Report: JP Morgan Chase Prepares For Crisis By Stockpiling Silver: “An Exceptionally Large Amount”

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    (Pictured: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon speaks at the secretive Council on Foreign Relations)

    In a communication with JP Morgan Chase shareholders earlier this month Jamie Dimon, CEO of one of the world’s largest and most influential banks, said that a more volatile crisis than 2008 is coming.

    It was striking admission from a man who has close ties to the Obama inner circle and was once at the top of the list for the post of U.S. Treasury Secretary. Considering the President continues to tout economic recovery, and that a significant majority of Americans reportedly believe the economy is healthy, the fact that Dimon is warning of another financial crisis should be a clear sign of what’s to come.

    But if his words aren’t enough to convince you we have a systemic problem that will soon come to the forefront, maybe the recent actions of his secretive trading desks will suffice.

    According to a detailed report from The Wealth Watchman JP Morgan Chase has been amassing a huge stockpile of physical silver, presumably in anticipation of a major liquidity event.

    They’re baaaaack. Yes, “old faithful” is back at it again!

    Of course, they never really left silver, and have been rigging it non-stop in the futures market, but for awhile there, there were at least no admissions of newly-stacked silver being made in their Comex warehousing facilities.

    Yet, after a 16 month period of “dormancy” within their Comex warehouse vaults, these guys have returned with a vengeance.

    In fact, our old buddies at JP Morgan Chase, not only see value in silver here, but they’re currently standing for delivery in their own house account in such strong numbers, that it commands our attention.  Let me show you what I mean.

    Here’s a breakdown of the Comex’s most recent silver deliveries to JP Morgan:

    April 7th: 1,110,000 ounces

    April 8th: 1,280,000 ounces

    April 9th:  893,037 ounces

    April 10th: 1,200,224 ounces

    April 14th: 1,073,000 ounces

    April 15th: 1,191,275 ounces

    April 16th: 1,183,777.295 ounces

    This is a huge bout of deliveries in such a short space of time. In fact, within the realm of Comex world, it’s such an exceptionally large amount, that it even creates quite a spike on the long-term chart of JP Morgan’s vault stockpile:


    All in all, JP Morgan has added over 8.3 million ounces of additional silver in just the past 2 weeks alone.

     Full report at The Wealth Watchman (via Steve Quayle and Realist News)

    Curiously, it was reported this week that Chase banks will no longer allow customers to store cash or precious metals like silver coins in their safe deposit boxes. As they signal an end to private storage for their customers, however, they are taking physical delivery of massive amounts of silver.

    As The Wealth Watchman explains it, JP Morgan Chase has been closely associated with the rigging and suppression of silver (and gold) markets for the sole purpose of keeping the system afloat. “Without the rigging of silver and gold’s price, the price rocket that would take place would torpedo world confidence in debt instruments, in inflation figures, and in the state of the global market’s health,” he says.

    But things may be about to change because for the last year and a half or so Chase’s silver purchase have been in a period of dormancy. This begs the question, why now?

    So, it stands to reason…

    That IF JP Morgan has reached the point where it’s looking to “score big” on a silver run-up, then it’s only because the system itself has run its course, and there is nothing left to steal. As I have long stated, I expect the big “escape” of silver’s price to only occur once their system is done.

    It appears that the end game is nigh.

    This would explain why the elite are buying secret hideaways, why the government has been simulating economic collapse scenarios and the civil unrest that would follow, and why Jamie Dimon has instructed his organization to be one of the largest holders of precious metals in the world.


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      1. It’s weird. I’ve been spending quite a bit lately on preps, and every time I do so, I always say: “I hope I never have to use this.”

        That being said, how do I go about buying junk silver? I just want to buy about a $1000 worth. And how would I know that I’m not being ripped off?

        • “F.S”
          I go to a local coil dealer and get junk silver. He makes about 5 cents on the dollar.

          What I did was look up coin dealers in my area and found one about 5 miles away. Built a good relationship with him, and when he comes up with some deals he calls me.

          Good luck.

          Again stay with a local for junk and they may also have .9999% troy Oz. silver.

          My wife orders from JM Bullion and we have been treated well and the silver has been great. The problem with that is the Guberment knows that she did. Remember if you buy over (I think) $800.00 at a time you have to make out some type of tax paper work so keep you buys less that the magic number. But they only sell .99999% troy Oz. pieces. They also sell larger pieces I was just told by my wife.



          • Sargent,

            I believe the criminals track silver orders of $600 or more. I think that was specified by Obamadon’tcare.

            • “Curiously, it was reported this week that Chase banks will no longer allow customers to store cash or precious metals like silver coins in their safe deposit boxes. As they signal an end to private storage for their customers, however, they are taking physical delivery of massive amounts of silver.”

              Is anyone else getting tired of the elite’s constantly slapping us in the face? “Do as I say, not as I do.”

              They want to hoard PMs, but don’t want US to.

              They want guns, but don’t want US to have any.

              They eat non-GMO food, but want to cram GMOs down OUR throats.

              They want fully-stocked bunkers, but call US terrorists if we try to do the same.

              The list of hypocrisy is endless. I know they think they’re better than us, but there has to be a limit, doesn’t there?

              • Ted Butler is the guru of silver – might check what he says out. Dave Morgan does a good job, as does Harvey Organ. Might google around and see what they say that you can get for free. James Cook Investment Rarities often publishes Butler. None of these guys are 100% right – nor am I (just ask my wife); however, these guys are at least recognized as silver experts, for what that is worth.

                • The linked Wealth Watchman article above includes some comments from Ted Butler as well, for those interested in his perspective.

                  Thanks TEST.


                    • Thanks for the link.

                    • That basically tells you how to avoid reporting for sales and purchases.

                      Most people here would find no trouble in avoiding a report being made for either a purchase or sale and it helps in planning current purchases to avoid it in the future as well.

                • Test, Butler was the man that got me to start buying silver. But his predictions never came true. He seemed ignorant as hell as to the power and ability of the bankers to manipulate prices. He still believes the laws against manipulation actually have any effect. I still bought silver regardless because he was correct in his fact finding and info. It was a wakeup call as to the power these bastards have over markets.

              • sixpack, only a fool would ever store there goodies in a safe deposit box anyway.

                • Sixpack, you are wise beyond your years.

                • Sixpack, you are wise beyond your years.

                  • Sorry for the double post
                    but sixpack is worth the
                    extra accolade.

                  • Sorry for the double post
                    but sixpack is worth the
                    extra accolade.

                    • OutWest, that counts as a quadrupole post.

              • Sixpack, AMEN to your comments. The ivory-tower crowd will face retribution one day, and that day is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

              • The banksters are telegraphing their intention to loot ‘safe’ deposit boxes. I suggest everybody comply with the banksters’ edict and remove from said boxes anything you’re not comfortable with giving away (and possibly going to prison for having). What a racket–steal your property and then send you to prison for having it in the first place.

              • +1 to that! How long till we can rid ourselves of the pigs that squeal the loudest while the rest of the farm animals do without?! Bring on the reset…It has LONG been overdue!

                NOW, will the “ANTI”-spambots RECOGNIZE me today? NOPE!

                • Yea! I’m recognized now! FINALLY! AGAIN!

            • Kfilly:
              You are correct. That’s why I never order silver and buy it direct for a dealer I know and learned to trust.
              If you don’t feel right with a dealer leave and find another.

            • Yes,it is $600.00. somebody sends somebody a receipt copy to IRS. Something that was slipped into he Obamhacare bit.

              • I thought the 1099 requirement was shelved (but will NEVER be rescinded).

              • Folks, there is no reporting of bullion purchases of silver, only sales of 1000 ounces or more during a one-week period. I am a bullion dealer for over 15 years now, and have never had to report a single client purchase, just the aforementioned sale or buy-back from a client. I know of what I speak. Sage of Wexford.

          • i’m going to take this story with a grain of salt i gotta carry home in a wheelbarrow….wasn’t it just a couple years ago that we heard JPmorgan was SHORT millions of ounces of silver?….were they ALSO …LONG silver contracts to MORE than offset those shorts?/////propaganda…that’s all i see here….i don’t know what to believe….but for now, i’m gonna party like it’s 2005!

            • Butt:
              You are correct. Damn there are a lot of smart people on this site.
              JP Morgan was short millions of ounces, but it was all on paper and not physical silver. They had a problem with there paper (scam) or cooked books you know one of those bankster parties to make them look better than what they really were.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • BCO and NR, I think they were charging people for storing their silver bars that they did not have in their possession.

                • Swinging:
                  How knows for sure. That would be a good scam to pull off or maybe they got caught with out any of there clients silver on hand and the clients are starting to ask for it back??
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Has anyone considered maybe they are just running up the price of silver. Imagine how many people are running to silver just because this clown said what he did.

            Silver will be useless anyway. In a collapse I don’t want metal, I want whiskey, toothpaste, shoes, anything but a useless metal once worth money.

            The people with the guns will take your silver anyway. If it goes down you don’t want to live in that type of world anyway. Keep one gun and a bullet handy otherwise prepping is just a prolonged death sentence.

            • Too much gold and silver is a problem as well as not enough. I want enough silver to pay the property taxes and housing costs that are going to skyrocket. The homeless will not have a place to keep their whiskey, toothpaste, shoes, or much of anything else.

              • Using silver to pay property taxes? what a concept! you’re a beacon of freedom brother!!!

              • “The homeless will not have a place to keep their whiskey, toothpaste, shoes, or much of anything else.”

                What do you think they keep in those shopping carts?

                As for their whiskey, I don’t think most of them have any booze long enough, to need a place to keep it.

                They keep it “down the hatch”, of course.

          • Sgt.
            Just purchased 85 Silver Eagles (1oz)& 6 Gold Eagle (1/10th)and DID NOT have to give my name. Typically at the store we deal with(St. Louis), whenever over $2,000-$2,500 purchase, they ask for your name. The govt. can kiss my ass…it is no business of their’s what I buy & how much!! Of course we know that they MAKE IT their business and for their good reason! Buying locally and not thru a business like Blanchard, JM BUllion, etc…keeps the transaction between me & the seller.

        • Go to “coin melt value” on the net they will tell you what the actual, as minted, metal value of coins are. At the moment, Silver coins are selling at 10-20% above that, When silver prices get this low nobody really wants to sell, so coin prices are a little high.
          If you are going to buy Gold coins I suggest the Fisch (FISH) Fake coin detectors they do work. Ask around on this site, people here know a lot, let them know where you are, they know.

          • The site is coinflation .com for melt values.

          • A silver dollar is 73% silver and weighs an ounce. Therefore if silver is $16 /oz a silver dollar equals.

            16 x .73 = $11.68

            Because this was real money a half dollar is half of this value, a quarter on quarter, a dime is 1/10.

            • A silver dollar is 90% silver and contains about.77 oz of pure silver

            • NOT TRUE, the silver dollar as minted. has a bit more silver in it than the smaller cons. It was done that way to prevent people from melting the little coins. Go to a coin site they will tel you the real numbers.

        • ebay

        • ” “Without the rigging of silver and gold’s price, the price rocket that would take place would torpedo world confidence in debt instruments, in inflation figures, and in the state of the global market’s health,”

          soooo… in order to restore confidence in fake money, they submarine confidence in real money.

        • Several years ago there was a campaign to:


          Google it.

          • yes, there was a rumor around….probably STARTED by JPmorgan, that they were short millions, so therefore the price HAD to go nowhere but UP….and it could be proven maybe that they WERE short, they may well have been LONG several times more than they were short(and the offset may have been something else, like gold)….that’s the thing, just because someone is short a thing doesn’t mean they aren’t long also, and in their case it was probly MANY times more long than short….so even if you are caught saying “we are short silver”,,,,you were telling the truth….we just didn’t know you were NET long….we bet against you, and we LOSE….all this makes me wonder if they aren’t sending this out there just to put U.S. on the wrong trail….just MAYBE they aim to bet it the OTHER WAY(legally)…golden slacks is known for doing this too.

        • I recommend buying from the Royal Canadian Mint: they are fast and the service is good. They also have some amazing designs for the coins, which, post-shtf, adds a little but of fun to spending your silver coins.

        • Free:
          My brother and I have been buying silver for a few years now. It is very simple go to any coin dealer and buy $999.00 and no more than that a month. Awhile back the coin dealer had to start filling out a form if you bought over, (I’m not sure) I think it was $1000.00 or more and send it of to TPTB.
          You will pay a little over cost, there are several sites that will help you figure out the actual price of the coin. Remember the dealer will and a % so he can make a little money on the transaction, and that way he can stay in business. After you do it a couple times it is kinda fun.
          Silver is a long term investment and it goes up and down in price. I have bought silver for $8.00 an once to $24.00 an once. Going to buy some more tomorrow, I hope.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • I forgot, I watch,livesilver
            this keeps me up to date on silver prices.

        • FS – Sgt Dale is exactly correct. “Junk silver” (pre-1965 coins in the US, 1966 in Canada are recognizable, no one is going to forge a silver dime and interestingly, VERY roughly, 30 cents in silver from will still buy you – very roughly – the same amount of gas it originally did. PMs are fungible (an important word – look it up, but why we don’t use cows, bushels of wheat, etc.). Interestingly, in WWII, they made nickels out of 40% silver (I think it was 40); however, in a pinch, no one would know that, so not advisable – stick with dimes, quarters half dollars.

          In Illinois, I have used Fox Valley Coins in Naperville, IL. for MANY years. Reasonable markups, a strongly committed Christian man, and just salt-of-the earth folks. I think his mark up is 3% but I’d have to check. Just google them – they may ship if you are remote (tho cost of shipping might negate any savings) I have asked not to use my address on purchases, and they have never required it. This may vary by state. My signature is the worst scribble you can find (they do ask for a signature, but nothing else). If you are elsewhere around the country, look for a mom and pop type shop. That way there is no record – you paid cash, scribbled a signature, and left. I’ve heard of JM Bullion, James Cook, Van Simmons, etc., and all seem to have decent reputations. And just about anything Sgt Dale says is always pretty right on (understanding that no one is perfect… and even the pope would not have claimed infallibility if he was married!!)

          There are gold wafers you can get that break off into 1 gram units – one is from Valcambi; however, I think silver coins are a thousand times better – recognizable, no tiny gram of gold to get lost, low mark up, etc. Jim Rickards’ new book also speaks well of gold – you might pick it up it you want his macro-predications with whats and whys. He was one of the principals in the resolution of the LTCM crisis in 1998 (my, but how we forget! That one also had the potential to be a 2008 fiasco, but Rickards and others halted that; was a bunch of PhD/Nobel prize guys who got something wrong, and almost blew up the whole international financial schema.)

        • I’ve dealt with several times. Best prices I’ve found and they do have silver coins although I think you would do better with some of their silver eagles, maple leaves or the bullions coins and bars.

        • I am sure you have had several responses, but here is the way you do it. Go on the the internet and find a coin show that is at least 45 minutes from your home. It should have at least 25 to 30 tables of dealers. Go up to each dealer, and ask if he has any 90% silver, and how much he is charging. Only buy pre-1964,U.S., dimes, quarters or half dollars. You should be able to get them at 13 times face value, this week, due to high premiums. At present price levels, do not “dicker” to much. Be preparred to deal in cash. Buy them from a dealer that is respected by the other dealers. Short conversations with dealers will give you all the information you will need. Once purchased, store them outside of the banking system, and tell noone what you own. This includes your children, in-laws,siblings, and spouse. There are reasons for each thing I have told you, that I do not have time to explain. If you follow these intructions closely, you will do fine. At these prices, it is more important that you make the purchase, than the price you pay.

          • Bob- I am fairly new to purchasing coins and I know you don’t have time to explain all the information you provided. However, it was so to the point that I am intrigued by your apparent expertise. At some point would you explain “why” on some of these directives? Thank you.

        • Forget Junk Silver. Buy 1-Oz .999 pure silver rounds. You can buy them here for as low as only .75 cents above market price. You can make that comission back in a one day market swing. Check out this site. Gainesvillecoins dot com. Call and lock in your market price, then put a deposit down, CC, or wire the money and within a few days go pick up your physical Silver. Had the Security carry the 32 lb box to my vehicle. Oops, but I lost it in that boat accident. Round 1 Oz rounds that looks just like currency, will spend the best. People will laugh at you dumping a bag of scrap silver on the sales counter when you go to buy bread. Wondering if any of it is real siver or diluted… Just saying. Silver is sitting in the $15 range this week. Anything below $16 is a strong buy.

      2. I don’t see to many big buyers stockpiling silver. Atleast the market don’t seem to reflect that. Trekker Out.

        • Kyle Bass – one of the smartest men in finance – just bought, if I recall correctly, $20mm dollars in nickels a year or two ago. Advantage here is if there is inflation, they will probably go at a premium, even if the police state says you can’t melt them, and if there is deflation, they will still be worth a nickel! Downside is the weight. Still… if you wanted to get a couple thousand in nickels, might be worthwhile. NO ONE will rob you of your nickels – unless they are Superman. Not very convenient vis-à-vis silver (AG) and gold (AU), but FYI. To my mind, platinum has more upside in that production costs are WAY above sale price, and the RSA (main producer country) continues to be a Marxist mess.

          As to “not seeing too many stockpiling silver,” I would suggest no one goes around with a big sign on their back saying “I stockpile silver. Rob me.” The point is, this very article just indicated that someone is stockpiling a LOT of silver. Also, you need to know there is a LOT more gold available than silver. This is because silver is also an industrial commodity and is used up, with recovery not worthwhile. I’d have to look it up, but I seem to recall there is something like 1 billion to 5 billion AG (silver) to AU (gold) – but just google “gold to silver above ground supplies to get the actual data.

          • Test, I believe that was 1 million dollars worth of nickels and that was about 4 years ago. I don’t think that investment has shown much return. But whats a million dollars to a billionaire. Trekker Out. Don’t Put All Your Investments In One Basket!

        • Make sure your stockpile of lead/copper/brass is complete and sufficient before stockpiling silver/gold.

      3. I think having a small quantity of gold/silver may be a good thing, but the way these people want you to buy it is stupid and irresponsible. Again, you can’t eat gold/silver, you may be able to barter a little, but I’d rather trade 25 rds of .22 ammo for a can of food than for a couple of silver dimes.

        • Problem is, I don’t want your ammo, I want money.

          • With ammo, i can’t take your food.

            • should have said, with ammo I can take your food.

              • should have said, with ammo I can take your food.

                You should have said “with ammo I will give others more for themselves after they kill me” 😛

                • With Ammo I can take your gold, silver, car and wife. No worry I’ll bring the wife back after a day of hearing her bitch about you. Ha.

              • You can until you end up killed by someone you’re trying to take it from or a rival robber, which may be the first attempt or several further down the line, the same way all armed robbers and killers meet their end.

                Even the famous ones like John Dillinger, Baby face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde or Pretty boy Floyd did, and they were good at what they were doing. You think you’re better than they were? How much better?

                Armed robbery is not a good survival strategy.

              • With ammo you will not take my food, because a.) that would be evil, and b.) most people don’t ONLY stack silver, but also have ammo IN ADDITION to silver. Besides, your (I assume lame) attempt at humour is not funny when you joke about violence.

                Point is, you don’t know, nor do I, whether there will be a TEOTWAKI/Mad Max breakdown, where gold is useless, or an Argentinian meltdown, where gold will save your buttockal region.

                But I guarantee you that your implied use of violence, in the event of a serious cataclysm, will leave you, yourself, the victim of your own evil. Violence in the course of self defense may be necessary as a last resort. But to cavalierly joke about it is unfitting an disgusting. Do NOT attempt to show up at any of the posters’ houses at SHTF and intend to walk off with their food or gold in a TEOTWAKI situation. You may be successful once, or even twice, but the third time you will be on your way to a literal – not figurative – Hell.

                Very unfortunate post on your part. Violence, theft an coercion is not the way. Leave that evil stuff to the leftists.

                • TEST, damn good points. Any home invasion, attempted robbery, or other such shit at my place will get someone the death penalty. That decision is final and there will be no appeal.

        • Confederate, I agree. My FRNs are invested in food, water, water purification, ammo, guns, camping equipment, medical supplies, extra clothing, etc., things that I know help me to stay alive. A certain amount of gold/silver will probably be good for bartering, but most of my money goes for the preps that really count.

        • I see you didn’t list bitcoins. I still keep some Confederate currency and don’t know why. Same reason I keep planting seeds I guess. Everything material, raw or not, will retain some value to some one at some time. But a 154 year old bitcoin? Really.
          “I’ll make that trade right now. I’ll trade some canned salmon for your 22 ammo. My pre Fukushima canned salmon will cost you your silver though and more than a couple of dimes. Maybe a little gold. No? Got any heritage seeds? Let me run the Geiger over them. OK,deal”.

          • If you have pre-fukushima tuna, is that safe to eat? Its past expiration date, is there concern for botulism?

            • If it was Biologically safe to eat when it was canned, if the cans still intact it’s still Bio safe. No Bio or other nasty just gets a tiny drill and gets in. Issue is taste and smell. I have kept Tuna for years in a cool place with no problem.

              • It was yummy. It is best before, not bad after. Paranoid is right. It is the nose and a bulged can in this case. I would be more careful with medicines past their date. Less effective so they label to not get sued.

                • Also canned tomato anything. It is the acid that etches the can lining. Right Acid?

                  • You are right. Tomato is very acid and will eat up the can, If you want to store it either Buy Dry powder, it keeps in the Long term cans or buy it in glass with a plastic insert In the lid. Cool it will keep for 2-3 years in regular cans so it’s not that big of a problem .

              • I just had a few packs of tuna almost a year past exp date and it smelled fine and tasted fine. Had it packed in a cool dark place. I put it in some boiled water and added my Mac n Cheese. Very tasty.

        • You have no idea what a breakdown would be like. If it is catastrophic, yes, I’ll take a can of tuna over a gold bar if I am starving. But what if it is just and Argentinian style meltdown. Then I would MUCH rather have the precious metals. Truth is, no one knows what might happen, so best to do, as the Bible says, divide your portions into 7 or 8. I have bean, bullets and PMs… and more, and I think everyone should, along with land.

          Incidentally, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, but straight Americans can buy land in Canada, and is a good diversification. If you are sued, who will know you have that land? Are they going to get a chain saw and cut the land out and return it to the US? Land is not subject to FATCA. This said, do NOT, NOT buy in most cities in Canada right now. IMHO, there is a MASSIVE bubble (see for info on Canada – excellent site). Toronto, Vancouver, Alberta, Ontario – all generally a disaster waiting to happen. What I would recommend is using They sell rural Canadian property. Been in biz for 100 years, so they are not fly by night. I bought in Nova Scotia, as the Maritime provinces are NOT in a bubble, and due to the Gulf Stream (no Al, the Gulf Stream is NOT stopping, and your BIG GREEN MONEY scam is just that, a scam). Right now, the CAD is only 80 cents US, so you can get good deals. They have a lot of rural property in northern Ontario (not in a bubble if you get more than 3 hours out of Toronto) and the Maritimes. I am very pleased with my purchase on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, right ON Lake Bras d’Or. As always, do your due diligence, but just some thoughts….

      4. My assumption is that they are “stockpiling” paper silver, not the real metal. They’d need to build new vaults to actually store all that.

        Estate auctions are a good place go to buy “junk silver”. I don’t, but I see old silver coins in the auction listings all the time.

        • Actually, in this case it seems that this stuff is metal, that’s what’s interesting, and they already have storage, In 1000 oz blocks it does not take that much. The pictures give me pile envy

        • From the article, sounds like they ARE taking delivery, OC. May I encourage everyone here, TAKE POSSESSION. Do NOT NOT NOT buy paper silver, as there are 100 claims to every ounce, and when the music stops, Hillary and her cronies, not you, will have the chair. Worst case, go to if you don’t want to store. They do a good job. Your PMs should NEVER be unallocated!!!

          Also, be aware you can put PMs in a self directed IRA. IMHO, platinum if the most compelling right now of all the PMs

      5. Buy your Silver now. Chase is clearing out all the paper money and replacing it with silver. Something is coming!!!

        • One problem I find in buying precious metals is finding a competitive price. We’re always saying, I remember back in so and so year when silver was 6 dollars an oz. but could you really buy it for that price. Just as today silver is currently 15.73 an Oz. but the best price I can find to buy it at is 18.17 per Oz.for Silver Eagles. I know you can buy silver cheaper than SE but that is another problem that you must beware of, if and when you go to sell some of this bullion and coins will have to be assayed and their will go you profit. Trekker Out. Just Sayin!

          • Sometimes those “we buy gold/silver” places will sell you junk silver coins for a good price. They usually send them to refineries and if you can beat the price they get from the refinery they will sell them to you instead.

          • Mountain:
            I pay 1.4% over cost at my dealer that I have been doing business with over the years. And he has all the overhead and has to make a profit to stay in business.
            Plus only me and my wife and him know when and how much I buy and a rough idea on how much I have bought from him. He is a prepper also!;-]
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb.

          • Then buy junk silver, not SEs! Moreover, no one is currently counterfeiting silver dimes or quarters. Your post is not compelling.

          • I was able to find a jewlery dealer that sells 1 ounce rounds (silver) for current daily time price and no tax if you pay in cash.
            I agree that you cannot eat gold or silver and i also agree that you need MORE preps in beans, bullets and bandaids, BUT if you have a little bit of gold and or silver and IF things come back, those PM’s might just allow you a comfort zone. just my food for thought

        • The coin shop I delt with said they had a fake gold Kugerand coin come in. Did not pass the electronic metal test. Just saying buy from a real deal and not junk silver or gold off the street. You got an electronic metal tester in your BOB post SHTF? Don’t be a Sucka’.

      6. I have been buying silver for re-establishing my wealth AFTER any major event. Although it might be useful at the onset of an event or for bribing, my main thought is it does and always will have value, that it can be hidden, and will benefit me in the future. I know I can’t eat it-it’s just one part of my preps.

        • … and it has been doing what you say for the past 4,000 years, BTW

      7. I always remember this guy– ever since saw his picture after he said, “oops! lost millions of dollars; sorry about that!” and had the happiest look on his face… I will never forget the look on his face! (bliss!)

      8. “Large” is a relevant term. If my math is correct the above is a bit over $100 million dollars in silver. For such a bank its pocket change.

        I’m neither an optimist nor pessimist but more of a realest. Is something bad brewing? Yes; but its been brewing for quite a while. We know the why; its the when that’s the big question.

        • For a multi Billion dollar bank, Yes, it it less than pocket change. Riddle me this; So why would they want it? Well If they think all those billions are going to dust then what? How do they stay a large player? PM’s in hand are the only way I can figure to do it. Why would they not want YOU to have cash or PM’, that’s easy. The more you spend your cash the more they get. The fewer PM’s you have, the more for them.

          • It will take a lot more than that to corner the market like the Hunt Brothers did 3+ decades ago with gold. Maybe its for some very short term expenses during some monetary transition they see coming.

            I give up trying to make sense of every move as this is far too complex for my simple mind with limited access to real information. I know it doesn’t bode well when looked at collectively with everything else going on both domestic and global. Its just another piece of the puzzle. Given enough pieces the picture emerges and the expected date of completion becomes more clear.

            • The Hunts cornered the Silver market in ’81 with about 240 million oz. 6 years before that, the US Gov had 2.2Billion oz. Now the Gov has none. I don’t know what it takes to be a major player now , but suspect 55 million oz puts them in a place where they get a spot at the table, no matter what. (No one said that was all they have or if they are done.)

        • Kevin,
          you are correct, that is not really much to a Bank as big as JP Morgan, so what it does say is that they DO think something big might be on the horizon and this is there insurance in case IT does happen,so as WE watch we can also hope to see it BEFORE it comes crashing down, and lots think it will be soon.

      9. In the end we do what we think is best for ourselves and our families.

      10. Folks if you buy silver or gold PLEASE get it in HAND, because if you don’t you really don’t have it. All you will have is paper, just like a dollar bill.

        • I’m with SGT.

          Buying silver and having it held on account, instead of the physical silver is a bad idea. When you buy silver on account, there is NO actual bar ith your name on it, it’s like Social Security, it’s a promise. Not long ago, I either heard on TV or read somewhere, that currently for every oz of silver being held on account, there’s roughly 40 owners of the same “bar”. It’s all a paper games.

          • Its closer to 100 owners for per each oz of silver. There is not enough physical silver for everyone. The paper ETF’s are another scam from the IOU promissory notes bandits.

        • Sgt.:
          You are right, make sure it is in your hand for a few reasons.
          1-If it is your hand you really have it.
          2-TPTB don’t know how much you have, no taxes.
          3-It’s not flammable
          4-It’s always worth something, paper is not.
          5-It’s pretty.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Reb, good post! No one can take it, tax it, know what you have, it’s accepted in every country, etc. It IS the most private and safest store of wealth. And when you have enough you can take a treasure bath in it 😛

        • Sgt is 100% correct. Do NOT buy paper PMs under any circumstance other than pure speculation. If you don’t have it in your hand, you don’t own it. Period. And that is the whole point of PMs. It is the only thing that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability

      11. Do as I say, NOT as I do!
        Shut up children and go to bed.
        Sleep sound tonight, Obummer has your back.
        The elites already own it all, NOW they want to OWN YOU!

      12. Is there a way to buy PM’s for spot?

        • Is there a way to buy PM’s for spot?

          YES, if your holding a .44 magnum in your hand lol.

        • Yes, start a commodity account and buy 1000 oz bars on the markets. you will pay a small fee and shipping. And everyone that counts will know you have it.

        • swinging richard,
          I posted a few paragraphs up that i found a jewelry dealer who was selling me 1 ounce rounds for spot price, if you paid cash. look around and ask them in person. don’t call and ask, makes them nervous.

          • Thanks Apache, will give it a go.

      13. Silver is still pretty cheap. It’s worth picking some up if you don’t already own any.

        Been making good strides over the last month.

        I just finished my solar setup. (2) 100W panels, 1500W inverter, 3 deep cycle batteries. Plan on adding 2 more panels and 1 more battery next month. Also have a nice compact portable system to do anything from USB, AA, AAA, CR123.

        Got 3 more months of food and 50 pounds of rice yesterday.

        Finished all the loose-end gun projects like zeroing, installing compensators, buying / fixing broken parts and accessories.

        Been working out pretty regularly as well.

        Everyone needs to pick up the pace and keep it up.

        • Nice work, Chilton.

        • Did that prepping 2 yrs ago. Including my dads 1947 12g shotgun. There are still a gew places out there to get old spare parts. The Spring for the shell tube was in bad shape. Its like new now. Let er’ Rip..

      14. There are 100 tons of copper in the Statue of Liberty. I wonder if they’ll use it to make real pennies again after the shtf? I would bet that in the aftermath, people will trade their Liberty for an economy.

        Maybe all that silver is going to be used for new coin minting?

        Maybe they’re getting rid of paper currency because they are planning on a new gold backed economy…

        Yeah right! That would be the day!

      15. Notice that when these public cabalist azz clowns talk in public, that they use the word we alot. Most Americans, at least the dumb down ones, think that when they say the word we, that it means us, the people. Its all about them, not us. The underground bases and all the supplies that they are hoarding in those DUMBS are for them, not us. They could give a rats azz about any of us on the surface. When i first descover this website 4 yrs ago and read it occationaly, i never taught in a million years that one day i would have the guts to post here. After leaning from all the reaseach, evidence, books etc and then i met the scientist, i now post with confidence and not to worry amymore about what the fusion centers NSA, CIA, are monitoring. We are already in a world of Horse manure. Even some of the cops i am friends with are telling me, that they pull people off the road daily writing tickets, and even they are preppers and dont trust the government, that they are getting ready for post shtf. After what i learned from the scientist what these sick rat bastards planned years in advance, i knew i had to let some of it out. What better website than this one. This website is the top website for these types of dissussions. The higher consciousness wacko’s think that because we are in the age of aquarious that, we will reach enlightment, ha, haa, yea right. I have news for you types, you can start your walking up process by pulling you head out of your azzes and wake the hell up. The realtiy is that without food, water and preps, you are totally and completely screwed. I dont think that this azz clown standing up in front of the council on foreighn relations is really speaking on our bahalf. All thats coming out his mouth is pure unfiltered BS, As he gets home later on, calling DHS, asking them how many mraps, tanks and soldiers do we have ready on standby as he rolls in the assets to take on the American people. Nice Try banker boy, you aint fooling me or any of us on this site. We are way ahead of your crap.

        • HCKS, excellent post. Nothing in it I can dispute.

        • wonder how many are in so cal.. we need preppers meeting, there are too many cool people who I’ve read over and over and haven’t posted until past few months. I join the ” CRAZYCROWN PERANOID ” crowd, we are the only ones who get it.
          can we talk about water sources, lets not give too much away but being in so cal I’m kinda looking at the Colorado river and thinking of finding a second place near that, ANY WORDS on Get aways ??? sorry if I sound stupid, I hope you all understand. Things are getting so real, so close, We really gotta treat it like the SHTF any moment, I did notice one thing, the Chase bank deposit box story hit CNBC today, why did we know 2 to 3 days ago, THANKS FOR THIS SITE, I appreciate every single one of you that bring wisdom to the table. FOR YOU, it will not be a bad situation for me. You are all teachers 🙂 Thank you ! ! ! ! and please keep us informed. maybe shtf on facebook. I will look into it now,

          • There are a few here who live in Cali, the rest live in the united states lol.

        • HCKS

          Sandbags from the waist down. Body armor from the waist up. Include Kevlar Helmet.

          • And hope you’re not up against a flame thrower.

            • Sharon

              Hahahahahaha! Good One.

            • At the rate we are going they won’t have gas money.

      16. You can’t have a PM backed economy unless it’s steady state. There’s a finite quantity of the stuff and it can’t grow. Much like… reality.

        And the economy is apparently not about reality. Not with population numbers this high.

        • I agree: PMs can only be part of the currency back-up. We now live in a totally different economic paradigm from the past and it is not possible to have an economy restricted by PMs and their quantity. For all sorts of reasons, you cannot only use PMs: the economy is too mobile and rapid now, people travel far more, and we trade much more with the rest of the world. Then throw in the war spending and welfare, and PMs are not enough. PMs are a base in a crisis but not the basis of a modern economy.


      18. Why are so many people worried about a $3-4 premium for silver eagles? After all, most people on this board are suggesting silver will hit $50-100. Its almost laughable.

        • Maybe they plan to release the stuff into the market to drive the price down during a run-up.

          I mean that makes sense to me. As has been stated, this is what, a couple hundred mil? It’s parking meter change to them.

          They might be buying in low to make a sort of “relief valve” for their business. Drive the “competition’s” value down.

      19. One way to buy silver without getting on the radar and getting it at the best price is to buy old sterling silverware. It’s .975 pure, not tracked by any government, portable, held in hand, and you can find it at garage sales, antique stores, and on-line.

        • Yeah, I sold an entire set of 12 Wallace Grand Baroque sterling dining sets for a few bucks some years ago. I regret this, but then things were cheap and silver was mostly just scrap and gold was $30.00 per ounce.

          Heck, even huge gold rings were CHEAP.

      20. These silver sellers take you buying and selling. Last I checked, silver was at $15.80. The cheapest cost over spot I can find around here is $3.95 per 1 ounce coin at a coin dealer in a Sears store at the mall, that’s for cash purchases. Others want 5 or 6 dollars over spot. Previously, a couple years ago I bought 50 oz. at just under $20 per oz., plus about $5 each over spot. It seems like a losing proposition in hindsight. How much would I get if I sold them, about $12 per ounce? The price would have to go past $30 to even get my money back. I would like to get more but it seems like a big racket. I realize one has to hold it until it goes up, but hey that could be never.

        • Get a short term subscription to coin world magazine. There are a lot of great deals from advertisers there and they are reputable.

        • Don’t blame the dealers, you’re buying silver coins at the mall. Expect to pay for the high rent there.

          Find somewhere else to buy your silver. I’m getting most of mine for spot plus 15%.

      21. A little off topic.

        Cost of things and Tension in the air.

        Over the past two months I have been in the Flea Markets looking to buy military gear. Very little and what was being sold was ragged and priced real high. Checked out the Army/Navy store. Pistol belts that were $10.00 are now $20.00 with increases across the board.

        Either it is inflation or the unavailability of gear to the public. Maybe people are holding on to their personal service gear instead of selling it.

        I have noticed “New Buyers” that frequent the same Flea Markets I do and are trying to buy up gear.

      22. I have a MRE and the price of that package is One Ounce Silver.

        You are hungry of course and so is your buddy.

        Both of you have an ounce of silver but one of you paid $6.00 and the other paid $50.

        Will one of you want more MRE’s for the coin and hesitate or will the person that paid $6.00 snatch up the food.

        • GREED will finish destroying us, post-shtf. We will only have ourselves to blame.

          I’m sorry, but if everyone just sees a major collapse as the best time to take advantage of others, then I often wonder if that kind of world, with that kind of people in it, is a world I’d want to live in.

          Seems to me, nothing would change. WE’D STILL BE PUTTING OUR GREEDINESS AHEAD OF A HUMAN LIFE. We’d still have no empathy towards others. We’ll feed our chickens and cows, before we’d feed a hungry child. We’ll still think we’re better than the rest.

          What’s the point?

          If we can’t bring God back, and empathy and what it used to mean to be human, why should this hateful world go on?

          • Sixpack.

            Greed. That is the point. If you are going to survive you are going to have to play THEIR game.

            This is not Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Moose.

            To them it is only doing business. Nothing personal. Even if you do die.
            Why should this hateful world go on? Because we have to reach that point where hate burns itself out. Then we will live together in peace for the simple fact we will need each other more than ever to survive. God is teaching us that lesson right now.

            • We will live in peace for the simple fact that there will be two of us and that’s it.

              Chimps I tell you.

          • It cannot without integrity. Seen any lately?

            • GS

              Integrity. That will be the word of the Century.

              Got Some? ;0)

          • sixpack,
            greed has always been destroying this world for hundreds of years and each time it has it begins again, you would think we could get the DNA correct and eleminate those who do this crap! and have a nice place to live but i guess evil is lurking around the corner!

        • Time is what it costs, more or less. I fear its price is due to rise greatly for us all. May it always remain affordable. Shooter, if he is hesitating he ain’t hungry enough. Don’t set a price, open for bids.

          • GS.

            Whether it be $6.00 or $50.00 . It is only an ounce of silver. We determine the outcome. Would it have made any difference if the spot price of silver was $25.00. One loses half his investment. The other pays four times as much.

      23. slingshot, Sportsmans guide still has deals sometimes. sportsmansguide .com I also find some at yard sales here and there.

        • Genius.

          Thanks for the info. I have been buying and selling Military gear a couple of times a year so I can have extra beer money. All those supply depots are running out or prices starting to climb too. Might get tough in the future. Might have to look for a part time job.

          Oh, No! ;0)

        • Slingshot, check out Midway’s military surplus section. Sometimes they are cheaper than Sportsman guide.

      24. that’s why I bought a gold/silver mine in 2000. Small producer but it’s real money in the dirt bank. Turned down six times what I paid for it already.

        Cleaned my shooters again, triple checked food preps. Think I need some sand bags to protect my water supply now. Anybody know where I can get a deal on a hundred or so?

        • If I knew where to get some I would not be able to tell you because I would be contributing to the delinquency of a miner lol.

          • Genius that’s some funny sht right there

        • I think Campers Supply web site has them now.

          • Sorry …it’s

      25. Up here in Canukistan, the goto folks for PMs are located in Calgary, Albortia. Check out their selection and prices!

      26. This sire has become one big advertisement for silver and gold dealers. The owner has to be in the pocket of said dealers. H must be receiving kickbacks and the sheeple are following him

      27. I keep reading about all this gold and silver buying, so why is the price dropping so much on all of it?

        It doesn’t seem normal for the price of a commodity to drop when demand is increasing so much unless the demand is just creating a huge oversupply.

        I haven’t noticed any shortage of as much as I want anywhere I look, no one anywhere saying anything like “sorry, we just don’t have any available” so there must be gobs and gobs of it readily available on the market to keep prices falling the way they are (the price charts usually seem to indicate huge sales of it in very short periods when it drops so someone must be dumping it as fast as the can).

      28. So one of the biggest banks around, if not the biggest, is collecting silver like Homer Simpson collects donuts.

        Whats that tell ya boys and girls? It’s coming and they must think it’s going to be a bad one this time.

        55 million ounces is a LOT for one bank that’s not running a country.

        I’m curious though – so they’ve got all this silver and the world goes to shit; what are they going to do with it? Could be a clue as to what WE’LL do with it.

        Stack it all; Food, PM’s and ammo.

        • If the BIG banks are buying and stacking silver and trying to keep it a secret, and then we get wind of it, we can pretty much guess that something is getting ready to collapse the dollar completely.

          If the Big banks are advertising that they are buying and stacking vast amounts of silver, or gold; then it is probably a false flag meant to cause reactions/frenzied buying, in the sheeple, for the future benefit of the banks.

          I can hear it now…

          “Sure, we take gold and silver an transfer credits to your local Tax Collector,Utility company, and mortgage holder; after we deduct the gov fee for paying with illegal PMs and our handling fees, plus interest”.
          “Step right up to the counter, and let the counting begin”.

      29. Find a brick and mortar coin shop. Buy from there. Shouldn’t be any paperwork involved.

      30. I feel the rug is about to be PULLED! Prepare like tomorrow may never come. Every night has its dawn.

      31. I got all my silver in dimes….in a pinch I can load it into shotgun shells…..

      32. Bravehart, thanks for backing me up..those rat bastards have it coming. All those soldiers who can’t wait to start war with the American people, don’t worry you get the war of your dreams, let’s see if you and foreign allies will be in the 3-5 million survivors, good luck to you. Welcome to the gates of literal hell in earth. As the candian general tokd one whistle blower who leaked out what he was told by that general. Here is his exact words,. We will have the UN,and Nato soldiers give two gun shots to the head of the man of the household then we will take their wife’s and daughters and give them to the Chinese soldiers to service them..yes people this is what he says he is going to do, as Canadian troops mass across the border right now with jade helm 15, and the shipping in the heavy tanks and armored personal carriers. They are going to do this people. David Hodges says his sources have confirmed that the national guard and others in the military are really nervous right now because throw have been reading these blogs and know what’s installed for them once they enter our streets and neighbourhood. Hey Jay helm boys and the Muslim jihadist, good luck to you, you are going to die here.

        • HCKS, you’re welcome. I also know what’s coming to this land and already been a prepper since the 70s. Let those f#$%ers bring it on. I don’t care where they’re from or what they wear. I have some nice hot lead waiting for them. If they’re stupid enough to follow such evil and insane orders, they will pay the ultimate price for their stupidity and never see their homes or loved ones again.

      33. When deciding to stockpile silver versus canned salmon, or MREs, or bullets – there are some strong opinions against silver. But those opinions assume a post apocalypse world devoid of commerce or stores. In that world, silver is less useful in bartering than the other items. But how do you re-establish stores or commerce in any recovery? If I pull into the remnants of your town with a truckload of canned salmon, what are you going to give me? I don’t want your MREs or bullets. I need to buy diesel fuel for my fishing boats. Money has always been ‘stored work’ – it is the easiest way to price transactions or to pay people for their work or to purchase products. And if a new currency emerges you can easily trade your silver for that new currency.

        But what if we don’t collapse, but rather slowly fade away with the dollar being devalued? The value of silver likely goes up with the inflation. Commerce and stores stay open, but how do you buy $6.00 gasoline?

      34. I like Franklin halves and Mercury dimes- you can tell they are silver without having to squint and read the dates on them.
        Also SAE’s in those mint tubes, gotta love ’em, there’s no arguement about how much silver a coin contains when it says 1 oz. Argent on it.
        And if you can get an NGC or PCGS gold fractional coin for the same price as an ungraded coin, might as well get that extra provenance.

        Now where’s my pyrite and gold paint?…

      35. Gold and Silver have been used as an instrument of value for thousands of years.

        Humans have always lusted after precious metals. Why would that change after any SHTF/reset?

        • If food is so scarce that people would give a thousand $$ worth of silver or gold for a loaf of bread.. . . , or

          TPTB have outlawed use of PMs for payment in kind to any banking institution….

          at which time, people would most likely throw their silver and gold into the streets to see the rats come out to claim it.

          If banks can’t, and won’t accept it for payment, then you had better realize that Utilities and the local Tax Collectors won’t accept it either.

          Just sayin’, it could happen.

      36. The illuminati space aliens stole all the gold.

        For some reason they wear black skull caps and like to carry around flags with a six pointed star.

        And crazily enough, they want to replace white people with immigrants and stage lots of wars.

        Our ancestors knew. Christ and the founders knew.

      37. I am renting a safe deposit box and placing some fresh fish inside. With any luck after a few days the smell will equal the stench of the bankster criminals. No way can they figure out where the smell is coming from or force box holders to open them for inspection of contents.

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