Report: Top Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer Attacks Trump Supporter At Fancy New York City Restaurant

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    schumer1Senator Chuck Schumer (left) reportedly berated Trump voter Hilary Califano (right) at a New York City restaurant

    Though we can’t recall any incidents involving Republicans attacking Obama supporters after he was elected President, the same cannot be said for the tolerant left. It’s become normal, even heroic, for those on the left to verbally or physically abuse any individual who is revealed to be a Trump supporter.

    In the latest show of tolerance and class we go to New York City, where top Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer reportedly went off the rails on a woman who happened to have voted for President Trump.

    As Page Six explains, Hilary Califano was having dinner with her husband Joe Califano, a long-time Democrat and former Secretary of Health under President Jimmy Carter, when Schumer began screaming at her:

    Onlookers said Schumer was incensed that Hilary — the daughter of William S. Paley, the founder and chairman of CBS — had voted for Trump, even though her husband, Joseph, is a well-known Democrat.

    One witness said of the restaurant rant, “They are a highly respected couple, and Schumer made a scene, yelling, ‘She voted for Trump!’ The Califanos left the restaurant, but Schumer followed them outside.” On the sidewalk, Schumer carried on with his fantastical filibuster: “ ‘How could you vote for Trump? He’s a liar!’ He kept repeating, ‘He’s a liar!’ ”

    Mrs. Califano later confirmed the incident to Page Six:

    Sen. Schumer was really rude . . . He’s our senator, and I don’t really like him. Yes, I voted for Trump. Schumer joined us outside and he told me Trump was a liar. I should have told him that Hillary Clinton was a liar, but I was so surprised I didn’t say anything.

    As expected, a spokesperson for Senator Schumer denies that there was a heated exchange:

    [He] and his wife ate at the café on Sunday, engaging in unremarkable conversation with patrons who approached their table. There were no heated exchanges with ‎anyone.



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      1. This is not news. Sorry.

        • You will know them by the fruit they bear. This clown shoes is the father of one amy schumer a filthy mouthed degenerate. What else can we expect from this bozo.

          • Actually I think he is her cousin.

            • I LOVE ACTUAL FACTS. There, I said it.

            • Actually, he is her Uncle.

        • It looks like some house cleaning at the DNC…

          DNC Asks Entire Staff For Resignation Letters

          ht tp://

        • Chuck Schmuck can kiss my ass.

          • See the fing . Incogman Revealing Quotes. If you want to know why.

        • Liberals, progressives, globalists, democrats, communists, and socialists are all fascists and super intolerant people who have swallowed the koolaid. Unfortunately most of them are beyond redemption and are hellbent on destroying this great country!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • term limits….. term limits….. term limits……


          CELEBRATE WOMEN IN STEM FIELDS????????????


        • How many pistol and rifle magazines would you carry on your person into combat?

          • Every dam one I could
            Mags would be stuffed in every pocket over and above what my LBV can hold

        • Less than 3% of this nation’s population, yet look at how many of these hebrew dog ticks are attached to him.


          This Chuckie Schumer incident is all part of the elaborate, orchestrated ‘stage play’ to snooker the dumb goyim into thinking that Trump is some kind of savior to the millions of White Americans who are sick and tired of having this tiny tribe of nation wreckers controlling a nation that does not belong to them, and which they played no role in creating in the first place.

        • Hey Chucky Schummer, how about you tell us all about your child molestation on Lolita Island? You know you child rapist. That’s how I would have replied to the Commie Creep.

          Chucky needs to tow the line because he is being blackmailed by the CIA and Mossad to keep the government funding going in their direction. If he goes off the rails they will expose the videos of Chucky raping children on Lolita Island.

          This is why we so desperately need to DEMAND Term Limits on ALL of CONGRESS, so we can flush those who are traitors to the USA out of any type of Policy decision making or Voting in Congress that harms out Country. About a third of Congress is being blackmailed by Israel and the CIA to tow the line to keep the funding and cashola flowing.

          • RE: Chucky Schumer Video on Lolita Island
            DHS Insider: CIA And Mossad Behind DC Pedo Ring
            February 19, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai

            Q. So they demonize Putin and try to tarnish the Trump administration?

            A. The Deep State is at war with both Trump and Putin. Understand that when Israeli intelligence hears “America first” from Trump, they go apeshit. Israel has bribed, extorted and intimidated our politicians for decades and suddenly this upstart billionaire threatens to ruin everything.

            Q. You mention the word extort. Does that relate to Pizzagate?

            A. PedoGate is only a modern term associated with a long history of Pedo-blackmail connected to both Israel and the Intel community. There is a full court press to stop PedoGate from being looked at because if people knew the true motives behind the pedophilia epidemic, they would do more than march on Washington. They could actually seed a revolution, with the spark coming from decent American parents who want to protect their kids. Our politicians are compromised. The senior analyst nicknamed “FBI Anon” alluded to this in his exchange with folks on 4chan and with you.

            Q. What do you mean compromised?

            A. Do you notice 2 central themes running through the MSM lately? Those themes are “Fear the Russians” and “#PizzaGate is fake news“. Both tropes come from the same place.

            Q. Can you explain?

            A. How do we exert power? Via fear. Do you ever wonder why both Democrats and Republicans fall all over themselves to kiss up to Israel? Odd, since Israel is the size of Rhode Island… The fact is, many of our politicians – on both sides – have been compromised by CIA and Mossad for years. It’s actually not admiration they are expressing for Israel, but fear. Notice Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer repeating the same salute when it comes to Israel. How does that even happen? The American people are finally seeing that there is no two-party system, but one big shadow Government pretending we have political dichotomy.

            Q. So PedoGate is real and “they” have to get Americans to disbelieve it?

            A. Let me explain how threatening PedoGate is… Who wins? Trump. Putin. Americans. Russians. The world…. Who loses? Israel, since they no longer can blackmail our politicians, the same goes for the CIA. The Shadow Government loses. But, the people win.

            Q. Can you give me specific instances of politicians being compromised by Israel?

            A. Sure. Lolita Island. Jeffery Epstein, a billionaire convicted of pedophilia received a soft sentence. His island was rigged with video recorders. Many politicians have been compromised. It was a Mossad/CIA operation. Contact ex-senior CIA CCS, Robert David Steele. Bob knows and has even spoken about this with numerous reporters.

            Q. So an ex-CIA senior agent named Robert Steele is on record saying Epstein’s island was a honey trap to lure our most powerful politicians into a extortion scheme?

            A. Yes. There are videos of some of the most powerful players in the most humiliating positions. If this gets out, not only are the politicians ruined, but the extortion game is over and suddenly, the influence CIA and Mossad wield over Washington, is gone.

            Q. Wow ! Now its all making sense.

            A. Yes. lets continue this conversation later.

            Q. So I checked out Robert David Steele, and he mentions Chuck Schumer being on Lolita Island. So does FBI anon. Is that why Schumer is targeting Trump’s cabinet picks?

            A. Connect the dots.

            Q. How many other politicians have been secretly extorted?

            A. One in three, roughly. It’s not just the Island, its all of their activities. The reason #Pedogate terrifies the media, the CIA, the Israel Lobby, is because they are all part of this “shadow swamp”

            Q. Former CIA agent, Robert Steele, says Mossad operated Lolita Island and CIA worked with them. That’s treason on all levels.

            A. Yes, and its espionage. Just as these leaks from the intel community regarding Flynn. I expect that at some later moment, Trump will leak some of these videos.

            Q. Ok, FBI anon gave Schumers initials, and Barnet Frank and others, but so far we have only seen low level arrests.

            A . FBI anon did a “bank shot”. That’s a pool hall term we use. Ask Bob about it. FBI Anon rattled their cages as other DHS and local authorities rounded up all sorts of street-level human traffickers. The big arrests will come in time, but first the small fish are interrogated, and provide information that leads to larger fish. FBI Anon was firing a shot across the bow, much like you shake a beehive to infuriate the bees. Notice how blatantly hostile McCain, Schumer, Graham, and others are? It was what we call a “targeted trigger“.

            Link to full interview:

            • Apollo

              Thanks for the article and its link. It cuts to the chase. I do think that the entire TPTB are benefiting from this, banksters, MIC….the entire club.

      2. Shoot the bastard

        • Dadburn uppity chew’s! Guess uh better git out the rope and truck hitch! Hope he likes sagebrush sandwiches lol.

          • Genius, if I had been that Trump supporter being berated, I would’ve HAPPILY knocked the shit out of Schumer. He has it coming from someone over something. Filthy, vile, disgusting chew.

      3. Chuck Schumer,,,
        You are also a lying sack o shit, all o you congress critters are

        • Scuhmer, is a scumbag and should have been removed from office years ago! NOW would be nice to see him swing from a lite pole for treason!

          • Personally if I could get close enough to Chuck U I’d beat the animal to death and then urinate on its dead body. I really don’t like Democrats.

            • Rellik and Nailbanger, Schumer and the other chews in Congress are the WORST of the bunch. My local congresscritter is also a chew. Go figure.

            • Me too, yet how ironic that we live in a state that has almost 0 republicans in any elected post,,,

            • Well, you now know one of his restaurants.

      4. This is indeed news and has become typical behavior among people who consider themselves elite. Liberal persons have taken a mind set that what they think and do is correct at all times and not to be questioned. They are sure they are morally and intellectually superior to all others. Basically the only way to deal with them has become to beat them into the ground until they are physically and mentally defeated.

      5. Just the idea of government is itself already a corruption.

      6. He was really rude to a flight attendant years back. One of those ” do you know who I am?” Rude person

        • Would have been golden if flight attendant cold have responded yes and irrelevant so take your seat before I have you removed. Reality – and if she could express many of the other sentiments stated in this blog.
          My question is “What are you so afraid of Chuckie boy?” As is plain to see money cannot buy class and he has none. He seems to pick on women maybe he doesn’t really like them.?????

      7. That’s a great display of intelliDUNCE. Yes, sir.

        Somehow though, I think he wanted that to be on display.

        WWF of mudslinging in the Age of Bullshit.

      8. I wear my red Make America Great Again hat whenever I go out in public. And so far not one person has gave me a negative reaction. Not so much as a dirty look ! Some have gave approval stuff like I like your hat. Maybe its because Im a scary looking redneck with a overgrown beard? You can not buy those hat,s at Wal Mart. I had to order mine online.

        • Most folks in the country have better manners and respect each other. At least it is that way here where I live. Besides olds peoples don’t f@#k around. They’ll be more likely to bust a cap in yo ass.

          • PO’d Patriot

            “Most folks in the country have better manners and respect each other.”

            NYC is in effect an antonym of manners and respect as can be seen in its portrayal in movies and TV. If one said “NYC people” the thought of rude would come to mind before cosmopolitan.

            NYC is both geographically and legally part of the USA but it isn’t culturally. This has been something they haven’t been able to understand as they believe that they, the minority in the US, define normal. They don’t accept President Trumps agenda because they can’t identify with the USA. NYC is in effect a “global city” culturally divorced from the USA.

            • Kevin2, THANK YOU for that PERFECT DESCRIPTION of NYC. I’ve always heard it called ‘the capital of the world’. I would say even more so with UN HQ located there. No New Yorker makes any of my decisions for me. Especially no chew.

            • Very well put.

            • Most New York State residents despise NYC. Note that the Chuck U Schumer gang only attack when they have their victim tremendously outnumbered. You’ll NEVER hear about an anti-Trump protest at a NASCAR event or a gun show. They know the deplorable rednecks would pound their asses. Gun show attendees would set aside any firearms they were carrying so they could enjoy dispensing a well-deserved beatdown.

            • two thumbs UP, kevin!

            • Thanks everyone.

              I would like to add that NYC prides itself in diversity yet it is probably one of the most self segregated cities in the world with Chinatown, Little Italy, Black, Hispanic and Gay communities living in their own little separate areas not to mention the divide in wealth disparity. Its not a melting pot but rather a stratified group with a common address.

      9. MOre bullshit from shit for brains.

        • Cant stand bs, I notice there is more BS from YOU. SHIT FOR BRAINS TROLL!

      10. EXACTLY! A play on words, on his part. There was no EXCHANGE, it was just him going off on her! WHAT A P.O.S.!!

        • Flabbergasted, all the same, there was no excuse for the way Schumer treated that woman. If that had been me, Schumer would’ve been laying on the ground needing medical attention.

      11. Goes off on a woman. schumer is my hero. Lol.

        • She should beat her husband for not cleaning Shumers clock
          WTF? Eh
          I was taught you never embarrass a lady in public , least have her man stuff His fist in yer mouth
          Where’s this jackasses balls?

          • Yep. Schumer is a total pussy.

      12. Face facts. Civilization is the result of the inventions and discoveries of white Europeans.

        Chews like Schumer enjoy the benefits of white European genius, but it only serves to fuel his hatred born of jealousy. Schumer is inferior. He is corrupt. He is evil.


        • The “Chews” you despise have been awarded with more Nobel Peace Prizes, relative to their number, for the sciences for good reason. Those “Chew” refugees were disproportionately at the very top of the Manhattan Project.

          Schumer is corrupt. He is evil. Corrupt however crosses race, religion and ethnicity in politics; its almost a prerequisite.

          • Kevin2, some of those people in the Manhattan Project were traitors. They leaked out all of the information on our atomic bomb project to ‘Uncle Joe’ STALIN who was ALLEGEDLY our ally in WW2. After WW2 ended, just how was it possible for the Soviets to go ahead and build their own bomb and test it? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg made it possible. Thank God they were caught, tried, convicted, and executed for their evil deeds. General Patton was right when he said we fought the WRONG enemy in Europe.

            • You got any proof or any evidence or just seeing what will stick to the wall? The Soviets were a lot more intelligent than you give them credit for. They had many high IQ individuals capable of producing all kinds of weaponry.

              • There is little doubt that Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov was at a minimum the intellectual equal of any western peer.

                I also have little doubt that if the US had a monopoly on nuclear weapons, no doubt by now, with the neoconservatives in power, if not before, they would have been used. Because we haven’t been attacked one would then have to say that their use would have been aggressive and unjustified. Reasonable thought would come to the conclusion that their use would be to obtain global economic resource control, not defense of the nation and its people. I also have little doubt that if the USSR had such a monopoly the same result would have occurred.

                The only justifiable purpose for the existence of such weapons is to prevent their use by the threat of retaliation. They are not an implement of foreign policy nor credible military might. They are however a line in the sand tripwire for the sane.

            • “some of those people in the Manhattan Project were traitors”

              Some Italians are in the mafia.

              I never looked at communism being the global threat from a common source that we were sold by MIC to buy weapons and fight useless wars. Quite often the communist insurrections were nationalistic and the product of extreme exploitation from TPTB. Poor US cannon fodder was used to suppress it as could be seen in Vietnam. The very existence of communism made organized labor legal in the US thus elevating the standard of living for the middle class. It was decided to grudgingly share some of the wealth productivity because if people like Frick at US Steel was allowed to continue the robber barons would have lost everything in revolution. When the Soviets had half of the world they kept the Islamics in their area under wraps not wanting to be drug into a war not of their choosing.

              I well prefer living in the US but the world is first of all too big for the US to control by itself and we have zero right, according to that holy writ the US Constitution to do it anyway.

              • Well put. Remember something, B from CA claimed that Putin was a chewish double agent. It was, perhaps, the most idiotic claim ever posted, on any board, BAR NONE. He is forever pissed off and has no credibility. Putin is a nationalist and the proud leader of a white Christian nation, and he has the audacity to make such a ludicrous claim? Talk about “jumping the shark”! If Putin had a chewish background, it would be a well-known fact.

        • B from CA, agreed. Schumer is one of the worst.

        • Exactly and anyone that really cares about America including all Jews need to know who was behind the attack on the USS Liberty, who really did 911, and who owns our entire congress? Who owns the Fed, who is George Soros, and who does he work for? Speaking Yiddish is a first clue.

          • Really azzwipe? Nancy Pelosi, John Mccain, Linda Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Warren…the list goes on and on and on of non Jews.

        • The polio vaccine was invented by a “chew”, saving countless people. You are a fucking moron. That’s a fact. Worthless turd.

      13. Once again,,, where the hell are the conservatives when an asshole does something like this.
        In the America I grew up in if you acted like this you would have gotten your ass beat regardless of who you were.
        I am beginning to think there may only be a handful of real men left in this country.
        Had I been there I would have hit that bastard so hard his parents would have rolled over in their graves!!
        I am sick to death of the commies in this country!!

      14. Chuck ‘U’ Schumer violated Senate rules of conduct and exhibited conduct unbecoming of a Senator. He should resign or be expelled. .

        • Magaman: Not to mention ” conduct of a gentleman” but hey why would one expect character from someone who thinks they rule the world. He is afraid of Trump and something coming his way??????

      15. Someone ounce said that the children of Satan have won more Nobel prizes then any other race. Kind of like Obamas Nobel peace prize. They steal they lie they cheat and they get the most prizes. And since they own the media you don’t hear any complaints . How many lab techs made great discoveries stolen by their owners? Only God knows. And the Revalation is coming. Revealing the truth.

        • Traitor Hator

          I assume Einstein didn’t come up with E=MC2 either but “stole” it from some poor gentile? Its ridiculous. Simply put they put a very high emphasis on education as their numbers are represented in Medicine, Science and Mathematics. The anti semitic rant I heard from my own mother who complained that the Pharmacist was “one of them” and the poor Poles never had the opportunity. She had four brothers in WWII and three sisters that married WWII vets. Only one used the GI bill and became an Engineer. I’ll bet you “they” disproportionately relative to any others got educated with it post WWII.

          Simply put most anti semitic hatred is plain old jealously. Obama was handed his Nobel Peace Prize but those for the sciences and mathematics have recipients that were well deserved.

          US-Born Jewish Scientists at MP
          J. Robert Oppenheimer: Scientific director of the Los Alamos Laboratory. Without his decisive, inspirational and in many ways fearless leadership, the atomic bomb probably would not have been built in time to be useful. His gravitas comes through in a 1965 interview. For an assessment of Oppenheimer by the MP Director, General Leslie M. Groves, see [2: 63]. See also the Bird and Sherwin biography of Oppenheimer [4].
          Richard P. Feynman: Nobel Prize in physics, 1965. At Los Alamos, Feynman was assigned to the theoretical division of Hans Bethe. He and Bethe developed the Bethe–Feynman formula for calculating the yield of a fission bomb, which built upon previous work by Robert Serber. Oppenheimer sent Feynman to Tennessee to identify safety problems at the Oak Ridge uranium separation plant (Y-12) and suggest solutions, which were adopted. “The plant would have blown up if nobody had paid attention,” Feynman commented [6: 124].
          Robert Serber: A former student of Oppenheimer, Serber was one of the first scientists to arrive at Los Alamos. He produced the “Los Alamos Primer,” which explained the physics and goals of MP to all incoming scientific staff. According to Hans Bethe [1: 417] “The theory of the fission bomb was well taken care of by Serber and two of his young people.” Serber gave “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” their names. He was present at the Trinity Test in July 1945 and was part of the American team that entered Hiroshima to measure radiation levels and assess damage. More on Serber here.
          Stanley P. Frankel: Frankel determined that a uranium fission chain reaction would release considerable energy in a very large explosion and made the first calculations to determine the amount of uranium needed for a fission bomb. Frankel also performed other calculations on ENIAC, the world’s first electronic computer, which laid the computational groundwork for developing thermonuclear weapons. More on Frankel here.
          Isadore Perlman: Perlman joined Glenn Seaborg’s group at MP, which was developing chemical methods for separating plutonium from uranium and fission products. During 1942-1945, Perlman was deputy director of the Plutonium Chemistry Section at Met Lab, then director of the Plutonium Chemistry Section at Oak Ridge, and served in a key role in the production plant at Hanford, Washington. An article on Perlman by Glenn Seaborg is available here.
          Alvin M. Weinberg: At Met Lab, Weinberg worked closely with Enrico Fermi and others to develop the world’s first nuclear reactor. While there, he worked with Eugene Wigner on neutron multiplication. He also worked at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Laboratory (ORNL). According to Wigner [see 3], Weinberg “designed almost alone the Oak Ridge pilot reactor.” Weinberg served as director of ORNL between 1955 and 1973. More here.
          David Bohm: A student of Oppenheimer at Berkeley, Bohm performed calculations for the calutrons at the Y-12 Oak Ridge plant used to electromagnetically enrich uranium. Bohm later authored several physics books and also one on how the human brain works, Thought as a System. See the Peat biography on Bohm [11] and [4].
          Phillip Morrison: At Met Lab, Morrison worked with Eugene Wigner on the design of nuclear reactors. In 1944, moved to Los Alamos where he worked on the development of explosive lenses required to detonate the implosion-type nuclear weapon. He transported the core of the Trinity test device to the test site and was present at the test. He traveled to Tinian to assemble the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and accompanied Serber to Hiroshima to assess damage. More in [4] and here.
          Frank Oppenheimer: Brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer. In 1941, Frank Oppenheimer was a group leader in uranium isotope separation under Lawrence at the University of California Radiation Laboratory. His brother Robert then asked him to conduct research for MP, going to Oak Ridge to monitor equipment at the Y-12 plant and then moving to Los Alamos, where he worked on planning and conducting the Trinity Test in July 1945. More here.
          Aaron Novick: A physical chemist, Novick worked at various sites associated with MP, including Met Lab, the plutonium production plant at Hanford, and Los Alamos. He witnessed the Trinity Test. More here.
          Arnold Kramish: While still in college, Kramish worked in the special engineering division at ORNL, Los Alamos, and at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. At Philadelphia, he was seriously injured when uranium enrichment equipment exploded. He would not accept last rites from a priest because he was Jewish and credited his mother for saving his life by feeding him chicken soup! During the 1980s, Kramisch served as chair of a study for the Reagan Administration that recommended pursuing the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative. More here.
          Arthur Levy: At MP, Levy was part of team that developed high explosive casting procedures for the “Fat Man” bomb. After the war, he worked for NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, for the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and for the Battelle Memorial Institute. More here.
          Paul Olum: Olum worked on the scientific staff at Los Alamos as a theoretical physicist. He was close friends with Feynman, with whom he shared an office. After WWII, he spent a postdoctoral year at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. He was President of the University of Oregon, 1980-89. More here.
          Foreign-Born Jewish Scientists at MP
          Edward Teller: Teller was an early member of MP at Los Alamos and later became known as “the father of the hydrogen bomb.” An interview is available here. He co-founded the Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory with MP colleague Ernest Lawrence.
          John von Neumann: Contributions to MP included the concept and design of explosive lenses used in the implosion bomb as well as carrying out thousands of calculations, a human “computing machine” that astonished colleagues. One key calculation he made at Oppenheimer’s request, determined that implosion was theoretically possible. More here
          Eugene P. Wigner: Nobel Prize in physics, 1963. Wigner was present when Chicago Pile-1 went critical on December 2, 1942 at Met Lab. He continued working there through 1945. Wigner made a famous comment [5: 92] on the slow going in the early stages of MP: “We often felt as though we were swimming in syrup.” An interview is available here.
          Leo Szilard: In 1939, Szilard authored the letter to FDR signed by Albert Einstein that launched MP. He worked with Fermi at the University of Chicago to build a uranium and graphite atomic pile in which the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was achieved in 1942. More here.
          Stanislaw M. Ulam: A mathematician, Ulam was a member of Hans Bethe’s theoretical division at Los Alamos, working on hydrodynamic calculations to predict the behavior of explosive lenses needed in an implosion-type weapon. He later originated the Teller–Ulam design of thermonuclear weapons (the hydrogen bomb). More here.
          Isidor I. Rabi: Nobel Prize in physics, 1944. He was a consultant at Los Alamos and was present at the Trinity Test. Rabi later discovered nuclear magnetic resonance, used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a diagnostic tool in medicine. See also this, and the Rigden biography [10].
          Emilio G. Segrè: Nobel Prize in physics, 1959. He came to the US in 1938 because of Mussolini’s Racial Laws. He helped discover the isotope plutonium-239, used to make the “Fat Man” atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. An interview is available here.
          James Franck: Nobel Prize in physics, 1925. Franck was forced by Nazi racial laws to leave Germany in 1933, coming to the US. At MP, he served as Director of the Chemistry Division of the Chicago Met Lab. At Göttingen, Frank supervised Robert Oppenheimer’s Ph.D. thesis defense. More here.
          Felix Bloch: Nobel Prize in physics, 1952. He came to the US in 1933 after the Nazi racial laws were passed, joining Stanford University where he became its first professor of theoretical physics. At MP, he made the first experimental determination of the energy distribution of neutrons from fission. He worked under Hans Bethe at Los Alamos. More here.
          Rudolf E. Peierls: In March 1940, he co-authored the Frisch–Peierls memorandum showing that an atomic bomb could be made from about one kilogram of fissionable uranium-235, a significantly smaller amount than believed at the time. These findings influenced the development of MP. He worked at MP as part of the British Mission. More here.
          Otto R. Frisch: He collaborated with Peierls on the Frisch–Peierls memorandum and worked at MP as part of the British Mission. His aunt Lise Meitner was on the team that discovered nuclear fission. Only her colleague Otto Hahn received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1944, an infamous Nobel Prize snub. Meitner refused to work at MP, stating “I will have nothing to do with a bomb!” [8: 305]. More on Frisch here.
          Samuel A. Goudsmit: At MP, he was the scientific head of a team tasked with assessing the progress of the Nazi atomic bomb project. While in Europe, he traveled to his childhood home in The Hague and found out that his parents died during the Holocaust. Goudsmit concluded that the failure of the German atomic bomb project was attributable to factors such as bureaucracy, Allied bombing campaigns, the persecution of Jewish scientists, and Werner Karl Heisenberg’s failed leadership. See Goudmit’s book [9].
          Victor F. Weisskopf: At Los Alamos, he was associate head of the Theoretical Division under Hans Bethe. During 1961-1966 was director-general of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. In 1975, he was appointed by Pope Paul VI to the 70-member Pontifical Academy of Sciences. More here.

          • The Nobel Prize is awarded by referral from former recipients. If Chews get a prize for dog catcher, they will always choose another Chew. That is the secret to their success. Plus they take an oath every year that absolves them of guilt “an oath is not an oath”. Their religion teaches them to lie, steal, in or out of court. They deceive us because their religion and customs teach them it is not only excusable, it is their duty to take and abuse those not Chews.

            Even so, I don’t despise all of them. Individually there are some I like, but their group dynamic is atrocious, as is their TallMud. Have you ever read the TallMud? It is worse than the Koran. Disgusting!!

            As for E=Mc2 You, know perfectly well that Einstein never received the Nobel Prize for it. Much of the work he gets credit for was already done. He did contribute the equation and it is profound. His genius was rewarded with a Nobel Prize for his work on The Electric Effect. I admire Einstein but he was not half the man of Tesla, who warned that Einstein was taking the world down the wrong path by breaking the atom and then by urging the President to develop the atomic bomb. Later in his life, Einstein admitted his mistake. He had been pressured by powerful Chews (Rothschilds), to use his fame as a scientific superstar and write to President Roosevelt. He did. So we got Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukishima, and Chirnobyl. Einstein was wrong. Tesla was right. Between genius, European man has no superior. Perhaps you are not aware that Chews, recognizing that Europeans had among them some very smart fellows, allowed for marriage between NonChews if the person was exceptionally intelligent. This allowance gave a boost to the IQ of Chews. Whenever Chews stop this practice, their IQs drop, as it is now occurring in IsRealHell. Genius is the result of inherited intelligence. Fact. Communists seek equality by killing the best and brightest. Stupid, long term. Killing 1&1/2 million German soldiers, stupid. Killing civilizations golden goose (white European man) stupid.


            • Ridiculous.

              • All of those n the Manhattan Project were second rate people? You kidding me? Tesla was playing with electricity and did wonders, I was in the field. He is responsible for the modern grid, induction motor. Einstein, regardless how it was used felt with an area of the complete unknown.

                Those Nobel Prize Recipients for Medicine, Math, Science were deserved; period.

                • Kevin2:

                  Don’t put words in my mouth.

                  If I come across the paper on Einstein’s predecessors work in the area, I will let you know. I do recall that the Scientist working on it before Einstein was Italian. Since you are an engineer, I suspect you may know, but for whatever reason, you always defend Chews. OK. Whatever.


                  • Chewstein worked at a patent office and stole others people’s work and was ‘protected’ by his fellow tribeman. Kevin2 won’t even research that because he knows it’s true.

                  • “but for whatever reason, you always defend Chews”

                    For whatever reason you always attack them. They put a very high emphasis on education and benefit from it. Their representation in science, medicine and mathematics is disproportionate to their numbers. I’m of Italian and Polish decent. If their children become a tradesman the parents are proud, not so with “Chews” as they shoot for Physician but settle for an engineer or attorney.

              • Get you head out of your ass, Kevin2!!

      16. Check who I think is one of the smartest people on the Internet. Radical This guy has wisdom.

      17. Don’t you know who I think I am? As he peers over the top of his glasses.

      18. Oh how I wish he tried that with me or my wife. TRUST ME, you’d be reading about my response to him. He would have left that restaurant with his tail between his skinny Progressive legs. These far left Progressive tools have lost their ‘collective’ minds. They will NOT except Trump as rightful President of these United States of America, EVER. They are indeed treasonous beyond words as they continue to undermine him at every turn. This will only get worse……

        • Will some one please put him out of the NYers misery?

          • Na,,, they deserve this POS

            • Nailbanger,

              You may be right! Karma: We get what we deserve! Same with the folks who keep electing Waters.

              Louisiana Eagle

      19. Schumer is an embarrassment, especially to everyone living in New York state. The couple were attempting to have a peaceful meal, and this foaming at the mouth, lunatic, goes off on them. The couple leaves the restaurant, and Schumer follows them out into the street, to continue haranguing on them. I would have had him arrested for harassment and disturbing my peace, and the peace of those in the restaurant. He needs to be impeached or forced to resign. ( And, his name comes up frequently in the on- going pedeo- pizza gate horrendous crimes.) – Look it up. – I can provide the lonks. – Maxine Waters is another nut case. For her continuous ugly words against Trump, she needs to be investigated and removed from office. Sedition against Trump. – I am sick of it, and many in the country are too. They are a laughing stock.

        • I cant wait for the violence to start, all those years of being polite and biting my tongue will pay off, im over being polite

      20. QUARTER him I want to see him suffer and set the example what the constitutional laws MEAN!

      21. UNY, I would’ve hurt Schumer and hurt him really bad if that had been me or my wife. A filthy, disgusting chew.

      22. White college kids apologizing for being white. – Safe rooms and hug rooms on campuses, with coloring books to help you cope with mean Trump. Men apologizing for bring too masculine. – It’s nauseating. None of that nonsense when I worked to get my 4 year college degree cum laude.

      23. What the hell happened to New York? Another California/Chicago rolled into one. Voters you have to do better!

      24. Bet he scares little kids.

      25. Violence and H8TE from the left.

        Just another day in leftist H8TEville.

      26. All this sanctuary city crap, free rides for all,,,,
        Anchor babies getting welfare, islamist “refugees”
        If they all get a free ride i aint paying for shit,,,
        2014 was the last year,
        Who is John Galt

      27. Maybe their blood pressure will get on high it will take them out. Certainly destroy their brain. Oh well their brain is already damaged.

      28. Let them rant and rave. Perfect for a heart attack or stroke.

      29. One of my favorite stories of American history dates back to the 19th century when Col. Davy Crockett, who fought at the Alamo, served in Congress. In a famous incident, Congress wanted to appropriate $100,000 to the widow of a distinguished navel officer. Crockett took to the House floor and delivered his famous speech, relevant as ever: “We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to so appropriate a dollar of the public money. … I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week’s pay to the object, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks.”
        Crockett was the only member of Congress who donated personally to the widow, while the members of Congress who pretended to be so caring and compassionate closed their wallets

        Stephen Moore in

        • TEST, that’s a true story about Crockett. That’s the time frame when we began having trouble with our politicians. Davy Crockett was the RON PAUL of that era.

        • Test, BH,

          It is always easy to spend other people’s money! Col. Davy Crockett was a rare human being with principles, with which he lived and died. That more of us would be that way. Everyone is in when it comes to free gifts.

          Louisiana Eagle

      30. Jim in Virginia – Upstate New York, central New York are fine. We vote strong and are pro-Trump. It’s New York City that is the Swamp. The are 100% Democrat, and hate the American way, the American life. It is a transient culture, people moving in and out. Only the very wealthy can afford to live there. The Upstaters wish to God that NYC would annex itself, and be it’s own state. – I have been going down to NYC to see Broadway shows. I have been there in 2007, 2012, 2014. Each time I go, I see further and greater decline. Gridlocked traffic. More dirt on the streets. Less cops. The current mayor, De blaso (sp) is the worst.

      31. Chuck U schumer and his fat Fnn talentless cousin Amy are just worthless as their supporters !!
        Just listening to him makes you want to bitch slap the crying puss!!

      32. I wish someone would bust his GD chops.

      33. A short time ago, Schumer was publicly named as a Washington pedo. I don’t know if those stories were true or libel, but Schumer seems to have gone-off-the-rails after those stories made the rounds.

      34. I had the great fortune to attend the inauguration of President Trump this January. Standing in the midst of fellow Trump supporters on the west lawn of the Capitol, I wasn’t totally surprised to hear a collective hiss go up when Schumer began his speech. What did surprise me a little was that the collective disgust turned to loud booing, shouts of derision, and catcalls that contined unabated throughout his ten minute speech. The man is thoroughly disliked and deservedky so, by the Trump supporters. Unfortunately, the recording microphones are designed to eliminate background noise so the rebuke wasn’t heard by the general tv audience, and isn’t picked up in any youtube recordings. But I heard it, ten minutes of solid booing and catcalls.

      35. I can taste his fear
        I can taste a lot of the political classes fear
        These lash outs are from their entire structure coming apart at the seams
        The Pedofile accusations are founded , true and they fear the retribution if all their illegal acts we exposed , from out right theft of our nations wealth , to the theft and murder of our children for their sick and evil thirst
        Right down to knowing that all their manipulation was to do nothing more than to advance themselves and not the country they were to represent

        They fear two types
        They fear their own rolling over on them ( a hit from within to silence them and control others)
        And they fear We the People learning every dispicable move these sickos have made against the country and its people

        • Enemy of the State

          “They fear their own rolling over on them”

          They’re well aware that they, and their associates, are immoral, unethical and self serving. Rats live with rats. Once this gets off the ground with a few high profile individuals that shock the public, anyone even under suspicion is politically destroyed except in the strongholds of Sodom and Gomorrah (certainly San Francisco). It was theorized that 1/3 of the Federal Elected officials / Bureaucrats are potentially vulnerable. This suggests that a significant amount of supposed “pillars of morality” are caught up in this.

          Assuming this investigation occurs the net result will be a introspective re-evaluation of what we believe as government will lose massive credibility. Its very existence in its present form is questionable. Because of its earth shattering potential it will be fought tooth and nail not just by those involved, but also by those frightened of the destabilizing political repercussions.

          What derails all of the above? A old fashioned war of course predicated by the traditional false flag attack.

      36. why is he still walking around ?

      37. what I want to know is why someone didnt jump up to this womans honor and deck that rotten mouthed Schumer?

        F him and what he feels about how someone else voted,,, Its her right to vote for whom ever she feels and there aint shit anyone should have to say about it

        Im no trump supporter, but than again Im no political parties bitch either .. they all can go suck a dick! Dems and Repubs all need to go

      38. Oh im sorry I offended someone using the term for a female dog ..RME really? like B ^ T C H is worse than Fuck?

        ok what ever

        what I want to know is why someone didnt jump up to this womans honor and deck that rotten mouthed Schumer?

        F him and what he feels about how someone else voted,,, Its her right to vote for whom ever she feels and there aint shit anyone should have to say about it

        Im no trump supporter, but than again Im no political parties bitch either .. they all can go suck a dick! Dems and Repubs all need to go

      39. Oh im sorry I offended someone using the term for a female dog ..RME really? like B ^ T C H is worse than Fuck?

        ok what ever

        what I want to know is why someone didnt jump up to this womans honor and deck that rotten mouthed Schumer?

        F him and what he feels about how someone else voted,,, Its her right to vote for whom ever she feels and there aint shit anyone should have to say about it

        Im no trump supporter, but than again Im no political parties beeotch either .. they all can go suck a dick! Dems and Repubs all need to go

      40. Why is everyone so surprised ? I grew up in Long Island NY I grew up with Jews and their families they are the most arrogant condescending know it all scum on the planet.

      41. in the area where I live, if you followed a mans wife out of a restaurant and started fussing at her, you would leave in an abulance.

        • The problem is Schummer has a protection detail. He can say anything he wants, and if you raise a hand to him, his detail will shoot you dead.

          This man is corrupt to the core.

          • The fact is words are words. You can’t legally hit someone because you don’t like what they’re saying in the absence of “fighting words”. Schumer lives in a glass house, how hard can it be to break his windows in public for accepting large campaign donations from the very financial system that he claims to fight? Repeat that a few times and watch him crawl away.

      42. Wow! For once you make sense.

      43. Once a P.O.S. always a P.O.S.!

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