Researcher Warns: Algorithms Are “Using And Even Controlling Us!”

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    One researcher is warning everyone that  “we are setting ourselves up for technological domination.” Dionysios Demetis warned that algorithms are “using and even controlling” human beings.

    Humans are surrounded by algorithms and one researcher is not all that thrilled about the future prospects of technology and its grip on humanity.  “Our exploration led us to the conclusion that, over time, the roles of information technology and humans have been reversed,” Demetis, a professor at the Center for Systems Studies at Hull University in Yorkshire England, wrote in an essay for The Conversation. “In the past, we humans used technology as a tool. Now, technology has advanced to the point where it is using and even controlling us.”

    This is not the first time Demetis has tried to warn humanity of the problems with advanced technology either. Demetis built on a paper he published last year with Allen Lee, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems. The researcher also contends that we are in fact “deeply affected by them in unpredictable ways,” and humans made it that way.  “We have progressively restricted our own decision-making capacity and allowed algorithms to take over.”

    Demetis says that the worst case scenario would be a complete takeover of machines and artificial intelligence.  Already, most of the trading in foreign exchange markets is determined by algorithms that call the shots within tiny fractions of a second as opposes to humans, who are now seen as an “impediment.” “The people running the trading system had come to see human decisions as an obstacle to market efficiency,” Demetis wrote. Lawyers are also being replaced by artificial intelligence and some recruiters have an over-reliance on third-party tools to “weed out bad candidates.”

    This can set up humanity for a bleak and dystopian future where we will have no control over anything – machines will make all of our decisions for us.  “We need to decide, while we still can, what this means for us both as individuals and as a society.”



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      1. We help enable this system by purchasing all these wondrous new “internet of things” devices and ooohing and aaahing over them instead of sticking to old tried and true low tech devices. But…but…but progress n all. I have to admit I’m an old grouchy Luddite myself…but 99% of the world embraces their slavery. There is also a big push by the government through DARPA and Silicon Valley to implement AI. Who controls them?
        A: If we don’t put stronger controls on government we’re goners.
        B: Hahahaha…Controls on government. That’s a good one. Reminds me of the old one about a piece of paper insuring a “limited” government. Now THAT was a real knee slapper.

      2. Why do you think they call Television, “Programming?” Duh!!

        Go look up CIA’s “Operation MockingBird” for the truth.

        • And these dopes subscribing to cable TV monthly with $100+ cable bills, are paying to be programed. Fricken idiots.. ha.

      3. “Defense network computers. New… powerful… hooked into everything, trusted to run it all. They say it got smart, a new order of intelligence. Then it saw all people as a threat, not just the ones on the other side. Decided our fate in a microsecond.”

        ~ Kyle Reese DN38416

      4. the algorithims will create new ones and soon decide we aren’t needed for their survival. See ya on the other side…

      5. Reduce the population to under 500 million. The Georgia guidestones did not erect themselves. The government allowed Soros to organize a mob of humans to bring down statues of white Male heroes yet did not stop the construction o the stones nor subsequently had them destroyed. What gives? Should we blame machines or should we blame the people using those machines?


      6. Joseph Goebbels is acknowledged as one of,if not the most, powerful men in Germany leading up to and throughout the creation and administration of the National Socialist government in Germany. Yet the five men who owned Hollywood, lived within a mile or two of each other, came from the same race and the same religion (not Christian and not “white”) but their power over the minds of Americans is never called evil and rarely acknowledged.


      7. As a guy that has designed and written “algorithms” and designed systems that use them, I don’t fear the machine, I fear the people that chose the design and data sets used to feed the machine.
        By definition an Algorithm is deterministic and predictable.
        eg 2+2 must always equal 4. AI generates new data sets that it operates off from, and causes changes, some people call that “learning”. So the system may make decisions that were unanticipated, but not unknowable, if you did your homework. People that write code are the ditch diggers of the software world, the real hard part is the designers doing the math. Math and systemic analysis is the basis for all computer and software design. The designer can easily constrain the machine. The question is will we?

        • Exactly. A computer, like a gun or a hammer, is a tool. The problem is never the tool itself, it is the user (or misuser) of the tool. Allowing AI or computer programs to make decisions without human oversight or intervention is simply another way of ignoring responsibility. “Hey, I didn’t single you out for persecution, the computer did!”

          Remember the TV show, “Person Of Interest?” Life is coming dangerously close to imitating art.

      8. They now are trying to eliminate all cash! When you are locked into your “card” you are absolutely a slave! The algorithms will then analyze your spending habits and suddenly you will find your card will no longer work for certain products! YOU SMOKE. NO MORE CIGARS! YOU ARE FAT! NO MORE CHIPS OR BEER! YOU DRIVE TOO MANY MILES. NO MORE GAS! YOU SUPPORT TRUMP. NO MORE FOOD! You think this can’t happen? It IS happening!

      9. If lawyers are made redundant, then I for one will not be dismayed – bring it on!

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