Report: Over 250 Gold Robberies in Stockton Since April: Police Taken By Surprise

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Headline News | 186 comments

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    With the price of gold reaching all time highs as recently as this summer, it’s not just investors who are paying attention.

    Predators who have nothing left to lose are as equally interested in the asset. It’s not only a portable store of value, but just about every American has some type of gold in their possession, be it in the form of a coin, wedding ring, or necklace.

    In Stockton, California, where skyrocketing crime has left over 60 people dead this year, police and city officials are being overrun with reports of gold chain robberies. Since April there have been over 250 such armed robberies, culminating in the September death of a man who just happened to be taking a casual stroll through a local park.

    As a result of rising crime in the city, residents are being more cautious, with many of them choosing to stay at home rather than risk being assaulted or murdered in a city that has seen its coffers bankrupted and its public workforce gutted.

    Almost everyone walking the park knows the story of Armando Pina — even two months after the deadly broad-daylight gold chain robbery that ended his life, parkgoers said.

    “It’s sad,” said Robert Alejandre, who now walks the park with his wife. “It just goes to show you you never know.”

    “Fewer people seem to be walking,” said Jim Patterson, who continues to exercise at the park — but removes any jewelry first.

    Pina — a 60-year-old cancer survivor, father and grandfather — was killed around 3 p.m. Sept. 17, as he walked along the park’s southern walkway, parallel to Picardy Drive.

    Pina’s was the first murder in a boom of gold chain robberies in the troubled city.

    Robbers have stolen approximately 250 chains since April — more than one every day.

    Most of those robberies occur in broad daylight.

    “It is an uphill battle,” said Sgt. Larry Parino of the Stockton Police Department.

    Reported suspects are predominantly male (98 percent), of which 79 percent are black males ages 13-25, police said, and 9 percent Hispanic males 13-25. The majority of arrests were black males ages 13-25.

    Most victims of the robberies are female (65 percent), and 44 percent of victims are age 50 or older, the data showed. The most common time of day for the crimes were between 12 and 5 p.m., though this only accounts for about a third of the crime.

    Parino said robbers took even police by surprise initially.

    Source: CBS Sacramento

    Anything of value is up for grabs, especially in an economy on the brink of disaster.

    In a related story also out of the Sacramento, CA area, businesses have been given permission to raise high voltage electric fencing around their grounds in an effort to prevent the theft of copper.

    With food prices rising, jobs disappearing and government safety nets unable to offset the destruction of Americans’ wealth, even food has become a target. In Indianapolis, community gardens have seen a rise in thefts and vandalism, with thieves helping themselves to tomatoes, greens, potatoes and other produce.

    As police find themselves undermanned and outgunned in gang war zones throughout America, criminals will continue to become more brash, targeting anyone who is suspected of being in possession of something of value.

    If you are making an effort to protect your personal and financial interests through the acquisition of physical assets and other long-term survival investments, you must be prepared to defend them yourself. Local law enforcement officials simply do not have the resources available to protect everyone all the time.

    So, the next time you make a trip to the mall or local park wearing your gold wedding ring or chain, be sure to have some lead on hand as well.

    We’re now living in a world where some individuals are prepared to take your life for a $40 necklace.


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      1. “We’re now living in a world where some individuals are prepared to take your life for a $40 necklace.”

        There have always been individuals who are prepared to take your life for a $40 necklace or less.  We’re just seeing it become much more prevelant now that things are deteriorating by the day.  It’s only going to get worse from here as criminals become enboldened by the growing lack of law enforcement due to budget cuts .  One would think that this would make California rethink its gun laws, but I think that pigs will fly before that happens.  Hope the libs enjoy their emerging paradigm.

        • PB, great points.

          This is definitely not just isolated to California, though no doubt it is a breeding ground for legislation aimed at making society more dependent on our political benefactors. 

          Though California is on the front lines of restrictive laws that target all aspects of ones personal life and liberty, there is a large population of Californians who absolutely despise the direction the state has taken. The majority of the people have become wards of the state in one form or another, but a growing voice is coming out in opposition to these laws… Unfortunately, the predominantly democrat populace has been bought and paid for, thus you have some of the most ridiculous laws of the 50 states.

          We must keep in mind, however, that this is being pushed from all levels.Right now they are  shaping future legislation that aims to restrict guns, centralize retirement accounts and who knows what else. Some states have thus far been able to resist, but consider that EVERY state is now under mandated federal control of health care.

          They are going to try to do the same with many other things, and a majority of Americans just voted in support of such actions.

          What we see in California is coming nationwide, or at the very least they are going to push as hard as they can to make it reality.

          Once it is Federal, it doesn’t matter what your state Congress does.

          What’s happening in Texas with anti-TSA legislation will be an interesting litmus test for States’ rights in this country.

          • Mac,

               You should also check out Texas HB 149, as this will be an even bigger litmus test for state rights.  The bill is calling out sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA as unconstitutional and demanding state agencies refuse to participate with federal agencies in regards to this.  This has been done in 15 other states to varying degrees, most notably in Virginia.  The kicker for Texas is that they are taking it a step farther than other states by adding criminal penalties along with the refusal to participate.  They are trying to go as far as charging any federal officer attempting to enforce the NDAA in the state of Texas with a class A misdemeaner which is punishable up to a maximum $10k fine and a year in prison.  

            As much as I can’t stand the TSA, this will be the bill to watch. 

          • Once it is Federal, it doesn’t matter what your state Congress does.”


            Yes and No. 


            I live out here in the Pacific Northwest. Law enforcement authorities in Washington, Oregon, and (Northern) California *all* ignore any drug laws as regards Marijuana. All have codified laws allowing the stuff for medicinal (and recently WA allows recreational) purposes. This is in direct contradiction and violation of the DEA and all narcotics laws pertaining to the substance. Note that making/using something meth will get you arrested any any of these states, post-haste.

            What I listed above wasn’t to illustrate that we have a bunch of potheads, but to illustrate a little concept called “Nullification.” States literally have the right to ignore whatever federal laws they think are crap… and in many cases actually do. 


            • Unless that local, county, or state is strapped for cash and decides to make it to their state’s advantage to inforce such federal laws??

            • Right you are, OQ.  While WA’s new law permitting the use of small amounts of weed are freshly on the books, the real meaning of it is that no WA State police agencies will be spending time or money on busting people for pot.  If the Feds want to spend their time and money on it, that is their choice.  I would guess that a great majority of the pot arrests are initiated by local police because the Feds do not have the time or the manpower to devote to it.

              Anyone wishing to grow a pot plant can easily find seeds for it in just about any bag of “wild” bird seed.  They look like tiny coconuts.  

              I’m not a pot smoker but see no reason why doing that is any sort of crime any more than sipping a beer should be a crime.  Having done both in my misspent youth, I can testify that I would FAR rather have pot smokers on the roads than drunks.


            • I see you got the conservative talking points, most of your post was obsessing over pot. Something I do not use, nor ever have. We have bigger issues and problems. Getting a little tired of those being ignored by the GOp and its talking whores like Limbaugh that keep harping on pot.

          • Mac: In many ways, as California goes, so goes the nation.

            I was thinking of this over the past couple of days.  And the problem is that half the nation has sold themselves into slavery and won’t recognize it. The other half  is divided between those who see what is happening and try to stop it and those who just do NOT want to be bothered by politics.  As numbers go , it is not looking good.

             I belived our best bet is :1. Prayers in abundance 2. Each state must be urged to resist all intrusions into their rights. States over federal, not the other way around. So we must each write our state reps, state attorney generals etc and encourage them to fight. The states can stop the feds IF they insist on the states rights being upheld.

            • In many ways, as California goes, so goes the nation.”

              God, I hope not! Cali has been circling the drain for the past 3-4 years and will soon spiral out of sight as it flushes itself into oblivion.

          • Certainly California will die a death deserved of its rhetoric.

            • Can we give it to Mexico?  It would solve our electoral college problem, too.



                Y ou sound bright putting down a whole state….people like you are why were in this mess…exercise some brain cells.

              • Rebecca, the Protestant/Masonic ethos was Manifest Destiny when it seized mexican property (talk about theft, big time, much more then a gold chain!) and annexed vast areas of Mexico to the First Masonic Republic devoted to “reason” and godlessness……so now, its a messed up area of immorality and now, you wnat to give it back to its rightful owners?

          • “EVERY state is now under mandated federal control of health care”

            Mac if states don’t setup the healthcare exchange in each state they cant enforce the healthcare crap.  I believe at least 12 states refused the $54 million start up fee which was the “contract” to go along.  I love the sight and I’m not trying to nit-pick, but there are a few holdouts and bright spots.  Do I think those states will cave ?…We shall see.

            43 out


          • Mac, thanks for sticking up for liberty loving Californians (:

        • Let it be noted just how corruptly ‘blue’ Stockton votes. The same brutality is happening in other blue scum holes—Philly, Chicago, New York, LA, Detroit, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Boston, etc.

          It’s so sickening to see the gross level of massive voter stupidity in California for its soft-on-crime, tough-on-constitutional rights, that it’s a good guess the thugs killing the innocent BOTH voted for the same guy—their Marxist hero obama.

          Don’t believe it? Okay, then what chance would a Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona have running for office in any of these blue towns?

          There’s only one conclusion:  the leftists got what they wished for. So be it. Let them deal with their self-made nightmare as it comes to darken their front doors and park walks.


          • The problem is that they migrate to red states and bring the cancer of leftism with them.  See New Hampshire – used to be solidly conservative, now is over-run with mass-holes and is closing in on being as liberal as Mass and VT are.

            • The REAL issue is not “right” and “left,”  but Right and Wrong.

              “Right” (called by the rabbis “pillar of gevurah,” severity) and “left”  (called by the rabbis “pillar of chesed,” mercy) are the Kabbalistic game used to move the masses to the “middle” (called by the rabbis “pillar of tiferet,” harmony) where the rabbis want you to be to their advantage, not yours.

              They used this to gradually nullify Mosaic Law with the “Oral Torah” of the Talmud* and they use it to morph society to suit their Master Race aspirations.

              Even if you are irreligious or anti-religious, Right and Wrong are objective, written in the hearts of men as natural law—no rabbinic subjectivity, no pilpul.

              * The Koliner rebbe [17th century rabbi of Prague] states: “Our Zaddikim’s (famous Orthodox rabbis) words are more important than the Torah of Moses As our Sages teach: A Zaddik decrees, and God obeys.” Jeremy Dauber, Antonio’s Devils: Writers of the Jewish Enlightenment and the Birth of Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Literature, Stanford University, 2004, ISBN-13: 978-0804749015, p. 276, also documented in Judaism Discovered, p. 298


              “… The rabbi constituted the projection of the divine on earth. Honor was due him more than to the scroll of the Torah, for through his learning and logic he might alter the very content of Mosaic revelation. He was Torah, not merely because he lived by it, but because at his best he constituted as compelling an embodiment of the heavenly model as did a Torah scroll itself.” [Rabbi Jacob Neusner, “The Phenomenon of the Rabbi in Late Antiquity: II The Ritual of ‘Being a Rabbi’ in Later Sasanian Babylonia,” Numen, Vol.17, Fasc. 1., Feb., 1970, pp.3-4]


              “God smiled and said: ‘My sons have defeated Me, My sons have defeated Me!’ God’s sons ‘defeated him’ with their arguments. Rabbi Yehoshua was correct in his contention that a view confirmed by majority vote must be accepted, even where God Himself holds the opposite view.” (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Metzia 59b, Steinsaltz Edition [NY: Random House 1990], Vol. III p.237) 


              • No disrespect, but, dude, ya lost me just after “right and wrong”

                • Agreed.  How imperfect humans can “defeat” God, who is not imperfect, is beyond my capacity for comprehension. 

                • Most don’t understand the insidious and detrimental effect Judaism is having on our society.  It is all about destroying the existing institutions and in particular the Christian religion.  When all of the pillars that support our society are destroyed, the family, organized religion, moral strictures etc. and society collapses the idea is that Judaism will take its place.  Talmudic Judaic thought is being sold daily via television and radio.  For a better understanding the book “Judaism’s Strange Gods” by Michael Hoffman is a very good place to start.  Because of the stranglehold Zionist Jews have on banking, Hollywood and the media the public is blinded to what is happening.  Anyone wanting to understand where this is all going can see much of what Jews have said about Zionists and their goal of world domination at URL  436quotesbyandaboutjews.  Fascinating and at the same time incredible. 

                • its simple. Rabi’s think They are smarter than God Himself!

                  Most all jews Agree!

                  You can See this phenomonem by looking at how Arrogant todays various jews in us reps-senators-whitehouse staff/advisors-fed reserve-MSM! and Hollywood!

                  They think they are beyond Gods or anyone elses judgement. And all who disagree with Anything jews believe or desire or command is an Antisemitehaterwholoveshitlerandnazisthatwanttokillsixmillionmorejewsasap!

                  And furthermore, you can observe this trait amoung ALL who follow or agree with or Worship jews. aka pastors-polititions-MSM-ignorant sheeple types.

                  Like Mom said…Carefull Who you hang out with and who or what org you join because you will likely Become same as They are!….Abd it shows true in Spades by observing todays mentioned subversives etc no.


                This clown above gets paid to shill for hereditary wasp fatcats to blame jews for everything…he is whats wrong with society…paid liar for the wasp fat cats.

            • Point noted, MXLord. It does seem at times that human sludge eclipses good faith populations in its warped migration.

              But combating it can be effective if one takes heed of what Ronald Reagan once said:  “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.”

              God Bless the red states who understand this to their core.

          • There’s only one conclusion:  the leftists got what they wished for. So be it. Let them deal with their self-made nightmare as it comes to darken their front doors and park walks.”


            If only their stupidity affected only them!  Unfortunately, it will not and we will all have to pay the bills that result from this insanity.

          • Thanks team, for bringing in more false paradigms of “blue vs red” words-lets recall, the centralization via Patriot Act, TSA,etc was the result of the CONSERVATIVE Bush and his cronies, backed by McCain and Romney,etc……..and since Bush 2000-2004 expanded the USA govt by 43%-and Romney promised and has done similar, guess your GOP is also “leftist”, again, whatever that means today, a word as worthless as “conservative”, which always meant holding the line, but NOT advancing and now, super charging and out-whigging the Whigs……

        • in detroit they’ll kill ya just to see the funny look on your face

          • Which is why Detroit will one day suffer the same fate as did Sodom and Gomorrah.

        • Having been a cop in LA for over 20 years, there are people who will kill for change in your pocket.  The Federal govt, through consent decrees, is enforcing more and more rules on local agencies for a few bad apples.  Yes, the civil rights violations are usually true by a few, but not by the 1000’s who are good cops.  BUT, the feds are creating mini beaurocricies where more and more man power is doing paperwork and it is almost like half of a department is watching the other half.  They never cut motors (motorcycle cops) because those guys generate revenue.  It is a sad state of affairs there….

          Chief Parks said he was gonna make an example of any officer who didn’t register his assault rifles.  The gun laws in CA are going to get worse.  I went to a gun show last week, and by the second day the ammo wholesaler only had empty pallets and dolleys left.  Not good. 

          Keep your powder dry,


          • Keep your powder dry,”

            Yes and plentiful.

            That cops are wasting a lot of valuable time and manpower watching each other instead of the catching the criminals out there is typical of a Marxist bureaucracy. 

        • There have always been individuals who are prepared to take your life for a $40 necklace or less.”


          Indeed there have.  Sometimes just for the shear hell of it.


          Anyone not understanding that emergency personal protection can only be supplied via the application of personal weapons?

      2. This is concerning.

        • “As police find themselves undermanned and outgunned in gang war zones” – sorry folks, but this is the same cry as when they first started turning the local cops into paramilitary units. It will not matter if every cop in your town drives an LAV, or a tank for that matter, armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment—they STILL will be useless until AFTER an emergency situation. They STILL will not be able to be everywhere all the time. They STILL will not be there with their heavy arms to keep you safe.

          THE ONLY WAY to have any safety is to ARM YOURSELF to the teeth, and learn how and when to use your choice of gear. Period.

          This is the same old ploy. Ask yourself this — since we know for a fact that WE can be on the receiving end just as easily as some gang member, will it be to OUR advantage to give cops MORE firepower to play with on their coffee breaks?

          I think not.

          • Cops wear body armor, carry very effective handguns, have riot guns with OO buckshot and many have AR-15s (here in SW Fla they do) and radio communications. 

            I don’t know what else they may “need”? 

            Outgunned nonsense. 

            • What the article missed out on was the “Cops can’t be everywhere”and citizens have a right to protect themselves.But the coward brass would never make that statement,even though the profession requires one to take a (OATH)to the Constitution.Maybe they need to study up on that.

            • Cops have another advantage. They pretty much can kill someone if they “reasonably believe” they are threatened. They shot many an unarmed individual and not only avoided jail they kept their jobs. 

          • Sixpack, what will happen is the local police will be in over their heads. They’ll have  a high causualty rate which in turn the city/county will ask for federal assistance. This will be the open door the fed is looking for to take absolute control of the city or state.  Then the real battle begins for us and there will not be any constitutional rights for individuals period.

            Then the fed agencies will be pitted even against our own military. As long as we are armed, it will be costly on both sides. But  remember; if they don’t bring in foreign troops, they’ll have internal strife themselves.

            • Agreed. It must be nice to be able to legislate yourself an edge, by legally disarming your opponent…

            • The Feds already have control of the purse, therefore they already control the states. Every state who relies heavily on Federal grants, aid and other Federal handouts to meet their budgets know it, too.

              The Interstate Commerce Clause has neutered the states. Remember, the FEDs threatened to declare Texas a “no fly zone” if they passed legislation declaring it a crime for TSA to put their hands down your pants?

              Several states voted medical marijuana as legal, but the FEDs swat team them anyway, claiming superior authority to the states.

              Does anyone remember the state that wanted to manufacture their own firearms, keeping them within their borders and thought they could escape Federal regulations under the interstate commerce clause? The FEDs threatened an embargo, if I remember right.

              I could go on and on here, but the point is FB, THE FEDS ALREADY HAVE CONTROL OF THE STATES, and the government damn well doesn’t need an excuse to declare anything they want to.

          • All you have to do is look at that theater in Colorado where the dude who thought he was “The Joker” shot up the place. All the media blathered on and on about how “swift” the police response was. Guess what? ALL THE VICTIMS WERE STILL DEAD !!

            They’re called “first responders” for a reason: they have to wait until something happens, then respond to it. They can’t be everywhere at once, and its not their damned job to be everyone’s personal bodyguard 24/7. Expecting that to be the case is just plain old lunacy. Even if they were armed with nuclear tipped bazookas, and had the combined powers of the Justice League and the friggin’ X men, they STILL cannot stop all crimes before they even happen

            • ….but, when they are pushing to raise your taxes, they sure make people think they have those aforementioned super powers!

              The problem is they tell us its all about safety. It is not. It is all about tyranny. Cops are not here to do YOUR bidding. They are here to do the bidding of the state or the city.  Essentially, they ask for more taxes so the police can “keep you safe” and they spend about 5% of their efforts doing that. The other 95% is spent trying to back you in a corner so they can arrest YOU and FINE YOU. 

              Essentially, supporting the cops is supporting a type of mob protection that then uses the protection to extort more money out of you.

              Cops are crooks with a badge. Oh, there are some very honorable ones, but, knowingly or unknowing supporting the system, cops are not the good guys anymore.

              Don’t call them. Don’t talk to them. Avoid them. Nothing good comes from them anymore. They are kind of like the eject lever on a fighter jet that causes you to hit the canopy EVERY DAMNED TIME YOU PULL IT! Yeah, its better than going down with the aircraft, but, not by much. If cops would spend more than 1% of their time actually solving crimes instead of “enhanced revenue gathering”, we’d all be better off.

              Actually, we’d be better off it they just stayed at the donut shop and slept in their cars until they were called.

              My apologies to any actually honorable cops that may be reading this. I am sorry that you are supporting such a corrupt system. If you try to change it, you’ll be looking for a new job. Many have tried. All have failed. Modern police work is beyond lame. if you’ve ever been privy to it from the inside, its a fucking joke. Its all about the next federal money suck and tickets for revenue enhancement.

              Frankly, one of the good things about the collapse will be that there will be less cops to enforce the color of law will of the state.

              It would not surprise me if many of the cops left in Stockton are on the take. Actually, it would surprise me if most are not on the take, and in that, actually encouraging crime.

              • let me guess, you have been arrested for sex abuse. Of course you want fewer laws And cops. Get a life. 

                • Dear Sheople: Please read and be educated.

                  I have never been arrested for ANYTHING. But I can read and I have a view from the inside. I work with law enforcement on things to do with Information Technology. My interaction with the cops outside of that has been one speeding ticket, one stoplight ticket (illegitimate as it was), one seat belt ticket and an expired license over my 35 years of driving.

                  You sound like an enabler that has been brainwashed to believe if they have a badge, they are the good guys. I’m telling you, you’re wrong, and frankly, part of the problem. You probably believe that the cops are the good guys. They’re not. Its just a business just like any other but, in this case, they tell you one thing and do quite another. What makes it really bad is that there is approximately 10x the corruption in any given policing institution than in the general population of other organizations. …I’m erring on the conservative side, I’m sure.

                  But, you go right ahead and keep on indulging in your normalcy bias addiction. One day, you might wake up with a lifetime sentence for doing something that didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t steal anything or defraud anyone. …and it will all be for the “safety” of the rest of us.

                  If a crime is a crime then why can cops: speed and kill people, run stop signs and kill people, possess pot, murder, lie, steal, set people up, blackmail, bribe, lie, falsely advertise and embezzle and its all OK? They never finish their sentences either! You know, when they say, “Nobody is above the law.”  They need to finish with, “…except us.” Just because they are cops? No, because they are lying, violent criminals that use those color of law statutes and codes to steal from the general population and enrich themselves with privilege and cash.

                  I guess the Declaration of Independence was correct: All men are created equal but some are more equal than others. Oh, wait, I think I’m confusing TDOI with the novel 1984 authored by George Orwell.

                  We’ve been brainwashed to believe the boys in blue enforce the law but to break a law, that is a crime yet for a crime to have been committed there must be a clear victim. Who is the victim if you run a red light and no one gets hurt? Who is the victim if you run a stop sign when there is no one there? The laws being broken are being broken by the cops and the victims are us. They break the peace and they force us to stop and defraud us of our cash. They tell us we’ve broken a law and, thus, committed a crime. Yet, they break the law and tell us, “Thats OK, we’re the cops.” Lie. Cheat. Steal. …and it happens over and over and over and over. …most likely WITH YOUR BLESSING!!!

                  The law society has prostituted itself and its values and no longer deserves respect or credit. I’ve seen it all from the inside and it makes me want to vomit. Trusting them with anything, including your safety, so incredibly like having the fox guard the hen house.

                  But, the weird thing is that I live in a state where the cops are more honest and more respectful than most. Our state laws allow us to shoot them like anyone else if they are threatening life and property. I can only imagine how I’d feel if I were a citizen of some other state like Illinois or California or New York and had a similar inside view.

                  Sorry Mac. Sometimes I can’t control the information flow. I don’t expect the sheople to all convert at once but some might read this and realize the truth. I see this stuff from the inside and if I couldn’t let it out here, i think my head would explode. I’m one of those people who see the coming collapse and a mixed blessing because I get to see the insides of several main pillars of our modern society. The thin veneer of spotless, shining goodness of those pillars makes me want to puke! Its all fake, but, the 99% have absolutely no idea that its all a sham. Like this guy.

                  “I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”

                • 100% NetRanger….I am especially endeared to the statute that says you can be arrested for “resisting arrest” and not even  be charged with anything else. Revenue thugs.Glad to see others feel the same.

                • Net ranger. Utopian work thug the thugs in IT?   Either you have no core or you are a whore. I am sticking with sex offender. 

      3. the only piece of “jewelry” I wear is a $20 Timex

        wearing any kind of “bling” is just plain foolish

        why not park your new car in a bad section of town and leave the keys in it while your at it


        its all part of “opsec”

        life is hard

        it’s harder when your stupid 

        • That’s what I love about living in Florida;  I can defend myself without fear of repraisal, unlike California. We are a  concealed weapons state with both  “castle doctrine” and a “no-retreat” laws on the books. The criminals here know that they are more likely to be shot by the average citizen than the cops so there’s virtually none of this crap here that’s happening in California and other gun restricted states. Huuumm, maybe there’s a corolation between gun ownership crime, yah think!    

          • I would love to agree with you, but I don’t think George Zimmerman would…..

            • At least George Zimmerman is still alive to agree or disagree. If he hadn’t been armed, he might be in a coma right now, or in a box underground

            • MXLord327: F

              F*ck Zimmerman, he’s a moron and a cop wannabe. He got himself into situation that he shouldn’t have. If he were just walking down the street and Martin jumped him, we wouldn’t even being hearing about this case.  As long as you can rationally articulate your use of a firearm, you’re not going to prison here in Florida. Hell, most of the time you’re not even going to go to trial because once the state attorney reviews the facts of the case and determines that it was in self defense; CASE CLOSED !  I’ll bet you even money that Zimmerman walks on his second degree murder charge because of the laws we have. The prosecutor is an idiot because she may have gotten him on third degree charges for incitment and reckless indangerment, but that’s out because she thoughts she should, or was told, to make an example of Zimmerman. Seocnd degree murder here under Zimmerman’s circumstances are going to nearly impossilbe to prove. I think she bit off more than she could chew. It’s interseting that we’ve heard nothing for months about this case. It may be that she’s reconsidering the charges and is going to refile for the lesser one (3rd degree). But even that one one is iffy because there seems to be little evidence to support this one either.  The only way Zimmerman loses this one is if he gets on the stand and screws himself with his big mouth.  Now whether the feds go after him for some bullshit civil rights violation is  another story.  




              • …and that’s what we get when we let politics run our justice system…

              • Paul Pace: What an angry little Nazi you are Pauli.  I’m a retired LEO living in Florida so I’m “familiar’ with the laws here. Your the one who’s ignorant, you’re infereing what I never implied. I never said that Zimmerman wasn’t right in defending himself, but you’re obviously too stupid to understand that. What I said was that Zimmerman did in fact put himself in harms way by playing cop and found himseld in a fight for his life. That situation could have been avoided.  Every gun owner has a right to carry here in Florida but along with that right comes a duty to act responsibly and that means not creating a situation where the person then finds himself compeled to use that gun in their own self defense. I’ll use you as an example: you can’t go into the black part of town carrying a rebel flag calling people n*ggers and then claim that you had to shot folks because they attacked you. And you’d be just the kind of moron to try it too, wouldn’t you.   With rights come responsibilities but it seems that your hatred of others has made you too stupid to understand this concept.  You’d better leave guns to those that are mature enough to handle them like an adult.  Oh, and please stay out of my state, you wouldn’t like our old-style southern prisons.

              • Paul, we all understand how you feel and most of us understand that Trayvon was a punk and a thug, but we need to quit calling names at lefties. It just lowers us to their level of discourse.

          • Maybe there’s a better correlation between gun crime and blacks and hispanics…NO??

            What will it take for all those unarmed citizens to get it??

            Move, damn it.  Leave the state to the criminals and politicians, or is that redundant?  🙂


            • Stockton, Ca., has a hispanic population of about 40%.  They are underrepresented in the statistics.

              • Hispanics are under represented due to this reason…

                When a hispanic is a Victim of crime…Its listed as Hispanic Victim.

                BUT when hispanics Commit crimes. especially against whites or blacks……Then are listed as WHITES!

                Go check out various Pie charts of percentages of all three groups…Whites Always commit least crimes. So to make numbers or percentages appear worse for white criminals, hispanic commits crime and its in the white part of pie chart.

                Its more PC profileing crap. And a desire to make whites look worse than they are. Otherwise more folks awaken and demand if you want to cut crimes of Violence?….BOOT Africans and Mexicans OUT! and leave Our firearms alone!

                There are many “Other” websites out there with alot of such good info if you but look for them.

          • “The criminals here know that they are more likely to be shot by the average citizen than the cops” – IMO, that’s exactly how it should be in a free society.

        • People may not realize those words of wisdom but I do. I grew up in the inner city streets of NYC back in the 70’s. Even growing up as a kid you were careful not to show off your stuff because if you did you probably weren’t going to keep for long. 😆

        • No. It’s harder when you’re stupid. The word “your” means it belongs to you. The correct word here would be the word “you’re”, which is a contraction of the words “you are”.  You’re welcome.

      4. The state of california has been on the decline since the late 1980’s, I wonder how much further it has to go before hitting rock bottom.  This should be interesting.

        • I concur.  Stockton was bearable until around that time and then it went down hill very fast.

          I still live in Cali, but no where near Stockton.

          I know someone who had their chain stolen right off their neck while at the Stockton flea market.  He was walking, looking at items for sale, and a young hispanic male ran by and just yanked the chain from his neck – and kept running.  This was two years ago.

      5. I agree with Be Informed.    I lived in Cal. from 78 to 83.  

        It started to go downhill in the 80’s.   B.I. is right on that.

        I could not wait to get out of there.    I wish I had the htlm to post,  it does not

        show up on the posting section.  (frustrated)



        • Emily, thanks for the feedback on the html tab. For the time being we have removed this tab because of possible security holes that may be exploited by malicious scripts. Once we can ensure that posting with direct html is secure and stripped of potentially damaging code we’ll bring the tab back.

          Apologies for any inconvenience with this feature being removed.



        • Near lake elsinore or escondito?

          • I am a native of this state and so are  my spouse and kids. Growing up here in the 70s was a utopia. Perfect in nearly every way….now I am ashamed of telling others I live and come from here, it does not feel like America anymore. Everyone I know (and I mean everyone) who has leftbmisses the weather  here,  but does not regret for a second leaving!

      6. So often a criminal scum doesn’t see an object for its value, they only see that they want it, like some chimpanzee.  This mindset of a criminal is why it is so infuriating that the states try to empower these warped minds by trying to take away the good citizen’s constitutional right to defend themselves.  Non-lethal devices are taken away also.  WHY?  Because the state wants the maximum amount of control over the people.  They want you to call the police, that will reach after your body has already become stiff from the maniac that had the advantage because you were not allowed to carry ANYTHING to defend yourself with and because the police were cut back because of the budget. 

        It doesn’t cost the state much at all to allow good honest people to carry what they need to defend themselves.  It cost the state plenty when the victims continue to pile up because the state considers all weapons dangerous, even non-lethal ones.  Then the law system treats someone that did defend themselves with a ball bat or a stick as the criminal.  More and more states are moving towards that european model of people only being allowed to defend themselves with a rolled up newspaper, even against wild animals with rabies.  Society and common sense continues to decay and rot away and is replaced with something that I never thought would infect the United States. 

        • Hi BI,

             ‘Infection’…yes, appropriate description.

        • The real problem with allowing folks to defend themselves are the statistics on who is committing these crimes.  Already, to prevent ‘racial profiling’, the media has pretty much stopped identifying the race of suspects being sought for crimes.  Can you imagine the uproar the media will stir up if a disproportionate number of certain racial groups start getting killed by individuals protecting themselves?

        • Respectfully, I object to the phrase “allowing people to defend themselves.”  

          This is a basic, God-given human right, and no one should have to ask permission or get a license or hesitate in doubt before protecting one’s self or one’s family.

          No longer does the “law” mean something is morally correct or not. Screw the law – we all know what is correct, regardless of our local limitations legislations.

          • @ Daisy.  This is exactly how sick society is and why I said the word “allow”, it should be absolutely automatically the right for every single person to have that right to defend themselves.  I am so pro-self defense and why I became so upset when tweedle dumb and tweedle dumbest of those idiotic candidates for senate made those horrible comments about rape.  One said it was somehow pre-ordained by God, and the other one said it was legitimate rape.  Those two cost the republicans the control of the senate as if they hadn’t made those comments I figure it would be 51-49 GOP over the Democrats. 

            Rape is something that is about anti-God and anti-pro self defense that there is.  Rape is an absolute crime of sickness towards a woman, and yes against a man also in that this happens all the time in prison and outside of it.  Akin and Moordock took the whole idea of self defense that is so engrained into the very psyche of freedom cherishing people and totally flushed it down the drain by not totally condemning rape.   I cannot stand anyone that would not “allow” someone as you say, their God given right as a human being to defend themselves and their family. 

            This is why I came down so harshly on those two idiots after they both got clobbered in the senate election.   Not that I am pro-Claire McCaskill in Missouri that beat Akin 55-39%, I just wanted that pile of crap to lose the election even if it was against the local dog catcher.  Legitimate rape has to be one of the most disgusting anti-self defense statements ever made.  Moordeck even putting words into God’s mouth that rape was some divine plan or something, should also show everyone that this sack of manure did not value the God given right of self defense for all. 

            Too often politicians, both democrats and republicans don’t take into account the horror that a victim goes through, that could have been totally prevented if the state simply did not put any restrictions on a victim defending themselves from a criminal slime that belongs better off stopped from harming anyone else further.  The instance that any politician turns on this simple basic principle of total respect for ONLY the victim, that is when the politician has turned against what is right. 

            I truly have complete conviction for every person to defend themselves and I to have an objection to the phase “allowing someone to defend themselves”, but this is exactly what the politicians feel, that you have to get premission or a license (that cost money) to defend yourself.  This is pure crap and I totally agree with you.  I was just trying to emphanize what pure crap it is for any state to even think that they would have to “allow” someone to defend themselves.  It is sick beyond the word. 

        • Wasp & hornet spray; 20’+ range, POISON. Hit the asshole in the face with this shit and he will need medical attention. Watch, the gov’t thugscrum will outlaw this tool also………… 

          • I carry a wasp & hornet spray can in my car.  It’s to keep the wasps and hornets away.

            • yeah, that’s a good secondary use for it………;)

            • Well, bug spray is for insects, right? who’s counting legs, anyway?

          • roger

            They call that New York Tear Gas being Pepper Spray & Tear Gas are illegal in the Big Apple. A 16″ BBL lever action carbine is called a Brooklyn  Special. They take the place of a handgun in home defense because of the difficult procedure of obtaining a home permit. 



          • @roger:

            Makes for an impressive flame thrower…bu—zing…just sayin’

          • yeah, they’ll get the chance, the first time somebody with a record of driving without government permission uses it, since as a felon, they couldn’t use a gun.

        • So often a criminal scum doesn’t see an object for its value

          Well, as stated in the Ann Barnhardt video, and on other news, some hoodlums in many states see the value in Tide detergent!!


      7. It was May 2011, when a man called Manolis Kantaris  took his pregnant wife to the hospital to birth their second child.

        It was 2 o’clock in the morning, and she waited at the entrance of their house, and he rushed to their car which was parked two blocks further.

        He hold his videocamera because he wanted to hold the first moments of the new member of the family.

        As he turned his back to open the car door, two men grabed the camera. Manolis resisted, and the two men stabbed him to death.

        They took the camera and sold it the next morning for 120 euros in black market.

        Two Afghans, illegaly entered the country a year ago, arrested by the police numerous times and released immediately.

        A child who will never meet his father, named after his father’s name, a woman left alone to take care of two kids, while working, and try to gather her pieces.

        Finally two murderers, who will enjoy their time in Greek prison, and be free as soon as their sentence reaches the 65% of the total.

        FOR 120 FUCKING EUROS….


        no comments boys and girls.



        • @ Manos.  I was wondering, what are you allowed to carry as self defense over there in Greece.  Is it as restrictive as other western European countries?  What are the laws in Greece regarding self defense?  Do you have to be cornered for example to use a firearm?  Do you have to have some sort of license to carry weapons?  If so, which weapons?  What is the public’s opinion about self defense?  Just wondering. 

          • Be informed,

            no self defense means are legal here.

            This applies to legal hunting shotguns also, if one uses it against invaders to his home.

            No rifled weapons are allowed, no knives, no folding swiss type knives, no stun guns, no nothing.

            If you are attacked in the street, you can only use your hands for defense. If you are unlucky enough and kill the intruder or the robber, you will end up in jail.

            We must trust our “beloved” Greek police for our protection.

            The same police which protects the government members and their families, the same police which beats up senior citizens during strikes, the same police which seats half of the day in some “Starbucks” drinking coffee….





            • answer to the thugs= Golden Dawn

            • Why do you obey these laws?  Why do you obey the police?  They live somewhere.  They sleep.  They eat.  There are many options.

            • @ manos.  Good God, what has happened to Europe?  Russia or china could easily mow down everyone as they have turned the good citizens that fought off the nazis in WW2 into something that is afraid to even defend themselves.  They have empowered the criminals and made victims out of the whole country, the whole continent.  I truly feel the most pity for all of you that were once a proud government that cared about their people have fallen to these level.  Poor manos and poor Greeks, and poor Europeans that have such governments that rather a person be the victim of rape, robbery, or murder than allow someone to defend themselves.  What has happened to this world?  What has happened to common sense and fairness and JUSTICE??????????????

              • …COMING SOON TO THE U.S.A…

            •      That’s INSANE!!!     You might as well lie down and say “Take me,I’m your’s!!!!


      8. Thank you Mac, I feel better.  

        I have a pistol permit to carry.   I currently do not carry.

        My dad is a retired military officer and he has a permit to carry and does so.

        My brother also has a permit to carry.

        I grew up respecting guns,  shooting guns at targets, *I was pretty good*

        and was around ammo for all types of pistols and guns.  I still have the

        target with the bullseye when I was younger.    I hate to carry as it demotes

        “responsibility” with it.    But,  I think I may have to purchase one and

        start target practicing again.    I love history, and this civilization reminds

        me of the Fall of the Roman Empire.    Sad.   There must be a reason why we

        are all alive and around at this day and age.     Thanksgiving coming,  yes,

        I am grateful and thankful.   




        • Emily,

             Hon, if you CAN ‘carry’ then PLEASE do so. Things are bad now….they’re NOT going to do anything other than get WORSE. Now is the time to secure yourself……’Fall of the Roman Empire’=’Fall of the American Empire’. Go get that ‘gat’ girl!!!!

          • And lets remember, its not just YOU that you’re potentially protecting: its also any number of innocent people who may be in place somewhere who are also threatened by the thugs and “gangstas” and sawed off little bucket mouths out there. I for one would love to have you and others like you in my neighborhood and in the areas where I work and shop: it makes all of us safer

            Hell, even the best man here –and when it comes to firearms, I’m damned sure NOT that guy —  can’t be watching 24/7; we all need backup

      9. @ All,

            Another M-class Flare approximarely 45 minutes ago…an M-1.4. Pretty sure more will follow this evening. Concurrent instantaneous deflections on both the NOAA Electron Flux monitor and NOAA SatMag.


        @ BI, you might want to keepo your ‘eyes peeled’ for next 24 hours. You might also want to stop over at the Kiruna (Sweden) magnetometer, it’s the most sensitive on the planet…pre-quake indicator ofttimes.

        @ Mac, Evenin’ Brother. Tried to post off an ‘Evening Solar Report’ earlier…more or less detonated in my face with respect to formatting, Windows NOTEPAD Formatting, needless to say the WYSIWYG ain’t quite so. Headin’ for Z-ville All, Bye!

        • Addenda;

              NOAA 11618 is within 18 hours of optimum geo-effective position. In the event of even a high M-class flare, given it’s latitude, a significant geo-effective CME could be produced. A previous M-8.0 several years ago produced a subsequent CME which registered in excess of 10,000 pfu…larger than the 6300 pfu event seen this past spring. I will obtain the specific details of same from the DRAO records by morning and post same here.

      10. Addenda 2;

           Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP2Serial Number: 830Issue Time: 2012 Nov 21 0728 UTCALERT: Type II Radio EmissionBegin Time: 2012 Nov 21 0654 UTCEstimated Velocity: 720 km/sDescription: Type II emissions occur in association with eruptions on the sun and typically indicate a coronal mass ejection is associated with a flare event.Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP4Serial Number: 397Issue Time: 2012 Nov 21 0729 UTCALERT: Type IV Radio EmissionBegin Time: 2012 Nov 21 0703 UTCDescription: Type IV emissions occur in association with major eruptions on the sun and are typically associated with strong coronal mass ejections and solar radiation storms.


            The issuance of both a type II and type IV warning generally indicates that a CME has effectively been ejected from the solar surface. See the previous addenda for the estimation (initial) of liklihood.


        @ Mac….jsut sent off an E-mail…the board appeared to have seized-up at 02:18 CDT…was refusing admission, period…seems ok now….disregard E-mail!

        • Here is a link to a guy who has a morning video of what happened over night for weather/earthquakes/volcanos and EMP type storms on the sun. He ties this stuff together very nicely. It’s kind of like the Hyper report doing economics/political stuff. Anyway I just found the youtube site a few weeks ago.


          • Thanks Anonymous,


                As soon as the ‘monitoring’ requirements here on my end calm down I’ll go check it out. 🙂

        • Revere Space mesage:….Brovo niner niner two one oh!

          The MARTIANS are Comming! One if by Land, Two if by Sea!!

      11. Addenda 3;


        Selected CME’s recorded by NOAA mostly consisting of original M-class flares. Also a few X-classDate Flare            Date CME                  pfu               Flare      Lat/Long   NOAA#                1978     Feb 13/0930      Feb 14/1000     850                 M7/0B       N22W13   1001    Jun 24/0900      Jun 25/0230      25                  M2/3B       N19E18   1164                 1984     Mar 14/0405      Mar 14/0505     100               M2/2B       S12W42   4433                 1994     Feb 20/0300      Feb 21/0900   10000          M4/3B       N09W02   7671                 1995     Oct 20/0825      Oct 20/1210      63                   M1/0F       S09W55   7912                 2001Nov 22/2320      Nov 24/0555   18900         M9/2N       S15W34   9704            2012Jan 23/0530      Jan 24/1530    6310           M8/2B      N28W36    1402Mar 07/0510     Mar 08/1115    6530         X5/3B      N17E15    1429     The largest pfu ever recorded by modern instrumentation in contemporary times….                1991Mar 23/0820      Mar 24/0350   43000           X9/3B       S26E28   6555 


        The evaluation of the impact of CME’s is SOLEY the purvue of NASA/NOAA. And as can be seen from the foregoing, simplistic estimations of same by any other means are fruitless….By tomorrow we will be privy to any relevant analysis through the WSA-Enlil Solar wind prediction which appears on the home page of

      12. In a small town in south arkansas and not much going on tonight but i wonder how long those nights will last . The US was settled by the gun and looks like that might come again or maybe it was not settled all the way yet. Load you weapons folks and get out and target practice and remember its you or them dont hesitate!!

        • Worried LEO

          Where is Wyatt Earp when you need him?

        • I take my family to the range often, and we are normaly the only ones shooting off hand.  I will never understand why people use a bench vice for target proactice…….

          Practice your form or you will be useless!

          Standing by in SC out

      13. @ Mac,


            Mac, please DELETE the previous two postings of mine above…the formatting DOES NOT translate through the site interface rendering the tabular data useless, a complete confusion to any reader. Thanks!

        • @ JustOneGuy.  It sure would be interesting if the solar activity really starting peaking and the tension in the Middle-Eaat followed.  Today the first bus bombing in Tel Aviv in several years.  What a mess it is over there, and if Israel thinks it can handle what Hezbollah has with that Iron Dome then they have already lost.  Hamas has nothing in comparison to what Hezbollah has.  Hamas probably has a few thousands rockets, Hezbollah has a few hundred thousand rockets and missiles that will overwelm any anti-rocket defense by swarming the defense with way too many targets to lock on to. 

          It should be understood that Hezbollah and Iran both have crusise missiles that are extremely difficult to knock down because the anti-rocket defense they have is geared for rockets in the sky, not for missiles hugging the ground.  Iran also has a bomber drone squad that Israel could not defend against.  Israel is getting in over their heads, and as usual expects the U.S. to come to their rescue and drag the U.S. China and Russia right into a third world war.  There are many miscalculations on both sides, and I wonder if this increased solar activity that affects brain wave frequencies is playing into this whole situation.  Interesting to speculate about.

          • Hi BI,


               Keep a tight eye on the Israeli/Middle East thing for us all….I’m a bit busy now…will be so until this spate of activity slows. I monitor roughly 22 different ‘feeds’ while one these solar events is ongoing, I have to ‘drop-out’ of them before I can come over and post here…it’s a lot to monitor at once. Still haven’t fotten the 17:00 Penticton Solar Flux Report yet tofay…they seem to be late posting it.

                 Bye for now. 🙂

      14. On the end of my gold chain is a 1911..

        you feel lucky, come jerk my chain and find out .

        Anyone today that is out “walking around” and not armed or skilled in self defense is crazy, and not paying attention to whats going much you want to bet all these people who had thier gold jewelry stolen were sheeple?

        • Heavy chain indeed VRF,


          Be safe.


          • over 40 OZ..:)

        • @VRF,

          Now why didn’t I think of that???  A lanyard for a 1911 made of gold.  Thanks for the tip.

          • one of my ruger western guns even has a loop on the bottom of the handle just for such a purpose

            • No fair shootin over bait.

        • Can’t wait till MSM tv news shows a few Toothless Gangbanger types who were out for a stroll looking for ripe targets to rob, when all a sudden out of nowheres a Rival Gang member armed with PLIARS!  Attacked perp#1 and Yanked out all his frontal Gold Teeth!!

          Wuf I opsda do now wif out ma teefhses ta eats wit?!!!

          Go check out Shysters 24 hr Pawn shop Tyrone! perhaps your front gold teeth are there!

          • Mos grills be removable

        • My Dad always said, “in order to keep from being a victim, you have to make it NOT WORTH THEIR TIME”…simple, but to the point.

      15. Best take this article seriously if you want to venture out on Black Friday to buy “stuff”. The wolves will be circling the flock to pick out the weak (and the wealthy looking). Don’t think for a moment that all those there are looking for a new “flat screen”. They’re working……cause what they really want is what YOU got.

      16. I moved from California to Colorado.  Best thing I ever did.  People are nice, jobs available, and second to none scenery.   Colorado is definitely preferable over California.   

        • Colorado is rapidly turning into Cali, all the carpet baggers going there any bringing there evil leftism with them, hope you’re not one of them!!!  CO will soon be East Cali.

          •  Sounds like you have Closet Yankee’s. Sprinkle grits at the border. Might help.

          • I wouldn’t go that far just yet. Colorado does not have any “fruit police” at their borders.

        • Welcome to Colorado.

        • Same thing is happening in Montana, though now, driving up prices and costs….Rick Jore had a good comment on this….

      17. escape from L.A



        • Caveman,

          Bad movie, great post………Snake Pliskin,  an anti-hero for the ages!

      18. Stockton = feral monkeys. Big fucking surprise!!!

        • Racist. 

      19. Remember in Death Wish 3 the part where Bronson had the Nikon camera on his shoulder as bait to lure the thief and then kill him outright? We need a new vigilante. Gold chains seem to be good bait.

        • Loved those movies.

        • Life is not a really bad 70’s movie. 

        • A wise man walks with his head bowed low.

          Avoid trouble if possible. Run if you can, fight if you must. 

      20. Compete directly with the third world and you will emulate the third world. 

        This is another bit of fallout from the Free Trade Agreements that eviscerated US industrial capacity along with millions of good middle class jobs. No need to go to Camden NJ to see it because the likes of Camden is coming to you. 


        • Who voted Kevin2’s comment down? lol.  Does that person think free trade agreements have helped America?

          • Let’s blame Ted Kennedy.

            • Zoltanne

              Actually Ted Kennedy did vote for China Free Trade along with Biden , Kerry and Edwards with 80% of US Senate Democrats and 83% of US Senate Republicans. Funny how only those in favor of Free Trade were in the real running for the Presidency. Coincidence I’m sure.

              • Kevin2, Yes I know (didn’t know the percent breakdown though — egads!). Was I the one who missed the point or did you miss my ha-ha-funny?

                Now you have 2 red thumbs. Now we can’t just blame Ted Kennedy…we have pro-NAFTAs among us!

                • Zoltanne

                  I got your humor. What I can’t get is people not seeing the relationship between Free Trade, lower standard of living, increased debt to replace lost income from Free Trade, increasing crime and increasing entitlements. The die hard party loyalists on the Democrat side deny their Party’s support for Free Trade and the Republican loyalists deny the negative impact it has had. 

                  All of the above is not open for discussion during Presidential debates. Case closed. 

                • You’re right, Kevin2 (and do you now see there are 4 thumbs up there? Ha!). We’ve got to come to the understanding that no matter how many facts and charts are laid out before them, these folks will continue to accept the spin rather than accept the truth.


                • Zoltanne

                  This is an interesting side note showing how people look at things because of where they are. Perspective is relative to position.

                  I worked my entire life in both the Pet-Chem and Oil Refining industries within the power plant retiring as a Shift Supervisor. In the above capacity I worked not for but along side degreed engineers.

                  When NAFTA was being debated a close work associate with a BSME was touting how NAFTA will be good making industries become stronger in the face of that competition. Fast forward a decade and post China Free Trade and the same engineer was looking through Mechanical Engineering magazine shaking his head and mumbling. I asked him what’s up and he proceeded to rant about all of the outsourcing of engineers to India and how you can’t compete with their wages.

                  It’s funny how the perspective changes the closer they get to your wallet. 

                • Hey Kevin2, I also have not-so-fond memories of debating ding-bat liberals on NAFTA — waste of time: you can’t educate or debate those who refuse to see the numbers to back up the predictions. So now we see the losses and the tracked deficits and how NAFTA problems have affected us. Lucky us, we’re in the downhill slide heading for the Third World. Rah rah, we’ll all be “equal”. Well all of us but the elitists.

                  I’ll see you at the circle sit-down and we’ll sing Kumbaya for “global justice”.  😉

      21. I live 20 miles North of Stockton.  I have route drivers in Stockton every day.  If any person is stupid enough to walk in any park in Stockton wearing a gold chain they are trolling for trouble.  Which would make you think that the only ones doing it would be cops.  If they are not cops then they are just butt stupid.  And as it has been said on this board many time you just can’t fix stupid.


        Yes we here in California are stupid to stay here.  But people such as myself have a business here that even being over regulated – over taxed I can still make a buck or two.  I was born here in Northern California and will most likley die here.  In fact I have a large family scattered all over Northern California and I only know of one member who has moved out of the state.


        Yes this has got to be the most liberal place in America and right now we are pretty messed up.  We here in N. Caifornia live in a virtual paradise.  You can surf in the ocean in the morning, water ski in the middle of the day and top it all off with snow skiing in the late afternoon all in one day.  Yosemite is only 3 or 4 hours away and it is without a doubt one of the 7 wonders of the world.


        So say what you want about California.  But this Californian of 60 years next month would rather stay and fight to correct the situation rather than cut and run.  So when TSHTF I will stay and fight for my home as I once fought for my country.  God Bless The United States of America!

        • @     Big B,

           My hat is off toyou sir and an early Happy B’ day.   I feel the enthusiasm and determination in your words

           I too, have a new found determination of standing for what is right and free.  With God’s help that determination to stand up to bullies will prevail.

           We; the freedom loving patriots, the true, heart felt Christians, and Americans with compassion towards the humble,less fortunate; are treated like weak children by the bullies.  We have our own gov/politicians bullying us from one side, and the thieving criminals and low lifes on the other.  Some of the “thiefs/lowlifes” are lazy and poor and others are liberal greedy assholes looking to take all they can.  Some are our very own neighbors.

           I for one, am sick and tired of being “bullied.”  I was bullied as a kid in fourth and fifth grade.  First it was the blacks that lived in town and were street wise.  Calling us poor and weaker white kids “fools”.  I hated being pushed around by groups of black thugs and called a fool.  Later it was the rich white boys pushing us poor white kids down on the playground and kicking us calling us “fools’.   To this day I hate being called a fool.  My second worst thing to be called is a SOB.  I’m a grown man of 56 years old and “will” not, I repeat, “will not” tolerate anyone calling me a sob or a fool.  Call me a mo-fo,bung-ho or ass hole, but don’t call me a sob or a fool.  I will lash back with everything I have got.

           We  true citizens have got to make a stand against the “bullies” of the world.  We are separated by too much real estate to make a physical stand, right now anyways, but;  we can speak out to anyone  that will  listen and help the cause for liberty and justice.  Stand your ground as an individual, or become a victim. 


          • I was bullied the year, when I attended a new school. The kid would wait for me outside. One day, I rounded the corner with my big history book at the ready—after the kid picked himself up off the pavement, he never bothered me again. Problem solved.

            Now, kids haul out their mac10s or 9mms…same game, different game pieces.

        • There are still a lot of good people in Cali, sounds like you are one of them.  Too bad your voice and values no longer matter to a majority in the state.  Wait, that sounds just like what is going on in the whole country!!!

      22. As recently as yesterday I would have smugly thought that where we live we are safely tucked into town/small city that is rated in the top three best small cities to live in in Canada; very low crime rate, beautiful university, excellent cultural base, no pockets of rough areas, extremely low unemployment rate, about 3.5%, one of the lowest in the country… and yet, I happened to glance through the local on-line paper last night and saw that a home just spitting distance from mine was the target of a home invasion.  Apparently they had targeted him because they knew he had prescription narcotics. I suppose someone must have had loose lips and word got around to a criminal element. Four men burst through his door and terrorized him putting a knife to his throat until they got what they wanted.  I guess the lesson here is two-fold:  one, loose lips sink ships, ie. never give away important information that others can use against you or pass on to others who are unreliable, and second, secure your doors and never open them fully until you are sure of who is at the door. I hope I have taken care of both one and two but will be reviewing my security arrangements immediately. Oh, and final lesson?  Nowhere, but nowhere is ‘safe’ anymore.  We must be constantly alert, vigilant and ensure our family members understand the importance of discretion and opsec at all times.

        • Knife? My dog would have had him for lunch. Best early warning system you can get.

      23. If they would let you wear the shrunken heads of the robbrs you kill, I bet the crime would go down.  Just a thought

        • a ear necklace might be easier to carry.

      24. Meh, they will gun you down for your tennis shoes.

        Mayor Gray: D.C. man killed for his tennis shoes,“He was being robbed for his Nike tennis shoes,” Gray said. “A life for a pair of Nike tennis shoes”





      25. Why my preps do not include masses of gold and silver.  The moment the looters find out you’ve got any,  you will be burnt toast. 

        • Old Coach,  I like to call it “bait”.  Afterwards I smile and call it “entertainment”.

          • Bullshit. Quit talking tough. Act like you have been there before. 

            • piss off fag!

      26. Start Collecting Ears on a necklace and offer it up when they try to rob you 🙂 Then add their ear to it too.

        • Best idea of the day …

          Thanks, partner!


        • AnonLegion: busted yourself on that remark.  Very few of us have even seen such a thing.  Only one war that I know of where such things happened.  Happy Veterans day.

          • BigB lol  thanx 🙂 yep ex Army AB Ranger 🙂 t2spec ops.

      27. I quit wearing real jewelry years ago, and now my few valuables (with any gold/silver content) are locked in my safe, some for possible barter someday.  It seems like common sense to reduce the risk of theft by not displaying valuables when out in public.   I even worry about carrying a purse in a public place. 

        I am 68, female, and almost never go out at night, have my CHL license and carry, even in the house and when doing yard work. I’m fairly well-trained in most formats (completed 14 hrs of AR training last weekend).  My neighbor and I are “allies”.  Even though I’m doing everything possible to defend myself and my property, and be self-sufficient if the SHTF, I still worry about being successful if/when the time comes.  I have a friend who plans to join me if he can get there.  He first talked with me about preparedness a couple of years ago…we’ve come a long way in 2 years.

        I read this site every day and benefit greatly from your suggestions.  My desk is littered with notes and lists!   I keep the USGS earthquake map open all the time.  I had to drive across the New Madrid yesterday on my way to see family in Houston.  It’s nothing to joke about, but I hope I can get back to Ohio in a few days! My anxiety level has increased exponentially since I started coming here :-).  I wish my family wasn’t in the big city, I wish they would take seriously the need to prepare, and I wish my daughter was not going on a cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Nassau next week.  I’m happy to be with family now, but will be relieved to return home to my safety net in a few days.

        I hope everybody has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

        Ohio Reader



      28. You go granny, I mean Ohio Reader.  I have the utmost praise and respect for elderly people like yourself.  Keep prepping and being safe and a Happy Thanksgiving back to ya.

      29. This story gives the term “Golden State” a whole new meaning …

      30. When you grow up thinking life is cheap and you can always make more then a $40 gold necklace seems valuable I suppose.   I weep for this nation and what we’ve become some days.


        •   Expect an increase in home invasions. The bad guys have seen all the TV commercials hawking physical gold just like you have.

          • Read “Surviving in Argentina”.

            The smart people had two safes. One was seen and the other hid. The one seen held some wealth but the unseen one held the better stuff.

            • I used to do something like that roaming the streets of Chicago in

              my youth.

              I’d keep about 12$ in my wallet and the rest of my cash

              (if it was a lot) stashed elsewhere. Never was robbed in my life though.

      31. Obama is issueing a new mandate on racial equality (legal discrimination against white men). All businesses and entities of any kind must meet his communist standards. All school scores must be equally distributed. All hirings and promotions must be equally level. No allowance is recognized for differences in ability. No joke. Goodby SHTF Plan. It’s time to gear up. I’m not going to the hills like the cowards. Good luck to all of you. Resist.  

      32. These thugs aren’t going to like what happens to them once the  middle class gun owners get sick and f*cking tired of them. These pussies prey only on the weak. I would LOVE to see them come to my part of the woods and try this cowardly sh*t on my group. They would be put into their place ( 6 feet under ) so fast it would make their worthless heads spin. Maybe someone should tell them they are outnumbered 7-1 and will be slaughtered if they want a war with the ones that pay for their ebt cards.

        • Only two quibbles I have with your post:

          A) Why are we waiting for these sick maniacs to come to us? Just wondering

          B) You’re assuming the “lookamy gold teef” brigade can actually fucking count. Don’t bet on it 🙂

          Other than that, spot on my friend

      33. ” All Enemies Foreign and Domestic … ”Lock -n- Load Free American Veteran Patriots !It’s Game Time !“CLICK-CLACK”~FMP1776

      34. Morning Solar Report

            Abbreviated due to technical difficulties with desplaying tabular data

             An M-3.5 Flare was recorded by the NOAA GOES-15 sensors @ 15:30 UTC. The general uptrend for the last 72 hours is increasing activity.

        • Thank you again, JOG – when do you or BeInformed get any sleep?!!

          • @ BadPuppyDog,


                BI and I take turns….BI sleeps during Solar flares, I sleep during Earthquakes. 🙂

          • OOPS!!!!,


               Meant ‘@ PuppyPrepper’ …..almost time for BI and Ito change shifts! 🙂    $T%!$^#^&#$%^!% 🙂

        • Addenda;


               The average backgroud Solar flux exceeded C-1.0 at approximately 15:24 UTC and has remained elevated above same since that time. Typically and historically, a sustained C-class background level for more than 10 consecutive hours frequently implies sunsequent X-class flaring.

             The most recent HMID (color) when evaluated against previous imaging timestamped 08:45:00 this morning indicates that 11618 has increased it’s overall magnetic complexity and the larger areas also show increased absolute magnitude of the associated flux therein.

              As yet the Penticton Daily flux has not been updated to it’s latest iteration., no new data relative to same is avaiable at this time.

              The current, background X-ray flux is at C-1.6. This value dropped near to C-1.0 post-flare then reversed trend and is rising again at this time.

             Further updates may be delayed or deferred entirely until such time as an effective means to ‘translate’ tabular data through the site’s formatting filters can be arrived at.


          • Solar Update 14:28 CDT

               At aprroximately 20:26 UTC the X-ray background flux resumed a sub C-class level. Same is now slowly dropping.

                 The 17:00 UTC Penticton Flux has now been reprte3d and is at 135.1 sfu.

      35. Obama’s Gun Ban List Is OutPosted on November 21, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr    American National Militia – by Alan KorwinHere it is, folks, and it is bad news. The framework for legislation is always laid, and the Democrats have the votes to pass anything they want to impose upon us. They really do not believe you need anything more than a brick to defend your home and family. Look at the list and see how many you own. Remember, it is registration, then confiscation. It has happened in the UK, in Australia, in Europe, in China, and what they have found is that for some reason the criminals do not turn in their weapons, but will know that you did.


        • About half of what I got. Hope they bring enough cat litter or sawdust to soak up their blood. I plan on making quite a few widows, widowers and orphans from my take.

      36. When Barry takes us over the fiscal cliff, and he will because it gets him his tax increase on small business making over $250K, many are saying that unemployment will rocket to 15+%.  Add in the tax increases from the Obamacare and increased prices from QE Forever and well our economic outlook sucks! (Like folks on this site have been posting for years)

        If  you haven’t read the book on economic events in Argentina, it describes such events occuring on a daily basis.  Desperate people do despertate things and we live in desperate times boys and girls.  Protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors.

        Time to Glock UP!


        • Limbaugh was right when he said that Obama doesn’t want to stop USA from going over the fiscal cliff, he wants to push us.

          • And Limbaugh as been a fornicating, cheerleader for every GOP leader, that has also pushed us into more debt, more borrowing, more Fed Reserve, more spending, mroe wars that drain the economy and on and on…..I waste no more time with anyone dumb enough and sheeple enough to listen and quote that idiot….

      37. Mac, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving to all posters here on SHTF. Enjoy friends and family tomorrow, put aside the cares of the world for one day if you can. Breathe deeply, at least the air is still free.

      38. Daisy and BI,  I’m with you both all the way about self-defense and I’ll take it further.  I’ve already been carrying certain self-defense items with me for many years.  Everyone is free to do whatever they choose to do for themselves,  but I’m not following any unconstitutional law that tries to interfere with my right to self-defense.  In my mind, tampering with self-defense is the same as tampering with human life itself.  If youget intoa confrontation with anyone trying to harm and/or kill you, you will be literally on your own, you will have to fend for yourself.   If it happens to me,  I’m not letting any law stand in the way of me successfully defending myself. This decision I made for myself many years ago when we still had a decent economy.   Forget about dialing 911 for anything.  Police are always minutes away when its really seconds that count. Protecting citizens is not part of any cop’s job description; the federal and state supreme courts have ruled numerous times on it.  They have no obligation to the public, only to the government which is who they truly “protect and serve”.   Anyone who come to my place for anything and won’t voluntarily leave, will get a dose of hot lead.  Things are coming down to the wire.  happy Thanksgiving to everyone.   Braveheart

      39. Welcome to the “It Takes A Village” Liberal Utopian Dream of  Gun Free Zones and “Feel Good” ideals…wonder when Ms Klinton or Ms Fonda will be taking a Walk In The Park sans bodyguards?

        • I get a good laugh out of the Hillary Clinton, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Going to the poverty stricken third world for advice on anything with the exception of what not to do defies logic. 

          You have no running water, no electricity, infant mortality of 30+% and a life expectancy of 50 years. Why in the hell would I listen to you? 

      40. And then there are the unrepentant Public Employees Unions

      41. Everyone needs to read this article:    Direct link:  americannationalmilitia,com/obamas-gun-ban-list-is-out/    This is only a preliminary list.  The final version will be far worse.   I’M NOT GIVING UP MY  GUNS OR ANYTHING ELSE, PERIOD!    MOLON LABE!  LIVE FREE OR DIE!  Braveheart

      42. Fifty years ago no lady left her house without gloves on, that fashion norm might make a come back for  health reason and so no one see your rings.

      43. Gun laws at irrelevant to criminals and are wholly unconstitutional 

        Therefore ther are null and void!

        the Watcher

      44. @ justoneguy….I love your posts about the solar activity…don’t mention it enough…both you and Bi are an asset to this site.   :>)

        I’m flattered you mistook me for another puppy.    :>)



        • Yah, sumtimes me git da pups heah confussed!!   🙂

          Thank’s for the ‘appreciation’.

      45. Lets recall, for responsible people, an armed populace is a polite one……has been proved in many areas of the nation….

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