who or what is doing it all, well truth proves some groups has alot higher percentages of membership who are that evil part.

              Wish it werent so…..But it is what it is eh. Our job as Patriots and Christians both is to speak out truth based on facts. The bible tells us ahead of time to expect to be hated or smeered for speaking truth. So be it…Without facts and truth what is left?….America today is whats left.

              Anyways no hard feelings I hope. And I do read what you write and do believe your posts make for valid info thats usually very helpfull etc…Thanks again.

      26. Voting is NOT a right. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say a person has a ‘RIGHT’ to vote.

        This country would be in a lot better shape if restrictions and eligibility requirements were imposed on the privledge of voting.

        • Democracy is nowhere in the constitution either yet we’ll start wars behind that. This whole thing is just a distraction anyway. It doesn’t matter who gets to live in the White House, nothing for you is gonna change. The real question is, do you like your fucking Mormon or mulatto!

        • You need to have skin in the game to vote. First, prove that you are a natural born citizen. Second, that you are a land owner and your taxes are current. Third, you must be 21 years of age. Fourth, You graduated from High School. Fifth, you don’t live in Chicago. (just kidding)

          These few steps would clean up the process.

      27. While I was voting the other day, a middle aged black woman was also voting. She cast her ballot and then moved to a second terminal to vote there.

        The man running the place immediately caught her and told her that “she can’t do that, it’s voting twice”.

        She had a second card – she had taken the voter card of an elderly woman she came with and was planning to vote for her (the old lady was sitting in the lobby).

        She got very testy and downright disrespectful with the poll worker and told him that the “woman out there” told her she could vote for the elderly lady and that he should “go check with her”. He started toward the door and as soon as he passed through the doorway, she ran to the second machine to cast her second ballot.

        He saw her out of the corner of his eye and came flying back in yelling at her to leave, telling her that she cannot do that. She grumbled & complained & argued and eventually left the room. About that time I left too so I’m not sure how this all panned out in the end. I suspect the elderly lady was mentally incapable of voting – she seemed like she had alzheimers.

        10 guesses as to who this lady was planning to vote twice for.

        Folks, voter fraud is RAMPANT.

        Both of my grandparents passed in the last 3 years. I double checked the voter registration in Florida to make sure they were un-registered (they are). I wanted to make sure that they didn’t posthumously vote for obama.

        The communists & marxists & welfare crowd will do anything to ensure obama is re-elected.

        • This was a very good situation where all of us should take notice while casting our votes. If you see something say something, it makes the cheaters uncomfortable when all eyes are on them. Stand up and be heard or forever live with the circumstances.

        • You should here the venomous comments whenever Romney appears on the TV in the brerak room at my workplace. I am not a Romney fan, but the venom spewed is frightening. So much for “tolerance”. If Obama loses, I expect at least some rioting and looting, with the excuse that the election was stolen.

      28. You can not trust the method of voting on a machine. The vote can and will be manipulated electronically. What other reason would this type of voting be acceptable?

        • If you don’t mind me asking you Comrade, what part of the Kremlin do you post from? Is Moscow cold this time of year? Please give my very best to Vlad and tell him that the KGB’s plan of putting a half black/white useful idiot in the White house is working as planned.

          • Rev ike…Dont laugh since if usa had russias vote systems wouldnt be no cheats!

            For last russian main election a few months ago(july2012?) Putin spent $50 million to install poll places cameras in litterally every polling station across russia. All live feed to internet too. 1/2 Million camaras!

            From towns of 20 folks in siberia outback, to Moscow(pop 13 Million ?)….And kep in mind…Russia is a full THREE times the size of america! in land mass!

            Then russia let aprox. 120,000 Poll watchers from russia And a hundred other nations and the UN etc to be observers.

            They went to Clear tuperware type bins completely see thru even if viewed on tv news!

            And strictly All Paper ballots with Indelible Ink markers(majik markers) like old usa ballots were long ago.

            The entirer vote process due to huge size of nation took aprox. 23 hrs non stop. It was broadcast on LIVE Tv there and other nations. Plus it was online video live feeds too.

            Billions worlwide looked at russias last vote. ZERO Fraud.

            Most anything international observers demanded…Were Met without problems. Vladimer Putin truely ran 100% free and Fair elections state wide in russia. He also Won with as I recall…68% of all votes.

            I been doing research on russia and putin alor the last few yrs. Its still difficult to say for certain, perhaps we can never know for certain with Any nations polititions etc…

            But so far Russia under Putin, along with the Return of Orthodox Christianity,(after nearly a century of atheisim due to bolshevik.zio kommies tribe ruination of russia etc).

            But so far Russia is returning to a Mainly White Christain based Nationaly aware country, alot like America used to be.

            Putin has booted out mobster banksters or corp types. And them he aint gave the Boot to, is now in Prison for 25-40yr terms!

            Sadley, most was booted out and came Here to usa. MSM calls them “Russian Mafia”…Thats only 1/2 true….The Russian 1/2 is truth…Mafia should be changed to Sinagougue to be more acurate.

            It looks as if russia keeps on track as is currently, in another decade or Less probobly, russia Will be what America was 50+ yrs ago prior to progressive(komies) ruining all most here hold dear etc.

            PS When I said a Christian based nation, I do not mean Only such or forced to be christian or any such nonsence. I meant it more as in how usa was, prior to, the 1960’s till todays america in Ruins nearly.

            The same people who ruined russia from 1917 to 1991, Are the ones doing it Here in america and to Us folks. Only difference is they Cannot do the violent murderous methods of murdering 100+ million americans as was done in russia.

            At least not the same way as there. But with 100 yrs of advanced tech and meds etc available, like GMO’s foods etc…They stil may end up exterminating as many or More of Us here as done to russia eh…Time will tell I rekon.

            Hopefully Our folks will mass awaken in time to Thwart these disgusting Evil minded bastards…..I sure hope so.

            If Rule .308 is what it takes?….So be it. We got zero to lose. Lots to defend and Preserve!

        • Most of the people now complaining about electronic voting are the same ones who demanded it several years ago. I do not intend to paint AL with that brush. It was always easy to see how electronic voting was just made to accomodate fraud.




        Las Vegas is more honest than the ameriKan voting system .

        IT’S ALL RIGGED … and one big NWO U.N. ZOG FREEMASON MORMON ZIO-CHRISTIAN national criminal corrupt political mafia scam fraud !!!



          • Hacking Democracy

            is a 2006 documentary film by producer Robert Carrillo Cohen and producer / directors Russell Michaels and Simon Ardizzone, shown on HBO. Filmed over three years it documents American citizens investigating anomalies and irregularities with ‘e-voting’ (electronic voting) systems that occurred during the 2000 and 2004 elections in the U.S.A., especially in Volusia County, Florida. The film investigates the flawed integrity of electronic voting machines, particularly those made by Diebold Election Systems, and the film culminates dramatically in the on-camera hacking of the in-use / working Diebold election system in Leon County, Florida.

            In 2007 Hacking Democracy was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.

          • Was that 5 or 6 sniffs you gave yourself. Lost count on this one.

            • @fbp … Piss Off DimTard .

            • Please get your handler to give you a new phrase. It was more fun when there is a variety

      30. Off topic.

        BBC news tonight.

        Haiti cholera outbreak that caused 7000 deaths came via a Nepalese source from a United Nations facility.

        My Grandparents never trusted the UN. Hopefully the report will be available soon for you to view via the BBC website as I’d really appreciate hearing your views from a prepping perspective.

        • UN Perspective?…Ok…the UN is Proof McVeigh chose the Wrong building!

      31. …fool us twice, shame on us. If Barry Soetoro wins again we deserve what’s coming.

        • There should be an “Action Plan” if Barry finds a way to cheat his way back into the White House.

          It’s “Do or Die time for America”.

          Crap, according to the TSA we’re all Terrorists anyway and they sure as hell are prepping for “something” by buying all those guns and ammo.

          Go down gamble’n….works for me

          • Yes, I really mean DO or DIE! (for our home, America)

        • Have you taking the time to read it. Or are you just raking in the money for each of us that click it.

          • ;0)

            • @fbp … is like h e r p e s you can never get rid of him . ;0P

            • Very true. Oh but it was a good try.

      32. Yes this question needs to be asked..

        I found this surfing the web, not my words but my sentiments and awareness..there are things that have and always will bug me about this government and this is one of those things

        So, here’s a statement for Mittens on foreign policy for the Gunwalker-in-Chief for tonight
        Mr. President, you said you were waiting foe the Office of Inspector General”s report on the Fast and Furious Scandal which used the resources of the ATF to put so-called assault weapons in the hands of Mexican drug lords before you took action. The report has been out for weeks now, you’ve still done nothing and the culpable members of your administration are still drawing paychecks, hiding behind your assertion of executive privilege.

        I have a promise, not a question. If you haven’t revoked the executive privilege order that is keeping Brian Terry’s mother from finding out how her son died by the time you leave office in January, then if the American people give me the chance, I will. There are also hundreds of Mexican mothers waiting for the same answers.

        History, Mr. President, will judge you and so will the mothers of the victims of Fast & Furious.

      33. Should be WhiteOut.Press

        • Pity the fools. Coco is back.

          • @FBP
            Have been in the “Medical Business” for a good long time, I had to take some abnormal psych classes.

            The best way to deal with crazy folks is not to argue with them or try to take away their delusions. Just let’m rant, as long as they are not hurting themselves or others.

      34. It is happening in broad day light; reduced to the candidates they want you to vote over, and then manipulation of the electoral college against the popular vote. The vote is a pacifier to make you think you count and have influence in the decision process. George Carlin was right; it’s a big club, and you’re not in it.

      35. So how do these people go to a doctor’s office or hospital? I always have to show my ID when I check in. They usually make a copy of it to put in my file. I don’t know how they can get by without having a picture ID.

        • it is because they have picture id, just not one with thier address on it. IE: work ID, school ID, Military ID.
          Military ID is not one of the ID’s they will allowed to be used.

      36. “It’s big club, and you ain’t in it !!!” – George Carlin

      37. @ BI,

        Just backtracked to your last response. Traipse over to Wikipedia and look up ‘Eta Carinae’. It ‘s the one nearest in our ‘neighbothood’ that’s of most concern broadly. This isn’t to say that it’s the ONLY concern; far from it. Afterwards, search Wiki on ‘GRB’ and follow through…the explanation is far better than I would be able to muster. Suffice it to say that where the GRB’s are concerned we could be ELE’d from a sickeningly huge distance…but it’s all an issue of probabilty, and thankfully that’s low.

        • @JustOneGuy. Eta Carinae is about 8000 light years away and probably WHEN it goes supernova, if it has not already blown up because light is 8000 years old that we see, will likely be too far away to do much to the planet. I would be more concerned about something within a few hundred light years that would likely inudate the planet with gamma rays. It has been speculated that highest extinction rate 95% of all life during the later stages of the Paleozoic Era about 250 million years ago was the result of a gamma ray pulse. They are not sure of this, but it would seem likely that should an event could cause this. Also a mega solar flare, something that many people do not realize could flood the planet with a catastrophic radiation storm. Many times in the past airlines have been grounded because of extreme levels of radiation at higher altitudes. Rare mega, mega, mega SHTF events, but they do happen.

          • Hi BI,

            Firstly a news flash, I sent this in earlier but the board here seemed to have ‘Et the durn’ thing!’

            At approximately 03:17 UTC an X-1.8 magnitude Solar flare was recorded by the NOAA GOES 14/15 satellites. The relative position of the origin, NOAA 11598 is still well to the east of the solar polar meridian, hence it is likely that the bulk of any ejecta will pass the Earth across the planet’s trailing orbital path. As yet, no increase in solar proton flux has been observed, always a good sign thusfar.
            In fact, Eta Carinae id the ONE which most worries those of us who follow on such things. It is a candidate for what is called a hyper-nova – for various reasons – and in any event (if the concern is GEB’s and those processes that generate them) then unfortunately distance doesn’t mean a whole lot. We used to beleive that the energy emmited during the genitive process was radially, symmetrically distributed…this turns out not to be the case. Instead, when and at such time as anyone of the associated events which lead to GRB’s actually occur there appears to be a bi-radial emission from the region which is about the equivalent of a par of rifles strapped buttstock-to-buttstock fird at exactly the same instant in opposite directions. The emission is EXTREMELY directional, almost, but not quite laser-like. As such the effective distance that such a monstrous event could ‘reach out and touch someone is…vast.
            If it happened that a hyper-nova, or simialr process all the way over in M21 – Andromeda – happpened to be axially aligned exactly along a line intersecting the Earth when it detonated we could very well have another mass extinction here again. Yup, it’s THAT potent. Again, swing by over at Wikipedia and look up ‘GRB’ or ‘Gamma ray burster’ the explanation they give is very thorough (if you haven’t done so already 🙂 As an answer to the implicit question, “Are there any such candidates in our local area?”, the answer would be, not to my knowledge. Keep an eye on the seismic thing for everyone – which I know you will anyway – I’ll be a little preoccupied for the next 24 hours or so trying to track down all the imaging I collect when one these things happens…..until then “Hasta Mananna, Amigoe”

            • @ JustOneGuy. I like to compare the physical world to each other, and I have watched thunderstorms for years. The building process and the fading or dying phase of a thunderstorm. Just looking at 1598 sunspot, it appears to look like that same stage that a thunderstorm goes through before building into a possible supercell. Since you have watched sunspots for years, do you feel that my observation is correct?

              IF that 1598 sucker does fire off a X-10+ it would directed at the Earth in about 2 days or so and for about 4 days after that. So the dangers for EVERYONE out there for an EMP would be 2-6 days from now. Thius is something that EVERYONE should be on alert for, just in case. Already fired off a low X-flare as you mentioned. Not a bad time for everyone to do some EMP protection of important electronics they have.

      38. I’m voting for the knucklehead in the red tie. At least he’s had a previous job.

      39. Let me say this..

        and offend at least 1/2 of you..maybe higher given the recent comments of late..
        And I welcome your reprisals..

        Just left watching the debate between circus clown 1 and circus clown 2..whom both worth work for the circus..

        You have already paid the admission price.and then some..and the show sucks..!!!

        You have forcibly been paying the price of admission since 1913 and most still pay the price of admission willingly..courtesy of the IRS..it’s your duty..it is patriotic….
        The strongarm of the federal reserve..to payoff the interest on the debt owed to your beloved central bank who has financed every war..every entitlement..every welfare program..every medicare program etc etc etc etc..

        And many of you keep on voting for your beloved white horse or black horse in shining armor to save your sorry asses..

        May God help you or the other gods assist you in your absurd blind faith in a system that has fucked you royally for thousands of years..

        Fools all who even believe in this nonsense..of a fairy tale

        You are but the same children who subscribe to the Easter bunny Santa clause..or Mohammed..

        over and out


        • You make me sic possee.

        • Quit catching and come over to the winning side. I have not lived a thousand years. One will speed it up and control you. The other will slow it down and tax you.

        • What system and who’s thousands of years?

          • The system is called usury and it’s been around for a long, long, long time.

        • Possee: Romney doesn’t have any more plan than Obama. Where will either get the money when there is NO GDP – from continued monetary expansion, increased taxes, and fed bank loans for whatever excuses suit TPTB. Communists quit buying t-bills and the brown faced people have decided that they would go down fightin’ rather than continue under petrodollar feudalism. QE3 is having no effect, and successive monetary expansions will tend to ever decreasing returns. It won’t stop until it crashes; the politicians are addicted.

        • You fault people for trying.

        • The comments about working for the same circus…brings to mind, the saying “…a sucker born every minute…”.

        • Possee before 1913 fed tax dates back to lincoln. It may not of stayed in effect but it goes back to then.
          and i agree we do vote over and over for the same idiots who bend us over and over.

      40. “You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”
        “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of it. You don’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Government cannot give anything to anybody that it doesn’t first take from somebody else. Whenever somebody receives something without working for it, somebody else has to work for it without receiving. The worst thing that can happen to a nation is for half of the people to get the idea they don’t have to work because somebody else will work for them, and the other half to get the idea that it does no good to work because they don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.” Adrian Rogers, 1984



        Author unknown

        • That will be one of the hardest feeling for some preppers to overcome. Many will learn the hard way and to late.

      42. Words of Wisdom
        Preparedness is expecting the unexpected.
        There are no emergencies for those who are truly prepared.
        It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
        How to do it: Re-order your priorities — get back to the basics.
        Sacrifice immediate gratification to gain long-term security.

      43. Should you tell your friends, neighbors and relatives about your preparations?

        Absolutely not. No. Never. If there is a crisis or emergency, you will want the option of inviting those whom you choose to share in your preparations. What are the alternatives? Let me quote from a famous “aftermath” reconstructionist.

        “A Just Economic System is about entitlement. All persons, in an abundant society, are entitled to subsistence. That is to say; to sufficient food, shelter, clothing and basic health care, for a reasonable standard of life. In a less than abundant society, decisions sometimes have to be made in favor of those who can contribute to the survival of the society and those who can’t or won’t.”

        “Our main concern with entitlement is, who (i. e. which entrepreneurs) are entitled to the factors of production (land, labor, existing goods)…. It is necessary that distribution of resources will be based upon value judgments as to the future possibilities present in the person….”

        “The gathering together of food supplies will be a very contentious issue, and for those few who have made prior preparation, or who happen to have control of sufficient stocks, it will be one filled with trepidation. The balance between the rights of those who have prepared, and the need to access the supplies of those who are simply hoarding, will need to be accomplished with wisdom by the Directorates.”

        Marvelous. Your preparations would be considered “hoarding” by those too lazy to prepare now!

        And of course federal politicians see individual initiative as ripe for harvesting. “The Obama administration has been plotting what can only be called a total government takeover of America.

        “On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS.” This executive order states that the President alone has the authority to take over all resources in the nation (labor, food, industry, etc.) as long as it is done “to promote the national defense” — a phrase so vague that it could mean practically anything.”

        If those quotes don’t scare you into keeping your preparations to yourself, nothing I could say would convince you….

        The first principle of warfare is to identify your friends, identify your enemies, and remember which is which.

        Proverbs 22:3:

        A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

        Proverbs 21: 20.

        In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.

        Proverbs 6:6-8

        Go to the ant, you sluggard; observe its ways and be wise! It has no commander, overseer, or ruler, yet it prepares its food in the summer; it gathers at the harvest what it will eat.

        Watchman on the wall

      44. “… a big club, and you ain’t in it …” – George Carlin

      45. Italy has gone to cuckoo land with this one: http://news.yahoo.com/7-experts-convicted-not-warning-quake-risk-213246589.html;_ylt=A0PD2JclIYZQjhMAkQEbANEA;_ylu=X3oDMTQ2Zjk3dDc2BG1pdANBcnRpY2xlIFNlY3Rpb24gU2NpZW5jZQRwa2cDNDE4MmNlOTItNGJiMi0zYTQyLThlY2QtNzExZGIzNjEwNmExBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnlfY29rZQR2ZXIDZWZjYWZlZjEtMWM5MS0xMWUyLWI3M2QtZDAzODA5MTllN2I2;_ylg=X3oDMTNhdGJuc2FpBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDNzFlZmQyMDAtYWRhMS0zZmIyLWE5ZWUtZWIxNjAzZWIwYTYxBHBzdGNhdANzY2llbmNlfHNwYWNlLWFzdHJvbm9teQRwdANzdG9yeXBhZ2U-;_ylv=3

        This is like convicting someone that did not foresee a tornado coming. Until near 100% forecasting is available of natural disasters, people are going to be risk and need to take precautions anyway. IF the scientists had forewarned people, would they have listened? Probably not. Someone needs to give these people asylum in another country. Italy has gone bonkers with what little of their law system is left.

        By the way out of interesting note, there was a 5.9 in the Balleny Islands region two days before the Italy earthquake. That 6.4 in the Balleny Islands on Oct.9 of this year is still a potential for a very big earthquake. I guess if I am wrong this time the italian mafia will try to hunt me down.

      46. We have ships that go under the sea? More importantly, are they the ones that are designed to.

        What about all of the “other” important votes that come up on the ballot or are you just non voting Americans for president only…

      47. 53% Dependent on Federal Benefits Will Become Narks for the Stasi US State

        Submitted by AGXIIK:

        Chaz Napolitano is off her rocker. TPTB are hell bent on turning this country into an English speaking version of the East German Stasi spy state, complete with recruitment of every citizen in every apartment building on every block told to report on their neighbor, or else.
        Wait until the 53% of this nation’s population receiving federal benefits are told they must produce reliable leads in order to get their monthly rations. You’ll soon see people willing to do anything to keep the goodies flowing. This system worked like a charm for decades in the USSR, Cuba, North Korea and Red China.


        • Janet needs a shit moustache smeared on her lip. “Little Hitler”

      48. I have often considered billboards to try and wake the sheeple. Put them along the major interstates. Non-partisan, like ” NDAA vs Constitution” wake up people! Or ” Citizen or Subjects” With alot of founding Father’s quotes. Maybe make some people think… Lack of Resources($$$) being the biggest barrier.

      49. Typical liberal ploy. It’s not about truth with these people. The billboard was stating a truth, are we brain dead to even consider these people. Stick in there patriots.

      50. Rev. Ike,

        You seem to be a good guy in fact what I have deduced about you from your posts we have a lot in common. So I wanted to explain my earlier post regarding America being corrupt.

        The reason for my statement is not because we are worse than a bannana republic dictatership type scenario. It is because of our size and strength and the influence that we have on the rest of the world. Makes it even worse than a small really corrupt country.

        I love this country and have proved it in many ways. These experiences, I believe, give me the right to criticize, ridicule and pretty much demand corrections be made from and by my government.

        I pray every day that we dodge the bullet that has already been fired. If not I say once again we the prepper nation are the seeds of a new tomorrow.

      51. If you are doing things the legal way then you have nothing to worry about. Voter fraud is a felony. Proper identification is required to prevent voter fraud this Nov. While the council woman is running her mouth about intimidation, why she is silent on the state of her ward in Cleveland looking war-torn, covered with abandon buildings and filth in the streets with liquor, cell phones, and hair stores on every other block which do not sell nothing of nutritional value, people and children walking around using every filthy word in the book except what is part of the English language, fighting, and tearing up where they live and where working class people are INTIMIDATED to drive through the area without worried about being shot, robbed, or hijacked while on their way to work or other places. But when people (whites and blacks) call this out, they are accused of being a racist or uncle tom, when the people who are doing the accusations are truly the “racists”. Now that’s is discrimination. And the billboards are not only in black communities but in predominately white and other ethnic communities as well so stop making this a race issue.

      52. So its a good thing that we live in a nation where ID is required for every little thing?

        Not arguing the basic premise that its a grand and ridiculous irony that IDing people at the polls is “racist” when we do in fact live in a society that practically requires it for everything else,but is that really a good thing?

        Or is it something more akin to a repressive police state like East Germany?

        I would say that IDing voters is legitimate……in order to ensure a proper and fair democratic process.

        So,in the end,yes- its absolutely ass backwards that we get ID’d for everything else,but not for probably one of the most important acts a citizen takes when they participate in government.

      53. ok
        so now all these laws to prevent voter fraud have been passed

        what is going to be the effect ?

        does anybody think it will really make any difference at all?

        5 years down the road ?

        10 years down the road ?

        I just ain’t seeing it myself

      54. Archie Bunker for President .

      55. Voter fraud does not occur at the ballot, but rather in the backrooms where the votes are tabulated and both parties are guilty of this crime. Requiring ID to vote is not as much of an issue as how some states try to complicate the issuance of a voter ID card. If a sr. citizen does not have a state issued drivers license, in some states, he or she must go through hell to get a non-driver ID card. The Republican Right has determined who will most likely vote Democrat and have tried (unsuccessfully in most jurisdictions) to circumvent these people from getting the required ID. They have also tried to curtail voting times and places in order to frustrate those voters who will most likely support the Democrats, like trying to get Sunday voting made illegal in some states. They know that many African Americans go to church on Sunday and that after the service the church will usually bus the congregation to a voting poll. Making voting illegal on Sunday would have circumvented a lot of African-Americans from voting. The list goes on and on. Colorado may become another Florida as their voting records are so screwed up that as many as 45,000 citizens may not be able to vote, regardless of party affiliation. The suggestion that thousands of illegal aliens will cast a vote is a lot of nonsense. Most illegal aliens will say a mile away from a voting booth as they do not wish to be too closely examined as to their identity. Why risk being arrested as an illegal alien? Their vote, regardless for which candidate, will not change their status in the USA. So why vote? A closer look should be taken at the tabulation of the votes. Here is where the real fraud occurs. Why are some states using voting machines from companies in which the sons of Romney have invested in? Even if everything is on the up and up, the appearance of impropriety should be enough for states not to do business with these companies.
        Most states will unofficially acknowledge that there is some voter fraud in every election, but the fraud was never large enough to swing an election. This has changed in the recent past as evidenced with the re-election of Bush, when the Supreme Court determined the outcome of the election. However, nothing is as bad as the constant lies both candidates are telling the voting public. A law similar to the one requiring candidates to own a political ad should be passed, fining each party, candidate, or political group which intentionally publishes a lie. In fact, anyone caught knowingly to publish a falsehood should be prohibited from political advertising.
        Romney has only confirmed one fact for me, regardless of the issue, he will change his view to suit his supporters as clearly seen during the last debate. With the exception to the size of our Navy, Romney agreed with Obama on almost every point. In fact, he took credit for not bankrupting the US car industry, forgetting that he had previously stated that the US car industry should go bankrupt. He will also make Israel our 51st state, sending our troops to defend Israel, or attack Iran. He wants to indict the Iranian president. Great idea! Who is going to arrest him? He wants to support the Syrians in their attempt to unseat Assad, but he is not sure who the so-called freedom fighter s are. Perhaps we will once again arm people who will use our weapons against us. He knows talking points only, but he has no clear understanding of our international affairs. A neo-can in the making. Voter fraud should not be our main concern, but rather the fraud Romney is committing every day when claiming he can balance our budget and get us prosperous again. After all, 47% of the American public are free-loaders and victims. Who do you think he is talking about? You, if you are a vet, or if you are in the military, you if you are retired, you if you are disabled and again you if you are unemployed. His 1% will do just fine.

        • Obama taking care of the 47% _???

          1st year in office and the first time in the history of the United States since the Great Society was implemented: ZERO cost of living alliance. Why? No inflation…lol.

          2nd year in office: no COLA again because supposedly there was no inflation. …LMAO

          3rd year in office: again no COLA because the government said there was no inflation…. ROTFLMAO

          4th year. Finally gave a small pittance of a COLA

          For the up coming year: 1.7% a very small pittance is planned. If you get a $1200.00 a month check the increase won’t even be enough to buy a decent box of ammo.

          So, if you think the current occupant is a friend of the 47% guess again.

      56. Just when we thought that the BS could not get any more ridiculous. :-/

      57. I have been following this site for quite a while because on prepping topics this is a fantastic site. I try to steer clear of the articles and comments because some things are just a little to radical for me. That being said I felt compelled today to read and comment on this story.
        I am originally from Indiana and they have had the ID required to vote law for quite some time. They provide a free state issued ID for those who need one and the system seems to work quite well. That being said I think the big issue of the states that wanted to change the Voter ID laws and the voting rules in general is that they just didn’t implement it quick enough to try to enforce it for this election. Also some of the rules that certain states have come up with do appear to be racist or blatantly meant to disqualify Democrats in general such as Texas saying your gun permit is valid voting ID. The majority of Democrats will not have a gun permit but the majority of Republicans will or the redistricting that was clearly aimed towards changing the election outcome. Pennsylvania also made some poor decisions on their voter ID law the first thing is letting Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Mike Turzai make that incredible ridiculous statement on air about how changing the Voter ID laws guaranteed Romney a win in PA. That was a bad move a very bad one. It showed that the intent was to absolutely make sure certain “types” of voters wouldn’t be allowed to vote and that the intent was to force a change to the perceived outcome of the election. Secondly, was the time frame. Changing the voter ID laws is one thing but overburdening your state offices by so much that it would be impossible for them to keep up with the demand for new ID’s makes no sense unless it was intentional.
        Onto Ohio changing early voting hours is one thing as long as you change them for all districts but instead Ohio decided to change them only for counties where they were likely to vote for President Obama. For the most part all of the states that had made changes to voter ID laws sought to make sure college students could not vote either because they are more likely to vote for Democrats. These of course are just examples but most of the other states that tried to make the changes were following the same types of changes I mentioned above.
        I am all for Voter ID laws. I believe that presenting ID to vote makes complete sense. I even understand why so many are unhappy with Obama and want to make sure he is not elected for a second term. But rather than making it look like Republicans are blatantly discriminating why not pass the laws so they are equally applied to all citizens. A photo voter ID card could solve these issues or strengthening the voting database. Even implementing the same laws that have been suggested but making sure there is time for them to be completed correctly would be better than what has happened in the recent months. Then for goodness sake get control of the party and stop letting some of these folks say such completely dumb things on air. It is one thing to think it but another to get caught saying it.
        I want to add a not about me. I am saying this from a completely bi-partisan stand point. I have been around for several Presidential elections now and always vote for the candidate I think is most qualified. Republican, Democrat or Independent. It makes no difference to me as long as I believe in what they stand for. I don’t think Obama has done a great job to be honest but I have some true and sincere concerns about the Romney/Ryan ticket as well.

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