Report: Military Holding Drills To Prepare For Massive Immigration Crisis: ‘Hundreds of Soldiers… Millions of Dollars’

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    While President Donald Trump prepares a new Executive Order for curbing refugee migration from the middle east and directives to deal with securing the southern border from unfettered illegal immigration, the U.S. military, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies are gearing up to hold a massive training exercise designed to deal with a large-scale influx of migrants and refugees.

    Hundreds of U.S. forces are rehearsing a migrant crisis this week at the U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, a massive multimillion dollar drill that envisions the United States capturing huge numbers of people in the Caribbean bound for the United States — and how the military, State Department and Homeland Security would collaborate on handling it.

    At the Southern Command, Army Col. Lisa Garcia said the military was contributing 400 troops and spending $2.5 million on its portion of the month-long exercise, to include transportation and airlift. (Miami Herald)

    Citing 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and other instances, Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple notes that it is often the case that the government prepares for such scenarios just days or weeks before they actually happen. Could it be that intelligence agencies and analysts have identified the potential for economic or political crises in Central America or the Caribbean region, and they are now preparing assets and response scenarios in the event it plays out in the near future? Joe Joseph weighs in:

    How would a President Trump respond if there was a real or manufactured humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean… We’ve seen Haiti in recent years being ravaged by plague, storms and political coups… you’ve got Venezuela, which is down to its last $10 billion in reserves… after that they default… a lot of people suffering… and a lot of it’s happening down in the southern Americas and it’s not getting any attention…

    And then of course the whole drill thing plays into it… how have we seen drills play into these events in the past? A couple days before the Boston Marathon bombing they had a terror drill… just before 9/11 they had a terror drill of planes flying into the World Trade Center… Normally when you see a drill go down, often times it’s a precursor to the real event…

    Watch  Joe Joseph’s full news brief via The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel:



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      1. Report: Military Holding Drills To Prepare For Massive Immigration Crisis: ‘Hundreds of Soldiers… Millions of Dollars’

        It is said: Illegal Immigrants cost US Tax payers approximately 66.5 Billion Dollars a year.

        “Thanks Obama & Pals”

        If the US Government did not bomb and destroy these peoples countries … this whole “immigration” problem wouldn’t had taken place.

        • I must have been out to lunch…..when did the U.S. bomb Mexico?

          • Holy Cow.. Below is a must read article that connects many dots as to what’s going on in the world. Israel is black mailing so many US politicians in the Pizza Pedophile ring, that they all fall in line with their agenda, and how the CIA and Mossad are behind much of this to keep their control structure in place. Unbelievable and sleazy!!

            Trump is surely playing chess right now, and if you recall the mass 450 people arrested in California where so many children were rescued, as they were used as sex slaves were released? That’s nothing to what you will know by reading this article, as the mass indictments roll out with so many familiar names including all the Clintons and their foundation of Deep State. This is surely the Deep State Trump will be draining, but in time as he sets up the chess board. This has everybody involved from the MSM, Schumer, Lindsey Graham, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, who created the Immigrant ban, etc.

            A must read for every one to understand how the dots connect.

            Go here. The Pedophilia Problem

            • Hey Zeus- You think Florida Fish & Game can transport some of those gators to the
              Rio Grande as a deterrent?

          • But, but, Jeremiah, Steve, and others assured us those massive movements of military hardware, and the foreign troop movements, etc., and etc. for Jade Helm were going to start military action in the US against US citizens. Why there’s even a mock up of a US city out there somewhere where the drills were to take place. Now the new narrative is the drills are because of immigrants? I wonder who the drills will be for next week?

            • Those mock cities bene around a longtime

            • Wilson: and I was about to post the same thing, tried to get a time line from D. Hodges site awhile back. Does SHTF have a timeline? Jade Helm have one, anyone?

          • I was eating dinner! Along with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, China, ETC.

        • I’m holding a drill right now and I know how to use it, I got my trusty Ryobi in its holster, fully charged, and can drive home some screws so fast it’d make your head spin.

          I like drills, and for the really heavy duty SHTF situation, I’ve got a drill press…… Look out world I’m drilling and screwing.

          • Lesbians know nothing about using screws and nails, but they have mastered the use of tongue-and-groove for everything.

            • Drill baby drill!

            • Did you hear about the two lesbian carpenters who built their love nest together? It’s all tongue and groove without a single stud in the place!

              • Where did they get the WOOD?

        • “…notes that it is often the case that the government prepares for such scenarios just days or weeks before they actually happen.”

          In the near future ….. NO.

          The military trains for future scenarios they foresee as possible given current trends or expected “events” …. like EARTH CHANGES. 🙂

        • We’ve been bombing Mexico, China, Haiti, Senegal, Guatemala, and India?

          That’s news to us, can you cite your sources on this?

        • If our country didn’t elect Ocrap, we wouldn’t have all these Muslim refugees living in our country on welfare! Deport them in the same way they got in. I feel sorry for our President Trump having to clean up this horrendous mess Odingdong created. Throw him in the barrel with them.

      2. Sink the ship.

        Stop it before it starts.

        This might sound cruel and extreme, but it is not. We can not allow hordes of third world, disease carrying, rapists to come here. Look at Sweden. They now officially are under Sharia Law in some places. There is one Country in Africa with more rapes than Sweden.


        • ” They now officially are under Sharia Law in some places. ”

          While Sharia Law is in control in some areas I believe that its unofficial as the Swedish government is publicly in denial.

          • Kevin2:

            That does it. I’m a victim of slang infecting language. “Official” as in it’s real; it can be verified to be true.

            Laugh out loud?


            • Microagressions…

        • B FROM CA

          See where Denmark has instituted a draft now because of unstableness.

          • Getting Real:

            I just checked. Fit for duty, males age 18 to 60.
            Time to get in shape, fellas. Called “Total Defense”.
            Denmark Queen Marguette.

            If parliament fakes out, they can fall back on the Monarchy. And a Monarch doesn’t need to get approval, no consensus required. She can just order the military to escort the Muslims back to where ever they came from. Maybe we could use one of those. Just kidding, I think.


          • So has Sweden, but they’re saying it’s about the Russians.

        • Wow, the PM’s took a massive Dump today.

          Gold down like $15 and Silver,… Well…
          SILVER 03/02/2017 17:01 Bid – $17.72; Ask- $17.82
          Down -0.67 Cents losing -3.64% today. Like WTF!

          Its all fixed, There are no safe havens left to escape to..

          My only theory, is some Dollar strength lately, and this is the last big paper short for the power players to scoop up the rest of the Physical PM’s before the Stock Market Crash. Opportunity Folks, buy more on the dips like this. We are still up 25.18% from a Year ago in Silver. Still, Nothing to complain about.

        • B from CA

          You are 100 % correct, I dont care if President Trump has to use, the National Guard, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard…
          so long as these third world invaders with their wonderfully lethal and exotic third world diseases are removed from America, and prevented from reentering the USA.

      3. Mac,

        Clicking the ad for PRI Fuel Additive produces a 404 page not found error. You might want to fix that.

        • Thanks ! On it!

          • Also some of those prepper sites from the list on the left are inactive. Maybe you can run down the list to see what is and is not active. I know right? With all that extra time you have on your hands Mac. haha.

            • Lol on time! going to try and get through there in the next couple days and remove all of the dead links or outdated sites



            • (((SUCKASS)))

      4. I spent 20 years as an infantry soldier. We had drills for all kinds of things. We often called it training. Of course, the military could sit around and do no training, wouldn’t that make for an effective military. Not every drill is going to be a conspiracy.
        I agree that some are pretty suspicious in their timing but sometimes the drills come about just because the military sees a trend and possibility developing and feels it may be necessary to be prepared.

      5. Not much I can do ‘cept wait for it. I don’t doubt this summer will have something kick off to test our mettle. I continue purchasing odds and ends for my packs. Picked up another Klean Kanteen 40.oz w/stainless top, GSI Large cup/pot and Condor pack style holder. The klean canteen nests in the GSI cup and all fits down inside the Condor pouch. The pouch has a small side pocket where I keep a spork and lifestraw. Has attached Molle straps which hold it to my ILBE and assault packs.

        • PoP

          Steadily working on fine tuning things. Focused on communications and different power sources at this time.

          Do you have enough fuses and electrical connectors/eyelets/crimps to do repair. Can you solder using an iron?

          Hot glue gun comes to mind.

          • Anon, I work on HVAC and boilers on a daily basis. Got all those on board the work truck. My son and I can also stick weld and yes I can solder/silver braze piping, copper to brass, and repair circuit boards with the right solder and flux. I am also going to cruise through the woods where I hunt and start cutting some additional walking stick material. Gotta pick up some more hearthboard wood for friction fire making. need to get in the woods and out before the ticks and chiggers get ferocious.

            • PoP

              Secured two large fat lighter stumps from the woods. Pine. You are right about the bugs.

              • Lucky dog you. Good to have along to feather up when ‘smalls’ are wet. Another thing to have is some 0000 steel wool. Even when wet you can shake the water out and it’ll get your fire going. Makes great tinder. Just use a lighter or ferro rod (flint and steel won’t light it). Good stuff to have for cleaning camp pots too and don’t weigh hardly anything.

                • Never throw away used-up steel wool. Bag it up and store it for fire-making.

        • PO’d Patriot, I’m still stacking myself. VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE at by John W. Whitehead, one of my favorite writers. “Are We Being Set Up For A National ID System?”

          • Ain’t no doubt in my mind DB. Its the end game.

            • But how can there be any kind of a civilization left to speak of once the power goes off due to the hyperinflation of the USD? It’s a vicious circle of inflation making it impossible for anyone to pay their light bills so the power companies can buy fuels and without fuels there is no electricity to run the refineries, etc ad infinitum. Do you see where this ends up again? 95% population reduction in several weeks to a few months time, that’s where!

      6. Weren’t massive immigration crises called invasions and became all out wars before. If they are preparing for an invasion why discriminate as to whom is doing the invading. We are being invaded right at this moment.
        I have a question, so when an army shows up at your border should they just be able to walk in because they declare themselves as vacationers and say that they are only going to stay for a week? The border should have been secured a militarily a long time ago. And all the illegal invaders should be thrown out right now period. And they can take Congress with them. If they aren’t a treasonous bunch I don’t know what is.
        All this is to issue some new ‘security state’ directive for sure. Now they will have the military standing guard at the border so ‘you’ won’t be able to move about the country, in or out, while the invading armies will be flown in.
        It’s just ‘troops on the ground’ in your own country. Yeah, the military was never supposed to be deployed at home. Well guess what, now you want it to be deployed at home. Like I said myself, apparently I was for it a few seconds ago. Now I’m not. But a few machine gun nests pointing out to sea seems like a good idea at this point. And a few mines planted away from the endangered cacti too.

      7. What U.S. government entity is J.V.A.B.? Just saw trucks hauling vehicles west on Interstate 10 in central Texas with these large letters painted on white vehicles and U.S. Gov. tags on transported vehicles. One was a 2 or 3 ton truck w/ a turret looking thing on closed box on it and another was a van trailer of GVW 10,000lb. or so.

        • Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch

        • ‘Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch’ is what I found. Huge pdf download explains it but I did not download it.

        • anybody in Texas looking for a package from Amazon…

          it’s spewed out on the interstate in Nashville, TN

      8. Mexico said they are going to hold a billion in American assets if we mess with N.A.F.T.A or build a wall and will send mex mafia over to do us harm and we will take the south west states.
        That’s a threat so it’s being dealt with accordingly.

        • Will trade the Mob in DC for ANY Mexican Drug Cartel.

        • Pro USA, let the bean eaters bring it. Bullets will work on them just like on anyone else.

          • DB your probably right new gen more radical than older gen
            Deal with it every day in AZ.

      9. It’s an invasion: call it what it is. And when it is an invasion, that’s the business of the military. And I am afraid soldiers need to get the stomach for killing these invaders. The boats need to be scuppered, the borders mined and robot gatling guns placed every 100 metres (like South Korea already does), and bioweapons need to be used where the numbers are just too great. The message will get through.

        “Si, si: Horhay, my cousin’s brother, he no make it to America. Si, si: he die at the border (crosses herself).”

        Watch the film World War Z to see what will happen if soldiers do not start meeting invasion with force.

        • Frank Thoughts

          “And I am afraid soldiers need to get the stomach for killing these invaders.”

          I hope an American soldier would steadfastly refuse any order to intentionally shoot unarmed civilians. If they are not above that then we have become what we fear and make no mistake, we Americans, after some clever demonization, are next.

          If you believe that you could shoot unarmed civilians you are devoid of empathy and therefore by definition a socopath.

          • There’s technology for unarmed civilians kevin and there’s technology for armed bad guy’s.
            Don’t threaten or country and they won’t get shot simple.

          • However, if they are coming across the border illegally, that’s an invasion, and we have the right to help them decide that it’s too risky. Shoot enough, and the ones here illegally will decide its time to go back home. If they want to come in,fine, there’s a proper door. Use it.

          • None of the invaders of sovereign nations, that have caused all the problems around the world have been armed. They become weaponized themselves once they have been allowed to enter the country. They have proved themselves to be the sociopaths. That’s because they will never assimilate to your values, and never planned to. To project your values onto these people is where the problem begins. They are not like you and never will be. Cheating, lying and doing whatever it takes to promote their own is what they have beenborn and bred to do. But TPTB will always tell you that you need to empathize. That’s what they are good at telling you. It’s a psyop. So these people that have formed their own no go zones empathize? Do they appreciate your hospitality? No, they want what you got and once they have the numbers they won’t empathize with anyone but their own. They’re coming here with their own set of morals and values. And they think that if you were dumb enough to let them do it, then you deserve what you get.

            • So your going to cap unarmed civilians? NAZI’s do that. I’m not saying let them in but lethal force isn’t justified.

              If any of you can put some unarmed family in your rifle sights and squeeze the trigger your absolutely fucked up individuals. Don’t put a nickel in the collection hat at church, save your time Sunday morning because your going to hell if there is one.

              • K2, What the hell are you talking about? The US military bombs the fuck out of unarmed/innocent civilians all the time! Been doing it for decades. And how the hell do they know who is really guilty of anything? They just shoot and move on. Why are we in their countries to begin with? Ya think maybe it’s ok to defend your country from the corporate/chew us military invasions? Maybe turn off the TV once in a while….

      10. There was some report out a few months back saying most Mexicans were okay with
        building a wall on their southern border to keep the Guatemalans out. Can you smell
        the hypocrisy in that.

      11. The word immigrant, illegal immigrant is code word for invader.
        It is an invasion. This is what we are seeing here in Oregon. This invader is calling out to “his” community to fight! You are here breaking the law invader! You have no right to riot! Only citizens have the right to peaceably assemble.

        • America is experiencing a third world unarmed invasion, masked as just a little immigration. Time to repulse this unarmed invasion from the third world, and yes Id shoot them were it legal for civilians to do so.

      12. Let’s round up all the shit skins and of course the cucks like annonypus and give them life sentences contingent upon how long the bullet takes to do its job.

      13. Giving the military machine more power and better technology is is great when the right guy is president.
        What happens when you get the wrong person just had 8yrs of it,can you say Jade Helm.
        Look what Obama did to the Pentagon just a few years and they were all but rogue.

      14. BS, they want them here and they invite them HERE.


      15. Jesus shit. Guys I must be late on this new thread.. Don’t even get me started.. ObviousLy I am not single anymore and am busy as fuck. So I have to get my post in whike I can before I get crap drained out of me.. HCKS out.


      16. I see no problem with using the military to guard and defend our borders. Bring the troops all home and let them do the job the police cant or will not do. Stop being the worlds police. Let all of those those other places take care of their own problems. Stop using our troops as cannon fodder for the NWO. We need to follow the Swiss example and have every law abiding citizen be a soldier and furnish them a rifle and training. Bring back the chain gangs for the lawbreakers.

        • Amen. Couldn’t have said it better.

        • That Swiss citizen also gets a drug test and a psych exam before he gets to store his weapon at home. He also is not allowed to keep ammunition for it at home.

          Americans wouldn’t like such restrictions one bit.

          • That Swiss Citizen is issued 200 rounds of sealed ammo to keep at home.

          • Smokey

            I stand corrected you are right. The Swiss Legislature did take away the ammo for their military rifles.

            My apologies.

          • Smokey, I wouldn’t even follow any BS like that. null and void.

      17. Hundreds of U.S. forces are rehearsing a migrant crisis this week at the U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Ok talk about a lame sensationalist article. Hundreds?? Percentage wise compared to the great influx of illegals we already have arriving on a daily basis Hundreds amounts to almost nothing. Tens of thousands would be needed. Hundreds to me translates to less than a thousand. Talk about pissing into the wind those few (hundreds) couldn’t stop diddly squat.

      18. If each man in a birder state stood watch 1a month this would not be an issue. Stand up or shut up. It’s not about a wall. How about a wall of meat (with plenty of lead)?

      19. The US has let in 80 million migrants since 1965. How much is too much? No one has let in this many people. This has been a disaster. We let in 3.5 million migrants every year, now. Over the next ten years that will become 35 million more. We’re absolutely doomed. This cannot be repaired. The Marxist strategy to destroy the West has worked. Act accordingly.

        • Back in the early 1960’s, we were being taught that America’s population would rise to about 300 million, then level off, and then taper down to around 275 million as the Boomers (us) passed on. From then on, we would enjoy a stable level of 250-275 million, for a century or more.

          Then came the 1965 Immigration Act, and the flood began. Now we’re at 325 million, and heading to 400 million in a few years. Unless someone here drops dead, we’ll all live to see it. After that, it’s going to 500 million in less than 30 years.

          This population is going to be mainly urban, and a net drain on the natural resources of this country. Look for major problems to start becoming major problems, such as food and water availability and delivery, transportation systems failures, crime control failures on massive scales, and urban budget demands on rural populations tax bases that will become truly burdensome. Then add a deliberate wealth transfer from the white population to the minority populations, and we’re looking at some real powder kegs.

      20. Between illegal aliens , faux refugees, and communist traitors in America, Im surprised we haven’t fallen a long time ago…..ooops..too late. What is amazingly stupid is, that they were not all just dispatched silently without hoopla and holler….But no, instead they had to treated to ALL the media attention they could get over this….Damn shitty way TO DEFEND A COUNTRY….

      21. Just got news today March 3 Russians have on loan to Mexico armored vehicles to see if they like them.
        You can look at this in different ways.
        Could be just new vehicles for mex army.(funny)
        Could be a Russian build up in mex in disguise yes military’s do that.
        Maybe Mexico working with there buddy’s in black underwear with cartels (proxy buying).
        Makes me wonder now were sending troops to our boarder a different food for thought.

      22. Stringing words together is an example of the correlative fallacy. Judge critically, and for yourself.

        There is a prediction of Wormwwood, striking somewhat off Arecibo, near Puerto Rico, probably, most-notably attributed to Efrain Rodriguez.

        The waters were recently made dirty, and they monitored the effects.

        California is disincorporated, in political rhetoric.

        Other drills move state resources to volcanic and low lying areas.

      23. Getting ready to round up huge numbers of people ? I don’t doubt that. The people rounded up will be mostly white poor to upper middle class people.

        • I liked his effrontery, well enough.

          But, I think he is using the alt-right tactic of appointing token quota cases, into honorary positions. For instance, a Latino for labor (secretary), and an Indian for tech support (Communication Director.)

          If his policies fail, they take the blame. If his policies succeed, they take the blame. If they refuse to cooperate, they take the blame.

          And, in any case, normative people are passed-up for social promotions.

          This is basically the same Munchausen-by-proxy sort-of social engineering, used by liberals, in which they co-opt some helpless party, have low expectations for it’s success, neglect and sabotage that party, and get praise for their own longsuffering, as the “care” giver.

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