Report: Terror Cells In America: 100 Disposable Cell Phones Purchased In Missouri: “These People Were Foreign Speaking”

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    cell-phone-ied2In the aftermath of the San Bernardino massacre we noted that the available information at the time suggested that there were more people involved than just Farook and Malik. Though the FBI along with their mainstream mouthpiece were careful not to implicate Islamic terrorists and instead chose to refer to the incident as an act of “workplace violence,” The Daily Sheeple reported within hours that police scanners identified one of the suspects as a male of middle eastern descent.

    As more information became available it became clear that the attack was inspired by the Islamic State, that more people were likely involved and that the intent here was premeditated Jihad. We made a similar assessment following the Parisian attacks, noting that unbridled immigration into the European Union meant that scores of terrorists were likely hiding among the migrants. That assessment has now been confirmed, as within the last 24 hours authorities in Switzerland arrested two Syrian passport holders for the transportation of explosives and toxic gases. Moreover, their counterparts in France last week seized “a lot” of war-grade weapons during raids on mosques and residences.

    And while many Americans may think that San Bernardino was an isolated incident for which widespread firearms bans are the solution, the fact is that terror cells are actively operating on U.S. soil.

    The latest incident that highlights just how serious the terror threat may be comes from Missouri, where witnesses report that a number of foreign speaking males have purchased as many as 100 disposable cell phones from at least three separate Walmart locations, but possibly as many as six. And if that’s not enough, also in Missouri, police report that scores of propane tanks have been stolen from various locations.

    Missouri police are investigating after at least 100 cellphones were purchased at three Walmarts during the past week


    “It’s not right, it doesn’t make any sense,” a witness, who did not want to be identified, told ABC 17 about a sale in Columbia. “Who’s going to order 50 phones for Christmas? Who does that?”

    The first reported purchase happened Friday night, when several men bought dozens of phones around 9:30 p.m. at a Columbia Walmart, ABC 17 reported. The men paid in cash, according to a witness.

    Then, just before 4 a.m. on Saturday, two men bought about 60 phones in Lebanon, according to KSPR. Police were called and interviewed the men, but did not detain them.

    “These people were, they were foreign-speaking,” said Laclede County Sheriff Wayne Merritt, who encouraged citizens to call the cops if they observed odd activity. “You need to take notice. You need to let us know about it, because it doesn’t hurt to check on it. You’re not being racist or anything like that. You’re just protecting yourself.”

    Via Fox News

    Utilizing disposable cell phones is a tried and true method for drug dealers to keep police of their scent, but even they know to make their cell phone purchases in small quantities. Further, the cell phones purchased in Missouri were reportedly purchased by foreign speaking men.  This suggests that someone may be looking to keep their communications hidden from intelligence agencies.

    Couple that with reports of propane tanks being stolen in Missouri and it’s quite possible that someone is planning an attack, perhaps even utilizing their newly acquired cell phones to detonate improvised explosives devices remotely:

    A large number of propane tanks have been stolen from several locations near Kansas City.

    WDAF-TV reports that a BP gas station in Lee’s Summit had 18-20 tanks stolen from outside cages last month. A CVS reported the same crime on the same night. Two weeks later another CVS in Independence was hit and 28 tanks were stolen from that location.

    The FBI says it is up to law enforcement to connect the dots.

    There are, of course, any number of reasons for why someone might want to steal a bunch of propane tanks and killing innocent civilians is one of them. Considered with the cell phone purchases in mind, connecting the dots may not be that difficult of a challenge. Even on their own the bulk cell phone purchases themselves are highly suspicious, especially if the people who purchased them didn’t speak English.

    Regardless of the above, one thing is for certain: there are terrorist cells operating in America right here and now.

    The connections that the San Bernardino terrorists had with others who knew of their activities confirm this. Second, we know for a fact that individuals with ties to terrorist have crossed into the United States via our porous Southern border. This has been confirmed by law enforcement personnel and most recently by the capture of at least eight Syrian refugees in Texas.

    Right now somewhere in America those who mean to do us harm are actively planning, collaborating and preparing for Jihad operations. Those operations are designed to kill as many people as they can including you, your family members and friends.

    The time for platitudes and half-measures is over. It’s time for Americans to prepare for worst case scenarios – including but not limited to eliminating a terror threat in real time should it happen to you.

    As controversial Presidential candidate Donald Trump has warned, “we are at war.” That is the mindset we must have should we ever come face-to-face with a Jihadist.

    They are prepared for war.

    Are you?

    [Image Credit: Captured by U.S. Army 1st Lt. Chris Heathscott, the above image shows an improvised cell phone trigger device seized during a raid in Taji, Iraq in 2004. Via Blackfive)

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      1. If we just ban cell phones and propane tanks this won’t be a problem. DUH!!

        • Anon–too funny. Here’s a nice article that sheds some light on the twisted mindset we’re facing….report an Islamist doing something suspicious and you are a racist for “profiling”…yet in San Bernadino, several people suspected that the Islamic murderers were plotting something yet failed to say anything because they might get lambasted by the media and politicos….

          A Christian website so you atheists just try and get the point of the article before you start frothing…

          • Javelin, interesting article. I don’t normally take up for any ‘school officials’, but in this case they did exactly right. And the AG wanted to investigate them for ‘civil rights violations’? Muslims don’t have any rights in this country as far as I’m concerned. Since I want to live as long as possible, I will profile on race and religion. I don’t care what anyone says about it. I will never let this BS called political correctness stop me from doing what I know is right. The black AG can go f#$% herself.

            • Good Grief get a grip, first it’s Ferguson then it’s MU, Missourah has a Nigger problem not a Muslim problem. Foreign Speaking? Euboinics! Cell Phones have lithium batteries, and Propane! We just be doin a little cooking in the Hood! Trekker Out.

              • Here’s something for you guys to chew on: Gun from the terrorist attack in Paris traced to CIA-linked gun dealer

                ht tp://

                • The dealer, an American online arms dealer, Century International Arms – get it – CIA?

                  That’s like the Portland D&V squad in a supposedly covert surveillance truck with the company logo “ICU Distributing”

                • Remenber a year or so ago when there was all the hubb bubb about what the US gov was purchasing, and in it there was a req order for hundreds of thousands of AK style mags and millions of rounds of 7.62×39, who ya think that was all for, im sure in those orders somewhere there were reqs for AK or Kalishnakov rifles too. Think of the black ops run by the cia during vietnam, these spooks smell

                  • 7.62 bullets don’t fit in an AK genius
                    7.62 bullets go to 240s

              • I’m in MO and I’ve had no problem with the local blacks. I think “they” have the same issue “we” do, we’re all being set up and we don’t know who to trust.
                There is a mixed mass in the state so I seriously doubt that anyone would confuse ebonics with a foreign language.
                The problem, BTW, is an idiot problem and there are plenty of idiotic whites in the areas you named, more idiotic actual as they think brainwashed, racist blacks are their “friends”.
                ANYONE talking trash over skin tone is a part of the problem and a government fish. If you’ve been hooked, get off the line.
                Let’s all help one another and show kindness while we still can. Give the benefit of the doubt; you don’t know when you might need that same favor.
                You want to stoke the fire, keep it in your own neighborhood.

          • We don’t report sucpicious activiy relating to middle easterners?
            But we report a 10 year old shooting hoops in his back yard waiting for mom and dad to come home??
            (shakes head and sighs)

            • Damn–I know how to spell; my computer can’t type on this site lately for some reason.
              Oh, now it types fine!! ?????

              • areyouready?,

                I am having the same problem, I can’t type on this website lately.

                I have to write my message in a word document or in an email and then copy and paste it here on the website.

              • same thing areyouready–makes me suspicious that my computer has problems typing and posting on this website–almost as if a keystroke problem or program is messing with what I type…hhhhmmmmm.

            • Exactly. Nice post.

          • Profiling is bad? Let me ask our hypothetical leftist a simple question. It is 1 AM. You were coming back from a meeting outside LA, and made a wrong turn. Trying to correct that error, you made yet another wrong turn, and now you are in a reeeeeeally, really bad area of town, and also have no idea how to get out. Then, to compound things, you get a flat tire – and you don’t have one of those run flat type of tires. Unfortunately, you are forced to pull over.

            Suddenly, you see a door up ahead open and out step five young black men, early 20s perhaps (you, yourself, may be black, or white – it’s immaterial). You scrunch down, trying to not be seen, but it is too late – they were already walking your way.

            Then, as they get closer, you see they are carrying Bibles, singing Amazing Grace, and you realize you haven’t heard a single curse word or comment insulting the dignity of women since they were in earshot.

            Tell me: have your thoughts and emotions changed in that instant? More importantly, will our intellectually dishonest leftist friends answer this question honestly?

            • Horrible! They call this a religion of ‘PEACE’?

              Islamic State Issues Fatwa Against Children with Down Syndrome, Murders 38 Disabled Infants

              “sharia judges have ruled that ISIS followers are authorized to kill infants with Down Syndrome or congenital deformities.

              Already since the religious decree (fatwa) was issued, militants have killed at least 38 children between one week and three months old by lethal injection or suffocation.”

              Poll: Most U.S. Muslims would trade Constitution for Shariah
              From the article…
              “Quran should be highest authority in America, and Islam the ONLY accepted religion.”
              -WND dot com

            • There definitely are some good islamic folks,
              But a friend of mine put it like this,
              Someone gives you a big bowl of M&Ms,
              Tells you there are 5 that are poisonous in the bowl,
              What do you do?
              Eat them and hope you dont eat a bad one?
              Or dump the whole thing in the trash?

            • Why not test your own theory, Test.

              Let us know what neighborhood you have chosen; and probably more importantly, which day your funeral will be held.

              You must be “pipe dreaming or smoking funny stuff” in this day and age.

        • An old T-10 parachute can be picked up for about $40. The chute has several practical uses, and the harness has 600 feet of paracord.

          • Wheres that from, it costs more than 40$ just for that much paracord, never mind the fabric and hardware

            • I know. Try a gun show ( where I got mine) sportsman’s show or outdoors show as well as on the web.

            • You can get them, they’re not only obsolete, they’ve reached the end of their useful life, and are not to used for parachuting ever again. Lots of good material.

        • Obviously we need a 3 day waiting period and a criminal background check on cell phones. Obama needs to issue an executive order banning cell phone purchases for American Citizens. If your from Syria you don’t have to have the background check, they get Obamaphones for free.

          • Dont forget the background checks for prooane tanks,

        • ISIS needs to blow up the gates of hell and the Lucifer Monster with it.

        • Ban cell phones, are you kidding me! I’d rather be a Fed trying to taking Americans guns, than be law enforcement trying to take peoples Cell Phones. Now Man There’s A Revolution For Ya! Trekker Out.

        • I remember, a few years ago, hearing or reading some hysterical tirade from the loathsome chunk of virulently anti-White, freedom hating, totalitarian, anti-gun, evil Bolshevik Communist dog excrement Chuck Schumer where this demonic turd was ranting and raving about how ZOG needed to make ‘burner cell phones’ illegal to own or possess. Why? Because Schumer whined that lowly goyims who chose to use them instead of owning a cell phone with an expensive contract were doing so as a means of making it more difficult for the NSA-Tel Aviv-Cheka-NKVD-KGB police state thugs to spy on their private conversations and to be able to tie a cell phone number to a specific name and address.

          Well, I did a little research on that assertion at the time and discovered that Schumer’s claims were not entirely true. Using a burner phone is NOT a fool-proof way to avoid NSA-Tel Aviv snooping, but it does make it a wee bit more difficult.

          I do not remember if anything ever came from Schumer’s tirade in the way of passing any new laws, but since burner phones that use pre-paid minutes are still available -and, might I add, one hell of a lot more economically affordable for the vast majority of Americans who are not interested in getting tied down to a long term cellular contract – or for Americans who view an inexpensive burner phone as only an emergency item to have in their bug out bag or keep in their car in case they break down and need to call someone for assistance – I would guess that Schumer did not get much traction in his totalitarian obsession to enact legislation that would make burner phones illegal.

          I also remembered reading where the NSA-Tel Aviv was exposed, perhaps by Snowden – for having been conducting illegal monitoring of cell phone communications of U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators and also U.S. Supreme Court judges – and, of course, the information harvested in those illegal wiretaps was being automatically sent to the crap hole State of Israel, who clearly have been compiling huge databases of blackmailable material on every US politician for the last several decades so as to facilitate the subservience of the scumbags in D.C. to the Israeli agenda and to the jewish nation-wrecking, White genocide agenda here inside the USA.

          It is my well researched opinion that the cell phone is the absolute most dangerous electronic device ever invented. And, it is a wet dream come true for the totalitarian, psychopaths from the Middle East who have hijacked our nation, and who despise every word written in the U.S. Constitution and who loath the Bill of Rights and have been working day and night to recreate their beloved USSR right here in North America – and this time around, they have the wonderful technology that White European people invented to help them in their diabolically evil lust to enslave us.

          Anyone who is addicted to a cell phone and can’t leave home with it – may as well shove a lo-jack tracking device up their ass.

          My advice: Wean yourself off these devices. They are not worth the danger they bring along with those fancy features.

        • It’s not what “we” (they, those in power) ban, it’s what WE, the PEOPLE allow that can undermine this obvious government-instigated mass purchase of stuff to cause us to knee jerk and clamor for “bans”. Self-armoring can lessen greatly the effectiveness of whatever they throw at us–even their most “sophisticated” junk.

        • I wonder how many people the muslim garbage will kill before we say enough and just kill every damn one of them that infest this country. We cannot co-exist. BTW, muslim garbage is not a race of people, it’s a political system/cult with many races falling for it, but mainly arabs. I guarantee we have enough bullets to get the job done.

      2. The cell phones are Christmas gifts for the Homeless and the propane tanks for the cookers when they give out free turkeys. That is all it is.

        • slingshot, you are starting to sound like barry with your drivel. non-english speaking people don’t donate to the poor like that. perhaps you read over the article too quickly and failed to understand what was said.

          • Gary

            Into each life some drivel must fall. ;0)

        • Sling, that’s some nice sarcasm.

        • It is clear that nobody from the Federal Government or the News Media has ever tried to blow up a propane tank. If you shoot them they just “hiss” out the gas. You have to light a road flare and attach it to the side of the tank, then shoot it. Even then they don’t explode, they just shoot fire like a flame thrower.

          • Yep, Tried that many years ago when I was a kid. Does exactly what you say. Even if you manage to rupture the tank and ignite it it just goes wump.

            • Any EOD’s out there to explain the real danger?

              • hubby, retired fireman, says:

                it has to be under high heat, not punctured.

                it’s called a BLEVE: Boiling Liquid Evaporating Vapor Explosion

                the propane tanks in the article have no pop-off or safety pressure relief valve and would explode if heated from an outside source.

                When the propane is released it expands over 100 times, then you get the big explosion.

                • Here’s a video of a propane tank shot with a .50 cal with ignited flare strapped on. It bursts at the seams and makes a fireball. Certainly not very powerful or damaging as far as pieces flyinh off.


              • Dont need a EOD. Just simple high school physics and chemistry.
                To explode it needs fuel and oxygen. There is no oxygen inside of the bottle. Propane is a gas compressed into a liquid. As the liquid leaves the bottle it cools rapidly. This pretty much prevents it from exploding. Now of course if you let all the propane out of the bottle into a enclosed room that is full of air you can get an explosion on your hands. However almost everyplace you have seen someone bring propane bottles it is in the open or into a large room. And if someone comes into a room and opens a bottle or starts shooting holes in it the people there are gonna run away with plenty of time before the propane expands into the room and becomes a threat.
                Years ago I did a lot of heating work with homes that had propane furnaces. This was in the days of pilot lights. You would show up and the pilot light would be out. So you broke out the matches and tried to light it. Many furnaces were in Basements or attics. Attics were always fun because you had the places between the rafters which would catch the leaked propane. It would just collect there in pools between the rafters. My bosses way of checking for leaks was to put a lit match between the rafters. If there was a propane leak it would just go wump. The flame propagation was very slow. You could watch it expand with your eyes. Im not saying you should do this but that is the way it was done in those days.
                But my point is that propane bottles arent as dangerous as certain people what you to believe they are

            • If you want to have fun get an oxy/acetylene setup and mix it into a pipe with a trashbag secured to it. Stick a spark plug in the side of the pipe and run LONG wires to a battery and ignition coil. You know the rest lol…

              • amazing any of you people are still alive 🙂

            • Yep, but if you pull the valve and stuff it with smokeless powder, loose primers, and nails then thread a sparkplug into it it does a whole nother thingg

              • Not that i would do that,
                Was just sayin

          • Greetings,

            I shot a propane tank but I used some military surplus magnesium tipped round or such thing. Anyway, it shot flames like a flamethrower but didn’t explode. Therefore, it is possible to do it without the added step of the road flare just in case someone wanted to know.

          • FA bombs

            • Anon

              Daisy cutter.

      3. I say gather all the Muslims up and send them packing. But no that will never happen. We will sit idly by and let them slaughter us. I fear more attacks are coming soon. They probably got some doctrine that’s grants these nuts more blessings when they kill us at christmas.

      4. Anon, nice thought but it won’t happen. The article failed to mention the report about some remote-controlled cars stolen from some hobby shops in the Miami area. this may also be tied into the cellphones and propane tanks. On a happier note, I bought a replacement for one of my two favorite handguns stolen in the home invasion 2-and-a-half weeks ago. I’ll get the other one replaced between now and Christmas. My preparations are stepping up in light of what we’re facing. Ol’ trumpie boy says we’re at war, or at least we will be sooner than we thought. everyone get everything you can now while you still can. There’s a storm coming and I hear the thunder.

        • Braveheart1776

          Miami? What’s in Florida? Hmmmmmmm.

          • Sling, Disneyworld is in Orlando. Think of the psychological value of that one target alone.

            • I’ve been saying this for a while now. It surprises me that no one has tried to hit the theme parks down here. Just imagine someone flattening the parking garage at closing time with thousands of people going to their cars. They never check vehicles going into these garages. Either Disney or Universal would make one hell of a target. That is the one of biggest reasons I never go to them.

            • Just a little known factoid about Disney:

              Lauren Powell Jobs (wife of the late Steve Jobs) is worth an estimated $12.9 billion. Altho she has a $2.8 billion dollar stake in apple most of her fortune is actually derived from her nearly $9.5 billion dollar position at Disney.

              Who is Lauren Powell Jobs?

              She received her undergraduate degree from the acclaimed Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. From there she took a job at Goldman Sachs and actually worked for Jon Corsine in the fixed income trading department before he became CEO of Goldman Sachs investment bank.


              Those Goldman Sachs employees seem to pop up everywhere.

        • ” The article failed to mention the report about some remote-controlled cars stolen from some hobby shops in the Miami area.”

          Remote controlled cars stolen in the Miami area around Christmas time. Oh yes very suspicious.

        • All I can say to ass tis crap s fuck the pit of hell.

      5. What kind of incredible coward shits his pants when someone purchases – gasp! – SOME CELL PHONES? What kind of incredible coward shits his pants when someone – gasp! – SPEAKS SOME LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH? Get a grip, Slavo!

        • If they were speaking in a foreign language then they were probably saying, “Death to America!”

        • JdL

          I’m at the point I don’t care. Not my job, man. That is what I pay taxes for. That is for them to catch these people.

          • JDL must be a new troll. Oh, lovely. [SARCASM]

            • Gov employee or muzzy trash

        • 2016 is going to be A very mean year? A baby is going to be born in May of next year. Baby Billie Boy.What A horble future he will have. Thank god I was born when I was!

          • Be sur lil Billy thanks you for bringing him into this shit! Good job man, more un-needed consumers with Hell to face!

      6. Nothing to get excited about. We all knew this could happen. California is the tip of the iceberg. What are the chances you may be injured? Small but not zero, But larger because we did not secure to southern boarder and more refugees coming in to the country.

        I have no sympathy for the ignorant and grossly stupid. You Got It, TOYOTA! Deal with it. Remember who let this all happen. And you know what? It is not going to stop because they do not want it to stop. If you do not have an idea who THEY are, then go back to your Normal Bias Lives.

        Am I scared? Nope. It will all become dinner table talk and that is as far it will get.

        Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

        Body armor will be the new fashion. All Pink.

          • John, just as an FYI, after this last shooting in California two weeks ago, Congress smucks from California in the US House and Senate launched that same bill again, to outlaw us little people body armor.

        • C’mon you gutless fookin piece of shit, get up this hill Dammit!

          “oh oh oh oh what a feelin’ TOYOTA!

      7. Fifty tanks of propane.
        Sixty Cell phones.
        How many State Capitals?

        We are not even talking about major cities.

        • Sling, remember that monkey boy said we have 57 states. [SARCASM]

          • Braveheart1776

            To add

            State of Denial.
            State of Confusion.
            State of Lethargy.
            State of Ignorance.
            State of Lunacy.
            State of Inconsistency.
            State of Disinformation.

            57 all there.

            • Sling, LMAO. Sounds just right.

              • I guess we’;; include Puerto Rico when it officially goes broke.

        • Sling –

          If state capitals were targets, it would be more discreet to purchase one at a time near the target. I don’t think a Muzzie would be so stupid to tip his hand like that.
          But the US government is.
          What are they cooking up now??

        • Some of those dudes do have very ugly looking faces and small ugly looking beety eyes.

        • Propane and cell phones, god what a bunch of morons! I could do waaaaay better. At least my shit will work lol 😛

          • I read about this a couple of days ago.

      8. Slingshot, what burns me the most right now is that the AG Loretta Lynch doesn’t say a word about the 14 people who were butchered by those muslim dogs or the 17 others who were injured, but had no problem saying she would prosecute anyone who speaks out against islam or muslims. Well I say THE BLACK RACIST, AMERICA-HATING AG CAN KISS MY WHITE ASS. I’ll continue to speak out against muslim trash and their evil religion all I want. MOLON LABE

        • Did the actions of Lynch surprise you? She’s one of them, terrorists that is.

          • Taxed, no surprise there. She’s another Eric Holder or worse. She still pisses me off all the same.

        • How do you know the home invasion wasn’t the FEDS in disguise?

          Maybe you are already on their radar.

          • JS, no way this was feds. Whatever scum it was left behind 2 rifles and 2 shotguns I had along with all the electronics in the house. I may have been on their radar as far back as Bush Jr. for all I know. All the same I’m stepping up my preparations for what’s coming.

            • After my wife’s car was burglarized I bought a drive way alarm. Anytime anybody gets close to the house on foot or in a car it rings like a door bell.

              Using this I have confronted 3 suspicious people on three different occasions that were obviously looking for something to steal.

              Amazing what cheap technology does these days.

              ht tp://

              • I have one of those but it does have a tendency to false alarm out doors in the wind. It still has uses, I set it up when expecting packages.

                Northern tool sells a better one made by Chaimberlain. ht tp://

                You can also add three more motion sensors that the base unit can pick up. A different count of beeps for each one so you know where the issue is.

                Yes this one false alarms, but very rarely and usually it’s the setting sun shining in a sensor or a large insect checking it out.

                I really like the idea of knowing a creep is out there, well before he breaks in. Home invasions really do depend on the element of surprise. I set up four sensors, I’m very pleased with the performance.

                So far all mine has caught is Bambi’s eating my shrubs.

                Last tip, the outside sensors each run on 4 AA batteries. Alkaline batteries are only rated down to about 20 degrees F. I use Lithium batteries which last about twice as long, so the final price is a wash, but lithium batteries are rated down to -40 degrees F. Where I live -10 F is not uncommon in the winter. At -10 F alkaline batteries will take a nap until warmer weather returns.

                • @ plan twice, prep once – Thank you for your post and information. I just looked up and downloaded your northern tool . com chamberlain wireless motionless alert
                  system. I will also share this web site with my friend.
                  Thank you again.

              • @ john stiner – Thank you VERY much for your informative post. I have a friend who lives in a townhome/condo
                complex, and has been harassed by a 30 something, does not work, pothead that lives with mommy, and did a few months in the local jail for menacing with a 2nd degree weapon. He has no social skills, little friends, and smokes pot.

                My friend made a complaint with the local cops after finally witnessing him ringing her doorbell. This has been ongoing for 13 years. A cop came out to her home, and they set up a plan of action on this jerk. The jerk did not change his ways, and the cops showed up at his home 10 days later, and told the jerk he is on record for harassment of my friend, and the jerk is now back on the cops radar. If my friend is in the ditch dead, he is the # 1 suspect, if property or car ( parks the car in the garage) he will be the # 1 suspect.

                He screamed and yelled at the cops, ‘he was not harassing my friend,’ which I am sure the cops did not believe. He is a sick, twisted sob, and his mommy is afraid of him as he has a tendency towards violence.

                I plan on giving your harborfreight driveway alert system address – addy to my friend. I am sure it will give my friend peace of mind.

                My friend is no dummy. Has a concealed carry permit and a 32 pistol. Father high rank, retired from Army. Taught her how to shoot. Respects firearms.
                Some law enforcement and military family and friends in her background.

                She knows when to move around, and be unpredictable.
                She recently replaced 5 small windows above her garage, that faced the jerks townhouse/condo ( he is kittycorner, not directly across from her home), replaced the screens with white screens, and in addition, had her 5 windows tinted 35%.

                It has pissed off the jerk, as he can no longer check which lights are on in my friends townhome. Its also great during the day, my friend can look out, but none of the neighbors can look in.. She also has good, quality horizontal blinds that also keep out prying eyes.

                She is not afraid, and lives her life.
                She just now uses her ‘situational awareness,’ at all

                He is not real popular with the people who live here,
                except for 2 loser neighbors, and their interactions are limited as the 2 loser neighbors, 1 has a one year old kid, and the other a 5 year old kid.

                Thank you Mac, for this site. Thank you to all the posters on here. I appreciate your information and insight very much.

              • They work well in the garden during the summer. I stopped planting water melons, only have to run the deer off now.

        • Brave:

          Put an H in front of the AG!

          A Goldman Sachs ex employee HAG.

          • Brave:

            Put an H in front of that AG.

            Another Goldman Sachs ex employee HAG!

          • The CEO of Goldman Sachs is A very cute looking dude. He’s A sweety pie!

            • Well then, maybe you could get a job as his professional salad tosser 😛

              • SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Not so loud, You might get acid interested.

          • Makemyday, I didn’t know Lynch was Goldman-Sachs. Interesting. Something about Goldman-Sachs people…..

      9. I can see Detective Dick Tracy calling out for back up on his wrist mounted radio/phone now. Itchy and Scratchy were the bad guys then. Oh, and don’t forget Mumbles. “Calling all cars”………….

      10. It’s time for all Americans to turn in their guns, and play nice!

        • Pfffrttt’#*^+€tt

        • That’s fine. i have no problem taking out the local ‘allah akbar’ yelling muzzie with a knife, scissors or a really good pen.

          both parties have shown they wont do squat to keep you safe.

          • Lena, I’ll gladly take out some muzzie trash with 00 buckshot.

        • We need them to shoot satan.

      11. Been practicing with gemtech suppresser on my buckmark . Figured I should start getting used to carrying it also.Never know when you have to be incognito .

        • I fired a suppressed 9mm indoors a couple of months ago, at a friends place. Having fired a non-suppressed pistol indoors once before, I can recommend a suppressor to anyone with a self-defense weapon on the nightstand or whatever.

          Definitely on my Christmas list, along with a threaded Glock barrel.

      12. Unfortunately nobody is going to give a shit until it affects them. I feel terrible that some families in California are not going to have there husband or wife this Christmas and forever. Nothing will change in the majority of people’s mind until the power grid goes down and stays down. Until then, its a Fox news alert then people change the channel to their show to forget about reality. Remember, physical tangibles that you have in your possesion is what it will boil down to quickly. There is no woulda, coulda, shoulda. Once the bell is rung, there are no redos. Get ready, the line is coming hot!

        • Definitely, is real sad for those folks, holidays are supposed to at least be a time of reflection and for most a time of joy, not mourning.
          Most peeps suffer from extreme normalcy bias and scoff at those who are cautious and trying to collect just in case items, we all have those nay sayers in our family, most times we are the odd man out,

      13. Why are some of you making a connection (with absolutely no evidence) between legally purchased cell phones and stolen propane tanks? If the men who purchased the cell phones had cash for the phones, why wouldn’t they simply do the same with the tanks? Sorry, but there’s no evidence to make the connection. We need to apply our powers of observation and critical thinking in a much more positive direction.

        • Well a bunch of buried explosives were just discovered in the woods near where some of the cell phones were purchased. It is also confirmed that they were purchased by Muslim men. How much more evidence is required now.

      14. First time poster. I am a bit concerned about the big movie opening next Friday.

        • eeeeh, no worries we are here for ya bro! Get some popcorn!

          • And nevermind what anyone else says, if I say it’s time to get the fuck out of town then you CAN believe it!

        • Better to be concerned and aware than oblivious or dissmissive.
          Too many think “it cant happen here” bet they never thought some assholes would fly a plane into the WTC either

      15. Braveheart1776

        All this is running through the motions, or rather emotions.

        If I turn someone in and there is nothing wrong. I become the Lilly White Ass Bigot Cracker.

        If there is something there. All the better.

        But the odds are I will be the Cracker.

        • Slingshot, it would be the same for me so welcome to the club. I’m a lilly white cracker and proud of it. I don’t have a f#$%ing thing to apologize for. I don’t owe any minority people a damned thing.

      16. Here come more false flags and more reasons to shred the Constitution, these NWO psychopathic genocidal monsters controlling collapsing America have evil down to a science.

        • Eeehhhh, fugget about it. C’mon over and have a drink neighbor 🙂

          • Stay outta da shine!

            • Its evil,
              Perhaps its, Satan

              Think church chat with the church lady on SNL

      17. I don’t understand why these men would have to buy the cell phones at Walmart stores. Is Barry Obama running out of money to provide the tools of the trade for his employees?

      18. Not enough detail in this report to get excited about I’m afraid.
        Which foreign language? Half the US speaks Spanish pretty well, Hindi is less of a potential concern than Urdu maybe?

        Lots of people from Europe buy products while on holiday in the states for friends etc back home in the heavily taxed EU. Compare the prices of basic electronic items in the UK and the US and you’ll see why! My betting is on the buyer just being some naive tourist with no clue how paranoid the native population has gotten.

        In an economy that’s going down the pan fuel is valuable and may be stolen by groups from out of town simply interested in pure survival. Xmas is coming and people who were doing well just a few years ago do stupid stuff to maintain the illusion of Xmas past for the kids. Even the drug dealers must be feeling the pinch by now lol.

        Certainly be careful, observant, practice situational awareness but remember that so far, successful murderous criminals do all they can not to attract attention to themselves. One of the perpetrators of 7/7 was a teacher – quiet unassuming etc. Purchasing cell phones in bulk like this is a way to attract attention. The article even mentioned that the street gangs know better. Sadly I think those with real evil intent such as we have seen from Daesh are gonna play a bit smarter than this as they plan their next set of atrocities.

      19. Propane tanks are nothing compared to gasoline. Just swapped a tank yesterday cost me $17.76 at Wally’s is this a new terror call to attack like 911 was maybe. Numbers are significant whadaya think.

        • Ass, yep gasoline is the shit! And cheap too lol.

      20. They are boondocking it, staying where no one will see them. They may need the propane to cook and stay warm. Propane will store without stabilizer like gas so they may be running generators for RVs. People should be looking for campers being used in odd locations for the time of year.

      21. What about the witnesses who stepped forward to describe what they saw in San Bernadino? They saw 3 white men doing the shooting, all dressed the same. Yet another drill occuring simultaneously with the shooting event. Another con job.

      22. Didnt catch Trumps “we are at war” moment. Go figure. He is disgusting, another greedy warmonger. I still think Trump is just running cover for Billary.

        • You would get a kick out of Rappoports article on Donald Trump. Look it up at nomorefakenews dot com. It is just the best!

          • Makemyday, I KNEW something about you was familiar! you’re that old racist hag granny piss pockets! The rappoport comment and your love of cunter, er, hunter that is, gave you up. And you DID mention previously to so that about wraps if up there granny pee pockets, which, is what I’ll be referring to you as from now on.


        Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, became furious, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under, according to the time that he had ascertained from the wise men. Then was fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah. Matthew 2:16-17, New Testament

        Why is there is such vitriol against Christians and conservatives today? The Pilgrims, the Founding Fathers, who primarily worked with a Judeo-Christian presuppositional base (even Ben Franklin was a very close friend of famed preacher George Whitfield, one of the most import figures in the first Great Awakening), the Ivy League schools that were founded to glorify Christ (simply google their mottos. For example, the Harvard motto was Veritas Christo, adopted in 1692 and part of their original seal as seen below in Latin. The motto and shield with this original verbiage can still be found at multiple places on Harvard’s campus.

        The answer to why this frantic hatred is simply this: the hate-filled left brooks no competition. Truth, justice, intellectual honesty… all must be sacrificed on the altar of leftist power. For in the absence of God, bald power is all that is left. We saw this with Herod in the verses above, and later where Nero used Christians as human torches (they don’t do that anymore – now they just destroy the lives, finances and businesses of florists, photographers, bakers and others who have the temerity to think independently). Centuries later, we saw this under Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot (The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, says leftists murdered 100 million in their idiotic attempt at creating the socialist workers’ paradise). Hitler was vitriolic in his hatred of Christians, which Eric Metaxes documents in over 400 page book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In contrast, today’s Fabian/Frankfurt School socialists are much more furtive, following Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s dictum to not take on the West militarily, but rather take over the culture. Will and Grace, Sex and the City, the absurd leftist PBS, taking over the universities, funding vile “art” like the “piss Christ” (a publicly funded piece of “art” this is a 1987 photograph by American artist/photographer Andres Serrano, which depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine). Of course, as always, the fun for the left is using your tax dollars to both insult and actively use against you (see also BIG GREEN MONEY global warming), and then gleefully rub your nose in it all by stealing your children to use against everything you ever believed in. In sum, those of faith believe there is no other name (Christ) by which we may be saved; similarly, the left believes the same. Of course, their god is Al Gore, multiculturalism, political correctness and worse, all folded in under the god of political correctness. Of course, it is true, as Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev stated many years ago, “if God does not exist, then man does not either” (which is why those 100 million perished last century), but this simple dictum does not seem to be able to co-exist in the minds of those who seem to have only enough cranial capacity to remember the “Yes we can” chant.

        • Test

          Enjoyed reading your post.

      24. Missouri Cops Made Alarming Find Buried By Where Muslims Bought Cellphones
        Posted on December 13, 2015 by Amanda Shea

        Share ThisTweet This
        Missouri Cops Made Alarming Find Buried By Where Muslims Bought Cellphones
        Pulaski County Cops. Stock Photo
        The mystery into the Missouri Muslims buying up hundreds of cellphones from several Walmart stores, just took a concerning turn for the worst, because of what was discovered buried near where the purchases were made. One alert man noticed something strange about the ground and called police to the scene, but nobody was prepared for what was found right under foot.

        Since the suspicious activity first leaked last week, the investigation has progressively revealed worse details, working retroactively to bring to light every alarming thing that happened before two men were stopped in a Lebanon Walmart. Now, it seems to have reach a head, after an incident in October provides some potential answers as to what is being plotted from the center of our country, and what targets are at imminent risk.

        A man who was hunting in the Mark Twain National Forest, just 30 minutes from Lebanon, was about to set up camp in a spot he uses each season, when he noticed something about the ground that didn’t seem right. After poking around at the ground a bit, he got concerned about what he found and urgently called police. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department came running, bringing along with them a massive team of expert personnel they called in for assistance.

        Officers found a huge cache of “extremely volatile” explosives, which police described to be of a style “that could not be purchased for recreational use.” This suggests that the extensive supply was all homemade pipe bombs or other IEDs, created and collected with a specific plan in mind. The stock was so dangerous that it couldn’t be safely detonated without the help of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit (EOD), the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s EOD Unit, and the Waynesville Rural Fire Department, KY3 reported. The exact location, as well as recent developments, make this discovery even more concerning than what law enforcement knew at the time.

        Strange Man Seen In Missouri Woods, What He Was Doing Has Citizens On Edge
        Man spotted in Morgan County woods, not far from Mark Twain Forest find
        Where the bombs were found was not only by the Walmart stores where all the throwaway phones were purchased by Muslim men, who still remain at large, but also the next closest wooded area to where a man was spotted by a trail camera and witness while acting strangely. After the explosive stash was found and destroyed, perhaps those who put it there are trying to restock it now and have found a new hiding place for it in the wooded area of Madison County, where the man was seen dressed in black, acting weird in the woods.

        Terrorists would want to hide their stock like this to not get caught with it in their cars or homes, foiling their plans, especially with a stash of hundreds of untraceable cellphones. Also, these locations they’re picking could be central for all those who are part of the plan to carry out an attack that could be underway. Both aforementioned wooded areas are within close proximity to St. Louis, which might be the intended target.

        With so many suspicious instances in one small area, it can’t be a coincidence. Especially since each piece fits together in a puzzle that looks a lot like terrorism on American soil.

        • Lebanon would be much more in the Springfield Mo. area. And all they did was find some poor old preppers stash. Every stock pile don’t belong to a terrorist, so you may turn in a resister. You close to that area Mallardhen? Trekker Out

          • Not any more since we moved to our BOL last June. Lebanon is really just as close to Fort Wood as it is to Springfield, and being close to the Fort may be a reason. It really could be someone’s stash, it also is close to I-44 which is a truckers route and part of someone’s get home supply. Who knows guess time will tell.

            Glad we made the move when we did and didn’t put it off as I really feel a lot more secure where we are now.

            • Are you still in Missourah? Trekker Out. Sometime I Still Miss It!

        • This reminds me of what happened in Toronto. The radical Muslims had a massive attack on the city that was thwarted. Since it didn’t go down people have forgotten about it.

      25. This could happen anywhere in the U.S. When are people going to wake up. I think we are going to start having terrorist attacks on a random basis.
        It is planned and allowed by those in power. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

        I wonder how the majority of the public will react? I wonder what wonderful laws they would pass in the name of our security?

        If you are willing to give up freedom for safety then you will have neither? A quote from our founding fathers. When will the people arise from there slumber? I fear it will be when they realize a noose is around there neck.

        • Don’t worry too much: for as soon as any so called terrorists attacks happens and it causes enough usa folks and faux tv junkies to scream for more War! and especially War on assad and syria etc…Then just as during klintons reign with all of a sudden after zero school shooters for 50 years….During klnitons mad dash to get assualt weapons bans enacted we had one school shooter per each 2.5 months for over 2 years!

          And as soon as assualt weapons bans was signed by klinton into fed atf laws, all such school shooters Ended said shooter sprees for next 10 years.

          So expect same for this current scare tactics event. Once enough folks demand carpet bombs over 99% of syria, and state dept #2- Victoria-dual citizen israeli- jooland and her new neo nazi pals like she has in ukriane can boot assad out and replace assad with another “Yatz the Yid” nation dictator for dual citizen banksters of NY and London, city of, these terrorists will either Flee usa asap fast or mysteriously be rounded up…All one Dozen of them too!

          The Only issue I am uncertain of at this time frame is this:…But shall the FBI send those rounded up terrorists Back home to mid east as FBI Did with the-9/11- 5 Dancing Isralie/Mossad agents plus an additional 100 More israeli undocumented immigrants within new jersey at the “Moving Truck Co” the 5 dancing israeli mossad agents worked at while in usa?

          Or will FBI treat muslim terrorists different than them what came from Israel? Stay tuned situation developing at least untill carpet bombing runs over syria begins.

          Wakey Wakey folks.

          PS as a person that was born in and spent 43 years life in Detroit and several times resided within Dearborn Mich which shares several common borders With Detroit at various compass locations of city borders…And since I was aprox 13-14 years old which I am now 63 yrs old, so say 1/2 century ago now, and thats when I recall very first islamics and muslims arrive into Dearborn Mich area….Ironic that so far even when since muslims dominate vast majority of dearborn and go as far Outwards from dearborn To cities like Plymouth Mich aprox 30-40 Miles North of their base in dearborn…

          Ironic that so far NO real terror attacks or mass killings etc has yet happened in those areas.

          Plus Many and I mean MANY folks of mid east region Iraq-Syria-Iran and others too are Christians…Orthodox Christians and have zero to do with muslim types other than act neighborly etc…But You can’t tell which are which just by their looks…

          I do not agree with the vast majority here who seem to claim or think that when its negroes-mexicans-jewish-all others-that only a small FEW bad apples exist…Yet for muslims its 100% bad period.

          Yes that sure sounds like swell christian principals for a group thats dominated by christian whiteys here eh.

          Try doing This: Shut OFF TV News, especially FOX TV, but the rest also, shut Off Neocon right wing radio talkers, and definatly stop trusting apostate preachermen such as John Hagee Et Al aka which is probably aprox 99% of the usa crop of 300,000 various self anointed denoms of pastors today.

          Then RE think issues somewhat eh.

          How can any person Now still get swindled and scammed much in same way as so often done Prior like 9/11 wmd lies and klintons school shootings, and too many such fed govnt in cahoots with wall street dual citizen bankster types to ever count, and that has happened just in the past 30 years or so now?

          They had folks employ kneejerk responce first for hearing the word nazi or antisemite…Then Next up came heard somebody called a Rayssist!….Then next kneejerk trigger was Male Chuavenists and woman haters!…Then back to nazis and antisemites, rayssist more often, and Now since 9/11 events new Buzzword trigger to obtain general popuation Kneejerk reaction, as fed gov and wall street and its 300+ non profit realted Orgs expects of You, its now “Mooooslims” or Islamic Terrorists!

          Whats left once this too gets exposed as 99% hoax eh?…Whats next “oh Gee All you White Male, Kitty Cat and Puppy doggie haters”!= Kneejerk group-Think again?

          Or will fed gov/banksters/300+ non profits like aipac-adl-splc go Back to…”KKK hate Mongers”! So many ad hominins eh decisions decisions…

      26. If you pay attention to what ISIS has said over and over again, if you pick up on their chatter, and match their words with their actions, it has been clear for some time they are working towards making the last year of Obama shear hell and chaos. Just look at what has happened: more attacks with more casualties than before, mostly all innocent civilians. Flooding Europe with so many refugees that all border and police controls fall apart; overwhelm all local services (hospitals, schools, social services etc.) so that they are having to switch to majority funding for refugees not locals (a great way to ramp up the hate in an economic crisis). Even neutral Switzerland that has nothing to do with all the wars is being menaced.

        Now, consider this: all of this is happening in spite of us having the most electronic surveillance ever, police and security agencies with the most powers ever, sophisticated algorithms churning away every second of every day monitoring Western populations. Somebody wants all this to happen; somebody benefits (qui bono) because it is not credible all these governments have just been caught by surprise.

        I imagine we will see attack tempos ramp up and also war measures run up at the same time. A crescendo heading towards full scale war in the ME (with a draft of all people 18 to 60), war measures at home and a war economy at home. 2017 will be unrecognizable.

        • Gee, thanks a lot FRANK!

          • FURTER lol. 🙂

      27. Bombs going off look good in the news, people panic seeing pictures, more calls to take your guns, more right to free speech removed.

        Hate to tell you guys buy ISIS has Sarin that was made in Turkey refuge camps and used in Syria back in 2013 so remind me again just why is the USA not bombing Turkey for allowing the production of WMD.

        The USA under the control of Israel is behind ISIS would be the reason and the only countries in the world that are realy fighting them are Syria, Russia , Iran so keep paying your taxes, ISIS needs all the money it can get now that Russia has stopped them selling quite so much oil to Turkey.

        • Mr Smith.

          “so remind me again just why is the USA not bombing Turkey for allowing the production of WMD.”

          Ohh (with hand raised and waving in class) …”I know, I know.”

          “Its because the US wants ISIS to overthrow Assad? ”

          Do I get a Gold Star for my answer?

        • Mr. Smith.

          How does one recognize the danger. Then how to deal with it.
          There are many good Muslims in the USA and what tarnishes that religion, are those who seek Jihad. Due to their Faith and their teachings that they can Lie to the Infidel and enslave him or kill him if he does not convert to ISLAM. There lies the MISTRUST. Radicalized Islam is here and what they do is confirmed. We hear what they intend to do to us.

          Do you have a large community of Muslims living in your area. Have they Instituted Sharia Law within their Community and force others to speak Arabic. Do they allow Local Law Enforcement to patrol the streets. Do you know if their Mosque provokes Jihad. Does their community want to force Middle Eastern Customs in the school your children attend. Change the school lunch menus to Islamic foods. Do they want Islamic Culture taught in the school system. What if any crime against Non Muslims is I your area.

          These may be some signs to consider.

          You can decide what you need to do later.

      28. Folks 2016 soon will be here and the shit slinging will begin in earnest then. Anyone that is not inbreeded (Democrat/Republican) will not stand a chance. So we are at the mercy of TPTB and their picks that they want in office, and I mean either side. We have but one hope and that is throwing them all out of Government and start over. Having said that we are truly at their mercy, because one will band together to accomplish that, let someone else do it. WELL WE ARE THAT SOMEONE ELSE, so we need to get off our ass and do something now. Keyboard fighting will not cut it, sorry but blood id going to have to be spilled to stop it. If you are not willing to die to stop it and just want to keyboard fight so be, you deserve everything coming to you. If you don’t like my little rant go take a bit of the shit sandwich F-O.
        Someone with the balls (the national coverage) just say the word and step up and lead. I for one am ready to die for my grand-kids are you?

        • Infidel-2

          Problem is we are not in the same book, let alone on the same page on what to do.

      29. And we want to let more of these people in here ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      30. At least they didn’t buy or steal any pressure cookers.

        • Do you mean a metal container capable of holding contents under high pressure, that when burst by internal pressure, will scatter shrapnel and contents in a wide area?

          You’re right, lucky they didn’t get any of those.

      31. From what we have heard it looks like some type of event Is planned for the 24 th, and that the jihadist are planning to do false flags in over 50 cities so that the administration can declare martial law and begin gun confiscation.and implementation if the red list, blue list. I know that the head chopping rag head rapist are coming for us, but they need to know that the locals in my area have also purchased alot of bullets, but they need to k.ow that over 100,000 rounds of all sorts of bullets were also purchased in my area.. the jihadist must be taking about other cities outside of Texas.

        Any jihadist that makes a wrong move on me in public or private at My home will suffer horrific consequences..and after I grab your gun, I am going to punish your ass public and in front of the women..



      32. The MSM is showing a street artist with Steve Jobs hear on a refugee stating that his father was an immigrant from that area. Very true and very full of misinformation as his father was not a Muslim and terrorism wasn’t the order of the day.

        If you had 10,000 M&M candies in a dish and two were poisoned would you eat them from that bowl? I rest my case.

        • head not here

        • Depends on just how bad that chocolate urge was at the moment! 🙂

          • USA Fed Gov could always require an ID for muslims eh…Say like a Six Pointed Yellow Star which Must be always worn on Outter side of clothing or coats perhaps?

            Let me know if and when the death rates via ISIS aka Israel Secret Inteligence Service aproaches anywheres Close to the over 250-Million Whites mass killed by the Bolshevik jewdeokommies of their soviet era in eastern europe circa 1917 and onwards till about 1989.

            Because So Far of entire known world history None and No others has ever mass murdered off anywheres even remotly close to them numbers, of which we can all Thank the self chozens for doing. Oh wait! Thats a Huge Taboo issue aint it?….right, just focus on WMD’s and fox tv and zionist talk radio rightwing neocons for updates and info.

            Them what has total control power now only Fears One thing and one alone…IE: That due to internet, huge masses of Goyim are going to awaken to real truths as to whom it was/is, whats been done and whats yet planned for said Goyim folk in western world nations aka them whitey goys….Because once so awake they just might go all out nazi and kkk on these evil doers so to stop further mass killing of another 200 million whites in usa and close to one Billion More whites across EU nations eh.

            Lets just Hope their 60 million delusional unquestionable defenders in usa remain glued to them or their fears may come true…CUFI to their Rescue!

            • You’re a dreamer gramps, always talking about all these goys going to wake up an go Nazi blan blah blah, aint gonna happen! They’re going to be like you, resigned to battle on the internet where the only casualties are who got their mouth burned because the coffee was too hot.

      33. Not too worried about the propane. It’s winter and people use propane for other reasons than terrorism. They steal commercial ACs off the roof down here, for Pete’s sake. And most of those swarthy guys speak a foreign language, just one a little closer to home. I’m not freaking out during the holidays for the sake of paranoia. Will there be an attack somewhere this month… will there be somebody who comes unhinged??? Probably. Hopefully not.
        I’m more concerned truthfully, about the family who just bought the Cane Corso across the street. Hope they train her correctly and don’t let her run loose… or I’m going to start wearing the Gluck when I garden.

      34. Update on ‘the recovery’…

        from Zerohedge…

        High Yield Bond ETFs Tumble To Friday’s Lows, Break Below Lehman-Aftermath Lows
        “High yield bond ETFs are down for the 8th day in the last 9, retracing the modest bounce from Friday afternoon, plunging to new multi-year lows.

        In fact, at current levels HYG is trading below the lows it hit in the immediate aftermath of the Lehman collapse (Sept 2008).”


        Futures Resume Slide After Oil Tumbles Below $35, Natgas At 13 Year Low; EM, Junk Bond Turmoil Accelerates

        “another fund, third in the past three days liquidating, this time Lucidus Capital Partners, a high-yield credit fund founded in 2009 by former employees of Bruce Kovner’s Caxton Associates, which Bloomberg reports has liquidated its entire portfolio and plans to return the $900 million to investors. As we expected, they are now dropping flies.”

        Keep prepping folks.

      35. Ah, living in fear of terrorists. That’s exactly how the federal government wants us to live.

        The whole purpose of decades of the phony, unwinnable ‘War on Terror’ is to create terrorists. Meanwhile Americans ignore the greatest terrorist in the world.

        • Thats the amusing part,
          Sure theres plenty who are fearful,
          Then theres those of us who are just getting pissed off….

      36. It seems to me those cell phones might be purchased for people to make drug deals and not terrorism.

        • Well they were purchased by muslims. A cache of explosives was found in the woods near where the phones were purchased. I think the target is Fort Leanard Wood or Branson MO. Lebanon is half way between both.
          I don’t know why the media assumes the target to be St. Louis.


        Ban on so-called assault rifles:
        6 months ago, supported by 63% Opposed 34%
        Today: Opposed by 50%, supported by 44%

        Stricter gun control?
        1 month ago: 58% supported; now it is 51%, with 48% opposing (7% collapse in ONE month),

        Will more gun control reduce crime? One month ago, yes 59% to 40% Today? 50% to 48%

        48% of Americans report having guns in their home


      38. I do believe that our enemies are prepping and preparing for battle, while we are being lulled into complacency and told not to worry. I am grateful for now that we still have the free and open internet to communicate with each other.

        This is a good background piece on what our enemies are converting propane tanks to in other places:

        Our own National Intelligence community is warning that the Syrian refugee scam will be exploited to seed cells here

      39. They use propane tanks to make some kind of a rocket like gun. They do not just blow them up.

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