Report: Governments Building Ebola Detention Camps to Quarantine the Infected: “Community Care Centers”

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    The Ebola crisis is fast approaching a point of no return and now Western nations have gotten involved on a large scale in an effort to prevent the virus from making its way to major cities outside of Africa. Currently, no infections have been detected anywhere outside of Africa but virologists and other researchers have recently warned that the virus is beginning to spread at an accelerated rate and may lead to as many as 1.4 million infections by January. With a mortality rate over 50% and no signs of progress in slowing it down, Ebola could leave more than 500,000 people dead in just a matter of months.

    According to some research models, however, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Should the virus make its way outside of Africa and spread at a similar rate then it is possible that it would eventually make its way to all corners of the globe. This potential for an Ebola-based global pandemic has set into motion a number of different responses from officials at the World Health Organization, African governments, and western nations.

    Many now believe that it is only a matter of time before cases of Ebola are detected in other parts of the world. And if what’s happening in Africa is any guide, then we can expect a widespread, heavily militarized response by officials in the West, especially in the United States. In Sierra Leone the military is doing house-to-house searches looking for anyone who may be infected with Ebola or showing similar symptoms. A similar plan is being put into place in Liberia, where the World Health Organization is rapidly establishing “Community Care Centers,” where those infected with the disease will be detained and quarantined:

    The Liberian government, the World Health Organization and their nonprofit partners here are launching an ambitious but controversial program to move infected people out of their homes and into ad hoc centers that will provide rudimentary care, officials said Monday.

    The effort, which is expected to begin in the next few weeks, is an intermediate step, officials said. The goal is to reduce the chances that Ebola patients will infect their own families and others while ensuring that they receive basic care — such as food, water and pain medicine — at a time when many hospitals and treatment centers are closed.

    The initiative also is a tacit acknowledgment that it could be weeks, even months, before new treatment facilities promised by the United States and others are operational.

    An Ebola Treatment Center (Click here for larger view)


    Martial law, round ups of those suspected of being sick, and detentions in quarantine camps is the only option governments have left and similar strategies will be implemented in the United States if and when the virus starts popping up.

    But Doctors Without Borders, the organization that spearheaded the treatment and containment efforts at the beginning of the crisis when governments were completely ignoring it, says that WHO’s efforts are destined to fail:

    One of the main organizations involved in fighting the outbreak, Doctors Without Borders, is dubious about the new effort and has decided not to take part. Brice de le Vigne, the group’s director of operations, warned that the proposed community care centers could worsen the situation.

    “This is not going to work,” he said. “To move people in an epidemic is a big responsibility, and it requires huge logistical capabilities” that the affected countries simply don’t have.

    To be effective, he said, these care centers need to have strict infection control, adequate supplies, trained staff, regular supervision, the ability to diagnose and refer patients, and proper burial methods. Otherwise, they could turn into “contamination centers,” he said.

    Similar efforts are already underway in the United States. Earlier this year Ebola bio detection kits were deployed to National Guard units in all 50 states and hospitals around the country have been given guidelines for preparing quarantine units in advance of the virus afflicting Americans.

    In July, the President amended an Executive Order giving the medical emergency responders the legal powers to identify and detain individuals suspected of carrying a communicable disease. And though it’s not talked about publicly, it is widely believed the the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have already pre-positioned domestic detention camps and CDC quarantine centers in the event of a national security emergency.

    Ebola appearing in the United States would likely call for exactly such a declaration from the President. In such a scenario it is highly likely that military personnel will be deployed to maintain peace, as well as to work simultaneously with medical professionals to identify and detain those suspected of being infected.

    Efforts to develop an effective vaccine are still in progress, thus we must assume that the only plan to contain and prevent the spread of the virus currently available to the government is to mobilize military resources just as has been done in Africa.

    And, as we’ve seen in Africa, the virus continues to spread, proving that containment efforts are too little, too late.

    The only option for Americans concerned about the virus showing up here is to take preventative measures now, including stocking up on the supplies that will disappear the minute an Ebola infection in the United States is announced. As we’ve noted previously, this should include similar equipment to what you see doctors wearing in Ebola treatment centers:

    But just as important is understanding what such an emergency will do to our systems of commerce. If and when people panic, we could well see a breakdown (even if temporarily) of the regular flow of goods to grocery stores, or even people going to work to maintain things like utility plants or other essential services. Assuming we are faced with such a scenario it would be in our best interest to be prepared to deal with the fall-out by having reserve food, water, and other essential supplies on hand to weather the storm.

    We don’t know if Ebola will hit U.S. shores or exactly what kind of response to expect. What we do know is that it will likely cause panic, a government mobilization of military resources, and shortages of the most basic essentials we’ll need in a crisis.


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      1. glorified FEMA camp?

        anyways the doctors that were wearing very expensive suits to keep from catching this caught,,,, as far as im concrened ( if this threat is even real and not fabricated) , or if it IS real than it was perpetrated upon us , this didnt just evolve like this by happen stance

        • Again, they can only force you to go somewhere against your will if they are still breathing. Remain rifle armed.

          • Great news! 3 dead in UPS shooting today. Now near my trekking trail there is a UPS warehouse with a sign that says “no weapons” with pictures of a gun and knife crossed out.




            • Acid, this is one ‘old fart’ who WILL stand up and fight regardless. Nobody will take me alive anywhere. And I agree with your point about sheeple. I don’t think they’ll ever learn.

              • Mac, the very first sentence in this article is a lie.

                “The Ebola crisis is fast approaching a point of no return and now Western nations have gotten involved on a large scale in an effort to prevent the virus from making its way to major cities outside of Africa.”

                If they truly were trying to prevent the virus from making its way to major cities outside of Africa, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE FLOWN IT TO ATLANTA, Germany or any of the other countries that have hosted infected persons from Africa.

                ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they have told us about this “crisis” is a lie. It was by a cooperation of several western nations that they created the virus and weaponized it to it’s current form.

                They are NOT trying to “contain” it, by any stretch of the imagination.

              • Renegade,never give up on those you love/know/care about.As the insanity seems to be building in pitch have had two folks who used to never take me too seriously know ask what to get and in what order,each we wake up /prep is like a virus,tis a disease and exponential,being ready and awake,the more we have,the better perhaps the other side will be.

            • You people are being manipulated!

              Does anyone remember AIDS hysteria??

              At one point (1980), AIDS was said to mark the begining of a “world conflagration.”

              Q: Did the world end in (metaphorical) fire???

              A: No.

              Ebola hysteria is no different.

              It’s called HYPE!

              BTW… Don’t forget to vote. And afterward, don’t forget to get your flu shot. Both will protect you from “world conflagration.”

              “Smiles, everyone… smiles!”

              • Let’s look at this, shall we?

                First of all… should ask the question: “Are the reports of the number of infections and percentage of those who succumb to the virus correct?

                Second…..Is the RATE at which the virus is spreading being reported accurately?

                If the answer to the above questions is in the affirmative, then it’s simply a matter of mathematics. The numbers don’t lie.

                If the figures they are telling us are correct, then the extrapolated numbers of victims in the coming months will be accurate, barring any unseen event to slow it down. (which aside from nuking the whole region, is not likely)

                I saw today where the rate of infection is now doubling every three weeks. (again….if the numbers are correct). If that is the case, and we have a worst case scenario of 1.4 million infections by January, then we can anticipate as many as 2.8 million by February….5.6 million by sometime in March, etc. Again…that’s barring anything that slows the rate of infection down.

                Now….one thing that is not being mentioned….

                The number of fatalities that will be the INDIRECT result of this epidemic….due to economic implosion in the affected region, civil unrest, famine, disease from improper body disposal and other deaths due to the overwhelmed medical resources that results in people not being treated for other deadly diseases.

                If the outbreak spreads to other countries, there could be enormous political upheaval as well.

                People keep pooh-poohing this as hype… AIDS and Swine Flu. AIDS was a political disease, because it infected mainly male homosexuals. It became a political football, and the only way they could get attention (and funding) for it was to make out like EVERYONE was as likely to catch it as homosexual males. The reality was…..if you didn’t have anal intercourse with an infected male….or….IV drug user who had used infected needles….the chances of you getting AIDS were probably less than being struck by lightning. (sorry to be so graphic here)

                Ebola however, is an equal opportunity disease. There is nothing political about it. If you get exposed under the right conditions, you are going to get the disease. And there is a better than 50% chance that it is going to kill you. Not in 10 years…but in 10 days or less. And you don’t have to have sex with someone to get it. Heck…it may be airborne already.

                And Ebola is not AIDS. And it is not Swine Flu. Ebola has a mortality rate of at least 50%, and now they are saying that it may get closer to 70% because so many of the cases are going completely untreated. They simply don’t have the resources and are actually turning people away….which will further exacerbate the problem with ever more people becoming infected.

                If it remains confined to the countries in West Africa, then the world will dodge a bullet…albeit, the toll in human misery in those countries is going to be horrendous.

                But frankly…I don’t see how they can keep it contained. There are simply too many people infected…and it’s still far to easy for these people to leave the affected area and go elsewhere.

                THAT is the big problem.

                • …and all the more reason to STAY THE FUCK OUT OF CROWDS and avoid big cities and public places, like MASS TRANSIT areas and malls.

                  • I drive a city bus!! and a school bus part time. I am watching this thing and thinking about “stuff” while dealing with crappy traffic and wanna be tuff guy gang banger PUNKS. Also I’ve noticed that by far the most racist people I see are black.
                    Maybe this ebola thing will clean things up a bit?
                    I just need to dodge in a timely manner.
                    Have a nice day if you can. STU OUT.

                  • Stu, may I be the first to offer you my condolences… 🙂

                    I was doing some research for a paper on common pharmaceuticals and the havoc they wreak on our immune system. I found some very disturbing information.

                    Blood pressure medications are one of the most commonly pushed, I mean prescribed, to older people. Anyone taking medications for long-term or chronic conditions should do your own research, quickly, in light of the Ebola threat we see today.

                    According to what many learned medical professionals (who are not allopathic doctors), vitamin C and D3 are the two natural compounds said to fight Ebola. Remember that it has been said that Ebola depletes Vitamin C, which is what causes the ruptures and bleeding from all orifices.

                    I just researched METOPROLOL, which is a common HBP medication and beta-blocker. The alarming thing is that this drug tends to block the effects of both Vitamin C and D3 — the two most effective vitamin supplements against immunodeficiencies. I just went back to the link where I found this info, but it seems to have been “misplaced” by the webmaster.

                    You can look for yourself if you like, but the warning has been replaced by “No known interactions” message, in red letters. I find this suspicious, because I was just there a few days ago. I know what I saw.

                    ht tp://

                    I find this very strange, so I’m going to see if I can find info for other widely prescribed pharmaceuticals.

                    Wouldn’t Ebola be a perfect way to take out sick people who take certain medications that just happen to block C and D3? I’ll bet Africans over there don’t have a lot of C and D3 available…hmmmm.

                    The stats say that between 50 and 90 percent of the world population is vitamin deficient, in particular, Vitamin C and D3—and the kill rate for Ebola currently is? Between 50 and 90 percent…

                    Something to think about, isn’t it? I’m glad I got away from those HBP medications. Good timing on my part, no?

                • Another article supporting the points I’ve been trying to make.

                  Look at the graph. The numbers don’t lie.

                  (paste the following into your browser url window:


              • yeah
                remember the 1917 flu ?
                Q.Did the world end in metaphorical fire ???
                A. No

                Q.remember the 1918 flu ?
                did the world end in metaphorical fire ???
                A.well for about 60 million or so
                YES it did

                • If Ebola is NOT airborne, I don’t think we’ll get the same number of infections that the flu of 1917 and 1918 produced.

                  But Ebola is FAR more lethal.

                  So….if it does go airborne (or already is), then it will be the 1918 flu epidemic ON STEROIDS.

                  • if by “airborne” you mean flying around on its own for miles, of course its not. That’s stupid. If by airborne you mean transmitted from person to person without contact, YES it is. Sneezing, coughing, speaking, breathing all transmit bodily fluids containing the virus that are viable.

                  • Just read story today about all the infectious waste that just the one patient in Atlanta produced. They had no way to dispose of it and ended up storing it in 32 gallon plastic garbage cans. They now have a incinerator type device to handle it. Think of all those infected people in Africa where the waste is just dumped on the ground or in a river. Dead bodies are buried where they can infect the water supply, dumped in rivers or eaten by animals. How can anyone suspect that this will not end well?

              • yourmotherwaswrong – Hype? Stop and think for a moment.

                AIDs was a slow burning plague that decimated 1 in 3 of the populations of some of the most instinctively NWO nations on Earth. In the process it caused incalculable damage to their industrial and agricultural activities and wrecked their economies. Many & mines, prime farming land & other natural resources were sold off to Western Global corporate and the Chinese in the aftermath by weakened nations.

                This is a fast burning plague that has already destroyed Liberia’s economy (the nation formed by returning slaves from the US) & guaranteed that poor Guinea will be forced to sell the natural resources that comprised the only hope for it’s people of a life worth living. Nigeria is being attacked by the paid stooges Boko Harem in teh North and Ebola in the South. We can only pray that West Africa’s largest nation manages to mobilise the huge human talent it possesses to win this war upon freedom as it has courageously fought and won so many others over the course of History. The alternative is that in their grief the huge numbers of highly educated skills souls in the Diaspora turn upon the hosts of those that have caused their suffering.

                A brief History of Europe and the impact of the plague upon its civilisation, should tell you why it is only a fool who does not at least think about a pandemic scenario. Fema has an appalling track record as we have seen with every incident since Hurricane Katrina.

                Has noone else wondered what the ultimate purpose of all those empty Chinese cites is? Or why the Russians have recently rushed to improve their civilan nuclear shelter facilities?

        • In one month if the WHO and all parties concerned don’t have a handle on this then start preparing for the worst. If they get a handle on it by mid-November we dodge the bullet. If by January they are still in catch up mode or a moderate number of cases start appearing in other parts of the globe…. Well then it gets real dicey. Just keep on prepping and prepare for the day when you tell the boss…. See ya till this blows over. Especially if you work around large groups of people or in the health care industry. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • Blah blah blah. What difference does any of it make?

            GET AMMO NOW


            America is a sinking ship.
            I hope the rats and everyone else drown in it.

            And good riddance.

        • Theres more going on w/ ebola than were being told. Got to get into the news feeds from African countries to find out.

          Sierra Leone and Liberia dont trust the USA. Theyve seen their deaths going up after the US got there.

          In a sign that the Sierra Leone goverment has begun to fight back against the orchestrated ebola outbreak, The Ministry of Health and Sanitation announced yesterday it had ordered Tulane University to stop ebola testing and the US bioweapons laboratory at Kenema to be relocated in response to growing anger from locals.

          The sensational announcement — posted on the health ministry’s facebook page — strongly suggests the notion that the diagnosis of Ebola using Tulane University kits at Kenema have been found to be false or faked.

          The Kenema bioweapons lab is the only testing centre for ebola in Sierra Leona and holds the highest number of victims. Tulane University conducts bioweapons research on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).


            In Liberia’s JFK Ebola clinic, where half the patients have to lie on the floor, and where treatment is keeping them fed and hydrated, the survival rate is 57%, it has emerged.

            A Telegraph video report shows the shocking situation in Liberia’s clinic where 34 patients — half the 69 patients — have to lie on the ground because neither the US government, nor the WHO, the CDC and Doctors without Borders could fund 34 beds in the six-month period since the Ebola outbreak – even as these entities demand — and get — billions of taxpayer’s money in an orgy of Ebola funding under the pretext of a global emergency.


            There is so little space that the incredibly brave doctors and nurses can hardly move between the patients.

            In spite of the rudimentary conditions in the hospital, the mortality rate is only 43%, demonstrating that just providing patients with food and drink for long enough for them to build up immunity, is an effective way of treating Ebola.

            Even as Obama administration, WHO and the CDC use the alleged dangers of Ebola transmission to justify an unprecedented power grab and funding orgy, the JFK hospital has to turn patients away, so increasing the risk of transmission – and simply because they do not have a few dozen beds.

            The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Soros Foundation are pouring millions into Ebola treatment projects and doubtful drugs, but none of these foundations seemed to been able to send a few hundred dollars to the JFK Ebola hospital either.
            The US military has been in Liberia since last Thursday under the pretext of urgency, but there is no sign of them leaving a few camp beds or a tents for the patients at JFK. Instead, the US general and US ambassador are busy touring vast Ebola Treatment Units under construction, including the Defense Ministry site in Congo Town, in what increasingly looks like a US military coup d’etat.

            If their first stop is not the JFK Ebola clinic, what are the US military doing in Liberia?

            In a related development, the Liberian government funded a new Island 120 bed Hospital Ebola Treatment Unit which opened yesterday. Again, no sign of help from the US government. WHO, CDC or Bill and Melinda Gates or Soros Foundation.

            • I think you nailed it pretty good there, Mr. C.

            • Everything the government does is white collar embezzlement. spending $1M per bed for the “field hospital”. Its all about an excuse to take money from the taxpayer and give to a buddy. Pretty bad when talking about the local elementary school where the recess fields haven’t been maintained for the 5 years the school has been in operation (670) students. But revolting when talking about stealing money which could otherwise save a person from Ebola. These government vampires need to be removed. ($1M for a bed. Charmeck gets additional $1.8M for that school over what state schools get, also Mecklenburg Parks and Rec is in a joint partnership with Charmeck and have been funded $1.6M to build ball fields on the fields but haven’t even cut the grass for 6 years!!! Government is NOTHING but CORRUPTION and no longer serves the people.)

            • Everything the government does is white collar embezzlement. spending $1M per bed for the “field hospital”. Its all about an excuse to take money from the taxpayer and give to a buddy. Pretty bad when talking about the local elementary school where the recess fields haven’t been maintained for the 5 years the school has been in operation (670) students. But revolting when talking about stealing money which could otherwise save a person from Ebola. These government vampires need to be removed. ($1M for a bed. Charmeck gets additional $1.8M for that school over what state schools get, also Mecklenburg Parks and Rec is in a joint partnership with Charmeck and have been funded $1.6M to build ball fields on the fields but haven’t even cut the grass for 6 years!!! Government is NOTHING but CORRUPTION and no longer serves the people.)



            • Iowa where about are you? Northern southern?

          • Community Care Center sounds very ominous to braveheart. I have my own care center; my humble abode.

        • VRF:

          Hope you saw my explanation of my post in the last subject. Never meant to include you in the “Anyone who”.

          • I haven’t gone back yet
            Thanks for the poke here
            I didn’t think you would have included me in that
            But had to ask

        • No, no, no. They stapled a sign that says “Community Care Center” over the old one that said “FEMA Camp”. See? One has nothing to do with the other!

          • Fema Camp and Ebola Camp sound like way more fun than Holy Cross alter boy camp that I went to back in the 70’s

            • Did Father Nelson teach you anything?

              • It was Fr. Richard McFeeley

        • We had a program here last night dealing specifically with a pandemic (more specifically with an as yet unevolved very virulent flu virus) and it became glaringly obvious this is being taken very seriously here, from medical response to urgent development of a vaccine, all the way to how supermarkets will be forced to do business.

          There seems to be an enormous amount of behind the scenes planning.

          The trouble with a “plan” is that it can all crash into chaos very quickly when a trigger causes panic buying.

          Save time and panic early! Getting your ducks in a row now will be a damn sight easier and safer than trying to shop among the snot dribbling, coughing, spewing, walking time bombs when it all comes crashing down around our ears!

          I am convinced Ebola will burn for quite some time yet. It will probably reach our respective countries and Europe as well but I am hopeful it will not be serious. We are not like West Africa – hot, humid, seething populations with poor personal hygiene and even worse sanitation. While both our countries do have areas like that I still think we will be OK.

          A particularly bad strain of flu though and we are in deep you know what!


          • This is the link to the show – runs for 53 minutes.

            While it deals specifically with an as yet unevolved strain of influenza that will have a high mortality rate it could equally apply to any virus such as SARS, MERS or Ebola.


            The TV station, SBS, is a Government funded organisation. Some (most) of the commenters and experts are well know for NOT being alarmists, tin can bangers and other hangers on looking for an increase in grant/research money.

            If this is happening here, more or less on the quiet as they don’t want to unduly alarm the sheeple, I imagine it is no different in the US.


            • Ready Down Under.

              Thanks for the serious post. Hope it opens some eyes to what may lies ahead for all.

            • Well Well; back in early August everyone was so sure that Ebola was just knocking at out doorstep and that we’d be falling like flies within weeks. What, so far we’ve had four cases in the U.S. from overseas workers and all received treatment and survived. There have been no cases of infected African coming to America and spreading it. I’m sure some of you who ‘suck at the shriveled tit of despair’ are hoping that this, or any, bad news will come to pass so that your prepping time and money won’t be for naught. Most of you live lives like those of frightened little rodents, hiding in your cramped burrows while the rest of us are not afraid of life.

              • The problem is this, Mr. Higgins. Those that are infected with this virus take an inordinately long time to recover. Case in point – one of the doctors that got infected in Africa was airlifted to Offutt AFB; this person was then transferred and has been a resident of the U. of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for the past several weeks while he recovers. The “bubble-headed-bleached-blonde” on the local news has provided daily reports, ad nauseam, regarding how the good doctor is doing, to include reports from his wife, the head of the hospital, the mayor of Omaha, and Bo Pellini. And this previously-infected doctor is still not cleared to leave the hospital, in spite of the fact that warren buffet recently bought the doc a steak dinner. Now, let’s say hypothetically, that this epidemic takes off in CONUS. So, who decides who is worthy to be administered the vaccine, which is in extremely short supply BTW? And it’s not just one case but thousands. Do you need a title/letters after your name to be considered “worthy” of the vaccine? What if one of us (or more important, a family member/friend) is infected? Normal guys/gals, going to work, providing for our family – does the fact that we don’t have a “Professor” or “MD” before or after our name mean we are not deemed worthy to receive the vaccine? And if we are, are we forced to go into the “roach motel” pictured above in Mac’s post? Some ethical questions that I don’t want someone like Warren Buffett or a politico answering.

        • Yeah, if the doctors are getting ill even with substandard equipment, I don’t think that anything I can buy on Amazon is going to help me.

          I also don’t think that I’ll be having a sick room in my own home. God forbid I, my wife, or one of my four kids gets ill, but if they do, they will be banished to an iceberg to let the polar bears eat them.

          Back to reality – at 50% kill rate, ebola is basically a nasty strain of pneumonia – with about the same chance to kill you.

          Back to economics… got ANOTHER $100.00 in silver today. I love these prices! Crash to $5.!

          • Also wanted to make a point on this…


            .999 + pure

            Troy Ounce

            If you ever get the chance, buy just one full troy ounce of silver and hold it in your hand. Feel the weight, see the sheen, know that it predates religion and fiat currency, is universally recognized, and I true money.

            Back to reality for the last time: It costs $23.00 US to mine 1 oz of silver from one of the best producing mines in history. That is cost to get it out of the ground, process, refine and bring to market. Price moves, but the dump trucks are processing thousands of ton per week.

            No slowdown with this down trend.

            • Silver $17.80 and droping like GOLD bar off the back of a pirate ship. Like the soldiers on D-Day when the landing boats dropped their hatch soldiers jumped off and sank to their deaths weighted down with battle rattle.

        • CLUB MED. Order your lifetime membership today for a room with a view.

      2. I will not be going to a “community care center” nor will I be party to any sort of round ups. As soon as Ebola is found to be in here in the USA my household is going on lock down.

        Don’t come a knockin cuz we aint answering – and if you insist on breaking down my door for round ups or my resources, you’ll be met with a wall of lead.

          • The link above was previously posted by a poster here.

            I think it is important enough for everyone to see and acknowledge, so I re-posted it.

            I said on this very site, over a year ago, that TPTB would import a minimum of a million refugees into our country in the near future. A million is only the tip of the iceberg.

            They are coming and bringing their own system of destruction. They will disperse disease and leech the life from every American Middle-class household.
            When the middle class is gone, there will only be rich and poor. There will only be kings and queens and worker bees.

            Almost all our politicians are in on the scheme. They all know about it, but they won’t talk about it until they ram it down our throats and into our living rooms, via the neighborhoods and communities.

            Guess who is sitting back and laughing at us dumbasses.

            The Creator himself. Yep He warned us. He said follow my rules and guidelines and I will never forsake you. What did we do?

            We the people, the predominately Caucasian peoples of Western Europe/Modern day Israelites, that settled,tamed,and spilled a lot of blood sweat and tears to have a Nation of Freedom; disobeyed God.

            He said to “only” put those of your own kind, (Caucasians/Israelites) into leadership positions within your lands.

            What has happened since “we the people” allowed a crossbreed/halfbreed, non-American muslim, faggot, into the highest office of our lands?

            One word answer…..DESTRUCTION!

            destruction of:

            our liberties and freedoms
            our Constitution and Bill of Rights
            our true governmental republic system
            our true Christian way of worship = openly
            and in our educational systems.
            our Life, Liberty and the pursuit of


            • No, Western Europeans aren’t Israelites. Israelites are a middle eastern people who look a lot like Iraqis and Egyptians. Just look at the Gog-Magog prophecy in Ezekiel 38:

              (Ezekiel 38:8 NIV) After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.

              • Eating cats really effected your brain functionality.

                • When in the hell did functionality become a word? Was my limited education all in vain. Should the statement not be, “Eating cats really affected your brain function.” Seriously, I hear this all the time and would appreciate a definitive answer.

                  • Hey Septic……is this the only issue you worry about?

              • Jews are not of the 10 other Tribes of Israel that went into the Caucus mtns. White people are. Funny, the only people who don’t know where the fuck they come from are White people.

                • White people come from the moon.

                  Everybody knows that.

                • Right on with truth, Iowa.

                  The tribes of Judah and Benjamin, with a few of the Levites and Simeon families, were in the Southern Israel tribal regions and did not get taken into captivity with the main ten. They were fair skinned peoples since they were from a fair/white skinned mother and father Jacob.

                  They did later, go into captivity, but remained in Israel after their release. This is when things really got screwed up within the Jewish tribes. The Edomites ruled the day, and had a self-empowering type of religion and created the early Babylonian Talmud. The tribe of Judah had already been infiltrated and the scribeship had been dominated by the Kenites (sons of Cain/Satan) and their offshoots, which Christ called “of the Synagogue of Satan.”

                  Anyways, two key words here to take note of to help with understanding……Edomites and Babylonian.

                  The Edomites were descendants of Esau whom god hated, and the results of his having wives from the Cannanite/Kenite/Ismaelite mixbreed/hybrids/giants, tribes.
                  A really fucked up (literally), bunch of people and to make matters worse they worshipped Baal. Their Babylonian “bible” wasn’t even written down in text, but was passed on to the various priests of the day. The root of the word Babylon is “confusion”. See the screwed up mess and self-serving messages present, and the following deceitful message of “we are God’s chosen”.
                  Modern day civilization has bought into the lie.

                  As the, not so pure/pedigree, Jewish tribes began assimilating with the Edomites and practicing their own form of Talmudic/(and later torah) style of teaching, they also took on relationships with the mixed-up breeding and much later moved up across the Caucasus mtns. and settled in and around the North eastern areas of Europe, staying to themselves for hundreds of years, and eventually becoming known as Khazars,Mongols, and Huns. later as Ashkenazi Jews and Russians.

                  there was also earlier populations that practiced Judahism and settled around Spain and called themselves the Sephardim, numbering less than a million.
                  Hardly worth mentioning in this context, compared to their distant cousins in the Eastern lands that numbered around eleven million at the time.

                  The true Jew, bloodlines extending thru generations from Judah/Benjamin etc. are few and far in between, and there are probably more of those people here in America today than anywhere else in the world.

                  God knows who His people are and where they are.
                  Personally, I don’t hate the Jews of the nation of Israel nor do i follow their mantra of them being the “exclusive” of God’s chosen few. i am not a bigot/racist, and accept any race or skin color person, as a brother or sister in Christ, as long as they follow the same belief, of Christ as the Son Of God and Saviour, and that the “only” way to the Father is thru the Son. Amen.


              • Bravo Passin(WTW)!!!!

                ..Salute w/ mega up-thumbs, sir!

              • Since Gentiles, including Christians, only look like men, but have the souls of animals [among many, Kerithoth 6b, Sanhedrin 74b,Yebamoth 98a, Bereshith 47a, et al.], Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or decency – not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not even life! -“The best of the Gentiles should all be killed” [Soferim 15, rule 10].

                “And for Christians let there be no hope…” (Birkat HaMinim, “Benediction” #12 of the Shmone Esreh)

                “The best of the gentiles should all be killed.” (Sopherim 15, rule 10)

                “You are adam [“man”], but goyim [gentiles] are not called adam [“man”].” (Kerithoth 6b)

                “…’living soul’ designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of otherpeoples? R[abbi] Eleazar said: ‘They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.’…’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and ‘cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth,’ to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul,” but who are as we have said.” (Bereshith 47a)

                “If a Noahite is striving in the learning of Torah… reveals new aspects of Torah, he may be PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED and informed that he is liable for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT… If the court that is established in consonance with the Seven Universal Laws gives the DEATH PENALTY to a Noahite, the EXECUTION is an atonement for the person’s past transgression… Furthermore, the Noahite must experience REINCARNATION [Yes, Judaism teaches reincarnation] to be able to atone for transgressions he has done.” Chaim Clorfene & Yakov Rogalsky, “The Path of the Righteous Gentile: An Introduction to the Seven Laws of the children of Noah,” (Feldheim Publishers, 1987) p. 42 (The book bears an official letter of approval of its contents by Rabbi Mendel Feldman, Shearith Israel Congregation.)

                “The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday…” [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avodah Zorah, 9;4]

                “The Christians are worshipers of Avodah Zorah [“idolatry”]” [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Ma’akhalot Assurot, 11:7]

                The Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that the punishment for Christian “idolatry” is beheading. See:
                “Laws, Noachian,” Jewish Encyclopedia entry,
                @ jewishencyclopedia dot com

                So, orthodox Jews too reject affinity with Christians.

                They believe we are apostate idolaters who are not human and who should be killed. They believe that only Jews are human, that only they are believers.

                We know they are apostates, we are believers, that all people are humans who should be loved and converted so that they may be saved. We know this because God tells us so.

                So, from both the Jewish and Christian perspectives, “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron in the vein of “defector-believer.”

                • This is generally the same believe on those in India also – they are the only “humans” and others are chaff. (what caste system really means is everyone else is your slave, is dispensable at your will). This is why India took over IT because they have a homogeneous culture of lieing and under-the-table deals/bribes with one another. Sure, there’s an occasional Kiran (ray of light) but that is the general India culture. From what I read above, many Jews have that same mindset. One politician said “collectivism’ is identifying people by their group and not as individuals. I believe it is safe to say the Japanese, the Jews, and the Indias all do this. The beauty of America was each person was “created equal” and deserved the same education and other opportunities.

              • PWTW:

                Barncat says America is in trouble because we are turning our back on Jew Israel. Here is what a true patriot, Colonel Jck Mohr had to say about that….

                “For those of you who have been brainwashed into believing that America has been blessed because we have been good to the Jews, as evangelists Falwell and Swaggert (and the “Hag”) aver, let me point out that the era of the greatest regression in morals, spiritual strength, economics, military and political power, has come since we recognized and began to back the Israelis in 1948.

                It might be well for some of our brainwashed American Christians to ponder II Chronicals 19:2, which says in part… ‘should those helpest the ungodly, and love them that hate The Lord? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before The Lord’.

                How can any Christian minister as laymen, love THOSE who spit when our Saviors Name is menttioned and who call Him “an illegitimate bastard whose mother was a prostitute”?

                • My apologies to JACK Mohr…..

            • Passin, I just finished watching the video. Kudos to the lady for taking the stand. If any of those refugees show up where I live, there will be more of a ‘target-rich environment.’

        • Hellz No, welcome aboard, and my sentiments are the same. You’ve come to the right website. again, welcome.

      3. Two messages for the ZOG: 1- Come and take it. 2- Come and take me.

        • Condor #4 >

          Outstanding post!

’ve confirmed my research to date and (substantially) then some.

          Thank you.

          • Hunter: Thank you, however I should have added that I recieved that info in an email to me from another poster here in a off forum private email from them. And the Fact that they in turn got this info from yet Another poster person here at shtf!….I believe ALL actual research credit should go to a “Mark” guy and also to John Q Public for my ability to recieve it as an email and then for me to post it here at shtf forum…

            I figured like these articles it should be okay for me to post it here, since I did it for “educational” purposes and not for any profit etc eh!…not certain if that guy “Mark” is the same guy posting here? I think it is though…Either way main issue is its Factual truth info and most is BY/From jewish/Rabbi sources, therefore the many foolish ones who love to pounce on and call vile names of whoever post’s up such truth info cannot call This particular info as “antisemtic”…And I just Bet that riles their looser sorry asses eh Hunter?

        • Anon, I agree. Let them come after braveheart and they’ll receive ‘lead and brass refreshments.’

      4. A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth, sits down, but says nothing.
        The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention but the drunk continues to sit there.

        Finally, the Priest pounds three times on the wall.
        The drunk mumbles, “ain’t no use knocking, there’s no paper on this side either!”

        • Mary Clancy goes up to Father O’Grady after his Sunday morning service, and she’s in tears.
          He says, “So what’s bothering you, Mary my dear?”
          She says, “Oh, Father, I’ve got terrible news. My husband passed away last night.”
          The priest says, “Oh, Mary, that’s terrible. Tell me, Mary, did he have any last requests?”
          She says, “That he did, Father.” The priest says, “What did he ask, Mary? ”
          She says, He said, ‘Please Mary, put down that damn gun…’

          • Eppe, just wanted to say that I read the Ryan’s Steakhouse episode from the previous comment thread, and just about died laughing.

            That’s a true story, right? And magnificently told too!

            • Free, it was a true story, just someone elses story. I cannot take credit for it, but it was too funny not to post it. Same with the ‘veet’ story of male hair removal. I hurt after reading that…
              I did have an incident like that, just that it was at O’Charleys, ate seafood, went to have explosive diahrrea, realized I was about to pass out with my pants at my ankles. Finished paperwork, did not even get out of the restroom, when my vision went white. My wife had to place my hand on her shoulder to get out and to the Tahoe. Was going to hospital behind us in Snellville, did not get out of the parking lot, before I projectile vomited out the window 3 times. Miraculously, my vision came back right then. Just went home, was better in 2 hours. Called the restraunt to report it, they acted nonchalant about it. Needless to say I have never stepped foot in another, period….
              What amaized me, is 11 voters down thumbed me. Makes me want to stop posting jokes here, pull a BI, JOG, JayJay and go AWOL. But so many of you guys and gals said not to. I figure it is my civic duty to make everyone smile. I hope Mac smiles too…. Going to write stories about deer hunting weekends, everyone will pee on themselves.
              Thanks Mac, for having a site like this, it is my addiction…

              • I have never thumbed you down……You make me(us)smile…..which is a good thing
                Don’t stop……..

                • A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender says, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.” The mushroom replies, “Why not, I’m a fun guy!”

                  • Since MOST everyone loved the veet and Ryans stories, here is one about gummie bears from China, I did not write this, it is product reviews on Amazon…

                    Just don’t. Unless it’s a gift for someone you hate., October 3, 2012
                    By Christine E. Torok
                    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
                    Oh man…words cannot express what happened to me after eating these. The Gummi Bear “Cleanse”. If you are someone that can tolerate the sugar substitute, enjoy. If you are like the dozens of people that tried my order, RUN!

                    First of all, for taste I would rate these a 5. So good. Soft, true-to-taste fruit flavors like the sugar variety…I was a happy camper.

                    BUT (or should I say BUTT), not long after eating about 20 of these all hell broke loose. I had a gastrointestinal experience like nothing I’ve ever imagined. Cramps, sweating, bloating beyond my worst nightmare. I’ve had food poisoning from some bad shellfish and that was almost like a skip in the park compared to what was going on inside me.

                    Then came the, uh, flatulence. Heavens to Murgatroyd, the sounds, like trumpets calling the demons back to Hell…the stench, like 1,000 rotten corpses vomited. I couldn’t stand to stay in one room for fear of succumbing to my own odors.

                    But wait; there’s more. What came out of me felt like someone tried to funnel Niagara Falls through a coffee straw. I swear my sphincters were screaming. It felt like my delicate starfish was a gaping maw projectile vomiting a torrential flood of toxic waste. 100% liquid. Flammable liquid. NAPALM. It was actually a bit humorous (for a nanosecond)as it was just beyond anything I could imagine possible.

                    AND IT WENT ON FOR HOURS.

                    I felt violated when it was over, which I think might have been sometime in the early morning of the next day. There was stuff coming out of me that I ate at my wedding in 2005.

                    I had FIVE POUNDS of these innocent-looking delicious-tasting HELLBEARS so I told a friend about what happened to me, thinking it HAD to be some type of sensitivity I had to the sugar substitute, and in spite of my warnings and graphic descriptions, she decided to take her chances and take them off my hands.

                    Silly woman. All of the same for her, and a phone call from her while on the toilet (because you kinda end up living in the bathroom for a spell) telling me she really wished she would have listened. I think she was crying.

                    Her sister was skeptical and suspected that we were exaggerating. She took them to work, since there was still 99% of a 5 pound bag left. She works for a construction company, where there are builders, roofers, house painters, landscapers, etc. Lots of people who generally have limited access to toilets on a given day. I can’t imagine where all of those poor men (and women) pooped that day. I keep envisioning men on roofs, crossing their legs and trying to decide if they can make it down the ladder, or if they should just jump.

                    If you order these, best of luck to you. And please, don’t post a video review during the aftershocks.

                    PS: When I ordered these, the warnings and disclaimers and legalese were NOT posted. I’m not a moron. Also, not sure why so many people assume I’m a man. I am a woman. We poop too. Of course, our poop sparkles and smells like a walk in a meadow of wildflowers. Thanks for all the great comments. I’ve been enjoying reading them and so glad that the horror show I experienced from snacking on these has at least made some people smile.

                  • 2 ropes walk into a bar, the bartender says,”We don’t serve ropes in here.” The ropes say “F@#! you”, and leave.
                    Once outside, one of the ropes ties himself into a knot and frays his end, and walks back in the bar. The bartender says,”Hey, aren’t you one those ropes I kicked outta’ here?”
                    The rope responds,”Nope, I’m a frayed knot.”

              • Eppe,
                That story had the whole office laughing today at work it now sits in a place on honor on the duty roster board. That was EPIC MAN . It brought a little humor for us today , when the news was not so good. Thank you for brightening the day for us in DHS there was many a snicker coming from that side of the room all day.

                On a more serious side if you have seen the MSM tonight you know I mentioned something was going to go down last week I could not talk about it in a public forum because it was classified And still is. We are not out of the woods yet and every one needs to maintain a high level of vigilance and awareness if anything seems off in your surroundings report it to your local PD even if it seems to be not worth the bother. Every piece of information has validity you never know how it will fit in the big picture. We all are afraid of the government doing something extra constitutionally but we are entering an extremely dangerous and difficult phase due to the actions by our government last night. Things may get very dicy in the next few weeks .this is as serious as the time when 9-11 occured , to those of you out there in the know ( AE quit bustin balls , start giving good information , you got the same outreach memo today , SGt dale you most likely have read the newest Leo bulletin , my TAC team is currently on 24 hr stand by this has NEVER happened before ) we are currently on base at threat -Con DELTA .

                Actions to take:

                Have a family plan in the event of an incident ,Have multiple rally points, meeting points if you have to evacuate with little notice, plan ahead.A relative in a neighboring state as a contact person is best if communications are up. Make sure everyone knows the plan of action.

                Have a get home or bug out bag with a minimum 3 days supplies ( a week would be better)
                God forbid you have to evacuate as a last resort. Warm clothes , rain gear , good footware

                If sheltering in place avoid going out , follow instructions ( the ones that make sense) you do not have to leave if you do not want to , regardless no one can force you to leave , , but you might want to consider the circumstances before making that decision. provide a means of self defense do not brandish it in plain sight if a state of emergency has been declared , use you head .

                Be prepared , it takes the pressure off of the authorities and allows them to allocate resources to those who are not . You cannot help others if you are not prepared yourself. Only you are responsible for yourself and family.

                I know I am preaching to the choir here but it does not hurt to review and remind occasionally of proper planning Proceedures.

                Be careful , pay attention to your surroundings,
                Be willing to offer help if you are able.
                Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

                Never give in or give up , never quit
                This is what they want ,

                God bless and keep you all safe.

                Semper Fi 8541


                • Does that mean if they come after me, I can say I’m eppe, and I gain some leverage????

                  • NB;
                    Always good to be reminded stay sharp and focused. Have a plan or three.

                    On a side note: I’ve posted here before that we are in the same state. I’m to your east by the river, anyway I have noticed a significant increase in Sheriff deputies in my area recently. Any idea what’s up with that. They are pulling over cars left and right. Never seen that before. Normally I can go weeks without ever seeing a sheriff vehicle. Let me know.


                  • better to be the jester hat makes them laugh at the truth than a soul that makes them realize they are the problem

                  • NB;
                    Sorry, I meant to write that I’m to your west by the big river.


                • Thanks for the heads up NB!

                  • GR,
                    If you are where I think you are they may be looking for outstanding warrants , usually happens at the end of the month or it could be related to what is happening with the increased terror threat.
                    This morning at work we had a real good one I was on this site on my iPad posting a comment when an active alert was called some one reported multiple armed individuals in the woods adjacent to the fence , I quickly signed off mispellings and all and bid post haste to the ready room amid alarms sounding , as we were loading up the alert was cancelled by base security on perimeter patrol no explanation was given. Things are really tense right now and we are in a hyper vigilent status.

                    Stay safe everyone.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • I never watch the MSM circuses. As far as I can tell, there is nothing useful to be had there. My TV stays black.

                  • Sixpack:

                    Here is a great quote I stumbled across:


                    –Ben Williams

                  • 🙂

                • Thanks for the post.

                • Stay safe, maintain retention on your six.

                • Night Breaker thanks again for the warning.

              • Eppe,dont let the emotionally constipated (humor bone busted) get to you,remember they “thumbed down” Jesus Christ himself in his day,keep laughing! REB

                • REB, The way I look at it is: We all NEED TO LAUGH, it is the only thing we all can relate to in the same way. I see a thumbs down as a badge of honor, it DOES NOT BOTHER ME…
                  I hope that made you smile, first time I read it, I about pooped on myself. Miss Smokin, he made me laugh too much, but I try to fill his shoes, which must be 16xxx size.
                  I am going to write up true stories about deer camp, those are some fun times, and great stories to tell, even from 25 years ago…

                  • An old one from Smokin… Been trying to find the one about him telling his grandson about life on the ranch, and the hogs having sex….

                    SmokinOkie says:
                    Comment ID: 99995
                    April 16, 2011 at 2:48 am

                    New from RONCO! The Inflate-o-matic. Quickly turns small prices into big ones! It slices and dices paychecks in nothing flat! Goes through money like a ginsu knife! Order yours today… BUT WAIT! There’s more! Order now and you’ll also recieve our revolutionary new Wealthbuster 2000. Tired of carrying around that heavy gold and silver? Well, now you dont have to! The Wealthbuster 2000 instantly converts it into portable, lightweight federal reserve notes. So light! So easy! It’s like carrying nothing at all! And best of all–the Wealthbuster works on ANY precious metal! Don’t be fooled by imitations! Get the genuine Wealthbuster 2000- your bonus gift when you order the new Inflate-o-matic from RONCO. CALL NOW!! 1-800-IMA-SUCKER

              • Please don’t go AWOL. Love your jokes, and insights, too. I miss BI. Sometimes I wonder if he really went AWOL, or if SHTF for for him where ever he is. At least JOG is living his vision.

              • Eppe

                Please don’t take this the wrong way. I sincerely am just trying to help a nice guy.

                Stop caring about the thumbs down. I like me and who I am. I quit caring what others think and it has been truly liberating.

                Please don’t go dark. It is nice to have a laugh between all the arguing about meaningless stuff. Too many on here blame certain races or groups of people for there situation. The truth is the current situation is all of our faults. We should have stood up and organized years ago. Now it is too late. Now we will organize when there has to be pain and blood shed. The complaining about certain articles, Jews, blacks, things we should or should not prepare for, and insults are not of any value to the site or community.

                We are preppers. We should prepare for everything no matter how small the probability is of it happening. Prioritize but prepare for all threats. I commend Mac for trying to inform people of possible threats. He is doing a service to all that come to this site. Everyone should realize that.

                Eppe thank you for what you do. If you leave then I am coming to look for you, bi, and everyone else. Tell me a joke when I find you. Don’t make fun of my bald head though. Everyone else already does so I just don’t think I could take it. lol

                • Ah Mike,you must have had a short bed as a child!Don’t think of it as “Male pattern baldness”,think about all the extra warmth you are getting as the hair slipped off your head and ended up on your back!Some folks ask me why I have long hair,tell them it allows me to think clearer as the hair is not clogging my brain!

                  • My aunt always sai that grass doesn’t grow on The playground!

                  • Wow. My wife would disagree but maybe that is why I think so clear. It may be why I am constipated all the time too. Maybe I should eat some gummy bears.

          • Eppe, as an old southern Baptist, I can always laugh at some good catholic jokes. keep them coming.

          • Eppe,was Mary’s husband named Joseph perhaps?

        • That’s funny. It took a minute to figure it out.

          • Because you’re dumb…

      5. Were the computer models created by the same people that gave us the global warming computer models and the Obama care sign up computer program.

        I have absolute faith that if it’s in a computer model that it has an untouchable validity /sarc/

      6. Maybe have a super soaker filled with ammonia and bleach might be a good idea to add to your preps

        • it will break the super cuz of pressure build up do not try it !!!!

          • …alright…windex bottle…whatever it takes for the desired effect…a little spray…a little tingle.

      7. Again, just more of the same.

        • I holeheartedly agree. This shits so fanitful its rediclious. I want to see just one picture, just ONE and location. Im watching one right now heading for Liberia. 300,000 lbs of tents going air. Theyll endup in the ebola effected countries and end up as Med units. Theyre sitting at LAX right now!
          This thing has been a cluster from the get go. $8 million in tents and $900K in transportion for just this little project? They aint got enough money OR TENTS!!!!

        • @ Confederate

          Murphy Law, IMO the number one law.

          When thing go from bad to worst, don’t worry the cycle will repeat.

          • Amen brother

      8. I had the pleasure of attending a function where I was able to sit down with four young Marine’s last week and we discussed this plan to send 3,000 troops to Africa to fight Ebola, but none to fight ISIS. It took a bit of discussion, but they finally admitted they did not appreciate being sent to Africa. They feared the only thing that could become of this is infected service men and women and ultimately their families and friends upon their return.

        Perhaps this is part of the plan by obama…….

        • It wouldn’t be the first time they used military men/women as guinea pigs and lab rats, without their knowledge and/or consent…

      9. We’ve been talking about Ebola on this site every three days, for 4 months now. If you haven’t yet been proactive in protective measures, now is the time.

        N95 masks, surgical masks, coveralls, goggles, latex gloves, dish washing gloves, duct tape, and 6 mil plastic (black and clear) should all be on the immediate shopping list.

        The on-deck shopping list should include strapping for outside clean room / shower room framing (all climates), outside shower setup (cheap fixture, mixing valve, shower head, piping) and methods by which one can convert ordinary window fans into a clean air handler.

        As for medicines…Whatever is necessary to accommodate what is mentioned about respiratory infections on pages 143 – 153 of the Survival Medicine Handbook.(Not Affiliated With D&B…It’s just good info).

        The main stream media has been easing the masses into the idea of contagions. The fact that official entities such as the CDC (Center For Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization) have been indicating quantities in the range of hundreds of thousands to million(s) should give pause to any informed individual.

        In my estimation, one is looking at a $350.00 to $500.00 minimum personal expenditure on this prep. Better to be safe than sorry.

        • Vitamin C is the only thing that has a chance of helping right now.

          • I’m thinking CIPRO, ZINC and chicken noodle soup myself

            • Talon >

              Actually…Tonto is onto something of serious merit w/ his post.

              ..seems Ebola possesses the capacity to drastically leach Vitamin C from the cellular matrix of human blood vessels…hence rendering them weak / porous and prone to massive structural breakdown of the connective / elastic properties, inherent to blood carrying arteries, veins & capillaries.

              ..hence, its “hemorrhagic” classification..(see massive
              blood loss / hemorrhage for details).


              ..the above is a layman’s explanation / interpretation (mine)…of documented medical studies per this pathogen.


              Hopefully, someone here, w/ a solid medical background can explain it much better than I.

              • Thank you Hunter… If vitamin C counters the virus…are replenishing amounts known? Are Rosehips the best form to administer?..

                • I have read that moringa plants have more Vitamin C than oranges. Search for “Moringa Oleifera” to see all the other properties and uses of moringa. If it freezes during the winter where you live, you will have to plant seeds and grow new plants each year. You can harvest leaves every 75 days, and drying the leaves preserves most of the nutrients.

                  I plan on getting some seeds.

                  I have roses, but I don’t know if I could get enough Vitamin C from them.

                  • Bell peppers are also packed. Full of vitamin c

                • Vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin. Also If you want to take megadoses of vit C, do not take it all at once. Take it several times a day, because whatever you don’t need you will lose via the kidneys (hence bright yellow urine after taking a vitamins). Our bodies generally do not store vitamins as they do some minerals like calcium.

                  Also overdosing vitamin C can cause side effects. Back in the 70-80s folks were mega dosing vitamin C. There are articles on the Internet where they talk about how they gradually increased doses to the “toxic” point. (I did a paper on this in nutrition class 20 years ago). What I’m Saying is everyone is different, there are no hard written guidelines on mega dosing and duration of doing so safely. Seriously large doses are required to cause side effects, but Inform yourself if this is your plan. No need in hurting yourself trying to stay healthy.

                  • Side effect of too much vitamin C: Diarrhea

          • TONTO.

            Interesting article was previously linked here by SUNSHINE.


            Supports your recco.

            VITAMINSHOPPE.COM has their semi annual buy one get on half price in September.

            Curiously they are backordering many of my normal flu season stock ups.

            I do not want to have need of these effective natural remedies then wait.

            • ascorbic acid from health food stores dramatically cheaper than Vit C just putting it out there!

        • Im not knocking your list, or anything like it

          but IF this threat is real. why did the PPE ( Personal Protection equipment) that the best funded medical group could have fail and they caught the bug . so we are lead to believe < notice my choice of words,, we are lead to believe that this disease got thru their much better equipment then we can afford or even buy from home depot

          • @vrf,

            I’m the first to admit, I sure as hell don’t know for sure anything I’ve procured can stop this thing.

            Heck, I don’t know if Ebola is a man made virus, whether the people in Africa are subjects of an experiment, whether Ebola has a latitudinal / temperature / humidity constraint to it, whether Ebola propagates via aerosols in breath, etc.

            All I do know is that people are dying….and the numbers are increasing. I know that we (the U.S.A) have sent 3000 or so to assist in controlling this thing. I also know that the media lies or at best, they withhold the full truth. This latest round of the media leaking out more information makes me take notice a little more.

            At the end of the day, preps, by definition, are a best guess. As for this Ebola event….if it turns out to be nothing, at least I’ve got a great Halloween costume as Patient 0.

            • Great attitude Cellar Spider

              I get it

              I also dont really know what to think of all this,, is it a distraction?, if its for real was it mutated for use as a weapon , are we being tested?
              some of the administrations actions speak a different reality
              I have no tangible proof that people are really dying, but on the other hand i dont have proof they arnt

              sorry to say that Ive been lied to so much by my government , I still wouldnt believe them if they decided for once to tell the truth

            • Cellar Spiders.

              The only people concerned with this germ are those who prep. Are people going to stay away from their job to let this burn out. Thirty days is a long time for self administered confinement. Should we be asking if there enough precautions taken for international air travel. You don’t know! After a few cases pop up we will get the run on the grocery stores and some riots. Then the real fun begins.

              Fear will rule the day.

        • ht tp://

          heads up

          “It is within this context that I was surprised by a new question on the ATF Form 8 ((5320.11) Part II. This form is for the renewal of a Federal Firearms License I have circled it in the photo below. Having had my Curios & Relics FFL for going on 18 years, this will make my sixth renewal of my collector’s license. My last renewal was in 2011 and it did not have this question on it.”

          • My answer would always be “NO”. I was going to apply for one of them but then I realized I would get a visit from them to check paperwork and the hassle would probably cause serious sparks.

      10. That list includes Tyvek paper suits…which are woefully inadequate, sorry to say. Those are made from spun bound polyolefin plastic fibers. That is a BREATHABLE lightweight fiber and airborne Ebola WILL go through it. To wit:

        Tyvek coveralls are one-piece garments, usually white, commonly worn by mechanics, painters, installation installers, and laboratory and cleanroom workers where a disposable, one-time use coverall is needed. They are also used for some light HAZMAT applications, such as asbestos and radiation work but do not provide the protection of a full hazmat suit.

        Tychem is a sub-brand of Tyvek rated for a higher level of liquid protection, especially from chemicals. DuPont makes Tyvek clothing in different styles from laboratory coats and aprons to complete head-to-toe coveralls with hoods and booties.

      11. The U.S.’s solution to everything? Two sizes fit all.
        Another country? send in military troops to attack.
        If it is domestic? Lock them all up.

        I imagine Obama waking up from a dead sleep shouting
        “LOCK THEM ALL UP” !!!! …. or
        “SEND IN TROOPS TO FIGHT THE EBOLA”!!! or whatever alphabet named imaginary enemy they are “selling us” this month.

        It all looks like a marketing/promotion these days. First they tease us, then they produce the videos of whatever to try to enrage us, then they come up with the same old plan, then they attack, like last night.

      12. So they are building places to take people so they can die if they contract ebola? Just wait, they’ll have the vacine ready shortly for everyone that’s afraid of the boogey man.

        FYI, ebola has been killing people for decades and it’s just the flavor topic of the month. Nothing new here. Keep roll’n

        • I also think this Ebola will fizzle, esp. as winter approaches. As stated above, this has been going for some time now and not one other country has seen a case originated locally. I think we have many other serious problems that are going to present themselves before this shit. I am gathering more bullets and food. Peace.

      13. Expect it to hit America. Having an open southern border will make that happen. Killing most Americans is part of the globalists’ plans. It might be economic collapse first or ebola first but either way America has no future.

      14. If ebola hits America the best thing you can do is avoid as much contact with the public as possible. You’d have to live like an economic collapse took place and all the stores were closed. Of course if ebola was running rampant you probably couldn’t get anybody to work at Wal-Mart or any other grocery store.

        People who are among the most vulnerable to ebola are people who work with the public or have children in elementary school.

        • To everyone here: What if at the same time ebola hits this country and we start having mass casualties, at the same time they engineer the economic collapse, then offer an antidote for ebola but at the same time make it mandatory for everyone to accept “THE MICROCHIP”? I had a dream about that recently. I hope it’s nothing more than a dream, but you have to admit it’s a plausible scenario. I won’t take a damned chip regardless. I’ll just take my chances. Life is a chance anyway.

        • Actually the Public Health Agency of Canada has issued the warning about the airborne potential of the virus to spread. Wonder why the U.S.CDC didn’t sound off or rebut that statement? Hmm…

          As clearly explained by the Public Health Agency of Canada: (3)

          “INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans.”

          Ebola, you see, can “ride” on aerosolized particles of blood, mucous and other body fluids. Someone sneezing, for example, can cause Ebola viruses to be aerosolized where they land on other people’s hands or faces. It only takes one virus entering the corner of your eye (or the corner of your mouth) to set off a full-blown infection.

          In fact, a 2012 BBC article entitled “Growing concerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola” states: (3)

          Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species. In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them. In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and were euthanised.

          Ebola survives for days outside the host
          Even worse, Ebola is a strong survivor outside a host. Here’s what the Public Health Agency of Canada says:

          SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days. Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4 C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70 C. Infectivity can be preserved by lyophilisation.

          This clearly states that Ebola viruses can survive for several days on common objects such as door knobs or household surfaces. If an infected Ebola victim runs around touching such common objects after cleaning blood or mucous from his nose, another innocent victim can easily infect himself by touching the same objects and then eating some food that places the virus in his mouth.

      15. False Flag!
        TPTB wants Martial Law, and they will use anything that they can. Just a modified FEMA Camp! Where is the OVENS?

        Off Topic.
        ISIS is going to come to your house and cut your head off. B.S. Let them come! When I’m done shooting they will have more that one appendage to look for.


        • Good evening, Sarge. If any of those Mideast boys come to my house, I’ll help them to “go find Allah”.

          • RBH
            Before you load your mags. dip the blugs in Pig Blood and let them dry. If a Muslim has anything from a pig on them they can’t meet allah.
            There British used pig fat to lube their bullets, and the muslims were afraid to get shot by them because they couldn’t meet allah.
            This is what I was told. If it is true or not I don’t know.

        • They can try,,,
          be a good chance for me to try out my new chain saw on a few of them, feed em to my neighbors pigs, or perhaps I can use my good old fashioned marine corps sword, only diff is it is sharp as a razor now,, not the dull showy thing it was when I got it,,, that cutless would be perfect, I used bacon grease as the lube when I stoned it,,,

          • Kula:
            So you heard the same thing about the pig!

      16. I found this on another message board and thought it may be of interest here.

        Credit: CaseyBoy

        “Reasons for the changes that have occurred in the United States of America

        Fifty years ago as a teenager is probably the first time in my life I became aware of the electoral process. Even during those early years, I didn’t care that much about a bunch of old guys promising the moon to anyone and everyone, who would listen to them in return for their vote? Of course on that day and time, I was more aware of the fun that was in store for me and my friends either on Friday or Saturday night, and that held the most importance for me.

        As age progresses, and in only a few more years after my teens ended I was suddenly old enough to vote and I begin to see changes being instituted into the mainstream of the daily lives of all of us. Living became more complex during my years in college. It was tough to find a job during that period, it was a time of lean economical status and living. Few of us were still understanding or aware of what was happening to who we are, what we stood for as a nation, and for the principals that formed the glue which held America together in one cohesive structure. The changes however, continued insidiously and unchecked. I was still unimpressed or barely aware of the promises of the politicians, and I still looked forward to Friday and Saturday night.

        Time progressed and after college I found myself in the military. It was a job after all; I was earning a little money, and the service provided for just about everything I required; Medical, food, a place to live, an actual job, and the clothes I wore. It wasn’t bad, but it was restricting in many ways. The politicians kept running for office, their promises resounded over the airways in one form or the other, the periodicals of the time made much to do about what those individuals had to say. I still looked forward to Friday and Saturday because life was much more interesting on the weekends, unless I had the duty. So, again I wasn’t too interested in what those people running for office had to say. One day I was readying myself to go off to war in the name of freedom, and in the betterment of the causes my country demanded. I still didn’t pay attention to what was being said or to the promises being made.

        I was like a lot of young men of that era; we grew up watching John Wayne, and Tyrone Powers and so many more of those make believe heroes at the movies, fighting America’s enemies. I was proud to be doing my duty for my country. My father and most of the male members of my family went off to war in the late thirties and early forties, and now it was my turn in the early sixties. I found myself in a foreign country dodging bullets, nasty and potentially deadly little hidden traps and I wondered about what I had gotten myself in to. I saw friends being killed and their bodies being ripped apart, and I was being exposed to policies made by those people who ran for those offices that I never paid that much attention to previously, and suddenly, it made me much more aware than at any other time in my life, of the importance of those words those people were spouting to me, and to my fellow Americans. I suppose after all, it takes certain events to get one’s attention.

        Being a reasonably intelligent person I began to do a little research into the politics that drove my country into war, recessions, and growth of the nation, through themes such as communism, the Civil Rights movement, the drug culture, and the era of the citizens of my own country that spawned not only peace, but the environmental generation as well. Of course as one studies those topics, much more comes to light, but after so many years having passed it has become abundantly clear to me for the answers to certain questions that were not obvious at the time.

        • First, I found enormous evidence there was a plot to break the back of America by any means available. It began during the very beginning years of the twentieth century by followers of Karl Marx. Those followers infiltrated all labor groups and began to unionize them, to reduce, and then make every effort to do away with policies, ensuring control over the working man and woman.

        • Unions successfully lowered the work week in hours worked, they were able to get children out of the workforce, and they made it possible for Americans to earn more money for their labors.

        • These were good issues, and Americans thrived under these new gained freedoms. However, when the American worker no longer needed the machinations of the Unions, it wasn’t to be. The Unions gained strength, and power, and when their usefulness was no longer needed, they grew stronger yet. They became corrupt, and their agenda was no longer to help the working man and woman, it became a tool to chip away at freedoms American enjoyed.

        • They used freedom of speech, the right to assembly, unreasonable search and seizure, taking the fifth amendment instead of speaking to authorities which might get them convicted of a crime, and the ninth which states “The list of rights in the Bill of Rights aren’t the only rights an individual has.” There are other rights Americans enjoy, which were twisted, and used against the very people that were supposed to be protected by the authorities, and or the government, by those specific rights. This manipulation of the rights of Americans against them has continued to this day, and has extended to giving rights that are for Americans, to be used against Americans, by enemies of America.

        As I read and researched, I became aware of the Congress’ propensity to vote for, and institute laws that are contrary to the Constitution. Laws that go contrary to what the founding fathers wanted and demanded. The Bill of Rights was drawn up and added to the original Constitution because there were many members opposed to the original Constitution until the Bill of Rights was added to and which made it a part of the Constitution.

        • Initially, the US Senators were chosen by the State Legislators not by popular vote of the population.

        • Only the Congress has the authority to make law. Not the President and not the courts.

        • Only an inhabitant of the state of which he/she has been chosen shall be elected to the House or Senate.

        • Originally the President and the Vice-President were elected by the people of the country. The ballots were submitted to the House and “certified” by the seat of the government of the United States directed to the President of the Senate. This was changed in 1804 to make a body of electors.

        • No one has the authority to make treaties with any nation except the Congress.

        Of course there are many more reasons and incidents that could be cited to make the point, “much has changed in the way Americans react and work within the system” but I want to continue to direct my comments about the social changes that have occurred, and to show the “enemies” within.

        1. The main reason why changes to the “Law of the Land” have been allowed to happen was the mind set of so many people who began to grow up in the US during the late thirties, forties and later, into the fifties. The communist that gained a toehold in the American society, were mainly effete, mid to upper middle class people who were involved in the arts, medicine and law. They became a large intellectual group in the film industry, some were writers, others were actors, and many more were executives. A large percentage of these people were deeply involved in journalism, while others entered the education system in force and in great numbers. While they plied their trades they met in secret and at social gatherings and they steadily spouted the party line of equality for the masses.

        2. Equality it seems went beyond mere equality for the sake of everyone being equal. What it really meant in effect was the masses could be equal but led by a handful of the elite. Talk was about the equalization of rights for women and minorities. That was a mere come on, the bait so to speak.

        Now there are few who would deny those with less of an opportunity to have more; more access to the better jobs, better education, better pay, better status and to have equal access to all that America represents in terms of opportunity, but it was presented to those who wanted it, but didn’t have the drive or the stick-to-it-ness it requires to reach those lofty ideals. It was better to tell the masses to take it by force, to grab it with both hands and give nothing in return except the desire, because that was what they wanted. So, initially, as they spread their Marxist ideas to those they perceived in a position to make the huge wheels start moving, something happened in the interim which brought some Americans to their senses about the propaganda that was being discussed and offered as America’s salvation, it was the beginning of World War Two.

        America fought in the Pacific, South East Asia, Europe and they fought it in their homes through what was presented to them in piecemeal fashion as they listened to their radios, and heard about the progress of the war. Stalin, in his zeal to forego attacks to his country, signed a peace treaty with the NAZI’s and the rest of the world was shocked into numbness, as were the Polish people when they were attacked out of the blue for no reason.

        Hitler was ambitious and was spurred on by his belief, he could do no wrong. In his megalomaniac zeal to conquer the world, and set up his thousand year Reich, he did what he wanted to do, and that was to invade the Russians. The Russians came to the US with their hats in their hands, begging for money, bombs, bullets, food, medicine and war machinery. The Russian sympathizers stood in the shadows in America, and spread a vicious stream of lies laced with enough truth to make it palatable to influential Americans, to engender sympathy for the cause of equality for all. There it sat brewing in whispers in the many groups of socialists/Marxists and it took on the ring of truth after awhile. This sinister involvement spread into the secret circles of the scientists developing the atomic bomb, and the tentacles of communism spread outward until it reached people, who were the same ilk of those who encouraged, and later evoked the teachings of Karl Marx and formed the unions.

        By this time more than forty years had passed from the initial introductions of Marxist drivel that allowed a couple of generations to be born, raised to adulthood and to enter the universities where their poison soaked into the young intellectual minds. Many of the professors were closet communists and they taught their poisoned ideology to the upcoming batch of youngsters who in turn, went into the areas of law, medicine, teaching, the arts and journalism. The whole time enjoying the best of what America had to offer people who reached for the top and some even got there.

        Then, something very bad happened. The Russians got the bomb. They stole it from the US in payment of all the help the US did for them while Hitler was hammering away at their citizenry. In addition, they stuck there middle finger up in the air when we asked them when they were going to start making restitution for the billions of taxpayer dollars they were loaned. To add to the gall, they asked us for food. Numerous times when their own crops failed due to such a short growing season they have, near the Arctic Circle, and we gave it to them. America discovered who some of the perpetrators were and fried a couple of them in the electric chair, but a huge number of agents provocateurs got away unscathed.

        Joseph McCarthy warned America about the communist that had ensconced themselves in every trade, business, occupation, business, and profession in the country. In particular, to emphasize, they were deeply embedded in the law, politics, the entertainment industry, magazines, newspapers, journalism of all kinds, medicine, and the school systems. He had a go at the communist for awhile until he reached out and touched a few people who were too powerful, who had powerful friends, they began to cry about how unfair this all was, it caught on and then it stopped. In the interim, Korea heated up, and people forgot about the communist for awhile.

        Korea was another undeclared war that maimed and killed thousands of Americans. When it was over, it ended right where it started, on the 38th Parallel. However, Korea was a different kind of war. America didn’t welcome the servicemen home with open arms and accolades of kindness. It gave them the “cold shoulder” as they returned home from a hot shooting war that came close once again of swallowing America up in the dogma of how unfair it was for America to attack a country, any country for any reason. Most of this trains of thought once again was pushed by the communist, sympathizers in America and elsewhere. The America public swallowed it, which is amazing in itself.

        Then in 1959 Vietnam was beginning to come into the headlines. At first it was a war by the French who wanted their plantations back shortly after World War Two ended. It was called Indo-China at the time. The Vietnamese had other ideas, and after the defeat of the French in the Valley of Death, France asked the US for help. In typical French fashion, as American troops began moving in to Vietnam, the French troops moved out. During this time the American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered by his own countrymen in a coupé. Many people today don’t remember why he was killed because of the Liberal controlled press, and the distortion of facts as usual.

        Kennedy was killed because, when he became President, there was a plan on the table to invade Cuba, and take back the numerous American holdings that were seized by a communist psychopath and his pals. The assets of hotels, gambling casinos, plantations and so many more business’ was valued at more than several billion dollars at the time. People who lost their property and businesses were ****ed about it, and wanted it all back. Thus the Bay of Pigs invasion went forward. The invasion failed because it was poorly planned, organized and the support from the air and sea was restricted. It was a dismal failure by any military standards. Kennedy’s advisers threw their hands up in the air and the President took the heat and the blame for the failed operation. It embarrassed the new President who made a vow to disband the CIA at his earliest convenience. The CIA shakers and movers made their own plans, and the rest is history.

        Remember this; the CIA, the NSA and all the rest of those government agencies are all civil service, they are well paid and their retirement benefits are extraordinarily good. The last thing they want to hear is, their jobs will be coming to an end and without any benefits to boot. Also, it is important to keep in mind that many of the field agents are trained killers. That’s what they do among other things. They kill our enemies in the name of the US government. What’s one more killing to save ones personal Golden Parachute? No big deal, and time will heal all things.

        Johnson maintained Kennedy’s plans out of some sort of personal responsibility, and the war in Vietnam went on for ten long years. Over fifty eight thousand men and women of the US Armed Services were laid in their graves. Hundreds of thousands were mutilated, and millions of Vietnamese civilian and North Vietnamese regulars were killed and or mutilated as well. When the clamor and riots became so unbearable to heartland America, when the communist/Marxist lies were told repeatedly from every college campus newspaper, and in the classrooms all over America, and finally, the lowest blow of all was levied, Walter Cronkite told America we were losing the war in Vietnam. Not many people knew it at the time old Walt was a “New World” advocate, and was told to say what he did. He was so respected, the night he uttered those words, people believed he was right, and the opinion of America turned against not only the troops in Vietnam, but a deep mistrust began to grow against the government of the United States. It continues to this day.

        Nixon was forced out of office and he was pushed out not for anything he did that was unusual, because it is documented all Presidents have done pretty much the same types of nefarious undertakings as what he did. Most of us will never know the extent the men in the White House have gone to over the years. If we are so naive as to believe the rest of them were squeaky clean and had only America’s best interest at heart, we will ultimately deserve what we get. One of the worst decisions made by a sitting President was the day Roosevelt had American born Japanese men and women rounded up an put in prison because they were simply Japanese.

        Lyndon Johnson was a school teacher who loved Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his big plans and socialist ideas for America. He wanted to parlay his own “New Deal” on America. He was a racist and yet hypocritical enough and saw fit to embrace the Civil Rights Bill that he signed. He was more of a womanizer than was his predecessor John Kennedy. He was just a little more careful to hide his nefarious affairs from the public. If someone ultimately writes a book about him they will see that he was as corrupt as the most corrupt of them. He made deals and he destroyed many lives. He died screaming, seeing ghosts every time he tried to close his eyes. A just reward for a man who didn’t believe anyone else on the planet was more deserving than he was. He took an airplane ride over a part of Africa during World War Two and had himself awarded a Silver Star, and wore it on his lapel proudly all of the rest of his life.

        He made the decision to escalate the war in Vietnam when a non- existent attack occurred to one of America’s warships in the Tonkin Gulf. It was all about money, feathering the nest of the fat cats in industry and the industrial complexes in the United States. Lots of money was passed around over the Vietnam war. May LBJ rot in Hell for his part in it all.

        There are others of course, but the three worst Presidents that were shoved down the throats of America were Carter, a limp wrist elitist who allowed Iran to get to where it is today. Who ran the interest rates up to over 25 percentage points, and caused gas lines to extend for miles in any direction near most gas stations. Today he roams the world as an envoy representing the United States and he is allowed to meddle in every affair the US is involved in. He caused the United States to be permanently embarrassed and to lose face when he allowed the people at our US Embassy to be captured and held as captives for more than four hundred days in Iran. An act of war that was never acted on and should have been. In fact, the Iranians should have been nuked, but nothing was done. Thanks carter for that one. His Passport should be revoked forthwith.

        Then there was the other Marxist Bill Clinton. A man who also never had a real job, a war protestor, an avowed Marxist, a man who hated the US and who went to Moscow courtesy of the KGB. He was wined and dined and given luxurious accommodations while he was in Russia, and all for free or was it? All this, for a college student? Was there another ulterior motive for this exceptional and favored treatment? Let’s look at what happened.

        Bill was elected as Governor of Arkansas and was allegedly involved with the drug dealings that went on at Mena, Arkansas. There are over forty deaths, most of which are under mysterious circumstances from that period of time attributed directly to people the Clintons knew. That family is a home grown mafia.

        The scandals that surround the Clintons are too numerous to cite and yet he was impeached, not for his treasonous acts against the US, but for lying about a dalliance with a bimbo who put new meaning in D.C. Disappearing Cigar. A lawyer, a Marxist, a sleazy politician who sold secrets to the Chinese, rented out the Lincoln bedroom for a hundred thousand a night, and who went on to make in excess of a hundred million dollars since he left office. You be the judge, it’s your country.

        The latest President is just about the icing on the cake in the sinking of the American ship. He never had a job off a government payroll. We aren’t a hundred percent sure he really was born in the US and isn’t really a Muslim. We have seen pictures of his African relatives but few of his white relatives. A man who went to two of the most prestigious and expensive schools in the world and won’t allow any information about himself, his schools, and an actual long form Birth certificate to be released to the public.

        He was granted as an Indonesian student, to take grant money from the US, to go to school in the US. He was surrounded by SEIU union members and a crooked Group called Acorn, whose actions to thwart all laws, has come to light, and has been on the Federal dole for years to the tune of millions of dollars annually. He was a Community Organizer and did what? I have yet to see what the job description of a Community Organizer is.

        Our country has been allowed to be taken over by hustlers, crooks, con-men and women, by enemies of the US and what the concept of Capitalism and freedom is all about. The rights of every American have been compromised when laws were changed in absolute violations and contrary to what the Constitution says, or how it protects us, insidiously by those enemies of you and I. Enemies of freedom. Marxist, Socialists, Communist, Fabians, Fascists, and a whole host of other monikers these people adopt for themselves, they are simply enemies. The sooner we understand they are your enemies, the sooner we can take steps to protect ourselves and the sooner we can start defending our loved one, ourselves, our freedoms and most of all our country from their attacks.

        The US needs to purge itself of this cancer that has been allowed to grow in our society and our country for a very long time. It has grown because people have been intimidated by their tactics and by their well organized and funded organizations. Organizations such as the ACLU, the Black Caucus, both the Republican and Democratic parties, The American Communist Party, CAIR and the list goes on and on without a satisfactory end. These organizations are put in place to do one thing, that is to cripple America. Some of them like Acorn receive tax money from you the tax payers. Their stated goal is to bring America down to its knees, to bow its neck over the chopping block to await the headsman’s axe. The sad thing about it is, we are not only paying for it, many of us are condoning it by our in-actions and we embrace much of it because as a compassionate people, we believe in fair play. They preach fair play and equality, but what they are doing is using our own Bill of Rights and Constitution against the average American and they are succeeding.

        Today the strong arm of the US Government is the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is America’s Gestapo. They have their own courts, lawyers, Judges and their own interpretation of the law. There are some who will tell you the IRS and its laws are illegal, but try proving that in a courtroom full of IRS people. Not many can win against them. The IRS itself doesn’t understand or knows to what extent their laws apply to the individual or the mountain of small businesses that come under it, but they will come down on you and you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. They have their own rules and laws that apply to you and I.

        • Did you know that if you leave the US and decide to live in Europe or elsewhere you will constantly have to file IRS tax statements? If you don’t it is a felony. Did you also know

        • that the US is the only country in the world that has a tax structure that constantly monitors its citizens, where they live, how much money they have or they spend, how they spend it, and where they spend it?

        • The IRS can levy tax liens against you as a citizens and against anything you own if it has any value at all, and at any time?

        • They can also seize anything you have, put a tax lien against your Social Security check, and eventually put you in prison after leveling interest rates on you that in any other domains would be considered usury?

        They do it and they get away with it every single day. One of the reasons the founding United States went to war against the most powerful government in the world was because of unjust taxation. Yet, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, you are taxed into submission and are getting very little in return as an out of control government harasses, and punishes its citizens for unjust taxes and an unjust system. If you don’t play ball with them under their rules they will break you financially and maybe put you in prison. In the meantime you will lose everything you have, and I do mean everything, your home, car, money, possessions.

        Presidents love the IRS. They can cause to be audited, their enemies simply by placing a phone call. They can cause any manner of grief to people who say things about them, who disagree with them, who oppose them, and who philosophically are in contrary opinions of what a President has said or stands for. It is a powerful weapon and it is used on a regular basis. Nixon was one of the most tyrannical of the usurpers of this power.

        Today we stand on a threshold between slavery under the guise of a helping hand from the government and total servitude. If you toe the line you can earn a whopping $3,900 a month in benefits and pay and do nothing for it except to have another baby. We have people who are perpetually on welfare and they scoff at those who work and are paying for those benefits.
        We have a President that was vetted by a crazy woman who was Speaker of the House.

        Who by all evidence that has surfaced so far, was never born in the US. He was born in Africa. He was a foreign student that was given grants to attend college in our country and he hates us. He is also a Muslim and has nothing but disdain for Christians and Americans. He is salting our government with Muslims in high places to purposefully ruin the United States. He is siding with our avowed enemies and he scoffs at our laws and our Constitution. He is arming our enemies with tax payers money without our express permission to do so.

        Those who elected this man are soon to reap what they have sown. Once the light of Liberty goes out in America, where do Americans go? The light of Liberty that shined from our shores was seen all over the world. It penetrated the blackness of slavery and intolerance, it showed people a way out of terrible repression, it beckoned anyone who would come to our shores to live under freedom, is all but a burned out flicker. If we are to remain a free people, we must rut out those who would kill freedom and those ideals that generations of Americans have protected and died for. If we don’t make a stand, we as a people and as a nation are doomed to becoming another communist satellite state.

        Semper Fi

        • Any Mouse:

          CaseyBoys post should become a headline subject on SHTF. Thanks for sharing!

            • PO’D Granny: Yes that was a great article/post of events transpired since most here were small kids eh…Too bad that about the Only part he forgot to mention or Name, was the Facts that Most of all them such incidious kommies, union bosses, and especially Hollywood kommies that he stated of and how McArthy got shut down over due to “Some” were very high rank powerfull kommies etc.

              Well anybody who has studied these issues now Knows withOUT any doubt’s that in Fact, most every of such powerfull kommies etc were…Jewish folk…Russian & Polish & Ukrainian with also many German jewish marxist operatives in America all during those eras that writer discussed…With Ton’s More in America today then were here back then!

              And That is precicely why McArthy got shafted and shut down…Because he was A-Ok while condemning or exposing Kommies, but once he Named kommies as jewish…His carear ended basically. Today same as the other favorite whipping boy Hitler, McArthy is probobly the MSM TV talker-heads & Leftist Marxists crowds Top truth teller gone by that they can bash on…One used as poster boy of all thats evil, the other as poster boy of racist antisemite evil white man…Yet today one can spend a grand total of 20-minute’s research time online and find enough proof solid that indeed McArthy was 100% correct as can be…Correct on the kommie infiltrations nationwide, and also correct at Nameing most kommies as jewish.

              Actually, Khazar Talmudic Convert’s who “Call” themselves jews since 750-800 A.D. when they first converted from meere pagan Barbarians of eastern europe, called Khazaria Kingdom back then, into new judiac converted Talmudic’s aka jewish…”Some” of the Many Imposters Christ Warned Us all about eh!

              Yep that article posting was super great and accurate as can be…just wish folks who write so swell and so honestly would “Finally” include these type factual infos so the great wake-up for the usa could finally move from creeper Low gear, into Top Gear Overdrive eh…Nothing can get fixed or even made a bit better unless and untill a Majority at least wake Up, to the Many fabled lies and overall kommie deceptions perpetrated by these type Khazar jewish kommie frauds..As long as 99% in America continue to believe all the fables and lies and always fold or cave in every time another Whinny assed, crying Khazar crys “racist! Antisemitic!” and then hands over the cash, keys to kingdom america, and their First Born’s to go kill off more “Others” while getting horibly maimed or also killed off, we will never see enough reach that elusive awake status eh.

              Too bad we too cannot adopt the same standard’s and method’s the kommie subversives use when we try to awaken folks huh?…

        • Caseyboy, welcome aboard. That was a long-winded post, but a damned good one. Again, welcome.

          • Also, the “Fetal Pain” bill was to end abortions post 5 months as majority of children born at 5 months will live; but Obama said he would veto it if passed. How can anyone with any science background or ethical background veto a bill like that?

        • Anymouse,

          Thanks for copying-and-pasting CaseyBoy’s post over here. That was outstanding!

          The liberal commie marxists and their anti-God ideology and practice is subverting this once-great country. We have political and cultural AIDS as a result.

          Liberalism is political, social, and cultural Ebola. We’re infected. Need to amputate and quarantine.

        • Great post!!

      17. i ain’t goin’

        they can build all the zionist fedgov eugenics death camps they want…

        the first zog dhs gestapo pig that tries to put me in one is getting ventilated.

        “don’t talk, just shoot.”


      18. Remember the Georgia stones post? They will only have 500 million doses of serum world wide. There is a map of places it is highly unlikely to infect but ya better have yer big girl pants to go there.

        • Someone should get out a Barrett .50 cal and some like calibered buffalo guns (Sharps) and use those things for target practice.

          After that, cut them down for counter tops.

      19. Christ has called we Christians to be “Salt and Light”. When the light of The Spirit’s goodness is either suppressed or extinguished, all that is left is a dark/cold/dangerous world.

      20. Oh so now the centers are for Ebola , the last few years it was for roundups of dissidents …… the story always changes to suit the doom agenda

        • This time…and only this time I have to agree with you. These same facilities have indeed been rebranded numerous times, depending on the flavor of the day. Perhaps they are “multi-purpose” facilities or perhaps they are built for whatever purpose TPTB want them to be for.

          Either way, that does not make them any less real or threatening.

          The sign on the door means nothing…The sign on the gas chambers said “Shower area”. Just saying, don’t believe everything you see or hear.

          • Sixpack- I don’t worry about the so-called FEMA camps. What I do worry about are the “google barges” and the 30,000 guillotines purchased by the feds… imagine a quantity of “barges” going out of sight, offshore, being supplied with dissenters by other smaller ships, and a mandatory beheading after refusing to accept their “agenda”. The remains of the dissenters will become fish food. Nice “factory setting”, huh?

            • Six,remember,the hermetically sealed doors are for your personal comfort!


            • Tinker:

              All those things happened when the Bolshevik Communists took over Russia, and worse. The ones hauled out on the barges to drown were probably more lucky than the ones tortured to death.

              Coming to America as soon as the new generation of Bolsheviks running our country and owning the federal reserve can figure out how to take our guns.

              Just like Russia; they are importing foreigners through our porous borders who will be glad to do the “dirty” work of ridding America of patriots.

        • Rich99

          I guess you can call it “Bleed Over” where one set of problems extend to another area of concern.

          The story always changes on doom and gloom but does all this knowledge and preparation do more good or does it do more harm. Is it all just a freak show to sell merchandise? Maybe so but I have acquired many skills over the years doing preps.

          In a round about way I figure I will hang around here till the elections. Too many warnings by fellow posters and will add that in my area there has been an increase in military training at night in the early hours. Coincidence? Who cares. Only if it matters to you.

          Will most have something to bring to the table? I doubt it. What they have not considered is that the rules would have changed by that time. They are not going to like it.

      21. I wonder why the government is adamant to detain millions of people under the disguise of preventing Ebola, but when a “liberated” woman expresses her degenerate behaviour, the sheeple applaud and congratulate.

        The anglosphere is getting crazier as it gets:

        Canadian women are endorsing child exploitation and possibly manufacturing toddler porn when the “Canadian moms” record their deviant behaviour for the world to see:


        Huffington Post actually endorsed a blog which caters to the ills and likes of sadistic women.

        From Parentdish dot ca, endorsed by Huffington Post”

        “Showing your kids that you’re proud of your body can teach them to have a healthy body image. However, one mommy blogger takes this lesson one step further by ensuring her young sons see her in the nude.

        …mom-of-four Rita Templeton explains how this teaches her sons to see women’s bodies in a positive light.”

        If that isn’t child exploitation, then what the hell is that mom doing to her sons?

      22. Hi everyone! I’ve been reading the stories on this site and the comments for 3 years. Nearly all of you are a wonderful, God believing group I would love to have on my team. I have a varied background in intelligence gathering information. I’d like to say hi and hopefully be welcomed as well as provide vital information. I have sent absolute proof to Mac Salvo that many people in the state of Oregon have been exposed to the Ebola Virus. I have insiders that pass this documented proof to me… at my own risk. This evidence shows that Ebola exposed travelers as well as citizens that make Oregon their home from Ebola exposed areas have indeed exposed the populations in Oregon. Additionally, Enterovirus and a mystery GI virus has moved westward as far as Bend, Oregon. I hope Mac responds to the info I’ve provided him. Thank you everyone for your great tips and delightful stories. God Bless, Watchman on the wall.

        • I’m an Oregonian. I stay away from people as much as possible. There has been talk about it being here, but no proof as of yet. I figure, you don’t need proof to be careful anyway.

          • Hi Sixpack and all, the following letter was sent to all County Health Departments in Oregon. Especially concerning is the portion outlined under the Risk assessment for appearance of Ebola illness in Oregon and the Risk assessment for Ebola transmission in Oregon….
            Ebola Virus Disease, its Implications for Oregon, and Guidance for Frontline Healthcare Workers
            Public health agencies in Oregon have been asked by members of the healthcare community for an
            assessment of the level of risk for sustained Ebola virus transmission here, as well as guidance regarding
            Ebola disease recognition and testing. Below is current information on these topics.
            Background information about Ebola
            Oregon Diseases A‐Z Ebola webpage:
            CDC Ebola webpage:
            Current Laboratory Testing Protocol
            • The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) does not accept specimens for Ebola virus
            testing. Specimens must be submitted directly to the Centers for Disease Control and
            Prevention (CDC). Submitters must work with OSPHL to complete required CDC forms prior to
            specimen submission.
            • CDC will not accept specimens without prior consultation with the Public Health Division
            through the local health department.
            • Step‐by‐step laboratory specimen collection and testing process are found here:

            Risk assessment for appearance of Ebola illness in Oregon
            • No direct flights to Oregon from affected countries
            • Total number of people coming to Oregon who have been in the area affected by the outbreak
            within the prior 21 days remains low

            • Protocols in place at Portland International Airport for rapid evaluation and isolation, if
            necessary, of ill persons arriving by air
            Based on this information, the likelihood of a person ill with Ebola arriving in Oregon appears low.

            Risk assessment for Ebola transmission in Oregon
            • Infection requires direct contact with blood or secretions of ill person.
            • Disease is not communicable until infected person is symptomatic.

            • Based on prior outbreaks with Zaire Ebola virus, the number of additional cases expected from
            exposure to one person in an otherwise entirely susceptible population, if nothing is done to
            curtail spread, is 2‐3.

            • Standard, contact, and droplet precautions, routinely employed in U.S. healthcare settings, are
            effective in protecting healthcare providers from Ebola infection. They have stopped outbreaks
            in Sudan, Congo, and Uganda, and should be effective here.
            • Guidance provided to people at risk of exposure during visits to affected areas to self‐monitor
            for illness, and to self‐isolate and seek prompt medical evaluation should symptoms develop.
            Based on this information, the likelihood of sustained community transmission of Ebola in Oregon is low.

            Infrastructure in place for Ebola detection and mitigation of spread
            Effective public health response to emerging infections such as Ebola virus involves three main
            components: Rapid recognition, prompt diagnosis and treatment, and isolation of ill persons to prevent
            additional cases.
            Rapid Recognition:
            • Protocols in place for rapid evaluation of ill passengers arriving by air.
            • Clinician reporting of suspect cases is required by OAR 333‐018‐0015.
            • Information is being shared with those possibly exposed in the affected area so they can selfmonitor
            for illness.
            Prompt Diagnosis and Treatment
            • Testing available through CDC with support from Public Health Lab.
            • Guidance on recognition, testing, care available to clinicians and shared with local health
            • Information shared with returning non‐governmental organization volunteers and other
            communities with increased likelihood of recent travel in the affected area. In this way, they can
            be aware of the types of contact that might expose them to the virus, can monitor for fever if an
            exposure has occurred, and can self‐isolate and rapidly seek care, should symptoms develop.
            Prevention of Additional Cases
            • Guidance on infection control shared with healthcare community.
            • Healthcare and emergency medical services staff are trained in and routinely use the indicated
            infection control precautions (standard, contact, and droplet).
            • Public health staff have an investigative guideline describing procedures for Ebola contact
            investigation and monitoring of any exposed contacts, and have experience in contact
            investigation for other illnesses, such as meningococcal disease, measles, and pertussis.
            Ebola Information for Frontline Healthcare Providers
            Situation: An ongoing outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in several West African countries and
            subsequent cases imported to other countries highlight the potential for travel‐related spread of EVD.
            Action: Report suspect cases of EVD immediately to your local health department, day or night.
            What is known about the EVD West Africa outbreak:
            • Since March 2014, there has been an outbreak of Ebola disease in parts of West Africa, with
            community transmission reported in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone (Source: WHO, 9/12/14).
            • Ebola virus can be transmitted person‐to‐person. This requires direct contact with bodily fluids
            (e.g., blood, urine, sputum, sweat, semen, breast milk) of an ill person, or post‐mortem contact,
            typically during funeral preparations.
            • EVD is characterized by sudden onset of fever (>101.5°F) and malaise, accompanied by myalgia,
            headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some patients progress to multi‐organ dysfunction, including
            hepatic damage, renal failure, and central nervous system involvement, leading to shock and
            death. Incubation period: 2–21 days. Treatment: supportive; in rare cases, investigational drugs.
            • Disease is not communicable before an infected person is symptomatic.
            • EVD poses little risk to the U.S. general population at this time. However, there is increased risk
            among people returning from travel or work in Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone who have been
            in close contact with a person sick with Ebola.
            • Healthcare workers should be alert for the above signs and symptoms in patients who have
            traveled in the affected countries during the 21 days prior to illness onset. Current case
            definitions are available at:‐definition.html
            In these situations, contact your local health department about current indications for testing.
            • Instruct asymptomatic travelers returning from affected countries to self‐monitor for fever or
            other symptoms and, if these develop, to self‐isolate and seek prompt medical attention.
            • Standard, contact, and droplet precautions, routinely employed in U.S. healthcare settings, are
            effective in protecting healthcare providers from Ebola infection. Guidance on infection control
            is available at:‐prevention‐and‐controlrecommendations.
            • Diagnostic testing (e.g., blood) is available at CDC, not the Oregon State Public Health Lab;
            contact your local health department to arrange for testing and specimen forms:
            Testing.aspx .

            • “The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) does not accept specimens for Ebola virus testing.

              Specimens must be submitted directly to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

              Submitters must work with OSPHL to complete required CDC forms prior to specimen submission.

              CDC will not accept specimens without prior consultation with the Public Health Division through the local health department.”

              BOY, THEY SURE DISCOURAGE GETTING AN EBOLA TEST DONE, HUH? Plenty of red tape, paperwork and hoops to jump through.

              Figures. Good way to avoid the real numbers getting out…make getting samples tested, a long drawn-out procedure. Wonder how much of that paperwork gets “lost” in the shuffle.

          • Speaking of disease in Oregon:

            Our duel citizen of Israel, Senator Wyden is one. Only need little research to see when they become a duel citizen where they pledge their loyalty.

            America is NOT their #1 priority…….

            Go figure.

            • Wyden has been obvious to me for years. I can’t stand that useless prick.

        • Supernatural

          Welcome to the community. If you are what you say then you are a very valued new member. Thank you very much for the heads up.

          Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

      23. Why is america borrowing money from the chinese to solve an african problem ?

        Pull out , ban all travel from africa , tell the bricsters . Hey you oughta do something about that shit before it gets out of hand. Then break out the popcorn and watch the show

        • Why is it that africa has probobly more varried resources of every important and very Valuable thing the world craves and uses, than America has, or that most any nation has, yet africa still has not yet figured out How to develope nor use it’s Own vast valuable resources?

          So Far, in what, 10,000 years or so, african folks have not yet progressed past the ability to create or build round small Mud and excreatment mixed Hut viliges. Huts which usually Melt everytime Moonson Rains arrives there!

          I cannot but wonder everytime on some TV ad or show we are shown poor africans all skinny starved, desperate for water to drink, with 14 kid’s and most adult moms pregnant with Twins!

          Why don’t those too many to count non profits and church groups who beg for cash donations so they can take their meals on wheels wagons to africa to feed african folks etc, ever show/Teach those ignorant africans to Dig a simple well?…Grow some Food crops?…Mine or Drill africans vast resources to SELL to other nations and use the profits to BUY whatever africans need to have a more prosperous and better form of life?

          With that type activiity going on there, african folks would eaisily afford a huge nationwide FIX, of their many ongoing problems or troubles no?

          Hard to comprehend that anybody can remain stuck in the same jungle Cannable mindset over 10,000 years and never yet acomplish anything else but to become worlds greatest builders of mud & crap huts eh. Oh yeah and worlds greatest producers of More of what has to be the most useless and worthless Race to ever exist.

          One TV show awhile back showed an african typical village of such Huts, with mostly females and small kids mulling around and playing in the dirt etc while camaras filmed it all…The tv shows voice over speaker guy told how on average every african female had between 14 to 18 or More kids…While the Male baby producers each had as many as 10-12 Wives!…120 or More kiddies Per male!

          TV speaker guy stated that in many zones of africa it is the Man who achieves the Most wives and kids who gets to reign as village King or leader!

          But none has ever yet thought to dig wells or grow food crops or build real towns and factories etc?

          Well after so far at least 50+ years now of non profit orgs and church groups doing Daily 24/7/365 meals on wheels “programs” it seems a New tactic is badly needed for africa eh…All that “Heres a Ham on Rye sandwich for You as long as ya tells us ya believes in Jesus” over and over has NOT worked to swell it seems.

        • BRICS is a thorn in the side of the NWO, because the current monopoly and dollar manipulation won’t work there. Therefore, I support BRICS. I fully understand what it could do to our reserve currency status, and I’m as prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.

          Busting the globalist banksters hold on the monetary system is a GOOD thing. I fully support the effort.

          Life is bound to get tough one way or another.

          I’d rather it be a tough FIGHT, than just a tough TAKEOVER.

          I’d rather meet it on MY TERMS. NOT THEIRS.

          But that’s just me.

      24. Ok, Dave Hodges’ website this week and last shows documentation that the U.S. government OWNS the PATENT on the Ebola virus as of 7-9 years ago!

        They will try to make the Ebola vaccine mandatory, and we would all be fools to take it because as with vaccines from the past 8 years, it too cannot be trusted.

        If the flu vaccine can give some people the flu, so too can this one give some Ebola.

        Don’t trust it.

        The flu shot WEAKENS our immune systems.

        Why do you think they have killed hundreds of microbiologists in the past 5-10 years?

        The Gardasil shot has killed scores of many injected young girls, and countless others sick. When it’s your daughter or niece or granddaughter, you can thank the former President who granted immunity to the companies that make these vaccines.

        Ebola IS a man-made virus made patented by the U.S. government. Aids was made at Fort Detrick (just check out to learn the truth about that).

        NFL stadiums will be the places where they take both dissidents (that is, patriots) and those ill with Ebola so they can gas/kill/terminate them under the guise of “helping” them.

        The lesson here?

        – Satan has infested all levels of government;
        – Hence, our government patented Ebola;
        – Its vaccine will be just more deadly than Gardasil and the flu shots and the vaccines that have given countless children autism;
        – They want to reduce the 7.5 billion on our planet by 90+% to just 500 million (but God the Father will stop them);
        – Since Satan hates all humans (and has manipulated with lies those allied to him) there will be more death and destruction.

        Satan can’t be destructive without deceiving the humans he conned into genetically modifying our food, spraying chem trails over our skies, and lacing all vaccines with toxins, poisons, and cancer.

        These are the End Times, and if you disagree, that’s fine, just keep in mind that with all the things listed above designed to end your life, it still won’t hurt to first get right with God, then prep, then pray, and repeat until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “The truly evil don’t reside in jail.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        • depending on who you are and if the government thinks you deserve to live or not, I would bet there are two lists, the ones who get a legit vaccine, and the ones who get a direct shot of the ebola virus,
          I trust people I know at arms length, the government, doctors, etc,,, even less,,, not at all
          so some pencil dick bureaucrat is going to tell me it is mandatory,,, good luck, Im going to die eventually anyway, Im ok with that, your decision if you want to come along with me or not,,,,

        • vaccines are already mandatory for those who work for the large hospital chain here. Spread it to them and they’ll spread it to their families…that’s been the basic blueprint for the annual flu. as you remember, in 2005 there was some problems preparing the flu vaccine so not much dissemination and very few people I knew (none) got sick that year.

      25. I’m a retired Ph.D. biophysical chemist. I want to point out that NO effective vaccine for Ebola can be made. Please note that in the early days of the HIV epidemic the NIH and the media kept assuring everyone that any day now there would be a vaccine. HIV, like Ebola, has an RNA genome. I’m coauthor on two papers on the reverse transcriptase of HIV, the enzyme that makes a DNA copy of the RNA. Now when RNA is copied about one nucleotide in a million is incorrectly copied. When DNA is copied there are error correcting enzymes that fix about 99.9% of the errors. The error prone copying of RNA insures a high mutation rate and coat proteins that rather rapidly change sequence so that previous antibodies will not scavenge up the viral particles. OK, on the TV we are told that a vaccine has worked in monkeys. What they most surely did was to prepare a vaccine against ONE variant of Ebola, then infected the monkeys with that ONE variant. The same was done in early HIV vaccine trials. Do we have an effective HIV vaccine..NO. Will we ever have an effective Ebola vaccine? NO, and for the exact same reason, the high mutation rate.

        Do not expect the Orwellian managed mass media to explain this to you.

        My general take on the response to Ebola in W. Africa is that is is far, far, too little, and way, way, too late to prevent a planet pandemic.

        It took almost a decade before the first drug was invented to prevent HIV replication. This drug targeted the reverse transcriptase enzyme. It was quickly found that HIV would mutate so rapidly that this drug became useless. It is now practice to give HIV patients a cocktail of drugs against several different targets at the same time. The genome of HIV codes for a single long polypeptide chain. One part of this is a protease that specifically clips the chain into seven separate proteins. One of the cocktail drugs targets this oddball protease.

        Please realize, it took several decades before we had a cocktail of HIV drugs against different target proteins that actually let folks survive.

        • How many more moves till, “Checkmate”.

        • Tennessean,

          Thanks for telling me the truth.

      26. Tennessean,

        Truth !

        As I suspected.

        “Nothing to see here !”

        “Move on.”

        Don’t worry, Be happy”

        And drop.

      27. Just a guess, but some false flag could be executed soon to possibly suspend elections. FDR got a third term by using the excuse that the war was still raging. Either Ebola, isis, economic collapse or,likely a grand nasty combo will do it. Be careful. Spiritually I feel really tense right now, like something evil is about to drop in.

        • Eagle I have stated a few times in the past 10 days that I have a very bad gut feeling right now. I hope it is wrong but it has never been this strong before. Thanks for sharing your post. I think a lot of people are tense right now. Maybe most have the same feeling.

      28. Has anyone else notice the Government PSA’s have increased to the point of at least one every hour (at least on the radio stations I listen to)? Every one of them has to do with prepare a 72 hour packet for any kind of an emergence that may happen. I find this very odd, it would take about 3 days to round up, load up and transport people to the camps, with 3 days’ supply; they have no worry of feeding anyone has if they really cared anyway. It’s getting very serious, those of us with our eyes open and our ears to the ground can see things happening. Like a broken record GET YOUR PREPARATIONS TOPPED OFF NOW don’t wait. Sorry but don’t worry about PM’s now, WATER and FOOD is the priority right now, and if you can pick up a few more round for old Betsey (sorry BH Bertha). You cannot go wrong with the basics, Water, Rice, Beans, and Bullets. Stay alert has to what is going on around you at all times. Our communions just may end soon without any notice, that’s a gut feeling of mine. Also my gut tells me that we are in the final stages of the power play for the over throwing of America. Remember to stop, look and listen to what’s happening around you, for you are your best source of Intel for what you NEED TO DO. My prayer everyday is for Wisdom, Strength, and Guidance from my Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ. Keep you and your family SAFE! On the River Bank; watching and waiting.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

        • RR,
          We have been ordered to step up public awareness , this shit is about to get real serious we are on 24 hour alert status on base , we are practically sleeping in our gear , some very disturbing and nasty stuff could go down. Main thing is be prepared, do not panic, offer help if you are able .

          What we could experience is the same kind of mayhem that Isreal experiences on a daily basis .
          We should have solved this problem while we were in the middle east the first time , but due to the incompetence of the current administration , the enemy is now in our door step.
          I do not know what the future holds it is unwritten , but what I see and hear now is pretty disturbing and frightening . We are in it real deep , a lit of pain and discomfort will have to be endured before we get out the other side of this , be resilient , be observant .

          I have to go the altert alarm is going off

          All here be safe

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night,the one thing I have always been willing to do if I don’t die quickly is help others in time of crisis,not sure how much of a help will be but will try and care for/protect two and four footed critters to best of ability.

          • Night,the one thing I have always been willing to do if I don’t die quickly is help others in time of crisis,not sure how much of a help will be but will try and care for/protect two and four footed critters to best of ability.That being said,the govt. and I will probably disagree on what “help” is!

          • Night breaker, I know someone whom I trust for info like this and they got info first hand from someone with access. She told me at the end of July that the dep of def had actionable intelligence that ISIS here. Individual would not give details due to not wanting to divulge details at risk of being in serious trouble. They said it is so much worse than we could ever imagine and that was 2 months ago. That’s a lifetime with this open border.

          • Night Breaker

            I just said a prayer for you and your family. Thank you for your service and please be safe my brother.

        • I was thinking that too. If Liberians are told to “stay home” for 3 days: do they have 3 days of food? Will they have jobs after 3 days? Will they be able to pay their bills with savings? I understand majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

        • RiverRat:

          Was looking through some old subjects and saw a post of someone thanking you for your recipes. They were also asking you if you knew how to cure bacon; and if so, did you have a special recipe that you used in the cure.

          Dont remember who the poster was but saw you had not answered so believe you didn’t see it.

          Just wanted you to know…..

          • POG: All I do is pick up platter style bacon when on sale. Then use parchment paper that will hold 12 to 14 slices. Fold in half and roll up as tight as you can, place into wide mouth qt. jar and pressure can at 10# for 90min. hear the ping and you’re good to go for years. Open and eat, fry, or whatever, because it’s cooked through. Enjoy.

            River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      29. I jusy want to shout as loud as possible publicly that I Love Jesus Christ, My LORD AND SAVIOUR! God Bless!

      30. I suppose ive become jaded. first it was Y2K. then it was golwbull warming. and its always something like Dec 2012 and guess what nothing happened. predictions out the wazzo and it never materializes. I not worried about ebola. cry wolf all you want it will fizzleout. Heck im more worried about my hay getting rained on. Today I mowed hay with a 1944 M farmall and a sickle bar mower. Mowed 20 acres and not any breakdowns. Now to get it raked up and baled. Im making those small square bales. Im dreading hauling them and putting them in the barn. At least the weather isn’t over 100 degrees.

      31. Condor:posts too damn long and off topic.Get your own site

        • Southside:

          Your scrolling fingers broke? Who appointed you to determine who posts and what is in the post?

      32. In a real pandemic scenario, their real priority will be to let you expire so that others may live. If you survive, your body will be studied against your will (they will be gentle at first, but refuse and it will be your family on the line, or they will take everything you have, and in a truly desperate times they will shoot you), as they are doing to survivors in Liberia.

        The “needs of the many” argument is communist. When countered, propagandists will throw a variety of moral dilemmas at you. These dilemmas are designed to favor the majority at the unwilling expense of the minority. Never fall for the falsehood of the lesser evil versus the greater evil. There is always a way to win without sacrificing others against their will.

        Concentration camps have never been used for good purposes. They should be located and destroyed preemptively.

      33. Ebola Community Centers..

        How quaint….


      34. In Monrovida they are dumping the bodies in the rivers from the slumps. Contaminating the water.

        Est. 1.4 million people dead by Jan 2015.
        A SHTF Situation, heading our way,eventually.

      35. Any one paying attention to the so called war on ISIS? We dropped over 2oo smart bombs and 40 cruise missiles. But, we only killed 70 enemy fighters. We lost. We couldn’t even kill 2 fighters with each cruise missile? We spent between $500,000 and $1 billion carrying out the first days operation. At this rate we’ll be broke before we kill 3,000 fighters! Something doesn’t smell right.

        • True Story, Prophet.

          Read Albert Pikes version of what would be the lead up to WW3.

          Going precisely as he described.

          While researching what he had written be sure to check out what he said was the reason for WW1 and WW2. They, also, went exactly as he described.

          You will then know why “something does not smell right” to you. The Pied Piper is leading us into WW3. Anyone notice it is American kids that will be sacrificed, once again?

      36. Ho-Hum! Another FEMA camp story. YAWN! Just the latest in the 1000 other FEMA camp stories. And yet not a single FEMA camp to be found and no one has been rounded up. YAWN! DO you have any idea how long this crazy meme has been perpetrated on us? Decades!! And we still jump when they spring it again. YAWN…

        • Gone
          your wrong about that. DHS took most of the illegals into their camps and the public aint never been told how many. We know a few thousands went here and there. We know some states have gotten pissed at how the illegals were dumped w/out any warning too.
          Theres a list of states and how many illegals been dumped this year alone.
          DHS has contracts w/ some covert “baptist” group who changed there mission from religion to disaster management and control. FEMA dont need to get their hands dirty now, they got that group. And the sheep think its all good since theyre religious.
          Dont believe me? go to bcfsemd dot org
          Heres what they say they do
          “BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division is a non-profit partner of federal, state and local government and private industry, specializing in emergency management, incident management, disaster response, public health & medical emergency response, mass care, mass fatality planning, medical sheltering and planning for vulnerable populations.”

          BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division is part of a global system of non-profit organizations serving communities around the world. BCFS has principal offices located in:

          New York
          Washington, D.C.
          Eastern Europe
          Latin America
          Southeast Asia

          Nice expensive arrangement that DHS has going now, aint it? What if the round up of illegal Central Americans was a test run for the ebola round up?

          • Calgagus,Craig B Hulet affirms FEMA camp existence.

            Check out his 9/25/14 radio interview. He has some compelling research on his webpage at craig b

            He also conforms government trolls.

            • Whopps, confirms

      37. I know most here on shtfplan are smart and reject the tyranny from the U.S. government. You support the truth and are real patriots. Good articles at titled “Making you an agent of the State” and another “Making you an enemy of the State” sum up the nightmare American’s are facing.

        • Aljamo:

          Great info at Veterans Today, thanks!

      38. So let me get this right, 3000 troops, $40 million or so dollars, and the expertise of the US armed forces and we can’t put up a 1/2 dozen medical tents so they are going to scale back the treatment centers to a ‘CCC’ ?

        WTF? The Chinese would have had an 8 story office building, apartment complex with parking garage and half of an Olympic sized sports stadium completed in the same time.

        Speaking of the Chinese, where are they during this crisis. Probably far away on the other side of Africa exploiting their resources while we deal with all the shit.

      39. it might come into the US. through the border.

      40. these facilities (as well as fema camps), i believe are mainly for inner city occupancy trouble makers. suburbia has been planned with containment/quarentine already in mind. take a look at most modern suburben neighbors hoods. within 3-5m radius you have everything you need: gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacy, churches and school. in my area every group of neighborhoods has their own school.. i cant go 2 miles without seeing a school or church.. why hassle rounding up people when you can quarentine them to their homes in a small area with conviences nearby. The general population would comply much easier (boston is a good example). less man power required as well. if you are in suburbia, then you are already likely in a fema quarentine ghetto, you just dont know it yet…

      41. the ebola infected people need to be away from the general population…they should all be moved to the sprawling estates of the various rich that have gotten that way by stealing from others through “government”. Putting ones chains around others necks is the biggest Amerikan pastime, not baseball or football.

      42. “Governments Building Ebola Detention Camps to Quarantine the Infected”

        If they are right next to the camps that house the HIV infected, it will all work out just fine. Oh, wait. There are no HIV camps in spite of the fact that it too results in an incurable and debilitating disease. Gee, it sure helps when one has a politically correct disease with its own special support group.

      43. Is ebola immune to fire? There’s the cure for it. The elites will permanently learn, the hard way, to quit their tricks to corral everyone.

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