Ridiculous: Liberal Writer Implies Melania Trump’s White Dress Is Racist: “White Is Always Right”

by | Jul 23, 2016 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    As ridiculous as it may seem that Trump opponents label him a racist for his anti-immigrant views though he has an immigrant wife, the following review from a liberal writer is nothing short of insane.

    According to Elizabeth Wellington, an African American writer for The Inquirer Daily News in Philadelphia, the stunning white dress worn by Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention not only made a “scary” statement, but was an aggressive display of racism:

    “Trump’s foreignness stands in stark contrast to her husband’s “Make America Safe Again” and “Make America Great Again” sloganeering, which he plans to accomplish with his anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Black Lives Matter platform. In other words, anti- all things brown, as some might say.”

    “So while Trump appeared flawless on the Cleveland stage Monday night, whether she intended it or not, her all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness that is accepted by her husband’s political party. To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the G.O.P. white is always right.

    We’re curious how  Ms. Wellington would have reacted had Trump worn a black dress?

    Would her unbiased determination then have been that Melania is appropriating black culture?


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      1. Are they Nuts.. Black dresses are mostly nice in the evening or work. But every one needs a white dress and a black dress. What is racist about that .

        We need to escape these nuts.. any place you can name , please let me know . These nuts are falling out of the trees and from under their rocks and woodwork..

        • Dusty Fae,
          LIBTARDS can turn anything into a racist rant, what a bunch of scumbags it is one BIG reason this country is falling because of there scummy crap!! and NO repukes are not much better as most of them also sold us down the river, BUT at least MOST of them do not have libtards type of thinking!

          • In any color dress, she makes Michael look like a turd.

            • … like a MAN !!! 🙂

              • Your just jealous. 🙂

            • Not sure if you all have seen this yet. FUNNY..

              Stop the Racism, We were all White Once

              ht tps://odrambles.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/stop-the-racism-we-were-all-white-once-wtf-racism/

              That outta shut them up


          • Apache54, this time I’m ROTFLMAO. Not at Melania Trump, but at this damn fool of a black libturd ‘journalist’, obviously another MSM shill. Just on occasion, there’s a libturd that makes me laugh. She’s obviously been on her own crackpipe for way too long. Whatever faults Melania Trump might have, I thought she was a knockout in that dress. Anyway, the writer is just another damn black liar and can go f#$% herself.

            • Braveheart, this libtard libturd “journalist” is so twisted, she probably thinks the makers of aspirin are racist.

              • Wanna know why aspirin is white?

                Because it works

                • Rebel Son, LOL! You hit the head on the nail with that one.

                  • Funny! And true!

              • Sarge, that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

          • It will really be great when the “woe is me crown”and the “you owe me”crowd get over it. It has to be a disease that needs curing. It affects logical thinking and reasoning. If the various cultures – colors- would get over their color- like most whites have, and just be Americans, they would feel a lot better about themselves and others. That is what divides America- each color wanting to be special. No one is special – no more that the majority and the masses. Equal justice- Equal rights etc cannot distinguish between any group- then no one is “equal” and the whiners certainly are not special, just whiners.

          • Just be very Glad they didn’t inherit monkey Tails like real monkeys has or they would be swinging from trees and waiting the chance to Pounce upon unsuspecting white folk!

            Even the half of blacks that can write and read are just too damn stupid no? And you can bet yer ass that every negroe black that reads her assinine claims of a white dress is racist will Believe it as Fact period.

            We be very lucky today if we actually can locate at least 3 to 5% of usa blacks that wont auto-toe-the-line and side with fellow pavement apes. Most whites hate to consider that as true. But take it from one that resided within Detroit from 1953 untill 1995 and I tell you my numbers or precentages are fact.

            NO white folk can ever comprehend just how truly idiotic and dumb and abject violence prone Most afrcian blacks really are…trust me..do NOT turn yer back on Black!

        • I just roll my eyes and groan when I see this stuff. It is obvious that they are truly grasping at straws here and trying to find anything to paint Trump as a racist.

        • I’m sick and tired of those hate mongers. FYI. If white offends anyone, then stop for one moment and think, if you have half a brain to think with. Want to stop the word “white”, then do away with: milk, ice cream, flour, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, baby powder, diapers, salt, baking powder, grits, cream, cream cheese, snow, paper, stationary, chalk, white houses, white picket fences, Albinos, snow geese, polar bears, white bridal gowns, socks, t-shirts, white hair, teeth (oh every one should paint their teeth black), clouds, shall I continue? I can name hundreds of things that are white. So for those sick minded stupid idiots who think white is racist. Hate mongers are racist. BLM is racist. Wanna live in a dark drab world? One school teacher actually called peanut butter and jelly racist. Leave my P&J alone. And for all those who hate the color white, go live in a cave.

          • Helen, welcome, and I agree. Excellent post. That black journalist can leave America if she hates it so much.

          • Helen, Exactly! The racist journalist should also mention the fact that barack hussein obama is HALF WHITE and only 6.25% African Negro.

          • Comes to peanut butter someone needs to look who invented it.
            George Washington Carver an ex-slave who created and copy-right many uses of Peanuts. I grade school book I read in the 50’s.

        • BOY!!! Have we a bunch of hippocrits around this nation.

          • Rusty
            I hear ya… hippocrits are rampant… they should call Melania on being a trans gorilla.

      2. Of course white is racist, all cows show their racism too by producing WHITE milk. We should also forbid the snow…

        • Seven dwarfs were white, because if Snow White lived with seven black dudes …. It just wouldnt end well. The Police would get involved and before you know it, it would be Snow White and the six dwarfs or, Snow White and the no dwarfs at all story!!!

          • Cede, it would be Snow white and the seven gangbangers who raped and killed her.

      3. We should have picked our own cotton.

        Where would we be if we as a nation would have stayed on a hemp based industry?

        Henry Ford was right, many things can be made with hemp…

        Sometimes humanity can be sooo stupid…

        • I’ve said this elsewhere, Eppe. I remember as a kid placing bottle rockets flat on the street and setting them off. Now, what were they called? Some kind of “chasers”? Damn, I’m getting old.

          But maybe we should stock up on those.

          • In the 70’s, a friend and I took atlas model rockets, put wheels on it, tried to run them on the ground on tethered string.
            Always broke the string, was like a giant bottle rocket, had one blow up in mid air.
            Epic fun, never know where these things would wind up.

            Miss those radical 70’s…

            • Eppe, I used to have some fun with those atlas rockets myself. The stories I could tell would take up too much space here.

            • My sister and our boyfriends (my future hubby) had bottle rocket fights at night on the streets in our neighborhood.

              Until…on got shot into my sister’s hair and got stuck there. She JUST got it out before it blew up.

              We quit after that. But it was fun 70s.

          • We tore the stick off and ran like hell…good times

          • Eppe: Henry Ford was right on a lot more too. If you get a chance read some of his 1922 Book and editions of Fords own self published newspaper of that same era called “The Dearborn Independant” oh and his 1922 book was titled “The International Jew, The World’s Foremost probem”

            Henry Ford Nailed it with factual truths back in his day and paid a heavey price for doing so. His wife was almost killed in a car accident that was definatly a Hit on her and him. For speaking out on the big Taboo issues!

        • Eli Whitney, cotton gin

      4. Why fall for this shit? Ignore

        • yep

      5. Progressives (stealth communists) think everything is centered around race. Watching Clinton this morning is scary. She touted gun control and attacked Trump. She didn’t touch the many foreign entanglements she caused and may lead us to a world war. Even worse is the idea that so many ignorant people could consider her worthy of a vote.

        • cranerigger, you may not be interested in Race War, but Race War is VERY interested in YOU. Nowadays, PROGRESSIVES ensure everything IS centered around RACE! They know it, I know it, the American people know it, and you should finally realize it too.

          This country was NOT founded as a melting pot, which has been turned into a festering rot of stew by Neo-communist. Our (White) fore-fathers wrote that America was founded, and blood was shed, by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever!

          Look up the writings of the founding fathers. Neo-Communists have robbed us of our history, so now they can easily change our culture after having denied us the core knowledge of our European past. (Look up articles critical of the 1965 Immigration Act)

          Ms. Elizabeth Wellington, an African American, should get down on her knees and pray to whatever god she observes that her ancestors were brought here, I know – unwillingly, and that she currently LIVES in a country were cannibalism and female circumcision has ALWAYS been forbidden.

          She is TOLERATED here – yet she seeks to change this country’s White European Christian heritage into a Social Justice Warrior’s montage of mongrelized BROWN people. Even some Whites have turned against their own country and their RACE claiming “Africa for Africans, Asia for the Asians, Arabia for the Arabs – White European Countries for EVERYONE!” Since when is it Illegal or Immoral for the White Race to have its own country – Its own living space? Since the days when old-line Communist abused the very laws of European countries against us and forced unlimited numbers of unassimilable “new comers” upon us – similar to what they did when they used the liberal democratic laws of Christian Russia to turn that nation into a Bolshevik Democidal hellhole for over 70 years – before it was recovered / restored by White Russians.

          “Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel (1932–2014) as “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.”

          • I don’t know why anybody calls them “progressives.” It is like calling Bruce = Caitlyn.

            They are NOT progressives. They are NOT liberals. They are Marxists pure and simple.

            And Bruce still can’t change his chromosomes.

            • PWYPreach, I call them either libturds or commies. And WHITE IS RIGHT as far as I’m concerned.

              • Nubin Finger: Ever notice how Tons and Tons of 90+ year old german men in usa and around the world have been hounded and rounded up by recently deseaced Elie Da weazel. Even though most were later proven as NOT nazis etc, but usually after they died in some rotten prison hole thanks to elies rabid Lust for fame and $$$ etc.

                Yet…How many of the many, many actual jewdeo bolshevik red Terror kommie bunch has EVER even been charged let alone found guilty of mass murder genocide of white russians and white eastern european?

                To Date…NONE yet!…Why do not far more people seem to notice this fact nor complaign of it?

                Zero TV News and zero Hollywood movies ever dare to speak of the total Lack of even one single kommie ever brought to trial or charged with crimes against humanity.

                Yet every revolution and War going back to at least french revolt era were Fomented by, Funded by, Instigated by, Run by, Chozen people.

                Maybe thats the real reason we have seen countless numbers of claimed evil nazis charged with such crimes yet zero red terroristic kommies likewize charged eh?

                Well I for one am Doubly sick and tired of their tribe gets free pass on everything no matter what, as I am over blacks get a free pass on same type crap.

                Look up Whom brought slaves to usa. Look up Name of every slave ship boat and every ships owner and every Funder bank of slavery ships…at least 75% of usa slavery was perpetrated by the same self chozens that invented communism. The same chozen peoples that Used communism to kill greater mass numbers than any other eras in all history. So just why do they still get a free pass no matter what is done by them eh?

            • Creating hatred between races is an essential element of communist overthrow of capitalism. REgressives would be a more accurate term for these tyrants that want civilization to return to serfdom under feudalism. They use race as a means of placing blame elsewhere, whipping up support among minorities and creating “class warfare” to divide and conquer.

          • The ‘progressives’ are bolsheviks in disguise. The Hart Cellar White Genocide Act of 1965 was introduced into congress by the communist jew (((Emmanuel Cellar))). The ultimate aim of this genocidal act is to completely exterminate the White race on the North American continent.

            • Anon: just to be certain folks understand what was meant by white genocide act 1965…It was actually the 1965 Fed Immigration Laws changed in 1965 meant. Oh and also in us senate it was introed and widely msm promoted by cellers co hort fellow bolshevik kommie Sen. Jacob Javitz.

              TV news interviewd javitz after act of 1965 got passed into fed law…When tv asked what his thoughts were after he spent close to Three yrs promoting it?

              Javitz stated something akin to “Wonderfull! and Now let the Gates be opened Wide, while throwing his arms outstreached as if crucified on a cross style arms wide apart. I believe he also stated “Now let the Hoards enter in”!

              Compare these Two congressional elected kommie bolsheviks to Englands Israel Cohen’s 1912 book on “Our Racial Plan for Twentieth Century America” Cohen was also Top Head kommie in england at the time of 1912 era.

              With So Many books and articles and personal made statements as to all we now see happening…and as yet majority folks, included quite a few here at shtf site, still refuse to even consider that not only has whites been targeted but as to whom is/was doing said targetings.

              Death to usa whiteys and EU nation whiteys also by a Thousand cuts/methods is very descriptive of the entire ordeal. So is jewdeo Bolshevik descriptive of most of the kommie perps to date.

              PS: Folks remember this documented Info facts next time you hear another so called white neocon repub like ann coulter et al or hannity et al blame sen ted kennedy for current immigration woes! as Teddy boy was just then first elected and while yes he too jumped on those two’s bandwagon, kennedy actually had very little to do with it and its passage to fed law. Ted is always blamed so to HIDE those other two NY dem jewdeo kommies roles is why.

              And if I ever meet such msm famous types as coulter or hannity et al I guarentee I will definatly question as to why do they never mention them other two kommies names as true perps? i hope to totally embaress them if given an oportunity to get them to stop hidding facts that way.

              in my Book it makes them Nation and race traitors doing such for filthy Lucer aka huge pay and book deals!

      6. If the intent is to insult, ridicule and denigrate…well, then the task is simple..

      7. communists are all about ridicule and they can’t stand beauty or others who easily out class them.

        communists such as elizabeth wellington are like little sewer plant dwelling shit eating gremlins who will cannibalize on one another when hungry, that no one cares about.

        • Lashonda, BRAVO! I like your style.

      8. We had some stronger solar flares last night. I got a notification at 10:38 PM for an M5.0, and at 1:52 AM for an M7.6.

        You can subscribe to the mailing list I use for solar flare alerts at:
        ht tp://listserver.ips.gov.au/mailman/listinfo/ips-flare-alert

        If you get an alert for an X30 or X40, you need to unplug all electronics from the grid, including telephone and cable TV. The alert gives a you a few hours to prepare.

        • Interesting that its an Australian government website. Thanks for that!

        • Archivist:
          Thanks. I have a question.

          Since light from the sun travels 93 million miles to earth in eight and one half minutes, how can you have hours to prepare for a solar flare.?????

          It was hotter than hell last night.

          • Yup…it was very noticeable down south…

          • It’s not just the light from a solar flare, which gets here in about 8 minutes. It’s also particles of ionized matter, which has mass and can take from a few hours up to a day or two to hit Earth.

            Just a flare on its own is not so bad, but if there is also a coronal mass ejection aimed directly at Earth, it can be a problem.

      9. Start laughing at these idiots on blogs, comments and conversations. Subject them to ridicule…. Do not play their stupid game. Boycott and ridicule are our powerful tools.

      10. She should have worn a rainbow colored dress so the msm would go gaga. I see corrupt Billary is spewing more lies in Florida, from Tampa to now Miami, her fresh VP choice speaking Spanish to that third world mishmash of illegals themselves. That’s another country down there and it didn’t take long to turn it that way. Florida is full of illegals, somebody has to pick the tomatoes, cucumbers and do all the construction and maid work, work the restaurants and manicure the bigshots lawns. Without illegals this state would be up shit creek without a paddle for cheaper labor.

        • It’s all about getting votes. Need 4% of the vote, support LGBT. Need the hispanic vote, get a VEEP who speaks spanish. Given how the commies have trashed this country for the past decade, they don’t actually care about the people, they only care about a continuation of their power.

        • I don’t care how much money you have, if you’re spending $12,000 on a jacket, or have 600 ball gowns like Princess Diana, the so-called People’s Princess, you are out of touch with reality of life for working people and should not be elected to any office.

      11. Im sick and tired of these idiots who spout off about this or that being racist, the only thing racist is them selves and their dumb ass followers

        • You mean OHA?

          • Ah yes OHA…
            That benevolent plantation Massa who gave full support to the racist Akaka Bill. The same organization that supports their Japanese rulers to keep only some Hawaiians and discard others based on the content of their Hawaiian blood.
            You have nailed it RELLIK…the racist are within.

            Live Free or Die…death to racist like OHA!

      12. the media is jealous because she is attractive, although she could use a few dozen more pounds for better”pounding”. She doesn’t look anything like the dried up old cackling lesbian stink box hildacunt.

      13. You can’t fix intentionally stupid, can you.

      14. It makes no difference what she would wear, the left would have ridiculed her anyway. It’s the nature of the (left) beast

        • You, my fellow ohioan, are exactly correct

      15. Speechless. Stupidity and victimisation knows no bounds.

      16. Nuts!

      17. big·ot /biɡət/
        A person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. “don’t let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the nation”

        synonyms: Progressive, Liberal, partisan;

      18. In India women wear red on their wedding day and white to a funeral.

        In America women wear white on their wedding day signifying purity. The choice of dress, even the puffy sleeves, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s luxurious wedding gown, was a clever choice, especially in light of the harsh criticism she received for slightly sexy looking garments and nearly nude, though beautifully tasteful, photos from her career as a super European model.

        By the way, smart dressed dark skinned black women routinely wear white. The contrast is particularly attractive. White is hard to keep clean but a white suit or dress demonstrates attention to cleanliness. So for those grasping at straws, try throwing some of those stones at your own sisters. Apparently there are a lot of well dressed black women whose racism is demonstrated by the color of their garments.

        • I have never heard or read any criticism of the multicolored beanie hats, purses, accessories, which are clearly symbolic of Africa. As always, blacks as well as their mentors, the J*ws, condemn others for the very things they themselves are guilty of. So, what else is new.?

          • Only thing that will satisfy these racist blacks is when finally they get their very Own Hollywood event awards day.

            They can call it the “Hollywood Black Acheivment Watermelon Award” Kinda like Oscar for blacks.

            A huge Green Watermelon trophy award for outstanding idiocy and lack of all that is called normal and intelligent.

            iz gonna do me a story in dem jewspapers an gitz me dat watermelon award an walk dat red carpet wit ma mammy ho!

        • B from CA
          Melania Trump’s white dress was a wedding gown. Signifying purity. Intended as a bit of psychology to downplay her past. No matter. Trump supporters don’t care about her past, they only care about Bill Clinton’s past. Maybe he’ll wear a virginal white wedding tux at Hillary’s nomination. That way we can hear a bunch more about unimportant nonsense.

          • Thats plain LOONY! wedding dress!!! Man for a women with fifty university degrees in everything a to z, and master of at least 87 different long term occupation jobs you sure aint to accurate on many issues eh.

            Was Betty Frieden your main Idol by ny chance rebecca?

            I never recall anyone so adamant of NOT being a dem lib and yet so defending of dem libs and femmminists agendas like you always do. But prior you said you was a lifetime 30+ years repub back at that law firm 25 yr job… Or was it that 15 yrs as a house builder co.?

            $1.00 to first person Here that really Knows any truth about shtf’s resident lib dem defender of all time!

            And Please dont fool us with some type 35 yrs experience she has as a owner operator semi truker driver okay folks. I can’t handle another long term job title by one individual.

      19. Give the US a break! Yet another “black racist” tries to instigate more hatred. Ain’t gonna work lady. All of America is aware of what you and other “black racists” are up to! If you can’t take the way of life in the US, yah all know from where the boat sails, take it and see yah, well, really, I hope I don’t ever see yah!!

      20. What the hell, didn’t see these assholes talking about Michael scratching his balls through his dress the other day. Leftist are the scum of the earth, speaking of Trumps wife this woman will make a beautiful first lady with so much more class than that butt ugly male first tranny. If you ever really look at the pictures of these leftist females they are so far beyond coyote ugly that they give ugly a new definition. Note that cow that wrote the article is an African so she can only relate to black which is a loss of light.

        • Nam:
          Great post. “black is an absence of light”. How true.

          In light of your comment and Archivist’s post, I’d like to remind the reader that when white light is refracted thru a lens it breaks down into all the colors of the/a rainbow.

        • I really could care less about how attractive the first lady is, i don’t let my “other” head do my thinking for me, not sayin you do. Im interested in the “nuts (mind the pun) and bolts, how are we gonna do this and what, exactly, are we doing”. Too many people worried about spilled milk, neverminding the health of the cow it comes from

        • Nam, damn right about that. Moochelle couldn’t hold a match, let alone a candle, to Melania Trump. the jezebel who wrote the article can kiss my white ass.

      21. Is this writer actually educated, that she cannot see pat a white dress without seeing racism! Want to see racism, look to Hillary doing the bait and switch with minorities while dressed n her power pantsuit. How many promises, how many broken promises, how many “What difference does it make now”, does it take to let you see a true racist, one who pits race against race for personal gain? Power to the blacks, and I mean power to take their communities, families and children back from self-serving politicians. Ask not what politicians can do for you, ask what you can do for your own communities without benefiting power hungry politicians. Maybe the writer is the racist.

        • Storm, you’re right about the writer. good post.

      22. That journalist needs to be fired for his moronic post.

      23. The black dress would be cultural appropriation.

      24. Having a lack of other alternatives the liberal writer is focusing on the absurd that will not get Hillary one more vote as anyone in agreement is already 100% in her camp. This is therefore a waste of the writers time and hence its to Trump’s advantage.

        • Kevin:
          On this, I think you are missing the point. The object is not to get a critical analysis, the point of this and other rediculous articles is not to evoke thought. It is merely an opportunity to use the word “racist” so as to get a Pavlovian response. The reader’s subconscious is thus summoned to reject the accused no matter how much their analytical mind processes that the accused is good, fair, unbiased, and without prejudice.

          In some ways, recoiling from the word “racist”, denying it only gives it power. Using it, embracing it defuses that power. Once I got into a heated discussion. This fellow couldn’t win on the basis of his argument and so resorted to the “you’re a racist”. Reflexively I almost said “no, I’m not…”. But at that moment I reached that point of epiphany when you just don’t give a darn and I said right to his face without flinching, “yes, I am a racist”. This dude shut up and started shaking. It was liberating for me. I realized he could have punched me in the mouth for daring to call his bluff. That knowledge only reinforced my understanding that I was being bullied by a word. A word that is used to stifle free speech. A word that has become synonymous with murderer. It is just air going thru the vocal chords or ink on a paper. The next time someone calls you a “racist” or even implies it, say “I’m not a murderer”. See where that leads. “Racist” is a term created by Marxists (j*ws) to stop criticism. Especially well earned criticism.

          • Exactly

            Completely agree with you and I played the same card
            I too just said yes I’m a racist , it’s not illegal and I don’t care what you think of me because of it

            Defused the other person instantly

            And actually the true definition of racist is when a person holds the value of thier own race and culture to a high level
            And I do
            No where in there does it say it holds down the other races or disparages it

            The other races seem to be able to do enough damage to their own race with their own actions that the refuse to take responsibility for

          • B from CA, I have also done the same thing to libturds. I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces. they clammed up instantly. I enjoy it.

      25. Man oh man, gotta love that race-baiting. I’m of the feeling that ANYONE who constantly tries to link everyday things to being racist is both (Very) annoying and ignorant, as well as racist themselves. Sad that people actually follow the logic of these idiots. True sheeple if opinions like this have the power to sway your mind into agreeing with them… Do us a favor and catch that pokemon floating off the edge of a very high cliff…Bunch of damn lemmings

      26. Ridiculous: Liberal Writer Implies Melania Trump’s White Dress Is Racist: “White Is Always Right”

        Maybe she should of just shown up to the podium with a bikini swimsuit outfit with a ‘strap on’ attachment … because America has been given a good fuck’n from the Government.

        Nothing but a ‘dog and pony’ show folks … nothing to see here.

        fk ‘da dumb shit!

        • FTW, “white is always right”. That’s the only thing the libturd writer got straight. Otherwise, she’s a crackhead.

      27. Make America white again. Ok a white dress is racist but niggers sayin kill cops and white people isn’t. Hmmmm. I’ve always hated nigs and I teach my kids to hate them too. gonna keep the hate of nigs continuing through my kids and their kids. They were sayin on the radio that David duke once head of the kkk is gonna run for senate of Alabama or Louisiana I’m not sure which state. Look it up if your interested. I look at blacks and Muslims as the destroyers of society. I can go on and on about nigroes. This crap about giving respect to people just as a courtesy is part of the preaching of tolerance. Where I cum from respect is earned.

        • Black may be beautiful and tan maybe grand but white is the color of the big boss man. And if you think Oshithead is boss you’ll be wrong. Japetto is backstage holding the strings.

      28. Why even post worthless writings such as these? They don’t deserve any recognition or comment at all.

      29. The Two main major methods all Kommies use from their soviet playbook of rules is.

        #1 Change word meanings. Example Gay used to mean Happy and “that wedding reception was a happy gay event” Today gay is changed to fag queer and dykes etc.

        Raysist was a word first coined by leon Trotsky top general of kommie red army and number two man to lennin. Real name was Lieb bronstien not trotsky!

        #2 playbook rule of soviet kommies is to…Change or RE-write actual history of a nation and its founding peoples.

        Just observe how over past 50 yrs americas real true founding based on new testement christianity as its main principals of laws and Freedoms etc has been Re written gradually. Today we see and hear many negroes, al sharpton and others speak constantly how it was black slaves that really designed and built america from ground up!

        As if within a short 10 year decade after civil war ended and salves were freed, most learned many differant languages, many became doctors and dentists and architechts which went on to design then fund and build americas largest Bridges! Tallest Sky Scrappers! and basically go on to invent most everything we whites rely on today!

        Christmass whitehouse manger scene display, replaced with a 95 foot Tall Minorah! America was NOT ever founded on Talmudic judaism nor any symbols like a minorah!

        This is 100% Pure kommie bolshevik tactics that arrive on scece straight out of their talmud books.

        You Must comprehend that…Zionizim is a Political system of communism for jewry, while communism is zionizim for goyim gentiles. And both came from same talmudic playbooks.

        Long Past time for every usa whitey folk to Laugh when called a racist or antisemite and a hate monger.

        Laugh at their face and then Rail on them with both barrels of facts and truth that you have done your homework on and Know by heart! You whiteys Do know truth about such issues as the big taboo correct? Why Not?

        How will you ever stop abject hate of whites and destruction of america by blacks and jewry unless you research facts and use them as a weapon tool to demolish such abuse against whiteys?..Time to Re-Think most everything You thought you knew eh…Then apply it as a weapon.

        Fight Fire With Fire at times is proper weapon tactics.

        We keep hearing of so many many “good ones” in both black and jewry camps right?

        Then Force each groups so called “Good ones” to emerge and take sides with Us or suffer consequences later.

        I for one do Not believe america is so filled with so many so called Good ones…If they did exist? where are they by now?!

        Just do personal test…Ask Taboo questions of both blacks and jews…See what percentages call you an raysist or antisemite or hater or Deniar of the holohoax events etc?

        Then when you yourself see and realize barely ANY of either group are going to agree or side with You…That outta tell ya something eh? Just perhaps maybe there really aint so many so called “Good ones” in america.

        Once you establish this as fact…Then it is far eaiser to deal with such abuse against you for being a white person. You feel empowered to seak out Loudly at their too many falsehoods and lies.

        Then finsih up by calling Them Hate mongers! and call Them “Anti-Gentiles”! and “Anti-Whites”!

        See how That works so swell to stiffle and silence them asshole kommies eh!

      30. Funny, I didn’t hear any comments from that, or any otehr African/American writers when Michelle Obama wore a white dress to a White House function a year or so ago. One rule for one….. and so it goes on with those stupid lefty journos!

      31. Liberals play the race card spitefully, disproportionately, as a first resort and with no justification. They see racism in everything becasue they are riddled with it themselves.

      32. Without a doubt the most ridiculous article I have ever read. You must have worked really hard for that one. We wear what we like.

      33. After 7 years of vicious and stupid comments about Michelle Obama, all decrying PC speech… why cry a river over a lack of PC speech about Trump’s fluff?
        Meanwhile tptb destroy this country and rob it blind.

      34. Mentally ill people with twisted minds rarely get anything right.

      35. Your average negro, sorry black, opps person of color is quite happy for girls to wear white but forces in power plus the mejia want to make an issue out of everything we say because they want to set one side against another ready for when the bankers want to start a race war.

        You can now watch TV and see two people fucking on the box but apparently someone calling a black man rubber lips or a white man snow flake is so offensive that he needs to be banned and arrest warrants issued.

        both sides are being paid by the ethnic group that counts the money because i would hate to use the word jewish to say what i mean.

        Sorry Mr Editor i know, word smith and i should had said “Having sex” instead but you get my point.

      36. Oh yeah, we got the half black as president because he was all about change, while delivering only bad change covering and extending the warmongering cabal. Hey this election is something new because look what preceded it, over the top treasonous corruption for at least 25 years. Now people are wrongly thinking again, a woman, everybody knows the fairer sex is more honest and a huge opportunity for change in the right direction, a woman will get this nation back on the right track. Bullshit!! Not this woman. This election could very well be the final chance at an attempted shot to oust the NWO plans and curb the freaking madness of a potential 8 years of the Clinton puppet strings going berserk. More of the same but worse.

        • I thought he was half White. Silly me.

      37. These identity politics lunatics can find insidious misogyny and racism in a piece of gum on the sidewalk.

      38. Liberals are the sickest people i’ve ever seen. You need a little cheese with your whine.

      39. Hillary wore a white outfit at her acceptance speech. Does that mean she is racist ad flaunts her White privilege?

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