Revenge: Watch As Programmer Floods IRS Phone Scam Hotline With Thousands Of Calls

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    You’ve no doubt received calls from luxury vacation hotlines, an Internal Revenue Service representative seeking money, and perhaps even gotten an email or two from a twice-removed, long-lost cousin who happens to be a Nigerian prince looking to park money in your bank account.

    With advancements in technology, scammers these days have been successful in separating their targets from millions of dollars by targeting thousands upon thousands of victims daily.

    One programmer decided enough is enough and found a novel way to fight back.

    After receiving a call from someone with a foreign accent claiming to be an IRS agent collecting back taxes, the founder of the Project Mayhem Youtube channel decided that payback was in order. So, he wrote a short auto-dialing script designed to flood the scammers’ phone number with so many calls – 28 calls per second – that they were no longer able to make calls to potential victims, get voice mails or even receive calls from ‘marks’ trying to contact the company to pay their supposed debts.

    The results are hilarious, with the scammers getting so frustrated that they start cussing up a storm and admitting they are scammers.

    Because they leave voice mails and demand people to call back or be arrested, what if they couldn’t receive calls?

    Better yet, what if they got so many calls, that we flooded the scammers, preventing any more scams…

    And then recorded everything?

    … This should work perfectly, 28 calls per second…


    To give you an idea of how unbelievably successful such scams can be, Indian police recently raided an IRS phone scam company and arrested 70 individuals. The company reportedly stole some $300 million from targets in the United States who fell for the con.


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      1. So this is the Prick that is jamming up the IRS phone lines, while Im trying to resolve a Tax Problem. Takes at least an hour to get through. Fn Prick!! I never get through so I’ve had to send correspondence by snail mail and receipt tracking. Costs me about $6 just to send correspondence to make sure they get it.

        What a Jackass. Do you know who you are really victimizing? Why don’t you rather just go fly your plane in to the IRS Building like normal Pissed off people.

        • Like my Rant? I used to get spam faxes, so I did the same thing, I taped about 3 pages of sheets together, end to end so that the 3 page ends were all connected like a never ending roll in my fax machine. I would call the number and hit send. It would fax for hours burning up all their paper on their fax machine end. The fax pages read, stop fax spamming me, page after page, after page.

          They probably came in, in the morning and there was a whole floor of fax paper with stop fax spamming me.

          • Sweet. I love it.

            Went on vacation and turned on the fax machine with just ten sheets of paper, to throw off the phone spammer for three weeks. Came back, no faxes, turned it off and an hour later the calls from telemarketers picked up like nothing was amiss.

            I have a call block box that can store and block 5,000 numbers, they just call on a new number every time now.

            I worked for a manufacturer with a union shop. If I had to FedX an emergency document and software out, I had to get a union guy to come in the office to pick it up. The dude was ignoring us, and if I tried to carry the pack to the loading doc the union bosses would be all over my ass via my boss. I had actually seen him pick up a pack from a pretty girl two departments down and then zig zag to avoid my part of the office. I wrote a loop script that sent him a page that said “I’m holding your pager hostage until you pick up my brief”. He was at my desk inside of three minutes. Pager days are over, but a text will work just as well.

            • This is ironic, I got a call from that place a week ago. Moments after reading this article I got another call from these clowns. Here is another number to add to the call 814-436-3723. For that matter EVERYONE here can feel free to call and screw with them.

              • I got another call today, from a different number. But here is another bogus IRS scam telephone number 302-202-1381

          • Actually, they spoof the number they are calling from. You can bet its not the one that appears on your caller ID, so whoever you are bombing, I feel sorry for them.

          • I did much the same thing. I used to constantly get faxes from affordable insurance scam. I asked them repeatedly to stop, but they wouldn’t. My solution? Same as yours, but I used copies from a mostly black magazine cover, along with smiley faces that WERENT smiling, along with “HAVE A SHITTY DAY!” Not only did I bombard them with several hundred faxes in a row, but the total blackness of some of my fax sheets caused their ink cartridges to run out constantly. Next thing you know, THEY were begging ME to stop, which I did, but not before I sent a couple more “reminders”. I never got another fax from them, EVER!

        • No, he’s jamming up the scammers, not the IRS.

          • The difference being that the IRS can actually throw you in a cage and steal your assets, whereas the Indian scammers cannot.

          • Hah!!!!

            Now jam up the IRS and also jam up Koskinen’s personal line along with Lois Lerner, Barack Obama, the OFA, the BLM, planned Parenthood….etc.

            Squash the ability to glean any traction against America and Americans.

            Hell, we may never need to fire a single shot in anger!

        • So the Oath Keepers and that fucking cuck Stewart Rhodes started beef with the Alt Right.

          Baby Boomer logic: we’re gonna protect and defend the constitution by attacking white men, the only group of people who care about the constitution, and defending the mud people who dont give a shit about the constitution and want to turn America into a third world shithole.

          The fact that in the last 50 years we’ve reduced the white population by 20% just shows how fucking worthless the military and police really are.





        • The IRS will never call you regarding a tax liability – unless you call them first. He was/is jamming the scammer!

        • that’s not the real IRS you idiot

      2. Speaking of Prick Scammers, Look at this Commie Pair of Gews.

        Bernie and Jane Sanders Under Investigation for Possible Bank Fraud
        Written by Stephen Lendman Date: 06-25-2017 Subject: FBI
        Bernie and Jane Sanders Under Investigation for Possible Bank Fraud

        by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman. org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

        The Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI, and FDIC are investigating whether Jane Sanders committed bank fraud while serving as president of the now-defunct Burlington College (from 2004 – 2011). Bernie Sanders is a person of interest, explained below.

        Under her leadership, enrollment and donations dropped. In 2010, she bought 33 acres of land to expand the school. The strategy failed to increase enrollments.

        In 2014, Burlington College was placed under probation. In 2016, it declared bankruptcy and closed down.

        Mrs. Sanders allegedly falsified loan application documents for financing to expand the campus, claiming Corinne Bove Maietta pledged $1 million to the school over a five-year period.

        According to an FDIC investigator, she never agreed to pledge any amount while still alive. She’s aged 83 – agreeing only to donate an unspecified posthumous sum.

        Loan application documents show Mrs. Sanders said Maietta agreed to make a series of cash donations. Her alleged pledge along with others were used as collateral.

        Maietta told FDIC investigators she was astonished to learn how she was improperly used. “You can’t borrow money on the future,” she said. “That doesn’t exist. They had me (donating) in increments. No, never.”

        She never signed an agreement to donate anything. Burlington College wasn’t included in her will until around a year after Mrs. Sanders’ land purchase.

        “I remember Jane asking if I would sign something, and I said I never sign anything. You’ll have to go through my accountant,” she explained.

        After donating less than $100,000, she agreed to leave the college an unspecified amount in her will. “I never told them how much, and I never signed anything…It was all on my word,” she said.

        According to two former college employees contacted by the FBI, information in Mrs. Sanders loan agreement with People’s United Bank is under federal investigation for possible fraud.

        In January 2016, Republican attorney Brady Toensing asked the US Attorney for the District of Vermont and the FDIC inspector general to investigate whether Mrs. Sanders committed fraud by falsifying information on her loan application – according to Carol Moore, Burlington College’s last president.

        People’s United Bank provided Mrs. Sanders with a $10.7 million loan to finance her land purchase, lakefront property to expand the Burlington College campus.

        Senator Sanders is a person of interest. According to Politico, a “letter to federal prosecutors in early 2016 alleged (his) office had pressured the bank to approve the loan application submitted by” his wife.

        The letter said “(i)mproper pressure by a United States Senator is a serious ethical violation.”

        So far, he hasn’t commented publicly on the controversy surrounding his wife. His involvement leaves him vulnerable to possible Senate censure on ethics violations.

        It could be worse if federal investigators claim he was complicit in his wife’s loan application deception – if it’s determined to be bank fraud.

        • Wow, CrackHeadScumSkull, did a Gew tool your arse or something whilst you were in prison? You’re just too obsessed with them. There can be no other explanation.

      3. I’ve gotten a few of these calls, if I have some time I like to play with them, they practically start salivating over the phone at the prospect of getting money.

        The IRS will never demand a nickel over the phone. Legal contacts are by letter.

        • THE IRS WILL NEVER CALL YOU ON THE PHONE or ask you personal info or demand payment. They like it in writing Black and white.

          Got one of those IRS spam calls the other day, something about Tax identity theft and call this number. Something about I better call or I could face arrest. lol

          Come and Git Sum Suckers!!!

          • Anytime a strange number shows up on my caller ID and shows as unknown, I just don’t answer it. You can use your own discretion about what calls you take or reject on your own phone. I used to have about 30 different scammers calling me a week. Now it’s down to only 2. Like I said, make your own decision about who you’ll talk to. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

      4. I am posting this comment in this article because the comments have been disabled in the article titled, “Tensions Across The World Are Rising: “Investors Have Resorted To Putting Their Money Into Safe-haven Assets To Guard Themselves”


        They SUCK so bad they are not allowed on the Nasdac or NYSE.

        Stop promoting this mac, they are truly a scam. the scammers buy u all these stocks, then promote them running up the price and sell out, just for a couple of days later the stock drops to nothing.


        • JS,
          Comments are disabled when it’s an ad/article, Mac has made this clear that no comments is an indicator that it’s an advertisement/article.

          As with any advertiser, buyer beware. I do try to buy from Mac’s advertisers when appropriate. He does have to keep the lights on.

        • What’s wrong with penny stocks anyway? Buy the right one and you can make a lot of money. Of course, you won’t buy the right one, since you obviously can’t tell an advertisement from an actual article.

          • Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes make a lot of money too, should we do that?

        • Known as Pump & DUMP my fellow patriots.

      5. Crack,you are referring to the honorable Joseph Stack,he was a good man,he gave the irs the plane with a full tank of gas.

        I do not believe this guy hitting the actual irs,but,if he is,I will buy him a drink!

      6. Thieves posing as thieves. The real name of the program is tax me, I’m American and can’t whip my wallet out fast enough. This is empirical evidence of how effective the Federal Reserve Act has been in its programming. The deal was we get to use fiat notes and you can have your income tax. These days we can do it voluntarily or we will be forced to revisit this massive assault on our Constitution. The art of the deal, indeed.

      7. When the Police found $300,000,000 in stolen funds did they return the money to the victims?


      8. Who are the bigger scammers, the Hindi liars and thieves or the real IRS who strong arm for the illegal Rothschild Banking Cartel (a semi-private Jewish lending and counterfeiting very well organized looting loot system)!?!



      9. Who are the bigger thieves, the scammers or the IRS??


        • B from CA, the IRS are the big fish. The scammers are the the little ones, but I still don’t have any use for either one.

      10. I got a few of their calls in the past but after calling them a bunch of goat phuckers the calls quit coming.

      11. Back in the late 90’s down in Ft Myers, FL area, there was a lady walking her dog on a long small 2 way road one morning, with swampy mangroves on both sides. The lady saw something suspicious on the side of the road in the mangroves. Instead of going in for a closer look herself, she went home and called the police about it.

        The Police came, and found a big 2 big suitcases and a Steel Safe in the mud. They opened them and found 5 Million Dollars all in cash. Of course they instantly claimed it was “drug money” and stole the loot for them selves in the asset forfeiture scam. They divvied up the cash between the agencies and partied like it was 1999. Lee Co Sheriff’s bought a Helicopter with the found loot.

        I lived right by that area when that happened. Today I live someplace else more remote and we don’t call 911 out here. We deal with it ourselves.

        What would you have done if you found $5 million in cash on the side of the road. I’d still be partying like it was 1999 too. I would have grabbed it stuffed it in a storage, and hid more. then move and buy up some land, etc. All in a Land Trust.

        • Crack:

          With 5million today, you can’t buy that much.

          I believe in generating a cash flow through Real Estate. I would buy income property, either a few small homes as rentals, or two or three multiples with say two to eight apartments. Then I would buy a farm or ranch and either live there or rent it, too. I would keep $100,000 for myself, as a way to pay bills or get things I need. I would not live large or party the money away. The money from the rentals would be used for repairs and upgrades on the properties. The extra cash flow would accumulate as savings. When I had enough savings I would start a Restaurant Chain, first buying the property then building a unique style building that would identify it. When I made money from the Restaurant business, I would buy more income properties. I would buy or build a Hotel with a Bar and Dance Floor, large banquet rooms, etc.; and I would hire entertainment. When I was old, I would give everything to the younger people in my family, go somewhere where I could be taken care of and die knowing I had left my kids more than the little brats deserve.

          __ ?


          • Crack:

            Your question is an ethical question which I will not answer. I am merely stating what I might do with $5,000,000.00.

            ethics suck


        • Same thing happened to my husband in the woods..our county is the greatest in drug deals in Ky.
          His loader operator dug up a huge canvas bag full of drugs..I think a bag of cocaine.
          He called the law….DUH!!!

      12. Thank you very much!

      13. can you sell us a copy of the program you wrote so we can use it against other scammers ?

      14. Yay!!! So awesome.

      15. El Oh El.

        I get some of these calls on the landline. These guys and the police benevolent fund or “fallen heroes” fund.

        All scammers, so I hang up on all of ’em.

      16. This guy is my hero.

      17. LOL – did you click another of his video that was a Tech Support line. Same thing. They finally shut off that phone line, then the line rolled over to the IRS service line and they were answering it that way! HAHA

        Be great if there was like 100 people doing this to them at the same time.

        https: //

      18. And HOW do I get my hands on this and do it myself????

      19. Here’s the thing about this scam. It is so pervasive that the IRS has a web page devoted to it, and they tell you if you recieve calls from these numbers. Get that? “These numbers”. It has been years, and they know the numbers in use for years. Why? Why!

      20. God Bless you for screwing up their scam! You deserve an award for providing a great service to the American people!

      21. Sweet. I want to do this. I’ve messed with the irs scammers a few times, but get bored easily when their connection sucks.

      22. Way to go. I’m so fucking tired of stupid street shitters. They designed the software for my employer and it’s a bunch of bug ridden steaming pile of street shit.

      23. Anytime I hear someone with an Indian / Paki accent I hang up.

        I have had them call using my own ID and phone number as well as Microsft’s phone number!

        Also, never use Sun West Mortgage! They offshore accounting to India. They only hire US citizens to answer the phone and for sales.

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