Report: Security Breakdown In America’s Nuclear Command Centers: “Not Taking the Job Seriously Enough”

by | Oct 12, 2013 | Headline News | 243 comments



Last month a high level source speaking with Infowars revealed insider details of a nuclear weapons transfer within the domestic United States that was executed without an official directive or paper trail. One expert noted that such re-positioning of nuclear warheads doesn’t happen unless they “plan on using them.”

Curiously, just a day later, Senator Lindsey Graham warned that a failure to attack Syria could lead to a nuclear weapon being detonated in South Carolina. It was a notion that raised eye brows in mainstream media, but more so throughout alternative media circles, which suggested that the sequence of events were indicative of a false flag attack.

Yesterday, we learned that a senior member of U.S. nuclear command and head of the Air Force’s nuclear arsenal was relieved of his command. This has prompted questions about what is going on in the secret nuclear control centers around the country and it’s raising concerns about the security of America’s nuclear weapons.

Now, a report from the Associated Press goes further down the rabbit hole.

Together, the Carey and Giardina dismissals add a new dimension to a set of serious problems facing the military’s nuclear force.

The ICBM segment in particular has had several recent setbacks, including a failed safety and security inspection at a base in Montana in August, followed by the firing of the colonel there in charge of security forces. In May, The Associated Press revealed that 17 Minuteman 3 missile launch control officers at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., had been taken off duty in a reflection of what one officer there called “rot” inside the ICBM force.

In an inspection that the Air Force publicly termed a “success,” the AP disclosed that launch crews at Minot scored the equivalent of a “D” grade on missile operations. In June the officer in charge of training and proficiency of Minot’s missile crews was fired.

The sidelined launch officers were “not taking the job seriously enough,” causing their bosses to worry that they failed to understand what it takes to “stay up to speed” on nuclear missile operations, the Air Force chief of staff, Gen. Mark Welsh, told Congress in May. What it boiled down to, he said, was a lack of “proper attitude.”

Were the recent firings of top military brass a result of indiscretions and alcohol induced misbehavior as the official narrative would have us believe, or could a more sinister plot be developing?

Is it possible that nuclear war heads were, in fact, re-positioned by rogue elements within the ICBM nuclear command group without proper authorization?

And would these senior command terminations have occurred had the story about these weapons not been made public?

It’s all speculation at this point, but what we do know is that the U.S. government under the Obama Administration has been operating under a heavy veil of secrecy that has taken unprecedented steps to identify and prosecute whistle blowers and security leakers, making it difficult for the truth to make it to the public.

The fact that the military graded Air Force missile operations with a “D” should give us pause. That’s a gaping hole in our national security and one that could be capitalized on by those who would do us harm.

Thus, at this point, nothing is outside the realm of possibility, the least of which is the notion that a rogue element operating within the government apparatus may be planning a manufactured crisis on U.S. soil.

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    1. Outlaw

      Seems like only a matter of time at this point.

      • OutWest

        It appears like National Security is only
        to keep the American people in the dark.

        Seems like all the other countries know
        what our crummy government is up to.

        • Outlaw

          They consider us mushrooms, keep us in the dark and feed us shit.

          • BackSpace

            To add insult to injury: WTF

            Washington, D.C. North Dakota’s U.S. senators

            are telling Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to scrap a Defense Department plan to conduct an environmental impact study on the “possible elimination of intercontinental ballistic missile silo’s.”



            • Be informed

              Call me crazy but I think this has to do with international tension with Russia and China. Russia is fortifying itself in the Black Sea region and heavily along its entire southern borders. China has upped its military in regards to Japan and Taiwan recently. This could be a lot more serious than people realize. Yes, worse than a Jericho TV series type of incident. This happens a lot before a huge war is ready to get going.

              By the way there was just two more earthquakes on outer plate boundaries. The one in the far southern Mid Atlantic Ridge is directed exactly from India/Western China AND Japan. Like India doesn’t have enough problems with that hurricane hitting a densely populated area. The one NE of Asterdam Island is directed from Alaska and the far northern point of the Cascadia fault, down through the Caribbean into Columbia and Ecuador. I have not seen these many divergent plate boundary earthquakes in different spots in a 2 week period. These are larger than most also. Something really terrible is coming that will shake the planet severely is likely coming. Too much activity means something large enough to justify all these different points of these precursor quakes. You can feel it in the air.

              • Kulafarmer

                Maybe well get lucky and the freakin thing will just split up into a bunch of chunks,
                Problems solved, ALL OF THEM

                • Be informed

                  @ Kulafarmer and everyone else. I found some records and they “AIN’T” good on earthquakes.

                  These are locations in which were hit since Sept. 29 and what happened to the same locations when they were hit years or decades before, there are many other smaller major quakes but only the whoppers are listed:

                  Sept. 29, Southern Mid Atlantic Ridge 40.5S-17.0W
                  8.8 in Chile 2010
                  9.0 in Japan 2011

                  Sept. 30, Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge 49.5N-28.5W
                  7.9 in Indonesia 2007

                  Oct. 1, Reykjanes Ridge 55.8N-34.7W
                  7.6 in Tonga 2009

                  Oct. 1, N. Nazca Plate 0.5N-89.6W
                  7.5 in Philippines 1975

                  Oct. 1, Owen Fracture Zone 11.3N-57.5E
                  8.1 in Tonga 1977
                  7.7 in Japan 1978
                  7.8 in Alaska 2002
                  8.3 in Japan 2003

                  Oct. 4, SE of Asterdam Island 38.6S-78.5E
                  7.5 Kermadec Islands

                  Oct. 4, West Chile Rise 41.3S-85.2W
                  7.6 in Papua New Guinea 2005

                  Oct. 8, West of Macquarie Island 58.9S-149.1E
                  7.7 in Indonesia 2010

                  Oct. 9, Southern Mid Atalntic Ridge 16.4S-14.1W
                  8.6/8.2 Indonesia, largest ever strike slip quake 2012

                  Oct. 12, Southern Mid Atalantic Ridge 52.2S-5.2W
                  8.1 in Santa Cruz/Soloman Islands 2013

                  Oct. 12, NE Asterdam Island region 36.7S-78.7E
                  7.5 in Kermadec Islands 2005
                  7.8 in Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia 2012

                  As everyone can see someone is going to get F’ed really bad. The past 2 weeks these locations that have been hit before and had great or mega earthquakes are being hit again. Look at the volume of intense shakers from these precursor zones.

                  There are 11 areas that have been hit before that have lead to very strong earthquakes in the past. 11. I have never seen this before.

                  On top of all of this, most of these precursor quakes in the past have not been as large as these past 11, but still lead to huge quakes. See why I am sounding the alarm that there is a godd chance of a great or mega earthquake coming?

              • Ragnar_NY

                Russia and China are, IMHO, protecting themselves from a gubment that is totally out of control. Obozo an crew are seeking a war, Russia and China are making sure that they only get a nosebleed if and when our lame-azed gubment goes off the deep end.

                The only place you can hear this is places like this as the lame-stream media is a tool of the gubment – heck Zappa told us that 40 years ago!

                • gone under

                  A tool of the government and industry too, for I am destined to rule and regulated you. FZ

                • Them Guys

                  I am a tool of the govnt, have You guessed me yet? I’m the Slime oozzing out from Your TV set!

                  Watch out where the Huskys go, and don’t You eat that Yellow Snow!

      • Wolf359

        My apologies for hijacking the thread but i was at a grocery store a few towns away from where I live closer to boston and over the speaker system an announcement declared in a serious tone all ebt systems are down throughout the state.

        In one single motion 60% of all the people there just abandoned their carts and groceries on the check out tray.

        It was pretty funny and alarming considering the scale of ppl using ebt. It was also odd bc a lot of ppl I would never had expected by the way they dressed left too.

        • awake in tx

          family in DeRidder,LA have told me that signs are being put up in stores saying no wic no ebt
          put your boots on, it going to be a wild ride.

          • Tactical

            Since the entire EBT program is being run by JP Morgan / Chase and our beloved Jamie Dimon, would it be possible that the Honorable John Corzine and Jamie darling simply took the entire fund (just like MF Global) and the next TV interview will broadcast their message as follow: ALL ETB RECIPIENTS: EAT SHIT.

          • A Christian Man

            For your info, the problem with The EBT cards, was caused by Xerox testing their back-up computer system for handling the EBT system.

            Not even Guberment problem this time to blame, or make false statements about. it effected 17 states and the EBT card usage, or was it a False flag test to see the panic it would cause..

        • Piper Michael

          EBT is now in computer system failure, for ‘maintenance’…
          Now in 16 states…

          ya… right.

          Rumors of command shuffling has been going on for a while… forced retirements, and false accusations.

          They are taking out the Good guys.
          What, are they replacing them with?

          Scary things that make you go hmmm…

      • Iowa

        I see Redcoats!

        • opr

          no, they are ZIONISTS- doing the firing and being rehired. the guys who refused to attack Syria/Iran and dlase flag us into the same are being dumped by the AIPAC dual national agents in the military.

          there is a reason why these folks have been despised where ever they loot.

          • Tactical

            AMEN opr. Another awaken person. The entire US Government is being run by these pigs.

    2. Jerry

      Troubling times indeed.

      • william mony

        We live in perilous times indeed
        Jesus is coming soon
        Trust and pray to him and heaven is not far away

    3. Outlaw

      Was listening to Alex Jones yesterday, the firing of the guy in charge of the nukes is definitely troubling, considering the surrounding circumstances.

      • Dick

        Guys the government is in shambles and the military has been at war for twelve years. This was inevitable. It is also why SHTF seems like such a possibility. Too many factors to ignore so keep prepping.


      • InsanityISContagious

        Outlaw: I tell ya though, when times seem dark and things seem bad, there is seriously nothing MORE FUN than moseying on over to a HARD-LINE DEMOCRATIC online nest (think yahoo articles) and poking ém with a stick….snicker…good times.

        • robert paulson

          Sorry insanity. That should be a thumb up

      • apache54

        Guys there are TWO elements left in our government and military. Those two elements are fighting and have been fighting for several years, our only hope is that the good guys will finally get to perform a coup before they all are replaced with the other sides corrupt ones.
        keep your fingers crossed and your powder dry as they may need some help !!!

        • Tactical

          What are the two elements? Zionists / AIPAC and …………?

      • Basstard

        I wish I could believe anything Alex Jones says, but he appears to getting rich by feeding us shit just like the Government. Glenn Beck also. Beck’s 3 hour show is 2 1/2 hours of commercials and bullshit. I can’t listen to them anymore.

        • Horse'sass

          Agree, Basstard. This is a time for real critical thinking, because more and more opportunists are going to take advantage of this uncertainty. Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are selling their shows, so to speak, and I will not listen to them. Ditto Celente and even Max Keiser. Some sources, even like Chris Martenson, address the issues in a more “scholarly” and pragmatic way, but still seem to be more interested in making money off the situation rather than helping their fellow man. I think the best thing to do is to cast your net wide for opinions from those who aren’t selling their books, and quietly “tithe” a percentage of your earnings/ savings into some reasonable preps and or self sufficiency, and most importantly, knowledge and practical experience, which if things do get bad, you’ll wish you had learned earlier.

          • lower40

            if im watching a video on the crisis we’re in ,and they start telling me how by making the right investments i can make money off this crisis ,i turn the channel ,when all of this goes south there is going to be alot of pain for alot of folks out there ,im betting while there looking in garbage cans for somthing to eat they wont be thinking about there 401k or there investment portfolio ,this crash wont be about money ,it will be about power

            • Ancient Echoes

              I started watching a program just like that and was sickened by the idea and turned it off. I do not want to be like those before me that profited off the suffering of other fellow humans. What we need is someone like Lincoln who thinks of everyone else first and does not want to “profit” of the suffering of ANYONE!

              • lower40

                Amen Echo

          • opr

            why dont you tithe it to some truthers who ARE honest and getting the word out- and sacrificing and not getting paid for it, like for ex HERE or another similiar site that is deserving. these are the folks we owe alot to and who dont get it back… just sayin, i am not a daily visitor but i have done this for others.

        • Robert

          down votes show there is still a lot of folks asleep still who think they are “awake”. they awoke from the dream to only to awake and be left wanting. so, they try hard to fall back asleep and find some sense of understanding, belonging to a gorup of people or perhaps normalcy; in guys like glenn beck and alex jones. these are the people who still think things like voting matter or have ever mattered. that an armed revolution would change anything. or possibly hanging every single politician alive today and thinking it would change anything. there are evil manipulative people and will be until the day of Jesus return. there will be war, death and turmoil until his return. they are awakened to be lead to a slightly different bed but back to sleep. of course, these are generalisations but most likely more right than wrong in most ways/angles to look at perspectives. there is only one way to the absolute truth of this life. Jesus. guys like alex jones and glenn beck are for the still dumbed down masses who buy into red team vs blue team. for those who dont understand, for whatever reason, the real meaning of life and where it is going.

        • Sigi

          That’s an over exaggeration about Beck. Don’t like the commercials? Listen to it free on Sound Cloud – but the time is diminished only by 1/3, not 2/3. That said, Alex Jones has no credibility to me.

      • Aurelius

        Outlaw, the replacement General for the nuke command is named Weinstein! Hummmm, Wein..stein! That’s Irish, isn’t it?

      • veggimama

        nuclear missiles aside, more troubling to me are the increase in tectonic activity, in line with increased solar activity in line with “comet” ison, and add to that the frailty of our nuclear power plants. If fukashima can be any indication of how unprepared humans are to deal with these nuke plants in a grid down/ natural disaster situation, we all should be prepping with iodine tablets and or cyanide ones…. The japanese govt keeps throwing $$$$ at the problem, but no one knows how to fix it… while the uncooled rods are creating the world’s deadliest rabbit hole.
        war with russia/china has been underway since the end of the cold war, which never really ended. remember we’re the assholes who started the whole nuke mess to begin with. for good or bad, nuclear tech is a bane on humanity.

    4. braveheart

      Mac and everyone else; Something is definitely rotten in DC. NUCLEAR WEAPONS REPORTEDLY MISSING AND CANNOT BE ACCOUNTED FOR? How retarded, incompetent, asinine, etc. can anyone be? Or else, there’s a false-flag with one or more nukes in the works. Whatever kind of false-flag operation TPTB are planning to bring us into martial law will backfire on them and will bring on civil war no. 2 in this land. Something is in the wind and coming; I can feel it. A nuclear explosion is everyone’s worst nightmare. One consolation about it; if any nukes go off anywhere in this land, Obama supporters as well as patriots will be affected UNLESS they have prepped. Radioactive materials are equal opportunity killers. braveheart

      • sixpack

        Got duct tape and heavy plastic sheets? Keep the particulate matter out of your area until it degrades.

        • 21Bravo

          Stock up on Potassium Iodate- KI or KIO3

          You can order it through your local pharmacy…

          • Stickman

            I’ve done some research on this and found that potassium iodide is better than iodate (if you have the choice). Potassium iodate is apparently hard on the stomach and can cause vomiting, tastes horrible, and is less effective than potassium iodide. The price is about the same for both. Just a suggestion. Also, there is evidence to suggest that bentonite clay is effective in removing toxins as well as radioactive particles from the body. It can be taken internally or used topically. Do some research on this yourself ( is informative). It’s not that expensive either as long as you shop around.

            • Sigi

              Thanks Stickman- I’ll look up the clay.

              Kelp is also good at helping the body deal with radioactivity (not enough iodine in it to protect your thyroid on its own, though). Sunflower seeds/oil when combined with cruciferous vegetables is powerful cancer-fighter. Keep seeds for this and put these foods up in your preps.

        • Northern Cousin

          Don’t forget to add buckets, sponges, rubber boots, rubber gloves and sou’westers that can be sponged off when doing outdoor tasks. You won’t want to bring in any radioactive particulate on your boots, clothing. Also, N95 masks with charcoal filters in plentiful supply. Uline do long rolls of thick plastic sheeting that will cover windows and doors completely in one sweep without having to cut and tape. Don’t forget to shut chimney flues, seal off cold air returns and duct work such as range hood vents and bathroom vent fans! They also supply sand bags which are handy to have to fill with dirt to cover low lying windows if you are sheltering in place. This isn’t an ad for the company, just that they supply quickly, in bulk and at low cost, usually within 24 hours. That might be an important factor if we get any warning at all.

        • kimintn

          @sixpack thanks for listing some of the missing stars. we figure still more to come…

        • lower40

          i heard somewhere that you could put water sprinklers on your roof to keep some of the dust from settling on your roof ,i guess this would be a problem if you were on city water and it went down ,but in the country you could run your gen. to power your pump

      • InsanityISContagious

        Braveheart: I gotta ask that question: Urbana comes at you like a bitchy ex-wife who ran out of alimony after her new boyfriend tossed her out the door…what gives? Just random stalking?

      • HeadshotsOnly

        Forget the lame personal stories in the series, but think about the scenario in the TV series “Jericho”. It could almost be prophecy….

        • jerrytbg

          I believe it’s called predictive programing…

      • Gods Creation

        “”” TPTB are planning to bring us into martial law will backfire on them and will bring on civil war no. 2 in this land.”””

        Braveheart, it will NOT be a civil war. That is when the people fight each other for control of the government.

        This MUST be a war of the people vs the criminal government. There can be no civilian targets if the People are to win. Whatever the corp has will be fair game once they end the current mixed war start the hot war.

        Keep that in mind people. Your fellow victim/citizens are not the enemy here.

        • John Q. Public

          The government is made up of middle men, enforcers, puppets, mouthpieces, and talking heads. The perpetrators are citizen—in fact, many of them are dual citizens.

          They ALL need to be in the docket at Nuremberg 2.

          • JC75

            The Nuremberg trials were a whitewash – Operation Paperclip brought most of the best Nazi scientists & engineers over here to work for the government.

            A trial by the American citizens in an American court (not the courts we have today which are under British admiralty & maritime law) is the only way these evil pigs will be brought to justice.

          • Tactical

            JQP…..100% correct.

        • opr

          you’ll be doing exactly what they want- CIVIL WAR and to break up USA into 10 regions. have at it & play right into their hands.

        • Tactical

          Depends which fellow citizens you are referring to.

        • old guy

          It will be a race war ethnic cleansing and preppers knocking off those who would try and steal from them. war between the haves and the have nots. If you have food and shelter your a have. The have nots will think they are entitled to your stuff.

      • REB

        Interesting that they put/lost this nuke in the heart of the Old Confederacy…where it all started 150 years ago…too many odd things going on in the last few years to be just circumstancial methinks….do they really think they can nuke Americans on American soil…that’s taking that old bassturd Shermans approach to a whole “nuther” level!…but perchance some of Lees boys have taken possession of the federals “tool of aggression” and planted it deep under Lincolns monument or obutthos outhouse…things they be gittin interesting…no?

      • Robert

        civil war is of no true concern to them. world war is of no true concern as well. take a look around at everyone in your world. now understand that 1 person out of every 3rd will be dead in the flesh when all of this really starts to go down. this world is being and will be brought to its knees. record fires, floods, earthquakes, wars, heat, cold, rain, snow, sinkholes,debt, suicides, on and on. something is coming not seen before and never to be again. at this point, the very root of all this evil and his followers are just trying to take down as many people as they can with them. they hate us(they use politicians,actors,on and on but hate them as well) and are all going to die(along with anyone who gets suckered by the lies and trappings who does not repent); in part, for that. and they know it. so, what better way if you’re going to die than to take as many enemies with you as possible, right? do you think we are so different from the angels? everything and everyplace on Earth will be touched when all of this comes to a head; nuclear attack or not, civil war or not.

      • veggimama

        there have been nukes “missing” since 2008.
        another option is no false flag, but a flagrant attempt to sell on black market to solve debt problems.

    5. Joseph James

      Oct 8 2013
      Apprk 1k off coast of SC…
      “Earthquake” reported that upon research shows signs of being a nuke.
      were firings due to refusal of false flag by premature detonation order to conceal true target…ie top brass purposly detonated elsewhere to save?

      • Outlaw

        I saw that and kinda thought the same as you.

          • Be informed

            @ Outlaw. It is natural and the 6.1 in Venezuela is a result of the Caribbean plate coming into a tension “bump” with the North American plate and the 4.5 was a distant foreshock to this 6.1 quake. The Caribbean plate may be smaller but has a huge bearing on the North American plate, especially the New Madrid fault zone. Venezuela had a great, maybe a mega earthquake in 1812 after the New Madrid broke the same year. That 4.5 is actually a northern fracture of the Caribbean plate that extends into the oceanic crust of the North American plate. Compare what you see where this 4.5 with the many fractured zone in northern Nevada.

            This region is actually capable of a high 6 range because of the pressure of the Caribbean plate. The fracture zone extends north of here into the North Carolina and northern Atlantic states. Middle of the plate type quakes are not as common, but they do happen. The North American plate is one of the least stable plates there is away from the plate boundaries. Much of North American plate has been fused together. The New Madrid fault zone was once as active as Japan is today.

        • Joseph James

          Time will tell.

      • Stay Frosty

        Same thought crossed my mind. After hearing this story I came to the conclusion that the top ranking officials who were fired still had a sense of patriotic duty and they simply refused to murder their own people. That just won’t fly for TPTB.

        If I lived in SC I would be extremely worried. Just saying.

        Romans 13:4 KJV

        • Highspeedloafer

          Frosty, If that is true, why aren’t these men with a “patriotic sense of duty” sounding the alarm from the highest hills around?

          I know I would be telling anybody and everybody.

          • Jay in UK

            If those generals are indeed “good guys” who were removed for not playing along, the reason they are not going public with what they know could be because there is a struggle going on within the US top brass that requires a lot of delicate handling… But whatever the case, this is the most alarming developent in a long, long time.

          • Aurelius

            Remember and accept that all high ranking officials,be they politicians or military, are always blackmailable. In this totally corrupt age there are no exceptions to this rule. Ponder this when you see them not speaking out when you know they should be.

      • braveheart

        Is there a link to an article for that?

        • Outlaw

          I cant find much BH, Someone mentioned it to me and the link I posted above is about all I got.

    6. ponomo

      Punt the inexcusable back to the culprits daily.

    7. Buzzfix

      Stupid Fuckheads! Doesn’t anyone have discipline and strong sense of duty anymore? Ill keep them in my backyard. 😀

    8. BJ

      Thanks for writing on this Mac,I pray we are wrong too!

      Makes me think more and more about the tv show that got pulled after season 2 that was so good about the nukes going off in america. The guy from Simon & Simon played the mayor and dad of the star of the show. Also there was a black guy who played the cia dude, I think they were in Kansas….oh heck what the hell was the name of that show?

      • Outlaw


        • Scott


        • wrong

          Good show.

        • DocLRRP

          Maybe season # 3

        • BJ

          that’s it!!!

          Thank you thank you thank you

      • braveheart

        it was Jericho and I have both seasons on DVD.

    9. Mountain Trekker

      Seems the trucker strike has come and gone and like most events, there was just a lot of hype. Not much media coverage, and that’s the way it will be if anyone takes a stand against the Government. And yes I know they supposedly closed the Interstate! Strange such a large event could be closed down so easily. So much for what everyone is going to do! I couldn’t even get a “word of the week” to the NSA to fly. Lot of big talk on this site. Trekker Out.

      • sixpack

        Maybe there are more important things on people’s minds than antagonizing the NSA analysts.

        • Outlaw

          Right on sixpack!

        • apache54

          well we all know all who use these types of site are monitored, so maybe you are correct and don’t feed the fire too much so we don’t burn our fingers!!! we will need those fingers when the SHTF starts

          • sixpack

            It ain’t about the consequences of antagonizing the NSA, it’s simply that there are other priorities right now to think about. Me, I’m more concerned with those nukes-gone-missing than I am giving the NSA extra headaches…there’ll be time for that later—I hope.

      • Wasp

        Yeah! We got lot more important thing on our mind than the trucker strike and the NSA. We got EMP’s and Solar Flares and Nuclear melt downs. They could happen anyday, we gotta stock up on tinfoil and birdcages to protect our stuff. Besides that we got lots of people to shoot when they come to our door.WASP

        • DocLRRP

          I gave you a thumbs up for great sarcasm. 🙂

        • sixpack

          …and you consider feeding useless data into some faceless computer somewhere, more important than all of that stuff you mentioned in your sarcastic remark?


          Do you think a REAL PERSON is filtering all of those keywords? No. It’s a damn computer who executes it’s program no matter how many keywords pop up. I definitely have better things to do than try to bug a machine with keywords.

      • Kulafarmer

        What was the word of the week?

        • BackSpace


          • old radio nut

            She’s my little deuce coup, you don’t know what I got.
            Just a little deuce coup with a flathead mill but she’ll walk a Thunderbird like it’s standin’ still…

            She’s my little deuce coup, you don’t know what I got…

            • Sigi

              That is precisely what went through my mind when I saw the word of the week!

          • Archivist

            coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup coup

            chicken coup
            all couped up

            • BackSpace

              Pigeons go…

              coup coup coup….

              dirty birds.

          • Mountain Trekker

            I think my Brother had a Coup DeVille. Trekker Out

        • LSB

          This morning I threw some old mushroom coup along with some stale broccoli coup, and some moldy beef coup back behind the chicken coup. Boy, were those chickens happy to see that.

    10. JRS

      If the terrorist elements operating in and around the District of Columbia and Israel would refrain from continually threatening, bombing and droning brown skinned people we wouldn’t have “rogue” elements looking to attack us.

      To paraphrase John Q. (I think)…
      Prosecute the guilty and leave the innocent alone.

      • John Q. Public

        Yes indeed!

        Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

        Does 2 of us count as “gone viral”? [laughing]

    11. Sledge750

      I don’t believe they would have fired the missiles if ordered to do so.

      The current administration needs “reliable” people to start the next war…

      • AC

        Presumably, that is why they are being replaced – with people that will do anything they are told to do.

        • apache54

          yup you figured that out correctly ! now how do we stop them?

      • LSB

        Someone who is reliable…how about that x-vice president who liked to shoot. What was his name? That should be quite entertaining. Wonder what or who he would actually hit.

    12. Hammerun

      Alex Jones? Info wars? They could find a conspiracy in Obamas dog taking a dump on the White House lawn.

      • Satori


        “paging ALex Jones
        paging Mr ALex Jones

        clean up on the White House east lawn”

        one of these days he’s gonna be right !

        • Hammerun

          It’s like throwing a 5 gallon bucket of spaghetti at a wall and some of it is bound to stick.

          • jerrytbg

            Is that with or without sauce?

            • Hammerun

              I kinda prefer with sauce and mushrooms. The dog likes the sauce too! He gets to clean it up.

              • jerrytbg

                I meant to give a smile when when you first posted…
                better late than never… ‘)

            • Them Guys

              Hes not about being right or wrong. Like beck its all about the Mammon!(money). Both know whos the culprits. Yet both will Never name any as such. Hence they divert folks atten to nazis or moooslims. Or anything other than to name the true nation wreckers who are desperatly trying to graduate into being the World Wreckers.

              Do not know if its fact or true? I read that when folks like beck get baptized as a mormon, they believe that some mysterious method by Gods Holy Spirit somehow Changes their former gentile blood and dna Into actual jewish dna/blood. That article I read about the mormon faiths beliefs also stated that sometimes the mormon leaders or pastors will baptize an already deceased jew, by substituting a mormon to act as if he was that dead jewish person, so they can “Convert” the dead jewish person into a “Saved” mormon even after death. Thru Baptisim of the mormon actor guy.

              I do not know if its true or not? Although after seeing glen beck on tv doing a tv show FROM israel and hearing beck with his crying and tears etc in full operational mode, state that Now he, glen beck IS also a Jew. And he also stated that we ALL need to become a jew so we can better stand with jews and israel…Seems beck has been greatly influenced by pastor john hagee, whom beck had as one of the main speakers at his lincoln memorial rally about a year ago. Becks pro israel, pro jew attitudes jumped up a few levels after hanging out with hagee who is probobly The most ardent pro jew israel supporter in all of the modern day Preacher sect or cult of judiazers.

              I wonder if Alex Jones has also been baptized like beck into a dna blood changed jewish person? Or if he just Fears to out zionists jews where appropriate instead of blaming long dead nazis.

              • sixpack

                Yes, TG, it’s true, Mormons do baptize the dead by proxy, but it’s mostly for family members. Mormons believe that they’ll be together with their family in heaven, that’s why saving their souls is important, to keep the family together.

                Does anyone know if it says anywhere in The Bible that only the souls of the living can be saved?

      • Outlaw

        I hate to jump in, in defense of Alex Jones.
        Really hate to, as I am very skeptical of the guy myself, but what exactly have you accomplished anywhere close to what he has done?
        How many have you awakened?
        Right or wrong AJ has awoken MANY.
        Many that are seeking the same truth as yourself.

        • Satori

          ya gotta give him some credit
          but he reminds me of the drunken uncle
          who shows up at all the family functions
          drinks all the liquor
          and then falls on the food table,knocking everything on the floor

          • Outlaw

            Lol Satori, my family probably looks at me in the same light.

            • Satori

              well when ya pass out
              face first into the tater salad’

              folks tend to think of ya rather poorly !

              • Outlaw

                haha Satori, sometimes when you know so much, and all around you are so clueless, the only thing left to do is drink.
                Funny though, this convo brings to my mind Facebook Page, man is that guy off his rocker, and regardless of what he says at this point, I just can not bring myself to even consider anything he says. I sure as hell hope I do not put off that image to those I care about, but anything is possible I guess.

              • Them Guys

                Outlaw: to say alex awakens folks is akin to saying some guy you know awoke you to the fact that your girlfriend has cheated on you…Yet he never finishes with the Whole truth by telling you who the other man was. Its all 1/2 truths. Same for beck and most all others in the same buisness. They speak “some” truth, even 1/2 truths. But rarly if Ever speak the 100% unvarnished entire truth with every fact laid open for all to see.

                Some folks believe 1/2 truths are at times worse than a outright lie. I am one such person. And I reject that idea of some folks who excuse such poor performance by saying its only due to Fear of job loss etc that they never name names when its certain groups of culprits.

                When one earns $35 Million per year, and has a dozen best seller books that will keep earning more long after the writer dies and proceed profits go into a trust fund for the kiddies…Well I reject that fear of job loss plays any role at that point. Alex may not earn as much yet as beck and hannity and orielly et al do…But I’d wager alex earns a very hefty years pay when compared to an avg guy here.

                Acording to Jeff Rense’s Wife who was posting replies for quite a long while at incogmans website, she says jeff earns on avg $400,000 Per year from his website alone. If alex jones earns even 1/2 that much, by now he probobly don’t need worry of job loss due to speaking the full truths. And don’t get me wrong as i got no problem with anybody earning tons of money and pay. I just do not like it when they promote themselves as Truth tellers, if they are not, and are mainly in it for the money profits. Then they become like those swindlers they protect by witholding names etc.

                An Honest patriotic truth teller will tell the 100% truth and facts every time period. If hes paid or does it for free matters not. When it comes to almost every so called truther be it on TV-Radio-or websites…Barly a small few tells the 100% truth. Some probobly fear job loss…Not the very top tier wealthy ones though. I do not believe those types really do care when truth is the issue.

                We have far more who speak truth Here posting replies than in all of MSM TV Radio etc combined. And the folks here do Not get paid one cent!…I have more honor for these folks than all the other more “Famous” ones.

            • JRS

              I’m on speed dial…lol

        • Robert

          you give him credit for awaking people? woke them to what exactly? if one person is helped or truly awakened that is enough. some people will bare more fruit than others but the point is just to have the fruit. people like alex jones and glenn beck are wolves in sheeps clothing. thier fruit is like eating gmo corn. looks like corn but its not really is it? they have awoken people to what exactly? corrupt govts of the world? bilderberg and skull and bones? havent people always known about these types and how govt is corrupt? how greedy people start wars and use military to oppress? have they truly awoken anyone or just another sect of infiltrators leading some of the “awake” people into controlled opposition? truly none of this matters. what matters is Jesus and his word. dont let them take our crowns.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Hammerun, I’ve got to agree that fear sells. I always said that ‘Ol Alex has got to have a bruise the size of a softball on his chest where he’s taken his finger and poked his chest saying, “I’ve done this and I found that out”, and “if it wasn’t for me, me, me, me……”.

      • Mike

        All you have to do is put up the proof discrediting Jones. Should be a simple matter for you.

        • Hammerun

          Come on guys, don’t jump into my shit like this. I don’t like or dislike Alex Jones, he’s just not my cup of tea. Here’s why. I used to listen to his broadcasts about 4.5 years ago. After six months or so I got a pad of post it’s and anything he said that was trackable with a date or some kind of finish line solution, I would take note of it and stick it up on the wall calendar style and wait and see if it came to fruition.
          Results, not much. Not very much at all.. He’s got a show and he makes his living at it. He does what he’s supposed to do. He’s speaks, people get jacked up, he has a following, people react,
          He does some more. He’s never that I’ve seen been called out on his theories or predictions. Everybody forgets about them because their 3 to 6 months in the future and far forgotten. He’s on to something new and in a headline today.
          If he said the CIA was going to shoot down a passenger flight tomorrow at 5:15pm and it happened, that’d get my attention! But it’s never anything close to that. It mostly kinda, sorta, maybe, coulda, shoulda type of thing. Never committal always soft. I’m just not a fan. Sorry.

        • Robert

          google it. dont be lazy its all out there.

      • apache54

        he has more truth than you might see, some of it just has not developed yet and for that we are thankful, what you should wonder about is why it has not happened ? there is more than one group fighting to save us and some to destroy us, you just won’t hear much about the ones trying to save us!!

        • LT

          That’s odd that you say his predictions haven’t come true. Things he talked about many years ago are happening now, to an amazing degree. As for saying words like ‘possibly’ and ‘might happen’, that is better than saying something is ‘going to happen’ when no one knows for sure about something in particular.

    13. SouthWest

      Really JRS, “brown skinned people”? That’s the reason they are bombing them?

    14. Unreconstructed Southron

      I suggest all you preppers stack your ammo in the shape of an igloo.

      • REB

        Is that the secret?…when stacked in this shape does it disrupt the electromagnetic harmonic energy mind-control wavelengths put out by the NWO pyramid shaped structures?…or does it interfere with their receiving them?( I got my gray aluminum covered kepi for warding those off so Im good,works really well…so far I haven’t been mind-controlled even one time…course,if I had a mind then maybe things would be different 😉 …actually stacking them high and deep does a rather good job too Id think but Im not an expert on these things…where is Okie when you need him…:)… sorry “Unreconstructed”…just funning with ya… :)…

        • Wasp

          Okie! He’s probably involved in that big trucker rally or strike going on in DC, he’ll be back on Monday, if we don’t have one of those EMP’s.WASP

    15. MilesN

      Welcome to USSR (A instead of R, in this case) diossolution, phase one. Thouch our strategic missile forces was probably the only one branch of the miilitary kept in high operations at all costs even in worst of times. I’m not gloating, if this thought occured to somebody. I just wish you fastest possible transition through the madness ahead. Current situation is strategically unsustainable and WILL lead to collapse soonr or later. In a extremely perverted way, Obama and gis ilk maybe doing USA a favor of bringing its empire down right now with maximum speed. Because the longer you stave off the inevitable, the more it will hurt eventually. In my view one fiat world reserve currency system is BOUND to be strategic catastrophe for country of emission – just bevause men ae weak and will dall to temptation to use “unlimited money” cheat more and more and more… which they did. No amount of checkss and stops can prevent it – time and with it, slow erosion is unstoppable. So now the existing system must fold, and the sooner, the better. Pain will be immense. IMMENSE, there is no font big enough for that word (just as an example – some estimates put casualties of USSR economy meltdown in 90s in the same range as USSR WW2 casualties – some 20 miliions, give or take a few. Hunger, infrastructure failures, ehnic conflicts, halt of basic services and pensions – the list is very long). But the longer this will be put off the higher the cost will be. Prepare. Prepare and pray. And , for the God’s sakle, GROW FOOD!!! It was the only reason I’m still talking now.

    16. Satori

      I can certainly understand why people are so paranoid

      the government lies about pretty much everything don’t they ???

      just a few examples

      Atomic Gaffes

      and it took decades for the truth to come out
      about this little incident

      The Time the U.S. Military Came This Close To Dropping a Nuclear Bomb on North Carolina

      I think a little paranoia is actually QUITE justified
      after all
      we are dealing with one hell of a CORRUPT government
      aren’t we ???

      • AlexD

        This is just in the USA. What about similar incidents in other Nuclear Enabled countries? Russia, it seems almost a given. A very secretive country, and look at their track record with Chernobyl, and their Attack Subs that are sunk, sitting on the bottom of the harbor of Murmansk, nuclear engines leaking into the sea…
        China, gosh, what they have likely hidden is down right scary.

        • Sigi

          You forgot about the nuclear accident near Chelyabinsk in the 1950’s (the lake there is still so radioactive you can get a lethal does standing next to it in less than a half hour). Then, probably unknown to most people is the unknown reason for high radiation levels near the Izmailovo stadium in Moscow, home of the 1980 Olympics (friends took a Geiger counter with them to the park one day and confirmed it). Maybe the one good thing Carter ever did was the boycott?

      • jerrytbg

        “The Time the U.S. Military Came This Close To Dropping a Nuclear Bomb on North Carolina”

        They stopped flying b-52’s out of Spain because of all the accidents. Weapons falling out while the birds were on final…bb doors were open…the need for lift I suppose.
        The most notable was in 1967 I believe, when one fell into the med just off the coast…That made world news, too difficult to cover up…
        The point is that real accidents do happen…

        • tnmamabear

          My dad was in the Navy then, he was there. He could not tell us at the time all that went down, it was classified, but later, said that people will never know how close we were to an all out nuclear war right then, as the USSR was trying to get to the bombs that had fallen into the Med first. Gotta remember all the tensions in the Middle East during that time frame, too.

          Question…is there any possibility that maybe some of these supposed dismissals are actually a cover for these generals etc to head to the dumbs? just wondering…

          • jerrytbg

            Good question…no…great question…don’t know…

            But how many times we came close…although classified…you couldn’t count on your hands and feet…
            Like your Dad…I was there many of those times, in a different role…

            There are so many events that are now running concurrent, there is no telling where and when this will go hot but mark my words it will…and I’m shocked it hasn’t already.

            And I fear for my country and my fellow Americans and right now…
            I’m crying like a baby…

      • Archivist

        I have known about the Goldsboro bomb almost going off for many years now. I used to live less than 100 miles from the site. It is old information. The article writers evidently have just now heard of it and got hold of a confirming document.

        As I have said in the past, the bomb came close to detonating, as all but one safety device failed. The bomb hit the ground and went so deep that the government couldn’t dig it out. The property is now farmland and can never be built upon.

        I heard about all of this back in the 1970s, with further confirmations on various BBS systems in the 1980s and the internet starting in 1995.

    17. jim in Va.

      Maybe the officers that were fired would not obey certain orders and were replaced with loyal ones that would. This game has been played before.

      • apache54

        now your thinking !!! it is deeper than that !! but you got it!!

        • jerrytbg


      • Kulafarmer

        They have been replacing an awful lot of top brass lately,
        Either way it doesnt smell right,
        Not so shure how much i buy a lot of the conspiracy crap, but guess ya can never tell.

        • Sigi

          Just because the conspiracy theorists are paranoid doesn’t mean that TBTP aren’t out to get us.

    18. RICH99

      Nukes went missing from Minot north Dakota 5 years ago ….so what exactly does this mean ….nobody knows WHATS going on

    19. PO'd Patriot

      Don’t fear guys and girls. The Almighty is still on the throne. Sometimes I feel ‘so small’ in the ever spinning and changing world. But I’m comforted by the words, ” And why take ye thought for rainment? consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil nor not do they spin. (Matthew 6:28). “Therefore do not worry about your life, what you will drink or what you will wear. Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap, or store away in barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you much more valuable than they? Can anyone of you by worrying, add a single hour to your life?- Matthew 6:25.

    20. Satori

      news ya need to know

      Facebook Changes Search Policy, Here’s How To Protect Your Privacy

      ‘Google Is Going to Include Your Face in Its New Ads’‘Google_Is_Going_to_Include_Your_Face_in_Its_New_Ads’/29530/0/38/38/Y/M.html

      I quit using Google some time ago
      and I have had a FaceBook page that I really didn’t use
      but went ahead and deleted it anyway

    21. Satori

      JPMorgan’s Dimon on US default: ‘You don’t want to know’

      “”You don’t want to know,” Dimon said when asked what would happen if the US is forced into default because Congress did not raise the country’s borrowing limit.

      “It would ripple through the world economy in a way that you couldn’t possibly understand,” he said at a discussion held by the Institute of International Finance, a leading forum for the world’s banks.”

    22. Frank Thoughts

      America’s cold war machine is an artifact of another time. These nukes are a good example. They should be completely dismantled and the guys working there can get jobs in Silicon Valley.

      Nobody is so insane as to use these weapons, even muslim crazies.

      Always worth remembering the biggest threat to an American’s life is from other Americans (car accidents, drug shootings, bar fights, straight ahead vanilla murders, robberies etc.).

      • ready down under

        Do you really think the Muslim nutcases WOULDNT detonate a dirty bomb in Wall Street if they had the chance? Or a more massive bomb somewhere else? C’mon – as sure as sunrise tomorrow there are “Muzzy leaders” who would organise and finance it and finding some deluded imbecile to carry it, press the button and vaporise him/herself would be a walk in the park – they have those kind of dudes lining up!


        • The Old Coach

          No, they wouldn’t. Well, not the mooslimb moneymen anyway. They’ve got too much of their oil money invested there.

        • yental

          “Do you really think the Muslim nutcases WOULDNT detonate a dirty bomb in Wall Street if they had the chance?”

          WE could only hope! That “dirty bomb” would clean up an uncontrollable, and apparently, unprosecutable TRASH PILE!

          That said, do you truly believe it is “Muslim nutcases” that WE seriously need concern ourselves with here in the “Zion states of Amerika”?

          The most important aspect of a “defensive strategy”, is accurately identifying the REAL ENEMY. THEY are already within the GATES/GOOBERMENT of this country.

          Perhaps it would help to kill Bin Laden for the third or fourth time! Surely, one of his MANY deaths will ultimately make US SAFER!

          • Them Guys

            Bingo! Again, as usual Yental! Now you will be called an evil nazi antisemitic hater and rayssis!

            So….You may as well go All Out!

            • Tactical


      • jerrytbg

        I just have this urge to build a camp fire and start singing.

        I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside now…thank you Frank.

    23. sixpack

      I find it rather hypocritical that the country with the biggest pile of nukes (US) wages wars and sanctions on every other country for wanting to have nukes of their own. Seems like we’re back to the bully on the block trying to keep the victims from defending themselves against us.

      • durango kidd

        sixpack: It’s a thankless job, but hey! someone has to do it. Better US than someone else.

        Just saying. 😉

        • sixpack

          Why, DK? Why does anyone have to go bomb women and children in their own homes? Why does any country HAVE TO stick their nose in another country’s business, as long as that business stays on their own soil?

          We’ve ALL been conditioned to think that what someone else does to themselves, in the privacy of their own home, is somehow OUR business. We’ve pretty much destroyed our own legal system in the U.S., on the premise that there is no privacy and everything people do is govt business…and now we extend that fallacy to the rest of the world as well.

          If the wife and I are fussin’ brother
          that’s our right, cuz me an that sweet woman’s
          got a license to fight,

          Why don’t you mind yur own business. Mind yur own business. Why don’t you mind yur own business then you won’t be mindin’ mine.

          —Hank Williams Sr

          • Outlaw

            Your on a roll today sixpack

          • braveheart

            Sixpack, excellent points. I’m wondering about DK now.

          • durango kidd

            sixpack: If WE don’t do it with others, others would be doing it to US. That’s just human nature and the harsh reality of life in the 18th, 19th, 20th,and 21st century, as example.

            There is no denying that the world can be an evil and ugly place as history has repeatedly proven. It will remain so until Jesus comes. And unfortunately, it will get progressively worse. So don’t expect a “golden age” of harmony and understanding when civilizations suddenly collide.

            If wishes were horses beggars would ride. It’s not rainbows and lollipops out there. It’s US or them. Thats the ugly truth. War creates chaos. Chaos produces unintended consequences. There is always collateral damage. That is what makes war so horrible.

            WE are in the Last Days and there are two kinds of countries out there: predators or prey. I would prefer living in a predator country than one preyed upon. But that’s just me. You may prefer to be prey.

            Engage your employees now, or have them dictating your every move, later. 🙂

            • braveheart

              DK, there’s a whole world out there who will become predators and we will become the prey thanks to what TPTB have done to us and where they’ve brought us to. We’ll not only have to fight the feds but also whatever foreigners invade this country. None of us want to be prey but targets have already been painted on all of our backs by the feds and foreign nations. We’re in for the fight of our lives. The bright side is that prey can and will respond in self-defense. We can make the feds and foreigners pay a horrific price for trying to destroy us. I, for one, will do my part. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

              • durango kidd

                Washington’s Vision for America reveals the promise to America in these Last Days. OUR destiny was determined by God at America’s creation.

                WE have a Republic if WE are willing to do all that We must do to keep it. WE haven’t appreciated what Almighty God and OUR Founding Fathers bequeathed to US, and in THIS generation, WE have failed to accept and execute that responsibility.

                Karma is a bitch.

                Judgement is coming upon the whole world and it is coming to America and even to His own church. I have no doubt that He will start at the top and work His way down.

                Wouldn’t you?

                If the Lord God Almighty would not even spare His own son, what hope do WE deserve, except through Christ Jesus?

                Every American must shoulder their fair share when that Great Day comes. The ideal that is America demands it from US if WE are to persevere the ideal of America as a nation under God. If WE each do OUR part, wherever WE are, it will be enough.

                Engage your employees NOW and deliver the just power of government back to the consent of the governed. If not US, who? If not now, when?

                WE can be victims, or We can be victorious. It’s OUR choice. The NWO has Free Trade. WE have Free Will. 🙂

            • sixpack

              The sad fact, DK, is that this warmongering country, at the behest of the banksters, has indeed provoked a good portion of the world against us. We can’t change that now.

              But that doesn’t change the fact that if nobody stuck their noses in another country’s business, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

              There would have to be far less jihadists out to kill the “great satans”.

              Let me ask you this: How many of your family members, friends and neighbors would you watch die in drone attacks, before YOU declared your own jihad against the country that was bombing you into democracy? A democracy YOU didn’t want to start with.

              The idea that “if we didn’t do it, somebody else would” is nothing more than the globalist justification for their blood lust.

              No. Everybody else in the world is not evil, but you’re right, there will probably never be a golden age of peace, at least not until every last globalist bankster piece of shit is dead and gone.

              HATE IS NOT GENETIC OR ETHNIC. IT IS MANUFACTURED FOR PROFIT. It is cultivated like a germ in a petrie dish, for a purpose.

              • durango kidd

                sixpack: America is a war mongering nation because it is controlled by the NWO, who I vehamitely oppose. But even if the NWO didn’t exist, Islam would still be in conflict with US. It’s a clash of cultures and civilizations and will not be resolved by debate or negotiation.

                It’s US or them and if you do not realize that yet, you will. Ask the Christians in Cairo. 🙂

                • sixpack

                  If we boxed up the muslim in chief and his ilk and shipped their sorry asses back over to muslim land, they’d only be able to fight amongst themselves…over there.

                  Those little backasswards (try that as a word) countries couldn’t fight their way out of an out house without the assistance of this stupid govt.

                  They live on a boat with no paddles, until the HNIC gives them an outboard.

                  They couldn’t hurt nobody but themselves without our help.

        • Tactical

          DK, So are you promoting killing innocents for no reason except financial gains is a thankless job and US must do it Vs others? I just couldn’t comprehend your full point. When you get a chance watch RTV (Russia Today) compare to our Zionist media in the US of A…….the birth defects in Iraqi children and the scenes are simply hard to watch. I hope you are not saying we are the chosen people in America and have full God given rights to make other innocents suffer. If you do then we have nothing in common.

          • durango kidd

            Tactical: I’m not promoting the killing of innocents, or war. I was just stating one of the stark realities of war: innocents die. Neither do I suscribe to the idea of “American Exceptionalism”.

            I agree with Putin that such a mindset is dangerous. It is a mindset of “entitlement” to believe that any particular group of people is special.

            I do believe that OUR system, OUR culture, which has in the past, promoted rugged self reliance, embraced personal responsibility, and celebrated individuality; has created an environment that has produced exceptional individuals. But every nation has produced exceptional individuals.

            I read RT everyday and have followed it for decades, including when it was only a magazine. All of that said, with reality what it is, I would still prefer to live in a predator nation than one that is prey.

            If you have noticed, I do encourage change. 🙂

      • InsanityISContagious

        It’s called “stacking the deck in your favor.” But you are right, so hypocritical.

      • eagle eye

        Hypocritical is one word for it. From such high ideals as were invoked at the start, the descent to the present day has been a true plumbing of the depths. One might ponder that the decline has continued regardless of which of the two supposed competing groups has had control.

        • ready down under

          Hypocritical it may be but I really think you must accept the West having nukes has been a deterrent – there have been sensible heads on both sides of the iron curtain that have ensured there has never been the nuclear holocaust we all fear. And until other less tolerable countries developed their own nukes there has been mutual respect, albeit through gritted teeth. But now, with Iran and North Korea seemingly hellbent on having nukes of their own and with Pakistan (an unstable country at the best of times) and India, both with nukes, cussing each other over the fence regularly the balance is shifting. Lets face it – there are patient and immensely powerful people plotting the demise of the “evil empire” – which is you guys. Here is Aussie we are idealogically the same as you but seem to fly under the radar and it is the USA that is hated with a passion. Perhaps thats because you are the strongest – if they bring down the USA we here will just be a mop up operation. They know they cant beat you with military might but there are other ways – you can be turned into a 3rd world country with several EMP’s as in “One Second After” or perhaps an engineered pandemic which would do the same, or they could just sit back and wait for your debt and social decay to do it for them but that isnt their “plan”, they want to help the demise along. As for nukes, better you DO have them than not. It kept Russia, and now China in check. They just need to be managed correctly.


          • Them Guys

            Ready Down Under: If you research some of the now many great info expose’ books, and articles that show the absolute proof of how and when the Nukes usa first had were secrectly stolen. The blueprints I mean and overall nuke plans stolen by many subversive kommie spies that were Thick as molassass within the several major fed govnt agencies, and private sector.

            Especially the us fed State dept agency. research will prove beyond all doubt that 99% of all those spies were the very same folks we supposedly “rescued” from germany before, during and after WWII. Out of aprox just under 300 spies Caught since mid to late 1940’s era only about 3-4 individual spies caught were NOT jewish.

            And besides the married couple named Rosenburgs(or bergs?) who got executed by elec chair method for their being traitors and suppliers of Nuke plans etc to the Soviets in Russia. The vast majority if not All the rest of that almost 300 spies caught were never executed, and Many were “allowed” to “escape” to live in Israel or soviet russia.

            Once Traitor jewish american spies stole and sold or gave away sensitive top secret nuke plans to their kommie-cousins in soviet russia, from there the nuke plans went to kommie china, and all those other nations that now also have nukes. Many of the Original nuke scientist’s brought here from germany and who also were jewish also became spies for their kommie russian brethren. If I recall right Openhiemer was their top spy and traitor to the usa.

            And most if not all of the main conections that such top secret nuke blueprint plans were sent abroad through,The Main Hub, were based within the State of Israel. The usa fed govnt never wanted israel to obtain nukes anymore than those other nations like inda etc. Being totally opposed to israel haveing nukes ever, is very likly the main reason JFK got whacked when he was our Prez. He openly stated he’d stop at nothing to halt nukes being had by Israel.

            Look at today whos the Only mid east nation with 300+ nukes. The Rabid state of Master Race israel jews.

            And hell bent with a fanatical desire to fullfill every talmudic verse and rabbinical teaching that tells them, that They alone matter, They alone are “worthy”, They alone Must become the Only total world Owners and Controlers period.

            If you spend just one day reading some of the many books and articles which fully document these issues, it will be undeniable factual truth that the main reason, and the main Method of those other nations now haveing nukes is directly due to those many jewish spies and subversive kommies from within america.

            Their unsatiable Lust for both Mammon(money) and Power of total worldwide control resting in their and Only their hands, has caused them to subvert and steal the worst possible secrets america possesed, so not only israel can have nukes as a threat to all other gentile nations that may reject israel/jewish demands for jewish superiority and NWO cotrol by Them alone, but to also be Sold to most Any other rogue nations willing to Pay their jewish price in exchange for nuke power.

            The Only thing the self-chozens worship on a equal footing as they worship themselves,is Money+Power.

            Which they need in order to create Their “Messiah” era, which will only exist after jews gain total nwo ownership and control as that Is what They believe will be the Messiah times. They do NOT look for any Man or human entity such as a “Jesus” to be their messiah. They believe jews will Create a messiah thru their master race and Only in that way can a messiah ever exist. Much has been written of by Many Rabbis and common jewsih persons that attest to that and claim that as Their true belief of what exactly does a “Messiah Age” mean or equal.

            Zionist jews such as Netanyahoo ET AL, are not joking whenever they again mention their “Samson” Option. That option is what we would call an outright Threat of total nuke devestation Planet Wide, even if it means the Entire world goes up in smoke!

            Theres a very good reason arabs and many others of various nations in the world call israel the worst most dangerous Bully in the world. And That usa so supports and defends all israel and jews does regardless how evil, who gets killed, how badly others are ravished or harmed etc…That IS the Major reason for so much Hate of America today in most every nation bar none.

            As you stated we have nukes as a Deterrent. Yet Israel and its fanatical master race minded lunatic leaders like netanyahoo, and those orthodox talmudic rabbis who set the standards for Laws etc in israel, has Stolen nuke plans, and have actual Live Nukes mainly as a Threat weapon, to get whatever those lunatic satanic human devils desire from usa and all other nations.

            Before obtaining nukes and a “State” which gives those fanatic talmudic jews ultimate worldly Powers that are as close to Godly powers as humans can get,they were nothing but Nation Wreckers as history proves and shows. Yes being the nation wreckers in and of itself is bad enough most folks will say…However ever since they obtained a recognized Nation complete with all powers to make Laws, own Armys, remain a safe haven for spies, traitors, and a sundry list of evil doers types…

            Once they got their own nukes they Graduated from being Nation Wreckers and subversive kommies, to now the entire worlds Greatest Bully-Threat with an unquenchable burning desire to Force worldwide compliance to allow jews based in israel to Own and Control and Run the entire world with their NWO version of total comminisim.

            They just need to exterminate not only the whites and christians fully, but also the other folks too untill no more than 5-10% of current world Populations remain alive as Slaves and Serfs to jewish masters.

            Many folks will red thumb this info post, many will call me vile names like jew hater(barn cats realm of opps) or the usual standby, an antisemite for posting this.

            However anybody who seeks truth based on proven factual documented evidence that exists today in many places, libraries, books, website articles etc. Most written by folks whos credentials are also proven as patriotic and honest etc. Can no longer deny that these issues are truth. That the worst thing to occure as far as nukes was to allow Bolshevik Zionistic Fanatical jews to obtain said nuke powers. While they cry and whine of iran wants nukes and wants to destroy jews and israel, it is They the israelis and jews there and Here in NY etc, who has continued to subvert, antagonize, rob blind, swindle, cheat, murder even the Best of our gentile goyims, just as their talmud teaches them to do.

            We consider nukes a deterrent, those boshevik zionistic fanatical jews consider Their nukes like a jackboot cops bully club to get whatever jews demand, which is No less than total NWO/Jwo absolute ownership and control of a fully communistic world with jews at the Top, all gentiles as their Slave Serfs. So much info is today available only a fully Blind human can be excused for Not seeing the truth and reality of it all.

            And NO exceuse, NO leeway, NO sympathy, NO quarter can be given to Anybody that still insists upon remaining another of their Enablers. Enablers will be held liable equally as the bolshevik zionist jewish fanatical kommies themselves, when the proper time arrives. And it looks more and more each week that goes past, as if that proper time is Not very distant any longer per so many awakening to become jewise and kommiewise.

            If American scientists, professors, wealthy folks etc are true patriots, and if they care for usa future etc…They will work endlessly to find the Best method to DIS able israels nukes, and allow the worlds nations some space to Breath while working out the other lesser problems. There is simply zero space or room for any Rabid states, with a hellbent mission to become that ultimate Master Race of world owners and enslavers of all gentile goyims, as that world wreckeing crew teaches and Believes is Their destiny at all others(Thats YOU!) expense.

          • sixpack

            Ready down under, in order for that premise to be correct, you have to assume that everyone BUT the U.S. is stupid and wants to nuke their own world into oblivion. That simply isn’t true. Our nukes isn’t what keeps Russia and China from nuking the world—common sense is.

            Nuclear war = WE ALL LOSE. No matter what language you translate it into.

            This idea is just another one of many globalist ideologies that get millions killed and maimed.

            The globalist elites have been pumping this shit at the entire world for generations and, it’s not gonna go away anytime soon.

            • ready down under

              I concede you may be right sixpack but I’m not so sure. I wonder if, during the Cuban missile crisis that took the world to the very ragged edge of a holocaust that would have made WW’s 1&2 look like schoolyard punchups, the US did not have nukes the end result would have been the same? The then USSR had a passionate and intense hatred for the USA and the idea of taking you down and establishing themselves as the only world power was very appealing and pushed hard by many factions. It was only later when Gorbachov took over that there was common sense and meaningful understandings reached. I think if the US didnt have nukes you’d be speaking Russian now ……


              • sixpack

                That big red button is still there, and both Russia and China have their own button. They could push it at ANY TIME. But they don’t. Let’s not forget that other countries have prepared THEIR PEOPLE for nuclear war, but this stupid govt has not…we’ve only provided for the lives of elites.

                Who do you think would suffer the most casualties, us or them?

                Yet nobody pushes that button. Why not? Because a nuclear war would be suffered WORLDWIDE.

                Nuclear fallout cannot be contained by imaginary borders or TSA checkpoints. We share the same atmosphere around the globe and if we toss nuclear fallout into it—WE ALL DIE.

                I still believe it is not fear of each other that keeps the cover on those buttons, it’s fear of global nuclear contamination. Extinction-level destruction.

              • sixpack

                …and for the record, I DO speak Russian now.

              • Sigi

                Da, mate!

      • Alpha 665

        @sixpack, just so you know, we are NOT the country with the highest nuclear arsenal. That “honor” now goes to Russia. We have been deactivating and destroying our arsenal since we signed a pact with Russia a few years back.

        The only problem with that is they have been very busy BUILDING UP their arsenal and modernizing their nuclear weapon systems, ESPECIALLY their “mobile” missile launchers. ASK YOURSELF WHY? And now we have all these reports of our ‘top’ nuclear generals being relieved of their commands. Yea, doesn’t this all make you warm and fuzzy all over!!?? A665

        • braveheart

          Alpha665, welcome aboard. They’ve been cutting back on nukes since the 80s. Remember START 1 and START 2 treaties?

        • sixpack

          What would’ve made me feel all warm and fuzzy, is if Einstein had been relegated to teaching mathematics, instead of being grabbed by the DoD and his work used to make weapons of mass destruction.

          Even he didn’t want that, but it was too late, the cat was already out of the bag.

          You can turn good into evil, but you can never use evil for good.

      • Team America

        There are 3 types of people in this world, dicks, pussies and assholes.

        Pussies don’t like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn’t appropriate – and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves… because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don’t know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don’t let us fuck this asshole, we’re going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!

      • apache54

        there sure is allot of strange events going on inside the gov. and military, something is going down and we just do not know for sure what it is and when it will come to a head!! maybe we don’t want to know, only question is, is it gonna be good for us or just a another nail in the coffin or maybe the last nail.

    24. karen

      PLEASE READ !!!!

      Off topic notice

      I just came home from grocery shopping at a large grocery/department store,rather like Wally world, but owned locally in Michigan, and they had signs posted all over the place that EBT cards were not being accepted due to some sort of state wide computer problem. It started today, was not known how long this will last. Again, I’m here in Michigan.

      Anybody know anything further?

      jsyu, I’m not an EBT card recipient.

      I practically never post here, but read everything and am very grateful for the knowledge that you all are kind enough to share. I have learned a lot, and I thank you.

      God Bless you all.

      • jim in Va.

        EBT is down all over the country…for maintenance. Timing is kind of funny. If it doesn’t come up in a couple of days the folks are going to be in the streets.A lot of shenanigans happening at the same time….curious!

      • braveheart

        Karen, welcome aboard. There are some links to some articles posted below by myself and some other people. No violence reported anywhere at this time. Depends on how much longer it lasts. Hope to hear more from you.

      • Outlaw

        If I recall correctly BH, you once said that when the EBT cards stopped that all bets are off. Guess we may soon see..

        • braveheart

          Howdy, Outlaw. No outbreaks of violence reported yet anywhere so let’s see how much longer it lasts. If it’s not back in service soon, things will get “interesting”.

        • braveheart

          Outlaw, PS, EBT cards in combination with some other events would bring SHTF even faster. That’s what I should’ve said at the time. Apologies.

    25. kynase

      I was just reading an interesting article on Drudge about EBT cards down in some states due to maintenance. Apparently, people are not very happy. I know, shocker. Too many coincidences for there not to be something in the works. This WREAKS of false flag…all of it.

      Be ready at a moments notice, people.

      • karen

        Yes, this IS odd… isn’t most maintenance like this usually done in the wee hours of the morning?

      • Former Cal Girl

        Yep I just saw that too kynase. Doing a test on the system to see how long before folks notice and get “unruly”. Interesting times.

      • JayJay

        Michigan, Maine, California, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia—so far from my readings.

        Also, in researching this, I found this:
        The company that got the government contract to run ebt cards (looks like that company is Hypercom – state has contract with J.P. Morgan, source The Olympian) was supposed to have an office in every state. But instead they grouped 21 states together into one region and have only one office/center for the entire area.

        So when the system goes down, which is has been doing regularly lately, all ebt card use in 21 states goes down.

    26. Barn Cat

      I doubt that the people at Minot AFB were fired for not taking their job seriously enough. Since when does Obama care about national security?

      I don’t think there’s a rogue element in the government. I think Obama is behind moving nuclear weapons for a false flag nuclear attack on US soil. The people who were against it were fired. I hope I’m wrong.

      • The Old Coach

        Is the “D” report a false flag, giving the Half-Kenyan an excuse to replace another officer loyal to the Constitution with one loyal to Himself?

      • apache54

        Barn cat
        a very big YUP !!! to that

        • Them Guys

          And just who was top honcho of the Pentagon when almost 4 trillion went missing? If I recall correct at least the last several pentagon heads were All from the same tribe as every top head of fed reserve is from.

          The pentagon guy I only recall his first name it was “DOV” and I think hes also a member of AIPAC.

          Dov is a dual israel citizen also. Is that another jewish “coincidence” again?

          Seems very ironic that in a nation with well Over 300+ Million persons, many of very high calibre intelligence, whoever keeps appointing all of the many various fed agency head honchos cannot seem to ever find a non jew and non dual citizen jew to head and run such many agencies of america.

          American has been hyjacked by kommie jewish zionist bolshevik subversives. They now control all aspects of fed govnt-MSM-Newspapers=Universities-Unions-Hollywood-Pentagon-Military-and Wall street money issues and banks.

          And they are subverting every facet of money and power, especially military powers, to subvert and overthrow all other nations govn’t’s worldwide in creation of their JWO/Nwo. America to Them is like a throw-away pop bottle or candy wrapper. Once they no longer need use usa power against the other world nations, they will care NOT what happens to Us and Our nation…Unless we band together to Halt their evils.

          The only amazeing thing left to ponder upon is How can so many otherwise intelligent americans still not see the truth in all of this? As so many here attest to.

          Do they really believe americans are so vastly hated by most nations today simply due to “they hate us because of our freedoms”?!!

          Or Rather: “They so Hate us due to our not doing anything to Halt jewish subversive zionist kommies from useing americas vast power, influence, and moneys against the rest of the worlds nations”

          After bitching and pissing and moaning for almost 19 Centuries that “Woe be us jews as we are the Only victim folks in the entire world that do not have a nation we can call Home”

          Well they can No longer say that as since 1948 them jews got what they wanted and complained of for 1,900 Years.

          So why do Over 1/2 of their tribe still reside in america when all they seem to care about is Israel?

          It must be due to Parasites cannot exist on fellow parasites eh. Like Fleas and Ticks, they too Must have a Host body/Nation to leech from since parasites can’t long exist of of each other. I read that somewheres…Seems correct.

          • sixpack

            TG, you should teach history. I always enjoy your posts, even if it takes a few minutes to read them.

            • Them Guys

              Sixpack: Thanks for the compliment. I do doubt I’d ever get hird to teach anything with just my 8th grade education creds!! I know my posts are usually quite long to read. Long to write also when typeing with Two fingers!

              But these issues demand much written to outline or explain what it or I mean. I am lucky to be able to remember alot of what I have read the last 20 yrs on these issues, and 40 yrs on biblical issues.

              Although I do recomend that you do personal research also, as I do not always get exact names or dates etc correct or perfect when its from memory.

              It is too bad such real history is never taught in american schools. Thats by design and I Know that is 100% fact…..Am Glad you get something out of some of my Posts Sixpack….Them Guys

              • sixpack

                You’d never get to teach anything, because the indoctrination system couldn’t handle that much truth.

                • Ugly

                  you were the 500th post on this subject.

                  You didn’t win anything, just thought you might be interested….

    27. braveheart

      Kynase and Former Cal Girl, I saw it also at and posted a link to their story. If this turns into SHTF, someone will be coming along trying to turn my home into their “supermarket” and I’ll have to bring out “Bertha” to prevent that from happening. braveheart

      • sixpack

        THAT’S SO FUNNY, BH. I’ve always called my favorite 30oz framing hammer “big bertha”. LOL.

      • Sgt. Dale

        For the ones that really need them and should have them I feel sorry for.
        For the leaches that abuse them I hope they Choke on them. Dose that mean that I don’t have any more taxes taken out to pay for them if they are not working? I know “no such luck”. I’ll more than likely have to pay double in taxes for them.
        May the leaches with start rioting! You know what you do with leaches. You put them on a hook drop them in the water and the fishys eat them.

    28. DocLRRP

      I cannot wait for this thread’s bit of plagiarism from KY Jelly.

      • Peterson

        LOL That’s funny stuff!

    29. DocLRRP

      I am sorry. I meant KY Mom, I really did.

      • Nickjr

        Don’t worry she is looking for links right about now!

    30. king krazy

      Maybe these generals were fired because they were loyal to the Constitution and the US instead of Obama. It could be he is purging the military of anyone who might oppose him.

      • sixpack

        That’s okay, WE NEED THEM, without their ties to their govt paycheck holding them back.

    31. Anon

      On my little piece of this Third Rock from the Sun; The tension has been building for what people just feel, and that is something huge is about to fall on this earth that no words can describe. I pray that it is just me feeling that, but my fear is that I am not the only one. I think very few will make it to the other side of this, and those that do will be scared for life: for life; that being said what kind of life will it be, NO ONE KNOWS. This earth is about to be changed like never before. I pray that this is just my feelings. Yes, I will try to make to the other side, but the odds are against making it. I know my savior what he has told the people, and that is TRUST HIM IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO. May the LORD keep us all, in his GRACE.

      • king krazy

        My gut is telling me the same thing. 🙁

    32. sound awake


      the lesson of the ft. hood shootings is that now anything can happen anywhere, anytime, for any reason…

      the lesson of the nsa scandal is that we cannot trust the intelligence apparatus of our government

      the lesson of benghazi, the boston bombing, fast and furious, and irs-gate (just to name a few) is that we cant trust the rest of our government either

      the real scary apart about all this is the fact that anyone who thought our own government is spying on us about everything was labeled a nut and a crazy and a conspiracy theorist-so what else are those same people right about

      if theyre only right about half of they are saying WE ARE DOOMED

      • jerrytbg

        “so what else are those same people right about”

        Tinfoil hats really work…’>)

    33. BadAmerican

      Muslims cannot eat pork

      Kosher jews cannot eat meat and dairy together.

      No bacon. No cheeseburgers.

      Thank God I’m a country boy.

      ….double bacon western cheeseburger please….BA.

    34. aljamo

      I agree with the word of the week being COUP. What other word says it better? 11-22-63 was nothing but a coup when organized crime and government merged. Evidence strongly suggests “Poppy” Bush directed one of the asassination teams in Dallas. On the nuclear issue, it could be the disbursement of reactors accross America are a population control mechanism. The government is obviously broke and wants to lower the population quickly. Nuclear power is strategically placed in or near population density. Nuclear power only brings death. Nukes are going to be used eventually. Who’s the victum?

    35. Hornet

      FEMA region #3 is just a short truck ride up 95.

    36. Mac

      Guys–time to give you the truth. Mike Carey simply had a drinking problem–not so unusual when you consider the standard of perfection required in the nuclear environment. It’s a pressure caldron in a service area that while critically important as the backbone of this nations defense, is not seen or treated that way. It happens and, given our standards, is incompatible with nuclear operations–Even though he was a great leader. The vice at STRAT on the other hand is baffling. What in the world convinced him to gamble and do so with fake poker chips??!!!

      Listen, the vast majority of us are steadfast and unmovable in our defense and carry of this mission. It’s sad that we have to cull occasionallybut the standard is perfection.

      BTW, the Dyess to whereever move is nothing but utter nonsense. Sever that from your consideration.


      Got my nuclear bio masks for the family and radiation pills.
      Got yours?

      What would you do if there was a nuke attack and say…you were in the burbs?

      Shelter in place….

      Here’s a prep you never thought of…

      Out in my shed…I keep a generator, gas, oil and extra plugs and a long extension cord and a massive recip. saw. What if there was some type of disaster and you had to cut your family out from your house that fell around them?

      Also…. compound bow!
      If they declare martial law and the food runs out…
      I’ll hunt rabbits in backyards.

      If a meteorite hits and the skies darken for years…then I’ll go ninja and feed on fat boomers. ha

      What’s coming will not be pretty.
      Just look at Detroit. Coming soon to all of America.

    38. jerrytbg

      “with fake poker chips??!!!”

      Do you really believe that’s true…I mean the reason for his dismissal? I don’t!
      Not for even a moment did I entertain that as true.

    39. Freezer prep

      Once or twice a year the power shuts down for a few hours… mostly storms.


      I have a full sized freezer right next to the fridge.

      So I have 1/3 of it filled with bag ice.
      Then…when the power goes out…I just move some of the bags to the refridge and don’t open it.

      There’s a tip for ya.
      Also… whole chickens…frozen…still quite the deal.

    40. apache54

      sorry i do not agree with your evaluation of the situation, in most of the cases, the reasons stated have been because the NSA has came up with skeletons in there closets, i am not buying that as i work in that field ( not nukes just other things ) and what i see and what is considered normal those guys were weeded out for some other reason that we may never know! but they were targeted, there has been TOO many of them lately that have had this happen to them and it smells like something is FISHY. i would keep your eyes open and see what else comes along and it will be soon !!

    41. Mac

      Yep. It’s that simple.

      Listen, this is not the worry point.

      The worry points are outside the nuclear world and serious.

      The greatest risk to nuclear security is…

      The economy…

    42. sunshine

      ‘the truckers strike, as I read it, will continue on through tomorrow and they will be with the veterans that are meeting there at the WWII memorial. They have videos of todays rally at their website ….I think they said 48 bobtail trucks went from the beltway group into Wash D. C. Fox news did an interview as did another one of those …cbs or cant’t recall which one. The interview with “General” Lee was excellent. You would be proud of him…well spoken and confident…he was being interviewed as he drove down the beltway…You could see the prejudice of one of the reporters in the a degree…like, this is not an important story…but, we will give them a little time. Seems that people cannot figure out that truckers move everything…those EBT cards will not do any good,or other peoples cash or swipe cards, even if they are working…if there is no resupply of food in the stores. The 3 day “just in time” system means no food after 3 days if none is delivered to restock. Now about info wars, currently there is a video of an interview with Ron Paul with Alex Jones…I thought it was very good. And someone already noted that an interview with Paul Craig Roberts was very informative…can’t recall who did it, but it is at Dr. Roberts personal website…he feels it is one of his best interviews…he seems so sad as he outlines the nation’s problems…Oh., no fear of a money default: he says the federal reserve can on its own loan the Treasury money…and bypass Congress. This is a long interview but I highly recommend it. You will learn a lot from a man who knows the system…and reality.

    43. Mac

      Yes. By all means watch. I believe nothing is past this admin. But, I know Mike and I know this. It is nothing more than alcohal related consequences.

      • king krazy

        Are we talking rip roaring drunk or occasionally tying one on?

      • Sigi

        What proof do you have that you know him? What proof that you are anyone we can trust? I’ve gotta go with my gut on this, not an unknown guy in cyberspace backing up the official story. However, I have considered the possibility that he may have been known as a weak link and they took him out now instead of earlier for their own purposes. He may have been left there as a space saver until their guy was ready.

    44. Sgt. Dale

      This sound like to me that the Generals are just a lax as the Clown in chief. He could give a Rats’ A## about the military so why should the Generals give a crap!!!

      Or the Generals he is firing (and he has let a bunch to go)are the ones that have been talking amongst themselves about telling him to get his sh$t together or else. And Obullshit found out about it. Last thing Obullshit wants is for some news to get out that the Generals are PI^^ED.

      As far as the nukes they will us a false flag and detonated them over head to cause and EMP. so that the building will still be standing sanding we will have no power. Why else are they going to run all them exercises next month, and we will be at the mercy of the fed. Or so they think!!

      • braveheart

        Good evening, Sarge. Something stinks to high heaven with all of these generals being purged and all of these upcoming drills. Any one of these drills could go “live”, we’ll have a false-flag and SHTF, things will become “interesting”. I just finished doing maintenance on the last of my weapons and double-checking my supplies. I’ve been on edge for the most part since Sandy Hook. I don’t like the way things are shaping up. braveheart

        • Sgt. Dale

          We are on the same page. Just got done modifying my SKS to take 30 Rd. mags with a closed bolt. Also just tuned up my 308 sniper rifle. Going to take it hunting and check it out at around 300 to 600 yards. I know my 300 Win Mag will go over 500 yards. Also did some work on my 1911’s, and my S&W 6904’s. Next week I’ll be fine tuning the AR’s.& Ak’s. I know I’m bragging, but if and when the SHTF. I’m ready there. Wife has been taking care of the food, and I’ve been works on the water.

          Yes I’m YELLING IT AGAIN. GGEETT PPRREEPPAARREEDD before its too late. I just don’t want to see good folks out there that have worked hard, and thier faith in God suffer.

          God Bless you and yours, and don’t forget AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!


    45. CWinOR

      I think what we’re seeing them do right now is conducting may dry-runs so that they can collect real and recent data.
      Case in point- Cypriot “Bail-in”. Once they saw the public did not react nearly as strongly as it could have- they rolled it out throughout the E.U, and per a recent court ruling- it’s been “approved” for use here. Then we learned about the GridEx drill scheduled for next month. Anyone consider how-the-hell you could even war-game that? how would you simulate that in any USEFUL manner? You really can’t. You’d just have a bunch of suppositions. Granted- the gov is quite fond of wasting money on useless research, but if you want useful data, wouldn’t you shutdown just enough power to collect data and hopefully not cause a disaster? How about the power outage last month back east that took out the commuter rail lines? Wouldn’t that give you some useful data for your upcoming “test”? And then today with the EBT outage. I haven’t seen anything that tells us how widespread it was- but I’m betting it was just big enough, and lasted just long enough to add “useful” data to their data sets, for war-gaming what the early stages of full blown collapse will look like. IF I’m right, they’re certainly going to have good baseline data to start with. And IF I’m right- that data will only be relevant to them for so long before it becomes irrelevant. I think the other shoe will be falling- soon.

      • CWinOR

        *maNy dry runs that is. I sure wish you could edit your own posts!

    46. Tatiana Covington

      Obama was probably trying to head off a coup.

    47. Mountain Trekker

      Just a thought on the English language. How a single word can mean just the opposite. When the Feds come a knocking, will most on this site (bow) their neck in resistances or will they (bow) in submission? Trekker Out.

    48. a female faust


      for an incredibly thorough account of the events surrounding the 2007 Minot-Barksdale transfer and the warhead that was stolen unaccounted for as a result, see:

      2007 FLASHBACK: Six Nukes Leave Minot Minus Five Nukes Arrive At Barksdale Equals: ONE MISSING NUCLEAR BOMB.

      and for a broader perspective detailing the resultant, uh, fallout, (of which collection an update will presently make this post a part) see:


      thank you for an excellent addition to the hopeful rays of sunlight on this issue.

      wishing us all the best:

      be seeing you.

    49. Southern Border

      I think the “Not Taking The Job Seriously Enough” portion of the title of this article just about sums it up starting from the top down in this country nowadays, but then on the other hand I think that’s exactly what they want so they can keep implementing their NWO / Agenda 21 plan that thieve been working on for years. Be ready, it’s coming SOON !!!

    50. Ancient Echoes

      Perhaps it is time for us preppers to shine like never before. ‘Knowledge is Power,’ and we can use what we have done to help our fellow humans survive this ‘demise not of their own making.’ We can rise above those who only want to destroy and show them what compassion really is.

      Are you ready to shine?

    51. Jeff

      A military purge is occurring. Those not giving complete fealty to Obama are being sh*t-canned. Obama wants total control over our nukes. Major drills are going to happen on November 13-14. Perhaps sooner or later. My intuition is that a nuclear device will be detonated over FEMA Region 3 (East Coast) and the electricity grid will go down. The cry will go out: “Please God Obama save us.” Then the Hounds of Hell will descend upon us. Nazi Germany will not have anything on us, formerly U.S.A.

    52. Mensa Graham

      Anyone other than myself concerned about the number of high level military officers being replaced by the anointed one? Feel it coming??

    53. Tucker

      I don’t want to lend any legitimate credibility to Sorcha Faal, who I believe to be a government disinfo agent who uses Faal’s website to shovel whatever the latest flavor of ZOG manure happens to be, but this issue of these bizarre ‘firings’ of all these top ranked military nuclear types and those ‘missing nukes’ were the subject of a very interesting article on ‘’ .

      The link can be found here:

    54. Hoser

      Can’t wait to see which US city Obama nukes. Probably a Red-state. Just a heads-up.

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