Report: Obama Issued A Massive Ammunition Ban Just One Day Before He Left Office

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Headline News | 143 comments

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    In early December SHTFplan contributor Jeremiah Johnson warned the inauguration was still a long way off and that we should never underestimate a Marxist with an army of oligarchs to lean on. It turns out that Johnson’s warnings were right on target, as we have learned over the last couple of weeks that President Obama and officials in his administration moved feverishly to implement new rules and regulations with last minute initiatives.

    One such regulation, which seemingly disappeared within the hustle and bustle of inauguration day, was a new order issued by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe just 12 hours before our new President was sworn into office.

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe, an Obama appointee, ordered a new ammunition ban for certain federal lands on Thursday–his last full day in office.

    The ban, which took effect immediately, eliminates the use of lead-based ammunition on federal lands like national parks and wildlife refuges, as well as any other land administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service.The ban is expected to have a major impact on much of the hunting that takes place on federal lands across the United States as lead-based ammunition is widely legal and used throughout the country.

    Ashe said the order was necessary to protect wildlife from exposure to lead.

    Source: The Free Beacon Via Survival Blog

    That may seem like a big win for the anti-gun left, but The National Shooting Sports Foundation has already leapt into action:

    “This directive is irresponsible and driven not out of sound science but unchecked politics,” said Lawrence Keane, the group’s senior vice president. “The timing alone is suspect. This directive was published without dialogue with industry, sportsmen, and conservationists. The next director should immediately rescind this and, instead, create policy based upon scientific evidence of population impacts with regard to the use of traditional ammunition.”

    As we noted earlier, President Trump has a lot of work to do to reverse the damage caused by the Obama administration.

    Reversing this asinine ammunition ban is a good start.


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      1. Oh yeah this was all over the mainstream media on Thursday and Friday.

        or not.

        • How many squares do you see in the puzzle above? (if you have that ad playing)

          • A shooting happened at a San Antonio Mall yesterday, from a jewelry store robbery gone bad, was stopped by a citizen with a concealed carry permit.

            Fox News reported the truth, covering details spoken from the San Antonio Police including the “good samaritan” with CCW permit.

            What about CNN? Nope, didn’t even mention the incident.

            NBC? nope. ABC? Mentioned it as only a “shooting and attempted robbery”, but no mention whatsoever of the CCW permit holder.

            Damn lying liberal media outlets showing their true colors again. False reporting = false news. Hiding the truth is the same as telling lies. And the majority of their watchers don’t even have a fricken clue that they are being lied to.

            • Mac, why is this comment in moderation?

              • Because yer black? lol

            • Ummm…just watched CNN coverage and NBC coverage and both mention the citizen with the concealed weapons permit stopping one of the criminals. So not sure where you’re getting your information. I expect you’ll just accuse me of lying, too.

              But yeah, that’s great. The CCW holder stopped the robbery…oh right, he didn’t, they were already fleeing. Oh, well at least he stopped the other “good samaritan” from getting killled…oh wait, he didn’t do that other. He did stop ONE of the robbers, which prompted the other robber to run into the mall and start shooting at other people. Six people went to the hospital. Based on how quickly the police caught the second suspect, I think it’s safe to say they would have caught the first one too, had he not been shot, and probably with a lot fewer innocent bystanders being injured.

              But you know, tell yourself whatever fits into your world view and makes you feel better. That’s what you’re going to do anyway.

              • damnliberal

                According to reports the unarmed good samaritan was first shot and killed by the robber. A CCW permit holder then killed that robber; no reasonably prudent person can possibly fault the CCW holder for doing what any off duty Police Officer would have done in the same circumstances. The other robber did not shoot six other people as several were injured due to falls and one a possible heart attack.

                The criminal actions were done by the criminals.

              • From The Main Stream News

                After the suspects fled the store, a man, a “good Samaritan,” tried to stop the two men.

                One of the robbers then fatally shot the man.

                A second individual, who was carrying a licensed concealed weapon, then shot and wounded the robber who had killed the person who intervened.

                The other robber fled the mall, firing his weapon and injuring a man and a woman. These two individuals, along with the injured robber, were taken to local hospital, said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

                Two other people- a woman who complained of chest pains and a pregnant woman who had labor pains – were also taken to local hospitals, Hood said.

                Nowhere in the above can the carry permit holder be faulted for poor judgement in light of the fact that he engaged the robber after he shot an innocent person. Any off duty Police Officer would have done the same and received accolades for their heroics.

              • damnliberal,
                I’m glad they finally got their story together, they probably got a lot of calls from watchers disgusted with their initial story or lack thereof. Great, this means people are waking up and putting MSM in their place.

                Given that, you don’t have to be an asshole.

              • Maybe you can change your name to fullofshitliberal!

            • During his last hours in office, Obama defied Congress and SECRETLY added over $232 million to the national debt.

              Charge the money on the U.S. credit card, but it is the American TAXPAYER that is going to have to PAY the bill.

              US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama’s last hours
              “Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority…”

              “In addition to the $221 million for the Palestinians, the Obama administration also told Congress on Friday it was going ahead with the release of another $6 million in foreign affairs spending, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for U.N. organizations, the congressional aides said.”

              Donald Trump inherits an economy that is deeply troubled.

              The Shocking Truth About How Barack Obama Was Able To Prop Up The U.S. Economy
              “But by propping things up in the short-term, he has absolutely demolished our long-term economic future. But like most politicians, Obama has been willing to sacrifice the future for short-term political gain.”

              When Barack Obama became president, the U.S. government was 10.6 trillion dollars in debt. Now, the U.S. national debt is OVER $20 trillion dollars.”

              (This does NOT include state and local government debt, corporate debt or household debt.)

              “But if Donald Trump continues to steal money from future generations of Americans at the same pace that Barack Obama has been doing, he will literally be destroying the future of America.”

              Donald Trump “will soon be faced with some incredibly heartbreaking choices.”

              (in 2013) Rewriting History…Commerce Dept. ‘revised numbers’ back to 1929
              “It isn’t so much that the administration is goosing the numbers, it’s that their defenders won’t mention the changed measurements and use the increase as PROOF that Obama’s policies are “working.”

              Why? This “economic history rewrite” added over $500 billion to the U.S. economy and added 3% to GDP growth.
              (Formerly, was known as GNP, now called GDP.)
              -Market watch

              OBAMA’S LEGACY: in 8 Years, added over 3,000 Regulations and $8 Trillion In Debt
              -Daily Caller

              We All Lose: Obama’s Legacy And What It Means For A Trump Presidency

              “After eight years in office, Barack Obama leaves our nation with a weakened Constitution that has been dealt one crippling blow after another by court rulings and government overreach… and endless wars abroad, and with a citizenry more broken and oppressed than ever.”
              -Rutherford dot org

              (Direct links below)

          • 7 Boxes, how about you? Smarter than a 5th grader genius.. lol

            • With half my brains tied behind my back. lol

              • Good for you grasshopper!

          • Maybe depleted uranium would be more acceptable since the military uses so much of it.

        • Ask them back how much pharmaceutical drugs are in the public drinking water systems? Steroids, hormones, etc. Get stoned at the Tap.

          • How much lead is in the Flint Michigan Public Drinking Water system? Start looking there first.

      2. I think this is hype and the sky is falling. For starters the US F&WS has NO authority over the US NPS administered lands. Secondly, much lead based ammunition, particularly shot, has been banned for use on migratory waterfowl. If the Hype is just that hype then shame on the USSSF for sensationalism. They need to get their facts straight.

        • And by the way, Mac, your headline is misleading, if not dishonest. Obama did not issue the order, the head of USF&WS did. You are hyping this by mentioning Obama to get readers to click on the article, nothing more. You are repeating the Free Beacon article without checking the ban for what is banned and where, and coming from Rawles’ website does not give you a pass on checking the facts. Not checking facts is a lot like what the MSM does.

          • Gotta love them Barnes TTSX boolits 🙂

            • “G”
              I use them in my 6.8mm when I deer hunt. These are the best I’ve ever used in this round. I got my 11 point deer in Mo. this year. Only took one step “backwards” dead before it hit the ground.

              • Here is a list of everything Trump promised to do on “Day One” of his administration:


                -Stop all federal funding to “sanctuary cities” – places where local officials don’t arrest or detain immigrants living in the country illegally for federal authorities.

                -Begin deporting what Trump estimates to be more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants living in the country.

                -Cancel visas for citizens of foreign countries that won’t take those criminal illegal immigrants back.

                -Immediately terminate former President Barack Obama’s “two illegal executive amnesties.” That presumably includes DACA, which protects people who were brought into the country illegally as children.

                -Begin working on an “impenetrable physical wall” along the southern border.

                -Ask Congress to pass “Kate’s Law,” which would increase penalties on people who unlawfully re-enter the United States after being removed.

                SECURITY AND DEFENSE:

                -Immediately suspend the Syrian refugee program.

                -Convene his generals and inform them that they have 30 days to submit a new plan for defeating the Islamic State group.

                -Suspend immigration from “terror-prone regions” where he says vetting is too difficult.

                -Implement new “extreme” immigration vetting techniques.


                -Announce his intention to renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

                -Formally withdraw from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership.

                -Direct his treasury secretary to label China a currency manipulator.


                -Propose a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.

                -Ban White House and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists for five years after they leave the government.

                -Ban former White House officials from lobbying on behalf of foreign governments for the rest of their lives.

                -Ban foreign lobbyists from raising money for U.S. elections.

                -Impose a hiring freeze on federal employees, excluding military, public safety, and public health staff.

                -Impose a requirement that for every new federal regulation imposed, two existing regulations be eliminated.


                -Remove any Obama-era roadblocks to energy projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline.

                -Lift restrictions on mining coal and drilling for oil and natural gas.

                -Cancel payments to the U.N.’s climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.


                -Cancel “every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.”

                -Ask Congress to send him a bill to repeal and replace Obama’s signature health care law.

                -Begin the process of selecting a new Supreme Court justice.

                -Get rid of gun-free zones in schools and on military bases.


                • And this is what he did on day oe:
                  –Met with leaders of huge companies to deal..bring back jobs from outside U.S, regulations will be decreased 75% and taxes decreased….Dell, Whirlpool, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemicals, U.S. Steel, International Paper, Corning.
                  Look for a possible hiring freeze at executive branch
                  5-year lobbying ban on transition and administration officials
                  Mexico City policy, which prevents foreign NGOs from getting U.S. family planning money if they provide abortions with non-U.S. funds. (It’s already illegal to use U.S dollars on abortions.)
                  Task the Defense Secretary and joint chiefs to come up with plan to eviscerate ISIS
                  Report on readiness, and something cyber security related
                  Border/immigration: Something on sanctuary cities, expand E-Verify, an extreme vetting proposal
                  Trade: Withdraw from TPP and a thorough review of NAFTA

                  Don’t forget FoxConn investing 7B to make tvs here.
                  Carrier not leaving U.S.
                  Ford moving one plant from Mexico to U.S.
                  Boeing cut price of a 6B dollar Air Force One to 2B dollars.

                  And Mike Rogers of Alabama introduced a ‘get the U.S. out of the U.N.’ bill today.

                  For a first day, I’m overwhelmed–get the picture yet democrats/anti-Trumpers/Hollywood??

              • Sgt., They also penetrate metal/armour much better than lead. Kinda bad though if you have a gutshot, it will go clear through and not expand at all. I keep a few rounds of them in my cartridge sling with all my rifles just in case. Ya never know when you might encounter a liberal with an armour like thick skull lol 😛

                • “G”
                  The next best one I have found for the 6.8mm is the Nosler white tip. Knock a 100 LBS doe on her butt at 75 yards. Wound channel was about 1/2 inch, and the exit wound was about the size of a quarter. Right front shoulder and out the left rear. Lungs and heart was jello.


                  • Thats perfect! I don’t hunt anymore but a lot of my friends do. I just target shoot and try and perfect my long range abilities. I do have boolits for every occasion though. I tried some noslers a long time ago and I found they weren’t that accurate over 300 yds. I’m sure they have improved since then though. I like sierra and barnes for the most part, I have had excellent results with the Barnes matchburners. I have also had excellent results with 6mm Sierra blitzkings on chislers lol 🙂

                  • Sgt.,
                    Thanks for the tip on “Barnes TTSX”. A bit pricey, but looks really solid…… until they mushroom. Yuk yuk! I’ll get some to try out the range.

                    To celebrate the new year I snagged a case of subsonic .45 JHP Remington HTP from “LAXAmmo dot com”
                    It’s 230 grain, brass case, Boxer primed, muzzle velocity 835 fps, muzzle energy 356.

                    We spoke some months ago about subsonic .45 being a great way to reduce felt recoil. It’s still 10% more muzzle energy than 9mm LE ammo, but still it’s that big diam bullet. Two months after I posted on this subject, I hurt my wrist lugging some items that weighed more than I. At the range I was glad I had some subsonic, as well I did a lot of weak hand shooting. Subsonic ammo is not just for silencers. It’s lower velocity also makes it safer for neighbors in a home defense situation.

                    I wouldn’t bother with subsonic 9mm, the round is already too wimpy.

                    • PTPO
                      Sorry about the wrest. Yes 45APC subs are pretty quit and lower recoil. You got it right about the neighbors house.
                      Try the TTSX I love them. I load them at around 2550ftps. Brass with large primers I use standard WW primers. on small primer cases I use small rifle mag primers. Good luck on the TTSX.

                  • I’ve hunted with a 25-06 for years, with that huge case you can load about anything

                  • sgt. nosler bullets have a lead alloy core.

          • Whatever the regulation, its good to know that Trump is putting a freeze on any new regulations and halting ones that former President Barack Obama’s administration had started.

          • Muddy, I’ll have to agree on this one. Normally I do stand up for Mac, but on this one I think he made a mistake to quote an article from Rawles’ site. Either way, my whole ammo supply is lead and brass. Don’t recognize any kind of ban.

        • Communism can not allow the people to have firearms.
          NWO-UN Agenda can not allow the people to have firearms.

          Wolves don’t want armed sheep when they are selecting lamb for dinner.
          Armed sheep would resist and fight back.
          If you are going to round people up for FEMA camps. It is much more convenient if you have already removed their ability to fight back.

          During New Orleans Katrina event, the nice and helpful government came by our place to disarm us. They didn’t have much luck? Darned if the gun safe was empty? But they said we “Must Comply.” They threatened to “arrest” “detain” “charge”. Then they tried to force us on buses for “Safety”. To be moved to “Safe and Provisioned facilities”.

          Uh…. No thanks. We refused. Almost got violent. They kept pushing, threatening. Said they would not “protect us” if we stayed.

          What a joke.

          Luckily our house was fine. We chose house because of it’s location-elevation-construction. Only garage downstairs had any issues. 4 generations later we learned a thing or two about storms.

          One thing was to stay the hell away from ANYONE trying to “Help” “protect” you.
          No we don’t get on buses. And yes we “foolishly” Carelessly” stayed through the storm and the aftermath.

          “Oh the danger….oh oooo oooo.” Silly. Feds and cops were the real danger. Thugs were scared of us. They avoided our street after near miss warning shots were fired a few times.

          You have now seen the violence and actions of the “peaceful left”.
          Now you know why the Left wants your guns taken away.

          Maybe you should give up your guns”for safety” always ..”for the children”?
          No? You “Deplorable”.

          • Well said. Still, though, our battle is clearly one of non-violence and education/information dissemination. The real battle is for hearts and minds. I leave the H8TE and violence to the left.

          • Grandee , didn’t know you were down here,glad you came through!went down to do clean up
            after K had to leave for R, worked south for a couple years.Glad , don’t give up shit,don’t know shit.What the cops did was wrong in N.O
            Be well
            Maniac out

        • It is already illegal to hunt in National Parks and on Wildlife “refuges” . That’s why they are called that. Why, there ought to be a law……yeah, already is you government schmucks….

          • Nobody, your a troll , don’t know shit
            Go away!!!
            Obviously you don’t hunt
            Maniac out

      3. Fuck Obama and whatever he did. Executive orders only apply to federal employees. The feds don’t really own this land they claim they do

        • Menzo,
          Yeah, you are sooo right, maybe you should visit the Bundy family in prison and tell them all about how the Feds don’t control land not granted them constitutionally! And how they are specifically forbidden from owning 80% of the American West!

          • What they outta know is that if they were going to do something like that in the first place they should have been willing to die themselves and killed a bunch of scum so that their buddy didn’t have to die in vain on the side of the road. Takes good men with guns that will actually use them to stop bad assholes with guns. No fuckin brainer.

      4. Bullshit. He did no such thing. Why do you assholes report such garbage? You really must be intellectually deficient or brain damaged.

        • Are you as brain damaged as you appear? The article quite clearly states the head of the USF&WS is an Obama appointee.

          • smokey

            Just load mags.

            • Yup

        • Can’t stand bs troll, you don’t know how to read, do you? The prick who issued the rule is an Obama appointee. If you’re an Obama supporter, move your ass along. You’re the one who’s deficient and brain-damaged.

      5. Ban on federal land that just affects the poor who have no land and the stupid who have no friends with land. Doesn’t affect me in any way well maybe the game will grow big there then venture onto my land

        • jtx (Only effects the poor) Respectively FU! Not everyone can afford land,I do
          Hunt public land. GFY
          Be well all!
          Maniac out

      6. I’ll use what I want. Prove it was a lead slug. 3000 FPS. goes right throw a Deer or Elk. Then try and find the slug. Ha-Ha. Just carry no lead bullets with you. make them prove you used a lead based slug.

        Obullshit can stick his Ex order where the sun don’t
        shine. .


        • Obama can stick an engine boring hone where the sun don’t shine!

          • And a 12″ chimney brush while he’s at it!

            • “G”
              Now be nice to chimney brushes!!!!!


              • now i was thinking we would be in deep s–t when that brush comes out!!! LOL

                • Ha ha ha, yep. He is 99% pure shit with a thin layer of skin holding it together lol.

                  • his skin is transparent, giving him that rich shitbrown halfbreed complexion

            • Wrapped with barbed wire, I might add.

      7. I’ll bet the ink won’t be completely dry on this executive order Obama signed by the time Trump rescinds it.

        • There’s already discussions about just that. Given the goal of reducing regulations, this could certainly be on the list.

          • The anti gun people are slick as they are attempting to label firearms environmentally unsafe. The reply from us is that so few rounds are fired when hunting. Their reply is why did the public buy X billion rounds? Their desire is to frighten the public by demonizing gun and by extension ammo.

            Dealing with the anti gun people is like arguing with a 12 year old. While I certainly don’t recommend it Pop in the end had the ace in the debate, a backhand.

            • We are ready to pass a Silencer Law in Florida, This is a health and safety issue of the loud bang, so muffling the sound will save hearing and not scare nature so much. Make’s sense to me and removes the Burden of that special permit license.

              You can also use sub-sonic ammunition for a quieter noise emission, however I found that lower FPS ammo does not cycle out the round in my .22 Semi-Auto Survival Rifle, opposed to the higher velocity.

              If you live in a Unfriendly Gun State, Move. Ammo Can sales, stock up when Ammo is cheap. including more 30 round magazines. keep a few dozen in plastic for bartering. Like money in your pocket.

            • Kevin2, I know what you mean. That’s why I avoid libturds all I can. Communication is totally out of the question with them.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart

                “Communication is totally out of the question with them.”

                They see what they believe as opposed to believing what they see. Their conviction of purpose is nobel and that nobility is in conflict with logical practicality. 1 + 1 = 2. No utopian dream changes that. Liberals want 4 not 2. Conservatives (not Neo-Conservatives) understand the limitations and advantages in mathematics. Understanding the addition they work at increasing opportunity and thereby the equation becomes 2 + 2. In the end they get 4.

                I like some liberal goals. Its the illogical way to get there that is bothersome. Everyone wants low crime. Nobel goal. Disarming the law abiding isn’t the solution but only aggravates the problem. Equality has a nice ring to it. If we were all equal their would’t be beauty pageants. Steve Jobs wasn’t my equal and the world is better for it.

      8. BS article. From what I read in the Directors Order 219, where states have already banned lead ammo and fishing gear, the ban should be included on federal lands as well. It does not specifically ban lead bullets on specific federal lands. This order also terminates on July 31, 2018 unless amended and I doubt it will be.

        • JAS, my family use lead bullets and fishing gear all year round without any issues. Don’t even care about any ban.

      9. Hey Barack Hussein,
        Take your stupid qu€€r a$$ back to Kenya, and take your trsnsexual Yeti with you!

      10. Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge(now closed to the general public) is one of my Mana “road”(not much of a road more a suggestion of where to go) trips, it is illegal to hunt there, but I always find freshly shot 12 Ga shot shells on Mana road just outside the refuge fence. Fat chance anybody can enforce the laws there. It is two hours out of Hilo or Kamuela on a 4WD only road. My point is, in a lot of those places those rules are un-enforcable. They are just aimed at city people that go out in areas easy to access.

        • Two words… “BOW HUNTING”

        • The fucking federal government sucks,,,,, i dont care who the POTUS is,
          Until there is a complete reversal of almost all BS regulations they are domestic enemies

        • You ought to go on the upper road that you can access above the headquarters at the base of the summit road, comes out by Humuula,,, thats a mean drive, nice country though, used to hunt sheep up there till they eradicated them with a military helicopter because of the palilo bird,,,,

          • Yep kinda like when they did all this shit to protect the desert tortoise, then a year or two ago killed like 2000 of them. And in utah they rounded up a shitload of mule deer to send to arkansas or someplace and they all died before they even shipped them and they decided the utah prarie dog was special breed and put them on the endangered list and they devistated the land with insane population explosion then found out they are the same as any other pos prairy dog.

            “The fucking federal government sucks,,,,, i dont care who the POTUS is,
            Until there is a complete reversal of almost all BS regulations they are domestic enemies”

            You are right on the money Nailbanger!

            • EVERYTHING these fookers touch turns to shit! Remember the reintroducing of wolves in Idaho? The list goes on and on and on! Trump needs to eliminate the BLM asap! I cannot name 1 fooking thing they have EVER done right or helped in any way! Utah is taking action to get rid of them, other states should follow suit!

              • Decades ago panthers were introduced into southern Florida. Their numbers dwindled and now, being so protected they are rising significantly by the number killed by cars and their location up into Fort Myers. Oh save the panther. One day some child will become breakfast for one. The public will say, “How did this happen”?

                • Kevin2

                  Just like the Black Bear problem.

                  • Anon , Here in La. They brought in black bears,Fed $$, spreading out across the land!
                    Now their talking about panthers,more Fed$$ Idiots!!
                    Maniac out

                • How it happened was he or a family member with him wasn’t carrying their 44 mag like they should be

                  This world is still and always will be a dangerous place , behave and protect your family accordingly

              • Genius and everybody Watch this Video. This is why they released the WOLVES Back into the wild.

                How Wolves Change Rivers Only a 4.33 Min Video.


                • Good video!

              • Genius and Nailbanger, I agree. There’s already a lot of stupid policies I don’t follow.

          • Nail,
            I’ve Chukar hunted on that road. I thought it came out at Kilohana by the girl scout camp. I’ll drive it all the way round some day.
            Some tough hunting though. 9 thousand foot level on steep cinders. I’m not 45 years old anymore.

        • “Laws are only for those who have the ability to enforce them.” Otherwise, You all go and enjoy your Freedoms here in America. You don’t need no stinking permission to enjoy your lives. Form alliances with your neighbors, and respect your neighbors peace and harmony. And don’t call 911, just S, S & STF-UP. You don’t want any government boneheads poking around in your area or your business for any reason. Maintain a low foot print out in the boonies, and enjoy your life Off the Grid as meant to be. I have not had a Utility bill in 23 months. Add the cost of that up. Caught a Possum in a live trap last night. He looked really healthy, catch and release this AM. They look like they could put good bite on ya if they wanted. I don’t eat possum, unless I guess I had to..

          *Prepper Tip. Make sure you have a really good and sharp, field dressing knife for wild game. Buy a good box of rubber gloves, you will use many. Yep have a good cross bow in your arsenal, with lots of arrows and broad heads. Also you can get a great Pellet Gun Rifle 1200 FPS .177 for about $125 and add a $45 scope. Ammo cheap and its deadly accurate out to 45 ft up to 100 Ft depending on the wind. A very good hunting tool for small game and pests.

        • I’ll be in Hilo in a few weeks. Wish I could be there for Merrier Monarch-

      11. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”
        – Barack Obama, just around the time of his election

        By that measure, I guess Obama is pond scum then; or maybe a mutant cockroach.

      12. I live in Missouri and lead shot has been banned for use in hunting for along time. No big deal. This is nothing more than click bait – and pathetic at that.

        We can shoot all the lead, tracers, and incendiary we want, but not for hunting on state land.

        I can buy or load all the different ammo types I want and we have no magazine capacity limit, no concealed carry permit requirement, and we have the Castle Doctrine – and COMMON SENSE.

        • Bob I lived and hunted in Missourah for 65 years and never heard of a ban on hunting with lead shot anywhere other than for waterfowl hunting. Trekker Out

          • My apology Bob, I do recall when dove hunting on conservation land near waterfowl areas leadfree shot was required. I quit hunting them areas when they passed that law which I believe was in the early to mid 2000’s. Trekker Out.

      13. Im looking to purchase 500-1000 rds of .556 which do you guys suggest for shtf scenario?

        • I humbly suggest that you buy as much as you can afford.

          The military stuff, 193, 885 is good, but if you can load your own, you can quite easily beat their FPS and Standard Deviation.

          1,000 rounds is not even enough for a couple training sessions.

          Keep your brass.


            • Genius, AMEN about federal ammo. The last batch of .22LR rounds I bought in that brand gave me feeding issues in my Ruger SR22 and 10/22. Everyone should also avoid Winchester ‘X’ ammo. Same feeding issues as federal ammo. My favorite brands for .22LR are CCI and Aguilla. Never had trouble with either brand. And those plastic boxes the CCI 100-round packs come in are reusable.

              • You do know CCI and Federal are the same Co?

          • I dont load my own. My brother in law has his own loading stuff. Im sorry im kinda new to all of this so bare with me. I have been following geopolitics since 04/05 when i first heard Michael Savage for the first time. But i didnt own my first gun until about 6 months ago. So im wet behind the ears in the firearm department.

            • James, look for a reloading book called “Modern reloading” by Richard Lee . It is a GREAT book for beginners and explains a lot of things. A ton of great loads much more than any other manual I have ever seen! After you read it then decide what you want. I still use a LEE hand press lol. Reloading isn’t expensive…. buying factory less than perfect is!

              • It may not still be in print so look for ebay or amazon. It is my go to book for loads and the fps. ratings are waaay closer than any other book! If it is 100 bux, buy it!

                • Awesome thanks guys

                • The first edition is available for download in various formats at:

                  ht tps://

                  I am downloading a PDF as I write this.

            • Check out your BIL’s reloading setup, maybe you can spring for some good dies and a tool head, then you’re ready to go.

              Don’t let the BIL load for you, you need to load your own so you know it’s done right. Nothing against the BIL, but the rule is, do it yourself. At least work with him for the first few sessions, but be involved.

              And check each and every step. You cannot be too careful. Become ‘Anal’, and you will never blow up your rifle, lose a hand, or put your eyes out.

        • Your budget will tell which amount to buy, but check out for their deals.

          Winchester is pretty good stuff.

          If you buy surplus, avoid the Malaysian stuff. The South African isn’t bad, and the German and Austrian is the best. The other European surplus is all fine, too, but not as good as the Kraut stuff. US surplus is all good. Israeli surplus is good.

          The commercial ammo is reloadable. Winchester is best, then Remington. Black Hills is good stuff.

          Avoid steel cased ammo, and don’t buy the Russian stuff.

          • My only problem is that once tshtf starts i probably wont be staying put. I live on the edge of philadelphia. There is just to many people around. Im thinking i need to get west and maybe south.

            • James for the best deals on ammo check out SGAmmo, Wolf Gold is good and the cheapest I have found, for less than $300 for 1000rds with reloadable brass case, and SGAmmo has the cheapest shipping. They’re hard to beat when you compare price and shipping. Trekker Out

          • So basically anything i have that i cannot carry cant come with me.

            • All you need is a pound of powder, a handpress, some boolits and primers. Not a lot of room, dont forget the powder scale. In fact, forget all that, just reload all you can while you can!

            • 125 pounds of shit hung on my load bearing vest
              That and a 3 day assault pack and an IFAK
              3 packs of smokes dark sunglasses .. hit it

              Gotta have the gear to hold the schitt yer gonna need or you won’t be going far
              Amazing what a 60$ investment can do for your longevity

              Another 200 and you got plates , now you can really protect what’s in you

              • EOTS

                Lots of wisdom in your post.

                I know I preach a lot about having body armor. Some may think that is going over the top and I’ve gone berserk. There is usable gear out there for a reasonable price and it might be worth the effort to acquire at least some soft body armor. Even Level 2a as I say some is better than none.

                Get up on Utube and watch some of the tests by civilians shooting of Military Surplus armor with various calibers. Research and learn how to inspect soft armor and plates for usable material.

                Depending on how big your group is and what your defenses are, you may need a person to fill in a breach in your security and I would think that person should be better protected and that is where “Some” body armor protection fills the gap.

          • Smoked, not sure about the other calibers, but Winchester’s X ammo in .22LR causes feeding issues and fouls up the chamber. James if you have any kind of .22LR weapon, use CCI or Aguilla ammo. Can’t go wrong with either of those brands.

          • Check out ammoseek dot com. It’s a site that lets you scan the web for some of the best prices for any type of ammo. It’ll also help you find dealers that have unusual and hard to find ammo. Use the advanced filters.

            There’s another web site that also does this, but I’ve misplaced the link.

            • Ammoseek dot com is good. We also use AmmoSpy dot net for info.

        • I.M.I. M855 (62gr. penetrator tip). Good stuff. You can bet your life on it. Best deal around is about $400 a case right now. Usually comes 1200 rounds to a case. I am a class 3 dealer and burn through a ton of ammo. I have never had a misfire with this stuff. Also have been through a train load of PMC 55gr. Great for blasting beer cans, etc. Very consistent discharging in full auto. About $325 per 1K right now. Also had pretty good luck with Fiocchi. Stay away from the cheap stuff. I guess Wolf is OK for some but I have had problems with it in selective fire when the chamber gets good and toasty. Seems like the lacquer they put on the outside of the steel cases starts to gum up the chamber. If you want to find the best pricing around, try this web site for all your ammo purchases. On this site you can buy ammo cheaper than I can at wholesale. IMHO, ammo is dirt cheap right now. Better stock up while you can.

        • I hope you mean 5.56. .556 would be ugly

        • Hornady TAP

      14. Bring in foreign soldiers, chi-com Russians, into my state of Texas, etc and see if red necks give a crap about those laws.


        • What laws?

        • Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis?

      15. We are finished with this website. No more. You post BS and we leave. NEVER AGAIN COMING HERE.

        Buh, bye!

        • Send postcards! 🙂

          • Not. We don’t send to retards… By though.

          • Retard! Ha! It is indeed obvious. Bye, MORON…

      16. Git yer follow-up vaccine Genius.


        You SPECIAL thing YOU!

        • Bad day Bob?!

          • Naw, just a normal day bro. How about you?

            • Well,you said you were leaving site,seem ticked at another poster,was thinking you got a early tax bill!Me,I am climbing up walls ready to kill people!I am deeply cutting back on hand rolled smokes before attempting to give em up completely,this is going to be ugly!

              • WD

                Drink plenty of water. Use those favor enhancers so you can have some taste that you like. Zero calories, caffeine and sodium.

                Wish you luck.

                Been there.

              • Find another bad habit, people weren’t meant not to have them. Biting fingernails is OK and cheap, chewing on a toothpick, carry a pet rock, whatever

                • One cigar a day, WD.
                  DO NOT INHALE LIKE MOST ROOKIES DO. (first timers!)
                  cigars international is good.

        • Bob, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. YOU sound like the freakin retard.

      17. Today I found some magazines I had misplaced. Deep storage ;0).

        Had to load them up.

        Those who have brought military body armor. Make sure you get replacement soft armor pads.

        The jerkoff has left the white house but had to take a parting shot at the gunners. FSOB.

        • Anon, how many people out there would love to have any kind of shot at the shoeshine boy. A man can always dream……

      18. The directive was published without dialogue?

        Since when was anything done in the past eight years WITH dialogue?

        – the Lone Ranger

      19. Ashe said the order was necessary to protect wildlife from exposure to lead….

        Who knew the critters were out there licking paint off of 1950’s era cribs? Best be stopping that exposure now.

      20. Who fuckin cares? No one’s gonna follow this stupid ban anyways. Especially Obama’s sons!

      21. Look at the bright side? This might result in more research into a heavier and harder then lead substitute ? Better against the new body armor ? Which the Chinese troops will be wearing?

      22. you know the fake news thing runs both ways.

      23. Ho-hum. Another bogus executive order for Trump to eliminate.

      24. stop complaining, americans let the traitor stay in office for 8 years

      25. i forsee a lot of wounded game not recovered,due to the fact non lead bullets don’t have the “kill power”. fmj,s will pass through,hollow points will cause injury,but not always fatal within a few hours.

      26. How does this affect Concealed Carry in National Parks, which is legal. Can I carry the gun, but no lead bullets?

      27. None of this will matter when this country goes hot
        Just like everything else he’s done , just ignore it and get yer schitt together

      28. Barnes X bullets still OK. Solid copper. No lead. 95% weight retention. Better ballistic coefficient. Better terminal expansion and stopping power.Lead is for people who don’t eat what they kill. But feel free to defend your right to eat lead….

        • Where I live everybody eats what they kill, and they all use lead. We just spit the lead out and eat the meat. Don’t know about coppers stopping power but both my 270 and 338 seem to do pretty well at putting meat on the table, and I use lead in both. Are you a millinal Mike. Libs have been trying to take our guns for 60 years and failed so now they want to get the lead out. Wonder if solid copper will cost more than lead, HUMMM. Trekker Out.

      29. Trek , I’m with you,brother! My boolit normally goes through, if not caught in cleaning.
        Be well all
        Maniac out

      30. The only ones who need to fear lead poisoning are these bureaucratic sock puppets and their puppetmasters.

      31. The science is clear, the facts are clear, the minds are not.
        Whether from the Far Left or the Far Right, each swimming in the toxic stew of the other, America has a high powered and deeply penetrating propaganda problem.
        Who examines what they believe to be true?

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