Report: Mexican Drug Cartels Lay Down High Powered Suppressing Fire For Crossing Immigrants

by | Jul 20, 2014 | Headline News | 420 comments

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    50-calThe border is completely safe. So say President Barack Obama, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and others who support the wave of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

    A new report from the southern border, however, suggests otherwise.

    Shots rang out Friday night in Rincon Peninsula, Texas, forcing U.S. border patrol agents to take cover. The shots originated from south of the Rio Grande River and according to Border Patrol sources they came from a high-powered .50 caliber rifle.

    Based on what agents witnessed next, according to Texas State Representative Louie Gohmert, this wasn’t just random fire.

    “When the shooting stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves in. So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across,” Gohmert added. “We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants.”

    Sources said they believe the gunfire came from members of Mexican drug cartels, which include former military members trained in shooting that type of weaponry.

    Border Patrol sources said the rounds were clearly identifiable because .50- caliber weapons make a distinctive noise when fired. Sources said they also believe this is the first time that Border Patrol agents have taken direct fire from the Mexican side of the river in this area.

    “I don’t know why we’re out here like sitting ducks,” one Border Patrol source said. “We need help.”

    The shooting has prompted fears that Mexican drug cartels, known to be extremely dangerous and responsible for over 75,000 deaths in the drug war that has plagued the country for the last seven years, are now bringing their brand of violence into the United States via the unsecured 3000-mile southern border.

    According to Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker, there is only one way to describe what’s happening, especially now that suppressing fire is being laid down for migrants trying to make their way into the U.S.

    Good thing the shooters are pretty bad shots or we’d have some dead agents.

    Further, as soon as the shooting stopped a few dozen “people” (note the word invaders is not used) came out on the US side and turned themselves in — so it appears the intention of the barrage was suppressive fire (that is, to make the agents put their head down so they can’t see) while the invaderscame across.

    Yes, folks, invaders.

    What do you call it when an armed force lays down suppressive fire across a border so that their people can come in?

    That is an act of war (shooting) and an invasion.

    Though the actions of Mexican Drug cartels are not necessarily state-sponsored, the Mexican government has done little to stop the flood of tens of thousands of people using their northern border as a corridor for illegal immigration. They are complicit in these activities by allowing government transport of migrants via trains, producing flyers with instructions on how to illegally cross the border, and refusing to mobilize Mexican police and military to secure their side of the border.

    Now, with Mexican drug cartels opening fire on U.S. law enforcement agents and in many cases shooting at private American citizens, the events unfolding on the border are nothing short of an armed invasion.

    President Obama recently claimed that the border was more secure today than at any time in the last twenty years.

    U.S. border patrol agents taking fire from high powered military rifles would probably disagree.

    If the President of the United States fails to perform his sworn duty, which is to defend the borders of the United States of America, then it is only a matter of time before the extreme drug violence taking place in Mexico makes its way to the streets of America.


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      1. This is why I believe that the US Govt is purposely collapsing the United States of America. There is NO other explanation for the level of STUPIDITY of those in charge.

        Not even incompetence can bring you these results. 😉

        • TREASON in the Oval Office. Pass it on everywhere; make it viral. The penalty for TREASON is death!!!

          Sadly, the Mexicans probably used the assault weapons that Holder gave them.

          Mine the Border!!! Shoot every MFKR that comes across;the message will be clear and the invasion will stop faster than you can say North American Union!!! 🙂

          • My wife left, took the kids…


            COUNT ME IN, I’M THERE!

            • Got gas?

              • It’s worth the try, but we don’t know if that’s gonna affect them

                • I say we take off an nuke the entire site from orbit.

                  It’s the only way to be sure…

                  😀 joking of course.

              • Highpowered .50 Cal? As opposed to a lowpowered .50 cal?

                • OK, July 20th Came and Went. For you Armageddon Date Pickers, what was supposed to happen yesterday? lol

                • its like those “high capacity” magazines…

            • The Mexican government does nothing!

              The American government does nothing!

              Who in the fuck is in charge here?

              • The Mexican and the American Government….duh!!!!

              • Certainly not the agency which bought all those portable bullet proof guard towers a year or two or so ago, remember them? They popped up at a couple of walmarts, didn’t they?

                Now I suppose they will be used against us citizens unhappy about the children invaders getting free shite.


              • Isn’t it rich? Are we a pair?
                Me here at last on the ground and you in mid-air
                Send in the clowns

                Isn’t it bliss? Don’t you approve?
                One who keeps tearing around and one who can’t move
                But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns

                • All of the Clowns are in DC, stuck in the Clown Car because there are so many of them.

                  Send in the fucking drones!!! Engage!!! 🙂

                  • That’s truly sickening, “Send in the fucking drones!!! Engage!!!”… and then tag on a smiley face?

                    What. The. …???

                    Death from the skies, especially upon children? Is that an empire-lovers dream?

                    And for whom does the bell toll for?

                    “Mine the Border!!! Shoot every MFKR that comes across”

                    Is that another way of saying, “Kill ’em all! And let God sort them out”?

                    Just what you were brainwashed into thinking when you fought for the bankers and the empire all those years ago.

                    Repent. Warmonger. Repent.

                  • Repent? Never you fucking scumbag. If you don’t like America you can leave it. Try Costa Rico and the 14 volcanoes there.

                    I doubt that anyone except your mother will miss you. 🙂

                  • REPENT are you kidding me or something?

                    Look in case it wasn’t already bloody obvious to you, actual citizens are getting their rights used as toilet paper, whilst all these ILLEGALS (como se dice ILLEGAL… does the word have a definition???) come in ILLEGALLY and get what? Free shit, a pat on the head, and voting rights…

                    I mean… really? What about OUR kids? What about that? We have an endless money tree here or something?

                    No, clearly not…

                    It’s just… look this is just utter BS man. I mean if it was consistent somehow… like OUR rights were being upheld… you MIGHT have an argument there (minus the resources part).

                    They’re not.

                    But people coming here ILLEGALLY? The government’s bestest buddies all of a sudden.

                    Heh drone something something. Not so sure it would be the Mexicans though.

                  • Helot it’s the sheeple like you that are falling for the intentional “It’s the children” BS. THEY ARE USING CHILDREN AS THE SHINY OBJECT!! Jeez what a moron!

              • The Rothchilds, OutWest?

                • That’s just about right on, US.

                  The Rothchilds,Bilderberg group,Tri Lateral Commission, Russian Jew Banksters, Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.

                  “Oh No! Not the Masons. They do so much charity work.”

                  Well, that’s all a cover. When they are accepted as 33rd degree masons; then they are in the loop of the groups mentioned above, better known as …..


                  FDR,our 32nd president that served for twelve years, and a high ranking 33rd degree Mason, set a lot of wheels in motion for the “New World Order”. His “New Deal” coalition, was just that, the expanded movement towards the NWO and the mess we are in today.

                  He was quoted as saying in May of 1930, “that progressive government by its very terms, must be a living and growing thing, that the battle for it is never ending and that if we let up for one single moment or one single year, not merely do we stand still but we fall back in the march of civilization.”

                  His progressive/liberal ideology put forth: the beginning structure to set up the United nations, organized labor unions, appointed a majority(8 out of 9) of liberal progressives as supreme court justices, signed the executive order declaring that all citizens turn over their gold to the Federal government, caused the attack on Pearl Harbor by cutting off 95% of the oil supply to Japan, removed half a million veterans or their widows, from receiving any pension benefits and reduced payments to the remainder, initialized the FBI and IRS to investigate his outspoken critics (sound familiar), increased tax rates to a marginal level of 91% and tried to put a cap on all salaries paid to workers, of $25,000.00 annually by executive order 9250, signed executive order 9066 that designated 600,000 Italians as “enemy aliens”,and put 120,000 Japanese citizens in internment camps, commissioned the 13 tier pyramid with the “all seeing eye of the dragon” on top, to appear on the dollar bill. The list goes on.

                  FDR’s biographer Jean Edward Smith said in 2007, “He lifted himself from a wheelchair to lift the nation from its knees.”

                  I say, he started the big wheels in motion,from a wheelchair, that would eventually bring America “to it’s knees”.

                  In the book, “Under The Sign Of The Scorpion” it reads:

                  The leading Jewish llluminatus Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who
                  became president of the United States of America in 1933, also admitted:
                  “Nothing happens by chance in politics. If something happens, you can be
                  sure it was planned that way.”

                  The immigrants flooding into America, has been planned for a purpose by TPTB.

                  We are getting close to seeing the full implementation of the “Beast System”.

                  Read ’em and weep,
                  And Spread ’em and leap.
                  For the shit sure is rising,
                  But to us that know truth,
                  Nothing will be surprising!

                  • And my parents thought the sun rose and set in FDR,s ass. They worshiped him because they thought he ended the depression.

                  • Your folks aren’t alone in the group of being fooled by ole FDR.

                    A survey in 2007 had him ranked as high as #2 and #3 of the most favored of all the presidents.

                    If the older generation had known that his marriage to Eleanor was just for show, they would probably think differently.

                    He was sticking Eleanor’s personal secretary, as well as his own. There was other reports of affairs taking place right in the White House.

                    Eleanor couldn’t stand the sight of him after their children were born. When he was alone and dying, he begged her to come and stay with him during his last days; but she refused.

                    After he died, she found letters he had kept from a lot of the “other” women.

                  • My uncle was in Europe in 44 and 45, Patton`s army. Later in life when he opened up about the war and what he did, I asked him about Franklin Delano. He would damn near spit on the ground at the mention of the name. I respected my uncle greatly. God rest his soul.

                  • The Redshield’s (& Bilder Grunts/ill-looms, 3rd door’ers etc) truly believe Apollo’s tremendous lie’s! What these old fart’s (& puppy’s) don’t understand is how Lucie will use ‘their’ demise for ‘his’ accreditation! Most likely in a public arena setting?! The son of perdition won’t need these goony useless (Grover’s) eaters anymore! Remember, Sa’tan wants mankind to worship him! Who will fill the 3rd door whizzo’o etc shoe’s? Well, the progress’rs were so bent on Karls manifesto (which included public academia) so gathering the will’ys is a no brainer! The brotherhood’s don’t even know that ‘the one who flits’ true apathetic nature! This ‘encompassing beast system’ will require the wealth of as many nation’s as possible (if possible, the world’s) & by that time Asia will realize that the executions of RS etc banksters was futile!
                    *Something to ponder; the Lord took Ezekiel on a tour of the Holy City Jerusalem pointing out to Ezekiel where these occult’s (Babylonian etc) set up shop while the majority of the Hebrew’s were clueless of ‘those’ in the practice! Just like Jew’s today, most are clueless, even secular! We can’t go around blaming the Jew’s when we’re just as guilty for forgetting our God! Israel today is being played like an intercepted football by these global freak elites bent on Her (& our’s) destruction! Yes the foxes are in both coups! McCarthy WAS RIGHT!
                    *One more ponder, why is it that the Lord wired His chosen ones (Hebrew’s/Christian’s are Blood bought, Jew & Gentile, Jesus is the Only Way during this Grace period) brain’s for technology’s of today’s world? These Jew’s will make plays of havoc on the global system(s) & will frustrate ol Zuessy! I also think that many who’ve bought into the system (knowing they are doomed) will be so pissed that they were so deceived and they too will be a major headache! Yes, the ‘buy/sale’ tech will have great control (including instant death) but this too will be breached, hmmm, wonder Who may pawn this! Sa’tan has already been conquered (Checkmated) by Jesus, the devil is a tool, (W)who do you (we/me) chose to serve? I’ve chosen Him, for He chose me (& all who will) eternity w/Him and to be a part of this end of the age plot! Christian’s will be hated unto death as Sa’tan plays the divide and conquer game. This Game will come to all soon enough but, what a world this will be when all of those (us) who truly care’s for the well-fare (being) of all mankind is gone? The devil has to attack & destroy Christian’s, then his focus will be one His 1st chosen (Israel/Jakob) & he’ll know the ethnic dna/rna (transhumanism) for the litmus testing! Everything is pointing to Daniel’s week (70th/Jakobs trouble) and there is only two eternal future’s!

                    **There is only One solution to all of the world’s problems, the Perfect Monarch Will set His foot on the Mt of Olives which Will usher in the True Golden Age, but, again, those born during this time will have to make a choice too, many will make the wrong one, so what is the true nature of man? ask Adam & Eve!
                    *The devil is powerful, the devil compared to God is a zero! The person w/Christ Jesus as their Redeemer has it all, we are heirs to all He has made, that alone, is a pretty good deal, He loves us so very much!
                    Fear not! What person’s prayer’s Bloody Mary feared the most?! Sa’tan trembles when His people pray, military leaders have been confounded, true world history tells us this!


              • RE: “Who in the fuck is in charge here?”

                It’s pretty sad when 62 people give Thumbs Up to the idea that they need someone to boss them around.

                This is why Yurtle’s stack of turtles went so Very high.

                Anyway, it seldom happens, if ever, but, it’s a good day when any government does nothing.

                If only there was more of that we’d all be better off.

                …Unless you’re the type which enjoys sitting in line at the DMV? And such. ..In which case: there’s no hope for you.

              • Yeah just dont wander into Mexico. US Marine held over 100 n something days in prison. .50 CAL firing on our boys. FUCK MEXICO. Time for some indirect fire. 81s or 60s.

              • It would take an erector set and a whole bottle of blue pills to get this flaccid president up to the task.

              • supposed to be the people of said countries, but… “… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses” -Juvenal, circa 140AD


                • No we don’t need Moochelle doing any more.

              • We the People are in charge!

              • the drug dealers, I’d guess. 🙁

              • Outwest: the Mexican and American governments are not doing nothing! They orchestrated this flood of illegals. They printed how-to flyers in Spanish and took them to the poorest towns in Mexico and Central America. They hired teachers to teach the people who can not read. They are teaching them how to get here illegally, how to get free stuff, how to use someone elses SS#, how to send money back home, etc. Both governments have been very very busy.

                THIS IS PLANNED BY OUR GOVERNMENT. They have no intention of stopping it. The people will have to stop it like they did when they turned that bus around. The states have the legal right to build a wall on their own land. But they haven’t done it have they. If I were the governor of one of those states I would start building my own wall and protect my people.

                Since Obama, Pelosi and Reid feel this is all fine and dandy even though it is illegal, all the incoming illegals should be shipped to their door steps. They personally should pay for the upkeep and expenses. They should pay out of their pockets to house and feed them because they refuse to do their jobs and they themselves are breaking the law by their refusal.

                Why aren’t the state attorney generals fileing charges against these criminals?

                • And by criminals I mean Obama, Pelosi, Reid etc. All those who refuse to uphold the law as they swore they would do. They are complicit in the breaking of the law. Being a Senator may protect them in DC but when they get back to their home state why are charges not filed against them? Unless the attorney generals are Agenda 21 communists also. So who are you people: American or Communist?

              • We the American people are. The only thing we have to fear is losing our freedoms. There are enough of us here to unite and not let the that happen.That’s

          • Deliberate war-type actions from another country crossing into OUR country could surely be cause for strong actions of either sanctions or return gunfire, possibly the start of war.

            Durango you hit it right. Return fire into their border as they have done to us. If nothing strong is done at this time, We the people can go forward against the current government. When in the course of current events

            • I have a feeling the feds will turn their fire on U.S. citizens, instead of those firing across our border.

              • Yes, that would explain why the National Guard are there to “watch”. Why would you send the Guard and then tell them to stand down? Unless they are there to make sure the illegals continue to flow in. Think about it.

            • This latest development seems too bizarre to simply be a coincidence. I mean, think about it for a second.

              Are these Mestizo drug cartel kingpins so stupid as to think they are powerful enough to risk picking a fight with the US military? They may well be arrogant and feel that they can take on the corrupt Mexican government – which they certainly have been doing for the last several decades. But, why take this kind of risk? Unless, of course, they’ve been told in advance by Obammy and Holder that there will be no military response to what they are doing – which suggests that Obammy and Holder are complicit in this operation to disrupt the U.S. Border Patrol’s ability to do their jobs, right?

              Which makes me wonder something else. If our U.S. Border Patrol were to capture one of those .50 caliber rifles and if they ran a trace on it’s serial number, what do you think the odds would be that it would be traced back to the Obammy-Holder Fast & Furious gun smuggling operation?

              I’d guess that the odds would be extremely high. Which means, if these .50 caliber rifle armed mestizo snipers kill any of our U.S. Border Patrol agents – that would make Obammy and Holder accessories to premeditated murder.

              At which time, the castrated slab of nauseating, yellow-spined, ball-less, gutless dog excrement, John Boehner – upon hearing this news – would probably announce that he was going to send an official letter to the White House and scold the First Mulatto In Chief for his murderous transgressions.

          • Of course, they should have shot back. They also should have arrested those “people” who gave themselves up and charged them with……. I don’t know, firearms crimes, intimidating a border patrol officer, illegal entry, attempted murder……

            • Hmmmm

              Sometime in the last 10 minutes, someone came in and red thumbed every single post except one. Wonder who is the troll.

              • A Debbie Downer????

              • DaisyK, neither yours nor any of my posts have been red-thumbed yet. Just give it time; they’ll come along. I know they’ll target me, but I don’t care. I don’t owe them a damned thing.

              • Yea i was noticing that, not that I care what some brain dead sheep thinks about what i write, (1st A= FREEDOM OF SPEECH) but find it amusing.

            • You better realize that they have a standing army of over twenty million in the US. All it would take is for ten percent of those to start shooting. If this country survives it will be pure dumb luck.

            • The border patrol are not allowed to fire back. And in fact they have been disarmed. They have been given zero bullets to protect themselves. Zero. Think about that. They work in a very dangerous place and have no bullets but meanwhile various agencies of the federal government like the department of education and the department of agriculture have millions of rounds each. Gotta wonder why even send them out to the field? Why not let them sit at a desk and collect their pay? They can’t arrest, they can’t send them back, they can’t defend themselves against very dangerous gangs and smugglers. So why are they there?
              And the National Guard is there to “observe”. Observe what exactly!!!
              If you ask me Obama is just laughing in our faces right now.

          • I suggested years ago that the way to stop them crossing the border is to simply put a dozen or so U.S. Marine sniper teams along the border in random locations that change from day to day. The teams rules of engagement would be to shoot any adult observed crossing the border onto U.S. soil. You then drop fliers on the Mexico side that announce the presence of the sniper teams with the admonition to “guess where they are”. I would predict that the border would be sealed after two or three illegals have to be carted off in body-bags.

            • It’ll take Militia to do that. Six-thousand Texan, one-thousand New Mexican, three-thousand Arizonan, and one-thousand Californian Militia. …Better watch your backs, though! Government has no interest in stopping this invasion, but every interest in stopping the People from stopping it or from standing freely against their tyranny. They’re using Putin’s strategy to create “excuses” for U.N. and other martial law lock-downs on Americans. Then, they figure they can invade homes, confiscate privately kept arms and send family members to separate concentration camps for re-indoctrination to be slaves for the elites in their global “company-and-government-town” closed and controlled economy and totalitarian police state.

              • “They’re using Putin’s strategy to create “excuses” for U.N. and other martial law lock-downs on Americans.”

                Sorry stupid sheep, but it’s oblunder’s “excuses” we need to worry about. Putin has nothing to do with this.

              • how about letting in some of us inner-staters help out at the border, don’t take all the burden on yourselves.

              • I agree with everything other than limiting it to only adults.

                Do you kill only adult roaches or ants or do you go after the queen bee and the nest?

              • Good luck with the door to door thing….I’ll be in my ghillie in the yard waiting for them….B|

            • $100 dollar bounty on each set of ears.

              • Do they have to match?

              • British used to pay for scalps. A mule skinner can change over to a coyote skinner and make a lot of money.

            • “Give me your tired, your poor,
              Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
              The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
              Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
              I lift my lamp beside the golden door

              • Thanks. So are you saying Mexico is finally opening their borders for the very poor immigrants from Gautamala?

              • Sure nosuchbrinuser, Print your address legibly and we’ll a send a few hundred of them to your house.

              • nosuchuser,
                GFY. That was an inscription not a law. It also applied to legal entrants not invaders. Do you really hate the good life so much you want it destroyed?

              • They were all screened for disease.

                • no they aren’t!

                  • He means those who came her legally were all screened for disease. And yes they were. Many reached NewYork only to be sent back to their homeland. They had to have proof they could support themselves, a sponsor and a job waiting or the sponsor had to promise they would support them. Once we had welfare, they had to sign a document promising they would never apply for any free services. They came to build a new life, not leach off others. They came legally and they had to be healthy. Their dreams were about what they could do here.

              • Ok they’re filling your front yard with tents this mourning and the cha-cha music is playing. Have fun scooter!

                • @PO’d Pat

                  That truly made me LOL. Hope you and yours are doing friend. I’m still reading daily just not commenting as much.

              • yeah but take them legally!

                • We don’t need any more of these stupid people

              • Those folks were invited…………major difference.

            • You too, Brutus? Er’, I mean, Walt Kowalski.

              “Kill ’em all, and let God sort ’em out”, right?

              That’s what you’re saying?

              Never a notion of stopping the reason they come here, like, I dunno, Free Welfare benefits?

              You ever think of zeroing in on the free shit the state hands out like candy? Like maybe that’s a theft from some? Like maybe it shouldn’t be done, for anybody?

              • All the state governors are complicent in this. They were happy to take “free money” from the feds even though they knew it was the most expensive freebie around.

              • If iraqi’s and afghans feel that they should kill invaders (US) in their countries, the american people should feel the same.

          • DK, I agree. I want to apologize for any differences we’ve had in the past. It’s just that we have to fight our way out of this mess now. There’s no chance of any peaceful change. things are going to get really ugly in this nation in the weeks and months to come.

            • the renegade braveheart says: “we have to fight our way out of this mess now. There’s no chance of any peaceful change.”

              That’s sad.

              You’ve fallen for the empire’s bait: hook, line, and sinker.

              See also: Gaza.

              • Helo,
                Looks like we have a new Federal Intern in the comments section , I mean you !
                Just wait till the gangs start going around and extracting their tribute , some of those so called “Children ” with the neck tattoos and teardrops have already made their bones before turning 15 ,
                Do you really want to live around those animals?

                Think ! Who does this benefit ? If you read the links about developing your own INTELLIGENCE rather than giving me red down comments maybe you will be able to answer your own questions than being used for target practice in a drive by.

                This can only be solved one way , enforce the border , with deadly force if necessary.
                The rubicon has been crossed with the use of suppressing fire , counter sniper fire should be the response along with indirect fire weapons . Any other country doing these actions would be an act of war , let’s face it Mexico is a failed state run by the cartels who’s reach is into congress and the official levels of government . If we do not act now we will be seeing refugee camps like GAZA and we will be in the same boat as another country is right now is dealing with.
                I rarely use profanity here but

                People wake the FUCK UP.

                Reach down and see if you still have a pair , demand action!



                Semper Fi 8541

              • Helot, I live in the real world and that’s what I see coming. Voting our way out won’t work. The system has failed all of us.

            • I have to unfortunately agree with Renegade Braveheart’s analysis.

              It is going to come down to a fight, and therefore, we need to make sure that we all understand that there will be no rules or Bible-thumping sentimentality when the time comes to do what needs to be done.

              White European Americans are going to be fighting for our very survival and the outcome will determine whether or not our White children and grandchildren will have a future that includes their natural right to self determination and self-governance or whether they will be subjugated to being ruled, terrorized, persecuted and exploited by hordes of non-Whites from every third world garbage dump of a failed nation on the planet.

              When our backs are in a corner, it will be time to become as ruthless as necessary in order to survive.

              In fact, I’ve probably got a head start on the development of the ruthless mindset – because I started making this adjustment nearly 20 years ago.

            • RB: Love means never having to say your sorry. 🙂

              • DK, way to go. I think helot is a pussy.

          • Not just in the oval office but the congress, media, state govt.,unions and on and on. Seemingly just about everyone hates their own country.

            • No one more than Clark/helot. 🙁

          • To liberty
            Our cause ever upward
            and unbound

            Be the obstacle a mountain
            or gunfire’s sound
            hounds or lightening crack
            or all the world falling down
            Yet I stand ready and upward

            To liberty!
            I pledge my life and
            love ohh to thee!
            What sweeter fight or struggle there ever was?
            Than to fight or die that others
            may live to be Free?

          • Durango Kid: “TREASON in the Oval Office. Pass it on everywhere; make it viral.”

            Ergo, the House of Representatives MUST initiate impeachment proceedings. Hopefully, it will succeed, but even to initiate impeachment proceedings is HUGE and a MUST for this country’s patriots.

            Of course, please do continue prepping. 😉

        • This Article Claims: Sources said they believe the gunfire came from members of Mexican drug cartels, which include former military members trained in shooting that type of weaponry.

          Pffft…Look, anybody who has a booger picker finger attached to his hand, can shoot a .50 Cal. It’s the cost of the weapon and the ammo price that needs to be considered. Thus maybe these. .50 Cals were part of the “FAST n FURIOUS” weapons scandal. Again connect the dots.

          • @WWTI: I agree! What is needed, now that the “whoever” fired into the United States of America, regardless of the reason, is a response from a force that basically says “if you shoot here, we will respond until no living thing is within rifle range. Anyone attempting to ILLEGALLY enter the US will be forcibly rebuffed. If those individuals resist, they will be shot on sight. What will Holder and Obozo do? Nothing, otherwise, they become exposed, and they will be dealt with accordingly.

          • Drug cartels have deep resources for guns/ammo. Nothing strange here.

          • Problem is they have the much longer range advantage with a .50 Cal. and our border agents aren’t equipped. Hell, are we gonna wait until the next report is agents being fired on with grenade launchers? We need military or National Guard on that border with the weapons and training to demonstrate what REAL suppression fire looks like.

            • Shawny says: “What “we” need is, The Wall! It was a bad thing is East Germany, but it’s a ‘good thing’ in America!”?

              Ramp Up The police state, eh?

              Land of the free? All walled in.

              • Yes, wall it in to keep the barbarians and parasites out. If you want to live in a Third World country, pack your bag and head south. 🙂

              • helot.Put your money where your mouth is crusader and open your home to them….or STFU.

                • POP: Clark still lives in his mother’s basement (for real). He is one of those millennial’s who never left home. 🙁

              • The vwall in East Germany was to keep people in. here it is to keep people out.

                • Yeah Jim in VA, to keep people in, Just like FEMA Camps that have barbed razor wire facing on the inside.

              • My wall a lot easier and cheaper.You are in country illegally no food stamps/health care/housing/schooling/driver or any professional licenses.You end the welfare welcome mat and the illegals would stop crossing quickly,really is simple.

                • Land mines will end this mess once and for all. Seriously. Other countries use them on their borders. Seems logical to me.

                  • I think you both have some good ideas, let’s combine them for maximum effectiveness.

        • Arrogance coupled with incompetence, just look and listen to the crap these people feed us

        • Everybody please watch this 14-min interview with a retired Border Patrol Agent (26 yr veteran) who describes what is REALLY happening on the border. We The People are being duped!
          “ZACK Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico” on YouTube

          • Ohio…. good catch…sending it along to all my sheeple….


        • This is all deliberate folks

          ..everything is planned

          nothing is by accident!

          That being said..

          Had any one of us been in charge we would’ve sent all those surplus military MRAPS to the border,rather than send them to all police depts nationwide..obviously meant for us anyways..

          My son was a squad leader(USMC 9 BAT) over in Iraq and commanded those 50 cal guns mounted on the home he sees the writing on the wall..

          They’ve neutered the border patrol!!!

          We should be sending ten times the suppression fire back at all these assholes but then again,our beloved govt is arming and protecting the drug cartels in the first place..much like what’s occurring with ISIL..

          SAME STORY

          different locale..

          Good God..

          What will ever save our Republic?

          I am duly loss for words at this point>


          • An engaged electorate. If votes didn’t matter there would not be an organized campaign to disenfranchise our fellow citizens.

            • Dear, nosuchuser.

              Votes. Don’t. Matter.

              I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

              See also: ‘Don’t Vote’

              I mean, if voting really mattered and made a difference, it’d be illegal. And, as far as that whole “representation” thing goes – for just one – did you pay attention when the T.A.R.P. bailout thing ran 95 to one? … How’d that turn out?

              Apparently, most Americans are incapable of memory. ?

          • We should all understand now where all that ammunition that was bought up will be going. To the army of new citizens who will assist in removing the current resident population. The cold war never ended just changed tactics. Obama was the crown jewel of one of the psy warfare scams ever committed. How this will play out is anyones guess but I expect that soon we will see so called refugees from all over the world being flown in to airports around the country. Many of them will be sick with some really nasty stuff. The US was the one roadblock to one world govt. that had to be removed. Curious to see where the Bush family ends up in this. Daddy Bush coined the NWO term when telling us what was coming. Jeb can feel the love.

          • possee asked, “What will ever save our Republic?”

            Answer: When people learn what theft is.

            Taxes are theft… those taxes are used to pay for what entices the masses of people to come across the border. The ones who aren’t enticed by free shit paid by taxes only want to work and make all of us better off.

            Add in a dash of free money from fiat Dollar printing into that equation.

            But, alas, no one wants to see the true problem for what it is, all they want is: war, killing, and drones.

            • The reason is…if you don’t cut off the head of the snake…it can come back and kill you

              Live Free or Die

          • Possee: you got it right: Good God will save our nation IF we pray, turn to Him and lead lives in keeping with His wishes.
            He has not removed his hands of protection completely. He is waiting for us to ask Him for help. This is a spiritual war first and before anything else. You only have to look at who is currently in power to understand that.
            Pray daily for this nation and try acting like you belong to God, follow His commandments. And He will come through for us if it is not against His design. Have faith but pray continuously.


          • It is easy. Don’t log on !!!!

            • Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!! 🙂

          • Yes, yes you do…quickly.


            Vaya Con Dios Muchacho!

            • Besar mi coula Puto !

          • Oh please do………

        • To liberty
          Our cause ever upward
          and unbound

          Be the obstacle a mountain
          or gunfire’s sound
          hounds or lightening crack
          or all the world falling down
          Yet I stand ready and upward

          To liberty!
          I pledge my life and
          love ohh to thee!
          What sweeter fight or struggle there ever was?
          Than to fight or die that others
          may live to be Free?

        • yes you are exactly right this is part of the plan to destroy america and the sad part no one in this country is doing anything to stop it, the courts, military, or police, and lets not forget the militia, america will be gone within three years those who are left will be nothing more than a police state living like they do in gaza, ukraine, libya, syria, enjoy what you got left cause its going to change quickly now. america is finished already, the end just needs to be played out.

        • This “President” is the biggest liar, thief, racist and traitor in the history of the United States.

        • Texas Gov Rick Perry just announcing 1000 TX National Guard to be Deployed to Mexican Border. Better late than never. What took so long? This is a National Emergency Invasion of our Border.

        • Need to arm all agency along the border with Mexico, with the Dillon M134D Gatling Gun. It is the finest small caliber, defense … They have a 6 barrel 7.62 mm or 308 Win. & Stinger missiles. The next time any Mexican shoots across the border at any one, just blast them with the M-134 Gatling gun 2000 to 6000 rpm. Any Mexican copter that comes across and shots at us, use both the M-134 and/or Stinger missile. This kind of crap would not happen during the 1800’s or early 1900’s. In
          those days, they had balls, and everyone could protect them selves, with out permission from the local commies.. Righst were respected then, also without question.

          • They have bean bags. that’s it. No real ammo allowed.

        • More Latin women to bone. Press two for spanish and more jobs for hookers.
          Love it.

          Hey… you need to look on the bright side of things.
          You’re all gong to worry about this shit your entire life and then die.
          And the world will keep spinning.

          Can someone tell me how to say… How much for the blow job in spanish? ha

        • The population of the US who elected this monster will get just what it deserves. They thought they were being so cool electing him not once but twice the second time even after they knew what he is. Too bad the rest of us are going down the toilet with them.

        • i agree. we should close the boarder.. No more travel to Mexico. Take the economy out. no one travel anywhere in mexico or south america. More troops on the boarder and if fired upon…fire back. our gutless government needs to send a message to mexico to stop the shit or we will. But we amaricans for the most part wont do anything. I think the youg yuppies in this country are a bunch of pussies..

        • Exactly right Rodster. I don’t see how they could have came up with a better plan to collapse the system. Oh wait, $6,000 (tax payers money) per “child”, per month for anyone willing to take them into their homes. There, now that should do it….

      2. Come on; every minute we let this SH-T go on, is one more minute to long. I fear that if we do not strike soon, and put an end to this, our striking time will be OVER!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      3. I’ll take the word of a border agent before those of the government. Time to start shooting back.

        • Jim in VA, I agree. those poor people have their rules of engagement set by no less than the State Department. If they shoot back in self-defense, they get railroaded straight into a fed prison. If I had been there, I would’ve said ‘screw the rules of engagement’ and fired back. There’s no question this was a deliberate act and the govt. of Mexico has some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. Both govts. are complicit. If that cartel violence comes to my area, I’ll be ready for it. Bullets are shotgun shells are equal opportunity killers; they never discriminate.

          • I meant to say ‘bullets AND shotgun shells’. My mistake.

          • Why Brave, that’s just racist. They’re here for love! They just want to be tax paying voters! All of our benevolent leaders say we need to embrace them. I’m with the both of you, I don’t trust this “guv” for shit! In my neck of the woods, they’ll be met with some southern hospitality!
            Standing ready in Daytona

          • Ramos and Compeon were a warning to the BP agents that took their jobs seriously and actually believed that the higher ups gave a shit about border control. They grabbed the wrong persons drugs and were made an example of. They never got the memo that protection had been paid. The billions of dollars of drug money plus Saudi oil money have our govt. bought and paid for.

            • I am 100 percent convinced that a sizable number of the greasy, sleazy rat turds in our U.S. Congress, as well as a number of the Governors of the border states – and at a minimum, every White House occupant of the Oval Office since at least Ronald Reagan left office – have been on the payroll of the Mexican, Central and South American drug cartels and that is the primary reason why these bastards have thus far refused to seal our Southern border.

              I remember the famous picture of ‘Poppy’ Bush sitting next to Pineapple-Face Noreiga during the time he was VP under Reagan and the Iran-Contra CIA, and the Oliver North tainted exposure of the drug smuggling operations, where the CIA front ‘Southern Air Transport’ airlines were caught running drugs into America, and the connections to the Clintons and the Mena, Arkansas airport that was being used to offload those drugs.

              Face facts, fellow Americans. Our nation is no different than a corrupt, third world crap hole and the reason why – is because the voters of this nation have allowed decades worth of rancid human excrement to rise to the top of our political world and then entrench themselves into our government.

              Clintons, Bushes, McCains, Obama, the list goes on and on and on. All examples of human excrement.

              When are we going to decide to hit the flush handle on the toilet that America has become and flush this excrement down into the sewer where it belongs?

            • agreed, Those 2 good men suffered greatly for doing their jobs – and their families also suffered – as I recall, Geo. W. Bush (Jr.) wanted to pardon them but instead commuted their sentences (basically decreed that they had served enough time), one of the last things he did before leaving office. I know the pressure was on him to pardon/commute. I myself wrote to him urging him to pardon them, & I specifically told him that “this thing is widely known, and becomes more widely known every day.” Even now we see that if The People stand up & roar, the busses full of illegals turn around & go away. Keep prepping to defend your homes & families, & be ready to go with/as militia to places that need it – but don’t stop exposing these cockroaches to the light!

        • The Border patrol personnel are agents of the Federal Government.

          • You figure that out all by your little self? Amazing what a retard can do with enough time on his hands. bet your momma is so proud.

          • Federal employees that know they are being played by the govt.and don’t like it.

      4. I would not be shocked to learn that the Border Patrol has only non-lethal bean bag ammo. They certainly do not have 50 cal!

        • My other comment is in moderation – must watch YouTube! search for “ZACK interview -Security on the border between US A and Mexico “. A retired border patrol agent says BP can’t shoot! No ammo until FY 2015. Explains what is really happening and who is behind it.

          • That is very unsettling, considering the amount of ammo hoarded by the alphabet soup…


          • 2.5 Billion Hollow Bullets and none of it seems to go where it’s needed most. Like Fireman sent to a burning Hotel Fire, standing there with limp hoses in their hands, and there is no water available. Just watching it Burn Baby Burn.

        • Makes no difference as they are not allowed to arrest or impede anyone crossing illegally. It only took Obama six years to destroy the country. It is too late now the place is gone.

      5. I would bet the ones turning themselves in had nothing to do with those allegedly laying down suppressive fire.

        • Kula, whoever was laying down that suppressive fire should’ve been ‘ventilated’.

      6. I say drop some napalm and you got yourself some deep-fried tamales.

        • I love the smell of napalm in the morning….

          • That’s what I call a tequila sunrise

          • Smells like victory

        • Like I said before, set up Crows Nest about every 200 Yds apart, across the entire Southern border, with Gatling guns, that American’s volunteers, can rent a spot for target practice. Anything crawling in the dead zone gets it. After a few go down, the word will spread like wild fire. Problem fixed. Anybody shoots at you across the river, they get it too.

          • Militia can do that. They’d have to annihilate the personnnel the logistics of ANYONE who tried to attack and stop THEM, however. That’d work too, wouldn’t it!

            • Eighteen-thousand Texan, three-thousand New Mexican, nine-thousand Arizonan, and three-thousand Californian Militia would cover the frontier from Brownsville to San Diego–at two-hundred yards for every three Militia per guard post, mounted as one Militiaman for every four hours. The rest of the Militia (the whole People of a state) would have to cover the frontier guards, however, from rear-area attacks. Logistics (as well as very effective armaments and armor, for that matter) would best be bushcraft–to insulate from sabotage of supply from enemy or enemy sympathizers.

          • dude, really children? You would shoot kids that have nothing to do with this. it is Vietnam all over again. talk about lessons from history. OMG! please help us AND them. PAWNS all.

            • m. Kennedy asked, “dude, really children? You would shoot kids that have nothing to do with this.”

              Yes. Yes they would.

              They would be happy about it, too. They might even dance.
              They Love death.
              They Love death more than their own children and almost as much as they Love empire.

              Yup, PAWNS all.

              • I want this illegal invasion stopped but would not shoot a child unless say a gang member engaged in a violent attack.My plan of absolutely no services such as food stamps/housing/schooling/,hell,any services and this invasion would end quickly.

              • helot,
                Want to see a real asshole? Go look in the mirror. Slap your momma while you are at it for having you.

            • Yep I could shoot anything walking or crawling even kids. Half measures will never solve the problem. You either do what is necessary or do nothing. These kids are not innocents who have nothing to do with this. those kids are invaders who will bring disease ect. and are a genuine threat to my grandchildren. and I will most certainly do whatever necessary to protect me and mine. the viet cong would booby trap babies to kill our guys. when a baby or child was alone along side the road or in a hootch alone in apparent distress we shot it from a distance. and sometines it would explode. I dealt with it mentally by considering them all sub human gooks. no different than animals. If in doubt we killed it. I was called mean & immoral when I was actually jaded & indifferent. I would mentally view & equate the illegal invaders as the same a horde of rats to be killed shot poisoned gassed whatever it takes.

      7. It is obvious that the USA is being taken over. The govt expenses versus tax collection runs over $2trillion in the red (only a dem would call that progress). Instead of fixing it, they are adding to it thru more expenses, more wars, more illegal immigration, and more rhetoric….the only thing that makes sense is that USA is being systematically confiscated….

        • …Already taken over. …Owned and operated by Communist China to the tune of billions–secured only with U.S. sovereignty (“full faith and credit”).

        • Satori, I’ve read that story before. Kudos to that lady. We need more like her out there.

        • The link when I went to it, a red page saying it was an attack page with malicious code on it appeared.

          • the burning platform site has been going through a ton of hacker attacks and other issues over the past six months. Its a great site and they are working on their problems.

      8. This whole border crisis has gone from stupid to insane, how can anyone in their right mind say or believe the border is safer now then in the last 20 years, safer then what? Like the article I too believe we are now at war with the Mexican Drug Cartel and what are our TPTB going to do about it? Our border guards are not armed to take that kind of fire so we should just let it continue until they all are killed or leave their post? IMHO it looks like this is part of a bigger plan to open our boarders and allow anyone & everyone to cross.

        Washington just can’t be that out of touch with reality their has to be more to it then what we are seeing on the surface.

        • How about that multi-billion dollar camera surveillance system some Corporation profited off of that set up on the boarder, and it was shown not to work. Like in any other transaction,…No Worky- I get my money back.

        • mallard….
          We must come to grips. Please sit down and take a deep breath. If ready, I will say it….”somebody in the USA govt is lying”….

          I miss John Wayne….

          • I miss him too.

            • Me too….

              I won’t hit you. The hell I won’t.

          • John Wayne = You mean Marion Mitchell Morrison (born Marion Robert Morrison; May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979)? Lots of people liked Rambo too. lol Where is Rambo when we need him?

            • John, Marion, who cares? If a man like that chose to call himself Miss Prissy Pants I for one would not laugh to his face. That man exemplified what it took to be a man.
              He was not perfect but I tell you what, it is no shame to mold some of your ideals on him.

              • He could have played Maid Marion in the Adventures of Robinhood with Richard Greene..

        • Outfit each detail with an armored assault vehicle with a pair of dillon minis and 20mm, give the guys thermal optics and guidance hardware for the weapons, .50 will just bounce off the shell and the mini gun will obliterate anything it contacts with sheer volume of fire, 6 wheeled APC is a fun ATV and can have a satellite dish with wide screen and AC too! Fight fire with fire.

          • Government’s police and military shooting or threatening to shoot or capture (“arrest”) Americans for ANY reason is ALSO and act of war! In a free state, every individual has the right to keep and bear arms for his and loved ones’ security and liberty to live and necessarily LET everyone else equally live freely.

          • Send then back with a Complimentary USA Made Blanket saturated with small pox. OK that’s bad..

            • But effective. Just hang it on a line where they have access. It won’t last five minutes. 🙁

            • Dear, WhoWuddaThunkIt.

              You almost seem to understand your words and thoughts were psychotic and sociopathic. I hope you find your way free from that mindset. .. Unlike the dude below you who said, “But effective. Just hang it on a line where they have access. It won’t last five minutes” and then he had the nasty-assed creepy mind to tag on a smiley face onto that.

              Any decent person, to me, would see that as the mark of an evil man. He might as well be The Devil, he’s doing his work.

              Don’t be drawn in. Seek peace. Learn about the N.A.P. [To learn more about the N.A.P. maybe check out, it’s your choice].

              • Helot..Arrogant Ass…kinda like his hero Obama

          • Kulafarmer says: “Fight fire with fire.”

            Actually, what you’d be doing is feeding a fire.

            But, I don’t expect you to get that.

            • Helot sounds like a pussy.

              • May look like one

                • Helot: Latin for tranny… from the Greek…acting out…


        • Our government is so fu?$&ked up it is brain numbing. Our country was at its best in the 70’s,80’s90’s….. My opinion,but I am so glad I am now in my late 50’s and would do anything to make the great us of a what it once was. The politicians are the most arrogant and pompous shit bags on the planet.. They need to be reigned in…. I’m only a Sargent in search of a general with a brigade…. I so want to get even with these dirtbag,greedy,holier then thou suckers… I have plenty of supplies to help a worthy cause….please… Someone,the time is now!!!,!

          • Sorry Buck,

            But it was our complacency in the 60’s 70’s that has us in this mess…
            The radicals of that era are now running the government…

            They’ve all but destroyed this country and that was the goal…

            The window of opportunity to restore IS rapidly closing…I agree.
            But we’re not there yet…
            I, for one, want to be at their trials…
            Justice, not revenge, is best served cold…

            • The State Run Church.- Many think there is a separation of Church and State, you are dead wrong. You see, if the Church (Organized religion) does not speak out against the Government Tyrants destroying America, In fact it is against the law, if the Church wants to keep its Tax Free 501(c)3 Status. The Church has sold out on the American People, brain washing them that God will save them. Meanwhile the Church stays Mumm, as our Government destroys the Hell out of America. THis is the SCAM. Wake Up Amrica. The NFL has also sold out our people to the Government as the NFL also has a Tax Free 501(c)3 Non Profit Tax Status. You think the NFL is a Profit or a Non Profit? Give me a break. These Tax Free Welfare Freebees helps keep the Ignorant masses at Bay. NASCAR is also a NON-Profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt organization. Look this up, its true. This is why we now see the US Military take over of Sports games, half time shows, commercials, game flyovers and see more military infiltration of our American Culture. All of these Organizations need to be BOYCOTTED, until they give up their 501(c)3 Tax Free Status. All of these Organizations are selling out, the American People, for a tax free status, and all to help promote the State Propaganda Machine. Stop being Duped, this is Treason.

              • And as a Follow up, this is the Same Religious 501(c)3 State Run Church groups who has agreed for the benefit of the State to take in all these Illegal Invaders, house them feed them and assist them to infiltrate America. And the Bible Thumping Stupid American people Keep giving the Church their money, to assist this Invasion of cockaroaches. HELLO!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE, SMELL THE FLEECING TYRANNY!!

                Anybody who gives any money to the church needs to know exactly where that money is going. Call up your minister and ask them if any of your money is going to assist the Invasion of Illegals into our country? Wake up the entire congregation and protest this BS. This is STATE RUN RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS. Religion is selling out the American People so they can keep their 501(c)3 Tax exempt status.

                • The NASCAR Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that represents the generosity of the entire NASCAR community. http://WWW.NASCAR.COM/foundation

                  The NFL is a 501(c)6 tax exempt organization. The top executive of this “non-profit” organization makes $10 million.

                  Its a Non-Profit Gift from the State, so these sports organizations can be used as a Tool of the State to Spread Government Propaganda like Pro-Military, Military halftime shows, Military sponsoring, Military Jet Flyovers, Recruiting at sports events for the next Generation of Gullible Soldiers to fight the Elites Dirty Wars.

                  Sadly the only way to beat this Tyranny, is to Boycott these organizations till they go bankrupt. Do Not BUY any Sports tickets or memorabilia. Many Stadiums are also paid for by Tax Payers, And these same Stadiums will be used as FEMA Camps to house Americans during Martial Law. WAKE UP AMERICA, SMELL THE TYRANNY!! Bankrupt these Bastards.

              • Jesus H., is there ANYTHING you DON’T see as a massive government conspiracy? What a damned nut case…..

              • @WWTI

                Not every church that has a 501c is a government run education center. Let me ask you one question? When was the last time you went to church… Please answer honestly. Are you a Christian or is this your way to discourage others from attending church?

                GOD is bigger than our government and there are churches like mine that still speak against homosexuality, abortion, and the meaning of true marriage.

                • Indy C. Oh I grew up Lutheran or should I say forced by parents, as I found it to be boring, and way outdated. Then a couple years before 9-11 My girlfriends liked to go so I went, and even took Bible classes. And I stated reading this Crappola and it was all contradictory to any reality. Then 9/11 Hit and I soon realized there are actually about 105 Recognized religions, and most contradict each other, and some religions will make people fly airplanes into tall buildings. Religion is a big Fraud, that dupes the ignorant into killing each other. As I step back and reflect. The scam is unfolding quite well today, as gullible people will kill each other over where Abraham was born, or if their Big Hoax religion is more credible than the other person’s Big Hoax. For many people who have been brainwashed over decades with religious influence, it does take some time to cleanse the brain of toxic nonsense. For me it was about 3-4 years after 9-11 to finally take the religious shekels off my soul. I feel very free now to consider all info and decide what info is valid, and not told to obey this is what you need to believe, and if you don’t you will go strait to hell and burn. How sad people still believe this crappola,or live their lives in fear if they fail to obey. That’s slavery.

                  • So basically your saying you haven’t been to chruch since you were a kid other than some random classes…. but yet you feel the need to comment on what is being preached at these churches in which you do not attend.

        • malllardhen,
          You still don’t have a clue. Wow. Talk about dense.

      9. I believe in illegal immigration. To show our true humanity, I believe we should send and build housing in these cities for 99% of the incoming illegal immigrants….

        New York, NY
        Portland, OR
        Eugene, OR
        Seattle, WA
        SanFrancisco, CA
        Sun Valley, ID
        Jackson, WY
        New Orleans, LA
        Las Vegas, NV
        Pocatello, ID
        Boston, MA
        Detroit, MI
        Minneapolois, MN

        If not, then please call your dem senator and congress and the POTUS and tell them to quit being racists and get building. This will help the economy in those areas….

        • The economy is fine in ID. It’s lower than the national average and getting better. You want the filthy little beaners in your state, go get them.

          • This isn’t about Mexicans. I work in agriculture and I have many Mexican friends. They are friendly and fine people. We talk and work together all the time….

            This is about two governments out to destroy USA thru more and more debt and zero job growth. The illegals coming here will have no hope, other than free assistance at the expense of those that are working and having a hard time themselves….

            Just when we need growth, we get more and more debt. Here we go….

            • Hats Off, to you, Ugly.

              …For having understanding.

            • Mexicans belong in Mexico.

              Might I point out that Mexicans and their various ethnic cousins own and control every square inch of geographic territory from the southern edge of the US-Mexico border, all the way down to the remote tip of South America? That is far more land mass than what constitutes the United States, which happens to have been founded, tamed, and settled by White European men and women.

              Thus, the White European descendants of the 100 percent White European Founding Fathers are the rightful heirs to this nation because we are their posterity. Mexicans and the rest of these blood sucking third world leeches are NOT the posterity of our Founding Fathers; they are the posterity of the Founding Pappies of their respective nations – and that is where they belong.

              As for agriculture, Whites need to start picking their own crops and stop importing non-Whites to do their grunt work. In fact, Whites should cure themselves of this suicidal notion that they need to depend on non-whites to do their manual labor jobs.

            • How about instead of building low income housing we use the money to secure the border. Then we don’t have to worry about illegals getting any assistance if they’re not here.

        • Why didn’t you include Washington, DC?
          Chappaqua, NY

        • @Ugly

          I agree, however, I have an idea (not original as you’ll see)if nothing else, it will keep them in one central location, rather than disperse throughout the country…you know, easier to keep tabs on. What do you think? Could work, huh?

          • Yeah, sure. the people calling the shots give a shit about your idea. When are you going to wake up. This is deliberate and this is just step one of the operation. If the Stupid Party wins the Senate then before they can be seated the SHTF event will get going.

        • You red thumbers, stellar products of our public school system, obviously can’t comprehend sarcasm when you read it. What a bunch of morons.

          • Navy Vet, the red-thumbers are trolls aka Obama supporters. They wouldn’t know what sarcasm was if it bit them. They’re a lost cause.

        • Please send them to us! I live just outside Seattle, WA. We will continue to get richer, as you fall deeper into the hole you’re in, and we will continue to laugh at you. Finally there will be a supply a labor better than the trailer trash that is currently available.

          • You are just mad because the Seahawks suck….

          • Keep on electing Socialists in Seattle, you’re going to be poor very, very, quickly. Sawant, the Socialist who won office last fall, actually wants to use eminent domain to take over the Boeing Co. plants here and convert them to making Metro buses for mass transit.

            What a maroon.

          • Oh you mean the same Seattle that has one of the highest rate of homeless people living on the street. We’re loading the planes up today buddy. What’s your address again?

        • I have family in the Wood River valley area south of Sun Valley. They already HAVE housed thousands of illegals. Who do you think does the construction works and mows the lawns for the Kerry/Heinz family,

          The grocery store in Bellevue has already become more bodega than grocery-store. You have to go all the way up to Hailey to get American food and supplies now. This in just that lats two years.

          Schools in Bellevue and Hailey are a disaster. They’re graduating kids who can’t speak ten words of English, and giving college scholarships to some who cannot write a coherent sentence.

          Sickening. They want me to move there with them, and I say no effing way.

          • Please forgive the typos – I’m just steaming mad about this.

          • Du yus pekin glish?

            • I like that, rockelle. Smooth reply.

              Guys like that likely have no clue as to the amount of words they use are Spanish in origin.

              They cling to the current power structure (ha, like newbie skaters hold onto the rail) which is fueled by the Prussian based empire-loving school system. They act as if they are happy slaves to The Uber-State. Some people call them, bootlickers.

              Seems to me, guys like that, they are mad because they’ve been played for suckers and they don’t want to admit it.

              As that sell-out two faced no good bitch Pelosi said recently, “Man Up”.

              • Helot you are full of shit

                • Yah, he is. Leaving out place-names and low slang, in “American” English there’s maybe 200 words that crept in from contact with Mexicans. Out of what, 20,000 in Webster? He probably doesn’t know the difference between words with Spanish roots and words with French roots, either.

              • Weren’t the Helots slaves?

          • Same situation in Marysville and Arlington. All the Americans were fired to get the cheap immigrants who also have multiple identities and welfare accounts. A country of fools that will be getting just what it deserves.

            • No, a country of privileged elites is getting what IT wants; cheap labor, and docile Democrat voters.

        • Portland Oregon has already accommodated that, all on their own. What they can’t house, Washington County can. 🙁

          • Cornelius and Hillsburrito.

        • Ugly
          not bad idea, BUT would it not be better to send them to MEXICO CITY?
          They are coming thought Mexico let Mexico deal with it.

          • It’s a much shorter flight to Mehiko Seety.

      10. From my viewpoint, this is nothing more than a government sponsored invasion. Obama has let everything and anybody come through our borders. And believe me I’m not happy about it.

        All curiously effective for him. Given things will get out of control, U.N. Peacekeepers (lmao, if you want to call them that.)will be deployed on our soil, and martial law will rule the day.

        The day a foreign fucker tells me where and when I can do things, in my own country, is the day I die. I can only hope I take some with me.

        • That’s true, Turnthehey. Though the domestics are just as bad as any foreigner.

        • Turnthekey, when I see those blue helmets on my streets, it’s game on. I’ll be ‘ventilating’ my share of them before it’s all over.

        • The first thing Illegals get when they invade is a Voter ID card pre-stamped Democrat.

          • Don’t need that anymore with electronic voting machines. The machine counts the votes. Thus you can have 100,000 votes in a district with 90,000 registered voters with just 40% turnout. It is easy math….

            • Or punch ballots forty at a time. Where do you think the hanging chad nonsense in 2000 came from?

            • That’s what I thought, too, Ugly.

              That old saying about, “who cares about the vote – it only matters who counts the votes” – comes into play.

              At the last election, I saw votes get dropped onto the floor. The response was: “what votes?” And I saw worse than that as the party machine shut down any opposition, by hook, crook and fraud. I learned voting is a bullshit con-job process and anyone who doesn’t know better, should. And, anyone who does know better yet still says “Go vote!”, is a sell-out dupe.

              Also, RE: “The first thing Illegals get when they invade is a Voter ID card pre-stamped Democrat.”

              Who says they want to vote?

              Who says they aren’t just like you and are ok with guns, freedom, keeping All your money, and they don’t think politicians are all Loco?

              Got-damn stereotyping on this blog in many instances is beyond 2nd grade, it’s first class fifth grade dunce.

              Yeah, I’m looking at you Durango, and all your war-loving, empire-embracing pals. A big, “F-U shout-Out” to you all for being such brain-dead walking clueless dupes for empire.

              I pray you find your way out of the Hell you are in and bring upon others.

              Think about what ‘liberty’ means.

              • Helot.
                A prison still needs to vote, even if areas have rigged machines. Voting is one of our last rights, just like free speech and gun possession. If you give up voting, then the other two will soon go too….

              • Helot fell off the wagon and is in relapse. Excuse his rant for “Reality check therapy” may help his soul to recovery.

              • @Helot

                When was the last time you voted??? Probably never. Even with a electronic vote counting machine, you still have a ballot with your name on it with boxes you have to check.

                I’m not saying cheating isn’t possible, just that your post seems like disinformation from a democrat trying to keep more conservatives at home on election day.

        • Makes you wonder if those “foreign invaders” and UN peacekeepers will be the same ilk that was sent into Russia to overthrow the Tsar.

          Has anyone given a thought to what martial law really is?

          When the PTB finally succeed in breaking down civil order in the Christian Western Nations (which is their soon to be realized goal) and when they bring in martial law and the suspension of law and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights–they make clear a way for vigilantism to NOT BE VIGILANTISM, for where there is no law, there is no breaking of the law. AND MARTIAL LAW IS NOT LAW.

          It is subjugation, slavery, bondage, a takeover by military force; it is just labeled martial law.

          For a blueprint of how this can happen to a nation read the pdf form of “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina. Americas is being set up for the same ethnic cleansing like the millions of Russians were and TPTB will be using the same tactics that were used there.

          Think it cant happen here?

          That book is the best “history” lesson of the horrific crimes COMMUNISTS have perpetrated on country after country. Read it and weep for those people; then get down on your knees and ask God for his protection from these people for the America that you and I love.

          • Good evening, Granny and I will download that pdf. During our honeymoon, my new bride from Cuba told me some stories about her life under Castro that literally blew me away. What was most horrific was what she told me about half of her family, including her father, being murdered by Castro’s thugs for no good reason. Anything telling the truth about communism I will gladly read. Everything you say is true. We’re headed for hell on earth in this land. take care.

            • More killed by democide in the 20th century then the wars combined.That said,govt. that sends folks to war killing their citizens also.

      11. Send all of these illegals to 1400 Pennsillvainya Av DC let them live with odummer and wookie. They can also go to school with their kids.

        • 1600?

        • Um, the ‘White House’ is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…. Just so you know. typical right winger, 30 years late to the party and show up at the wrong place…..

          • nosuchuser….

            The dude is correct. 1600 is occupied, but 1400 may not be. Thus, we can build there.

            Also, isn’t Seattle the area of some very large billionaire corps that went over seas to avoid taxes? Not very American is it? Can you please help and ask them to come back and help with the tax collection deficit….

            • Hey ugly, don’t be too hard on the folks in Seattle. They got enough problems of their own. 🙂
              And I won’t even mention that all we really wanted from them was a decent basketball team. (check!) Go Thunder!!!

      12. “take care of my sheep”

        • Sort of like marrying a negro and expecting a family to stay together, you deserve what you got. Motherfucking idiot. You suck. Are all you crackers in Iowa stupid?

      13. Start shooting back, preferably into the invaders. Send a Black Hawk with a minigun to take care of those that are providing suppressive fire.

        • A squadron of A-10 Thunderbolts would make a wonderful addition to that idea!

          • None of your childish fantasies are going to happen. More likely a Blackhawk with it’s new multi national crew will be shooting at us. Are some of the people who post here ten years old?

      14. We are all Sitting Ducks.

        • Dead sitting ducks. Quack!

      15. Wow, ya think this .50 came from DOJ gun running. Jus saying

      16. There is no rule of law on the border, it’s been penned and cell phoned!! Laws are only for you and me; not congress, criminals, illegals or terrorist!

      17. When does it all end????

        • Armageddon….

          • I read the last chapter.The good guys win in the end. But for now, things kinda suck…
            I’m going back to ignoring the news and downloading bootleg Beatles songs during the Gilligan’s Island commercial breaks. Hey, a guy’s got to hang on to his sanity somehow.
            (and, just in case anybody is wondering- YES! Maryann is cuter!)

            • Smokin.
              Yes, in the end we win. But the pages before that are tough….how is your nephew doing?

      18. what better way to get something or a group into the states right now than to create passive fire on the border. Agents ducked and covered with a few surrendering after the shooting stopped. Sounds like a covert op. No one got hurt. Nothing reported being destroyed.” Good thing this shooter knew how to shoot.”What a cluster that must be on the border.

        • I wonder what else came in while the border guards were ducking and then processing the “people” who gave up.

          BTW, I have heard that 2/3 of the illegals have been given asylum. Dangerous in Central America, you know. It will soon be MORE dangerous here — for us anyway.

      19. Hunker down lock and load

        SGT USMC 1965-1972

        • absolutely.

      20. What the FUCK…do the agents have weapons to fire back..or are they being pussies like the Iraqi’s…? and dropping their weapons…?

        • They are not issued long arms and also are not allowed to confront or oppose anyone entering illegally. Why they are even out there is a mystery as they can do nothing except stand there and watch or change diapers. Wondering when they will disarm the US military. That coming soon I expect.

          • How would you like to work for the Border Patrol, Sworn an Oath to America, Love your country, then 70% of your forces are taken off the actual border patrol and forced under Direct Orders, to help illegals fill out their immigration papers. That’s got to really Suck! And probably why many are trying to blow the whistle on this Illegal Invasion Scandal.

        • Max, been reduced to cross walk and hallway safety monitors like elementary school.

        • Max
          I talked to an agent. I was told that they can’t shoot back across the border. AIN’T THAT THE SHITS!

      21. If you can’t beat’em, join’em. Let’s go invade Mexico and points south. They have lots of resources which they clearly do not know how to use. They can run North and we can run South. They can have our staggering debt and we can have their cheap labor. Vomanos, muchachos! We’ll call ourselves “The Conservatives” and demand they teach everything in English, provide for our every need and whim or we’ll scream, “RACISTS!”

        • If they’re opening up the borders for the NAU, then we should be able to freely go into Canada and stay at will, right? Can’t we be “refugees” too?

          • Why not,,When would like to leave

      22. Well,am sure was to create a diversion so they could run more drugs,not because they want to help folks get across,they ARE the diversion!End the war on drugs,break the back monetarily of the drug/cop/court/prison cartels.End the raids with untrained swat teams tossing flash bangs into cribs,end the bullshit excuses to bother citizens,end the cost to the taxpayers,folks wanna die from drugs/booze/over eating/lethargic lifestyle/not my business.Keep the dui law as then you are risking others.No govt. has the right to tell folks what they can ingest whether drugs or raw milk.You disagree at least do not be a hypocrite and outlaw booze and tobacco.Oh,and with monies saved get the border patrol some decent gear and allow em to not only fight back but if necc. shoot first.

        • That’s the traditional libertarian doctrine, except for the government Border Patrol. The Republican or conservative doctrine is for more armament of government to be used on the rest of us–just like the Democrat or liberal doctrine, only from the other direction, so to speak.

        • WarChild for President Dammit!! You got my Vote!!

      23. If this be the case there should have been heavy fire returned!

        Maybe its time to send down some heavy stuff. Like a HELL FIRE missile!
        If the Feds wont do it maybe it is time for us to do it. I would be willing to bring the 300 Win Mag!!!

        I’m tired of the B.S. coming over the border.
        Only about 3 to 5% of the people coming over the border are under the age of 10. So I don’t want to here about the little kids!!!
        Aim Small Miss Small

        • Good evening, Sarge. On occasion, Mexican military vehicles and aircraft come over the border. If they show up on our soil again, shoot up the vehicles and shoot down the aircraft. That will definitely send a message back to Mexico City.

          • Why can’t they set fire to the brush all the way down the line. Burn them out. Make it too hot for them. Sit back and watch up wind.

      24. Sgt. Dale,

        Sooner or later that will happen. Then those patriots who returned the fire will be tried and sent to jail. Or maybe sent to GITMO as terrorists.

        • DaisyK: it’s pretty arrogant to presume that those Patriots will allow themselves to be captured by ANYONE! GITMO and the rest may be TAKEN by the Patriots! Putin’s is not the only government who may “reap the whirlwind”.

        • DaisyK
          It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6!
          If they want a fight I believe as a PATRIOT we should give it to them. THIS IS OUR FRIGGING COUNTRY DAMN IT!!!!

          • Sarge, if anyone tries to act against me for an act of self-defense, they’ll get a dose of whatever I give to my attackers. Nobody will take me alive to do anything to me. I’m not getting punished for any act of legitimate self-defense.

            • RBH:
              I look at it this way.

              Just like the man in Fl. that caught the 19 year old sexually assaulting his 12 year old son. he beat the SHIT out of him. (This guy is my new HERO.)

              It is the same way if you shoot at me from another country. I believe I should shoot back with something.

              If they want to arrest me so be it. I will beat it a court room with a JURY trial! Like I said before better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6!

              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

      25. Who’s saying it was the cartel? … Obammy wants the illegals here …. he could have his personal black ops guys down there doing the shooting … they most certainly have 50 cal rifles …. and that’s the type of shooting they’d do ….

        and there’s always the distinct possibility that something MIGHTY important came across – not just the usual drugs … Putin just shot down a jetliner …. what message is he sending here?

        • There’s no evidence to suggest Russia shot down any airliner. The only “message” here, is ignorance…yours.

        • See, the Obummers want to classify these illegal aliens as Refuges so the UN can come inand get their foot in the door, and offer assistance to the illegals, and begin taking out any resistance. This is a Smoke and Mirrors operation. We just need to take a big sledge hammer and shatter the whole mirror in a trillion pieces.

        • Russia did not shoot down the plane. Period!! This was an inside Job, go to Daboo77 channel on Ytube for all the discovered facts, that the MSM will not disclose. The MSM is part of the conspiracy to demonize Russia, so Israel can drag American into another War with Russia, and of course finance the war and make a few more trillion dollars off the backs of American Taxpayers.

          • …off the backs of American Taxpayers and their DEAD relatives…

          • The Joos again. When you wipe your ass do you get a head ache? They plotted to down a Malaysian airliner. You moron.

      26. When are we going to stop them and stop the talking about it. New guys like me look for leadership and for the most part everyone is waiting for the fight to come to them I don’t get it.

        • There will be no fight. This will simply become the new normal.

        • Be your own leader. DC.

          • Sixpack, I am a leader I started my own group in my local community that just started with me now I have 12 other like minded people working with me. But I only been at it since winter and only know so much and would some of these guys thay have military training or police training that might have had some experience in harry situations. It seems to me that there are a few guys on here that if they wanted they could that leader. This group probably has more fire power the half of our police forces. I don’t know I’m just frustrated. Sorry for the rant

      27. An attractive blonde from Kiev arrived at the casino and bet twenty-thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice.
        She said, ‘I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I’m completely nude’.
        With that, she stripped from the neck down, rolled the dice and yelled, ‘Come on, baby, Mama needs new clothes!’
        As the dice came to a stop, she jumped up and down and squealed…’YES,YES, I WON, I WON!’
        She hugged each of the dealers and then picked up her winnings and her clothes and quickly departed. The dealers stared at each other dumbfounded.
        Finally, one of them asked, ‘What did she roll?’
        The other answered, ‘I don’t know – I thought you were watching.’

        Not all Ukrainians are stupid..
        Not all blondes are dumb,
        But all men are men.

      28. How about using those drones we have purchased with our tax dollars to patrol the border and return fire? Treat the illegals crossing the border as criminals and bring back the chain gang. When word gets back that there is a penalty with some bite, the crossings will slow down. As it is now, we just send them home.

      29. I now understand Spartacus and Judas Maccabeus….

      30. Silly Preppers , don’t you know the “Los Zetas” mexican drug cartel mafia control the border and operate under the protection of the zog amerika C.I.A. / F.B.I. / D.E.A. ???


        I’s is just one of hundreds such weapons trafficked to mexico from zog amerika by the ZOG ATF AND DEA.

        this is not unique or new news.

        And IS the number 1 reason you should All be armed up.

        “Your Zionist controlled federal government is no longer able to protect you, your family or your property!”


        “The only person who can NOW protect you … is You!”


        • Ruff Tuff.
          No doubt. Any Americans stopping this or protecting themselves will only find that their own govt disposing of them. The drones will be on our side of the border….

          • Or, that government being disposed of by the People.

      31. Totally side note ?How do you folks treat a non firing round in a non life threatening situation(and want to keep it that way).I had a miss fire shooting at a friends,kept barrel pointed towards target and back drop for a minute,then ejected round and let sit a few more.Was a factory round with stuff that till now has worked fine,gonna break round open and look and see if powder though primer was hit and not a pop.I have a for lack of better word whack a mole hammer for taking apart live rounds,any safe way to remove potentially live primer and save the brass?I did when happened immediately cleared out magazine while giving bullet a cool down moment,life threatening would have cleared round with charging handle and hoped was not a jammed round in receiver somewhere,rest of magazine and ammo worked fine,he bought a few cases and first issue,any thoughts appreciated.

        • Keep it pointed downrange, bolt closed, like you did. Remove magazine. Wait for a hangfire, if none, eject round, bury it where it falls, don’t handle it.

          When you are ready to leave for the day, dig it up and put it in an ammo can, nothing else with it, and disassemble at home. To me, a round of brass isn’t worth messing with. You can remove a primer hydraulically, sink a case-sized hole in a stout piece of board, with a primer-sized hole in it’s center. Both holes a bit oversise. Fill empty case with water, insert .30 caliber dowel, and hammer it down sharply. The water will pop the primer right out through it’s hole in the board.

          Or, just dispose of it right at the range.

          If it’s the Iranian 8mm that came in recently, just dump it in the creek, all you got. Worthless stuff.

        • Warchild Dammit.

          Don’t you just hate that?


          Hold the gun in safe direction and wait one minute.
          That is what I have been taught. Sounds kind of long but I would think that it ensures that nothing happens when you eject the round. The real danger is a round with no powder and just the primer goes off and sends the bullet half way up the barrel. Always listen for a good report.
          I do not save the round when this happens. Pay attention if it happens again and check the lot numbers. Might have recalls by manufacturer. I did have a overcharged or thin case explode in my faces one time. Looked like a good bullet to me but what a surprise.
          You can cook off a round if you do lots of rapid fire with high capacity Mags. Also you can have a dead primer or a Hard Hit primer. I do not advise to use a bullet again in which the primer has been hit. Misfires can also be indication of the firing pin/spring bad or bolt dirty.

          • One more thing. The bolt may not be fully closed on the chamber and a weak hit on the primer can happen. Very dangerous.

          • O.K.

            One more thing.

            Overcharged round indication. Primers will be either unseated in the case or missing. Have seen bullets with holes in primes also.

          • One lucky dumb ass. What was he thinking?

        • In a threat situation, eject the round immediately and keep on using the gun, UNLESS what comes out is an empty case. If an empty case ejects, the bullet is in the barrel as a bore obstruction, and the next live round fired will likely blow up the gun.

          This “wait a minute” has been shown time and again to be ridiculous. Hang-fires exhibit a delay of milliseconds, not minutes. If it hasn’t gone off by the time you realize it hasn’t gone off, it ain’t gonna go off, UNLESS the gun is hot, in which case get that round outta there. If it goes off on the ground, it’s less dangerous than a small firecracker. Years ago the NRA did a series of tests. They set off live rounds electrically, with a shoebox over them to see where the fragments went. They didn’t even pierce the cardboard.

          Inertia pullers have been known to trigger live primers. Throw that thing out and get a proper puller die for your loading press. You DO have a loading press, yes? Military rounds are often especially hard to pull, due to heavy crimp and sealants. An inertia puller may never get the bullets out of milsurp ammo.

        • Clear the weapon and keep shooting. Could be a hard primer…I’ve had a few last year with Remington 20 gauge deer slugs. Just make sure when you clear, the bullet was on the end of the case and not a squib load stuck in the barrel.

          • Thanks for thoughts all,and coach,no,do not have a reloading setup though a few friends do.As I said above,we kept firing after that his rifle and no issues.He is going to do a thorough cleaning and disassembly of his carrier group/and the mag.We noted the ammo #’s from the big box,seems was just a bad one and will as always just keep an eye out.In over 40 years of shooting if you include airgun/.22 with my dad never had this happen,eh,first time for everything.

          • Just read on Cabelas while having a looky-see that Remington core-lock has a Serious missfire issue, bummer I have a lot of stock in 30-30..

      32. Ah shit!RIP James Garner.Damn,realize just a character on a tv series but Jim Rockford was the kind of guy you would like to have on your side,Rockford Files was a great tv show for me growing up,enjoy the next life James!

        • Warchild, I saw that article earlier. James Garner was one of my favorite actors. I used to watch reruns of the Maverick show and Rockford Files was also a good show. Those were the days when TV was enjoyable. Now it’s all nothing but garbage. RIP James Garner.

        • I liked James Garner as an actor, and respected his career as a race driver, which was no P.R. stunt – that man could drive.

          But I hate him for being a lifelong Democrat.

          • He did get two Purple Hearts in Korea. Most likely not the fake John Kerry ones either.

            • John w that’s one thing my generation won’t see is the young actors serving our country. The days of real Americans are over. Look at all the baseball players that went to fight in ww2. Do u think any of the ball players or actors today would leave there easy careers and fight for our country I don’t think so.

              • Ted Williams went twice, and it was at the peak of his career, too.

              • That Boston Patriot player Pat Tilman went and look what it got him. Except for a bridge in Nevada named after him all he got was killed by his own guys.

          • He also did a lot of his own stunts,was one reason for the ending of the Rockford files as his knees were taking a beating.I until now didn’t know he was a lifelong dem,ah well,I really hate both parties as they have drinks in the backroom and laugh at the citizens.I as stated before will remember his character as the kind of guy who though had flaws still always tried to do the right thing,whether the legal thing or not.

      33. Hitlery Lucifer Cunton has a Death Wish…

        “Hillary Clinton says she is not in favor of the Second Amendment and will repeal it.”





        • The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right rests in individuals, not merely collective militias, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices. State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right per the incorporation of the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments comprising the Bill of Rights.



          • The Bill of Rights is only a feeble attempt to water down the overwhelming government-supremacy that the rest of the U.S. Constitution, by insidious design of Founding Federalists, enshrines. The present U.S. Constitution was, however, proposed out of order in the Convention that was called to merely consider AMENDMENTS to to Articles of Confederation–the Articles which had served the thirteen United States well through their Revolution against the state of Great Britain. That Revolution, however, was soon obliterated during Shays’ Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion by likes of George Washington and his puppeteer, Alexander Hamilton, the author of the current Federalist Big Business empire that we call “the United States of America”. The states and their political subdivisions are governed by their own constitutions, some of which may have a “declaration” or “bill of rights”. If they don’t, the Federal Bill of Rights has no bearing on them. Such is the situation until people realize that individual rights have to be enforced by the individuals themselves.

        • Puff, I’m with you all the way on that one. We’ve been given all kinds of reasons to fight the NWO.

      34. All in the plan. It’s all bullshit and I am tired of hearing about it. Nothing going to be done till we get a good dose of some disease or a terrorist act. Heard they were busing them to Miami. Should bus a bunch to our Congress Critter’s homes. Put them up in their guest house.

        Americans are going to have to learn a second language.

        Serveza, Por Favor. Muchas Gracias.

        • We all learned a second language when we came here, called English.

          The illegals need to do the same thing.

        • slingshot … I’m NOT picking on you, however cerveza is not spelled with an S. [After all, with this .gov sponsored invasion, whose ultimate goal is to subvert the our culture and language, the least we can do is spell our new language correctly.]

          And for you illiterates out there, the sentence inside the brackets is sarcasm.

          • Man I am in trouble now! No Beer. ;0)

            Hard to find a brighter side.

            • Plenty Brewskies in my fridge….

              • I never had any trouble spelling Oly…However, after a dozen or so I can’t even pronounce it!

                • Come to think of it. I am not good at spelling my English words. Need a dictionary with large type.

                  Please, let’s not get into punctuation. ;0)

                • I know. Sometimes I say Ole….

                • Smokin….
                  Oly is the last of the Americas….when it is gone, we know America left too….

        • It’s cerveza. mas frio por favor.

      35. Wouldn’t doubt the Feds sniped their own to create more anger. They want a reason to have their martial law.

      36. No Expectations by the Rolling Stones

        Take me to the station, and put me on a train
        I have no expectations coming here again.
        Once I was a rich man, but now I am so poor
        Never in my sweet short life have I felt like this before.

      37. If it looks like war, sounds like war, and the enemy is invading, it’s a war. This is not rocket science. The fact that the current illegal immigration dialog is so completely F’ed up and constipated tells me that we are completely infiltrated by illegal immigration sympathizers.

        • The government-supremacists WANT “immigration ‘reform'” so they can pass a biometrics “national” (federal) identification scheme in order for the .01% or fewer to track and control the 99.99% or more of the rest of us. That’s part of what this “children’s” invasion can accomplish. They can use it in SO many ways. …Just like Putin’s “sympathizers” in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea that he–and his Western “partners”, “our” elite rulers–use to foment, for them a lucrative AND power-grabbing, world war over the events surrounding that turmoil. Big states and their sovereign governments are OUR, the peoples’, enemy.

          • Libertarianmajority,

            >>”….You never want a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before….”<<

            Your post reminds me of what Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said, in the above quote, during a Wall Street Journal TV interview shortly after the 2008 Presidential election.

            If defies comprehension how overtly evil someone must be who actively seeks to (manufacture?) and capitalize politically on the misery, tragedy, and suffering of others.

            Demonic does even scratch the surface on such a wicked persons' depravity. This seems to be the current political Standard Operating Procedure for most politicians today. How can things possible improve under such hopelessly onerous conditions? Impossible.


          • Libertarianmajority, I read the same thing somewhere about the national ID card, but Putin still has nothing to do with this. Can’t to keep focused on any one thing? And BTW, Putin happens to be fighting the same fight people like YOU should be fighting —against the NWO.

            You need to grow up a little bit and figure out who your REAL enemies are, and forget the propaganda.

            • “Can’t YOU keep focused”

              • Tell us how you know Putin had nothing to do with it.

                • Tell us how you KNOW, not think, he did.

      38. This is just ridiculous. I mean this stuff doesn’t get reported on mainstream media. The gun control advocates don’t care when you tell them this stuff.

        We have criminals crossing the border and they have high fire power while they work against the citizens.

        Not only that, this economy can’t support its own citizens already. How are the already jobless people going to find jobs.

      39. America needs Biblical Law

        • Careful how you say that. The Halfrican would say that Biblical means Sharia.

          • Seems we have been led down another dirty path of lies. From an insider who REALLY KNOWS THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA and where his loyalty really is:

            Written by Edgar M. Brofman, former CEO of Seagram Co. LTD. and FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS.

            Article reprinted in Jewish newspaper Haaretz
            July 17 2014:

            Haaretz dot com/Obama real action not bluster in support of Israel

            “Throughout the authors career he has , quote “Come to value the importance of having a strong ALLY in the White House who is firmly committed to the safety and security of the Jewish state. President Barack Obama is such an ally and his steadfast support for the jewish state has made it safer and more secure than EVER BEFORE.

            Although the US has had a long standing tradition of providing military support for Israel, under President Obama, financial aid to Israel is at its HIGHEST LEVEL. And while many in DC are calling for budget cuts, President Obama has made it CLEAR that domestic belt tightening WOULD NOT JEOPARDIZE DEFENSE FUNDING FOR ISRAEL.

            Obama has led a resurgence of joint military cooperation between Israel and the US. In FACT, following President Obamas directive the US Armed forces and the Israel defence forces all have increased their strategic collaboration on defense technology, deployment tactics, and intelligence to LEVELS NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED.


            The effort is not new. It began in 2008 when people stressed his middle name and used it as a weapon. FROM THIS THEY BEGAN TO CALL SENATOR OBAMA A MUSLIM.

            WITH THE MUSLIM MYTH DEBUNKED, these same critics moved on and began questioning the presidents place of birth.

            Now they are claiming that President Obama cannot be trusted to keep Israel safe. DESPITE ALL THE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, partisans believe the American people —

            I have had the great privilege to work with successive US Presidents over the past half-century on countless issues. On matters relating to Israel, one comment stands out in my mind MORE THAN ANY OTHER……

            Whie sitting in the Oval Office not long ago, President Obama looked me in the eye and said “My commitment to Israels Security is bone deep”. IT IS REFLECTED IN HIS ACTIONS, IT COMES FROM A PASSION TO SECURE THE JEWISH STATE, AND IT TRACES HIS ROOTS.

            President Obama is a man who HAS kept his words and honored them with ACTION. As a result, the State of Israel is more secure.”


            Now I ask you Old Coach, who are we to believe. You and your ‘sharia muslim bs’ or a man much more in the know…
            A man who was the President of the World Jewish Congress.

            Note this article was REPRINTED IN JEWISH NEWSPAPER IN JULY 2014.

            Take particular note that he states that the people spreading the “Obama is a Muslim” are hoping the Amerian public and especially the Jewish people are uninformed and that they cannot tell the difference between RHETORIC AND REALITY.

            Why would a Jewish newspaper reprint this article this year? They want the Jewish people to understand that Obama really has Israels back and that the “he is a Muslim” is being used to create WW3.

            Once again, the “uninformed, msm brainwashed American public, will be asked to enter WW3, to send our sons to die along with the ‘muslims’ while the real PTB, with all their cunning. will finally realize their One World Order.

            Read up on the Noahide Laws that will follow Martial Law and you will find the true culprits who are behind the destruction of America.

            • Sig Heil pog! No, make that sig heil POS!

              • Bob Z:

                Does the ‘Z’ stand for zionist?

                What in Mr. Brofman’s (former President of the World Jewish Congress) do you think is not the truth? Do you profess to know more about Obama than he does?

                Or are you just another paid troll, with no proof a post is not true…..just name calling to discredit a post.

                • You’re RIGHT granny! The z stands for ZIONIST and we’re goona GIT all of you gentiles! The fact is you have an unhealthy obsession with religion and looking for scapegoats to blame about why the world doesn’t fit YOUR agenda.

      40. How much longer can we survive as a country if We The People are the only ones who abide my the Rule of Law while TPTB use the Constitution and Bill of Rights as toilet paper?

        • Not very long. That is why We The People need to learn how to play the same game. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. We can obey the laws and at same time play their game….

          • “We can obey the laws and at same time play their game….”

            You mean DON’T GET CAUGHT.

            • No. It means doing business by the book….if you need something for your business, then buy it. Or donate monies to where you want it to go. It also means to shop as locally as possible and avoid as much of mega corps as possible….

            • No. You can play the game legally. That is, know where you are shopping. Shop locally as much as possible and avoid the tax avoiding mega corps as much as possible. Donate locally to those in need and skip the mega churches that are mostly dem anyway. Learn to garden and save a $1000 or two. Etc….

              • Yawn…you have to be kidding.

      41. Isn’t it rich? Are we a pair?
        Me here at last on the ground and you in mid-air
        Send in the clowns

        Isn’t it bliss? Don’t you approve?
        One who keeps tearing around and one who can’t move
        But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns

      42. Oh, great, and they want to take your guns away. This country has enough of its own indiginous zombies, but according to government spokespeople in twent years another 20 million immigrants from south of the border will be living next to some one like you. Get ready to protect yourself and loved ones. Get, for free, or peanuts, a manual that will help you survive. Immigration, that is the goal, to destroy the foundation of this government. Get wise, the 2%ers who control your existence need people to work for three bucks an hour. The project to dumb the population down with fluoride, MSG, corn syrup, fast food, TV, super heroes, sports, soda pop laced with aspartame, subliminal messages, news spin, phony education, and fear of terrorism, has been working for over a decade, and most out there are beginning to look like porky pig. But the big surprise is around the near corner. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be worthless and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save your self from disaster.

        • Hey, I read the Yankee anti zombie survival manual. Best free read ever, what’s with the thumbs down people. Maybe because it’s free, not twenty, thirty bucks – zombies everywhere.

          • Here we go with the zombie spam again!Free,what,do you have amazon reward points?!You do notice looter stated “from amazon”,correct?Or,are you perhaps a “visitor” to this country and reading english not your strong point?!

        • Loco looter ,
          Are you the author?
          Seems like most of the ideas in the book were hatched right here in this blog!
          Anyways it sound advice reading it now it’s a good read for some one just starting out .

          You get an A for execution of the idea .
          It’s well worth the price.
          You really should join in on the conversation with out the advertising.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • What’s wrong with you zombies? Here’s a book called Yankee Anti zombie survival manual, with no strings attached. You can download it free through AMAZON. Trouble is that some of you clowns are offended because the book sums up everything in 101 suggestions. It’s free and cutting into your overpriced, complicated none sense. This was written by a guy who survived what most of you are fantasizing. It’s all about bagging the buck for you clowns. It’s free and that makes you foam at the mouth. If you are real Americans helping people, your people, to survive the pending economic implosion would be an honorable, free task. Convoluted reasoning of zombies: if it’s free, don’t get it, because it might save you from us. America is in deep Sh$$it because of your thumbs down.

            • Loco,do you know what the word”free” means,apparently not as on amazon the book is not “free”.No wonder this country is in such tough shape,folks who get govt. handouts think they also are “free”.

              • Put your email up, I’ll PDF my copy to you. If you subscribe to kindle like I did it’s free. Just interested in preventing people from turning into zombies. This is a great sight and very helpful for those who understand what’s happening. Many cannot afford 20 or thirty bucks for this kind of information. I got no dog in this hunt. The guy that wrote this manual has given away hundreds in person, not looking to become a fat chat.

                • Loco,do not have a kindle and thus do not subscribe which obviously is not free.I do not download from strangers though thanx for offer.I wanted it for free and to screw the authors meager royalties(I don’t)would just go Pirate Bay route.I have a few survival books(hard cover)which won’t get suffer emp damage unless a bunch of nukes,moot point then!Anything you believe is helpful get a hard book/print ect.,just another bit o prepping.

                  • I gets it. You don’t have kindle, so it ain’t free. You don’t have three bucks either. And you don’t want a free PDF, because your email is soooo confidential. How’bout I deliver a copy free to your favorite coffee shop, partner. And I’ll pay for the coffee. Loco

      43. This is outright TREASON indeed. BY not enforcing real protection of our borders (land or sea)the POTUS is in fact GUILTY! With the oath of office comes accountability and repercussions if you do not act accordingly.

        Last time I checked, the U.S. Marshalls have jurisdiction *anywhere* in the United States and should have full authority to make the arrest. Since Congress and all of its LAME constituents are worthless, maybe it’s time to call out the real LAW and do some REAL law enforcement!

        Now…anyone know a U.S. Marshall? LET’S ROLL!

      44. I tuned in too late to hear the first part of Glen Beck talking about going to the border with Ted Cruz (hope he is enjoying Cruz’s Goldman Sachs connection).

        What is the million dollar charity collection he is doing “for the border children” all about. Is it going to be used to bus them (and the attending adults) home to their native country?

        How many “bleeding heart scum” in this country are donating to this fund raiser? People in America are living on the streets with families and he takes millions to the border?

        When will people see through this pathetic shill?

        • Granny, Beck is worse than a shill. one good look at his face says RETARDATION all over it. He’s just like Hannity and the rest of the MSM.

        • Cruz,Beck and all the rest are just pied pipers leading all their ardent followers down the primrose path to hell!

          Most people are followers as they lack basic cognitive thought to think for themselves..
          therefor they seek “leaders’ who deceptively speak their language..
          (be it talk show hosts or politicians)

          Me..I follow no one!


          People like Beck,Jones, and all the pols all give us a “taste” of just what we want to hear,or believe, then always deceive for their personal gain..


      45. How about rounding up the illegals and sending them to the unpopulated cities in China. After several generations of mixing you will have a culture with small penises that steal cheaply made products.

      46. At first I liked Beck. For about six months. But his “comedy” was so stupid that I started turning him off.

        Now I seriously wonder about him. His web site tries to load more spyware when I click in than even MSNBC. The scripts just keep coming and coming, tying up my spyware blocker to the point that I sometimes have to give the old Dell the North Anerican Hard Resetm, and reboot.

        Was he always a plant, or was he turned? Or is he just another opportunist who goes where the money and is? Is his new estate in Texas staffed with illegals?

        • Coach: I agree. At one time Beck had value. Now he is just a mouthpiece for the NWO Mormons who WANT the USA to be over run with Illegals as part of their end time prophecies. 🙁

      47. Just saying.

        Remember it was said, by someone, something would shake the world. Circles of seven. Missile hit plane on 07/17/2014. Drop the 2 and 0. 2 into 14 is 7. That is 4 sevens. We have many countries affected by dead passengers and crew. But then, what do I know. Nothing.

        • Boeing 777 Flight MH17.
          Seven no longer lucky number.

          • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that disappeared on 8 March 2014 at 01:20 MYT (17:20 UTC, 7 March), after losing contact with air traffic control less than an hour after takeoff. At 07:24, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) reported the flight missing. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations.

            HAS NOT BEEN FOUND.

      48. All I have to do is make 3 calls, and 4 Patriots are now headed to DC, now I just bet you can multiply that by 10 at least and by the time you get to DC, at the minimal you have 400,000++ armed Patriots around DC area; to tell them to fish or cut bait. Just could be 1,000,000 and friends that is not something to ignore. Alas we need someone of national stature to grow a pair of BALLS to say let’s go.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      49. Is this not an exact description of an armed invasion of our country? Is there any part of this that does not sound like the United States has been attacked by a foreign country? I don’t understand why our military has not been called up to defend our country from foreign invaders. What makes this any different from any other war time invasion?

        • It’s govt approved.

          • Its Government Sponsored. And nothing less.

      50. What a crock. Obooboo went only as far as Austin, which is nowhere near the border. Chicken shit didn’t go to El Paso, Laredo, Del Rio, Mc Allen or any other border city. He went to….Austin. Great going dipshit!

        • Must’ve been part of the 52 state circuit.

      51. “then it is only a matter of time before the extreme drug violence taking place in Mexico makes its way to the streets of America.”

        Already there Mr….

        The gov is frozen in place. Total and complete vapor-lock. For whatever reason they will not shut down the border. Bummer wouldn’t let TX activate the National Guard in lieu of new border patrol agents. So it will take at least six months for any new agents to hit the streets. So another 1/2 million get across the border? This “crisis” has been going on for years. WTH are these people waiting for.

        • BP jobs changed from protecting borders to changing diapers and hauling illegals around America. They aint even got bullets for there guns anymore.

          To any active BP agent reading this:
          If you wont or cant do your real job and protect America and its citizens, resign.
          Muster up your American courage, remember your Oath, and stop working for the enemy within. If you continue working for the BP, your nothing but a prostitute willing to help take down a once great nation.

          • If they don’t have bullets in their guns that means they can’t stop anyone else doing their job for them.

      52. The USA must take the strongest of measures to deal with this menace, which is eroding the lives of youngsters of the country.

      53. People, why do we not just wipe out all the governments of Central America and claim it as our own? we did it with the native Indians, so what is the difference? So far everything south of us is fucked up as the USA, and would not take much to take over, make everything all the way to Panama ours? Just thinking outside the box, but I am sure they would welcome a new situation better thanwhere they are now. But first we need to get someone in charge with a set of balls, not BO for sure. Hell, put my cat in charge, he could do better than what we have now…. And my cat is nuetered…lolololololol

        • Ya don’t want anything to do with the SOBs south of the border. They’re cancer. Cut them off and go with an isolationist policy. When they finally kill themselves off, then we can take over the place.

      54. You all have talked this shit to death now for as long as I have been reading it and that must be about 5 years. Its all talk nobody is gonna do a damn thing that I can see I’m a old woman and can’t do much wish I could nobodys got the balls to take a stand against the powers that be! If you don’t stand for something you,ll stand for anything! You better dig you a hole and crawl in it because its coming to us just as hard and fast as it can go!! Say your prayers and hope your saved because if not your gonna see hell on earth.

      55. Livin it up at the Hotel California

        This is bigger than the kids, although I get what he’s saying
        and this was done completely on purpose
        Nothing, no matter how horrible ever really happens without the approval of the governments
        There, and here

        Were in for one hell of a ride and it started without us.
        If anyone comes for your gun and they dont get lit up your going to die from a disease anyways, or before that happens have your entire country brought to its knees over night
        all of these FF and Hoaxes are the false war on your mind
        as they slip in under that cover
        Invasion complete.
        Next step

        you can check out any time you like , but you can never leave

        • You got it right VRf. We been played again. We wont be able to stop it until the III% rise up.
          This countrys going down. Now we know why all the short supply items happened. Now we know what all those govt bullets and gear and foods and meds have been for.

          I got a post in moderation now, video that will piss everyone off who watches. Save it and pass it on. Doubt itll stay on youtube for long.

      56. Its all set up and so far the strategy has worked.
        Every state needs to call in their National Guard troops, No Trespassing signs along the border, troops armed and ready to shoot.Take no prisoners.

        If you have empathy for the illegals and those poor innocent kids this will change your mind. From former BP agent

        • Yepper, we are going to do the chicken.

          “Choir Boys’

      57. So, grab our own .50BMG rifles with starlight scopes and SHOOT BACK, already!

      58. Dang. I have to go to work. Not too motivated today. Have a great day everyone….

      59. Uzz,do you perhaps have a spare one to loan?I will admit that personally I cannot afford one,perhaps due to all the taxes thru the decades stealing from citizens wallets.

        • WD
          How are YA!
          You know why I like the 300 Win Mag?
          Cheaper to shoot
          Not as heavy
          Can shoot just as far
          Can Practice more.
          Light recoil.

          You see you really don’t need a 50 BMG. One hit with the 300 or the 50 you are dead. Dead is Dead.

          I will give you this the 50 will make a better and bigger hole, or flying body parts. It will also punch through armor better.


          • Hey Sarge,how was your weekend besides the complaint?As for the .300,that wouldn’t be the Weatherby Mark V perchance with decent scope,or,is that the one my buddy basically gave me?!Damn thing has a kick,and a bit pricey to shoot but damn,one hell of a deer gun.That said,my bud also has a Henry lever that is a great brush rifle for hills in New England,and yep,available at a phone calls notice!Is nice to have good friends,they happen to be rich and willing to share is even nicer!Enjoy your day Sarge and rest on forum,time to make a few bucks on limited gig have lined up.

            • WD:
              to save you from the recoil get a LIMB SAVER RECUDE RECOIL PAD. I put one on my wives 300 mag and she told me it made a world of a difference.
              Take Care.

              • them dam 300’s hit hard

          • Big talk coming from an old man who has admitted he’s never shot anybody in his life! You’re fucking pathetic saarjint dayyyelll…..

            • bobby,I have never shot anyone either(excepting stupid kids with bb guns),really hope never put into the situation where I have to shoot someone,I’d be fine with that.That said,mentally at least feel if truly necc. can shoot someone,I know will feel bad about it afterwards though,puke/adrenaline shakes ect.,nope,not something I would look forward to.

      60. Off Topic:
        I liver about a mile away form a State Park. The have campers come in over the week end. On Friday I was out shooting and some City Turd called the police on me.
        The Cops (an Officer I know) came to my house and asked me if I was shooting. I told him yes. I was practicing with my service weapon. I asked him why he told me he got a complaint of shots fired. I told him well no shit I was shooting. I told him I live in the country where you can fire a weapon. He agreed with me, but he stated that city turds at the camp ground were UPSET. I told him to tell them three things.
        I’m sorry that they are upset.
        If they call the cops on me again I will file a civil law suit of violation my 2nd amendment rights against them.
        Tell them they are in the real world in the country. where it is legal to own and shoot a firearm, and if they don’t like to go back to the hell they call the CITY!
        The Officer told me sorry for bothering me, and left. I don’t know if he told them what I said. I do know I was out the next day Saturday shooting my NAGANT. Nothing was said.

        • Sgt good for you. And w/ that, you have an obligation w/ your firearms every weekend. Aat this point its up to folks like you to re-educate the campground masses. Every Sat, be sure to practice so the idiots understand what your rights are and what the 2nd Amendment provides to its citizens.

          • Anon:
            I will do my best.
            This Saturday I have a guy coming out with his ne 9mm for me to show him how to shot it. He is an old wheel gun guy.

            • Sgt that was me but my fat fingers hit the submit w/out my id showing up for some reason. Let us know how your weekend fares for you. Weve been firing off a few rounds here too but were not near a park. Got a neighbor moved in about 8 yrs ago and thought he knew the law, called the cops for us shooting. So they came over to answer the call. Invited the deputies to our target area to see what we had here and they apologized but said had to run the call. Then they educated that neighbor whose been quiet about all of us since then. Transplants like them wont ever be welcomed here. They dont fit in, never will.

        • Yep you done right
          I had a local Sheriff tell me , if your range meets with code , nothing any bitcher can do about it, I can shoot inside my own barn on my property as long as my back stop is approved and able to stop what im shooting at it, doesnt matter if im within the city limits or not

          screw the cry babies the only time you should be woried about shots fired is if one hits ya or if you hear it wizz past your head, and than it might be because your where you dont belong

          LOL also once I started shooting at my home range my asshole neighbor quit trespassing
          I try to keep it to a minimum , but its perfectly legal

          I live in the sticks somewhat ( they did build up around me during the housing boom) and there are 2 ranges around me so hearing guns going off out here isnt unusual , but im sure if the cry babies didnt like it I’d be called on or will be soon
          Im ready

        • On topic, Why not shoot yourself with it saarjint and make EVERYBODY happy?

          • Bob.
            I will only respond to you once.
            I’m sorry you feel this way.
            I will tell you what shoot at me and see how many times I hit you before you hit the ground.
            Like Clint would say “MAKE MY DAY PUNK!”

            • You don’t have the balls to shoot ANYBODY saarjint puke! All you’re good for is handing out speeding tickets and sucking on the public tit, if you had to work at a REAL job you would have died of starvation long ago grandpa, like you said, you’ve NEVER shot anybody sp why not start with yourself hillbilly boy?

          • Bob Z, do us a favor and go trolling elsewhere.

      61. The illegal immigrant children are coming to my hometown. By the way…this is only two boroughs over from where I live.
        I don’t know how you fight this crap other than to be on the defensive and be locked and loaded at all times. Have any of you seen any pictures of the teenage gang members? These little thugs/murderers don’t give a shit about America!

        Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

        • Ngph there is only one way at this time that would be viable to fight this crap. Terrorisn Remember the boston tea party. You vandalize and put of of business anyone who is enabling & profiting by harboring these invaders. If someone is working illegals they should be vandalized out completely of business. No jobs and they will not be any benefit to those who want them. If your neighbor has a illegal doing house cleaning. Make certain you neighbor doesn’t have any house left. poison the fuel in the vehicles of any company that hires illegals. The county (searcy co. Ar.) where I live has less than one half of one percent population that is a race other than white. That one guy claims to be a cheorkee. You can bet there wont be any illegals housed here. Not one resident would dare to enable these illegal invaders. If you could multiply my county,s folks mindset nation wide we wouldn’t need any immigration officers. Where all related and just don’t tolerate bad behavior. The peace society that was formed during the civil war is still in force. Our secret society rules the roost in this part of the world.

      62. Time to set up a artillery fire base that the border patrol with assigned spotters can call a fire mission from! Couple dozen 105 shells set for TOT would stop that crap!

      63. RE-turn… fiiiiire!!

      64. Well I see another date pass’s and nothing happens 07/20/2014. The way I feel; enough with the dates, enough with what it will look like grid down, enough with this what it will be after the dollar collapse, enough with anything else period. Sorry Mac to criticize your articles, but come on now, we have a pretty good idea of all those things and more. What we need to prepare for them (in our own way). What we need is National Leadership on putting a stop to these things, Oh but that puts the target square on someone’s back, (a leader of the Revolution so to speak of), so we’ll run articles on this and that, a hundred times on the same things , but will not stand tall and say FOLLOW ME. My call is BULL SH-T! How are we going to take the AMERICA THAT WE LOVE back without a National Leader? Come on writers or someone that’s not a common old some-body, stand up that has grown a pair and say FOLLOW ME. There are tens of thousands if not millions just waiting out here to hear those words or some like them. It all boils down to this; I’m not going to, let someone else do that. If that kind of Leadership is all that’s out there, well there is no more for us to do; then it’s up the ramp into the cattle cars. It has to start with someone, because we all are SOMEONE ELSE! We desperately need a National Leader to step up to the plate. Please forgive me on this rant, but it will be over soon without any action. Again, Sorry for this rant Mac, but great thanks are to you for allowing it.
        Somewhat depressed; on the river bank today.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      65. Ok , lets look at the past 8 years or so of the BS from this administration. NSA, Benghazi, IRS, Sandy hook, Hurricane Sandy, just to name a few . Now the BP are being shot at. Ok so lets all get on our computers and thump chests. This President will do nothing because we will DO NOTHING. All this Bullshit that has been happening since 2008 has been allowed to happen because we’ve done nothing to stop it for whatever reason. We’ve made our bed now lie in it . 20 years ago this shit wouldn’t have been tolerated even with Clinton. Actually, it wasn’t as he was impeached but not removed from office. Now all we do is bitch about the totalitarian regime that we have and guess what dumbasses , you put him there or allowed it to happen. I wouldn’t call a couple of hundred miltia members at a ranch or on the border a regime change as they are still in power and are still here. Shame on us as a people and a nation.

      66. Governor Perry Deploys 1,000 National Guard To Border, Denies “Militarization Of The Border”
        (From ZeroHedge site)

        It appears Texas Governor Rick Perry has grown weary waiting on the President to dictate the next steps in the immigration debacle and taken things into his own hands. As The Monitor reports, an internal memo from another state official’s office said the governor planned to call about 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley – at a cost of about $12 million per month. State Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa exclaimed, “all these politicians coming down to border, they don’t care about solving the problem, they just want to make a political point.” However, state officials were careful to point out that “this is not a militarization of the border.” Nope, not all…

        As The Monitor reports:
        Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to announce he will activate the Texas National Guard at a news conference Monday in Austin, said state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen.

        Hinojosa did not have details of the effort, but an internal memo from another state official’s office said the governor planned to call about 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley — at a cost of about $12 million per month.

        The troops will join the Texas Department of Public Safety in its recent surge to combat human smuggling and drug trafficking amid the influx of mostly Central Americans illegally crossing the Rio Grande. Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and Texas House Speaker Joe Straus announced the $1.3 million per week effort last month.

        State leaders approved funding for extra DPS troopers to fill in gaps in Border Patrol coverage in the Valley as the federal authorities were overwhelmed with an influx of children and families from Central America. The state officials feared Mexican drug cartels might exploit the situation to move their own drugs and human contraband while Border Patrol attention was turned elsewhere.

        “All these politicians coming down to border, they don’t care about solving the problem, they just want to make a political point,” he said.

        “This is not a militarization of the border,” the memo states. “The DPS and the National Guard are working to keep any drug and human trafficking south of (U.S. Highway) 83 and with the goal of keeping any smuggling from entering major highways to transport East/West/and North.”

        “It is not clear where the money will come from in the budget,” the memo states, adding that Perry’s office has said the money will come from “non critical” areas, such as health care or transportation.

        We await President Obama’s executive actions to take care of this… time to roll out the SWATified vehicles…

      67. Don’t worry grandma has been checked before bording and she isn’t a threat !!!

      68. This will continue because no one is doing anything about it. If those in power know they will get away with it, they will continue.

      69. how much you wanna bet that if any of those shell casings were to be found or any of the projectiles or last but not least the weapon that shot at them,, I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut hole they were US made

        I’d even go as far as to say those were Fast and Furious weapons and ammo, so Eric has the “blood” of this act on his hands as well as many other acts much worse than this
        and not a dam thing is going to change until WE change it

      70. Dave Hodges has a new column. He says that letting in the gang members is about using them as an illegal army to get people off the land and into micro-apartments in the mega-cities. So their first target could be someone like Cliven Bundy.

      71. MMMMMMMMMMM ????



















      72. – r2p –



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        r e g e r e

        0f their
        0wn “Civil War” Tactic..:

        0 . . .
        Canada ->goes2″british”HHouse
        0f – – ->®otschild

        0 . . .
        Mexic0 ->goes2″ffrench”HHouse
        0f – – ->®otschild

        ..:meanwhile … and-in-the-\/-mean-time:..
        S 0 W N C H A 0 S
        – M A S S A C R E –
        kkkillin1another instead

        US hires Israeli company to retrofit Mexico border wall
        MARCH 16, 2014

        JU N E
        J U _ _

        An Israeli military contractor, whose surveillance technology is used along Israel’s apartheid wall constructed in the Palestinian West Bank, has been chosen by the United States to

        provide similar services on the southern border with Mexico, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

        Elbit Systems announced on Sunday that the US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had awarded its subsidiary a $145 million contract to deploy

        border surveillance technology in southern Arizona, Reuters reported.

        But according to Bloomberg analyst Brian Friel, quoted by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the one-year contract could expand to a broader $1 billion deal if the US Congress passes

        stringent immigration legislation.

        Elbit Systems is set to install watch towers along the border with sensors for spotting, tracking, and classifying data, along with command and control centers.

        Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona hailed the deal as a “step in the right direction.” . . . [[and, after jus4months, Elbita this, Elbita that, inFFiltration system has already slowed2aFFullFFrontal effinFFlood]] . . .

      73. “Mexican Drug Cartels Lay Down High Powered Suppressing Fire For Crossing Immigrants”

        ANy president with a pair would send in some helicopter gun ships to convince these bastards that shooting at Americans was a REAL bad idea. With the nutless one in the White House, however, that’s not gonna happen. ‘Dear me, we wouldn’t want to offend our Mexican neighbors’ (who crap on us at EVERY opportunity), now, would we?

      74. He’s a commie. Pass it on.

      75. Time to call in artillery and CAS.

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