Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises”

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Headline News | 358 comments

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    Just a couple years ago we reported that the U.S. military was involved in war gaming scenarios that included training for such things as large scale economic collapse and civil unrest. Photos from the training exercises showed simulated situations that included protesters holding up “We Need Food Now” signs. It was a clear sign that the government is preparing for just such an event, and that they were training military personnel to respond in the capacity of a domestic police force.

    The warnings we and others issued were ignored by most of the population and dismissed by many as nothing more than conspiracy theory and fear mongering.

    A few years on, the military continues to step up exercises focused on urban deployment and as recently as last month held live exercises in heavily populated US metropolitan areas.

    Residents of Miami and Houston were treated to troop mobilizations, machine gun fire, and gunships flying over their cities. After concerned callers reported the activities to local news stations, the media quickly moved to calm fears of a terrorist attack or invasion. They smiled while they did it and shrugged off the unprecedented displays as just your average, everyday military exercise.

    Except, of course, the US military, up until recently, has never openly trained in U.S. cities, and especially not in scores of cities with training spread over such a short period of time.

    Which begs the question, why are the military and local law enforcement holding realistic urban training exercises on the streets of America when they could do it at any of the hundreds of training facilities around the world?

    Via: The Daily CruxBurning Platform

    I was once stationed at Camp Lejuene, NC.  As a Navy Corpsman, I helped care for Marines.  I tell you this because inevitably there will be those that assume I hold some anti-military motive.

    At no time during my time there were “realistic urban training” exercises conducted in towns and cities.  This is a recent development.

    The training has been coordinated with local, county and state agencies and officials, including the Ridgeland police and fire departments, according to a Marine Corps news release.

    Although there is no danger, Farao said residents should stay away if they see training under way or uniformed personnel.

    Realistic Urban Training is happening all over the U.S.  

    In Miami, Florida on January 26, 2013, Army Backhawk helicopters swooped through the city at night, firing door-guns and chasing make-believe bad guys like something out of an action movie.  The fired blanks echoed off of the buildings, scaring many residents into taking cover.  The local news reported excitedly about the exercise, stating it was only a drill and for residents not to be concerned. However, there was no journalistic follow up asking hard questions.  Such as, who authorized an exercise without informing the public?  Why conduct this type of training in a populated U.S. city and put citizens at risk?  Isn’t this a violation of Posse Comitatus?  No hard follow up questions were asked, and to my knowledge, have not been since.

    Not even when the same exercise occurred in Houston, Texas on January 29, 2013.   The U.S. Army along with other agencies took over the Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston on Monday. Alarmed residents called police and complained about gunshots and helicopters.  No details were provided about the training.  Watch the KTRK-TV Houston report and hear how alarmed residents responded after hearing gunshots and seeing military helicopters flying over their homes.

    According to Sgt. 1st Class Michael Noggle, an Army spokesman based at Fort Bragg, N.C., “We were invited by the city of Galveston to conduct joint training exercises to enhance the effectiveness of both services in order to better protect the residents of Galveston.”

    He went on to say in an email that “The purpose of the realistic urban training is to give our Special Operators an opportunity to hone their skills in a controlled, but unfamiliar, realistic urban environment that cannot be replicated with the bare-boned facades found on military installation ranges.”

    I’ve highlighted a few examples, but there are more.  In a search I came upon these others.  Los Angeles, CA,  Plainville and Worchester, Massachusetts.  As reported in the other stories, residents were unaware of the drills until helicopters swooped over their neighborhoods. And here’s more: Minneapolis, MN, and this in East Saint Louis, MO.  There are many more, but these links provide a foundation for further research.

    I spoke with a high-ranking, military source in DHS.

    Preferring to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, he told me, “DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S.,” he paused, then added, “we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities.  DOD will be expected to help – when we’re requested.”

    I asked if there was a timeline for expecting civil unrest in our cities and why should we expect it to begin with.

    I was told that there were many reasons, but that the continued devaluation of our currency, the predicted history-setting prices for gasoline this summer and the continued gun control debate are forming a perfect storm of civil discontent.  When this storm hits, it will most assuredly produce mass casualties.  When does DHS expect this to happen? 

    This summer.

    From a high-ranking source deep within DHS, who has strong DOD ties, we are being told that joint DOD-local law enforcement exercises are to desensitize us to military occupation.  When asked if there was any concern about violating Posse Comitatus, he stated “no concern at all,” and added, “That’s been a non-issue for a long time.”

    Source: The Allegiant

    We are hearing similar reports from DHS, DOD, and law enforcement sources known by numerous investigators and reporters in alternative media. Many of the sources have requested to remain anonymous, prompting skeptics to call it bunk. However, it’s hard to believe that there is nothing to this. Furthermore, if you were privy to details that your government was about to implement a massive police state and past whistle blowers were imprisoned and had their lives destroyed, would you be willing to share your name and put your family in harm’s way?

    As noted by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones in a recent report at, there is a strong possibility that whatever the US government is preparing for has been orchestrated by the elite, who hope to benefit in the form of money, resources and power, something we’ve seen throughout history:

    Every indication clearly suggests that authorities in the United States are preparing for widespread civil unrest. This trend has not emerged by accident – it is part of a tried and tested method used by the banking elite to seize control of nations, strip them of their assets, and absorb them into the new world order.

     There is a crucial economic imperative as to why the elite is seeking to engineer and exploit social unrest.

    One of the final steps of the process, the “IMF riot,” detailed how the elite would plan for mass civil unrest ahead of time that would have the effect of scaring off investors and causing government bankruptcies.

    “This economic arson has its bright side – for foreigners, who can then pick off remaining assets at fire sale prices,” writes Palast, adding, “A pattern emerges. There are lots of losers but the clear winners seem to be the western banks and US Treasury.”

    In other words, the banking elite creates the very economic environment – soaring interest rates, spiraling food prices, poverty, lower standards of living – that precipitates civil unrest – and then like a vulture swoops down to devour what remains of the country’s assets on the cheap.

    We have already seen this process unfold in places like Bolivia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Greece and Argentina. Next on the chopping block are Spain, Italy, Britain and France – all of which have seen widespread riots over the last two years.

    Given the clear economic motive for stirring unrest in the United States, we’d expect to see preparations for domestic disorder in numerous different guises – and indeed the signs are everywhere. 

    Full Infowars Report

    Most Americans cannot possibly fathom an America where the economy has collapsed, the dollar is valueless, and food is so expensive that it can’t be had by the majority of the populace.

    They can’t imagine any situation that would require the deployment of military soldiers into their towns and cities.

    They are clueless to the existence of the National Defense Authorization Act which legalizes the indefinite detention of terror suspects. They think the Patriot Act is legislation that applies only to Al Queda. They don’t know, nor do they care, that President Obama has signed numerous Executive Orders designed for continuity of government operations and martial law.

    None of them realize that the President himself is now creating kill lists and justifications for why American citizens can be targeted by military drone strikes without charge or trial.

    For these people, with their heads buried in the sand, America today is the same as it has always been.

    When their idealistic paradigm of stable 9-5 employment, ample retirement funds, weekend barbecues, and Constitutional protections comes to end, what do you think they are going to do?

    What will they do should stock markets melt down, the US dollar crashes or the economy collapses to Great Depression levels?

    They will panic. They will riot in the streets. They will turn violent. Their whole world will be turned upside down and devolve into violence and bloodshed.

    The government knows this. Homeland security knows this. The military knows this. Any student of history knows this.

    We are now being desensitized to the response should it ever come to pass.


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      1. Off topic but CNN drives me nuts about hearing protecting Obama so much and making the GOP look like a weak party. Chris cuomo the news idiot drives me nuts as well and is unamerican in my eyes. These people are so fake and BS talking to confuse the public. You hear so much nonsense. Newt Gingrich would of been a way better President hands down that what we go now. This State of the Union is about to begin and

        It’s hard to believe that these people can’t see we need to cut welfare and cutback on spending and lower taxes! We are taxed and taxed and taxed more and now Obama wants illegals to get our taxmoney. They are so fake it’s drive me nuts. What a joke this is. This will be the beginning of either the GOP helping us or King Obama thinks he can take away our rights. What do you guys think of this idiot about to speak? People ask why don’t you respect the president? Well we don’t respect him since he doesn’t respect the people our this country.

        • I believe there is something strange going on and we are not privy to it, could it be a coming food shortage? Perhaps the price of oil is going to skyrocket and that would certainly create chaos and mass hysteria. As for a collapse of the economy, they can put that off for a while longer. Why did George Soros buy farm land in Africa? Can we handle another drought, why is the EPA making it almost impossible for farmers?

          • Sounds like another ‘edge-of-your-seat’ Mad Max action type of film. Can’t wait until it opens. I just love these scarry fantasies. Glad nothing like this will ever really happen!

            • I suggest that should you see any of this over your city that you try some sensitivity training in the form of live fire directed at the criminals in the air.

              Anyone participating in these “training exercises” is following unlawful orders. And they will follow them when they are asked to kill your family in the name of the corp.

              I think this “DHS and DOD training” would probably stop if the People militia would also engage some training of its own. How long will the people wait to start making their voice heard?

              • Gods Creation,

                Are you insane? So lets see, if I see a black hawk flying over my house then I should shoot it down? I guess I could then kiss my ass goodbye as well as my Familys. Get real and don’t give people such idiotic ideas.

                • Not if you see one flying, but if you see MANY flying with gunners at the door firing blanks at who knows what.

                  Or you can just wait for them to start shooting the real thing at you.

                  So long as there is no resistance there will be no stopping or second thoughts by those acting against the Law on behalf of the corp.

                  Live free or die? Apparently you are ill prepared to do the first because you are unable to do the second to protect it.

                  And would you really be dumb enough to shoot from your house? If so, definitely keep the guns in your closet where they can’t hurt you.

                  A state of mixed war against the People is in effect. The Laws of Necessity are in force, both for the corp and the People, upon whom war has been declared.

                  300,000,000 guns will do nothing to restore freedom to the people if they are not fired in defense of it.

                  It is your DUTY to do what you can to stop the corp monster. It is also your duty to post any better ideas if you have them. Cowering in the closet is not a better idea.

                  Some will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. All who are unwilling to do so will make an even greater sacrifice because of their inaction while there is still time to act.

                  It is becoming more apparent every day that the US of A is a nation of cowards who will stand idly by and watch as evil overruns freedom and destroys all that is good in Gods world.

                  • After you shoot them down, let us know how it works out for you. Nuts!!!

                  • To Gods creation.the last two words of your post in my humble opinion,is only a wish. and here is why!!! (GODS WORLD)??
                    This was Gods world,it now belongs to Satan.and is under his control.The father of lie’s and deceiver of many. It is he,and the 1/3 of the rebel angels that were cast down to earth who move and direct all that is evil,and unholy on the planet earth, and in the universe.
                    It is not hopeless by any means,God is still in control.
                    You just have to know your enemy.(KJV)EPHESIANS C-6 VS-12
                    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against PRINCIPALITIES,against powers,against the RULERS, of darkness of this WORLD ,against spiritual wickedness in high places. end quote.
                    The rest of the chapter 6 gives us the battle plan,and what to wear.
                    Most people just do not understand,why this current world is so sick,spiritually,mentally,physically.We live in a fallen world that will be redeemed,with a new heaven and a new earth.

                  • unfortunately this is the problem.

                    We want to do something but no one ever does.
                    gc is right we are supposed to use the 2nd to protect the rest of the constitution and our freedoms. We don’t.

                    while live free is right also, are you willing to be the man in front of the tank? Are you willing to be the first to go out and be the lead martyr? No one is yet. We have people starting to stand out and stand up, but still no one follows.

                    We will eventually fail and fall, not because we do not have the guns, but because we do not have the balls. Not saying go out and street sweep your town or city. Maybe organize grow a militia start open carry full gear marches.

                    Continue doing these things, o we had gun appreciation day, that was last month that was last week what are we doing this week what are we doing this month? We will act when we always do … when it is too late or it already happened.

                    This is not legal they can not do it… sorry they have and did so I guess THEY CAN. This is unconstitutional!!! too bad we did nothing to protect our constitutional rights. We do not deserve them.

                  • Can’t help thinking…they are able to get away with this sh– because they have money to pay off their goons… no money from taxes, no police state. And why not remove your money from banks… deposit it in credit unions?

                • Live free or die….you need a new screen name, the one you have does not fit you in the least

                  • BJ,

                    You’re as nuts as GC, you idiots want to talk tough and stupid. There is a time and place for everything and now aint the time. Yea, I want to LIVE free, not die stupid.
                    I don’t expect you to understand, firing blanks is not the time to shoot them down as GC stated, if they were real bullets then that is another story. You are both in a movie of your own thoughts, a dumb movie.

                  • actually live free if now is not the time when is it?
                    Will it be after we are all in fema camps and trying to fight back from deep in the hole?

                    Like I said before, you ARE right too. We can not go running around like idiots, we would just help to make others think they are justified in their actions.

                    It is time to organize, yes you want opsec but guess what? protecting our freedoms is not a private matter. It is not even just a american matter, It Is Global. We were just able to hold out longer then most of the rest because we would NOT give up the guns. In time they will get them if we continue to act with as much motivation as we have been.

                • I was stationed at Ft Bragg in 1981. When we did low level flights over civilian areas we almost always came back with bullet holes in the aircraft. Nobody got excited about it.

                  • Are you kidding me?!? That ain’t good because I feel like I paid for that plane.

                • Well, I personally can’t tell the difference between live rounds and blanks. If it was my house they were hovering over shooting, I might defend myself by shooting back…only mine would not be blanks.

              • Maybe that is what they are actually trying to provoke. Saying it is a “training excecise,” but really hoping people can start shooting. Gives them more excuses for gun control, and to declare local martial law and round up all the guns. It’s for the safety of the kids, don’t you know…

                • Here’s another perspective.

                  This country has global enemies that could launch a Mumbai India type of attack on us. Maybe it’s that the military has the resources to combat an enemy that’s penetrated this country and they’re training to kill them. That is their job. They’re bringing in the civilian authority (police) in order to attempt to comply with The Posse Comitatus Act and as a force multiplier with local knowledge. Would I rather have the military training with the police to combat an attack or would I rather that the police have the personnel and weaponry to perform this operation without the military 24/7/365. The police would bring that weaponry upon you much quicker than the military would and for much less of a cause.

                  I would rather keep that capability with the military and not with the police.

                  • @RickInOregon-
                    Exactly! Not everyone here is a moron!
                    If this was the case, there is also no way in heck they would tell you that.
                    We need to be prepared to defend our Country from the INSIDE as well as OUT….

                • Cody Wilson (invented 3D printing AR magazine you can download off the computer) said, “resistance is the only human activity worth doing now.”

                  If you haven’t watched the video (interview) PLEASE go watch it! It’s amazing. It’s at: “Alex Jones- Jan. 2013–youtube–3D printing AR magazine”.

              • I think we are giving them too much credit. No law enforcement gets more than familiarization training in mout even though DEA set up the evidence based mout trainng for the military. LE only gets the one house, one search warrant version of the trainng. The military needs the training because future warfare in built up areas by non government sponsored crminal gangs like the Taliban/Cartels will require that type of combat. Only problem is, roe and the military has not yet fully accepted the idea that it takes a hunter to hunt a hunter. If you see organized crime/cartels/taliban as a team of snipers and hunt them that way it works as evidenced by the success of the Mexican Marines against the cartels. In fact, the Mexican Marines are working incredibly proficiently in that task!

            • don’t get out much, do you?

            • Gods C. : You and the others are not taking any of this junk seriously are you? Most of this stuff is Hollywood. They aren’t nearly as good as the movie stuff because you get “do-overs” otherwise known as retakes/reshoots to get it right. Look at what one average cop did for days out in California. He killed two cops in separate incidences, wounded two more, and eluded literally thousands of them with 24/7 media coverage, drones, and $1 million dollar reward. A huge bald black man who sticks out like a sore thumb, especially around Big Bear, and they still couldn’t find him for a week. Get real because this is real, the rest is fakery/Hollywood crap to fool the fools into thinking the cops are better than they really are. Dorner is a perfect example of what one moderately well trained person can do against TPTB. Think what others could do who are really well trained. Me, I’m looking forward to the next Mad Max coming out soon. See you at the movies!

              • Now I agree to that. Cops are not what they seem even with their radios. Im not proud of this and did stupid things as a kid but, I have hidden from the cops so many times when we were kids throwing tomatoes at the cops and they chased us with multiple cars, even out ran them a few times on a dirtbike with 2 choppers chasing us. Yes it was dumb when I was 16-19 but I agree that people can evade cops easier than they make it out to be. when did military doing sere school etc never got caught. in this is with a town of about 300,000.

                • Dang… You brought back memories I was trying to forget.

                • Funny you should mention victimizing cops as kids. My brothers and I found a spot where cars drive between two hedges, kinda like a duck shooting game. We sat there waiting for a car to come from either way. When a car came along,we took shots until it disappeared past the other side hedge.

                  We waited patiently. Then, we saw headlights and opened up on a car. Pop, pop-pop-pop, pop…then we saw the reflective “Multnomah County Sheriff” emblem. We, of course, all scattered. We were in our teens and we had air rifles. We wanted to be annoying, but we didn’t want to hurt anyone.

                  We could’ve been killed by a cop who didn’t think it was funny. My point is, these guys can’t really think that people should be okay with getting shot at, even if it is with blanks. How many people can really tell a live round from a blank by sound alone?

                  Hell, they’ll jail you for pointing a damned dime store laser pointy thing at someone. It is actually a law in Oregon…shooting blanks at people can’t be legal either.

              • It’s a push to see if there is a push back.

                There will not be, I am sure. Too many idiots and not a bowl of courage left in the entire country.

                • Commies everywhere.

              • During some riots in Chicago, whenever the police would get shot at, their commanders ordered them to pull back and wait until it was safe to move forward. The police, generally, won’t engage in heavy gunfire if they have a way out. The exception to the rule is to retrieve wounded buddies.

                • you’re correctmaudy because while they do have shotguns,ar’s and semi-automatic pistols,most cops really want to live to see another day,BUT DO NOT BE MISLED,if you choose to ACTIVELY engage them,they WILL respond VERY STRONGLY with everything at their disposal so it would behoove one not to get tangled up with them unless ABSOLUTELY necessary;keep prepping under the radar.

                • that’s why most cops would rather bust pot smokers, shoplifters and give out speeding tickets than go into the gang lands and take down the real criminals…you know, the ones with illegal GUNS.

                • Good point- in the 60’s when the communist panthers (todays democrats) started plinkng cops, the cops went to 4 per car and gave up 75% of their patrol territory. But then the USG was actively supporting the Chicago/Detroit civilian populace who were supporting the communist panthers. It was win win because the le assets were being depleted at the same time community was being prepped for the Soros buy out, sorta like Afghanistan today. US military assets are being depleted at a rate greater than replacement while the UN and World Bank with partner China are poised to take over everything. Coalition forces are supporting the civilian populace who are supporting the Taliban and other multiple organized crime syndicates operating in the country. Our only hope is to keep increasing the birth rate of the Afghans until the Taliban spend more time dealing in child porn, child trafficking, child slavery, and child molestation than they have time for to shoot at coalition forces! We could probably save the children by insuring that every Taliban, or Afghan male over the age of 12 had at least two miniature donkeys.

              • Where is the body? luckily burnt. Justifies the drones on US soil, looking for you and you and…….

          • It will be a cascade of events falling like dominos. Say a war in the mideast breaks out and Iran closes the straights of hormuz. Oil would sky rocket, the trucking industry would raise prices and charge food distributors higher rates so food would go through the roof. Farmers fuel costs and pesticide costs would increase and would be shouldered onto consumers. And with higher costs of production of food some farmers wouldn’t be able to afford it and the food supply would decrease. Add in the drought we have been having and were holding on by a thread at this point.

            Consumers would be paying substantially higher costs on food and gas eating up more disposable income and would eventually be left with tough decisions to either pay to drive to work and eat or pay they’re bills. More and more people will default on student loans, car loans, credit cards and mortgages. Economy failing the government would push back with draconian laws curbing freedoms and in turn people lash out more aggressively against government and back and forth it will go.

            We would then be in the death spiral where one event feeds off another and spawns another.

            Throw in military conflict with Russia or china and a USD dump and it will be much worse.

            I personally believe we will be seeing all of it. There are just so many active fronts attempting to take us down and once one initiates the first shot whether a natural occurance or emeny attack the Death Spiral will begin and it will be biblical!

            What a time to be alive eh?

            • Yes, eh

              • My rant posted for some reason…. I continue LOL

                We have become morally bankrupt. When Honey Booboo, Jersey Shores and Buckwild are some of the most popular shows out there and are influencing our youth.

                We are 6 trillion in debt, and we just keep spending as a nation. Enough said.

                Everyone has an excuse as to why whatever is affecting them is not their fault. No personal accountability.

                It is an “I deserve” country now, and many no longer feel a responsibility for themselves or their actions.

                We had people tweeting for Dorner after he killed two innocent people, then killed two and wounded one cops, but because he puts out a self victimizing manifesto some people are treating him like a victim….

                Oh well, that is my rant for the morning….

                Keep your powder dry,

            • The government is obviously preparing for civil unrest. The growth of ‘Big Brother’ – surveillance of the population.

              Maxine Waters: Obama Has a Database on Everything About Every Individual

              “The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life,” Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday. “That’s going to be very, very powerful,” Waters said.

              “That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.”

              Surveillance Drone Can See What You Are Doing from 15,000 Feet.

              1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World’s highest resolution video surveillance platform

            • There is no way for an outside force to come in and invade and take us over militarily. It just can’t happen. The only way we will fall is from within. The Vandals had no siege equipment, someone had to open the doors to Rome. It is the same concept.

              I believe we are being economically assaulted by our enemies and we will die the death from a thousand bleeding wounds (I forget who used to say that).

              • “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
                –Abraham Lincoln

                • Beautifly said Abe. Change from within.

              • jjsan-a blow from within strikes with gale-force wind.

            • Wouldn’t miss it for the world. These commies gotta go.

            • Wolf, they did the same thing in Russia, when the Soviet Union collapsed- millions died. Then they did it in Greece, are now doing it in Spain, etc. Its the same scene played out over and over. Like the article says, “this is a tried and proven method used by banking elites to to seize control of a nation, seize their assets… etc.’ First they send in the Trojan Horse (Debt Deal), then when a nation can’t pay, the swoop in to collect the assets– whether it be the revenue coming in from diamonds and oil exports, or whatever… and they get a whole lot more to boot (extra thefts). They (the banksters) are in kahoots with the politicians. they work together to milk the public dry.

              • Top down, bottom up, inside out.

                Create the crisis, rile the people up, demand government action, government steps in with the answer and a new system.

                It’s the proven method for a Marxist takeover.

            • Along with the drought and higher input costs we are having a hard time figuring out what to plant here in Wyoming. No grass for our 250 head and not much snow in the mountains for irrigation.

              Our fuel prices went up 26 cents a gallon yesterday on top of the 18 cents it went up in the last 10 days.

              Hay is $350.00 a ton and $8.00 a bushel for corn to feed them. And the $hit heads are using it for fuel that costs 25% more to make than gas!


          • The government clearly anticipates upheaval on a large scale. There are a number of unusual scenarios that could be the basis for THEIR fears.

            1. An engineered financial collapse. No I don’t think so. The NWO Elite and PTB have too much to lose and would be held responsible by the zombies. The PTB do not profit from chaos that they can not control.

            2. Nibiru. A real possibility for self evident reasons that I have mentioned previously. It does remain, for the most part, to be seen (pun intended); but my sources tell me its coming and the PTB know it, are preparing for it, and planning their actions accordingly to achieve their goals. Never let a crisis go to waste.

            3. Internal Earth Changes. The leading scientific organizations conducting research into these changes have identified serious anomalies in the mass and gravity distribution of the earth, that could accelerate a Pole Shift.

            The Poles are moving. As the Poles move the weather patterns normally associated with its location moves too and these normal patterns are impacted upon by the land and water in new ways. At what point does the incremental movement become the tipping point?

            4. A serious gun grab. Registration and then confiscation; which has been planned for decades since only the American Patriot and gun owner, and the US Constitution stand between American Sovereignty and One world Communist Government.

            That will take years yet to accomplish without external events, if they can accomplish it at all. I say they can’t. I stand on Washington’s Vision of the future of America as God gave it to him.

            5. Changes begin in earnest after the 2014 elections. If the Democrats achieve a majority in both houses of Congress, O’Bummer will move on his communist agenda, whole heartily.

            If the Democrats fail to achieve a majority in both houses of Congress in 2014, they will understand that their last best chance to establish communism and One World Government in America will have passed them by.

            Game on. Everyone should bring your best to the “dance”. Personally, I think its a combination of 2, 3, 4, and 5 that creates number 1.

            Keep prepping.

            • Problem is that these things tend to spiral out of control.

            • Yes DK, I really could not agree with you more. I look at it a little bit deeper though. I highly question how organized these “PTB” really are. I look at the ptb as a bigger , more loosely knit group than most. I do believe that about 20-30 percent of the population are ,at this point, essentially what most of you think are the “PTB” I think this is a very important point. These people are not as smart, not as organized and not as “dangerous” as most of you think. It is YOU, all of you and your belief that in the end, somehow, some way , that these people will either come and get you or come and help you, that allows this group of people to continue to loot from the rest of us. This was a conspiracy at one time with true powers that be, however I believe this organization, which I do believe was the Jesuit order, is in turmoil , thus making all of our lives in turmoil because this group of idiot lawyers, civil servants, secretaries, teachers, professors, some doctors, and all of those dependent on them , are too tied to the almighty dollar to do anything that is common sense at this point. This is human failure and stupidity at its lowest.

            • Lemme ask you Nibiru people out there. How does something like that escape the hundreds of thousands of astronomers out there, both the pros and amateurs?

              Well golly gee, it’s on the other side of the sun and we’ll never see it. Yea, not so much. The Earth goes around the sun. So how?

              • OK than wise guy, it doesn’t exist than. You are obviously not very bright.

                • …said the ass clown that said ‘Ok than’.

                  Are you gonna respond to my actual question or are you gonna stick with the hissy fit?

              • Not saying you are wrong (and I am not a believer in Nibiru) but it can be coming from deep space, and perhaps only visible to Hubble or its effects on gravitation calculated or discerned by super computers at this stage…

                I don’t think it is happening, but that is not to say it isn’t…Finally all the amateurs out there may have spotted it, but at this point unable to determine that it has an intersecting path with Earth…What will happen is likely a combination of several events, and I have no clue which ones…

                • Part 1 is the best explanation I’ve seen.

                  If amateurs have spotted it at all, then they’d be able to tell where it’s going. Telescopes are pretty high tech nowadays and there’s plenty of software out there to assist in those calculations.

              • Not a big Nibiru fan, but NASA (or Google space) did have a whole big area blacked out for a reason. Or maybe it was just Elvis’s space ship taking him home. Who knows, but they did cut out a huge piece of space they wouldn’t let people look at…..

                Keep your powder dry

                • So Nibiru’s so big in the sky that they had to cut out ‘a huge chunk of space’. Nope.

                • no one is a “fan of nibiru” only an imbecile would be a fan.

              • @not so much, The earth goes around the sun, the moon goes around the sun, the other planets go around the sun, the other moons go around the sun. If nibiru goes around the sun also then it may be unseen if it is on the direct other side moving the same speed around the sun. Then again it would hit the sun before getting to us…. maybe that is how it takes us out? It hits the sun implodes the sun and the sun fries us dies out or sends waves our way that just decimates the world? Got no damn clue if it exists, but that is a viable answer to your question.

                • “If nibiru goes around the sun also then it may be unseen if it is on the direct other side moving the same speed around the sun.”

                  Oh, we have an extra planet in the solar system and it’s all a huge conspiracy to hide it. No thanks.

                  You think a planet is going to cause the sun to implode? That’s worse than the kooky conspiracy theory.

                  • NSM: In 1983 a brown dwarf star was spotted 50 billion MILES away from Earth. In terms of space that is extremely close and it may be the binary companion of OUR sun. It may also be a wanderer without a companion star..

                    Consider that the PTB have upped their ante since that time, and pursued their NWO goals with more gusto. The PTB control space news. A few amateurs have photographed such an object with infra red lenses.

                    How close it is now or how fast it is traveling if it is coming OUR way is hard to say. At 100,000 mph (the typical speed of most comets) it would be more than half way here bringing its planet(s) with it.

                    Its possible if not likely.

                    Additionally, Nibiru may be a planet of OUR solar system with a long eliptical orbit as theorized. A similar solar system like OURS, with a single planet on a long eliptical orbit (four thousand years) as been spotted elsewhere and that was recently reported in the MSM.

                    Keep an open mind. The PTB are criminals and TRAITORS, but they are also organized and rational and would use that special information for their own purposes.

                    Just saying.

                  • NSM: Russian scientists are saying its there.

                  • Wel, I found info on a brown dwarf SPECULATED to be 50 billion miles….

                    See: Wild ass guess.

            • #6. Someone has already declared war on the USA and is positioning for attack. N. Korea (Psycho)? Germany (gold?)? China (Empire)? Mexico (drug dealers?). Why else would you train for military exercises in your own cities. Since they trained in Miami, does that mean they expect attacks in Miami or another large city? Al Queda? Maybe they are not training to fire on Americans but to fire on an invading force.

              • If that was true, it wouldn’t explain their big hurry to disarm the people…they know we’re gonna be pissed about something.

          • Who’s going to start this widespread civil unrest? This is not training its “intimadation”, notice its usually over urban minority neighborhoods, because they are easy to scare and fear by word of mouth travels further. Simple, they do these “training exercises” then sit back and watch and listen. Also run a little drone around and see what kind of activity gets kicked up. Its all kind of stupid in a way, little boys playing with their toys, fed by a radical administration. Ignore them, shun them, pay no attention to them, live your life normally. If they start hostilitys, then go on the defence, THAT IS OUR RIGHT…. But then is Obama going to use drones to kill American Citizens over U.S. soil, if they see Men and Women carrying long guns to defend themselves. I guess we wait and find out. Watch ur Six

          • Kindle (down below): I agree– “coming soon to a town near you.” However, you wrote about planning for an alternate route. They now have guards at entrances of national forests, preventing anyone from entering, and have installed surveillance cameras. They may be planning to block us off at every corner, forcing us into a show down… just a thought. I think it would be wise NOW to get together, join up with some groups and plan in advance. Strength in numbers!

            As far as what the article says..”this trend has not emerged by accident…it is part of a tried and tested method used by the banking elite to seize control of nations, strip them of their assets, and absorb them..” EXACTLY!! Harvard did a study, telling of this and also, Mike Ruppert wrote of it in his book, “Crossing the Rubicon.” Its ALL true!!

          • droughts are created and targeted by weather modification, Hurricane Sandy, the Joplin ‘inland hurricanes’ with devastation never seen before……….aircrap .org is a great place to start in inform oneself… The MOVIES free – What in the World are They Spraying and the more recent one, ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying’, detail the massive effects on plants our health, animals, trees and the oceans etc.
            Be prepared to be very shocked!
            OR haven’t you looked up and wondered why the clouds look so bizarre and wonder why there are halos around the sun with reflection against the nano particulates of aluminum causing a bright streak away from the sun. The moon often has a halo also.
            New Hampshire was the first state to attempt in legislation to ban weather modification and experimentation. The other countries in the world are freaking mad at the U.S. (not only because of the invasions/wars)

        • Republican or Democrat…politics? Focus on the Law.

        • Clint,

          Think this moisture is gonna help next years harvest?

          • I think so, usually it comes around ok. I mean every year we hear about low rain and crops not where they should be. I’ve probably been paying attention since around 2000. I think we had a few years that were dry but everything seemed to be ok. I’m not a farmer but I remember talking with you about a year ago or less about the crops. I think we will be ok. I was reading wolf359 sentence on here and could see something like that happening.

            • NO, WE DON’T “HEAR ABOUT DRY CROPS AND RAIN EVERY YEAR.” As usual, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Last year about 3/4 of the nation was experiencing drought conditions. It’s still bad and they (the experts) are expecting similar conditions this summer. Lester Brown, world renown agriculturalist, has predicting as much… and more,

            • Clint.

              Sorry bud but the drought killed the beef industry. Come around march or april you will see what I am talking about. Cargill has already shut down 1 plant here and looks like a few more are on the block as well.


            • Weather 101. To have moisture, you need weather patterns. To have weather, you need vegetation. To fix this, the US needs to start building forests and watersheds before it builds cities. The millions of acres of forests that those beetles took out north and west of wyoming will kill the watershed, weather generator for the next 20 years at least unless we replant and kill the beetles! Wyomng Rocks!

        • Gingrich is the devils spawn.

          • lastmanstanding has a valid point regarding Gingrich. Here is some background info for those inclined to give lastmanstanding’s post a thumbs down because they consider Gingrich a shining knight for the conservative cause:

            Newt Gingrich: Republican Party Should Back Gay MarriageEmbrace the inevitable, he says. In a fascinating reversal, Newt Gingrich says he sees marriage equality as “inevitable,” and encourages the Republican party to “accommodate and deal with reality.”

            Our world is being turned on its head. If it was wrong yesterday, why is it right today? Because more and more people are embracing it?

            Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

            “I’m prepared to say bluntly what we need to do,” Gingrich told several hundred GOP leaders from across the country, “and I’m prepared to pick fights with people that don’t’ want to do it.” Newt Gingrich’s Advice To GOP: ‘Learn To Be A Happy Party’

            “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” 2 Timothy 3:1

            It seems we have arrived. If Gingrich is successful, social conservatives will have no place to turn whether they are Republicans or Independents. As this fervor spreads worldwide the denizens of the world will be prime to accept the mark of the beast. Will it be a RFID chip? Whatever it is, I believe that it will not be values neutral, e.g. Chic-Fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values therefore… I doubt anyone who accepts the mark will want to do business with anyone who has not accepted it, if they have the same sentiments as Chicago’s mayor.

            I can visualize a hugh retail corporation such as America’s favorite Chinese Outlet Store requiring all of their employees to take the mark if they want to keep their jobs. And then, in the checkout line all the customers who do not have it will be directed into a special room where they can receive it if they want to complete their purchase. No RFID Chip required, just a simple visible mark on their forehead or right hand showing their loyalty to the beast and what the beast represents.

            “Vindicate me, O God, and plead my case against an ungodly nation; O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man!” Psalm 43:1

            Time for FSPR!

            Best to heed: Ephesians 6:13 “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” If you want to fall out on the right side when it is all said and done! Nobody said it would be easy.

            • yeah not sure why anyone would defend that piece of corrupt filth other than some people are still holding onto the illusion of the GOP. Every bit the fake corrupt pos Obama is.

              • Good Work, matty g!!!

            • AMEN.

              • Newt G sold usa Out when as house speaker he is who scammed the brand new repus us reps that got elected after the 1994 gun bans by klinton. Repubs took over the us house for first time in 43 yrs.

                Plus got more repubs in senate too and were well on the way to deal with kommie libs. Then Newt scammed all the new flock of house repubs to vote to pass NAFTA.

                NAFTA was ALL Klinton spoke of and how swell it will be for more good pay jobs etc. All them unions fell for it hook line sinker(whats new?).

                Ginrich had a Golden chance to halt nafta and deal with antigun crap which Is the main reason repubs got the MOST repubs elected to house in a Mid term election EVER in usa history. Vast majority of americans got so fed up with dem libs and antigun crap they set records never seen.

                But Gingrich Sold us all out. Without his full nafta support Klinton could never get it passed. Then after newt proved his net worth to banksters et al, he went on to support global warming crap and all sorts NON truely repub stuff. Gee no wonder in ten yrs newt at resign time was worth over $100 million!…TOTAL sell Out.

                Then newt switches sides again and says all his dem lib programs suport was a mistake!…Like he didn’t Know that prior?

                Now the exact same has happened with “Most” Tea Party repubs like rubio-scott brown-many more.

                repubs now know all they need do to get elected is focus on abortion(I agree its wrong) and/or fag marriages to get full tea party and evangelicals votes forever.

                They ALL should put abortion-fags-various pet projects on Back burner to focus ONLY on 2nd ammendt iisues NOW.

                After 40 yrs yearly exact Same protests at supreme ct against roe vs wade, where has it got them?…Nowheres!

                Every year the final speaker at protest thanks all for comming Again, then says Ok folks see ya all next year, same place, same time, same signs, same speakers, same abortion issues…BUT “maybe” by doing the Exact Same thing year after year for FOURTY yrs now…”Maybe” if we do it same again…Next time we will see Different results!!!!!!

                Yeah right…Maybe if you bang your stupid head with a hammer, and keep doing it again and again perhaps one day it wont smash your head and hurt so bad?…Just keep useing the same hammer and hit self exact same way each time and hope for different results!

                DISCLAIMER: I agree on abortion is wrong and murder. BUT right Now today we see a hard pressed effort to BAN guns like never before seen in america ever…The 2nd IS the MOST important Right bar none. If that goes away…Kiss all rights to protest abortion or any other issues Bye Bye for good. Stupid Sheeple=Todays neocon repubs..

                Wanna get elected as a repub?…Just keep promising to stop abortion, fag marriages, and KEEP killing everybody jews hate everywheres worldwide!…You Will win election.

                ps for even More repub votes mention hannity-rush and faux tv news alot!..You cant lose!

                • angelo,newt had no chance to stop nafta, it was G.H.W.Bushes baby since the time he was head of the CIA, you think newt would buck the bush family? Bush could not get it passed so he passed it to clinton who did. Nice how they work so well together behind the scenes and make it seem like they are at each others throats.

                  Come on now your still stuck on the whole republicans are better then democrats? ring ring ring ring ring alarm clock is going off time to wake up. Time to realize the red and blue sold us out tiem to start teh you should like this one angelo the “white party”.
                  Then we will have dems, reps, and Libertarians as a three party system. But as we know a third party would become corrupt sooner or later.

            • social conservatives who get involved in politics are extremely dangerous people and are sociopaths. focus your efforts on your church instead of government and you will be surprised at how much more you can positively effect the things you believe in. Government will not help any of us in any way. Focus on your beliefs and not your governement. Call your politicians and their representatives and call them on their lies. Ignore them. Government is a very weak animal at this point and it is opnly the people who allow this to keep going. If you do not stand firmly against these people now, they will take further advantage. ENGAGE!

              • “social conservatives who get involved in politics are extremely dangerous people and are sociopaths.”

                No more so than your garden variety low information democrat. History shows those people are vastly more dangerous.

                • certainly, they are dangerous too, however not more so. Government and our belief in it is the only problem at this point.

                  • the point is, The Federal Gov’t has NO Constitutional role in social issues, period. We are in this mess partly because the Left and the Right think that they can legislate morality from DC. They can’t, and more by the Constitution they are not allowed to. Which they just ignore, and we have let them ignore to our peril.


                  • Good Work, eeder!!!

            • THAT’S ALL YOU GOT!? Gay Marriage!? Good lord, the man is a vacant principle-less scumbag and that’s all you have.

              And while we’re at it, why doncha tell me how small govt you are. Support DOMA? Support all those laws around that completely absent constitutional authority?

              What difference does it make to you if two faggots down the road calls themselves spouse?

              Does that pick your pocket? Does that break your leg? Nope, and you dont have to participate. No, you dont have to believe in it.

              The bible is pretty clear on what marriage is, but it’s also pretty clear on slaves and concubines. Do you participate in those? You slicing off an extra piece o ass on the side while the wife is on the ‘injured reserve’ list?

              I swear, you two faced hypocrite republicans really have to learn to mind your own fucking business. Yea, you’re small govt alright. Yea, not so much. You’re for YOUR VERSION of gigantic oppressive govt.

              • Ok all you red thumbs, dont be such a coward and have the intestinal fortitude to actually rebut me.

                Constitutional power where?

                Small govt where?

                Mind your own damn business where?

                Me thinks it’ll be so much foaming at the mouth but nothing coherent, just like the ‘conservatives’ over at FReetardia that cant put together a small govt argument for their war on drugs and belief in govt involvement in marriage.

                You’re ass clowns, every one…

          • Look at his wife for cripes sakes! Plastic, manufactured clone of nothing that she is…look at how they met and how he has “acted” and how many pickles he has licked.

            Newt is a member of cfr, bilderberg, bohemian grove and others…you down thumbers google bo grove. The list of all the lummies might blow your mind…it’s about the arts…bs!

            There is no worship of our lord God there

            Those of you still stuck in the right/left thing need to wake the hell up or spend eternity there.

        • It’s humorous that you think one party is better than the other. Apparently they have you brain washed too. Have you not noticed that both parties say one thing and do whatever they please? Neither party represents YOU, but the businesses that elected them.

          Remember, to heads, one beast. Thats our government. Each one taxes and spends more. Just depends where it takes it from. One from the rich and middle class, the other from “future” taxes or funded projects like Social Security.

          They figured out they can use taxpayer money to get themselves re-elected. Help business X get a Federal contract and they will donate $50,000.

          Do I have an answer? No, I pick the best independent I can find that will do the best for my area, even if they are not fully aligned with my thinking.

          Remember, Republicans mostly came up with the awesomely worded, Patriot Act, that is anything but.

          You can take your party, and I will take my rights back. It was not a fair exchange for me, you may not like them as much as I do, but the government without warrant listening to my calls is not okay with me.

        • I’m sorry. But don’t make the first post off topic. Are you trying to derail the article?

          Sure, I agree with what you said. Wrong time for it.

        • Hey Clint, turn off the TV. Get your news online and spare yourself! Seriously my friend, between the lies and the commercials, there is nothing on any on-air “news” show that’s worthy of your time.

          I think the established and well-entrenched politicians know that the entitlement programs are unsustainable, but this is the plan. What better way to groom a society than to pay it to behave in a certain way? They’ve got the noose around a majority now — food, fuel, medical, taxes….they’re tightening the ropes now and as this post declares, the time is closing in.

          I’ve not heard Obama’s speech because I’m off TV. Even with videos online, I can’t plug into Obama anymore. I have a hard time listening to anything that comes out of his yap. Learned behavioral response did that…and blame goes straight to Obama, not me or my attitude. My friend, don’t apologize or make excuses for a liar like Obama. Ever.

          • @Zoltanne,

            You cannot argue one point in what you said. I cannot believe anyone giving you a thumbs down. I watched the dog show last night. Right / Left – Repub / Demo, it’s all the same and nothing but pablum for the masses. The facts speak for themselves. We the people here in the U.S. are purposley being misled.

            Are we as a people so blind as to not see the FACTS that are in front of our faces? The laughability of our national finance system going forward is such a blatant lie that only a political system like ours in cahoots with the media’s help could cover it up.

            When this falls apart it will happen within days. TPTB have thought the scenario out. Perhaps this is all part of Darwins theory to weed out the weak and leave only the strong. Keep prepping and just maybe we will be what is left. Live to fight another day.

            • BigB, some of us have our own personal trolls (hullo Another Commie!) and vendetta-seekers. And this site seems to be attracting more and more of those run-of-the-mill Libtard trolls. Trolls are so stuck-in-it that they honestly believe that a Red Thumb is going to stop our comments or force us into compliance out of fear. It’s pretty weak (and funny) to think we are the type who would cower at something so miniscule. I don’t sweat the small stuff but thanks for noticing! Stack it high… 🙂

        • Clint…The State of the Union address was entirely scripted for TV. Even down to the camera coverage being synchronized with the speech. The tv cameras were focused on the people Obama talked about, sometimes 15 seconds before he mentioned them. Every one of these people were seated in such a way that there was no camera obstruction or they were seated in a front row seat.That means the cameramen had a script of exactly what was going to be said and when.They probably rehearsed it several times in the last couple of days. It is all Kabuki theater for the masses.

          • I agree with that. why I watch it is to seal my case against him even more. I can use the lies and misleads to fuel my cause even more. I know this guys, I really do. I just love to see Obama lie more and that just makes me more energized.

          • NPR commented that the president’s speech was “regal”. I was close to gagging. It may be easy to appear regal when you’re acting a scripted role. But I don’t want regal politicians- that’s too close to royalty and dictatorship for my taste. Of course, as a long term Ron Paul fan, I am sold on the opposite of regal. Don’t spend my tax money on a regal lifestyle!

            • The state of the union telenovela will get the dhimicrats in trouble. Burger king will sue them for corrupting the definition of whopper and giving it a bad name!

        • Newt Gingrich is a greasy, treasonous, slimy, maggot infected cockroach. You’ve got a mighty short memory, pal.

          You enjoy seeing millions of good-paying, formerly white middle class jobs being sent to the Third World? You enjoy seeing tax law changes being slipped into the code that allowed massive numbers of American industries to be allowed to off-shore their factories and lay off millions of American workers and then actually realize tax benefits from doing so? Or, have you forgotten how Newt was one of the prime instigators of the abomination called NAFTA, which was one of the most treasonous shafts any politician in American history have ever shoved up the hind parts of the citizens of his own nation?

          You like the idea floated by this piece of disgusting human scum that the poverty stricken, low skill labor infested, third world island of Puerto Rico would make a fantastic 51st State, adding its entire population of parasites to the Democrat Party’s constituency base? You dig the idea of granting amnesty to 30 or 40 million illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America and then giving them liberal family reunification provisions that would let them import another 100 million of their family members – which would again, add huge numbers of life-time, social entitlement craving voters to the Democrat party constituency base and help turn this nation into a one party dictatorship, run for the rest of our lives by hardcore, virulently anti-white Communists and Marxists? Well, your pal Newt is all for this amnesty idea. You dig the idea of burying and then extinguishing the last vestiges of White Western Civilization under an avalanche of incompatible, clearly hostile, most certainly parasitic third world humanity? Newt is all for it.

          By the way, just this past week I see where the Los Angeles Public School System has decided to remove the requirement for high school students to take Algebra I as a requirement for graduation. The reason why? Ah, because black and Hispanic students are almost always unable to pass the course. Algebra I, you see, is racist arithmetic.

          And, these two minorities – Hispanics in particular – are people America needs more of? These people, who screwed up every nation that they control and in which they are dominant, from Mexico all the way down to the remote tip of South America – so bad that they couldn’t wait to beat feet out of them and into a first world nation that was created by White Europeans – these people are “America’s Future”?

          Newt thinks so, and he is excited about turning America into a third world hell hole, which will resemble Mexico – where murderous drug cartels control the entire nation and where their citizens are not allowed to own firearms.

          Newt or Obama – there is not a thimble of spit’s difference between these two treasonous rats.

          • Tucker: Very well spoken. And to add a little more…Now we see the true reason neocons refuse totally to confront hobammy anout his fake BC-ID and all other hidden documents. At first I thought it was mainly due to Carl Roves massive influx of cash($350 Million each of last two prez elections!) that roves influence was so great, and rove keeps preaching to neocons and fox tv viewers how “next” election time repubs will gain more black voters and screw dem party royally.

            However! I see now its far deeper than just gain more black votes…Its ALL about Mexican votes After amnesty!

            And we see now the brand new “rising Star” neocon repub is…Marco Rubio! an “American Son”! as His new book title afirms!…Except hes even LESS of a Natural Born American Citizen than hobammy!

            Hobammys not natural born(that makes him Un const to be prez period.) due to his daddy was/is a British Subject at time hobammy was born. regardless where born hes not us const eligable period.

            BUT! Rubios BOTH parents were Born in, and citizens of CUBA when they Illeagly entered usa so rubio can be born here as an Anchor-Baby!

            So no matter How fox’s hannity or Rush or other neocons like gingrich spins it all, Rubio same as hobammy is NOT nor can he EVER be a Natural Born us constutionaly acceptable prez and that includes Vice prez also.

            Yet neocons are soooooo desperate to Ruin White America, especially middle class whites(bulk majority of usa) that they think magical man rubio can sway Tea party fools to vote him in with of course tens of Millions mexican and other so called “latinos, or is it Hispanics this week”?

            That asshole rubio I seen live on tv cspan tell a reporter guy “we Need to quickly deal with and Pass imigration reforms to deal with the 11 million(more like 30-40 million) Illeagles to allow pathways to citizenship( Amnesty for all)”

            HERES THE BEST PART From…RUBIO…His answer continued to that reporter guy…”We Must pass it quickly so we can Next make it Eaiser for the 50, thats FIFTY-Million MORE hispanics awaiting THEIR TURN and doing so Leagally by the rules!…Then rubio Repeated himself…BUT he switched the FIFTY million to “Like I just said..There are ONE HUNDRED MILLION MORE! awaiting Their Turn to come HERE for a Better life and Jobs etc!!!”

            So Neocons with Golden boy Cuban Illeagle anchorbabyboy Rubios Real plan is Amnesty for not eleven but more like 30-40 Million Already here, Plus massive flocks that Will cross border in time to be included, THEN Quick as they can allow ANOTHER ONE HUNDRED Million “Latino/hispanics” to get FAST track citizenships!

            The mexicans now here ileagally are as large or Larger numbers than any group ever before allowed into usa that are the basic same type folks…99% Cathoilc-100% Hispanic-100% brought up in Total Socialistic countries.

            What about the Rest?…There are at least 500 Million combined if you include All latino/hispanic countries…Think They too wont desire better lives(at whites expence as well as white kids later) and with 130-140 MILLION amnesty citizens to “Sponser” all the Rest….In Ten more yrs…NOT 50 yrs but more like TEN more yrs America could have at least one BILLION or very close to that citizens….Say Hello to Mexico city-India-China-Africa-or take yer pick from 3rd world shitholes as That IS our/Your futures….Got white kids or grandkiddies?….I thought so!….Think They will Thank You?…Or Curse You?

            I wish I could be, but I admit I am not capble to be the Leader type we Surly need now…Sombody out there has to be that person though…We Need to Find them and Soon…Or america soon won’t be worth fighting to save.

            ps: to them couple PHD euro trash fools et al…I care not if you fault me for if me wanting good things for My folks, whites, if somehow a bad thing?…Go ahead call me racist…If that what a racist is?…A white man desiring the good of His own folks(who built america) is racist?

            I wear the Lable Proudly…And you multicult Coal Burner PHD’s can Kiss My White Honky ASS!

      2. People around here talk about kicking back, and shit hitting the fan, and etc etc etc…. anyway…. after Dorner “died” tonight I felt I owed it to him to read his manifesto, and I did, and he explains how a good man can get dragged down by a corrupt system. You should find and read it too, it is on topic with SHTF.

        At least skim it, and find out what happens to a police officer who crosses the “blue line”. He explains how all his problems started when he reported a fellow officer who needlessly kicked a citizen in the face… and it ended with him being dead tonight. I wonder if we will ever know the real/full truth.

        • Fry him. He killed free people and wanted stronger gun control.

          • And what about the LAPD? What should we do with them?

            • If I thought that was an intelligent question, I would answer but if one lived there and didn’t like it, move…

              • This coming from a person who bitches online about America, presumably the country he lives in.

            • If you like it, stay there or move there.

              • Ted Kennedy: easier said than done my friend. Some of those angry folks would have to put the wheels back onto their mobile homes and then get someone to tow it. Hold on, wait for , wait for it; here come the red thumbs!

                • Vs some of you libtards that would have to wait for your govt check and govt moving van to arrive…


                • The ones in Rio Linda would have to take their cars off blocks and put wheels on them too. [Rush is very funny sometimes.]

            • All is well now. LAPD is re-investigating itself over the Dorner case. I am so reassured now!

              • Yeah, like that investigation didn’t stop yesterday.

          • How do you know that they didn’t write that into his manifesto, or if he even wrote it? You don’t! You shouldn’t wish death to anyone, didn’t your parents raise you well? But again I guess that is why you’re Ted Kennedy?

            • You are simple.

              • not simple enough to use the moniker of one of the biggest advocates of communism the USA has ever seen.

                Not to mention chappaquidic, alcoholism and the support of the biggest health care boondoggle the world has ever seen.

          • They did fry him.

            • He fried. We will know more tomorrow. Wasn’t my house.

              • The poor bastards that owned that house are in for a hell of a time trying to get the permits to rebuild it. They screwed with some people in San Diego for five years after the 2003 fires before they would let them rebuild.

                • Perfect time to take the insurance money and run. Start over in a more sane location. If these people have any sense, they were looking for a way out anyway.

            • Ain’t it great! He wanted it.

        • I doubt we will ever know the truth about Dorner. Whistleblowers have a tendency to wind up dead.

          Thank you Mac for putting together a very cohesive and well thought out piece on the real state of affairs for people. People need to know the truth and with all your links in the article hopefully they will do some quality research.

          At the Daily Sheeple is a good article on CISPA and obammy signing an executive order to put it into effect. Can’t get it passed in Congress…no worries…EO to the rescue.

          I totally believe the PTB are planning all this stuff and waiting for civil unrest to unleash their new found power over the people. I don’t trust any of them and am constantly searching for the first sign in my neighborhood so I can hopefully stay one or two steps ahead of them.

          This stuff is so real that people seriously need to stop thinking about how to profit, be prosperous or thrive during a TEOTWAWKI situation. How about just surviving it first with all preps intact? Wake’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

          Do you have your alternate routes planned out? Your BOB with you at all times? How are you going to react? Will you freak out or jump into action? Have you seriously thought about all the truely bad stuff to come? Are you ready? I don’t think we have years…maybe a couple of months if we are lucky.

          Take care and help out others if you can without indangering yourself.

          Keep your powder and socks dry. Best wishes to all.


          • Kindle,

            RT news just annouced his charred body was found.Or shall I say a charred body was found.. Who the hell knows anymore.


            • DPS,
              Yep they fried him. There are audio clips on Drudge where cops are heard saying “burn the mother#$%^^ house down”. Today they are saying they found his drivers license in the charred out remains of the cabin. Reminds me of when they found the “terrorist” pass ports in the charred remains of the twin towers. Convient huh?

              • Kindle,

                Now thats funny, they found his drivers license a few days back at the border of mexico… But now it shows up in a burnt cabin.. Geez what were we thinking..



                • DPS,
                  Probably did find it days ago but they did a press conference a little while ago stating they found it in the basement of the burned out cabin.

                  • Kindle,

                    Those guyes are funny, so many lies they lost track. Just yesterday they showed a clip were they found his wallet in a vehicle crossing the Mexican border.. That just goes to show that once you start to lie you have to keep going to cover up the 1st lie.



                  • DPS,
                    Yep, totally agree they loose track of their own lies. Have you listened to the audio feeds where they are talking about burning the cabin down? Very telling. I still believe they pulled the helicopters back so there wouldn’t be actual video of them torching the cabin. But I guess that means I believe in conspiracies.

                  • Kindle,

                    Yes I listened to them this morning, I have to say though if somebody had just shot one my buddies I would have torched the place too. As far as them pulling the choppers back I have to agree with DK those are not cheap and the man was a very good shot. I have no doubt he could have hit one of those birds if he wanted to. Whats really dumb on their part is not switching to secure channels before telling everyone to Burn that MFer up.. I guess the saying is right ( You can’t fix stupid)



                  • DPS,
                    I agree with ya on buddies and wanting to torch the place. But, aren’t LEO’s supposed to be “above” revenge killing? Just asking…no investmrnt on this one.

                    Also, most of the helicopters were not theirs but from the news media. Since when do they really really care about others property. They apparently didn’t care about the owners cabin enough to try a different route.

                    Regardless, it doesn’t really matter because we will only hear their side.

              • They had already found his wallet someplace else.

            • What I heard last night is that their smoke grenades started the fire. The exact same story they gave about Waco. Really, we didn’t burn the place to the ground, we only used smoke bombs, they burnt themselves up. What a bunch of horseshit. No chance in hell he was going to come out of there alive. Not that I am defending the piece of trash though….

          • Those damn lying russians, LAPD says nobody has been in yet.. Figures the russians must be drunk tonight, after hearing obamama I might have to throw out all my prepps and open a bottle too..Happy days are here again…LOL


            • Drunk? Or watching their own sat feeds and gathering better intel than We, The People have access to….

          • Great post, Kindle, and I agree– “coming soon to a town near you.” However, you wrote about planning for an alternate route. They now have guards at entrances of national forests, preventing anyone from entering, and have installed surveillance cameras. They may be planning to block us off at every corner, forcing us into a show down… just a thought. I think it would be wise NOW to get together, join up with some groups and plan in advance. Strength in numbers!

            Also, as far as what the article says..”this trend has not emerged by accident…it is part of a tried and tested method used by the bsnking elite to seize control of nations, strip them of their assets, and absorb them..” EXACTLY!! Harvard did a study, telling of this and also, Mike Ruppert wrote of it in his book, “Crossing the Rubicon.” Its ALL true!!

        • @TG: I this dude had been white, he would be THE poster boy for white, supremacist, racist aggression, abusing his trainingand abusing firearms in a way that would magically translate into need for civilian gun control. BUT, since he was not white, everyone is looking to see what noble, righteous, albeit misguided motives he had that “explain” (read “justify”) his “need” for such extreme action. It’s the typical give-the-minority-the-benefit-of-the-doubt mentality that invites minorities to act out their rage WITHOUT fear of recrimnation. To wit: who practices violent,damaging,illegal,unrestrained “protest?” Bingo: not whitey……………

        • That Guy,

          I have to respond to your post, and just know that none of this is coming at you personally. I am a retired LAPD Sgt, and while I will be the first to admit a ton of flaws in the Dept, this is not the idiot you should hang your hat on.

          1st off, Dorner was an asshole. He was sent to a Board of Rights (a disciplinary hearing) for lying and fired over it. To understand a BOR, you have to understand that it is overseen by two command officers and a civilian who is not very pro police and is there to make sure corruption is rooted out. The BOR is put on by an advocate who wants to prove he/she can be a company man and get rid of a corrupt officer. ALL witnesses, including anyone Dorner wished to call in would be allowed to testify, and the entire hearing is public record. He lost and was fired. He then took his case to court, and by judged by a jury of his peers which his attorney and the City had to agree on the jurors. He lost again.

          While in the academy he was in line for a shot at the top shot of the class. He lost (to a Filipino officer) and then made a personnel complaint the next day that the guy who beat him made racial slurs.

          Randy Quan defended him and tried to get his job back. Quan became an attorney to defend officers against the system. He was repaid by having his daughter and her fiance (a black officer from another department) murdered. Kill Quan of you want, not his kid.

          Dorner was a Naval officer. He was Navy Intelligence, had been to survival school, Ranger school and sniper school. The Navy had put a lot of money into Dorner, and could have had him back full time. They didn’t want him and he was released (like the LAPD released him).

          Everything points to this guy being an asshole. He killed one Riverside cop and wounded another, killed a San Bernardino County deputy and wounded another and wounded an LAPD officer on protection detail.

          There seems to be a long history of this guy being an asshole who doesn’t play well with others. Just saying. There are plenty of stories of shitty cops, this aint one of them.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • JJsan,

            So you are a retired cop? And now a prepper? I think gregory8 is also retired LEO. I would like to know you and gregory’s thought on all this urban training????

            I understand that some LEO’s are good guyes but the seem to be in short supply.

            And for the record if your posting on this site well you are already on the list..



            • DPS,

              Army vet, Ex-LEO, NRA member and registered assault weapons (because of work), I have no doubt if there is a list I m on it. Many LEO’s prep and have no problem with anyone who does. I was at a gun show this weekend and there were a ton of LEO’s there. The younger kids think we are crazy, but that is only because the last mobilization we had was in 1994. They have no experience in major incidents (here in LA at least). All of us in the 90’s had bug out backs in our cars and we all we prepared for earthquakes (like in 94), but the new kids have only seen massive government responses and think we are dinosaurs. I hope they are right.

              Government Urban training drills never happened in the over 20 I did. The only time we had troops out with us were twice. Once for the riots in 92 for martial law, and the other time when a sniper team was getting used to shooting from a helicopter into a building. I didn’t see that one, but my buddy did. I have some officer friends who tell me the new military is better trained than we ever were, but who knows. Military and police training exercises scare the shit out of locals, and whenever we have them, we let people know.

              My two cents. Keep your powder dry,

              • JJsan,

                Yepp judging by what you said you may have made the top of the list.. LOL..Thanks for you input I am just one of those guy’s always looking for knowledge. Its does not surprise me at all that lots of LEO’s are preppers.
                Hell just last year I built a log cabin for a local cop. And the way he wanted to have it built screamed prepper, I even ask him what he say coming and he would not answer just a smile..

                Keep those eye wide open..


          • JJsan

            I am not hanging my hat on anyone, I simply posted a comment and your reply is exactly what I would expect of an ex-LAPD officer to post. I understand the “blue line” (protect your own no matter how/who/where they violate innocent citizens), Your fellow police officers would be proud of you.

            • That Guy,

              This has nothing to do with a blue-line or code of silence. This has everything to do with people saying they understand why Dorner went off. And if I misunderstood your post, I apologize, but I don’t think I did. If anyone understands this guy, then you are an instant millionaire because you fully understand homicidal behavior and need to be a professor. Dorner called Quan after killing his daughter to rub it in like a child. The Riverside cop was sitting at a light not chasing him.

              If anything, all of Dorner’s actions throughout this whole ordeal justify his firing as an unstable individual. They justify his training officers unsatisfactory rating of him, not wanting him on the police force. They justify his BOR and termination and justify why the Navy didn’t take him back as a full timer, during wartime when they need live bodies for deployment because he was unstable and not cut out for his position. Any vet knows that when you are good, the military will almost always try and retain you, especially if they have spent that much money on you trying to train and hone you into a fighting machine. This guy was not worthy of this. Sorry.

              Now, if you think he was, then nothing anyone says will tell you anything because you are so anti-establishment. I will even go as far as to say I do not like the fact they burned him out. Too much like Waco. But unlike Waco where they were innocent people, this guy was a murdering asshole before the final shoot out and burning. I just don’t like it when any Govt agency burns someone out of their home, whether it was voluntary or involuntary.

              Keep your powder dry,

          • @JJsan-

            There is a LONGER history Of the LAPD being assholes though, isn’t there?
            You are the most corrupt, inept bunch of assholes there is.

            So maybe you are so sure of him being an asshole, because YOU are an asshole. You come on here with your holier than thou comments… Just like a FUCKING ASSHOLE.

            Fuck YOU …. And the LAPD.

            Thank GOd for the first ammendment.

            • Whome,

              whatever dude……

        • That Guy,

          You owed it to him? What the hell kind of crap are you spewing? How do you owe it to him? I guess if he murdered you Daughter and her fiance you might have a different perspective. He had a hit list, there is a site where his fans mingle, try going there, that’s where you belong, you will have lots of friends there.

          You justify his murdering spree because he was fired? Hey, life aint fair but you just don’t go murdering the kids of your enemy to get revenge. He was a sick psycho and I bet he is burning in hell right now.

          • Live free or die,

            Yes, if he murdered my family and had written an explanation of why, I certainly would go read why the hell he did it. And I did not justify anything, dont put words in peoples mouth, and dont even try to tell me where to post. I will post where I want, when I want…. but nice try (non)tough guy.

            • I don’t care what he supposedly did…remember the psyops are deep and good….the whole damn thing could be for another not so apparent reason and he could of just been a stooge…we will never know. but no matter what he did or supposedly did, the cops are not allowed to do what they did and that just screams all the more that Dorner was right in his allegations. I wish he hadn’t of killed an innocent daughter and fiance, but I shed no tears for them bastards in blue.

              And the license things just screams more that we are being lied to and there is a cover up. I’ll bet this ain’t over and someone else picks up the torch where dorner dropped it, if in fact he is even dead at all. There are so many things from the beginning of this story up to now that scream PSYOP!


      3. Dorner got Waco-ed 🙁

        • Dorner killed four people. He got what he deserved.

          • the non existant jury is still out on weather or not those so called victims were innocent

            • VFR: You are a total moron. Shooting unarmed people, the daughter of his attorney and her fiance, is cowardly to the Nth degree and if you can’t see that you need to be sterialzed so that you don’t pass this sort of stupidity onto the next generation. Be gald to do it for you at no charge. I’d say a labotomy is also in order but you seem to have so little brain matter the doctors wouldn’t be able to find enough to cut.

              • ….and you believe the “official” story????
                Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,…..and calling someone else a moron..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

              • A great freedom fighter and patriot went down in a blaze of glory.

              • G8, where is the proof that Dorner did it…I haven’t seen any. The guy wasn’t an attorney, from what I gather, he was another cop and was representing him in an internal affairs type investigation. i may be wrong but that is what the media was reporting. (consider the source)

                I’d rather have a full bottle in front of me, than a full frontal labotomy…

            • You are right VRF for sure…at least the cops who died….guarantee ya they were not innocent

          • So, John W is fine with the idea completely abandoning the rule of law, deep-sixing the entire legal system, and discarding the idea of arrests, trial by jury, and simply allowing the jackbooted thugs – who are famous for their willingness to lie their asses off, distort, destroy, or fabricate the evidence, or even plant incriminating evidence upon suspects – and just saying its A-Ok for psychopaths with badges to gun people down on the street or roast them alive, a.k.a., Waco style?

            In other words, set fire to the U.S. Constitution, shred whats left of the Bill of Rights and finish resurrecting the Soviet Union right here in North America?

        • I find it a bit strange, but yet interesting that while Dorner whacked the cops and their families, he just tied the couple up whose truck he stole — sounds like a military man engaging in guerilla warfare. A true criminal would have killed the couple too without a second thought.

          • InsanityISContagious,

            I guess they weren’t related to the people who he had on his list. His wish was to kill their kids, nothing strange about it, he was a vile, evil, selfish, murdering piece of shit. Is this what we have come to, is this the kind of person you want your kids to look up to? Sick and disturbing.

          • Exactly, he was going after people he felt were bad, he merely tied those folks up. He died for a cause the least we can do is read his manifesto. He faougt for his country in IRAQ, the least we can do is skim his manifesto. He was a police officer defending the public, and he crossed the “blue line” to report a bad cop kicking a hand cuffed vitim in the face…. the lease we can do is read his manifesto.

            It will be interesting to see how fast they bury Christopher Dorner’s story… and it seems they are hoping to bury it instantly, I dont see one story about this morning.

            The least you can do is try to understand why he did what he did…. he did explain himself. Do a search, find Dorner manifesto, look it over.

            Good luck to anyone (you all) if you are ever egregiously wronged, and you life is taken away and feel like kicking back.

            • Yeah, THAT GUY– they constantly go after the vets! there was video on Daily Crux which showed what happened to this young vet. He was ASSASSINATED by TPTB– goons in heavy, thick, black bullet proof gear– knocked his door down and killed him– shot 50 bullets into him as soon as he opened the door. They SAID they suspected him of selling marijuana. They SAID he shot first… all lies. and another vet in Delaware… exact same thing! Our young men returning from Iraq, etc. are having a hell of a time!!

              Keep thinking about that movie– “how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go”? The more you know, the more dangerous it becomes. And returning vets (from experience) know A LOT!!

            • The “Dorner story” from start to apparent finish is total BS. The reason for this little “hollywierd production” is still unclear. But rest assured, the ending has yet to be written.

              But the “ending” will cost everyone of US something! Bank on it. The “multiple author manifesto” and “message” are going to be key components to the finale!

      4. State of Union. Let the lies begin.

        • @TK..I’m listening to it now…….makes me sick how arrogant he is.

          • Shucks, I missed it. I don’t think I’ve missed a SOTU address since Reagan. I just got busy doing things around here and subconsciously realized that it’s just pageantry of the absurd and tuned it out before it began. I’m bad 🙂

      5. so , i wonder when its going to happen..

        when a licenced to carry person thinks he is stopping a mass murder and shoots one of the “drill” people.

        • VRF,

          Read about this a couple of days ago, sure doesn’t look good. But it does explain alot of things. Not sure if it will ahppen by summer or not I guess time will tell.. And the hits just keep on coming. Keep prepping is about all we can do..


          • I would keep a close eye on the market situation being someone made that huge PUT option bet against the stock market. That may just be the big event so it would be in April going by the PUT expiration date.

        • I wondered about that, too. What happens to the poor sap that fires at the guys shooting the “harmless blanks” in his neighborhood?

          • He gets killed.

        • How long before they decide to use some of us in their drill? What happens when I refuse to be herded into a truck? What if I DO go along and find myself in a camp, pleading to be released? Who decides when I can go home? I understand that once you went into a hurricane sandy “shelter”, you stayed until .gov decided to release you.

      6. just do what u can with the time alloted. i’m thinking at this point quantity over quality when it comes to ammo. max out on available 9mm, .223, and 00 buck where and when possible. vacuum seal that food and be ready to move when your gut says so. God speed to us all.

        • I agree.(I can’t stand Obama) But he’s a talker not a doo-er that’s it! When you hear his speech and apply real world situations and common sense, you know its so bullshit. Here we go again, Obama just said everyone’s energy bill is lower from creating natural gas here in America. DID you hear it! YOUR ENERGY GAS ELECTRIC BILL IS LOWER? i CALL THAT ONE BULLSHIT AND SOME! AND HE’S DOUBLING DOWN ON SOLAR!!! hE’S CUTTING RED TAPE? lIAR! So Obama shut the F up why don’t you. We know you are a liar.

          • Yeah all that natural gas he’s belching ought to heat the entire country for a year.

            • Yea .you can tell when he’s lying. He talking.

          • Yea, I only THOUGHT Duke Energy has asked for a rate increase of 25% for electricity and 18% for natural gas. The price gun is just beginning to be spun up.

            The only solar projects .gov will fund (with OUR money) are those that have no chance of succeeding.

          • someone needs to tell barry that natural gas is a by-product of oil drilling/fracking. Sure it is in use now but if people knew how much of it has been burned off as waste because of inability to transport it from place to place they would go crazy.

            A friend in the gas biz told me you could retrofit a car/truck for about 2k to run on ng. Lots of ng, so much that they still burn it… However, no ng distribution stations. Why? Because they don’t want it. They don’t want to save you money.

            I think it is because they know they don’t have enough time to develop it before…wait for it…tshtf.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

        • @Mclovin,
          I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. You have hit the nail on the head.

          • is Mordecai a Royal Tenenbaums reference?

            • My guess would be Ester’s uncle whom Haman hated because Mordecai stood his ground.

              • I’ll take your expertise on the subject Wild Goose. I will fully admit I’m a Snookie when it comes to religious knowledge.

      7. Urban Warfare…2 rings around the city, none in none out. Martial Law. Within the first ring is no law, outside the ring is martial law. Outside Martial law is freedom.

      8. scarry stuff

        • “scary”, not “scarry”

      9. If you think your prepared for any insurrection, and you plan on bugging in you may want to think about more than just boarding up your windows, having some food and water and some ammo. As we speak, they just burned this LA cop Dorner out of a mountain cabin. Who if I may say, I don’t have any sympathy for. But my point being, this what they always do with a real resister. They did it with Gordon Kaul, not sure of the spelling, who was a member of the Posse Comtatus. He had a shoot out with the Feds and they burned him out, in a trailer in Arkansas. Then they burned out another anti government resister on Widby Island and as you know they used the same method with the murders they comitted in Waco, Texas. So it seems, you may not want to be in a structure made of wood, cause it would probably burn, and as usual they wouldn’t know who really started the fire. Not that it would matter,because who ever is inside would be dead. Just a thought. Trekker Out. Keep Your Powder Dry, If You Have Any!

        • I have said that about fires over and over and again on here about mass fires and once one catches one of fire the next one is going to go and with no firefighters around it will be nuts. I got a lot of thumbs down on this and I think its plausable.

        • “whoever”, not “who ever”

          • Whatever

          • Eisenkraut, thanks for the correction. Remember I failed English.

        • Anyone remember the movie ‘The Shooter’ with Mark Wahlberg?

          I was thinking about that flick the other day, and I remembered how he had placed jugs of flammable liquid at certain points in the terrain, and camouflaged them so they wouldn’t be easily seen – but he had kept notes on where they were. During the assault scenes, he would fire his rifle at those pre-positioned targets and time it to coincide with some sleazy jackbooted thug creeping into close proximity to the target. I think he used incendiary bullets, to make the jugs explode.

          I remember, after that movie came out – Feinstein and Pelosi were crapping their panties and screaming about how returning vets were a ‘domestic terror threat’. Wahlberg’s character was a disgruntled vet who wound up tracking down and ventilating a sleazy politician played by Ned ‘Squeal Like Pig’ Beatty. I guess Feinstein and Pelosi and probably, Schumer, must have seen a little of themselves being portrayed in the Ned Beatty character and had all experienced severe sphincter muscle spasms after seeing that movie.

          Anyway, the other poster is right – if the SHTF situation arrives and the jackbooted thugs decide to come after you, its best not to be inside a structure made of wood. If someone is starting from scratch and wants to build a retreat, I’d say use cinder blocks – at least two blocks thick, and if possible, get a lot of dirt bull-dozed up and around your structure to fortify it. Oh, and make sure you dig at least two or three escape exits that are underground and which lead away from your main structure in different directions and which offer concealment at the exit location.

          Of course, the feds have unlimited weaponry and they could just bring a tank up to blast you to kingdom come with a heavy artillery shell. But, at least don’t make it easy for them to kill you.

        • All warfare has always been about burning and not just Napolean’s plight as the Russians burned Moscow leaving Napolean starving. You all know the stories.

          Che, that noted commie, used 16 gauge shotguns to launch Molotov coctails and now comes Amerika’s asshole police firing tank flamethrowers and incendiary grenades.

          Don’t hole up in a flamable structure no matter how secure you think it is. One match and yer toast.

      10. Ahahahaha Obama just said everything is looking up. Economy is good. Housing is good stock market is good. The deficit is good. EVERYTHING IS JUST FUCKING GREAT…. Don’t worry about ndaa the patriot act, FEMA camps, inflation, gas prices food prices. Wait till the gun craziness turns to food craziness. Then we are fucked. I’m in the army and we are constantly doing suspicious training and exercises. Tread lightly patriots. Remember a drone can’t see you through a space blanket

        • Thanks for the tip and stay safe #1. Please keep us posted.

          God bless you.

      11. The POTUS limo has not doubled miles/gal.

        • Lol ahahaahahahahaah probably not his. Jet, yacht, Segway, ski-doo, either.

          • AF1 is my jet.

        • Ted…did you see the POTUS limo’s tags? They say “taxation without representation”. This may be on all DC tags. I’m not sure. It does seem to tell you the mindset of the government.

          • It is in reference to DC, they do not have congressional representation. Which is a good thing, 95% liberal minority voting population, mostly depending on govt giveaways for survival. First rate well trained sheeple.

      12. The establishment is getting nervous. They are trying to ”flex” their muscles.
        I (we) will not be participating in any gun ban,buyback or confiscation.
        Do our federal overlords really think that all of the arms and ammo that our citizens have legally procured in the last four years were purchased to be confiscated now or later?
        ……hmm I wonder if I could fit all of that on a T-shirt?
        MOLON LABE’

        • …boy,the shills have even reached this site. Explain to me how anybody that believes in this site can give that comment a thumbs down?

          • AUDENTIS,

            Don’t worry about the thumbs down, so you pissed somebody off. Thats good it means you stood your ground on something you believed in..



      13. Mac,
        Thanks for a sobering article. I still view the “collapse”, “crunch”, “SHTF”, or whatever you want to call it as a slow motion type of event. The event started years ago and seems to be accelerating. I see it like when I’m driving and all of a sudden I see, too late, that I’m going to be in a car wreck. There is nothing I can do to avoid it and it unfolds in slow motion. I will grant that an EMP, or NBC, or act of cyberwarfare could make it happen in a matter of seconds or minutes. I believe we are in the “slow motion collapse” now and all we can do is what we can do before impact. Maybe the slow motion will end abruptly with one of these events where the system will come to an abrupt end, who knows. Having said that, thank you for your blog and the information. I take the things I read here seriously. I appreciate the numerous tips and ideas I have gotten here from other people. Thanks to you and the other people here I am keeping on with getting ready.
        God help us.

        • It has been said,

          “Slowly at first, and then all at once.”

          • Yes, wasn’t that Ernest Hemingway?

            • Not sure but I think I got that from either an article here or another post. It really resonated with me.

      14. Hence my last post concerning the oligarchs that are working to impose control over the populace.

        Here in Western North Carolina the sighting of military aircraft/equipment was always somewhat of a rarity. I remember as a kid when a military aircraft flew overhead it was a really big deal that created lots of excitement in both us young kids and adults. These days we see military aircraft daily, sometimes multiple sightings. For those near military installations this would be a non-issue…just the norm.
        Our largest airport(Asheville Regional) was become over the last several years a major “training” site for military aircraft of all sizes and descriptions. C-141’s, AWACS, and even some big ole’ C-5’s perform “touch and go’s” almost daily. This has been happening for several years. These cargo aircraft never quite bothered me. More recently though the more unsettling aspect of Marine Ospreys and helicopter gunship squadrons have been using the area heavily.People don’t have enough sense to ask themselves “If the troops are coming home why all this combat troop training?”
        All that being said the optimal word in the qouted article is “desensitizing”, although it is my thought that the vast majority of Americans are brain-washed, brain-dead or suffering greatly from normalcy bias to the degree that there’s probably no need for desensitivity progroms.

        • WNC,

          I see the Ospreys everyday, but they are made here close to me. But we have seen a big increase in other aircraft, most doing touch and goes. Also a buddy told me (works at the airport) that a few of the Tornado’s had done some touch and goes as well as refueling here. That tells me that the base that is a couple hundred miles away does in fact have german troops there. Starnge time we live in.. One thing about the next few yrs will be anything but boring.


        • Are Ospreys the ones where the props can point up? If so I have had them flying very low above the tree tops a tad south of my farm regularly for about a month.

          • WVpreppergal,

            Yep thats the one, loud suckers too. They do test flights around here everyday. Get 2 or 3 of them together and they knock pics of the walls.



          • about helicopters overhead…
            a few weeks ago, I heard loud helicopters overhead, and stepped outside. This happened twice in one day. There were three black helicopters, flying low overhead (rounded body, long tail). Also, I saw several flying along I-75 on another day. There’s a large AFB across town, so seeing large transports and jet trails is common, but this is the first time I’ve seen military helicopters in 20 years+. Very disturbing!

            in SW Ohio

      15. “In other words, the banking elite creates the very economic environment – soaring interest rates, spiraling food prices, poverty, lower standards of living – that precipitates civil unrest – and then like a vulture swoops down to devour what remains of the country’s assets on the cheap”

        I don’t understand this comment. Wouldn’t items be “more” expensive due to inflation/hyper-inflation or even scarcity?

        In a devalued currency situation, doesn’t that effect everyone, even the bankers?



        • What this does is create an environment of financial panic and ruin. Look back at the Great Depression and you’ll see how businesses went bankrupt:

          1) Soaring interest rates = Low capital for operating on credit and more often, loans that cannot be paid.

          2) Spiraling food prices = Farmers can’t sell, distribution slows, production all but stops.

          3) Poverty = Nobody can afford to buy anything, so nobody is selling anything.

          Just these three things result in the massive folding of businesses. This forces businesses to declare bankruptcy and liquidate their assets. Liquidation in the environment described can be less than a dime on the dollar. The wealthy come in like vultures and snatch up on every liquidation auction whereby sometimes increasing their resource and asset holdings by 200% to 1000% for pennies on the dollar spent.

          I hope this clears things up.

          • I should add one other critical point in regard to the currency devaluation. The super wealthy would be mostly unaffected by this for several reasons and would retain all of their wealth no matter what happens to the dollar.

            1) Their wealth is stored in numerous offshore accounts around the globe.

            2) Many of their assets are in the form of gold bullion and other value retaining hard assets.

            For them, it is a matter of conversion and preying upon the desperate. When the smoke clears they come out owning it all. This is how JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and many others made out like bandits in the 1930s.

            • If they have their wealth in dollars, they will be just as broke as the rest if it goes down…they will get a last minute tip to get to another currency, commodity or pm’s.

              • I’m still thinking it will be the fall of the Petro-dollar.. Russia and China both have been buying in tons, if the decided to start trading gold for oil our dollars and debt would be worthless in a week. Read what Micheal Synder has to say about it. Article is up at fromthetrenches web site. Makes a lot of sense..



                • DPS I agree…oil has always been the wheel that runs the world machine. Everything requires oil.

                  Simple common sense would show that destruction of anything oil related would be destructive to the petro dollar.

      16. For sure this is happening, if its not then they are spending an awful lot of hard strapped cash goofing off dissplaying the force of the US Gov to the people. I think that if your not paying attention to this then it has allready worked. Back when I was in the Army the public was informed of our activities when we were in thier neigborhood eg public service anouncement that several helicopters will be flying over your area on tuesday its routine training not to worry, or words to that effect. For some reason that no longer seems to be the case. It does not make sense to display all this power over an unsuspecting city in a time of war. Someone could get the wrong idea and start shooting thinking they are being attacked, a tail rotor gets clipped, bird goes down and Mogadishu ala Miami. Its not a good plan to do these things in public and thats why we have huge Forts Bases and installations, for that very reason. So the public doesnt become involved.

        • What foreign cities that look like the ones shown has the American military operated in lately? None, the cover story is BS. Even central Baghdad did not look anything like these cities. They are practising for here when and why is the question.

      17. I have been to the Gulf Coast many times, but the last time I was there witch was end of Dec. I saw something that I have never seen before.

        Like I said I’ve been to the Gulf Coast before and watched a lot of choppers fly up down the coast, Navy, Coast Guard, and even Army, but this last time is the first for me looking at door gunners with their guns at the ready. Yes they had belts in the guns. As for me something is go to happen in short order.

      18. “I’m going to make the internet safer.” I just passed a new exec. order.

      19. Getting crazy out there? Who knows who to believe?
        If you are not prepped, you are just inepted.
        Did you think that Doner would live, knowing what he has said and done? We may never know the truth, though that is what we want or told to believe? If you have not gotten ready by now, what is holding back? We are under attack already, though many are in denial. We need to be set in the defensive mode, for what is about to happen. Everything you have known is wrong and that is in many different flavors. What ever we hear now is depends upon where we hear it. Who to believe? Just making you think?

      20. They are trying to provoke. They are testing the boundaries. It is truly terrifying.
        I second 230 JHP’s comment. Thank you ALL and God bless. I am so sad for my children. I hope and pray we can come through this.

        • On the positive side, I just saved a bundle on my car insurance!

          • YOU ARE AN ASS!

          • with Geico? well you just got F-ed..and didnt know it..Geico stands for Government employee insurance co..

            so bend over..on the insurance questionare…do you own guns?

        • I concur NautiGirl! I hope mine are safe too. I took my youngest daughter into Cabelas with me while I bought some powder and showed her the empty shelves. I have tried very hard to educate her and my oldest daughter of 14, but I think my lessons often fall on deaf ears. I’ve done my best and hope they make it through the coming years.

          • I worry for the kids, too. My sons are young adults now but #2 just lost his job after 10 years with the company. He’s a manager and he’s young and a single parent. At least we saw it coming, transferred the grandchild to a school near us and became the ‘daycare’ before and after school.

            It’s doubtful he will find a decent job any time soon, but he has a good outlook and is looking for opportunity, not dismal times ahead.

            People who advise to prep for the kiddos with activity stuff are spot on. Hobbies and crafts can really keep the kids happy and motivated.

          • They are learning more than you give them credit for. Keep up the good work it will pay off long into the future. Peace

        • i second that. the govt is pushing to see what they can get away with. they already have millions dependent on them from food stamps and unemployment insurance, theyre trying to get guns now to make them defenseless.

          i’m speculating raising energy and food costs are next, so all people can afford is to work and go home.

          if 1/2 the country is dependent on govt and the other 1/2 is too fearful of losing their job because they need it to provide food and gas; the govt owns the people; guns or no guns.

          • Maybe they are planning on making room for the tens of millions of new residents that will result from the new amnesty that is being pushed. They have all but declared that being white is a crime, how long before they give us all stars to wear.

      21. Just had one of these drills near us. No one seemed to know about it till it was over. Communists used to have drills like these all the time so that when the real thing happened no one would know whether it was fake or not.

        • Good point Southron. If I recall, this sort of black helicopter crap really started happening during the Clinton years in office. It waned somewhat during the Bush Jr years, primarily because he was a new criminal cabal who had other priorities assigned to them after the Israeli Mossad false flag on 9-11. I have instinctively felt that these kinds of operations were part of a government elitist run psy-op which has been designed to intimidate and strike raw fear into the hearts and minds of the citizens.

          I hadn’t considered the point you made, however – and I consider it a brilliant observation. Here is an idea I’ve been considering for some time – patriots and dissident minded people need to be able to communicate with each other, primarily within local communities – and without relying on cell phones. We need to establish communications and early warning networks – using hand held radios, such as CBs, GMRS or portable ham frequency radios. These could be used to spread alerts if the jackboots kick off one of their sinister operations in one part of town and could give people in other areas a heads-up warning that something evil might be coming their way.

          Remember, if we are planning to resist this Communist tyranny that the devils at the top are clearly planning to impose on us, our ability to communicate will be absolutely essential.

      22. One of these times you’ll hear about these drills taking place, well it ain’t gonna be no drill.

        • You hit that right on the head.. There will be no alerts,no sirens and no warning.



          • We have had the warning. Crazy thing is hardley any one listened. Only take a minute to implement what ever it is that is coming.

        • Yep.

      23. Anybody see Ted Nugent?

        • No, but I did hear “welcome to the new Russia”. Government will fix everything. Just sit back and watch Oprah, it’s under control!

        • Yeah, and boy did he looked pissed.

          • PO’d,

            I didn’t see him, but if I can guess he was surrounded by SS men and was not allowed to be any where close to obamama. I sure just his presence made some very uncomfortable.



      24. @ Sheep#1 ~ *like your handle btw* LOL, I cannot stop laughing at your post. So True!!
        @ Clint Hospo ~ You are 100% Right!!

        I stayed away from the television this
        evening. I wanted to remain calm tonight, and that Fake
        President and his rhetoric would have just ticked me off.

        • Just being honest how I feel. But thank you. If you started watching the news for first time and you didnt have a party lets say and you watched both sides and you look at your elders and the respect and hard work they have and started watching msnbc to fox to druge to the hill or whatever you can put 2 and 2 together and start to figure out what makes sense or whats really going on in the world or what really makes sense. I didnt watch any politics until I was about 34. In 2008 I didnt know who to vote for? So I think many people just dont know and they are not stupid but tricked big time. I just started watching msnbc to cnn and fox and made me shake my head. Totally different sides of the story.

        • The sickening part is that there is absolutely no pushback and no questioning of whatever he does.

      25. Well I’m glad it is over and done with.
        Some obsevations and comments.

        Notice the Bing Pulse line graph. Never went into the positive.
        All the major Democrats were shown on camera. Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Kerry, Boxer, Fienstein, Panetta and Holder.
        Really? Was that an energy plan for new cars and trucks that many could not afford. How many months on that payment plan?
        No mention of the National Debt. All the monies being spent on all the alphabet soup gang agencies, drones, fusion centers and military upgrade of police.
        Housing prices going up. Rather have more homes being built at a stable price.
        We are getting out of Afaghanistan but moving into Africa. Real quiet about the Arab Spring all over there.

        Just a pipe dream to make everyone Fat, Dumb and Happy.

        • Most ridiculous statement Obama made in his SOTU: “We know our economy is stronger when our wives, our mothers, our daughters can live their lives free from discrimination in the workplace and free from the fear of domestic violence.”

          Tell me, Barry, what does the economy have to do with domestic violence? Or discrimination in the workplace? Barry must really think this is a nation of freaking sheep (make no mistake, those who support him are).

          What a screwed up thing to throw out at the American people and think they won’t notice how totally insane that statement is. Did he just think saying “economy” and “discrimination” and “domestic violence” in same sentence, no matter how incongruent and nonsensical, were going to win women over? REALLY?

          • Around where I live, probably 80-90 percent of “good paying jobs” are taken by females already.

            • You must realize that JARRETT writes his speeches. Consider the source.

      26. A true American hero died today. My flag at half-staff. Smash the control machine.

        • @eisenkrueutz…..Do you have multiple personalities? or merely several persons posting under your moniker? Very odd…..your writing style changes and many of your posts clash with each other….

          • Which posts clash with each other?

          • Manic-depressive perhaps.

            • Compulsive spelling dis-order. I hope one of the words I have used in this posting is mis-speled cause I know it drives him nuts. In fact I think he goes through all postings to check for speling and he gives a thumbs down.
              Thier-there-they’re, it’s OK.

      27. When the cities fall to unrest and anarchy(WROL), and local law enforcement is allowed to become overwhelmed, military assets will likely be utilized.A city or region could concievably be surrounded and “quarantined”.In order to ensure the re-establishment of the rule of law and domestic tranquility, a voluntary orderly evacuation by all co-operative citizens may be allowed, provided they submit to complete disarmament, disenfranchisement,possible microchipping, vaccination and relocation to temporary “safe zones”(FEMA camps)until the lawless elements within the city are neutralized a la Fallujah.

      28. NWO – NO WAY OBAMA!

      29. 230 JHP, I look at SHTF the same way. I feel it’s coming one step at a time. I feel it may end abruptly with EMP, CME, etc., but who knows? Regardless of how it happens, I’m still prepping; getting as much as I can up til’ the last minute, whenever that will be. I feel that time is not exactly on our side anymore. They’ve never had any of those drills in Memphis and they’ve been having them almost everywhere else going back to the 90s. There’s 4 military bases in this area I check out on a regular basis and to date no such activity yet, but it could still happen. Braveheart

        • We’re along the SC coast (no bases near us) and there have been military aircraft of all types flying overhead almost daily for over a year.

        • Your killin me Bf….Truth is,…you dont know “WTF” goin on. Try cleanin that filthy house of yours once.

      30. Concerning the story about the Pope Prophecy yesterday, look who’s leading the race as a possible successor. He is a black man named Peter Turkson who is from Ghana but lives in Rome.

        Ok, so here’s the only light I have found so far on his demeanor. “In October 2011 Cardinal Turkson called for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises.” Can you say sucking up to the ‘New World Order’?

        From the book Petrus Romunus: The Final Pope:

        In recent history, several Catholic priests–some deceased now–have been surprisingly outspoken on what they have seen as this inevitable danger rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic “Illuminati-Masonic” influences. These priests claim secret knowledge of an multinational power elite and occult hierarchy operating behind supranatural and global political machinations. Among this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that, as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world’s population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state and the fulfillment of a diabolical plan they call “Alta Vendita,” which is set to assume control of the papacy and to help the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist. As stated by Dr. Michael Lake on the front cover, Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries. Unfortunately, as readers will learn, time for avoiding Peter the Roman just ran out.

      31. To… wolf 359

        These things you speak of already started YEARS ago. The fuse was lit in 2004 when we were paying triple for our houses….but making LESS money than we did(inflation adjusted) in year 2000. Dominoes have been falling since even before then. we had TWO wars in the middle east break out. the Fed lowers interest rates to pump what little blood our economy had left through the system, effectively putting us on life-support. EVERY year more people fell out of upper-class down to middle-class….from middle-class to lower-class…….from lower-class to poverty. used to see a bum on the corner pan-handling once-in-a-while…then they were on EVERY street-corner….now they work in SHIFTS on every street corner….sad to say it , but except for the rusia/china thing, pretty much EVERYTHING in your missive has ALREADY happened. And now that the Fed is out of bullets the really bad part is imminent. Then to top it all off, taxes for most everyone went up by 50 to 150 dollars a month, when we are already tapped out to the max…EVERY day it DOESN’T happen makes the end result WORSE. IT’s the math that’s such a bitch here….just like the laws of gravity, they can’t be dicked with for very long.

      32. I state unequivocally that the Masons are NOT a part of a New World Order plan…..except for the fact that they have always been opposed to it….please refrain from equating the illuminati with the Masons….I understand that perhaps your searches have resulted in a miniscule common thread…..such as a common thread in our and the world economy can lead to soros and the bilderbergs….We ARE now into end of days… to the new pope and the prophecy of St Malachy…..the Catholic Church does not acknowledge this prophecy as fact and I believe the new pope will be someone of Italy….and, perhaps to prove a point, WILL indeed take the name of peter….


        ps….I wish to thank all associated with this site for giving me valued information and a venue to express myself..

        • @FOB your a damn liar …





          • Your back. Good because I was starting to think I was going to have to reevaluate my opinion of you. Don’t have to now. You had a little taste of the crack again and you are all ready sliding back down to the slime you love to be in.

            Have fun with the crisco. And will be waiting for your reply.

            • “You’re”, not “Your”

              • WHo give a crap.

          • I am not a liar and I am not damned….I KNOW the truth I pity you and I will pray for you and your kind….
            May God help you


        • FOB: research Albert Pike…IE: Americas Top masonic guy wrote a book I think back in 1895 or early 1900 era. Totally exposed the entire truth of how freemasons are based om luciferian worship and his book predicted 3 world wars all PRE planned by the jewsih run masonic org and banksters crowd. You may not like to hear this stuff. But after real serious research of it all you will likly re-think what you now believe of it.

          Besides albert pike there are Tons of Valid documented evidence and proven conections etc that upper degrees of masons are evil and a massive part of the NWO crap. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

      33. This doesn’t surprise me as BO is capable of anything. What I want to know is what are they getting ready for. Economic collpase is of course a possibility, but so is the New Madrid, San Andreas, Cascadia fault breaking. By the way more polar earthquakes today, In the Scotia Sea and South Sandwich Islands. These earthquakes point to the international dateline area more than anything, especially New Zealand. I wonder if this readiness is more for the Middle East situation and especially the oil problem that will follow and help collapse the economy.

        I have said this before, and it is extremely disturbing, that the government seems to be operating on some pre-destined time line. It is almost like they know WHEN this is going to happen, within a week or two. IF this is true my bet would be more on war. Earthquakes and other geophysical events are IFFY, the economy is like a listing ship filled up partially with water, you really don’t know when it is going to sink. However some time frame is much more stable when you know that a certain country is going to act, like Israel, and start a war.

        There is also a scary real possibility that BO and others are going to purposely collapse the economy or stage some false flagger at a certain date. This would explain the desperate state that the government seems to be working on to complete. I suppose there is also a chance that some comet or other unseen by anyone other than the government is going to occur at a certain day. The government seems hell bent on getting this preparation complete and done by a certain time, that is what is alarming to me.

        Does anyone else see this obsession with the government and this unseen date that they are rushing to complete the run up to hell in the USA for Americans?

        • “Does anyone else see this obsession with the government and this unseen date that they are rushing to complete the run up to hell in the USA for Americans?”

          Yes, BI, and I sense the pace has been accelerating for some time.

          btw, what do you make of the multitude of Nevada earthquakes today?

        • i cant seem to get through a single reading of the article and comments on shtf without tripping over your huge rambling chunk of nonsense. ive attempted to ignore it but presently i have call you out on this crap, wtf am i supposed to do if a quake ruins my area, huh? i have no one to go to or rely on if my home is demolished, u think your heads up every day does anyone but the quake freaks any good. wake up and realize that your natural disaster obsession is starting to wear on us. Most of us are fucked if a huge quake or comet hits us. how about a tip on how to clean a deer, or how to grow something, or anything actually helpful to me and my family. im not getting informed, i am slowed down in my search for knowledge by your decieving chunk of wording that contains nothing but ramblings and data that is useless for a true sustaining lifestyle. everybody can flip a lid and back BI up but if u think all that data and “info” is worth a cent your pretty much fuckin dead

          scraping the bolt, oh that smell

          • WELL, let’s all live in amused’s world! BI, shame on you for giving us detailed, time consuming, RELEVANT information!!! I mean, it doesn’t matter that MANY of us on here love reading BIs information, so our opinions DON’T matter. Amused is king today, let’s give him his way…>NOT!!!!

            This is a free country, or at least almost free. Go away amused, we like BI WAY more than you!!!!

            Where are YOUR educated postings? Or are you just a grasshopper????????

            • 10 tips 4 the day so you can really be informed
              1- spring is here,get those seeds goin now
              2- frost is almost gone, consider that rain catchment system this year, even if small, drought is a huge worry of mine, nuff said
              3-ammo is almost extinct, any found should be bought
              4-alchohol is becoming rarer in some areas and some companies are watering it down, put some away
              5-pull the extractor out of your ar bolt, if theres not an o-ring around that spring,get one
              6- if you have kids show them how the sun is about to change its path across the sky, this is very important, wish my parents had instilled that type of stuff in me
              7-consider rabbits, a single doe will produce 1000% her weight in healthy meat in one year, most of us cant raise a herd of cattle, which only produces 40% of its own weight
              8- if you are married, do one thing romantic today, beating VD to the punch, those soft moments are the reason we know how to gunfight, so that we may see more of them
              9-holing up in a cabin is not assymetrical warfare
              10-apologize to someone, sorry BI, your just not helping me, hope this helps someone tho

              still amused

              • MAJOR cudos amused!!!!! I actually come on this site to get BIs updates. I read other postings, but his is what draws me. I know you disagree, but I find it interesting and insiteful!!!

                Do you raise rabbits? We just got our daughter a one year old male for that exact reason. Do you know about raising rabbits? Can you give some information? How do rabbits get along? Can you put any male and female together? How long does it take rabbits to produce? Can we put our male with a female or will they not get along, but will get along long enough to get prenant?

                THANKS in advance!

                • rabbits have proven the perfect livestock for our family, the wire floor concept is unbeatable when it comes to sanitation, they produce copious amounts of very healthy meat, feed can be grown easily or purchased in bulk for next to nothin,they are silent when u need silence, a breeding pair shines like gold to me
                  rabbits should be housed individually
                  take the doe to the bucks cage to mate, it happens fast
                  if your serious about it do some research,it pays off, i stopped buying mountain house a long time ago

              • All right Amused here is something.

                1. Learn how to contruct an ice house, refrigeration is not going to be around. Even in hot climates the soil is an excellent insulator and ice can last months.

                2. Get out and take some sort of botany class and learn the native plants in your area for medicine and to eat.

                3. Learn how to make water from dew. Learn how to divert the dew into catchment basins. Learn how to divert rainwater using tarps in your backyard.

                4. Learn how to make soap from ashes and fats. Soap will disappear when SHTF.

                5. Be aware of germs after this happens, practice and become a habit of washing off the bacteria. Become hands aware big time.

                6. Learn how to safety dispose of wastes, espcecially human excrement to avoid disease like cholera.

                7. Study every last part of the area that you are planning to stay in after SHTF, walk the area and become completely familiar with everything around you so there are no surprises after times go to hell.

                8. Have alternative means of tranportation in case of an EMP. Bicycles are still the most efficient means of using X number of energy calories to get around.

                9. Watch for signs of what is coming, don’t let yourself get caught off guard like the rest of the masses. Keep a nice shortwave in a faraday cage for WHEN you will need it. Keep yourself updated on the world.

                10. Start now practicing life without the modern day conveniences, such as using a hand saw or hand screwdriver to better acclimate yourself and your body to working without.

                11. Use coupons big time for everything you can store, including items that can be used for barter. Never pass up an opportunity to get something free that can be used later.

                12. Get yourself a back up light source. Candles are mega cheap at garage sales, get as many as you can afford to and have room to store. candles provide light but can also help heat food in some saucepans.

                13. Go to these sales at libraries and look for cheap survival books, there are some really good ones for 25 to 50 cents each.

                14. Figure out what is going to be the best way for your to heat food and water, something that will not attract attention to FOOD. Propane, wood, solar ovens, alcohol based, etc.

                15. Learn how to prepare your home or retreat for severe weather temperatures. Insulate the place as much as possible to keep the temperature as uniformed as possible against severe heat or cold.

                16. Get some sort of insect and varmint repellent, a lot of it, as disease after SHTF will be carried by vectors such as flies, mosquitoes, rats, mice, fleas, ticks. etc.

                17. Figure out whom are your true allies and potential survival supplies grabbers. Be cynical.

                18. Consider bees, chickens, and other animals that can add the maximum amount to a food source using the least amount of resources. Bees add to a garden’s crop yield big time.

                19. Store up as much first aid material you can possibly afford, after SHTF you are not going to be able to replenish it, maybe never.

                20. Be ready at all times for SHTF, never let your guard down and become comfortable with the way things are going or appear to be going in the world.

                @ Amused, Don’t you ever say that I don’t contribute to this site. I just fired those out in the past 45 minutes of thought. Your 10 items of interest show promise, but you could do much better if you gave some time to it.

                • u should write a book, i feel u added years to my initial suvival time with that list, generic as could be and long winded again, your trying tho

                • maybe its just me, i try to live it, a sustainable lifestyle affords you little free time to jack around, anyone who does it knows,get it done and on to the next thing, you also worry a lot more about things that have already kicked your ass like drought or hail or high winds, not a 6.0 in wherever, spend a day out here and u wont have time for earthquakes my friends, just my point of view

          • @ amused. Your type of ignorance is really irritating. WHY? As I have mentioned before, look at the name of the site, SHTFplan. Okay, that means having a plan for WHEN SHTF. This means something geophysical, war, a true highly deadly pandemic, martial law from various reasons, economic collpase, civil war, and the list goes on and on. Other than disease and personal health problems, earthquakes are the number one killer in the 21st century. Iwould think that this makes it a true SHTF event.

            Article after article tries to predict a SHTF event coming, such as this one. This is called making yourself prepared; mentally, physically spiritually, and of course your own preparedness. WHEN an earthquake hits an area that affects the economy, you can get a heads up jump on the chaos certain to follow. IF your area is far away from a massive quake, it doesn’t matter if the country goes into lock down because of the severe economic hit. Toyko gets hits like back in 1923, or worse, and your entire financial well being is going to take a hit. Knowing this after an earthquake in Toyko can again give you a heads up to do something with your 401K, other stocks, whatever. That is one example of usefulness in a life sustaining well being of you personally.

            If people were not interested in forecasting earthquakes here I would not post any comments on it. I would instead go to some other web site and the people there would see how this theory is playing out and the more accurate it becomes over time. I feel that there are many SHTF events like earthquakes that deserve special attention like what is going on over in the Middle East. I have again again given warnings over a possible Israeli attack on Iran during the time when the moon is the darkest, like right now until Friday.

            If you read what I have posted in the past, I have again and again tried to give advice on everyday living and what you say is practical. Have you not read the articles I wrote in the past exactly about preparing? I add much to this site as well as Daisy, Norse Prepper, Odd Questionaire, and many others. I am really insulted by you calling my free time spent trying to help people and add to this site ramblings. I admit I do get long winded sometimes but I want everyone to understand fully what I am saying so there is no question. Check out the A-Z article on this site of survival items to possibly store as an example of something that I wrote that had nothing to do with earthquakes.

            If you don’t like what I say, why not just hit the down button and ignore it. I am not like Joker In NC or finx or other trolls that try to destroy Mac’s site and infuriate the good people here. No all I do is try to add to the conversation and be a part of the valuable contributions of the site. You need to wake up and you need to contribute what you know about survival and other issues and be a valuable asset to the site. That is what is called being positive and productive.

            • as i mentioned i have attempted to ignore it for the most part however you do have a tendency to be long winded, i would appreciate any information you can give me however i find it counterproductive to get off topic so often, the article is pertaining to these excercises and so on and you rarely stick to topic, i agree with a lot of what u say but there is more to our survival than earthquakes and related data, id be a lot more impressed with you if your posts were not so doomy, im trying to be positive, all the data in the world wont help me if my doublewide falls off its blocks, or a comet drives me and all my possessions 150 feet into the earth, i come to shtf for knowledge and a heads up, not an update on geological happenings, i just feel like your info is really not that useful unless i could push a button and make the house hover above ground all day, i apologize for my point of view, but i doubt im alone on this

              • I for one like BI’s updates. He must spend a lot of time and energy into whatever you call him. An Earthquakeologist? All I know is that he is a really smart and educated guy. Pretty sure BI is a guy. 🙂
                Keep shaking things up BI.

                • @ BigB. Thank you, I think there are just certain individuals that want to be more recognized for their own inadequacies like amused. It is extremely unfair what amused said about me not sticking to the subject. Out of respect to Mac and the site I try to comment directly about the article posted everytime. I do post additional comments usually, but I always try to post at least one comment relating to the articles. If amused would take the time to see the previous 50 or 100 past articles this “character” would find this to be true.

                  I respect the people here and if I kept posting something over and over again that people didn’t like I would get the title of being a troll like Joker in NC. I also respect Mac, and if Mac told me to stop commenting on something I would. People seem very interested in earthquake prediction and I don’t see any other site, including Stan Deyo’s site that only concentrates on 6.5+ earthquakes that are much more difficult to forecast and the ones that kill and injury people.

                  I truly should not let someone like this bother me, as they are usually just talking without much substance behind them. Notice the “attempt” at sarcasm when I posted 20 of my own tips on surivival preparedness to counteract the 10 that amused came up that was to make my posts look bad. I truly waste my time with people like this, that precious little time we all probably have left before whatever is going to happen. I just have liked to try to respond to everyone, again out of respect. I guess the best course of action is to just let someone like this eat silence.

                  Not enough time in the day to address those that don’t want to learn something important. I think the additional comments that people add help everyone. I personally enjoy all advice and ideas on survival. Here in town they have been trying to allow people to have small bee hives, as the increase of vegetable crops is amazing when your bees help pollinate everything. We have a USDA zone of a cold 5 and people that do have bees outside of town have bumper crops with only a growing season of 130-150 days a year. There is so much that we need to know before everything hits the fan, and this is the site to help in that.

                  • I agree. Earthquakes are trivial matters. They always happen somewhere else. I need not worry about this.

                    Excuse me; I lost my mind there, just for a moment. I’m OK now.

                    The law of averages dictates that, at some point, people in other parts of the world will get to watch a large-scale disaster in USA on TV, instead of us watching theirs as we shovel chips into our mouth.

                  • You never have to defend yourself with me. Just went out yesterday afternoon and checked on my bee’s. Slowest time of the year. Probaly not more than 500 bee’s inside the hive. But the hive is very heavy meaning they have a lot of food to last the next couple of months whgen we get going again. I got to restart my really big super. I will order a new queen on 4/15 so can do first and last harvest of the year in August. The super should give me more than 50 lbs of honey on the first harvest and at least 8 lbs of bees wax. Thats a lot of candles. From then on twice a year I should get at least that much.

                    On my smaller hive I have to replace the box’s. They have begun to rot out but after over 15 years of continuos use what can youn expect. When I do this I will transfer all the bees, along with the queen, that I can. I will use 3 of the main boxes combs as a restarter so they don’t go hungy. This will happen around May 1st when I usualy do my first harvest.

                    Got to get some more containers to put the honey into. Ran out giving the honey to friends. Still have a couple of gallons / 12 pounds in a large container from last year.

                    Happy pollinating everyone.

            • Be Informed,

              I and many others look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for earthquake information that you research and provide for us!

              Your earthquake predictions are very accurate. They are more accurate than any that I have seen posted anywhere else.

              Yet, now someone wants you to … remain silent.

              Trolls and naysayers seem to be afoot.

        • BI, I’m totally convinced there is a planned collapse — there are too many facts, too much evidence now to consider all of this to be coincidence any longer.

          Even if the sum of events hasn’t convinced everyone that this isn’t coincidence, we need only remember the uber-wealthy set the stage prior to the Depression through changed banking and market regs, the Fed was created, and Keynsian economics was employed. It’s deja-vu all over again….

        • Be informed,

          I think you are right, I would pay attention to where the elite are at any given time. If they all run for the hills and are not on the road then maybe that will be the clue as to when. The pres has an underground bunker that has had extensive remodeling over the past year or more, could be getting ready for something. When they all disappear from public view then I would be concerned.

        • Yes sir, they know some thing we don’t. Just don’t understand how they could keep it a secret? I mean how far down the ladder does the info go? Or have we already guessed it?

      34. During Hussein’s State of the Union speech, an “honored guest” of Michelle Obongo was one Desiline Victor, a 102-year-old, non-English speaking Haitian immigrant, who is being held up as a new “American” icon of sorts.

        It just so happens that “Desiline’s” given name is a misspelled variation of that of the infamous Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the negro self-styled “general” who in 1804 ordered the savage butchery of the ENTIRE White population of the French colony of San Domingue (now called “Haiti”).

        Is this mere coincidence? Or is it the expression of Obongo’s deep satisfaction in this Haitian crone’s namesake’s deeds?

        • For some reason I saw Vaseline Dictor.

      35. I wonder if earth is the only planet in the universe with weird leaders such as ours. No wonder aliens visited here and then decided to search for another.

        • Ugly: Yeah, the leaders of the Coneheads on Remulack.

      36. Does anyone know the size of a slingshot necessary to catapult someone into space? I’m thinking about bugging out to Mars….

        • you’ll never make it past Orions belt…:}


        GESTAPO DHS AIN’T SEARCHING SHEEIT IN MY POV personally owned vehicle during a illegal search and seizure …

        Buy a hard shell Metal Suitcase large enough for your laptop phone mp3-player and other electronics , with locks for your vehicle lock them to the front passenger seat base with cable secure chain so they can’t just take it , cover with a blanket on floor board so it doesn’t get stolen . hide the keys and combo deep in the dash or secret place .

        *you can do the same thing with transporting money , pm’s , guns , rifles , just lock it up with a key lock and a tumbler dial lock … tell them them when they ask whats inside to go $uck themselves , its none of their damn bizness . sooner or later we’re gonna have to fight to restore the u.s. constitution and take back our freedoms and rights . till then don’t make it easy for them . And remember to fully identify each and everyone of them who $uck with you . find out where they live .


      38. “I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the Order of Freemasonry, if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils under which the Union is now laboring … a conspiracy of the few against the equal rights of the many … Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong – essentially wrong – a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.”

        US President John Quincy Adams, “Letters on Freemasonry” 1833

        • George Washington was a Mason. We all know what a POS he was.

          • exactly … i rest my case ;0P pssszzt

      39. “The Masonic fraternity tramples upon our rights, defeats the administration of justice, and bids defiance to every government which it cannot control.”

        US President Millard Fillmore

        • Anonymous, I have been watching this very issue faithfully and unceasingly for at least three years now, and I’ve got a mailing list I use to get the word out to people (they’ve all asked to be on it), thus waking quite a few people up. Anyhow, my point is, while I agree a collapse will happen soon, what points to the next couple of weeks? Fiat-based regimes can just print and keep things going. Not doubting you. Just seems like, having read the article, that they can paper this thing over with fiat. Until hyperinflationary collapse that is.

          Can you add anything to this? Not a slam, this is a sincere post. Thanks.

          • i posted that … do you really not see what is coming ?

            sigh … your starting to remind me of someone i know named K …

            eventually the global consumer created markets will just naturally harshly correct themselves , when billions of capitalist spenders around the globe wake up to the truth of the global depression their spending habits priorities change causing a drastic change to the market – supply and demand .

            if no one buys anything as is currently happening with manufactured goods , manufacturing stops raw material mining production stops the markets crash .

            government subsidies printing giving away more money to fill the gaps loss of production profits and sales profits doesn’t cause new market growth IT ONLY CAUSES STAGNATION . IT ACTUALLY RETARDS GROWTH OF INDUSTRIES .

            thereby the american workers work less spend less causing the economy to tank even more , especially since other countries are now devaluing their currencies against the dollar … which means their countries will now buy less ameriKan goods , causing further manufacturing decline in ameriKa . as those unemployed ameriKan worker l;ook for cheaper products and foods to buy they end up buying cheaper foreign produced goods which causes ameriKas savings or wealth to be transfered disappear over seas .

            ameriKas number one export right now is its own wealth to mainly asia .

            without a strong manufacturing export base ameriKa is doomed .

            as for whats coming in the next two months it’s the possibly of europe crashing at this very moment with the expiration of spending bills tax breaks in the u.s.s.a. in march and may 2013 that may cause the ameriKan fiat dollar to collapse .

            added to the fact that china and russia are teaming up to produce gold backed currencies and gold backed oil trade . gold for oil .

            which ameriKa can’t even compete in … as it has no real gold .

            combine all of this plus the current and growing inflation of fuels and foods , the new fed and state taxes – ameriKa is properly thoroughly $ucked !


      40. On a lighter note, in a couple of weeks one of the old country churches on a backroad near me is having its annual fish fry. Fried white perch and trout fillets, fried perch roe (my favorite), string beans (seasoned and cooked down of course), corn bread w/blackstrap mollasses available, stewed tomatoes,fried sliced potatoes w/fried onions and last but not least, all kinds of home baked pies and cakes. All one can eat for 12 bucks. Its one of those things that you just can’t miss, plus it makes me feel like were turning the corner from winter to spring. Time to turn the garden over and smell that earthy/wild onion smell. Hurry up!

        • Turn the garden over??? I have three feet of snow in my back yard! I’d love to go to that fish fry though.

      41. This show of force by the military should come as no surprise. In fact, the country has been in a “State of Emergency” since 1933. This means Martial law. For all of you waiting for them to implement this Martial law, it is here and has been here since 1933. Read Senate Report 93-549 from 1973. It states that “Since March 9 1933,the United States has been in a state of declared National Emergency”. This was changed by the National Emergency Act of 1976 (50 USC 1601). This act states that National Emergencies must be renewed at least every 2 years. Obama renewed the current one in Nov of 2012 for 1 more year. The State of Emergency revokes “Habeas Corpus” among many other things. We are living in a police state for 80 years since the country was bankrupted in the 30’s and taken over by the bank creditors. No need to wonder when Martial Law will be declared. It has already been done.

        • BTW…all jurisdictions that fly the yellow trimmed corp US flag are under military law. The yellow trimmed flag denotes a military flag. They will tell you that this is to make the flag “fancier”. Don’t believe it. The ones running the show take their “symbolism” very serious.

          • Know what authority (whether or not you can enforce it is another story) you have with that same flag in your living room, when the door is kicked-in????

          • Admiralty Law, I believe.

        • Exactly right about the state of emergency since 1933, JRS. The problem is that I am sure less than 1% of the population of this country has any clue at all about it.

      42. There is another “exercise” today in Jacksonville, FL. When are people truly going to wake up?

        • Yes on Wells road. Time between 2 p.m. and 5 P.M.

          Everest Univerasity Building

      43. It seems most of the military training in this regard has been relegated to the urban / suburban areas. As was evident in CA, when they hit a very rural situation they seemed to suffer, not quite but close, a break down in things like logistics, communication and common sense. This guy was just 8 miles from the command post. In an urban / suburban area this is just just a few minute ride, but in dense forest it might as well been mars. There are lessons here for those willing to learn.
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone or agree with his actions, but I think we do stand to learn a thing or two from them.

        • I agree claymation. This is definitely a learning experience. Also if you notice more military presence in your area now is the time to watch their habits and routines. These won’t change much at least at the beginning of an operation.

      44. Folks,
        “Never take council from your fear”. (Stonewall Jackson)
        We as Americans must continue to prepare regardless of TPTB’s preparations. They will collapse the system at a time and date we do not know. We all feel it, the pace has quickened. Whether it is another false flag event, EMP, natural disaster it does not really matter. What matters is that you have done what you can to make the world (at least the part that you have control over) as tolerable to you and your family, and neighbors as possible. There is still good in this world, I think that is why we prepare to live through the chaos.
        Potato out

      45. Did not watch the State of the Union speech last night. As others have stated I just can’t take all the pandering and hocus locus going on. Frustrated me and then I can’t sleep…..and I need my sleep now,may not get it later on. Not a political statement on either party,I now believe we are too far gone for any politician. Do not agree with Obama on anything but not sure Republicans had a lot to offer either.
        Spend my prepping time these days searching for school books for my grandchildren. Only have one son and two grandchildren who will come here after shtf. Since we want to make sure whatever comes after has a few moments of calm and peace for the children we want to have educational materials for them. Found some of the old Dick and Jane books at the library for 10 cents a piece and it was like gold. Have quite a few basic math books too.
        As for self defence I recently shocked hubby by buying my first ever hand gun going to the range to try it out before finalizing purchase. Once I put “the gun” in my hand the first there shots hit the target almost dead centre. Hubby almost fainted. Told him later that all I had to do was imagine some thug coming for my granddaughter. My formal lessons are now underway and let me say this former corporate executive who was opposed to guns is now getting pretty well loaded up and proficient with her handgun…and believe me when I say the other riffles are next.

      46. I have been reading here for over a month . Now it’s several times daily . Can’t agree more with you Mac on what is ongoing . I’m a prepper in NW Georgia . Feel like the deal is coming faster than anybody wants it too . Wanted so many of ya’ll to know it feels like a home to me here . Ya’ll stay safe as best you can .
        God bless all of ye .

        • 22Mission,

          Well welcome to the site and I am glad you decided to post. This is a great site I have been coming here for over 2 yrs now. I thing about it there is never a dull moment. Just one big dysfuntional family..LOL



        • Nice area…Dad used to have a place outside Lavonia…cousins still near there.

      47. The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.
        George Washington

        Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.
        George Washington

        Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
        George Washington

      48. Good Morning.
        Sometimes I feel like a broken record repeating information. Much of it is almost forgotten overtime by many but useful in helping to identify or clarify threats.
        What are the threats? Asteroid/comet impact. Finacial collapse of the monetary system. Martial law and installation of a totalitarian government. Planet upheavals such as earthquakes, tsumami’s or volcanic eruptions. Major storms, tornados and hurricanes. Drought and floods.
        Solar activity to scorch the earth. World War. Alien invasion???
        In one paragragh is it all sumed up?
        Then there are the indicators. Gun Control and ramping up or creation of agencies to control people. Militization of local law enforment. Disreguard for the Law of the land.
        Movement of military armor about the country. Buying of ammunition and creation of thousands of plastic caskets for the dead. Unanounced practice of miltary operations within cities. The invasion of our privacy by drones or electronic surveillance. Prelocation of major amounts of food supplies(MRE’s). The manipulation of precious metals and the need to have accesss to our retirement plans. The perpetration of lies that the economy, housing,indusrial and manufacturing, local business is reviving, while unemployment and government assistance rises. Numbers massaged to fit the bill of the day.
        Notice that there is enough stuff to worry about without the Masons, Illuminati, CFR, Builderburgers, Jews, U.N., Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Soros and many more.
        Don’t need no PH.D. to see there is something dreadfully wrong here.


        • Don’t forget the total take-over of health care, where govt bureaucrats can bring up your entire medical history with a couple mouse click for whatever nefarious purposes they have in mind…

        • bio and zombies… I guess zombies could be bio…

          • …and mass hysteria/mind control…

            • and global warming, natural phenomenon…

      49. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
        Abraham Lincoln

        We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
        Abraham Lincoln

        Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.
        Abraham Lincoln

        Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.
        Abraham Lincoln

        This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.
        Abraham Lincoln

        • He sure could talk the talk…

      50. Apache Gunship circling my house Monday afternoon. Made about 3 passes before I went outside to investigate, then made two more close loops above my house. Once i started taking video it took off. This is downtown Louisville Kentucky (in the Highlands). No reports on the news that night of any military exercises in the city.

        • Thomas,

          Looks like you got on somebody’s list bud. Welcome to the list club.



        • Thanks for the info, Thomas. I’m about 1 1/2 hours SE of you. So far, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary here. But make no mistake, I am keeping watch.

          Disadvantage where I am; I am sandwiched between Fort Knox (armor) and Fort Campbell (101st Airborne).

          Lucky me.

          KySSG . . . out.

          • So that is what all these hellicopters are! It use to be the F16’s rattling us with their low flights, now the helicopters are a usual thing. Am I on “the list”? Wow if I am is Okie on it too and if so I am honored!:-)

            • Former cal girl,

              Yep you have probally made the list with the rest of us. I made it several months back after downloading some Field Manuals, So if your going be on the list download everything I say. And welcome to the party, its always good to have some ladys here…LOL


        • I wonder why they waste gas flying helicopters, when these rat-faced totalitarian assholes have satellites that can zero in on a fly sitting on top of a pile of your dog’s poop in your back yard?

      51. BI, I agree that this economy is going to collapse one way or another; just don’t know HOW until it happens. I feel there will be some more false-flag events. I’ve always suspected another 911-type event. I feel it in the air and that we’re all running out of time. My prepping has been in overdrive since Sandy Hook and continuing up until the last minute, whenever that is. braveheart

        • I hope you do know that you can’t take your “PREP’s” to your grave ass clown !

      52. Mischief springs from the power which the moneyed interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privileges… which are employed altogether for their benefit.
        Andrew Jackson

        We are beginning a new era in our government. I cannot too strongly urge the necessity of a rigid economy and an inflexible determination not to enlarge the income beyond the real necessities of the government.
        Andrew Jackson

        Unless you become more watchful in your states and check the spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that… the control over your dearest interests has passed into the hands of these corporations.
        Andrew Jackson

        Peace, above all things, is to be desired, but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equable and lasting terms.
        Andrew Jackson

        Elevate those guns a little lower.
        Andrew Jackson


        • mr prepper,

          Caps don’t make people read your post buddy, it just gives people headaches.


      54. Worldwide, there is a lot of military activity. Not just our military. Arms are being bought and sold at record pace. China is moving assets closer to Japan. The Middle East and North Africa are on fire and spreading. Russia is moving troops around. WW3? I don’t know for sure, but all my sources are reporting a lot of military activity. All of the of the countries around Pakistan are experiencing unrest. Russia is supplying arms and so is Israel. Armenia and Azebejan are ready to fight a proxy war for the US and Russia. Both sides have been armed. You need a score card just to keep up.

      55. There is a large scale “exercise” going on in Nashville today. Utilizing hospital personal for an anthrax attack.

      56. I think it’s time to buy some more gasoline before the price goes up.

      57. PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT ! The majority of the Military
        will NOT harm Americans! They will not obey illegal
        orders from their superiors! Some may try but the others
        will stop them !

        WILL NOT

        • I hope you’re right, but I’m sure there will some that will.

        • Do you consider DHS military Nam Marine? Just curious, and I hope and believe you are correct. Not so sure about UN types. But these are very uncertain times and for now best I “keep my head down” till a few more things get sorted out.

        • Unless some idiot shoots at them first…

      58. Perception is a very important thing when it comes to this matter. If someone began to shoot at these oprerations and this carrying them out they may be considered a patriot by some but a lunatic by others. It has been my belief all along that the Feds would like nothing better then to bait people into the fire fight civil war they really want. And it will happen. It is just a matter of time and who is willing to fire the first live round. It does amaze me though the restraint people have shown,No one knows for sure just how you would respond until one id
        is put in the situation. The gov sure is pushing the limits with their games I must say. God Bless and don’t forget your prayer life esp when making such life changing decisions.

      59. I do remember being in a small town near the Chesapeake and the had 3 day training of Marines looking for terrorists before 9/11. It was complete with road blocks and ‘copters. I helped hide one of the “insurgents” behind my house. The town was told to report suspicious people in the area. Not sure how large the force was, but they had 30 to 40 tents setup in a base at the town park. This was back in the early 90s…

      60. Plan on bugging out to a rural location or better yet move to one now. A little biblical survey would teach us that there are three ways to deal with a tyrannical government. Submission where possible, avoidance, deception, or confrontation. There will be no way to win a confrontation in highly populated areas, because there will be too many troops in the cities plus you’ll have to fight them on one front and looters on another front. The best thing to do is avoid and deceive the government which will be much easier if the have to come find you. If you’re in a city, you’re already herded up for them. Be as invisible as possible. Build a network of trustworthy like-minded preppers and stay as isolated as possible, trying to limit outside communication to your network.

      61. I was 19 year old in the military (VietNam)and with the training they gave you, YOU followed orders, NO matter what they were. Shoot at a ditch full of babys, YES SIR.
        Only hope is the senior staff will have a conscious and will THINK about those orders to shoot at starving American rioters. And WILL NOT give the order!

      62. I have never been one to care much about what goes on in this country,but the day will come when some will stand for whats right and die for it.I for one will be on the front lines protecting what I believe no matter the cost.Armed or unarmed WE THE PEOPLE have a responsibility to follow in the steps of our forefathers,to stand for whats right no matter the cost,to set the example of what OUR Country was and CAN BE again,GREAT and ruled by Love of country not Greed.

      63. I know the TRUTH…and the WORD of the Masons…and you are someone I pity….

      64. once our military moves against its own people under some illegal false flag pretense or martial law bull crap, all bets will be off for them, they will be charged as traitors and breach of oath of office, do yourselves a favor you young men, dont, take any orders from your superiors concerning the murdering of your citizens, turn your sights on your superior who gave the order to you, have no mercy on them, just get rid of them or you will be charged with sedition.

      65. I just like watching the urban training videos to see all the cool gear that will be laying out in the streets when all this shit comes to a head, it’s like pre-SHTF window shopping.

      66. everyone take a deep breath and relax. The US has about a 1/2 mil in the Army and cutting. The US has about 300,000,000 guns in private hands. Can things get really crappy – sure, but even if you throw in another 1/2 mil HS agents, ATF guys and whatever – the best that they could ever do it hold the major cities. There just aren’t enough of them. If you’re one of the drones in the cities, then not good for you, but keep prepping and no matter how hard they try it is just going to be ‘whack a mole’ for them. Not saying surveilence and spl forces can’t do what they want, but the well isn’t bottomless and they pay a price everytime they come out to issue and eviction or an arrest. Time and numbers are on the side of freedom and the prepared individuals.

      67. This is nothing new, the military has trained in urban environemnts for years. Every MEU must complete a training in urban environment exercise before deployment and guess what, there done in real urban environemnts. We did a full cordon with heavy guns platoon while the direct action team did a raid with flashbangs and simunitions and than landed a helo in an empty field to simulate a medevac. This was 10 years ago, so nothing new and alarming. Chances are if you live on the east or west coast than near a Marine base than your city might be involved in a TRUEX.

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