Report: ISIS ‘Predicted’ Manchester Attack Via Twitter Four Hours Before It Happened: “This Is Just The Beginning”

by | May 23, 2017 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    As more details about the Manchester suicide bombing emerge, it appears that the attack, as we noted in initial reports last night, was coordinated by radical Islamic extremists.

    The Islamic State has claimed responsibility, saying that a solider of their Kaliphate was directly involved:

    “With Allah’s grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the Crusaders in the British city of Manchester, in revenge for Allah’s religion, in an endeavor to terrorize the mushrikin, and in response to their transgressions against the land of the Muslims.  The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena, resulting in 30 Crusaders being killed and 70 others being wounded.  And what comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies, by Allah’s permission.  And all praises due to Allah, Lord of the creation.”

    Now, just hours after the incident, it has been revealed by numerous mainstream reports that a member of the Islamic State made a threat approximately four hours before the explosion that killed at least 22 people.

    According to Express UK and Huffington Post, a user by the name of ‘owys663’ (now suspended) posted a Tweet in which he specifically identified Manchester as a terror target utilizing hashtags.

    An unverified Twitter account posted two messages and an image of an ISIS flag.

    The messages appeared to predict the atrocity at the arena filled with 21,000 fans.

    One message said: “Are you forget our threat?”

    Followed by: “This is just the beginning.”

    The tweets, which are not verified, are time-stamped at 6.24pm, four hours before the bomb went off.


    The retweet above came from a German-speaking Twitter account and reads:

    “Twitter locked the account @ owys663. He had announced the attack in #Manchester indirectly”

    Speculation abounds as to whether the tweet was legitimate or not, with some users claiming that the time stamp on the original tweets from the Islamic State supporter were posted outside of the UK, and perhaps stamped with a local time in the United States, making it appear that it was posted four hours ahead of the incident.

    That the Islamic State has claimed responisibility and that it is possible that the now suspended Islamic State twitter account posted this tweet ahead of time indicates significant coordination and planning.

    With 3,500 Islamic terrorists reportedly living in the United Kingdom, and with Islamic State actively working to develop chemical weapons of mass destruction, it appears that this is, indeed, just the beginning.


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      1. The conspiracies slowly unravel. Give it a day or two and there will be some pretty interesting information out there about what REALLY happened.

        • What “really” happened is that the religion of pieces (in this case, human CHILD pieces) claimed yet more victims. Been going on for over a thousand years.

          Next question.

          • Yes indeedy, the religion of pieces sponsored and armed by the CIA. The United States of America has become the biggest funder of terrorism by using the $$$ of its unwilling taxpayers .

        • I’m sorry, but i have no pity for Britain….i pity the dead and injured, but not the country of Britain., becuz they let these scum in their country, and now it is too late even IF they close the borders – which they will never do…as the scum are already there, and it will keep happening over and over….sorta like Viet Nam i guess….a hopeless war and no winning for Britain. I just wonder why it has not come to the U.S. yet? Any idea’s why not? I figure it will in time. Gee, now we gotta be afraid to go to the mall, bars, church, parades,games, anywhere where there are a lot of people.

      2. The Queen is a traitor. So is the Royal family. Hang them. The Royal family likes the Muslim invasion. They have opened the gates for the killers.

        • They are part of the NWO.

        • Someone needs to find all of those 3500 sandapes and send them all to allah {HELL}.

        • Him, etc: Europe has about been conquered and in order to install a caliphate/sharia law, mass murder and mayhem must increase as the leaders are bought off by globalists, to allow this third world trash to invade unabated. Trump said these terrorists are losers, yet the real losers are the Euro citizens allowing this and re electing their globalist leaders. Nihilism, decadence and males being sissies and cowards, and sheer lunacy rules the masses, they know nothing about their history and are taught nothing. A soon to be “Tet style offensive” and the final take down, and there will be zero resistance to hell on earth. People with common sense have quit travelling over to these countries, which are evolving into a third world dump. (,

      3. This sits squarely and firmly on the shoulders of the left,,,,
        Ye shall reap what ye sow

        • The young left “feminists” love the muslims. I wonder tho, when we get more sharia law here and the young feminists start to get genital mutilation or their young girls…i wonder if then they will wake up? But too late then, and they will deserve what they get!!!

      4. Yeah, they suspended owys663 Twitter account. That’ll show them. Another blow to the Islamofascists.

      5. Time to go hunting….no quarter.

        • Jim
          I agree. Dip you slugs in Pig blood or Grease. The fight is coming we all know this. No mater who is behind it. It is coming.

          Remember what they said. What comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies.

          Better get Right with the Lord, and stand your ground. I have turned the Left cheek the Right cheek, and both butt cheeks. No more! They who ever they are wants a war they will get it. They will not like what happens in the end.



          • Spot on. WTF is wrong with those British morons?

          • Sgt. Dale

            Do realize that your own government arms ISIS?

            • YEP!!!

            • ISIS, Taliban, Boko haram, etc. all these groups are created by the CIA.

          • Sarge, I’ve NEVER turned ANY cheeks in my whole life. We’re all facing a nightmare none of us ever wanted.

          • Sgt Dale; Load up on to eat and them to choke on!

            • Jim in VA, I have a better idea. How about having a BBQ right outside of a mosque? LOL!

          • Sargent, I’m with you also. As a man brought up in rural Maine and having lived in Californication for 4 years and Jax, Fl. for 20 , I am COMPLETELY fed up with our damned leaders, who are so unresponsive to us citizens unless you are promoting some kind of filth and vileness, and what they have allowed into this country at OUR expense. So, we are now unlocked, loaded and ready, let the gorilla games begin.

      6. 10 years ago this would have happened and the Dow would be down 500 points, today it is up. Normalcy bias is upon us. Nobody gives a shit anymore. They are winning. Like a herd of wildebeests watching at the river’s edge as a croc takes a friend out. We just glance up and then bow down and go back to eating. Humanity is in a bad place at this particular point in time.

        • The markets will rise because terror is good for business, so long as that business is war.

      7. Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS, America please wake up!

        • Agent76

          Tell this to the worshippers of the sphere and dancing with the stars people and you get a blank stare. How people can go through life so willingly ignorant of their surroundings, unable to question has always amazed me.

          • Kevin2 myself included as well!

      8. “get used to it”…is the universal language of the LIBTARDS for TOLERANCE of your MURDERERS….It is a de facto abdication to SURRENDER your life because the European ELITE DEMAND it rather than go against their vile actions.
        No one should “get used to it…They should FIGHT BACK AS VICIOUSLY as it is employed against them..fighting for your survival is NEVER a choice or a “right” it is NECESSITY. That reporter deserves to be caught by the invaders and what ever happens to her after that… SHE DESERVES IT that you be TOLD to sacrifice your kids and your lives and your safety for the Elites plan…unopposed. Every last mouthpiece of the EU deserves an IMMEDIATE DEATH because its what they EXPECT of you. FIGHT BACK!!!!


      9. What the UK is likely to do in the wake of this tragic terrorist attack to keep the British people safe.

        1. Increase Islamic immigration
        2. Educate the immigrants with special emphasis on the sciences such as chemistry
        3. Ban BB guns

      10. These muslim attacks are not new. If one reads history, this is the standard motis operandi of the muslims and has been for centuries. Thus, when the government and authorities invite the muslims in as refugees, these government officials are fully aware that the muslims are there to disrupt their culture and society, and the muslims will NEVER ASSIMILATE.
        I would say that these government officials that are making legislation that allows for muslim refugees to enter their country, are committing treason, of the highest kind. Inviting the enemy into the country, and paying them.
        For those people that drank the Kool-Aide, and believe some thing else, such as that it is only the rare muslim that is on the jihad, this is an outright false statement, all muslims, are on the jihad. All muslims will NEVER ASSIMILATE. To believe anything else demonstrates lack of critical thinking, a nice way to say, YOU LIBERALS ARE JUST PLAIN DUMB.

        • I don’t think there that dumb my friend they destabilize there countries, move them all to our counties then plunder all there assets,so someone s. Getting rich from what’s going on.then they sit in their fortresses ,and don’t give a shit what’s going on.

      11. Depopulation may not be such a bad idea after all.

        Where to start ???

        __ ? __

        • BfromA,
          Start in Washington DC. There is only about 30 or so people there that are worth saving.

          • If even that

            • Better off if we romove them all and put our own people in there place,then we can moan or remove them at will

        • Depopulate only the sandboxes [muslim countries]. That will definitely solve some problems.

      12. What I want to know is what kind of explosive was used? If it was military grade, how was it aquired. It’s not easy to get ammunition in England so even powder is difficult for the lone wolf to aquire. England is an island and not as easy to smuggle from Turkey like France, so what was the source? Also shows the ridiculousness of gun control.

        • Explosives are rather easy to make from common and easily available materials.

          As long as you aren’t too concerned with safety while you make, transport, or store them, which most terrorist suicide bombers aren’t.

      13. Don’t really know what to say,but I will say something.too many do gooders in government trying to look humanitarian and lining there pockets at the same time.well look what happens then ,22 people dead up to now but sure will rise.I live in Manchester and know the arena well ,have been there a few times in the last few weeks with my daughter and my friend .our country’s need to keep them out or send them all back to where they came from.or maybe bring them all to our countries and hang them from every lamppost in every city ,that would be a nice sight to see. Wishful thinking,how many more dead before we do something that will eradicate the bums forever. All our thoughts to all the victims of terror all over the world. In gods name please do something to stop this crap.

      14. Interesting. I watched as some of you did, this unfold.
        What stood out to me was the orderly convoy of about 7 emergency vehicles heading towards the scene. I also saw what were first responders on foot heading into the scene. Of course, I don’t know who had already responded but it seemed so orderly, so rehearsed, like a drill.

        Hate to sound indifferent, insensitive, but in this day and time, it is hard to believe the media unless you see it yourself.

        But as someone has said, wake up.

        • “I don’t know who had already responded but it seemed so orderly, so rehearsed, like a drill.”

          That’s why the conduct emergency practice drills for first responders all the time, so they will respond in an orderly and trained manner instead of in untrained chaos.


        If the young women who were killed were home in their beds on a school night instead of listening to mediocre American pop music (yes, redundant) they would all still be smiling and alive.

        The Society of the Spectacle swallows everyone. One of the reasons these crazy radicals do this stuff is because of the atrocities inflicted on their lands by industrial civilization (theirs and ours).

        • Wait until they hit a football game or political rally or a Church service.

          Only those in attendance of these or any other event or gathering suffer the consequences of terrorist attacks.

          Stay at home and lock yourself in a room in your basement, you’ll be safer that way.

        • I think they purposely hit the young girls as they think all American young girls are sluts becuz they do not wear Burka’s or cover their face. Yeah i think they targeted the young girls for that very reason. Very sick those muslims. I hate them!!!!!!!!

          • This attack was in England.

      16. Philippines just declared Martial law in the south of the country against muslim extremists….its starting! Look for something to happen here soon…we are so target rich,easy pickings.

        • That part of the Philippines has been having severe problems with the Muslims for decades (the communists before that).

          Martial law to rid themselves of them makes sense, it takes away a lot of their freedom of movement and attack and really doesn’t interfere much with the people who have been living in terror for years now (it may, in fact, benefit their real freedom by restricting the Muslim terrorists).

        • Well, even tho i am so isolated in the country and hate it sometimes i guess when the sh*t hits the fan i will be thankful i live here.

      17. screw the British empire need bomb control guess kiss the towel head asses now blame someone else don,t hate the peole of england just the Parliament assholes feel sorry for them to bad many good people died for them

        • Did you hear on the news that the Left is blaming Trump for the attack in Britain?!!! Maybe the Left should all move to the middle east or Europe even! They are so disgusting!!

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