Report: Research Facility “Loses” Thousands of Tubes Containing Deadly Virus

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    A French research institute working on various deadly viruses, including SARS, has apparently misplaced thousands of tubes and no one is quite sure where they went.

    A routine inventory check at Paris’ Pasteur Institute revealed that 2,349 tubes containing fragments of the virus responsible for the deaths of 774 people in 2002 were missing, the centre named after French chemist Louis Pasteur said.

    It is not clear how the tubes disappeared from one of the institute’s safest laboratories. Management were made aware of the loss in January, Le Monde newspaper reported.

    For weeks, staff at the institute tried to find the missing vials, general director Christian Bréchot said.

    “We’ve looked for those boxes [containing the tubes] everywhere,” Bréchot explained.

    “We went thought the lists of all the people who have worked here in the past year and a half, including trainees. We have scrutinised their profile to check if there was any conflict.”

    Bréchot said that foul play was “highly improbable” but had not been ruled out.

    Though it’s not clear how, investigators have pretty much ruled out foul play. But keep in mind that we’re talking about a deadly virus that has been removed from what should be a highly secured area.  Moreover, no one seems to know when the virus was actually taken.

    According to the Pasteur Institute, however, there is no immediate danger because the virus in the vials won’t spread the disease:

    The institute was quick to reassure the public and said that the contents of the missing vials had no infectious potential. They contained only part of the virus and had no ability to spread.

    “Independent experts referred by health authorities have qualified such potential as ‘non-existing’ according to the available evidence and literature on the survival of the Sars virus,” the institute said.

    When dealing with deadly viruses, it is always a good idea to secure your facility, which makes this particular disappearance alarming.

    Although the fragments are not dangerous, they do raise concerns by revealing the lab’s vulnerability, said Dr. William Schaffner, chair of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn.

    “It’s actually not in itself so scary but you wonder about the procedures in that laboratory,” said Schaffner, who is also a former president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. “Could that lab and perhaps others actually misplace vials that have the complete virus so that it might escape?”

    For all we know, the vials disappeared months ago, which brings up the possibility that other infectious disease tubes may have also disappeared.

    Apparently, security at these high level research facilities is not up to par. Last year a vial of Guanarito bio-terror agent capable of being used in a “contagion attack” disappeared from a Galveston, TX facility. The incident was voluntarily disclosed to the public but the lost tube has yet to be located.

    What’s scary is that, even though such events must be reported to the CDC by law, the public really has no way of knowing whether a deadly agent has been compromised, giving ample time for such a virus to spread should it be released as a weapon.

    Moreover, we now have government facilities being built in and around population centers such as the Bio Safety Level 4 facility centrally located in Kansas.

    In the wrong hands, one of these agents could easily be used to attack an entire population – and given the “security” of these facilities it may not be so hard to acquire one. And once they have it, it’s as simple as releasing it in a major airport, sitting back, and watching the infection spread and kill off thousands, or perhaps millions of people.

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      1. The French… screw up any form of security…. Nahhhhh PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM, TEAMS

        • Considering we can’t even secure our nuclear facilities, I’d say we’ve got a serious problem with this virus research facilities… How many tubes go missing each year that we don’t know about?

          All this talk about terrorist, terrorism and safety… when something like this happens it shows just how ridiculous all of these safety initiatives really are… it’s laughable.

          Secure our borders… secure our nukes… secure viral research facilities… secure our water supplies… secure our grid… then you can talk to me about domestic terrorists.

          • Sorry Mac ….. secure our breeding stock! The women!

            • Who was in charge, the Pink Panther?? Dumb shits.

              • They probably just dropped them as they were retreating.

                • Somebody KNOWS where they are…..

                  Just not us.

              • The research lab ‘discovered’ the tubes were missing in January. This makes me wonder ‘how long’ they have been missing.

                Remember this from last year… Coincidence?
                May 2013 – 25 SARS like cases in Undisclosed New York Hospital

                Also noted in the article…
                May 2013 – In France, the country’s first case of a new respiratory virus related to SARS was confirmed.

                Investment Watch blog dot com

              • I think it was Peter Griffin.

          • Mac and family;Off topic but latest from Bunkerville (Bundy Ranch)Pete Santilli@GNN along with Fox news Judge Napolatano and CSPOA, is putting together a constitutional inditement for the arrest of Sheriff Gallespie,and Dan Love head of the BLM gustopo and have them arrested on crimes against the oath of the constitution they were supposed to uphold against enemies both foreign and domestic.And will deliver if court awards by Cowboys on horseback at Gallespies office in downtown Las Vegas! O.K is on site keeping watch and asking its members for help to stand watch for the Bundy”s
            “The feds may fire the first shot but we will fire the rest”
            The time is now to take action and to stand up on the side of the our constitution and to purge this evil that has taken over our government and their cronies!

            Stay Awake & Aware & Informed!

            • About time someone made a move to arrest the LE committing crimes.

              Some upstart activist news agency should do citizen arrests and film it. When LE show up, it’s not their choice whether to follow through or not. Theirs is to book them.

            • This would be great. I don’t trust santilli, something tells me he is a shill.

            • i see there is evidence that BLM was shooting bundy cattle and trying to hide the carcasses

        • Hell my ex probably already spread a virus or 2 to some unlucky basterd in the time it took me to read this story.

          • Unlike a nuclear bomab that needs a certain amount of critical mass to become a weapon, a biological weapon needs only a tiny fraction of a deadly pathogen, some common chicken eggs, and a medical type incubator. One tiny tube and something like smallpox could be growen into many deliverable weapons that could kill millions. This is what is so horrible about a virus, its fuel are the hosts that it kills. Bacteria such as anthrax or plague can also be growed in the right environment. It would only take one of these terrorist groups to get a SMALL sample of one of these antibiotic resistant bacteria strains and it is then turned into a weapon that could be worse than a hydrogen bomb. If antibiotics don’t work then pneumonic plague is almost 100% fatal for example.

            The most frightening of the viruses are of course the hemorrhagic ones. Ebola, Marburg, Lassa Fever, all sorts of others like CrimeanCongo, even Hantavirus. The misconception of many of these viruses are that certain viruses like Lassa Fever are not that deadly. It is the particular strain that one of these is. The Zaire strain of Ebola is the worst, with 90% fatalities. Marburg is usually 50-75%. Lassa Fever is 3-10%, but the worst strain which is rare that I can’t remember the name of, something to do with Nigeria, can reach Marburg level and is one of the most contagious germs there is. It is spread through rodent waste usually like hantavirus is. These labs around the world keep these potential mass killers very unsecure.

            It really is not that many samples are taken to worry about so as much it is a really highly virulent tiny sample being stolen and then incubated. Someone stealing lots of a germ probably don’t know how to disperse it as a bio-weapon. Some terrorist that gets a tiny specimen without much news coverage of it, or none at all is what is to fear. Someone like this knows what they are doing and can grow it in mass and spread it in mass. Depressing thought I know, but the terrorist biological “expert” is only interested in the most potent germ they can get and to keep such a thief as quiet as possible. Let someone at the lab take the blame for misplacing it. There are very wicked evil characters out there like this that want to wipe out millions or tens of millions and we will probably not even have any prior warning about it.

        • No big deal. I loose stuff all the time. It always turns up some place. Someone probably just took it home by mistake. I am sure it’s in the garage or the mud room or something. 🙂

        • Anyone check on eBay for them?

      2. It was Affirmative Action Man.

      3. They probably need more Research Dollars to study where they lost the virus vials….Kind of like Global Warming, ‘it is a research gift that keeps on giving’….

      4. I know who did it.

        The BLM is wide reaching and it is for the turtles!!!

      5. Running out of underwear here…Buying me a bubble to live in…dumbass’s can’t stop messin with shit.

        • Exactly. I am beginning to think a vital prep is to unplug the fricking internet and just assume its all gone to shit already.

      6. wow…this latest story sure gave me the warm fuzzies….

        • I’ll bet those vials went missing just before the last ebola outbreaks. They’ve been trying to weaponize them and get them airborne ever since. The last little skirmishes with little mini-outbreaks have been tests.

          They are trying to get ebola airborne. Watch and see.

          • uh oh

            Could Ebola now be airborne? New research shows lethal virus can be spread from pigs to monkeys without contact


            and what do you want to bet
            that if it is discovered that there are cases of air borne
            human to human transmission
            that they will keep this secret to avoid one hell of a world wide panic ???

            we will not be told

            • Some people think Ebola may have been spread through the air at an outbreak in test animals at a research facility. It just isn’t very efficient at air borne transmission.

            • A few facts:-

              1. The US miltary has declared it’s intention to create an airborne Ebola virus.

              2. The most recent outbreak in Guinea is a strain never seen before, brand new version if you like.

              3. There is a countrywide WHO measles vaccination programme in Guinea.

              4. 3rd World nations are stopping travel and recalling their nationals from the affected areas, but not the West.

              5. The locals on the ground have expressed their mistrust of the International teams sent into help them.

              6. ABC news is running a story asking if the Black Death that wiped out up to one third of Europe’s population and changed the course of history was in fact an outbreak of Ebola.

              As ever draw your own conclusions as to where this is all heading.

              It is my belief that by accident, or more probably deliberate design some form of bioweapon will be used to forward Agenda 21 without causing the environmental and infrastructure damage a nuclear conflict would cause.

              (The North Koreans lead the world in ethnically targeted bio-weapon research, which is the true reason why they haven’t been treated to a regime change as yet).

              • Sorry just to add. I think the ABC news story is to prepare us for what is to come as the elite have a long history of telling us openly what they intend to do in advance of implementing each stage of their Satanic plan.

                SARS/Ebola/Birdflu – will we really care when all around us are dead/dying?

          • No, this was SARS, not Ebola. Two different viruses.

      7. Sooner or later the Cat will be out of the bag and then it’s “End Game” time. Prepare….as best you can.

      8. @Mac
        Thanks for covering this- important stuff. It’s not the stuff we know about that is so dangerous per se, but the stuff we don’t know about that is real scary! Our own CDC has had their share of ‘mishaps’ and this fits right along those lines.

        I agree ‘security’ and the whole make you feel ‘safe’ thing are only a charade, designed only to collect dollars and keep the sheep moving along.

        Anyone that has not seen the 2006 movie ‘Idiocracy’ yet, should consider it mandatory viewing…this is where we are at, no lie. Only a matter of time before we are all drinking Brawndo.

        h t tp://

      9. Move along nothing to see here, the viruses were harmless in those vials. Yea right…

      10. Great, Like we didn’t have enough crap to worry about. I picked the wrong decade to give up drinking.

      11. Instead of global warming-oops! climate change; we will have global pandemic. Nice. I feel so much better now. Instead of dragging something over the Mexican border, the next pandemic can be home grown. And frankly, I’m not going for the line “it isn’t dangerous, it only contains part of the virus”. Wasn’t Ebola found in a patient in Minneapolis? Good grief!

      12. A world in chaos, national debt beyond balance, wars and confrontation like nothing within the last 50+ years and now WMD’s on the open market, but we’re safe because the NSA and every other alphabet agency is looking out for we the people.

        At this point I don’t even know what’s holding the world much less our Country together, evil seems ready to burst and yet the sheep are content at the trough of Iphones / any other device at hand.

        I’d say we’re living in interesting times, but the world appears too fucked up to even call it that.

      13. Missing plane, missing vials, missing billion dollars, one could make a whole conspiracy out of that, bwaaahahahaha 🙂

        • Add to that, big Alquaida meeting and NY taking eyes off the mooslams
          Something stinks

          • Kula,

            Saw that today. I just wonder how old that video was? Could be they were holding it back to trot out at just the right time as a distraction. You know, they would rather we focused on that instead of the Bundy situation, Dirty Harry, etc.

            KySSG . . . out.

        • They probably are in the process of doing just that.



          Don’t dismiss it.

        • Have you been fishin yet Rick? Seems lots of storms lately coming from your direction. Rough seas.

          • I usually don’t go out on the ocean until the halibut season opens in May. I have two shrimping trips planned out in May up in the Straits of Juan De Fuca, so I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to fish offshore halibut this year, on the second shrimping trip halibut will be open in the straits, I may fish for them while I soak the shrimp traps and there may be a summer offshore season for halibut.

            The ocean, for the most part always has big water this time of year and so I don’t get too excited about it.

      14. I’ve posted this before

        but just in case ya missed it

        Threatened pandemics and laboratory escapes: Self-fulfilling prophecies

        “The risk of a manmade pandemic sparked by a laboratory escape is not hypothetical:”

        and remember this little “accident” that happened some years ago ?

        ‘Accidental’ Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible‘accidental’-contamination-of-vaccine-with-live-avian-flu-virus-virtually-impossible/

      15. Frankly, terrorists don’t worry me a bit. It’s people like this who continually “misplace” things like the viruses, and nukes.

        Wonder how long it will be before something is “misplaced” out there in Kansas?

        KySSG . . . out.

      16. It’s a sad day when this sort of thing doesn’t surprise me one bit.

      17. I’m getting so sick and tired of all of the bullshit thrown at us from every angle, every minute of every day.


        • Time to avert for a bit..

          information overload is never healthy..

          • That’s o.k. I have to return to the matrix on occasion to retain my sanity!

        • Prepping helps to take your mind off things.

          I took the advise of NinaO and went stealth on some defensive and food acquiring weapons. Slingshot, compound bow and air rifle. I have found they are not as easy to become efficient in their use as I thought it would be. Lots of movement with the upper body with muscles I have not engaged in years. So I suggest that if any of you decide to go this way, I would go out and buy some muscle pain relief crème first.

        • sixpack,
          It helps me to run, walk my dog, ride my motorcycle, read good books (not doom and gloom ones), pull weeds out of my vegetable garden, find specimens to look at with my microscope, hunt chanterelles in the woods, listen to Bach, read the Bible, or cook.

          In my experience, it never helps to drink alcohol, watch TV, or dwell on current events for too long (take time to comprehend what’s important, then put that whole pot on the back burner).

          Your choices will be different, but try to gather to yourself the things that allow you to relax and breathe easier.

      18. not only have we been kept in the dark about incidents at bio labs

        but we have been DELIBERATELY LIED to about the safety of nuclear power

        The Government Has Engaged In a Series of Nuclear Cover-Ups Ever Since Hiroshima

        and don’t get me started about the unending lies told about Fukushima by the Japanese and American governments
        and TEPCO is the very definition of duplicity


        it is not their prime directive to tell the truth
        their aim is to keep the public calm
        by keeping us ignorant of the facts
        thereby robbing us of the ability to make decisions on our own
        concerning our lives and well being

      19. Oath Keepers Site Taken Offline after Renewed Call to Stand Watch at Bundy Ranch

        After sending out a new call to action and renewed call for all Oath Keepers to stand watch at the Bundy Ranch, the site has been taken offline.

        they are using an alternative site at –

        • JayJay;
          Oath Keeper site is back up and running now.


      20. Please forward this to all contacts…
        We are calling on all Oath Keepers who can possibly get here to come to the Bundy Ranch to serve as volunteers on an ongoing, rotating watch. That is not because there is any great emergency, but is a preventative measure – sort of like doing a rotation on the DMZ. I am urging each and every Oath Keepers member who can, to get here and spend a bit of time to ensure that the Bundys are not alone. We need boots on the ground. We want you here, standing watch, which is appropriate for us Oath Keepers since our motto is “Not on Our Watch.”

        So, who needs the site when you have email??
        Send to all contacts asking them to forward to their contacts.

        • Jay Jay

          Not to worry..there are many patriots and former spec forces etc there as we speak and will continue their stay until the Bundy’s feel secure..but given the feds history…it might be quite a while til they are able to leave..


      21. Not sure how they got out…….foul play highly improbable…… looked everywhere………And I betcha the dumbasses that pinched the vials accepted dollars instead of gold. Ah…..the French!

      22. AhhhhhhhhhhhhhCHOO~!!!!!
        I think I just caught something and now it’s all over the computer screen.

      23. It’s all a numbers game. While I think a financial collapse is on the way(Pardon the pun). With a growing population, eventually the right sequence is going to happen.

        My money is still on China and their hundreds of millions of petri dishes, err farms. Where human, Ducks, Chickens, and Pigs intermingle their waste and germs and virii.

        It’s going to happen. Just a more random time table.

      24. There are too many people around the planet intermingling on planes,cruise ships,airports,etc. Sooner or later something will spread and it will be planet wide. Look at all the noroviruses that continue to show up on cruise ships with a lot of people in a confined area. Sanitation is hard to maintain if people don’t wash hands or cover their face when sneezing and heaven forbid if something starts in a third world country and something mutates to the point of easy transfer of a disease between humans. Or the West Nile Virus in birds.

      25. all I keep thinking about is that guy from the jurassic park movie, bumbling away with the vials. the funny thing is, that none of this scares me in the least. what concerns me is the things we don’t think about. the fact that we pump so many antibiotics down the toilet in our daily flushing routine, because only about 20% of antibiotics are actually absorbed by our bodies. we flush that magic toilet, and poof it all disappears right? we are strengthening microbes on a day to day basis with our inability to see further down the road.
        remember being sick when you were a kid, sure it was hell for a few days, but then you were back in the saddle. now I hear of friends and family that have been sick for weeks, and this is becoming normal.
        we have been screwing with this microbial world for about 70 years, from our medications to our damn food. fat free this, sugar substitute that, its unreal. when our body is low on sugar, our brain sends us the signal, and they used to call it a sweet tooth, now we send gmo artificially flavored garbage down our throat, and our brain gets fooled into believing it has what it needs. eventually something has to give
        to be concerned that these vials got ‘misplaced’ not at all, were too busy killing ourselves with our own lack of seeing what direction that can was kicked

        • Right on, right on. This year I am hearing of colds going on for 2-4 weeks. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

        • Last night was a full moon–able to see clearly the skies. The moon had a film in front..really ugly compared to the clear, beautiful full moon of Tuesday night.
          The white streaks criss crossing were obvious chemical sprays were lining the skies being dumped at night.
          Yesterday was a bad day for this area.

          • Folks, what is so important that must be sprayed at night??
            Didn’t empty their tanks and wanted to get back to the airport empty??
            I’ve seen this happen many nights–and can hear them flying the grid late at night.

            • JayJay-

              Many (even here) are still ignorant to the threats posed by geo-engineering, otherwise known as ‘chemtrails’.
              There are countless ways and means being used against humanity at this very moment and people just don’t ‘get it’. Many will die the same way- ignorant to the very end. Lead a horse to water and all that, ya know?

      26. Hard enough to handle the germs Mother Nature throws at us, but to guard against a Weaponise Infection, in a very ignorant populace is almost impossible. On the other side the Government would hold information back in order to keep panic from reaching the streets. Until it’s too late. Incubation periods, symptoms of the disease that mimic other diseases and just the thought of being exposed to the disease with No Antidote.

        Doesn’t matter what kind of disaster comes our way. What matters is what are we going to become. Will we become good helpful people in the time of need, or become animals.

      27. Off topic:
        This just in!!! fox news alert! Your choices for the next president will be either Hillary, Krispy Kreme Khristy, or the new, improved Bush. Fuck this, I am not voting if this is who the media chooses for me. If this country is going in the ditch, it might as well be a Democrat at the wheel. This fucking lot of republicans will do no better. If anything, the people may follow a Repub like Christy to the land of “moderate” gun control more quickly than hearing it from a Democrat. We deserve what we get. Damn it, I am tired of the sheeple going down this road, it’s fucking groundhog day over and over again.

        • Gonetoolong,
          If Ted Cruz or Ben Foster could get elected, the rot might slow down somewhat. That is, if we even make it to election 2016.

          If any of those you mentioned above are elected, it’ll be “Floor it! Into that giant cesspool of cat shit and battery acid!”

      28. Pathogens concern me more than any other shtf parameter.

        At home: day 4 of the flu. At beginning of week everyone said ” oh! You better go to the dr.” I feel that one of the things we should be doing is fighting illness sans the dr office as much as possible.
        The day is coming where hopping in the car to run down to the md’s office will be a memory of the past.
        My flu treatment: buttloads of sleep, glass of water on the hour, hot green tea with local honey, breathing in steam to loosen sinus and bronchial congestion, nasal irrigation(Indian neti pot), and a couple OTC medications(aspirin, only if temp above 101, and guaifenesin).
        Modern medicine is amazing but has also been a factor in the wussification of America. My brother is a major wussified hypochondriac that lives at the Drs office.

        Get fit, Preppers. Good water, eat your veggies, walk fast…your gonna need it!
        The Lord be with you all this Holy Season!

        • wncmountainboy,
          Sounds like a good flu treatment program to me.

          And like you said, lots of water…Always. Veggies: all colors, if you can get them or grow them. Beets and chard, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots, collards, turnip greens, mustards…

          And aspirin’s a good drug, in moderation.

      29. An airborne weaponized form of Ebola would certainly help achieve the Georgia Guide stones population requirement:


        Going from 7.3 billion people down to 500 million is quite the reduction. I still say bioweapons is how they are going to do it. Just watched the movie ‘The Stand’ last week, and ironically…that’s exactly how the world ended for many…a super deadly airborne virus that gets loose from a military compound.

        We cannot stop the inevitable endgame for mankind, we can only prepare ourselves as best we can. Fight the beast while on your feet, don’t ‘live’ on your knees!

        • As of March 26, 2014, Global population is estimated to number 7.157 Billion. To get down to 500 Million is 1/14th.

          America is about 317 Million population right now. If the population reduction is the same percentage across all countries. America will be down to about 23 Million.

          IMHO, were a bug engineered to kill off 93% of the worlds population. The ratio of survivors would be slightly higher in 1st world countries. Countries with less developed societies will have higher death rates as they will not mobilize and fight the disease as effectively.

          • Sierra Dave,
            A good book to read that has something to do with that is Inferno by Dan Brown.

      30. OFF TOPIC:

        ALL operational U.S. combat tanks and U.S. key strike aircraft have been removed from Europe over the past two years.

        NATO is toothless, and just at the time that we now are discovering what that “flexibility” conversation was all about between Barry (or whatever his name is) and Medvedev when the microphone was hot.

        Can you say TREASON????

      31. Oh good! Something else to worry about over which I have no control. I just wish the other shoe would drop already.

        • Me too. It could be from this story or a multitude of others, but I agree, lets get this party rolling. Apparently the US and EU are arming up the Ukraine through NATO as we speak. Even though the Russians said this is the very thing that would escalate tensions. I think this is where it starts. It should be obvious to anyone with even a partial brain that the world is on the verge of a massive reset and it is intentional.

        • Its at Diego Garcia.

          • With the missing vials from the lab!

      32. Well let’s give the French credit, they may be arrogant but they invented one thing most of us are rather fond of.

        • What? French women? Bordeaux wine? Roquefort cheese? Daft Punk?

      33. Now,now…

        You guys don’t really want the hammer to fall soon. I got a feeling a lot of you are like me;

        You find a morbid sense of entertainment in all this mess.

        • I do, because nothing is going to change until the hammer falls.

        • Like a lot of people, wncmountainboy, I need more time to prepare for what’s coming. I have “stuff”, and I have some skills, and I’m working on acquiring or sharpening others.
          I need to make a lot of improvements to my place in the country. There are so many things to do, I’ll be stunned if I think about the whole enterprise. I just try to do one thing at a time, think about the next mile marker, so to speak.

          No, I don’t want TEOTWAWKI. I DO rest assured that the statists and collectivists, Communists and socialists, the fat cats, and the rest of the sociopaths who are bringing about the end of the world, are going to reap what they have sown, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. I just wish decent people didn’t have to go down with them.

      34. Don’t forget colloidal silver in treatment or prevention. I’m sure there a lot of people with the equipment that will provide it if asked.

      35. The Pillar Procedure, for instance, involves implanting tiny woven strips into the
        soft palate to reinforce it and keep it from vibrating.
        Funny, but it never really bothered me until I hit my 30s.
        prior to going to sleep to reduce any swelling in the throat

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