Report: Terrorist Nuke Attack May Be Carried Out Inside the United States in Next 12 Months

by | May 25, 2015 | Headline News | 202 comments

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    With nuclear material having been stolen on multiple occasions in Mexico, and close terrorist ties to intelligence organizations in the middle east, it appears that if an organization was committed to acquiring nuclear material they could do so. Finding the scientists to build such a weapon, whether dirty or actual, wouldn’t be all that difficult. Moreover, smuggling such a device into the U.S. is possible, as evidenced by a 2011 report which confirms that at least one nuclear weapon of mass destruction was seized as it entered the United States.

    According to a report from Zero Hedge, such a plan may be in the works over the next twelve months, as the Islamic State claims it may be actively pursuing a nuclear weapon intended for detonation on American soil.

    Three weeks after the first supposed attack by Islamic State supporters in the US, in which two ISIS “soldiers” wounded a security guard before they were killed in Garland, Texas, the time has come to raise the fear stakes.

    In an article posted in the terrorist group’s English-language online magazine Dabiq (which as can be see below seems to have gotten its design cues straight from Madison Avenue and is just missing glossy pages filled with ‘scratch and sniff’ perfume ads ) ISIS claimed that it has enough money to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan and “carry out an attack inside the United States next year.”

    In the article, the ISIS columnist said the weapon could be smuggled into the United States via its southern border with Mexico.

    Curiously, the author of the piece is John Cantlie, a British photojournalist who was abducted by ISIS in 2012 and has been held hostage by the organization ever since; he has appeared in several videos since his kidnapping and criticized Western powers.

    As the Telegraph notes, “Mr Cantlie, whose fellow journalist hostages have all either been released or beheaded, has appeared in the group’s propaganda videos and written previous pieces. In his latest work, presumed to be written under pressure but in his hall-mark style combining hyperbole, metaphor and sarcasm, he says that President Obama’s policies for containing Isil have demonstrably failed and increased the risk to America.”

    Cantlie describes the following “hypothetical” scenario in Dabiq :

    Let me throw a hypothetical operation onto the table. The Islamic State has billions of dollars in the bank, so they call on their wilayah in Pakistan to purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region. 

    The weapon is then transported overland until it makes it to Libya, where the muj?hid?n move it south to Nigeria. Drug shipments from Columbia bound for Europe pass through West Africa, so moving other types of contraband from East to West is just as possible.

    The nuke and accompanying mujahadin arrive on the shorelines of South America and are transported through the  porous borders of Central America before arriving in Mexico and up to the border with the United States.

    From there it’s just a quick hop through a smuggling tunnel and hey presto, they’re mingling with another 12 million “illegal” aliens in America with a nuclear bomb in the trunk of their car.

    Cantlie continues:

    Perhaps such a scenario is far-fetched but it’s the sum of all fears for Western intelligence agencies and it’s infinitely more possible today than it was just one year ago. And if not a nuke, what about a few thousand tons of ammonium nitrate explosive?

    That’s easy enough to make. The Islamic State make no secret of the fact they have every intention of attacking America on its home soil and they’re not going to mince about with two muj?hid?n taking down a dozen casualties if it originates from the Caliphate. They’ll be looking to do something big, something that would make any past operation look like a squirrel shoot, and the more groups that pledge allegiance the more possible it becomes to pull off something truly epic.

    Remember, all of this has happened in less than a year. How more dangerous will be the lines of communication and supply a year on from today? If the West completely failed to spot the emergence of the Islamic State and then the allies who so quickly pledged allegiance to it from around the world, what else of massive significance are they going to miss next?

    One can, of course, debate just how much the West “failed to spot the emergence of ISIS” considering it was not only the CIA which initially trained the terrorist organization in Jordan in 2012, but according to recently declassified Pentagon documents, the US was well aware the outcome its attempt to overthrow Syria’s Assad would have on the region, in the process “creating” ISIS, aka al Qaeda 2.0.

    In other words, even the “hypothetical operation” involving a nuclear attack on US soil would implicitly have the blessing of the US government. Which, considering the way the stock market surges every time the US economy deteriorates further on its way towards recession, probably means that a mushroom cloud appearing in some major US metropolitan area is just what the E-mini algos would need to send the S&P500 limit up.

    Source: Zero Hedge

    We have definitive confirmation via declassified documents that the Islamic State is a creation of the U.S. Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency, and their influence across the middle east was predicted well in advance of anyone ever having heard the name ISIS or ISIL. We also know that false flag operations, such as the German Reichstag fire of 1933, are often used by governments (or rogue elements within a government) to implement changes to existing political and social paradigms.

    It could be that this nuclear threat is a psychological operation designed to elicit fear in the populace so that they go along willingly with legislative actions like the Patriot Act which further erode individual rights in the name of protecting us from terrorism, or to justify large scale military operations on U.S. soil, including but not limited to this summer’s Jade Helm exercises.

    Or, certainly within the realm of possibility, is the notion that at some point a rogue terror element, the origination and loyalty of which makes absolutely no difference in the end, is planning on detonating a nuclear device on U.S. soil.

    Perhaps this is one reason for why the elite are rapidly investing in secret hideaways. Perhaps they know it’s time to start exiting large metropolitan areas ahead of whatever is coming. Perhaps it all starts with a bang and a mushroom cloud, soon followed by panic, riots, looting, and of course, the unprecedented domestic military response that would be necessitated by a widespread breakdown of civil order.

    We can only speculate, but the fact is that another large-scale attack on U.S. soil would usher in a new era in the Land of the Free.

    Admittedly, we have delved deep into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory, but we leave the reader the following quote to consider within the context of this current threat:

    The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. 

    Project for a New American Century, 2000 (PDF Link)
    Signed by Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et. al.

    At the very least the American people are being psychologically conditioned to accept their own enslavement. At worst, an event such as this would be used to plunge the world into the next great war.


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      1. God Bless Our Troops! Trekker Out.

        • the nuclear pandora’s box has been opened, and it’s MY OPINION, that now, more than ever, the powers that SHOULDN’T BE are sayin’ to themselves “oh, what the hell, the pacific’s already dead ANYway, so why not pull the pin on this nuke?” the world’s ALREADY been fuckushima’ed. with so much radiation spreading around the world every day now, they don’t have that “we can’t unleash this terrible monster on the world” sense anymore. I BELIEVE, in their eyes, it’s already been contaminated so much that another few nukes released by THEM will be no big deal….god bless our troops, and god DAMN them sons o bitches that sent them over there!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            Ty too. You are right to hell with the ones that sent them over there.

            I have long wondered if the so called terrorist that have been trained by us and use our weapons are stupid. Has anyone else wondered this. With the world of internet and the information you can get out of it. If someone really wanted to do damage to this country there are many things they could easily do.
            The transportation system. They could do what the Northern Va shooters did years ago. Or God forbid attack a school. With some research if they knew how to hit the power grid they could cause the whole thing to go down. Shooters at a power station in California shot 17 transformers and have never been found.
            It is very puzzling to me why none of these things has taken place. They could easily get into the country through the southern border. If you just handed rifles to 1000 people and gave them money to shoot one big transformer in the country my God the damage it would do. Instead they attack a convention of people drawing cartoons. They set off a bomb at the Boston Marathon. They shoot up Ft. Hood.
            Does this seem as strange to the rest of you as it does to me? Are they that stupid or is it just planned to condition us for something really bad that is going to happen?

            • “””Admittedly, we have delved deep into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory, “””

              I wish the authors of web sites that publish the truth would quit using the mainstream identifiers for themselves.

              What would you rather hear if you were uninformed and wanted the truth?

              Conspiracy Theory or Independent Analysis

              Alternative Media or Independent News

              The mainstream assigns truth sites with derogatory names it knows will lead the public away just because of the name they give them, or at least lessen the confidence they have in the source.

              Why do so many of these sites use the same derogatory references to themselves that are being drilled into the sheeple thru CNN?

              Conspiracy theory and alternative media are the two prime examples, but there are others.

              People sheep don’t want alternative media, they want independent news.

              They don’t want conspiracy theory, they want independent analysis of true events.

              Quit degrading yourself Mac. And get with other who report such as Hodges and Quayle and start establishing yourselves and your product as Independent News and Independent Analysis.

              That will wake up far more people than Alternative media and conspiracy theory.

              • GC, I go to alternative media for independent news and independent analysis of true events. MSM never had that and never will. As a former president of CBS News once said, “Our job is not to give people what they want, but to give them what we believe they ought to have.”

                • Alternative media is an MSM buzzword use to portray truth tellers and real journalists/reporters in a bad light. Conspiracy theorist is a buzzword used to attack free thinkers who question the MSM storyline.

                  Yet these “buzzwords” have been adopted by sites like this to describe themselves by the very people they are meant to belittle. Even you, braveheart, have labeled this site an others like it with the negative buzzwords put out in the MSM.

                  That is my point. If you use the MSM buzzwords to describe the site it only serves to put off those who might be helped by reading it.

                  Call it what it is, not by what the MSM wants it to be known as.

                  • The comments sections usually have more info than the articles. You get input from people that are actually there or have witnessed things etc. Sites like this are the BEST, Mac lets you say what you will and doesn’t censor things because it doesn’t fit an agenda. I salute Mac for being a real soldier for truth! He is more a heroic soldier than those who fought to disown their oath to protect us from enemies foriegn and domestic.

                    • I’ll second that.

                    • i place karl denninger as “the smartest patriot i know of” all the time, but right there alongside him needs to be mac slavo, the OTHER true patriot!…what a TREASURE shtfplan is!

                  • GC, I know you mean well, and I don’t mean to put this site in a negative light at all. I do believe in independent media free from corporate and/or government control. I don’t mean to put off anyone who is seeking the truth. Mac, my apologies for using a negative term to describe this site. I never realized ‘alternative media’ was a negative term until now. I stand corrected.

              • Happy Memorial Day!

                We must never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by the many brave and noble men and women on behalf of their country and their fellow contrymen. May they rest in peace even as there are those who would desicrate their deeds and cherished memories. With all the corruption and bad news, it is easy to get jaded and cynical but deep down inside I believe we share a common dream, a hope, a vision; and we are brothers and sisters brought together at this moment in time to serve together to help each other to realize the aspirations and vision that brought into being these United States of America. We must never forget, never, never, NEVER!

                The weapons of our struggle are many: although it is easy to talk about a call to arms, we must employ non-violent means while ever carrying a big stick; successfully debate ideas in the arena of opinions; utilize the ballot to implement changes; convince our neighbors that with freedom comes responsibility, etc.

                Happy Memorial Day! Before the day is over, let’s all raise ‘a cup of kindness’ in Memory of our heroes.

                Yours truly,

                Louisiana Eagle

                • A heartfelt shout out to all the troops, and the families of all that have lost loved ones.

                  I too made a toast and a prayer to them and their sacrifice for freedom, even if some did not go willingly.

                  Times they are a changing, and the modern military personnel will have to make some tough decisions in the near future.
                  The same kinds of decisions the NSA. and IRS, employees have made to use their illegal tactics against their own citizens that have done nothing wrong.

                  There will be a price to pay for the injustices against innocent civilians that are used by those agencies. Just like the old man in our state that had his business accounts frozen/stolen for over a year because the IRS said “he made too many small increments of deposits and it looked suspicious.”

                  His whole operating budget of about 100k was taken away by
                  IRS, and his small country store was almost lost because some asshole made a decision based on bureaucratic bullshit laws.

                  The decision makers in that case, as well as many others resulting in the stealing of billions of dollars, will not get off without a judgment coming.
                  The new military will have to make decisions that will possibly cause them to be in the same boat.

                  Either turn on your neighbors, or turn and go home. Bad days are ahead for gov employees, as well as citizens.

                  Many will lose their soul in order to gain the worldly goods and follow an evil dictate.

                  Hopefully most will consult their Maker, before they turn against His people.

                  • see something, do nothing!

                • Ok laeagle, I give my heartfelt thanks to the revolutionary war heros. maybe ww2, the rest can sit and think about what they did and who they did it for.

                  oicu, Those you speak of are part of the collective assholes the troops fought for.

              • All this Fear is designed to extract Billion dollar Fed contracts to fleece the helpless tax paying sheep again. How many Trillions have been wasted since 9-11? About $12 Trillion.

        • Mountain Ty for saying that. God Bless all who have given all so that we still can post on here. So that we can worship who we want or not.
          A special thanks to those who insured we would not be speaking German or Japanese.

          • Was is los? Icht is ein vurbotten das furor? Das is un shiez gaziest! Ran en dun speck lak mishamash! LOL I think I spelled that right, hell I don’t know. I work with some germans sometimes and they teach me swear words and shit it’s fun. Just funnin ya Mike 😉

            • I see that you failed to learn any real German at Genius school, LOL !

            • War das Dialekt? Hab’s es net verstanden. (but I had to chuckle!)

            • Genius

              That was funny. I once help train a company of Germans. Best duty I ever had. Every day at around 17:00 we had to quit training and take them to the P.X. for beer. They would get cases and drink it hot. Then complain how American beer tasted horrible. That was while I was soaking up cold ones. A great bunch of guys.

              • Beer does taste better warm. Cold beer tastes like club soda with quinine. American beer is too weak, clear and thin. The best beer is black as coal and thick as porridge. That way, you’ve got something to chew while you drink without having to waste money, time and effort to buy, grab and eat nuts and stuff along with your beer!

          • … not be speaking German or Japanese. Yes, we now speak Spanish! Which war was won/lost… sad…

            • if yer gonna get by in this country, yuh better learn the LANGUAGE!

            • We did not lose to the Spanish. We lost to our own idiot politicians and people.

        • The men who died believing they were fighting for freedom I commend. But today we memorialize the evil empire that the ussa has become and the countless innocent people we have used our military to kill on behalf of the banksters and luciferian scum. Our nation now celebrates immorality and everything else God told us he hates. We better hope our judgement will be as painless as being vaporized. I doubt it though.

          • I give a giant thumbs up to this comment.

            • me two!

              • I don’t memorialize any of the people in power today. I don’t memorialize what we have become. Memorial Day is about people who died for you and me. I guarantee they did not decide to join the military or anything else because they loved government.

                • Oh how special! No one died for you. You think those who died, were thinking of you? Thinking of the citizens? They died defending themselves and their brothers in a situation they never should have been put in. I am sure you have some Americanized brain-washed idea that they were all waving the American flag in glory as they went down.

                  No, they didn’t “die for you and me”. They died for the bankers, the corporatist, the lobbyists, and the politicians whose pockets get filled by the former.

                  Americans are such brain-washed dupes. Let’s start with 9-11-2001. We’ll call it “Dial Emergency 9-1-1” (Wink-Wink). Since that day, how much freedom have you gained, versus freedoms you have lost? That’s right. You haven’t gained one freedom at their deaths. So what exactly did they die for again? Oh. They just went off and “died for you and me”!

                  No one died for your pathetic a**. But I am sure you have so convinced yourself, that you feel a thrill running down your leg. Oooooh! Yeah!

                  I tell you what junior, the next time you see a vet who lost a leg(s), arm(s), leg(s) and arm(s)… ask him if he lost them for “you and me”. What? You don’t have the courage of your conviction? Or, maybe you can say… “Hey soldier! Thanks for losing you body parts for me!”

                  STFU Mike.

                  • Well I think someone is having a bad day. Just maybe some milk and cookies would help lol

          • Zero, I will on the other hand will FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! Not for the bankers or the elite or the govt.! I will fight for the freedom from these fuckin pieces of shit! The exact opposite of what US military fights for. God damn this nation is so fucking brainwashed! Sorry for ranting but the more beers I drink the more my politeness disolves. The truth is not refutable and I see no one here even tries to refute the many posters who say the truth! What the military does and accepts as fighting for freedom makes me puke! Are people really that fucking stupid? Make your redemtion now and teach people the truth about what the military is used for! Don’t buy the bullshit govt. approved, propaganda brainwashing you have sucked on all your life, grow some balls and brains and put an end to this madness! Or just go back to your regularly scheduled programming….

        • Just a little bit of info from Investment Watch:check it out!

          Today and Tomorrow (Monday 5/25) Could Be The LAST DAYS YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS WORK


          Today, Sunday 5/24 and tomorrow, Monday 5/25 could be the final two days when all of our credit/Debit cards work.

          The banking system is facing an unparallelled catastrophe as early as this coming Tuesday and our entire financial system could very well come crashing down without any warning whatsoever.

          The trouble has to do with an announcement made today by the Finance Minister of Greece. He appeared on television and stated for the first time publicly “Greece cannot make debt repayments to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next month unless it achieves a deal with creditors . . .”.

          This statement today is a defacto DEFAULT on Greece’ sovereign (national) debt. This is no longer something that CAN happen, as of today, it HAS happened! ! ! ! This announcement has now set in-motion a financial calamity that _will_ envelope the world, especially American Banks, which may be forced to HALT ALL LENDING, shut off all access to credit and lock-up depositor accounts as early as this Tuesday. Here’s why:

          • “This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky doom bullshit. It is real. Contract law real. Contracts held by BANKS that they cannot get out of.”

            Contract law doesn’t mean much anymore, I believe. TBTF will over rule it.

          • So should I bring the tomato plants in???

            • Genius,leave the plants be,gonna be nuke time some low level radiation will toughen em up for any future generations,heirloom nuke proof plants I say!

              • Your right! TY 🙂

            • You are confusing your tomato plants. Stop it now.

          • Boc,while agree that the house of cards will fall believe will takle more then Greece default,they should just revolt in that country due to the bail ins(theft) of folks accounts.That said,I worked all weekend so if the party(?) starts tomm. am ready for a bit of change!I do believe they will keep the negotiating up ect. as long as possible,Greece though should pull a Iceland,would be tough initially but the best thing they could do long term.

          • The “powers that shouldn’t be” have been masterful at isolating economic contagion. They will shore up a few institutions, manipulate markets and currencies to make it appear no one cares about Greece. Greece will be left to wither on the vine.

            You are right, they will ultimately lose control and it will be during an event like you describe.

            Take every moment you can to improve your plans and preps. I know many people are struggling, and I don’t mean to be flip, but these are the last days of plenty, before the days of lean.

            Progressive minions are working hard to get “Obama free trade treaty” in place. I can’t imaging Obama letting Greece get in the way of this epic power grab.

          • Well it’s now late in Greece and it’s the 26th..
            Are their credits cards still working?

        • Just another shady plot by the CIA and carried out by the FBI. Fact No shred of evidence gathered or captured by the Patriot Act uncovered or stopped any terror threat ever. Its a big phony plot to spread fear and give up more of our freedoms. We just need round up these traitor tyrants for the firing squad.

        • Yep a huge middle finger F-U sallute to the whores amd prostitutes, aka: Troops that destroyed our Nation’s integrity around the world spreading hate and genocide over the decades. Thanks for fleecing our Treasury with fruitless adventures like nation building. Pfffftttttt..

          • WWTI, did you catch the solar comments I made for you the other day?

          • they were just doing their jobs!…..your choice, turn on your sarcasm detector…or not.

        • If anything goes BOOM in any US city, it will have Israeli fingerprints all over it so that it can be blamed on Iran.

        • I believe it’s more likely that ISIL will attack Spain or Italy. It takes very little time to fly from north Africa to southern Europe and now that ISIL have commercial jetliners, what’s to say they don’t pack it full of Ebola-diseased jihadists or a dirty bomb and execute a 2008 Mumbai-style raid on Marseille, Barcelona or Rome?

          I see the timeline as this:

          BHO wanted to support the freedom fighters in Syia, and try to depose Assad. Why intentionally destabilize the legitimate leader of another country, openly? Assad might be a SOB, but it seems our gov is only trying to shake up the Russian oil.

          then we find out someone used chemical weapons and it was balmed on the Syrian Army. Later found out to be the freedom fighters.

          Freedom fighters in Syria are then transmorgified into ISIS. We almost funded ISIS…

          Foley was murdered – but wait a minute, rewind; We captured a US trained biochemist and were holding her for trial. In March or April, a deal fell through to trade Foley for her. His beheading was the punishment for the failed negotiations.

          After Sotloff was murdered, Syrian Army through a counter offensive found intel including a portable computer in Raqqa with files eluding to weaponizing bio agents. Seems to me, the only thing missing was someone trained to realize the weapons program and jump start it.

          The Airport in Tripoli falls to ISIS, now ISIL and they have Iraqi airline pilots training their jihadis.

          We also thought, now confirmed through breaking news last week, that weapons were flowing through Lybia to Syrian rebels, and that’s what facilitated our AMEMB being attacked, and our Ambassador murdered, but not out right. He was administered too much of a drug meant to knock him out so he could be captured, and probably bartered, (maybe for a US trained bio chemist?) at a later time.

          It would make more sense to me, there is going to be an attack on Europe. it would take hours to fly to the East coast or, logistically, try to move a dirty bomb through south/central America to attack us. The thing that burns me and many other up, was there were hard men in Croatia, already on exercise, waiting for the order to launch and we all knew it was a short distance away to go with plenty of help. An attack on Italy or the Vatican would be a no-brainer. it would take too long for the Italians, drinking their wine at lunchtime, to react and the Americans there are too few.

          If anything is coming from the southern border, then it’ll originate from there, IMO. Additionally, many people forget that a 4th attack was thwarted on 9/11 – a dude came across the border from Canada with the intent of attacking LAX.

        • I’m a lot more concerned about a Mossad agent wearing a sombrero carrying a suitcase nuke over the border than I am about any made up “Isis terrorist”. OTOH “ISIS” (which is really a corporation of military contractors) does have offices in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.

          • But, but, Israel is in control of the entire US economy and financial system! You mean they’d blow up the source of all their ill-gotten wealth????

          • Check this website out-at the top of the page it says “About ISIS…


        • GOD is NOT blessing the troops! our troops are murderers!. no, people here in the states cant tell, but ask those who have done tours, WHY are they over there? 1, to gaurd the poppy feilds, 2, to help take down kings in order to allow the muslims to propagate there world wide caliphate. dont believe me? and just look at how the uas govt treats those who are wounded and make it back, they are kicked to the curb, OR labeled insane. WHY? so they wont be able to have fire arms in order to help [us] when the troops are turned against us.

      2. If this should occur, our government must be
        brought up on criminal charges for dereliction
        of duty in accordance to our Constitution.

        • Just add it to a very long list and nobody is doing anything about any of it yet!

          • Amen

      3. All by design. The masters need to pull off something bigger than 911 to get the ball rolling and their self made boogiemen are just the ticket. The morons that still believe the 911 lie will certainly eat this shit sandwich too. To think that this is not self imposed is to be a complete fool with no observation or critical thinking whatsoever. Ever wonder why the border is forced to be wide open?

        • Genius, I agree. I’ve been waiting for a “911 on steroids” to take place all these years and I still believe it’s coming. BTW, remember the old Soviet “suitcase nukes” that went missing after the USSR collapsed? To my knowledge, not one of those was ever found. Those weapons date back to the 80s if not longer and I’m not sure how effective those could be now. I’ve always heard that nukes deteriorate over a number of years.

          • Nobody can get one of those things into a city, what with all the radiation monitors along the Interstates. Genius can explain it to you, ’cause he’s genius.

            • Ok Old Couch I will explain it to you because your so stupid. They will not use the interstate, it will be brought in by govt. agents or others in collusion with them, They probably already have them here, it will be by design. If you can’t grasp that then your beyond help and perhaps need some kind of assisted living or put in a home.

              • Name one city you can get into without crossing an Interstate.

        • Only the bottom border G. The top border has never been tighter. A 100 mile wide gauntlet just inside the back door. Motion detectors on the 49th get immediate response. While there is fooling on the southern border there is no fooling on the northern. Why the double standard? It is the difference between proxy and real. Promulgated and reactionary. Besides, northern lines of retreat will be manned to the end. I’ll bet we see razor wire on the northern border before the southern.

      4. Glowing burritos, anyone?
        Bless all here…

        • Eppe:
          and some radiating Hot Tamales and re-refried beans.
          I’m getting hungry
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      5. There’s your stampede the sheeple event that will have almost everyone running to the government bleating “Save us, we don’t need no stinking constitutional liberties.” Any foreign intelligence service to whom the means could be traced could expect its nation to be taken out pronto.

        • To protect from enemies both foriegn and domestic,
          They are doing niether.

      6. Happy Memorial Day everyone. A very interesting incident occurred during our Memorial Day parade yesterday. The lead car came around, followed by the flags and color guard all in dress uniform and marching lock step. About 20 yds behind the, I could see soldiers in BDUs carrying automatic rifles. To quote some folks, they looked shabby with poor discipline, not keeping time. To me they looked like a group of soldiers out on patrol. To make matters worse, they had magazines in place with bolts forward, and some were sweeping the crowd with their muzzles as they walked by. We know the parade organizer. My husband is not as convinced the govt is going that far yet, but on his own yesterday he approached me and asked the obvious question. Was this tactic meant to acclimate citizens to seeing armed soldiers in the streets. In a very round about, non conspiratorial way he posed this question on FB. Soldiers I BDUs have never before marched in the parade. On the down low, our friend the organizer told us she had been contacted bye LEO because there was a flag burning at a nearby towns memorial, and there was a low level ISIS threat. Many people have contacted her about the ‘patrol posture’ these soldiers had, and she had no idea they would have automatic weapons and a humvee in tow. Anyone else see anything like that this weekend?

        BTW 36 hours and counting until I’m outta this communist state!

        • Anything to maintain and grow the sheeple’s fear level. A low level ISIS threat??? ”
          Outwest” is right, if the government refuses to provide border security and allows ISIS to waltz on in- there should be accountability on their part.

          “Never let a crisis go to waste” and enslave the people for their own good.

          • Border Security?

            Not too big a deal to get stuff across. Ever been to Laredo Texas? I have. There are four bridge crossings from Mexico into Texas in that city alone. 19 more in other Texas cities.

            The stats say about 5000 trucks enter into USA at Laredo…..every day. With less than 50% being inspected, the possibility of getting a nuke or any weapon across the border in a vehicle is very high.

            According to the GAO’s own figures, the Border Patrols at the crossings only catch about 60% of all illegal drugs entering at the ports. After entering, there are tens of thousands of loads of freight and produce that moves freely across the border states………daily.

            All total there are 45 “legal”, Mexico and USA Border Crossings. Throw in the Water and Air Crossings, and it is a logistical nightmare to keep track of all border crossings.
            The there is the illegal means of crossing over, another nightmare.

            The possibilities are unlimited as to getting a nuke inside USA.

            There is no easy solution to clamping down on access to USA.
            The flood gates are open for business.

        • So your “friend” said local LEO contacted her about an ISIS threat (even a small one is still a threat) and what did she think was going to happen? If YOU knew there was a threat beforehand, what would YOU have done? I’m willing to bet you would have had ARMED personnel in place too. Best of luck finding a better country to live in. With your attitude, happy to see you go!

          • key words to ME was “low-level threat”, just me….and why would them terrists let their plans be known by burning a flag before an attack?….and they didn’t SAY country, they said STATE….there are MANY communist states in amerika that are MUCH worse places to live than others that have a lot more “freedom”….sounds like the parade was in kalifornia?…thanks to all you veterans on memorial day!

          • Just Me, having armed men there was not a problem, sweeping the muzzled of their guns at the parade crowd IS.

            • nopittypartyhere

              “Just Me, having armed men there was not a problem, sweeping the muzzled of their guns at the parade crowd IS.”

              I have ceased hunting or sport shooting with people that I consider unsafe or lackadaisical with a firearm.

              At a minimum its extremely unprofessional and reflects very poorly on their training. My bet is that it was more half ass than intentional.

          • You’ll make a good little stasi slave…

            • please don’t be fooled by this imposter. Get another name Jack.

              • My first post here was years ago. And your’s was when?

                Perhaps you need another name.

          • Just Me, you misunderstood the last sentence in her post. She’s relocating from CT to MS. Not leaving the US at all.

        • location?

          • Connecticut to Mississippi

            Like another country….

        • NPPH, very interesting report you just gave. I’ve never seen that in any parade either. Glad to hear you’re almost out of CT. Come on back to Dixie where you belong.

          • Texas can always use another patriot!!

            • But they better have a good boat!

        • Nopittypartyhere

          That is very interesting. Makes me wonder if homeland security is dressing up there people to look like soldiers. I don’t know of a military unit that would act so rag tag. Not one. That bothers me more than having magazines and the bolts forward even though that would not happen in a parade either.
          You caused me to consider another possible scenario that I had not. Suppose homeland security dressed up a bunch of people as soldiers and then fired on citizens. Then the citizens would strike back. Then homeland security would strike and now you have caous. I am kicking myself for not thinking of that possibility. They could do that with police also. Then they have the manufactured crisis and martial law they want.

          Thank you for a post that caused me to think about a possible scenario I had not.

          Hope you have a great memorial day and glad you are out of the state.

          • Mike in VA, I also thought about that. Let a DHS thug point a weapon at me and he/she is history. The “soldiers” NPPH mentioned could be Obama’s ‘civilian national security force’ in military uniforms.

            • Braveheart

              You nailed it. He said he wanted a civilian national security force. Here I always thought that was the black panthers. lol

        • You in NJ?

          • Ct

            • I’m so glad you are getting out of there! We left in 1972, and what a blessing! It will take some getting used to being so far south( we moved to Greensboro NC, then VA, now TN, and we couldn’t be happier! Please be patient with the locals, and they can help you find all kinds of ways to survive this madness coming. They are great at survival, many of them…

        • I don’t know if my issue is same or not but certainly worthy of thought. I had an appointment with BOA (after not being satisfied) with my previous meeting. Never, ever did I act in any way angry or upset but wanted another meeting with more info.
          Mid afternoon on Friday I showed up for my appt.
          1ST time ever…….An officer was stationed outside of the Bank. Dressed all in Navy Blue, combat boots, gun, etc. Back of jacket stated: ” Boston Police.” Looked much more Military. WTF is this?
          Time to pay attention! This is way out of line!
          If not now, seems soon to make way for another location.
          For anyone wondering……Yes, my true address is in the city of Boston. A horrific traffic situation to get out of the city to reach my BOL. My only support is truly all of you. My family is still laughing. I pray they are right and we will all laugh together about how I was so concerned for them (you) and our Country. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS US

          • Tishie

            Good luck to you. Thanks for the info. Get out of there if you see many more bad signals.
            God Bless You
            May God protect and keep you safe.

        • Nopittyparty, to your trained eye, what was the dead giveaway that these were automatic rifles? Trekker Out.

      7. Happy Memorial Day to all. May God bless you and keep you safe.

      8. God bless our troops today, and all that have served. With a special remembrence from me, to those of my family that have served and passed away,……….To my Uncles.

        1 who served with VF-27 in WW2

        2 who served aboard the USS Hoel In WW2. And the men of Taffy 3.

        God remembers you and your heroic actions. I also, though not born, but have been told, and read, will never forget.

        God bless you all.

        • WWII was “The Good War” as the author stated. All of my Uncles and Father served, some seen action, others had it good to great. One Uncle, US Navy from Philadelphia was stationed in Cape May NJ the entire war. Another landed at Utah beach with the 4th ID, received the Bronze Star with V and ended up liberating a few Nazi death camps. Another was wounded in Italy by a land mine and sent home, one abandoned two ships in the Pacific. Pop sat out the war in England with the 8th AF and resumed his civilian trade, barber on his Army Air Corps Base in Bury Saint Edmunds.

          Real War, Real Enemy and even then the SOBs in industry we’re working along with their respective subsidiaries in enemy nations. Read, “Trading With The Enemy”.

      9. Meh — been under nuclear threat since USSR had the bomb. I live one and a half miles from the Pacific Ocean, already getting Fukashimad.

        No pity party here. Plan on playin’ this hand out. Think I’ll raise thru the river.

        Speaking of river , with all that rain; I wonder what keeps Texas from sliding right into the gulf —- Oh Yeah !! —- OKLAHOMA SUCKS !!

        Keep your powder dry Texas.

        I will not go quiet……BA.

        • Amen brother!!! Steel will keeps us out of the drink.
          I looked in the coop last night and the chickens off the roost were trading water…

          • opps- treading

            • Tell me about it, since winter the ground has not dried up here in north central texas,
              Have added 30 bags of sand on top of landscape fabric to keep chickens out of the mud,its still a daily battle, the ground is so saturated, just walking across the grass leaves a mud trail….ugggh
              I keep silkies, what have you got for birds’.

              • I feel for you guys in TX with the flooding damn. Im pissed enough at all the rain we have been getting for weeks every damn day I can only imagine how it is for you. The govt. openly admits it can control the weather, what does that tell you?

                • Im 100 percent sure its weather mod, and basicly an attack via wether,
                  Ive known its been going on along time, its sad, ive been warning about chemtrails since before i had a name to assign to them, at leat now my family stopped calling me dale gribble,there are several key points ive made a big deal about through the past my family didnt understand at the time but they get it now,
                  1. Waco, watched every min of live footage i , told family this is the end of due process.
                  2. The live mcveigh execution, i said they are killing a patsy to kill the story with him.
                  3. The first clonning af an animal, i said we will never eat cloned or modified fauna or flora.
                  4. The enacting of the patriot act, my wife actually said, babe is that a tear in your eye,
                  5 and of course the poison from the sky, that was my hardest sell to ppl, my son just now believes me….

                  • Do a google for :

                    Kristen Meghan Geoengineering Whistleblower



                    • Thank you. I was going to put up a YouTube link, but figured if ppl were interested they could search.

              • S.S.-Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My well pump is not working.
                We got maybe 250 chickens, we too got silkies, rhode island reds, silverlace winedots, kokamandrins and some I don’t know the name of???
                We tried 20 bags of hardwood mulch and I have 20 more on the trailer still.
                Helps but we had horizontal rain again today with 60 mile an hour winds. It’s hard to keep them happy under those conditions.

      10. The US military wages nuclear war every single day by its use of depleted uranium. Nobody gets alarmed about that. Except the victims of course.

        • Yep. People are too busy supporting the troops to worry about that. They better ask the question; who is in charge of our troops?

          • An even better question is why didn’t the troops look into what they would be doing BEFORE they volunteered? And WHY do they continue to do this shit? Nobody made them go fight for the bankers, the joined up to do it themselves.

            • They are kept blind, just as I was kept blind when I served the demons.

              • Everyone makes mistakes, only the intelligent ones learn from it. The rest continue believing the lie that they did good. You can fight for your country OR fight for your government and the people who own it. I am glad to see you know the difference Zero. I salute those who fought the revolutionary war and (maybe) ww2. Whats the old saying, All wars are banker wars.

              • When I served, I served for Freedom, never asked anything in return, but to be Free. Like you, I did’nt understand the depth of it all. Fact is, this all began a century ago, all we see now is the final play in progress.

                That said, I salute all Veterans.

        • Depleted uranium is so benign that they machine the penetrators on ordinary CNC lathes, no radiation shielding of any kind. Been there, seen that. 25+ years ago, in Concord, Mass.

      11. Plant the seed in the minds of the populace, then follow thru with the intent to create chaos.

      12. So Israel is getting ready to nuke us with their ISIS AL-CIA-DUH boogey man.

        I’m sure they’ll send over 5 more dancing israeli’s mossad agents to document the zog false-flag event.

      13. My money is on it’s, already here (small low yield), thanks to the U. S. Government. False Flag with it; Michigan, Northern Ohio, or Northern Indiana. Chicago will benefit greatly if those are the area’s hit. We must protect our own (Obama and Hillary products of Chicago). All this IMHO.

        • Agreed.

        • Copperhead, if Shitcago, NY, and DC are taken out, that would solve a lot of problems in this land.

          • Hey Braveheart the earth moving any in your area? Just might soon, hang on old buddy, shake rattle and roll coming your way. Gut feeling of mine.

            • Copperhead, I hope it will be AWHILE before that happens. Got another trip scheduled for GA in July but i could be going sooner the way things are shaping up. No, haven’t felt anything moving in my area yet and hope I don’t before I can get back to GA. Once I get there, at least I’ll be some distance from the worst of it.

          • I heard they will take out Memphis TN.

            • Anon, the New Madrid Fault waking up will take out Memphis. I’m just hoping nothing happens just yet.

          • BraveHeart:
            Chicago has a new name It is now Chiraq, more people die in Chiraq than do in Iraq on a daily bases.
            By the way black lives matter every were except Chiraq.
            Black on Black crime, black lives DON’T matter in Chiraq.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Why did so many black soldiers die in vietnam?
              Because when the leader yelled “get down” They all jumped up and started dancing 🙂

              • Genius:
                Now that bad, LOL
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Our own? Foreigner, the Israeli MOSSAD Chicago Mayor RAHM EMANUEL, biggest psychopath is already on the throne, facilitating the next attack there. Installed by “our own” citizens who voted him in. Citizen Suicide, no illegals even needed- we welcomed him w/ bells & whistles.

      14. Hard to keep powder dry right now here in central Texas but still have sharp steel I can use very well!.

        • What I fear is they could send up 7 or 8 teams of 2 and even with just semi-auto weapons they could stagger attacks in malls across America.
          The sheeple wouldn’t know whether to sh*t or go blind.
          Of course everyone I know in Texas carries a sidearm which would be a plus!

      15. I believe one is here too. The southern border is a joke.
        Are you ready should one be detonated?

      16. I do not want see any American’s killed by terrorist activity. But if it has to be so, I hope the target is a major city in a blue state, or the District of Columbia.
        We couldn’t possibly function as a country without Washington D.C. Please, please, don’t nuke DC when congress is in session and the President is busy working in the oval office, with Joe, and the entire cabinet. The country would be devastated, simply devastated.

        • Don’t worry, they will be safe in their bunkers we paid for when the shit happens because they know exactly when it will happen because they are behind it.

        • Rellik, I won’t miss DC. It would solve a lot of problems in this land.

      17. I have posted on this topic a kazillian times..this is the very thing that we barely missed October 2013..per Dr James Garrow. Now that they keep discussing Emp stuff in the main stream media, I believe that this will happen if the cabal fails to get their way. I believe that they are going to calapse the economy in September, EMP us, roll in the chinese military and Mexican military, launch the Jade helm attack in Texas, have the Muslim jihadist do dozens of false flags all over Texas, then declare martial and then tell the public that patriots are on the side of ISIS, so they have get the Patriots and isis..they then attack, then the first shot is fired from the Militia, triggering the revolutionary war, that will last for the next 3-5 yrs, wiping out the entire population down from 340M, down to 3-5 million, ending civilization as we know it. My future predictions is very grim, the rat bastards just attacked the chicken killing out 35,000,000 of them now I am hearing crap about $15.00 dollars for a dozens eggs and all other sorts of BS. Now it mass genocide of the chickens as they warn us now that the bird flu will jump to humans, so it’s obvious that the Bio weapons option is now on the table of jade helm fails to kill us out. Looks like it’s ISIS just dropped a bio weapon in America and they have now allied with the tea party and patriots, or what ever crap they come up with next. They are getting more dangerous because they are running out of lies and options to start this war.

        What’s you all take on this. Now I am having to budget my protein intake from eggs versus bullets. And I am not asking Agency azz clowns for comments, only legitimate proven posters only..

        • Hout, sounds plausible to me. Don’t forget the freeze dried freakshows north of us that are on board too.

        • HCKS, everything you mention is plausible. Just don’t know what order events will happen in. And yeah they’re more dangerous because not as many people are asleep as they’re used to be. There’s just enough people awakened and informed now to pose some kind of threat to them and they’re shitting on themselves because they can’t cover up things anymore. Just keep stacking and prepping. We still have a long, hot summer to get through.

        • HCKS:
          Anything is possible in this day and age. That’s why I like to read this web page and others to see what is on other peoples minds and how they feel about thinks in general.
          My gut feeling is that TPTB want a stand off with the populist so they can force some sort of fire fight in this country that will cripple the US. Then some kind of UN/NWO or something, can try to step in and save us from ourselves. You know the Bi+(# about it is there will be mopes that would fall for their BS, instead wanting to be free and fight against them. I hope and pray that we still have enough true Americans left, like we had in the past to stand and be counted as REAL AMERICANS, like the one we are having a holiday for right now.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Reb, They told us to our faces years ago. “we will create a catastrophy so huge, the people will be begging for troops on the streets” Thats not exactly how he said it but it is the same message. I think it was kissinger. And he was absolutely right, they will beg for troops. Some chinese guy said “may you live in interesting times” well we sure as hell are!

            • Genius:
              You are right about the interesting times.
              They will tell you what they are going to do, but they will wait until you lest expect it to happen and then drop a bomb on you.
              Those dirty rats deserve what ever hell has in store for them..
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • N.Reb it would look that way!

        • But EMP would destroy THEIR tracking ability over us, and so many other electronic devices THEY need to control and suppress the US domaine. This would only come after its all over anyway. Even their drones andtanks would be disabled. Not logical

          • Carrii:
            Yes they would not be able to track us, but the masses would come running to them for help.
            So they would be able to control the mass and the preppers would be out no there own. But a smart prepper would mingle in just enough to get free stuff from the masses masters.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      18. I agree with Genius, if the nuke is set off in America it will be by the directive of our treasonous present government. Have to keep the terrorist threat scare foremost in the people’s minds. TPTB are all in on this agenda and it is almost a sure thing to happen, imo. Meanwhile, the supreme liar Qbama touted today that no ground war troops have been used in American wars of choice for 14 years running. Yeah, like the Afghanistan war ended almost 5 months ago as we were told, a total lie. The neocon warmongers are pushing U.S. troops to be deployed into Iraq among other places. Billions of U.S. arms are being shipped into Israel, Saudi Arabia and to our supposed enemy ISIS. There however is no money for America’s crumbling infrastructure, no need to support forcing corporation’s to pay living wages. Qbama has taken a big dump on America, the shit is overflowing with the TPP and fast track made law by more scumbag politicians. It is a colossal toilet, flush them all down to their end.

        • Then again something on this order of magnitude might require plausible deniability. In that effect, the government, or better said that government which we see is kept in the dark. All evidence presented points to whoever, “They” want it to point to. Less people are in the know, secrecy is more easily achieved.

          Harry Truman did not know about the Manhattan Project and the A bomb until it was absolutely necessary for him to do so. According to what I have read Jimmy Carter requested US Government information on UFOs as he claimed to have seen one himself. He was denied too.

          The shadow government operates in the shadows.

        • I hate Obama but he didn’t say what you say he did. He said this is the first memorial day in 14 years in which our military wasn’t engaged in a ground war.

          • He said this is the first memorial day in 14 years in which our military wasn’t engaged in a ground war.

            I beg to differ

            even a propaganda war against your own country is still a ground war

            and im sure our troops are busy making their enemies “feel the wrath of their democracy” somewhere

      19. Obama Unleashing ‘Racial Agitators’ On Crime-Filled Cities, this summer 2015 $163 Million to Back Them

        Obama Unleashing ‘Racial Agitators’ On Crime-Filled Cities, this summer 2015 $163 Million to Back Them

        The Department of Justice announced it will send millions of dollars to various community-activist groups to combat urban crime and reduce tensions between racial minorities and the police.

        But critics believe such policies will only fuel further unrest by funding many of the so-called “community organizers” responsible for creating anti-police sentiment in American cities.

      20. Hey justme.. i was about to run your azz of the board but this is first time you have posted something that makes sense. You are right good look moving to a good area of America, there is now where to run..welcome to the board, you just got accepted in the shtf community..we have to stop getting at each others throats, we are literally seeing The SHTF EVENT HORIZON..Everyone is running to Texas only to find out that Walmart is connecting underground tunnels to make it easy transport ammo to us on us. We are literally screwed.

        • Ummm Hout…., I misread what was written. I thought she said she was happy to leave this COUNTRY. To Nopittypartyhere, I apologize. I am a proud American and take it personally when someone disses my country so, my apologies and hell yea, get out of that state!
          Back to “Hout”, since when is this site yours to run anyone “ass off the board”? (assuming that is what you meant)or officially “accept anyone into the SHTF community? We do need to stick together, I’ll give you that but geeze, get over the ownership thing and I think we would get along much better. I have read a lot about the tunnels and Walmart. But have not read anything that I can clearly say is proof. Help me out here and please tell me how you know for sure. I would love to back your story but…it just sounds a little too bizarre for this old skeptic. thanks

          • Apology accepted. I’ve followed your posts here in the past and figured you misread. Easy to do when you are scrolling through.

      21. I saw a particularly interesting show on History Channel 2 the other evening; was about a “small” nuclear device that went off in front of the Capital building in D.C., and of course the show trotted out all the usual experts. One thing that made me do the “WTF” moment-their radios were still operational. Interesting because the tower sites for prime coordination are located well within the overall blast radius. Not to mention that the show left out the fact that even a “small yield device ” will FUBAB most of the civilian comm systems from direct current to daylight.

        Motor vehicles? Portable defibrillators? Toast. If ZeroHedge report is anything-the USGOV trained ISIS won’t be happy with just 1 going off. It’ll more like a couple or three. Simultaneously in NY, DC, and peripheral cities just to make things interesting. Figure it this way-if we (meaning the USA) gets nuked-it’ll be as others here have already postulated-we got had by the banksters and criminal elite.
        Keep prepping and be well.
        Good Memorial Day, veterans.
        Semper Fi. A Co. 7th Eng. Bn. USMC.

      22. obama is probably supplying the materials and the money to blow up selected locations. This could be the “Fast and Furious” nuke style.

      23. God Bless Everyone on this site today. Whether we argue or not. We are all on the same team. May God Bless You, your families, your finances, and your health.
        Hopefully we will not have to give the ultimate sacrifice as so many others have for freedom.
        If it comes to that then I am willing to do that for you and ever other hard working free American. Even those that don’t have the same beliefs as I do.
        I say this because freedom is what made this country great and we must remain free.
        It is my true belief that since I be-leave in Jesus Christ this is the only hell I will ever know.
        Give me liberty or give me death.

        • Thanks Mike. I think we all needed your kind words.

          • You are welcome my friend.

        • Mike :
          Thank you and right back at you, GOD Bless you and yours.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Northern

            Thank you so very much.

      24. It sure feels like the pieces are almost in place. We may be literally screwed, but I will not bend the knee.

        You may think this showboating and empty rhetoric but if we’re literally screwed anyway why surrender you manhood and grovel for something you’re not gonna get anyway?

        I’m gonna go out standing, here on my farm, here in Texas, along with several nearby neighbors, come what may.

        God bless us all…

        • Yer not alone

          nothing left to give

      25. Domestically, If the think the US public moved lockstep post 911 something like this would get them to line up and hand over their first male born child. The possibility of it prodding the world to WWIII is high. Adversaries would fear being blamed as co-conspirators and assuming its a false flag they would have to think, “If your willing to do that to yourself what are you willing to do to someone else”?

        Just the speculation, the mere thought of such a thing being debated by someone in power sends a chill down my spine.

        In the meantime some 18 year old is being locked up for marijuana possession a state to two over from where its 100% legal. Sanity has taken a sabbatical and madness is the fill in.

      26. just a heads up

        RAYOVAC is having a one day sale today

        35% off

        promo code is memorial

        • Dammit I just stocked up more batteries the other day. Oh well, I like ray o vac they are as good as most others and cheaper too. Good deals on ebay for bulk purchases.

      27. To think that our western intelligence agencies aren’t aware of ISIS sleeper cells inside the U.S. is incredibly naïve. In fact there are ISIS training grounds all over the country and this is no secret either. Check out my news outlet for tons of great info & let’s keep exposing the globalists’ agenda. Peace.

        • Crookz4president

          The F.B.I. director stated publicly that Isis was in almost every state. He said that a week or two ago.

      28. Sigh…

        I’ve posted these quotes numerous times on here in the past. One more won’t hurt.

        “The men the American people admire the most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell the truth.”

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”


        You have more to worry about from the .gov enforcers (esp. the blue gang) than from any foreign boogieman. The cops and their brothers, the alphabet agencies, have declared war on the freemen.

        More killing of freemen in Waco. Steer clear of that town if you value your liberty. WTF is in their water?

      29. GOD BLESS ALL OUR TROUPS that have fought and those how have died for me and mine. THANK YOU!!!!!!

        If a nuke comes, I would bet that it would be an EMP type to shut down the infer structure of the US. and put us back to the 1880’s.
        Or dirty bomb in New York, or D.C., They could detonate a suitcase nuke in those cities just to scare the he!! out of everyone.
        I also learned the other day that N. Korea has launched a ballistic missile from one of there subs that could reach the middle of the US from a couple hundred miles of the west coast. Not good!!!

        OFF TOPIC:
        We have been talking about Jade Helm lately, I have been reading some things on what happen in 1950/51 right after the N. Koreans invaded South Korea.
        They had a Jade Helm exercise for the Army and the Marines. Then they were sent to Korea to fight. My father was one of them that went in the first wave of troops to Korea.
        Look at Syria and the South West U.S.A., the land scape is very similar. Are they training for another invasion??
        They might know that ISIS is planning an attack on US soil (which will only whined up with a bunch of dead sand monkey’s), but if the use a dirty bomb or suitcase nuke we are going to loss some non combative lives.
        Then the US should return the favor 100 fold, for every American that is killed 100 ISIS followers get to meet
        their so called god and get their 72 (72 year old) virgins or what ever it is.
        Stay Prepared, Stay alert, stay alive!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N. REB

        • Reb, it will only happen if it is ALLOWED to happen and even then they will be in control of it. These freaks aren’t stupid and they have every bit of technology and they will use it to achieve the end goal. Just because people can’t comprehend the depth of evil the masters of the planet have doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

          • Genius:
            You are right. What scares me is see how fast our right were stepped on when they flow airplanes into building, Just think how fast the defeatist will willingly hand over the rest of our freedoms if we are nuked.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • I’m sorry, but thanking the Troops is like thanking Cancer. Another helping of ignorance sir. People are so fn stupid in this country totally ibis from any facts or common sense.

          • WWTI:
            Well to you sir ,And I use that term loosely.
            With out those troops You would be speaking German or Japanese’s or even Russian. And you would not have the freedoms that you have to be a real fool and the rights to be so stupid.
            N. Reb

            • NR: without our troops WWTI would be dead, and so would we. I am grateful for them, as the alternative would be slavery.

              Too bad the Obamunist has effectively erased everything they fought and died for. He has the blood of every dead soldier on his hands.

              Please, God, help us survive long enough that we may once again elect leaders that actually value freedom, and value all of us, and NOT their banking puppeteers.

              Lot of great posts here today.

          • WWTI

            My son you say some of the craziest things. It may be time for you to go to drug rehab. I will pay for the rehab if it helps.
            I feel guilty because of how you turned out after I raised you.
            Anger management classes would help too. If you had served you would be much more disciplined and able to control your emotions.
            Well then again it may be drugs.

      30. JRS, Aint that the truth! Tell morons what they WANT to hear and your an idol. Tell people the TRUTH and your a demon or insane. There is nothing harder than to break a mans false paradigm of beliefs. Critical thinking and objective analysis are things of the past. Thinking for yourself has been replaced by parroting some crap ass media shill that does the thinking for them. Laziness is the order of the day. Always seek the path of least resistance and your masters will take care of things for you. Always go with whatever the majority thinks and you will be popular and accepted. Don’t want to look like a kook do you? I hope like hell after I die I can go to a planet where the beings are actually intelligent individuals.

      31. If anything goes BOOM in any US city, it will have Israeli fingerprints all over it so that it can be blamed on Iran/Syria/Russia/China, etc.

      32. I’d be a lot more worried about what could be done with tankers of chemicals like Propane, Hydrazine, Oxygen and such in the middle of a city than a nuclear bomb.

        A nuke requires a lot more sophisticated sophistication to smuggle, transport and use it than hijacking a couple tanker loads of chemicals that are on the roads and railroad tracks every day every where with little or no security for them.

        But the ragheads -the JV team- aren’t smart enough to figure this out for themselves so let’s keep this idea a secret just between us and not tell anyone about it.

      33. Ya I know you guys in texas need some dry weather. We had a flood a few years back they said it was a 100 yr flood it sucked a lot of folks lost everything they had I remember it too well. My wife had to run out and grab a sump pump so I could pump out the basement I still have it too stored in a 5 gal bucket with hose. It’s one prep I hope to never use again. I consider myself lucky even though I had 6 inches of water in my basement. I had it out in a couple of days and another few days to completly dry had to throw out a bunch of stuff wife had in boxes on floor. My house don’t get water in the basement so there is no pump or French drains installed. But it was coming in through the chimney and any crack .

      34. I have this Prepper’s Rock.

        If it glows in the dark. Radiation fallout.
        Covered with Ash. Volcano Erupted.
        Jumps around on the ground. Earthquake.
        Gone one Day. Comes back the next. False Flag.
        Gone one day, Never comes back. Ground wet. Flood.
        Broken in pieces. Shot by U.N. Peace Keepers.
        Just sits there. EMP. Financial Collapse. Nothing

        • slingshot, You could sell the hell out of those on prepper sites lol 🙂

      35. I read somewhere if the terrorists can get just a small amount of nuclear material for 10 to 15 thousand dollars they can assemble a team of physics students and develop a bomb in a garage in any neighborhood. The arms market in Bulgaria will sell anything too I’ve read. I’d say it’s a matter of time before this happens nuclear weapons have been around for decades it’s old technology. New York seems to be ground zero for any major attacks step right up and get your nbc gear folks. Some people say it’s a waste of $ I don’t see it that way I’d rather have basic gear than none at all. If you never need it it’s cheap insurance there are different theory’s on this aspect of survival but anything that gives you a fighting chance and is affordable why not. I figure needing to breathe trumps needing water on a list of priorities. People think they need expensive masks and suits your not operating in the hot spot your escaping. Anything that reduces contamination is a bonus IMHO. I wouldn’t drop big bucks on something you may never use folks.

        • Please warn us when you have made one then asshat! Let us know where yer gonna do it and when!

          I’m fukkin with you asshat,if it was that easy it would have been done by now. Hell some good american would have done it to the casa blanca too!

        • Not true. Making a nuke requires extremely high precision machine tools that cost multi-millions of dollars and more millions to build the foundations and climate-controlled buildings to run them in. And that’s not all.

          They could build a so-called “dirty bomb”, but that’s it.

      36. Well,I guarantee they won’t use said nuke in DC!Those that hate our country(some have a right to)realize that dc and the scumbag pols/lobbyists ect. cause this country more damage then a rain of nukes.To the decent folks who are trapped in the dc region,sorry.

      37. Hmm, you should do motivational speeches…

      38. In other news; US Government WILL carry-out a nuke attack inside the United States within 12 months…

      39. No, really! Just ask Lindsey Graham the FAGGOT!

        • Lindsey Graham is so old he can no longer be the pitcher. He is just a catcher if ya know what I mean lol. Mr.X his elite source keeps his ass filled with secret info ha ha ha ha.

      40. If this scenario was not in your list of things to prep for, it should be now. I do not see this as an EMP event (yet), but even if you are not in the blast zone you need to prep for fallout, and be ready for a big disruption of our ‘just in time’ product distribution system.



      42. Yea, Lindsey Graham made some comment awhile back talking crap about bringing in the military to hold house and Senate member at gun point until a deal is made, that they would not be allowed to leave. He said that this is what he would have done had he be president..As. Can see, he is literally a lunatic.. they are literally rolling dice intended table trying to figure out what to through at us first, they are running out of options and this is they are very dangerous right now..EMP, Bio weapons, attack with Jade Helm, ISIS, etc. Now telling what will come first, your guess is as goo as mine? We need to prep and stock on more food, I don’t we have enough food for and EMP event.. I just can’t see myself skinning another man, seasoning him and preparing him to be barbecued, it’s just not my style of a weight trainer I am really worried about protein intake being at risk leading us eat human meat, post EMP

        This ain’t Easter island. I plan on eating earth worms as long as they are safe..grasshoppers are actually quite tasty, earth worms are good too, I have tried both and I don’t get sick, humans? Not sure how this would taste.

        • Ha ha ha. we used to pay eachother to eat worms when we were kids. Soon you may be paying to be fed worms! Oh the irony of it all lol .

      43. Yea, Lindsey Graham made some comment awhile back talking crap about bringing in the military to hold house and Senate member at gun point until a deal is made, that they would not be allowed to leave. He said that this is what he would have done had he be president..As. Can see, he is literally a lunatic.. they are literally rolling dice intended table trying to figure out what to through at us first, they are running out of options and this is they are very dangerous right now..EMP, Bio weapons, attack with Jade Helm, ISIS, etc. Now telling what will come first, your guess is as goo as mine? We need to prep and stock on more food, I don’t we have enough food for and EMP event.. I just can’t see myself skinning another man, seasoning him and preparing him to be barbecued, it’s just not my style of a weight trainer I am really worried about protein intake being at risk leading us eat human meat, post EMP

        This ain’t Easter island. I plan on eating earth worms as long as they are safe..grasshoppers are actually quite tasty, earth worms are good too, I have tried both and I don’t get sick, humans? Not sure how this would taste.

        • I’m thinking grasshopper sushi.

      44. Bring on the wasteland.

      45. ISIS ! Give over will you because we all know who is behind them as they get on with the job in hand over in Syria and Yemem.

        We know who did 9/11 and we also know they are in bed with the Saudi royals who finance ISIS.

        You will know if something is coming because zionist owned banks will make sure they take a profit if any nuke goes off in the US just like they did when buildings just fell down.



      47. It seems to me, Texas might need some Libertarian Triggers in the near future. To Be Continued…

      48. Well it better happen before September or October when the asteroid is suppose to hit.

      49. So in plain speak… the US will carry out a CIA funded dirty bomb attack on its own soil.

        I suggest torrenting Jericho, the cancelled into its second season series from 06/07 about multiple dirty bombs being detonated by the government….

      50. This false flag event will be carried out to make the sheeple
        accept the FEMA and Martial Law communists !
        Don’t buy it for one minute !

      51. 12 million illegals?!?!

        Try FIFTY MILLION… and that number is probably low!!!

      52. The U.S. Government will attack American cities. They’ll blame it on “terrorists” (by which they’ll mean all of us, the people, who don’t kow-tow to the elites, their followers and their government over others).

        They’ll use those attacks as their “excuse” for abducting, herding and black-siting the people, segregated from family, for the purpose of re-indoctrinating them as total and permanent slave labor for the elites. ANY attack, claim or accusation of attack is a signal for defensive action by the people.

      53. “ISIS” Daesh is an agency of the U.S. and other Western governments for the sole benefit of their elite backers.

      54. The herd will panic and run when the farmer lets off a round from his shotgun.

        You lot can run off without looking back but i will be going for the farmer because I know he only has one shot left.

        Washington has more bankers than ISIS has members and both are conected via Saudi Arabia who hands out the cash from these banksters who are above the law.

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