Report: Sweden Re-Activates Cold War Bunkers Over Fears of Russian Invasion

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Sweden is re-activating thousands of Cold War bunkers across the country as fears of a military confrontation with Russia build.

    Shelters on the Baltic Island of Gotland will be prioritized for comprehensive checks after it was identified as a likely target for Russian invasion last year. Sweden’s most populous island has been the site of a dramatic build-up of military training more than a decade after being demilitarized.

    In light of the “special situation,” inspections of hundreds of underground shelters in Gotland will be stepped up, according to Swedish Radio.

    Sweden spent $9 billion dollars during the Cold War to build enough nuclear bunkers to shelter 80 per cent of its people, although many have fallen into disuse while the country’s population has grown by more than a million over the last two decades.

    MSB CIO Svante Werger called for defense installations that were in use up until the early 90s to be re-activated in order to meet “updated defense guidelines,” reports Sputnik.

    Earlier this month, Sweden announced that it would re-introduce compulsory military service from 2018, eight years after it was abolished.

    The new policy will affect all Swedes born after 1999 and is being revived in order to address a shortage in both “quantity” and “quality” of soldiers.

    Back in December, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) urged the country’s municipalities to prepare for dislocation, with security heads being ordered to be “better equipped to meet the threat of war and other crisis situations.”

    Preparations to guard against an armed attack from a “qualified opponent,” meaning Russia, have been enhanced in recent months, although officials complained that there was no clear cut plan on how to provide vaccines, gas masks or fuel in the event of a crisis.

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      1. The sweeds have turned into faggots and men now sit down when taking a piss in case stading up offends any females who say that men just love swinging it about.

        Country of inbreeds if you ask me and it’s not the type of place a man should visit unless he has plans to become a tranny plus they kidnap children from parents how won’t bow down to the way of the libitards who run the place

        • Germans have a name for dudes that sit down and piss. Fitzpincklers. I kid you not.
          Obama is a fitzpinckler. Michelle, I mean Michael, stands up like a real man.

          • The word is actually Sitzpinkler, but Obama certainly is one.

        • “…although many have fallen into disuse while the country’s population has grown by more than a million over the last two decades. ”

          Throw the fucking Muslims out and there is room for all native Swedes !!! 🙂

      2. Sweden already has been invaded and is now occupied. They are done.Very sad !

        • Markus
          You stole my thunder my friend. Great minds think alike(LOL).

          Can you imagine filling these up with Beautiful Blond Hair Blued women and muslime scum in the same bunkers.

          If I was a Swedish woman I would take my chances with the Russians.

          Then again maybe just maybe they won’t let the scum into the bunkers. We could only hope.


          • best thing the swedes could do is hit the bunkers early, lock the doors and leave the Muzzies topside.

            • Better yet, pull a false flag on the Muzzie and have them go under ground into the bunkers and lock the doors…forever and let the one real God/Jesus/Holy Spirit sort it out!

          • The bunkers are for their elite owners. They have already condemned the real Swedish people to death, at the hands of islam.

      3. If I was the leader of Sweden, I would focus on the Muslims entering my country as the #1 threat. I wouldn’t even think about Russia. The Swedes need to kick out all the sandapes in their country now.

      4. Report: Sweden Re-Activates Cold War Bunkers Over Fears of Islamic Fk’n Savages Invasion

        Is this what they really meant?

        Russian invasion? … lmao @ these dumbass’s!

      5. The globalists that control them desired to create a false narrative, for media consumption, to facilitate their agenda. Russia isn’t invading anyone. Can’t say the same for the US.

      6. Only one Country, it’s in Africa, has slightly more rape than Sweden. These rapists carry HIV. The Swedes and Germans have been given large doses of estrogen in Beer, which is a popular drink. The bunkers in Germany are being used as training grounds to coordinate terrorist attacks. Undercover agents found that a day has been designated when Germany will be hit with terror attacks all across the Country. Is Sweden going to be a scene of terror attacks. Obviously rape is a terrorist attack, but because there is no damage to property as in a bombing, it can be covered up. Many rapes are accompanied by beatings and death. Sweden needs to be invaded by Russia to save the survivors before they all have AIDS. If that means killing the Chews, the Somali, and the Middle Eastern Invaders; it would save the Swedes and Germans, native French, and all of Europe.


        • The problem that has been created by the open borders and no border control since 2014 in Europe has now created an existential threat to Russia. The presence of such a large and growing Muslim population on Russia’s borders will eventually give them no choice but to have to intervene for national security. The Russians understand it is not desirable to accelerate race mixing this way: it introduces many diseases, both contagious and genetic, and also lowers IQs that were raised over millennia by Europeans living in the harsh conditions of the North.

          I also do believe many will see being occupied by Russia to be much more beneficial than being thrown to the wolves of Islam. I also see China having a role: the Chinese are very clever, very rich and understand the importance of race. Will they just stand by and watch the vast European marketplace go down the crapper as it is turned into a caliphate? What Europeans will really fight against Russians in order to protect cities full of Muslims? I don’t see that happening either. The world operates on real politics when it come to life and death: most will choose to make a deal with Russia to preserve life.

      7. They’ve already been defeated from within; their traditions, values, religion, and culture are fast disappearing and their gene pool is dying out with very low native birth rates, and within one or two generations, intermingling. They are committing voluntary national suicide. You can see the political correctness programming has succeeded. The girls even apologize after they have been gang raped, and the men will not protect them. To show how utterly irrational it all is, the gay community and the feminists support unchecked immigration from the Mid-East, yet the Muslims will destroy them when they have sufficient numbers, they have already said so again and again. One of the main imams said publically his people hated blonde hair and blue eyes and those traits will forcefully be bred out in time. They boast they are not there to integrate into the local society, but to change it. They acknowledge Europe could not be defeated on the battle field, so they will defeat them with the womb. Europe is facilitating and subsidizing their own extinction. Even the media is charged with a crime if an immigrant related crime is reported.
        One has to ask why is all this being allowed to happen. Who or what can really make something like this to occur, and for what reason. History shows Muslims do not integrate; that phenomenon is being weaponized by TPTB to bring about a desired change. The European culture first had to be emasculated so there would be no opposition, now they are so weak they won’t even defend themselves.
        Building bunkers is ridiculous, Sweden and Western Europe is being defeated without a single shot from Russia. I saw this crazy German female politician give a speech in their parliament saying it was very good that native Germans are not having babies and wanted their cities to fill up with immigrants. She said hopefully the immigrants will become the majority as soon as possible, and that anyone who did not agree is a anti-Muslim racist bigot.
        In the end, all you can say is they got what they deserved.

      8. Everyone is saying they should use them to hide from the Islamofascists. I say, perhaps they could put the Islamofascists IN them. Maybe throw down a little pork ribs and wine a few times a day for them to live off of. Of course, I, myself need a bomb shelter to hide from all of YR’s childish insults, which I assume are still coming (tho I don’t really know as I stopped reading his inane, childish bloviations days ago). But yeah, given the wussification of the Swedish men (not all of the them – I know a few!), maybe a Russian invasion is preferable to being over-run by Muslims, feminazis and politically correct nuts.

      9. Amazing that they push the anti-Russian (Christian?) foolery while under a powerful Islamic invasion. I don’t care to try and understand this type of thinking, but I understand the agenda, which is to blur all morality and displace the definitions of evil. Any people going along with these ideologies, which is all too high in Europe and the USA, will meet a destruction they cannot comprehend.

      10. BUNKERS: Its because they are having RIOTS/Fires/Property Damage/RAPES/Assaults that police can not control!

      11. The russians don’t need muzzie leftovers. They have way more fine women.

      12. Sweden is opening them again either:
        – To hide from the Muslims that have invaded their country
        – Or to throw the Muslims into them until they can ship them home.

      13. Sweden opened them up to hide from their Muslim invaders.


        To throw the Muslims into them until passage home can be arranged.

      14. I guess all the refugees will be put in these bunkers first ?

      15. All I can say is wow! March 19, 2017 Putin Prepares For Invasion of Europe With Massive Cuts to Military Spending

        Russia announces “deepest defense budget cuts since 1990s”. Putin must be stopped before it’s too late. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world has enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. Long gone are the days of wasteful military expenditures and no-bid contracts to build airplanes and aircraft carriers that neither fly nor float.

      16. Sweden is being overrun from the INSIDE by Muslims without a shot being fired. And they are worried about Russia. MORONS!!

      17. The only thing I can think of that will save Sweden and the native culture is a Russian invasion …. seriously. Otherwise, it’s lights out for Sweden.

      18. The northern Russians and white Swedes share the same blood.

      19. Bullshit !!! nobody has anything to fear from the Russians, Putin is the man that is trying to stop The cabal and all their puppets from statrting another war to feed their need…. Wake up people !!!

      20. The Swedes are preparing because the Globalists are going to attack Russia.

        • That’s one possibility. Or maybe the Swedish leaders know about an approaching natural disaster like a solar kill shot or Nibiru or some asteroid or even a volcanic blow-off. Who knows? The Russians may just be the publicly given reason for this disaster preparation.

          Buy as others here have pointed out, you put those Moslem men in bunkers with Swedish women and there will be gang rapes or massive killing between ethnic groups.

      21. Time for the Swiss to re-activate the cold war bunkers… To fend off an invasion by the EU terrorists surrounding us.

        I don’t think Putin is perfect, but I’d much rather deal with him than with the EU or NATO crime cartels.

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