Report: Germans Could Have Their Kids Snatched For Anti-Migrant Facebook Posts

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Headline News | 122 comments

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    Germans who make racist anti-migrant posts could have their children snatched by the state and be fired from their jobs, according to the German Lawyers’ Association.

    In an article entitled Racism and parenting: Threatening loss of custody?, lawyer Eva Becker, Chair of the Working Group on Family Law in the German Bar Association, outlines the conditions under which “xenophobic” Facebook posts could lead to parents being targeted.

    Although Becker asserts that merely opposing the settlement of migrants in Germany would not lead to parental rights being terminated, such views could easily lead to someone being fired from their job.

    Expressing a desire for violence against the migrants would constitute evidence enough for a family court to remove children from the home, according to Becker.

    While this appears to be a high bar, idle threats of violence are made by countless people on the Internet every day, with the vast majority going completely unpunished.

    Given the apparent cover-up of rapes being committed by “migrants” in Germany, the notion of an irate father making violent comments in a ‘heat of the moment’ Facebook rant is entirely plausible. Although such comments are obviously abhorrent, should they really lead to children being taken away from their parents by the state?

    Becker suggests that racist and xenophobic statements made in the presence of a child that constitute a “negative influence” would also be investigated by the authorities.

    Becker advises ex-partners to collect screenshots of Facebook comments and other Internet activity if they are considering bringing a case before the family court.

    As we highlighted yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught on a hot mic discussing plans with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor anti-migrant Facebook posts in Germany.

    “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked. “Yeah,” Zuckerberg responded before their microphone was cut.

    Those found guilty of “refugee baiting” remarks will be hit with fines up to €5000 euros or 120 days in jail. The program will be overseen by Network Against Nazis (Netz gegen Nazis), a group led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane.

    As we previously reported, Kahane worked as a Stasi informant under the codename “Victoria” from 1974-1982. The Stasi’s role was to spy on the population of East Germany and to use its vast network of informants to hunt down political dissidents.

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      1. Apparently the Germans did not learn from their reign of Hitler in WWII. They are repeating history.

        • Most Amerikans are making the same mistakes that are being made in Germany. We are not that far behind them in the race to the bottom. In some areas, we hold an edge. Congratulations you stupid Amerikans!

          • “Germans who make racist anti-migrant posts could have their children snatched by the state and be fired from their jobs, according to the German Lawyers’ Association.”

            A policy soon to be visited upon the USA! USA!! USA!!!

            Ain’t freedom and democracy grand!

            • It’s already here. Look at the number of teachers or police who made some comment online on their own time with their own computer, who have been reprimanded or removed from their jobs, just this year alone.

              Apparently, making posts that are approved by the political bosses is just fine, no matter what it may be, but deviate from what they want you to say or do, kiss your career goodbye.

            • Its bad enough moslems are snatching kids like the 6yo girl in the UK seen on camera being snatched by a moslem pedo, but now linking that story could have your kids snatched.

        • Looks like another Western country that needs a re-set.


        • No, The Germans DID learn the lessons from Adolph Hitler and they are repeating them.

          • Yes, the Berufsverbot that they were so infamous for back in the day, to the extent that particular term had made its way into some other languages, is back again.

            What’s that saying about the leopard and its spots?

        • MK, the communist regime of East Germany never went out of existence in reality. After the Berlin Wall fell, they simply bided their time and took over the entire reunified Germany. Stasi is still in business under a different name.

        • “Stupid people are ruining America.”

          -Herman Cain
          Former President of Kansas City Federal Reserve

          • Unfortunately, they aren’t all stupid; many of them are just plain evil.

        • “Apparently the Germans did not learn from their reign of Hitler in WWII. They are repeating history.”

          Apparently they need a repeat of night of the long knives 🙂

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          You may think talking about clothing is gay. But if you ever spend more than one day in the woods at a time you’ll soon learn it makes all the difference in the world to be miserable out in the elements.


          p.s. learn to treat blisters on the feet. Get some leukotape.

        • 500 Euros? No sweat. The Euro will; soon be worthless anyway.

        • .

          What Germans should have learned from Hitler is to be pro-German, pro-family and have lots of children.

          Instead, Germany returned to degenerate anti-family Weimar.


      2. If anybody tries to take brainhurt’s kids they’ll get a dose of lead nutrients from my ventilation team! Oh, that’s right, I don’t have any kids. Never mind.

        • Brainhurt, you don’t even have a brain that’s worth mentioning so go back to sleep.

        • brainhurt.

          That was uncalled for.

        • brainhurt
          May I ask you what the hell Braveheart ever did to you that make you so nasty to him?

          I’ve always been told that if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all.

          If you have a difference in opinion then ask the questions that needs to be ask or state why you disagree.


          • Slingshot and Sarge, thanks for that. He’s just another troll. He sure chose a strange moniker to post under. He doesn’t even have a brain so how could he be ‘brainhurt’? Trolls don’t have brains.

            • There you go again, showing off that HUGE IQ of yours, how you managed to find your way through life for 58 years is a mystery.

              • Anonymous troll, this is one time I’ll be happy to answer a question for you. I was once brainwashed by the system just like everyone else but in the early 70s I woke up. It took a lot more years than I liked to do the research but I finally reached the point where I know enough of the basics to realize what’s really happening out there. I’ve always worked for what I wanted and needed in life. I’ve always paid taxes into the system like everyone else and never lived on any tax dollars in any way, shape, or form. I never go looking for any kind of trouble. I never go around having bad intentions toward other people. The short answer is I LIVE RIGHT AND DO RIGHT BY OTHER PEOPLE. IF I HAD DONE THE OPPOSITE, I WOULDN’T BE ALIVE NOW, WOULD I? No mystery about how I get through life. Now I have a question for you. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET THROUGH LIFE BEING A STINKING, OBAMA-SUPPORTING TROLL?

            • Double-wide king:

              I was always accused of being a troll. I don’t believe I am on account of how I have always posted what I felt was useful shit along with my insults. All the way back this was true.

              But this brainturd clown posts nothing of interest.

              • Acid, way to go. There’s something else we can agree on.

            • c’mon now, you guys leave poor brainhurt alone. if his I.Q. was any lower, he would have to be WATERED daily…afterall, he thinks “Boyz II Men” is a daycare center..he advanced through grade school all the way to the 4th grade and never exhibited even the SLIGHTEST ability to read OR write before he was finally given his diploma, now he’ll never be able to get a decent job….as george bush said…”no child left a dime”…but finally, at age 39, he finally was able to put a semi-coherent sentence together for the first time…well, it made sense to HIM, when he didn’t stop to THINK about it!

              • BCOD, your description of brainhurt is better than mine.

                • don’t sell yerself short braveheart….you got that certain way…….

      3. So much for freedom of speech. I’d cancel my Facebook account.

        • Anyone with 1 brain cell knows facebook is an nsa datamine. I have never and never will join any shit like that. Ya I know they read shit here too but just sayin.

          • Genius, same here. No social media for me at all.

      4. Kill the people that come to take your children. First shoot the armed ones, then the suit/skirt. Bury their bodies a full six feet under and dispose of their cars. No mercy.

        • Amen Menzo

        • Menzo:

          Don’t bury them. Why waste the protein. One fascist baby snatcher could feed a family of four for at least a month.

        • don’t forget to bury them DEEP, ’cause deepdown…they’re GOOD PEOPLE!

          • If bullshit could fly, this place would be an airport.

      5. The more you suppress it, the worse it will become.

        • .

          Merkel is inviting another Hitler to stand up.


          • I cannot believe how stupid the whole of Europe and most especially the people Germany have become. In the 1930’s and 1940’s my people,(the Germans), were the most feared on the planet, now 70 years later we hear and see reports of Germans giving these”refugees” rides in their cars, cash, and food?!!
            What kind of idiots welcome an invading force to their nation?
            These “refugees” are simply the vanguard for an unarmed Islamic invasion of Europe, and the Europeans are welcoming them?
            Dear God how stupid people have become! Just wait a year or two and see what these “refugees” do. I suspect they will make 911 look like a walk in the park. Happily at least the Hungarian people and their leaders are taking a stand for their people.
            The liberal mindset is more dangerous that the a bomb.
            Why the very idea WELCOMING invaders to your shores!

            • .

              ” Why the very idea WELCOMING invaders to your shores! ”

              Americans do it everyday… and many of them are also of German descent [or used to be before the third world invasion.]


            • It won’t be a year. The muslimes are commiting violent crimes and making dermands right from the start.

            • Over at the Guardian, British site, they are dogging Trump/Americans for saying there could be terrorist in the Syrian refugees, while a mosque goes up on every corner in London and some estimate Britian will be 40% muslim in 25 years! Maybe quicker now with the new invasions coming.

      6. Anyone know if a metal surefire flashlight would survive a EMP. Not a scientists but thinking maybe the metal case itself would act as a faraday cage. Just a guess though. Also would anything electric survive if it was not in a faraday cage?

        • If the flashlight is switched on at the time of the emp then you are in the dark. If it is off, you are ahead of the pack with lots of light (but you have to switch it on after the danger of the emp has past). Thanks and that is the truth.

        • Check this out, may answer some questions
          Add the usual prefix

        • Green Tip actually meant a fleshlight not flashlight

        • Green Tip
          If you have some flashlights (and batteries) I would still put them away in a Faraday cage just to be on the safe side. Store the flashlight with out batteries.

          • Sarge, that’s exactly what I do with some LED lights I have. They’re in my faraday cage minus batteries and should be OK.

      7. and this is why your facebook should never be in your real name and you certainly should be ‘friends’ with your coworkers – or better yet make a ‘professional’ page with your real name and have it be the most adorable thing by only posting cat videos and cute memes about bunnies

        • Exactly. The question is, how do you keep Facebook from using your name?

          I don’t have a facebook account, but what keeps someone from getting one in my name?

          • Open a Facebook account with your real name–then do not friend anyone or use it. That way, nobody can use your name to open an account. If anyone ever searches your name, they’ll be greeted by an empty page 🙂

            • Until someone hacks it and puts whatever content they want there. Best way to avoid problems is to avoid the problem, which is big brother masquerading as social media. Zuckerberg is a Brown Shirt, no doubt about it.

      8. Wee need this law in America. Fines or jail for RACE BAITING. We could get rid of Al Sharpton and Obama in about a day.

        • Yah brilliant!, another Fucking Law..and imposed upon all by whom? yeh the fuckin government .. thanks but no thanks

        • Didn’t you learn that only whites/Caucasians/pink people can be jailed for race baiting and that other ethnicities are physically incapable of race baiting….?? I am not sure how they do it. Maybe it is one of their evolutionary abilities manifested at the time of their primordial oozing out of the African continent’s “cradle of life*.”

          [*satire alert]

          • Africa’s native polulation are the descendants of early humans who weren’t smart enough to walk out of there.

        • JS, that is coming and it will be used against white people only. If someone tries to use it on me, they’ll face consequences.

        • Tell us how many minorities were charged and convicted of hate crimes last year, then get back to us on another law.

      9. Facebook? What’s that, somebody reading a book? Look people, get a grip. Corporations make the world go round. The illegal immigrants work for less, enough said. If there is no decent profit what’s the reason to be alive? Live with it.

        • Sounds like Clinton. Wipe the server clean? what, with a rag or something?

        • You live with it, the rest of us refuse.

          Be sure to be on time for Friday prayers at the local mosque, the left is going to be the first to line up when push comes to shove.

          • No doubt smokey. When muslim trash are in my area setting up shop, they will be mysteriously shot from the most convenient distances. What a f u c k ing tragedy someone shot all those freedom loving muslim pieces of shit. This needs to happen nation wide.

            • I’m gonna drop bacon on the front steps….

        • Illegals work for less but cost more. The true cost is socialized to the taxpayers.

      10. Eva Becker has made it clear how she feels about her country. she doesn’t care about her country, people, culture, etc. She has no problem standing up for foreigners who are out to destroy her country. And this Anetta Kahane was an informant for the STASI? That speaks volumes. No telling how much blood is on her hands. Sounds like both of those commie bitches need to have ‘accidents’.

      11. I talked to the German teacher at a High School in the area, and was told that the German people are PISSED, and about to take up arms. I was told that he had talked to some of his family that lives in Germany and they are telling him not to believe the MSM, because they are not tell you the true and or the whole story of these turds that are reeking all out hell in Germany. He was told that it wouldn’t be surprised to see blood on the street by Christmas time.

        • The police state will go into overdrive to push this agenda through. The are already in advanced stages with the Chinese and using their control systems. We are all Chinese now!

          Diversity for the European countries and mono culture for Asia and Africa. They want to eradicate the nice middle class lives people had from the 1950s and make sure that never exists again in human history. Just a stinking third world world of low-paid work, living in sprawling, crime-ridden ghettos mired in endless race and cultural wars to keep people divided.

          • Frank
            If you have info that a Police Department is working with the Chi Coms Please tell us which P.D. it is. I can tell you right now that the P.D. for at isn’t.


        • I’ve been waiting for a coordinated attack on the shelters and mosques throughout Germany, or at least in Saxony and Dresden where a lot of the anger resides, but nothing yet.

          Losing 40 or 50 buildings in a single night would send the message.

          • No No Smokey:

            Mortar and stone. No.

            Remove the people who brought the problem.

            Restart, renew, rewind.

            The German people will take a while to realize the error of their ways. But they have conquest and fight in their DNA. Those multi-cultural politicals may be on the wrong side of history again.

        • It took 3 months for the story of a 6yo germans girls rape by a turdworld muslim to come out because they didn’t want reality reported.

          • Britian tried to hide the raping of over a thousand British girls by inbred muslims for years. Malmo, Sweden is being called the rape capital of the world due to the pig licking muslims.

        • .

          If Germans don’t rise up long before Christmas… they are not the same holy warrior tribe they used to be.

          I’m opting for Nov 9… a very important day in German history… also the day the Berlin Wall fell.


        • Zionist Rothschild bankers make money when they ferment war between two enemies.
          White Germans against Muslim Arabs. Win. Win. For the money brokers.

          Sounds like a good time to invest in Haliburtin. $$$.look at it from the bright side.

          If you can’t stop it, you might as well cash in on it.

        • The “Neo-Nazis” won’t have to recruit at all. If Merkel doesn’t slink away soon, she may find herself being “Chousheska-ed”. If there’s one thing native Germans are good at, it’s organizing. They will recall their roots.

          Europe is embarking upon an epic struggle. This will get beyond nasty. Merkel et al have overplayed their hand and Europe will swing hard away from socialism.

          • .

            Germany and most all Europe have become a degenerate anti-family suicidal Weimar Republic.

            Reaction and resistance against the evil and depravity of Weimar enabled Hitler to rise to power.


      12. They are ” about ready” to take up arms. Sure they are, in their dreams maybe, I’d say wait to see it before you believe it but you’ll be long dead and gone before it ever happens.

        • A
          All I can tell you is what he said. And yes wait and see, because that is all we can do.

          • A creeping Caliphate seems to have confounded things. Thanks for that intel from Germany. I can think of a couple of times the Germans have taken up arms but the timing by Christmas seems generous to me. ht tp:// A very revealing video.

      13. Besides Germany , many other countries are having refugee problems. Resentment and hatred is on the rise and the desperation of the migrants is reaching levels many can not withstand. See it all on Utube.

        Germany did open her boarders to these people. Now because the German People express their concerns the Government want to take the children away.

        Can they do this in America? Will they even attempt it? Nasty guns in the way. Take the guns first then the children, Problem solved. Hahahahaha!

        • Spot on SLING , them nasty guns.
          Because the government IS still afraid of the people.

          • Hammerhead and Slingshot, our ‘nasty guns’ are the ONLY thing standing between us and full-scale tyranny.

        • Its happening in America, last month a healthcare worker in Lewiston Maine was beheaded by a somoli moslem. See Refugee Resettlement Watch for more info. It turned out the boston marathon muslims had 3 gay jew next door neighbors that got beheaded a year before the marathon but no one thought to profile who would behead them.

      14. Germany……. Well, if the stories about this “nuclear tsunami” are true; Germany is going to learn from it’s mistakes sooner than later. Asshats.

      15. Anyone that is not prepared because they can not see the writing on the wall, is someone trying to walk with RUBBER CRUTCHES, get real people, get ready now!

      16. Off the subject did you see the story where WAFFLE HOUSE in KY refused to serve a ARMED SOLDIER ?

        • NO , Really ?
          Got a link to the story ?

          • UHHH , Why was an armed soldier at a waffle house anyway?

            • Guess he was hungry, don’t ya think?

              The story is on MSM news, you’ll find it.

              • But hey, the soldier is fighting for the freedom of the wafflehouse owner to kick him out. If it wasn’t for the brave soldier the owner would be a lampshade or a bar of soap!

                • I love people serving, but… How did that soldier protect the waffle house? Oh by joining the purge of muslims in the middle east? Oh boy, thanks for creating 100x more terrorists than there were before. Thanks for helping genocide muslim people. Thanks for helping the police state and getting taxes raised to pay for these wars. Oh yes thank you so much for “defending” us from fluckin nothing.
                  Its the right of most store owners to be able to refuse service to anybody for no reason. Leave your gun in the trunk and grab a window seat, don’t have to be a bamf 24/7. An armed/uniformed soldier on my damn private land, uninvited, is Against The law!!
                  FFS you whiney bitches.

            • Why would he walk in armed? Police I can see(gun is part of their uniform). Should have left weapon in the car. Was it posted that weapons weren’t allowed? Just some of the things that happen in my gun friendly state.

              • Leaving his weapon in the car is not a smart idea, either. Just asking for a theft.

                I don’t leave my carry piece in the car, I want full control of that weapon.

                • Maybe LOCK the car, put the gun in the trunk, get a window seat to view said car.
                  Armed and uniformed federal soldiers is illegal on private property uninvited!!
                  Ohh and businesses can refuse service to whomever they want or no reason.. so who flippin cares anyway.
                  Ohh wait the soldier fought to protect the waffle house… by genociding muslims in the middle east to protect jewish interests.. oh jeeze, yes bow down. Thanks for saving me from becoming soap! Ps I love military.

                  • You are not in control of your weapon if you leave it in a car, no matter where you lock it up or set to watch it. It’s illegal in most states to leave a weapon unattended in your car, and certainly the military doesn’t want you to leave them vulnerable to theft, either.

                    You just try and refuse service to whomever you want in a business, watch what happens to you. Get back to us on that later, OK? Be sure you select a minority, LGBT, religious sect, or some other such thing.

      17. And ‘americans’ don’t even know history, that is why they are being led like sheep to the slaughterhouse.

      18. A rift between the German government and the German people has been developing and growing increasingly hostile for some time.

        It’s been mostly below the level of actual conflict so far, but this current government supported migrant situation is going to blow it open.

        Be interesting to see how it develops, I’m glad something like that couldn’t happen here.

      19. Well it looks like the german govt is trying to get rid of its ethnic german population and replace them with arabs, call the govt’s bluff and all ethnic germans immigrate to America!

      20. A fierce citizen protest stopped illegals from being dumped in Murrieta CA by the feds and an armed show of force backed down the fed goon squad at Bundy Ranch. When Obama tries to relocate 200,000 Syrian “refugees” in cities around America maybe the locals should have something to say about that.

        Did you ever notice that these relocations never happen in Malibu, The Hamptons, Georgetown, Coral Gables, Aspen and other rich liberal enclaves? The feds take these muslims to rural Idaho and Ohio and so on that are predominantly Christian.

        Here are some links of muslims in Europe rejecting food and water because it’s not blessed or something. Are the Europeans really stupid enough to let these people in? Probably.

        • lost karma – With few exceptions the European people don’t want them there – it’s the government and PTB making the decisions and forcing this upon it’s people.

          Here’s a Link (that I believe to be up-to-date) where Syrian “refugees” are eventually, or are currently, gradually being housed. And, you’re right Malibu, Hollywood, the Hamptons, etc, are not on the list.

          BTW, Murrietta, in southern CA is one of few areas in CA not affected by the drought due to the acquifers there and also it’s not nearly as over-populated as compared to many other areas of CA. But bring in more people than it can handle, and before you know it, it too will over-populated and under severe water restrictions.

          • Correction to my post: the link is a list of U.S. ‘refugee processing centers’, not where they will actually be housed. The “refugees” will be housed in the areas surrounding these nationwide processing centers, supposedly spread out, but contained within a 25-mile radius.

      21. As a matter of fact, Hitler DID win in Europe. It just took a few extra decades. And led by the gay Brownshirt fascists in the US, they are winning here, too.

        • .

          I am so sick and tired of all the lies.

          Learn real history.

          Bolsheviks legalized homosexuality

          Hitler banned homosexuality.

          Bolsheviks legalized abortion

          Hitler banned abortion.

          Bolsheviks were extremely anti-family.

          Hitler was pro-family and enacted laws to promote children.


          • Yeah, Hitler was really a GREAT human being, just misunderstood, that’s all. He was really pro family towards all the people in Russia when he invaded, wasn’t he? Yeah, that’s why the Russians ripped Germany a new asshole when they finally got on German soil, it was to ” repay” all of Hitler’s kindness toward families he displayed in Russia. Looks like ” His Struggle” kinda blew up in his face, didn’t it? It only goes to show that sometimes, when you’re really misunderstood, suicide is the only way out.

      22. This is exactly why we need the second amendment. I hope the Germans will stand firm against their government this time. I believe that they did learn their lesson the last time, I know a German lady here in America that cant stand even the mention of Hitler, she hates what happened back then and I think there are alot of Germans who would LOVE to have a chance at redemption, so to speak.

        As for any our our politicians who would love to go after American citizens for the same freedomm of speech issues- do you really want to poke that bear? Really? You are gonna poke that bear one to many times and you are gonna see how many peace loving Americans will rise up.

        All you have to do is look at the Clive Bundy fiasco. That wasnt even a just cause, can you imagine that in every town in America. And a just cause to bring this government in line? How many soldiers would cross that line with their weapons and fight for the militia? I say many will.

      23. If you don’t like the illegal immigrants, too bad. The USA is a corporation, they call the shots and have the money and personhood. All laws are made by them and ignored by them at their discretion. The deck is stacked and the jokers are wild. The people have become irrelevant, now get with the program, get up to date on the required shots, inhale that chemtrail soup pollution and radiation, eat your gmo tainted poison slop and shut the hell up. lol

        • Aljamo, I’m glad you were only being sarcastic and kidding, otherwise……

        • That about sums it up aljamo.

      24. You can’t force people to be non-racist. The measure of a person is in their deeds, not their prejudices. If something is wrong in behavior, it is wrong across all races. It’s just not hard to find groups or individuals that exemplify the very worst stereotypes of their race, creed or color.
        Germany suffers from a huge case of Aryan guilt. Overcompen- sation.

      25. Check out this article on Anetta Kahane at There’s also a video of her on youtube calling for the destruction of an all-white Europe.

      26. America has had this policy covertly for years. If you go into rehab you open yourself to implementation of this hidden agenda. If you talk with a professional psychologist at work or even if you do it in your personal time, you open yourself to implementation of this existing policy in America home of the dumb brainwashed victims of the Zuckerburt types who control the Child do not Protect but legally kidnap thousands of children. I understand that some women have become so afraid of this happening that they hide their pregnancies and keep their children under the radar, away from the prying hands of the American gestapo. Breastmilk makes babies smarter and healthier. It also keeps the gestapo from identifying where a newborn is at. Paranoia is better than a lot of things that can and do happen everyday in the land we live in. God protect you and your families from these monsters.

      27. .

        Merkel and Zuckerberg have been conspiring to censor all anti-migrant discussion on Facebook. They were overheard at the UN discussing censorship.

        Not only are the German people not able to stop the muslim horde demographic army from destroying their ancient homeland… they are not allowed to even rant against it.

        It there were another Hitler waiting in the wings… this would be his opportune time to stand up.


      28. Zuckerberg is a real piece of work, pushing for censorship on his creation. Typical member of the tribe.

        • I don’t think it’s because he has a Jewish name, it’s because he’s a liberal and fully supports the leftist cause du jour. Remember, he’s the one doing the censoring, and at the behest of the leftists. He’s one of the useful fools Lenin loved, right up until he had them liquidated.

      29. Refugees can rape strangers. Refugees can beat their kids and wives. Refugees can riot. Because it’s part of their barbaric culture to act like barbarians. But peaceful protesting against refugees is a crime. And suggesting violent ends against rapists is a crime. Because those things aren’t part of Western civilized culture.

      30. Merkel opened the floodgates, letting the refugees into the country — good blended in with evil, but mostly evil. The Germans are silenced; if they dare say anything about a refugees bad attitude or criminal behaviors or report a crime they will be treated as the criminal. This had to be planned. No one can be that stupid to let this happen.

        In the near future the least of their anger and worries will be when they pick up the phone to call a business or customer service center and the recording says “Press 1 for German.”

      31. Fuckme… Germans nationals are converting to Islam!

        This must be some kind of Stockholm syndrome surely?

        These Islamic converts should be the ones who get punished.

        Fuckin’ traitors.

      32. The new NAZI party.

      33. So much for FREE SPEECH. Hiding behind “racism” to keep people blind and ignorant. Hey moderator: FUCK YOU. Your a disgrace to humanity.

      34. .

        *** SEVEN MILLION *** horde could resettle in Germany !!


        ” Germany expects up to 1.5 million migrants in 2015

        Refugee influx faced by Germany will be almost twice the official estimate, according to leaked government figures

        05 Oct 2015

        Germany is facing an influx of 1.5 million refugees this year, almost twice the official estimate, leaked government figures say as the EU struggles to find a solution to the migrant crisis.

        The German authorities expect 920,000 new asylum-seekers to arrive in the country between October and December alone, according to the previously classified figures.

        With each migrant having an estimated four to eight family members that could be permitted to enter, the total number resettled could ultimately top seven million. ”


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