Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Warns Trump Of Deep State Takedown: “My Concern For My Friend The President… They Are Going To Find Something”

by | Jul 1, 2017 | Headline News | 107 comments

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    Robert Kiyosaki is the well known author of the widely popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. As an outside-the-box thinker Kiyosaki has recently suggested that the U.S. economy is under so much pressure that it is in real danger of collapse. He is also a long-time advocate of gold and silver as a way to protect wealth during times of financial calamity. Kiyosaki happens to be a very good friend of President Donald Trump, with whom he has written two books.

    In the following interview with, he says that America is not only in serious trouble because of a poor education system, corrupt bureaucrats and socialist-leaning government employees, but that entrenched Deep State elites are feverishly working to take down the President.

    In dealing with Donald… he’s straight… he listens… he makes decision quickly…

    And I think that’s his Achilles heel… You know, because bureaucrats, all they want is to keep their jobs… they’re not here to get the job done.

    So I feel for my friend Donald… he is a great man.. he has the same disease I have… foot and mouth… or Tweet and mouth…

    I’m so politically incorrect… that’s what he is… it’s so unfortunate… everybody says ‘well, stop Tweeting.”

    Well, it’s Donald… People look at that covfefe he Tweeted… but at the same time he went to NATO and he said to NATO, “pay up… you guys are not paying your bills.”

    Then he went to Saudi Arabia and said “let’s kick ISIS’ butt.”

    That’s the kind of leader he is… but the press never covers that…

    Our whole system is suspect right now… it’s all these bureaucrats and people with their hands in pockets… why does a politician go into office poor and leave rich? How does it happen? That’s corruption… but nobody says anything about that.

    My concern for my friend the President… they are going to find something… it doesn’t make a difference what they find… they will find something.

    Just this week we learned that Democrats in Congress, reportedly with the support of some Republicans, are spearheading a new law that would create an “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.” The committee would be a bi-partisan panel designed specifically to investigate President Trump’s mental health and to oust him under the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Considering that non-conformity has now been identified by psychiatrists as a mental disorder, it should be clear, as Robert Kiyosaki warns, that finding a reason, any reason, to get rid of Trump would be a fairly straightforward process with the right people involved in the investigations.

    Coupled with a variety of investigations and accusations involving everything from Russian collusion to alleged blackmailing of MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski about an Enquirer article, if the Deep State wants to find something, they absolutely will.

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      1. TRUMP has his faults, but his ideas, policies, and execution is what America needs. Pray that he quits tweeting his personal fights. 🙂

        • I agree… He isn’t perfect and I don’t agree with everything he does, but he does irritate the Left and the powers that be, and yes he does need to quit airing his personal fights on Twitter. My biggest complaint so far is, getting rid of Obamacare. I thought he wanted it repealed and replaced by absolutely nothing. Is he pushing this new healthcare, or is congress? Maybe i missed something somewhere. I don’t watch tv news and don’t pay much attention to internet news either.

          • That would be the Congress.

            It would also be those who serve within the legislative and judicial branches, along with Pence (executive branch), the DHS, DoD, Military Industrial Complex, Fed Reserve, etc that are working behind the scenes to dump Pres. Trump.

            As long as Pres. Trump KEEPS his Oath of Office, and does his duty as found in writing within the US Constitution there is nothing that those domestic enemies and traitors who serve within our government can do as long as We the People of the united States backs him. But he has deviated from his Oath when he allowed those high ranking military to make military decisions as it is NOT his power to trade, sell, give away, etc – only for the person who serves as the US President to use. He broke his Oath when he allowed the high ranking traitors who serve within the CIA to also make decisions concerning our nation – and there is NO LAWFUL authority for a CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.

            Instead they are REQUIRED by the contract they serve under (federal and state governments) to use the Militia to
            — Enforce the US Constitution (supreme Law of this nation) and each state’s Constitution (highest Law of the state),
            — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
            — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
            — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

            All Pres. Trump needs to do is follow the contract he is bound to Preserve, Protect, and Defend as his Oath requires of him. Of course, he will need to replace every person who serves within his department as NONE can be trusted as has been proven over and over again in the short time he has been serving.

            BTW, if YOU (generic “you”) are for the US Constitution and our legitimate government you at least ought to read it, and read the framers writings, or – if texting bound – their comments.

            • Thank You

            • All of what you say is accurate providing that the constitution is still in effect. Many historians have the opinion that FDR placed the lawful constitution into receivership in 1933. This would explain the explosion of “fedral government” growth and intrusion into areas clearly denied by the lawful constitution. That being the case,exposing this fraud becomes critical to understanding what must be done to correct this insanity.





























          • Chuck Yeager broke two ribs not a leg before breaking the sound “barrier”.

        • DK, agreed. He needs to back off Twitter and concentrate on the agenda to save this nation. I’m still willing to support him. We all know what the alternative was and be glad THAT didn’t happen.

          • I think Twitter is genius.

            All the media ever talks about is what Trump says on Twitter. That’s ALL THEY EVERY TALK ABOUT.

            Nobody is watching what Trump is DOING.

            It is just like a diversion technique.

            We are about to go to war with North Korea and what is the media focused on? What he said about some bitch with a bad face lift.

          • His tweets are useful to distract losers. I love Trump

          • Tweeting takes but a moment in his busy day. It’s his way of speaking directly to the American we really trust the lame stream press to pass along his comments honestly? The libs, the MSM, and even fellow GOP ‘colleagues’ hate his tweeting and want it stopped.
            If they don’t like it, I say he keeps doing it. Hhis response should be BFYTW

          • The MIKA tweets were stupid because it lowered him to their petty shit !

            Much rather he tweek his tweets to stay on focus and still gibe them some zingers that he is good at. He should have said something like this as a suggestion DT !

            “Mika and Joe said this xxxxxxxxxxx about me, is that intelligent or childish over @ MSNBC and the other stooge outlets”

            He would have made his point and kept the high ground and not lowered himself to their level and undermining bullshit. He has plenty trying to undermine already , no reason to do it himself as he has the perfect bully pulpit and good ideas for the nation. so stick with the good stuff !

            Although I doubt Kyosoki is telling him or anybody else anything new here ? Kinda lame actually and well after the fact.

        • He needs to tweet stuff so the media focuses on his tweets and so while MSM waste valuable time he is able to get good policy passed. He is a tweety-genius.

        • WHY does he need to stop tweeting? What’s your specific problem?

        • Why would a “friend” imply they will find something. He is an a$$hole.

          • It’s like when a tourist passes through some less than honest area of the world and the local constables “find” something to arrest the tourist. The sad tourist is then taken for everything possible and the constables continue to live the high life.

        • His personal fights are our fights. He is fighting scum lefties. I enjoy backing Trump.

        • “Et too Brutus,” said his friend?

      2. These people who are looking for anything to bring the man down. They wouldn’t do due diligence when Obama was in office or if Hillary made it. They are cowards and will find something unimportant and then jump on it to impeach the man. I don’t think God would have a chance with these people. Corruption rules and the swamp wants to survive. These people will create an event to bring the man down and move their agenda. This will not end well.

        • If you have been thinking about purchasing some extra wheat, do it SOON. Prices are going to rise.

          Spring wheat prices spike due to drought
          —“The price of your bagels and pizzas are about to rise as the cost of so-called ‘aristocrat of wheat’ – Hard red spring wheat – is exploding on the back of a worsening drought in the US High Plains.”

          -Canada has cut its planting outlook.
          -Drought conditions expand in U.S. growing states.
          -Prices are up 31 percent in June

          “Data released Thursday by the US Drought Monitor show more than 90 per cent of the two states was in drought, with “severe” or “extreme” conditions in dozens of counties.”

          “Rainfall in the next 15 days in the U.S. Northern Plains is likely to remain deficient, and the spring wheat crop might continue to wither.”

          ht tp://

          • Red wheat berries I paid ~$30 for in Feb are now up to ~58( #40 buckets). I don’t know if that is normal for out of season wheat to be cheaper than in-season wheat, but that is a big price difference.
            for just 4 months.
            I have over #200 of wheat stored away so won’t be buying any soon.
            Now if we could just the bread to rise better.

          • Thanks for the heads up. Where I get mine in bulk, Pleasant Hills, is at $65-$80 for 45 lbs.

            Glad I already have 225lbs in storage!

        • This guy is not his friend. He could have just as easily said that he loves and respects Trump. He is a snake. Honest Iago type.

          • Trump and Kiyosaki are PATRIOTS!!

      3. The Deep State Controls the Globalist propaganda medias of America. Actual people work and run this Deep State shadow government and it is past due time that they were exposed, their names and addresses printed out for the world to see. The Deep State seeks a Global NWO with no America. The Deep State’s Fascist/Muslim Global Government is called 2030 UN Agenda formerly UN Agenda 21 and it is to be fully implemented in just 13 years if the Globalist’s agenda succeeds. This NWO erases our nation’s borders, takes away all private property rights and voids all American laws. Our US Constitution will be worthless paper under the Deep State’s implemented UN World Government. Islam has been picked as the official religion of the NWO because of it’s intolerant and ruthless mindset that syncs right up to what the Globalists have in mind. That’s Total Control! NWO Globalist elites like David Rockefeller (now deceased), Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Clintons, the Bush family, the Pope, Michael Bloomberg, the Rothschild’s, the Bilderberg group, members of the Council On Foreign Relations and members of the Tri-Lateral Commission WANT a world government. All the Democrats and some Republicans want a Global Government so don’t be fooled by political labels. Watch their actions, do they get money from George Soros? Soros money is not given freely, it has strings. The Globalist Deep State controls our economy and keeps us in constant wars. The Military/Industrial Complex is part of the Deep State. War makes them money. The hidden forces controlling the Deep State must be exposed and stopped! They have no right to control our government.

        • Yep the Deep State all needs to die. Evil to the core. Arrest every one of them all at the same time. Put a bounty on them and let us Americans go make some money. Dead or alive. Dead pays more.

          • Mark Zuckerberg wants to run for President. No kidding. lol He also wants to give everybody a free minimum income. The catch is, you have to put a FB tracking device in your wrist. You know, its to let all your friends know where you are, so you can meet up. He claims its better than the Obama phone.

            • A Joooo for President?

              I would so there was no way in hell, but we did have Obama…..

        • The globalists go beyond hate; they are truly demonic. In the swamp, there is no distinction between political parties, and no ideological differences exist in network designations. The common goal of world dominance unifies them and surpasses the normalcy of political bias. If they didn’t have a double standard, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

          The enemies within are even more dangerous than the globalists who aren’t actually citizens of the US. That includes Paul RINO:

          “His [President Trump’s] comments are not anywhere in keeping with our party’s principles and values,” Ryan says. “There are basically two things that I want to make really clear, as for myself, as your speaker. I am not going to defend Donald Trump — not now, not in the future. As you probably heard, I disinvited him from my first congressional district GOP event this weekend — a thing I do every year. And I’m not going to be campaigning with him over the next 30 days.”

          “I am not going to defend Donald Trump, not now, not in the future,” Ryan told his House GOP colleagues.
          Paul Ryan’s conference call with House Republicans 10.10.16
          h ttps://

          Albeit those comments were made before the election, it has become obvious that Paul RINO has not changed his spots. He is still a slithering, dark swamp monster, not a patriotic nationalist.

          If we had more members in Congress who were actually for America, our nation wouldn’t be as vulnerable to the menace of globalism. Fortunately, President Trump understands the real danger that America is up against, and that he is more of a threat to the dark state than any POTUS ever. He is also a brilliant strategist and knows what he has to do.

            • Sarge: Thanks for the reminder. Ryan is one MAJOR reason that DJT beat the GOP. Ryan has been complicit for YEARS! He talks Policy and Principles which he directly FAILED to Defend!

      4. Obama had 8 years to seed our government, the “body politic”, with communist sympathizers. These people mean to wreck this country and turn it into another communist state which will ultimately fail as do all communist governments. They don’t do this for the good of the people, they do this for money and power. We the people need to weed these bastards out sooner than later.
        It is amazing the amount of resources the left is expending trying to take down Trump, the person We the People have elected to be our leader. We elected Trump because we recognized the problems in our government. We need change, not resistance. If our representatives no longer follow the will of the people that put them in office, they should not be allowed to govern us. Might be time…
        “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

        The left/progressive/communists are our traitors…

        “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
        –Marcus Tullius Cicero

        • You know ‘rednek101’ I do believe you might be a man of some education. Haven’t read that quote of Cicero’s in one heck of a long time. I return one to you: “24. Humble words and increased preparations are signs that the enemy is about to advance. Violent language and driving forward as if to the attack are signs that he will retreat.” Sun Tzu What we need to look out for most is when the liberals sue for peace and act as if they’ve come over to our way of thought.

          • Heartless
            I have noticed a lull in the left’s rhetoric lately. Given the maniacal behavior they’ve displayed without restraint, I have little faith they will change their ways. How does the saying go, “It’s quiet, too quiet”?

        • I’ve read this quotation before. In this context, I doubt Cicero would agree that Killery (the murderer) would have been less to fear than B.O. (the traitor). Notwithstanding the aforementioned, they still have the same paymaster.

        • Thats what is funny. Obama spent 8 years turning the Presidency into a dictatorship just to hand it over to Trump.

        • Rednek, damn good post and thanks for that quote from Cicero. Cicero really knew his business.

        • And we certainly have enemies within and all were put in place or their jobs created deliberately In the last 30 years and BHO put it all on steroids !

          This video explains it all far better than most. It is to the point, in depth and historically quite correct.

          When you add in this one you have the best thesis available to fully understand what has happened and why !

          These answer every question in detail, and still today many do not understand even when they lived in it all their lives, go figure ?

          We are at a critical point in our history and society. I notice many here think the economy is not in serious trouble and all the warnings are just fear porn. Those are the same people that do not understand the factual and critical concepts in both of these videos. Excellent work indeed ! We are at the exact same point that our country was in just prior to the Revolution. What greatly concerns me is how weak and fat Americans have become. Fat in the mind and courage as well

      5. If it wasn’t for the nonconformists of this world we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are today. If everyone marched to the same drum we would be a very boring society. For nonconformity to be considered a mental disorder is absurd, and that makes me think that all psychiatrists are mental cases. When this happens, that the Deep State becomes successful in their efforts to strip President Trump of his legally acquired presidency the sh*t will most definitely hit the fan. They better be careful what they try to pull over “we the people of these USA”, because that is why the Constitution was written, so that a tyrannical government could not impose its oppression of the people. We the people have come to our limit on oppression and invading our privacy. Stick a fork in us we’re done. Waiting

        • Don;t mistake non-conformity with capitalism.

          Capitalism drives innovation.

          Non-conformity drives hippies and free love.

          • I consider myself a non-conformist, who was a teenager and young adult during the sixties, and I never was a hippie or believed in free love and all that crap. I prided myself in the fact that I did not go along with the crowd. I thought for myself, and if I thought you were doing the wrong thing I told you so and told you I was not taking part in it. I didn’t care if you liked me or not, because I liked myself. I could not like myself if I had went along with the crowd just to be liked. I know every kid probably had their parent say “are you going to jump off the cliff just because everyone else was doing it”; my father (the MSGT) said this to me and I saw his point and took it very seriously. I decided I would think for myself and do what I thought was right. Non-conformist maybe capitalist, but all capitalist are not non-conformist. I believe in personal freedom, but I would not call myself a capitalist, because I am not driven by money. I’m driven by doing the right thing and living according to my God’s commandments, not by man’s selfish wishes. Lots of inventors were non-conformist, and not capitalism. Money was not their inspiration. Waiting

        • Problem is that 95-97%% are easily willing conformist to their controllers or simply lazy and aft and cannot do diddly squat. And where did I come up with those numbers ? During the revolution only 3 to 5% stood with Gen Washington. Those numbers are exactly the same today of people who are actually willing to stand up. I have seen it first hand and it is a fact !

          And this comment “They better be careful what they try to pull over “we the people of these USA” sounds great but how many here went to any of the Rally’s and got in the face of Antifa and the other thugs and beat them ? Again, talk is completely fucking worthless unless you are willing to back it up with the correct action ! Just speaking simple truths.

          • Hey, if they come to my town I will be there. And three of my four sons will be there. Now that’s me, and I cannot speak for other people. I do know people in Oklahoma do not put up with crap. We’re “rednecks” you know. It’s up to the rest of “we the people of these USA” to do their part. I have personally faced down drug dealers in my neighborhood, I’m not afraid of them; I have my trusty friends Ruger and Arsenal Bulgaria to back me up. My son shot one of their Pitbulls. So if Antifa shows up here we’ll put out the welcome mat. Waiting

        • Waiting, I say HOORAY for nonconformity. What people call ‘mental health’ is totally bogus to me. I only march to the song of freedom.

          • If you stop and think about it, what most call normal is actually quite whacked or worse ?


            Problem is most people don’t stop and actually think about much of anything, they simply respond as they have been conditioned to do or stay in the same bad habits they always have ! Very few people actually think, and fewer yet take action on any thinking they may do. A big reason we are where we are today here in USA !

          • Me too. Waiting

      6. You must also remember from day one of election they have been out to get POTUS Trump. They will not give up if it kills them all. They are so blinded by evil and power they will never stop. The whole government of these USA, and whole governments of this world are full of corrupt Machiavellian devils. They are pressing their luck now. Waiting

        • Waiting, the libturds are pressing their luck all the way to getting shot at. It’s coming to that and it’s not too far off now.

          • You speak the truth. Waiting

        • The commie liberals will only get more aggressive and desperate as time goes on.

        • I saw a review of news coverage, 343 hours of negative coverage of Donald Trump, and numbers like 4 or 8 hours for Afghanistan, tax cuts, and similar issues of importance.

          These people are on a vendetta, and should be canned, all of them. They are not honest people, nor do they represent a free press.

      7. I can think of two words why this probably won’t happen: Mike Pence. He’s far more conservative and in opposition to the left than Trump is; although Trump definitely has more ability to disrupt and redefine the narrative than Pence has.

        • Pence cannot be trusted.

          • Turncoat Traitor Pence just met with the Koch Brothers. Which means the swamp in not getting drained. More war for corporate profit. Bank on it. Install Pence after Trump is gone.

            Mike Pence Just Had a Secret Meeting With Charles Koch And Twitter Has a Theory

            by Lance Perriman
            Jun 24, 2017

            ht tps://

            • Since when did conservatism become evil?

              • “Since when did conservatism become evil?”

                When Neo-Conservatism (Establishment) masquerades as conservatism. Rand Paul is a conservative. A conservative would be against the evisceration of US manufacturing and involvement in wars outside of the Constitutional scope (and purpose) of the use of the US military.

                Conservatism is more than God and Guns.

                Mike Pence is 100% ESTABLISHMENT.

              • Conservatism is just a word? when was the last time you saw any so-called conservative in the last 20 years actually “conserve” anything ? They are every bit as corrupted and spendors as the left. The only difference is a different flavor of fucking you !

                It s all just words at this point and at least 75 % of congress are basically criminals working for themselves not you and I or anybody else. There are some good men, but they are very few and they are not in control as they should be.

                This is why I support Trump, he is not a DC professional or a GOPer and definitely not a liberal/prog. He is showing us all just how corrupted our system is in spades ! Just as Obama showed us how easy it was to undermine and destroy it !

                • You are right, there are some good men, but very few. That 75% of Congress that you’re talking about, start taking names for when the SHTF. Waiting

              • Keep watching Fox News, Mr. Stiner. The big picture is much different than what people
                realize it to be. There’s only a handful of good conservatives in the Senate. Possibly two
                handfuls of good conservatives in the House. If you think the likes of McConnell, McCain,
                and Graham are OK, then you have not peeled back the skin on the onion. You could also
                add Cotton and Rubio to that list. Over time you can see the tentacles getting attached.
                If you see a Republican with not too many friends inside his or her own party, that is the
                telltale sign of an independent thinker who places country and principles first.

                • Amen Waiting

      8. No matter what the fascist deep state does, they ARE exposed, and a very large percentage of people in the US, Canada, the UK and even places like Sweden (yes there ARE some there – check out someone like Åke Green) will never, ever give in. Why? Because they know that, as Churchill said, appeasement just means hoping the crocodile will eat you last.

        Recall this lone man in Nazi Germany: Then also recall how all those doing the National SOCIALIST salute ended up.

        Rednek – thanks for posting Cicero’s quote. Wonder how he knew 2,000 years ago that Obama would show up on the scene?

        • @Test
          Yep, Cicero’s quote is one of my favorites. 2000 years ago…as it turns out, treachery is a time honored tradition for certain types of people.

          • R neck and Test, Ciceros quote is a very good testament to how men and power interact. Nearly all power has been won by various contrivances of control freaks via violence and brute force . The good part is they nearly all fail,. just depends on how long one can tolerate their greed.

            “Most people are easily controlled because they hold themselves back with the two biggest under currents of mens minds. Regret of the past and or fear of the future” I believe fear is the greater force and today that is tied to our extreme materialism here in USA. Americans are deathly afraid of losing some of their “stuff” and also afraid to look inside themselves and understand such events !

            It should be no surprise America is in deep shit ! We stood by and watched as to all happened right in front of our eyes. The good news is the deep state is being exposed and I find that part incredible as it is all due to this guy that came along at this time in history


        • TEST, yes they are exposed and will stop at nothing to carry out their agenda. I say ALL of the deep state minions should be EXECUTED. As long as they’re alive they’re a threat to us all.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Thats reminiscent of the French revolution. When a government is established by mass executions tyranny will fill the void.

            • Kevin2, a “French Revolution” type situation is inevitable when you cannot identify the enemy. You *ill everyone and let God sort it out.

              I read an article recently which outlines every group that has been pitted against another group. I thought to myself, if this erupts it will be a blood bath and the real enemy will skate away to Asia to start their Ponzie scheme all over again.

              • Justice
                That is exactly how it’s going to play out
                If they keep at it this way

                ::” a “French Revolution” type situation is inevitable when you cannot identify the enemy. You *ill everyone and let God sort it out.”

                We can pretty much identify all the players high up
                And that’s where it needs to start
                The peons will also show

              • Hillary and Obama have already bought estates in Qatar. Possibly to make their getaway? Waiting

      9. Does is really matter anymore?? Whether they bring him down covertly, overtly or not at all, we’re in for a fight with the left. The only real question is how much time do we have to prepare. I say bring it before I get to old for it.

        • Your in an equal fight with the neoconservatives who’s policies have destroyed vast sections of the middle class, turned Investing into a casino and are currently pushing us into WWIII. Welfare by comparison looks like a mere annoyance.

          • Kevin, both are well past out pf control and equally as serious and devious !

      10. Get bit by a mosquito. Zinc applied to the skin via Calamine lotion helps to reduce the symptoms. Have you ever wondered why some people get bit more than others.

        Mosquitos prefer blood type “O”.
        “. “. Clothing colors: black, navy blue, red.
        “. “. Heavy breathers who expel more CO2.
        “. “. Pregnant women
        “. “. Sweat
        “. “. Bodies with elevated temperatures/ hot bodies.
        “. “. High Cholesterol on skin
        “. “. Smells on skin.

        All I can say is: no wonder Mosquitos love to bite pregnant joggers. They taste better.

        Breathe through your nose and calm down. Save the black for winter. Don’t allow them to breed in pools of standing water. Cover skin with light colored clothing. Keep organic insect repellant in your bag. Run and walk in the morning instead of the evening. Take a cool shower in the afternoon, before going out in the evening, especially if it has been a hot sweaty day.


        • We got 3.5 inches of rain in about an hour here in FL today. Rain catch is a simple system. I will be doing some experiments with it. Off the grid, lightly filtered rain water will be good for washing my vehicle. flushing toilet, and watering plants. I could build a catch near the bottom of the roof, goes to a barrel and drive under the barrel, and get a nice car wash and rinse. How simple is that?

          • Crack, I just bought the Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System at Amazon for $19.00. I have two 50 gal barrels full of water in the basement and when I use them and they are empty I will connect one to the down spout.

            I don’t want to do it now because I’m concerned that it could be used to reach a second story window. I don’t leave anything out that an intruder could use to gain access to the upper floors.

            I’m counting on using rain water for sanitation.

            • Been using rain for all house needs quite a while now.
              You will notice that washing things takes noticeably more water to remove soap suds.
              It’s because there are no minerals in the water.
              I switch valves to use city water for car washing and stuff.
              No water restrictions here. We don’t waste it, but we have all we need and then some.

            • Look up on internet “how to make an earthen water filter for radioactive water”. It would be good for filtering non-radioactive water too. It’s very cost effective to make. I’m making several. Waiting

      11. If you have tens of millions of followers on Twitter and losers tell you you shouldn’t tweet, well, shiite!

        Who you gonna listen to? Losers?

        Granted, twitter does shadow-block and in other ways foul-up alt-right opinions so for that reason he maybe should quit and sink the twitter boat for the hell of it.

      12. it’s bs, he’s not going anywhere . he is deepstate, this all distraction

      13. Trump is going after the soddomites ( pedofiles ). They don’t like that. Please see: Pravda ru. Italians in uproar over child porn . And 11 million see child snuf porn on tv. You won’t believe it?

      14. Its time to demand the end of Advertising of Pharmaceutical Drugs on TV. Just like Cigarettes and hard liquor commercials were banned.

        85% of the MSM Network Revenue comes from Drug Company sponsored Advertising and Commercials. The rest remaining mostly comes from Political advertising. That is why they could not pass Election Reform, because of all the money the TV Networks are making, with unlimited open and PAC donations. And all TV networks turn out now is Garbage lies, fake news, porn, gay gutter trash and Big Drug pushing their chemicals and poisons.

        So cut the drug Companies off and Ban them from advertising on TV and Radio. You need to get your info from the Doctor, not a propaganda commercial you sitting in a tub watching the sunset. As the Drug poisons and destroys your liver.

        We’ll call this Operation “Cut the Head off the Snake” Cut the money supply to the Lie TV.

        We need to fight to get our country back, one new Law after another. Time to go on the offense and get these basturds and crush them.

        • Hard liquor commercials have made a comeback in the last several years. Did you not see
          Mila Kunis peddling Jack Daniels or whatever booze she is trying to push on us. They did
          change the rules on some of that. Don’t be surprised if you see weed commercials in the
          next few years. Sad state of affairs.

      15. Nonconformity is a mental illness? Since when?

        Homosexuality is a mental illness. Read any psychiatric text written fifty years ago. Since mental illness is no more than fashion, conformity being as fashionable as Chinese Checkers; I think this fad will find acceptance in Asia, but Cowboys like to make up their own minds about how to ride a bull. Good luck you transsexual pedofiles in DC and your accomplices in the medical field.

        In the movie “FRANCIS” based on the life of screen actress FRANCIS FARMER, who was a victim of Hollywood Terrorism and a corrupt mental health system; she is rescued from incarceration in a mental hospital. In a scene about her breaking out, a reporter/friend shows his knife to the guard who is trying to prevent FRANCIS from escaping. He says, “… I’ll show you crazy”.

        So, to Psychiatrists who support this crap, “…I’ll show you crazy”.

        Nonconformity is a Western Tradition. Western Tradition is nothing if not fashionable. So, good luck making nonconformity a mental illness. These f@@king people in government are psycho. We all should do something before they have a chance to multiply.

        __ ?


        • B, ask any Russian under Communism and they will tell you that Commies love to use the mental health system as a tool of control and terror. They used it to bypass the rigors of the criminal justice system. It was much easier to commit someone than convict them.

          This trend in America tells me that we are dealing with loathsome REAL communists. People do not underestimate how dangerous commies are, they’re ruthless killers.

          • Justice

            Your using the word communism which is an economic system in place of totalitarianism. Communists do not a monopoly on it as the US is certainly fascist with globalist multi national corporations in charge not “We The People”.

            • Kevin2, they keep changing their names so fast/often I’m not sure what they’re called now? I think it’s “progressives”.

              I have a theory, that Communism is not an economic theory but is actually a weapon. Nobody can reasonably believe in Communism given the historic evidence, except the ignorant masses and they believe it because they want free stuff (i.e. they want to believe it so much that they discard any logic).

              Whenever, the PTB want to take down a society they introduce Communism into that society and there are always enough people who buy into it that it eventually destroys that country. This happens every time and it CANNOT be an accident!!

        • BCA , psychiatry is just another fake science sham and little more than voodoo and now drug sales as a control mechanism.

          If we had followed Carl Jung instead of Siegmund Freud we would have a very different and far better world and society today ! All of the so-called sciences have morphed into various forms of politicized religions and little more than control mechanisms today. They too are part of the deep state apparatus of control mechanisms and illusions we all live under here in USA today ! Nothing new at all.

          • DowntoEarthThinking, that’s the best description of psychiatry I’ve ever read anywhere. I always knew there was something bogus about it.

            • Today most of the sciences are bogus from being politicized to be used as control mechanisms. Check out Dr. Kelly Brogan she is a shrink and an MD that went rogue on the establishment and now tells the truth of all of it in spades. also Dr Fred Baughman who I have known for years and try Green Med Info site as well. All have massive amounts of info on the fraud of psychiatry and so-called health care practices in general as purely shams and voodoo hype to sell drugs and unnecessary tests and procedures to take youR money and destroy your health ! Anybody that still goes to their regular MD and trusts them is a complete idiot and likely killing themselves with some kind of unnecessary pharma. The psyche industry has killed countless returning vets with their endless drug cocktails that make them commit suicide at an alarming rate in the last 5 years or longer. Sickening what these criminals get away with in the name of healing ? They heal nobody but kill or harm many millions every year ! Shrinks and counselors are more like witch doctors than anything else because the entire thing is NOT a science at all, just shit based on Freud and a few other whack job drug addicts. Freud was strung out on Coke and heroine at various times and died from it? And he is the father of modern day psychiatry ? WTF is wrong with that picture ? Had we listened to C Jung we would be far better off today for many reasons.

              Ponder this , if the DEMs and deep state can create the false paradigm of Trump is crazy based on their opinions ? does that mean if they had such a paradigm they could put anybody in a Gulag ? see where they are headed with this shit ? It has all become just another control mechanism ! They are all control freaks out of control and they are the insane bitchez. See my links above as well for clarity on this.

              And realize we can all be very healthy, strong and fit rather easily, just gotta know how and it is not difficult!

      16. B from CA, BRAVO, damn good post. I’ve been a nonconformist all my life and will be til’ my final breath in this world. The Founding Fathers were also nonconformists. I’ve never believed in what is called ‘mental health’ anyway. It’s all bogus to me.

      17. Democrat Congressmen are doing all they can to delay TRUMP. Zero cooperation. The old saying applies: “If you can’t baffle them with brilliance; befuddle them with bullsh*t!”. In swamp terms, this is the quicksand. Frankly, the really large crocodiles aren’t in Congress; the Democrat Congressmen are feather-weights. The huge crocodiles are there but they are working behind the scenes. The activists with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are the mosquitoes. Wading through swamp muck is like hiking through deep snow. It wears you out and that is what they are trying to do with Trump. If they can’t get Trump out of office now, then exhaust him so he can’t go for two terms.

      18. Yesterday, the Feds requested voter records from the states and territories as part of the investigation into voter fraud in this country. Today, a bunch of Democrats added their names to an impeachment bill in the House.

        These folks know what’s going to happen to their game. It’s over, and they’re desperate.

        • I agree they are desperate as Trump is goring their sacred oxe’s for votes and other control mechanisms of you and your tax dollars to do with as they please!

          There are many more oxe’s to gore though !

      19. Crazy, 25 people shot in Arkansas club…. Was this Obama’s ISIS, or was this Obama’s La Raza?

        Did they scream Viva la Mexico or did they scream Allah snack bar? Obama imported and armed all these terrorist groups.

        Must mean we need more gun control………

        • Barack Soetorobama was the first fag ever to be selected for the WhiteHouse and now has become the first former WhiteHouse resident EVER to troll a successor, a president duly elected by the people, and now leading a resistance against the new administration. Shameless POS should be arrested and charged with insurrection. Better yet treason.

        • It was more “din do nuffin” negros, same ones as last time and the time before, they call em youths instead of negros or
          black youths, wonder why ? Could it be because something is being hidden from the masses ?

      20. The reintroduction of the House UnAmerican Activities Commission is very much needed and would go a long way in creating bowel control issues among the arrogant left. President Trump, please make it a reality!!!

      21. I love Donald Trump, That being said he needs to stop playing nice arrest the traitors.
        Comey , Clinton, and there ilk.
        Hold them in Guantanamo!

      22. What the left does not get is that removing Trump is like firing on Fort Sumpter or maybe they really think they will survive a civil war in power and untouched. Every week end I can hear the local militia target practicing and that is not for deer hunting Even in my small town I have seen large groups of muslim men passing through acting very guilty and highly trained in security.

      23. There never was isn’t now and never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. Loose cannon President Trump is certainly a thorn in many folks side. However he is just a temporary irritant to the NWO -Un and Agenda 21 folks. The heck with buying gold. Spend that money on things you yourself can use when It becomes a WROL full Blown SHTF. Prepare for you and yours to survive the 90% die off. There will not be a repete of the American revolution of the 1700’s. We don’t have great statesmen like the framers where. The entire UN will be against any patriots. Sadly We are a nation in decline. The slow regression is starting to speed up and President Trump is just one speed bump. Quit being a denialist there is not any ghost of a chance of making America great again. Its simply never going to happen. Learn self reliance and Know How. Prep to survive a stone age existence.

        • You quit. Stand up and fight.

      24. Old Guy, well said. Very deflating to read but so true.
        I think you just helped change my mind about more precious metals, too. (What good will they do if we be running for our lives, or making a stand at home even?)

        • Smokey, fight, yes. But who, your local cops?
          Those in the castles are out of reach.

      25. Just who are you going to fight? Why lose your life in some futile endeavor? My ancestors Vikings where no strangers to fighting. They attempted to settle in north America. But they soon left. The reason was the Scralings where to numerious and too troublesome. Myself I only have one goal. that is to try and ensure me and mine outlive the 90% die off.

        • There can never be a civil war like the one of 1776 because the government is way too big and powerful. Whoever controls the federall government will control the outcome of the war. Stand up now and vote as many good people into office as possible. Revolution starts in our own districts. Survival will depend partly on leadership in local areas.
          Starters: Wisconsin run Ryan out
          Arizona: Can McCain

          • Sorry –
            Civil War 1861, Declaration of Independence 1776.

      26. If I were President, I wouldn’t play defense with the Deep State or the world’s Elite Cabal. I’d go after em.
        “The best defense is a good offense”.
        Vince Lombardi

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