Republican Lawmaker Wants to Make It Legal to Carry a Gun in Washington DC… But Only for Congressmen

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    When it comes to gun control, no one is more hypocritical than liberal celebrities and politicians. While these people promote the end of gun rights for ordinary Americans, it’s often the case that they are protected in public and in their homes, by cadres of highly trained and armed bodyguards. They reap the benefits of the Second Amendment, while treating the rest of us like children who can’t be trusted with a gun.

    However, it’s not just prominent liberals who are hypocritical when it comes to gun rights.

    Republican Congressman Mo Brooks, who survived the recent shooting in Virginia that left Congressman Steve Scalise severely injured, has been promoting a new bill that will allow lawmakers to carry a gun anywhere in the country, including Washington D.C., regardless of local laws. The only exceptions, are when lawmakers are in the US Capital building, or in the presence of the President or Vice President.

    “I’m going to be introducing legislation this week … to allow congressmen to carry a sidearm, should they so desire,” Rep. Mo Brooks said in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

    Members of Congress are “high-profile targets,” the congressman said, adding that they have “absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington, D.C.’s rather restrictive gun laws,” the Alabama congressman said.

    “I want congressmen to be treated as if they were law enforcement,” Brooks said, “given that we are high-profile targets for the bad guys, the lone wolves, the terrorists.”

    That makes sense. Politicians are high-profile individuals who routinely face death threats from members of the public. They should absolutely have the right to arm themselves in public.

    But what about everyone else? What would it say about our country if this bill passes? That lawmakers should have a special right to carry a gun wherever they want? That they are above the local and state laws that keep millions of Americans from protecting themselves in public? Politicians are supposed to have the same rights as us. They’re not special in that regard, but some of Brooks’ recent statements might suggest that he thinks otherwise.

    Brooks said the measure doesn’t include any particular training requirements for members.

    In an interview with WHNT News 19 Tuesday afternoon, he said members are capable of deciding on their own if they need any firearms training.

    “I defer to the judgment of our elected Congressmen and Senators,” Brooks said. “They are adults. They are targets, they are high-profile targets of terrorists and lone wolf attackers, and as such they are in a position to make their own decision about how much training they believe is necessary.”

    But our judgement can’t be trusted?

    Last I heard, most Americans have to undergo some form of training if they want to receive a conceal carry license. But congressmen suddenly don’t need training? Sorry, but I could think of a few politicians who would make me nervous if they were packing. If they’re mature of enough to make that decision themselves, then so is every other adult American.

    The point I’m trying to make, isn’t that this bill is wrong. I do think politicians should be allowed to arm themselves in public, and I don’t think they should have to beg the government for permission to carry a gun. But neither should the rest of us. That’s exactly what millions of Americans have to do if they want to conceal carry. Depending on where they live, they need to pay fees, obtain permits, go through background checks, and undergo training before they can carry a gun. They have to convince the government that they are responsible adults, before the government gives them a permit to exercise their rights. They don’t get to decide for themselves if they have enough training. It would be absolutely sick if the political class didn’t have to jump through the same hoops that many of us have to jump through to obtain a concealed carry permit.

    The bottom line is this. Whether you’re a politician or a private citizen, no law abiding American should have to beg the government for permission to carry a gun in public. It’s a right that should be taken away from citizens who abuse it (criminals), but nobody should need permission in the first place.

    Congressman Brooks, if you really support the Second Amendment, as you so eloquently claimed after the shooting in Virginia, then you’ll promote laws that enhance everyone’s rights, and not just the rights of your colleagues.


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      1. “I want congressmen to be treated as if they were law enforcement,” Brooks said

        So…..we should protest the congress, riot and loot and claim they oppress blacks and minorities.

        We should pay them next to nothing and expect 60 hour work weeks and if the arrest a black person the officers get prosecuted.

        We should spit in the congressman’s food at the restaurant.

        We can rally that “congressional black caucus lives matter”

        Yes, lets treat them like law enforcement gets treated.

        Fock that guy.

        • Cops are very, very well paid when you factor in their pensions.

          Mo Brooks is an idiot of course. One of those douches who think there is anything lawful about the infringement of the right to keep and bear arms and who is perfectly happy with carving our special privileges. The man knows nothing about what law is and thinks he is part of an aristocracy.

          • Mo Brooks can kiss my white ass.

            • Yes, but on the other hand any kind of a easing of the stupid law is good. They pass this and The NRA and others will beat them over the head with it, to get better passed. I admit a short rope and a long drop still seems good.

              • Don’t worry, the NRA lawyers will stop any progress for freedom. Most crooked politicians could not pass a real background check anyhow.

              • Seth Rich needed a gat, but all he got was shot

        • Laws for thee, but none for me.

      2. Let them do it. How hard is it going to be for a bunch of luyrs to force it to be expanded to everyone? Equal protection, ya know.

      3. Typical. They belong to the elite, you see, and therefore are entitled to privileges not available to the foul-smelling rabble who voted them into office. I agree with you, John – FUCK ‘EM.

      4. You see Politicians are Special. They get their own heath care system. They don’t wait in any lines, They vote themselves pay raises. They get away with insider trading before they legislate that makes them a bundle. They get to molest children with no problems. They are just better than us, and above the law.

        • Yep, they are better than you and they know it

      5. If politicians did what is right for America. They would not have any threats. Let it be known Politicians bleed out just like any other lying scumbag out there who is full of holes.

        • Yeah but the guy that he shot was not the intended target. He missed his target but got lucky and hit another person who happened to also be an ISIS scumbag.

      6. Typical elitist ignorant bastard! No one needs to get a permission slip from these bastards to protect their families and friends. We have the second amendment and God given right to protect them. And they wonder why they are hated as a group???

        • Anonymous, damn right. Don’t need permission from ANYONE, PERIOD!

      7. Yep…agree with John and Frank.

      8. I would like to see a law making it legal for anyone in DC to carry concealed or displayed, except Congressmen. Let’s face it, these criminals can’t be trusted, and furthermore, some of them deserve to be targets, in particular, the ones who diddle little boys.

        __ ?

        __ ?

      9. Stress is the emotion you experience when you refrain from strangling someone who desperately deserves it. Congress has a 16% percent approval rating which translates to a huge number of stressed-out members of the public. I can see why they want to carry concealed weapons and why they don’t want the voters to carry them! Killing Congressmen or people who don’t agree with you is not the answer as long as it is possible to get them out of office without the violence. The problem is that the system is growing increasingly more difficult to get idiots out of office once they get in. Too many interests with big money are doing that.

        • LOL, Brian!! 🙂 Beautifully said!!

        • There is no question. Congressmen are targets by radicals
          They should be allowed to carry concealed weapons.
          In FACT the 2nd Amendment dose Not refer to “concealed” or “open” carry.
          The 2nd Amendment is plain and simple. The 2nd amendment concludes with “” . . . the RIGHT of the people keep and BEAR Arms shall NOT be Infringed.”


        • The NRA would fight that. They fight any real freedoms because they would not be needed? If we had govt permission.

      11. “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall no be infringed.”

        Oh, they want to carry?

        Be nice if they learned to read first.

        They know what it means. 99% of what they say is bullshit. ANYBODY can ALREADY carry ANYWHERE they want according to The Law. Color of law, however, says different. But, people that enforce color of law, according to The Supreme Law of the Land are traitors as they aid and abed the enemies of The United States. Things are upside down, actually. But, we should expect that from a bunch of lawyers.

        • I am just sick of the lack of knowledge of our politicians of what is actually in the constitution. In my opinion they should repeal the gun control act of 68. A majority of crimes considered felonies are non violent and causing a short sentence for, let’s say passing a bad check, results in a life sentence regarding the right to defend yourself. It’s all Bull Shit!!

        • Everybody should carry anyway.

          I bet I have been pulled over by police 40 times in my life for traffic violations.

          How many times have I been searched?


          Just carry, nobody will know, and if you have to shoot someone, then thank GOD you had the gun. Or you can be like the congressmen hiding and cowering in the dugout.

        • They are rich. They bribe cops/military to act on their behalf. They assume we are too afraid to stand up for our rights. Sooner or later, somebody is going to get their rear ends kicked.

        • lawyers and judges are the fukn problem for americans

      12. So much for the 2nd amendment. I thought it covered the east coast to the west coast.

        • The constitution doesn’t apply to the states unless the supreme court says so.

        • 2nd amendment for me, not for thee.

      13. thanks for rightly pointing out that republicans and democrats are equal opportunity scumbags

        • I was a life long republican until Obama got elected. The republicans just rolled over and did everything he wanted.

          No linger do I vote strait party ticket. I sure as hell don’t vote for democrats, but I skip over about 50% of the ballot when I vote now.

          Make me sick.

          Maybe I’ll start voting for Lindon LaRouche……

      14. See? It’s all a big club….and you’re not in it.

        Already, a reciprocal carry bill is pending but they’ll hurry this BS thru to protect the club members.

        The places you need to carry most are the places you can’t carry at all.

        Cali? NYC? NJ? Chicago?

        If anything, I see things going the other way as these once-safe areas become cesspools of crime.

        So Texas, Florida, Arizona and any other state where you can now freely carry… your days are numbered.

      15. LOL, You’d have to be a f-ing idiot to believe the GOP has anything to do with constitutionalism.

        Where the F do these imbecile get off yammering about limited government but come out with shyte like this where the 2nd amendment only applpies to the f-ing government.

        F YOU REPUBLICANS! Every damned day they justify why I stopped voting for them.

        • Actually, the second amendment DOES only apply to government. It doesn’t give us any rights. It is restriction on government – prohibiting it from using any delegated power to interfere with our natural right to keep and bear arms.

          • Technically true. The problem is, the pig-scum courts seem to think that the only rights the people have is those the government says they can have. I say – the people have unlimited rights by nature and the Constitution is simply a list of those rights that the government is prohibited from interfering with. The government can take their “compelling state interest” and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

      16. My local congresscritter, Rep. Steve Cohen [D-TN], has a CCW and carries a 9mm concealed all the time. He’s just like the others; he wants one for himself but wants to take guns away from the rest of us. The 2A applies either TO ALL OF US OR NONE OF US. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I’m not giving up shit.

      17. Mo Brooks, you arogant asshole, is your publicly funded life worth more than mine? Im pretty certian that any law passed that is clearly discrimatory is illegal. Do whats right and by the way, constitunal and promote a bill that gives everyone the chance to defend themselves and familly. Untill then, refer to my earlier comment.

      18. Did you all miss where Mo Brooks also introduced a bill calling for reciprocity in all 50 states + DC that would allow anyone with a concealed carry license to carry in any state + DC? Seems like you just skimmed right over that part and then complained that it wasn’t there.

      19. Well,fuck this article.”No law abiding citizen should have to ask permission”,where in the second does it state “law abiding”,hell,founders of this country were terrorists(or freedom fighters)depends on what side your on.You make exceptions to the second,well,not long till nobody but gov. has supposed legal right to firearms,bad road to go down.

        That said,fuck the bill of rights.Now,here me out,love it but even if it was abolished tomorrow don’t care,will defend myself with all available tools,seriously,fuck those trying to run our lives.

      20. No good, the Democrats would all start shooting the Republicans!

      21. I agree wholeheartedly with this article!!! really sickening how they treat us like sh— and continually add to THEIR own “rights”– new “laws” they make up on behalf of themselves (the super rich)!

      22. “I want congressmen to be treated as if they were law enforcement,” Brooks said


        • ““I want congressmen to be treated as if they were law enforcement,””

          Occasionally the evidence comes out and Congressmen / Senators get caught with their hand in the cookie jar and face legal criminal charges. That is a function of evidence that is court worthy. Lower that bar to unethical and its frequency increases to commonly.

          If their true behavior was known with a true thorough background investigation performed, most wouldn’t qualify to own a firearm.

      23. Never Happen. Democrats will never allow it and GOP will Cave In.
        However, a physical security zone, NO POV’s, etc… around DC to keep little people out, MAYBE.

        DC will be a No Go Lock Down Zone except for the few pesky SJW’s who keep getting in somehow which will cause even tighter lockdowns.

        It will be Lockdown DC!

      24. Pelosi running around with a gun??? Sheila Jackson Lee??? And others! Nooooooooooo!

        • Their kind never knows how to clean it or shoot straight, in what is perhaps a moral lesson on objectivity. You remove the formalities, and they have a Darwinian sort-of impediment.

        • Nancy Pelosi had the only carry permit issued in San Francesco when she was the mayor.

      25. I can just picture them now in Congress or the Senate ; “Cover me while I’m voting” !!!

      26. (Paraphrased.)
        ‘Last I heard, most Americans have to undergo some form of (natural rights) training if they want to receive a (natural rights) license. But congressmen suddenly don’t need training?’ (Yes.)

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