West Nile “Worst the U.S. Has Ever Seen” Says CDC; 56% of Victims Face Life Threatening “Neuro Invasive” Symptoms

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Headline News | 154 comments

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    Pictured below: Culex Pipiens – Most common mosquito carrier of West Nile virus
    (click to enlarge

    With the U.S. Center for Disease Control now confirming over 1,000 cases of the deadly West Nile virus, officials and health department workers from Houston to Philadelphia are scrambling to control the outbreak.

    The CDC Reports: 47 states have reported West Nile virus infections in people, birds, or mosquitoes. A total of 1118 cases of West Nile virus disease in people, including 41 deaths, have been reported to CDC. Of these, 629 (56%) were classified as neuroinvasive disease (such as meningitis or encephalitis) and 489 (44%) were classified as non-neuroinvasive disease.

    What’s even more alarming than how rapidly the disease has spread and the number of victims infected is the unusually high number of them who are experiencing life threatening neuro-invasive symptoms that could lead to death or permanent brain injury.

    The fact that only 1  in 150 people usually develop the severe form of the disease, but  in this outbreak more than half have developed it, is the reason the authorities are spraying with such vigour in an attempt to control the spread of the disease.

    Via Medically Speaking

    Not only are infections occurring at a an unprecedented rate of three times above the historical average, the virus is much stronger then ever before.

    There is no known vaccine or pharmaceutical treatment that has been found to be effective against West Nile Virus.

    Those who contract the virus will experience severe symptoms. In the neuro-invasive cases (currently 56% of victims) symptoms may rapidly develop into life threatening or debilitating conditions that include encephalitis, meningitis or paralysis.

    The following West Nile facts are provided by Medically Speaking.

    Birds are the natural reservoir of the disease and mosquitoes pick it up by feeding on infected birds. They then pass it through their bite to other animals and humans.

    It can also be spread by contact with infected blood from other animals, and rarely through blood transfusion, organ transplantation and pregnancy.


    -high temperature 101.4*F (38*C)
    -muscle aches
    -sore throat
    -swollen lymph glands in the neck
    -rash on stomach back and chest

    These symptoms usually appear 3-15 days after infection occurs. The more serious, neuro-invasive cases show the above symptoms and in addition may present with:

    -sore eyes
    -muscle weakness

    There is no specific treatment for West Nile Virus. As a virus antibiotics have no effect. The milder form usually clears of its own accord within a few days to a few weeks and there are rarely any lasting effects after recovery. The more serious cases do not have such a good prognosis and although people do recover it is possible they may be left with brain damage from encephalitis and meningitis can lead to meningococcal septicaemia with the resultant loss of one or more limbs. Very severe cases can lead to death through either of the above conditions.

    This information has been sourced via Medically Speaking, the US Center for Disease Control, and The Daily SheeplePhoto courtesy Naturess.


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      1. Just think how bad this West Nile could have been if half of the US and Kanada wasn’t in a drought.

        • very good point..I know in my area if there is a shread of water these blood sucking beasts are tuff to control

          • “””””There is no known vaccine or pharmaceutical treatment that has been found to be effective against West Nile Virus.””””

            Anybody wanna bet that Colloidal Silver would kill it?

            Of course, the pharmaceutical companies or the corp would never tell you if it did.

            • i think you might be on to something there as long as it is a top quality collidal silver. they have been know to help get rid of virus’s very well. i use it all the time for infections and prevention.

            • I bet you it would, and I bet if you could prove it, they would come looking to shut you up

            • GC: Colloidal silver might and I have used it before (a nano silver product) but there are potential side effects for large doses and prolonged use.

              It is better to use massive amounts of Vitamins particularly C and D3; and or dilute hydrogen peroxide (dilute 3% to taste) and drink lots of it.

              Boost your immune system by eating LOTS of fresh fruit; grapes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, watermelon, pineapples, apples etc.

              Supplement with cinnamon, turemic, grape seed extract, cranberry, garlic, and milk thistle.

              Boost your body’s production of nitric oxide with a specific ammino acid. The name of which I do not remember now, but will add later, or you can google it.

            • We make our own colloidal silver GC and it is absolutely great stuff……don’t listen to the brainwashed ones.
              Another thing that they are coming out and admitting now that might be thee strongest antibiotic on earth that nothing can conquer is this honey out of New Zealand called Manuka honey from the bush…..excellent prep item to have plenty of

            • A good friend of mine just recovered from West Nile. She was very ill, went to the doc who said, “Nothing we can do.” Her naturopath suggested very high doses of fish oil caps, and there was incredible improvement within 24 hours.

              I’m not positive what the EFAs do but seems like this is a viable treatment.

            • DK… L-Arginine

            • Daisy, a model just conquered breast cancer with high doses of Vitamin C..no dairy, no sugar, only vegetables.
              They wanted to remove her breast and give treatments for 5 years..she said no way.
              Alternative medicine works.
              The tumor decreased in size by half in 3 weeks.

            • If colloidal silver will cure argyria, it’ll cure anything.

            • JJ: That is correct, you win! And turemic is spelled this way. Turmeric. I think.

            • Jayj: That was VERY funny!

            • Gods Creation-hope you get a bite on your ass and then lets see if your West Nile BULLSHIT treatment works. Nothing but fucking BULLSHIT comes out of your moronic brain. And don’t cry when you cant get social security or medicare and you dont have enough money to pay for doctors when your testicles fall off.

            • yes i make my own colloidal silver water, and i agree that it will kill west nile in its tracks, cause my daughter had swine flu, and it was gone over night after drinking 2 glasses 1 at supper and 1 before bed

          • Daisy

            There may be summat in your comment on fish oils.

            I was told to give my son codliver oil when he had measles like they do in W. Africa to avoid him succumbing to any potential neurological side effects. Kid was better in 3 days (lab confirmed he had measles). Others at his nursery that didn’t do this got pretty poorly. Thing is is his diet is pretty high in fish anyway though (kid loves tinned sardine and spinach sandwiches).

            More and more research is coming out all the time re the neuro and cardio vascular benefits of fish oils. Non-mercury laced fish should be a regular component of everyone’s day to day diet for general health. A healthy body = a strong immune system = more chance of surviving this and any other nasty that may become epidemic after shtf.

            I can’t help thinking the best protection against this and any other bugs that may come around is prevention. Mint deters most types of fly – grows in pots virtually anywhere so is great for the household windowsills. Mossi nets etc, etc. Any low tech deterrent you can think of (don’t go for grid dependant stuff).

            Does anyone know if “vinegar of the four thieves” would help? It’s an effective antiviral. Learn how to make your own collodial silver.

        • There are many natural ways to deter and prevent mosquito bites in the first place. Personally, I take garlic oil and oregano oil everyday. This, in conjunction with being a very hairy individual prevents mosquitoes from wanting to land on me. I live next to a swamp in Florida and I can attest this works well for me. The little bastards buzz around me in a swarm several feet away, but never land on me.

          Another technique is to mix oregano oil into a spray bottle and then spray the mixture onto your exposed skin areas. A little on the smelly side, but if you don’t mind smelling like pizza this method also works quite well.

          The next technique is a garlic clove necklace. Simply peel a full clove and string the pieces on a necklace. You can also squeeze the pieces for juice directly onto your skin. Again, a little smelly, but mosquitoes go away.

          Also, if you can avoid being outside at dawn and especially at dusk, you can avoid the most hazardous times for fliers, especially mosquitoes. This alone can greatly reduce the odds of being stuck by a mosquito.

          Finally, this West Nile scare reminds me of the N1H1 and the N1H5 bullshit. Look at the odds, weigh it out and then you’ll realize you’re probably right around 0.005% of being infected with West Nile and to die from it, less than 0.0001% chance or lower. But hey, if you want to be a good little slave you can run right out and get your flu shot.

          Here is a link to a site with some other ideas:

        • Mosquito overpopulation during a drought does not make sense to me. But as long as it makes sense to the people being sprayed then I suppose it’s all good. What do we know. Other than Mosquito’s need water to hatch larvae. But I’m sure there can be a record moquito outbreak because that one person left the kiddie pool out.

        • Supposedly the drought made things worse by creating scattered small stagnant ponds. Great breeding grounds for mosquitos.

          Please be careful with the remedies. I agree with Brit below.

          Also you can reduce the chance of being bitten by wearing long sleeves, dark clothing, and going easy on colognes. The Avon stuff works well too.

          Clearing standing water is critical but it helps to encourage mosquito predators- some bird species, bats (bat houses to keep them away from homes) and dragonflies.

          • Merree …

            Actually I think it is lite colored clothing You want to wear NDRI (No dis-Respect Intended). Marlin families are very successful at controlling mosquito’s.

            JoeRepublic – I concur with eating raw garlic and oregano oil. You can always put it in juice. And both have the added benefit of being both anti-viral and bacterial.

            The big “genocidal/suicidal agreement” in MHO is that …

            “The fact that only 1 in 150 people usually develop the severe form of the disease, but in this outbreak more than half (50%) have developed it, is the reason the authorities are spraying … liquid mosquito vitamins, human blood droplets and mosquito steroids to encourage severe overpopulation”. Deviations added are My Learned Opinions.

            My microbiology background demands the statement that … “anything this virulent was lab made”.

            My understanding of colloidal silver is its effectiveness against many bacteria and a few parasites not viruses. It is active in antagonizing the protein that allows the transport of Oxygen across the bacterias cell membrane. Viruses don’t metabolize O2 so there is no affect on then. They use Your cellular mechanisms to replicate. I am sure that intravenous Vitamin C in the 20g – 50g quantity would also be effective in the severest of cases.

            • I am sure that intravenous Vitamin C in the 20g – 50g quantity would also be effective in the severest of cases.

              ES–I believe this is what the model battled cancer with.
              Thanks for reminding me.

            • Many people do not understand that antibiotics are good against bacteria but not viruses. You must us antiviral herbs or medications. Anything to strengthen your immune system is always good.
              Garlic and elderberry (including Sambucal syrup) are proven antivirals but over the counter antivirals are probably much stronger. In any case a healthy system is going to do better than a weak one so eat healthy and have healthy habits. Then use antivirals as needed.

          • I remember the flood of 1964 and the terrible flu season and the bad rabies season that followed.

            So any drastic change in weather pattern activates certain illnesses in our world.

        • Just imagine how bad it would be if we could kill the damned mosquitoes with DDT …

          and yes, as a father of two little ones this is the stuff of nightmares.

        • i am gettin very suspicious..its become quite a killer..

        • AIDS, Ebola, Legionairs, and H1N1 have all been confirmed as manmade. What is the status of this one? Natural or manmade?

      2. So when’s Soros gonna buy some stock in “OFF” ?! HAHA just kidding 😉

      3. What happened to DKs post? He had three thumbs up and only one down!

        I know… I know…;)

        • I was one of the thumb ups — but as is customary here for responses to the “First” comment, several posts came in after it and were truly irrelevant to the West Nile conversation and civil order in general [We reserve the right to indefinitely detain comments in the queue here! 🙂 ].

          So, DK, I know you’re out there — I thank you for being first, and hope you understand. It’s for your own protection 🙂

          • Mac, whatever you did cleared up the problem. Thanks.

          • Mac: No harm no foul! I just happened to catch it as you posted it last night and just as I was leaving the site. I couldn’t resist the temptation!

            I’m a bad man! 🙂

      4. Man, the mosquitos have been brutal this year. I start getting bitten about 5pm each evening. I am sure I’ve been bitten at least 1000 times this summer while out in the garden or the field. I have turned over every water source I could find to no avail. The little suckers just keep coming. I live out in the country and and forget to spray most of the time. I haven’t heard of anyone around here getting sick, but there was one death here in NC, in the eastern part of the state I believe. I’ll be sure to load up on the spray from now on.

        • I Didn’t realize that those nasty things were that bad there.Here in the midwest where we are in a drought they don’t seem to be that bad .Could it be AN ACT OF GOD. Just like the Joe Biden hurricane in Florida..

          • The hurricane approaching Florida is a message from God to the repubs to stop using him to justify their crap, just as Katrtina was a message to New Orleans.

            • @ JoeinNC. IF that hurricane hits Tampa, it is either because the steering currents in the Gulf of Mexico (both atmospheric and ocean) have changed, climate works this way. Tampa has been hit in the distant past and is prone to hurricanes as all of Floria is. For a long time Tampa was spared, as southern california with the San Andreas, but eventually it happens. OR, someone is steering this hurricane and playing with weather modification, something I would definitely not put past the BO adminstration.

              I had one of the most respected climatologist professor in college and he said you would not believe just how much experimenting goes on with the weather from the U.S. and USSR at the time. I have a rule that says I don’t assume to know what God does with the planet, this is a basic respect to God. Only in my opinion it is Mother Nature reacting to the very warm waters of the Gulf Of Mexico, as hurricanes are nature’s air conditioners.

      5. I have some buckets to clean. They have become quite the Mosquito resorts!

      6. Standing water is not a problem here.Receding water is the problem.It’s been dryer than a popcorn fart here.It is almost as bad as hoping Issac sends som rain this way…

      7. So when do we take this seriously and lock ourselves inside and seal up the house? I don’t want to jump the gun and be that crazy guy in the neighborhood scared of west nile but I also don’t want to wait it out and be too late…( I just re watched the movie Contagion, which got me all fired up). Too bad this sort of thing isn’t solved by running off to the cabin, just more misqitos!!!

      8. OH NOOOOO!!!! Is this going to be worse than SARS or Swine Flu, or the Bird Flu? When will our loving gov. give us the vaccine to save us? Can I get it at Walgreens for free?









        L-LYSINE 2000MG 3 TIMES DAILY till cured

        Do all this you will survive and live !!!


        plus clean water hydrate hydrate hydrate till your peeing clear fluid .


        • VITAMIN C CURE –

          Those who are diagnosed with West Nile should immediately demand that they be tested for serum levels of vitamin C and when they are found to be zero or extremely low, demand that they be treated with intravenous sodium ascorbate as described above (Actually, it would be better to treat immediately with the massive doses of ascorbate with the first signs of symptoms. The other diseases that could be mistaken for West Nile would be ameliorated by massive doses of ascorbate anyway.) Since there is more paralysis from West Nile than from polio and many knew damn well how to cure polio but the vitamin C cure was kept secret either from cheer stupidity or from a genocidal cover up for the profit of the polio industry, we must not let this happen again just for the profit of the drug industry. Apparently the experts do not give a damn about those with Ebola and Marburg in Africa but maybe with our legal system, the same thing will not happen in the United States with the West Nile Virus.
          We know that polio paralyzed because of free radicals and that massive doses of ascorbate (thrown away for the massive amounts of electrons carried) neutralize free radicals. Based of a large clinical experience, it seems obvious that inflammations are mediated by free radical among other things and the use of massive doses of ascorbate markedly ameliorates almost all inflammations. This is why these massive dose vitamin C treatments have to be kept secret at all costs for the profit of the drug industry. This genocide has got to stop.


          • Almost every thing could be cured with vitamins and herbs. It is a shame mores people don’t know and put so much faith in our medical system and big pharm. It is all about the money, vitamins and herbs are cheap so there is no money to be made for them and the government. Just like every thing else the government is only concerned about the money they do not care about the average person. Don’t forget the vitamins and herbs in you preps.

            • Puritan’s Pride–free shipping!!

          • …but, but, if we choose the non-pharma route, we have to actually DO something! We are required to THINK and to ACT on our own…it’s just easier to go shove a pill down our necks and wait for the adverse reactions to subside…

        • Single homeopathic remedies can also be used in treatment, for mild to moderate cases. Most of these are available at health food stores.
          • Sulphur – for patients who are thirsty for cold drinks, with offensive body odor and sensations of great heat

          • Calcaria carbonica – for patients who are cold and clammy, despairing of recovery

          • Hyoscyamus – for patients who are manic, with significant muscle weakness, restlessness and delusions

          • Nux vomica – for patients with seizures and vomiting

          • Phosphorus – for patients who are cold, with salt cravings and anxiety

          • Aconite – for patients with sensation of impending death, restlessness, facial weakness

          Any of the orthomolecular and homeopathic treat ments may be used as post-infection treatments as well, to help restore the individual to full metabolic and brain function and excellent health. Their aim is not necessarily specifically to kill the virus. Anti-viral pharmaceuticals, as we have already seen, are ineffective against the West Nile virus. The aim of the orthomolecular and homeopathic remedies is to restore the body’s function to health, by strengthening the immune system, neutralizing the effects of acute infection, and normalizing the hormonal-endo crine-neurotransmitter balance.

          • I totally believe this-I have an auto-immune disease and will not have a doctor treat my symptoms, but rather-the root cause with functional neurology treatments, diet and probiotics. Big Pharma can kiss my ass

            (I haven’t gotten one mosquito bite this year)

          • COCOPUFF- Are you a doctor? Of course not. Hope your ass gets a good West Nile bite, then you can use your BULLSHIT cures on yourself and we will watch you slowly turn into shit you fucking little crackhead muslim Nazi. Dont forget to bow down to your pedophile prophet Mohammad and your cult moon god Allah. Have you tried sticking crack up you ass yet? Its a good cure for constipation.

        • @cocopuff, I can’t really comment on the veracity of your naturopathic regimen for curing West Nile Virus, however, I can ask you to qualify your statement about drinking water until you ‘pee clear liquid’. If you drink that much water you may very well end up suffering life-threatening hyponatraemia, hypokalaemia, which, to the non-medical who are reading this, are low sodium and low potassium levels in the blood-stream. A severe disturbance in your electrolyte levels can lead to confusion, brain swelling, cardiac arrythmias and ultimately, cardiac arrest and death. Hydration is a good thing, over-hydration is a very bad thing!

          • Nina O is a Government auto-troll. Pay no attention to the drivel it spouts.

          • No offense intended, but what about our warriors who fought in the jungles of Viet-nam and the deserts of Iraq? If you weren’t drinking water every chance you got, you were face down in the dirt.

        • I agree with coco on this. you need to take vitamin c multiple times a day becasue its a water soluble vitamin and that means once its out of bloodstream you need to take more of it, others like Vitamin D is fat solubale and vitamin K I think mean, the body absorbs them in fat cells into the body and stick around for a lot longer.

          • I have been reading about Vita D3 and Vita K, we need larger doses to help build the immune system. The RDA amount is way to low and most people are deficient in these vitamins. Of course, all the RDA amounts of vitamins are way to low guess they really don’t want them to work if they work like they are suppose to people wouldn’t need to go to the doctor very often. That’s our wonderful government and big Parma for ya though

            • @ Ranchers wife. Vitamin K is wonderful but is a blood thickener as people with thin blood are adviced to eat lots of dark green vegetables that have lots of Vitanin K in them. People that have an issue with thick blood should be careful with Vitamin K. Garlic is a real good blood thinner, so I guess someone could counteract the Vitamin K with garlic and still get the benefits of both of them. I cannot say enough about Vitamin A to help fight off any virus.

            • Vitamin D-3 every day for early morning muscle spasms–only thing that works for me.
              Vitamin K..spinach, turnip greens, beets, sweet potatoes, asparagus are very high in vitamin K.
              All in my prepping stock.

          • Actually the most amazing information never told was that the “supplemental” form of D3 is fat soluble and can become toxic very quickly. The Truth is that the Hormone known as Vitamin D is made by a form of photosynthesis in Your epidermal layer and is sulfonated. Which makes it water soluble. So in effect We are talking about very different molecules as far as behavior. Think about the fact that the sun comes up every day for You to photosynthesis Your sulfonated D, EVERYDAY for maximum and optimum capacity. We are talking about more important than water here importance.

      10. I recommend viewing “After Armageddon,” the History Channel’s docudrama on life in the world after a bug wipes out a good part of the population.

      11. Nina

        Regarding your posts.

        Nux Vomica is poison. It contains strychnine and other toxins and is a primary ingredient in rat poison. It’s effects are cumulative and it has an effect on the brain and causes severe muscle contractions. Due to its cumulative nature even though individual doses may seem to have no ill effects the toxins, when built up to a a high enough level cause death due to strychnine poisoning.

        There is no good reason I can think of to have this preparation anywhere near a human digestive system and I would strongly advise no one to take this preparation even in minute quantities.

        I really wish Nina, that the natural high vitamin ‘cures’ you mention for West Nile, and previously for cancer worked, but sadly they don’t. What they do do is boost the immune system making disease easier to fight off.

        With regard to West Nile, it is viral in nature and the only thing that stops you getting it is not being bitten by an infected mosquito and if you do get it there is no cure if you are fortunate it runs its course and leaves your body. If you recover you have life long immunity.

        By all means advise people to boost their immune systems with what nature provided but please don’t advise them to take preparations such as Nux.

        Take care

        • Offering some ideas to fight off is better then nothing.

          • Not if those ideas are more likely to kill you than cure you.

        • I don’t see myself taking medical advice from that nut anytime soon.

        • NINA O- stick to sucking off old Zionist Jews at your mobile home park for a dollar. You are a good cocksucker but a bad phoney doctor just like your phoney pedophile prophet Mohammad.

      12. and what about treatment with MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) advocated by Jim V. Humble ?

      13. remember the genetically modified mosquitoes they released a while back ? to supposedly kill and/or control growth of mosquitoe spread disease , well now they have come home .

        • @Hammerhead, I was thinking the exact thing when I first read this post. Didn’t Gates spend millions to produce a robot mosquito? Makes you go Hmmmm..

          We also have another shooter….

      14. I hate the sprays. I feel like I’m spraying DDT/Deet directly into my veins. The bugs are bad. Unfortunately, I have the type skin/smell that they love. The no-seeums get so thick around my lower legs in the evenings, the mosquitos don’t have a chance to get close down there.

        I have found, with much success, the Avon lotion thing really works for me; especially on the mosquito around the head. I’m gonna check out the “Bug Juice” link that N. O posted above.

        • Try eating 2-3 roasted garlic cloves twice per day starting about two weeks before mosquito season. In addition to repelling mosquito’s, it also helps lower blood pressure. I tried going the raw route, but my stomach rebelled. Roasting the garlic alleviates the bitter fiery taste while preserving the active ingredient allicin. There are plenty of references on the net on how to roast garlic.

          Disclaimer: I’m NOT in any way a medical person. I know what works for me after experimenting.

          • Garlic is very good for you our neighbor has a man who cuts his hay he is 95 years old, works year round but takes 2 weeks off a year to go visit his mom. He keeps garlic in the trunk of his car and about 3 times a day he goes to his car and eats a clove of garlic.

        • Yes, bugs don’t like many lotion or perfumey sprays.
          How do I know?
          I never get bitten.
          My dh and I went fishing with lots of foilage nearby with friend, wife, 3 kids, MIL.
          All 7 got chigars but me..They were covered; me?? not even one.

      15. Those who contract the virus will experience severe symptoms.

        Not an accurate statement. In fact, a statement full of exageration and hyperbole. This statement more than implies that all who contract WNV will develop “severe symptoms.” In fact, very few will develop severe symptoms. But, hyperbole and exageration are the SOP for this site.
        Also, what is this socialistic spraying? Should the individual not take precautions to protect him/herself from WNV? Why should the nanny state step in to protect those who will not protect themselves?

        • Joe, wait, you don’t agree with what people are saying on this site? NO WAY!! LOL…

        • JoeinNC, It might be prudent to seek help for the negative attention addiction you suffer from. When the S hits the fan, the game changes. And frankly, no one will have time, patience, or temper to put up with your naggling ways.

          Go over to Media Matters and stick with your own kind. Seriously — we have bigger flies to swat here.

        • You are right Joe. Many people infected with West Nile never notice a thing.

      16. Burt,

        The info I sent you on that ‘Liquid’ also has possibilities for keeping insects at bay as it eliminates the pheromones they secrete. Problem is female mosquitoes are after blood. How do they track humans? Is it the Co2 we exhale? What do you think.

        We are testing it a gel and I will keep you informed. Tested very well in a few other countries for different applications of pathogen elimination.

        Y’all Beware! How’s the garden?

        • Y’all

          Still waterlogged how are you?

          Take care

      17. Bug zapper….run then 24/7….I run tow of them…. I have to hose them out once a week. After I unplug them of course. If everyone bought one then there would be no issues.

        Seems we’ve all lost our focus on being good citizen. We all depend on the govt. to spray.
        If everyone got a zapper…..this would not be an issue.

        While I’m on the “soap box”….
        Buy silver and gold for your retirement. This is the age of thieves. They will steal everything from you. Do not fall for the compounding interest. Gold is up over 500% and will continue to go higher as our fiat currency takes a crap.

        Think about it… while all the world is crumbling… You’ll have your safe(s). Each month, you’ll pull out a few coins and go to the coin dealer.

        If they try and institute some reporting tax.. use craigs list to find a local person to sell to. I know one guy who meets a Dr. in a coffee shop once a month for an arms length transaction. He was a gold bug for his entire life…as was his father and grandfather. He’s selling silver that was bought for $1 an ounce.

        Funny….the govt. would try and call me a terrorist….as I’m talking shit about the dollar. But hey… WHO’S THE FUCKING TERRORIST? They keep destroying the currency!!!

        Final thought… I”m enjoying watching all the boomers kick off…they were given much and have trashed our country.

        • Metals are nice, but we can all be sure the crooks are paying attention too. Home invasion will become much more common, with the intent of forcing the victim to open the safe/tell where it is. If you have kids, don’t even let them know about it.

        • Wow–I must be the terrorist for the day by your standards; I just filed for Social Security benefits and my dh left NRA a long time ago–GOA now.
          I’ve never been given a damn thing and I didn’t trash my country.
          You must be under 30 and indoctrinated by colleges.
          And folks, if he is the above, this is our future??

          • I totally agree JayJay. The X,Y, or Z generation, whatever the under 30 are called, have a world of shit coming rheir way. Their college indoctrinated minds have been programmed to blame everyone older than themselves for all the problems of the world.

            They themselves are really to blame since the majority are more concerned with man’s laws than God’s laws. Their liberalized,politically correct, self-absorbed mindset, has kept the tax and spend socialist in power.

            They have, none, or very little, compassion towards the elderly and disadvantaged. Just like the celebrities,movie stars, and over-paid sports figures; they only show charity and generiosity as a show of how much $$$ they make or out of “guilt” for making so much for doing so little, that has no long term affects on making the world a better place. People have become “lovers of themselves”.

      18. Just another symptom of becoming a third-world-country.

      19. Natural News reports about 36,000 people die a year from regular flu in the US, only 1100 have died from West Nile this year. In northern Illinois, with a population of 4 million, there have only been a couple of cases. In my county, which is near Shitcago, there have been ZERO cases. This stinks of fear-mongering and government propoganda. The numbers don’t lie but the government sure does.

        • ummm
          you do realize that all epidemics start out with one person don’t you???

          the AIDS epidemic started out small also didn’t it ?
          and right now estimated cases are at well over 30 million

          no need to panic at this point
          this situation bears watching

          the virus has obviously mutated and is much stronger and much more dangerous than it used to be

          the time to call the fire dept is when you first see smoke
          not when flames come bursting out of the roof

          • I do realize that epidemics start out with one person but this is in no way an epidemic, the numbers will bear that out. From what I have read, the disease is mosquito borne and not passed from human to human so we don’t have to fear being in public. I try to look at a situation from both side and when the evidence suggests that a situation is being blown out of proportion, I would have to agree. Check out Natural News and a few other truth sites and see for yourself.
            I am as much of a prepper as anyone on this site but I do like to educate myself on a subject before I panic. I read this site everyday and I notice some people get a little dramatic about the situations we are facing. Others take the sane approach. Thank you for pointing out that you think I am wrong and that I am just an idiot that came onto this site this morning , read the article about West Nile and should be scared to death now. I won’t say your wrong, I’ll simply say that you have a right to believe whatever you want and I’ll defend your right to believe it.

            • @BRW:

              …” I do like to educate myself on a subject before I panic”…

              I think I found my new T-shirt..great line..lol

              thx for the laugh, and the coffee in my nose!!!

              …be safe…stay the course…NinaO is not a troll…he is my brother….OOORAH…BA.

          • West Nile cannot be passed person to person.

          • HIV, Cancer and every other major disease can be cured …. and cheaply …. through a healthy diet, vitamins and natural supplements.

            An IV drip with ozone or hydrogen peroxide or vitamin C will kill these virus’. This medicine is being practiced in Europe successfully.

            Drink hydrogen peroxide every day.

            Dilute 3% HP to taste. It is proven effective. Baking soda and water will work too, or use a mixture of baking soda and (real)maple syrup, or honey, or Blue Agave syrup which is also a natural sweetener like honey.

            These cures are natural and cost pennies on the dollar. Chemotherapy kills cancer and the patient. Big Cancer is a SCAM!

            Links at SHTF Science, Health Sites

            • DK

              You are talking crap

            • Durango Kid

              Sadly you are wrong.

              Whilst I agree totally that chemotherapy kills good cells as well as cancer cells and is sometimes not tailored to the patient as well as it could be neither is a diet, regarding of its excellence, a cancer cure.

              A natural diet has absolutely massive health benefits, a diet rich in the vitamins and anti oxidants provided by fruit and vegetables gives the body’s immune system a massive boost and research is ongoing regarding the PREVENTION of certain diseases using diet. Decades of testing regarding diet as a CURE have come to nought sadly, at least where cancer and HIV are concerned.

              Take care

            • ANON: No, I am not talking crap. I have done the research and I speak from personal experience, too.

              That’s why I know I am right.

              Start with Suzanne Summers book, KNOCKOUT as I did looking for a cure for my cancer; and then use the alt medicine links at SHTF Science to educate yourself.

              WE all have cancer cells in OUR bodies, much of the time, (this can now be determined by a simple blood test) but when OUR bodies have the right nutrients in the proper amounts, it will heal itself and destroy those pathogens that mutate OUR cells.

              Mutant cells develop from lack of the proper functioning of OUR bodies. The lack of proper functioning of OUR bodies stems from lack of proper nutrition (vitamin, minerals, and enzymes).

              Lack of proper nutrition deprives the cells in your body of the proper amount of oxygen to function as they are intended, to metabolize the fuel and give you energy. When your cells function properly the oxygen in your cells kill those pathogens and mutant cells.

              OUR soils are depleted of vitamins and minerals; pesticides and chemicals are all over OUR food, and the modern diet just does not provide the nutriants that once came naturally with OUR food.

              Processed foods and GMO foods possess chemicals that are detrimental to a healthy body. Refined sugar and other substances, like corn syrup, (not to mention the carmel coloring cancer agents in coke and pepsi) have come to dominate OUR diets because it is included in EVERYTHING.

              Proper preparation of OUR food is necessary too, or WE create carcinogens by frying OUR food in oil. Even ROASTED nuts have the character of their fatty oils changed by the process and these become harmful too.

              Read the studies and personal testimonies of patients who have cured themselves or who have been cured by these alternative (natural) medicines, and follow the research that has been conducted by brave, independent medical thinkers who are more concerned for their patients than their wallets: then you will understand the science.

              Most of these independent thinkers are in Europe where BIG PHARMA does not control medicine through the FDA.

              A transition to America of these therapies is occurring, but slowly. Recently an AIDS patient in Europe was pronounced “cured” without so much as a trace of the virus anywhere in his body using the IV therapy I mentioned. This was mentioned in an article on Yahoo!

              70% of ALL Oncologists will not subject themselves to the treatment that they will prescribe for YOU! That FACT alone should tell you something.

              Do the research. The life you save may be your own.

            • Anon, ather note: Recent evidence published in LSM shows that many cancers eventually return because chemotherapy actually creates an environment for new cancer cells to develop where the old ones were killed.

              Check the Heath Links at SHTF SCience and do yourself a favor by doing the research to educate yourself.

              I have.

            • DURANGO KIDD- Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? My greatest pleasure would be to see you get cancer and treat yourself with your BULLSHIT cures and watch you melt into shit. You deserve it for promoting BULLSHIT.

          • Congress commissioned a biological agent (HIV)for which there was no known immunity and then all of a sudden gay men were offered Hepatitis B vaccines and we got AIDS and Candida so aggressive it destroys people’s lives. So the idea of epidemics starting with one person could only mean the person who commissioned the mass release.

            Viruses don’t obviously mutate when men like Schnell at Thomas Jefferson University change a single amino acid in Rabies to make it in the 90% kill rate with ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier without assistance.

            But if you really want to mix your own metaphors you can put HIV in Rabies:

            It is clear with just a minor bit of inquiry that with the advent of Molecular Biology in the 1930s there hasn’t been a ‘natural’ disease since.

            • Patrick and Burt The Brit: Candida is present in every cancer; that is a medical fact. There is an Italian doctor who believes that Candida is the precursor to cancer and he treats his patients who are recovering. See Link under Health Sites at SHTF Science

              There are many NATURAL substances that kill cancer and HIV. The trick is getting that substance to the mutated cells. IV’s are one way to do it. Turmeric, grape seed extract, baking soda, nitric oxide, D3, and hydrogen peroxide, among others are just a few.

              The FDA has suppressed this knowledge from the general public for decades because cancer is the biggest health business there is and that lack of knowledge allows Big Pharma and Big Cancer to profit from OUR lack of info.

              That’s changing.

              One man cured himself from stage 4 cancer using hydrogen peroxide, the “One minute cure”. That is his PUBLIC personal testimony and there is no way to profit from that as HP costs just a couple dollars at Wal Mart.

              Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. It dies in a alkaline environment in the body. Manipulate your PH through your diet!

        • 1100 cases 40 ish deaths. Just sayin

        • BRW,

          I’m down here in what i call the Grain Ghetto of Illinois where they raise GMO corn, GMO soybeans and GMO hicks.

          Saw 2 mosquitoes during the drought. Saw none after the rains because the swifts, swallows and dragonflies were doing their job.

      20. Bug bites will be nothing compared to the health affects of the spray and does anyone know exactly what they are spraying or are you too scared to even ask! Its now in your gardens on your cars and of course your lungs! great a government fear machine in full gear freak run stay inside and watch TV

        • GEO…what amazes me is that they spray for mosquitos around here but they do it at night so as to “limit peoples exposure to the airborne pesticide”. They spray all the creeks and streams, which are all dried up!! I go out of my way to grow a healthy garden with no fertilizers or pesticides and these bastards spray that shit in the air near my prized garden! What they spray lands on everything and we get to consume it. I would rather take the chance of getting West Nile than being exposed to who knows what is in that shit they spray!

          • Blackriflewarrior

            It is supposedly a substance called DUET made from chrysanthemums, supposedly only harmful to mosquitoes.

            I have no other information on it right now ( I am away from home so limited computer time) hope this helps

            Take care

      21. I’m collecting every bug with a stinger and shipping them to d c

      22. 50,000 people will be killed by drunk drivers this year. I worry about them more than mosquitos!

        • we always face MULTIPLE threats of many types
          and varying degrees of severity

          you HAVE to be able to walk AND chew gum at the same time
          or ya ain’t gonna survive

        • Over 100,000 people will be killed by taking prescription drugs AS PRESCRIBED. I fear the doctors cures more than I fear drunk drivers.

          • Gotta agree with you on that GC!

        • AZ morning

          I see and agree with the points you make.

          The way I see it though, the thing that interested me about this is that as someone pointed out further up the thread many have West Nile and never even know about it. True. With this outbreak it is the proportion of people moving on to have the more serious for of the disease that concerns me. The literature I have available to me from various medical libraries all indicate that about one person in 150 could usually be expected to develop neuro issues as a result of the virus and older people are more susceptible.

          Over half those getting it having neuro involvement got my attention.

          Take care

        • Thanks for this link. I posted a comment to it but will have to wait for it to show. There are those who claim that viruses are a myth to begin with, so proof of any of them outside of the miltary/industrial/academic complex would be useful.

      23. West Nile virus was introduced to the U.S. through Plum Island, probably via birds flying to the mainland. But, the experimentation with West Nile was taking place there. Of course, when West Nile virus first appeared in the U.S., the government claimed long and loud that it did not have a clue how it got here. Perhaps they’d like us to believe it arrived on an H-B1 visa. At any rate, this is the same facility the government wants to close down and move to the heartland, specifically, Manhatten, Kansas. You cannot get more centrally located than that. Right in the heart of the nation’s food basket. The potential for the release of a pathogenic, accidental or intentional and the ramifications of such a release, are beyond description. Ever wonder who is calling the shots and coming up with these brilliant ideas?

        • Sad but true. But I will see your sadness and raise you:

          Reader’s Digest, December, 2008, Are We Safer? by Marcus Stern, Adam Piore

          that shows there are 1350 bioweapons labs in just North America alone so we don’t need to fear a centralized Boogey Man, they are out from under the bed and living next door.

      24. Breaking News:

        Report: Multiple people shot near Empire State Building

        all I know at this point..anyone have more info?

      25. NEW YORK –
        Fox 5 in New York is reporting at least there people have been shot outside of the Empire State Building in New York.

        According to Fox 5, the scene is described as “chaotic”.

        One person is reported to be in police custody.

        • 13 people were shot in Shitcago yesterday in a 2 hour period! We don’t hear about that because Rham-boy doesn’t want the country to know what a failure he is as the mayor of a large city. Now we law-abiding gun owners get to weather another storm because some asshole blew a gasket. Newyork is a no-gun zone like Shitcago, the shooter knew he had nothing to fear.

          • blackriflewarrior


            Just another illegal gun owner gone ballistic.

            Probably a right wing former vet white conservative male on top of it..surely will be reported by the msm


            • possee…I was at the range the other day and everyone there was as nice as they could be. No attitudes, no bravado, just regular people enjoying a passion. I never worried about someone busting a spring and shooting up the place. Same thing at the gun shows and gun stores…everyone is polite and helpful…huh..what gives? The media would have the mis-informed think we are a bunch of slobbering psychopaths itching to kill. Ol Bloomers is gonna be all over this like ugly on a gorilla.

          • yup..same shit different day

          • You meant like ugly on Meeshall.

        • I’m sorry that should have said 19 shot.

      26. 19 people shot in overnight shootings across Chicago..

        By Peter Nickeas Tribune reporter

        4:06 a.m. CDT, August 24, 2012

        Nineteen people were shot across the South and West sides from Thursday evening through early Friday morning — 13 of them wounded over a 30-minute period, authorities say.

        Obama’s home town..

        just saying


        • good God

          sounds like taking a vacation in Iraq would be safer !

        • “””Obama’s home town..”””

          Maybe we should send him back home…

          Wait, no, that would be in Kenya.

      27. In that view, the average Boobus Amerikanus can understand that the Jews are running the show and did have sine 1913
        Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:

        Rothschild Bank of London
        Warburg Bank of Hamburg
        Rothschild Bank of Berlin
        Lehman Brothers of New York
        Lazard Brothers of Paris
        Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
        Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
        Goldman, Sachs of New York
        Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
        Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
        (Reference 14, P. 13, Reference 12,
        P. 15

      28. Good piece w/ a nice variety of sources to read from — thanks! Mosquito-carrying disease is a serious problem (it isn’t just West Nile) and this outbreak can serve as a reminder to check around our own places for standing water — ditches, small puddles, buckets, pots, even uncovered rainwater catching vessels. We’ve had rain at least 3 times a week this August so I walked our property around sheds, the barn, garden areas. I found a few weed buckets with standing water.

      29. Round up all the mosquitoes and ship them to Chicago.

        • I SECOND THAT!!!!

      30. don’t tread,

        I too use the Avon product(Skin So Soft)for bugs, mosquitoes and no-see-ums works well.

        Y’all Beware! I’ll smell sweet for a while and that is an improvement!

      31. My Daughter had west Nile several years ago when it was so bad in CO. She was pretty sick with it but thank God, she didn’t have it real bad. I have noticed if she gets a bite now it swells up pretty good. In the summer, she has to take garlic every day and I spray her down with a homemade bug spray, if we forget she is like a mosquito magnet. I wonder if you get it once are you immune to it after that.

      32. I had West Nile I think, as a mosquito nailed me good one night and it was tiger mosquito that carries it. About 3 days later I had a fever that lasted about 36 hours and then it was over. It is lifetime immunity when you get it, so hopefully I had it. There are all sorts of complications that can develop for West Nile that can affect the brain. Another terrible mosquito carrying virus is St. Louis Encephalitis that can mimac West Nile. Mosquitoes are nothing to fool around, losts of people die each year from what mosquitoes carry.

      33. I have to wonder if the drought has anything to do with it when we had west nile here so bad the year before had been a drought year and last year Texas had bad droughts. Just wondering

      34. I read that the spray they are using over Texas kills bumble bees.

        • ahhh… who needs ’em?! Monstanto will figure out a way for us to grow food without bees…. or soil and water!

          Heck, we’re feeding chocolate candy to cows now to fatten them up for slaughter, so I am sure we can get around this whole Bee Colony Collapse Disorder thing…

          • A video I watched, Why they are spraying, had a lady tell that Monsanto already had a drought and flood resistant seed–ready for the farmers.

      35. I think the risk of infection from scratching a mosquito bite worries me more then West Nile virus. It’s hyped up to make people freak out. My 3 year old is a magnet from mosquito bites. I use deet free bug repellent and try and keep him inside at dusk. We are going to build a bat house they eat thousands a night. Like having chickens to keep ticks down, I really want some chickens but they are illegal in the city.

      36. it’s my understanding that mosquitos do not like smoke, so i suggest that everyone just chill out and light up a dooby. it will be a great deterrent, and will have a positive effect on your outlook!

      37. West Nile is cyclical,a little one year, a lot the next. Spraying will help but get rid of standing water. some species will travel miles for a blood meal and some bite during the day and others at night. We,ve had new species enter the states on cargo ships and are not only here to stay but dominate other local species. Its been in the mideast and southern Europe for ages.

      38. You know what??

        The CDC is made up of a bunch of money waisting fools.

        Who cares, really penuts, cancer, abortions, drugs, guns, war, car accidents, outdoor sports, animals, kill more a year then west nile does.

        blah, blah, blah,

        Stay away from mosquitoes. Problem solves

      39. liposomal encapsulated vitamin c
        HIGH DOSE.
        Can not overdose, maximum dosage will give you diarrhea. Hit that amount and then back off from there.
        If you make your own http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeU–wadrMY start with 8 ounces per day, of 2 oz 4 times a day.

        8 ounces is active ingredient of 1Tbs of Asorbic Acid which is normal daily serving, so do not think it is way too much. It is just scratching the surface. It is the delivery method (encapsulated in Liposomals from 2Tbs Soy Lecitin)

        Basically it is a good idea to go one full dose, and see if you need more. If you get the runs, back off on the dosage.

        Best made with KAGAN water at 9.5pH.

        Also, it is a good idea to not eat but you can have the following:

        1 Full squeezed lemon (if you can do it, try juicing the entire lemon peal and all MUST be Organic or Biodynamic)
        1 cup hot water – 9.5pH if possible
        1 Tbs Manuka Honey 15+Active Manuka Factor or more
        1 herbal tea bag (your choice – Chamomile is nice)

        Start day with Hot Lemonade, tea. Then drink liposomal encapsulated vitamin c the rest of the day.
        Juice Fasting is best, otherwise water fasting is a good idea.

      40. West Nile pales in comparison to other “viral outbreaks” – more people die from flu, for example. The most interesting point, and most overlooked, is that the CDC has not yet isolated the WNV. I haven’t come down on one side or the other but this is definitely food for thought: http://www.naturalnews.com/036935_West_Nile_virus_CDC_disease_mongering.html

      41. This is just another joyful benefit of the 3rd world invasion coming into the USA.

      42. Howdy SHTFanners,

        There are a lot of interesting suggestions on how to defeat the wiley wiruses, some with the use of Amino Acids. The kind of engineered microbes today come directly from the Rockefeller labs with Molecular Switches. Instead of bandying about folk remedies from the days-gone-by of things that might have taken care of wild organisms, does anyone have the clinical explanations for the mechanism of action of things like the remedies they are promoting? My reason for asking is that if you are relying on age-old treatments you are out of your league and doing a hit-or-miss at best. Also confusing is the call for things like hydrogen peroxide (an oxidant) while calling for vitamin C (an antioxidant). The use of oils might be fine and might work if folks’ livers worked but the people I know are already so ill that taking vitamin D and fish oils (I do not subscribe to fish oils as they increase Serum Sickness) can make them ill. I can eat three bundles of garlic and still be bitten by mosquitoes. I can take B vitamins and I think the organically grown mosquitoes come for a drink. Taken as a whole, the anecdotes are appreciated for an alternative view but we are way past the shotgun approach, what we need is clear clinical methodology of disabling organisms that were engineered with On/Off switches.

      43. Greetings Everyone!
        Here in the Big M area we have heard of the Nile virue problem,but confined to Miss.We have LOTS of dragonflies around and very few mosquito’s to speak of(could there be a connection?).I wear long-sleeved shirts and a SPF-50 rated hat when I’m out.I do get “tagged” now and then(almost as much from spiders as from flying pests,but am a firm believer the natural way of prevention if at all possible.Haven’t had a “flu shot”(free or otherwise)in decades.Haven’t caught said bug either.The CDC has become like so many other Federal Government agencies,filled with(and run by) political appointees rather than someone qualified(like the folks in charge of FEMA during Katrina).We are going to need all the natural-type cures we can find as the Mega-drug corp.folks continue to raise their prices and/or pollute their products(with the blessing of those wonderful people at the FDA)to the point of it being dangerous to take meds at all.
        It’s finally getting to the point that nothing the Government does that’s stupid or callously fails to prevent surprises me any longer.All the REPOCRATS and their masters in Washington are capable of about any kind of atrocity to achieve their goals.I’ve been re-reading the Book of Revelation and it seems like the current news is taken right out of the pages.If so,(And I’d allow that there are different opinions than mine on the subject)at least the ending is a happy one.
        Best to All

      44. I 24 and I have West Nile Virus…..and it’s AWFUL! I’ve never been so sick in my life, and I didn’t know it was possible to feel so sick without passing out. I dont remember whole parts of the day, I have awful muscle spasms, horrible headaches and honestly the list of symptoms for me goes on and on. The doctors are absolutely useless cause they worry its effecting my brain and spine but they “cant be sure” so it’s just wait and see. My reaction to that is “what and see what….till it’s too late!?” and they’re like “if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen….just be ready to go to the hospital at a moments notice for at least a week.”
        YEA REALLY HELPFUL!! So i’m just trying to eat incredibly healthy and lots of Vitamin C and D.
        I already have a nervous system disorder (RSD) so im very worried that since my nervous system is already messed up that this is just going to mess it up even more! And it’s awful to just watch and wait….

      45. And it is very important that u get a constant current silver water generator NOT a constant voltage gen, or u may turn blue like a smurf. i have been drinking silver water for 10 yrs so far and i am not blue and have never been sick in those 10 yrs,and i am using the water for my tooth ache and it kills the bact, inturn kills the pain until i get to the dentist appt. check out a zapper too, it kills parasites.

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