Report: Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Million In Gold

by | Aug 16, 2012 | George Soros, Headline News | 293 comments

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    In a harbinger of what may be coming our way in the Fall of 2012, billionaire financier George Soros has sold all of his equity positions in major financial stocks according to a 13-F report filed with the SEC for the quarter ending June 30, 2012.

    Soros, who manages funds through various accounts in the US and the Cayman Islands, has reportedly unloaded over one million shares of stock in financial companies and banks that include Citigroup (420,000 shares), JP Morgan (701,400 shares) and Goldman Sachs (120,000 shares). The total value of the stock sales amounts to nearly $50 million.

    What’s equally as interesting as his sale of major financials is where Soros has shifted his money. At the same time he was selling bank stocks, he was acquiring some 884,000 shares (approx. $130 million) of Gold via the SPDR Gold Trust.

    When a major global player with direct ties to the White House, Wall Street, and the banking system starts off-loading stocks and starts stacking gold, it suggests a very serious market move is set to happen.

    While often lambasted for his calls to centralize global banking, increase government intervention in the economy and his support of what he has called an “emergence of the new world order,” if there’s anyone with an inside track of where things are headed next it’s Soros.

    Soros, who has written extensively of a coming global paradigm shift  in his book The Crash of 2008 and What It Means, calling the current economic and political model “an end of an era,” has recently suggested that the financial and economic situation across the world is so serious that Europe could soon descend into chaos and conflict. He also notes that the world is entering “one of the most dangerous periods in modern history”, and foresees violent riots in America and a brutal clamp-down by the government that will dramatically curtail civil liberties.

    This is an individual who not only predicted the collapse of 2008 and took action to insulate himself, he also proposed the various fixes that governments in Europe and the US would eventually implement in order to stave off a deflationary depression. In his aforementioned book he suggested that central banks infuse the system with massive amounts of monetary expansion, but also warned that not injecting enough money would simply extend the onset of deflation and printing too much could lead to hyperinflationary currency collapse.

    Based on recent activity in Soros’ US held accounts, it seems that governments and central banks have failed at those efforts to stabilize the system. As such, Soros is getting out of those companies which are most at risk should the financial system buckle like it did in 2008 and he’s shifting his assets into what may be the only asset class left standing when it’s all said and done.


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      1. Gods Creation

        The article says it all. The rats are jumping ship because they know the seeking is imminent.

        What he says is not too meaningful, but what he does should send everyone a message to stock up in REAL things and get out of paper IMMEDIATELY.

        • Gods Creation

          oops, they know the SINKING is imminent.

          • durango kidd

            GC: Its not the sinking (of the economy)that is imminent. Its WAR! War will be good for the economy (GDP)in that it will stimulate demand for war materials.

            Soros moved his paper to paper gold. If he thought that the economy was going to collapse (by deflation) he would have moved his paper (stock)to cash.

            This is just a reallocation of a portion of his assets to maximize return. Its not a vote against the economy. The economy regularly cycles through various industries.

            This is preparation for the WAR he knows is just around the corner.

            • BlueH20

              DK: Just a few months ago, Soros declared gold to be a bubble, as did Buffet.And here he goes buying paper gold that is wildly overleveraged. Not only that, he is broadcasting the fact, knowing it will influence others to copy him. As physical gold does up, Soros will be quietly selling off his paper gold. I am also sure he has lots of currency of various types tucked away. Likely he has his BOL(s) nicely provisioned for his family and whatever time he may have left.

            • Gregory8

              Durango Kidd: Your analysis is correct; Soro is dumping the stuff that will take a big hit (financials) and betting that when TSHTF most fools will run to gold. And as you stated, it’s only paper gold by which he can make a quick profit and get out because paper is still just paper. The problem with paper gold is that there is no way to know if there is enough real gold backing up the shares that are issued. Real gold on the other hand is a tangible that folks will want and need for trade/barter when a straight-up trade won’t do. Gold and silver will be the new medium of exchange. But it needs to be small gold, 1oz. silver, and the so-called ‘junk silver’ for buy and selling when a straight trade isn’t working. Ammo works well too but only if you have enough for yourself. .22LR will be the most sought after followed by 00-Buck and a few different pistol rounds. But ammo should only be traded in an emergency. Remember: first get your beans, then your bullets, then your bandaids, and finally, your bullion, in that order.

            • JustMe


              I read a couple weeks ago, that there are people quietly making “Put Calls”, and “Shorting” stocks as prior to 9/11…

              As far as war being “good for the economy”, that’s the economy of an overextended, dying empire, at this point. The longterm effect of living from war to war, is the coming police state, and stripping further tangible items from our people.

              I served in the military, so don’t think me a leftwing pasifist libtard, but I can sure see what the last decade of war has done to this country. That’s not even counting what it’s done to our Veterans.

              The next phase in the endless war, will only see more of our people’s lives ruined, and our country further bankrupted. And, unless you’re still dreaming, you must know by now, these wars have nothing to do with securing our freedom. And everything to do with propping up a very parasitic nwo.

              Further, I tend to disagree that the US will not have an economic meltdown. As you have mentioned our money is backed by nuclear weapons, but even that can only last so long.

            • Gods Creation

              DK, I respectfully disagree. He moved his cash out of equity positions in producing businesses, thus the markets that support these businesses are likely to lose the ability to do so and the prices will drop like a rock as the economy goes off the next cliff for us peasants.

              Paper gold is worth no more than collapsed equities, so I am sure he has locked in some protection through delivery contracts in the case of default of the trust, and that his claim will be senior to the many other fools who are putting their money available to buy physical gold into paper gold instead. Wouldn’t surprise me if we learn later on that the amount he put into the trust corresponds exactly to existing gold inventory held by it. In other words, he just purchased the entire gold supply of the trust in a stealth buy.

              If the economy were going to stay the same or improve, he would have left his money where it sat in equities. He was out in the second quarter because he has a very good idea of what will happen to equities in the third or fourth.

              War is probably imminent, but it will be a war against the People as they react to the economic collapse. This war will not be good for the economy or GDP. Only war overseas is good for the economy, and this one will happen right in our back yard and be waged against us.

            • Grekko

              Nope, Soros put his money in the real thing. GLD is backed by paper, not SPRD, which is backed by physical.

            • Mordecai

              @Gregory8 just what makes you so sure the .22LR and buckshot will be THE items to have? Have you been through a SHTF situation before? Where? When?

            • sixpack

              Yeah, I’m sure 50 million isn’t the lion’s share of his holdings, just a small fraction of it and meaningless.

            • durango kidd

              My Peeps: $130 million is chump change for this guy: CHUMP CHANGE. He’s worth billions. Its just a reallocation from the financials that will under perform going forward, to paper gold which will EXPLODE when the bombs start dropping.

              And NO, he is not “publicizing” this info to gain some secret advantage. His change of position is required by law and lesser lights follow the required filings to see what the “smart money” is doing; just as they do with Buffet.

            • durango kidd

              Justme: I didn’t say I agreed with the war policy, I am just pointing out what’s next.

              What’s next?! What’s next?! What’s next?! 🙂

            • clint hospo

              durango I think your 100percent right too about its war. I also think that soros will sell his paper gold fast but after iran invasion happenes, he must know from high officals that its going to happen. It all makes sense but we could be overblowing this move. we all buy and sell things depending how we feel. I tell you what,you learn on your own and apply your skills you cant go wrong and will do good in life, but if you follow actions of others for whatever reason your not doing what should come natural or 100 percent behind it and could lose you or cost you in life. Things should feel right and if they dont, dont do it. but it does thats why we prep we believe things are getting bad so we are not influenced by others so much otherwise we wouldnt disagree with each other on here daily. Wish all of us the best luck.

            • Mal R

              “Its WAR! War will be good for the economy (GDP)in that it will stimulate demand for war materials.”

              I dont think that’s necessarily true any more. The massively imprecise way of fighting wars are a thing of the past. No longer is war, as fought by us anyways, a massive use of any materiel other than oil really.

              Instead of the fleet of 100+ airplanes and 100,000 pounds of bombs used to hit a target, we use 1 plane and 1 2000 pound bunker buster.

            • durango kidd

              Mal R: Cruise missiles are more than a million dollars apiece. We will use thousands in a war with Iran before the first bunker busting bomb is dropped.

              Buy Raytheon stock.

            • TheGuy

              What’s the shelf life on nuclear weapons? And how expensive is it to build them, and how quickly can they be built?

              … mine shaft gap.

              It would be sickening if the major driver in the economy came down to our “collateral” like that…

            • Gregory8

              Mordecai: A little thing called Hurricane Andrew. In fact this Friday, the 24th of August, will be the 20th anniversay. I and my family were living in Kendall, which is half wasy between Miami and Homestead, when it hit. There was no power or water for days except what one had stocked up on. And there were also no police since all of the roads were blocked by downed trees. Roving gangs as well as individual looters were out in force and the police told everyone to do what they had to do to protect themselves. I was prepared and well armned unlike some of my neighbors. As for the ammo you asked about, it appears that you don’t have much shooting experience. I am an Endowment Member of the NRA, I belong to a private gun club, and I have a backround in both the military and law enforcement. I’ve been shooting for almost 40 years. 00-Buck is a very versatile round: it’s good for home defense, as in Andrew, but it’s also a decent hunting round as well. .22LR on the other hand is the most common round here in America: it’s good for hunting small game. It’s also pretty cheap and easy to store in bulk. Both types of ammo will be in high demand in any long term SHTF senario and that means barter potential. I strongly suggest that you get some firearms training while you still can Mordecai.

            • jimbo

              for me the problem with soros is he is a big part of the problem the world faces. he has propped up obama and has done his best to destroy america. he gets off on this. if i was president for a day seal team six would pay soros a visit.

            • John W.

              Are you drtunk? How can war be good for a bankrupt country? I mean really bankrupt like the US is. The final straw will be another war that will push the US into insolvency. War is never good for an economy as it is all based on debt.

            • David Lory VanDerBeek

              I like the comment. I would add let’s put this in PERSPECTIVE. Soros is worth 20 Billion. He invested 130 Million. That’s 0.65% of his net worth. Now if he had moved several BILLION into gold that would have been something. The amount of stock he removed from the market was only 50 Million or 0.25% of his fortune. That move was only a 1/4 of ONE PERCENT of his money.

              Also, SPDR Gold Shares say they have 1274 tons of “gold in trust.”
              So, is it fair to ask if this is a physical holding of gold or just a paper holding of gold?

              If they really have the gold, he made a solid investment and he won’t be selling it off as people suggest when the general public moves to gold. If its just paper, then he probably will. Hard to say. Can we believe any gold fund that says they have “gold in trust”? He’s an insider and it is a very telling thing that he has spoken out AGAINST gold and now he is investing. But at only 0.65% of his net worth, he could hardly be called a gold bug or bullish on gold. Am I wrong?

          • Jim

            Too late; if GS moved in this is just to drive up the price so he can make enough to fund obama2…just like you heard about this after he did it; you’ll hear about him dumping after he did that too.

            • SilverFox

              I don’t know Jim, the article says he invested 130 Million. This is nothing for the gold market. Just a drop in the bucket. That amount won’t move the market an inch. 2.5 ton’s by my quick calculation. Many countries have been buying by the 100’s of ton’s so his puny investment won’t be driving the market, but I do think he knows something that is about to happen.

        • Tina

          I agree…actions speak louder than words.

          This seems to coming together so quickly. Everyday we find out more and more…..We are so screwed.

          • KY Mom


            I agree! Things seem to be speeding up.

            Continue to pray and prep. Be strong.

            God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

            • Cowboy45


            • janna

              technically, they floated on top of it, came to no harm whatsoever, and lived miraculously by the glory of the LORD.

              and, there were only 8 people who were saved.

            • rock

              I.E. Noah and family, is a picture of Israel.. But Enoch walked with God and was taken off the earth, picture of the Church.. Think about it.

            • Bulldog

              KY Mom,
              That is the best wisdom I have heard in a long time. Perfect!
              Thanks 🙂

            • MXLord327


            • lane

              Yes, all eight of them…

          • Gods Creation

            Tina, just imagine how quickly it will seem to come for those who are still sleeping. They will go to bed one night with a job and a big 401K, and wake up the next unemployed and broke wondering how it happened.

            At least God gave us the good sense to get as ready as we can be.

            • Tina

              I have mentioned this before in a previous post but will mention it again.

              In Jan 2011, ago I had a very wealthy investment consultant (a very good friend of ours) say to me over dinner that “if people only knew what was going to happen they would be jumping off buildings like they did in 29”. After he said this he quickly changed the subject to a much lighter topic…but this was his WARNING to me. I could see the sadness in his face and this is something that sticks with me.

              I can imagine people reacting like that if they go to bed with a big 401K and wake up the next morning and it’s all gone. Or people expecting that pension check to arrive….and it never comes.

              We are all in for a ruff road, some will have a ruffer road to travel than others if the refuse to prepare now.

            • Tina

              AND YES EVERYONE…I know how to spell “rough”. I just thought I would give you all something else to talk about….for you spelling nerds out there!!!

            • thiscreepingmalaise

              u doont spel two guud teena!

            • JayJay

              And I do truly believe it is God’s will for us to plan..why us?? why not others with much more ability and funds to accomplish in one hour what it takes us months to do?
              Ain’t it strange and one of the wonders.
              Nonetheless, I am listening..I am prepping.

        • Be informed

          @ Gods Creation. I agree, rats know the boat is going down, but it can be for reasons that are not discussed. I have long thought that the destruction of the financial system will be brought on by an event severe enough to topple it. The planet can unleash just about anything to collapse everything, which has happened many times before. I still see tremendous pressure building up on the Pacific plate. It could be that these super rich have advanced knowledge of what is going on in the geophysical part of the equation. A super volcano going off in New Zealand will absolutely collapse the economies of the world. I have seen a lot of activity in the Atlantic region the past couple days, this means pressure on three spots from this earthquakes: southern Europe, New Madrid Fault, the Caribbean. No earthquake is imminent here, just pressure is building.

          I also look at war. Again these that can afford to purchase advanced information are seeing the signs of what is to come. War is a strange animal as it tends to either fizz out quickly or blow and escalate exponentially like World War 1 did. I wish there was better signs to look for, but Israel will likely not risk their pilots and attack Iran + or – 5 days of a new moon. The new moon is tommorrow. Ramadan ends Sunday, so anytime between Sunday and Wednesday of next week would be the window for this attack this month.

          I could be wrong, but I truly think that something is going to have to be a push to knock the economy over. The push though is becoming less powerful as necessary to knock over the economy as it becomes weaker and weaker each day.

          • Gods Creation

            “” It could be that these super rich have advanced knowledge of what is going on in the geophysical part of the equation.””

            I think you give them too much credit. What happens to the Earth is beyond their control, as it the knowledge of what may happen in the future.

            • Be informed

              @ Gods Creation. I can bet practically anything that if someone knew that say Yellowstone was going to blow, only those that could bribe that knowledge out of of someone would be those that know of an impending eruption. I know it sounds like that 2012 movie, but I have learned you just cannot trust any of THEM.

              Each day though it feels like we are getting so close to it happening. I kind of feel that one afternoon it will come on suddenly and continues to expand out of control. This is the time that preppers can finalize everything, while the masses are still shell shocked. Ammunition buys are something that should be on the top of the list along with fuel during this lull before the storm, then extra food, water, and other necessary supplies. I say ammo and fuel first because these are going to be the first to be halted for sale by the state.

            • Be informed


              Just another angle to look at as meetings like this are often before military action is planned.

              If BO meets with Netanyahu before Septemeber 19, then it could mean Septemeber 19-20 is the attack time. New Moon is Septemmber 15, and Rosh Hashannah ends September 18. If the meeting is before September 10, then the window could be September 10-16, as the Jewish holiday begins Septmeber 17. Israel wants the skies to be as dark as possible. Someone knows something. War will likely collapse the economy, especially if it goes out of control as it should.

            • FNTM

              Will you guys quit talking about Yellowstone. I plan on being there this time next month.

            • Be informed

              @ FNTM. Yellowstone is over continental crust, and New Zealand’s Mt. Taupo is over oceanic crust and much more prone to plate movements. Yellowstone could have actually moved over a more stable piece of crust that rides over this hot spot since it last erupted 640,000 years ago. September is an excellent time to visit Yellowstone, it is beautiful this time of year. I think you MIGHT have more to worry about in September about getting fuel and travel problems because of a Middle-East war than Yellowstone blowing. About odds wise the difference between 500-1 and 3-1.

              Enjoy yourself if SHTF has not happened yet in September, this country is exceptionally nice to visit around the start of fall, best time to visit.

          • Angry Mama Bear

            @Be Informed,

            You wouldn’t happen to be remote viewing would you?

            • Be informed

              @ Angry Mama Bear. If I could remote view I would have long ago picked the winning power ball numbers, I wish. What I am going by is science and past events from when Israel and many other countries have launched previous attacks. With earthquakes I use a globe to gain a three dimensional look at what is going on with the plates and their collisons with each other and focal stress points likely to break. They just had another earthquake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and this one shows big time pressure on the Caribbean plate, especially the southeastern portion of it.

              I normally try to predict earthquakes based on polar activity, closer to magnetic pole north or south. Have not had any later. If there was an increase of this polar earthquake rumblings along with the Mid Atlantic Ridge uptake, I would give a prediction of a likely earthquake in the Virgin Islands or Puetro Rico region to the other islands east of here. I would say maybe a 25% to 40% of a 6.0 earthquake in this area within a week or so. Increase the activity toawrds magnetic north of south and I would say that chance would jump to 75% or higher. I have not seen this much activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge since before the Haiti earthquake, as Haiti is on the same fault boundary.

              If I knew what was exactly coming I would tell everyone. The best I can personally do is try to figure out patterns and past behaviour of militaries and try to speculate something out with the best chance of occurring. Earthquakes are so much easier to figure out than the minds of these bizarro leaders of the world.

          • JR

            New Zealand super volcano? Hopefully, that is where James Cameron bought his massive ranch! 😉

            • Be informed

              @ JR. IF Mt. Taupo blows in New Zealand, James Cameron and everyone else on this planet is in big trouble. This super volcano is capable of an eruption larger than Yellowstone, it has the 5th largest eruption on record of any super volcano. New Zealand is literally being being squeezed around at 3 different angles. The Pacific plate is really on the move as is indicated by that 7.7 deep focus earthquake in eastern Russia. Deep focus earthquakes are usually never about 7.0. ONLY two I have ever heard of, this 7.7 this week, and a 8.1 in Peru many years ago on the Nazca plate which is tiny in comparison to the Pacific plate.

              The thing about a super volcano is that they cannot be prevented with today’s technology. No hollywood type movie saving the day scenario, when it is really to blow, it erupts. A super volcano of this size will drop the temperature of the planet 20 degrees F. People will not have to worry about the economy collapsing, it will implode with no trouble at all. They will have to worry about food, clean water, breathing, collapsed roofs as only 1 inch of volcanic ash cause someone’s roof to cave in. A super volcano of this size going off would kill everyone on New Zealand and end or vastly alter human civilization. It would take hundreds of times the entire nuclear arsenal of the world to equal the amount of debris that would hit the atmosphere after a true super volcano blew.

              It is incredible to me to see all these potential SHTF events ready to go off, from economic debacles to geophysical, to war, to others, and the masses just seem so go lucky. That is why the prepper and sites like this are so important, because they deal with the REAL issues of the world that are percolating away like the magma bubbling over and flowing under New Zealand area. That has already lead to 4 volcanoes, including a pumice floating mass almost the size of Hawaii around New Zealand from a volcano that erupted 3600 feet under the sea last month.

        • Wilson

          Wait just a miute, all indications are be bought into “paper” gold, not physical. if that is correct he really isn’t very smart. if you can’t touch/hold it you don’t have it.

          • John W.

            He’s a freakin billionaire. he makes markets. You think anyone messes with his things? Not unless they want something bad to happen to them and their families. This guy helped send fellow Jews to the camps and then went back and stole things from their homes. Not someone to screw with.

          • JayJay

            That’s what I thought, wilson–what is it they say?? If it’s paper it’s not worth any more than what it’s written on??
            I read no delivery of treasury bonds now, just online?
            No certificate in other words, just some computer saying you have purchased XXXX???

        • JR

          Dear Mr. Soros,

          Dear sir. May I humbly suggest put ALL your money with the famed Jon Corzine. As you know, he is Obama’s money bagman and – as Joe Biden said – the very first one they called when they took office, for advise on how to fix the economy. Mr. Soros, I a absolutely SURE Mr. Corzine will know how to take care of your money, just as surely as Mssrs. Obama and Biden have done such absolute wonders for the American economy, and Mr. Corzine did for his mupppets… er, people, at MF Global.

          Your sincerely, Joe Sheeple
          Obummer White House: A Fully Owned Div. of Goldmun Suchs

        • clint hospo

          THIS IS OFF TOPIC BUT IMPORTANT- if your not sure what these new nazi checkpoint the DHS have purchased, you can go on google this below

          UL 752 Bullet Resistant Guard Booths— Just trying to help with those who are not sure what they are or look like they are supposed to be level 3 at least meaning a .357 won’t penetrate or will a .308 or ak-47 or ar-15 with most rounds. So higher caliber will be able to. Just wanted to post this for those that dont know the armor level. now level 3a is lower(not as good) than level 3 big difference

          • SWIFT

            It is my belief that level 3’s ability to stop rifle rounds is grossly exaggerated. I have some experience with such things and believe the manufacturers are hyping it above it’s capabilities. I would not want to be the guard behind it. Further, there are ways to enhance pistol ammunition (hollow points)that I believe will penetrate it. If I were assigned to man a road block behind one, I’d start praying.

            • John W.

              Shoot them in the helmet with a heavy round. It will break their neck if not blow their head off.

          • Bulldog

            hornady makes a 245 grain .308 now. it might do the trick. still lokking for load data for it though. 🙂

          • Bealman

            Sooner or later, they exit their station and try to go home. AND, they all have replacements that have to come to work…

            A country, regardless of how strong, how many rounds of ammo they have or how organized they think they are can survive against a determined gorilla force. America’s might was taken down by Vietnamese riding bicycles and digging tunnels. You might want to prepare if your ever going to do anything. But don’t think you will ever succeed in a frontal attack or frontal defense. Think and win..
            Think: a single overpass drops to the highway below, the days job is done. Go home and rest up for another day.

          • Gregory8

            Clint Hospo: Pardon my ignorance, but what DHS checkpoints? Are these some kind of roving/mobile checkpoints set up at different locations along our highways as a form of internal secuity measure or are you speaking of the border crossing stations with Mexico and Canada which have always been there? Sorry for sounding stupid here.

        • Bealman

          Real “war” makes the World Players fortunes. So much in fact, that many times they finance both sides- research it!If anything is about to “fall” it’s because GS caused it. Have the bank stocks fell since he “bailed”? Did he sell short on all of those or any others that would be affected?
          The next “war” will be against the citizens of America. Why do you think the Feds- through several agencies have purchased 1.2 billion rounds of “hollow point” ammo? You don’t really believe that “training” crap do you? Let’s just meander along, wait and see what “they” have planned for “us”! I have seen/participated in chaos- the giggles and smiles are not found – some commit suicide to escape. By the way, .22 LR HP is all one that can shoot needs and it fits many type sprayers – cheap – 2-300,000 rounds, start on the band-aids and bullion. Finally, suggest you research Petrodollars – Casey Reports. That is the bottom line on everything.

        • c

          Soros did not foresee the 2008 crash, he orchestrated it or at least part of it. He is a nation eater. He causes chaos in nations to make them vulnerable and then goes in the breaks them apart and takes the assets. Remember the 1980’s and all the corporate raiders? Companies got broken apart and then the parts sold off and those who did this just walked away with the cash. Never mind the devastation to lives that they left behind? He does it on a much bigger scale.
          War is the next step to destabilize this and other nations to set up the OWG. But also just look at history. The patterns in history show war is the next step so the powers that be can continue making money in a devastated economy.

        • Ulysses

          Where do the rats go after jumping the sinking ship? Just wondering.

        • PhysicalGoldOnly

          You (and George Soros) have the mistaken view that the SPDR gold trust is not paper?

          I suspect he is in it for a trade only.

          But it doesn’t give you possession of physical, which is what you need as the dollar collapses (Yen/Sterling too).

          Anything of paper will burn, gold held close will shelter your wealth.

          Good luck!

        • Nuala Kavanagh

          Another bunch of lunatic survivalists. Does it make you feel good to dream up this crap. I remember back in the 80’s when I knew a guy who was in the LAPD who was stockpiling guns and food in a cabin he had in the mountain’s because there was going to be a race war. He and his retired buddies from the LAPD moved to Montana to wait for the race war to begin and to defend their property. The ones that are still there and still waiting.
          You and your friends who think like you do are looney tunes. George Soros is poor compared to the Koch Bros. and Adelman who are pouring billions into the right wing PAC’s to elect a guy whose strings they can pull. Think about it, why would they be pouring all that money into a Presidential election if they did not want the winner to do their bidding. Just saying.

        • atasteofcreole

          But there is noting to back up this article. Just one man’s views. If you do some research, all the stocks he dumped are tanking.

          Citi, Morgan & Goldman have been hit with HUGE fines. I would do the same also. Facebook stocks are in the can too!

        • Roden

          Suppose this is just another one of their ploys?

        • finn

          Please do not be swayed by the actions of soros. He is “playing” his game of manipulation….at which he is quite adept….this man is someone I refer to as an evil genius….he knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to attain it. He owns a GREAT percentage of the media in this Country. One of the many, many extremely frightening things I have researched recently is the company who will actually counting the votes in our upcoming Presidential Election…think it is a company in the U.S.? Guess again. My suggestion….pay attention and be aware of what’s going on in the world around you as well as in our Country….I wonder why the US ARMY website has a job listing for Internment/Resettlement Specialist? There are many things happening which are disturbing to those born prior to 1970 and I want, no I demand, that the next person who occupies the Oval Office, be accountable to the Citizens of the United States….

      2. durango kidd

        Invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.

        • Tina

          There no more lead…the govt bought it all….LOL

        • Gods Creation

          DK, at some point the gold silver ratio will return to its historic 16-1, or so. Right now it is 57 – 1. Silver should rightfully be priced at around $100 FRNs an ounce instead of 28. Your investment returns in gold will be less than half of that, probably far less, than of those who invest in silver, and they will have a far more useful item for trade.

          Besides that, how is anybody going to make change for that ounce of gold you need to spend/barter on a small necessity you run out of?

          Silver is the metal of choice for daily transactions after the SHTF, as well as investing for profits beforehand. Recommending that people put their money in gold is REALLY BAD ADVICE, unless they have more FRNs than they can trade for silver. Most do not.

          Gold is the money of the banksters, silver is the money of the people. Always has been, always will be, even if DK says otherwise.

          The time is drawing near, it seems, for another wake up call to the People. Fortunately, it WILL happen before they can grab the guns. At least your advice to hoard lead is useful and will not hurt anybody financially in the future.

          Excuse me, an Obama commercial just came on TV. I need to go puke.

          • durango kidd

            GC: You said:

            “DK, at some point the gold silver ratio will return to its historic 16-1, or so.”

            Not necessarily GC, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. We are in a new paradigm for that the relationship. That past ratio was ARTIFICIALLY set.

            The metal markets, though manipulated, more accurately reflect the current relationship between gold and silver.

            While I believe that astute investors can trade silver profitably and make higher returns then they can on gold; which is why I say “speculate with silver”, gold is the way to preserve your wealth, or at least a portion of your wealth through the Changes.

            It is not necessary to buy 1 oz gold rounds. Gold come in smaller denominations than 1 oz, but I agree that silver will be the metal for most small transactions and/or barter.

            Gold is the way to preserve your wealth or a portion of your wealth. Gold has been and will remain in demand as far into the future as it has been in the past.

            “Gold is the money of the banksters” yes GC, that is true.

            History shows that Gold is the money of bankers and merchants. It always has been so and always will be so. That is why I encourage everyone to buy some gold after they have their preps.

            They should also own some silver. I do. They should also own a metal detector, a fishing pole, an AR-15 and move to the mountains. 🙂

            • JustMe

              “AR-15s are only good for domestic terrorism”-Jesse Jackson


            • Gods Creation


              “””Not necessarily GC, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. We are in a new paradigm for that the relationship. That past ratio was ARTIFICIALLY set. “”

              No, that is the proportion of each believed to exist in the Earth. For every ounce of gold to be mined, there were 15 ounces of silver to be mined. So far as I know, geologists made that determination, not the banksters.

              The difference now is that we consume the silver as it’s mined while the gold builds up with very little consumption. Almost all of the silver ever mined has been used and is unrecoverable, while almost all of the gold ever mined is still with us.

            • durango kidd

              GC: Thanks for the spurious argument. I was waiting for that. 🙂

              If there were any basis for the rationale for the value of silver to gold based upon their distribution in the earth; then it would be reasonable to assume that the value of gold and PGMs would also correspond to their relative distribution too.

              They don’t.

              PGMs are six times as scarce as gold, and they are valuable industrial metals for high technology and autos too, yet the other day when I checked, Platinum was around $1350 and gold about $1550. I haven’t checked price links at SHTF Metals today, but if your rationale was remotely logical Platinum should be well above $3,000.

              It isn’t. Try again! 🙂

            • Gods Creation


              “”””PGMs are six times as scarce as gold, and they are valuable industrial metals for high technology and autos too, yet the other day when I checked, Platinum was around $1350 and gold about $1550. I haven’t checked price links at SHTF Metals today, but if your rationale was remotely logical Platinum should be well above $3,000.”””

              Gold and silver are monetary metals, thus the prices are manipulated to conceal the true loss of value of the banksters paper substitute.

              The others, such as platinum and palladium, are priced on the cost of mining because the price manipulation of them is not essential to the the continuance of the banksters fraud.

              It is very logical that things left to their own devices by the banksters will reach a fair market value based on the cost of extraction and processing.

              What is illogical is comparing apples and oranges to support a conclusion about banana’s.:-)

            • durango kidd

              GC: You said, “What is illogical is comparing apples and oranges to support a conclusion about banana’s.”

              That is EXACTLY what you have done. 🙂

              Gold and silver are not money. Fiat is money. Gold and silver and pgm’s are commodities. If your rationale was appropriate for silver and gold, it would be appropriate for gold and platinum ESPECIALLY based upon the cost to mine any of them.

              However Cost doesn’t determine Value.

              Value is ascribed to a product, good, or service by informed buyers and sellers in the marketplace. If the cost to produce exceeds the value of the P,G,S perceived by the market place, then the price drops and the P,G, or S is not mined, manufactured, or produced.

              Yes, the ratio of silver to gold in the earth is 16 to 1, thus the ratio. For gold to platinum it is 6 to 1.

              Value is based on the worth ascribed to goods, or services, or commodities by the marketplace. The “marketplace” is a group of informed buyers and sellers, knowledgeable about the product or service who are willing and able to pay a negotiated price for that good or service, in their own self interest.

              A transaction under such conditions is a meeting of the minds. Thus the marketplace determines the relationship in the value of any given product, service or commodity.

              The relationship, or real ratio between two similar competing products can also be deduced using the Principle of Substitution as buyers and sellers determine the price at which they will buy or sell a given, product, service or commodity.

              The historic 16 to 1 ratio was ARTIFICIALLY established in America when the Silver Barrons induced Congress to back fiat with silver as well as gold.

              When Nixon cut the cord between metals and money. The artificial ratio between silver and gold was cut too. Now the marketplace, though manipulated by the market makers, determines the ratio between silver and gold.

            • Gods Creation

              Come on DK

              “””Gold and silver are not money.”””

              Apparently you have not read the Constitution.

              “””The historic 16 to 1 ratio was ARTIFICIALLY established in America when the Silver Barrons induced Congress to back fiat with silver as well as gold.”””

              All the silver mined was MINTED into dollars, not sold as a “commodity”. Silver and gold is the money of the Republic by Law. Anything else is and was a fraud. And there was no fiat then, it was all Lawful coinage of specified weight. All paper was redeemable for Lawful money. The ratio in the beginning was not 16 to 1, but 20 to 1. 20 silver dollars bought a 20 dollar gold piece.

              “””When Nixon cut the cord between metals and money. The artificial ratio between silver and gold was cut too. Now the marketplace, though manipulated by the market makers, determines the ratio between silver and gold.”””

              Come on DK. A market cannot accurately determine anything if it is manipulated. The manipulators do that by creating false supply on paper to distort the price of the real thing. Any meeting of the minds is based on a lie.

              But really, you seriously need to rethink that first statement that gold and silver are not money. They are the ONLY Lawful money.

              Fiat currency is NOT Lawful money, which is why you can not Lawfully transfer title and ownership using it. All you can gain is equity and usage rights. The issuer of the fiat retains Title.

              That is basis of the bankster fraud and why the Fed, through Unlawful force applied by the State it funds, can come and take it back from you without recourse.

            • durango kidd

              “””Gold and silver are not money.”””

              GC; you said “Apparently you have not read the Constitution.”. I have read it and I understand your historic definition of American money, however the reality today is the FED has the legal authority to create money in OUR name.

              The historic definition of American money was ended by Nixon when he removed US from a metals money standard.

              MINE: “””The historic 16 to 1 ratio was ARTIFICIALLY established in America when the Silver Barrons induced Congress to back fiat with silver as well as gold.”””

              YOURS: All the silver mined was MINTED into dollars, not sold as a “commodity”. Silver and gold is the money of the Republic by Law. Anything else is and was a fraud. And there was no fiat then, it was all Lawful coinage of specified weight. All paper was redeemable for Lawful money. The ratio in the beginning was not 16 to 1, but 20 to 1. 20 silver dollars bought a 20 dollar gold piece.

              MINE: Yes GC the US government under the lobbying of the Siler Barron’s bought all of the silver and at a high price. Then the US government minted the coins and established the value thereof. The US government FIXED the price of silver and gold.

              MINE:,“””When Nixon cut the cord between metals and money. The artificial ratio between silver and gold was cut too. Now the marketplace, though manipulated by the market makers, determines the ratio between silver and gold.”””

              YOURS: “Come on DK. A market cannot accurately determine anything if it is manipulated. The manipulators do that by creating false supply on paper to distort the price of the real thing.

              Any meeting of the minds is based on a lie. But really, you seriously need to rethink that first statement that gold and silver are not money.

              They are the ONLY Lawful money. Fiat currency is NOT Lawful money, which is why you can not Lawfully transfer title and ownership using it.

              All you can gain is equity and usage rights. The issuer of the fiat retains Title.”

              MINE: I didn’t say that a market can ACCURATELY determine the price of gold or silver if it is manipulated. I said a marketplace is more accurate than an ARTIFICIALLY set price.

              Your description of how the GB’s manipulate the market is not accurate. The price of gold and silver is FIXED every day in London, not unlike LIBOR. Therefore it is arbitrarily set by a market maker.

              MINE: Fiat currency (FRN’s) is lawful money as established by Congress. It may not be Constitutional but it is lawful. If you believe your FRN’s are not legal tender, please send them to Mac and hopefully, he will forward them to me!

              YOURS: That is basis of the bankster fraud and why the Fed, through Unlawful force applied by the State it funds, can come and take it back from you without recourse.”

              MINE: Wrong again, GC! That is not the basis of the bankster fraud. The basis of the bankster fraud is the interest that WE must pay them for borrowing OUR own money that they are allowed to create out of thin air. Last year the GB’s made $77 Billion creating and lending US OUR own money.

              Keep trying GC! I am sure someone is learning something even if you are not! 🙂

            • Gods Creation

              DK, you are so mislead as to be almost not worth trying to teach. I will only address one of the issues because this thread is getting old

              DK Says: Fiat currency (FRN’s) is lawful money as established by Congress. It may not be Constitutional but it is lawful. If you believe your FRN’s are not legal tender, please send them to Mac and hopefully, he will forward them to me!

              FRN’s are defined in Federal Statutes as “liabilities of the United States.” You do not understand the difference between Lawful Money and Legal Tender. They are NOT the same thing. You can not buy anything with someone elses liabilities. that’s why you don’t own the things you buy with it, but only have equity interest in the banksters property.

              Until you can clear your corp cluttered mind enough to understand the Law, you will not be able to grasp the concept of the “legal tender” fraud. Congress has no authority to define money, the Constitution does that. Congress can only say how much gold and silver makes how many dollars.

            • durango kidd

              GC: Nice try but you are the one who keeps moving the goal posts. 🙂

              YOURS: ‘You can not buy anything with someone elses liabilities. that’s why you don’t own the things you buy with it, but only have equity interest in the banksters property.

              RESPONSE; Not true GC! When WE all go to the store and buy groceries with the FRN’s WE use, WE purchase the products WE want and CONSUME them! They are gone!

              That represents more than just an equity interest GC, so your rationale is WRONG!

              Look, I appreciate your dedication to the US Constitution and your commitment to explaining the original intent of OUR Founding Fathers to others, (even me) BUT, that is not reality, period.

              Changes have been made to the Constitution and today WE live with those Changes. Before We can return to original intent, WE must address those Changes.

              ENGAGE! 🙂

          • DPS

            With all due respect to the ppl arguing about gold or silver for after shtf. I have noticed something about this site, most of us are just trying to prepp and make ends meet. We are your 99%ers and when the SHTF and would be happy to share my shyt with the 99%ers and take the gold and silver for the rest…. Really who gives a f–k about what soros is doing with his 30 pieces of silver..


            • durango kidd

              DPS: People care about what Soros is doing because where a man’s treasure is, there will his heart be also.

              With Soros his treasure and his heart is with his money and the power and the influence that money buys. (Not to mention the hot young babes half his age for entertainment).

              The extent of his wealth (and his business acumen) gives him access to sources of information and knowledge that the average joe just doesn’t have.

              His business insight into financial affairs gives US a window into his mind as the what is or may be occurring in the economy because he has his own money at risk.

              These are the same reasons that people listen when Faber, Rogers, or Buffet speak or act.

              No one is infallible but I would rather listen to a man who puts his 30 pieces of silver where his mouth is, rather than some self proclaimed Wall Street guru trying to sell me TEOTWAWKI via a monthly subscription, or his latest CD.

              Reason enough to go to school on him.

            • DPS


              And as you said $130 million is CHUMP CHANGE to this man.. I don’t see any heart in this, I see a man that will try to make another million or 2 off of screwing people AKA the system. What are the odds of me and you meeting this POS in our afterlife????? Therefore what should I care about what or how many young girls he has at his place.. And really if its all about the babes he gets with his big money then where do you see his soul going when it comes time? We will all be held accountable for our lifes.

              Thanks for the fast response,

            • durango kidd

              DPS: At over 80 years old the babes are probably not a high priority on his list, just a benefit from his status; but he is what he does: just as WE are what WE think and do.

              As a man thinks so he is. Soros thinks about money and markets. That is who he is and who he has been all of his working life.

              Everyone has their interests, their individual gifts and inclinations. His interest is money and markets. While most of US probably judge him harshly for his liberal views, who are WE to say? Who are WE to judge?

              Not everyone is destined to be a financier.

              Some of US are the cop patrolling OUR neighborhood, the grocer down the street, or the teacher doing the best job they can in a difficult environment.

              I am sure that he believes he is doing God’s work with his liberal causes, even if WE think he should be drawn and quartered. Those judgments aside, he is one of the best at what he does.

              Excellence is always worthy of OUR observation for the understanding that WE can absorb from it. In a flat economy and with an uncertain financial environment, he is worth watching, for those of US who want to protect OUR own financial interests, and OUR families.

              Vicarious education is always better than the school of hard knocks.

            • JayJay

              Everyone missed DPS’s point..I don’t go yacht and jet shopping when I am budgeting to get a few more buckets of oats in before the nation collapses.
              I get it DPS..F**k GOLD AND PRECIOUS METALS.
              Keep praying and prepping. In that order unless otherwise informed.

            • DPS

              Thank you for seeing my point. I can only add that Soros didn’t come help me pick my fresh veggies today, He had some other thungs they want to call veggies.. And With all due respect DK Soros may think he is doing gods work, but the truth is he is sure evil that would feed on us if given the chance…


          • FNTM

            That ratio could also mean gold should be more like $600 an ounce. Please make it so for Soros’ investments. Please!

          • JayJay

            Reason # 563 why I don’t miss tv…

        • hammerhead

          i love all this investing talk , between my bank deposits and reciepts , i should be able to invest in my electric bill this month!
          i sure hope soros is happy with his new bride , i couldnt sleep nights knowing it was a marriage of convenience.

          anyone wanna buy an old dry milk cow ? i got two for sale

          • durango kidd

            Hammerhead: That’s fiancee if I am not mistaken. Whether he actually marries her is another thing. Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

          • Northern Cousin

            I don’t know what YOUR electricity bill was like, but I sure know mine wa $600 freaking dollars! I always take a sharp intake of breath before I open that envelope. I wish I could buy your cow, ’cause I’m also out of milk this morning and my father is going to play up merry hell when he sees there’s nothing for the porridge!

          • MXLord327

            I know what you mean, a big investment for me lately is 50 rounds of .45ACP and a 5 can roll of Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen chew!!!

      3. carynverell

        seems to me that the poop is hitting the fan at a much faster rate of velocity these days.

        • lee

          yes and suprisingly the stock market is as calm as could be(according to the VIX which measures market volatility and is at 5 year lows).

          like most, i cant afford to buy gold at $1600 an ounce; but my lead stockpile is at all time highs; just gotta finish the food and water stocking.

        • Sowhatstheplan?

          @carynverell, its hitting the fan and it smells worse than i thought it would.

        • durango kidd

          The “poop” hasn’t begun to hit the fan. Not by a long shot. The bad smell that irritates your nose is the gas that passes as political rhetoric during the present season.

          War is coming. Keep prepping.

      4. Randy

        I hope Soros gets burned on that paper gold… It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…

        • Zoltanne

          Randy I’d rather see something else happen to Soros and it doesn’t involve a paper loss….something more permanent.

      5. Sierra Dave

        I think silver is the better buy.

        Not that I’m an expert. But having read many articles about the silver manipulation and the amount of Silver that actually exists. When the markets crash, I think it will jump more.

        Tell me where I’m wrong.

        • Prepared Pastor

          I agree with you although I think silver will be more volatile so do not get into a position where you have to sell. Both precious metals are being held down by paper manipulation and this could come to an end even before the economy collapses at which time we will see a temporary drop in precious metals while investors scramble for liquidity.

          I know I cannot eat silver or gold and have plenty of food storage, but I also know I cannot pay my property taxes (which will spike) in beans. During the Great Depression many people lost farms that were feeding them because they couldn’t pay the taxes. More states are passing laws recognizing silver and gold as money.

          My friend bought gold when I bought silver. It will be interesting to watch him try to get change when he buys a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas.

          “Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”

          • Tina

            There won’t be any change needed when he buys a gallon of gas….

            Gas will be liquid gold

          • SonOfSam

            I honestly don’t see gold as a store of value for day to day items; that’s what silver and junk silver will be for. I do forsee a time when you might be able to trade some gold for some land or for a house. That might sound crazy now, but if the dollar becomes completely worthless, realtors, bankers, etc will still want to sell homes somehow someway. They can sit on them for a long time maybe, but that “long time” probably won’t change the fact that they’ll have properties they want to unload, and not many ways in which they can do that

            just my nickel’s worth of insight

            • Gods Creation

              SOS, to the banks REO’s are a liability. They will be trying to give them away but nobody will be able to pay even a minimum price.

            • Okedoke

              SAVE YOUR NICKELS!!

            • Chalk Outline

              Nickels work great as shot gun ammo..its still part of the fiat money system, and not enough silver in em to risk life over..just sayin’

              Ammo will be the next barter/ currency

          • Arkaden

            Here’s a question: If we come to a situation where cash is worthless and silver/gold become money, does everyone intend on running around with little chemical test kits to validate the PMs? Let’s say I have 50 gallons of gas and someone offers to buy it for a golden eagle. How do I know that’s real? (and no, I don’t plan on biting it.)

            • ScoutMotto

              I purchased a small electronic scale just for that purpose, because I do anticipate future transactions in metals, and people will certainly try to pass off some fakes.

            • Heretic

              There are several ways to check coins. Size, weight, chemicals, etc.

            • Facebook Page


          • ScoutMotto

            “My friend bought gold when I bought silver. It will be interesting to watch him try to get change when he buys a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas.”

            This is why I am particularly fond of grams of gold, and the two-peso gold coins – small denominations for small transactions. Both can be had from APMEX. But, I also believe in silver for those transactions, and have plenty there as well.

            • Venom

              I ham an advocate of gold. I would still recommend gold, a whole lot of gold. I’m not as big of a doomsayer as most on here. I think the fiat money game will go on and on and on because our dear, great “elected” and unelected leaders will make it that way. When people finally get fed up with this game and the funny money becomes completely worthless, I’m sure silver and other commodities will be used for a period. But, it will just be a matter of time before another fiat currency is created and the masses accept it. When that happens, the gold holders will still have their purchasing power secured in gold. I anticipate many issues for many years, but I don’t anticipate one quick, devastating collapse that would lead to a mad max scenario.

            • JayJay

              When you stumble and drop those grams, use a panty hose on the end of our vacuum–just saying!!

          • Mal R

            “It will be interesting to watch him try to get change when he buys a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas.”

            I’m convinced people that say this are slack jawed morons. What kind of stupid would you have to be to be a prepper and not take that into consideration?

            • Prepared Pastor

              Since you asked, the kind who spends most of his time espousing Alex Jones on Facebook. He even followed him to Chantilly, Virginia with a megaphone. He also got a concealed carry permit, but our friends will not go to the range with him because he waves it around. He once jokingly put it to his temple and said, ‘don’t worry, the safety is on,’ but it wasn’t.

        • Anonymous

          Like 80 percent of gold owned in gld doesnt exist…good luck with your ETFs.

        • Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov

          At the risk of stating the obvious, acquire you PM’s using only cash or barter

        • JR

          I’m heavily in AG too. Not that I’m Warren Buffett or anything! 🙂

        • FNTM

          I kind of agree with those that think if it is edible or can be bartered it is the thing to have. Once one has all the regular food they can shelve along with the spices and other condiments and recipes and tools for making necessities then go on to other needs. Plenty of lead in the way of bullets. Then fuel. I am tending toward a solar array for light duty and battery charging. Will be able to charge quit a number of 18V tools as well as lights and radios. Cooking is good for years on stored propane. What else is necessary – constant concern…..

        • durango kidd

          Sierra Dave: Big money runs to gold in a crisis. It always does, or to US Treasuries. There is a lot more Big Money then there are little people with excess cash who will run to the “people’s money”.

          The “little people” have already purchased most of their silver; which is why new retail demand has stabilized for both silver and gold.

          As far as the amount of silver that exists; my last reading was that there is an eleven month supply above ground. This represents an OVERSUPPLY not a shortage, as the silver promoters would like you to believe.

          There are a number of new silver mines coming on line and many of these new mines hedge their profit by selling a portion of their production directly to industrial users at a set price.

          Most silver is produced from copper mines as a “by product” to copper production. These mines are running under capacity. If demand were to pick up, for either copper or silver, another shift could easily be added to meet demand.

          At this point only the Central Banks of the world are on pace to buy more gold than they have in the past to bolster their reserves.

          Demand is flat. Only a crisis will spark higher prices.

          • Sierra Dave

            Have you factored in that Silver traders are buying and selling, by several accounts, possibly as high as 500 times Silver that actually exists?

            That one year supply may not actually cover what people think they own in vaults.

            • durango kidd

              SD: the Eleven month supply above ground is an estimate based upon previous demand. Sales are tracked continually, so an uptick in demand would be noted, and if sustained, could be addressed rather quickly.

        • KB7DQH

          If you’re wrong it’s looking at silver as an investment that will increase in value, instead of a safe haven to preserve your purchasing power if paper collapses. Nothing wrong with that, just saying.

      6. copperhead

        We have said over and over on this web site GET THE HELL OUT OF WALL-STREET AND THE BANKS. This should be the icing on the cake. HEY he is one of the MAIN NWO backers. Why are the heavys buying land in S.A. and getting out of Dodge, they know. Us poor basta-d’s are stuck here so we will have to make the best of it while we can. The SH-T is already starting to hit the blades, finish your prep’s as soon as you can. Time is running out, set down go over your plans and plan some more. I think all HELL is going to break loose in late Sept. or early Oct. Right after the U N starts up again Sept. 20th. Watch the E O’s coming out of the W. H. Prep and lay low from now on. KEEP YOUR EYE’S AND EAR’S OPEN AND YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

      7. ramblinsue

        I can’t afford gold either but I’m investing in corn–the canned variety as well as other ‘tin’ commodities. When you’re hungry, all the gold in the world isn’t going to ease those hunger pangs. I’m also fine-tuning my self-reliant skills and making sure I have all the necessary tools to use with these skills. Checking my list and checking it twice!

        • Mal R

          “all the gold in the world isn’t going to ease those hunger pangs”

          “You cant eat gold and silver”

          “you cant make change for that”

          See my response to someone else above. People that say this have to be dumber than a bag of hammers. “Ohhh I see collapse coming. I think gold will get me everything I want when it happens…” Huh?
          Either you’re a simpleton or you assume everyone that buys a few ounces of gold is.

          • Agreed

            I think morons repeat this line out of jealousy. They can’t fathom that someone has enough assets to invest in gold and already has 2 years of food. No shit I can’t eat gold, but what do I do with my 500k USD after buying all the supplies I need?

            Not everyone in this community is a broke ass redneck living off unemployment.

      8. Anonymous

        This man can write about the coming global paradigm shift and fixes because he’s helping to engineer them. When the “man who broke the bank of England” buys that much in gold, it should send a strong message as to what is really going on…despite what the stock market, politicians, and MSM say.

      9. Carl Rooker

        Use a little common sense here. One does NOT buy a commodity when the price is high. Not unless they plan on selling it for more than they bought it for.

        If Sorros has done these things, he is meerly trying to depress stock prices, and inflate gold prices so he will benifit by selling the gold back to the suckers. When they then try to sell it, the price will be way down. Now is not the time for the average person to buy gold.

        • SonOfSam

          or maybe “spooky dude” soros thinks that the price will skyrocket, no matter what he does. He’s a living pile of slime, but he’s fiendishly clever, gotta give him that

        • Az Fred


          • Az Fred


        • thiscreepingmalaise

          with that logic, should we not buy gold now and wait for it to go up and then sell it to the suckers as Soros is planning? If now is not the time to buy gold when is?

          Hey, yer a banker boy right?

          • Gods Creation

            this creeping malaise…

            If I don’t stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this maze?

        • durango kidd

          Carl: Soros doesn’t have to try to suppress stock prices. They will fall on their own accord when it is obvious that corporate revenues will not support their stock multiples.

          He is just ahead of the curve, as usual.

          • Carl Rooker

            No, he is manipulating the curve to force his socialist ideals on the rest of the world. Something he has stated.

            • durango kidd

              CR: Yes he is attempting to leverage his wealth and influence to push his ideas and values upon US. You can’t blame him for trying that. I would if I had his wealth, wouldn’t you?

              Once a person has acquired so much money it is natural to want to use the excess to push your agenda; even if that agenda is Agenda 21.

              Thought for today: God gives the power to get wealth. That’s a biblical principle if you are a Christian.

              Blame God for Soros, then engage!

        • ScoutMotto

          Carl, gold is cheap right now. If it were adjusted for inflation it would be more in the neighborhood of 3,000 bucks an ounce.

          Look at who else has bought a lot of gold lately: China, India, other nations. The University of Texas bought a billion bucks worth. These folks know a safe haven when they see it, and if Soros is doing this, then other better follow suit. I bought gold when it was below 300/ounce, and I’m keeping it for when the paper money is declared toilet paper.

          • Carl Rooker

            Then why are so many who have gold trying so hard to sell it now. They bought it cheap, the price is artificially high, and they KNOW that soon the bubble will burst, just like the tech, housing, and financial bubbles have. If they knew gold was actually going to gain as much as they say, they would hang onto it.

            • durango kidd

              CR: Actually Carl, gold is cheap at S1500-1600 an oz. It is not a bubble. If the price were to decline just a little bit, there are big buyers waiting to back up the truck.

              In truth there appears to be a “floor” under the price of gold at about $1450 to $1500 an oz; mostly established by the Chinese.

              Analysts are projecting a higher price from $1800 an oz by the end of this year, upwards to as much as $6,000 an oz over the next several years.

              Buy a metal detector its a good investment. You will get your money back rather quickly if you know where to look.

      10. Stinky Steve

        This is it …Brace yourselves for impact! Thanks Mac,I hope this sight stays on long enough, “so we can comment on the play,by play!” may god bless!

      11. Az Fred

        THE GLD has sold 180 x what actually exists..EXISTS…

        • Gods Creation

          Yeah, but they have about 130 million dollars worth to pay off Soros when it collapses.

      12. JL

        I’m trying to get my husband to empty his 401k. Last year he would have been upset that I bought some silver. Not this year, he is not ready to admit how bad things are and will become. But, he doesn’t think I’m crazy anymore. I have a job interview tomorrow! Part time but hope it goes well, I only want part time anyway.

        • SonOfSam

          good luck JL….as a teacher, I know what’s it like to be bounced around, as districts cut back, and end up axing all us “new guys”…how the hell do you get past new guy status if they never let you stay on more than two or three years?

          • JL

            Thank-you, I worked for a large chain restaurant for 10 years. When I moved the one where I live now won’t hire me because I made to much money. Even though the VP of the company said he couldn’t wait to see me a the other restaurant. I was the best line cook they had. I could run circles around those boys even pregnant. Now the company is doing poorly. I wouldn’t want to go back now.

      13. Expendable

        When a ship is sinking the rats in the bildge seem to find out first, and start for the decks to GTFO. when you see one making its way out , its an indication the ship is taking on water, and is about to sink.

        who would be more connected to either know, or get a heads up, but someone like this rat

      14. Expendable

        Ive been having trouble getting on your site the past few days…any idea why this could be?

      15. Expendable

        Warren Buffett too

      16. SilverFox

        I agree, I think Soros got his insider information that the Banks and financial stocks are about to collapse. And PM’s are on the other side of that teeter-totter.

      17. Jim (another Jim)

        Does everyone think this is a sign that trouble is coming, or another dsnce act to distract us from what is really going on? I wish I knew….

        • JustMe

          Toss on the growing pile of SHTF indicators. I’m now willing to wager sooner than later…

      18. braveheart

        To everyone: Fasten you seat belts; we’re in for the most interesting ride of our lives. JL,if your husband cleans out his 401K, have him invest that money in storable food, water, water pruification, medical supplies, guns, ammo, plenty of good heavy winter clothing with that season not too far off. Also, some good LED flashlights, a ton of batteries; even basic items you normally use everyday. For communications, a good shortwave radio with single sideband capability is a MUST to keep up with what’s going on. Sounds like fall is the deadline for the life support on this economy to be turned off. I’m going to keep getting supplies right up until the EMP or whatever. Take care and keep prepping.

        • JL

          Trying to talk him into it. He has no idea how much food and other preps we have. Thankfully we have a wood stove and at least 10 cords of seasoned firewood. If you all know how big a cord is then you know how much that is.

        • nomaninhouse

          I am a Christian single woman raising my 5 year old grandson…Now after reading through here – scared sh!#less… I live in a town of about 50K about 100 miles from Denver. What do I need to be doing to prepare?? No clue and
          No man in the house

          • admin

            Thanks for visiting the site… I can definitely understand your stress, but you are not alone. The prepper community is really great at helping new folks get started.

            I highly recommend you check out 52 Weeks to Preparedness: . It’s free and covers a wide variety of topics to get you going from the ground up.

            I am sure the SHTfplan community will be here to provide support along the way, so don’t be afraid to ask if you’ve got questions.

            Thanks for visiting,


            • JayJay

              Just don’t use that timeline–not 52 weeks..get started, get going, do what you can with the resources you have.

        • Snag17

          braveheart is right. The only thing gold or silver will be good for is bribes to get through checkpoints so its good to have some, or gold jewelry, 14k or better. Get all the ammo you can get and get it now before it’s all gone, or the powers that be make it unaffordable through a surtax or outright illegal to buy. Above all have a plan to get away from populated areas because looters, armed gangs and even your neighbors will kill you for what you have when things get desperate. If everything starts to collapse, this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Pray that the Lord comes quickly but if he doesn’t be prepared. (Luke 22:35-37) 35 And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip (backpack), and shoes , lacked ye any thing? And they said , Nothing. 36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

      19. Venom

        I’m still going with facebook stock. Stock dropped below $20 recently so I just dropped another $10K into it. Cheap stuff now. It’s gotta only go up from here.

        • JustMe

          Sell all your guns and preps, and incest in facebook stocks!

          • JustMe


            • MXLord327

              No, it’s facebook you’re talking about, I think “inceste” was right!!!!

          • Clark Kent

            Your not serious right.Or did you get ahold of some bad crack??

            • JustMe

              LOL. Yes, it was bad…

          • Chalk Outline

            Incest on Facebook? what?
            no wonder I never thought much of that stupid info grab tell all about yoursellf CIA ops website

            • JustMe

              Search for a YouTube vid called:

              “Do you have a Facebook?”

          • rocnrolcowboy

            ” Incest” with Mark Zuckerburg ? Dude that is just NASTY ! Hehehehe 😛

        • Gods Creation

          Yeah, invest in Facebook and support the CIA.

          • clint hospo

            oh yea that is a cia hotspot, everything is there for them to see. that is right, they can pull so much info from there, profile certain peoples behaviors etc.

            • Gods Creation

              The CIA created Facebook. It don’t go there to compile information. The information compiled goes directly to it.

        • Highspeedloafer

          Wow, you are gonna loose your butt. I’ll lay a side bet it gets down to 5-6 dollars before it goes back up.

        • JayJay

          Is this the program that I read one homeowner was strapped, tried it, put on ‘hold’ for months, rejected, and then sent a bill for all back mortgage PLUS late penalties.
          The banks used these programs because they were paid something like $500 for each application??

      20. ScoutMotto

        It never hurts to throw a couple hundred at APMEX here and there. Get a couple silver eagles, and a couple grams of gold. If you can afford more, cool. Right now both are still affordable. That can change on a moment’s notice.

      21. JR

        May I humbly suggest that Mr. Soros put ALL his money with Mr. Corzine’s new hedge fund? They should be the purrfect socialist bedmates.

      22. louie

        Can there really be any readers of this site who don’t own physical silver or gold ?
        GLD is a stock ETF.
        It might or might not be fully backed up by real gold.
        Look for the Bob Pisani video on CNBC.
        He showed a gold bar who’s serial numbers weren’t listed with GLD.
        There is always the possibility that it – as a paper stock – could be worthless one day.
        A gold or silver eagle in your hand will never be worthless.
        I’m guessing…but I’m sure Soros owns phyzz too.
        Like I said…are there really readers here who don’t own any physical bullion…at all ?
        If so….why not ?
        Good Grief…that’d be like speaking to a Prepper who didn’t have any stored food.

        • Gods Creation

          “””GLD is a stock ETF.
          It might or might not be fully backed up by real gold.”””

          It is a 100% certainty that it is backed by 1% or less of real gold.

        • Obtuseangler

          I read a couple months ago that Soros had taken delivery of a large quantity of physical gold. My understanding of gold ETF’s is similiar to yours. In my opinion, ETF’s are for people who plan to flip the stock for short term profit. If so, he sees a spike in gold prices on the near horizon. Gold tends to spike when there is economic turmoil. Therefore, possible economic shake ups anticipated by Soros.

          He may be an evil bastidge, but he isn’t stupid.

        • HisArmsWide

          @louie For many (most?) of those preparing for possibilities, it’s a case of priorities. How much ‘real collapse world’ good will two ASE’s provide in a SHTF situation versus the 150lbs of rice that would buy? Or the 100-200 rounds of ammo (depending on flavor)?

          Securing your immediate needs first so that you simply survive a collapse is a higher priority when money’s tight (and for most these day’s it’s tighter than a [insert favorite quote here]). Providing the means to thrive is unfortunately a second tier priority.

          PM’s are for when you have your minimum food, water, defensive needs met I think.

        • Anon666

          Thank you , thank you! That article was a true eye-opener! I am sending it on to all of my Christian, and non-Christian friends.

          Great job at finding it!!

        • Mal R

          Hey JustMe, this is VERY similar to the left’s new tactic of SWATing. Heard of it?

          They spoof your phone, call 9-11 claiming to be you and tell them you just murdered everyone in the house and/or wanna kill others. SWAT team shows up with sufficient evidence to take you out, no questions asked. Happened to a high profile conservative recently. They didn’t take him out, thankfully, but they sure showed up to carry it out.

          Assassination by phone call. Democrats are terrorists.

          • you don't need to know

            I’ve heard of that happening too.

          • JustMe


            SWATting was thought up by a marxist felon who uses the tactic against conservative bloggers, and other against thier views.

            Burnin’ the land, ain’t they?

        • JayJay

          I read that and it scared me really bad–all should read it–I sent it to all contacts.
          Surprised?? NO, because of the attack on the prepper divulging his arsonal, and his psychological overnight stay for observation, I have warned dh to not answer any of those questions about depression and weapons owned in VA questionnaires–unless pressed and it is a ‘no’ on both..lost all guns on that whitewater rafting hunting trip.

        • JustMe

          I stumbled onto the article while looking at something else. This ties in with the article I put a link to the other day:

          “Mainstream Doctors Say Supporting the 2nd Amendment is a Mental Disorder”

          One of the tactics for crushing dissidence in the old Soviet Union was to pathologize anyone who dared to disagree with the program. It has quietly been in the works here in the states for some time. I first heard about it in the 1990’s. It will not be long before they can call you psycho for anything they choose, or simply make something up, if they don’t have a reason.

          Do you have 30 days worth of food? Hmm, paranoid huh?…We best put your name on this list…

      23. LC

        Soros, the rats are abondoning the sinking ship. He is a part of the problem but you always keep your eyes on the enemy. The end of 2012 should be verry interesting. Between the pending election and economic plunge, it is enough to cause a bad case of heartburn.

      24. VRF

        Jingle bells , shot gun shells

        • Venom

          What’s the correlation between jingle bells and shotgun shells?

          • VRF

            Nothin’ didnt you read? Im psycho, im just living up to my reputation 🙂

            really though, its one of those read between the lines kinda thing..if you aint stocked up your going to wish you were by christmas

            • Churchill

              Hehe, indeed. I’ve been seriously considering the ritual of celebrating New Years early so that I won’t miss it.

          • REB

            Well now…ask me that,oh about Dec 19…Ill be considering USING those shotgun shells on the “jingle bells” just sayin… 🙂

          • Archivist

            When I was in school we used to sing “Jingle bells, shotgun shells, rabbits all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in Grandpa’s Chevrolet.”

            • WaroftheRoses

              Yep! We did, too.

      25. $ cocopuff crackhead $


        *** Something is happening RIGHT NOW Globally !!!


        And the worlds governments , military , bankers and big biz market traders are all “hauling ass” to position themselves ASAP IMMEDIATELY RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE in safe havens not only financially but physically BODILY as well !!!


        *** THIS IS YOUR 72 HOUR WARNING !!!

        PREPARE !!!


        • DPS

          $ cocopuff crackhead $
          Hows my crazy MF doing, locked and loaded I take it? And yes oct seems to be one hell of a good time to be prepared. Sorry to say I don’t give a f–k about what these rich pricks are doing with their gold, how does that effect my life? Once again the old saying ( This is not my problem ) Still Standing by in Texas you you know where..


          • $ cocopuff crackhead $

            @dps … “this is not my problem?”

            ummmmmmm i hate to tell you this my texan brother it soon will be … “globalist communists” FROM CHICAGO right this very minute are sitting in the white house they are making back room deals with both russia and china who the ussa ameriKa is right this minute indebted to the amount of around 6.5 TRILLION FIAT DOLLARS IN NATIONAL DEBT , DEBT WHICH IS SECURED BY YOUR NATIONAL PARKS AND OTHER DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR FEDERAL LANDS AND RESOURCES !!! MILLIONS OF ACRES OF AMERICAN LANDS !!! YOUR COUNTRY’S LANDS !!! THATS WHY SO MANY JOBS ARE LEAVING THE USSA FOR CHINA , THATS WHY OBUMMER IS GIVING RUSSIA AMERICA TERRITORY !!! THATS WHY RUSSIAN TROOPS OUR RIGHT THIS MINUTE IN AMERICAN !!! THATS WHY OBUMMER IS GIVING BOTH RUSSIA AND CHINA OUR MILITARY SECRETS WEAKENING US COMPLETELY !!! GET IT ???








            PREPARE .


      26. kev

        I wonder when the governments of the world ban citizens from owning gold?

        • SonOfSam

          yeah, just like when they tried to ban us from drinking booze, or owning books they didn’t like. Good luck with that, you government assholes!

          • clint hospo

            im so sick of government and these fucking liberal assholes that are so clouded to pass laws to ban certain guns. What good is it to ban 500 rounds or more to purchase in 30 days. jesus are they that stupid that all it takes is 50 rounds and it causes havoc in the wrong hands. My god liberals/GOP are getting paid under the table cash, just to get certain laws passed. They are so corrupt and this is totally BS. Each day my anger in these liberals trying to ban sodas,guns,booze anything they think we should not have. kids cant work on farms with machinery etc, get the hell out of our lives you assholes. we have to vote all these idiots out. But that will not happen, there are too many stupid people worse than these liberal politicians who want them in. This country is done. Please prepare. Each day gets more clear and people that think, you preppers are out in space. My god the prices of everything are thru the roof. how do people live of min wage. Gas everything is going up. I hope all the good preps on here the best luck and safety. Please get a shotgun with buckshot and wear earplugs I say this all the time. I really don’t know about the george soros company overseeing the electronic elections software encryption for the votes. That is bad news to hear. The DHS with many more rounds. Im asking you please to respond when you think things are going to get really bad. Im guessing 2week in NOV 2012.

            • Rick:)

              hospo, look at the bright side. Libs don’t own guns. What a beautiful thought. I would pay to watch your average Lib when the hoards show up at their door, “demanding” a handout. Oh, it’s so easy to give other people’s stuff away. Still feel sorry for the poor downtrodden, Mr and Mrs. Lib??? Maybe talk nice to ’em. Tell them how you have felt so sorry for their plight, all these years. Hey, here’s one, tell ’em it was Bush’s fault, and you didn’t vote for Bush.
              Then watch while they take everything not nailed down, and pry loose what is nailed down. And know, Mr.and Mrs. Lib, this is what you created. While they cut your throat on the way out the door.

              Bet the last thought through your pea brain will be , ” wish I had a gun!!!”. Dial 911, dimtard

          • Highspeedloafer

            SOS, are you a reader? I just finished a good read from my local library. Its a work of fiction, but very entertaining. It is called “The Patriot Club”, by Christopher Reich.

        • Ranchers wife

          The U.S. has done it before.

          • ScoutMotto

            The US government has confiscated the people’s gold before, but that was at a time when it was in wide circulation. Now it is more difficult to confiscate. They would have to rely on the people’s compliance, which I doubt would be high.

      27. Y'all Beware!

        Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
        — Winston Churchill

        These are possibly the five truer sentences you’ll ever read:
        Unfortunately, most voters don’t know this.
        1.. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.

        2.. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

        3.. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

        4.. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

        5.. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them; and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

        Y’all Beware! Good night.

        • Rick:)

          And to expound; Liberalism is a philosophy of losers. Everything a Dem,Statist or Lib says or does, involves the lowest common denominator of society. And gives and encourages their “right to vote”.

          How come every lifeform on the planet, since the beginning of time, achieves a higher state of being influenced by the pressure of survival in a changing enviroment? Except, by Liberal Doctrine, Humans.
          Don’t make it hard. Easier tests. Lower the standards. Load the schools with “special ed” teachers, while the brightest are bored stiff and ignored.
          This “Great Society” is a race to the bottom.
          Who’s surprised?
          Life is hard. It is supposed to be. It’s what makes your acheivments wothwhile.
          This is becoming a nation of losers, looking for someone or something to blame. Time to cull the heard. It’s going to happen, one way or the other. It’s Natural Law at work.

        • admin

          They have no shame.

          • Tina

            “Teflon Jon”

        • JL

          Dumbfounded, I had to read it twice.

      28. JRS

        I’m wondering who was on the other side of the bank stocks he sold.I hope it wasn’t my carpenter pension fund.Fuckin bankrupt TBTF banks.

      29. Ranchers wife

        One thing about it Soros is a slime ball but he is very smart and always has a reason for what he does. I do believe the games have begun keep on prepping and praying time is running out. Luck to all.

      30. Rico

        I don’t know how much more proof people need! Talk about the writing on the wall!

      31. don't tread

        Yea, soros is just another pawn/player for TPTB. I wouldn’t put much effort into analyizing what he does. The events will unfold like pieces on a chess board. We just have to be prepared for everything to collapse. Ain’t gonna be too long now.

      32. College PREppa

        I don’t always invest in precious metals, but when i do i invest in SILVER!!……STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS

      33. Patriot One

        Don’t worry about Soros Uncle Benny B. has a printing press. This wouldn’t be the first time Soros tried to collapse a currency or financial system. Soros wants a global central bank and currency.

        In my opinion Soros is pure evil.

        • Kevin2

          Soros is in the company of evil. They’re all evil. They start wars for gain. They finance criminal narcotics. They murder the opposition if they deem it necessary and then they sleep at night.

          His name is just a tad better known and for that reason I believe he is a smaller player then many others. He certainly is a newer player.

          • Patriot One

            He’s not really a new player, just ask the British or French. He’s 84 years old so there is nothing new about him. He just married a 40 something who says she married for love!! Yeah right, just like Anna Nicole!

            • Kevin2

              Well considering the Federal Reserve has been around for almost 100 years and we’re well into the 3rd generation of the players at that time Soros is a new player.

              Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg there are the core old players

      34. The realist

        The sky is falling!!

        Question is- When? No one knows people.. Just live your life.. Prep but live and experience life everyday..

        • Venom

          Well said.

      35. ZombieDawg

        The timing’s right – the predicted massive stock market collapse is imminent, so 5-6 weeks and it’s good night for the plebs and sheeple..

        It’s time to go for your bolt hole if you have one.

        Best of luck to all.

        • king krazy

          I agree 100%. That’s why I am spending and buying all the toys i want because My gut say the same thing. A collapse is very close.

      36. Y'all Beware!

        Ranchers wife,

        I thought that I might back away from all of this political bitchin’ for a while as I wanted to go to bed early – not!

        So here is my plan thanks to you. I emptied Walgreens out of their special of a large dozen eggs for .99 cents this morning. I will check on them every day and treat those eggs like you mentioned.

        For those that missed it (rub eggs & cover in mineral oil, store in egg carton and in fridge small side down & rotate carton -180- every month).

        Connie, while working with chicken farmers in MS, I saw a method to keep flies away from areas you don’t want them near. I was amazed and you might know of it. These old farmers took a quart plastic zip bag and filled it ¾ full of water. Hung it over a door and flies would not come near it all.

        To prove it, our hostess had six people eat the same meals on two separate and consecutive nights. Same conditions and if anyone passed gas they raised they hand. That may have been an invite for the flies – none.

        On the Friday she did not put up any bags. I was eaten up with flies and they were all over people & food. On Saturday she put up a bag hanging from each corner of the canopy. It measured about 8’x14’. Not one fly! That was years ago. Just three weeks ago there was an article in our paper that talked of the same thing only the Amish put 6 to 8 pennies in the bottom of the bag.

        Reasons? The bag looks like a hornets nest to the flies as they are mortal enemies (true) and stay away.
        The pennies in the water present a prism effect of light to their eyes and therefore they are confused and stay away.

        Y’all Beware! Hope it helps. I need a bag over my beer.

        • Ranchers wife

          @ Y’all Beware
          Thanks for the info will have to try that out.
          Take care all.

        • JayJay

          For those that missed it (rub eggs & cover in mineral oil, store in egg carton and in fridge small side down & rotate carton -180- every month).

          Hey!!! I have a 5 gallon bucket with sawdust–am waiting for my egg supplier to NOT wash the eggs, leave the bloom on..gonna put vaseline or mineral oil around, place in sawdust not touching and layer.
          Good luck.

          • Oldtimer

            Get your self some Water Glass . Keeps eggs for up to 9 month. Unwashed and unfertilized is best.

            Water glass is Sodium silicate available as sterilizer for beer bottles.Cheap quick and very effective. Check web for mixing instructions.

      37. Kevin2

        I’m a fan of PHYS the Canadian Gold Fund. At least they have some regulations. Obviously they can choose not to enforce these regulations. I just trust Canada more than the US.

      38. Ohcumgache

        Watch the other hand, in my opinion, Soros is about to con everyone. He wants to sell off just enough to make the world go into a panic and buy gold, hasten a bank run and feel contentment that he had a hand in destroying yet another economy. He is a master manipulator and playing with the economy is his favorite past time. This guy is pure evil and he will do anything to get this collapse in full swing. If he does something, then I would do the exact opposite. Something stinks about this and I for one, do not buy it. I would never follow the devil into the depths of hell so why would anyone else? He wants you to panic, be confused, act irrationally, then he has you.

        • Highspeedloafer

          So, do you reccomend that I sell my gold and buy stock?

      39. Satori

        interesting response from the SS Administration
        yet they did fail to answer some key questions

        “Prior to the blog being posted, had asked the agency specific questions about its ammunition order. Although some of those questions were addressed by the information provided in the blog, the agency did not say why it needed 174,000 bullets and if that quantity was customary or had increased from previous orders”

      40. Ohcumgache

        If it were me, I would keep whatever gold I had, not buy anymore, not invest in stock, have cash in a safe, put money into realestate, farm land and wait.

      41. James

        For the comments about not being able to buy things with large denomination gold coins….historically gold was currency by weight not the coin. Need half an ounce, cut the coin in two. Its gold. Its malleable.

      42. GrayFoxGreen

        Greetings Everyone!
        Just a few thoughts….
        To go against the majority here for just a moment.When the market hits bottom,there may be a chance of getting some decent stocks at almost pennies on the dollar.When?
        good question.The 1930’s market lost 90% and stayed low for some time.It may be different this time,or not.There are “events” out there that are cataclysmic and EVERYTHING(including PM’s)market wise will be useless.The Bible warns that they’ll be throwing their P.M. into the street(worthless) as the current system reaches it’s end and “The Great Tribulation” gets started.Just watch,they’ll be “buying and selling” all the way to their end.Prepping to have something put by will be the best move of all.If it turns out this ain’t the “big one”,then a few carefully chosen stocks will payoff handsomely.Louis Rukeyser(the stock guy that used to be on public TV) gave many suggestions that paid off very well.My curent “investments” are studying the WORD,doing unto others(imperfectly I am)and doing what I can to prepp to care for my loved ones.If Jesus approves of my actions(and he’s the sole arbiter of that issue with authority received from God)I can look fwd to the future beyond today hopefully,no matter what happens.
        Meanwhile back at the ranch….
        Best to All

      43. Brad3000

        I would be very concerned about my 401K right about now if I had one…

        Perhaps you may like to re-align it into gold mining stocks or the Soros SPDR if you have the option – anything is better stocks. I cashed out years ago and took the tax hit. The rationale was the depreciation factor & gold – eg. say $100,000 buys you x now – in 5 years it will x/2 and who knows when the Govt will come around to merging 401Ks with Social Security “to protect your future”, right !? Tangible assets under your control is SOP in these times.

        • Widowmaker

          I cashed mine in too ,and never looked back. Man am I glad I did .The whole thing is rigged.I ended up putting it towards my mortgage,verses (partying it away}I used to watch the daily ticker like I was a millionair.Now I don’t have to worry .,I’ll be in the same ship as everyone else.


        • MXLord327

          I cashed mine out to pay for my bankruptcy, thanks obama, asshat.

      44. Widowmaker

        Watch out for counterfeit gold in the form of necklaces.I’m speeking from experience. It looks so real to the untrained eye that I was salivating at the thought of making a buck .Until I took it to a coin shop and found out there is a flood of these coming from China. They have 18k stamp marks and everything. They are even 18k gold plated copper/lead.

        • MXLord327

          Sounds like they might be good to melt down and cast into bullets for my .50 cal muzzle-loader!

      45. $ cocopuff crackhead $

        Spetsnaz Verification

        All of us have heard over the years rumors of foreign troops in the USA. I’ve always been reluctant to mention on-air because I have no way of verifying the reports. I received a call today from a long-time trusted Christian friend whom I have known for many years. The couple is wealthy and well-connected to movers and shakers in the USA and Europe. Trust me, if they want to “name drop” it’s not an exaggeration for them. I was was informed by the wife that they have a friend in DHS who promised to pass on anything significant that would be a sign for immediate preparation. That agent called yesterday. He is hearing talk inside DHS that thousands of Sp….N…Z boys from that place connected to Alaska have been infiltrating from Canada into USA throughout this summer. He estimated the number so far exceeds 20,000 commandos. He advised my friends to take action immediately for food, water, ammo. I told her forget it! You need a plane ticket. The greatest shock to the American people will not be the invasion, but the merger of DHS with the invaders. Then they will understand the purpose of the 750 million rounds of hollow point ammo. Marxist Communist Valery Jarrett is the real power in DHS – not Napolitano. The nation has been compromised and sold out. Colonel Lunev told me in 1999 that the Sp…N…Z…boys will start arriving in large numbers months before the war.


        • copperhead

          Hey cocopuff: We have a flag officer in the family and he said that alot, alot of all kinds of foreign troops are here and more arriving everyday for trainning. They even have their own jets, tanks etc. with them, for trainning yea right. He dosen’t feel right about all of this trainning going on, but he’s very close to retirement. I think he see the hand writing on the wall. We are going to deal with more than zombies.

        • possee


          Saw this as well

          how bout..





          please give us absolute proof..

          if true..
          then those 1.2 billion rounds would make perfect sense


          • $ cocopuff crackhead $


            YA BUNCH OF SHEEP !!!

            Want Proof Foreign troops are here now?! Watch.


            • Gold Fools

              You’re a fucking idiot. This is not proof.

              Pull your head of of Alex Jone’s asshole and wake the fuck up.

              You’re much too willing to accept this kind of crap as “proof” of anything.

              Jones and his ilk have been promoting this crap for decades — and they’ve ALL been wrong the entire time.

              There’s your “proof”.

              But you’re not smart enough to realize the truth of any of this, evidenced by the other idiotic video links you posted.

              I’ve personally investigated the “camps” — it’s BULLSHIT. Definitely NOT real.

              You’re being played for a fool. Go LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

              There is a pysops program that seeks to identify people exactly like yourself — who will blindly “follow” the so-called leaders of the various ‘movements’ in this country. You are ALL being played for fools — willing to believe crap stories and promote them further.

              If the past 20 years isn’t proof enough — then you are a total fool.

              There are real threats to the nation — including from idiots and morons, but ‘invasion’ is not one of them.

              Suggest you go down your ‘list’ of “proof” and what you think it means — and critically examine each and every one of them.

              Since NONE have come to pass — then something is WRONG with the stories you’ve been believing.

              Then when you extract head from Jone’s ass, check out where the MONEY is going and WHO is benefiting from these stories.

              Or go on like you are now — believing in complete bullshit. Just do the rest of us a favor and keep your idiocy to yourself.

        • king krazy

          coco thanks for the info. I am really spooked. I will pass this on to “sheep” I know.

      46. king krazy

        #1 he who has the guns gets the gold and silver.
        #2 you can’t have too many guns or ammo.

        The game is just about over.

      47. king krazy

        I also want to add my finanial guy flipped out and is on leave from work. I talked to him and he knows a collapse is coming.

      48. copperhead

        The way I see it, about gold or silver, is how long do you think it will take after the SHTF, to get back to where you can sell or use it to buy stuff. I thing you would be better off honing up on your CAVEMAN SKILL’S. When all hell breaks loose gold and silver will be your last conceren believe me. Most of us will not see the day when thing return to some kind normal. This thing will take many, many years to get over, its not going to be a 1-2 year thing or even 10-20 yrs. If a big quake does it or a nuke war, game over period. You all can do as you see fit to do, but for me I’m planning for a very long haul or till the end of me, with want I need now not what I think will make me rich latter on. WHEN THE SHTF THE GOOD OLD DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER. But again thats this old vet thinking out loud.
        BE FREE and SAFE in the coming EVENTS

        • AnonLegion

          that was one of the questions I posted for ppl to think about on another post.

          Will your supplies last?
          Do you have the skills to live without supplies?
          If shit gets really bad do you think they are going to let you sit tight in your home, bunker, farm?

          Prepare for very unconventional warfar and to be moving ALOT.

          Bend like the reed, be flexible in all things prepared to adapt and change.

          Be like the stone, cold and unmoving in your conviction.

          Be like the scorpions sting, silent and deadly.

          Just be ready. Be United. Stand together. Be afraid but do not show fear.

          If you have peace of soul, it will be fine no matter what.

          I have but one rule. We All Fight No One Quits, or I will shoot you myself. ( quote from starship troopers lol Michael Ironside. )

          • AnonLegion

            +e on warfare lol

        • Prepared Pastor

          Why does it have to be either/or? Precious metals is last on a very long list of my priorities that included a solar powered retreat, multiple years of food storage, and the means to protect them. It is an alternative to unreasonable amounts of cash. I believe it is unlikely we will go back to CAVEMAN days because we know how to build a rocket stove from adobe bricks and a sand filter to purify water. We know how to cultivate crops and raise rabbits and chickens on scraps.

          The biggest blind spot I see in preppers is the assumption they will never become refugees. Many on subsistence farms during the Great Depression lost them because they couldn’t pay the taxes. History shows that if an event were not global in scope, precious metals would still have value in unaffected areas. After the Great San Francisco Earthquake ferry boats refused paper money and would only accept gold or silver from those trying to flee.

          If I have to walk my family to South America following a continental event, I could carry an extra can of beans or 16 Silver Eagles to bribe well fed border guards who already have a culture of such corruption. BTW, I already have a friend living in southern Mexico just in case.

          Be well.

        • LT

          Something I haven’t heard anyone mention in a long time is, supposedly they are going to do roundups right before martial law. Starting around 2 weeks before, they will “disappear” people on the red list.

          So frankly I’m getting a bit nervous. I campaigned for Ron Paul, was a state delegate to the Republican convention, have had a blog or website exposing the truth for over 10 years, website had visit from the Pentagon and then .doj a few days later, and a few months after that, a helicopter hovered over my house for about 15 seconds, and I ran to the back door to go out to see it, and before I could go out, the helicopter dipped down to roof level and was turned to face me, meaning he knew I would be there (he was using infrared, apparently). The helicopter was black, small, and had a glass front that you couldn’t see through. Then he left in the direction he had come. He didn’t hover over any other houses, that I could see. Beyond that there are even other reasons I believe I’m on their list, although surely at the lower end of it.

      49. Y'all Beware!

        Ranchers wife,

        Failed to mention hang the bags from the corners – works better.

        Y’all Beware!

      50. KY Mom

        Obama Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself


      51. Karen

        Warning!!!!!!!! Warning!!!!! Next month there will be a earthquake along the east coast into the gulf of Mexico you have until the 18th of sept to move at least 30 miles inland on the fault lines are nuclear power plants along with the earthquake will be tital waves like Japan had leave coastal areas now’!!!!!!!!

        • VRF

          wow, so like the entire east coast?..moving the entire population of the east coast 30 miles inland is a hell of an undertaking, let alone on an assumption , do you have definative proof for this?

          what sources bring this to your attention?, mind you im not disputing the possibilities of an event like this, especially after what we all have seen over the past years, but you cant make a staement like ths without some back up science or proof of such a possibility coming to play this close or even that far out on a calendar

          Im up high enough not to be affected, but if im going to get over run with trasient population over an not going to take to it kindly

          Show me

          • VRF

            some keys on my board seem to be F-ed up..sorry ’bout the missing letters

      52. Burt the Brit


        You know this how? Please tell the scientists because earthquake warnings currently stand at the time between the p-waves and s-waves arriving.

        Earthquake prediction is in its infancy although some attest that planetary alignment and sunspots can help in this, I hope they are right because regular science is coming up with very little right now.

        Take care

      53. Barn Cat

        I have all my savings in precious metals. Once you’re fully prepared that’s where your extra money should go.

        • LT

          Are you guys aware of the plan from way back to have foreign troops patrolling the U.S. during martial law, because they are less likely to have qualms about shooting Americans like an American soldier would? All I can remember is, it was going to be Chinese on the west coast and Russian in the southeast.

      54. JayJay

        ~~~In his aforementioned book he suggested that central banks infuse the system with massive amounts of monetary expansion, but also warned that not injecting enough money would simply extend the onset of deflation and printing too much could lead to hyperinflationary currency collapse.~~~

        Yeah, really trust this man. Steps to rush the total world collapse? He is old ya know.

      55. ambassador888

        Anybody want to hear what the word of the Lord is through the prophets? You must prepare your heart if you do….

        • JayJay

          Luke 21

      56. sticky wicket

        “…who not only predicted the collapse of 2008 and took action to insulate himself..” Where was this documented?

      57. CoreyG/Texas

        Okay, if this is not a SIGN I have NO IDEA what is… This should make everyone take notice! Get your financial affairs in order and for goodness sake… DO invest in a little Silver and remember you cannot eat Silver/Gold… Stock up on 3 months minimum of food for your family. I hate to sound like a crazy survivalist freak but this is honestly a WISE step. Grocery stores only have about 3 days worth of food and in a crash it will be gone in less than an hour
        The 99% VS the 1% – A battle to be fought and won with truth and unity! The people have finally started to come together. You cannot convince me that tiny Iceland can handle the “Cabal” and WE cannot!
        Now is the time to join forces with those you would not normally consider. This is all starting to leak out to the main stream media… finally. We just need to KEEP THE HEAT on them. We will soon be posting new petition and email campaign info as well as protest ideas. We just need more people following this group and we can use resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us arguing with each other.
        WE need to come together with people we wouldn’t normally work with to bring these criminals DOWN! Spread the word, others have carried the load of exposing this activity. Now we the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.
        JOIN US, this is YOUR cause too (Click the “LIKE” button and spread the word):

      58. OldFart

        Soros can let me take care of his dough.

      59. so

        any evidence ?
        if not stick it where the sun ain’t shining,
        you disinfo drones

      60. Churchill

        Hehehe, also previously mentioned in various past articles was that Soros’ is calling for gold to be used for financing the ‘Green Agenda’ as well as saying that gold should be ‘Re-classified’.

      61. Venom

        Dang, facebook to $19. I put way too much into it at $30, then $20 just yesterday. If it drops to $15, I’ll put another $10K down, but it probably won’t go that low. It will likely be back to original IPO price by EOY. Smart money will follow Soros and Soros has just bought fb stock.

      62. JADEZ

        no matter where i go the fools have beat me there.

        gold will go to 3000 an ounce because it has survived as money since man and will till man is gone.

        the rest of your arguments are irrelevant.

      63. Gold Fools

        $130 million in gold is a paltry ‘investment’ — and means absolutely zilch. The speculation / assumptions being posted here are asinine and ridiculous.

        Most likely Soros is going to try and capitalize on the gold fever from the idiots who think gold is going to save them.

        Precious metals are a SCAM for fools. Manipulated markets, hard to sell, must be timed just right to even be profitable, must be converted into cash to be useable, nobody really wants this because nobody really needs it, etc., There are dozens of reasons gold is for fools.

        Fiat money / fractional reserve banking will NEVER be abandoned — anyone that thinks otherwise does not understand how the world works.

        Even if a “gold backed currency” were to ever exist (China is alleged to be setting one up) it’s meaningless to Americans. The U.S. does not have to switch (and won’t), and even if it did, it would simply “set” the price of gold — and all you fools will lose your shirts. You can also guarantee that fractional reserve banking will still exist — making any “security” allegedly offered by gold to be virtually worthless.

      64. NoOneOfConsequence

        You know…you guys just DONT GET IT.

        Everything being said here WILL NOT HAPPEN.

        This is just more spin to encourage you to spend money on ridiculous foolishness. In 20 years, you will be looking at your pile of survival crap and be shaking your head at how stupid you were.

        It has NEVER changed. The business cycle goes up and down, crash follows boom. Yeah…the government extended the boom this time with their own brand of stupidity. So guess what? The crash time is extended.

        No mysteries here….other than why some of you smart people can’t see you are being manipulated into false captial investment.

        Only losers invest in failure. This is what you all are doing.

      65. JayJay

        I ‘Thrive’ in failure!!! Only true preppers will get this irony.

      66. Brian

        I have been reading many of these comments. A lot of them from “preppers” who have actually inspired me to do some preparing myself (beans, bullets, band-ades and bullion). But here is my opinion on time line. I don’t believe the U.S. financial crisis will occur in 2012. Probably not even 2013. I believe closer to 2015. Just my opinion. (Gives you more time to prepare.)

      67. JimboMcC

        One thing Soros is not is stupid. When all the paper money turns to dust 50mil in solid gold will keep him a rich man when the rest of us have nothing.

      68. Anonymous

        hope he shoots himself

      69. al

        Maybe Soros and his associates are only bluffing…They own the gold mines and make the profits when you buy overpriced gold…Maybe they only make up these stories so more people buy overpriced gold from them…

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