Report: Hillary Clinton PROTECTED Adviser Who Repeatedly Sexually Harassed Young Staffer

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    Liberal feminist icon and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton protected one of her senior advisers during her 2008 presidential campaign after he was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a young staffer, according to a bombshell new report in The New York Times.

    The report, supposedly sourced by four different people familiar with the matter, details the allegations against Clinton faith adviser Burns Strider and the shocking fact that after his young subordinate came forward, Clinton herself apparently stepped in to keep him on her campaign while moving his alleged victim elsewhere.

    The Times wrote:

    Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager at the time recommended that she fire the adviser, Burns Strider. But Mrs. Clinton did not. Instead, Mr. Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling, and the young woman was moved to a new job.

    Mr. Strider, who was Mrs. Clinton’s faith adviser, a co-founder of the American Values Network, and sent the candidate scripture readings every morning for months during the campaign, was hired five years later to lead an independent group that supported Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 candidacy, Correct the Record, which was created by a close Clinton ally, David Brock.

    He was fired after several months for workplace issues, including allegations that he harassed a young female aide, according to three people close to Correct the Record’s management.

    Mr. Strider did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

    Those familiar with the accounts said that, over the years, a number of advisers urged Mrs. Clinton to sever ties with Mr. Strider, and people familiar with what took place did not want to see Mrs. Clinton blamed for the misconduct of men she was close to.

    The allegations that Clinton specifically helped cover up sexual harassment while remaining close friends with the alleged attacker come at a time when women across industries throughout the country are coming forward with their stories of abuse and, in many cases, coverup afterwards.

    The woman’s experience and the reaction to it have not been previously reported. Until now, former Clinton associates were unwilling to discuss the events for publication.

    But that changed in the wake of the #MeToo movement, in which dozens of men across the country and across different industries, have been fired or suspended for sexual misconduct.

    The complaint against Mr. Strider was made by a 30-year-old woman who shared an office with him. She told a campaign official that Mr. Strider had rubbed her shoulders inappropriately, kissed her on the forehead and sent her a string of suggestive emails, including at least one during the night, according to three former campaign officials familiar with what took place.

    The complaint was taken to Ms. Doyle, the campaign manager, who approached Mrs. Clinton and urged that Mr. Strider, who was married at the time, be fired, according to the officials familiar with what took place. Mrs. Clinton said she did not want to, and instead he remained on her staff.

    So not only did Clinton herself protect Strider, her own staff, who were completely aware of his conduct, refused to even speak about it for almost 10 years in order to protect Hillary and her political ambitions.

    This is the Clinton machine at its finest folks and once again destroys the false media narrative surrounding who Hillary Clinton the person actually is.

    One can imagine that Clinton operatives within the media will soon begin to downplay this shocking report while somehow blaming Donald Trump.

    Mark it down. This will happen.


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      1. But, but, but… she said that all women should be listened to if they seek help for being sexually harassed!! Friggin’ toad of a female should sit on the shards that glass ceiling of hers’ after it shatters under her ponderous and odoriferous and disgusting body. You all heard the stories, I’m sure. That she herself les-raped young girls. I tell ya, I believe those tales.

      2. Go Figure. Surprise to no one.

        • This isn’t the first time she protected a sexual predator.

          • Look closely. He may be a “senior advisor”, but is is him who is controlling her.

            Consequently, any perceived “protection” from her side must have been willy-nilly.

        • Time for Part 2
          If you want to read Part 1 it is on Jan.20, titled, Proof, The LVMPD..or,
          Remove the space:
          ht tp://

          It’s not Selco’s war zone but “Hurricane-One Version of a SHTF Event..

          It helps to realize you, and those with you, are in a state of shock. It may be mild or more serious, but knowing it helps you focus. It may not seem evident at first, but it’s there.

          Day one after the storm, we focused on reorganizing living conditions. There is no electricity and there will be none for an indefinite period of time. It might be 3 months, 6 months or more.
          Get the generator running. I’m glad I put 2 separate outlets from the generator to 2 different areas of the house. It’s not as handy as the transfer switch which directs power right to the electrical panel but it helps organize extension cords a bit.
          There is no municipal water. Like the power lines, they are destroyed for miles by downed trees and mud slides. The pumping stations have no electricity. No one does, except for those who thought ahead and have a generator and/or solar power. Keeping enough fuel for a generator takes planning. We stored about 40 gallons.

          In the past, gas and diesel have been readily available after hurricanes and storms in this area. That is what guided my thoughts on how much to store. This time was different. Transportation by fuel trucks will be near impossible for weeks. More on that later.
          If we run out of fuel, we run out. We have a small solar array that provides AC power for the basics. Not enough to run a full size fridge, but a medium size one, washer/dryer, (propane heated) cell phone charging etc. It will take some juggling and a lot of sunshine, but the basics are covered.

          9/22/’17 Our 5 acres look devastated. Fruit trees all took big hits. Some flat on the ground, some uprooted.
          There is a lot of tree work and chainsawing to do. We prop up as many trees as possible. After the soil has dried it cannot be done without breaking the root ball and probably killing the tree.

          About 7 days after the storm, we traveled to the nearest small town and see a line of vehicles waiting for gas. A line about a mile and a half long. But the station doesn’t have any.
          They’re all waiting for the tanker truck to refill the station’s tanks.
          What a relief to drive by knowing we had plenty of fuel. For the time being…

          On a ridge about a mile away I can hear diesel generators at night. 2 or 3 large homes have them running, with lights on everywhere. After just 2-3 days, they all went silent.
          Diesel is not available at any price, even if the gas station had any. It was restricted to emergency vehicles, front loaders, bull-dozers, garbage trucks and the like. They will not sell any to the public. It’s needed for emergency response. If you have a diesel generator or a truck, have your own supply, and lots of it.

          We went into a small mom and pop grocery store and were able to buy frozen orange juice, barely frozen. Not enough customers had electricity, so it was available. There was a fair amount of canned food available but many shelves were picked clean.
          We’ve seen the pictures. Now it was here, too.
          People who are not particularly fresh food eaters are now seeing a real need for anything fresh. An apple, orange, a salad or even a potato are impossible to find now. We went through our dried fruit supply too soon.

          Day 10 after the storm…
          Still no sign of aid. Luckily we don’t need any. Trucks cannot travel the roads. There are just too many downed trees and power poles. Bulldozers and excavators are needed before anything can move.
          We see many helicopters, mostly military, and many twin rotor workhorses overhead.
          Some are police in their black choppers. They look like they’re doing important work, to the casual observer.
          I think they’re elites out touring and sightseeing.
          The military twin rotors, it turned out, were on a mission to save a dam that was likely to blow out.
          For several weeks they dropped heavy loads of cement-like earth on it, and it worked.
          We also saw the Osprey vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for 4-5 weeks, but have no idea what their mission was.

          Were able to buy the first gasoline today, on day 10.
          $20. only, per person, with about a 20 minute wait.
          There was a large police presence at the station. One lane just for people on foot with containers, and the other two lanes for cars.
          Having the police there was a good idea. I think most people were still in a mild state of shock so everyone kept a cool head. Friendly conversations were observed.

          All sales, food or fuel, is CASH ONLY. No exceptions.
          A business may have a generator to pump gas or keep food cold, but there is no electric grid to use credit or debit. ATMs do not work either.

          • Thank you for posting this! It is great insight to what to expect when the grid goes down, for any reason! Glad you were ready! Looking forward to part three!

          • thank you for taking the time to post this !!

        • Well look at the dude. He was probably nailing the Hildabeast too but she wouldn’t do anything cause then he’d be gone and she’d be SOL.

          • PO’d Patriot, IF he nailed the hildebeast he had to be the most desperate man in the world. It’s amazing he’s still alive. Seems like he damn sure would’ve caught something., LOL.

          • Did you notice how crushed she looks in his mental “embrace”? Do you really believe she has the power to actually protect that guy?

            Maybe she has, in the same way a bodyguard has.

      3. You mean Bill? She can’t keep her own house in order…..

      4. Hmmmmmmm……So the witch Hillary shielded her rapist husband, Slick Willie for years and now we are supposed to be surprised that she is protecting one of her staff?

        It won’t really matter. Her brain-dead followers won’t care……nor will the MSM……and neither will the “in-Justice Department”.

        The Deep State looks after its own.

        Nobody cares.

      5. Democrat garbage,
        There are some things you just cant fix with the soap box or the ballot box,,
        Were there folks

        • If they don’t start the orange jumpsuit parade soon
          it could end up a line of body bags, both sides no doubt

          So much corruption given way too many years to formulate its ultimate plan
          The friken jig should have been up decades ago

          Massive damage by these people may have gotten this country so far down the line of ruin
          That even a revolution would not get us back our Republic

          If it does , I hope I get to see it

          • Unfortunately, and very dissapointing, Trump is letting us down with not upholding his campaign promise to lock her up. His word is who he is. My votes are who I am.

            • Did Trump ever say he was going to do that? I don’t think he did. He suggested it by saying “If I were the president you would be in jail”… is this an actual promise?

              It isn’t.

      6. Sexual harassment?

        30 year old’s complaint:

        He rubbed her shoulder “inappropriately”
        Sent suggestive e-mails
        Kissed her on the forehead.

        Big wow.

        30 year old broad ought to be glad any one still wants her.

        This is rediculous. How’s a guy going to get laid if he can’t let a female know he finds her appealing. I’m sick of this 1984 sex police crap.

        When a 30 year old grabs a teenager by the ass, or caresses her breasts; that’s going too far. But this report doesn’t sound like anything but a pitiful middle aged man trying his best to woo some woman. His marital status is irrelevant. Since when did it become a crime to be a bad husband?


        • you make a lot of sense, bitch from cali.

        • We don’t know the whole story but I’d be willing to bet that all of those things didn’t happen in a 5 minute time span. We don’t know if she asked him to stop or if she indicated to him, that the advances were unwelcome. If that turns out to be the case, then he was guilty of sexual harassment. It doesn’t matter if a woman is 20 or 30 or 40, if it’s unwanted, then it’s sexual harassment.
          If you think that a woman stops being attractive at 30 then you either have your head up your ass or you have only ever dated 20 something supermodels.

        • B from CA, so much of this ‘sex harassment’ crap is bogus. I can’t picture any of the celebrities being victims. When they first started out in their careers, they learned quick what it really takes to make it in Hollywood. They all knew what they were getting into and willingly did it. It’s interesting they didn’t see themselves as victims back then. So all of a sudden after the first allegations of Harvey Weinstein they are victims? Just as bogus as a 3-dollar bill.

          • Yes, totally agreed. There may be a few exceptions. There always are.

        • ” Since when did it become a crime to be a bad husband?”
          Thou shalt not commit adultery.
          Exodus 20:14.
          I suppose if you are not a J3w or a Christian, that
          doesn’t mean much to you. Even within those religions
          there is a lot of confusion as to what Adultery is.
          God is the ultimate judge and I don’t think he is confused.
          Don’t believe in God? OK, that is your right.

      7. I heard that Mueller has been fired?

      8. This is news? That should be expected from her.
        She has an army of useful idiots. If they cross her, she has them killed.

      9. I’ve had more girlfriends than I could count. Honesty, I’m not an angry guy or an egotist, but have always seen relationships with women as disposable, I use them as I see fit, and when finished just throw them away. Some have wanted to move in with me and live together probably because I own my own home in a really nice neighborhood. Men, here are some things you should never do; never say that you love her, never live together, never discuss your private life or mention personal details about your life – even if they ask, never give her the keys to your house, never let her decide what you are going to do for an evening or a weekend, never give her any control of anything, get a vasectomy and don’t tell them, and most of all never get married. When she does something or say something you don’t like use that as an excuse to dump her immediately.
        I’ve had a few girlfriends who would flirt with someone else to make me jealous, it never bothered me, then they got upset or angry because I didn’t care – jealousy is for boys, real men don’t care about adolescent feelings. I never, ever, was violent with any woman, in any way, and never let them rile me up though sometimes they tried, which for some reason upset them. I never cared about their feelings and often told them so, but it seems the more I ignore them the more they keep coming back. I don’t try to be rude but never explain myself for anything.
        I only date the most attractive women, but in my experience it seems the prettier they are the easier they are to use. I dated this one woman for about a year or so (but it didn’t stop me from seeIng others), she started talking marriage and kids, I told her then I had a vasectomy several years before, she started to cry and was angry I didn’t tell her before, I said why should I have to, then told her she needs to find someone else because I was not the guy who would or could give her what she wants. I have had one or two tell me I was the father of their baby. I said I required a DNA test, and she got really upset when I showed her about my vasectomy, that ended that. It is so sweet to have the power.
        Men, don’t be beta males, keep your power, your resources, your money, your time, and your happiness for you, keep it all about you. Just have a good time and enjoy your life the way you want to. Show them a good time but other than that who needs all the hassles and unnecessary responsibilities.

      10. Lock her up at GITMO. Military Tribunal find her guilty of Treason. Death By Firing Squad.

        • That would be the appropriate sentence.

        • No trial is necessary. We are the jury, and have already found her Guilty. Now let the sentencing commence.

      11. Little kids get cancer yet the clintons are still breathing. Life sure ain’t fair

      12. Hillary Clinton has enough known dirt to fill multiple sets of encyclopedias. Add in the slick Willy mostly ignored high treason, the ongoing body count tally and history will record this mind boggling evil pair as great!

      13. When that lying hag sat with Obullshit and that group of criminals in the whore house watching the raid that supposedly killed Bin Laden that was clearly an upchuck moment. Then to turn around and murder those servicemen who were ready to reveal the complete lie. Any justice, that entire room of treasonous killers should have been mowed down.

      14. This is no one’s fault. It is the result of Global Climate Change. The fact that one of Hilary’s advisors or her husband can’t keep it in their pants is due to Climate Change. Stop burning fossil fuels and Democrats will start acting intelligently. The Democrats are powerful in the cities where the air is the most polluted by burning fossil fuels. This burning turns people into Democrats.

      15. Relevant to the Bin Laden murder is a good article today at titled: False flag Super Bowl nuke alert. Very revealing.

        • Good article. If anything happens, we won’t be surprised.
          Expect a lot of Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force recruiting commercials.

        • Bravo aljamo.

      16. Mr. Strider, who was Mrs. Clinton’s faith adviser, a co-founder of the American Values Network”

        WTF? Faith adviser? What a dirt bag.

      17. Aljamo, back during the campaign I heard it said numerous times that if the Clintons are taken down then the majority of the scum in DC would also fall. That’s the biggest reason the Clintons have so much protection.

      18. Why on Earth am I not amazed? An avowed witch protecting sexual deviants. Tick-Tock…….

        • From the picture it looks like she is afraid of him more than anything else – never mind his debonair looks.

          Don’t trust rumors, trust your own observation (after reflection).

      19. Mean while in Michigan , the whole collage educational system is getting ready to collapse under the weight of all the sexual deviants that have been stealing from the tax payers for years.
        This is their shtf situation right here, your could see it coming for years and the time is near. All the perverted CEO’s ,LEO’S, and government employees are going down.

      20. Here is the reason why. she was doing it herself.

      21. Yes your Obama voting C word. You will defend her to the end . She is just uninformed. And she means well. Well we mean well. And she well? Vote for Oprah. And see well? Hard choices? Not really. No friends no family? Hard choices? Not really? Live free or die? The Tares must burn. Like it or not?

      22. That is certainly not the Hilldabeast sitting there. Very bad Photoshop.

        • I don’t know where you see Photoshop in that picture. The way she looks, in itself proves Photoshop is not at play. She looks totally crushed.

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