Report: Security Forces Put On Alert As Trump Set To Ban Laptops On Planes Originating From Europe

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    In late March U.S. intelligence sources announced that terrorist organizations have found a novel and deadly way to smuggle explosives onto airplanes utilizing everyday laptops. Though officials declined to provide additional details, some believe that the intelligence highlighting the new threat was the result of President Trump’s raid on an Al Queda compound in Yemen that left at least 14 Al Queda fighters. Navy SEAL Ryan Owens was also killed in the raid. The President called it a “winning mission,” and officials said the mission’s stated purpose, to gather information, had been accomplished.

    If the information they deemed from the raid as revealed by U.S. intelligence sources to CNN is accurate, then travelling on airlines is about to get a lot more difficult for most modern-day passengers, who often carry electronic devices like phones, tablets and laptops when on the go.

    Such devices have already been banned on all flights originating from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia and now British Intelligence sources have said they are bracing for more widespread implementation that could ban the devices on every flight leaving Europe for the United States, including those originating from major airline hubs in London.

    ban-devicesSource: The Sun UK

    Passengers flying from Britain to the US face a ban on carrying laptops in aircraft cabins, The Times has learnt.

    Under the restrictions, devices larger than a mobile phone — including laptops, tablets and e-readers — must be checked in and stored in the hold. The ban has worried passengers that the gadgets may be damaged. It can also be difficult to obtain insurance for items in the hold. British security chiefs have been put on alert that the US is planning to impose its laptop ban on incoming flights from some parts of Europe…

    Full report: The Times

    A CNN report from March explains how the new ban from middle east countries and Africa works. Similar restrictions are likely to be placed on passengers in Europe:

    Though the official story is certainly plausible, as terrorist organizations are always innovating and creating new ways to kill as many people as possible, Mid east airlines immediately mocked the ban:

    A short video from Bloomberg even suggests that Trump’s decision was based on protectionist policies designed to inflict financial pain on airlines operating out of the middle east:

    According to The Sun, the new ban may be in place in as little as three weeks and would likely affect all travelers to the United States, including American citizens vacationing in Europe.


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      1. how convenient. because airlines do such a great job of getting my luggage back to me intact and with all my belongings.

        • I have always put zip ties on my luggage. I’ve never been robbed. I was on a flight once from Orlando. The luggage was late, there was a change of shifts of luggage handlers. As we were getting luggage off the conveyer, the luggage handlers were leaving for the day, instead of lunch pails, each had a knap sack or carry on sized bag. They walked past as passengers were watching wide open pilfered bags come off the conveyer.

          Everyone in the room knew what just happened, they had all been robbed, and I’m talking 80% of all passengers on my flight, and the airline was complicit. If you could document the contents stolen, airline insurance payed. Of course my stupid sister in law demanded I not seal her bag with a zip tie. Yup, she was the only one in our group robbed.

          Zip ties work, TSA doesn’t mind them, but criminal baggage handlers need to carry some kind of cutting tool, interpreted by police as a burglary tool. So they don’t touch them.

        • Don’t ban laptops. That is stupid. Just ban Muslims, problem solved.

      2. Coming soon to a local airport near you!

      3. Islamic terrorist have absolutely perfected a lap top battery that is in fact a bomb.

        Big badda boom!

      4. I can’t take a computer. What about a smart phone? How about my suicide vest? ?

        Why do we allow planes from Saudi Arabia? I thought they were bad guys. Like the twin towers.
        Who wants to bring a computer anyway.

        If Jennifer Anniston is flying, I want to check her out up close and personal. Does she have “man hands”. There’s a rumor about Michele/ Michael, those black tennis players who are sisters, and Anniston. Supposed to be gay/transexy. She fooled me. Looks like a woman to me.


        • Forget the wall (Trump is). Forget healthcare reform (Trump is). Forget tax cuts for the middle class (Trump is). Trump is going after the high priority items like laptops on planes and agitating for WWIII.

      5. In the context of the loss of European security resulting from the refugee crisis, this makes total sense. Keep in mind, they have no idea who is in Europe right now and all they know is that hundreds of thousands Islamic terrorists entered the continent posing as refugees.

        The British barely run any border security and are only a few miles on a train from Europe: it has already been proven any moron can board the train and enter the UK unchecked.

        This rule change needs, however, to be consistent. Baggage handlers at most airports are the dirt bags of the airport. A criminal/scum fratnernity, often from South Asia/Africa/Mexico. They have been filmed urinating in the baggage holds of aircraft, causing severe airframe erosion/corrosion. Maybe they piss on your laptop? They also throw around the baggage without care and steal on a regular basis. This occupation needs to be a badged ocupation, with professionals who are bonded and supervised.

        As for the airlines from the Middle East, why are they even allowed into European or North American air space? They all come from countries that fund and supply Islamic terrorists. These routes should only be for top-notch European and North American airlines only.

        • BlackMoe, BRAVO! Banning Muslims instead will cut down on some problems here.

        • FT, good points. kick out the foreigners and replace them with our own people. Enough of this affirmative-action BS.

          • Airports used to be high-value places to work and visit. And then, starting in the 1980s, they became third world souks. The employees were all hired from the third world, and they became dirty, shabby places with all the terrorism threats we now have today.

            It is time to make working in the airport a high-value job again and hire only people who can be trusted.

      6. Better to lose a hundred planes to terrorist bombs than to inconvenience a single passenger.

      7. 10 April 2017 Don’t Be a United Airlines Passenger

        Do not sit still like a United Airlines passenger in a video when an injustice is happening. If the other passengers had simply blocked the aisles, corporate thugs could not have dragged their fellow passenger away.

        March 6, 2017 TSA Warns Local Police About Its New Airport Pat-Downs

        A universal “comprehensive” search may prompt passenger complaints to law enforcement.

        • Flying is voluntary.

          Drive or take a bus or train if you don’t like the security requirements for flying on commercial passenger aircraft.

          But so few do, or will, that the airlines are unaffected by it.

          • Anonymous, BRAVO! Flying IS voluntary. I don’t fly, period. If I can’t get to someplace by ground transport then I don’t go.

          • Right, next time I have to travel to Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa I’ll take a bus or train…

            • Shame on you for going to those places.

              But if you have to, try a boat.

      8. It is not about anything but government control. TSA has caught no one has prevented nothing. I am on the no fly list and all I did was write an article condemning Bush 2, Clinton administration and the Mossad of taking down the WTC. It is called free speech or that is what it use to be.

        • And what was in that article?

          Calls for mass or political murder and violence maybe?

          That will get you banned every time as a potential terrorist, and rightly so.

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