Ridiculous Claim: Fed Policy Not To Blame For Rising Food and Gas Prices; The Dollar Hasn’t Gone Down

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    Government mouthpiece and well known Keynesian economist Paul Krugman makes the case for monetary easing and Fed intervention by claiming that the rising cost of food and gas has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve or the free money they’ve dished out to banks, both foreign and domestic, to the tunes of not billions, but tens of trillions of dollars.

    The latest economic theory from the Nobel Prize winning economist suggests that the Fed and government intervention couldn’t possibly have anything to do with US dollar depreciation – not for the last hundred years, and certainly not today:

    Food and gas is not something that’s being driven by Fed policy. Sorry, but Ben Bernanke doesn’t have that much power. That’s being driven by events in China. That’s being driven by events in a large world economy.

    The dollar hasn’t gone down. That’s the amazing thing. If you actually look at the Dollar vs. the Euro, the Dollar vs. the Yen, it has not. In terms of the world’s other major currencies we have not had a big depreciation of the dollar.

    History says that a regime of moderate inflation is better for workers than we’ve got now.

    Video via The Info Warriors

    If we weren’t so opinionated, we’d be speechless.

    We present exhibit no. 1 as the only evidence necessary to prove exactly the opposite of Mr. Krugman’s claims:

    The fact of the matter is that since its very inception the Federal Reserve has played the key role in the destruction of our currency with a dollar today being worth just 5% of what it was in 1913.

    Most notably (and we expect to receive our Nobel Prize for Economics nomination in the mail shortly after publishing this groundbreaking work) the US dollars has depreciated against every single physical commodity on the planet for nearly a hundred years. This can only be possible through one economic policy – currency expansion.

    The very notion that the US dollar is not depreciating against other currencies, and that this is indicative of a successful monetary policy, is patently ridiculous. The EU, taking the lead from their colleagues in the United States, is printing trillions of Euros to keep the system afloat by slamming it with liquidity. So, in simplistic terms, if we print $10 trillion dollars and the Europeans print the equivalent amount of Euros, we have absolutely no change in our exchange rates, because they both retain the same value against each other as they had before the printing.

    Where the value of this central bank toilet paper becomes apparent is not in the exchange markets cited by Mr. Krugman as an indicator of a healthy currency, but rather, in the amount of physical goods that government backed currency can buy.

    Easy money (and the fraud that came with it) is to blame for the doubling (and subsequent halving) of home prices from 2001 through today. So, too, can we blame the Federal Reserve for the rising prices of our food, gas and energy.

    Does Mr. Krugman actually believe that when you give investment banks around the world tens of trillions of free dollars to invest risk-free into whatever assets they deem appropriate, that they won’t force the prices of these assets through the roof? This is exactly what happened leading up to the 2008 crash, and this is what is happening today. Granted, we have a rise in demand as billions of people in China an India come online in the new global economy, but the majority of the price rises over the last few years have originated from the essentially free money the Fed has given to those specific entitites that actually do have the power to make markets move. By this logic, Mr. Bernanke undeniably has the power to control these prices, as he controls the money supply and the pipelines through which it is distributed.

    When you consider that Mr. Krugman is a highly respected and influential economist whose ideas have been accepted and implemented by monetary and government officials without contemplation or discussion, then it becomes apparent how serious of a problem we are facing.

    What’s scary is that we don’t think Mr. Krugman is lying to us when he speaks of these ludicrous theories. He , and those who implement these policies, actually believe them as Gospel, and that is much more dangerous.

    We suggest that you follow the one investment strategy you need to know to protect yourself against the coming inflation monster and start acquiring physical commodities right now, because these people – these best-and-brightest of our financial and economic world – will not stop until the US dollar, our purchasing power, our retirement savings and our entire way of life are completely wiped out.


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        • Eight???

          • Krugman? Bernanke?

            See excuses #4, 5, & 6:



            (1) scholarship (including Torah scholarship), (2) sexuality, and (3) hospitality
            The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol II, p.49

            (4) lying to gentiles (Baba Kamma 113a)

            (5) for “peace” (meaning, “it’s OK to lie to keep out of trouble”) (Yebamoth 65b)

            (6) when everyone should know you are lying, “guzmah” (Hullin 90b)

            “Rabbis are liable to alter their words, and the accuracy of their statements is not to be relied upon.” The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol. II, pp. 48-49.

            It is strictly forbidden to moser [inform the non-Judaic authorities on] either a Jewish person or his property. One who mosers a Jewish person or his property has no share in the world to come. (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat, 388)

            The Culture of Deceit, Parts 1 & 2

            Swindlers’ List

            “I describe incidents which may or may not have happened but which are true.” Elie Wiesel in Elie Wiesel: conversations By Élie Wiesel, Robert Franciosi, (1970), p 33.

            • Madeoff was a moser, or they would not have busted him.(if he is locked up that is, he could be on a tropical island with pollard for all I know)

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX-03Sf1wDo

              Don’t forgey this guy. Former head of the irs. At 8:30 he tells Aaron Russo (after Aaron grilded him on tax law) “nothing will help you”(in yiddish)

              @everyone else- If you have not watched FREEDOM TO FASCISM the movie, I highly recommend it.

            • John Q, Where do you get your stupidity. Ask yourself
              1) Do you think Krugman is a religous man who knows anything of Torah or Talmud? Let me help you, hell no. He would not get past Leviticus and be the jerk he is.
              2) Do you think you know Talmud or Torah? Hell no – Let me educate you – you are quoting lines from legal debates, not the conclusions. It is like one side saying pigs fly and not quoting the other side which is say that is not true, and then never staying for the conclusion. That is the kind of ignorance you get when you do not actually read the entire page or tractate.
              3) Do you even know what a Rabbi is ? It means teacher, not saint. Just people who choose to teach and they can be as flawed as any other human.
              You and other antisemites just want something to blame and your simple minds do not want to deal with the fact that often the giulty are not a group, just corrupt individuals. There are evil and corrupt people of all races, faiths, levels of education, and in all socio economic strata. None of these evil elitist are religous in any faith. Obama, Cheney, Benanke, you could say are different faiths, but they are all secular humanist who take seriously no faith.

            • @johnpclear. Look, I’ve been called “anti-semitic” before for some comment I made on this bolg. I am not anti- anything. I am pro- american.

              Our politicians give 20 minute standing ovations to leaders from a foreign country(isreal) that SPIES on america(pollard) and then sells those secrets to our enemies. Remember the liberty? Ever heard of the sampson option? Country A also has not signed the nucloear non-proliferation treaty, has 400 nukes (so by law, were not even supposed to give them aid, but we do. Why is that?) and our jewish influenced politicians/media want a war with iran because they “MIGHT” be getting one?? To deny the overwhelming evidence that our country has been infiltrated by “duel” citizens(of a perticular religion/country) and the politicians are getting payed off/blackmailed with our OWN tax money is impossible. Go ahead and try to explain the statement above, and tell me WHY country A is our “special” friend in the middle east.

              Out of the dictionary put out there for a freeman-

              Sem”ite (?), n. One belonging to the Semitic race. Also used adjectively. [Written also Shemite.]

              Jew”ish (?), a. Of or pertaining to the Jews or Hebrews; characteristic of or resembling the Jews or their customs; Israelitish. — Jew”ish*ly, adv. — Jew”ish*ness, n.

              Now anti-semitic and jewish from the dictionary put out for the american sheeple.

              anti-Sem”ite : hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

                 [joo-ish] Show IPA

              of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Jews or Judaism: Jewish customs

              WTF? WHO changed semite to jewish?

              Some jews are semites(not all of them)
              Some arabs are semites(not all of them)
              ALL palestinians are semites!!!

              But I’m supposed to not care about and hate palestinians and if I don’t I’m anti-semitic? WTF? Please explain.

              You said down below-” you are quoting legal debates, not the conclusions”.

              Well I ask YOU this. WHO’S conclusions???????

              Me and JohnQ have butted heads many times on this blog, and I don’t agree with some of his statements, that being said, I don’t agree with some of your statement. Does that make me (the recently made up word and meaning) anti-semitic??

              Also, from a post I made yeaterday about internment camps from ww2-

              In*tern”ment (?), n. [F. internement. See Intern.] Confinement within narrow limits, — as of foreign troops, to the interior of a country.

              In*tern”, v. t. [F. interne. See Intern, a.] To put for safe keeping in the interior of a place or country; to confine to one locality; as, to intern troops which have fled for refuge to a neutral country.

              CONCENTRATION, n. The act of concentrating; the act of bringing nearer together; collection into a central point; compression into a narrow space; the state of being brought to a point.

              Concentration camps- NO MEANING

              NOW from the dictionary for the sheeple-


              an act or instance of interning.

              the state of being interned; confinement.

              concentration camp
              a guarded compound for the detention or imprisonment of aliens, members of ethnic minorities, political opponents, etc., especially any of the camps established by the Nazis prior to and during World War II for the confinement and persecution of prisoners.

              WHY didn’t our government call them consentration camps?
              Clearly japanese american citizens were not troops.

              Anybody out there picking up what I’m laying down??

              WAKE UP AMERICA!

            • Jason P Clear: Yeah, our little Nazi John Q. is back with a full head of steam. The fact that Krugman is Jewish is irrelevant to the point that Krugman, as usual, is talking out of his ass. Inflation is primarily causes by printing more money out of thin air, which is what we, as a nation, have been doing since 1913. A good measure of this is the price of gold. Back in 1913 the price for an ounce of gold bought a good man’s suit. Today you can still buy a great suit for the value of one ounce of gold (Brooks Brothers). Krugman and his ilk are little more than modern day witch doctors. Economics, along with the other social sciences are little more than a joke. They all try and use mathematics to quantify the impossible: human emotions and actions. People are far more complex than any series of algorithms. Krugman’s problem, along with being a practioner of a “psuedoscience”, is that he suffers from a lack of practicality. Krugman went from high school right into college all the way up to his Phd. and then into government and eventually into academia. Krugman, like others of his “profession”, has never held a real job in his entire life. He doens’t know how a small business, or any business, really works, other than as a theory in some textbook. Only a moron would ever listen to someone whose entire life has been in an artificial bubble.

            • @ Jason P Clear,

              Your dissembling is amusing, quite consistent with the rabbis’ dodge about the pervasive Master Race content of their “Oral Torah.” Here is the most succinct exposé of their “debate” and “context” dodges:

              “‘Context’ is everything for the defenders of the Talmud. Fair enough. But by ‘context’ they do not mean taking into account the surrounding text, but rather submitting to Judaism’s own narrative about itself, which includes how it presents problem texts to non-Judaic audiences…. The rabbis even deny in many cases that there is a plain meaning…. It is enough that [the rabbi] states it and gentiles believe it; anything else is ‘antisemitic.’ This pattern of intimidation and thought control is repeated with monotonous effect, by thought cops and apologists for Judaism. It is a stock response intended to frighten off the opposition, premised mainly on the moral authority of the declarative sentences used by the ‘expert’ on Judaism. Debate (‘polemic’) on the part of informed skeptics is not permitted, since it constitutes the ‘misuse’ of a scholar’s knowledge of rabbinic texts. Debating tactics and polemical tools are reserved solely for rabbis and their allies, along with just a dash of permissible dissimulation to leaven the burden of swallowing the pottage. And when deception and ‘out of context’ statements serve to advance Judaism, they are all well and good….”

              Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit. ISBN 13: 9780970378453 pages 137-138

              available now as a Kindle ebook for only $25.95 at:


            • @ John Q. Public I have just read the entire comments section so far, and hey, I just really want to thank you for
              hijacking the entire thread with your juvenile insistence on proving you’re right and everyone else is wrong and too stupid to agree with you.
              I visit this site everyday for useful information, not to listen to someone verbally masturbate to impress others.
              I think you may have wandered onto the wrong site, I think you were looking for something with the letters k,K, and k in it.

            • @ kittyhawk

              Sorry about your dyslexia. I explicitly rejected and still reject ALL genocidal Master Race creeds, KKK, Nazism, and Judaism included. Keep reading. Your comprehension may gradually improve.

            • I used to work for the guy who owned Adelphia Cable. 20 years ago we were on his large estate planting trees. The fuck came out and mumbled to his forrest manage….we were to move a huge tree we just planted, 5 feet to the left. Hottest day of the year. We all sat under a tree wishing we were all rick like him. Johhny R. Years later, he’s now in prison and I’m free. Money is not the end game. My latest goal is to not have any debt.

              Fuck all the real estate fucks who said…”Buy as much house as you can afford.”. Glad I bought a double. Screw the 401k fucks… Glad I bought gold. Screw the UN…just bought my kid a nice 22 ruger….training time soon. Never turn in your guns. I think it’s time we form a political party, team up with the other patriots and get organized.

              As for Affirmative Action. The lady they paid over 15k more than me is getting fired for not knowing her job. I have many rants… but the point is…think for yourself.
              You have a right to be here.

              For the white folks… the next time a person of color calls you racist….GO FUCKING CRAZY ON THEM. That will learn them.

              America is falling apart…as you cannot keep a country together when everyone is pushing #2 for spanish.

              Mac, I love that you don’t require a logon….despite them being able to track my ip.
              I can really let you folks know how I feel.

              It’s all going down. Don’t dread it folks…. IT’S FUCKING OPPORTUNITY!
              Think about it. Just raised the rent on the Mexican upstairs. ha.

              No…I’m not a white sup. dude…just an average guy who’s tired of being pushed around. Tired of all the affirmative action hires who cannot do their job.
              My new sport is seeing how long they take to get themselves fired. The average time is about 18 months.

              Final thought…. America is in time of transition. Get used to it. You will be happier.
              Enjoy watching all the doom porn. Just so long as you are doing well…..Buy American, prep enough for the neighbors and get out of debt.

            • barter…yea, I remember we were building the Adelphia corp headquarters in Coudersport about 10 years ago when this all went down.I got paid,not sure if the contractor I worked for did though.

            • I love how jeewish people throw around “anti semite” every time someone doesn’t agree with their religious teachings or tries to inform about the horrible things they have done in the past. They cry Holocaust and expect you to feel bad for them. The Holocaust was a horrible thingbut now Jews hold more wealth than any other race. So they aren’t doing half bad.

              I work as a security guy at a bar. I got called a racist because I was charging the cover charge to a black couple. I should have let them in for free I guess. They then called the whole establishment racist because we had a salsa band playing. I’m white. That is why I have no tolerence for people who call others racist or anti Semitic when it is clear there is no standing there.

              Claiming there is racism when there is not only perpetuates it.

          • @ Gregory8

            As a practicing Catholic I oppose and condemn ALL genocidal Master Race creeds, KKK, Nazism AND Judaism included.

            I have told you this before, so we know you have no data to rebut my quotes, only name-calling and lies—just as your Torah exhorts you to lie to Gentiles (Baba Kama 113a).

            Let’s not forget that the Israelis hired an army of internet “talk backers” to pretend that regular folks support the synagogue of Satan’s genocidal enterprise in the Mid-East:

            • John Q. Public: I’m just pointing out that your comments on Krugman ‘Jewishness” are irrelevant to the point that Krugman is talking out of his ass. Printing money is the direct cause of inflation because we have been doing so for nearly a century now and prices have risen accordingly. I, and most of the other readers on this site, are not interested in some conspiracy theory about a fictitious super-secret Jewish cabal out to enslave mankind. The fact that Jews are as corrupt as the rest of the world’s population is not news. Were you expecting better behavior because they were Jews? People are people, it’s their ethics that make them who they are, not their race or religion. Please try to keep on point when discussing the topic of the day.

            • So, BILLIONS of Pounds/Dollars/Marks/Rubles/Francs/Shekels are spent on spying every year because there are no conspiracies.

              MI5/CIA/Bundesnachrichtendienst/FSB/Sûreté/Mossad exist because they have nothing to do.

              There are no plots, organized or otherwise.

              Is that what you are saying, Gergory8?

        • Come on now, give Klug a little pass; clearly he’s not prepped yet and needs the can kicked down the road with some new printing to make it work.

          Klug also wants those evil rich capitalist to pay for everything – even though when you add up all their earnings its not even enough.

        • I feel like this is an appropriate time to repeat the words of Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) in Big Trouble in Little China to Mr. Krugman, “Are you crazy, is that what your problem is?”

      1. It must have been like this before the Weimar hit full bloom. There will be blood.

        • America is Pavlovs dog

      2. Krugman is such an iodiot, I give him to much respect capitalizing his name.

        • “The dollar hasn’t gone down”……………Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!! And did you hear the one about…ah never mind. I have no other joke that could top Krugman’s.

          As Mike Ruppert says, “If you ever hear a politician or economist saying things like they couldn’t see this coming, or it’s nothing to worry about, they’re lying through their fucking teeth.

          Fun to watch these parasites cling with panic to their last vestiges of control. Wake up, Krugman…we know who you are. We know.

          Gold leader standing by.

          • His Nobel Prize carries the same weight as Obama’s.

            • Nobel Prize . . . that and $4 will buy you around a gallon of gas . . . at the moment.

        • Picture me nodding my head up and down rather slowly, saying “O,O,O,O,O,O,K” as I slowly close the door to my preps behind my back. Never letting them know what I am doing. “Gotcha Krugman, yeah I gotta go now. Maybe we can finish this another day?”
          Good lord, Ok the sky is not falling! I am glad I am not worried about that.

          • HA! Actually the sky is falling, sort of:

            Shrinking Sky! Cloud Tops Dropping Closer to Earth, NASA Satellite Finds
            Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer
            Date: 22 February 2012 Time: 04:47 PM ET

        • Krugman I say this *Bu!! $hit* we know the smoke and mirrors and that why TPTB are afraid of preppers. because it will be us that rebuild this country when it rips apart at the seems… Jacking up the prices, inflating the dollar, killing the middle class and jobs and taking away our rights is not going to stop me from prepping or putting my head into the sand, its going to make me do it that much more and work twice as hard. Of course doing it low key that is…….

        • kevin, news flash: klugman says the Titanic didn’t sink because of an iceberg, no alternative reason given but he is up again for the Nobel prize.
          Mac, very well written on your part, keep up the work. Putting this article together had to cause you some nausea.

      3. The ENTIRE economy is driven by federal policy, everything down to the smallest purchases. The federal government denies everything and hides that much more. I don;t know how much more the government can hide from anyone that is willing to look for the truth. Of course 99% of the population doesn’t prepare for anything, so that number is similar to the number of individuals that will go along with anything any government “tells” them. By darn, if the government says it then it must be true. This is what 99% of the people will believe right up until the very end.

        • 99% of the people are just a bunch os sleepwalkers.

      4. The problem with Krugman and everyone else at the top of the earnings and power ladder is that he has no idea how most people live. He’s a theoretician and an academic, which means he only sees the world through mathematical models and not through the eyes of a human being. This is the problem with all who practice non-Austrian schools of economic thought. They fail to take into account the human emotional side of the economic equation because they can’t model it.

        Like all academics then, Krugman cannot conceive of things working counter to his models. Thus, he tries to find alternate means of explaining away actions running counter to what he believes. He’s sort of like that Iraqi minister that kept appearing on TV during the Iraq invasion saying that there were no Americans in the country, even when they could plainly be seen in the streets behind him. Don’t look to myopic people like this to ever know the whole truth. Realize that no number of degrees or awards can make a person intelligent. Sometimes they have the opposite effect. Instead, realize that you probably have equal or greater intelligence to any academic or politician that comes on TV and give your own opinion equal weight to theirs. Seek the truth from others but always question. Failure to do so is why we are where we are today.

        • Yes ..Yes..Yes..WS..Nail on the head. Too much theoretical Keynesian economics and not enough Austrian economics. A degree in economics now is only a dream to link to a high paying bankster job to rape the common folk and “live the good life”. Krugman lives in a fantasy world of unlimited fiat enabled by leveraging the capital of the working man.

          • “The problem is the Gov. needs to spend more. Stimulus wasn’t big enough”.
            This theory is about to be tested in France and Greece, now that they have concluded their most stunning elections.
            The new French PM wants to LOWER the retirement age!
            Go for it boys. Blow this sucka up! Let’s flush the toilet and get on with the program. This mess can’t be “fixed”. And clowns like this get prizes?

            • Great… We’re going to save France…again…that sounds so…meh… compared to world war one and two

          • How does this post get 8 thumbs down?????

            • The “red thumb” bandit troll is confused. Usually when you see this, it is 1 person who messes with their cookies, and comes back over and over to vote, to try to influence other peoples opinions. I have seen it here before. It usually only happens if you say the J word.

            • My comment up top(since I say the J word) and the dictionary arguement CANNOT be broken, has gotten 5 straight “red thumbs” and NO OTHER COMMENT has gotten a new red thumb since.

              Only religeous zeliots would do such things.

        • There is one positive to the delusions of ivy-tower academians such as Krugman and his socialist master. Their Nobel prize is worth only 5% of the value it would have had if the Federal Reserve they champion had not been created.

          • That is classic!!!

          • Ever wonder why the Federal Reserve Bank, a collection of ‘private’ bankers with no direct involvement with the US Goverment, was handed the exclusive rights to mint our currency on a silver platter?

        • The “Austrian” (read “Jewish”) School of Economics is deeply flawed logically and morally.

          One salient logical flaw: Mises and Rothbard mistakenly treat government as an opponent of big business/big money, but big business/big money always buys government (even nominally Christian princes repeatedly let themselves be bought off by Jewish money to overlook usury, murder, subversion, and other criminality). History is replete with examples of big money and big government oppressing—even murdering—the common man.

          Typically Libertarians make a great show pretending that libertarianism is value neutral “science,” but in reality is an immoral jumble of errors, only a thin patina of “science.” Usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices are sins and crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted and punished.

          Notwithstanding Tom Woods their “house Catholic” (who has been soundly criticized for his errors by many Catholics), among Libertarians the “Austrian” school in particular is ignorant of and espouses disdain of Christianity. Evidence? Start with Chap. 29 of Mises’ book “Socialism.” Ignorant of numerous Magisterial exhortations against socialism and Communism, Misses dismisses Christianity in general and Roman Catholicism in particular as “collectivist creeds.”

          Genuine Christianity is no more compatible with Judaic economics than it is compatible with ZIonism. Clearly this is a complicated issue that is not suitable for sound bite analysis, so I suggest further reading. The best exposé of the immorality, inhumanity, and anti-Christianity of libertarianism in general and the “Austrian” School in particular is Christopher Ferrara’s “The Church and the Libertarian” http://www.remnantnewspaper.com/Archives/2010-ferrara-church-libertarian.htm .

          • Ok, John Q., I’ll bite at your claims.

            How is sound money flawed morally? Is the issuing of endless fiat by central bankers (who are probably Jewish, since that seems to be your excuse for every ill), which devalues the savings of every person holding that currency, morally preferable to backing a currency with an asset of value which cannot be printed out of thin air? You seem to have a poor misunderstanding of the nature of money at best. Money is a medium of exchange representing the value of one’s work. In lieu of barter which can be unwieldy if you wish to purchase a pair of boots and your neighbors only have chickens and potatoes; money, along with free markets, are the tools created to facilitate trade and to place value on disparate activities.

            Big business/big money and government are the same animal – end of story. All of them are in an incestuous relationship with each other. This is not an indictment of capitalism or Austrian school of economics; this is an indictment of the power and intrusiveness of government into every aspect of our lives, and the advantages to be gained by financing politicians and paying off regulators in order to wield the power of government as a club against competitors. As for “Jews” financing all of this, I call bullshit. No doubt there are a lot of Jews in government and in finance and business; however these things are equal opportunity industries, and there are a lot of Protestants and Catholics sitting in positions of power. Ever count how many Catholics are sitting on the Supreme Court at present?

            I am a libertarian and damn proud of it. I don’t give a crap what religion someone believes or whether they choose to believe at all, as long as they are not trying to impose their beliefs through legislation on me. A true libertarian believes in “live and let live.” If anything, libertarianism is not “against” Christianity any more than it is against Buddhism. Libertarianism seeks to protect the individual and their property against the abuses of their fellow man seeking to take those freedoms away.

            The ills which you rail against “usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices”, are all consequences of the government restricting freely entered contracts between individuals. Usury? Back the currency with sound money and end fractional reserve banking, which is enabled by currency not backed by anything other than promises, and you will destroy the ability of banks to use debt as an asset. Unjust wages? If you feel the wages which you receive are unjust, then quit your bitching and go find yourself a job that pays more. If you cannot find such a job then maybe you are not worth as much to an employer as you think you are. Unjust prices? A libertarian believes in ending price supports and letting the markets determine true values? Or do you mean you are being overcharged for something you think you are entitled to get for free? If you feel a good or service should be cheaper than it is, then do the libertarian thing and offer it or produce it cheaper, and then you can enrich yourself in the process while providing value to your fellow man.

            Your posts indicate you have a serious chip on your shoulder against Jews and Judaism. I don’t believe the average jew is interested in being a part of some cabal intent on global domination. It might very well be that a number of elites who wish to enslave or eliminate humanity happen to be jews, but I have no doubt that members of all faiths as well as athiests, are equally represented among the membership of the elites. All religions seek to control their members; I don’t think domination of humanity is strictly a Jewish trait.

            I would recommend to you a good reading of “The Road to Serfdom”, “Atlas Shrugged”, or “The Virtue of Selfishness”.

            • Excellent post Moon

            • I will not strike at your straw man, Moon. There is nothing wrong with sound money. I endorse sound money, but Libertarianism and Judeo-Austrian “science” involve much more than sound money: acceptance of usury, whatever-the-market-will-bear prices, and whatever-the-market-will-bear wages. Those precepts of the Libertarian creed are immoral. They enslave the common man and destroy families. You strain the gnat (sound money) and swallow a camel (usury, unjust prices, unjust wages, abortion, and sodomy). The working man under your ideal system is under as much duress as a whore chained by an Israeli or Brooklyn sex-slaver. Just like the Jews’ sex slaves, working men slave to feed themselves and their families. You pretend the working man is free to enter into other contracts, but the working man is no more free that the chained sex slaves of the “Russian” (read “Jewish”) mafia.

              Like the tribe, you reverse cause and effect. My observations here and now do not flow backwards through time to change the deeds and history that Judaism has already inspired, the wars, bloody revolutions, and genocides that Judaic dynastic banksters have already wrought. The Judaic creed (only Jews are human and the rest of us should be swindled and killed) and Judaic deeds inspired by that Satanic Master Race creed are the cause; the deaths and misery of us goyim—and my observations—are the effect. “Antisemitism” didn’t cause Judaism; Judaism and Judaic behavior caused “anti-Semitism.” Get your direction of causality straight.

              You say, “Big business/big money and government are the same animal – end of story.” I agree, but what you and I posit in that sentence is heresy for the [Judeo-]Austrian School. Those Libertarians insist that big business/big money must not be restrained by government. That is exactly what got us into this mess: the failure of government to restrain big business/big money from swindling us. If a big dose of “free market” poison didn’t kill us, should we quaff an even larger dose? I think not.

              You say, “As for “Jews” financing all of this, I call bullshit.” Oh, really? Maybe you smell what you are standing in. How else did 1-2% of various nations’ population end up controlling finance, media, governments, and pass laws that criminalize their farcical “6 million”? Because they are 100 times as intelligent, virtuous, and hard-working as us non-humans? Or because they were unrestrained in their attacks against Church, State, and their host populations (as distinct from the parasite population)? Have they been expelled from hundreds of nations and city-states merely because of envy? Because of their appearances? Or because of their deeds?

              You say, “A true libertarian believes in “live and let live.” If anything, libertarianism is not “against” Christianity any more than it is against Buddhism.” I say, “Rubbish!” Live and let live? PLENTY of libertarians refuse to intercede against abortion, pornography, and sodomy. Authentic Christianity (not the Novus Ordo fraud) opposes usury, unjust prices, unjust wages, abortion, sodomy, and other vices and crimes against humanity. For those reasons alone, libertarianism cannot “live and let live” with the authentic Catholic Church. Judaism cannot “live and let live” with the authentic Catholic Church. That is why they have invested so much time, money, effort, and ink to subvert the Church—and, sad to say, in large degree, they have finally subverted recent “Popes” and a majority of heretics posing as Churchmen. Catholicism must oppose usury, unjust prices, unjust wages, abortion, sodomy, and other vices and crimes against humanity. Libertarianism must oppose us. At least Mises was intellectually honest enough to boldly say so, while today’s gutless Libertarian apologists hide or ignore his screeds and those of Rothbard against Christianity and Christians. His anti-Christianity is a logical outcome of his “non serviam” creed.

              Having just said, “Big business/big money and government are the same animal – end of story,” you say, “The ills which you rail against ‘usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices,’ are all consequences of the government restricting freely entered contracts between individuals.” Apparently you do not appreciate your own contradictory statements. Who owns big money/big business but individuals who have freely entered into agreements to parasitize us?

              “Serious chip on my shoulder”? Only if you consider the genocide of a quarter-billion people in the twentieth century “a chip.” That doesn’t count the economic agony they have wrought upon the survivors.

              You speak of “the average Jew” and I agree that plenty of decent people have shed the wicked creed. That is why I have repeatedly and emphatically stated, “Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.” BUT “the average Jew” still does not discipline the elite, the financiers, the genocidal rabbis, the rabid Zionist politicians, their organized criminals, their sex slavers, their pornographers, their culture-destroying activists and revolutionaries.

              Since I am a practicing Catholic who opposes usury, unjust prices, and unjust wages, do you seriously think that I will find “virtue” in selfishness? What passes for logic and science among Libertarians is risible. Sorry to be so blunt.

          • John Q…I intend for this to be a respectful response because I’m really curious on the underlying philosophy you believe in. I guess I have some questions if you don’t mind…

            Your first “salient” point is that big money results in big government and a Fascist system is a result. Yeah…this is true. Any society that has started in the area of a Republic has always slide thru “Democracy” and right into some type of Oligarchy. The point is to try and prevent that. Respecting the individual and his rights granted to him by God is a start. What Ferrara suggest we do about it? Start off a society in slavery? I’m don’t understanding the point here. I don’t see how denying individual liberties prevents the big government oppression you’re talking about. Are you saying you need to oppress to avoid oppression? Like you need to spend more money to get out of debt kinda thing?

            Libertarianism is an immoral jumble of errors? I guess that depends on perspective. I struggle to understand how a true Libertarian is immoral if they believe that all man is created equal…as in…we all have the right to our Life, our Liberty, and our Property. How is this immoral? And how are “unjust wages and unjust prices sins and crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted and punished?” Who defines what is unjust? Do we let the 50.1% decide, or a dictator? Will reading the 10 planks help me understand better?

            As you went on I was able to formulate an opinion and it appears to me that your defending your ego, or your “self” made up of opinions and beliefs formed thru experiences and interactions thru life. This is the same with many who claim R or D. They pick a group that closely fits their ideology/personal morals and they stake claim. Then they argue with those who disagree with their personal morals opposed to discussing principles. So what I see here is that you’re personal morals/ethics/religious views are different than the principles of Classical Liberalism…is this correct? If so, do you not feel that all man, regardless of race, religion, or creed, has a right to their bodies, their choices, and their stuff so long as they don’t interfere with another’s right to their bodies, choice and stuff? If those who have more “stuff” chose to be “selfish” and not share what they earned, won’t God make the call on that one when the time is right? Isn’t it up to God to sort things out and not man playing God by deciding what is fair and what isn’t and what should be punished and how?

            Finally, I did a little research on Ferrara, and he doesn’t seem to understand Austrian theory or Econophysics. Why is it all lawyers thing they know everything about everything? Just cause they can twist definitions and truths so much doesn’t mean you are intelligent about all. It just means you’re good at manipulating and justifying to prove a point.

            • John Q’s position was soundly laid bare as false on The Daily Bell not too long ago.

              Laurence Vance covered it quite well too.

              Funny how that pops up here.

              Maybe the Christianity John Q. refers to is that other Christianity, you know, the one which whoreships the golden calf of the military:

              Signs of the Times

            • @clark,

              I cannot say that I am surprised; what really makes provokes me to bite at the troll bait is the attitude that a particular religion is superior to another, and even more so, is superior to the fundamental ideas of political thought which guided the founders of our country – that individuals are endowed by nature of their very existence with certain rights which are not subject to the whim of government such as the right to their own life and the fruits of their labors, and the right to choose what they will do with their life.

              Truly I have no quarrel with those who follow an organized religion or even an unorganized one. I know the christian teachings from the bible, I send my son to a Catholic school even though I do not believe in their doctrine because the academic standards are superior to Kalifornian public education. However, the argument that Catholicism is superior to all other religions, or that Jews are inherently evil strike me as the the same as a juvenile schoolyard argument over who’s dick is bigger, or who can piss the farthest.

            • Thank you, Whatever.

              What Ferrara supports is the Social Reign of Christ the King. Practicing Catholics do not believe that just government bubbles up from below, like brimstone from the mob (the mob that you probably fear or you wouldn’t be reading here), but descends from above—adhering to, for starters, the Ten Commandments. Because we believe there are laws from God that men may not freely violate, we necessarily have conflict with Libertarianism and Libertarians and the rabbis. As I said, the anti-Catholic “Jew” Mises, founder of the “Austrian” School, had the intellectual honesty on that one point to say so boldly.

              Libertarianism denies that there is a common good; Libertarianism posits that individual pleasures [vices] and “the free market” reign supreme, that their “science” trumps moral law, trumps natural law. What many libertarians claim is “liberty,” a practicing Catholic views as licentiousness.” We do not believe that men are due license to damage persons, society, or the Church. Practicing Catholics (not to be confused with Novus Ordo Catholics or other nominal or heretical “Catholics”) do believe there are limits imposed by God upon all men “regardless of race, …regarding what they do with their bodies and their stuff.” Those limits are precisely what makes Catholicism and Libertarianism/Classical Liberalism incompatible. Those limits are precisely what Tom Woods the Judeo-Libertarians’ “house Catholic” has assiduously avoided. In every instance in which he has been challenged on the ethics of his economic creed, he does exactly what you did, he whines that Ferrara doesn’t understand economics. What a dodge!

              An analogy: Suppose I advocated depopulating the planet because of global warming and my opponents charged that depopulating the planet was immoral. If I defended depopulation on the basis that they didn’t understand the “science” of global warming, wouldn’t you see that as a dodge from addressing the fundamental moral question? …a dodge from addressing the fact that murder on a global scale is even more gravely immoral than murder on a personal scale?

              The analogy fits. You advocate a gravely immoral economic system based on “science” that is no more sound than the “science” of global warming. To claim Ferrara and I don’t understand the “science” dodges the moral issues, dodges the economic crimes against humanity that devolve from your “science” of unrestrained greed and selfishness. As I put before to readers here, if a large dose of “free market” didn’t kill us, should we really quaff an even larger dose? I say, “No!”

          • Why do you find it necessary to couch certain schools of economic thought in terms of religion? It seems to me to be a fairly narrow minded way of seeing the world (and yes, I am a Born Again Christian). Now were we to be speaking of Marxism or Fascism I could understand using an ecclesiastical distinction. However, Libertarianism is not religious in nature at all. It lets people make up their own mind on religious matters by not restricting their actions. If you were to live in a true libertarian society, you could practice the lifestyle of your choice without harassment from the government. The government would neither take from you unfairly nor give to you in your time of need. In all, it is a minimalist form of governance and not tied to any specific religious group.

            • @ Moon

              “….what really makes provokes me to bite at the troll bait is the attitude that [every religion is morally equal to all the others], and even more so, [that some people deify] the founders of our country” As if a religion that teaches only its adherents are human and the rest of us should be killed (Judaism) is morally equivalent to a religion that teaches the Golden Rule (Catholicism). What schizophrenic rubbish!

              Unless your children are going to an SSPX or sede vacantist school, you have no reason to imagine that your children will get an iota of Catholicism at Novus Ordo (“New Order”) “Catholic” schools in California. You certainly have to worry that your boys will get buggered by the “presiders” (they are no longer priests, just “presiders of the assembly”) or emasculated by Wiccan feminist “geologians,” and that your girls will get birth control, “Vagina Monologues,” and dyke nuns, but you certainly don’t have reason to worry that they will get Catholicism there.

            • @ WInston

              It is precisely the “not restricting” of injustice and evil that make Libertarianism morally objectionable.

            • @John Q. Public :

              When did I say that all religions are equal? I certainly don’t believe that. However, I am not for forcing my way of thinking down the throat of others by way of law as you seem to be. The law needs to be reserved for cases of one person bringing direct harm to another through theft or murder (like abortion. I am extremely pro life.). This does not mean I do not reserve the right to tell someone they are morally wrong nor to try and use sound doctrine to be a witness for Christ to those who I see as being in error (like Catholics) or do not believe. As for children, I have never been married and so I have never had sex. Thus, I can’t comment from experience as to where I would school my children.

            • @ Winston,

              It was Moon who argued his indifference about religion and my comment was prefaced, “@Moon.”

              I argue that just government descends from Heaven in obeying God’s moral law.

              You, Winston, pretend that you don’t see it as legitimate for government to impose moral law on the unwilling. Then you contradict yourself saying that you draw the line at abortion. Oh, “unless it harms another.”

              If, as you argue, government may not impose the moral law on the unwilling, you must strike done laws that criminalize sex with children. Oh, “exceptions for minors.”

              So, based on YOUR moral sensitivities YOU are QUITE willing to impose moral law on the unwilling. So, you are not arguing that government may not legitimately impose moral law. You are only arguing that you want the line to be drawn where YOU want the moral law enforced. You are perfectly willing to allow other immorality that damages society (and the souls of others).

              You are no different from me EXCEPT that you are willing to tolerate more evil than I am.

            • @John Q. Public:

              Perhaps I worded things wrong then. Theft and murder were merely intended to be examples. The larger thought though is not to allow a person to directly harm someone else. For example, rape should be illegal but sex outside of marriage in general, while immoral, should not. Growing marijuana and using it is a bad idea that should be legal but driving under it’s influence should not be legal as it poses a danger to other people. You have to draw a line somewhere at what government does to you and regulates otherwise you might as well live in a police state like North Korea. I prefer more liberty than control and I fear that soon I will live in a state where I have no option but to be a slave to the state. Sorry but do-gooders with good intentions are just as bad as malevolent despots when they try to control everything from the food you can eat to the way you must spend your money. I do believe that Patrick Henry would have chosen death rather than to live in our society.

            • @ Winston

              I agree that things have become tyrannical throughout the world.

              There was a time when people knew the difference between decency and tyranny. As much as I want Christ the King to reign, I don’t think you need to lose any sleep about that happening any time soon.

              You may have seen the seizure in South Korea of Chinese capsules including the flesh of ground up babies.

              It won’t be too long before the anti-Christ gets rolling and people here will be begging for the coming of Jesus Christ.

            • While we all may argue the semantics of law and religion,doesn’t it come down to morals?When you have a largely morally bankrupt society you end up with our system.You cannot legislate morality. Most people know right from wrong, they just choose the wrong because they feel it will benefit them.In my younger days, with youthful exuberance,I believed most were generally honest. I now believe the opposite.

          • What could be more immoral than creating money out of thin air, and then passing it off as having value?

            I would call that fraud.

            But then, people who are morally confused don’t generally have a problem with a fiat currency.

            • Sooner or later, Walt, we were bound to agree on something. [laughing]

      5. The Mark of the beast will be voluntary. Sad days ahead for some. Great Articles Mac. Love the site. I’m always a reader and not much of a poster.

        • @KorHi

          The mark of the beast should be as voluntary as the tattoos given by the Germans in WWII. Stalin had voluntary camps in Siberia. Pol Pot had an all volunteer retro-active abortion campaign in Cambodia. I hope your right KorHi, but I know it won’t be voluntary to the Resistance.

        • Oh, it will be voluntary alright. You can either volunteer to take the mark or be beheaded. Thus saith the Bible and, conveniently so do certain sects of Islam. Only in their version the Antichrist is their savior, the Mahdi. Thus the choice will be set up that you either follow Islam’s messianic figure, the Mahdi, or you will be beheaded. Now, not all Muslims believe this to be true as it comes from the Hadith and not all sects recognize the cannonicity of all passages, but the radical twelvers (like Iran’s Ahmadinejad) do see these passages as canon. It’s an interesting parallel if you think about it as much of what the Hadith has to say about eschatology mirrors what Christian theology says about it. The biggest difference is who is on the side of good and who is on the side of evil. Thus, if this set of parallels is true, it WILL of necessity force a choice between Islam and all other faiths extant in those times.

          • I can’t see how ‘voluntary’ can describe it for the christians that will try to reject the mark. Even children will be forced, sorry, ‘voluntold’ to be marked. Rev. 13 16 And he CAUSETH ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. It’s why TPTB have purposed to annihilate the Constitutional Republic, whose foundation is in God, and disarm patriots, specifically those who would resist. Whether or not you believe in God or any other thing or don’t at all, those in power believe enough in fulfilling entirely Gods word. It isn’t enough to just say resist the mark and go about your merry way without considering the means at which they will deploy it in you.

      6. Government Policy has nothing to do with the economy……really? I can not believe this came out of his mouth. Well actually I can’t believe anything that comes out of any of their mouths…..

        The economy is only driven by policy when it suits OBAMA

        Give me a damn break!

        • “Mwahahahaha!!! It’s to late to fight back! You are all slaves now!!! Hahaha!” Barrack obama’s mind

      7. Is this man just generally stupid or is he a pathological liar?

        Take care

        • Liar. Period.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • Burt the Brit

          “Is this man just generally stupid or is he a pathological liar?”

          Paul Krugman is not stupid so we must fall back on the process of elimination for our analysis of Mr Krugman. He takes a page from Joseph Goebbels.

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

          Actually damn near all of them take that page.

          • Kevin2

            Okay..got it. Thanks.

            Take care

          • “Truth is treason, in the empire of lies.” — Ron Paul

          • Joeseph Goebbels got that from Woodrow Wilson’s PR specialist. Goebbels kept a copy of the book that PR butthole wrote…. Interesting point though Wilson was a Eugenisist too that along with Chaimberlain, most of the House of Lords, and alot of other famous people of the day….. Hitler got the idea from the British and the nut jobs at the University of Wisconsin (Mengele’s mentor was an honerary member and on the board of directors) pushing eugenics through the Galton Society. Most of the PTB through the last 100 years have been or are members. I study history to learn from the mistakes but apparently the people in office skipped that class because they are doing it again.

        • Both

        • Both!

        • Yes.

      8. I believe a little research would show Paul Krugman also subscribes to the theory that dinosaur farts are causing global warming. You cannot be brain dead in just one field of endeavor. Either the neuro-transmitters in your brain housing group are functioning, or they are not!

        • Love it swift lol

        • So if I fart am I warming the planet too?

      9. If “the dollar hasn’t gone down”; why has PMs,crude and grain commodities hit record highs? The value of the dollar against other currencies may have signifigance for traders and elites(central bankers) for their own greedful purposes, but doesn’t really mean shit to a single mom struggling to make ends meet. If the statement were true “the dollar hasn’t gone down”; then when it does, we can expect to see costs of the big three milk,bread,and meats; go double or triple.

      10. What a tangled web we weave, when first we learn how to deceive.

      11. We are so screwed… Federal Reserve Notes should be coated in Vaseline.

        • Sorry backho met thumbs ^

      12. Thunder thighs should get the Darwin Award. Can the face hold out to 2016?


      13. These guys would not know the truth if it bit them in the ass. But at this point…..they have way too big of heads…to admit that they are wrong….plus, if they did admit how bad things are…all hell would break loose. No….they will continue to tell the lies…hoping that somehow this disaster will somehow fix itself. Worse yet….if they keep the music playing until a conservative is in office….& then set about the collapse…..the conservatives will get blamed for the wipe out. I really doubt that anyone….even Ron Paul..can actually stop the crash. All we can do is use each day that we have, to work toward getting our house in order. every day that we are given…where the all the sheeple think everything is great…we have the chance to prepare. Don’t waste this time…but make the best out of it. Where we are now….will be looked back on as the “good old days !”

        • Seriously, are you kidding? These guy’s know exactly what their doing. This guy’s dangling his “Nobel peace prize” and feeding BS to the remaining brain dead sheep that are impressed with his peace prize and ignorant of facts. Do you really think that when the manufacturing jobs went overseas to a communist country with slave labor and to other third world Nations that America stood the slightest chance and that it could compete and maintain it’s life style?
          There was never any chance, this slow agonizing death has taken a couple decades and the inevitable failure was as plain as the nose on your face from the start and they knew it because they planned it. You can’t see it’s gone from Rep. to Dem. to Rep. to Dem. and nothing changed, the agenda to dismantle this country just kept on rolling. Even now when manufacturing jobs are desperately needed at home Cadillac and the Chevy Volts are going to be built in China. The Chinese can’t afford them and soon Americans won’t either. Americans shouldn’t even want a newer GM product, GM’s turned their back on Americans after being bailed out by them and Americans should show GM the same, their backs with a extended middle finger.

      14. Banks are afloat in money and the people are drowning in debt.

      15. Manos where are you? Haven’t read anything from you in a while. Please check in and let us know how you are doing. It’s time for you to contribute another article on things in Greece (from the front lines).

        • Tina,

          I got a e-mail from him this morning and he has his hands full right now. He wrote,

          Monday morning, the time is now 10.51.

          No government, and no potential for a government.

          People fucked the old dinosaurs, and voted for the leftists coalition.

          The stock market opened 8% down.

          The system is collapsing. Probably this week i will have to implement all my skills, my preps, and your advices.

          I’ll keep you informed.

          Don’t be afraid about us. We will go down, but at least we will go standing up and with our boots on.

          I pray for you all. Be prepared and support each other. It will be the only thing to save you during the harsh times.

          many kisses to you and your families.



        • Classic false flag.

      16. A well REGULATED Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

        Constitutional word of the day.


        Out of the dictionary put out there for a freeman-

        To adjust by rule, method, or established mode; to direct by rule or restriction; to subject to governing principles or laws

        2.To adjust, or maintain, with respect to a desired rate, degree, or condition; as, to regulate the temperature of a room, the pressure of steam, the speed of a machine, etc. To regulate a watch ∨ clock, to adjust its rate of running so that it will keep approximately standard time. Syn. — To adjust; dispose; methodize; arrange; direct; order; rule; govern.

        Now out of the dictionary put out there for the sheep-


        verb (used with object), reg·u·lat·ed, reg·u·lat·ing.
        to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.: to regulate household expenses.

        to adjust to some standard or requirement, as amount, degree, etc.: to regulate the temperature.

        to adjust so as to ensure accuracy of operation: to regulate a watch.

        to put in good order: to regulate the digestion.

        “Give me a child for the first seven years and you may do what you like with him afterwards.”

        • Hey Kevin, You need to cease using that quote. For your own good. lol


      18. What gets me is that one day, they want us to believe they exert total control over the economy and we must trust them to get through this, then things go south and they say “Don’t blame us, we couldn’t control that even if we wanted to.” They’ve got the best of both worlds.

      19. I’ve gotten to the point that with every new Head Lie or Storey I have to block it out and look around to see what they are really doing. We have a 24/7 distraction cycle now or PsyOps propaganda on the population at large.

        Who knows what is true anymore? What is real? Is this site real? Could it be a government data collection point? I’ve communicated with Mac by phone so I think it’s real.

        My Gmail accounts started acting strange last week, as if I was logging in thru a proxy server. Is my Gmail being run thru a Fusion center or government agency? Well we all know it is, it’s part of the privacy policy! Ever notice how the privacy policy tells you every way they will violate your privacy.

        Krugman is just another mouthpiece, Holder told the truth back in the 90’s, it’s brainwashing and I think most of the population has been brainwashed. Everyone should check out Charlie Daniels new song and movie “Behold a Pale Horse” time is running short.

        • Patriot One

          I’m to a point that nothing shocks me anymore. If the news broke that Obama was not just an alien from Kenya but an alien from the planet Zorcon in human form I would shrug my shoulders.

          Society has been most accepting because it’s gradualism. If you went into a coma in 1970 and awoke today the full impact would be in your face.

          • We got here because most of us went into a trust government coma in 1970. We didn’t pay attention, for that matter I could say we were in a coma for most of the 20th. Century.
            Politicians are like underware the need to be changed frequiently. As Americans we need to put an end to career politicians.

        • One of my gmail accounts displays the username and password of one of my other gmail accounts in the upper right hand corner every time I log in… started doing that like 6 months ago.

          • Don’t worry their not tracking you its just market research you agreed to in the privacy policy. If your on the net nothing is secure.

      20. The man is a gross embarrasement to himself, but doubtless he is so full of hubris as to be immune to the emotion. Talk about chutzpah!

        No worries. Over the years, been accumulating precious metals, land (the only thing that matters, Katy Scarlett), and manual, practical skills.

        As the Euro declines – the dollar will, of course, appear temporarilty stronger. But relative to real stores of value all fiat currency has been in a world of hurt in recent years. Any moron – with the exception of this Nobel economist – can see that. He must think we all have a sign around our collective necks that says “stupid”. Well, that’s elitist thinking for you.

      21. Big new Fusion Center in my neighborhood. Drab looking sprawling brick one story and the only building within 20 miles with a barbed wire/razor wire fence. No signage. Just a street address out at the road. Right smack-dab in the middle of the nicest part of town. High dollar residential neighborhoods. No crime. Eight foot barbed wire/ razor wire fence. Facing inward. And a secure “loading dock” around the side that looks like the setup at the Police Dept.

        I followed a guy out that works there a little while back. Caught up to him in a parking lot and asked him what the deal is. The guy first denied he even pulled out of the place and then claimed he thought he was pulling into the post office. Liar. Liar. Liar. My phone got tapped later that very same afternoon. Guess he tagged my plates. If you still believe the govt needs warrants for wiretaps you would make a good Democrat or an even better Republican.

        I now call myself a lot these days to see what their mothers are charging and which gay bar their daddy is frequenting.

        100 cars in the parking lot. These are your fellow Americans. This is your government.

        • Don’t worry, according to all your privacy policies its just market research.

      22. One word….Iceland.

      23. Paul Krugman is the spawn of Satan. When the SHTF, he’ll eventually be spending the rest of his life behind bars for treason. Pure scum. Ditto the Bernank.

      24. You’ve gotta love the talking heads!

      25. “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to
        unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
        water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are
        caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and
        behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
        – Richard Haass- Club of Rome

      26. When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the
        government fears the people, there is liberty.

        Whenever the people are well informed,
        they can be trusted with their own government. – Thomas Jefferson

      27. Club of Rome

        (Committee of 300 subversive body)

        This group was organized in 1968 by the Morgenthau Group for the purpose of accelerating the plans to have the New World Order in place by the year 2000. The Club of Rome developed a plan to divide the world into ten regions or kingdoms.

        In 1976, the United States Association of the Club of Rome (USACOR) was formed for the purpose of shutting down the U.S. economy gradually. The Technetronic Era Henry Kissinger was then, and still is, an important agent in the service of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a member of the Club of Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations.

        Kissinger’s role in destabilizing the United States by means of three wars, the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam, is well known, as is his role in the Gulf War, in which the U.S. Army acted as mercenaries for the Committee of 300 in bringing Kuwait back under its control and at the same time making an example out of Iraq so that other small nations would not be tempted to work out their own destiny. The Club of Rome, acting on Committee of 300 orders to eliminate General ul Haq, had no compunction in sacrificing the lives of a number of U.S. servicemen on board the flight, including a U.S. Army Defense Intelligence Agency group headed by Brigadier General Herber Wassom. General ul Haq had been warned by the Turkish Secret Service not to travel by plane, as he was targeted for a mid-air bombing. With this in mind, ul Haq took the United States team with him as “an insurance policy,” as he commented to his inner circle advisors.

        *** you are all playing checkers as your GLOBAL BANKER MASTERS PLAY CHESS!!!



      28. The world bankers are just a sophisticated version of some yokel in the sticks who swears he has some perpetual motion machine and comes up with a bunch of fancy nonsense to explain why the most fundamental law of physics (conservation of energy) isn’t really true.

        The bankers use a lot of fancier nonsense to convince the sheeple why printing truckloads of dollars really doesn’t cause inflation, when any six-year-old with a dictionary could know better.

        America’s whole economy for a hundred years has been based on the greed-based fallacy that someone can simply hand someone else a pile of ‘money,’ and after so many years they can come back and that pile of ‘money’ will have grown immensely. And will have done so without either of the someones every having done any work whatsoever.

        The truth is that that pile of ‘money’ grew because ‘money’ was stolen from others all around the world in the form of slave labor and resource theft. Secondly, that pile looks much bigger than it really is because that ‘money’ isn’t really money at all and its value has been shrinking ever year as that ‘someone else’ skimmed his from the top in ever increasing amounts.

        We have know reached the point of the ‘unveiling’ and soon everyone will see the truth, and find out there’s not only plenty blame to go around, but plenty of us to blame.

        God help us all.

        “8 He that hath not given forth upon usury, neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man and man,

        9 Hath walked in my statutes, and hath kept my judgments, to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live, saith the Lord God.”

      29. I think worrying about the economy, the dollar collapse or wether or not someone is an idiot or a lair should take a back seat along with the Constitution and FEMA camps in a Martial law situation. I’m personally more worried about not hearing anything about the coolant tower of Reactor 4 at Fukashima!!! If that goes nobody in North America will survive and it’ll be centeries before this place will be habitable again. Time to concentrate more on a self evacuation plan with you and your family to get some place safe down there in the Soiuthern Hemisphere.
        Just saying ….

        • Im thinking there is way more to this than meets the eye..

          why would the USCG shoot at a fishing boat until it sank the one that came close to our shores from the japan nightmare..why? because it was so dam contaminated they had no choice..(although thats not what they said)

          that ships weight in scrap would have been worth bookoo bucks, and you know how salvage compaies are..if they can make a quick buck they are all over it..but that never happened

          The USGC..sunk it because it was a Nuke fall out threat to our shores. Period!

      30. Question: “I’m still a bit unclear about where this money goes once it’s printed. Bernanke issues money at ZIRP, primary dealers buy government debt with this money and turn over a guaranteed profit. But isn’t most of this just sitting in reserves, not leaking into the real economy yet?”

        Answer: “A lot of QE2 went into excess reserves where it sits, but required reserves have been climbing. Required reserves are reserves banks need to back up loan activity, so climbing required reserves indicates more money is getting out into to the economy. Fed money is not at ZIRP, that is mostly a myth. Fed funds are now at 0.15%”


        Get that? “more money is getting out into to the economy”

        Also, I thought this was cool:>

        SUPER HOT: Klein Speaks Truth Before Congress About the Federal Reserve

      31. Krugman is a certifiable moron.

      32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boO4RowROiw

        Blazing saddles “we don’t want the irish”

        Noy wanting the irish is anti-irishmitic!
        The N word? Since I posted this I am an anti-nigmetic
        Calling chinese chinks is anti-semchinktic

      33. great article for those interested in the NWO actual game plan… this un agenda 21 socialist plan is in full swing in the state of montana at this very minute.

        Beyond Agenda 21: Doublespeak

        Tennessee and Arizona are leading the way in a movement by several states to stop the implementation of U.N. Agenda 21. Now that state governments are on the case we can all relax and forget about the threat to our liberties in the name of sustainable development, right? Not, at all.

        The Arizona legislation would serve to stop state, county, and city governments from “adopting or implementing the creed, doctrine, principles or any tenet of the Declaration and the Statement of Principles for Sustainable Development”(AZ. SB 1507).


      34. I think his point is that we’re all going down the shitter at relatively the same rate. “We” being the US and every other major country.

        If you look at this in terms of a muscle contest between fictional entities known as “nations” then ok… probably right… assuming you’re merely looking at purchasing power and not taking obvious future consequences into account.

        In terms of an absolute standard applicable to individuals, yeah. This theory has some major holes in it.


        according to Mr. Robert Alvarez, former Senior Policy Adviser to the Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Security and the Environment at the U.S. Department of Energy:

        “The No. 4 pool is about 100 feet above ground, is structurally damaged and is exposed to the open elements. If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly 10 times the amount of Cs-137 released by the Chernobyl accident. The infrastructure to safely remove this material was destroyed as it was at the other three reactors. Spent reactor fuel cannot be simply lifted into the air by a crane as if it were routine cargo. In order to prevent severe radiation exposures, fires and possible explosions, it must be transferred at all times in water and heavily shielded structures into dry casks. As this has never been done before, the removal of the spent fuel from the pools at the damaged Fukushima-Dai-Ichi reactors will require a major and time-consuming re-construction effort and will be charting in unknown waters.” (http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/forum/218/nuclear-expert-fukushima-spent-…)

        Note: He says “10 times” the Cesium-137 of Chernobyl. Others say up to 85 times. Nobody is 100% certain of what would actually occur because this has never happened before. We are in uncharted territory as a civilization, facing a unique and imminent threat to our continued survival. And both governments and the corporations that assured us nuclear power was safe are playing their “cover my ass” games while the world waits in the crosshairs of a nuclear apocalypse.

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035789_Fukushima_Cesium-137_Plume-Gate.html#ixzz1uFsGmFgM

      36. Here’s my crazy theory,
        I reckon these so call “intelligent” economists do really know whats going on, it is after all pretty obvious, however, the great paradox is they collect a wage just like us, and like everyone else they need a job **especially** over the next few years because it’s going to be tuff. So, to keep food on the table they suppress their true analysis and keep their masters happy by spinning it. Sad eh.


      37. What a F_CKING STOOGE to think that the dollar isnt deflating itself.It cost you and I today to bye a candy bar that is worth maybe fifty cents now worth 1.50 for the same candy bar.The nerve of this idiot to think that the world population is to stupid the know what is really happening.I saw this coming twelve years ago when I felt that things were not right,I guess I had a gut feeling things were going down hill.Paper is made to wipe with just like the paper money we have today.Sorry I went off on a RAMPAGE on this asshole,he deserves it.

        • I need to go take some tylenol now because my head is about to burst into flames.God bless all of us,I love you brothers and sisters and if you guys find my post to much just let me know and I will try to do better.I JUST WANT OUR FREEDOM and it is taking a toll on me as well.

          • I’m sorry but I look at it this way. You have a Latex balloon ( Euro) and a Milar balloon ( U.S. Dollar). Each filled at the same time with Helium. The Euro latex ballon and the U.S. Milar sit for several days ( i.e. years). Watch how fast the latex loses its ability to stay afloat as the Milar still has float. Well after a while the Milar balloon will fall eventually and faster all at once because it was was made of heavier material (debt). Our ballon is falling fast and they just keep kicking it before it hits the ground. Well 1 kick to many and it will “pop”. What then?? I may be a ass but thats how I have been seeing things…

          • want some cheese with that whine?

          • Let it out, it helps the stress level decrease. We all go off on what is happening to our country and what is about to happen. My rant is approaching…. see below.

          • Quit sniveling, or change your handle to “earth boy”. Get some spine and grow some fucking balls.

            I hate pissers, moaners, and whiners. Man up or follow the yellow brick road to the nearest FEMA Camp.


            • For your info. I have balls to die for my contry without crying about it ass.I would rather die fighting for what is right than to give myself up to the globalist bastards that run this country.

            • SO IS THAT MAN ENOUGH FOR YOU!……………………

            • You seem to be one of those persons that are chicken shit to form a posse to go after them before all this goes down,FOR I AM READY TO FIGHT THE BASTARDS AND LIVE IN FREEDOM.It takes a posse to form to go after them,dont you see that they did just that in 1776……

            • Earth Man: 🙂 Glad to see you have grown some balls. That is more like it! Why were you whining before?

              Have a good day!

      38. What about water?

      39. I’ll save you

      40. dont wait until shit snaps.. to look around you

      41. I fear we are going to relive the past and not the good parts…
        1. Putin ex head of the KGB was just re-elected to Russia, he has his eye of rebuilding the former Soviet Empire
        2. France just went completely anti-austerity and Pro Socialist (not much of a surprise there)
        3. 20% of Greek Parliament is now NAZI (with some other groups brining the socialist/communists up to almost 30%- Hitler was instated to the German government with that amount
        4. Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east wanting to reestablish the Ottoman empire (Caliphate)
        5. We have Nevil Chamberlain Obama woodrow frickin Wilson as a president who is giving away the world to these asshats and gutting our military while building up the alphabet soup agencies and giving them lots of firepower (450+ million .40S&W hollow points and almost 200 million 5.56 nato)
        6. Out of control monetary policy like in the 1920’s about to come crashing down about our ears
        7. We the people are labeled terrorists while the real ones are let go to kill us some more
        8. Achm-oh-my-god-im-in-a-jihad has been for years testing sea launched missiles from container ships that “accidentaly” blow up at 250 miles in the air (perfect EMP scenario)
        9.F-U-world-ishima is still belching stuff into the water (i’m an ex nuke and I know its not as bad as it could be, but it’s still not a happy thought, don’t eat sushi for the next 5000 years)

        I could go on for a while but I just got off work and have to get kids up for school. You want insanity, come to my house in the morning… I want to build a wall of chocolate and flick Midol’s at my daughters to keep them at bay sometimes.
        Good luck and God bless

        • Because you rushed off to get your children ready for school there are glaring omissions in your sitrep, MM2Nuke:

          (1) the nuclear arsenal and delivery systems of that rabidly genocidal people living in “that sh*tty little country” (to borrow French Ambassador Bernard’s appellation for that wicked nation of people who may not be criticized);

          (2) the bellicosity of the tribe that started World War 1, World War 2, worldwide Communist revolution, and genocide in the Middle East;

          (3) the financial and media hegemony being used by “the adversaries to all men” (1 Thessalonians 2:15) to gin up World War 3; and

          (4) the agenda and power of those “international” banksters and financiers who have engineered the economic crimes against humanity.


      42. Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

        They all lie and rather than face any consequences, they are kept on the pedestal to continue lying and the American people adore them. They are treated like demigods, never to be questioned about their truthfulness or integrity. Those that allow and condone such behavior, are just as guilty in the eyes of God. One day they will pay dearly and then it will be too late for their repentance, because they will repent out of fear rather than decency.

        In then end, their is justice for all.

      43. Correction… I meant to write, (there) is justice for all.

        • Mac,

          I don’t mean any disrespect, but I wonder why my posts take so long to show up; usually more than three hours, up to seven. I have been posting for a while now. Thank you.

          • enter in an e-mail, even a fake one, and after the first post it should show up immediately.

            • Thank you Mama Bear.

      44. The Federal Reserve is out of touch with reality.

        When banks create money it initially does appear to businesses that there is demand as the money is spent, and they do expand their activities to meet the demand. That is one factor.

        But economic expansion drives up prices. This alone later causes a slowdown because the supply of money buys less at higher prices; businesses perceives less demand at the higher prices. This is another factor.

        Additionally, since the new money was loaned into circulation, there is the requirement for debt repayment and as debts are repaid to banks there is a negative effect on economic activity since the money supply goes down from debts being repaid to banks.

        So really there are three monetary factors which influence economic activity, (1)expansionary effect of money supply increases from new money being loaned into circulation, (2)contractionary effect from higher prices since not as much can be bought at higher prices, and (3)contractionary effect from money supply decrease as debt repayment drains money from circulation.

        The Federal Reserve Bank plays the game of attempting to keep the boom effect of money expansion ahead of the bust effect of higher prices and debt repayment. The ultimate result will be financial collapse as they ratchet us up to higher and higher levels of prices and debts. The system becomes more and more unstable. Nobody knows for sure when the breakdown will come, but come it will.

        It should be obvious that we are near the end of their ability to influence the economy. In 2008 they injected huge amounts of reserves into the monetary system in an effort to make more money creation possible by commercial banks, but after a relatively small response in the rate of money expansion, the rates fell back to where they were before this gargantuan effort. They just succeeded in driving up prices which had the effect of later slowing economic activity, and that later has arrived.

        These professional economists are professionals in fantasy. Centralized management by government only occasionally accidentally works, but in general just makes our lives more difficult. They have destroyed the free market and it is we, not they who most heavily bear the negative consequences in the form of unemployment, bankruptcy, loss of our homes, and difficulty surviving.

        It seems that guillotine time will be here soon.

      45. Did you expect the Fed to tell the truth about itself and what it does?

      46. Remember: “An economist is a man who doesn’t have the personality to be a CPA.”

      47. Soon we will see the truth. And it will be undeniable.

      48. Does anyone know about the safety of #10 freeze dried foods. Most of the companies that make them are located in the western part of the country. Should we be converned about Fukushima radiation or are safety protocals that could keep the fall-out “out” during tha manufacturing of the cans??

      49. I agree with keeping assets in hard form and in physical possesion.

        Lead, copper, brass, silver, gold and several others.

        I think we should stay away from being devisive with any “group” designation as tptb depend on keeping us split and fighting each other…

        Remember to trust nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.

        Be prudent, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        Put up dry goods, preserve jams and jellys, pressure can your favorite dishes (we do seafood, chicken and sausage gumbo) amongst others.

        Your water supply, medicines as best you can. Water in glass, not in plastic.

        Fishing line, small diameter wire, duct tape, electricians tape. Rubber washers of various sizes, sheet teflon to make new ones after rubber goes bad.

        Plastic saran wrap, the kind that sticks…

        So kick in the common sense and think about it.

        Terry W. Reed

      50. No good lying sons a bitches! A lifetime of saving, doing a shitty back breaking job, going right down the drain. I am getting creamed in the stock market as we speak. All that saving and living like a bum for nothing. What’s the point?

        • king crazy

          Everyone laughed about Gold & Silver. Imagine buying silver dollars at $6 each and gold at $300 per ounce. That was the going rate for a decade. That silver dollar will get to $23 at a discount in cash and the gold coin $1550 in Federal Reserve Notes no questions asked. Roughly 5K per year invested for that decade would be a quarter million today unknown except for the owner.

          The “Tin Foil Hat” people we’re correct.

      51. Krugman, NYT’s economic mouthpiece, expounds positions supporting whatever socialist ideology seems to be in political ascendency. NYT is so proud of his Nobel prize for economics, waving it around in the credits as if it actually means something after Soetaro and Gore. Krugman simply NEVER makes sense, but I think we can be reasonably sure he has a direct line to the Administration. That the Administration is making these crazy claims, and that Krugman is parroting them, means something. I think it means we are right on the very edge of the collapse. They have given up and they are simply trying to delay the panic. The Fed has created this monster and it will not go away until it has eaten our economy. We will have to rebuild from the ground up. Your time to start is NOW, if you have not started already. In a short time food, power, fuel, and shelter will likely be unobtainable. Make your move now.

      52. *eats popcorn*

        • steals handfull of popcorn, leaves ’63 dime.

      53. Right now its the prop up the government, keep the sheep in line, no questions, everything is fine…. Oh my, is that a big cliff?…. Oh crap, it’s the GRAND FRICKIN CANYON!……AHHHHHH!
        and it all comes tumbling down.

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