Rick Rule: “What We Are Seeing Is An Inter-Generational Transfer Of Wealth On A Massive Scale”

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 6 comments

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    Rick Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities investing. Recently, he sat down with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group to discuss the big problems with the federal reserve. The central bank is counterfeiting trillions of dollars, and the outcome for everyday people will be catastrophically negative.

    What the Fed is doing, when it creates money out of thin air is nothing less than counterfeiting.  Rule says we will be the ones paying for it in the end too.  What this amounts to is an “intergenerational transfer of wealth on a massive scale.” People who have voted themselves all of these benefits of counterfeiting are happily collecting. They are then leaving the bill for younger generations.

    Watch Rule’s take on the current state of the Federal Reserve:

    If you have ever thought about buying gold, the time is now. As Rule says, “a vote for gold is a vote against central bankers.” This is something we’ve been trying to get people to understand for months now.  The central bank and the government are the system that they built to protect and enrich themselves.  One easy way to leave their matrix by buying gold.

    The real enemies of liberty and freedom are those in power, and those are the same people currently attempting to finish off the implementation of their New World Order. They desperately need your consent, so one goal would be to stop using their fiat currency and go to gold and silver.

    As Rule explains, gold is one of the best ways for people to protect their personal wealth while ensuring they have some form of barter ability outside the rigged system.


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      1. MMT (Modern Monetery Theory) leads to the “counterfeiting” mentioned in the article. Unfortunately the idiots in “D.C.” are drinking the Jim Jones style Kool Aid required to accept this insanity. This explains the complete disregard for debt by both major political parties. This is the problem with electing folks that have little or NO common sense.

      2. What is missed is no actual wealth is being transferred, only electronic journal entries. How much food could they get after an EMP that erased everything?

        Gold was stored wealth, but how much do they have that they can carry and exchange?

      3. Rick Rule’s holdings are in precious metals and natural resources. He certainly has a long track record of success and knowing what he’s talking about. But he is wrong about one thing. Yes, the titanic debt and liabilities being accumulated right now will be left to the millennials and gen-zeers, but no, they will not take ownership of it, they will not accept it or try to pay for it. IT WILL BE DEFAULTED ON. And who can blame them.
        There is as of today (6/17/2020) a federal gov’t debt exceeding 26 trillion and a more than 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This does not include state and local gov’t debt which is trillions more. Nor does it include trillions more in private debt. And, as hard as this is to believe, there may be at least 500 trillion that also exists in derivatives. No one, and I mean no one understands what all this means. Furthermore, the total assessed risk in the derivative markets is actually unknown.
        The numbers are of such magnitude it has become abstract. In reality, what’s the difference in owing 100 trillion or 200 trillion or 500 trillion. We are choking on 26 trillion now, how are they going to deal with hundreds of trillions. They won’t because they can’t.
        So, they may as well continue running up debt. It makes little difference now. They may try to inflate away some debt, but to do so in earnest would cause economy destroying upheaval. They know this. One can see there is no effort to address the debt, this means the current gov’t/officialdom will just keep spending unabated until crisis. They know it makes little difference now anyway.
        This is not theoretical, it is a logical sequence. Only it won’t be a crisis, it will be catastrophe. If you think the riots, COVID, and everything else is bad, wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. When welfare, EBT cards, section 8 housing, free medical care, free education, free cell phones, free internet and free computers, free cars, free money, and free everything is no longer sustainable you better standby. Throw in the reduction or loss of Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and pensions-both public and private, it would be absolute national chaos. Officialdom knows this too. A gov’t and media campaign will be waged against the middle class and whites in general, decrying our “greediness”, and continue to fabricate white guilt, to justify stripping the middle class, including confiscation of investments and bank accounts, ensuring the goodies continue to be distributed. The alternative is loss of social order.
        In my humble opinion, around 2024, when Pres. DT is a lame duck, is when we will start seeing SHTF. For officialdom to deal with it you can safely assume there will be nation-wide curfews, news blackouts, travel restrictions, martial law (in various but not all regions), confiscation of privately held wealth, severe anti-hoarding laws, and rationing of goods. And eventually, possibly even pressing citizens into work programs and suspension of elections.
        Even if only some of this post should occur, it would behoove one to prep, prep, prep.

      4. The Federal Reserve Note is a commercial issuance from a private corporation chartered in the District of Columbia under Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution where the law is anything Congress wishes it to be. That’s how they can keep a straight face while calling it “Constitutional”.

        Look into Bitcoin, which allows the public to peacefully “route around” this damage. God help us in avoiding the rest of the corruption.

      5. You can not eat gold and if everybody is hungry who wants it.

        Better off investing in things that will keep your stomach full.

        • Martus – Some of the wisest words written recently.

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