Report: The CIA Tried To Buy Dirt On President Trump From A Shady Russian Operative Who They Paid $100k In Cash

by | Feb 10, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Another day, another revelation that elements of the United States intelligence community have been, and may still be, actively working against President Donald Trump.

    This time the news comes in the form of a shocking article from The New York Times that paints a clear picture of a CIA determined to obtain dirt on the democratically elected president, even if they had to use dubious Russian sources in order to do so.

    The report, while openly attempting to portray the American intelligence operatives as the good guys, nonetheless reveals that the CIA paid $100,000 last year to a Russian operative who had claimed he could provide derogatory information about Trump, including a fake new video tape of him with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.

    The Daily Caller reports:

    American spies made contact with the Russia early in 2017 after he offered to sell the Trump material along with cyber hacking tools that were stolen from the National Security Agency that year, according to The Times.

    U.S. intelligence officials told The Times they were so desperate to retrieve those tools that they negotiated with the operative for months despite several red flags, including indications that he was working in concert with Russian intelligence.

    Another red flag was the Russian’s financial request. He initially sought $10 million for the information but dropped the asking price to $1 million.

    After months of negotiations, American spies handed over $100,000 in cash in a brief case to the Russian during a meeting in Berlin in September.

    The operative also offered documents and emails that purported to implicate other Trump associates, including former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. But The Times viewed the documents and reported that they were mostly information that is already in the public domain.

    The report also makes clear that the Russian had direct ties to organized crime and may have been an intelligence agent himself. To make matters worse, the video he was shopping was dubious to say the least.

    The Russian, who has ties to organized criminals and money launderers, showed the video purported to be Trump to a Berlin-based American businessman who served as his intermediary to the CIA. But according to the Times, the footage and the location of the viewing raised questions about its authenticity.

    The 15-second clip showed two women speaking with a man. It is not clear if the man was Trump, and there was no audio. The Russian also showed the video to his American partner at the Russian embassy in Berlin, a sign that the operative had ties to Russian intelligence.

    Interestingly, the story also revealed that at least four other Russian operatives have offered to sell dirt on Donald Trump, which makes directly clear that elements of Russian aren’t working with the president but are rather working with the deep state to take him out!

    Four other Russians with ties to the spy world have surfaced over the past year offering to sell dirt on Trump that closely mirrors allegations made in the dossier, according to the article. But officials have reason to believe that some of sellers have ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

    The Times also provides new details on Cody Shearer, a notorious operative close to the Clintons. Shearer was recently revealed to have shopped around a so-called “second dossier” prior to the campaign which mirrored the sex allegations of the Steele report. 

    According to The Times, he has criss-crossed Europe over the past six months in an attempt to find video footage of Trump from the Moscow hotel room.

    Shearer claimed to have information from the FSB, Russia’s spy service, that a video existed of Trump with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.

    As noted above, another day, another revelation that the deep state is actively working with the Russians to hurt President Trump even as the mainstream media continues to lie to the American people about Trump himself working with said Russians.

    This is a true bombshell and, despite denials from the CIA, shows that elements of American intelligence have continued to try to take out Donald Trump, even after he took office.


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      1. “hey, pssstt, I’ve got some hot pics of the great orange one grabbing a pussy”. Sell ’em to ya for a buck. God, how stupid are people?

      2. Ah. So now we’re BELIEVING the “failing”, “fake news” MSM media reports about Russians from unnamed sources?
        Too rich!

      3. The 3 letter agency is on top of the deny, deny, deny already.

        Part 4 time. It isn’t death and destruction, but it was total collapse from a hurricane.

        If you want to read part 3, posted Feb. 3, 2018, at the top left in the search box, enter: Cops Raid Licensed Chef’s Home…Or, use this link to the SHTF article, remove the space and scroll down..
        ht tps://
        Part 1 short link : (Remove the space)
        ht tps://
        Part2 ht tps://

        Part 4
        Jumping ahead to day 40.
        Still no internet and cell phones work only occasionally.
        Military begins road clearing in our area.
        Military convoys are moving cases of bottled water and food for local distribution, as well as large diesel fuel bladders on flatbed trucks.
        Supermarket store shelves have less items than before. Coffee is in demand and scarce. Cream for coffee? Forget it. Evaporated milk is your friend.
        Very little in the produce section, none of it fresh.
        Some limes and pineapples grown locally are the only sources of vitamin C available, and only at small roadside stands.
        Most major brand name stores (non grocery) have even less items in stock now. Without electricity and a wide availability of diesel fuel, they’ve had no deliveries. All battery sizes are out of stock except for 9.

        • So where did the CIA get the $100K?? You and I American Tax payers thats where, or from their underground black market drug dealing poppy field farms in Afghanistan that they export Globally to pollute the minds of the young.

          JFK: Id like to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the wind.

      4. Well, since I can post again, I’ll put Part 5 up now.

        I spoke with a couple of residents from the larger cities and they tell me of people stealing pickup trucks or larger delivery trucks and ramming them into pharmacies, stores and businesses to gain access to merchandise. And these are block and concrete buildings.
        Without access to media outlets, it is impossible to get information on life in the cities. Without a doubt, crime is happening, and there is no police response. When phones don’t work, you’re on your own.
        Luckily we live in the countryside far removed from such occurrences. People are a little more easygoing but I have no doubt that in a permanent SHTF situation things would be different.
        It is too hard to resist for those few when they know there is no police, no laws, and no communications.

        As for local government response and that of the utility companies, the word is pathetic. Power lines still lie across roads 2 months later. Trees and power poles, some made of concrete, hang over roads like guillotines or giant sledge hammers, some at near 45 degree angles. Landslides and trees still block roads.
        Both state and local governments have completely failed the populace, as one would expect from inept, bankrupt and corrupt officials. There are reports of government theft of FEMA supplies (for resale at a later date). Local mayors accused (probably correctly) of using crony friends to clear roads and billing FEMA triple the cost.
        ( UPDATE Jan. ’18, In another example of state and local government obviously despising the people they’re supposed to serve, we have landslides on unlit mountain roads that only allow one lane of traffic to pass. If you go off the edge you will fall 500-700 feet, and after 4 months, there is not a single orange traffic cone, yellow caution tape…barrier, nothing.)

        • Not sure what all that rambling on is, that katsup is blabbering about. Where are you at Detroit? Just move.

          • Mr. Blows, if you want to see rambling take a read of your own posts.
            How’s that saying go? Don’t argue with an idiot…
            Good meth, huh? 3:19 AM, ha!

            • Ketchup:

              Thank you for writing-up your experiences with SHTF hurricane. Wish I could send you some heavy equipment so you could clear the roads in your area. All I have for you are well wishes.

              Yes, canned milk and dried milk, coffee, sugar and honey; an excellent way to begin prepping. We put coffee in the freezer, it stays fresh and the heavy bag keeps it from picking up flavors from other foods.

              Costco sells batteries. When you need them, they’re a God-send. That reminds me, I need to check my lantern. I think the batteries need to be changed.


          • Lay off the bullshit tharsheblows,,,
            We know kondem, has been around a while

        • Mail? Does that work?
          Hope your hanging in there ok,

      5. Ketchup, glad to hear you’re still hanging in there. Your experience is the closest example we have to that of Selco. MSM hasn’t said anything about PR in months. You’re the best source we have for what’s going on there now. On CIA they need to be eliminated.

      6. but wait wait…

        the cia denies all this


      7. Only one sure fire cure for traitors. Military Tribunal at GITMO & firing squad

      8. Between these two quotes from the article:
        “..the news comes in the form of a shocking article from The New York Times..” and “..despite denials from the CIA..”
        I see three potential fails here.
        1) “Shocking” is an over used superlative that absolutely does not describe accurately nor define any part of the story in any way.

        2) Getting “facts” from the New York Times? Really?
        Let’s put it this way, If there are any facts or truth in NYT articles, it is purely accidental. You’s stand as good a chance of encountering truth from the National Enquirer.

        AND 3) The CIA denying wrong doing?? say it ain’t so!!
        That is as reliable as the NYT…
        Two proven, bold faced liars arguing about facts…
        yes, fail.

      9. Guess someone doesn’t know how to read. They did NOT try and buy dirt on Trump!!
        They were trying to get cyber tools…and cancelled it when they were offered dirt.
        But a new conspiracy going on is that the Military have started rounding up people that own guns. Already started in Texas and they’re shipping people to FEMA camps in rail cars.

        • Hey Naya, were is this round-up taking place in Texas. I live in Texas and follow this stuff very close. Where is the round-up of gun owners and shipping being done and where to? Any thing like that in WILL NOT happen Texas!!! If it did, it would all over our news, can’t hide that from Texans!!!!

      10. Hay Naya, Where in Texas are these round-ups taking place and where is the shipping being done? I live in Texas and follow local happenings very close, would like to have more concrete info.

      11. Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include CFO of Rosatom/UraniumOne and Russian Source for Christopher Steele’s ‘Dossier’against Trump

        This is being reported on Steve Quayles wed site

      12. CIA equals criminal traitors. CIA needs to be exterminated. JFK knew the truth and that’s why he met his demise.

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