Report: Poland Calls Up Army Reserves: “The World Stands On the Brink of Conflict”

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    Though not much is being said about the the Ukraine in U.S. mainstream news circles, the tension in Europe is being stretched to a near breaking point.

    A few weeks ago the country of Estonia warned that their sources indicated that the Russian Army was are preparing an invasion of the Western-supported Ukrainian government. The President of the country’s provisional government has since deployed at leas 40,000 troops to its Eastern front as a countermeasure should Vladimir Putin’s 80,000 strong military cross its border.

    In Poland, which sits in a region that has been party to just about every European engagement in modern history, leaders are concerned with the possibility that a Russia/Ukraine conflict would spill over to its country.

    According to a report from The Week Polish military reservists are being called up by the thousands, presumably to prepare for the possibility of not just spillover, but all out military confrontation with Russia.

    At least 7,000 reservists have been recalled to the colours for immediate exercises lasting between 10 and 30 days.

    They’re told by the Polish authorities that the call-ups are “routine”: but the men say they haven’t been asked before and they’re well aware of the growing alarm in Warsaw at President Putin’s aggression. Three weeks ago, their Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, called a press conference to warn that “the world stands on the brink of conflict, the consequences of which are not foreseen… Not everyone in Europe is aware of this situation.”

    But in the worst case scenario of a truly revanchist Russia, Poland certainly has the borders from hell.  Starting from the top, it abuts Kaliningrad (the Russian exclave on the Baltic carved at the end of the war from East Prussia), Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

    None of these borders relies on any natural barriers like rivers or mountain ranges – they are just lines on a map drawn by Stalin in the full flush of victory.  No wonder the Poles are feeling vulnerable.

    And we should be worried, too. Poland is both a Nato and EU member.  We are bound by solemn treaty to defend her in case of attack.  Violation of Poland’s territorial integrity was after all why we went to war reluctantly in 1939.

    Poland is one thing but there are other states in Russia’s shadow who are members of both Nato and the EU. Would we fight for the vulnerable Baltic states should President Putin turn the screws on them?

    This is the first time in Poland’s history that they have called up their reserve troops, so whatever prompted the mobilization is likely of serious concern.

    As cited by Before It’s News Glenn Beck reports that Vladimir Putin is now preparing his forces for an assault on other former Russian satellite countries as well.

    Anybody who is in a former Soviet state sees the writing on the wall, that Putin can go in and do whatever he wants and nobody can stop him.

    What happened two weeks ago with Russia, Putin on Monday said ‘I’m not going to annex Crimea. We’re just going in to help them keep the peace.’

    By Friday, four days later, he signed the annexation. He could tell the world didn’t care, so much so, that he just signed it.

    Here are your choices… do nothing and look at possible World War III because what you’re going to see is that Russia will start to sweep across its former satellites and then possibly more, and we will have the situation as we had on our hands in World War II, and that is probably England will come to us and say “you’ve got to be involved otherwise this thing is going to be on your door step.”

    So, you can either sit it out or do nothing… which will end up probably in World War III, or hopefully a cold war.

    Or… you can get involved in World War III [right away]

    (Video via Stevve QuayleWatch at Youtube)

    Perhaps this is all just posturing by Vladimir Putin and his European counterparts.

    But what if Putin does cross into Ukraine… and then Poland and other former satellite countries?

    What will America do?

    Are we prepared to protect the territorial integrity of Polan and other EU member states? The consequence could well be World War III, nuclear weapons and all?

    President Obama has remained largely silent, save for empty threats and “economic sanctions” that include seizing the financial assets of a handful of Russian diplomats and businessmen.

    Russia, on the other hand, has flexed its muscle by not only deploying troops, but annexing half of an entire country. It seems that Vladimir Putin believes himself to be unstoppable in his efforts to return Russia to its former Soviet glory.

    Will Obama and the rest of the world sit idly by and watch it happen?


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      1. I thought Russia was just a regional power, why is everyone so worried?

        • No problem. Wars never start in Poland.

          • Ovomit and George soros are behind this in a attempt to bring in the world government.

            • It’s terribly obvious that the world leaders, and their (bosses)want global war! They have to hurry this thing along so they can usher in the fake messiah.

                  • Kaliningrad, Russia, an enclave and right above Poland and in back of Lithuania and a protection valve against a NATO invasion through Latvia. Estonia’s eastern border with Russia is almost all swamp or Lake Peipus. This enclave is the size of Connecticut and probably the most heavily armed part of Russia. This enclave could be a big problem with a NATO instigated conflict that draws in Poland.

                    More about Kaliningrad:


                    There are maps on this link that you can zoom in on and see how this borders Poland and Lithuania.

                    This is serious, as the U.S. and NATO could do something real stupid, like trying to blockade this enclave. That would mean immediate invasion of the Baltic states that were part of the Soviet Union anyway.

                    I just keep going back again and again to what Socrates said. They keep pushing at each other harder each time and then someone takes a swing and it is game on. More like GAME OVER.

                    “Eve Of Destruction” lyrics

                    PUBLIC ENEMY LYRICS

                    The eastern world, it is explodin’
                    Violence flarin’ and bullets loadin’
                    You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’
                    And that Jordan River has bodies floatin’

                    But you tell me
                    Over and over and over again, my friend
                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction

                    Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
                    Can’t you feel the fears that I’m feelin’ today?
                    If the button is pushed there’s no runnin’ away
                    There’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave
                    Take a look around ya boy, it’s bound to scare ya boy

                    But you tell me
                    Over and over and over again, my friend
                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction

                    My blood’s so mad, it feels like coagulatin’
                    I’m sitting here just contemplatin’
                    You can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation
                    And a handful of senators can’t pass legislation
                    And marches alone can’t bring integration
                    When human respect is disintegratin’
                    Now this whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

                    But you tell me
                    Over and over and over again, my friend
                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction

                    People I hate, that’s understood
                    It will make stuff hard to under
                    Was feeling blooded to human race
                    If you win your war it’s the same old place

                    The poundin’ drums, the pride and disgrace
                    You can bury your dead, but don’t leave a trace
                    Hate your next-door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace

                    But tell me
                    Over and over and over again, my friend
                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of

                    But tell me
                    Over and over and over again, my friend
                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction

                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction
                    You don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction
                    Yeah, you don’t believe
                    We’re on the eve of destruction

                  • Time to break out the A-10’s mothballed in Marana. Or do the police in every state get one with every MRAP? 🙁

                  • For all of you Nibiru naysayers, here’s a snippet for you:

                    “The latest work has already thrown up an intriguing possibility. The angle of the body’s orbit and that of Sedna’s are strikingly similar, an effect most likely caused by the gravitational tug of another, unseen body. One possibility is a “Super Earth” that traces so large an orbit around the sun that it has never been seen.

                    “If you took a Super Earth and put it a few hundred astronomical units out, the gravity could shepherd Sedna and this new object into the orbits they have,” said Sheppard. An astronomical unit (AU) is around 150m kilometres, or the mean distance from Earth to the sun.

                    Earlier this month, Nasa’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wise) reported the results from its search for “Planet X”, a hypothesised planet far out in the solar system. It found no evidence for a new planet larger than Saturn within 10,000 AU of the sun. But Saturn is 95 times more massive than Earth, so a smaller Super Earth could go undetected in that region.”

                    Here’s the link:


                    Note that this article was written my astronomers, the declaration of no Nibiru by NASA. Suggest strongly that you read the entire article. 🙂

                  • The Russian move in the Crimea was a response to the USG financed and orchestrated coup in Kiev.

                    The USG plan was to move Ukraine into the EU and NATO, and then force Russia from its warm water port.

                    The criminals along the Potomac described this as “bringing democracy to Ukraine.”

                    For all those who believe Putin is planning to retake former Soviet provinces, explain this: In the aftermath of the 2008 South Ossetia War, when Georgia was all his, Putin removed his troops. He could have stayed, but he didn’t.

                    The idea that the Russian Bear is about to rampage across eastern Europe once again is cheap USG propaganda!

                    And boobus buys it.

                  • Shooter says:

                    “Ovomit and George soros are behind this in a attempt to bring in the world government.”

                    It continues to amaze me just how many people still fall for the Left/Right scam!

                    When will you people wake up?

                    Hey Shooter… what about the Bush duo, Cheney, and Henry Kissinger?

                    Have these people ever pushed back against the NWO?

                    No?… that’s what I thought!!

                    Grow up, and pull your head out of your ass.

                  • YMWW: I don’t disagree with your analysis of the situation in Ukraine and if you had bothered to read my comments on the matter you would know better.

                    Is there any particular reason that you like to restate and misrepresent my position, other than the fact that you are a limp wrist-ed faggot? 🙂

                  • @the durango kidd

                    Gunnery Sergeant Hartmans’ question to Private Pyle is a good one to ask you.

                    “What is your major malfunction numbnut? Didn’t Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?”

                    Oh wait… I believe you already addressed that question in one of your previous narcissistic posts.

                • What ever this is leading up to(?)

                  we can rest assured that the prices

                  of almost everything we pay for in

                  this country are going to go right

                  through the roof. Guaranteed.

                  • You got that right Outwest.

                    Mac wrote “Poland is both a Nato and EU member. We are bound by solemn treaty to defend her in case of attack. ”
                    Lets all remember that treaties, promises, and laws have all been broken by the Dicktator in the White house. But if things get hinky and Obama fails to carry out the promises in the NATO treaty, parts of the govt will be turned inside out. We already got a coup going. This will prove it.

                  • Verbal and written words mean nothing to our President. Treaty schmeaty. No worries here.

                  • BI, thank you for posting the lyrics to that song. Fits the situation perfectly. I wish monkeyboy would back off from Russia. 2 world wars in one century was enough.

                  • What is most amusing is how the “patriots” never learn- because most of them are into the “judeo” xtian narrative.
                    Learn REAL ‘judaism” which is MASONRY and then google some hard core UN docs. They show the 10 world regions “kingdoms” of the NWO. Russia’s turf includes much of its former holdings in the Baltics and E Europe- Ukraine, Poland, Belarus etc. Latest map from 2010.
                    There will be no war over this, just alot of theatrical “protestations” as they put Region 5 into place.
                    This Russian move is just as much planned & approved by the Bankers as was the Bolshevik seizure in 1917.
                    When will you get it that “THEY” are all in it together?
                    The rest is just grade B theater for the sheeple???

                  • john….I pity you

                  • Correct. Another Jewish Ukrainian/Israeli dual citizen billionaire (Vadim Rabinovich) just announced his bid for Ukraine President. To possibly run against another Jewish Ukrainian/Israel dual citizen billionaire (Kolomoysky) and also likely too, the interim appointed Prime Minister, the Jewish “Yats” Yatsenyuk.

                    The old Jewish coin toss (AKA) Heads we win, Tails you lose.

                    Very special indeed.

                  • We know Israel, and the “Tribe” located there and in the City of London and New York, are massively responsible for intentionally creating havoc and chaos, so as to be able to control and manipulate the masses, whether that’s here in America, Iran, Ukraine, Libya, Greece, England, Mexico, etc., etc., etc.,WHICH IS WHY WE ARE PREPARING FOR WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE PLAN, then why is it that we NEVER hear anything about that “Tribe” of Zionists, here at SHTFPlan? I don’t think there has ever been one (1) article addressing that massive elephant in our compound. Why is that? Why is that subject a taboo here, at least in articles submitted by others or by the owner of this site? Could someone please enlighten me on that topic?

                    Also, it seems like when this topic is brought up by commenters, generally more often then not, the comment gets equal thumbs down as thumbs up. Why do people give thumbs down to someone who is helping to shed light on exposing those who are responsible for methodically destroying our once proud Republic, i.e. and setting the stage for a total breakdown in our society?

                    On one hand we all want to be prepared for what is coming, but on the other hand, there is an equal number of people that are in denial regarding who is responsible for creating the SHIT about to smother the fan.

                  • John…….

                    You are a true American hero. God bless you for all you do to wake people up to the true threat that is facing our beloved America and also the world. Thanks!

                  • JQP:

                    For any of the shtf family of bloggers that didn’t bother to look up your link to the “talkbackers” sponsored by the Israeli Foreign Ministry I would like to point out a blurb from that article.

                    Question put to a Mr. Shurman from the Israeli Foreign Ministry…

                    “Will the responders who are hired to POLICE blogs in Israeli interests present themselves as ‘ordinary surfers”?

                    Shurmans answer…

                    “Of course, our people WILL NOT say “Hello, I am from the policy explanation department of the Iseaeli Foreign Ministry and I want to tell you the following”, nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis. They will speak as net surfers and citizens and will write responses that will LOOK PERSONAL….BUT WILLL BE BASED ON A PREPARED LIST OF MESSAGES THAT THE ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTRY DEVELOPED”.

                    So SHTF community it is the same old story….BY WAY OF DECEPTION…..

                    Go to the link and read all of it and you will finally understand who is responsible for the attacks on posters such as JQP.

                    From this time forward THINK about these attacks and keep in mind the posters responsible for them. Also look with skeptisim at pro Israeli articles. Are they being written using messages from the Israeli Foreign Ministry?

                    SHTF community, for the most part, are freedom loving Americans bent on keeping their freedoms. This blog site has to be very worrisome to those who are trying to destroy America.

                    When a poster is linking you to the truth and they are heavily red thumbed ask yourself who those red thumbers are. Do you think most of them are on the side of America and freedom?

                • John Q is off his meds again……

                  • Here is some TRUTH MEDICINE for you, JJsan.

                    “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

                    “Chosen People” (the 1933 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

                    “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

                    The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

                    Once again the Jewish bankers are ginning up a war between non-Jews.

                    Once again the goyim will spill their own blood.

                    Once again the Jews will profit

                    As I pointed out, the Jewish banksters of the IMF have ALREADY STOLEN the Ukrainian gold reserves:


                    You’d think that after watching this pattern for millennia that non-Jews would catch on.

                    Will you let them do it AGAIN???

                  • @JJsan, Watch the movie “Few Good Men”. John Q is one of few good men but for idiots like you there is one part that Jack N. says something like this: “You Can’t handle the truth”.

                  • When there is conflict, the tribe always seems to be nearby, and claiming to be victimized.

                • You are so f-cking stupid I bet you need help tying your shoes. The Jews have nothing to do with this. This is Putin regaining the old Soviet borders just like Mexico will soon be regaining it’s land without firing a shot. Next will be Israel. Obama is a communist and a Muslim. The surprising thing is how easy this has ben done without so much as a whimper from the opposition. The Dems(commies)should have had a black president in 1950 and saved all the trauma.

                  • “Jews have nothing to do with this”?

                    Who do you think put the Mulatto Muslim into office? Who do you think OWNS the entire global banking system? Who do you think has the biggest lobby in Washington? Who makes up THE Administration? Who owns 96% of Americas MSM? Who owns and runs Hollywood? Who runs the biggest corporations of the world? Who was instrumental in paying off for the violent coup in Ukraine? Who is now in charge in Ukraine? Who runs America? Who runs England, i.e the City of London? WHO RUNS THE WORLD?

                    And you have the arrogant audacity to call someone here FUCKING STUPID?

                  • JJSAN & John W should change names to Bat #1 & #2, as both are as Blind as a Bat is.

                    Why do these fools always reject Truth yet obviously they never ever actually go read any posted proof linked artilces and websites?….And why do They never provide ANY type counter-Proofs for all of their crys of untrue infos etc?

                    So Typical. Same as kommie dem libs, blacks and jews who always make much use of vile name calling, and always the same names of racist-antisemite-jew hater-kkk nazi- etc.

                    as if stupid name calls as that are some unrefutable proof solid that anybody should disbelieve truth like John Q has always posted!

                    Every time you guys spew such crap nonsense here it just makes you types appear as youthfull school teens or first year college liberal brainless programed foolish idiots.

                    Always Parroting whatever MSM TV or college lib marxist white hateing, usa hater professors spew, as if That were truths!

                    by the way its funny eh how Glen Beck as so many others have done, forgot to make mention that BEFORE Putin signed ANY annexation papers…Close to 85% of all eligable ukraine crimea voters Voted an astounding, 97%+ YES vote to JOIN Russia nation.

                    Beck, and this article is similar to ALL MSM TV reports in that all state Putin overtook, sent in troops to Take back ukraines crimea lands etc…

                    Yet Not One mentiones about that 97% Vote with international election spotters from 35-50 Other nations, that sent several Thousand ngo’s to Observe and Verify votes were a FREE election that remained FREE, FAIR, Uncompromised by Anyone else period. And they too verified 97% said YES they WANT to Rejoin Russia.

                    There was ZERO take over by Putin or anybody else.

                    And what else Glen Beck is never going to admit nor tell listeners is that in WESTERN Ukraine Thats a whole new ballgame!…they were Overtaken Illeagally by usa state dept, BY jewess Nueland, With $5 Billion She Paid out to do Riots, Sniper kills on both sides to make it look better!, and she and likley With Mossad and CIA help Installed Illeagally “Ytaz the Yid” her fellow jew pal as new prime ministerboy wonder, whos also an IMF trained banksterboy of the satanic synagouge.

                    And together she and yatz the Yid, Installed as new PREZ Under Yatz prime ministerboy, a Baptist seminary trained Jewdeo Christian Zionist, Pastor as Prez.

                    Whos Pior claim to “fame” is that Prez jewdeo christo zioboy, is a Co-Founder and Owner of one of The Major Orgs based in Telaviv israel, that scam swindles hundreds of millions of dollars From delusional usa jewdeo christo zios, in order to take jews FROM former soviet russia states, INTO israel to live permanantly..

                    Same scam as seen on daily TV infomercials with that Jew Rabbi whos whinny crying pandering nasty sounding voice keeps Begging folks in america to donate $28 per month to FEED “Starving” jews of former soviets states!…

                    But recent webistes Expose’s of That jew rabbi Yickelstien or something that sounds that way, expose that those TV ads are basically his Main only Job!..And he Pays himself a yearly sum of just below one Million $$$ dollars!….Taken From those donations to feed starved jews!

                    His anual Pay is $500,000 per yr, while the Other 1/2 Million goes into his 401K “Rabbi Fund” as IRS nicknamed such type huge 401K accounts, because usually barely anyone other than filthy rich rabbis can afford so costly of a yearly contribution to a 401K ret fund.

                    Same 401K “Rabbi Fund” as John Hagge has too…only Hes paid way More!

                    Yep ukraines New illeagley installed PREZ is also a scam swindler in cahoots with Telaviv israel rabbis obtaining massive hundreds millions cash all based on “Feel Sorry for Poor victim jews, starveing and homeless” so Our org can Bring em to live in israel lands!

                    With so many tens billions per year usa hands to Israel, and also even larger sums from germany Guilt holohoax payments to now its 4 1/2 Million hoax survivors! And growing larger every year!….Say…Just How Long does a jew holyhoax survivor Live anyways? How come most every USA and German Military vetrans are now Dead, yet not only the original 40,000 or so REAL jew camp survivors at WWII wars End are Still collecting $1000 per month payments, but since WWII ended, that orig 40,000 has Grown to now equal 4 and 1/2 MILLION cash collecting camp nazi survivors of holyhoax events…How on earth is That even remotely possible? How is That mathmatically possible when they never number globally more than 13.5 to 14 Million total jewish folks?

                    Six Million died, plus add with, 10 million escapees, and now 4.5 Million survivor collectors of payments monthly.

                    Plus add in all jewish folks who lived in Other not at war nations like usa or canada or mexico etc…Thats way more than any jewish almanac states as global total jew numbers eh…Hmmmmm…And You thought the Klintons invented “Fuzzy math”!

                    One would think a starved jew is Impossible these days eh?

                    Maybe Glen Beck should do some serious research before spewing his usual alex jones copycat crap.

                    Naysayers HERE Like JOHN W et al and JJsan, can go Read/research fast easy to read Many current ongoing articles on the TRUTH and FACTS of whats really going on with Putin and Ukraine and usa state dept and its loony bin full of Khazar fraud jews.

                    TRY: www dot realjewnews dot com for a Dozen updated articles filled with More proof check Links than you can read in several days time!

                    Then come Back here to alert us all how now You Finally…GET IT!

                  • EA-

                    Excellent usage of truth/facts, per your post.


                    Them Guys-

                    Ditto sir!

                    ..but FYI…there a HUGE difference between fuzzy math and..KOSHER MATH!!!

                  • Pissed Off Granny, glad to see you back. How have you been?

                • What a bunch of asinine Obamma clones we have on this site. 6 Months in office, Bush did it, 2 years in office, it’s Bush’s fault, 5 years in office, I inherted this from Bush. The asinine Clones, the Russians invade the Ukraine, the Jews did it, gas goes to $4 a gal. the Jews did it, Russia tries to destroy the USD, the Jews did it, Russia and the US are in kahoots to prop up the USD, the Jews did it. Obama don’t like Isreal and neither does his Clones on this site. But atleast they have a lot of followers, you can tell by the up votes they get, probably from the Jews. Trekker Out.

                  • I think there is enough blame to place on the PTB without having to particularly pin it down to certain races. One thing’s for sure, they all can and will bleed. When the opportunity arises, that field is clear and I recognize you for who you are, I will squeeze one off no matter what name you give your god.

                  • Too much BS.
                    I don’t think much of folks that hide behind the anonymity of the internet to personally attack some one because they think they are wrong.
                    Maybe they are but sticking to the theme of the article for debate is more credible.
                    The best post whether I agree are not, are the ones that would be said in a face to face setting.

                  • Mountain Treker: you may have Heard of a Pastor named, Chuck Baldwin?…Former FLA Pastor/life long resident of Fla etc…He also was who MANY Pastroits and Indep. Voters voted for as USA PREZ Candadit in 2008. He’s Now living in and has a new church in Montana. His entire extended Family moved there as a single Group move aprox 2 yrs ago!

                    Well Take a Gander at what This Preacher says about releated Fed govnt, Jewish, Israel, and usa Christians issues! This is a small part of his newest article at newswithviews dot com website. Where his Other couple hundred articles are all at archived.


                    By Chuck Baldwin
                    March 27, 2014
                    NewsWithViews dot com

                    What happens when an institution becomes more important than the cause for which the institution was formed? How long should people who believe in the cause remain loyal to such an institution? And at what point does loyalty to such an institution comprise an abandonment of the cause itself?

                    I’m afraid the majority of Americans have been institutionalized in a manner not unlike the way prisoners are institutionalized after a long period of confinement. After a point, a prisoner is so conditioned to accepting the circumstances of his confinement that, should he be released from confinement, he truly would be unable to cope. Such seems to be the mentality of a majority of us today.

                    Christians have been institutionalized. The reason and purpose of the church or Christian organization is no longer relevant. Generations have grown up reciting the same liturgies, regurgitating the same prayers, and rehearsing the same programs until the reason for it all doesn’t even matter. But take the institution away from them, and they would not be able to cope.

                    The Pharisees despised the Lord Jesus because He challenged the religious institutions that had come to govern people’s lives. I am convinced if Jesus came to America today, He would be just as despised by the vast majority of our religious leaders as He was by the Pharisees.

                    The Church that Jesus built in the Book of Acts owned no buildings, was indebted to no lenders, took no tax benefits from the civil government, had no denominational hierarchy, and identified itself with no ecclesiastical brand. And the Church was just as persecuted by the religious establishment as Christ was.

                    One of the reasons one may know that the modern church is so unlike Christ and the apostles is by the persecution that it never experiences. Just as the Pharisees were bosom buddies with the Roman Empire’s governing elite, so are our religious leaders today. Caesar was very generous in sharing the fruit of his tyrannically-extracted bounty with his allies in the Jewish Sanhedrin. And they were happy to return the favor by insisting that the Hebrew people submit to Caesar’s harsh rule over their lives.

                    The Pharisees also enjoyed a cozy relationship with the moneychangers. The moneychangers were descended from a long line of corrupt banking interests that dated all the way back to the EDOMITES. We are not talking about your friendly local banker here. These were highly organized, well-positioned money-manipulators. Jesus was so incensed with their manipulation and theft within in the Temple that he used physical violence to remove them from the property. He is recorded as doing this twice in the Gospel narratives. Note that after the second time in which it is recorded that he drove out the moneychangers (with a whip, no less), the Pharisees soon had Jesus crucified. There is no question that one of the reasons Pilate ordered Jesus to be scourged with a whip was in direct retaliation for the manner in which Jesus whipped the moneychangers. Remember, the moneychangers were from a very well-ensconced, elitist national (and even international) organization.

                    And lest you think all of this is irrelevant to today, the moneychangers are still very much with us. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other members of the international banking elite, are the direct descendants of the moneychangers of Jesus’ day. And if you ever have an opportunity to ask one of them about it, they will proudly admit it. (WOW! and What have I been saying all along?! Jews=Khazars=EDOMITES! Not “Jacobs 12 tribed israelites! Rather they= ESAUS EDOMITES! And This is from a Well Known highly respected, now Famous since his Prez Run! Baptist Pastor in america! Man sure is swell to be Vindicated by such a Expert of “jew/israel/pharise issues eh! Thanks Chuck!).

                    But WAIT! Theres MORE, as Seen on TV!! Keep reading “treker”.

                    Yes, the Pharisees institutionalized religion. This accomplished two things: 1) it helped enslave the people, 2) it helped make them rich. The institutionalized church is accomplishing much the same things today.

                    The establishment church is doing as much to enslave people as any other institution in the world. Our political institutions and educational institutions have nothing on the church for making good little subjects and serfs to the all-powerful state. And if you don’t think that a host of church leaders are not reaping the spoils from assisting our taskmasters, you’re not paying attention.

                    Many, if not most, of these big-name TV evangelists have as many houses and yachts and Swiss bank accounts as any big-name Hollywood actor or politician. In some cases, more. Most of these big-church pastors are bathing in luxury. Many of them take the kinds of vacations that only CEOs of the biggest corporations or presidents could afford. Do you really think that the IRS rules and regulations governing these non-profit corporations, called churches, really bother these church leaders? Get real!

                    No wonder all of these “successful” preachers are constantly teaching their congregations to always submit to the government. No wonder they have no interest in abandoning their 501c3 tax-exempt status. They are in the exact same position as were the Pharisees of old. And they are just as effective in helping to enslave people today as were the Pharisees. (Yes the Bible Warned Us all to Beware of and Avoid like a Plague, such “Judiazering Fake pastors” eh! perhaps Now is Time to HEED biblical warnings of such Magnitude eh).

                    The institution of the church–along with its programs, formalities, buildings, rituals, etc.,–has become more important than the purpose for which the church was created. Instead of preaching the liberating message of the Cross, which frees men from the fetters of sin–and that includes sinful political and financial fetters–the church is preaching a message of subjugation and enslavement. It is teaching people to submit to all kinds of oppression, including religious oppression.

                    Some of the most oppressed and subjugated people in the world are religious people. There are churches and Christian colleges that are every bit as tyrannical as anything coming out of East-bloc or Muslim countries. About the only thing missing is physical torture and execution. Spiritually, however, the oppression is the same.

                    I tell you the truth: many Christians in America are already slaves. To talk to them about freedom is a complete waste of time. The chains of tyranny are already clamped around their hearts. Why should it matter to them if chains are clamped around their necks? When they talk about “defending the faith,” they are talking about defending the institution. They are slaves to the institution. And the same is true for many unchurched Americans.

                    Theres a bit More of Article, that also deals with States and/Or usa counties doing Secession movements etc, and a quoted walter Williams section on same issue. READ the Rest at website as NOTED in begining of Post.

                    Nice to know America still has at least a “Small FEW” Honest Pastors, unafraid to preach truths even of “Taboo” subjects like…jewish/israel issues eh!

                  • Them Guys if memory serves me well. Chuck Baldwin was who I voted for. Nuff said! Trekker Out. Dan. 5-13

                  • Eloquently stated, Them Guys.

                    The problem is this, as I see it. The power of propaganda, of deep cleansing brainwashing, is hard to overcome, especially when it’s tied to one’s religious beliefs. Let’s face it, NO ONE wants to admit they’ve been duped and when it comes to the “Bible”, a book, whose words and interpretations have been rearranged and distorted over the millennium (by those who know how to get the masses to do what they want them to do, using “fear” and guilt as a motive), so as to create a picture that is very much based on controlling peoples minds, well, maybe that’s why today “religions” are doing a very poor job of creating unity in diversity, i.e. my God is better than your god.

                    As I see it, there are many Christians that “get it”. That don’t buy into the bullshit. These are the Christians that are open to reason, the ones that literally and metaphorically “see the Light”. These are the ones that are FEARLESS and strong, who will have an advantage over most when the SHTF, because they are in tune with Gods Laws and know how to abide by them, by initially treating all humans with respect and dignity, regardless of their affiliations.

                    Then, there are the christians that live in fear. From an early age the “fear of God” has possessed them. Why would (a) God want people to live in Fear? Well, that’s where the imprinting begins. Years and years of believing the lies their parents and preachers pound into their brains leaves them emotionally and mentally, battered and beaten. On the surface, they are able to contain themselves, i.e. maintain a false identity, mood-make the “I’m righteous” attitude, but below, they’re hurting and looking for a way out. But where can they turn? They can turn to the Truth. But it takes Clarity, Purpose and Fortitude to be willing to over come the primary obstacle, that being, Ego and False Pride. THese are the two big stumbling blocks. You can see it right here on this thread, on this blog. Mac never touches the subject of those, “TPTB”, who are responsible for why the shit is about to hit the fan. It’s obvious to those who give the thumbs up that maybe, just maybe there is a clan, a tribe, a Collective of ZIONIST JEWS that are running the show. But maybe, since this site has a Christian base, Christian roots, there is a need not to push that particular envelope. Why? Maybe because there are Zionist “Christians” that would take offense? Maybe this is a Christian ZIonist site? Maybe? I don’t know. How and why Christians would align themselves with Zionism (if they truly knew and understood what Zionism is) is a total contradiction, an oxymoron. Somehow the ZIonists have infiltrated the Bible and convinced the believers that ZIonism is good, ZIonism is righteous. That’s why when you posted your comment and other’s post their comments on the underlying “Cancer” that is eating away at this country, no one can rebute the facts. There are those that scream “anti-semite” but they say that because they aren’t able to think outside their programmed box and it’s their way ‘trying”, but failing miserably, of being politically correct. Problem is, though, they are STUCK IN DENIAL and they don’t know how to get out. If they simply had Faith in their religion and Trusted the God that loves them unconditionally, the Way out would present itself, but the Faith isn’t there. They don’t trust themselves, how can they trust anyone else? Putting it bluntly, they lack what it takes to stand WIth God and instead, choose to go with the imprint; cower in fear, because that is all they know.

                    There is a reason Denial and Normalcy Bias are running rampant in our society. We can see its infection right here, at this site. Until one is willing to accept the truth, unconditionally, then we will continue to have topics that never deal with solutions to the problems, never go to the Source of the Problem, i.e. who is creating the problem, but rather, the topics are most often, Fear-Based, i.e. because fear controls the natives, just as the controllers want.

                  • Don’t know about the Jews, but one thing’s for sure– European whatever is racist– and I was just beginning to have respect for her…

                    Oh, well… when you’re on a right wing website, there’s bound to be shit in some places.

                • I doubt they are planning to use the missing plane, but they are planning something. They did not bring their embassy personnel home because of wages.

                  • European American: Thank You. And I Must tell you that I so Envy your ability to so well articulate it all!

                    That just may be your best post to explain it all yet!

                    PS Be sure to go to and Read the website Link I posted below these postings. Its all ifno on how GH Bush signed into FED USC laws in 1991, what talmudic rabbis calls the “Seven Noahide Laws”! you may be alreayd aware of this?…If Not its a website by former US rep of Kalif Dannmeyer, whos outraged it got passed by senate and congress and two weeks later GH bush as PREZ signed into Fed Law. It was Passed same way as FED RES act of 1913 by barley a Few “VOICE Votes” in Both houses congress and is a total swindle to Kill off Christians as “Idol Worshipers” due to a belief in Christ!

                    FED Noahide Laws waiting on the books to be soon Implemented once, as John Q Publics posts stated, “When Talmudic jews are in Full Control of all gentiles”!

                    SCROLL DOWN for my Post and LINK to it all..What an Eye Opener nobody can refute as its already In fed code Laws books as a done deal! All readers here should go read that info, spend 45 minits self educating to whats really planned behind the scenes for every usa citizen, “Goyim Gentiles futures”!…Thanks again Euro American, Them Guys

                  • HA,HA,HA! European! Way to go! Basically, to sum it all up… God is Truth. (not this or that book…no disrespect intended.)

                • Thank you KYMom. Good advice for all.

                  A Challenge–when you buy your chicken for the grill or oven, de-bone it and use the bones to make and can broth. See just how far you can make that chicken or turkey go. You may need it sooner than later.

                  • we do that with our deer bones after butchering . plus the dogs dont fart so bad after chewing a boiled bone

                  • Grandee, I always save the bones and essence from the roaster whether it be turkey or chicken and freeze it to make stock broth. Thanks for posting it!

                  • Every time I buy a turkey, fresh killed or from the store…it’s the biggest one I can get my hands on…even if I have to cut it up to get it in the oven…There IS so much you can do with it…

                    So I say AGREED!!

                • Off topic, as usual. Talk about needing meds.
                  Please, whatever you do, do not donate your seeds.

                • KY Mom,

                  >>”Get your seeds and prepare to plant a LARGE garden this year.”<<

                  Excellent advice KY Mom. Thank you!

              • Once again the Jewish bankers have instigated a war between non-Jews.

                The goyim will spill their blood.

                The Jews will profit (as they have already stolen the Ukrainian gold reserves).

                You’d think that after watching this pattern for millennia that non-Jews would catch on.

                • It must be payday for the thumbs down shabbos goyim and sayanim.

                  • Boo ! Is this a prepping communitee or an anti-semitic site. If this type of commenting continues, I’m outa here.

                  • Why don’t you get over to DU you shill. We get your trying to paint this site as an anti semite site you putz. Just another left wing troll trying to smear others. GFY.

                  • HEY GRANDEE, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU COMING TO THIS SITE? WHY YOU ARE PREPARING FOR THE SHIT THAT’S ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN? Or are you just a happy prepper, just collecting you water filters and freeze dried foods, and stock piling ammo, i.e. ignorance is bliss? I guess you’re not interested in finding out who is ultimately responsible for taking your civil liberties away.

                    The prepared preppers are the ones who are able to think outside their box. Outside their buffered, comfort zone. Who are willing to be “open” to all possibilities, i.e. infinitely flexible, i.e. the one’s who are going to make it to the other side.

                    If you don’t want to hear what could be the Truth, who could be controlling and manipulating you behind the scenes. then go, hide in your picture perfect postcard, make-believe world.

                    PS Without “Googling” it, tell me what a “Semite” is.

                  • Grandee, they have a skinhead site somewhere with this punkrocker nina’o, don’t know why they don’t take their nazi crap over there.

            • The US wants an excuse to start a war with Russia and China to thwart the threat to the $USD world reserve currency status posed by those two Nations. HEGEMONY, that’s what it’s all about. So the US is basically rolling the dice with M.A.D., financially and militarily.

              • You are very right, it’s all about USA trying to keep the dollar as the world currency. But I doubt that we Americans have anything to do with it, it’s the Zionist Jews who control this country and are printing the dollars as they wish are the ones behind this. They lose the dollar and they lose their hegemonic power over the west. It’s a Jews war against the world to keep their fiat money alive.

                • Love them Jews! God’s chosen people. So glad to be grafted into that promise.

                  • Got to love the anti-Semitism here. Very proud of all of you so-called “Christian Americans.” Now go back to polishing your Docs and perusing Mein Kampf.

                  • It would seem there is plenty of Jewish influence in banking and finance to which many wars have been instigated. So if the Jews are God’s chosen people and they want to kill the Gentile, why do we still pray to God. Indirectly Gods wants everyone but Jews “Dead” and the Devil is not far from him in his wants.

                  • “anti-semite”, Yohanan, that’s an original. Please share with us exactly what an “anti-semite” is, without spending an hour coming up with googles/wiki’s politically correct definition.

                    But before you stretch that portion of your brain, tell us what a “semite” is and follow that up is what a “Zionist” is.

                  • GG…not all of them.

                    EA…spot on!

                • So why hasn’t the US bombed Iran’s nuclear sites? Why won’t Obama give Israel the bombs it needs to take them out? Why is Obama putting pressure on Israel to make peace with the Palestinians at any price? Oh, I get it. It’s because Israel controls the US. That must be it.

                  • More lying manure from Barn Cat.

                    Obama or not, $8 BILLION goes to “Israel” EVERY YEAR—NOT INCLUDING “LOANS” that are “forgiven,” NOT INCLUDING OUTRIGHT GIFTS OF BOMBS AND OTHER MILITARY EQUIPMENT, NOT INCLUDING LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS WITH “ISRAEL” TO SPY on Americans through credit card transactions and telephone calls, and even the Pentagon’s “secure” phone system.

                    My only questions for you, Barn Cat, are you paid for being an Israel-first shill? Or are you a volunteer? Are you a shabbos goyim or a sayan?

                  • @ John Q, this is one comment you’ve made that I agree with. I’m not anti-semitic. but this comment is truth that i can confirm without bias.

                  • nopityparty…John Q isn’t anti-Semitic either.

                    He just states facts that are 100’s of years old.

                  • @ no pity party

                    That’s a start.

                    You infer you disbelieve much of what I post. Much of what I post is simply QUOTES FROM THE RABBIS and the “HOLY” BOOKS. Why not check the quotes? Will you still disagree when you verify the quotes?

                    For millennia and still today, the FUNDAMENTAL teaching of Judaism is that only Jews are human and the rest of us who are not human should be deceived, looted, enslaved, and murdered.

                    START HERE with just one quote:

                    Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles.

                    “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                    Luckily readers archived the page:


                    Unexpectedly, this genocidal teaching was discovered and criticized by many Gentiles. What did the rabbis do? Did they apologize? Did they reject the genocidal precept? Did they abjure murder by the Master Race?

                    No, they just ‘disappeared the commentary.’ The site was sterilized for Gentile eyes. Now you see it; now you don’t. Here is the sanitized page now:


                    For your own peace of mind, check it out and report back 🙂

                  • Even the sanitized page will leave a bad taste in your mouth when you realize that Christians are ‘idolaters’ in halakha (the Jewish version of sharia) because we worship Jesus Christ as True God and True Man.

                    Read through their ‘holy’ points of Jewish Law on Christian “idolatry” and then marvel how “Christian” Zionists can support the proponents and perpetrators of Master Race genocide. Marvel how such “Christians” “bless” a nation that has Master Race genocide as its state religion, a nation that funds monstrous teachings that far exceed Mein Kampf:

                    “Who is funding the rabbis who endorse killing Gentile babies?” By Akiva Eldar, Ha’aretz, 11/17/09
                    “…For example, [Israel’s] government ministries regularly transfer support and funding to a yeshiva whose rabbi determined that it is permissible to kill gentile babies ‘because their presence assists murder, and there is reason to harm children if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us … it is permissible to harm the children of a leader in order to stop him from acting evilly … we have seen in the Halakha that even babies of gentiles who do not violate the seven Noahide laws, there is cause to kill them because of the future threat that will be caused if they are raised to be wicked people like their parents….’”
           <<< an ISRAELI newspaper

              • Like I sort of always knew we would, when called to the carpet on our debt. I was saying that in casual conversation back in 1999.

                • John Q Public: And ALSO: Please Note that so called 7 Noahide laws are a Figment of jew rabbi imaginations and pure jew master race Fantasy!

                  Yes GH Bush Prez did actually sign jews Noahide laws into USC fed code Laws in 1991…Under the Hidden Guise of the actual bill law as congress passed and Bush #1 signed to fed laws has as its TITLE…”A Resolution to Honor Education Day in America”!!!

                  Yeah that it does too…BUT The TRUE reason for honoring ed day is to GET Jew Talmudic Noahide invented falsehood laws ON the fed law Books to be able to LATER Use against ALL USA Gentiles, especially Christians since Law#1 Prohibits all forms of “IDOL” worship…And Talmudic master Race jew rabbis consider “belief in/Of, Jesus Christ aka christianity as the Worst possible Idol worship Practices anybody can ever do!

                  They Plan to one day USE that Fed Law code against Us folks when as JQP’s post shows the “Jews are In Control of all Gentiles”!…Well with so many jews and rabbis Today in so many TOP fed govnt and MSM and all other secular TOP official Positions…This wont take much longer to become an “Activated” Fed Law POLICY eh.

                  AND the Rabbis Talmudic Law Noahide laws has but ONE punishment for ALL offences, DEATH Penalty BY beheadings!

                  And either Noahide Fed Laws or Talmudic law states that A gentile Can be Found Guilty upon the witness of TWO jews!

                  Right a Fed set of Laws that give Lying swindelering jews and their rabbis Power to charge, convict and Death penalty convict YOU, You Goyims! Based on TWO Likely to Lie jew witness’s!

                  And for folks who says “jews equal under 2% total usa populations, so How can jews ever do these things to 300+ Million goyim american citizens?”

                  Well perhaps “IF” that small 2% or less of jews in usa did NOT have 50 MILLION Jewdeo Christian zionists full support and abject unquestionable defense regardless What nor how Many wrongs or evils jews do?…Then I maybe inclined to agree that cant ever do that stuff to Us all…

                  However since jews in usa DO HAVE at least 50 Million religiously Delusionaly fooled Idiots as their main promoters, protectors and assistants to Whatever jews decide to do even if inside america?

                  Then I say Oh yes they Can acomplish Noahide laws as a Means to Kill off couple Hundred Million white christian folks HERE same as jewdeo kommie bolshevik soviets DID in Russia and a Dozn other eastern eruo nations in the 20th century(1918 till 1990).

                  I bet at first if anybody pre warned russians and Poles and others that 8 million jews total in Russia would soon create a Bloodbath unlike the worlds ever before or since seen?…They too probobly said “YEah Riggghhhttt!” maybe thye too called watchmen an antisemite jew hater for reporting truth and Facts eh…That sure never stopped a couple Hundred Million deaths there, back then did it…

                  And name calling truth tellers Here Today wont halt it neither…Especially as long as 50 Million jewdeo zio christian fools are so eager to help jews in every way possible so God will “Bless america and them”!

                  What abject stuborn clueless Fools…Even now with so many bible verses, talmudic verses, and actual true history to read and learn from!

                  IMHO they do Not and as long as they keep that belief will NEVER be a Real true “Christian” person.

                  Not as long as their disobedience to scriptures and Christs words and Commands continues at same pace as ancient israels disobedience was to God and their old covenant eh…Maybe these phony non christian folks need
                  convert to Talmudic judaisim same as their best Buddy jews who are Khazars converted to talmudic judaisim back in 740-750 ad era eh…They’d sure Fit way better there.

                  But either way convert to Talmud Or remain fake christian supporters of antichrists talmudics…YOU types WILL be seen as enemys when it all begins to occure…By All Partiots too not just a few Real christians who spotted you types out long ago…ALL Goyim gentiles are going to want a huge Piece of Traitors selling them out as some form Proof of their abject pro jew stance…Well You been Pre warned as an FYI and a Prediction…Time shall tell if it comes true eh. Okay go find Barn Cat and eat some LOX and Bagels foolsih ones.

                  PS: OyVEY! This Just in! News has it that Barn cats running a Bit Late as hes still at his daily, Yiddish Language Lessons! But will Join you other deluded folks asap! Okay Carry on.


                    This is for ONE day- H.J.RES.104 — To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A

                    This has NOTHING to do with beheadings.Can you name me just one American Christian that has been beheaded in the last 23 yrs. by anyone, much less a jew.

                    Come on people–we as preppers have had the perimeters of our minds breached. Will no one take a shot at him for his mindless hatred.

                    Am I feeding a troll here??

              • War with China and Russia? How would that even be possible?

                • Trading of mutual nuclear boom sticks

                • Wally, With GOD it can be done. Been done befor , can be done today. Not without cost of blood.I can understand your way of thinking . I wouldn’t want war with them either, without my Lord God . You might have to find out the hard way.Regardless, I win either way. What about you?

                • WEBSITE for NOAHIDE LAW Passage into us Cod Fed LAWS!


                  Bill Dannemeyer
                  U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

                  Your U.S. government can now legally kill Christians for the “crime” of worshipping Jesus Christ! A diabolic deception has been perpetrated on the American people by their OWN leaders, Senators and Congressmen, who have sold their soul to the devil. On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine! On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a supposed Christian, signed the bill into law.

                  Before you respond, “NO, that cannot be – not in our free country!” let me explain.


                  • Them Guys-

                    Thanks for the link!

                • GRANDEE: I Posted a Direct LINK to former us rep Danameyers website about how they scamed Noahide laws INTO Education day package of laws. Its ALL there. Go read it. That Link I posted at a couple artilces NEWER than This article is…Cant recall which now should be easy to find.

                  ALSO: if Current USC code fed law books have a law or partial law missing?…That wont be a shocker as its been done Prior on various fed laws to hide whats there till ready to implement.

                  I cant now recall exact law issue it was, But I distinctly recall some controversial Fed Law, maybe antigun crap?, got put into the fed code books and after so many folks bitched, the NEW Code books versions, this is back around 1986 or so, LEFT that law part OUT entirely. The article writers told folks to Find it in few laws you Must go to a larger size Library where they keep all fed law books on file and avail for public use.

                  ALL USC fed law books Published AFTER that date of 1896 if I recall right, OMMITED it all or parts of it. But It was in Older versions.

                  I wont be shocked if same was done about This Noahaide law stuff. Its also Fact that Much Talmudic, rabinical, talk and documented, quoted info articles have shown that YES Talmudics do desire Noahide laws for worlds gentiles to obey once They get their desired Jwo aka NWO run BY jews achieved. You can deny all you care to. That wont change what Talmudic jews did, do or plan on doing.

                  And folks who Are awake to their massive scams etc will never again fall for any zio khazar talmudic jew crap or lies any longer. Sounds as If perhaps You need a bit of a wake up to it all eh. Well Today thats easy to acomplish by serious research on issues talmudic,zionist, and jewsih.

                  • CORRECTION: I didnt realize it was THIS Forum Page I posted that LINK on. As I did post it on a couple artilces pages. So that makes it eaiser Yet for Grandee to research/Read what the US Rep webiste says og Noahide laws..JQP posted Links to more noahide infos also.

              • @ Rodster –

                You ‘nailed-it’ right on the money!!!!! It just keeps getting harder and harder for cute little Christine Romans, CNN Financial Correspondent, to put on her ‘smiley-face’ and attempt to keep reassuring her viewers that the economy is beginning to grow again. It just isn’t so where I live; more foreclosed homes and vacant store fronts every week here.

                They need something much bigger than a completely failed economy to divert the masses. Gee Wally; I wonder what that could be?

                I just know that my kids and grandkids won’t be conscripted to participate in any military adventurism over Poland.

              • European American: Them Fools aint likley going to answer You on just who is a semite or what is a semite…so I will answer it okay.

                A TRUE semite is a decendant of Noahs son SHEM, hence SEM hence SEMite…of which Arabs, many palestinians and others also are a TRUE semitic person.

                But a Khazar that calls themselves an ashkanazi jew is NOT at All a semitic person. Since at best they decended from Noahs other son Japeth…And from ESAU which are named his decendents as EDOM aka edomITES.

                Acording to bible edom or edomites Are, have been, and always Will Be…Jacobs and His 12 sons of Israel tribes, Greatest Mortal Enemys. Of which God repeatedly declares that He will totally Obliterate and destroy every last member of the edomites gobally during the end times, for reasons of all the evils, roberies,killings, and especially for edomites helping israelites enemys globally in attempts to kill off, destroy and Rob israels TRUE decendents of all their God granted blessings(like lands of america, inventions by white folks in usa, european whites same, and all past and present such things edom did and still does.)

                Actually The Proper term the name callers should be useing is more akin to: “you Khazar haters! or You AntiKhazars! or You antiEDOMITES!….”

                But calling one an antisemite,meaning anti jew? thats as Fake as khazars posing as a jew is!

                • Thank you, Them Guys. Sounds like you thought this one out. Personally, I can’t answer the question I posed to others. I just don’t have an “objective” answer. Subjective, well, maybe, but not one that I can claim “THAT’S IT, ABSOLUTELY”!

                  What I find troubling is that most people don’t have a clue what a Semite is, but they portray themselves as “knowers of reality”, on the subject. There seems to be a number of people that “believe” that “all” of the Semite tribe are the “Chosen Ones”, and that somehow this tribe, no matter what harm they spread to others, are “special” are “holy” are “better than everyone else”, and so these worshippers of this tribe are willing to look the other way concerning the atrocities planned and implemented by this tribe on anyone outside the tribe, rather than admit they’ve been duped. False Pride is a very dangerous obstacle for anyone on a/the religious/spiritual path, or any path, as far as that’s concerned.

            • Wow.

              • Stop the presses. Breaking News the LSM is reporting there is a vortex vortexing again in the east.

            • Hunter
              Don’t hold back just let us know how you really feel!

              • Sarge-

                Per situations involving possible severe consequences to life/limb/freedom ect…etc.

                I try not to “feel” per emotions.

       a male, I endeavor to “THINK”!

                (big difference between the two)!!!

                • Hunter
                  OK you got me! You are right!!!!!

                • Hunter,

                  You and John Q need to share meds man…..

              • Really. Let her rip…

                • The Kenyan bathhouse boy is just a caddy for the Master Race banksters.

                  Sadly there is no shortage of shabbos goyim who, for “30 pieces of silver,” are traitors to God and their own nation.

                • JJSAN: You and ALL Others who keep naysaying anything posted thats exposing of jews and zionists and state of Rabid Israel frauds. Need to Finally include Your proof of why JQP or any others here are wrong.

                  Just to state “WOW! or Need take meds etc is ignorant and childish at best.

                  I assume since none of you or others like you ever post any such proof refutations, or any usefull counter info thats facts based truths, it means You have none.

                  so if you have zero to inlcude other than personal emotional based desires for proven falshoods on jew issues and israel state issues, to be truth even though folks here has many times proven them all False.

                  it would seem that it be You and others Like you such as barn cat, john w et al who has a real problem, and may even require strong meds eh.

                  Especially if you are males and thinking so emotional “feelings” based thought, like women can be expected to act and think like. God designed women to be that way…but Men God designed to use Logic, common sence and Facts based thought patterns.

                  And by emotion based I mean you seem to harbor a deep emotional tie with falsehoods brainwashed into the minds of every american since birth that all we were told of WWII, jews, israel, end times events as phony pastors teach has all been valid truth infos.

                  And if the internet never existed, we all may still be glued like You to such falsehoods…but internet has been invented, and for aprox 15 yrs now more websites than You can live long enough to read or research properly now exist and all are chock full of valid truth, facts based infos the fully refute, dispute, proove beyond All doubt that like it or not 99% of what we all were prior told or taught has been proven as FLASE.

                  And No other subject has more proven Falshoods than the jew issues. Perhaps you and a few others here need spend a bit of logical time studying these websites so to Learn Real Truths formerly hidden to usa folks and most other folks also.

            • In all likelyhood, the next WW will start once tptb have no more plays left to get thier way, which is what is beginning to look like…

              I’d wager Putin is not so stupid as to try and rebuild the Soviet Union…

              “Whoever does not miss the old Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back, has no brain.” -Vladimir Putin

              This is just another grand diversion, that if it does’nt go the bankster’s way, will be just another big battle, in thier quest to rule the Earth. In the end, only regular people will die, and the parasites a step closer to thier goal.

              • By the way, Glenn Beck, if you are reading this…

                Were’nt you supposed to expose something about obummer that would bring about his end? I’m aware of the missle stuff, but to get past the people who manage msm, it will have to be good. I’d wager you could expose obummer as the ultimate fraud, and criminal lackey that he is, and NOTHING will be done…

            • Has anybody else noticed that it is ONLY the pro-western little countries that are so afraid for their lives? Does anybody else think that the rooster didn’t go get the hens all fired up and afraid on purpose?

              “Hey Poland, you know when Putin gets done in Crimea, you’re next, right?”

              Exactly WHO DO YOU THINK THEIR “SOURCES” ARE?

              Not falling for this propaganda either. If Putin makes THE MOVE, then I’ll worry, but this little pick-pick-picking isn’t cutting it.

              You sound like a bunch of old women fretting over buttons.

              • Sixpack, when I see the SWAT team going door to door, and they’re next door, I don’t need a slap up side the head, to start thinking maybe my house is next. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                • More like, if you see a SWAT team across the street, why would you be so sure you’re next, or that there even is a next? We’re not talking about a pattern here, there’s only one incident, Ukraine…nice try though.

            • Oh Hunter…


              (Yes, I know… it’s called sarcasm)…

              • LOL!

                Nice meme for the Obummer-ites!

            • “CHRISTIAN-GENTILE CIVILIZATION”?? Surely you are not referring to your ignorant, racist, hypocritical self??!! You nauseate me.

              • Ladies and Gentilemen, look what we have here.

                There’s always a Zionist Shill Troll, posing as “Anonymous”, lurking in the dark, ready to pounce, using “racism” as their theme song, when ever light is exposed on their game plan.

                I hope you remain “nauseated” as long as you post here.

            • Hey GRANDEE: Incase you were not aware of it. Even though Less than 2% usa POP total, unlike Whites who have ZERO pro-white promoting orgs, and whenever anybody attemps to Begin such an org positive to whites and Our deep concerns of whats happened to the america Our white ancestors founded and Built etc…

              Them Khazar fraud jews You so seem to like alot, Has Over 300+ Pro jew and pro israel state Orgs!…So If You are unhappey Here, or prefer a site that does Censor folks?…I am Certain You Will much prefer all of those 300+ jew sites…They all Heavily Censor! epscially anything Truth that Outs jews wrongs and many massive Lies. Espeically their mass number of Holohoax and six million numbers Lies!

              I Strongly Recomend you go straight to the TOP pro jew, Pro israel, Pro zionists webistes of…SPLC, ADL, AJC, NAACP(Yes its touted as pro negroe but was founded, financed and Run from inception in 1909 up till folks found out in Late 1980’s that it was all but One were Russian Bolshevik Kommie jews who came to usa to found naacp org as a Means of teaching blacks to hate whiteys etc and act like always “victims” which Jews has mastered!). If Those dont float yer boat, let me know I can provide More pro jew sites here in usa you may enjoy much better…Hope I have assisted your quest.

          • September 1st; 1939. Sarcasm noted.

          • I thought the Dems claimed that the Cold War was over? Did they start the fire again?

          • “Poland is both a Nato and EU member. We are bound by solemn treaty to defend her in case of attack.”

            LMAO. Oh Yeah, the CIC is going to honor some thing as sacred as a solemn treaty. The next thing you hear will be him authorizing Russian war planes landing at Polish NATO Bases for safety concerns.


          • Just a thought but… the rest of the world sat by idly while the U.S. invaded Iraq… and Afghanistan… and Vietnam… etc., etc., etc… ; (

          • Poland has been the gateway between Eastern and Western Europe sense the Huns. Learn a bit of military history before making moronic statements.

        • I guess because we have an absolute wuss in the White House. His only courage is to attack those he has power over like U.S. citizens that disagree with his policies. One the street he would be known as a bully and Putin has shown him to be a paper tiger.

          • Yes, but that was a damn good speech over there today. I almost believed it.

            • i changed the channel…i can’t stand the spew of lies that pour forth from his treasonous mouth

              • Putin has balls of steel and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Barry o jangles is poking the bear and soon it will come out of hibernation.

                It’s not a smart thing to call Russia weak. I saw spetsnaz training expercises and they are way more intense than anything you would see in the states. They shoot at targets next to people, fire guns while someone is trying to wrestle the firearm from the shooter, and shoot rounds off inches from the trainees head.

                These people know War and aren’t used to the luxury we have. They will smash NATO if that becomes the warfront. I hope nothing happens because they are crazy enough to push the button and end a lot of lives.

                • I can’t worry about this WWW3 thingy, dancing with the stars is on, Obammy will take care of this nonsense, all is good, no problem here, move along people:-)

                • Russia is also staging military manoeveres in Moldova. My son has family in Romania just over the border and say that their president is now getting involved in the “Hot air and bluster that will get us ALL killed” (to quote the ex-MIL who came down from her mountain retreat to investigate).

                  An English language MSM news report of the situation in Romania below for those who are interested:-

                  I can only confirm that military training for E.European troops is no walk in the park as the ex is ex military for his country. No way did he want his eldest to join up, cos it F^*ks you up!

                  In that region of the world little old ladies are tougher than most of our swaggering young bloods – they’ve had to be! What we call prepping, they call simple common sense and prudence.

                  We cannot afford WW3 – at most all that can be achieved is a pyrrhic victory, even for the elite. Drone technology and viral/bacterial weapons mean that for most of us, survival will not be an option, even IF nuclear war does not occur.

                  I’ll be very suprised if Putin does not switch off the gas pipeline, which much of Western Europe depends upon to heat their homes very, very shortly. It’s a simple way to get the general population to wake the F&(k up to what’s happening. (Most sheople won’t accept warnings, but need hardship in their faces before they’ll sit up and smell the damn coffee).

                  p.s how much wood does it take to get through one winter? We are moving shortly to a home with a wood stove and I want to make a purchase during the warmer months for next winter but have never had a wood stove before. Home is 2 story, 800sq ft and we are in the Southern part of the UK.

                  • I would not worry too much. NATO ran out of munitions just attacking Libya. Obama is in Europe vowing to defend gay rights. I would bet that Obama will stand down the US nuclear military force and that is when the real fun will begin. He is saying right now that no way will the US respond to the Ulraine. Remember that little I will have more flexibility comment? Now we know what he meant.

                  • To lonelonemum – I believe the UK is similar to where I live in Aussie (quite a cold part) and with a good slow combustion wood heater I got through last Winter with about 4 tons of good seasoned hardwood that I cut myself. That keeps the top half (1400sq foot) of my house toasty all winter. I start using my wood heater occasionally by mid April, 24/7 by late May and back to occasionally by mid September and not at all by end October. Best thing I ever did was install that heater last April!! If things were desperate I could get by with less – just firing it up with a single load of wood morning and night to take the chill off – maybe 2.5 tons.


                  • In the southern UK you’re about at the same latitude as Boston, Massachusetts. In other words, you’ll need a shitload!
                    Saving grace is it’s two story but a small footprint. To be comfortable downstairs you’ll be quite hot upstairs, but you can just crack some windows for that.
                    I’d guess about 5-6 cord. (Don’t ask me what a cord is…haven’t put up firewood since I was a teenager.)

                  • LL-mum..

                    Contact Miss Daisy per # of cords required. She survived a Canadian winter w/ only a wood-stove for heating and I imagine she has tons of tips per maximizing the heat.

                  • Small house, upper story will heat fine up the stairwell, might want to put a register in the floor once you get in. Britain is cool and damp like Pacific Northwest, I would buy not less than 5 cords, 650 cubic feet, of green wood by May 1st, should be dry by October. Also a half cord, 65 cubic feet, to get you through cool times this summer.

                    Do have the stove pipe and chimney cleaned first thing. If buying the house, get it inspected for safety or insist landlord do that right away.

                    Five cords may last you two years, but you won’t get short in January.

                    Do caulk windows and gaps this summer, insulate the attic if you can.

                    Do buy hardwood like oak or similar.

                  • Isn’t a “cord of wood” 4’x 4’x 4′ ??? That’s my memory of it but that may not be right. 🙂

                  • From another Aussie, down on the cold island, it depends on the wood. With pine I will go through about 5 ton(20m3), with good dry hardwood less than 3 ton(12 m3). That is without storing the wood under cover and we get 60 inches of rain a year. I will use less this year with the wood consistently bone dry. Make sure your drafts are stopped, curtains have pelmets over them, and your ceiling space is well insulated. Put an air lock/porch over your main entrance door and keep it shut.

                    Interestingly I am about to move into an major extension to my current dwelling and anticipate no major increase in wood consumption due to over code insulation, insulated slab on ground construction and lots of solar gain through double insulated windows.

                  • Lonelonemum
                    Very interesting information you’re sharing. Like to hear more on Moldova. I go to another site that feels that Moldova is a powder keg ready to ignite, any day.

                    Heating your next home depends on a number of factors, as you probably already know; the homes size, quality of wall/ceiling insulation, stove type, weather conditions (temps/wind etc), length of winter, and wood being used to burn. Since you already stated 800 sq ft, assuming the home is roughly 20×20 and 2 stories, and since heat rises, I’m also assuming there is a stairwell (or ladder) where the heat goes up into second floor, and the present stove is efficient (if not, consider purchasing the one I mention below), go here go calculate:

                    Ready Down Under
                    We’re presently in the Pacific NW (America) and we’ve got an Aussie free standing wood burning contemporary cook stove (Nectre Bakers Oven). We love it. It heats our home, mostly, and has an oven, too. Highly recommend. Pricey but worth the investment. http://www.nectre(dot)com/index(dot)php?page=baker-s-oven

                    A cord can be 16 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet or what ever numbers add up to 128 cubic feet. Your size is a half cord.

                  • Thank you Mac! 🙂 BTW, Is the little woman pregnant with boy number three?

                  • EA: Thanks for the correction. 8′ x 4′ x 4′ would be right. Close but no cigar! 🙂

                  • Cord is 4x4x8 feet. 128 cubic feet. Generally, that’s 3 rows deep of cut wood. You can buy a ‘face cord’, that’s one row, I think also called a rick.

                    Be sure to measure the wood when it comes, before it leaves the truck, and look for punky stuff, you can reject that. Don’t pay until the entire cord is delivered.


                  The way that boys are raised in Russia is very different from how boys are raised in the United States. In Russia, boys as young as five years old are taught survival skills, learn how to use military equipment and are trained in hand to hand combat. Boys as young as twelve are taught to fire assault rifles and some of them even get to experience real paratrooper training. In the United States, on the other hand, we tend to baby our boys. They become experts in skills such as ordering fast food, playing video games and ogling women. In many cases, American boys never even learn how to act like men, and that becomes glaringly apparent once they grow up. So in the long run, which nation do you think will be better off – Russia or America?


                  • And helmets,knee pads, elbow pads to go out and play. In my day, if a kid came out like that, he would get the shit kicked out, and sent home. We’re raising our boys to be pussies. Think that’s crude? Who’s going fight, if need be ? These little fairies? It will come down to old farts like me. And us old farts don’t have the stamina to fuck around. We will just kill.
                    This land o’ ours needs a wake up call.

                  • Considering the collectivists have controlled our schools for decades and removed any man building curriculum.

                    Heck, kids making pop tarts into the shape of a gun get kicked out. Not even sure they allow fingernail clippers. Let alone a 2 inch pocket knife.

                    Post collapse. It should be open season on any Socialist, Communist, or Fascist.

                  • JayJay, they may have quantity, but I’d still take 1 good country boy over 10 commie boot licker. I have a boy that’s known survival since he could walk. Was as young as 5 when he was familiar with a tactical rifle. Was 8 the first time he summited half dome. Was 9 the first time he paddled off a 15ft waterfall, and knocked out a kid for bullying a “nerd” last year at 10. Right now he could tell you in his own words why he’ll never go fight the Russians, but if they come here he could tell you how’d we would do it. PS… Got no probs wth the ruskies, and yes, the combat readiness of their military is higher than our average soldier… but really, my boy has more hours under the stars in a mil mod sleep system than most of those clown commies. PS… I call him by his initials… JJ

                  • What’s the hangup about our boy’s? Don’t you know Queers and girls can fight now too. Trekker Out.

              • so really? down thumbs? really? bunch of commie loving trolls rolling through this site

            • Two libtards Obo lovers.

          • I dont know about wuss STUART , I think maybe fox.
            NOBODY is this stupid or incompetant if only because of the people who surround him.
            What happens next ? false flag attack ?
            Cancelled elections ?
            Or maybe a socialist coup,(that i believe is happening now).
            Martial law ? who knows , But we damn sure cant fight a ground wasr against Russia in Ukraine or Poland .
            So if this gets hot it will be about nukes .

            • Yup ovomit will do a false flag nuke attack against a large US city and blame the “terrorists” so he can cancel elections.

              • Pat Travers said it best:
                “BOOM BOOM , OUT GO THE LIGHTS “

                • Hammer,while that song makes your point Travers best was”Benn snorting whiskey,and drinking cocaine!”

              • I believe he promised to nuke NY city yesterday.

                • @Maddog

                  I read between the lines on his speech too. He basically said I’m more worried about the war with the American people than a war with Russia.

                  • Is that called a “freudian slip” ?

                  • We need to come together soon. I’m reading “Resistance to Tyranny” and one issue addressed is when is it morally acceptable to use armed resistance. Its very specific, while armed resistance is still possible. In other words before the means is outlawed by gun confiscation and well in advance of the confiscation process. In case anyone hasn’t noticed TPTB are well on their way to outlawing guns. In many places the Orwellian laws all but accomplish this already. Better wake up soon America before the time comes that it doesn’t matter if your awake. Reset to freedom.

                  • hammerhead and OutWest

                    Storm warnings out for tonight. More snow.

                  • Wrong
                    I don’t mind being plowed all winter,
                    but now I’m damned near out of bourbon!

                  • YEAH , MORE DAMN SNOW , YEAH !!!
                    GET ME OUTTA THIS GLOBAL WARMING MESS !!!!
                    Where the hell is Obama and his drunken snow shovelers?
                    In Amsterdam smokin god knows what .
                    But you knew that….

                  • Hammer-


                    ..but in Obummer’s case…its likely foot-in-mouth disease.

              • If I lived in New York I would get moving.

          • J Stuart-

            On the streets of the Chicago ‘hoods…he is known to be on the…”down low”(queer/rump-ranger type!).

        • no kidding…they’re acting out of weakness, right?

        • Polish reserves? That makes a speebump look flattering

        • Completely off topis but snooze and lose,slick guns has a deal for federal .22 lr at a bit less then .06 a round,check it out,slickguns/ammo!

          • That is way too expensive. I really dislike PROFITEERS…
            Profit is good, PROFITEERING is bad. This is a perfect example of why .22 Lr is so hard to find. I paid 15 to 20 bucks for those same federal 22 bulk packs a few years ago…
            And now you are trying to tell me that 90 dollars is a deal.
            F U
            I would rather use a slingshot like David did. Rocks are free and laying just about everywhere. There are a few different types of slingshots. Marbles and led shot work wonderfully.

            I was once asked if I had any guns….I asked if a slingshot counted. They never asked me that again and it put a end to their questions.

            2 boot / shoestrings and a small piece of leather is all you need. Oh and a few good rocks.

            You may think that I am trying to be funny. I am not.

            I imagine Goliath only laughed a few seconds if that.

            Freakin profiteers. Excelling themselves financially off the back of others.

            Seems to me that there is a country or 2 or more that do this to their own people.
            KARMA is cumming

            The Grand Awakening Is Happening, It Can Not Be Stopped.
            It Will Not Be Stopped.

            • I should clarify my above comment. It WAS NOT pointed at Warchild. I realize that you are only trying to help and I say Thank You for being a part of the solution and not part of the problem. That was very kind and thoughtful for you to pass on the location of some instock .22 Lr

              My problem is with the sellers that sell at such high prices.

              Sorry Warchild and all, that I did not explain myself better in my previous post…

              I just really dislike PROFITEERS. ALL OF THEM…
              as should all who are being taking advantage of by them…

              • Guest,.06 a round seems fair in todays market,yeah,I know,you bought say a 1000 round + cases 4 + years back you did better,but this seems a fair deal at least,you looking at same deal I was,perhaps they are sold out,yep,guest,the deal I saw is already sold out,agree,would not pay .18 a round,mine was the cans with 175 for like 18,a hair under .06 a round,why I throw it out quick when I see and hope a few get in on it,will keep eyes open for next deal and post again when I see it!

                • Argh,meant cans of 375 for 18,really not with it today!

              • Guest

                you have been outa touch ,id be glad to pay .06 cents ,first off your damn lucky to even find .22 ,and then your damn lucky to find it under .10 cents a rnd. ,most of theses stores and outlets arent capitlizing on the shortage’s it’s the individuals ,buying it at wallace world and selling it on gunbroker ,but i say to people ,at some point your going to have to get past the stubbornest of the new prices and just bite the bullet and buy it ,because when (not if) your dollars wont even make good ass wipe paper ,you’ll wish you had bought more resources what ever the price ,because when all goes ugly thats the only thing anyone will want ,and the only thing you wont be able to get

                • Lower,the site I talked about had .06 a round,the ammo sold out in hour,there was another add @.18 a round,which I would not be willing to pay,would like more .22 but not at that price,but .06,oh yea!I will hit my sites before coming here and post any good deals again,they are out there,just need to be vigilent!

                  • Agree

                    i dont think i can stomach 18 cents a rnd. either ,but i think the days of .06 are getting fewer and fewer

          • Warchild and Guest y’all got me cornfused. War you say .06 per round and Guest he goes on the attack and say’s he ain’t payin $90 a bulk pack, I was thinking there was like 535 rds per box, well me and my calculator ain’t to smart, but something don’t jive. Maybe y’all could help me out. 4yrs. .06 1000rds. .18 I can’t keep up. Trekker Out.

            • Trekker,look above to eliminate the confusion!Though got a bit testy will keep posting the deals,just realize they don’t last long at all!

              • Warchild yes, please keep any deals you see posted. And I know what you mean about them not lasting long. I’ve seen more than one good deal disappear right before my eyes. If it pertains to guns, gun parts or ammo, you better know what you want and at what price, and react quickly. Thanks again Warchild. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Very funny! Quoting Barry I see.

        • If illegal aliens can vote, can’t they be drafted too!

          • Line the military on border. Keep the sons of bitches from sneaking back over. Want a job, Pedro? You got point. Make it back, citizen.. Just like Rome.
            On second thought, they are tough and hard workers. Let’s trade, one for one. One of our FSA privates for one south of the border youth, not afraid to get his/ her hands dirty.
            I’m in a raw mood tonight. All of it, I guess. And the wife bitching money is tight. Never enough for her.

            • Run w/ it Rick!

              ..most guys have had a turn in that (marital) barrel..

              ^ thumbs to ya.

          • No. That is the part of the Constitution that will be followed….

        • Putin better watch out or Obama is gonna get out his pen and make a phone call after he signs an executive order…..

          Keep your powder dry,

        • Russia is more than a regional power especially with a shit load of nukes (ICBMs, subs, a powerful army, navy and Air Force). Going toe to toe withe Russians won’t be easy. Anyway Obama won’t do diddly, the guy is just a coward all talk.

          Good luck and good night.

          Bravo two zero out…

        • All 28 Polish soldiers were called in!
          The Haluski 28.

        • Russia is still a world power. She is bigger then the US and Western Europe combined.

      2. I hope all in Poland and other neighboring countries arm up/get ready ect.,make any incursions as costly as possible,they have the history of being under the thumb of Russia,they will fight like rabid weasels!

        • Why would folks thumb down citizens fighting for their own country?!

          • Warchild they’re are many on this site that have a dislike and twisted view of Patriotism. Therein lies the thumbs down. We all have followers, but beware, many are not friends. Trekker Out.

        • I’m not so sure – EU membership didn’t bring the Dallas and dynasty lifestyle E.Europeans were hoping for. Sadly many of the brightest and best from this region have had to emigrate for economic reasons.

          It is also a part of the world where the average man in the street is far more cynical full stop than your average Westerner and where nationlism really means something. (The growth of ALL the national orthodox churches helps demonstrate this). By nationalism I don’t mean quasi-facism but just simply a love of the land, history, culture, language etc of of your nation. The EU is pretty dedicated to eliminating individual national habits and traits in favour of making us all clones. E.Europeans already experienced that behind the iron curtain.

          I’m sick of Obama being referred to as the Kenyan – after his Libyan stunt he’s not welcome in Africa. Also it prevents people looking at his maternal heritage – Mama was a VERY interesting Lady. Typical bankster diversion to get us to look at the left hand so we won’t spot what the right is doing imho.

          I remain unconvinced that he and Putin are actually working towards the same ultimate goal of creating the NWO by distracting the proletariat with the same ol “divide and conquer”, trick of their bankster masters who weren’t satisfied with the profits accrued from the last two WW’s they instigated. Again we look at the left hand, not noticing that the right is attached to the same damn body of evil until it’s boot is stomping on our face.

          Obama has no personal power – he’s just a puppet for the NWO, if he wasn’t at this stage of the game he’d have been jfk’d. Putin is in much the same personal position despite his impressive he-man posturing.

      3. Oh yeah.

      4. Russia has a long-standing history with Ukraine. Much less so with the areas of Stalin’s conquest. If Putin messes with areas beyond Ukraine, odds are that he will lose his recent deals with China and India. For all that Gazprom has much control over the Eurozone, it’s not absolute in the event of increasing grandiosity by Putin.

        However, there could be a refugee flood into Poland in the event of any sort of civil war between eastern and western Ukraine. The Poles would need to be able to control “strays”.

        You pretty much need to keep a map in front of you during any discussion of the events along the east side of the Eurozone.

      5. “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.” Matthew 24:6

      6. “Would we fight for the vulnerable Baltic states should President Putin turn the screws on them?” We’re bound by treaty to fight for them.
        Would Hussein honor that treaty?
        That’s another question.

      7. Putin has Amerika’s commies on his side and that’s a huge number.

        • As opposed to American neo-Bolsheviks and fascists?j

      8. It will be interesting to gauge the reactions of the sheeple if this does kick off. By treaty we are obligated to get involved, but most Americans are sick and tired of war after the last 12 years.

        • How does that song go again? ‘Boom goes london, boom paris’?

        • The US govt hasn’t bother to observe and adhere to other treaties, much less our own Constitution and Bill of Rights, what makes anybody think they’ll start now?

          Unless it happens to be convenient.

      9. Breaking news! Breaking news!

        The Polish Army has just been spotted walking backwards towards the wrong border.

        Their national anthem was playing – DOH! DOH! DOH!

        • So, most of the neo-whatevers here are pro NATO/US/UK/Poland
          NATO should have been deconstructed before Kosovo.

      10. Russians are cool. They’re like Americans in the 80’s. Just look at Pussy Riot. Punkest band ever!

        • Punkest band ever? What are you 12?

          • uL-

            Very cool handle!

      11. I used to hold Glen Beck in high regards but that was a few years ago. Pretty much anymore unless I see it for myself, I don’t give it but very little credence.

        • I feel the same way, too much alarmist and sensationalism. Also, a correction to the article, Russia did not annex half of the Ukraine, only Crimea, and the citizens there voted to be annexed!

          • thank you for the correction, Crat, but that doesn’t fit the propaganda narrative.

        • PO’D

          Beck is just a shill…

          If he says go left..

          I’ll definitely go right..

          I’d be more concerned of what our so called leadership is up to..




          • Possee, I don’t listen to Beck either. What if he was related to Alex Jones? Now THAT’S a scary thought!

            • I’ve traced back to their grandparents. No relation so far. Beck’s family goes back to the midwest. Alex Jones goes as far back as his great-grandparents in Dallas. Wikipedia doesn’t list Jones’s parents, but they are David Ross Jones and Carol Gretchen Hamman, per his birth record in Dallas.

              Everyone is related. It’s just a matter of finding the relationship and the needed proofs.

              • Yeah Arch, but there both Jews on their Mothers side. Wonder what their maiden name was? Trekker Out.

                • Beck’s mother’s name was Mary Clara Janssen, which is Scandinavian, not Jewish. Jones’s mother’s name was Carol Gretchen Hamman, which surname is from Wurttemberg, Germany (per DNA testing), and most of the people in that area were Lutherans and came to America to keep from being forced at gunpoint to go to Catholic church. My own family came from the same area.

                  So I see no evidence of Jewish ancestry. Now if you trace back far enough (over 1,000 years), almost everyone here has a little bit of Jewish ancestry.

            • braveheart

              After 61 years I find it’s best to “listen” to no one at this point…

              Yes read, watch, understand and formulate your own opinion but tuning in to all these so called alternative anti establishment hucksters is a fools game..

              They feast upon the fears of the un informed and so called preparedness crowds searching for some semblance of truth from their new leaders …

              Much like Jim Jones imho…or even akin to the hope and change crowd..all one in the same..

              Then we have it’s the ..zionists,the jews,the jesuits,the vatican,the illuminati,the muslims,the lizard people nonsense as well.. which appears to be gaining some momentum here..

              Personally.. blaming some ethnicity, or other tribe, or group accomplishes nothing !!

              As far as I’m’s a collusion amongst all willing conspirators through out time…and they come from all stripes, religions, and nationalities…

              psychopathic evil bastards…all of them..


              • Good morning, Possee. Excellent advice. Even in the alternative media, I’m very careful about where I go. I already know what sites are reliable and which ones are bogus. I miss William Cooper. Now THERE was a man who was a straight shooter.

        • Same here with Beck. When he got his TV gig at Fox he was like the anti-establishment guy. When he started his TV network he became like everyone else who needs money to run his business. I learned a lot from him when he was pissed off an did his best to expose as much as he could.

          • Roadster

            I’m of the same opinion, it’s sad because I went from not liking him at all to really appreciating his information; to wondering what happened to him.

      12. No fan of either Russia, China, or our corrupt government. The least expensive/most effective thing we can do is ship 10K Sniper Rifles, thousands of man portable anti-tank and thousands of Stinger missiles to Poland.

        They will be more than happy to fight for their country and take out as many Soviets, err Russians.

      13. Looks like Agenda 21 is picking up speed to me. Population control, start a war & kill off a bunch of people. Only a matter of time before we start seeing the same kinda stuff here at home.

        • SB-

          I think this is “AGENDA-22″…they simply haven’t informed us yet!

      14. I keep hearing Putin is pushing here and taking this or that. What a bunch of bullshit and the sheeple toeing the line. The only taking I have seen is in Kiev with the installation of a puppet regime. The Crimea voted to return to Russia because they know what shit the socialism of the EU will bring. Annexing is the legal part to finalize the vote by the people and would happen with any country as in the US when Hawaii was annexed as the 50th state not 57th. Better keep your eyes and minds open and be carful with what the MSM and Becks of the world are spewing. You and your children’s lives depend on your vigilance and reason.

        • Sounds like you’re not buying the socialist, NWO propaganda either. The villainizing of Putin is just the latest installment in a long list of historically created villains.
          The list comprises of everyone the NWO doesn’t like, or that didn’t cow-tow to the west, or were simply convenient.

          YET we buy this trash every time. We hate everybody on cue, as directed by the elites.


          If they need to articulate a reason, they usually resort to reciting some centuries old atrocity. that didn’t even involve anyone still alive today, or my favorite, THEY EXTRAPOLATE A REASON BASED ON CLAIRVOYANCE.

          The truth is, most often than not, there is no current, logical reason based on truth in fact. We will NEVER break the propaganda brainwashing method at this rate.

          STUPID SHEEP.

      15. Even though outmanned and outgunned, better to put up a fight than to be conquered. If ever such a situation came to the US, I hope that I would have the guts and courage as displayed by the Finns. Poland can not afford complacency.

        • HA-

          The only reason for Russia to smash Poland…is to secure a route into the EU’s heart..that being Germany!

          ..but first, we must(the US), be removed from the equation!

          ..that job has been given to the “TRIBE”!!!

        • We have much more hard evidence that our own govt is planning to attack us, than Poland has that Russia might invade them—SO WHY ARE WE NOT ARMING UP AND HEADING FOR WASHINGTON DC?

          Answer: Because we don’t have sufficient grounds to have the higher ground yet, and neither does the western-controlled countries over near Russia.

          …it’s all just supposition at this point, driven by propaganda.

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I bet there’s enough Patriots now who would throw the bums out if we got organized.

            Problem is getting organized without getting rounded up.

            I suspect that we are waiting for a flashpoint. For the government to pull something. A groundswell of opposition might form.

            • I think you’re absolutely correct. This govt keeps us living in fear, so we can’t organize and stand against them. We know they’re doing it and we know why, the problem is, we haven’t figured out how to get around it yet…but we will.

              If nothing else, there will come a day when the probability of getting rounded up, will be of less concern than allowing the miscreants in charge to stay in charge.

        • The big issue for Poland is that the brightest,bravest and best of the younger generation are all sadly in Western Europe because of the economic situation. You can’t defend your homeland if you ain’t there!

      16. It’s not yet time for a US/Russia war. First the Russia/Iran/Turkey/Libya coalition must invade Israel.

        God will intervene on behalf of the Jews, utterly destroying the invaders. The destruction will be so obviously from God that the nations around Israel will abandon Allah/Mohammed and turn to the God of the Jews.

        That’s when the ICBMs will fly between the US and Russia.

        Ezekiel 38, 39.

        • PLEASE let us know when to crawl into our spider holes. Until then, it’s seeds and shovels.

          • Watch for a coalition, led by Russia, invading Israel.
            They’ll invade from the north.
            That’s when it’s time to get far away from urban centers.

        • See John Gill’s interpretation of those chapters (especially Ch 38:2) – he was the leading Hebraist on the planet when he wrote his commentary on the Bible in the 1700s.

          The only thing is, the Jews themselves – not just their Islamic neighbours – need to turn to Christ. For now, the Jews with their anti-Christian religion are God’s enemy while the “time of the Gentiles” continues.

      17. My bunker isn’t finished yet!

        • I wish I had one.

          • me too ,but here in the everglades it would have to be more like a submarine haha

            • LOL.

      18. Putin did not start this, this was started by the EU and US State Dept. But I think Putin would be able to finish it off rather quickly. Mac Slavo, as usual, betrays a lot of ignorance in this column. Also the region where most European wars have started or been settled would be a region extending from Northeast France through Belgium and Netherlands into Germany, it is called “The Cockpit of Europe.” Also, is Obama really willing to start WW3 in order to back up the Fascist junta who took over power in Ukraine by brute force?

        • Doug,

          Don’t say anything about Mac, the resident idiot will threaten you and then point out to,any who will listen that he “took you to task” or something like that. I know you must be shaking in your boots.

          • Bored, f$%# you! Damned right I’m a resident of this community but NOT an idiot. We are a prepper website despite what some who come around tend to believe. We do gather here to exchange useful information on survival-related topics and help each other achieve the best chances possible for their own personal survival. We have good people here and we’re NOT like any of the MSM sites. We don’t believe in censorship here. I challenge you to go to ANY MSM site, post comments contrary to their line of thought, and see how fast you get CENSORED AND BANNED FROM THAT MSM SITE. I speak from experience. I was banned from every MSM site out there before I started coming here 2 years ago. Bored, as long as you’re not a troll, you’re welcome to come here all you want, give us whatever info you have on any survival-related topic; we’ll be glad to hear that. Your posts won’t be deleted either. Just don’t act like a troll, that’s all we ask.

            • Whatever you say, captain red thumb. 🙂

          • Bored, you just crossed the line, that’s my Cuz your talking about. But if you behave we’ll let you stay. Right Cuz! Otherwise you can get the blankety, blank out of hear, and we’ll tell Mac your alright. So @#$%& you.

            • Hi Eisen, er, I mean, NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin,

              What line did I just cross? Did I say something that you didn’t like? Well golly, gee, mister, I sure do apologize. NOT!

              I like this site and have an appreciation for some people here, but some on this site are so childishly predictable, I just can’t help but write about it. Then all I have to do is wait a short period to be proven correct.

              It is funny, but at the same time, tiresome to constantly see the same comments by the same people no matter what the article is all about. The same threats that don’t need to be made against this or that religious or ethnic group. The “scolding” you receive if someone doesn’t totally agree with you, or sees something that you have posted as even the slightest deviation from their own train of thought.

              So Eisen, I’m sorry I have “crossed the line.”



            • NGIC, for the first time ever, I’ll thank you for something. I guess you’re not such an idiot after all.

              • Golly,

                The pot and the kettle are starting to get along. 🙂

                • GLF you know how it is, sometimes kinfolk fight. Cuz Braveheart, man I love him, no matter how bad he talks to me. And a note to “Bored” I ain’t Eisen, and I don’t miss him like my Cuz does.

        • DD, Mac Slavo is NEVER ignorant about anything. Mac presents these articles to us for our information and debate. It’s possible something in the article could be bogus but Mac has no control over that. I am against the US getting involved in another European debacle, BTW.

          • Sometimes the inaccuracies give us all a chance to debate and examine the issue thoroughly. I don’t take offense to what Mac posts, and he shouldn’t be personally offended when I present my opinion of it.

            It’s not a debate if everyone agrees, it’s a pilgrimage.

      19. Man this guy is clueless.

        • AL, I have much, much more than clues.

          • Hi Braveheart:

            Thanks for the welcome back. Also Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you.

            I hurt my left hand fingers and had to have 2 surgeries and casts, etc. Really complicated my typing ability. Am still hunting and pecking with my left hand but am in rehab a couple times a week so my movement in my hand is slowly coming back.

            Boy, has this taught me to appreciate what a God given wonder fingers and hands are; something I took for granted all these years!

            • Hope your healing progresses smoothly ‘granny’..ditto, glad to see you back on these boards.

              GOD’s blessings to you!

      20. Glenn pig is a liar

        • hey sam , how can he lie while only stateing his opinion ?

          • I would not say that Beck is a liar. But, he is the doom & Gloom business, so he reports anything to set people on edge.

            The Bible says that if a person attempts to be a prophet, if he is ever wrong, he is a false prophet.
            3 years ago Beck predicted that “Our Cities would burn as leftist hordes assaulted America during the summer of 2011”. He sited a book called “The Coming Revolution” as his source. Still waiting?

            In my opinion, Beck is a Phony, getting rich on any wild story that he can report.

            That is not to say that Poland is not calling up her military, or Putin is not getting ready to invade the rest of the Ukraine and Moldova. Both of which are more likely to happen daily.

            • Agreed. Beck is “owned opposition”, a limited hangout merchant, a defuser (via diversion) of popular dissent. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

        • Hi Sam. How much do you shills get paid to troll site like this from mommy’s basement? Here’s a note to you leftists: We’re here, we’re NOT queer, and we are never, ever EVER going away. Get used to it.

      21. i was reading earlier, there is a chinese bank in a small province that has been open 24 hours a day for almost 3 days due to a bank run. they have been bringing in truck loads of money, with stacks of cash piled behind the tellers to try and calm the nerves of people who are afraid there is not enough money in that bank. apparently a ‘rumor’ got started that someone was told he could not withdraw 200,000 yuan and this all started.

        Ebola has now spread across the guinea border to liberia. gotta wonder if this little bastard is now airborne. It’s easily passed through sweat…can we get a passenger manifest? was anyone from guinea on flight 370….sorry, i just don’t trust the gubmint on 370. After all this time a ‘close friend’ suddenly comes forward saying pilot was in no shape to fly. I got some land in florida I wanna sell ya.

        on the upside, i hear more and more chatter around me that people are slowly waking up to the fact that something is so wrong. However i’m afraid it may be too late, because i don’t think they are at the prepping stage yet. or maybe they are and they’re practicing opsec. one can hope.

        • Nopitty,Another Jewish Banker, trying to bring down the Chinese. Trekker Out.

      22. Is there an America? Face it, once and for all, face it, is there an America left? We are a continent ruled by Hebes, represented by Whores where only the communist desiring Hyphenate citizen votes are even counted and where the White Citizen, once defined as Americans have no significance whatever and will, on every issue, go to the back of the line! Do you yet not see this?? Can you not yet see that with the zillions of words spoken by the whores in governments over the decades that the direction of our beloved country has not changed one bit?; that the direction has only been down into the toilet of history and that now, we can all hear the swirl and can do nothing about it? The Czar of Russia couldn’t have known that all the Bastard Devils that he flushed from his country over a hundred years ago would settle in America where they would resume their destructive ways! Americans, in their naivete, in their ignorance of history, welcomed the scum of Russia with their virus of Communism and today, they rule and dominate the United States of America!!! As an old man of 70 who is living his last days on this Earth, I dread the time when I shall face my ancestors and explain, with the greatest of shame, how I and my generation let the only hope this planet ever had, be destroyed forever! When the finger is pointed at me, my only answer will be, guilty as charged! But let them at least understand that while I lived on this Earth, I despised the Eternal Jew with every fiber of my body because I, unlike most Americans, understood what they were all about!

        • Sunshine, when you meet face to face with your maker I doubt seriously if the cares and affairs of the world you left will even be a consideration to your ancestors.

          • Standing before the Jewish Jesus Christ, many will be thinking, “Uh-oh!”

            • Sovo.

              To add to my comment above.

              God does not want us to go against his people. Yet the Jewish people screw with the rest of us. So is God the only one to reprimand his people while the rest of us endure Jewish Aggression. God has all the time in the world to chastise. In my case, I do not! If the Jewish state or those who influence the world are doing wrong, they need there ass beat.

              • God’s people are the elect in every age. For a time, that was mostly concentrated in the nation that was Old Testament Israel, but that has long since passed. The Jews today practice a man-centric works-based religion bearing no resemblance to the messianic faith of Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets, et al.

                • Jay in the UK

                  So is that an excuse for what they do? If the Jewish State believes they have the Hand of God upon them in War, would it not give them invincible thoughts.

                  I’m not much in the Arab Camp either but you hear them say.

                  Allah is Great
                  The Jews say.
                  We are the chosen people.

                  • They perhaps take it as an excuse or as an assumed protection during their military actions, but I don’t believe God is with them or that they are a chosen people any more, seeing how God abandoned the ancient Hebrews because of their idolatry and scattered them among the heathen nations. All those promises to Abraham’s Seed were conditional and made on the basis of ongoing obedience and adherence to the Messianic faith. I don’t even believe most of the Jews in the state of Israel today are actual descendents of Jacob; it’s well known that many or most are Khazars.

                • UK Jay-

                  Per the Old Testament, there never existed a nation/country named Israel, way back then.
                  That chunk of real-estate was know as Judea, Sumeria & Galilee etc…

                  Israel was a man(see Jacob), who had twelve sons..which then married, had families and founded clans/tribes.
                  Hence, the 12 tribes(by sons) of Israel(Jacob).

                  Jacob(Israel) was a descendant(per DNA/blood) of Abraham..ditto, per his progeny.

                  Fast forwarding to today, the khazars(false Judeans) hijacked the name and birthright of Israel & use it as a shield against prosecution of their wickedness/evil, by renaming that Old Testament chunk of land…after him!!!

                  ..and their Rabbi’s openly crow about modern Israelis being the blood descendants of the pharisees….

                  Contrast the above w/ what the Savior/Son of GOD had to say about (modern Israel’s) forefathers(pharisees), he said:

                  “…Ye are of your father, the Devil…etc”

                  (meaning: from the seed/sperm of Satan)..from whence came Cain!!!!

        • Aurelius-


          Funny you should mention the Russian-khazars fleeing to America in the late 19th/early 20th century period, after failing at the 1st attempt at revolution…

          The Russian Czar at that time(Alexander maybe?)..telegraphed pres. Teddy Roosevelt w/ a cryptic message, after Teddy agreed to accept them…and said simply:

          “…’ll be sorry one day!!!!!!!”

        • Aurelius:

          Great factual post.

          The day is coming that those who want to ferret out the TRUTH will find that the internet sites that supply the backup verification to truth in history will no longer be there. TPTB have plans afoot to turn the policing of the internet over to the UN. All sites not approved by some committee of the UN will no longer be there. Do you think shtf will still be available?

          Think how easy it is now to verify what you have written. Just let your fingers do the walking. Unfortunately lots of sheeple are too lazy to even follow links provided by our family here at shtf. By following links provided here I find the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper; and the lies told to the American people blacker and blacker.

          It is refreshing to say the least to see new posters who are wide awake…..

          You aree one of them…..THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR POST….

      23. Nothing short of the collapse is going to change the direction of this country or the world. Putin has the advantage, and he is using it. If we had something besides a manchild in the top slot, and maybe a Congress that could accomplish something, ANYTHING, maybe there would be hope.

        My only hope is the many that post here and are awake. I am tired of the alarmist crap too, but a lot of what I am seeing – it is pretty clear and event is close. For 3 weeks the media drones on about flight 370, with NOTHING to report.

        Bring on the collapse. I am as ready as I will ever be. Only then when the smoke clears can we find a new course. That course is local, not global. My seeds are sprouting in the garage already. Let’s do this!

        I’m also in favor of a large natural event like a solar flare. Good stuff.

        • “Only then when the smoke clears can we find a new course. That course is local, not global.”

          Yep , LOCAL , pay attention and get involved.
          Dont be afraid to be the guy in the tinfoil hat at every twp meeeting. ( unless your a girl) .

      24. Does anyone know or have any updates regarding a reputed skirmish along the Turkey-Syria border yesterday…?

        Turkey is a NATO member, too, you know…!

        • Nothing on a ground skirmish but the Turks did shoot down an errant Syrian jet two days ago.

        • It is confimed only that Turkey shot down a Syrian jet fighter that closed the border .
          Just another day there , it seems .

      25. This article is based on old news.

        Stop the fear-mongering and hyping. Europe is an ocean away and has it under control. If circumstances go against them, it’s their problem with which to deal.

        And, by the way, Crimea does not constitute “half” of all of Ukraine.

        And please, stop acting as if Obama were not fully in Putin’s camp. Some day, maybe, we will get to be entertained by reading about how Obama’s loyalty to the Communist cause came to be solidified — who formalized it with him, where did it happen, when did it happen, what took place.

        People sound so utterly foolish when they spout on as if Obama were a loyal American.

      26. The Poles could give Putin a black eye, but they would never be able to beat him.
        I noticed that there AK’s have HALO sights on them. That is an upgrade from the standard AK sights.
        Now they are a member of NATO I wonder if the BALLESS commander& chief will live up to the NATO charter,if Poland is invaded?
        I just got a Polish PPS43 7.62X25 This is one little mean mother! I wouldn’t want to be down range of it.
        If some of their tropes are armed with this and with more small arms (AK RPK and sniper rifles) with Gorilla war fare they could cause Putin a lot of trouble.
        For me I’m sick of war!!!! Now if you come after me I will fight.
        Here is where the problem lies. We did nothing in Georgia, we did nothing in Ukraine. This is like I didn’t help my neighbor two blocks over when they came for him. I didn’t help my neighbor one block away. I didn’t help my neighbor next door when they came for him. Now they are at my door. OH S%^t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        This is a tuff call.
        AIM SMALL MISS SMALL (My Polish friends)

        • Poland beat the snot out of Stalin’s Red Army between WW1 and WW2. This is why Stalin had Hitler’s help in 1938.

          My Mom was 100% Polish (From Chicago) and remembered most of the guys from her High School class joining the Polish Calvary right before WW2. Nobody ever heard from any of them after the war.

          • Its because they sent them into battle up against the German panzer’s with .30cal. machine guns. They didn’t stand a chance on horses with sabers. Brave as hell though.

        • Sgt: I got one of the PPS43’s made in Poland new. You are so right, also got some of that hot ammo for it. It is one mean little cuss.

          NOMI should we give!

        • Sgt. Dale, You are right on target. The bully on the block thinks he can do anything he wants and can get away with it. There is no accountability, no repercussions. Meanwhile the Wimp in Chief is talking big, and swaggering around Europe and the Middle-East insulting everyone’s intelligence with his empty threats bragadocia. Meanwhile, the enemies of the ‘freeworld’ are delighted and giving the fool enough rope to hang himself. Others are crying, “Woe, is me, woe is me! Leave poor Putin alone. You might annoy him. Don’t wanna do that, he is one tough cookie. Just look at those pictures. What strong arms he has! What strong teeth he has. Look at those Pecs. What ever you do, don’t make him mad!” There has been very little ‘push-back’ from the West. Soon they will be in our yard, if they are not already there. There needs to be a change in leadership, the CinC and his coterie of advisors are the problem. Empeachment and arrest for treason!

          • LAEAGLE +100
            Obama thinks he is bully on the block at home with his army of EBT card holders .This guy is in complete daisyland , or choom gang , whatever.
            YEAH , he has gotta go , the US stature in the world has been reduced to “joke” , so all the so called bullies are steppin up . Hell even NK is pokin fun launching rockets .
            Its a damn disgrace ,
            BUT ! Obama wears a mean pair of mom jeans !

            Chris Matthews said so ….

        • Some of their “tropes”?Sarge,time to readjust/get game together.I would never bring this up but you being eagle eyed,well,folks depending on yas,well,unless,you really retire?The do nothing for neighbor thing though gives me hope for ya’s yet!On or off call,that is were it will count,stick up for your neighbors!Oh,and for long haired idiots helping strangers,we aint too bright,but try non the less to do the right thing !

      27. Snap out of this guys!!Western leaders and Obama ;directed by globalist and central bankers, are feigning weakness to bring about this conflict so as to blame the coming collapse on war, then usher in their new world order

        • Agen
          As complex as what’s going on in the world is, your post is a likely closer to the truth then any of us would like it to be.

        • AP-


 another brilliant mind here, said days ago (kudos to him):

          “Every agenda has numerous objectives”

      28. Putin is going to recapture almost everything that was lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union. All the way up to the German border.

        • Yup, then he will nuke the U.S. cities to prevent us from tooling up to retake Europe.

          East coast only, so as not to ruin all of the great farm land in the center of our country.

        • Can I borrow your crystal ball, I’d like to buy some bingo tickets…

          • Damn Sixpack!!!

            when you’re finished w/ the bingo thingy…I’ll pay shipping to my address..I need to pad my retirement account w/ “mega-Millions” lottery tickets!!!


            • Deal.

        • Soon, while it’s still cheap ( no resistance) Putin will wrap up the rest of Ukraine. He needs the supply route to Crimea. He ain’t gonna build a bridge! He might be magnanimous , and just claim the South, but I doubt it. Any ametuer military planner can see it coming.
          Then, if no one challenges him, why not keep going?
          And just like all the other escapades in Europe, we’ll be waist deep in it, like it or not. Plus, the MIC is probably already salivating at the new business.
          Just my .02

      29. Has it crossed anyone’s mind that PBO is probably a KGB asset from the 80’s, And thus,has always been Putin’s bitch? Just sayin…..

      30. The state hates an armed citizenry. It is no longer content with merely keeping the peace, and has abandoned its prime directive for one of social engineering. Seeing that some folks refuse allegiance to the U.S.S.A.; they are now swatting down the cancerous cells of Liberty. The state is hysterical over our obsession with guns. We are not obsessed with guns, but freedom. Why do we have guns; they are there to keep our rights and freedom LIMBER.

        Remember only armed people can be free people, and the state knows this all too well. We must first be disarmed in order to be enslaved.

        Martial law is probably imminent, but the state must first within the police and military, weed out those that cherish Liberty. Quit believing that the state always holds the winning hand it doesn’t by a long shot.

        Use wisdom and exercise courage. The ugly weed of tyranny is growing strong in our national garden. OUR FEAR IS ITS WATER. Begin to no longer fear. Let’s starve out this weed while we can, or else the Flower of Freedom will be strangled from our land. BEGIN TO NO LONGER FEAR! Quit daydreaming about Liberty and start LIVING it. NO MORE FEAR!
        (From You and the Police) B.T.P. (Paraphrased)
        NOMI should we give!

        • Well said River-Rat!

        • River rat,agree but never limit yourself to firearms as a weapon to fight tyranny with so many choices out there.As I said before,anyone with a few hundred bucks and a big box store nearby can make things that put firearms on the back burners of tyrannies hit list!

      31. I have been to Poland, set up pipeline equipment and trained some guys to run it, not much more than a fence seperates it from Russia.

      32. @Shooter says. Your saying Obama and Soros are Neocon?

      33. If the geography was moved to our southers hemisphere the US would act as least as violently waving the self imposed Monroe Doctrine as justification. Governments democratically elected with popular support have been overthrown in our southern hemisphere for the benefit of United Fruit and Standard Oil (War Is A Racket, Author Smedley Butler) (1950s Dulles brothers) and at the expense of the citizens.

        Any moral high ground we supposedly possess is an illusion. This is all about the perception of security each nation expects to retain.

        The reality is this is on Russia’s back door. From that perspective one would be naive to expect any other response from them.

        • Bravo K2, I would also add that any moral high ground we might have possessed, dissipated when we aided/orchestrated the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government.

          • We need not forget internationally mandated elections that never took place because the outcome would not be in the favor of the power elite namely the reunification of Indochina (Vietnam) post French withdrawal. Instead subsequent puppet governments were installed in the southern section unpopular with the civilian population eventually necessitating US Military involvement to maintain placement of the political “square peg in a round hole”.

            Russia and Putin certainly are no saints and are quite willing to adopt the same underhanded policy’s as us but Crimea is actually more of their zone of influence then Baja Mexico is ours.

            • The above is impossible to vote thumbs down because the above is 100% documented historic fact.

              • I’ve figured out that TRUTH has nothing to do with why some people thumb down comments. I’ve got quite an entourage of trolls who thumb me down, even if all I posted was “LOL”.

        • i saw this earlier and laughed my butt off. I don’t think he knew what to think.

          • That was too damned funny….the clown getting no applause !!

          • I think obummer knew exactly what it meant. If everywhere else they do him the same way, he’ll have to start paying audiences to clap at his speeches…again.

      34. Poland, natural invasion into Russia.
        Or out…….
        Ukraine now has no excess to any seaport.

        HMMMM, a very off the wall thought….. Suppose the west is setting the Russians up, to be become over confident.

        I am awaiting for Germany to step up and stop this……

        • what if we’re the ones getting set up?

        • and the video was published in 1984—go figure.

      35. The Polish Navy you mean? Give me a break with all of this war-mongering. Nations FINALLY stand up to Western hegemony and criminality, and the propagandists come out of the woodwork.

        Russia didn’t annex anything, the people voted to RE-join Russia. Period. It’s called SELF-DETERMINATION, remember?

        On the other hand, the Western-orchestrated coup that started this mess violently overthrew a democratically-elected government. But I guess that’s Slavo’s idea of “American Exceptionalism.” Keep the Beast doing what it’s always done best, right?

        Wait ’til Russia, China and India put there money where their mouths are and collapse the petrol-dollar with the completion of their energy deal. Their hand has been forced, so stop the sob stories. Karma works in mysterious ways.

      36. The Polish Navy you mean? Give me a break with all of this war-mongering. Nations FINALLY stand up to Western hegemony and criminality, and the propagandists come out of the woodwork.

        Russia didn’t annex anything, the people voted to RE-join Russia. Period. It’s called SELF-DETERMINATION, remember?

        On the other hand, the Western-orchestrated coup that started this mess violently overthrew a democratically-elected government. But I guess that’s Slavo’s idea of “American Exceptionalism.” Keep the Beast doing what it’s always done best, right?

        Wait ’til Russia, China and India put there money where their mouths are and collapse the petrol-dollar with the completion of their energy deal. Their hand has been forced, so stop the sob stories. Karma works in mysterious ways.

      37. Contrary to some beliefs the Polish are neither stupid nor cowards- that said, they will go to their deaths fighting rather than be Russian slaves. They remember how things were (and still are) with the ruskies.
        Poland is in a very bad spot geographically and they know it, which is also why they are keenly aware of what’s going on. When the polish cavalry went up against the german tanks in WWII they didn’t stand a chance, but fought to the death anyways. This time would be different, as they are NATO members and will invoke that defense right (if they have time).

        Putin knows that BO is a Marxist plant and is going to keep ‘annexing’ while he can as fast as he can. That’s why Igor Sechin, CEO of Rosneft, is on a tour of Japan, India, South Korea and Vietnam. They are drumming up support ahead of any ‘issues’ to gauge the next moves.

        None of this should come as a surprise to any of us here, as the evil emperor in Star Wars said, “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design”

      38. Michelle’s Hard-Knock Life Story Comes to China

        “Recycling her tried-and-true American dream story, Michelle Obama gave Chinese schoolchildren the same stump speech she delivers everywhere she goes, from Ireland to Chicago. The FLOTUS has used her hard-knock life tale to justify more vacations for herself than her husband has golf balls.

        The problem is that the story is exaggerated…”

        “Did the woman who arrived on Air Force One wearing a $3,000 dress and is staying in an $8,400 per night hotel suite, really feel it was necessary to allege that she was discriminated against?”

        American Thinker dot com

      39. Off topic:

        I’m butchering a tom turkey any day now. This tom is a beast, he can hardly stand he’s so big, I guestamating 60 pounds standing weight. I know he will not fit in the oven. The one we cooked up at thanksgiving (40# dressed) had to fit in the oven caddy corner, with the rack all the way to the bottom and the top of the turkey barely fit. This turkey is about 15 pounds heavier, standing. I was thinking of a fire pit and rotary spit. Has anyone done this? any tips would be appreciated. We have a meat grinder and for a plan “B” I can grind it up into burger, I’d rather have a party and invite friends over for some good eats, good music and a good time.

        • dont throw away them bones ! Make turkey broth and can it for the tough times ahead.

          • Rick,would roast as full no matter the troubles,outside cook so be it,just my opinion but then damn,that is a lot of bird!

        • I have cut big birds in half lengthwise and roasted them in the oven cut side down as usual. Now I am hungry for turkey!

        • 60 pounds?????Holy Leftovers Batman!!!

          • Rick-

            You’re not supposed to feed turkeys on…”grow Pup” chow!

            ..personally, I’d take “Texan’s” route.

            Bon apatit’

        • Shame I’m so far away or I might try and wrangle an invite – I’d bring a few cases of Aussie beer? 🙂


        • That would be a candidate for an Imu
          Is a Hawaiian roasting pit, they dig a hole, maybe 6 to 8′ round, 3′ deep
          Line it with round river stones, the porous ones usually better, build a fire with more stones piled on it, light it, burn it down, pull the loose stones to the side, whole pig, liberal rock salt, skin on, de haired, put banana leaves in the stomach cavity, place hot rocks in it,
          Place chicken wire over stones banana leaves over wire,
          Pig wrapped with banana leaves, pull wire around the pig to hold it all together, put the turkey in there with the pig,,, pile stones over the wire and banana wrapped pig, more banana leaves cover with water soaked burlap bags, cover with thick layer of dirt, let stay for 8-10 hrs,
          Good stuff,
          Can put sweet potatoes or stuff like that in it too.

        • My neighbor had to get rid of a couple of turkeys recently, the Tom got aggressive when the kids wouldn’t stop attacking him…Rick, your bird didn’t happen to come from out Sandy way, did it?

          • @ sixpack,

            The bird’s not from Sandy. This turkey I’ve had for about a year now and it’s a white breasted breed. The cornish cross of turkeys. I have a hen of the same breed and she’s an egg laying machine at about half the weight of the tom, so she get’s to live plus she keeps the rooster in line and will rip into him when he tries to go after me.

            • Thanks Rick, it was just a thought. For a moment I thought I might not be alone out here.

        • had the same problem one year when we couldn’t butcher at the right time.

          can you rent a portable barbecue? Like the ones they do public chicken roasts on?
          my husband made a roaster for us out of a tank that he cut in half and welded hinges on with grates and rotisserie attachment (that he made out of a steel rod) fits a 1/4 beef in it, if necessary.

          buy lots of charcoal, italian dressing and butter to baste with.. mmmmm mmmm good. I don’t see why you can’t roast it like you would roast a pig in a firepit.

        • Try “Trash Can Turkey”.

      40. Put fear of Russians in Poles and then flog’em the more weapons.

        • I’ve grilled turkey in my Weber but not that huge. Big pit filled with hot coals on a big stick?

      41. Just like shown in comment 2976621, Adak, Alaska became active yesterday, and today Yellowstone has had several earthquakes. I could imagine what would happen if there was a 8 pointer or larger in Adak what Yellowstone would do after this. The two volcanic areas are connected as this happens almost everytime it gets going in Adak, Yellwostone soon follows.

        • Great,time to give final wipe to ammo or is it time to kiss it all goodbye an get bottle of Jack?As either way perhaps end o times really comfortable with either direction.

          • I’m for the Jack. Gentleman Jack preferably.
            But No.7 will do.

      42. Let’s see, they got Libyas gold.
        They won’t give Germany back its gold.
        They now have Ukraines gold.

        Victoria Nuland is married to the PNAC co-founder and gives speeches with Chevon and Exxon-Mobil logos behind her and states that the U.S. has spent 5 billion dollars
        sowing unrest in Ukraine.

        McCain is a lunatic that AIPAC loves.
        Obama the king of drones, magically becomes concerned about international law.

        Yeah, I really trust anything the U.S. says or does.

        • BK…et al

          Did you watch the video at Hague where Obama addresses privacy,rule of law.human rights,liberty before the press?

          Well not a single response nor applause after his speech..deafening silence..perfect..

          Obama: Well That’s Embarrassing, No One Clapped 3/25/2014



      43. Does anyone have any opinions on if what’s going on right now with Putin has anything to do with dipshit saying he’d have more flexibility after the election?

        • It probably had nothing to do with anything important, but it makes for a good distraction, doesn’t it? It makes SOME people wonder about it and doubt what the elites want doubted.

          It was nothing but nothing.

      44. Mac

        I’ve got to hand it to you..

        You present the issue at hand from all the alt media and let us respond accordingly without censorship.

        For that alone I thank you..never mind that you never video yourself as the final and absolute nor offer further details for a price for profit..

        You offer a refreshing alternative without ever asking for donations..just our opinions..



        • Mac-

          Ditto..per Possee!

          ..much ^ thumbs to you, sir…and salute!

          • I agree,
            This is like family of sorts,
            It is much appreciated, dont get those awaiting moderation and then it never gets posted.
            100 thumbs wayyy up!

            • Mac, ditto per Possee, Hunter, and Kulafarmer. I still say ROCKS! Naysayers not withstanding.

              • Thank Y’all! It rocks because of the awesome readers and contributors!

                • Thank you Mac! 🙂 BTW, Is the little woman pregnant with boy number three?

        • I so wish people would re-visit the past in order to be ready for the future…..the bickering will rapidly go by the wayside, but the angst will remain. Get over yourselves….some of you are right and some of you are wrong….who cares which is which at this point? Get your shit together and stop spouting off about earthquakes, pandemics, or anything else that have YET TO BE ENCOUNTERED….yep, we ALL KNOW what MAY be on the way, but we sure as shit don’t need to have every single particular horrific event highlighted….WHY not attempt to actually HELP rather than merely state the obvious….

          • Fiesty,tis why folks post here,to share information on how to make it in challenging times,that said,do you have either a question and/or a idea to help folks out,either are welcome and hope you enjoy the forum/chat what have you either way.

            • The ole reality check.

        • Can only agree with possee and Hunter on this – many thanks from Down Under! 100% non discriminatory no matter how way out, weird or just plain wacko the comments/opinions may get.

          By the way, any other Aussies on this site?


          • Aussie-

            Allow me to extend unto you…honorary CSA(real American) citizenship! Methinks you’re one of us.

            ..I have distant blood-kin down under, they hailed from Hertfordshire & Oxfordshire England..back in the early 1800s.

            Fair Dinkum’?


            P.S.> thing I learned(first hand) years ago…its hard to hang w/ the Aussies, when it comes to drinking good beer!!!!!!!!!!

   guys are immune to hangovers!!!!

            • Yeah Hunter, love the US, been there twice and was going to come back for a lion hunt in Idaho last Xmas but my Dad hasn’t been well for a number of years and I just cant risk being out of Aussie for the few weeks.

              Most of us do like a beer and while I don’t consider myself a big drinker (by Aussie standards anyway) I can see off my Yank mate in Portland Or quite easily! Dunno about immune from hangovers though …. 🙂

              I’d like to mention Mac again – gotta admire that bloke. Some people come on here and really work him over but he lets their comments go through just like the rest.

              Tip of the hat to ya Mac.


      45. ps….hope y’all got the “who cares at this point” message…..

      46. Aren’t you glad those “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting ninnies elected Obungler, for just a time like this!

        Oh wait. Sorry

      47. Can’t Obungler just go BOW to someone, like he does everyone else? If that doesn’t work, maybe his *teleprompter* will have an idea.
        Or not

      48. I don’t put much stock into what G. Beck says, he is an obvious plant by the establishment.

      49. What will America do?

        America will do nothing. Oh, we’ll huff and puff and blow, but at the end of the day, we don’t care about Poland.

        But Germany is going to get very, very nervous very, very soon. That’s the real problem. A cold, hungry Germany has been a bad, bad thing for 2000 years.

        It just might become a bad thing again.

      50. I came to this site after looking a long time. What L was lookiing for was a site that discussed general survival tips,storage, and just simple advice on making it through hard times. While I find that here,however seldom it is,I’ve never read so many anti-semetic posts It has gotten to the point where I simply will bow out from here. A good site that could be used for so much good being corrupted by ignoramuses using the site to vomit their ignorance. Yes, I am Jewish—-what’s it to ya?

        • southside-

          Well, if you’re not a follower/disciple of the Talmud..or invested in zionist ideology or anti-gentilism/anti-Christianity..then you shouldn’t feel unwelcome.

          Hang around a bit, we discuss prepping skills often.

          I will say this one here is an anti-Semite..we have nothing against the arabs, so long as they leave us alone.
          Ditto, if you’re of Semitic DNA..that means you’re Sephardi..yes?
          Otherwise, your antisemitism charge is mute!


          BTW, you may want to check out(jewish) Brother Nathanael Kapner’s web-site and/or look into jewish author/writer “Roy Tov” for some enlightening education. They’re both good guys & well respected.

          Good luck!

        • So you think censorship is okay?

        • Many here are pro Jewish & believe in the Bible. Hope you stay here.

        • southside

          I agree with your assessment. Personally I’m an agnostic.

          Check out JPFO. I’m fortunate to have called Aaron Zelman may he be known for good my friend.

      51. Calm down people, Russia is not going to invade Poland. Maybe Ukraine, low possibility of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and I believe that would be it. Certainly not Poland or any other European countries. It would be suicidal for Russia to over-extend itself because Russia just does not have the human, financial and military resources to really control such a vast stretch of land and people.

      52. Phuck U AAG. I hope all of the senior citizens over 65 years old that sign a reverse mortgage on their paid off homes live to be over 102. You and the big bankers are worse than over night loan companies located outside of military bases CONUS. Fed Reserve Bankers F.U.

        • I know a woman who got a reverse mortgage and she’s 88 and counting.

        • Ted,
          Unfortunately the terms on some reverse mortgages squeeze the poor folks who take them out of their homes, a friend lost her home and was evicted when she got beyond the equity in her home, was real sad, bunch of leaches in the banking industry if you ask me.

      53. All going as planned. Albert Pike’s script for WWIII is in full view. The actors are taking to the stage. Please take your seats and silence your nsa monitored cell phones.

      54. You can only poke at a bear with a stick so many times before you provoke it into swiping you back with its massive paws.

      55. Good Morning SHTF!
        Just another, “Great Navy Day”, as we used to say.
        As the world moves toward WW3 I have been reviewing my info Nuclear War and survival. Very bleak at best. There are no mass migrations from the major cities as of now.
        My neighbors are not digging fallout shelters and no Civil Defense advisories on the boob tube. Here we are talking about major devastation and most people can not handle a simple power outage.

      56. and more on the REAL welfare queens and PARASITES in our society

        A First Look At New Report On Crony Capitalism – Trillions In Corporate Welfare–-trillions-corporate-welfare

        major banks that are insovent
        FAILED by corrupt,incompetent CEO’s
        who CONTINUE to be rewarded with massive salaries and bonuses

        Citi Fails Fed Stress Test … The REAL Story

        don’t you wish you had a job
        where you could be a MASSIVE failure
        and not only keep your position
        but be rewarded for your failure ???


      57. Semite = the linage of Shem, son of Noah. The line that leads to Jesus, the Lord of Glory whom I love and worship.

        Guess I had to go all the way down here to post this as the above comments were marked in such a way as I could not reply to them in context.

        And no, google didn’t have to help.

        • Grandee: Now check your bible lineage infos…because todays jews, Most, and almost All ruleing and resideing in Israel, call themselves “Askanazi ” jewish..

          Acording to the decendant lineage in the bible, Noahs other Son “Japeth” is who Askanazi came from originally..

          Jesus is of Judah yes. Askanzai jews aint. Japeth or else one of His decendants is what bible states is where ashkanaiz came from..Definatly NOT from Shem.

          So facts is it is stupid and wrong to call these folks posting infos on jewish issues etc an antisemite. Since at least 98+% todays jews globally are ashkanazi jews or from them too…

          And ashkanazi are also who are Really the Khazar peoples that Converted to Talmudic judaisim in aprox 740-750 AD while still In kingdom of Khazaria when their King, king Bulan ordered All his subjects to convert to pharise invented Talmudic judaisim…

          Therefore converting to talmudic jew be it 750 AD era OR even Yesterday! or Next Week a convert…That religious conversion has ZERO bearing on DNA and in NO way can any person Change dna or orig birth nationality by simply a religious conversion.

          Taken all as a whole…It Is Wrong to call folks antisemites when its todays “jews” they are speaking of.

          If it were ARABS?…Then Yes an anti-arab could be called anti semitic since arabs are semites. Get it Yet?

          • Let me be very careful this time in what I say. I am NOT about to debate whether a jew is one by DNA or by religious conversion. I believe anti-semitism comes from the heart. IT is a heart issue. Hatred of a race of people, no mater how that race came to be is wrong. Because there are ALWAYS folks within that race that are abused verbaly or physically because of ethnicity. Even though they are not a banker or a whatever that is upsetting you so much at the moment. If you are so upset that a banker is causing you a problem-then say it about THE BANKER, not about whether he is a jew. Stop contributing to the hatered in the world, because that is precisely what you are doing. Get it yet?

            • The WORD hatred is whats confusing You. To Point out something said or quoted or a belief of a person or entire group of, is not hate.

              And yes while some of a certain group may not do wrongs etc…Facts are well known for several thousand yrs of talmudic history that those who call themselves “jews” always stick together no matter what. They are Taught that from birth. Normally that can be a good idea…

              BUT when many of the group are Hell bent to dominate every race and their talmudic religious teachings declares all NON jews as Goyim animals less than a human…Where is the Vast “Good jews”? Where is Their vast Outspoken Outrage at such crap?

              No instead we are Lucky if a Dozen jews nationwide ever speaks out of such jewish perpetrated atrocities.

              Why has it taken over 3/4ths a century since 1918 for avg folks in usa to be able to get truth of what REALLY occured and WHOM did it in 1918 russia revolt?

              No all we have heard entire lives is “Poor always victim jews” who never do wrong cause they are chozens. Maybe They believe that myth of chozens?…I believe Jesus Christs words and True facts based History. And what the Old testement bible states about that issue.

              All these issues like russia soviet perps were 90% jew led, run owned profited from is Fact. But it was well Hidden for 70 yrs!…Ironic for a group that usually touts itself as such great wise above all others races etc folks to need HIDE so many Past historical events eh.

              But if atrocieties Jews did to a dozen nations peoples, mostly of white christian backgrounds,when grand totals of death because of those jews numbers at Least 50 TIMES greater than the jewish “six million camp” death Myths, well obviously if jews didn’t Hide what They did prior, nobody would buy into all their “jews are all victims” status, which same as black negroes has done, they have Played That race card to the Hilt to their benifit..

              However thanks to the Internet, today we have quick massive access to facts and Truths of all these issues past, and present!…This is why not only are we now seeing the usual Blacks played race card fail miserably, untill Today barely any whietys still adhere to white guilt enhanced by constant black crys of whitey persecutions etc…

              But today we also see the Eaxct Same thing occureing to the Jewish “race” card games.

              It makes for very difficult ordeal when todays jews cry Oyvey we are all always Innocent Victims and all goyims are evil nazis!….Well when todays “Goyims” Learn of the many wrongs and genocidal mass killings perped BY jews as I said begining with russia 1918, and considering how when Trotsky came to NY city to recieve $20 million in Gold from Jacob Shiff, jewbankster, to do that russian revolt…After jews tried Twice prior and Failed at a revolt there…Trotsky also had NO problem getting at least 300 More jews in NY to agree to return to russia and assist in it all….None of us folks in usa, or barely any of us, ever before Knew these facts of history.

              But Now we Do…And today when we hear a jewish person cry of six million and nazis etc,,First thing we think is “Gee 20 yrs before hitler was heard of, jew in russia began to Exterminate white christians by the Tens of Millions, untill by end of it all in 1990, 250+ million were dead!…Gee Perhaps Thats a good reason hitler was leery of jews in germany eh?…Maybe nazis Learned what they are charged with doing FROM bolshevik jews and what They did Prior in russia eh?

              But regardless either way…Todays jews can’t gain Cash and mass sympathy for a “claimed(false claim and facts proved) six million dead jews in WWII era when we cannot but help to compare that claim to the proven falsehoods of it and the proven Many more evils jews did prior..

              many are also tired of seeing less than 2% of usa POP, jewish POP, with so much total control today of america and we see the usa headed straight down same Path as russia 1918 and the SAME “race or group” is perpetrating This mess too…That is, its the Jews…AGAIN!

              And when folks tell us “but only a Small few are bad jews” Well Okay! Great so Wheres The BEEF? Where are all the so called Good jews speaking out, massive jewish street protests AGAINST what Bad jews are doing here in usa?

              And do NOT try tell me any gibberish of this or that because we have seen massive jews protests when for example another Hitler wannabe dons nazi arm band swaztikas and goes to March down a street…OH YES Then Many concerned jews hit the streets running and vastly speak out! LOUDLY too! International Jewry gets involved and it goes Globally Viral in two minits flat!

              But Outrage when Bad jews do stuff?…NON existant.

              Sorry if any bubbles get burst..Facts Are facts though as one Good Honest jewish man, Benjamin Freedman said..He said Alot More too and it All coincides with what I write here!…If You are jewish? perhaps since you are concerned, maybe You can begin a Group of good jews willing to Join Us goyims and speak Out of Bad jewish crap done non stop against Us eh…That’d be real swell eh.

              PS: “IF” events current today in america sprial into the same events of Russia 1918 again, and as I said we already Know its being done By that same “group” mainly, which Is a jewish, profited from, group of Grandkids of orig Bolsheviks of 1918 era…Well the “Proof in the Puddin” as some say, is going to be when WE see just How Many so called “Good” jews VS “Bad” jews actually speak Out and if needed Fight againts fellow bad jews With Our side eh?

              Same can be stated for claims of so many Good Blacks in usa today…Great, so just How many actually will Stand With Patriot whiteys when it hits fan?

              If I were to wager a bet, I’d say we wont see many of Either Group assist Us…However I’d also bet that the Few patriot Blacks will Greatly Out number any from that jewish group in usa…When historically have jews ever gone against fellow jews? In any significant numbers anyways?

              So if You look at issues from Our perspective, you may better comprehend why so many of Us may be Leery also of the jewish presence within america. And NOBODY else But jews can change That immage which they held for 3000+ yrs now. I Hope I am totally Wrong! I Hope it really is just a few bad apple jews and blacks too…I Hope 99% of each group sides with patriotic whiteys and christians “IF” TSHTF arrives in america full bore…I’d be a huge Fool to count or wager on it though as per factual Histroy and Talmudic beliefs and adherence to such eh.

      58. putin is not after “Soviet glory”ز
        it is the west fault,
        they crowed up the whole world, he seem to be defending himself against their aggression!

      59. gee? i wonder why russia is so worked up over things …

        russia is entitled to respond to a threat on it’s own borders by the nwo globalist bankers oligarchy ukraine nazi henchmen and american black-water mercenaries.

        imagine if russia used russian kgb and spetnaz agents to take over mexico, i’m pretty sure the israeli puppet in the whitehouse would react just as russia’s putin is now to the globalist banker killer mercenary agents threat on his borders.

        this report is twisting the facts of the reality on the ground in the ukraine.


      60. If anyone here thinks that Russia in general and Putin in specific are the threat to their freedom you’re looking in the wrong direction.

        Ron Paul along with his son Rand, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Paul Craig Roberts can enlighten you.

        • But, Kevin.
          TPTB must have boogey men in order to create new wars to increase arms sales.
          TPTB need sheeple to fight in the wars to increase arm sales.
          TPTB need an enemy so they can increase taxes, to give more rights to their police and secret services, to take more rights from plebs, to steal plebs’ privacy to make plebs safer.
          TPTB are behind Agenda 21 and need total control of the plebs for success.

          • Ron Paul, maybe yes…NOT Rand Paul though! Hes been bashing Russia big time and sideing with neocon war mongers Loyal, as is Rand loyal to tribe zios.

            Ever see yutube video of Rand wearing a skull cap banging his forehead against that wailers wall in Israel prior to his elections?…I never recalled Ron doing that dog & pony show act!

            only ONE major reason exists for every usa politition or wannabe politition to do that skull cap, bang head against wall act…Thats to Gin up Massive jew vote and Cash and especially mainly MSM TV Positive tv coverage to get Elected Period.

            Any who reject Loyalty to and strict Obedience to AIPAC Jewish and zionists Org…Get Very Negative bad TV coverage, zero jew votes and zero jew CASH including jewish Bankster and wall street jew cash support!

            They may not ever obtain Dual citizenship creds like most jews in official fed govnt and MSM spots do…but they May as Well do so since that entrie dog and pnoy bang head on wall Act is to show 100% loyalty to jew issues and state of israel…ABOVE Any/All Loyalty to USA or Its citizen american folks…And once elected their every daily actions and votes proves this as Fact.

            Once elected that way they all ask ONE main question regardless what issues about…”Is this vote or That policy good for jews? good for Israel”?

            If answers Yes…They vote FOR it…if NO not good for jews etc..They vote NO also. regardless whats Good for america or american folks. TRAITORS is an Very Apt description eh…Rand Fits that to the Proverbial-T.

      61. Russia needs the oil reserves to become a super power. Putin wants an old style USSR. For the first time in my 58 years I have seen a Russian leader gather more popularity than our own president. It is about a shuffling of wealth among the elite. You can bet it will not change much for the average Joe. Sometimes I don’t think we will ever wise up. The strings are being pulled and we know it. God will intervene, and His word will be fulfilled and the power elite will pay.

      62. BO is wanting more NATO military hardware and troops sent to eastern Europe, Estonia, Lithuania, Lativa, and Poland. This is goating on Russia to a real fight.–sector.html;_ylt=A0SO8z9uKjRTmzAAHTdXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTBydmltOXB0BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNgRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw–

        Poland has been a nation that was unfairly take by the USSR. Estonia, Lithuania, Lativa were part of the Soviet Union and BORDER RUSSIA. The broken promise of not expanding NATO eastward made to Russia was the ultimate humiliation when the U.S. and Europe let those 3 Baltic countries into NATO in 2004.

        These people talk about Putin being the new Hitler. The craving up of post WW1 Germany does have similaraties to it. The Germans lost tremendous amounts of land and were boxed in just like Russia has been. The worst mistake and biggest miscalculation of the past 50 years with Russia was shaming them by taking those 3 Baltic states that were Russia into NATO. This was the studiest mistake they could have made. Now billions of people will die if NATO defends EX-Soviet states if and when Russia decides that they are sick and tired of having enemy forces walking distance from St. Petersburg. The U.S. and European countries are 100% to blame for this.

      63. @ Kevin2. I can see the same broken promises of the U.S. not expanding NATO eastward given to Russia, as the same future broken promises given to the American people that the Constitution will not be infringed on. I can see the same broken promises that the 2nd Amendment rights will be preserved when BO or someone else issues marital law and executive orders that trash ALL rights and freedoms under the Constitution given to Americans. I can see BO and others lawyering up and allowing people to MAYBE keep single shot firearms and still retaining “2nd Amendment rights”.

        I think one of worst qualities in human beings is not being able to keep their word. When you cannot trust a person or a government, they are totally worthless. The U.S. has one of the worst track records for breaking treaties, promises, their word of any country. Just ask the American Indian about how they were given reservations to live on, they settled in and then gold or some other valuable commodity was found on their new land and how they were kicked of off it. Ask any person that has had their home MOVED away, U.S. citizen about how they have been given chicken feed, “chump change” under the eminent domain clause when the state determines that your private property is not actually yours.

        Then someone like the Paul family talks about stating out of other countries business and start to concentrate American tax payer’s dollars on America instead of imperialistic crap and they are labeled as out of touch isolationists. No wonder the U.S. is hated the world over by other countries that are finding Russia and China lesser of the evils. 30000 people are signing a petitioon for Alaska to rejoin Russia is a sign of just how fed up Americans are with this government and BO. Now I have upset myself to start the day. 🙁

        • Our stupid politicians ALL need to be replaced and the new group schooled in minding our own business and minding our own issues first and foremost. I dont give a crap how isolationist this sounds, we need to take care of our own house first!

          • Amen Kula!!!!

      64. What a drama.

        Putin was only interested in keeping the Crimea out of the West’s hands and protect its military Black Sea base (which was the US interest seen from the other side, trying to kick the Russians out so US could put a base there and encircle Russia even more militarily).

        Putin is not interested in the bankrupt Ukraine and is laughing his butt off that the West is now stuck with it and needs to bail it out like Greece etc,..
        What makes him laugh even more is that the bulk of the West’s tax-payers’ bail-out billions will flow directly into Russia to settle loans and pay for much higher Gazprom natgas prices.

        Putin will never risk a nuclear war over other countries he knows are out of his reach.

        Russia will set up economic and financial ties with China, India and other BRICS circumventing the petrodollar, SWIFT, etc…

        All the rest is warmongering BS analyses.

        • Well this just in Russia increases troops on Ukraine border from 30k to about 80k. WHY? There is usually one reason for this and its not for a picnic.

      65. Why are there so many racist comments?

      66. Off Topic Question. I just want to know if anyone has heard of Operation American Spring In May of 2014. Is it for real? What are your guys thoughts on it. If its real is anyone going? Could this be our time to shit or get off the pot if its real. Some of the research I have found their rules of engagement to the militia groups. I’m sure some people here are part of there local militia has this been brought up at all?

        • D.C.-

          There has been a considerable amount of speculation and some dubious intel, per leaks/back channel chatter, among those w/ sources.

          The primary allegation orbits around a likely shocking revelation, as to a depressing(soon to come) ‘tax collection/tax monies received’ statement by the feds…due sometime after 4/15/14…which will solidify in the minds of everyone..the fact that we’re doomed to financial collapse/monetary failure…which supposedly will ‘spook’ investment in the markets & US treasuries.

          ..hence, a ramping up per “operational readiness” of various alphabet-soup agencies.

          We’ll see soon enough!

      67. Polish Special Forces best in world. The Green Babushkas.

        • Old Polish Proverb, as taught me by my grandma…

          “The Jew crys Out in Pain! as he Slaps You in your face!”

      68. Below I have posted a few parts of Washingtons farewell address to America(not in order)…it has alot to do with the current issue at hand…time well spent would be to read his address in full online…then take some real hard looks at some of our involvements around the world in light of what you read…

        (1)Harmony, liberal intercourse with all nations, are recommended by policy, humanity, and interest. But even our commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand; neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences; consulting the natural course of things; diffusing and diversifying by gentle means the streams of commerce, but forcing nothing; establishing (with powers so disposed, in order to give trade a stable course, to define the rights of our merchants, and to enable the government to support them) conventional rules of intercourse, the best that present circumstances and mutual opinion will permit, but temporary, and liable to be from time to time abandoned or varied, as experience and circumstances shall dictate; constantly keeping in view that it is folly in one nation to look for disinterested favors from another; that it must pay with a portion of its independence for whatever it may accept under that character; that, by such acceptance, it may place itself in the condition of having given equivalents for nominal favors, and yet of being reproached with ingratitude for not giving more. There can be no greater error than to expect or calculate upon real favors from nation to nation. It is an illusion, which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard.

        (2)Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy to be useful must be impartial; else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it. Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.
        Our federal govt has no business pledging our blood and treasure to anyone…and I do mean anyone…England…Poland …Israel…Fugi…no one!…doesnt mean we dont ever fight to stop a tyrant on a roll but it has to be subject to the the will of the American people in line with and under the rule of law and in direct defence of a real and legitimate interest of the American people not some nebulous threat that only effects the elitist few!…all these treaties arnt worth the paper theyre writ on…none of them ever have been unless it makes TPTB some big bucks and all we the people wind up with is the blood spilt and the treasure drained…enough I say…enough of our blood and treasure spilt for the enrichment of the few and the detriment of us all! REB

        • BRAVO REB…very well stated!

          • Thanks…

        • You know I dont give a rats backside about the thumbs down…if youre in favor of supporting other nations at the expense and hurt of your own(if your not American then its a moot point)then youre not my countryman…how can anyone justify giving our blood and treasure to another nation?…sad twisted little weasels with sick thought processes that sell their own out to the collective and then imagine theyre somehow right…pathetic!

      69. To the writer… I hope you’re not American!

        Quote “Poland is both a NATO and EU member. We are bound by solemn treaty to defend her in case of attack. Violation of Poland’s territorial integrity was after all why we went to war reluctantly in 1939.”

        The yanks only entered the war in 1941! Then only doing so after the administration realised Great Britain was running out of credit to continue buying their (US) war weapons, while Germany continued to get stronger!

        If they (US) had enter the war in 1939, the conflict could have ending sooner, the Russians may not have taken so much Eastern ground and the UK wouldn’t have been crippled with a debt that took her 40 years to repay – the French may have lasted longer too!

        Just sayin’

        • My question is, are these tense times? Is it real that like Putin a lot of Russians I have spoken too in my life are a variety of so any nations of current and former regions of Russia and the old soviet empire when they said one day

          “One day we will take this place you call England and we will call it Englandistan!””

          Oh well sucks that he hated my country, he seemed to think that there was only London. Well the scots to the north will have their say soon, and will be saying a big F U to what ever. We don’t care but one sense of an invasion and bam you will have as good as the 300 Spartans beating down at you while even the smallest guys can kick the most ass.

          But tbh, everyone should just make tea, not war!

          • Well by that Putin and Russia wants to take back what it lost, what was not originally theirs if it is Poland or a few other states but acquired and then lost again.

            They would say different, in regards to Crimea, yes it was theirs in a former life, not it was ukraines, self determination is a right, but the Crimea government could have been asked to do so through the correct way.

            And a lot earlier their might not have been a link up with Russia but just a vote of independant state. Though sadly it would probably have been rigged by both sides then there would have been no clear winner with what we had a few years earlier with the colour revolutions and in many other elections with both sides claiming victory, which I hope I do not see in the Scottish election
            You gifted it and only a bully boy would then steal it back by force even if hardly a bullet was fired, the fact there was and that there one death and several injuries that yes they will do it regardles as Barry Ob won’t do anything as a lame duck. Nor could he bring more land back for Palestinians so that the land, resources and Jerusalem are shared equally. Same Abrahimic based religion. That has caused us much grievance between the west and Muslims and why we have been effectively bumming them to give us oil, buy our products and warmachines, while blowing up their sons and daughters immorally and unethically with bombs. Yes the odd occasion you get your target? Not many. Surely if you have a trained sniper to kill bad guys he should only be allowed one bullet so that no others will be shot.

            Those who wish for peace, should prepare for war — Sun Zsu para quote (could not quite remember how it went do not try and troll over me badly quoting him, I just read it like that once before.

        • If Global Newspaper Headlines in…1933 Didn’t state that “World Jewry Declares WAR on Germany!” and also include the article stating how worldwide jewry is Demanding All nations globally assist jews to demolish germany from its euro presence, And assist world jewry in the Exterminations of Every german regardless Where that german lives and resides…..

          Then its very Likley WWII never would have happened at all. Same is true of WWI, also jewry instigated and run etc.

      70. Putin is just taking advantage of the opportunities he sees opening up to him . Like a wolf in field of sheep, And no one, to protect the sheep! Except a bunch of fence sitting cowards , flapping there jaws, in mock horror! They will let a lot sheep, be eaten, before they have to act! Sadly that’s about all these frauds can do, is act , like the pretend leaders they are! Heaven Help us because these fools will sit on the fence and watch us be destroyed!!!

      71. Magog I mean Russia will head south, not west.

      72. I am just worried that if war with Russia and China ever broke out that our coward in chief would surrender our army without firing a shot. I have not seen anything in the Constitution about the power to surrender so I am sure Obama would claim that as his right.

      73. This is just in Russia is moving their theater nuclear missiles along borders that put the NATO countries in range.
        No response from the Coward in chief.

      74. If I’m Polish, I would run out and purchase the Rosetta Stone Russian edition. They’ll need it, and so will most of eastern Europe.

        We (the US) have royally screwed these people…we’ve given Europe assurances that we will never keep. America is not risking WWIII over Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, etc.

        If we had been truthful, they would have seen the need to invest in their militaries over the last 50 years.

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