Report: Obama Administration To Fly Millions Of Illegal Immigrant Children to U.S.: “The Price Tag… We Don’t Know”

by | Apr 5, 2015 | Headline News | 118 comments

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    Why walk through a desert to get to the United States when you can just fly?

    That’s the new policy being adopted by the Obama administration for illegal alien children whose parents want them to come to the United States. As long as the parent maintains any kind of legal status they can apply to have their child picked up in central America and flown to the U.S. to be reunited.

    Millions of children may qualify for the program under refugee status. And because of the refugee designation, once the children arrive in America their families can apply for tax-payer funded “family reunification benefits” that include education, food stamps, medical care and other living expenses.

    When asked about the price tag for the program a White House spokesperson said they don’t really know, but they say the new policy is a “safe, legal and orderly alternative to the dangerous journey that some children are undertaking to the United States.”

    Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch brings up the obvious question:

    When you look at this program you have to wonder… why is there a border anyway?

    (Hattip Gateway Pundit & Infowars)

    For illegal immigrants things just got a lot easier.

    All that needs to happen now is for one parent to put their foot across the border. Since U.S. border patrol agents have been told to just let illegal aliens go (even drunk drivers), once they’re here they can apply for any number of “legal” statuses and have their families flown in.

    They will, of course, never be deported because doing so to an entire family would be inhumane.

    As Americans struggle to find jobs, keep food on their tables and pay forced health care mandates, the Obama administration is planning on granting amnesty to millions of people that, when they get here, have no ability to provide for themselves and no hope of finding a job in a country where over one-third of the population is no longer in the workforce.

    The money will have to come from somewhere and it turns out that your pocket is that “somewhere,” because President Obama and supporters of these new policies say that we have a social responsibility to care for all Americans, even the ones that just got here yesterday.


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      1. I am not surprised at anything anymore….

        • 1% of the male population self-identifies as bisexual. 1.5% as gay. Yet, as measured by physiological instrumentation, 65% of men become aroused by watching gay porn. I know most of you bigoted old assholes have fantasized about it despite your stupid fucking religion. It’s human nature. The RFRA is a fucking piece of shit.

          You are losing. 60% of the population says leave the fucking gays alone you backwards old shitwads. Especially my generation.

          • Sucks to be you. Have a Happy Easter sodomite.

            • that pesky 1% again- cause of most of our problems.

              sick of “patriots” on forums bitching and doing NOTHING about the problem?

              April 15 coming up soon- skip the guns (because your tax-funded army has you way outgunned) and DONT PAY on tax day . otherwise? stfu

              • “why is there a border anyway?”

                That’s what the NWO is trying to tell us…THERE IS NO AMERICAN/MEXICAN BORDER. It’s now officially The North American Union.

                Does anyone else see the irony, that this usurped govt throwing everything we have at the pretext of SECURING THE UKRAINIAN/RUSSIAN BORDER, while at the same time, PROVING THAT WE, OURSELVES, HAVE NO SOUTHERN BORDER?

                Maybe it’s because the NWO does not recognize ANY borders. They intend to own the entire globe. And they’ll most likely get away with it, while we’re all hating on Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, etc…

                • Sixpack has sussed it out and given a clear answer.

          • Acid talking nonsense again. Go talk to the mirror Acid…nobody is listening to your off topic rant!

            • JIM –
              Its a leftist tactic.
              highjack the thread and redirect the topic.
              Stirup emotion on an unrelated subject.
              Its what he is paid to do .
              Near the top of the page for a reason.
              Wouldnt want ya discussing illegals now would we ?

            • You did, AND you responded to it’s negative attention grabbing vacuum.

          • Damn, Boy you need an off switch, or an attitude adjustment.

          • Acid Etch claims that 65% of men become aroused by watching gay porn.
            Why would a straight man watch gay porn in the first place?
            Where do you get your fictional poll numbers from?
            You do not speak for your generation, though your generation is very well known to be self entitled assholes and lack discipline.
            It’s a nice spring day outside Acid.
            Take this opportunity to slip into your spandex and pull up your purple pansy booties. Hop onto your tricycle with the handle bar rainbow colored tassels and troll the gay bars. Safety first, don’t forget your faggity pink colored helmet.

        • A happy and blessed Feast of the Resurrection to all of you!

          • On this holiday does that black magic death cult called christianity perform their canniblistic vampire ritual where they drink christs blood and eat his flesh? Think its called communion.

            • We do precisely what God, not ‘charles king,’commanded in John Chapter 6.

        • So, when does the march start at the White House gates….? or is this another arm chair complaining session…..?

          • I just cracked the cap on another beer. I’ll get back to you on the march but don’t hold your breath.

            • EXACTLY…….!

        • I was much happier in my sleeping stupor…

        • @ Eppe….

          I am with you….I was telling a friend the other day that there is nothing that anyone could tell me that would shock me these days……They may have us where they want us now !!!

          Nice to see you back more often 🙂

      2. Why the fuck are we paying to have these little shitstain kids fly to the US to be with their parents?!? Fly the parents out of the US to their home country instead.

        • Think of the billions we would save if we just flew Obama out of the country back to his Kenya.

          • Jmac
            AMEN to that send him and all his buddies tarred and feathered!!!

        • WHY?
          Because this is how Cloward-Piven works .
          Simply overload the system and collapse it.
          Then the commies can “fix” it , for our own good .
          Of course .

          • Thumbs up.

          • This Rogue Administration is treasonous and refuses to comply with American Law; which they swore to defend. First they were smuggling guns; now they are smuggling children for the pedophile priests to molest.

            Its a catholic/communist plot to control the biggest electoral collage States to manipulate presidential elections, aided and abetted by the Mormon Church.

            Judgement is coming on America sooner rather than later. Death to the New World Order. It’s TOTALLY Constitutional. 🙂

            • AND all the while our elected Senators & Representatives DO NOTHING our Military do NOTHING WTF is going on ?

              • Shoot down the planes the illegals are in!

                • Behaving in a manner that the government likes to do, does not make it right for you or I to do the same.
                  There’s other ways to justify the situation, certainly not in the way your lousy comment suggests.

              • AND the apathetic, stupid citizens do NOTHING. That is the bottom line.
                You American sloths deserve the govt you allow.

          • agreed hammerhead

        • THIS is why we are preppin’…right about now, i’m thinkin’ i need to trade places with some of these kids coming from these TURD-WORLD countries …i could live better down THERE where they are coming from…..and you just watch, it won’t be long before they are ALL going to wish they were back home in their OWN countries….how can it get worse for ME, …i already LIVE in a turd-world COUNTY(san bernardino)…..good luck to all here on shtfplan, we gonna NEED it.

          • “i already LIVE in a turd-world COUNTY(san bernardino)”

            I see that Good ol Jerry Brown is gonna fine you folks for taking long showers .
            Whats he gonna do , stand outside your door with a stopwatch?
            Maybe a neighborhood shower watcher? LOL

            • Hammerhead

              Body odor is going to be hip. The more you stink the more they like you.

              • Then i,m the hippest on the block.
                Settin here nursing a sick calf in the barn .
                HAHAHAHA i smell just like its mama .

          • I grew up in San Berdoo. It was once the All-American City. No longer. Shit Hole. The urban flight settled there. still in calif but ready to bale. You have a pepper located south east of u brother.

        • Better questions.

          Why hasn’t congress requested a series of special prosecutors for the dozens of government failures or purposeful abuses (scandals)?
          Why is the AG still the AG following his contempt of congress?
          Why is the IRS investigation of politically motivated abuses not running at high speed?
          Why is the former Sec of State not charged or under investigation for destruction of evidence and abuse of power?
          Why is there no uproar over the use of government agencies to affect the 2012 election outcome?
          Why are multiple agencies militarized against members of the TEA party allowed by both parties?
          Why did the congress and senate approve a budget through September instead of holding the admiration’s feet to the fire over immigration and others?
          Why is the former Majority Leader not up on charges?
          Why is the House Minority Leader not up on charges?
          Why is the Speaker not under special scrutiny?
          Why is the Majority Leader not under special scrutiny?
          Why did the Chief Justice seem to switch constitutional points of view to rule in favor of the affordable care act?
          How did we allow our government fall so far away from the limited government guaranteed by the Constitution?

          • This isn’t new. It’s been happening for decades. First the schools became unionized in the ’60’s (at least here in Mexifornia), then the state gov’t started dictating curriculum, then the Fed. Gov’t started financing the whole show. Today’s children are the children of the people who went through the public daycare system in the ’90’s, who were the products of those who went through it in the ’70’s. If a generation is measured in 20 year increments we have two generations and the beginning of a third who have been brought up on how much the gov’t owes them, thanks to some pretty good gov’t propaganda. With uneducated people voting for unqualified, dishonest, evil, wicked, vicious, mean, nasty politicians it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why we are in the toilet.

        • @Nobama, because we have zero control of our elected officials any longer…. And that goes for the criminal Congress that refuses to stop the chairman with impeachment.

        • “We” aren’t paying for anything. These are intentional acts against us.

          Send that bill to a certain address in London…

        • Cause at some point in time the little shitstains will become larger shitstains who will be able to vote Demo-rat.

      3. I am not surprised at anything anymore…

      4. Unbelievable! Simply Unbelievable!

      5. I do not want to hear there is no jobs. I do not want to hear you are hungry or school debt. Or Taxes. Or inflation. Disease, giving aid or whatever bitching.

        Its Here and you might have to deal with it.

        I blame it first on the politicians for making the laws that destroyed this country.
        Then those with money. Bankers and Captains of Industry who influence the politics.
        Then those who could not make a well thought out decision. That being electing a jerkoff to the presidency because he was the first black and he promised everything under the sun if elected.

        Think our country is bad now. Give it 5 years, tops.

        Yes sir, we got what we paid for. Pay again and again and again. TWICE!

        • I honestly don’t believe we have five years, maybe, maybe a year to a year and a half.

      6. MICHELLE OBAMA: “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

        • to mooshell, the apocalypse COW, we ALREADY been sacrificin’ like a MOTHER-FUCKER!….how much MORE sacrifice can we TAKE?….i’ll answer that one for you….NONE!…we dun HAD the SHIT sacrificed outa’ U.S.!!!….time for somebody ELSE to git sacrificed….some of the politician-class needs to start GIVIN’, ‘stead of TAKIN’…..

          • And here are just a few sacrifices America is making…. while the socialist cronies live high on the hog:

            The number of Americans 16 years and older who did not participate in the labor force–meaning they neither had a job nor actively sought one in the last four weeks–rose from 92,898,000 in February to 93,175,000 in March, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

            That is the first time the number of Americans out of the labor force has exceeded 93 million. Also from February to March, the labor force participation rate dropped from 62.8 percent to 62.7 percent, matching a 37-year low.Five times in the last twelve months, the participation rate has been as low as 62.8 percent; but March’s 62.7 percent, which matches the participation rate seen in September and December of 2014, is the lowest since February of 1978.

            • They have no idea in the world how many people have sought jobs. People looking for jobs don’t show up in any statistics.

              The government has only three figures, the total population of working age, total employment figures reported by businesses, and numbers of people actually receiving unemployment checks. Everything else is made up. There’s no way they can know whether or not I’m looking for a job.

              • This is true. Nevertheless, we need to use some figures. Choose your own if you wish. The point is, Obungler is turning this economy into what EVERY socialist economy becomes

        • Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama can lead the way by giving up her uber-luxe vacation next month… I hear she is renting out the country of Lichtenstein en toto for a whole month. The residents will be evicted for her and her 800 imperial guard cronies

      7. At the root of the immigration policy is a nefarious plot whatever exactly it is. And all of us are caught up in it. And in this mess the seperation of fathers mothers kids spouses family occur. That aint right anywhere. At least put that right. We have allowed this hell maker country to get to what it is today. These immigrants are just trying to make it thru life like all the rest of us peons are doing. They cant make it any worse.

        • Who will care for these parentless children. The State? Foster Care by those who believe in the edits of our President only.

          Shades of Hitler Youth

        • CHARLES-

          ” These immigrants are just trying to make it thru life like all the rest of us peons are doing. They cant make it any worse.”

          Thats BS , and ya know it .
          Are you personally volunteering to pay for all the new regulation , programs and new government employees needed for this giveaway ?

          • I pretty much dont agree with anything this country does and that includes immigration policy. The slavemasters are bringing all this to us. Dont blame the immigrants. Either you wont or cant change this. Your constitution aint working out so well. Blame yourself and the state you have created. At least be smart enough to not create millions of mexican enemies. You cant handle the enemies you already have.

            • I have worked hard to keep Agenda 21 policy outta my county.
              I have worked hard to keep my township fron incorporation.
              I have worked hard to keep a small foodbank open.
              I am proud of the “state” of existince that i have created.
              The constitution is working just fine , thanks.

              You must be frightened of something , worried that opposition to illegal usurpers is the equivalent to making enemies.
              Just because i am in opposition i must except the premise that they are therefore enemies?
              Nope , strawman argument , you can do better .

              • Many here are making mexicans the enemy. Look how they talk bout them. And they are here like it or not and more coming. Now are you going to change that situation? Not likely. So accept what is. And they are here right on top of us. Do you really want these people fighting you? We got a load on already. It is insane to not come together to fight a common enemy.

                • What enemy? Why would the Mexicans fight the same govt that flew them and/or their families here, and gave them all of the free stuff that this country has to offer?

                  They don’t see this “benevolent” govt as the enemy, WE DO, because it is OUR money they are giving away.

                  I do agree that this govt is the enemy, it’s just hard for the recipients to see them as we do. It’s a matter of perspective.

                  To THEM, the govt GIVES.
                  To US, the govt only TAKES.

                  For the Mexicans, going against the govt would be like shooting Santa Claus as he comes down the chimney with a bag full of presents.

                  • Not sure what percent would side with govt. I know there are many that are aware of the true enemy. On the other hand the church has a strong hold on many. That cant end well. The cartels and the gangs will prob be unleashed on us. The mexicans are taking whats offered them but that doesnt mean they will side with the snakes. And many of them have probs with the cartels and govt.

                    • Mexicans are enemy #2, OUR govt is enemy #1.

                      Illegal mexicans (lower case “m” BTW) bring their failed, submissive, corrupt culture with them when they move. They aren’t assimilating, they are simply re-populating.

                      If you choose to accept their soft tyrany, so be it. THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS. They WILL fight against us (and by “US” I mean those who aren’t the same skin color as they are… La Raza anyone??!!?!!?!).

                      If they aren’t our enemies, they aren’t in the country illegally. The only people actively defending their re-colonization of the American southwest are those who have them as family. So, charles king, do you have children intermarried and that’s why you’re defending them, or are you personally of mexican descent? In one way or the other you’re related to the invading swarm, otherwise you wouldn’t wholesale defend illegal activities.

                      As to making enemies: I would GLADLY die free fighting millions of illegal invaders over living in barrios with them and their brood. I am already being robbed to provide for the worthless breeders. It’s not a long step from being robbed via taxes to fighting at gunpoint over the produce of my own hands.

                      Americans were patriots for something greater than barrios. True Americans realize that Mexico is a shithole because of the PEOPLE IN IT. There’s nothing wrong with the dirt man. It’s the PEOPLE. Same as in the US: It’s not the dirt that’s wrong, it’s the IDIOTS who voted democrat.

                      The ONLY difference between the dirt north of the border and south, is the culture which inhabits it. If you don’t see the illegal mexicans as an enemy, enjoy your third world status when it reaches you, and I PRAY that you aren’t able to escape the hell-hole you live in once it’s overrun with mexicans. I sincerely hope that when California collapses that it is fenced off and all the worthless bastards that generated such an illegal infested hellhole are FORCED to stay there with their bad decisions.

                • @ ck, These people are the enemy the minute they jump the fence. When I was a soldier fifty years ago if someone was in the wire I could shoot them, no questions ask. When I got home and a farmer if they crossed my fence, I carried my weapon and warned them off, with the understanding if they came again there would be shooting. I feel the fourth turning close upon us. Anybody that is illegal don’t get too comfortable.

      8. To destroy whites and force them to foot the bill for it. We are gonna pay to undermine ourselves according to these new policy’s how’s that for multiculturalism. More useless eaters to feed I’m actually thinking of moving out of the us. It’s too fucked up to turn back.

        • I’ve considered the same thing. If a prepper caravan headed south came by, here with room for me and my preps, I’d be gone in a couple of hours, tops.

          I know I can swim, so I’ll worry about swimming after I hit the water.

      9. We should change the national anthem to the tidy bowl song, Then we can have a nice tune as we watch the water swirl slowly down the tubes…

        Look at the bright side…If they don’t spend out tax dollars on this they would just waste them on something else that might be even worse.

        I really want to get some hammer and sickle bumper stickers about the size of a 50 cent piece and past them to any “democrat” sticker I run across.

        I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am tired of the sick feeling in my guts that I have had to deal with lately.

        So much for a happy Easter.

        • To keep from creating far more suffering for yourself you must accept what is. If you cant accept what is then change it to what you can accept then accept what is. If you cant change the situation accept what is until you can change it. To do otherwise will result In added self created emotional suffering that is often much worse than the situation.

        • Thats priceless !
          And in michigans own islamastan , no less .

          Seems theres a double standard here ?
          And have ya noticed that as the reports about Al shabab
          roll in , that they never seem to mention that they were only killing the christian students ?

          Those crazy kids in the MSM must have forgot that detail .

      10. Also, as a public service – and as someone who has personally both seen and experienced the violence and hatred of the gay Brownshirts – I am asking everyone to vote on what to do against those who have committed thought crimes against our gay totalitarian overlords of the culture. Following the modern policy that there are no absolutes, please feel free to vote for as many as you want. In fact, feel free to make up your own questions, or completely re-write the questions to mean the opposite – after all, everything is relative (and BTW, please fund my campaign to have a DNA change to become a dolphin. I’ve ALWAYS liked swimming, and I knew as a child that I should have been born a dolphin. Or maybe a manatee).

        Thank you for your participation. Please email your response to: GayOberstgruppenfü

        1.) Send H8TE-filled messages to any company named Memories (the name of the mom and pop pizzeria in *Indiana* that said gays were welcome anytime, but that they would not cater to gay weddings – and were rewarded with death threats, firebomb threats, and more). A pizza joint in Nichols, WI just got hate messages from gays (reported on WGN TV 4/3 10 PM News), despite being TWO states away. Maybe the gays were confused by Obama’s statement that there were “57 states.” __________________

        2.) Radical gays recruit the gay who firebombed Sarah Palin’s church with people inside it a few years ago (thankfully, no one was killed, but I’m sure the gay Brownshirts will correct that next time if they have their way.) He would be the perfect complement to their other antics _______________

        3.) Burn what little is left of the Constitution under Obama by declaring null and void the founding principle that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… Now that we gay Nazis run everything, freedom of conscience is outlawed. Only sexual license is permitted. And yes, those of conscience will also be forced to cater NAMBLA and bestiality events as well. ___________________
        a. N.B.: Muslim bakeries, photographers, florists, etc. are specifically exempted. See Besides, we gay are all ultimately cowards, like all bullies, and don’t like those that might fight back!

        4.) Just employ the standard digital mob/gay fascist mode of anonymous email and phone threats.____________

        5.) Tie those who disagree with the *religion* of homosexuality to a pole, and dunk them in a cold river. If they don’t float, then they didn’t meet the gay religion mandates; if they DO float, they should be shunned, lied about in the lamestream media, and bloviated against by the likes of (same company that has ZERO compunction about doing business with slave labour countries like China, or Muslim countries that literally murder gays). _____________

        6.) Revoke dissenters’ citizenship (cf photographer Elaine Huguenin of New Mexico, and the NM Supreme Court decision), fine the dissenters a quarter million dollars (cf Sweet Cakes by Melisssa in OR. – added benefit we can re-direct that money into Hillary’s “It depends on what the meaning of ‘device’ is” campaign) or just send to a re-education camp, like that baker in Colorado was recently. ___________________–

        7.) Tap Dan Savage, recognized spokesman for the gay community and recently hired by Disney, to implement his published comment about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” (What? The leftist media didn’t tell you about that?) ___________________–

        8.) Engage in a digital Kristallnacht. In keeping with our gay fascism uber alles, simply destroy any businesses that are not already co-opted by our fascist agenda. This means orchestrating lies aboiut Yelp ratings, using business shakedown lessons we learned from Jesse Jackson and the mafia, or just recruiting doofuses like the head of bankrupt soon to be bankrupt (added bonus: company is morally bankrupt, too!) ___________________–

        9.) Hire more judicial activists, like Judge Vaughn Walker who struck down California’s Proposition 8, which was overwhelmingly approved by the public in a democratic vote. _______________________

        10.) Revert to the old standby of having the media outright lie for us H8TE-filled radical gays, as they have for years, and have done so ably for Obama, Lois Lerner (charges against her were dropped this week), Eric Holder, and are now doing for Hillary (Benghazi? What’s Benghazi? Erased server? OK, we’ll report it for a week, then let it drop… just report it enough to inoculate people against the significance of it – i.e., do the regular Clinton 3-step shuffle of deny, delay, then divert attention. ________________-

        • The war on us cant be won by fighting one issue at a time. There are way to many issues. We must take out the ones creating these issues.

      11. The country will soon be BROWN.

        They will Fuck into Oblivion. Hahahaha!

        How many of those “Out Reach” centers in your neighborhood. How many food banks. Has your Doctor gone Bilingual? Mine has.

      12. Back in the day, the left were all GIANT supporters of Mario Savio and the free speech movement on the student union steps of UC Berkeley.

        Now, of course, the campus is full of jackbooted, DarthVaderian speech and thought police. The issue – as is the case with the BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam – all about socialist control. As their hero Herbert Marcuse – who popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives, said a few decades back about the his fascist leftism: “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        Seig heil, Herbert.

      13. War.

      14. “Nothing in politics happens by accident “. The last 6 years have been planned out for the last 20 or so years. At least from when Clinton was president. As regards “might have to…” deal with it; sorry to say this-but it’s not a case of ” might” – it’s a case of “will have to”.

        This is planned, and the creature from Jekyll Island has finally gotten what it wants: America on the ropes, the people’s struggling to keep up the appearance of living the “good life” while drowning in debt.

        The “big reset”, when it comes, will finally wake up even the knuckleheads that deny the problems. I sincerely hope that they do wake up.

      15. We must not lose sight of the root of the problem which is antihuman psychopaths in control of the world. We allowed it to happen. We and the immigrants are merely pawns in a big ol sick game. Dont take it out on the immigrants. We are all in the same boat. Only fools will allow this divide and conquer game to develope. We peons all need each other to successfully defeat this evil that is upon us.

        • Charles King .

          If they were old enough. Would you arm them for the cause with your weapons. I mean we are all in this together.

          • Since most of you here have chosen to make the immigrants your enemy instead of allies for the cause then surely they will become our enemies. You are loosing focus on the game afoot. Divide and conquer is a major strategy of that game. This is a worldwide war and only fools fall for this strategy.

            • Charles King.

              Hope you fare well in the future.

            • CHARLES-
              Nbody has gotta be enemies.
              But good neighbors respect a fence .

              • Your govt and business and bankers are asking them and helping them to come here. As long as you allow that then that represents you. You send your taxes to them so you are paying for the immigration and allowing it to happen. And forces are at play much bigger than the mexicans. They are manipulating the mexican just like they manipulate you into a divide and conquer ploy.

            • You fit the description of a troll, purposefully posting to get a reaction from the other posters, hope your having fun because personally im tired of crap like you.

              • Your ego is jumping right out there. And your vehement defense of your beliefs at any cost is a very strong indication of the depth of the mind control that you are under.

                • You have no idea who or what i am,

                • We are nearly on the 4th “box” the founding fathers created to defend ourselves from tyranny. I’ll leave it to the illegal lovers to figure out the reference.

                  We don’t have to accept JACK from this.

                  You are wrong.

                  Charles King, you either have illegals in your direct family, live in a neighborhood full of them, or are married directly. Regardless of who you are. Your opinions are of no more merit than those who CREATED and SUPPORTED the third world shitholes they are now trying to escape from.

                  The US is being INVADED, and as such, all invaders who aren’t willing to fight for the history of THIS country ARE enemies.

                  America wasn’t founded by mexicans. It wasn’t founded by their descendants either. It was founded by a people who were so far beyond what was part of their lifestyle and culture at the time. that many consider it to be an epiphany in governmental design.

                  Illegals just come here to breed. If they gave half a damn about their environment, Mexico wouldn’t suck so hard.

            • You may have something there, Charles.
              I used to live in a place called Paramount, right across from a place called Compton. Google them. We were one of two non-Hispanic families in a several block area. Most of my neighbors were very illegal aliens. We used to buy Tamales from a kid that hauled them in his red wagon up and down the block, he never spoke English, although I’m sure he could.
              It was common to hear of dead blacks(shotgun was favorite tool) in the area as the L.A. river was a dividing line and most my neighbors didn’t like blacks much. They caused too much crime and un-wanted police attention.
              My point is, I have a soft spot for hard working immigrants that eliminate a major problem, fit in, while not causing me any grief. I also had a few try to kill me. So be careful what you ask for, you may get it and not be as fast running away as I was. Someday may find you on the side of the road with a hole in your head. They may use a ballot box to do it.

            • Charles,, it is not devide and conquer because the mexicans and the whites were never one people.we are a separate will have to decide which side you are on at some point.race is everything.

              • We are all humans and the human race has been divided using many ways such as religeon, politics etc. Divide and conquer is everywhere intended or not.

              • Not much pure race in the usa. Its common for whites to have some indian blood. Mexicans are often indians from mexico. Blacks often have white blood from whites raping their slaves. Culture and nationalism, patriotism are big dividers. At the deeper levels of spiritualism you find that all is one.

        • CHARLES,
          I gotta disagree.
          These kids (mostly teens)dont give two shits about a Bill OF Rights OR a Constitution .
          They are more than happy living under a spoonfed communist dictatorship .

          What do ya think is gonna happen when they start to vote?
          Will they stand up to the government when liberties are taken away ?
          Or will they support that government?

          These people are here (unknowingly) to help the likes of Obama usurp the constitution and the American way of life. They will not EVER assimilate our culture or language , in fact , WE will be expected to accomidate them .
          And if we dont , we will be called racist and bigoted.
          So put on a big smile as you buy 100,000 plane tickets from central america and take pride in the fact that your doing all that wonderful liberal good .

          • I know many 2nd generation mexican americans and they all speak english and are assimilated. Sure there are many problems with them but look what they assimilated into. This country was well on the way to becoming a complete shithole before any of them got here. We allowed this country to get this way. And we have allowed or military to create hell on earth. And these immigrants dont like enslavement any more than you do. Btw how is that constitution working out for you.

            • I also know many second gen hispanics.
              They came to the front door knocked and asked to be let in.
              And they are pissed off by what is happening here.

              The US has some problems that need fixing , but its along damn way from a shithole , as you say.

              These illegals already allowed their country to be destroyed and thats why they wanna be here , that and free shit.

              The constitution still stands , the asshole in the whitehouse is currently wipeing his shoes on it , but he wont be around forever.
              I gotta strong feeling that this little mess will be fixed one day soon.

              The path to citizenship starts at the sidewalk in front of the immigration office , not the airport in guatamala.

              • Your biggest misunderstanding among many of the situation is giving obama credit for so much power. Presidents are mouthpieces, frontmen, an execetive officer in the corporation. You must know who controls the agenda. Who your enemy is. Obama doesnt even count. If you must call out your enemy at least call out the ones that count. Mind control anyone.

                • You are correct here,
                  Obammy is just the latest useful idiot,
                  Congress is who i hold responsible for this crap, they should be held accountable, the borders should be closed period.
                  There is a process to become a citizen, that is what should be the final word,
                  Hammerhead is correct, we are a long ways from a shit hole,
                  If the traitors have their way it will become one,
                  Sorry Charley

                  • Well at least congress is a little closer to home. Hope your strategy isnt to vote em out. Hows that worked for you. You can see how lost we are when we cant even control our congressman who comes right out of our state. Hell we cant even get our local labor leaders to get totally on our side and they come from the same job site. Gotta say doesnt seem that your strategy and beliefs are working too well. And it wont get any better coming to site like this and going over the same worn out ideas and strategy that isnt working. Kill the messenger. The is what mind controlled people often do.

        • They are not immigrants, they’re illegal aliens. Immigrants came here legally and illegals did not. Don’t use the uniting together against a common enemy fantasy shit to justify the illegal alien invasion. If you’re really against the “big ol sick game”, you’d be against open borders and for deporting all of them. They obviously are just pawns of the Democrat party to begin with, support even more open borders for their people, and it’d be incredible enough if we can get the American people united on something. So no, we’re not all on the same side. I wish that was the case. How do you plan to defeat the evil with the illegals as invaluable allies? They come here uninvited, aren’t citizens, won’t assimilate, endanger citizens, and threaten to overwrite our culture and replace its people and language. So they’re really just invaders sanctioned by the government and UN to recolonize the country. Yes they can make it worse by crime, driving down wages, spreading diseases, illiteracy, and turning the country into a Mexican ghetto. We can’t even take care of our own. Even a third world country has a border.

      16. Why is there a border? To keep taxpayers in, somebody’s got to pay for the incremental destruction of America.

        • ” incremental destruction of America.”

          WHOLESALE WANTON destruction of America .

          There fixed it for ya : )

        • What border? There is NONE and there hasn’t been one in decades…

          • I beg to differ. There’s definitely a border. Ever go into Mexico? There are literally tanks and big guns to greet you as you drive in. You are made to feel very uneasy. There is a lot of garbage at the border, trash, nasty people. Closer to US is disgusting. You get a few miles away, and the country (though stuck in the 70’s) can be quite beautiful. If you want to visit Mexico, you are treated like a criminal. If you want to stay an extended time, you have to prove you can afford it. If you sneak in, you will be put in jail for it. They are very protective of their border.

      17. Can anyone say stinger. Them or us!

      18. This will turn into the biggest “free for all” ever.
        People going to scurry around like roaches. Screaming and yelling, putting on the drama. Not going to save them. Their cries for help may not be answered.

      19. NOBODY.. Yeah, like the Republicon’s in government don’t want every one of these illegals here, and as many as can be brought in. It’s one party, if the GOP were against Obama they would of moved against him 7 years ago. His lies and deeds are equal to GWBush as far as extending and carrying out treason. The division you suppose is pure fantasy.

        • Anyone who thinks we have a two party system is drinking the koolaid. Both work in tandem. Your vote doesn’t count and never did. You get the illusion of voting, when you know darn well that’s not how it works. Some have the illusion of being heard, but nobody’s home on the other end of the line when you call. My adult kids just told me they don’t plan to have kids. I’m surprised but not trying to talk them into it, because honestly I’d have to think twice before bringing up another kid in this country.

          We’ve been thinking maybe this Indiana law was always meant to incense, because now the LGBTs have even additional protections due to the quick fix. The government didn’t even bother to talk about it. They just made them a special class, so they can play the bakery lottery. They can ask all the bakeries, florists, caterers, venues, and photographers in the state to do stuff for their “wedding” and the ones who say no can get sued for the big bucks. What, some lady is losing her house over this? You know, if someone acts out of line, they don’t stay in business long. The market can take care of it. Why make a law? Well, Indiana got two agendas taken care of in one swoop.

          Gays get their special protection (last I heard, they were already protected but now they can sue!) And now Shariah law can come in without a peep from the dissidents. Yay for Indiana. If you believe they were EVER trying to get a religious freedom law in here to protect folks from doing things against their beliefs, you too are drinking the Koolaid. It was always a forwarding the lgbt agenda endgame.

      20. Fuckin hate people live off the fruits of my skills and labor. Useless eaters like leeches sucking the life out of hardworking whites for the greater good of course. why is it my responsibility to help support some immigrant when plenty of whites need help. If they gonna steal $ through taxes at least help white family’s. If I gotta pay I feel I should have a say where my $ goes. Got three white children.

        • The ELITE have no compassion either for you or for your family. Why should they? The whites are now deemed as insignificant and ready for elimination. The 50 Shades of NWO brown dumbasses will be much easier to control. The ELITE love COMPLIANCE.

          • Dodnt know if control is the motive. Hell we have long been a nation of conformists. Thats what got us to this point. And dont pay much mind to what most say defending themselves as nonconformists. Judge them by their actions. We been led around by the nose for a long time.

      21. what really sucks about this NWO ZOG GLOBALIST shit , is it still is just in the ‘starting phase’!

        we’ve 35 more projected years of this crazy shit!

        ’35 years!’


        • A joke I hope. We are LUCKY if we have 3.5 months left. That 35 year thing is an utter JOKE.

      22. In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, American citizens are the American Indian of the 21st century…..and the new settlers are repopulating the country.

        If the American Indians are laughing now it should be of no surprise

        • Our forefathers came to this country and filled it with slaves and indentured servants. Then did a genocide on the indians.then they built the greatest Idustrialized war machine ever known and use it to impose their will around the globe using us for cannon fodder. That linage has been at play a long time. And we thought they wouldnt kick us to the curb when done with us.

        • They really believe they can do this and no one has the right to be against it because of what European settlers did to the Indians hundreds of years ago before any of us existed even though no one today had anything to do with it.

          • Dont worry about making right what our forefathers did to other races. They also did it to their own race btw in the form of indentured servents. And that is the point. They are now kicking the white man to the curb. All races must come as one against these slavemasters. To not do so is a result of divide and conquer. It takes many forms.

      23. For a site that is mostly bullshit, this is even bullshittier than usual. Are you insane or just delusional?

      24. That’s just the cover story for the millions of jihadist foreign fighters that they are busy flying into Lubuck Texas under the disguise of illegal children. They are gearing up folks.

      25. Obama hates this country and culture,most of us know that. The others that support his policies are doing it for financial gain. Cultural suicide it won’t end well.

      26. The price tag? We don’t know. What the hell does he mean? We don’t know? I damn sure know the price! The deliberate destruction of Western Civilization. That’s the price. The extinction of Westerners in just a few more full generations. That’s the price. Diversity and multiculturalism were the weapons chosen by the Marxists to destroy us. They won. Communism isn’t dead. Communism has won. They’re merely consolidating before the final solution is applied to us. Survive that.

      27. It’s in the bible, you have killed over 56 million children in America through abortions. Your men have become raging homos. Your women are outspoken lesbians. You have turned your backs on the only thing that ever really mattered and what kept you safe and as the head of the world. You are becoming the ass end. You have chosen this by not going to church, by taking on other gods and spending your time on those idols. Therefore God is bringing in others and he is giving them the space that you formerly occupied. They will become the head and you will become the tail. God is judging you and he will bring you into slavery to these people and you will think to run away from it. But all over the world people will hate you and they will make you their slave. Get on your knees and bow to God, repent! You won’t instead you will talk about the bible as a fable and write ignorant comments angry that someone wrote one that was true. Keep up the hate, God just enlarges them more and he brings you down to the dust. It is all in the bible and it is all in your won hands. Repent! If you truly love God and America, you will do what the bible says. Otherwise the bible will do to you what it says it will!

      28. Tuko, I agree that we will be punished for our sins.But it isn’t just america that has sinned.And which book of the bible even mentions america.Won’t mexico be punished for allowing the drug cartels to run over everyone?We all have bood on our hands.So what?There will be much more blood in the future.I believe it is sin to lay down and not defend your race.

      29. Why is there a border? To keep Americans out of Mexico and Canada, obviously.

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