Reporter Asks Trump If We’re Going To War: “I Think You Know The Answer To That”

by | Aug 12, 2017 | Headline News | 123 comments

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    There has been much debate about whether or not North Korea possesses not only nuclear weapons, but the capabilities to fit them onto an ICBM that can accurately hit targets in Japan, Guam or the United States.

    While we’ve repeatedly warned that North Korea does have such technology, including a “Super EMP” weapon capable of disabling the U.S. power grid if detonated directly over the Central United States, at this point, none of that may even matter because a war of words and egos is already taking place between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. Each verbal exchange, whether via Twitter or NK’s state-sponsored media, appears to further escalate tensions. This week the President warned the rogue leader that any overt threat from the Communist nation would be met with a military response.

    And if you have any doubt as to President Donald Trump’s current mindset, this should clear things up.

    According to Mediaite, Trump made the comments at a press briefing in New Jersey:

    A reporter asked what he can tell Americans who are “on edge” about the heightened rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea.

    “Hopefully it will all work out, okay?” Trump responded. “Nobody loves a peaceful solution better than President Trump, that I can tell you.”

    He went on to say that he thinks  “lots of good things could happen” but “we could also have a bad solution.”

    Another reporter asked him if “bad solutions” means going to war, to which he said, “I think you know the answer to that.”

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      1. I have to laugh, China built North Korea, North Korea could not exist without China. I would bet that most of those missile parts say made in China. They look almost alike. It helps them by keeping America distracted. They are playing chess and we are playing checkers.

        • Don’t underestimate checkers. Just because its a simplistic game doesn’t mean its for suckers.
          Each game has its place and/or role in history.
          Checkers can be right up there with Chess, given the circumstances.

          • Checkers is very popular with idiots too. Don’t worry about teotwawki because the worst has past. It is all peaches and cream from now on.

            • I hope trump saves a few nukes for Venezuela.

        • Blackjack, agreed. IF there’s a war it will be more with China than with North Korea. NK gets all of their food aid from China since they can’t even feed their entire population anymore. NK can’t even sneeze without permission from China.

          • Trump won’t go to war with a superpower like North Korea. We can’t even whip a jungle tribe that still used oxen for transportation.

            • Assuming that the UN sanctions were real, and not kabuki theater, North Korea will loose approximately 1/3 of their national income. These sanctions, if real, are a declaration of war against NK from 15 nations with central banks.

              I predict we will see some military action because these actions would be completely unacceptable to any sovereign nation.

            • That’s EXACTLY where we are going.

            • Had we been willing we could have used nuclear methods to roast those oxen and the people who used them.

            • Besides, the democrats helped make North Korea powerful

          • Let’s hope china is tired of feeding their lazy cousins.

          • This is all about a bunch of Nothing with NK…

            Trump.. “Ummm About that Drain the Swamp Thingy I promised….. um…uh… how about a war with Korea..?”

            • Trump went to bed with a problem on his mind and woke up with a solution in his hand…

        • If we do engage in this conflict. I believe it will be used to side step a potential economic collapse.

          • Or distract everybody

        • Totally agree: the plan is a simple one. Have the US get bogged down with a brutal war with North Korea while China makes its moves elsewhere. By the end, the US will be a husk of its former self and China will be the overwhelming power of Asia and Europe.

          The US is being led into making the unilateral attack. Once the US does that, it loses all credibility with the international community. Domestically, the introduction of the draft leads to vicious riots in American cities as the pathetic and racially divided population turns on itself. China floods the US with even more opioids to damage the population.

      2. In the great words of Monty Python,”And now for something completely different!”

        ht tp://,you know the spacing/avoid mod routine,perhaps things not too bad in US,read if you dare!

      3. That was a 3rd grade reporter question, with a 5th grader smart ass answer…….and the majority of us are falling for it hook line and sinker.

        • That’s because the average American, here, there, or anywhere else, is on a third grade level of understanding.

      4. “Reporter: Are we going to go to war? Trump: I think you know the answer to that.”
        I swear, Trump has to be the absolutely dumbest person I’ve ever heard of. What kind of special stupid states aloud when faced with a potential fight, “I’m going to hit you now with my right fist in the eye, are you ready?”? For that is what this moron is doing. Hey oh great orange one!! – want to win a battle or war? – STFU!!! And yeah, I voted for him rather than my muddy work boot (or the vilest of the vile whatever the hell (?)she(?) was/is…. ). Donald must’ve rode the short bus as a kid or something.

          • Ya know, I am sooooo fooookin sick of the bullshit news and the dumbing down of society and the constant piles of crap that are laid on us for the last 3-4 decades and the morons that eat it all up and am now surrounded by I just want to puke. I’m just going to go out and have a nice dinner and fook the world. A real person can only handle so much BS, fuck it all I don’t care what the idiots do, I’m sick of it all. Screw yourselves into oblivion I don’t care because I chose NOT to have kids to suffer through all this bullshit. Have fun with your wars and whatever and destruction and depletion of everything, when I’m done here it’s your problem. Be sure and have more kids and grandkids etc., etc., etc., And leave them a nice brass plaque with an engraving of why you put them here, to make the world a better place by employing more consumers. Good job humans, no wonder aliens won’t visit, they know the human race is completely irresponsible and stupid….

        • You’re an idiot. He didn’t answer the question, moron. Make up anything you want, look like a fool.

          • That’s going to go right over his head.

      5. A better question is whether NK is a protectorate of BRICS.

        • Also, Venezuela.

        • Might reunite them.

      6. Their high crimes and treasonous acts are LEGION, so if you did not already know these evil vile disgusting criminal treasonous monsters(deep state psychopaths), who hijacked our criminal treasonous government long ago while the New Babylonians got drunk, fat, and dumbed down COWARD stupid…..these monsters ABSOLUTELY MUST have a war and a real BIG ONE to cover those high crimes and treason……if you do not understand what these monsters MUST DO NOW-then brother or sister you are exactly the programmed indoctrinated dumbed down pill popping drunken bum COWARD pussy you were engineered to be in damned and doomed hell on earth collapsing New Babylon America.

      7. Unlike Obama,he doesn’t tell the opposition what and where he is or going to do next. Keep them guessing.

      8. I think NK is the bait. They can not be taken as a serious threat to the US standing alone.

        • I takes just one nuke to ruin your day.(Or country)

            • Note: none of the troops in this vid look like they have an iq over 80!

              • I guess if your stupid, you better be tough huh…

      9. BY THE WAY, I hope you completely understand any EMP, Nuclear Event, or other false flag will be carried out by the treasonous DEEP STATE CIA monsters, the same treasonous murderous vile filth who have carried out every other false flag crime in New Babylon American history.

        • That is a fact. People are so easily led/ manipulated. It used to be sad, now it’s kind of funny cause it just keeps goin on. I don’t think this will be anything like people are thinking. But whether we bomb Korea or not, Trump wins. I won’t explain my perspective, just watch how all this plays out. Hint: china will not do anything if we bomb Korea. Nada

      10. Growing tired of the noise and tension. Why not declare Monday as International Shut the Hell Up day. Probably more reasonable than Earth Day.

      11. We don’t need to go in Venezuela with troops. The people allowed their guns to be taken away. The shits on them.

        • Agreed.
          We can’t (shouldn’t) go around to every Tom, Rick, and Harry country just to save their a$$ when the going gets tough.
          When they (the public) make a decision to have their only protections stripped away from them, then they need to have that outcome, which is the result. Why? To Learn, from their mistake(s).

          “If you don’t learn from it, you’re going to have to feel it.”

          • The problem is this. Once they take over, they tend to want to spread their communism.

            • Uh, you meant “Democrats”, right?

              • Them too.

      12. “Because if I am not threatening another country I don’t look all presidential and shit”, orders from on high.

        • We’re being credibly threatened, any threats from our side are in response to that.

          Let me ask you a simple question, if you had someone threatening to kill you and your family, then buying a gun and pointing it in your direction and saying “I bought this to kill you and I’m going to do it as soon as I can load it”, what would your response be?

        • Tweeting like a teen doesn’t look presidential either.

          His cocky, arrogant demeanor suggests he’s not being ordered or forced to start a war by TPTB. They’re going along with him but he is instigating it.

          • Yeah, he should let the MSM filter all of his statements.

            No president should ever talk directly to the public, it has to be edited and presented by someone else first.

      13. Going to war? We’re still at war. Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. For years the whole world has been arming up and preparing for this. Too many countries and conflicts to mention.

        • And why are we there?

          • Oh ya, because we need to control sovierein countries for resources for the elite. What was I thinking, those brown bastards need to die because they wear a different hat! They have shit the NWO needs for control! Nevermind they have never given us a problem we will just get our DOGS to go over and blow the shit out of them and steal it all! God bless the USSA! Fuck you dogs!

      14. There tis a war in Charlottesville,Virginia right now.I am against torching our history and the other bullshit including antifa,that said,some at the free speech rally have nazi flags ect.,really do not want to associate with that either,gets more interesting daily.

        • It does seem counter-productive to have Nazi flags. The good thing about the White rally is that it’s uniting the militant wing of the White demographic. Civil War may be getting close. And conservatives will sit at home and watch on TV. The hard right will be in the streets fighting. The communists, antifa and BLM are the enemies of your family.

          • What will happen is Antifa and associates will go in and kick the demonstrators asses and they won’t fight back, they’ll just whimper and cry the way little school girls would.

            Watch and see it happen.

            • Anonymous, you’re making a mistake to underestimate those white nationalists. That’s how some people lose fights. They WILL fight back in self-defense and that is their natural right.

          • ” The communists, antifa and BLM are the enemies of your family.”

            The banksters that control the world, sent US industry (and with it jobs) to foreign slave labor, use the US Military for their world domination ambitions are your enemy. They destroyed Detroit and the blacks filled the void. They’re a symptom, the globalists are the cause.

          • In all civil wars, your uniform is the color of your skin

            • Certainly not. Civil Wars have been fought by identical people with opposing loyalties. English Civil War in the mid 1600s and China Nationalist v Communist in the 20th century are just two examples.

              • The color of your skin is right vs. wrong. How many have fought for wrong? A SHITLOAD!

                • Yes, all the losers were considered wrong in the history books. But…The South Shall Rise Agin!

          • Nothing a few 1940’s style vacation camps, trains, dry showers and Zyclon B wont fix. Old Teutonic methods work well on communists!

        • you know they are pinning this on the white, racist bigots all over the media, it’s on all three cable news stations live currently.

          and where have you seen the protests in Portland, Oakland and phoenix of the socialists, illegals and queers protesting ? no where, because if you saw those crowds you’d be turned off of them.

          • lena, remember the main stream media, when the time comes.

        • Given that Nazi stands or National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, adopting explicitly socialist planks at their first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920, the choice of “Antifa” by the fascist left brownshirts is truly Monty Python-esque… or just plain ignorant.

      15. If you aren’t underground yet, you better start digging.

      16. Him,large nationalist social party,didn’t we already do that in history,feel they may have more in common with antifa then they will admit,book burning and all.I believe in the right of both to rally/free speech,doesn’t mean will agree with them!

        Free speech rally again on Boston common next weekend,will be going,but be damned if I hang out with any with nazi flag/socialist party ect.This is assuming not canceled due to Charlette,then,definetly will be attending!

      17. Build up of navies in the area, check.
        Joint allied military missions, check.
        Removing US citizens from the area, check.

        Trump has unfortunately cornered himself and been corned into this position because the usa hasn’t done anything to prevent north korea from developing nuke missles in 25 years.

        may not happen this year(although I’m betting by shorting the market now that it is) but unless trump backs down to let north korea become a nuclear power; he’s going to start a war there by 2020.

        • Haven’t you heard?
          We won’t be around past the end of 2018 (depending on which scenario you choose to believe, that is).

        • The USA has been busy in those 25 years making sure NK gets the time to build, test and stockpile nukes. Allowed India and Pakistan same. Gay berry sotero, muslim traitor, did same for Iran. Its all by plan. Started by the mistake of allowing CIA chief become VP to Reagan, then onto POTUS. Recall When bush senior said “if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts,”. (side note interesting Hellary the beast said same thing if Trump became POTUS) We are in the time of sorrows. What does this all lead up to? Read the Bible. The vile corrupt evil of this world is about to be removed by force of the Creator. There is no where to hide…

      18. Lena 2020? I’d say 2018. I’ve read a few books on Trump, the man doesn’t know how to back down. It has to happen in his mindset. If he doesn’t follow through Iran and every other country will think we are still the pussies that Obutthole told the world we are. This is a man that sent 59 tomahawks into Syria when Russia dropped the gauntlet, while having dinner with Xi.

        With the financial debt coming due, there is no other way out.
        Happen with WW1, WW2 and it will happen this time. We never learn from history.

        • We, the people, do learn from history.

          Our leaders, never.

          • “We, the people, do learn from history.”

            Who the fuck do you think your kidding?

            • Apparently not all of us remember. Too bad.

            • Genius,I was thinking the same thing. People today are so out of their fucking minds. If you really wanna know why the world is in such a mess, look no further than the people around you. The subprime crisis is a good example. “Those evil banksters caused it”. Those evil banksters didn’t do it on their own. How many dumbasses took out loans that they couldn’t pay back? I don’t like how banks do business, but they ain’t no different than most other businesses that try to take every dollar they can from us. I recently read that said the average americans credit card debt is 15k. I told my barber and she said hers was twice that. Unbelievable. People have no discipline, they want it now. Couple that wit da gimmiedat cause ima git mines from the FSA crowd and you have a recipe for disaster.
              It’s a comin folks, and it’s gonna be really fuckin ugly
              Stay quiet Be smart

        • If a war in North Korea morphs into war with China, it could be a good excuse for the USA to cancel its monetary debt owed to China.

          • HA HA 😀
            if that ever happens…
            you will wake up using your NEW rainbow dollar
            not to mention USSA may be de-register from UN…
            move to – under NEW management and NEW BOSSes –
            everyone who were owe (after the war and financial crime tribunal) gets a piece of the cake (land) as compensation
            since you just volunteer to declare yourself bankrupt and official defualt
            and no intention to honor any payment or resolution or negotiation

            the rest of the world will use gold/silver/other – the real thing – as measure of economy and personal wealth
            the rest of the world will indeed have peace from then on…

            do you even know what you wish for?!!!

            btw everyone in the east (china, russia, iran, syria, germany and all) know
            USSA is only good for ONE LAST med-small size war with your LAST PRESIDENT
            its open secret the east prefer it to be a ‘USSA civil war’
            the geaography on earth may change from then on…
            as mention country are like country clubs,
            here today and if no ability to pay up, what prevents it to be gone tomorrow?
            war and threat of war? you cant even deal with the ramifications of a civil war with the country totally broken up, fragmented, internal sabotaging the president, openly de-register and devided itself from the united state.
            who will save you then?!

            one last war initiated by USSA…
            think again maybe?!

      19. I sincerely hope Trump doesn’t allow those disgusting neocon fascists to put his back against the wall. I’m getting the same feeling I had in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. IF there’s any false-flag, you know the neocons will be behind it. They’re itching to put another notch on their belts.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Here here.

      20. Trump is going to go down in history with the biggest humanitarian disaster of all time! This could very well be the big event that elites are talking about. That something challenging that algore refers to. Trump should put this in china and russias lap! Otherwise they can use this anyway they want to bring Trump down! He’s a fool if he does!

      21. The problem here is if either side goes nuclear, and then the response is nuclear. Millions die to take down a few! Any use of nuclear weapons opens the door to more, and the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, and we all suffer!

        • Actually NK has a fission bomb and despite grandiose claims they have yet to test a nuclear weapon. They have made a nuclear explosion but “weaponizing” it to take the G forces of a missile is quite a feat.

          • Yes, the last thing I am worried about in Arizona is a NK missile. The millions would be South Korea and Japan. As well as NK. For the stupidity of a few, millions could die.

      22. Trump will lose my support permanently! Let russia and china deal with it! Pressure them! It’s their backyard!

      23. When was the war the US won? In my lifetime, apart from Grenada I can’t of one.

        • Northstar. The Military Industrial Complex Mafia won every war in our lifetimes, many times over and over. We the US Tax payers lost blood and treasure in every war. Follow the money!!

      24. The answer that the reporters should know without asking is that “Trump isn’t going to tip his hand as to what he intends to do”. He wants to leave Kim Jong Un wondering which means not answering the reporters questions on what he intends to do. He is not going to answer yes or no.

        • Brian – “Leaving him wondering” may sound good in theory but in reality initiates a game…. and one that might not end well. That is not the way to deal with this situation.

          This game involves the safety, well being and lives of millions of people. It’s not a game and shouldn’t be approached as such.

          *Plus you can’t negotiate with a psychopath.* It’s not possible. A very important fact that Trump should know, but just doesn’t get.

          Two huge egos colliding = disaster. Put simply, Trump is not qualified to handle this and as a result it could end in total disaster. Sorry that I voted for him.

      25. Im in complete agreement in letting china and Russia deal with it. Heck pull out of south Korea and go home and let the chips fall where they may. Quit trying to police the world. Didn’t Russia save Castro and give him nukes back in 1962. Let Russia save South Korea this time. There isn’t any logical reason for the USA to have a Dog in the fight. A pox on all those war mongers.

        • The US Military doesn’t necessarily Police the world unless one understands that the cop is corrupt. The US Military protects and expands globalist international investments. All other excuses of freedom, democracy, terrorism, security are ostensible at best, an outright fraud at worst.

          As USMC MG Smedley Butler said:

          “The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.”

        • I would normally agree as most of “our wars” are regional conflicts fought for underhanded support of the MIC and globalist but NK is a whole different animal. If they are allowed to have nukes they will blackmail America (not just Trump) for years to come. Our traditional Communist enemies never threatened nuclear wars against us, THAT is a major difference and a damn good reason not to let them have nukes. That being said, imo I don’t think they are going to give them up, and the powers that be aren’t going to let them keep them…thus our dilemma.

      26. Dave the only problem with Russia and China dealing with it is they don’t have a nutball with nukes threatening to bomb them.
        no incentive to help. round boy is totally unhinged and doesn’t mentally understand the consequences of those actions. His weapons might be 60s era but ours are not. I sure want to see my grandbabies again before I die.

        • Thanks for being part of the problem… you reap what you sow ya know.

          • And you have/are the solution?
            Spouting is one thing, giving advice is another.

      27. Well,things got very “interesting”in Charlotte. I am now more determined then ever to attend the free speech rally next weekend in Boston.

        That said,will no more stand with any nationalist socialist party members or those with nazi flags then i would stand with antifa/blm,hell,they all a bit nuts.I will stand though for free speech and either of those aforementioneds right to free speech.My guess is Boston has/will be canceled,but,feel folks will go anyway.

        • Be safe, watch the cars. Don’t stand around or walk on bridges like those blokes on London Bridge. And BTW, a police officer in the Charlotte melee took a card off one of the libtard protesters and it tied him to Soros. That fookin’ heebie-jeebie Bastud is at it again.

          • There’s nothing happening in Virginia that wasn’t already planned out.

            Incredible how there are already extensive bio information on the Internet, on the driver who drove into the crowd, James Alex Fields Jr. However it’s also rumored he accelerated to escape people who had smashed his windshield and were surrounding him.

            The title of this article is “Reporter Asks Trump If We Are Going To War”?

            Looks to me like the war is already on. They are fighting in the streets of Virginia. The media is leading with demands to control speech, huh?

            I watched a reporter on FOX just come out and say, Trump has to stop tweeting, it’s our job to frame the news and tell the people what they need to know.

            Welcome to bazaaro world where a 007 movie with Spectre (the deep state, DNC and MSM) run by evil billionaires are taking over the world, becomes reality. Except there is no 007 to save the day. Soros operates in plain sight with impunity. Today, in the riots Soros financed, people died.

        • Somebody told me once, “stay away from crowds”
          That kinda stuck

          • Best advice for the day

          • Nail,while I agree good idea for most part this if it happens could be history in the making.I will be watching from the fringes(for most part)/looking beyond the area of immediate activity to see how ralliers/protesters/police and perhaps troops stage in the backgrounds.

            I know Boston well and with the long hair/my day pack will kinda blend in like a older college student/resident.The pack will be my hunting pack with basic goods and perhaps also if there is violence I can aid a few folks till emt’s/para get there.

            I will not have flags/face masks/heavy walking sticks/shields ect.,will try with all the attention if it happens(not canceled)to be as grey as possible,look at it also as a bit of training/experience,will be filming but with non noticeable baby body cam,when events like this happen the more eyes/evidance the better in regards to the truth carried out.

            Look at it this way,I go and survive will also make a good tale here and other sites!

      28. PO,grew up outside of Boston,know it well.Like I said,will be looking at all sides for staging(ie out of town buses/what’s happening a few blocks away/roofs ect.),hell is history in the making perhaps and even the start of another revolt of the people.

        This whole car incident in Virginia getting interesting quick,first,no plates on car yet videos of when car moving plates on it ect.,don’t believe anything you see/read without some time.The great thing about the net,much harder to hide the truth!Of course,with some video skills easy to also fake the truth to a degree,interesting times!

        Boston rally still on will travel down as have places to stay and will give a report on here afterwards,that is,assuming NK doesn’t set off nuke and Godzilla arises out of Boston Harbor!

        • Look at the top of the Boston government. Are they Democrats? If so, they are going to let it get out of hand. And the police will probably stand down.

      29. I would also say it dosn’t matter the reasons for pushing the button. Pushing the button that kills masses is a crime against humanity! It deterrent until it happens, then it is a crime above all crims! A crime against life!

        • You would never have to worry about that if humans were responsible. But, that will NEVER happen…

          • Responsible, fuckin people cant even show up for an appointment let alone be responsible

      30. China is supplying missles and other weapons to NK; everyone knows that. China knows that Fatboy Kim is a troublemaker and they give him those toys for several reasons. For one, they know he will provoke us and they want to see our reactions and responses. They want to put more problems on our plate; hopefully, eventually leading to another crisis for us. For another, they are using NK to force the US to dissipate its strength and resources as China observes and learns. A lot of Amer.’s think China is our friend because we trade with them, this is patently false. You can believe they will do everything they can to help NK give the US a bloody nose while trying to keep their actions safely under the radar.
        It’s not likely an EMP weapon would be used over the USA, it would only widen the scope of the conflict and uncertainty of what happens next. Besides, China feeds off the US, our deficit is their surplus. And China is technologically developed only becuase of the US. Eventually, when the fighting stops, China will certainly have a say so what happens afterwards, they will angle for the best position possible in helping end the fighting which is ironic since they are to a large degree responsible for the mess by giving weapons to NK and telling them they have their back.
        Very little good will come out of this whole mess, don’t look for Kim to be out of a job anytime soon. Only TPTB military/industrial complex will profit. If I was the Pres., and saw China assist NK in the slightest degree I would immediately cancel repayment of the more than one trillion dollars we owe to them, and legally bar Chinese nationals from entering the country except for their diplomatic personnel. Presently, China has more than twenty-five thousand people running around inside the US basically unaccounted for activities; what could they all be doing? I’ll tell you, spreading around money buying off people to get tech. secrets for one. Why isn’t this being stopped? Because there are people who are richly profiting.

      31. The person Trump is taunting is a madman. He’s taunting a crazy maniacal madman. Nothing smart or safe about that.

      32. If they are blackmailing us to stop making nukes. Could you image what we will have to pay ,to keep them from using them?

      33. They change the name of Lee park to imancipation park . They have been erasing history for thousands of years. Who hides historical truth : Spreads lies? John 8:44?

      34. I hope North Korea has a lithium,moly be dam..bonus?

      35. Who’s more the king of the north ? Putin or Kim? Or North America ? It’s been written so that you must go beyond any understanding? Faith?

      36. Terrible of me to seek a wheat from Tares distinction? But if you are in America and have sent a foreign company 20 , 30 grand in one chunk , That’s what some find counter productive? The other Tares are marching through the streets with machetes?

      37. I don’t think Trump is going to let Russia and China deal with it. I think he wants war. He said one thing in his campaign speeches and is now doing another. He’s broken a few promises and has also gone back on his word a few times. My wife and I feel duped. He has already lost our support. Disappointed. But at least prepped.

      38. NEWS FLASH: China makes the components for our grid/utility transformers. That’s not the only reason or way the US is dependent upon China.

      39. Killing the masses? Burning the Tares? Soddom and Gomorrah?We have been warned ? What part of : We have been warned , don’t we understand?

      40. When it comes to asking the forces of gravity to forgive, you know that’s a stupid question.

      41. Can NK defeat a superpower without an air force? Doubtful. Then again, North Vietnam did
        not have much of an air force. They did have some Russian pilots flying their MIG’s as old
        Johnny McCain will attest to.

      42. One thought is Trump Is between a rock and hard place. His ego will not let him back down for fear that he will appear weak. However he cannott strike first because China will jump into the fray. And then there is Putin watching and weighing all his options. Lets hope China has given the very same warning to North Korea as it has to Trump’s warmongering camp. Strange happening that China is the only thing that is at this moment preventing a nuclear war? The same type action by the Soviets in 1962 made Cuba off limits to Shafty Kennedy and his minions. Castro was hated because he took wealthy US owned business and nationalized them. The USA funded and armed Castro to overthrow Betista.. And after he was successful Castro refused to be the Puppet they wanted & expected. So Castro was put on the shit list.

      43. Consider this possibility.

        At this stage in American history, anyone with a brain even slightly bigger than a marble should now be red pilled sufficiently to understand that a deliberate, premeditated with malice aforethought, clearly malicious and truly genocidal scheme was kicked off in 1965 here in the USA with the passage of the 1965 Immigration legislation to put into motion a plan that was authored by two jewish politicians, Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits and heavily supported by the jewish percentage of the USA’s population – and which was diabolically intended to minoritize the White majority population of America.

        For multiple decades – stretching over 51 years – the jewish stranglehold over our US Congress and whoever has occupied the Oval Office has mandated that the issue of immigration shall not be discussed or even debated.

        In other words, the White majority population of America – it was declared – would NOT be given a chance to vote for a politician who would promise to follow the wishes of the majority and cut off all illegal immigration, secure our borders, and drastically reduce legal immigration and stop importing millions of low IQ, unskilled non-white peasants from the third world who arrive and immediately jump onto the social entitlement gravy train and vote for Democrats.

        Why? Simple answer. Listening to the wishes of the majority White population and initiating these common sense and perfectly rational changes would interfere with the jewish plan to turn Whites into a minority inside their own nation.

        I saw a poll a week or two ago, where around the world – specifically inside White Western European nations – the question was asked “Is is ‘racist’ for a founding and indigenous population of a given nation to wish to remain the dominant and overwhelming majority inside their own nation?” In other words, is it ‘racist’ to not want to allow your people and your culture to be displaced by invaders and have those invaders take your nation away from you and then change it in ways that you will not like? Well, guess what? The majority response in this poll was: No, it is not ‘racist’ to wish to remain the dominant majority inside the nation your race of people created.

        So, how does this relate to the possibility of staring a war with North Korea? Simple answer again. Money. Funding. Expenses. Kicking off a huge and expensive war that would surely cost multiple trillions of dollars would be fantastic way to avoid appropriating the money needed to build the Trump Wall along our southern border.

        The Cultural Marxist cockroaches who infest both the Democrat Party and the RINO cuckservative factions within the establishment GOP are fully on-board with the jewish scheme to reduce Whites to a subjugated minority inside the USA – and these mentally insane, evil psychopaths are so consumed with this White genocide agenda that I am convinced that these idiots would be willing to start a war with North Korea and then use that as an excuse why we can’t afford money for Trump’s Wall because funding the military war effort has to take priority.

        In the beginning, I was thinking that it would be another neocon false flag event pulled off that would plant phony ‘evidence’ that would point to Iran and then the evil neocons would goad Trump into attacking Iran and then that would be the war that they’d use to suck up all the money for the Trump Wall. But, North Korea might also serve the same purpose.

        You know, once you have taught yourself how to read the laces on neocon fast balls, it’s not really all that difficult to figure out what these evil bastards are up to. You can figure out their next move before they even make it.

        • While not a racist I have to say it is beyond obvious whites are the one group on the planet who are being forced to mingle with non-whites, to have their countries mixed, and to be prevented from receiving funding to help family formation and births.

          While birth rates are exponential in the third world (mostly because of a lack of birth control), whites are told to not have many children and that they are bad if they do. Only white countries are being flooded with migrants. China is not receiving millions of Muslims and Africans; nor is Japan, or Singapore etc.

          Regarding European culture and identity, even the European Union does not see its purpose to support this: they now actively seek to import millions into the EU to re-shape the continent to being a polyglot (despite white Europeans already being the most mixed group of people on the planet: blonde hair, brown hair black hair, blue eyes, green eyes etc.).

          David Duke has always championed European culture and its uniqueness. It should be celebrated for its inventiveness, scientific achievements and its prosperity; not scorned and told to ‘go and die’.

          • Yes, They have fooled even the elect. Brilliant strategy. Sadistic Masocists? Standard deviation? Pleasure more than survival.? Sex and drugs and who cares.?

      44. I live about 45 miles from Charlottsville Va, I have family members who are “High Up” in the police dept there, so the rallies yesterday was very concerning to me. I have known about this rally for months, and what has been going on behind the scenes that most people don’t know about.
        What most people don’t know is that this all started with a black city council member who was fired from his last job as a teacher for making remarks on facebook about “Killing Whitey”. needless to say it was his vote that led to the city trying to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee.
        The city of Charlottesville was ready for this rally, they knew there was going to be trouble, they also knew that just about all of the protesters were going to be bussed in from other parts of the country.
        If you paid any attention to the news yesterday you heard a totally different kind of Rhetorick than you heard in Missouri, Boston, New York and Raliegh NC. That’s because they were mostley whites not black. And if you paid attention no cars were burning, no stores were looted, not even one window was broken, but yet the news just went on and on about hate, hate, hate. I didn’t hear that in any of the other riots did you?
        At the end of the day I would say that the news media did a pretty good job of dividing this country even more, which is exactly what they set out to do, and they also condemned Donald Trump for not playing the race card like Obamma did in similar situations.
        The statue has been standing since 1929, and until one person said something, it didn’t bother any of the residents of Charlottesville. Once our history has been removed it will never be back, say what you want about these groups that are trying to save it, this rally did not start out about hate, but about understanding what is being taken from us, but we are to wrapped up in the BS that the news is spoon feeding us we cant see it.

        • I spit that spoon out of my mouth decades ago once I heard the The Late Great Frank Zappa song, “I’m The Slime”!

          I am gross and perverted
          I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
          I have existed for years
          But very little has changed
          I’m the tool of the Government
          And industry too
          For I am destined to rule
          And regulate you

          I may be vile and pernicious
          But you can’t look away
          I make you think I’m delicious
          With the stuff that I say
          I’m the best you can get
          Have you guessed me yet?
          I’m the slime oozin’ out
          From your TV set

          You will obey me while I lead you
          And eat the garbage that I feed you
          Until the day that we don’t need you
          Don’t go for help . . . no one will heed you
          Your mind is totally controlled
          It has been stuffed into my mold
          And you will do as you are told
          Until the rights to you are sold

          That’s right, folks . . .
          Don’t touch that dial

          Well, I am the slime from your video
          Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor

          I am the slime from your video
          Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go

          I am the slime from your video
          Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor

          I am the slime from your video
          Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go

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