Patient #3 CONFIRMED In Dallas: Total Breakdown in Ebola Control Protocols

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Headline News | 372 comments

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    Last night we updated readers with a report out of Dallas, TX indicating that a third Ebola infection had been identified in the United States. It was originally believed to be the boyfriend of Nurse Nina Pham, who tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

    Pham’s boyfriend is still believed to be in isolation and it is not clear whether he has tested positive for the virus.

    A second health care worker in Dallas, however, has tested positive for Ebola this morning, making her the third person in the United States to have been identified.

    The infection of a second person who had been caring for Thomas Duncan suggests a total failure in CDC and hospital containment protocols.

    A second Dallas hospital worker who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, pointing to lapses beyond how one individual may have donned and removed personal protective garb.

    It’s not clear how the second worker contracted the virus. Authorities declined to say what position she holds at the hospital or the type of care she provided to Thomas Eric Duncan, who was diagnosed with Ebola after coming to the U.S. from Liberia. Duncan died Oct. 8.

    “What happened there (in Dallas), regardless of the reason, is not acceptable. It shouldn’t have happened,” Anthony Fauci, director of the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of NIH, said on MSNBC Wednesday.

    The worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was monitoring herself for symptoms, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said. The unidentified woman reported a fever Tuesday. She was in isolation within 90 minutes, Jenkins said.

    “We are looking at every element of our personal protection equipment and infection control in the hospital,” said Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer for Texas Health Resources, which operates Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

    Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, has acknowledged that the government wasn’t aggressive enough in managing Ebola and containing the virus as it spread from an infected patient to a nurse at a Dallas hospital.

    “We could’ve sent a more robust hospital infection control team and been more hands-on with the hospital from day one about exactly how this should be managed,” he said Tuesday. (Breitbart)


    The previous report is below and discusses the possibility of another potential Ebola case currently in isolation. It was originally believed that Nina Pham’s boyfriend was the third confirmed Ebola case in America.

    Various reports now making their way through social networks and alternative media sources claim that Nina Pham’s boyfriend may have been admitted to a Dallas-area hospital. It is not clear whether the individual was showing symptoms of the virus or if he has been quarantined as a precautionary measure. According to NBC DFW, “Texas Health Presbyterian is monitoring the patient based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocol.”

    Ms. Pham is the first person to contract the virus in the United States after being one of several medical personnel to provide care for the late Thomas Duncan, who arrived in America from West Africa two weeks ago.

    According to reports Pham’s boyfriend works for Fort Worth-based eye care firm Alcon. A letter from Alcon CEO Jeff George sent to employees on Monday says that one of the company’s associates was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian. George specifically notes in the letter that the individual who has been admitted was not showing symptoms of the virus, but there are contradicting reports with some suggesting that the individual admitted to the hospital was showing Ebola-like symptoms.

    Letter to Alcon employees:


    It is believed that Nina Pham’s parents and boyfriend are employees of Alcon.

    A follow up report from Got News indicates that two Alcon sources confirm the legitimacy of the letter and according to NBC the company says it is not worried about further infections:

    Alcon officials said they are confident that there is no risk for their associates after a consultation with the Texas Department of Health.

    The Ebola virus has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days according to the CDC. This means that even though Pham had only been showing symptoms for a short period of time before being admitted to the hospital, it is possible that the individual identified by Alcon could have been exposed to the virus before Pham realized she was getting sick. With a two day incubation period, had her boyfriend been exposed it’s possible that he could have showed a more rapid onset of symptoms than Pham or Duncan.

    The Centers for Disease control and Texas Health Presbyterian have yet to confirm if the new patient has tested positive for the virus, but some scattered reports online say that tests have actually confirmed infection. These reports have not been independently verified or confirmed.

    If it turns out that this individual has Ebola he would be the first non-medical person in the United States to contract the virus, a development that could further stoke panic across America.

    The CDC has maintained that they are prepared for Ebola even though director Thomas Frieden admitted yesterday that they have to rethink the way Ebola control protocols are implemented. It’s an admission that has brought further criticism to the agency, which has a $6.6 billion yearly budget, for their failure to implement effective quarantine and control procedures.

    The latest potential case in Dallas highlights fears that the Ebola virus may have spread from Thomas Duncan, who was symptomatic two weeks ago, to the general population. With the high end of the incubation period being 21 days, if Duncan infected others then those cases will start showing up at hospitals within the next week.

    Should this be the case, and more people become infected with the virus, it is only a matter of time before it makes its way to other major metropolitan areas. It’s also possible that, because of a lack of sufficient screening procedures and flight restrictions, more infected individuals from West Africa or elsewhere could eventually arrive in the United States.

    Other than repeating that they have things under control, the CDC has failed to issue any pandemic preparedness guidelines to the general public. Even hospitals across the country lack a single standard for dealing with the virus.

    The lack of information from the CDC and a concerned American public has led to panic buying of critical medical supplies like WHO-recommended respirator masks, protective body suits, goggles, gloves and pandemic kits to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.



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      1. Any more for the skylark?

        • this guy may or may not have it. But i don’t think nina pham is the last person who will get ebola in america.

          I read today that W H O says they are expecting 10,000 cases per month now. That means we will see more of it here too. it’s going everywhere. just wait until it hits a densely populated asian work city. only reason it hasn’t gotten there yet is because people from west africa probably dont fly to hong kong or shanghai like they do to new york or houston.

          it’s a numbers game. and odds are it’s coming.

            • I’m not so sure the CDC is to blame for their
              inaction with dragging their feet here.
              I tend to think maybe it’s more about the agenda
              of the POTUS and just how hard he is squeezing
              the scrotum of the CDC to back the hell off it?!

              • Second Dallas health care worker tests positive now.

                “THE TEXAS Department of State Health Services says a second healthcare worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, above, has tested positive for the Ebola virus, one day after the nation’s largest nurses’ union alleged that caregivers were not given adequate protection or training for treating the first Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan. ”

                go to foxnews dot com

                • CDC May be a private for-profit corporation, but they sure seem like a government entity. You have to love the name of their “Rapid Response Unit.” A month later and their starting to warm up the bus….

                  • “…several…” Since when is 70+ called ‘several’????

                  • Cal;
                    I just read the article on the 2nd patient. I don’t trust msm but if 10% of what they are saying about the first patient in Dallas is true, than I think we have some serious shit coming our way.


                  • “Editor’s note: Local reporter @DavidSchechter says family have told him that the newest Dallas Ebola patient is 26-year old Amber Joy Vinson, a registered nurse. We will update when we have further confirmation. – Grace”

                    link on Drudge report

                  • Just read that the 2nd nurse infected in Dallas was flying on an airline the day before diagnosed. Not good.


                  • DOW Crashing Down 400 Pts 2% worst Day in 3 Years.

                    It really needs to get cut in half for fair price market value. All Pump and dump. I want to see the 1% crushed into tiny pieces.

                    Gold = $1242+
                    Silver= $17.47+
                    Oil $81 Barrel

                    On that note, It’s Beer:30 happy hour.

                  • The nurse is not only sick but was allowed on an flight to Cleveland and return. At least 200 people on the flights and hundreds more at both airports may be affected.

                    You would think the first protocol for Ebola caregivers is to not travel, do not attend social events, etc., but I guess that would be too simple.

                  • I have gone from having a lot of things prepped,
                    to realizing how ill prepared i really am,
                    to OH Shit, in 2 weeks.

                • Solitary,a paranoid yet realistic idea,obolas strings being yet again manipulated.

                • 2nd health care worker with Ebola flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Frontier Airlines the day before presenting symptoms, according to CDC, Frontier – @NBCNews

                  Drudge Report

                  • oops sorry KY Mom; I just posted the same info, didn’t realize you already had it listed. I should have read further down.


                  • Ebola Patient Traveled By Air Day Before Symptoms Surfaced

                    The CDC has announced that the second healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola traveled by air Oct. 13, the day before she first reported symptoms.

                    “The CDC is now reaching out to all passengers who flew on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. The flight landed at 8:16 p.m. CT.

                    The CDC is asking all 132 passengers on the flight to call 1 800-CDC INFO (1 800 232-4636). Public health professionals will begin interviewing passengers about the flight after 1 p.m. ET.”


                  • Ghost Rider,

                    No need to apologize.

                    It is better to have news like this entered multiple times, than not at all.

                    The CDC is now reaching out to all passengers on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on October 13.

                    (link with more info below)

                  • @KYMom: Looking pretty scary eh?? The military patient in the hospital near me has now tested negative….can breath a little easier for now! How are C&A?? Prayers for that wee one daily from here. Thanx for all your hard work for all of us here….so generous with your time! Take care, CC

                  • I am from Ohio, and now very concerned. 🙁

                • Cal,the best part about new patient(wish her a speedy recovery) is that about 12 hours before symptoms hit she was on a airplane!I mean this is something you expect from a Steven King book or a Carpenter/Romero film!

                  • Dammit!Sorry mum,I too did not see your post before posting!

                  • Oh, goody! That pretty well takes care of contaminating the East. From Dallas to Cleveland to Florida and spreading to fill in the gaps. We’re in western Ohio and Kent State is too close for comfort. Prayers for the afflicted and prayers that Obola and his death wish for America will not prevail.

                • YEAH, THAT AIRED ON CNN this morning too,Cal…

              • Lets see if the joke thief shows up again today. Lot of talent there. Cut n Paste.

                • Who,poorly rated as comment should be.In these trying times a few laughs from different folks a nice thing,that said,believe in freedom of speech and all,your free speech though just kinda sucks at the moment!

                  • Hick

                • You really have a rotten attitude

                  • Hick,eh,perhaps Whoie,hicks have pretty good outdoor skills/can do fix it attitudes/improvise skills.That said,some hicks are even also book smart with IQ’s measured @141(IQ just shows some potential,nothing more).

              • But,but,but, all you had to do was go on the internet and read about how to prevent from becoming infected……..

                • Why prepare? For all you Obama fanatics he specifically said that Ebola would never come to the United States! So, since you think, he is always right, then there is nothing to prepare for!

                  • Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the true axis of evil.

                  • Well if were gonna blame them lets not for get all the other presidents since this disease came to light

              • I’ve been through the CDC training for health care workers
                regarding PPE or personal protective equipment


                IT IS THEIR FAULT

                health care workers should be equipped at a bio 4 level of protection
                the CDC recommends ONLY level 2

                CIDRAP Center for Disease Research and Policy
                has been at odds with the CDC
                they have been recommending ONLY level 4 protection

                the CDC is going to get health care workers killed

                • My sister tests lab cultures for contamination. She wears bio-level 3 gear when moving those cultures from the growing trays to a glove box. That is a commercial environment, with nothing deadlier than molds or endemic bacteria to protect against. What is wrong with the CDC?

              • Yes you are probably right. There’s a lot of political leaning going on and it’s getting in the way of protocol and science at a time when there’s little room for error.

              • Megyn Kelly interviewed Tom Frieden last night on the Kelly files.

                Interview with CDC Director, – Dr. Tom Frieden

                Oct 14, 2014 – 09:52 – Dr. Tom Frieden defends how the CDC is handling Ebola

                CDC Director: ‘Our information is clear and correct’

                CDC guidelines for caring for Ebola patients include:
                -One pair of gloves
                -Don’t have to cover head
                -Don’t have to cover shoes

                Health care workers for Ebola patients are dealing with projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea and having to clean it up.

                This is INADEQUETE PROTECTION. Remember, we are dealing with a disease that can KILL you. (The official Ebola death rate is 70%.)

                The nurse in Africa that saved her family (link below) using heady duty trash bags, ALWAYS covered her hair and her feet and wore multiple pairs of gloves.

                • In Liberia, a 22-year-old nursing student, named Fatu Kekula, improvised her own protective suit (used trash bags) and nursed her entire family through Ebola.

                  “Her father. Her mother. Her sister. Her cousin. Fatu took care of them all, single-handedly feeding them, cleaning them and giving them medications.

                  And she did so with remarkable success. Three out of her four patients survived. That’s a 25% death rate — considerably better than the estimated Ebola death rate of 70%.

                  Fatu stayed healthy, which is noteworthy considering that more than 300 health care workers have become infected with Ebola, and she didn’t even have personal protection equipment — those white space suits and goggles used in Ebola treatment units.”

                  “Instead Fatu, who’s in her final year of nursing school, invented her own equipment. International aid workers heard about Fatu’s “trash bag method” and are now teaching it to other West Africans who can’t get into hospitals and don’t have protective gear of their own.

                  Every day, several times a day for about two weeks, Fatu put trash bags over her socks and tied them in a knot over her calves. Then she put on a pair of rubber boots and then another set of trash bags over the boots.
                  She wrapped her hair in a pair of stockings and over that a trash bag. Next she donned a raincoat and four pairs of gloves on each hand, followed by a mask.
                  It was an arduous and time-consuming process, but Fatu was religious about it, never cutting corners.”

                  “Her Ebola nightmare started Juy 27, when her father, Moses, had a spike in blood pressure. She took him to a hospital in their home city of Kakata. A bed was free because a patient had just passed away. What no one realized at the time was that the patient had died of Ebola.”

                  “Moses, 52, developed a fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Then the hospital closed down because nurses started dying of Ebola.

                  Fatu took her father to Monrovia, the capital city, about a 90-minute drive via difficult roads. Three hospitals turned him away because they were full.
                  She took him back to another hospital in Kakata. They said he had typhoid fever and did little for him, so Fatu took him home, where he infected three other family members: Fatu’s mother, Victoria, 57; Fatu’s sister, Vivian, 28, and their 14-year-old cousin who was living with them, Alfred Winnie.

                  “I cried many times,” she said. “I said ‘God, you want to tell me I’m going to lose my entire family?’ ”

                  But her father, mother, and sister rallied and were well on their way to recovery when space became available at JFK Medical Center on August 17. Alfred never recovered, though, and passed away at the hospital the next day.”


                • If what is happening in Texas happens at 20 other U.S. hospitals, I lament to say that the words “Mass Extinction Event” start to become a very relevant part of the national conversation.

                  I think I’ll go for a bike ride, grab a coffee, and take a good look around. WTF, I work for myself. The bills can wait.

                  • Cellar,I to work for myself a lot as a sub contractor,is your boss as much of a pain as mine is?!Take a break,enjoy the outdoors,good call.

                • I… have seen completely opposite information. The CDC required two to three layers on the chest and arms, legs, feet, and head. And with these two nurses getting sick, they added further protection gear that goes around the neck to cover the gap between the head and chest. And I’ve seen pictures of all that gear. Lol

            • Here’s How Religion will KIll Ya!!!

              Priest with Ebola Blesses and Infects 1800 Soldiers.

              and Now 800 more “Battalion of 800 Sierra Leone Soldiers Placed Under Ebola Quarantine!”

              Here’s your John 3:16 Everlasting Life Blessing. Bwhaaaaaaaaaaa I said this just a few days ago how churches and religion in large gatherings will infects and kill each other. Now it is confirmed. Have a Blessed Day!

              • Whosaturd…. Nobody likes you. We know you have no family,wife,friends… all you have is the vomit you spit on a website to see how many thumbs down you get.

                • Another Midwest Loser Hick!

                  • @whosaturd

                    Did I just pay for that comeback since your internet is paid for by a government check? Assuming I did, that was a poor comeback.

              • Uh ANY large gathering would be suicide in an epidemic. No need to blame it on churches or falsely accuse Christianity for people’s poor decision to gather en masse during an outbreak.

              • Someone like me will beat your eyes shut. wwti pussy

                • FP you don’t have the balls, shut your piehole.

            • I guess now if I refer to this disease that started in West Africa and now found its way to the United States as “Obola”, it makes me a racist…… Call me a racist then!

              Never mind under his (lack of) leadership this disease has spread. In fact those many of those same West African’s believe it was the United States that created and now spread this disease in their county. This does not sit well for those military personnel now helping this area.

              Yes, ArmageddonProof, WHO made an announcement yesterday that up to 10,000 people per week will soon be a reality. In addition, the once believed and still stated today that it’s safe after 21 days as the incubation period for Obola is not that entirely. WHO now says it could be up to 42 days. just today has an article citing CIDRAP as stating that this Obola disease can be transmitted by ones breath. Yet, still today, the Director of the CDC blames the nurse, but not their knowledge……

              What to expect next…….? Perhaps Martial Law and a cancellation of the 2016 presidential election….. What would keep us off the streets and indoors besides this……? Let’s see how things go, but I would finish with your prepping.

              • I don’t think you are racist for saying that– it just sounds weird…

              • The Democrats are going to find out just how racist this country is, in about 3 weeks, when the Senate changes hands.

                At least, that’s what they’re going to call us.

                People are very upset at this Ebola thing, and are quite aware of this administrations’ incompetent handling of it.

                • Prediction. there will be no elections due
                  to martial law! yep there going to go for
                  it now, Texas will be under quarantine by

              • Wondering where Rick Perry is in all this haven’t heard a meep outta him

            • Some interesting facts that have come out as a result of this ‘crisis’. Why isn’t anybody discussing the Shadow Illegal Invasion of witch doctor worshiping blacks coming in at a rate of 10,000 per MONTH, having visa’s given out like candy by the Obama Administration…???

              It is also interesting that Hollywood knows how to deal with potential outbreaks better than the REAL CDC.

              Everything that has come out of the mouth of the Frieden Clown show, is totally illogical. The CDC should either hire Hollywood, or rename themselves the Center for Disease Certainty.

          • Sure seems funny (not funny ha ha), that the CDC & WHO were at Guinea in west Africa only three months after a young boy became ill and died. Supposedly, the first victim in 2013. At which time the cause of death was not known. And, was still not known, until late March “just” before the CDC & WHO arrived.

            The boy had become sick and died as many people in Africa do on a daily basis. Most of those rural tribal people are walking diseases anyway, and only a few steps away from deaths door at any given time. Why the sudden interest by the CDC and WHO?

            What is also strange, is that the tribal folks later, Aug. or Sept.; attacked a group of ivestigators and journalists, and slashed them to death with machetes. When the bodies were discovered and the tribes people questioned, they justified the killings by saying “they, the outsiders, came to their village and placed the disease of death upon them and was trying to further spread the virus amongst their peoples.

            In a country, where the disease “supposedly” started, that has a population of over 10 million people, and have no medical facilities to combat such an outbreak; why??? hasn’t there been an all out epidemic with thousands of deaths, there?

            It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense that Guinea “is not” the center of deaths from the disease.
            Do the Guineans know something we don’t?

            • I always found patient zero to be a bit suspicious. How does a 2 year old boy contract ebola before other members of his family? Why was patient zero in a part of Africa 1,000 miles from the place it traditionally comes from , the DRC, but yet at a critical trading crossroads between 3 countries that are recovering from civil wars and have no heath care system? Could it not be that he was infected on purpose by some “health care” NGO to get the depopulation ball rolling? Africans are not stupid people. They can figure this stuff out on their own too and it sounds like they did.

          • “Greece is crashing”… US, Europe stocks collapse as…, M and D Bubble bursting.. Currency war… 10 Y Treasury Yield Crashes..”

            If I had done the right thing, maybe could have made it.. unfortunately, I trusted certain people when shouldn’t have, listened to wrong people. Apocalypse is here and I am not prepared… you people are lucky (preppers)… I tried and will keep trying but sure does not look good.

            • @ Anonymous… Being “aware” is half the prepping. Gain knowlege and it will help you aquire water, shelter and material goods.

              • Anon,you can still get some basics,never too late till it really hits,either man made or natural,go shopping for some basics.I have a link can dig up,300 to feed 4 frugally for a year,will dig it out if interested.

                • Dig that link up! Could be of some good use to everyone at some level.

                  • Anon/Sterling and any one else interested,here is the 300 buck link:ht tp:// ,as always,space between http to avoid the dreaded/annoying “Moderation Game”.This is very basic and can be adjusted to ones personal need/situation,but a faily inexpensive jump start to help with eating(still need water!),good luck and happy shopping!

                  • About Ebola– you can learn a lot from watching the VICE NEWS videos about what is happening in Africa. For example, you will notice the people there carry little satchels with them which has a mixture of clorox and water.. and they constantly wash their hands. Also, at stops along the roadsides and at market places, there are large containers with the clorox solution and people constantly stop and squirt this solution on their hands. That wouldn’t be so practical here but there are containers at the grocery store with these pull out tissues which has clorox on them– a good thing to stock up on!

                • Thanks, War and Dave! I have some preps (tons of toilet paper, personal items, bug out bag, lighters, etc.) However, I am not nearly prepared as I need to be. (Not hardly any food stocked up!)

                  Plus, need to save for a car and leave for the mountains BEFORE buying more food. I had a ton of food awhile back but discovered it was a pain in the butt trying to move it (the food) all on Uhaul. Best to get to our bug out location before buying food!

                  • I agree, Anon: We recently moved to the mountains, and I gave away most of my food preps for the same reason. Now we’re starting to slowly stock up as we can. Don’t give up; an extra can or two of beans you buy this week means you can buy a couple more of something next week.

          • SM: Every single governmental entity/person who is actually knowledgeable, i.e., they were there when the discussion was taking place, about any event of intentionally allowing a potential infection carrier of Ebola into the US should be considered equally guilty, along the same lines that everybody else in America is judged in civil and criminal cases, as these infections lead to death.

            Comparison: Intentionally infecting somebody with HIV is considered a crime in quite a lot of venues. Your friend, who is a bully, says, “I am going to intentionally infect somebody with HIV. In fact, I am going to infect as many people as I can.”

            You don’t call anybody regarding your friend’s intent, but they finally catch him after 50 people are infected with HIV and 70% of those people die, and their investigation proves you knew about the criminal intent beforehand, yet did nothing to stop it by notifying authorities….how much jail time do you think you would get?

            Ebola is a million times worse than HIV…because you can die so rapidly and spread it so easily. Any governmental official, if it can be proven they know there was intent of spreading this disease in America, yet remained silent, could and should be considered a criminal.

          • This is turning into a total nightmare.

            The more we find out about this, the more apparent that the CDC’s statements about “breached protocols” are gross understatements.

            Past the link below into the url window of your browser:


            • It’s more like inadequate protocols. Why did the .gov order 160,000 high level biohazard suits for ebola but yet not issue them to the very people responsible for treating patient zero! It boggles the mind. It’s either intentional or incompetence but either way it’s deadly.

          • I am home from Surgury. Good news my ACL was not completely torn. They only had to work on cartilage.

            Am listioning to fox news right now. Sheapard Smith is saying lets be clear. There is no Ebola outbreak in the US. Only health care workers that have cared for Mr. Duncan have caught Ebola. There is absolutely no reason to panic. ( They think they are so smart and we are so stupid )
            Then the CDC says they are changing there procedures for people who care for Ebola patients. They will not allow caretakers to travel except under controlled travel situations. ( What the hell happened to common sense. )

            Now there have been reports of widespread panic in America. They in the same scene then say there is no widespread panic. Only the stock market they say. They are trying there best to prevent panic it seems to me. That said all of us on here maybe should consider what to do now. Makes me feel like we are very close to panic. Quicker than I thought. Just my opinion. Get your last minute preps in order.

            Then they announced that the second health care worker that flew had a fever while she was flying. They said the fever was 99.4. Not to the threshold of 101.5. They are contacting everyone on the plane. ( What about everyone she came in contact with in the airport or around town. )

            This makes no sense what so ever. What a bunch of absolute idiots. I sure feel so much better now after being told what to do by Sheapord Smith. I now think that the powers above are in fear of a panic. It would crash this country so quickly. What I was worried about does seem to be happening.

            Does anyone on here have any info on possible panic going on?

            Thanks for all the prayers and concern. I cannot believe my knee was not as bad as they thought. That is usually not my luck.

            God is great!

            • His commentary made me want to puke. The govt is in damage control mode.

              • Exactly, Nopitty… this morning on CNN, they had this nurse talking (from the Nurse Union) and she was talking about all this unbelievably horrible procedures at the hospital… like tracking the vomit etc from the isolation unit to the rest of the hospital… but later on, CNN cut that part out of the news stories… said something about not causing the public to panic.

            • Mike,glad to hear your paw/knee whatever broke torn will heal quicker,gives you time to hang with family a bit more but also put on thinking cap and look for holes in preps and perhaps download more information that in future might become useful onto disc/thumb drives,anyhow,enjoy a unplanned for break!

              • Warchild

                You are one heck of a good guy. I appreciate it. I am so thankful to the good lord that my paw was not as bad as they thought. lol

                Now is definitely the time to finalize preps as best as you can.

                • Mike
                  Glad the surgery went well. Good luck with the rehab.


            • People are not panicking because they believe that they may get Ebola , at this point, they are panicking because of the inadequate response of the government and medical professions in dealing with this at this point, and the potential nightmare, which is is obvious, that could be created from this very contagious and deadly disease.
              Here is the complete list of nations with bans or significant travel restrictions:
              Congo (DRC)
              Equatorial Guinea
              Ivory Coast
              South Africa
              South Sudan

          • Based upon new reports, I estimate several thousand people could have been exposed to Obola based upon the lack of protocols around Patient Zero. If any of these people are infected they are spreading the virus to others.

            And then of course there is the second Nurse who flew to Cleveland. Anyone want free tickets to see LeBron play at home?

            Just asking. Is it time to sterilize Dallas yet??? 🙁

        • And the cork holding the Genie in the bottle is just a little bit looser ……. !!


          • Amen to that, Aussie!

            • BREAKING NEWS CNN NEWS– nurses who attended to Duncan didn’t have proper covering at all, even though Duncan was emitting copious amounts of fluid (diahrrea, etc.)… they then went on to treat other patients!!

              Also, the lab specimens from Duncan were sent to the lab along with everyday specimens. (should have been BIO4 level or whatever its called) so possibly contaminated other lab specimens.

              WE’RE SCREWED.

              • I for one hope that all hospital workers look at this and realize what went wrong. We need to learn from this otherwise we’re in for a shitstorm.

              • YUP and just read this morning that WHO says incubation period is up to (and maybe beyond) 42 days…why was that never reported. All we hear is 21 days…





              • This is how it goes when you have a culture that puts their entire focus on Dancing With the Stars, The Kartrashians and Monday Night Football.

                ANY healthcare worker that had actually been paying attention to this outbreak in West Africa, and had bothered to do their homework, would have already been familiar with this virus to the point where they would not have taken those kinds of risks.

                I’ve made the statement before (I think here), that I seriously doubt that prior to the virus making its way here, that 50% of the population could have even told you what Ebola was…..let alone know how to prevent its spread.

                Even if this plague is not being intentionally spread, at the very best we have Larry, Curly and Moe running the show.

                This will only get worse.

              • “ITS UP TO YOU.” is like saying “TITS UP TO YOU.” =death to you.

          • Cool,always wanted a genie,well Barbara Eden type genie!

          • The Genie is already out of the bottle.

          • My friends, by this point, what’s gonna happen is going to happen. Concentrating on spiritual preps because that’s what is left for us to control, if that

        • CNN NEWS: 2nd health care worker who cared for Duncan now diagnosed with Ebola–

          And this nurses’ families and friends may have it… just keeps growing at exponential rate– which, of course, we knew already would occur…

          But “leaders” and “experts”: “don’t worry, we got this under control.”

          Also, they said on CNN that Duncan was not quarantined for several hours after coming to the hospital– so how many people who came to the hospital for broken arms or the flu are now at risk?

          • CDC guy compared this to AIDS… that, of course, was to MIS-inform the public. If he really wanted to inform the public (honestly) he would have compared Ebola to the Black Plague.

            Experts said there would be 10,000 new cases per week in Liberia starting in Dec… does that sound like AIDS or the Black Death plague?

            Also, just now on CNN, nurses are saying that after the health care workers tended to Duncan, they continued on to care for other patients, EVEN THOUGH THEY DID NOT HAVE HAZMAT SUITS ON WHEN TENDING TO DUNCAN!!!!

            • Don’t forget the CDC’s AIDS “everyone is at risk” misinformation campaign.

              Their lips are moving again.

            • Even the statement “10,000 cases per week” is misinformation.

              This outbreak is exponential.

              If you have 10,000 new cases in one week, within 3 weeks you will have 20,000 more….within another 3 weeks it will be an additional 40,000…three more weeks, and it’s another 80,000….and so on and so on…..doubling every three weeks.

              Was listening to an interview of James Wesley Rawles today. He stated what I have been saying…that is..if you are not already at your bugout retreat, you need to leave now. In another month, you may not be able to get there.

              • People still have jobs and bills to pay. How do you expect anybody to “prep” if they have no money? I guess they’re just screwed huh?

                • Mr. Anonymous

                  I understand what you are saying and the major issue you have. I have a couple of statements for you if it is okay.

                  1 – If there is a panic then stores will get cleaned out and what good is money then.
                  2 – If there is a panic many people will stay home with there families. This will cause major issues. Deliveries to stores, gas stations, and drug stores may be interrupted. Also the power could go out because there would not be enough people to run the stations.
                  3 – I would actually consider putting preps on credit if you think this is serious. That is completely up to you. I am not sure what you should do there.
                  4 – Keep a close eye on news, your local stores, and websites like this to try to gauge what to do.
                  5 – My thoughts and prayers will be with you and hope all this actually just goes away.
                  6 – AT a minimum I would make sure my gas tank stays full and I would have extra gas stored at home. I would also go to the store and buy balk rice, and beans. Something cheap that you could survive on. Go to a sporting goods store and get a way to filter water.

                  I hope this helps. Not sure what is going to happened but have said many times I just have a bad feeling right now.

                  It is up to you what you do. I would first pray about it and then decide what you should do.

                  • Mr anon,read my above post in regards to basic food supplies.

                  • Awhile back, everyone was saying, “location, location, location!” and that is correct– how many people survived during plagues of the past (city area compared to rural area)? Obviously, we need to get to the mountains, rural area…

                    But we also need to get food before its all gone and really difficult to move food on Uhauls! (I know, I tried it!)

                    So its difficult to know what to do. Get the food first or move first? Guess you just have to do your best, pray to God and hope all turns out for the best. (what else can you do?!)

                • @Mr.Anonymous…

                  I’m referring to people who have a retreat or bugout location to go to. I’m saying that they should be either there now, or seriously considering leaving for it. Now.

                  Most of us don’t have such an option. I certainly don’t. Wish I did.

                  I will have to do the best I can…..and hope for the providence of God for the rest.

                  • Anon,get 5 20 lb. bags of rice,just get something to start with TODAY!

          • let me sum it up for everyone…OH, SHIT!

        • Total bullshit to attempt to eventually force us to take their vaccine that will give the virus to us. I’m going to kill the person(s) that attempt to force this on me. It will be self-defense.

        • There’s a book Absolut Zero by Frederick Aldrich that was published in 1999.

          In short the book is about a African that arrives in Dallas with the Ebola virus!

      2. “Chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low,” Obama said. “In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home.”

        I sure feel better.

        • “we’ve taken new measures” ??

          Who is “WE” ?? Maybe… the gobment and elites, and the “measures” he talks about is restocking the supplies in their bunkers, FOR THEM. Without any specifics, they are just saying half truths to try to keep the sheeple calm.

          • “We” is Larry, Curly and Moe.

          • Pretty sure they got the last of the ZMapp.

        • And, then there is this:

          Posted in: Politics Posted: October 12, 2014

          “Ebola Outbreak: President Allowing Spread Because He ‘Wants America To Suffer,’ Columnist Says ”

          Rush Scumbaugh sort of alluded to this same concept the other day on his radio show, and while I tend to despise Scumbaugh and consider him to be a filthy, dishonest, neo-con and RINO pandering, materialistic, self-centered, globalism supporting treasonous slab of war mongering, Israel anus licking rat excrement – he was dead right on this ebola subject.

          The Cultural Marxist enemies on the left, and those who comprise the neo-con and RINO factions within the GOP – literally despise the traditional American nation that most of us on this website admire and wish to restore and preserve for our children. These subversive leftist cockroaches have spent the last 50 or 60 years spewing the insane notion that the third world and their primitive cultures, disease, crime and corruption ridden societies, along with their chronically low IQs, rampant poverty and overall miserable living conditions are somehow the fault of White Europeans. Its all about the politics of envy and these Cultural Marxist rats – one of which is most certainly ObongoMugabe – harbor such a deep rooted reservoir of hatred for the White West – that they see it as their personal imperative to do whatever they can to bring the White West down to the level of the third world, so we can get a taste of what it is like to live in the same kind of misery as do the non-White races of the world.

          The reason the left thinks like this is simple. After trillions of dollars of foreign aid and decades of US meddling and social engineering inside these third world shit holes of nations – under the guise of trying to raise the third world standards of living to first world standards – these efforts have been a complete failure. So, the left decided – if they couldn’t raise the standards of living for the third world losers, they’d simply lower the living conditions inside the first world to third world levels. Diseases, plagues and all. This would make us all ‘equal’, you see.

          The infamous ‘Fair Fairy’ that liberals are constantly whining about – where they moan and bleat about how ‘unfair’ it is that the citizens of the USA have a higher standard of living than do the downtrodden non-whites in third world nations who still piss and defaecate in the water they drink.

          Scumbaugh caught a load of crap from a number of leftist websites over his recent Ebola comments, but as they say, when you’re catching a lot of flak from the enemy, you know you’re over the right target. The left is squealing like a stuck pig – because their evil is being exposed and it is under the spotlight.

          These Cultural Marxist Communists are a cancer in the bowels of every White Western nation and the time is rapidly approaching where we are going to have to make a decision to cut that cancer tumor out of our nations, before it succeeds in destroying us all.

          • Part of the mantra of the left has always been to “level the playing field”.

            If someone in the world is suffering, a leftist is not happy until EVERYONE is suffering. (except for himself/herself of course)

            It is a fundamental concept of leftist dogma.

            Don’t ever forget that.

        • Curt,in unlikely event doesn’t reach our shores we will make sure thru govt. intervention and inaction it does!

        • Ya… an “You can keep your dead doctor”

      3. Some things to think about as this situation gets worse
        1- are you ready for a pandemic during winter, and possibly another bad winter?
        2-do you have a plan to turn away sick friends and family to prevent infecting yourself and yours?
        3-are you prepared to garden hard and produce food for yourself come spring if the pandemic does serious damage to society throughout the winter?
        The time to tie up loose ends is now

        • You need money to tie up loose ends. It doesn’t grow on trees you know…

          • You also need a positive “I can figure this out” attitude, lack of funds breeds creativity, consider it a blessing in disguise and get back to it…

            • Most of us can stretch to an extra roll of trash bags per person in our household and some bleach with this week’s grocery shop. If you do that much you’ll be several steps ahead of the official authorities in terms of keeping your family safe from this thing!

              Read that nurses account of how she got her family thru and implement her tried, tested and low cost ideas.

              This thing gets into the Wild in western nations then no advisory committee will save us. “Necessity being the mother of invention” is a mantra our forbears lived by. Do remember too we are mostly the descendants of those peasants that survived the Black Death without modern medical care or alphaspagetti agencies to help.

              Apathy, victim hood and defeatism have been programmed into us – they are not genetic conditions ffs! Even the poorest among us probably has a lot more resources at their disposal than those who are surviving Ebola in parts of West Africa at the moment. It’s a dire disease true, but the death toll is NOT 100%, even in the worst affected areas.

              We now know beyond all reasonable doubt that the authorities cannot be relied upon to help us – so what, we only suspected it to be the case before.

              Without a bit of gumption and hope we have nothing. I’m not saying all of us will survive shtf, but the whole point of this site is about giving it a damn good go!

          • Its the third Wednesday of the month. For me the eagle takes a Do Do. My Ponzi scheme check arrives today. I think ill go buy a quanity of canned peaches & Pears. and the answer to No longer Amused question in my case is YES.

          • Perhaps what they were trying to convey is don’t go further into debt by doing such things as buying a new car or pick your poison and fill in the blank. The earth can produce enough to feed the world, but not enough to feed our

            • My prep…. Another ammo order arrives tomorrow. Santa is bringing me a new black 45 for Christmas. If you have to work outside the home there is nothing you can do but try to wash your hands before you eat. Maybe take your shoes off when you hit the door. Think about all the piss in front of mens urianals.

              • Makes sure you don’t to close to the UPS delivery person, when they drop off your ammo order. You don’t know they have been.

                • I’ve never seen the UPS guy but I’m sure he’s seen a lot of order with the ordinance labels get dropped off. Molon Labe to him and anyone else who attempts to take what I’ve worked for.

                  • IC– C’mon now. I like our UPS guy and he brings a lot of stuff to our rural location and always has a minute to chat.

                  • Our UPS Store guy has said ammo is arriving in the store broken open and boxes skimmed off the top for the UPS warehouses.

                • I would also decontaminate the package before bringing it into your house. Leave it out in the sunlight for a few hours, then turn it over and let it sit some more. This will let the UV light from the sun destroy the virus RNA. After that, consider taking a pump sprayer with bleach water and sprinkling the package with that. Let it dry and then take it inside. Bullets kill living things, not viruses.

                • Burn the truck and the driver, it’s the only way to be sure.

          • You keep talking about not having money. BS’ Sell your computer and get off the net; If you are so poor. According to the UN close to 2 Billion people live on $2 per day of less. Stop blaming no money for your problems. Collect pop cans or something. For $100 bucks you can by enough food to survive for a year. If you cannot figure out how; well I suppose we will just have to survive without you. I for one won’t have an problem with that.

            • You beat me to it. Stop eating out and use the money for what you need. Sell the ball game tickets. Quit eating salted snacks for a month. No liquor. Cut smoking in half in you don’t want to quit. No Lotto tickets. No Lattes. Sell an extra gun. Carpool for a month. Etc., etc.

              You can pick and choose what you want to cut, I guarantee you that there is not one household in the country who could not cut some expenses here and spend it on some preps there.

        • 4.Do you have plenty of “Goldfish Crackers”?!

          • OREOS!

          • Lance Cream Cheese & Chives Captain’s Wafers.

        • nolongeramused,

          Yes, yes, and yes.


          • GV,times may get very challenging,treat yourself to the extra filling double stuffed ones!I usually never have ice cream though enjoy it,bought some as we never know if may be last chance,been a long time so my six pack abs can handle a treat now and then!

        • When the sun goes into Sagitarrius (Nov. 21 through Dec.21) the Russia conflict will heat up again… this, along with Ebola will be a lot on our plate… Love while you can… laugh while you can…I think Apocalypse is coming.

          And get a really good vehicle and bug out bag..

        • 1- are you ready for a pandemic during winter, and possibly another bad winter?

          Yep. All set.

          2-do you have a plan to turn away sick friends and family to prevent infecting yourself and yours?

          No, I have enough for my neighbors and my family, and some to spare for others too. I plan to help as many people as I can. Couldn’t live with myself if I did something like that I’d rather die than lose my soul.

          3-are you prepared to garden hard and produce food for yourself come spring if the pandemic does serious damage to society throughout the winter?

          Yep. Have a nice seed bank and a bunch of cold frames.

          • Bubba,will to best of ability help others,see atrocities going on will even if deadly try and stop or at least interrupt.

        • Another thing to consider….

          Ebola’s initial symptoms (fever,muscle aches, sore throat) closely mimic that of plain old seasonal flu.

          So…how are medical care workers and first responders supposed to deal with this?

          Is everyone who displays these symptoms to be considered potentially infected with Ebola?

          It might be a good idea to stock up on flu medications and consider self medicating if you come down with the flu.

          Can you imagine going to the doctor and then finding yourself stuck in a ward with others who might very well HAVE Ebola?

          Face reality here…..if this continues to spread, there will be no individual isolation rooms. You’ll be in a ward. If you didn’t have Ebola when you came in……you will.

      4. Nobody ever thinks they got it comin to them.

        That’s why nobody ever sees it coming.

        • Acid

          That is true for the younger generation. The older generation realizes that life is tough and you will go through struggles period.

        • Yup. Just like the Spanish Inquisition. NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!

          • Potato Famine is pretty sneaky, too.

          • Winston,do not forget “The Comfy Chair”!

      5. It only takes a drop of body fluid to get ebola?

        Damn I got to quit swallowing.

        • Save your breath.

          You’ll need it later to blow up your date.

        • Old Coach. Congress funnels Billions to their family and cronies throguh phony programs and federal contracts. Its a pilfering of our Tax money. Break out the Guillotines and start putting them to work.

          • Don’t red-thumb him for that, folks. He’s absolutely right. I’ve personally been burned by the process where they use the Small Business Administration to “direct” D.o.D. contracts away from legit suppliers and onto their asshole buddies, (and in the case I am thinking of you can take that literally – look up Gerry Studds.)

            I posted a link above about the fact that there has for years been an Ebola Czar in the CDC. A Dr. Nicole Lurie. Haven’t heard a word about her, have we? Probably because her job was not to plan a epidemic response, but rather to do stuff like guide a fat sole-source contract to a company controlled by one Ron Perelman, a huge Dem donor. For a drug “that may not even exist”, so the story goes, and to top it all the Company just went bankrupt. (Remember Solyndra? It’s a business model, people.) MEANWHILE the company (Chimerix) that actually had a viable Ebola drug got frozen out.

            Guillotines are too good for ’em. Stake ’em out on an anthill in the hot sun and let ’em roast.

      6. Here’s my 2 cents. Ebola…crumbling middle class (devide and conquer tactics through a “2 party” system) main stream media propaganda…death of the economy…fall of the dollar…wars abroad and over militarization at home..corrupt politics on all levels of govt…over population…depletion of resources…unsecured borders…targeting of patriotism….man made and natural disasters…terrorism . It doesn’t matter what it is but its not looking good. Ready your preps or ready your grave.

        • Ebola is now the flavor of the month..

          .24/7 coverage


          everything else noteworthy is off the table

          2 weeks ago everything was ISIS and the new terror threat creation Kordhasans coming to get us!

          Now its Obola non stop.

          Folks are discussing cancelling trips..keeping their kids home..etc etc..

          It’s keeping the populace in fear mode in any way possible..

          all to hide the always..

          Vietnam was created as a diversion to hide the golden triangle escapades..just ask any Viet vet..

          Much the same now..Ebola scare, and subsequent human collateral damage all about the vast resources of oil, gold,diamonds and others located in the Sierra Leone region..that must be plundered sooner or later..

          Is Ebola real?

          Of course it is!

          Will many more die from it?..of course.

          Did they not sacrifice some 55k plus US soldiers in Nam/

          Of course.

          We are all expedient to the ptb folks..nothing new.

          This is just another example of the hideous,psychopathic agendas at work nowadays..

          as the flow of energy, resources,money, and power is Always the end game..

          Stay safe..

          Stay alert.

          Enjoy the day,…


          • Yup, with election time coming they want you to focus on Ebola instead of all the turd deads the demicraps are guilty of. Gas will continue to fall and by Christimas it will be back to $4 a gallon

            • This may well be the beginning of the DEFLATIONARY spiral that IS systemic collapse.

              All the gold bugs running around whipping up fear of hyper INflation are about to find out how it really happens.

              I might wait another week or so to top off my fuel stocks, but no longer. While the price may plummet further, the confusion and fear may disrupt the distribution systems. Huge stocks of gas at the refineries, but no way for us peons to get it.

        • A good prepper has supplies and grave ready,made peace with self and friends/family realizing going to die in a breakdown more then likely trying to help others.

          • Warchild

            Agreed. Have made peace with my maker too. I will never give up. Never give in. But we all know that we could die or be killed. Sad but true.

      7. It’s the October Surprise!

      8. Some say eating from silver utensils will put a bit of silver in you thus avoiding the need to make colloidal silver. Who knows, but I hauled out my good silver to use every day. After all, if I am not good enough to use it, who is?
        Same goes for the good china, if now now – when?

        • Gad,bring it to the end of world deck party at Genuises place,will add a touch of class to what otherwise envision a Grizzly Adams keg party!

        • Time to use guns too

      9. This entire inside job is about to go sideways, and not in a good way. Hold on folks, the shit is about to hit the fan…pardon the pun…LOL…thanks NWO bankers…I’ll be hiding in the woods…wish we could order Ebola take out for you scumbags….we would even tip for that delivery…LOL 😉

      10. ebola pet threat:

        something to think about in a shtf event.

        * keep in mind your family pets will become carriers of the NWO ZOG CDC W H O weaponized viruses and diseases.

        try to keep them away from the neighbors , wild animals , feral dogs cats and shtf evacuee transients. check them for fleas and ticks. provide mosquito prevention protection for them.

        if they do become infected so will you…

        what will you do then?

        how will you humanely euthanize them?


        Mac can tell you of many that have had enough, wished us well and said goodbye.

        I’d hang around and pass of some jokes to try and cheers us up. There was a time, as many have found, that they had to prep more than talk.

        I wish all here the very best. Just wish there was an alternative way for us to communicate and stay in touch when this flops. If there is, please let me know.
        Y’all Beware! Fishin on the beach in SC.

        • I wish you and yours the best and my prayers will be with you.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Y’all Beware as there is a ton of free info below and I appreciate your comments.

            I believe I had posted this site before back in 2012.

            For you and others you can go here and download PDF info and I believe it is still free.
            You can always donate some support dollars too.

            Back up the info the way you would like and Keep Smilin!


            Select a Category Below to Visit the Correct Download Page

            First Aid/Medical
            Civil Defense
            Evacuation/Bugging Out
            Food/Water Storage
            General Survival
            Movies/TV Shows (Survival/Doomsday related)
            Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warefare
            Off-Grid Power
            Retreat Preparedness
            Screen Savers/Desktop Wallpaper
            Survival Tools

        • good luck with the fishing. I hear the spanish mackerel are running.

        • Yall, that’s the problem here. If people would stick to the subject instead of diluting the content with drivel jokes, or banter this would be a more productive site. Now BI posted an article a while back, and most every body trashed it. There are a lot of new comers that are looking for Good Information to help in their prepping and and when all they read are stupid jokes or hucksters drooling over each other like a bunch of aholes. There are about a half dozen useless posters here who use use this as a place to park their lazy asses day after day contributing nothing but nonsense. I have called a few of these idiots out to stick to the subject matter. If you all would like to make this website a more productive site, stop giving stupid thumbs up for stupid idiot jokes and give green thumbs to posters who give good information and links, We need to unite here to make it a better website, so we can all learn from each other, and how to stay safe with productive information. Kick the Jokster’s (Space Wasters) who contribute nothing off this site with red thumbs. That is whats its going to take. You think advertisers that come here looking to spend money read then stupid drivel from idiots, will spend their money here? I think not. Stick to the subject as Mac Posts the discussion and kick the idiots off who contribute nothing.

          • I will also add, that useless space wasters here are not buying any products off the Add Banners. A guy like eppe (joke thief) says i used to prep years ago and is now bored with prepping, thus all the posts are useless jokes. Than all he attracts are more useless idiots who come here to look for a joke of the day and dilute the content even more, instead of the adding important information content which is the main purpose of this site. So if an advertiser comes here and does not get any clicks cause all the people attracted here are to share jokes, it will ruin the web site. If after a few months the advertisers figure out there is nothing productive here cause the space waster dilute the content they will go advertise elsewhere. The purpose of this site is not to dilute the content with useless drivel Jokes. People don’t come here to get cheered up they are looking for information. So after reading a half dozen posts do not ready anything important, they will leave and not click the banners. That is how websites work. Now I have been ridiculed for calling idiots out for lack of contribution and just posting stupid jokes. You need to respect Mac and what he is trying to accomplish here. He has been very kind to let people post what ever they want and let the population vote, but long term if all the posted content is stupidity, it will translate in lost adds and revenue. So eppe, think what you are doing, and try to respect what the purpose of this web site is for. Is is not a place for useless idiots to park their asses day after day contributing nothing. Go sign up for twitter and attract the joke masses that are looking for that content. I appreciate new comers that would like to add to the discussion posted. And feel free to ask prepping questions that will add to sharing good content. I have a deep library of info, and we can all add to the positive, productive info to help every body out here. Feel free to ask. There are a lot of good perspectives of prepping. Cheers all. Thx for listening.

            • WWTI;
              I gave you a thumbs up to both your posts but keeping all of the comments on topic 100% of the time is basically impossible.

              I enjoy the occasional joke and side comments that get posted. For me, it breaks things up. Things can’t be serious all the time.

              I’ve been on this site for almost three years and have seen the evolution of the comments. Some changes have been good others not so much.

              IMHO, you are not going to change someone’s habits, etc in regards to the comments they make. Better to just skip them if you don’t like them. I for one think the comments on topic, jokes, and side subjects can exist together.


              • Ghost Rider. Thanks for your comment. I enjoy the topics Macs pick out and I know how web sites work and advertisers, because I had a few websites myself. Viewership and topics keep my interest and those who click and buy.

                A joke does not teach you anything. There are tons of sites designed for that. And an occasional joke I do not mind. I find the best humor that is original and spontaneous to the topic. Some of the most funniest people I have ever known, was just hanging out and the banter jokes roll off at the moment pure and original. To just cut and past a stolen joke, that is not even related to any topic or to try and steal the attention of an article topic is really just rude day after day.

                Again Mac has been very generous for us to express our opinions or post material. At least we can reward him back by sticking to the subject or prepping or survival or something related. Think about the advertisers, they too look at these comments posted and decide if this is their target market. I will cease ranting on Eppe, its now his choice to do what he wants to do. I have only tried to help this site, and try to stay focused and herd the cats, or at least bring new info with source links that affect our lives. I am done ranting about off topic cut and paste Jokes. I hope everyone here, who like me will try harder to do a better job of posting. Many of you great posters and women add a great wealth to this site. Keep on trucking!! Cheers all.

                • wwti…I happen to like Eppe’s jokes and I could care less where he gets them. Is it a diversion from some very serious topics that are discussed here-you bet it is! And sometimes, we need those diversions, and it’s not your job to monitor the posts or the people who post here-so maybe you might want to chill out with your critiques!

                  • Another Useless Hick

                  • You know your useless waste of space Hicks. “Oh I just can’t make it through the day with out a joke”, useless POS. Seriously are you that USELESS? Is your life that Boring, Is your wife that Fat, are you kids that stupid. Really. You hapless shlepp!! You are the Joke!!

                  • You know wwti, I’m not offended by your insults because it’s so obvious that you’re a troll and a pretty transparent one at that!

                • WWTI

                  This is for you.

                  Superman is flying along on a beautiful day. Flies over Gotham City and there is Batman and Robin driving the bat mobile. He flies down and says hay how are you guys. Batman says just out for a ride. No crime here on this beautiful day. Superman fly’s off and gets to another city. He sees spider man climbing on a building. He fly’s down and says hey spider man how are you. Spider man says oh great. Just climbing around enjoying the beautiful day. No crime down here today.
                  Superman fly’s off and looks down on this beautiful field. There in the middle of it is Wonder Woman. She is naked with her legs spread. Superman thinks to himself. I have got to get me some of that. He fly’s down as quick as he can and bam bam bam then fly’s off.
                  Wonder woman says what the hell was that?
                  The invisible man says I don’t know but my ass sure hurts!!!

            • Look in your mirror to see a prime example of useless spacewasters, WWTI.

            • WWTI

              A lot of people like the jokes. If you don’t then by all means skip them. My problem is the arguing that does not help people in any way. At least the jokes cause laughter which helps everyone. We all are going to disagree at times but it is best to keep the arguing at a minimum especially for the new people.

              Oh and for your information. Eppe and a lot of others have been prepping for years. Like everything else in life it does require a break every now and then.

              I wish you this best and hope your preps are in order.

        • Any big blues running? My favorite has always been fresh bluefish (broiled) topped with crab imperial. Love the mackerel too.

          • Blues and Stypers running the waters around the rock.

        • What a shame that BI left. He was one of the main reasons I kept coming back. It was shortly after MayBeSo started referring to JOG that BI disappeared. MayBeSo was making cryptic references to things JOG said in the past. Was he spooked by this, or tired of this site like Y’all Beware says?

          I value the input of many folks on this site. I hope one day we can return to the creative and productive comments again.

        • Hey, Y’all, where ya fishing? I will be @ Murrel’s Inlet this fri- the 26th, maybe we can meet up.

        • Hey Y’all, where ya fishing? I’ll be there Fri.- the 26th, maybe we can meet and do some fishing.

          • I’ll be in Murrel’s Inlet. Let me know.

          • highspeedloafer,

            Sorry, I’m 3 hours away from the inlet. Good luck as there is good fishing there too.

            Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin.

      12. I’d like to know the status of Duncan’s family (friends, roommates, sponsors, whatever they are). Haven’t heard anything about them for a couple of days … has anyone seen them other than CDC-types? Not to be overly suspicious but, okay, I’m suspicious that were they to be sick (this nurse contracts Ebola but multiple people living with the guy are just fine, really) they’d not let it be known.

        Until The Gang Who Can’t Shoot Straight could figure out to spin it. Because they’re so smooth like that, dontcha know. Smooooooth. 🙂

        • You never hear about ANY of those quarantined. Remember all those suspected cases in DC. Boston, Miami? All you saw in the news was they tested negative but the CDC was going to follow up in a few days. Then nothing. No follow up interviews, no identities, nada.

        • You read my mind. At least half his family should be sick by now. I thought something was up when they were “taken” from the apartment after leaving them to live there in the filth for days. My gut instinct? They “took care” of the problem for the sake of national security. Just like that dog in Spain. There’s no way none of them would get this.

          • At least in Spain they know enough to dispose of the worthless infected animals.

            • Worthless infected animals? F YOU. Go crawl back into your den.

            • Den,they don’t deal well with worthless infected animals,they let moochele roam the country on our taxpayers dime.

      13. All I know is that its better to be a year early than a day late!
        No matter how good looking she is…somebody somewhere is tired of her shit!
        History always repeats when we forget our history!
        Never trust the government!
        Reagans best remark to …be scared if …someone shows up and says…” we are from the govt and here to help”…be scared!
        The Federal Reserve is not your friend!
        TPTB have been planning this for 240 years now!
        The Chinese are a patient people!
        If you poke a dog long enough with a stick it will get pissed off!
        Muslims hate us all and we must survive!
        Obamas muslim faith allows him to lie to us to get things done! And he lies alot!
        I once met obama at a gun caucus while he was in Illinois senate…had him cornered for a few minutes…gave him my progun spiel …I finished and he told me…”well sir you make perfect sense but I already made up my mind”!
        He told me the truth that day…and a second time when he said…” join with me in changing this great nation”
        He told the truth twice!
        When SHTF your hungry friends will roast you on a spit!
        If you don’t prepare you will surely die!
        When the day comes and SHTF…how will you greet the people who you told to prep and didn’t that know you did?
        That is the question!
        Good day and God Bless!

      14. And please remember this that I read…if you want to know who holds power over you…just look to whom you are not allowed to criticize!

      15. If you had a chance to spend a day with anyone in history who would it be?
        Aside from God or Jesus?
        I think mine would be Thomas Jefferson.
        JFK once said at a meeting of famous minds that… “the only time this room held more intelligence was when Thomas Jefferson dined alone”
        That spoke volumes!
        If he’d just spelled out the second amendment a little clearer for our inbred booger eating worm politicians!
        This is how I’d have written the second amendment…
        Leave the F#CKING GUNS ALONE!
        If the military has it so can you!
        Short sweet and to the point!
        I know I know…really you say…I say yes!
        An armed society is a polite society…
        Look at Afghanistan…Iraq…anywhere people are oppressed …who do they shoot?
        The oppressor that’s who!…I know I’m reaching but …work with me here…you get the point…I hope!
        And who doesn’t like guns?
        Well let’s see…OUR GOVERNMENT FOR ONE!

        Matches don’t cause arson…cars don’t cause drunk driving and guns don’t kill people!!!

        • You know, Freud once said that a fear of weapons is a sign of emotional and sexual immaturity. Maybe they should have included THAT in the DSM-V.

          • Ooooh, that’s gonna leave a mark !

      16. Please read this article about this erroneous reporting. It is spreading through social media and is incorrect in wording. There is enough to worry about without dealing with bad information, as there will be plenty of new cases to pop up in the very near future.


        • Can anyone tell me when BI left and what article he gave his parting words?

          • Indy;
            to my knowledge (and I try and read daily) he did not mention leaving the site or anything of that nature. Seems like one day he was here and the next he was gone. I do hope he is well.

            I was really hoping that Mac would have some info, as he has corresponded with BI several times. Anything Mac?


            • Us long time SHTF’ers need a way to keep in touch but I understand there’s no safe way or facilitating that. I keep hoping Mac will add a Private Message feature or something similar.

              • I agree that pm is the way to go since most people don’t want to share emails. I’ll share mine if anyone wants it, just let me know.

                Not trying to be negative to Mac in anyway but for him adding some type of pm isn’t worth it. This site needs to generate money (obviously) and pm wouldn’t be huge cash stream.


      17. Well it is off to surgery. I am one mean dude this morning. I sure would like some coffee. You all are lucky I am talking. I don’t normally want to say a word to anyone until I have had my coffee.

        To all stay watchful these next few days. Prioritize your preps and do what you can.

        May God Bless you all.

        • Stay strong Mike. Keep the faith. May God bless you and your family real good.

        • Prayers for a quick recovery Mike!

          • You’ll be fine Mike 🙂 From one who knows ……


            • Happy trails Mike and quick recovery!

              • Mike;
                Sending prayers and well wishes your way


        • Ebola everywhere and your going to the hospital? There is a hospital in Jonesboro ark the has Staff infection problems. Folks go there and catch a staff infection. Well its your decision. If you do catch something I suggest you take a vacation and visit DC.

          • Hell, EVERY hospital has staph. Study after study has confirmed that it’s due to human negligence, too.

        • Hang in there, Mike

        • Had my gall bladder out last week, and I am pruning my trees today. Colloidal silver promotes healing as well as fights infection. I am healthier at 65 than I was at 45 (and still doing drugs). Of course, it was the Holy Spirit that transformed me and gave me the will to do the right things for my health. On my own, I would have fed the worms long ago. I will pray for you.

          • One big thing you can do to promote healing is ingest zinc oxide. Also apply topically to any wound. Vitamin E also.

            Note to self: add more Desitin to preps.

        • Just said a prayer for you, Mike. I had a knee replaced 16 months ago, so I know what you are facing. Use the pain meds, and be diligent with the physical therapy.

        • Good luck and God bless.

          • To All about my surgery

            Good news for a change. When they went in they found my ACL was not torn completely. They just worked on cartilage.

            I so thank you all for your prayers. God is great and looked out for me.

            Old Guy luckily it was to an independent doctor at an independent surgical center. That was much more comforting to me. I only was around about 15 people and everyone in there was having surgery on knees, shoulders or Cataracts. I have to be able to lift my son and bathe him too. My thinking was get it done as quick as I could so if there is a major outbreak I would already be at home.

            Thank you all so very much for the prayers. They were sure the ACL was torn and prayers pay off..

      18. Hope you do well with the surgery and recovery/

      19. NEWS BREAKING: Here is New Astonishing Fact. It was previously reported that it was only about a 4 to 6 day incubation period for Ebola. But now people can be carrying this virus up to 42 days. 60 days in men’s sperm. Watch this massively spread worldwide. 10,000 deaths a day is coming. When Embola infected sperm transmits this with new born babies. Just like AIDS Babies. Check this video out.

        “Ebola Truth Shock! New WHO Reports Says Ebola Has ’42-Day Incubation Period'”

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

          According to this article, the Ebola virus could live in body fluids even longer.

          Ebola can be sexually transmitted by survivors up to 90 days after symptoms end

          Dead bodies are still infectious. Animals can spread the virus further.

          Can Dogs Get Infected by the Ebola Virus?
          According to the CDC “infected dogs are asymptomatic”, meaning that they do not develop symptoms.

          During the early phase of their infection, however, they can spread the disease to humans and other animals through licking, biting, urine, and feces. However, the good news is that once the virus is cleared from the dog it is no longer contagious. Dogs do not die from Ebola infections.”

          “Ebola is a zoonotic disease, which means that it is not confined to one species but can be passed to different types of animals including humans.”

          “Ebola infection has been found, in addition to African fruit bats, in antelopes, porcupines, rodents, pigs, and unfortunately also in dogs. To date there have been no documented infections in felines…”

          • Yep KY MOM, when it starts getting spread by animals, we are really screwed. Our entire food chain will collapse.

            This is the Great Culling unfolding. prepare!!

      20. Patient#3?

        In my mind, we are ALREADY at patient#3000. This can only spread and it will.Why? Because they LET IT HAPPEN!

        Let’s review the plays made thus far shall we?

        -Federal Reserve (a Private Corporation)takes control of the U.S. Money Supply

        -United States goes through a few wars, skirmishes and ‘Police Actions’ over the course of the years, spreading influence and projecting power.

        -Culture and values in the U.S.A. are slowly eroded, diluted and done away with.

        -Older people who understood and valued the very things that made America strong…have steadily died off.

        – Products once made proudly and correctly in America… went far, far away.

        -Schools, Universities, businesses have been infiltrated and taken over by the leftist, socialist ideologies.

        -The daily ‘fear level’ for the average citizen has been geometrically increased. We live in a constant (and elevating)state of fear.

        – Governments have steadily reproached and enslaved the populace through welfare programs, handouts along with ‘Bread and Circus’ for all.

        – Governments agencies have steadily used and increased surveillance, tracking, logging and characterization of ‘undesirables’.

        – Government Representation performance via the ‘elected’ has fallen to the lowest ratings in recorded history. They no longer represent the ‘will’ of the people.

        – The U.S. has destabilized, toppled and infiltrated the political structure of countless other countries to gain access to resources. Time and time again.

        – The U.S. Petro Dollar is finally coming home to roost after years of free reign and debauchery around the world. Will be worth less than toilet paper soon.

        With a batting average like that, is it any wonder *why* we are in deep Kimchee? The outcome of ALL these things is not a good report card to show your mom & dad.

        The U.S. has reaped and now the reaper is going to sow.

        Pull up your big boy pants…because your REALITY is about to get real tough out there.

        • Well,may hit the toilet before I pull up my big boy pants,less chance of soiling em when things go horribly wrong!

      21. Oops. That’s what I get for waking up early and posting. Couldn’t even get my own moniker right. Fingers not awake yet. 😉

        Now…Where’s that caffeine?

        • Posting before morning cup of coffee is like texting drunk!

          • oh man Warchild, been there done that. Not Good, to say the least. It was several years ago, but my friends still break my balls about it.


          • Friends don’t let friends text without caffeine.

            • Tex

              You are correct. They get drunk and text with them.

      22. every one is in for a shock…i worked in the healthcare industry for years…there will be no containment of this virus as the individual facilities wont put out the dollars needed for containment…look up what your chances are of checking into a hospital for a procedure and then checking out of the with a virus that you aquired while there…the only thing worse than the misuse of the ppe is the half assed cleaning of the facilities…

        • Obummercare is already pushing hospitals to their limits and now this. When was the last time a new hospital opened up. I can’t remember any around here. They are regionalizing because of all the illegals and uninsured flooding the doors. The government is slow to pay if they pay at all. Talk about a perfect storm.

          • New hospitals don’t open up because there is a de facto government/hospital cartel that acts to stifle any competition. Denninger has been on this subject for several years. I don’t doubt that Obamacare is just another facet of this.

      23. Well,now the UN proposing a 70% tax on tobacco,hmmmm…fuck that!Start growing tobacco,as pot and it’s recreational/medical and hemp products become legal govt.s need a new thing to tax,thus creating black markets ect. to keep the useless folks like dea ect. employed and assholes who want to try and wield power.I smoke,my choice,grow my own or use a friends product as my crop kinda failed this year,anyhow ,my own business,same as others who over drink/eat/extreme sports ect.I need to get better at tobacco growth,new markets on horizon,fuck the un! :ht tp:// ,article with space,you all know the drill,enjoy the day all!/wire/ap_ab3cd5a9b32c450aa5a13e1a4a14c60e

        • I don’t really understand how lea galley we have to pay the UN any taxes at all? Something’s just not right about that. Guess I will grow my own tobacco next year.

          • We don’t have to pay the UN a dime. They’d like to tax tobacco at 70%, and 2% tax on every international transaction, things like that.

            They just want the money for useless bureaucracy.

            In many third-world countries, the only decent job available is a UN posting.

      24. #Obola and the establishment are lying on how contagious it really is and the risk to the US. Tom Friedan needs to be removed or resign for his incompetence at handling the crisis, disinformation, and his callous comments towards that poor girl (bless her) fighting for her life. The real breach in protocol is that the Liberian was able to come here in the first place. In Orwellian fashion he says that a travel ban would put more Americans at risk. He was quick to blame the nurse but isn’t blaming Duncan for lying and coming here to infect others. They didn’t even want to name him or his nationality at first or that he died. Had he been not allowed into the US, Nina would not have been infected. Airport screenings are useless. People can lie, ibuprofen can be taken to lower a fever, the virus has an incubation period of up to 21 days before becoming symptomatic, and there can be asymptomatic carriers.

        Ebola is messy. There’s violent vomiting and diarrhea, loss of bodily functions, convulsions, and bleeding from all orifices. Anyone taking care of them or cleaning up has a high risk of getting it themselves because of all the fluids they come in contact with. Even if they’re protected they could get infected while removing their protection gear, removing it incorrectly, or making a careless mistake after removing and not know it. Like using a bare hand to take the other glove off, sliding the mask on the face instead of pulling it away, and touching the face. Paper masks and simple gowns just aren’t enough. Encapsulated hazmat suits (with a second layer of PPE under that for safe measure) and full face respirators are needed, plus a thorough decon chlorine bleach shower before removal.

        The nurse seems to be doing well so far, and she got a transfusion from Dr. Brantly. Don’t give up, Nina.

        • So, what you are saying is survivors of Ebola will soon be required to care for Ebola sufferers here??

          Not such a bad idea–many from third world countries would do that for exchange of a few thousand dollars OR U.S. nationalization??

          • Or keep them out so there won’t be loose ebola sufferers running around. Ebola has a reproduction number R0 of 2 in that one person can infect two others (and those two infect four and so on), there isn’t enough BSL4 containment, there isn’t enough ZMapp, and Dr. Brantly can only give so much blood.

      25. I don’t mean to add fear fuel to this Ebola headline, but there is something that perplexes me and in light of all the bashing of our health care system as of late about not being able to handle it, I pose this question:

        Ebola is a level four (biosafety level 4) pathogen. Biosafety level 4 requires a very expensive, positive pressure suit to work with. Much like the kind you see in movies that has it’s own air supply. It also requires all AIR and WATER going to and from the place of contamination to be treated and/or decontaminated among other measures.

        Because of the cost of this setup (gear and lab) there are less than 10 facilities in the US that have this (Dallas, TX, where they are TREATING people isn’t one). Instead, they are given a $3 N95 mask, a $20 Tyvek disposable suit and a cheap pair of latex gloves. And they wonder why their procedures didn’t work.
        Why haven’t we moved these people to one of the P4 facilities?

        • Ark,wait till flu/cold season kicks in,folks will be in a panic thinking obola cases!

        • well said Arkaden
          you’ve got it figured out

          too bad the idiots at the CDC don’t

          there are only 4 facilities in the United States ,with a TOTAL
          of just 19 beds that are equipped to handle patients with
          a bo level 4 disease

        • I know…. it’s absurd. They should be given at the very least N100 masks and better suits. Those Tyvek disposables are SO EASY to rip or cut especially when you are working around corners or with sharp instruments.

          I for one am totally disgusted with the way education is being handled in hospitals around me. Nurses are told to wear an N95 mask, a disposable Tyvek with booties and a cap, and open-sided safety glasses. IT’S RIDICULOUS!

          At the very least they should have a face shield!

          • The CDC says that the N95 mask is fine as it filters out 95%.

            The WHO says to use the N100 mask that filters out 99.997%

            Cost of N95: 65 cents

            Cost of N100: 8 to 10 dollars

            Cost of Tyvek suit: $5.00

            Cost of Level 4 suit: $500.00 to $1,000.00

            Nurses who took care of Duncan are now talking to the big nurses organizatio,n Nurses United. The latest is that all the waste from taking care of Duncan was stacked to the celing in other patient rooms because they had no idea what to do with it.

            BHO says American Hospitals know how to deal with Ebola.

            You are on your own!

        • @Arkaden…

          I have made your point regarding Ebola as a BSL-4 pathogen repeatedly on this site in discussions of Ebola for at least the last month….maybe two.

      26. What a total screw up. Each state is responsible for its health policy. The CDC can only go in to help if its requested. They can’t even get their people on the same page. The CDC like the WHO is a beauracracy that burns money on stuff that isn’t a priority or out of their stated mission. Then you have the Dems blaming the Repubs for this because of funding. Now it comes to light that the CDC got 800 million more than Obama had requested. A total disaster. If the US doesn’t get it together we’ll look like Africa shortly.

        • No, I don’t think we’ll be anywhere near as bad as Africa. Their infrastructure is nothing compared to what we have.

          What we are lacking in is awareness and education on proper healthcare professional procedures. All professionals need to be given uniform guidelines that assume the worse in terms of transmission so that they can adequately prepare in case the worst is actually true.

          I for one am sick of the political bullshit getting in the way of something important like this. This isn’t an argument over a budget, this is decision making that could potentially costs millions of lives in Africa, and thousands elsewhere.

          Also, hospitals need to provide their staff with clear cut guidelines and adequate protective equipment. They are certainly not doing this right now and in doing so they are flirting with disaster.

          • We will be just as bad as Africa if Ebola spreads. Despite our infrastructure, the education provided to healthcare workers is not appropriate for this type of contagion. Additionally, hospitals will not spend the amount of money needed to utilize the correct BSL equipment. Furthermore, the downplaying of the seriousness by the MSM is going to get the average person killed since everyone is being told how “hard” it is to catch Ebola.

            • @Geoff….

              Actually….it may be worse here.

              The reason is not so much because of the people that Ebola kills (though that will be bad enough), but because of the damage an outbreak will do to our economy and possibly to our very infrastructure.

              In Africa….you got people who are used to not having anything. Really. Many of them are already on a subsistence level and have no dependency on public services. The biggest problem they face aside from the virus itself is food.

              Here….we have massive dependency on a very complicated infrastructure. Let that get disrupted and who can tell what hell will break loose.

              Just keep in mind, that most of our food comes to the stores on a JIT basis (Just In Time). What you see, is what you get. When panic sets in, those store shelves will clear out pretty quick. And if you’ve got people who are too terrified to go out in public to drive the trucks, or man the power stations or even staff the hospitals…things will go south pretty quick.

              Just imagine what will happen when the people who pick up your trash are too terrified to do that.

              That is why it will be worse here. It’s not just the virus. It’s everything the virus will affect.

          • I think you may be wrong on that one. The hospital that took care of Duncan has closed has their ER and their cafeteria. 70 people took care of Duncan. Now they have two patients. Hospitals are not capable of spending so much resources on one patient let alone several.

        • JC,believe many see this as a potential false flag,that said,may actually backfire and really get out of control,as for vaccination program,nope,not participating unless they want to stick needles in my corpse,even then will try and not be compliant.

        • This makes no sense… Do people seriously believe this and why?

      27. Yes it is unfair to Bash Health Care Workers. How would you like for all of them to go on strike all the sudden asking for $200,000 a year salaries, even for the lowest skilled workers who have to handle these patients. Another reason why I left the paramedic service back in the Mid 80’s when AIDS came out, and they had no clue how AIDS Spread. I was making about $30K. Hardly worth sacrificing my life for. But people have no problem paying a baseball players a Million Dollars for playing a Fricken game. Maybe soon there will be an adjustment is fair pay scale when you lives depend on these people sacrificing their health for yours. I hope they do go on strike. And charge America’s Fat Thieving Corporations who hardly pay any tax and cheat the system.

        • The problem is…. if they go on strike for more money (whether they deserve it or not, I have no idea) the “fat thieving corporations” will just pass that added expense to the consumers.


          • Nah, itll be passed to the fat thieving corporate insurance companies.

            “If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan”

            • Who will pass it along to consumers.

      28. quarantine countries that have this virus!

      29. Now is the time to do practical things to prepare, and I know I’m preaching to the choir. As Ebola escalates in America, it will be easier and easier to make a convincing case for preparedness.

        One thing you can easily do is convince friends and family to get three months of their prescriptions if they have medical insurance. In most cases, patients can get a discount if they acquire three months of their prescriptions, and this really helps in case of a collapse.

        It’s the way to open the door of the discussion of preparedness.

        Ask those older folks what their ancestors would have done if faced with contagion. Guide the conversation to having more canned goods in the pantry. Talk about Winter weather and having everything they need as this is approaching.

        In this way, some people might be greatly assisted within your extended family, and that alone will help you to cope versus being inundated with unprepared relatives.

        Arguing about preparedness never works, but calm gently concern, and mentioning things like ice and snow, can often jar people into waking up and at least having extra medicine and food on hand in case city services are overwhelmed.

        When something like contagion strikes, the first few cases are watched due to novelty. Then Americans are easily distracted when even more cases come in and they forget it can happen in their city. But then as the cases start appearing in their local newspapers, then they finally wake up.

        You might be able to overcome that disassociation of a potential threat to your family members by simply asking them, “What would happen if you couldn’t take your medicine because of icy road conditions and not filling your prescriptions ahead of time? If you went through your refrigerator and pantry, how long could you eat if you couldn’t resupply due to ice and snow?”.

        Ultimately the better prepared your extended family is, the better your own family is.

        • Anon;
          Very sound advice and thoughts. People can relate to an epidemic much more easily than a government meltdown.

        • I’ve tried to talk to loved ones and they either get nasty with me or ignore me… I’m tired of talking… just trying to do what I need to do..

      30. Any word on the status of Thomas Duncan’s family? I have not heard if anyone in the same household had contracted ebola , or had any symptoms of exposure.

      31. As someone who has multiple family members in the health care profession, I can attest to the fact that hospitals are WOEFULLY unprepared for this.

        The nurses are having to demand proper PPE, they aren’t being given it outright. Hospitals are seriously unprepared for something like this, even major ones in the Northeast you would expect to have a handle on it. The protocol is unclear, the education is nearly non-existent, and the equipment is laughably inadequate.

        I seriously hope there is not a pandemic of Ebola because it would cause the medical system to break down.

        Nurses need full Tyvek suits yet they are being told that paper thin surgeons caps and boots and open-sided safety glasses are fine. It’s pretty disturbing to hear it from the horses mouth.

        The amount of uncertainty in relation to proper protocol is frightening. You hear a different answer on what’s enough for protection, or what the proper cleaning procedures are, or how to dispose of the garments once worn.

        • Bubba

          I posted this the other day and thought you might find it interesting.

          From the CDC

          Bio Safety Level 4

          BSL-4 builds upon the containment requirements of BSL-3 and is the highest level of biological safety. There are a small number of BSL-4 labs in the United States and around the world. The microbes in a BSL-4 lab are dangerous and exotic, posing a high risk of aerosol-transmitted infections. Infections caused by these microbes are frequently fatal and without treatment or vaccines. Two examples of microbes worked with in a BSL-4 laboratory include Ebola and Marburg viruses.

          In addition to BSL-3 considerations, BSL-4 laboratories have the following containment requirements:

          Laboratory practices
          •Change clothing before entering.
          •Shower upon exiting.
          •Decontaminate all materials before exiting.

          Safety equipment
          •All work with the microbe must be performed within an appropriate Class III BSC , or by wearing a full body, air-supplied, positive pressure A suit.

          Facility construction
          •The laboratory is in a separate building or in an isolated and restricted zone of the building.
          •The laboratory has dedicated supply and exhaust air, as well as vacuum lines and decontamination systems.

          This is straight from the CDC’s website. This is how they treat Ebola in there labs. When it gets out in the public they don’t seem to care do they.

          1 – Oh it is not a big deal they say.
          2 – It will not be a problem in the US.
          3 – We don’t need to restrict air travel.
          4 – Our health care system is prepared for this.
          5 – You cannot catch it unless you come in contact with bodily fluids.
          6 – In the public they are treating it like any other blood borne pathogen. ( A known Lie ).
          7 – Screening at air ports with a questionnaire and temperature guns. ( Symptoms may not show up for 21 days ).

          I will stop there but how stupid do they think we are. They are lying through there teeth for some reason. This is why I am nervous and have a bad feeling about this. Something major is up.

          It just makes no sense.

      32. YESTERDAY WAS READING about how US govt was doing testing in Africa before this outbreak, and even testing on innocent people in Africa– this was written by doctor in Liberia.. Both Russia and Liberia are saying ths all came about because of US… sounds unbelievable– I didn’t believe at first… then read the article at website… sorry, in hurry..

        • Tulane university was conducting ‘research’

      33. Our local TV news did a story on hospital preparations for ebola. It showed them putting on face mask with a shield. The “suit” they put on was open in the back and left the neck exposed. No covering for the head. It was a joke. There are only 19 beds in the USA that are equipped for a level 4 contagion. Everything else is just playing with matches in a room with 1″ of gasoline on the floor.

      34. breaking protocols ???

        ha ha ha

        there were no protocols

        ya gotta read this
        from the boots on the ground

        Dallas Nurses Cite Horrifying Conditions in Ebola Care…-sloppy-ebola/

      35. The two most advanced countries in West Africa are Senegal and Nigeria, and they are reporting the infection nearly under control. I talked over the weekend to a friend from Senegal, educated as a biologist and nutrionist at the Sorbonne. She confirmed this from family in Senegal. She says the difference from other African nations is a combination of a higher standard of living, with good water supplies, sufficient food and a well-developed medical infrastructure. Why is our government struggling to offer solutions (to what is still a non-existent pandemic)? Could it be they want the meme of a pandemic in the public mind, to justify forced vaccinations? Four or five confirmed cases, despite wide-open borders seemingly intended to allow the disease into our country, still do not constitute a pandemic. Screening at a few airports is not an effective measure. Perhaps we need African doctors replacing those big pharma owned shills at the CDC who want to make their future employers more billions pushing a vaccine (that just might include live Ebola, or whatever the infection actually is).

          • I forgot to include this CRITICAL bit of info

            “Recent studies conducted in West Africa have demonstrated that 95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 1 to 21 days; 98% have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval”

            up to a 42 day incubation period for some cases !!!

      36. CDC lying bastards. They aren’t telling us anything that is true.
        Get you stuff ready, and Pray that it all blows over.
        Just got back from Murfreesboro Tn. looking for land out in the deep country. found one spot. I just hope it not too late.

        • That is fairly close to Nashville. Nashville is one of the meccas for illegals. Hope you are looking DEEP in the woods. I have place on the Cumberland Plateau. 5 degrees cooler in the summer than Murf & Nash. Hope your spot works out for you.

          • Burt, as a resident of Tennessee for 57 years in a bordering county to Davidson, I tried to warn Sarge about the high population of Mexicans and other illegals in Nashville; apparently, that isn’t a high priority in relocation.
            Nashville and many Tennessee counties have the flag out, ‘come on down’ to illegals.
            The more, the merrier.

            • The Caribbean indians were cannibals and were not given quarter by Spaniards but exterminated. The great Mayan empire were cannibals. So, the central americans and mexicans flooding into this country are descended from cannibals. They still actively engage in the blood sports of cock fights and bull fights. When things get desperate, I do not want to become taco filler.

      37. Off topic…

        More control over religion.

        City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

        “The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.”

        Fox News

        • KY Mom, You see its all because they are NON-Profit and get a Tax Free status. If they want free speech get off the Gravy train tax free status. Its the same reason why the military is taking over professional sports like the NFL that is 501(c)3 and they make Billion every year, but they have to let the Military advertise for recruitment purposes.

          For now if churches want to keep their tax free status, they tow the line from Uncle Sam. Bottom line the tax free clause enable Government to control the message in churches. Its a tangled web weaved. I would just ask each minister how dedicated he really is to freedom and if he says he is then lost the tax free charity status and start supporting Americans freedoms. Want to take our country back every church give up their tax free gubberment welfare program.

          • Yep,any religious organizations that get involved in any kind of political activity should immediately lose tax exempt status.That said,the whole tax structure/crony capitalism system is a joke!

          • wwti

            8 words are all that is required. Listen carefully because for you it is hard. Are you ready. Now listen.

            The Constitution. Freedom of speech. Freedom of Religion.

            • Mike,am a FIRM believer in freedom of speech/religion,but,if you choose to get a tax exempt status(Whole system including this is a broken failure)your religious group should not as a group especially with groups backing become involved in politics.

        • I hope she dies of lead poisoning.

      38. If you live anywhere near immigrants from the third world, you should avoid that area. No more air travel. No public transportation. No restaurants. No large assemblies, like sporting events, concerts, etc. Actually, you should avoid those things now, even if there aren’t any African immigrants. This way, if the government is going to ever get a handle on this, you are protecting your family until they do.

        • Prophet,though I like your optimism believe any way the govt. gets a handle on this will not be good for most folks,would be glad to be proved wrong.

      39. KY Mom

        many thanks for your earlier post re the Fox News interview

        everyone needs to watch that

        the CDC is a clown car of fools

        Frieden should resign

        he just can’t handle this situation

        • Satori,

          You are welcome!

          I agree about the CDC.

        • US govt will just send them some big stew pots…and soldiers to make sure the lines are orderly.

        • Phew! For a minute there, I thought they were going to request 80,000.

          (Another odd number in the ebolapocalypse… Interesting.)

      40. Remember that the MSM is the propaganda wing of the government. Nothing to see here folks, move along. As your kids get Ebola at school, sitting next to the imported African students. Diversity uber alles.

      41. It’s now being reported that this second nurse was on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas and 90 minutes later she was in isolation…WHY THE FUCK WAS SHE ALLOWED TO LEAVE AFTER TAKING CARE OF AN EBOLA PATIENT. I have worked Isolation rooms before, radiation therapy and infectious disease. When and if you get contaminated you are acutely aware of the moment you got contaminated. I have had a couple of close calls before. If they were unaware fo thier exposure could we please get some nurses who are not retarded!!!!!

        • Stewpedaso,

          NONE OF THE HEALTH WORKERS at the hospital were being watched AT ALL before the first nurse tested positive (over the weekend) for Ebola.

          The CDC had assured the health care workers they were SAFE and had nothing to worry about.

          It has only been since the weekend, that the CDC has started monitoring the 70 health care workers at the hospital that had contact with or cared for Thomas Eric Duncan.

          Apparently, the second nurse heard the news and flew back home on Monday.

      42. Since the Majority of us are still doing our regular routines, take a look at your surroundings. All of that may well change soon. People out and about without a care in the world. Spending money if they have it. Paper money that may become worthless because of a financial crash. And second because it is a disease vector.
        A comparison to what authorities tell you how to prepare for storms. They do not say anything about a financial collapse. The Ebola is the same as the News talks about new patients nothing is needed for the little person to preform. Need those dollars going into store cash registers, instead of staying home. The Flashlight, two Gallons of water and a couple of canned goods minimum prep, will save us all.
        Look for the fear in people’s eyes. The stress in their voice. Irrational behavior. You will then know, change has come.

      43. Go into your local grocery store shopping with a surgical mask and rubber gloves on and watch the real panic. Another place to avoid. Large grocery stores, at least during heavy shopping times.

        • Perhaps,but gloves and mask would get you to front of line with alacrity!

        • I carry them with me in the car and will probably at least wear a N95 mask the next time I need to go to the mall or grocery store. If nothing else it’s a good way to troll for responses, just to see what happens. I think I’ll choose a mall close to the city and news organizations for maximum effect.

      44. The second person to acquire Ebola in America, the nurse, well she traveled by air the day before she entered the medical center. So we don’t know how many were exposed to her shedding virons while in the airport and while on the plane. It’s really nightmarish to think how many might have been exposed and creates a real issue for the health authorities to painstakingly watch airport videos to see who might have been around her.

        Now her boyfriend has it, and who knows how many people he was around too.

        We can argue about lots of political topics, and point fingers of blame, but that’s not constructive.

        Do you remember the video of the man who fell at the subway.

        All of those people didn’t know each other. All of them had nothing in common except they were there when someone needed their help. They were of all different faiths, or had no faith, different ages, different political parties, etc.

        Because one person yelled for help, and was able to persuade other commuters to simultaneously push, then those who heard got others to all push at the same time.

        We don’t have to all agree, but if we all push at the same time, then we might be able to save some people. Not by angry words, but by positive considerate caring.

        Lots of people won’t listen. We can’t help them no matter what we say, but God is watching, knows the intention of our hearts.

        Even if you don’t believe in God, it’s the moral thing to do to persistently try to motivate others toward positive change. Not handouts, or judgments, but expressing genuine concern and trying to get people to help themselves.

        • Thanks, Anon (another Anon)… inspiring words. It reminds me of the videos at VICE news… showing whats happening in Africa. I never saw such moving stories and such courage before… it was very humbling! the selflessness and heroism was very inspiring! I don’t think I could do what those people are doing there… so very, very moving! (and not just doctors… I’m talking about ordinary, everyday people). If you haven’t seen the videos I would strongly advise watching them. You also learn A LOT too from watching them! (What to do in order to stay safe).

      45. Stop shaking hands and hugging strangers. Soon, we will stop shaking hands and hugging friends and relatives. We’re doooomed!

      46. The second ebola nurse was on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas a day before showing symptoms.
        Containment is impossible at this point.

        • Ebola makes black people want to fly on a plane full of people.

      47. The first commandment on the GA guidestones:
        1.)Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature…

        No wonder the person who put it up wanted to remain anonymous. Cowards, all of them.

      48. In other TX. news today, more from the homonazis and their homosexuality uber alles. Think that photographer in NM, those bakers in OR or CO, now that T-shirt provider in KY – all fined and sent to re-education camps because they disagree with the religion of gaydom.

        The lesbian mayor of Houston Annise Parker considers espousing your faith, especially if your Christian, no longer protected under the First Amendment, or the Article 1 Section 6 of the Texas State Constitution:
        ” FREEDOM OF WORSHIP. All men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences. No man shall be compelled to attendh, erect or support any place of worship, or to maintain any ministry against his consent. No human authority ought, in any case whatever, to control or interfere with the rights of conscience in matters of religion, and no preference shall ever be given by law to any religious society or mode of worship. But it shall be the duty of the Legislature to pass such laws as may be necessary to protect equally every religious denomination in the peaceable enjoyment of its own mode of public worship.”

        Here’s the arrogant, fascist, “my-way-or-the-gulag-for-you” news from the H8TE-filled radical gays: City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons
        The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

        • I hope this goes to the SCOTUS and is stricken down. Then again, I am afraid it won’t be.

      49. More from the homonazis and their homosexuality uber alles. Think that photographer in NM, those bakers in OR or CO, now that T-shirt provider in KY – all fined and sent to re-education camps because they disagree with the religion of gaydom. I assume gulags and concentration camps are next for anyone who disagrees with the H8TE-filled radical gays.

        The lesbian mayor of Houston Annise Parker considers espousing your faith, especially if your Christian, no longer protected under the First Amendment, or the Article 1 Section 6 of the Texas State Constitution:
        ” FREEDOM OF WORSHIP. All men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences. No man shall be compelled to attendh, erect or support any place of worship, or to maintain any ministry against his consent. No human authority ought, in any case whatever, to control or interfere with the rights of conscience in matters of religion, and no preference shall ever be given by law to any religious society or mode of worship. But it shall be the duty of the Legislature to pass such laws as may be necessary to protect equally every religious denomination in the peaceable enjoyment of its own mode of public worship.”
        City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons : The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

        • The City of Houston is going to find out what the Constitution means in short order.

          What a crock.

      50. Question for everyone:

        W/ the ebola threat, will Obamaa be guarded only by people who are in isolated quarters (like quarantine) since they would be in close proximity to him? If the Secret service staff goes home at night, they have a chance of contracting ebola if it worsens.

        Will they all take to the underground bunkers next week?

        • TBTB have the cure. They aren’ worried.



        Any possibility of illegal immigrants just getting in line like everyone else, and submitting to all the regular medical tests all the other immigrants have to take? At least a putting test on the 18th hole to get in? Leftist propaganda rag Media Matters has frantically denied the immigrant/EV68connection, of course. Presumably, they think it came from Mars

        The U.S. news media are giving little attention to one of the most significant and alarming current health stories – the World Health Organization has issued a global alert due to the outbreak in the U.S. of the debilitating Enterovirus D68. There has been speculation the polio-like Enterovirus, which mostly targets children, could have been carried into the U.S. by illegal-alien minors from Central America. The WHO’s alert for the Enterovirus 68, or EV-D68, in the U.S. was issued Sept. 17. A global WHO alert for the virus is exceptionally rare and is the first of its kind associated with an outbreak in the U.S. The last global alert for Enterovirus was issued in 2008 in China. The only other Enterovirus alert came 10 years earlier, in 1998, again in China. The U.S. news media, however, largely have failed to report on the WHO alert. A Google News search for the terms “World Health Organization, Enterovirus” finds no headlines on the alert other than the WHO’s own press release.

        Radio broadcaster Michael Savage, who earned a doctorate in epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley, in discussing EV 68: “For 20 years, I’ve been trying to warn America about the unscreened immigrants being brought in. Now, of course, it’s coming home to roost and the American people are being lied to by the Centers for Disease Transmission. They used to be the CDC; they’re now the CDT.”

        A study published Oct. 11, 2013, in Virology Journal collected nasopharyngeal swabs from eight Latin American countries from 3,375 subjects aged 25 years or younger who presented with influenza-like illness. The study found human Enteroviruses were identified in a staggering 3 percent of all subjects. Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, writing at her personal website, surmised “the origin could be entirely unrelated,” but because the “CDC hasn’t suggested reasons for the current uptick or its origin,” some are questioning “whether the disease is being spread by the presence of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children from Central America admitted to the U.S. in the past year.”

        Story is summarized from

        • The Man in the White House and his Party caused all this crap.

          Remember that when you vote.

          OH! We may not get to vote.

      52. And still no real containment. Started canning again today at a quicker pace. Canning more meat now since I have the dry stuff pretty much covered. Traveling through Montana recently I was able to get some really good wheat berries from Montana Wheat. All I need now are some zombies walking around for target practice.

      53. Calgagus

        Will they all go into the bunker?

        We shall see. How much of our government will go with 535 in the house and 100 in the Senate. Plus all the rest and their family’s too. How many do the bunkers hold with enough provisions. Those of us who survive topside will not be happy campers to see them again.
        And they call us Cowards.
        Not as bad as being attack with ICBM’s but to go underground and use those on the surface to do their bidding while being expose to the danger. Are we being attacked from a shadow government. That could confirm it as Ebola goes world wide.
        Don’t that burn you up that Pelosi, McCain, Reid and many more will be protected by our TAX Dollars.

        • Barry already has an “Ebola Czar” Dr Nicole Lurie and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since September and it has been suggested that she is already in a bunker….makes you wonder what she knows???

          If you’re interested in reading more, go to thefederalist dot com!

      54. How about making a pact if we get sick with the obola we hold off going in for medical care as long as possible–and use that valuable time to volunteer to staff as many Democrat causes as possible–time to look up the location of the nearest Democrat campaign headquarter 🙂

        • Leslie,appreciate the humor but many public places have folks from all ends of belief/thought spectrum,would eventually poison the good people.Now,you tailor it to just wipe out say progressive dems,well,am all ears!

        • @Leslie
          to almost quote the infamous Hillary-
          “At that point, what difference would it make?”

      55. I have brought this point up before here at SHTF.

        Our people are NOT accustomed to death. We have it sanitized. Blocked out. Covered over. Afraid it will damage ones mind.
        To cut to the chase. Go up on Google and type in, “Pictures of Ebola Patients”. That is what is happening to others. That is the Face of the Disease.

        • Or just read the book, “The Hot Zone”…

      56. DoW down 422 pts.

      57. I read the following article and it summed up what I have been thinking- we are dealing with something that the Gov. and CDC don’t want us to know…It is easier to catch then what they are reporting.
        I am slow to blame the hospital- they are following the guidelines the CDC has provided and obviously working with supplies that are not designed for this kind of plaque. The CDC has let us all down and the director deserves to be fired like all the incompetent asses we have working for us. Will that happen? who gives a crap now- It’s out. It’s too late to get it right. They fed the sheeples a plate of B.S. and they ate it up.
        I am preparing for possible home isolation and/or bugging out. This includes not only med. supplies but food, water, ammo, etc.
        Here is the link to the article. Please everyone- be careful, prep, and prepare for a very weird future. God bless y’all!

        • You should already be prepared.

          • @scott,

            Ouch! I have been preparing for years and if I ever get to the point where I think I have enough, I would be surprised. I also have been on this site for years and prefer preppers who are interested in helping one another…Just say’n.

      58. I would bet you every gun I have in my safe that Obullshits kids got EBOLA there would be a cure and every thing that they could do would be done.
        Shutting down entry into the USA from every where
        with in minutes. All the kids (Ha-Ha) that came from south america would be rounded up.

        Off Topic as of 1245 Central time Dow down over 450.00 points.

        Just maybe the shit is hitting the fan!!!!
        If this site goes down you know it did. Its been nice talking to you folks. I’m ordering some more food now.

        • There was a document online regarding a vaccine that Crucell created in 2006…which is probably the one that TPTB and families will get. The rest of us are on our own!

      59. I am sitting at Miami valley hospital (Dayton, Ohio) with my MIL for a minor procedure. Talking to the nurses. They are just now starting to get protocols in place for an Ebola patient. The hosp. Doesn’t even have concrete plans on what to do with them should a suspected case come through their doors. The training the nurse are getting is online. Every day they have to check out a website. That’s it as of now. Unfreaking believable!!!

        This is a top level hosp. In our area and this is very worrisome. Nobody is doing anything to really stop this. The cdc is just back tracking. Nothing is really being done to stop the spread!

        • and the sad thing is

          they’re probably doing more than most

          we aren’t prepared for ebola

          and we most certainly aren’t prepared for something even more likely
          and that is a flu pandemic

          the government spends more time spewing propaganda
          than they do in actually preparing

          • Agreed Satori.
            Propaganda and lies!

      60. Off Topic…

        Dow falls another 400

        Drudge Report

      61. Preps for eboloa?
        -Tyvek suits
        -UV-c handheld lights to sanitize shoes, cellular telephones, cash, credit cards, purse, etc, anything carried outside of home than can bring virus into home and bleach would ruin it
        -Normal prep supplies
        -Face masks & goggles & gloves
        -Pump sprayer for misting soapy bleach water on tyvek suits and even car tires. Ever see used diapers in parking lots? Ever see them smashed? What if that child had ebola? What if ebola is on your car tire? Dog sniffs tire…or you step in its’ tracked mess through parking lot.
        -Lots of gallon size ziplock storage bags and thick garbage bags. If ebola hits your household, you need ways to treat and discard infected waste.
        -Burn barrel for high heat incineration of waste
        -Plastic covers for mattresses.
        -Plastic shower curtains & plastic drop clothes to create air barriers in home.
        -Fans to force air into room with window open to limit chance of virus infecting whole house
        -HEPA air filters and lost of extra filters
        -Vitamins, C,B,E,magnesium & selenium
        -Nano silver and nebulizer
        -Coconut water and other electrolyte rich drinks.

        Hospitals will not be able to handle a pandemic and letting the govt “take care” of your loved one will mean almost certain death, means you will want to take care of them yourself. Don’t even think about reporting their condition to authorities. You will be living in a FEMA camp and your house quarantined and your vehicles too.

        I would cancel the newspaper and treat mail with UV-c light before opening.

        I doubt it gets to pandemic stage but just in case…

        • Just bought a UV light on Amazon for about 30 bucks a few days ago. Folks, consider this option as well:

          Question for you SHTFPlanners:

          a.) Why hasn’t the fiancee, kids, other people “patient 0” developed Ebola yet? Certainly, these folks would have been exposed to “body fluids” one would think? Do some people have natural immunity? Or is it relative to the status of one’s immune system?

          b.) Similarly, in Africa, where is the outbreak in Nigeria??? I know they are controlling border crossings (something our incompetents haven’t got off the golf course to do and/or won’t do, even tho all they have to do is, for incoming people, have a 21 day quarantine… but I guess that is too much for the Moe, Larry and Curlys in the Obungler admin). Further, there are now ~3,000 dead. I am truly sorry for any death; however, in a region that has a quarter of a billion people (Nigeria is ~170mm or so), 3000 dead is nothing, in statistical terms (I hate to speak this way, as every single life is precious – I am **only** speaking in statistical terms. Let’s say it is really 10x that number. That is still small, relative to the population. The question is, why are there not MILLIONS dead, or dying, by now? Anyone care to comment. Again, PLEASE do NOT take this as saying even one life is not of infinite value. The point is, why has this not mushroomed into something a literal thousand or million times worse.

        • @Grummer,

          Thanks for the tips- You listed a few I had not thought of yet. I agree that I doubt we will get to pandemic stage, but if we do, we need to be ready!

          Stay safe and happy prepping!

      62. Not sure if you guys have seen this yet but US authorities are trying to track down the 132 passengers on an internal flight the 2nd health worker took. Hopefully this’ll give someone here the heads up they need to do what they need to do.

        Here in the UK a local London Hospital screwed up totally the same day the official NHS PR stunt was run. The patient concerned turned out not to have Ebola but the flaws in our system have also been exposed.

        The emperor has no clothes and it’s a case of when not if ebola comes to town now.

        Worth noting too that Marberg and enterovirus are hot on its heels. If you recover from one, you may be hit by the next bug before your immune system has had a chance to fully recover. The believe it was 2 different pathogens arriving in waves together with malnourishment that caused the high death toll of the Black death in Europe centuries ago, rather a lone virus.

        • Dont worry Satori. ObunglerUnCare will take care of us! If I get it, I’ll just hop on over to my local VA hospital, and they’ll dispatch the issue quickly. And I used the word “dispatch” intentionally, with ME being the “issue.”

      63. There was more common sense back in the 1950s. As a child, I recall houses with “Quarantine” on the front doors; and people obeyed the restrictions. Try to get people to stay put nowadays. Why wasn’t this nurse put in quarantine as a precaution? Did she just walk away from her ebola patient, go home, then hop a plane? Does she herself have no common sense?

        I think it is getting very extremely close to the time when God is going to put an end to this planet. If I am sick of things, think how He feels. Get ready, people. God help us.

        • Anne,I do believe that while putting sick folks in isolation the country as a whole helped those folks in safe ways the best they could with donations of clothes/food left at door and actions of the same ilk.While things like the katrina storm have shown some folks still act that way has shown also a majority will not help or actually hurt others,sad to say.

      64. “Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, has acknowledged that the government wasn’t aggressive enough in managing Ebola and containing the virus as it spread from an infected patient to a nurse at a Dallas hospital.”

        Frieden learned how to blame others from his commander and chief Oblamer.

        $6.6 billion a year is plenty aggressive if you ask me. Can’t say CDC was under funded can we?
        Blaming others is a sign of immaturity and incompetence that seems to be running rampant through our government. Unfortunately it will cause other things to run rampant soon. If you’re going to panic, its OK. do it now if you want. Get it out of your system……….
        It doesn’t really matter now. The betrayal of the American people is complete…

      65. Also keep in mind, if you’re going to visit a large American city, many of the cab drivers are from west Africa. Oops!

      66. After so many, many years of working and supporting deadbeats that won’t work I cannot begin to express how much fun it will really, really be after teotwawki. Let your imagination run wild.

      67. Go to the website and search for the book Absolute Zero by Frederick Aldrich and see how more than coincidental it is, with what is happening now!

      68. They say they know how to stop this Ebola epedemic but they won’t/don’t stop it. This is the best way Obola the Islamic can find to destroy the powerful western infidels and leave the infrastructure to his islamic buddies.

      69. Howdy Everyone,

        Needless to say…’Things have LOOKED better’.

        Another case og Ebola diagnosed…this one having been ‘airborne’ hereself immediately prior to diagnosis…

        The DOW down over 420 points less than an hour ago…

        An assertion by a major researcher that based on his observation that FAR too many people infected have an unusually high amount of free virus in thier systems that HE thinks that same has – in fact – ‘…now mutated successfully’.

        Well, I don’t know about points one and three above any more than anyone else here, but but I do KNOW that as of 3 O’clock eastern the ‘margin calls’ will be HITTING those so exposed…and that THEN, whatever is going to – THEN – happen, we’ll see around 20 minutes later. So now, we watch and wait….

      70. Consider this. Flu season is starting soon. Vomiting and diarrea. How many thousands will show up at the emergency rooms worried about having Ebola? This could make a visit to the emergency room a nightmare for everyone. Avoid this situation if you can.

      71. Oh yeah, Frontier Airlines says the plane that the patient traveled on was cleaned according to CDC standards. Not. I have worked on “cabin crews” cleaning airplanes. All they do is pick up the trash left behind by passengers and wipe down spills. If this patient used the lav on the plane, she probably left behind bio-hazards. Sneeze in the lav? A little pee on the seat? Change the rag, did she? Yuck!

      72. I worked in the Oil Refining and Pet-Chem industry for 30 years advancing to an operations supervisor. Having attended countless planning meetings the optimist is the person who shines. “Can we flap our arms and fly from that vessel to that vessel so that the job can proceed faster”? “Yes sir; I’ll get it done” is the reply of the people who advance. I was the one that looked at the lurking danger and told them so. Because it was undeniable fact they very grudgingly accepted my recommendations. Because a disaster was averted the one that cried wolf gets little to zero credit for its prevention.

        Its a fact that looking good is far more important than being good in the corporate group environment. I believe government bureaucrats are far worse as they have the greatest ability to deflect any blame upon themselves.

      73. ANON–What will 3 months’ subscription help?
        As I see it, in Nopvember, you will have 2, and in December, you will have one and then in January, you can refill for 3 months.
        If a disaster happens the first month on refill, you are great–BUT, if it is the last week of that 3 month refill, what have you accomplished other than remaining out of a pharmacy for 3 months.

        • Let’s talk about how prescription medicines work. In an ideal situation, we’d all take injectable medicines if we could because 100% of the medicine gets into our bloodstream. That’s not cost efficient to do nor practical, so over 90% of patient medications are taken orally.

          When a medicine is taken orally, then only a small portion of the medicine finds it’s way to the target tissue, for the liver absorbs most of the foreign substance, but some gets past it. That’s called the “first pass effect” in pharmacology.

          Many medicines take time to build up into a state of balance in the body. Ever take some medicine and the physician says, “Now you’ll need to take this for two weeks so you’ll see some benefit, ok?” The reason he/she said that is that while the first pass effect results in a therapeutic balance over say 24-48 hours, to load the human body with a beneficial effect, then it might take two weeks of the drug circulating for it to work.

          So let’s say someone runs out of medicine and they’re on heart medication. Their body doesn’t stop working. There is some in their system. It takes time for the liver so loaded with a month of medicine to filter out the drug completely. They slowly run out and begin seeing effects in a week, with increasing problems in the second week.

          If someone purchases three months of prescriptions, then they have a buffer of medicine that might get them therapeutic levels for four months. Maybe five months without major ill effects as long as they are not seriously ill.

          The reality is we have a lot of cardiology and pulmonary patients in America though. Many elderly take more than four medicines (although some of that is merely for their thyroid and so will result in being uncomfortable managing heat and cold). Then some of them take a regular diuretic to reduce fluid volume to reduce blood pressure issues.

          It’s way better to have that three month buffer than to not have it especially going into Winter. Older folks suffer more with bad weather. It will only exacerbate their health problems versus Springtime or Summer.

          Sure, if you can get more, say six months, then go for it.

          If we had a real collapse, then look at how many Americans are on heart or lung medications, and you’d see a lot of them die based upon working harder than normal to acquire food and water (hauling very heavy buckets), chopping firewood that wasn’t seasoned or gathering branches, issues with smoke inhalation or fires, etc.

          A ton of people could die of OTHER illnesses beside Ebola in a collapse. Contaminated medical centers would be extremely risky for other admissions. How long before the gasoline runs out and people have to walk to the medical center for treatment. How safe would it be for elderly folks to walk there with a collapse? How many medical staff would stay under those conditions?

          A ton of deaths. A ton of burials. A ton of sanitation issues as that affects the local watering holes. Lots and lots of infections. Lots of miscarriages.

          It’s grim if we enter a collapse to be sure.

          • If you’re on medications, you should listen to your physician and take it as directed under ordinary circumstances.

            Under collapse and post-collapse circumstances, you might not be able to source your medications. That means it’s in your best interest to think how you could manage your health in the absence of those medications.

            A lot of blood pressure issues occur because of being chronically overweight. But some people have genuine issues (say Marfan’s) and so that affects their blood vessels and results in cardiac issues

            You might consider what people took before there was allopathic medicines. What did the pioneers take? What did they grow in their gardens? What herbs might help lessen your symptoms?

            It’s not ideal, but it might help. Say the common hibiscus which grows in my area. Making a tea with that will lesson blood pressure issues. It’s possible that some people might be saved through such interactions, but that’s far from ideal.

            Lots of people might harvest medicines from pharmacies post-collapse, but I doubt those same people will think to grab herbs, right?

            Wouldn’t it be smart to read up on it?

            There’s a free book called Where There Is No Doctor. It’s from the Hesperian Organization and if a free pdf. They have one on dentistry and one on obstetrics. Sure, it’s far from ideal, but wouldn’t it make sense to read it in case something happens?

            What if one of the people in your community is pregnant? Wouldn’t you rather know what to do from reading about it, so you could give some people a checklist of needed items, so they could scavenge for them, and help her deliver much more safely?

            There’s no need to buy there stuff as it’s free to download and has long been a resource for preppers.

            Some people with medical issues are just going to die. If you’re in that position, maybe you or I will die, but we might be able to live long enough to help some young person to live and have a fighting chance by assisting them with first aid, with pregnancy, or by simply giving them what food we can spare. Maybe the only reason that you’re spared from Ebola or some other contagion is to help them get some herb or scavenge the proper medicine from a pharmacy, because God has a plan for them to live, and your sole purpose to live was to help save them.

          • Anon, great post, but unfortunately, your post over simplifies the complexities of hepatic metabolism and pharmacology and may lead to misunderstandings by those not educated in pharmacology. First of all not all medications are affected by hepatic first pass effect. Second, Many medications that require up to 2 weeks to see effects arent due to drug levels, but indirect actions of the medication. For example, SSRIs don’t produce more serotonin, instead the body’s intrinsic production of serotonin stays the same, the medication just prevents re-uptake of endogenous chemical. Therefore it may take days to weeks to see an effect.

            But you also say it may take a month for medication to leave the system. THIS IS DANGEROUS ADVICE. All drugs have different half-life’s and elimination half times. A half life refers to length of time an effective level is maintained. Elimination half time is how long it takes to get the med out of the body.
            Not arguing with you, just trying to reinforce and point out to others that it is not wise to adjust or change your medication regimen WITHOUT A DOCTOR OR PA OR APRN being involved.

            You can get a rebound effect from a lack of heart medication within 4-6 hours of a missed dose of some cardiac medications.

            • This isn’t a pharmacology class given to people who have already taken anatomy and physiology, and you’re right on several points, but I’m unsure what you expected in a single short post???

              And all of that is contingent upon the drug, the age of the person, the efficiency of the liver or kidneys eliminating the pharmacological agent, disease states, polypharmacy, blah blah blah.

              Take both posts for what they’re worth. The take away lesson for most oral drugs is that you won’t die the second you stop taking your meds, and that most of the time, your body will slowly eliminate them from your body.

              Not only that, but as many people in America are clinically obese, then they won’t be having as many problems with high blood pressure, and maybe, just maybe, they won’t be so dependent on cardiac medicine as before.

              But by all means, give a detailed long description of pharmacology and see if your audience “gets” it.

              We’ve got a ton of people taking medicines that they could probably live without like SSRIs, right? They’ll have to cope like people used to cope without them.

              Some won’t cope and they will die, and I discussed that too without going into the complexities of the manner in which drugs are eliminated.

              • I’m just coming from the point that folks who are short on money, stretching to make ends meet, may misinterpret your information, doing themselves more harm than good. Given the knowledge you have I’m sure you know that some people see only what they ‘want to see’.

                There is a lot of good info in your post, I just worry that a little bit of information may cause some folks to take their chances in a non SHTF situation. That’s all. If the SHTF, then all bets are off.

      74. They need to stop letting people travel from Dallas and quarantine that entire city and also everyone that was on that plane.

      75. Does it stay on money? Cash? Hope not.

      76. To the nurse with possible Ebola.
        Had you cared for the Dallas Ebola patient AND watched him die, AND THEN boarded a plane and infected my family while on that plane or as a passenger later that day, Ebola would not be your problem; remaining safe from me would be your problem.

        We must stop stupidity from reproducing.

      77. During this time of great uncertainty in every aspect of being an American, would it really hurt you to consider inviting Jesus into your life, allowing Him to save you by washing away your sins, and allowing Him to be the Lord of your life?

        I know you may not believe and it’s so hard for some people to admit that they can’t do it all themselves. Wouldn’t you feel more peace doing that instead of the uncertainty of not following through?

        You don’t have to tell anyone, but do it only if you mean it. Why not take a chance that you are stronger with Jesus, then you are alone.

        And if you think it’s nonsense, and without any merit, then would doing such a little thing harm you in any way? Couldn’t it empower you and be a source of strength instead?

        Our survival is not what ultimately matters. Yes, we prepare so we survive and our families survives, but if it’s our time with Ebola, then how much better to have a peace instead of uncertainty into the Unknown.





        D. BANG !!!!!

        • D. BANG

          • BANG! BANG! BANG!



        (if any of you are perfect, then cast the stone).

        • Sorry, but common sense says you shouldn’t be tromping through soiled linens and tracking it out of a contaminated isolation space. Just saying that if something that obvious occurred, other lapses occurred. Ive seen very simple mistakes in healthcare due to lack of thinking things through. She NEVER SHOULD have gotten on the plane SICK. That is stupidity at its worst, or is she Muslim? Hmmmmm?

        • The problem isn’t with her, it’s with the advice the CDC is giving clinical workers. The type of personal protection equipment being suggested for Ebola cases by the CDC is entirely inadequate, as are the decontamination procedures.

          This should be obvious to even the most impenetrably incompetent politician at the CDC by now.

      80. The guy who brought Ebola here was visiting his girlfriend. Have not heard a whisper about her citizenship status which leads me to believe she is illegal. Why is her status not front page news?

      81. Anon,I am perfect,why I will not cast a stone!

      82. Wow! Just got back from the store and saw people filling up baskets of water, canned goods and what nots. I think some are waking up to the reality that this is going to get nasty soon.

      83. Oh good lord, the stupid %$##& was on a commercial airliner to Ohio a day before she went into isolation in Dallas.

        And running a 99.5 degree temperature.

        You would think, after having worked in that hospital, you might go… “hmm, temperature. Should I get on a plane? Probably not”




        Now Cleveland Ohio’s exposed. Plus God knows where else all ONE HUNDRED THIRTY TWO passengers, or should I say potential vectors have been…

        Dude no one is this %&$^# up incompetent. Even like China in the 1950’s wasn’t this %$^&# retarded.

        This is going really Stephen King really fast.

        • Guy,she actually got in touch with cdc before flight and asked if they thought safe!Now,perhaps she should have by then realized the cdc id a rat fuck but,she tried.On a side note,so cute that spellcheck wants me to capitalize cdc!

      84. I’m always thinking about the old/ancient warriors.
        Divide and conquer!!!!
        What can divide us more than a plague?

      85. What about that Deputy Sherriff? I haven’t heard anything on him in awhile?

        • Wendy,he was cleared as far as they know,that said,seems they don’t know much with what we are seeing.

      86. I talked to my son this evening, and he said he heard that there were 4 more flights after the airline went to Dallas with the nurse, before they caught up with it, I told him I was glad he wasn’t in that line of work anymore

        • Your son used to fly obola patients?!

      87. So what happens when some suicidal terrorist intentionally infects himself and enters through Mexico to avoid a rigorous health screening…

      88. Let’s say that Ebola causes a limited contagion crisis, and in order to minimize infections and new infections, a general quarantine order is given. That happened in one of the African countries with Ebola in which there was no travel for a certain number of days. However in some places the quarantine order is ongoing and no one can get in or out until such time as it is lifted.

        That means those without supplies are screwed, right? The only way that they will get resupplied is if they can convince military personnel to leave caches of supplies, and that’s contingent upon them having supplies and not being sickened by the disease.

        If something like that happened in America, then given the very large size of the country in terms of land mass, it would be a huge logistical nightmare. There wouldn’t be enough personnel to handle the transportation issues, problems with fuel, problems with the rotation, problems with the acquisition of new supplies, etc.

        Please have several months of food and whatever routine supplies you would need to cover that period.

        The standard answer for such a situation would be that the military would ensure continuity of utilities (water, gas, and electric) as well as sequestering critical infrastructure personnel. In other words, many of those people might not be able to get back to their families for months, so if you’re in that situation, then you have to prepare so that your spouse would have everything until you would be released, right?

        What if that fails? Then there isn’t gas for your gas forced air furnace and Winter is coming (can’t you already feel the chill in the air?). There might not be chlorine for the water supply, and so it first won’t be as pure, then not pure, then maybe no water at all, right? You wouldn’t have electricity for lights or for communications or for refrigeration. How much food would you lose as that happens? How would you illuminate your home? How would you get news?

        For not very much money, you can purchase a small solar panel (called a trickle recharger) that can then be connected to a marine deep cycle battery. That will top off the charge on the battery from the sun’s rays. Then if you had an inverter (it changes dc power to ac power) then you could recharge batteries, run a radio, use it to power some lighting, recharge a laptop, etc.

        It’s a wise investment. It might mean the difference in having any power at all, right?

        Do a search on the Internet for free homeschooling materials. How will you teach your children in a collapse and post-collapse situation? Maybe you’re a gifted teacher, and in the post-collapse, you’ll be the only one to restart a school system, right?

        Think beyond a month without infrastructure and being on your own. A widespread plague could end up creating terrible mistrust, workers afraid to come back to work, and it could take six months to recover…or much longer based upon the severity of the contagion.

        Most of prepping is purchasing supplies that you would ordinarily use during the course of a year, but without some way of recharging batteries, you’re going to be screwed if it’s a serious collapse of even a week.

        The simplest way to recharge batteries is to look for solar powered patio lights. They use a solar power cell and a recharger to top of the battery within in the same manner as I’ve discussed above. If you had that, and you attached it to a portion of your roof accessible by an upper floor, then you could walk out on your roof, recharge batteries, and during the night bring in the solar patio lights to illuminate your home. It’s a simple cost effective way to have lights and rechargable batteries instead of flashlights.

        It’s very dangerous to have lit candles in Winter inside a room. Expect children to drop them as they move around and accidental fires. Paraffin oil lamps are also dangerous as spills can happen and fire. Kids are not used to these common things and clumsy and one could prepare and have supplies and be easily wiped out by such a small thing. There won’t be a fire department to come save the home, and one fire in a neighborhood can easily spread and bucket brigades are of near zero usefulness, right? You won’t even be able to spray down your own roof to prevent a fire because there won’t be any city water pressure. Think outside the box on light sources so you prevent mishaps from happening.

        You’ll need to set up a watch and a rotation for security reasons, and at least one guy will be awake at night to protect the family.

        Children will rapidly drain batteries due to carelessness because they will assume that the collapse will be short lived. That kind of carelessness also results in lots of open flames from too many candles burning. People will overeat when panicked. People will waste a lot in the first week, right?

        Please read some very detailed prepper book about longer term collapses in case you haven’t thought about those kinds of issues. WHO is now saying that Ebola might take 42 days to incubate. If that is so versus 21 days, and we know that Ebola stays alive as an STD for much longer periods, then we could see a lengthier term of Ebola infection and you have to prepare for the worst.

        God bless you.

      89. We’re beginning to see the start of a healthcare crisis due to Ebola. Several months ago in West Africa, there were strikes by medical personnel over lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and low or no pay (the various governments had been allocated loans and grants to pay salaries and purchase equipment but it never got to the workers and likely ended up in some bureaucrat’s pocket).

        So far we’ve seen both Spanish and American nursing unions complaining about working conditions. There was so a lack of PPE, that some American nurses had their necks exposed, and they were told by officials to “cover their necks with tape for protect”. I’m absolutely serious. It’s a travesty.

        The standard pandemic tabletop exercises demonstrated that medical personnel might balk and leave these concentrated areas of infection due to self-preservation, but some reports (i.e. propaganda) assured Congress that medical staff would stay and be loyal.

        What if they don’t? What if they are sequestered and then slip away because of fear and genuine concern of catching Ebola themselves? Do you realize how many first responders, nurses, physicians, orderlies, gravediggers have caught Ebola due to being constantly around it? Even when they have the best PPE that can be mustered by officials, then they are getting sick.

        What would you do if an RN or physician? Would you stay at your post and risk dying of the contagion? Is that a fair expectation for the amount of money you contracted for employment?

        Given the huge amount of PPE that has to be disposed of for a single infected Ebola patient…do you really think that medical centers could keep up with that with say 20 Ebola patients? Do you think it’s within the realm of possibility that medical centers could have shortages of PPE, disinfectants, and would also start getting sick in America?

        Do you think given that two nurses have now gotten the disease in America, that at some point, some politician will insist that all medical staff be sequestered and stay on site so that they won’t potentially spread the disease to their family and community? Would you tolerate that as an employee? Is that legal to do under our Bill of Rights and Laws?

        If those medical staff balk and leave en masse, then how would any supportive measures be done at medical centers? I think we could reasonably expect a lot of RNs to walk off the job, maybe only 20% at the beginning, but as more and more strike, then those remaining would have to pick up the slack, and already we’ve been in an RN crisis for over 25 years. They’re critically short of personnel every single day before Ebola. What will it be like with Ebola in several cities then?

        If it takes 70 medical staff to treat a single Ebola patient, then how long before other common illnesses in the medical center are not being attended to? How long before a nosocomial (hospital acquired) infection happens with an infected nurse not displaying symptoms infects a co-worker or a patient within the medical center?

        These are serious things to think about for medical staff at this time. And realize that firemen are often EMS staff who would be among the first responders in the case of an infected patient, and they are walking into a home without knowing that a person is infected, only appears weak with flu-like symptoms. They don’t track the patient after releasing them to the ER. They could then spread the contagion to their family or to the other firemen, right?

        What if you’re in law enforcement and a quarantine is imposed and you are charged with notifying the people inside? You could easily become infected and spread it to other officers or troopers or deputies and to your families, right?

        I pray you all stay safe while you are in the front lines of this potential crisis. God bless you.

      90. Well if anyone wants to blame ANYONE blame mother nature, shes a b*tch!

        • damn that was clever

      91. I don’t want to disregard possibilities of the virus being airborne, excluding the expulsion of fluids via sneezing etc and their contact, but health officials continue to say that it isn’t airborne yet.
        Hysteria websites reported that the nurses had followed CDC protocol and still gotten infected as if they were wearing protective garments without bothering to report that the nurses hadn’t been wearing protective garments.
        Sadly, medical staff can be terribly sloppy. You just don’t want to know how much faith I’ve lost in the medical world. (Mind you, this comes from someone who still hasn’t taken the surgery that she was told was absolutely necessary over 10 years ago)
        Not to put a heavy trip on the two nurses, but it is all way too easy not to be careful with one’s gloves and not sanitize one’s hands after contact w/a patient and then to rub one’s eyes with those hands.
        What we need to do is heighten consciousness vs heighten hysteria. It’s good to get your hand sanitizer and use it after or while being in public. Be mindful not to touch any of your membranes, eyes etc, without sanitizing your hands. Do it to ward off anything, not just ebola, because the less illness you have to worry about.. the less we all have to worry about.

      92. The powers-that-be want the public to demand draconian “protocols” be enforced. Those severe “protocols” will then be used to abduct (“quarantine”) school children from parents–who will be told their parents are dead, as will the parents be told about their children–and herded off in buses to far-away concentration camps to be forceably “re-educated” (re-indoctrinated) to be abject, total and permanent, un-paid slaves for the elites’ economy, which will be said to have been wrecked by ebola paranoia. This will be told to them as being their only hope to survive. That’s how the elites can get Americans to voluntarily accept being like Communist Chinese coolie labor, the people who’ve had to slave for our corporate masters in order for us to buy their “Made in China” stuff which has made them and their COMMUNIST dupers (who’ll “bury” them and us, to paraphrase Nikita Khruschev)) more powerful than ever.

      93. Fire is said to be able to destroy the ebola virus.

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