Report: Special Operations Teams on Standby for Libya Revenge Strike

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Headline News | 228 comments

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    It looks like it may be time to wag the dog a bit as President Obama is losing traction in national polls and the administration has taken a significant amount of heat for mid-east policy failures that recently culminated in the death of an American ambassador.

    According to a report from the Associated Press numerous sources inside the White House indicate that U.S. special operations teams are awaiting orders to strike those responsible for the attack in Benghazi, Libya which left four Americans dead:

    Administration officials say the White House has put special operations strike forces on standby and moved drones into the skies above Africa, ready to hit militant targets from Libya to Mali, if U.S. investigators can find the al-Qaida-linked group responsible for the death of the U.S. ambassador in Libya.

    But the officials say the administration also is weighing whether the short-term payoff of being able to claim retribution against al-Qaida is worth the risk that such strikes would be ineffective and rile governments in the region.

    Details were provided by three current and one former administration official, as well as an analyst who was approached by the White House for help. All four spoke only on condition of anonymity.

    The White House declined to comment on the debate over how best to respond to the Benghazi attack.

    The attack has become an issue in the U.S. election season, with Republicans accusing the Obama administration of being slow to label the assault an act of terrorism early on, and slow to strike back at those responsible.

    “They are aiming for a small pop, a flash in the pan, so as to be able to say, ‘Hey, we’re doing something about it,'” said retired Air Force Lt. Col. Rudy Attalah, the former Africa counterterrorism director for the Department of Defense under President George W. Bush.

    Attalah noted that in 1998, after the embassy bombing in Nairobi, the Clinton administration fired cruise missiles to take out a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan that may have been producing chemical weapons for Al Qaeda.

    “It was a way to say, ‘Look, we did something,'” he said.

    With the official story behind the Benghazi attacks having taken on a different narrative on an almost daily basis, the White House is in crisis mode trying to explain away the security failures in Libya, the confusion coming from the Obama administration and State Department about what actually happened, and the lack of an American response.

    With the Obama re-election campaign seemingly unraveling after a disastrous debate performance two weeks ago, perhaps the President feels that he can give Americans another Bin-Ladenesque kill to sway sentiment back in his direction.

    That the AP report indicates three “anonymous” sources inside the White House have confirmed drones are in the air and U.S. special operations groups are on standby while the White House itself officially declined to comment, presumably to maintain secrecy and mission integrity, suggests that those inside sources are leaking the information under direct orders from officials high up in the administration.

    This situation – including the fact these attacks were able to be carried out against US diplomatic assets who had little to no security in a highly volatile region of a country which had just been destabilized by the execution of their leader of forty years – just doesn’t seem right.


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      1. Prepare for the end, as it is approaching ever quickly.
        Prep, prep, Prep:)

        • At least it has not gotten to the point where a president can gain support by openly killing Americans.

          It’s all just a game to this ass clown, and all the rest of them. Life means nothing. Law means nothing. Those whose votes he seeks to gain through murder mean nothing.

          The only appropriate response to such crap is to let them know that they mean nothing to you.

          • Know; the only appropriate reesponse to such crap is to physically flush it down the toilet. This rids you of the smell, and the unhealthy environment crap invites when it is left unmanaged in the house.

            • That’s why when you drop the Obamas off at the white house in the morning before you hop in the shower, remember to flush twice.

            • Obama will still look bad. He has said al Qaida has been defeated/out of operation and now he’ll retaliate against them? But mr.president you said you defeated them.

          • Obama Claims ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout Money on Same Day CBO Reports $24B Loss

            “President Barack Obama said on Thursday that “we got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system.”
            According to the Congressional Budget Office, however, the government will lose about $24 billion on the bailout.”

            Translate that to the U.S. TAXPAYERS will lose about $24 billion on the bailout.


          • O.T.- I voted today via mail in ballot. Now I can have a say for the next 4 years!

            • The problem is a dead Democrat, buried in Chicago, voted 47 times today…

        • Honestly, I doubt such a thing would help him at all, especially at this late date.

          Even if he had a SEAL team go out and kill some random Libyans, claiming they were ringleaders, etc? Wouldn’t make much difference.

          Unless Romney gets caught having sex with a pig while shooting heroin within the next month, he stands the best chance of winning the election at this point (not like it’ll do anything more than slow down the collapse, but you never know…)

          • Romney can have sex with a pig while shooting heroin on telivision at the same time telling the christians they live a false religion – and he IS going to win the next election. It is written this way by big industry, so he can order the attack that will begin the war evey body has been gossiping about. This will allow all of the different security inactments made by the UN and each of the member nations to institute what you fear but have not organised any resistance for yet.


              JEurope is afraid of mighty Persia!

              Jeurope understands that Persia knows that Persia DID NOT COMMIT THE HOLOCAUST.

              Jeuropeans who read know that Emperor Cyrus the Great, through his tolerance and magnanimity, allowed the Jews to return to their “homeland” and write the Torah.

              Persians are left scratching their heads how Jeurope has persecuted the Jews over the centuries, even committing the Holocaust, and then worship one as well, while blaming it on them!

              The EU, along with its USSA communist brethren, is carrying out the agenda of the Romans aligned with the Jews, in trying to commit revenge in the Middle East!

              EU & USSA is practicing African-Middle Eastern values that dictate having a “homeland” for Jeuropeans.


              Romans were constantly pulverized by the Persians in the Middle East, and could never entirely defeat the Jews, so what did they do? Constantine converted himself and the hordes of Romans to Middle Eastern monotheism, forsaking the ancient gods, in order to create JEurope.

              THIS IS THE ENTIRE DILEMMA in a nutshell. JEurope against all enemies for the sake of the “homeland.”

              Thank you, Mac, for the website. It allows the truth to be known.

              Any idiot should now be able to figure out the truth.

              Instead of focusing on the Jeuropean Romans & Greeks, who have trashed what is left of actual Europe, mired in debt, awash in cowardice and communism – they are taking out their resentment on the Persians, who have nothing to do with their affairs.

              They simply do not believe that Jeuropeans are entitled to a “homeland” on their turf. Thus this never-ending, stupid charade!

          • Can’t do any worse. Romney would at least have his foot on the breaks going over the cliff instead of the gas.

            • Doesn’t matter if your foot is on the brake or the gas when the car hits the ground at the bottom of the clift.

            • This is the best analysis of the election I have read yet

            • Hey, it’s not the fall that kills you—it’s that abrupt stop at the bottom…

          • Have it crossed anyone mind that Obama maybe throwing the election. just think for a minute. how hard is Obama even trying. from what i can tell not too hard. and the big bird ad looked like a bugs bunny type of move. If Obama knew something very bad was going to happen that he could not stop and would most likely have to take the blame for if he is still president. i would prepare the government as best as i can, then look for a way out myself. look at all of the ammo the government is buying, and the type of laws that are being put into place. and then add how hard he is actually trying to win a reelection.

            • Omega …. I have considered this as well… Is it possible that O has had enough and doesn’t want to deal with it? Perhaps he bit off more than he can chew?

              I guess we’ll find out over the course of the next few weeks…

            • Or perhaps that so much damage has been done in the last four years- all according to the poser’s plan- that the collapse is “scheduled” to occur during a time when the R’s have control of the Congress as well as the White House so they will be blamed for it all. Then bho will be eligible to step back in in 2016 and complete his mission to “fundamentally transform” our nation without nearly so much resistance.

            • Very interesting thought Omega.

            • Nahhh… his head is too inflated to be able to accept that loss. michelle would beat the crap out of his if she had to get rid of all her slaves.

            • OmegaGreyKnight: Interesting hypothesis; we’ll see if this evening’s debate will bare this out. If he losses, even by a little, then it would seem that the ‘fix’ is in for O to make an exit before things get too hairy. No one in their right mind wants to be the captain of the “Titanic’.

            • OGK: Yes it occurred to me and I posted as much in the past day or three here. Obama is a devout Muslim (no matter what he says for public consumption) as his ring says: “There is no God but Allah”.

              He knows that if he is re-elected he will be the POTUS that must order the power of the American Military be brought to bear and unleashed against Islam.

              I love the irony. 🙂

            • Does obama have laissez faire regarding the election? Interesting idea. Does he believe the election to be important? If not, could he possibly have a “plan” in place for the purpose of retaining his “position” regardless of the results?

            • Omega: He loses riots start, Martail Law game over, all cut and sealed. For the safty of the government WH moved to Hawaii? Or WW3 is the Repub’s problem. Either way we are done for.

          • I wouldn’t want to be the seal team that goes on any operation ordered by O-man. We already know what happened to the last team that went on a mission ordered by that ass clown.




          • Yep damn liberals fucked it all up by themsevles casey, fuck them.
            Hell they gave us the Federal Income tax too fucking dems…. O WAIT seems it was a republican the parties very first potus, lincoln who actualy started the fed income tax. Just a different name 🙂 Sorry I did not write history.
            The origin of the income tax on individuals is generally cited as the passage of the 16th Amendment, passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913; however, its history actually goes back even further. During the Civil War Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1861 which included a tax on personal incomes to help pay war expenses. The tax was repealed ten years later. However, in 1894 Congress enacted a flat rate Federal income tax, which was ruled unconstitutional the following year by the U.S. Supreme Court because it was a direct tax not apportioned according to the population of each state. The 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, removed this objection by allowing the Federal government to tax the income of individuals without regard to the population of each State. For additional information on taxation in the United States, see the section on taxes on the web site of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

          • It is you’re, not your.

            The next sentence is just a mess.

            Drop the all caps thing …

            No one was asking forgiveness of Christ at the Cross.

            The Lord forgives because of the Cross, not because we ask.

            For 3 lines of text, YOUR post is rife with errors.

            • Colorado, you sound like one of those oh so friendly church people. Have you forgotten the theif who asked Christ to remember him? Probably a request for forgiveness. I know this puts me in the same category as you, but let the realist be: no one needs you policing their posts. Feel free to search, I have purposely mispelled a word. Heck, there may even be some improper grammer.

        • The flailing of an empire in it’s death-throes. Another excuse for the parasites to send more Americans to die for the nwo. Another excuse to station more Americans in permanent bases in foriegn lands. Wag the Dog is right; divert the gulible into another star-spangled lie. One more step to The Grey State. And the people do nothing to stop it.

          • Check This quote out and note Who spoke it!!

            TEXT from a Video at realjewnews dot com

            First of all, Ahmadinejad never said that “Israel must be wiped off the map.”

            In his 2005 “World Without Zionism” speech, Ahmadinejad actually said, Quote: “Israel is an unnatural creature, it will not survive.” Unquote.

            But the Jewish-owned Main Stream Media distorted his words and have spread the “wiping Israel off the map” lie ever since.

            THIS QUOTE BELOW!….

            Even Israeli Intelligence Minister, Dan Meridor, was recently cornered into admitting that it’s all one big lie.

            [Clip: “Now this idea that Iran wants to wipe Israel out, now that’s a common trope. But as we know, Ahmadinejad didn’t say that he plans to exterminate Israel.” “Israel is an unnatural creature it will not survive. They didn’t say we’ll wipe it out, you’re right.”]

        • Maybe soon, maybe not so soon. But even so…yes, keep on gathering things. But do try and find things that will draw a laugh from you and do it with friends and family and don’t feel guilty about it neither. The very best to you.

      2. Hurry up, hoist that false flag. The people will vote soon!!!

        • You are looking for a false flag!? This time it will be straight forward. At the boarder of Turky And Syria.

          • I think the false flags will be the rioting in the cities when Obummer looses. Then Martial Law is established and bye-bye Romney.

            • If and when O—-Bum**er man declares martial law, you gotta think we will never see, or hear of O-Rommey man again. For his own sake, if mar**tial law is declared, he better hope he has a deep enough hole to hide in.
              Once a totalitarian state is openly official, political candidates won’t really be needed anymore. They would come under the classification of dissidents—one step above a terrorist. Pond scum has a better chance at survival that these guys.

            • Let’s not forget he still has over 2 months to “RULE” even if he loses the election. He’s not going to do anything to help Romney be successful in his administration.

            • Heres the FED LAWS they Already signed back in 1991 by Bush sr. prez. These fed laws are awaiting implementation for Use against American Citizens, especially Christians.

              On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine!

              On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush signed the bill into law.”


              I have a Link to an actual US Rep who wrote of all this and how they scammed it to pass in us house etc, Xact same method used to pass 1913 fed reserve act…1st send all members(but 3-4) Home for Xmass…THEN #2= Pass by Voice vote then do likewise for passage in senate. 3#= Get Prez Bush #1 to sign into fed law!!

              If someone needs or wants that link just ask I will look for it and add it. They are just waiting to Pounce and institute them laws once their JWO/NWO is official. OR perhaps It is to be Used to initiate JWO/NWO?

      3. I don’t think we will attack any targets in Libya, Israel will want us ready to defend them with all we have.

      4. It’s sad how our military is used for political gain, putting young American lives in harms way, that has nothing to do with our national security. This has been going on for the better part of a century. Something big is right around the corner. It has to be. It is the law of the corrupt averages.

        • What’s even more sad, is that the Military is being used for political reasons and denied the right to vote this terrorist out.

        • Mike C

          It is a sad state of affairs when Americas youth are used in that capacity.

          What if we matched the world leaders up in one on one, no holds barred cage matches? The fight proceeds could go toward the deficit. That might slow some of the needless aggression down.

          No that wouldn’t work, the only match I would pay to see is Obama v Hillary in a death match.

        • Mike you speak of national security. It is not about individual nation’s interest and security. We live in a one world order today, and its about the world order having world security. The Roman empire spans the globe – not just the United States. The United States with its technologies has been designated as the empire’s security provider.
          The common person sees the world in a warped way. what seems like up to them is really another direction all together.

      5. Make extra money for your preps.

        Took a real hard look at my material possessions from surround sound systems to coffee cups and found that what I don’t use has good value for others looking for a deal.

        It is a great time for a garage sale!

        In sorting out what I no longer use – golf clubs and bags, tackle boxes, fishing reels, video cameras (vhs), books, holsters, stereo speakers, printers and the list goes on. What’s great is the materials you sell make room for more preps!

        Selling excess goods with a Christmas Gift Special Tag – makes folks think about other family members that might love it as a gift.

        Y’all Beware! Sell some old stuff and have fun.

        • Y’all beware: That’s what me and prepper friends did as weather finally cooled down. Got rid of stuff via yard sales, running ads. Amazing, much stuff accumulated that’s no longer used or obsolete. Money raised for preps and unsold stuff donated to charities, not brought back into the house. My best yard sale: when the temp was in the low 40’s and brisk. If Obummer knows he won’t go back in office, there may be a staged event, so stock up now.

          • Beware! If you are in the desert and you hear that a massive sand storm is coming – Drop everything and get the F… out of the way of the storm. Else you are going to find yourself in the land of the dead, and all your supplies are going to add up to nothing!!!!!!!

          • You are so right. it’s that time of year, and why not get rid of stuff that will soon have no use whatsoever? Some extra food stuffs, water filter, ammo, a new pistol perhaps??? maybe even a few ounces of silver???

        • You’re a thinking man! Great idea!

      6. More news about Libya…

        Mass Prison Break in Libya…
        “Libya’s Supreme Security Committee says 120 prisoners have escaped from jail in the capital city of Tripoli, where security guards are suspected of having accepted bribes to free them.”

        “Spokesman Abdel-Moneim al-Hurr says only two of the 120 have been arrested since their escape Monday. It is the second jailbreak in Tripoli this year.”

        “Prisoners say that since Libya’s uprising, some have been languishing in prisons without charge. They also say the courts have not moved to hear their cases.”


        U.S. Rushes to Help Create Elite Libyan Commando Force to Combat Islamic Extremists

        “The Pentagon and State Department are speeding up efforts to help the Libyan government create a commando force to combat Islamic extremists like the ones who killed the American ambassador in Libya last month and to help counter the country’s fractious militias, according to internal government documents.”

        “The Obama administration quietly won Congress’s approval last month to shift about $8 million from Pentagon operations and counterterrorism aid budgeted for Pakistan to begin building an elite Libyan force over the next year that could ultimately number about 500 troops. American Special Operations forces could conduct much of the training, as they have with counterterrorism forces in Pakistan and Yemen, American officials said.”


        • Very convenient that this story is in the news now, just before tonights debate…to bolster up support for the administration.

          I think there is more to this story that we are not being told.

          I am just unsure what that is…

          • What you are not being told is the source of the bribes that were paid to the security guards who let them go free.

            That would be, ultimately, Mr. Obama.

            • hillary is running around falling on her sword to take the blame . so i would bet that we will see some kind of retribution .
              maybe tonight , it would make a lot of excellent press for obama if he had to cancel the debate to attend to “matters or national security” . false flag event ?

              we know he cant win a fair debate .

            • And also not being told that Every:..Weekly standard-national review=worldnet daily website- newsweek-Time-ET AL; magazines are All owned by or run by or magaged and wrote by either Tribe members(zios) Or various gentiles sold out to them for huge paychecks and book deals.

              In other words they all have a total pro-zio-isreal-BIAS.

              In fact aprox less than a year ago, Newsweek magazine was going bankrupt. Guess who came in nick of time to “save” it….Former Calif dem lib jew US Rep Nancy Harmon-And- one more tribe member I cant recall name of now. They are now the Two new owners of Newsweek magaz.

              Even Worse is AP-and DEBKA…..Most are HQ’ed in NY! Ah!! jewyork Just as I pictured it!

          • KY, there’s always more to every story that we’re not being told about.

            • I agree

        • Who are the prisoners that excaped? The people that are commited to being against those that are about to come take you to prison, are worse yet kill you over you desire to exercise your right to live your natural freedoms? or the people that are killing you and organizing to usurp you inborn natural rights? There are only two groups in the earth – Those who desire to empose – and those who resist. Those who allow the imosing to impose are accepting the imposer as their leader and approving them and their imposing.
          Most of the young generation from the west have no idea that syria is a hard core communist government that apposes the religious sectors involvment in their politics. They have always been a communist government. learn history and understand better why the world has evolved to the state it is in now. read up on the great communist of the 20th century and their idealism. then compair it to modern dy capitalism and how capitalism functions to prosper.

        • Time to milk the goats dontcha think Ethel ?

        • That way we can be surprised when american trainers are killed by Labyans.

      7. mac, we have a story here that is far more important. i know that you think canada is a joke, however the premier of ontario (population of about 14 000 000 people with one of the largest cities in Norht America ), the premier being the equivalant of a governor of one of your UUUUUnited States of amarica , stepped down suddenly and without reason last night. that in itself , consdering the controversy surrounding this man and his 9 year iron fisted socialist rule of our province , would be one thing. but when vikram pandit the CEO of citibank and his COO john havens step down suddenly for no reason this morning, i think it is a huge story. something global and serious is upon us. Benji boy must attack tonight or step down today. tomorrwo will be an new refreshing day.

        • Your from Canada that explain why my file on you contains nothing but nonsense. I guess we will have to check and see which hub you using after all

          • mac, this jackass, can we please ban him permanantly.

        • Eeder,

          Thanks for the heads up… I may joke about Canada from time to time, but it’s all for fun…. When i saw the Citi CEO and COO stepped down I wondered why…. and I was unaware of the Premier stepping down as well, and just as suddenly as Citi’s heads…

          quite interesting.

          Will definitely research this over the next few hours.

          Thanks for the heads up Eeder.


      8. southernboy/facebookpage/rev ike/durango kid/ all your other aliases. come on out of your rat hole son.

        • i think you missed the pink slips that were issued in san fran this morning. paid trolls no longer needed.

          • Gee eeder, you found me out, wow are you ever clever! As you said,I’m a “quit troll”. I sneak in and post items about faith and Christ. Yup that’s me, a no good retired Presbyterian Pastor troll.

            I’m paid by Hallmark to promote Easter and Christmas so people will send more of their greeting cards, and YES, ALL OF THE JEWISH HOLIDAYS TOO.

            I’m not saying that I agree with any of your posts, because I really don’t read them much. But allow me to ask you a question if I may, “Can any person on this sight not agree with you and not be a super secret troll, just ask’n.

            • Oh, you are an idiot, almost forgot!

            • go on making a fool of yourself ike. we are all onto you.

      9. They can wag the dog or the cat for all we care. But it’s time they wag the white flag of surrender. The reality is 4 dead Americans, including 1 Ambassador. And no amount of redirected finger-pointing can, or will be, accepted. The blame falls squarely on Obama and his administration.

        • I believe the blame fells squairly on you because you did not get up and deal with the one in the office that you believe didn’t deal with it.

      10. You mean that we’re going to target the same “freedom fighters” aka alqueda that we air supported via nato and funded to over throw Gaddafi..?


      11. This is all posturing, as Hilary said, the fog of war, let’s fog the the truth from the American people. They will do whatever it takes to keep control of this country so they can continue their agenda. Lie and manipulate the truth, no one is going to drop a bomb, they just want you to think they will. The media is just as evil as they are and many americans are not paying attention. They are making mistakes now and soon this travesty will unravel, when that happens all hell breaks loose. Hang on, it’s gonna get bumpy. The debate tonight will be interesting, the dictator will not come off as very sincere or cool. His inner demons are starting to show themselves in his demeanor and looks. The party is just about over and the lights are ready to go out.

        • Hey. Give me back my deep fried Twinkies and chocolate covered bacon, Boo Boo…

          • TheGuy,

            Theys is mine sucka an you aint gittin any. I think I will change my handle.

      12. The Law of Relativity Does Not Apply to Preparedness

        “Relative” is not an Appropriate Concept in Preparedness. The fact is, relativism, is meaningless.

        What others do is irrelevant. This is strictly an assessment of risk and planning to meet YOUR needs caused by that risk.

        Comparing yourselves to the vast majority of people may make you feel better. But it won’t save you and your family in an emergency.

        Get over the smugness. Stop comparing yourselves to those who are unworthy as bases for comparison. If you must compare, compare yourselves with people who are really doing things to prepare. How do you measure up?

        Preparing in Advance is About What YOU Need
        The idea is for you to have enough to be able to take care of yourself and your family regardless of what happens. So you prepare in advance. In the pre-SHTF world, what others do or might have should be entirely meaningless while you put aside your preps. Compare this with a post-SHTF scenario. At that point, others may factor significantly in your ability to obtain your want’s or needs, which is why we prep now, before everyone is in competition for increasingly limited supplies.

        Sheeple/general public may have a few days — even a few weeks — of supplies.
        But, 3-6 months as an absolute minimum. Those that don’t prepare MUCH better than this don’t last long.
        Folks, this is a matter of absolutes. Prepare based on your own risk assessment and needs. It’s a simple process.

        Assess the risks.

        Estimate what you and your family need to survive if any of the worst case risks visit themselves upon you.

        Stock up/make plans to meet that need.

        Maintain the stocks, rotating as needed.

        Personally, I can see issues arising that could disrupt suppliers in this country for 2 or 3 years and stop suppliers in their tracks for 3 to 6 months easily.

        From a risk assessment standpoint, therefore, I figure on a MINIMUM of 6 months of supplies, but frankly, I prepare for the 3 year gig. I’m now working on my “fudge factor” (2 x my worst case scenario in supplies).

        TWO WEEKS of supplies will give you enough for a basic hurricane,power outage,etc…maybe. It will not give you what you need in a more nationwide emergency, and certainly will not take care of you in a pandemic. TWO MONTHS would merely be a good start.

        Make your worst case assessment. Prepare for that. Anything short of that: you’re just fooling yourselves.

        • One person can only prepair for their own death. Look out at creation and tell me what organism can servive on its own (be it plant, animal, bacteria, etc…)?. Prepairing is doing what the governments are doing. prepairing is coming together and organising your group so that the most capable of each task of survival is fulfilled buy the member best suited via ability and natural dispositon to fulfill and complete their assighned servival task for the wellfair of the group.
          one soldier carries the wepons, one carries the ammo, one carries the food, one cleans, one gathers, etc… get the idea?

      13. Agression Cookies

        So, if you’re feeling really aggressive…
        Here is a recipe to work the aggression out of your system!
        Aggression Cookies

        1 cup brown sugar
        1 cup butter
        1 cup flour
        1 teaspoon soda
        2 cups oatmeal

        Mix like pie crust until soft…Beat it…hit it… pound it… pinch it…squish and squash it. Don’t quit until
        you’ve worked all those nasty aggressive feelings out of your system.

        Now flatten one-inch balls of dough on ungreased cookie sheets. Use the bottom of a glass dipped in
        sugar to flatten. Bake at 350 for about ten minutes.

        You have now succeeded in transmitting your aggressive feelings into about 4 dozen sweet cookies:)

        • Copperhead, thank you for your thoughtful posts. You should group some of these together and submit them as an article here if Mac is interested so that they can get the proper amount of attention and folks can comment on them. I am going camping in a few days and found the Dutch oven post in particular to be very helpful.

          • Mamma Bear: You are welcome. Have you got a Solar Oven, just got mine this summer and it is great, I just love it. Example- Put a beef roast on at 7 in the morning and at 4 in the afternoon cut it with a fork, and you will never burn it, add no water just salt and pepper etc.

            • Copperhead, been thinking of a solar oven. Can you give me some leads on a decent one? Thanks.

        • You forgot the WEED.

        • @copperhead

          You have to stop passing along all of this good info to those no good Americanski’s. As a Soviet troll I have been ordered by the KGB to make sure that no one in the U.S. is prepared. Also to infiltrate the SHTF website.

          THAT’S RIGHT, IT IS all a commie plot, and you are not helping by spreading your knowlege around.

          (Just have’n some fun, your posts of late have been really great)

        • Copperhead,
          do you know if Coleman camp fuel goes bad? It doesn’t expiration date. It’s still sealed, I got it on clearance.

          • True coleman fuel does have life prolonging properties. Keep it in a cool place and it should last a long time. Still rotate it as you use it.

            • goodbye fagbook page.

            • I have a groupee

          • I know I’m not Copperhead but if it does go bad it takes a long time. I have had some for over 10 yrs and it still lights fine.

            • Thanks, I bought it for storage so I wasn’t sure. Right now I am using firewood more so then my propane or other fuel. I know wood smoke can be smelled from far away, but with propane and Coleman fuel I can cook with a small amount in my garage. I can and have cooked over fire many different kinds so for now I would rather use my oven and stove while I can.

          • According to Coleman’s web site, stored fuel is good for at least 5 to 7 years.

      14. I have been wondering if part of the Benghazii situation is an attempt to bring down Hillary. If so, I would expect her to make a dramatic move to put her reputation in a different light. What happens in the Middle East may be more maneuvering by Hillary with Obama playing off of it to improve his chance at reelection

        • What I initially didn’t understand is why Hillary would fall on the sword, as she has presidential aspirations of her own.

          Then it hit me, if a politician is not caught with a dead hooker, a live boy or a cute farm animal, we seem to forget their transgressions within a couple of years.

          This will enable her to campaign on an honesty and taking responsibility platform. Gag…

      15. I am thinking that if they do anything. The much more (Than last year) cynical American populace will see an attack for what it is. More of an attempt to get patriotic support than to actually do anything constructive.

        Gene Rodenberry was a visionary. His Prime Directive applies more so today in the Islamic world than a Sci-fi TV series.

        We need an Islamic Curtain. A 5th Century expansionist ideology and technology don’t mix. These people cannot be forced to become more enlightened. They have to do it themselves.

      16. We need tro get the hell out of the Midle East / North Africa area and stay out. Use Israel like the Russins used Cuba. Give them as many nukes as they need to turn the whole area into a glass parking lot. Problem solved.

        Our entire political system has been turned into a joke and we the people will pay for it for many years to come. TPTB are using the backs of the Amercian people as an ATM machine.. That ATM machine is ready to break or be broken.

        Keep on prepping as we preppers are the seed bank of a new government / society.

      17. Risking the lives of our best for political reasons is like hitting a 2penny nail with a billion dollar hammer, it’s not worth the damage we could take.

        Find and fix a target and launch some TLAM’s

      18. Just a few freakin weekks late! ha

      19. “the Clinton administration fired cruise missiles to take out a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan”

        Saddam Hussein paid the Sudanese to develop a Bio-weapon. (West Nile virus and Equine encephalitis) They were released in Israel first, then in the US a year later in several different places. That’s why Clinton bombed the factory.

        I feel like that was fully justified, but I don’t think we have the full story on the Libya attack.

        • how’s this for a “full story”?:

          Obama intended for the ambassador to be kidnapped – so he could succesfully negotiate his release – prior to the election. Plans went awry when ex-Navy Seals showed up and started kicking butt…then they all ended up dead.
          Just something I heard.

        • So Klinton bombs asprin factory Just 7 hrs Before Monica goes to fed court at 8am to Testify of the Blue dress Stains….And it was simply Another…Coincidence?…Ok Joe!

        • You are smoking neocon dope

      20. Basic Medical Kit:
        Often we hear about all of the advanced stuff that people keep in their medical kits, but don’t stop to realize, we have to have the basics if the advanced stuff is going to help.
        A list of basic medical supplies, most of which can be bought at any discount or drug store.

        Trauma Supplies
        One tube (approximately 100) unsterile 4×4 dressings
        One tube (approximately 100) unsterile 2×2 dressings
        20 packages of sterile 4×4’s
        20 packages of sterile 2×2’s
        10 ABD type dressings (maxi-pads work nicely!)
        10 sterile oval eye patches
        20 rolls of gauze bandage
        Several boxes of assorted Band-Aids
        6 triangular bandages
        5 chemical ice packs
        5 chemical heat packs
        4 four inch ACE wraps
        4 three inch ACE wraps
        10 rolls of Transpore or other medical tape
        4 ladder or SAM splints
        10 bottles of irrigation fluid (saline or sterile water)
        2 pairs of Trauma Shears
        2-4 boxes of unsterile gloves
        2 Penlights
        5 Bottles of Isopropyl Alcohol
        5 Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide

        2 bottles of Ibuprofen
        2 bottles of Acetaminophen
        2 bottles of Aspirin
        2 bottles of Antacid
        2 Bottles of Benadryl
        2 Bottles of a decongestant (Sudafed)
        4 Bottles of cough medicine
        5 bags of cough drops
        2 Bottles of Nyquil
        4 Bottles of Calamine Lotion
        Several Sting-Eze Swabs
        4 Cans of SolarCaine Spray
        5 tubes of Antibiotic ointment
        5 tubes of hydrocortisone ointment
        2 tubes of hemorhoidal cream
        Assorted Children’s strength medications
        4 Tubes of InstaGlucose
        4 Bottles of Bactine or other astringent
        2 Bottles of Syrup of Ipecac
        2 Boxes of Ammonia Inhalants
        3 large boxes of Alcohol Prep pads
        2 large bottles of betadine or
        3 large boxes of betadine Prep Pads
        One bottle of eye wash for each person in your family

        Other Supplies
        Blood Pressure Cuff
        Oral and Rectal Thermometers with
        Probe covers
        CPR mask with one-way valve
        Vaseline or KY lubricant

        This is a basic list, but it is not absolute. Depending on your level of training, you may choose to add to or omit from this list. The quantities should give the average family enough supplies to take care of several minor emergencies and should last at least a year, if not longer.

        • That’s a great list. One thing that I have added to mine in addition to the above is a skin stapler and staple remover.

          Quick and easy, instructions are available on YouTube. You can get the stapler from most online stores along with the remover for less than $10-$15 dollars.

          I would only use in an emergency situation because it looks like it would hurt like hell! However, it is a viable means of keeping your innards from going outards.

          • Does hurt but it is quicker and easier on the subject then stitching with out pain meds. Staples Glue and forming tape.

            Tampons, Pads, Super Glue, Electric Tape,, Scalpel, Antibiotic lotion, “clean water”. Will keep a lot of wounds from killing you. Very severe ones too. It will take a will patient for this to work.

            It is also not the movies every cut does not get infected to where it will kill. Use common sence and wounds can be dealt with.

            I worry more about compound fractures when SHIF then anything.

            This is a good kit say you were looking thought the remains of a town. to look for for further use.

        • Copperhead good list. One thing all items you listed in spray get in lotion or pump form. Stay away from the cans they do not last as long do not carry as much and are use less if damaged. We need a few start forums discussion on the medical issues.

          • FbP: I agree on the spray’s, but I forgot one SUPER GLUE!

            • Real Super glue not cheap copies. There is a difference. And have many. Glue with Tape strips or good old electric (Rubber) tape can secure and keep infection out of some very severe “Cuts” Worthless for scar care if it matters. In an emergencies I would only worry about that on the face and then mostly on women. I know beat me on that.

            • from above: One thing that I have added to mine in addition to the above is a skin stapler and staple remover

              After reading this, my thought went to super glue too, copperhead; after I said, ‘ouch’.

        • Quickclot Trauma pak has lots of good stuff in it.

          • Quite offen a wound that would need that is beyond care that can be given in a Unable to get to advance care situtions. I am not saying it isn’t to be used. Bt in some case bleeding out is easier on the the person then trying to do a repair without the proper skills or equipment.

            Have these discussions with your team and Group before there is a need to make these discussions. You will be amaze at how it can calm a person to know these issues in advance.

          • Celox is used to stop bleeding.

        • @ Copperhead

          Don’t forget “real honey” for burns & other wound applications. Have used it for years without problems & never had a problem with infected wounds, either!

          Bacteria & viruses cannot survive in real honey.

      21. Who cares about Libya and the untimely, artificially-induced demise of ZOG’s preppy, effeminate errand boy, let alone the raising of a force to “avenge” it?

        It would have been better and of more relevance to actual AMERIKANS if you had posted a story about Obama’s private negro army (mandated under the ‘health care’ bill) which will be heavily armed at taxpayer expense and be comprised of inner-city “youths” who worship the mulatto with a cult-like intensity.

        They will be used to man checkpoints and provide “internal security” during any so called “emergency.” If there are any questions about where this can and WILL lead unless this is OPPOSED, Google (or find on Amazon) Lothrop Stoddard’s book “The French Revolution in Santo Domingo.”

        • Here’s a much better video on Obama’s (a.k.a. Frank Marshall Davis Jr.’s) private army of color, showing young bucks in army fatigues chanting Obamite slogans in true MAOIST or DPRK fashion. They don’t have their US-government supplied guns in hand (yet):

          Sleep tight, Amerika, and keep “blessing Israel” while the viper that has been nursed in your very midst prepares to strike YOU and your families.

          • Ahab,

            Where I come from that’s called bull crap. Get out of the manure ya sick pig.

            • @ Honey Boo Boo, a.k.a. obese and cultureless White trash icon —

              I guess “where you come from” is a place that is rife with manure. See ya at the Monster Truck rally, you shit talking inbred trailer trash.

          • Hi

        • Obama’s private army is ready to be reinforced when needed:

          1) “Louis Farrakhan calls on Obama to forget about getting more votes by being ‘kind and gracious’ to white people”:

          2) Basic info on the Nation of Islam’s paramilitary force, which has long been subsidized with US taxpayer funds:

          3) “Are Election Riots coming if Obama loses?”

          Disclaimer: I am NOT a Romney supporter.

          • The Vacsine to Imunize yourself from Farakans Monky corps, is…..LEAD Injections to Their Heads.

            Use Large caliber with Deep penetration. Practice on Coconuts.

      22. Is there any doubt this is a wag the dog scenario; the Clinton’s are involved!!! Obama is an absentee president who thinks you can delegate everything, play golf and go to parties. I personally don’t think he can define the word leadership.

        Given he only has a few hours left before the debate I don’t think he will pull the trigger, but I could be wrong; he’s desperate. If he pulls the trigger in the next few hours though he can have a poor debate and blame it on being preoccupied with national security. If he does’t do it today he will time it to climax before the next debate and election.

        Lets face it folks he has the MSM on his side so he has all the resources he needs to product massive amounts of propaganda.

        My gut feeling though is that the Clinton’s will burn him and claim he tried to make them the fall guys.

        There is hope though. It looks like the NY Times is turning on him with respect to foreign policy, the muslim brotherhood and al-Qaida.




      24. Mac, I am having a terrible time commenting, I keep getting this error 404 message. I tried several times to comment to Angelo M. and Gregory8 on the previous article, but can’t. Have I been locked out or something from posting a comment on your site?

        • BI, all is well on the commenting side… last night i pulled this article last minute to make edits (it had been up for about 15 minutes)…. during that down time may be when the 404 error happened… I am going to be adding a new update to have Ajax handle the commenting here so that should make the commenting more streamlined and stable in the near future.

          Sorry for any problems you may have had due to the story being pulled early this morning.


          • Is that why I tuned in to two stories dated the 16th and then one disappeared??
            Or was I losing it?

        • BI – OT, but we had an extremely rare 4.0 quake about 20 miles from my house in southern Maine last night. I haven’t felt one around here in about 25 years.

      25. This reminds me of the story when French PM Sarkozy sent his military operations team into Africa for a spectacular mission blowing up supposed pirates as they were trying to escape. For the short term he personally enjoyed fantastic support among the French people. The facts that came out later proved it was all a charade.

      26. If we werent where we dont belong, we wouldt have to worry about such maters now would we?,

        But because this countries government cant keep their nose to themselfs or even solve any of its own problems over here, it needs to go around telling everyone else how its going to be to satisfy thier ego’s.

        We would not stand for this over here, would we?
        wouldnt we be fighting any country pushing its adgenda on us? you friggen bet we would..

        This government is setting us up for a big ass kicking if they dont mind thier own dam buisness, and we the citizens will get used as thier shields or the ones to blame

        I hear it all the time ..”You Americans” this and that..well im sick of it, the general american citizen isnt interested in pushing around this countries governments “adgenda”, and are sick of being blamed for it.

        we have problems to deal with here , and we dont need to be dealing with other countries issues , or creating more issues for them, or for this country to deal it is i think this administration is in over its head

      27. “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American… There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

        Theodore Roosevelt 1907


      28. Mac, I don’t know what is happening, but I tried again to respond to Angelo M. about israel and iran and got that error 404 message again. IF nothing is wrong with your site, then maybe the government is trying to stop me from saying anymore about this Middle East situation. This is extremely suspicious as I know it is not you, you are cool. Maybe even a foreign government is trying to shut this discussion up for “obvious” reasons. Please though look into why I keep getting this error 404 message when I attempt to comment on the Middle East.

        • Be Informed,

          I kept getting the 404 error message yesterday when I was trying to upload info. about an article from Economic Collapse blog about the global economic crisis.

          Later, the comment posted ok.

          • @ KY Mom. Here is what is strange. When I talk about benign issues, no problem getting my comments through. When I tried several times to discuss the very serious situation on the other side of the planet, I got that 404 error message. I am not into coincidences, someone is trying to shut up what I am saying. Mac is a good guy, he is isn’t, someone else that doesn’t want this discussed is. I should just go back to discussing earthquake prediction and let what is obviously going to happen, happen. Too suspecious to discount this.

            • @BI,
              Booohaaa! My plan is working, pretty soon all you will get is a 404 message. Then me and the rest of the trolls will, (wait for it)……TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

              Really, you, KY Mom and others really do help get the message out. You deserve a big gold star for your info on earthquakes.

          • Quit stealing other peoples writings without their permission and wash your hair once in a while .

      29. “…just doesn’t seem right.” I agree. This Stevens guy was sacrificed for some reason. Does an ambassador act this way? He snuck in on a cargo ship to “help” the Libyan revolution before Sadaam was overthrown. He was named ambassador after he was already there and operating?Smells like he was part of the covert US operation to overthrow Sadaam and now somebody wanted him taken down. US embassies are the poison arrow of undercover operations in foreign countries.They are not there to promote better relations. They are there as intelligence gathering hubs with diplomatic immunity.

        • Edit…I meant to say Gaddafi.

      30. I tried again to comment on this article and threw in some comments about the other region of the Middle East and got this same error 404 message. What is going on? I am not really into conspiracy things, but someone is f’ing with my comments for some reason. I have read much about key words, and this is why I am leaving those words out here. Mac, could it be some government trying to shut what i am saying up?

        • it could be as simple as a typo in the html code directing the postings on that page. Did you restart your browser and try the post again? I find saving a long post on wordpad until I post it successfully saves me a lot of typing.

      31. I truly believe the whole region is going to go off. It is not just northern Africa, the whole freaking region is ready. There are all the world powers over there armed to the teeth ready to fight. The whole region is so dangerous and waiting. This is what preppers/survivalists need to be on alert, it is a waiting game. We are all sensing it, and it is only a matter of time before the last world war starts. Those in power do not want us to know anything that is going on, NOTHING. When sites begin to hit nerves about those plans, those in very high places attempt to quell information till the event occurs.

        We are all in big trouble, this planet is ready to go to hell with geophysical and manmade disasters. Those that have prepared will ALWAYS fare a lot better. All I can say is to hit the preparation mode into high gear and try to store up what you, it is likely going to be a long winter.

        • BI ~ You were asking recently about whether anyone had noticed oddities in nature.

          Just this past week we have noticed several things. First of all, there is an eerie quiet here at night. I live in a north woods area, in basically a large clearing at the edge of a forest hundreds of acres deep. Generally at night, it is “noisy” – you hear animal noises like a chatter from squirrels and raccoons and stuff, you hear the loons and other birds. There is a lot of nocturnal activity. Now, there is complete and utter silence most nights.

          As well, I have a big dog who is generally fearless (as long as you aren’t vacuuming, haha!) The past 4 nights she has REFUSED to go off the porch to the yard to do her business before bed until I literally shove her out into the yard. Then she tucks her tail and stares out into the woods. It could be that there is something big ‘n’ scary out there, as that would explain the silence of prey animals too, but you would think I’d still hear other outdoor noise from further away. I got more solar lighting installed out there today so we’ll see if that makes a difference.

          Anyway, this may be absolutely nothing, just a significant environmental change that my daughter and I both noticed.

          • @ Daisy. Animals are sensing something, I think we all are. The planet is in flux right, just look at all the volcanic activity. I really started to get owrried after all these moderate earthquakes all over the planet when Yellowstone started acting up the other night. If it is just climatic, then something ugly is coming. Animals sense things that if we all had more quiet minds would also sense. Animals have warned people through their behaviour for centuries. There is most likely going to be a big earthquake with a week or 8 days as this area in the Balleny Islands 90% of the time it happens.

            What was driving me crazy this morning and last night was when I was trying to comment on the situation on the other side of the world about WW3 possibly starting. I kept getting this error message. I think someone in one of the governments did not want this discussed. Listen to this one, I tried to send Mac a private message on the e-mail section of the site and could not get through. Either the site is getting hacked or someone is preventing certain messages from getting through. I always try to not jump to conclusions without getting the facts first, but this just seemed to obvious to me. I could send non-concerning comments that any government would view as nothing, but when I started to discuss some serious sh^&, I got that error message and lost what I had wrote. I think as it gets closer to total state control we are going to see a lot more of this.

            • BI ~ I’ve had the same issue in the past, usually regarding Israel, the US sponsoring Israel like they are our starving feed-a-child project or something directly critical of the US government.

              Hang tough and keep getting the word out!

              As for the weirdness at night, I don’t really think it’s a bear either, as that would not cause blanket silence over the entire area. Because we are so far from any city you can generally hear “activity” in the woods from what sounds like quite far away. Generally I like sitting out there at night looking at the stars and listening to the bustle but the past few nights in the complete, I’ve been uneasy doing so – it’s like being in some kind of cavernous vacuum.

            • As it gets closer to winter, is it going to become quieter? It seems like in the fall it becomes a lot more quiet at night once all the crickets and peepers are nipped by the frost or hibernate. This is in the upper Midwest, not Canada, of course. We are going camping in a few days, and if I remember correctly, it is pretty quite this time of year, unless we leave something out that attracts raccoons. But that doesn’t explain the forboding feeling you have in your gut, does it?

              I have noticed my dog acting a little weird lately…of course he is a weirdo regardless (boxer), but he has been extra special clingy.

            • Mama Bear ~ I was thinking that, as there are a lot of animals around here that hibernate, but there are also wolves and coyotes, owls, moose, things that tramp around and make racket. I’m new to the area so I’m not sure if this is the norm or not. I think I’m more bothered by the dog being bothered than anything.

              I love boxers, btw, they are such a wonderful breed! We have a golden retriever. 🙂
              ~ D

            • @ B.I.

              Ditto…same thing here!
              Suspect somewhere along the line, a “gatekeeper” lurks!
              Undoubtedly, whoever they are…they possess some high-powered digital machinery & awesome software algorithms*.
              Makes you wonder what they’re really up to!

              * Relax Rev. Ike, you didn’t make the cut per the suspicions list.
              Anyone who’s pastor of the “Church of the Pickled Flock”, has got to be almost -‘hic’- normal.

            • @ Daisy

              Blanket silence often precludes an apex predator in the area!
              I think ‘JOG’ may be onto something.
              However, sans a cougar…methinks you should watch out for a “rouge Sasquatch”…lol
              Just kidding.

            • @Mama Bear, now I see others having “pet issues” too. My cat has also been uncharacteristically “clingy” for some reason, in the last few days. He won’t even let me go potty by myself, and he only wants to get down out of my arms to eat and potty, then back up he comes. He seems to prefer to hide a lot, which isn’t like him at all. I’m on the edge of the Mt. Hood Nat’l Forest, and it has been rather QUIET too. No turkeys wandering into our yard, no owls at night, but then we had a pretty good wind and some rain from that eastern storm blow through here too. I don’t know, it’s just weird to me too.

          • @ Daisy,
            Don’t know which section of the country you’re in – don’t need to – but if it happens to be northward towards Canada there are still incidents reported (frequently) of Wolverine predations. EVEN Bears know better than to jerk around with those…if two meet in the forest on a game trail it’s always the bear that saunters off the path to elsewhere. If you’re nowhere near same then bear in mind that over the last twenty years the American Moantain Lion’s range has broadly increased. Was previously down to just the North-West but now it’s being seen all the way to Alabama in the south and as far East as Ohio and Kentucky. Also, DOGS instibctively know both critters by smell and are acutely aware that both are mortal enemies and an overmatch for them to boot. Lot’s o Luck in either case.

            • JustOneGuy – I’m fairly far north. I’m not sure about wolverines but we do have fishers, which are related and also very very nasty. I will definitely do some research on the possiblity of wolverines. I don’t think we have any kind of wild cats here. We do have wolves and coyotes around here, which you can sometimes hear at night, but they don’t usually come this close to clearings, according to locals. Then of course, there are lots of black bears here too. Who knows – could be anything, but I’m listening to the dog’s judgement on this one!

              ~ D

            • If a man says something in the forest and no woman is there to hear it, is he still wrong?

          • Daisy, thought it was just me. I do go outside at night and noticed the same thing (The Hush). Then again a couple of weeks ago I commented to Marine 4 Life about the very same thing. A little eerie.

          • The dog is scared of your cooking .

      32. Obama has proven to be a total liar. Yeah, the set up could be to put Romney in office. But if so nothing will change. The money powers are all on Romney now. Let the GOP have a turn at the lies, neither party discusses any substance relevant to voters. The Libya people supported their murdered leader, free schooling, free health care, free housing through oil wealth. The western money powers, bankers said no way. They use these middle eastern leaders until they kill them. Israel is their planted base to achieve their goals. At least the 60’s generation in the U.S. had enough bravery to oppose the Vietnam debacle, helping to end the war, even while being infiltered with government intelligence bent on shutting it down. Now with the exception of OWS, the people have grown noninterested in stopping the madness, even as their rights are stripped away threadbare. All of this war and elimination of freedom stems from the lie of 9-11. The planned and soon to be North American Union between the U.S., Canada and Mexico will further enslave our future and freedom. “Dissension is the greatest form of patriotism” – Thomas Jefferson

      33. Tit for Tat revenge? More often there is an end goal that we don’t know about and some excuse is needed for an action that has covert intentions but requires and excuse that is acceptable. You therefore instigate a situation that justifies the response you desire.

        The truth is generally well behind the headline.

        • We have to stop this Tit for Tat. If we would just go in an kick their asses into submission this would end. Every fight has to have a winner. I don’t say the fight is right. But since we are already in it WIN. And get it over with the least losses to “OUR” side.

          Or we all could just get along. Our generation need to kick the shit out of these problem areas so OUR grandchildren will not have to deal with it ever again.

          • Facebook Page

            Quite often we create the problem to justify a military intervention.

            Indonesia has the greatest Islamic population in the world exceeding 200 million and we have no terrorism concerns there while we’re sold the idea that the hub of Islamic terrorism is run out of some cave in Afghanistan. Indonesia has little oil and is not strategically located between China and the middle east oil fields.

            What is being sold to the public is rarely the complete truth. All of this is to facilitate geo-political positioning of military forces and to keep governments in power that will continue to use the USD. Egypt, Syria and Libya were not popular uprisings. For right or wrong there is an agenda behind all of this.

            • And yes there is an hidden agenda out there. Many that we have not even consider most likely. My point is we are in this mess and we are never going to be able to just back off or just let it be. We have created a “machine” that can not have it course altered. Many to include myself are not willing to make the life of our childfren reverve in quality. With that said we should just go ahead and become the big bad guy. Clean up all to our standards. I believe in the end their would be a nice world to live in. Yes the end would justify the means. And if there is to beone power in the end I would prefer it to be an american sysytem even with it flaws.

      34. THE MAN TEST

        1. If you are over forty, and you have a washboard stomach, you are a queer. It means you haven’t sucked back enough beer with the boys and have spent the rest of your free time doing sit-ups, aerobics, and doing the Oprah diet…Faggot..

        2. If you have a cat, you are a homo. A cat is like a dog, but queer– it grooms itself constantly but never scratches itself, has a delicate touch except when it uses its claws, and whines to be fed. And just think about how you call a dog….. ‘Killer, come here! I said get your ass over here, Killer!’ Now think about how you call a cat…’Bun-bun, come to daddy, snookums!’ Jeeez, you’re so queer.

        3. If you suck on lollipops, Ring-Pops, or any such nonsense, rest assured, you are a Gaylord. A straight man only sucks on BBQ ribs, crab claws, raw oysters, lobster backs, pickled pigs feet, or tits. Anything else and you are a Homo in training and undeniably a fag.

        4. If you refuse to take a dump in a public bathroom or piss in a parking lot, you crave a deep homosexual relationship. A man’s world is his toilet; he defecates and urinates where he pleases.

        5. If you drink anything other than regular coffee, you’re as fairy as Tinkerbelle. A straight man will never be heard ordering a ‘Decaf Soy Latte’. If you’ve put a Decaf Soy Latte to your lips, you’ve had a man there too..

        6. If you know more than six names of non-standard colours or four different types of dessert other than ice cream and custard, you might as well be handing out free ass passes. A real man doesn’t have memory space in his brain to remember all of that crap. If you can pick out chartreuse you’re gay. And if you can name ANY type of textile other than cotton or denim, you are a peter puffer.

        7. If you drive with both hands on the wheel, forget it, you’re dying to tune a meat whistle. A man only puts both hands on the wheel to honk at a slow-assed driver or to cut the prick off. The rest of the time he needs that hand to change the radio station, eat a hamburger, or hold his beer.

        • On #3, you forgot the Mud bugs (crawdads). Thanks for the laugh Rich 99, hope you are well.

        • Funny is not descriptive….thanks for the bedtime laugh.

        • Very funny, Rich99! I’ll bet Smoking Okie is turning green with envy!

        • Old, very old!!!

        • @ Rich99

          Good one Rich…lol.
          A green thumb for you!

      35. Can anyone see the massive op/sec violation here? These will be Our boys going into a compromised situation. For Gods sake, who, in their right mind would alert the enemy that we are coming. This is treason. Our men deserve better, or at least a fighting chance.

        • For the most part they all ready know. And the fear of them knowing some of the best train and when allow not to be restrain by engagement order is some of the the most furious warriors in the world. I prefer they knew I was coming. Save me time when it came to putting the fear of their god into them.

          Build it and Blow it up. So much fun.

      36. The U.S. military dictatorship since WWII will not allow the control of mankind to slip from their grasp.

      37. Go to YouTube; Johnny Cash “Goin’by the Book” This is the way it is stack’n up. It is coming PREPARE NOW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!

        • only one thing to say, bend over and get ready because we cant stop it.

      38. I have been so involved in trying to figure out what is going on with the earthquakes and the situation in the Middle East that I read over what that john queer pubic wrote last night. I spend my own free time attempting to help people get ready and do something for the people that are worth it before I die or before this happens. For this f’en retard to put me into the category of some government flunky f’s really shows that there are some true retarded turds out there.

        I have written articles for this site and commented about just how f’ed the governments of this world are and I cannot state just how totally worthless the un is. When I discussed israel attacking iran, it was to try to predict what I saw as very obvious to what is coming. I tried to give a view of what I thought netanyahu might be thinking. As preppers/survivalists the best course of action is to have a heads up on what is going to happen. This is why the prepper prepares, to get the jump on what others don’t see before the chaos of food runs and panic.

        I noticed that there was 15 red thumbs down to what I was trying to warn people of what could and probably is coming on the previous article. I cannot imagine anyone thumb downing someone that is attempting to forewarn people and ready them so they can possibly get the extra additional amount of supplies they need to help them survive. I can only speculate that this hit a nerve from some government that did not want this discussed.

        In any case, I can’t imagine with my views on gun freedom and freedom in general, ANYONE calling me one of those pieces of slime that works for the government to ruin people’s preparedness and the discussion on survival. john queer pubic may just be one of those government cockroaches. I am on all of your sides out there. Preppers/survivalists are really the only chance the human race has of making into the 22nd century.

        • I’m sorry that happened, you really do provide so much valuable information. We seem to be overrun with a**hats lately, and it really makes that story about the disinfo trolls seem more likely. Do you recall how the story talked about trying to distract and discredit members of the community who were doing a good job getting information out?

          Take it as a compliment, my friend – you are making an impact.

          ~ D

          • @ Daisy, copperhead, and T.R. I have tried 10 times to send a message about the situation about the Middle East and have gotten that 404 error message 10 times. Yet I bet this small benign message gets through.

            • BI, I received your email and ran a couple comment tests just now using some choice keywords. Success on all attempts.

              I am not sure what could be causing the 404 error. I have checked the spam/trash buckets to see if the system may have automatically sorted these, but did not find them in there.

              Could you, by chance, try submitting with a different browser to see what happens?

              Not exactly sure what could be happening, but there are no restrictions on your IP or user name…

            • Thank you Mac, I didn’t think it was your site’s fault, but it is bizarre. This is why I have experimented with very benign statements, such as the one above and they go through no problem. When I mention the situation about you know who, I get that 404 error message about nothing found. I test situations to either disprove or prove something that I feel, and this seems like someone, probably from another government or this one that does not want this discussed. I even tried to send what I was trying to send to you directly through the contact us and it did not go through. That really freaked me out.

              I even ran an anti-virus check and nothing. I assume someone is watching what I send and if it doesn’t comply with what they want to keep hidden, then they make sure it does not go through. I again assume this. It really makes me feel like something is brewing and someone is trying to keep it quiet. Kind of like that 2012 movie in which they tried to keep what was going to happen shut up. I am a very skeptical person and need to have things proven to me, but this just seems to obvious to ignore. Thank you again for trying. I will give it a shot later to try to send something and see if this happens again.

        • BEinformed: believe it or not I’m having trouble posting also, ON ANYTHING. Will not go through. Are we hitting nerve’s out there. On animals our dog is going crazy just staring and barking in one direction NE has been now for 2 weeks. There is open fields that way for 2 miles.

          • There is a few hub down on the Eastern area. If you are routed though those there is the issue. It is a Mechanical problem.

        • The thumbs up or down mean nothing , seriously , post what you think you should …..people stirring up the pot ? yeah , so what ……..thats the way the internet is ….that also means nothing other than people take what some random , faceless person says too seriously . Do people do it on purpose to pull a nerve ? hell yes they do ! shit , I do it . Thing to keep in mind at all times is the fact that it means nothing , anything you read may be complete bullshit and probably is . They may write something to get a reaction , but believe something entirely different in real life …..this is the internet …..ITS NOT REAL .

          • Keep in mind also , that some of the reasons people take the internet too seriously are these more often than not :

            older generation : are far too trusting that what is written by a person is the truth about how they think or what they say and who they are .

            Younger generation : grew up saturated with electronics and have a hard time distinguishing what is real and what is not .

            bottom line : Dont trust the internet or anybody on it !!!!

            • T.R.: Well Put Sir. Then you are a LYING GOVERNMENT TROLL! So why are you on the internet!

            • You have a point about some of us older generation. We grew up reading newspapers, watching MSM news and listening to Rush and George Noory. We are f–ked…lol

            • On on for fun……how bout you ?

            • JRS ,
              your not fucked , what im saying is just use your head , look around , nobody has to tell anybody that things are bad , we live it every day . Just saying that the internet in general is rife with bogus information and needs to be treated as suspect . News today is more based on opinion and speculation than actual fact …..thats why the media gets away with all the crap ……if its just a persons opinion or a persons speculation ……it doesn’t have to be true .When your surfing the net , and reading some random forum , its just that ……random . If what somebody says makes sense to you , or agree with a comment , thats great , you got something out of it ( useful or not ) if on the other hand , somebody says something you hate and you react to it …….then you have given them power over you that they dont normally have , then you get off your comp upset or pissed off ….for what ??????!!!!! its not important . People will bait you if you allow it …..defeat it by not reacting to it . its opinion from a random faceless person you have or will never meet that doesn’t know you either , if you need to take advice , ask somebody you DO know and have known for YEARS in person .They may not be right but I can damn well guarantee you that they will have your best interests at heart .just sayin

            • Crapperhead ,
              Confederate Troll !!! get it right !

        • personally, I enjoy your posts and calling anyone names for their point of view is screwed up. I don’t see Israel as a ‘good guy’, but I thought your posts are always well thought out—don’t take it personally, you post very well, IMHO.

      39. Kudos SHTF Plan:
        The Obama administration has funded, installed, established and maintains the world’s oldest Islamic terrorist organization in power in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria is coming on soon.
        The Muslim Brotherhood ( Al Quaeda) is on the march throughout North Africa, the Middle East and throughout the world.
        Be aware and prepare!
        Right on On SHTF Plan – WRITE ON!
        “Cultures Clash and Civilizations Crash.”

      40. The delays in posting comments sure seems selective.

        • Connection to ticks have been popping up a lot lately also.

      41. Clearly key words and links are being used to control the dialog and flow of information.

      42. Just got the same error myself. I have to call Troll Command and find out what’s going on!

        • Cearence has been received. Mission is a go.

      43. In Vietnam , one of the most feared weapons , perhaps the most feared in the US arsenal was the B-52 . The reason was that the enemy on the ground couldn’t hear them , they couldn’t see them , then in a moment , the earth was turning inside out . Very demoralizing . Screw tactical teams , just carpet bomb an entire area . Attacking an embassy is and always has been an act of war . It is the host nations responsibility to keep them safe from their own people or face consequences . If American citizens started an assault against say the chinese embassy , they would be met by US forces with orders to shoot to kill . This is serious stuff .

      44. too little far too late… given the lies and confision surrounding the whole mess, it’s better to leave it be insteaad of insulting the American People – but then, what else is 0bamination really good at other than that..??

      45. Look at your young men fighting
        Look at your women crying
        Look at your young men dying
        The way they’ve always done before

        Look at the hate we’re breeding
        Look at the fear we’re feeding
        Look at the lives we’re leading
        The way we’ve always done before

        My hands are tied
        The billions shift from side to side
        And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
        For the love of god and our human rights
        And all these things are swept aside
        By bloody hands time can’t deny
        And are washed away by your genocide
        And history hides the lies of our civil wars

        D’you wear a black armband
        When they shot the man
        Who said “peace could last forever”
        And in my first memories
        They shot Kennedy
        I went numb when I learned to see
        So I never fell for Vietnam
        We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
        That you can’t trust freedom
        When it’s not in your hands
        When everybody’s fightin’
        For their promised land

        I don’t need your civil war
        It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
        Your power hungry sellin’ soldiers
        In a human grocery store
        Ain’t that fresh
        I don’t need your civil war
        Ow, oh no, no, no, no, no

        Look at the shoes you’re filling
        Look at the blood we’re spilling
        Look at the world we’re killing
        The way we’ve always done before
        Look in the doubt we’ve wallowed
        Look at the leaders we’ve followed
        Look at the lies we’ve swallowed
        And I don’t want to hear no more

        My hands are tied
        For all I’ve seen has changed my mind
        But still the wars go on as the years go by
        With no love of god or human rights
        ‘Cause all these dreams are swept aside
        By bloody hands of the hypnotized
        Who carry the cross of homicide
        And history bears the scars of our civil wars

        “We practice selective annihilation of mayors and
        Government officials for example to create a vacuum
        Then we fill that vacuum as popular war advantage
        Peace is closer” **

        I don’t need your civil war
        It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
        Your power hungry sellin’ soldiers
        In a human grocery store

        I don’t need one more war, we dont need one more war…we the people should not ALLOW any more wars.

        Deal with the individuals that are the problem, not destroy the fabric of a civilization just because of a fraction, or sigular menace.

        Wake the hell up, or hell will be woke up

        • Do I believe there are evil people in this world?
          Yes, very much.., I think were just dealing with them the wrong way..thats all.

          way too many innocent lives are getting draged into the political chest thumping, they want a war? than they should go to the front and fight it

        • One of my favorite G’n R tunes of all time…

        • ah the song of the vacuum theory 🙂 good song besides they put ppl into the vaccum not goverment officials.

      46. I wish the illegal (alien), Bisexual, Bolshevik, Psychopath, Mulatto in the black house would leave this country, along with those that voted for him and those who plan to vote for him.

        But alas, I am filled with dreams of hope and change..of a bygone past that will remain but a distant memory.

        Now, we have before us, two idiots auditioning for the role of leader of America. What an embarrassment we have on our hands, i.e. Government is a reflection of the collective quality of the People.

        • @EA
          I get the strange feeling that you don’t like El Presidente? As an offical troll on this site, I’m telling Him the next time that I report in to HQ.

          You are in sooo much trouble young man!

      47. posted twice cause i’m bein’ blocked with 401 k bullsheeit …



        The death of the well-known USSA STATE DEPT. Queer who was having homo orgy parties in libya USSA Libyan Ambassador was a planned Set-Up by the USSA State Dept. by lucifer hillary clunton and the jew mossad !!!

        The Re-Invasion of Libya is nothing more than Propaganda RE-ELECTION Bullsheeit for the CIA Obama Puppet Homo Commie Party ruling Wash DC … AND YOU ALL obviously “BOUGHT IT” HOOK LINE AND SINKER BY YOUR POSTS ABOVE !!!


        sigh … AmeriKa will never hold Libya nor any other middle eastern country … All it can do is just BOMB THE SHEEIT OUT OF THEM … an keep them constantly waring tribally with each other . Arabs through Anger and Rage of the CONSTANT FOR GENERATIONS abuses upon their mothers brothers sisters fathers by British AmeriKan French Invaders have given rise to them no longer fearing Death … I CAN ONLY now WISH dream AMERICAN PATRIOTS FELT THE SAME ABOUT THEIR OWN NOW G0NE forever FREEDOMS AND PERSONAL LIBERTY RIGHTS !!!






        • Gad to see it is working.

        • And it doesn’t have to be a glass parking lot I suggest a Vacant one instead. No holds on engagement order and this would all be quiet in 30 days.

          • But will you please vacate the innocent civilians first?
            We here are blamed for what our govt does, mostly wrong, not much right…so, does it seem plausible and probable the citizens there are not guilty and deserve the right to life?
            Just saying…our govt has killed enough innocent women and children.
   it lost?

            • No. First that never works. And yes population is responsible for its leaders. We let it happen. And just because they are women and children that does not make them innocent. Just as here the age f thinking they are mature is lowering quickly. There mostly with the skills to rage jihad. Here to be stupid

              We need to treat as a virus. Wipe out all. Cry for what we did and let our generation die off and take the guilt with us.

          • goodbye fagbookpage

        • what’s a zog?

          • Sixpack – ZOG stands for Zionist Occupied Gevernment

      48. Obama is on cruise control now with his finger on the big red button that says Martial Law.

        don’t fool yourselves in to thinking about this lesser evil BS. evil is evil and in this case both evils are essentially batting for the same hooked nosed devil.

      49. Be informed
        What do you make of the 4.5 mag in Maine?

        • I felt it, epicenter was 20 miles from my house!!

      50. Be informed,

        We just had a mother of an earth quake here in New Hampshire, never felt anything so strong in my life and I lived through a couple in California. Any thoughts on this one? It originated in Maine but felt like the house had a propane explosion underneath it. Pretty scary.

      51. everything go boom soon…be ready

      52. “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
        –Friedrich Nietzsche

      53. “If it breathes, it’s probably a terrorist.” “Drone-away, making the world safe for elitists”

        • In some of the areas of the world that will have to be the rules of engaement to finally end this war of ideas. I don’t like it but show me another way.

          • goodbye fagbook page

            • My faithful follower

      54. Yup. Just like Slick’s tomahawkig of some empty tents when the Monica scam got underway. Leftists R frauds

      55. Tomahawking.
        My typing is about as good as Obumler’s economic skill

      56. Where are the SSGN’s…

      57. This is an easy one. We already know his handlers are pissed off at Obummer because he didn’t follow orders as expected. This was, IMO, a setup to try and oust Obummer, or at least force him to do something TPTB want him to do. I, for one, am inclined to oppose ANY manipulations from TPTB. If THEY hate something, I automatically LOVE IT…Just the fact that his handlers are mad at Obummer makes me smile.

      58. I don’t think there will be any event before the elections, at least not initiated by Obama. Why? Because I think the US is now stretched so thinly that it literally could not logistically follow through any substantial (conventional, not nukes mind you)conflict a la Iraq or Afghanistan. Probably will have to withdraw from either or both of those before redirecting another war, plus a brief interlude to repair, reload, retool, replace weapons worn out from those conflicts plus maintain some provision for civil control here in US in the event “things happen” prior to, during , or after , the election. Israel knows it can’t do anything on it’s own as well. Would need the US to fight a sustained conflict that would inevitably result if it tried to take out Iran in a pre-emptive strike (series of strikes).

        No special insights, just my opinion FWIW.

      59. When is it wise to tell the enemy that you are coming. Its just the administration trying to cover their backside. I understand that this whole situation is about this administration funneling weapons through the Mbrotherhood to Lybia. These same weapons were used to kill our people there. Shame shame Oboma.

      60. Riddle me this:
        What is Obama/Soetero gonna hide behind once he decimates the military in January? Every time this moron needs a pick-me-up, he pulls out the Special Ops. Like they were created to be his own brand of hoodoo magic. I hope there is one-just one- Pentagon military brass with the eggs to inform this impostor that We The People pay for these guys and it really is all about We The People and not him.

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