Report: Farmers Hoarding Food To Protect Against Currency Collapse

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Headline News | 333 comments

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    Which asset is more secure than money in the bank?

    The answer is simple.

    It’s the asset that will still have value when the money or the bank collapse.

    All over the world, when people have been faced with the prospect of having their savings wiped out or confiscated they have turned to hard assets – physical goods they could hold in their possession and trade if necessary – as protection.

    Argentina, a country that is no stranger to economic hard times and hyperinflation, gives us a prime example of what becomes money when the system collapses.

    At an inflation rate of 25%, while their currency loses significant purchasing power, Argentines have made a mad rush into gold, silver, and other tangible goods that retain their barterable value.

    Like many Greeks, who have headed to the countryside to grow their own food in the midst of complete economic destruction, farmers in Argentina are hoarding the one tangible investment they know will not lose value, no matter what their currency does.

    With world food demand on the rise, growers in the Pampas grain belt are filling their silos with soy rather than converting their crops into pesos, a currency that hit a new all-time low in informal trade this week.

    Considering Argentina’s high inflation, clocked at about 25 percent by private economists, “money in the bank” is not as secure as storing soybeans next to their fields, many say.

    “We are going to hang onto our soy. One can see higher prices ahead,” said Jose Plazibat, a partner with the firm of Bandurria and Plazibat Brothers, which farms more than 3,000 hectares near the town of Chacabuco in Buenos Aires province.

    With their currency in meltdown and food demand around the world rising, these farmers understand where real value comes from.

    • Their food can’t be lost in the stock market.
    • It’s intrinsic worth cannot be vaporized in a banking collapse.
    • And they do not need to wait for anyone to deliver it to them, as they hold it in their personal possession.

    Hoarding commodities – not the paper receipts that represent your ownership, but the actual physical good – is a powerful diversification strategy, and one that is a natural response to times of uncertainty and government run amok:

    Argentina is going through the classic stages of economic collapse.

    The government seized all pensions. They are destroying everything that gives the people incentive to be a society that emerges from the cooperation of everyone.

    When government turns against its own people, even as the USA is currently doing, you end up with deflation insofar as the economy collapses and wages are not available, while hoarding emerges as does barter.

    source: Martin Armstrong

    This strategy of buying commodities at lower prices today to consume at higher prices tomorrow can be implemented on a micro-economic personal scale in your own home. Doing so, especially with health and nutrition considerations, will not only provide you with long-term cost savings as global currencies continue to lose purchasing power, but insulate you against the possibility of a rush for food in the event of an emergency or widespread economic instability.

    Whether you choose to stock your long-term food pantry by going to a grocery store, grow your own food in your traditional or aquaponics garden, learn to preserve it yourself, or prefer to do your own food storage packing, the key is to develop a plan and implement it now.

    The US dollar isn’t getting any stronger over the next 10 years.

    But the rice, beans, wheat, and pasta you stockpile will still have the same exact intrinsic value a decade from now as they do today.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. That’s what the g-men like. It’ll make it easier for them to “appropriate” it.

        • Unreconstructed,
          And that my dear friend will cost them dearly. When the SHTF and the word gets out that these gov. goons are in the neighborhood, their time is up!!!

          • It doesn’t matter what they wear. If you have gangs, raiders, LEO gun grabbers. Everyone in your neighborhood should be coordinated via CB’s, Ham, whatever. To organize and come to each others defense.

            If 40 LE gun grabbers come a knocking. They will back down if the whole neighborhood starst pointing guns at them.

            IMHO, they are rat bastard scumbags to take your weapons and leave you defenseless to anti-social types. And get what they deserve.

            • I agree.

              This is what happened in the 30’s where farmers banded together to stop the confiscation of properties by bankers and cooperative LEO’s.

              Remember the grain theft when corn reached a peak. It will happen again along with cattle and any other commodity that is stored.

              Farmers and citizens will have to hang together or hang separately. I believe that I heard that phrase once before.

              Hired covert security? You betcha!

        • Bullshit. Go to the link.

          “…This is why we find hundreds of cities in the USA issuing their own local currency because there was not much available especially after the sovereign debt defaults and the closure of more than 3,000 banks. In Japan when its currency collapsed, it entered a dark age where there was no coin issued for about 600 years. Rice became the standard of money……”


        • You’re right of course – But as much as I’d be generous to those who ASKED for help – the last thing I’d do before I was overrun and had my food taken by a bunch of raiders is to piss in every bucket of rice, wheat, and beans I have.

          Might be alittle something else in there too!

          Just saying

          • You must not have a lot of buckets of rice stored if you’d have time to piss in all of them while you were being overrun. It would take me hours to piss in all my buckets of rice.

            • Apparently, a pressure cooker full of black powder, and etc… would ensure they walk out as empty handed as they came in. I can be a real SOB sometimes, and when I’m being robbed is clearly one of those times.

              • Or 55 gallon drums with just 5 gallons of gasoline in them, electronic sparking igniter just inside the large bung, cheap and easy to come by.

            • Maybe it would be a family activity

            • Dear Moocher..some of these buckets have diatomaceous earth powder mixed in to kill and prevent parasites.
              Some have other, more lethal, deadly powders.
              Are you feeling lucky??

            • Got one or two – plus you don’t wait until they’re at your door – plus the piss was a metaphor for tainting…think about it for a moment – you’ll get the idea!

        • Those farmers in Argentina are nothing but a bunch of paranoid tin-foil hatters.

          • forget the /sarc?

          • Walt, I think people took you seriously on that one. lol. I thought it was funny.

            • Yeah….they don’t know me very well do they?

              It’s hard to convey sarcasm with a keyboard.

              • Walt: This will work next time …. 😉

                • What will be, will be….we cannot change the course of those who wish absolute power, but we can change the RESULTS which may come of those who wish absolute power….

                  Be true to yourself and your Beliefs and be prepared in more ways than the obvious…..


                • Hey DK….I’m a little challenged here. What’s the exact letters on the keyboard I need to use to create that emoticon.

                  I’m perpetually sarcastic. It could come in handy. 🙂

                  • Walt: Use a semi colon instead of the colon. I learned that in Statism 101! LOL

              • Walt- I for one Appreciate your humour
                and Dry wit 🙂
                AS well, the excellent conversation/ideas
                you bring to the Table.

                • Grassy ass……uh…..I mean Gracias!

                  • LOL!!

              • I thought it was excellent Walt .
                Sounds like my kinda folk .

                Until the army robs the graneries .
                Which never fails to happen .
                People where hung here in my neck of the woods over salt .
                During the War between the States .
                During the Depression folk starved eating leaves and hickory nuts .
                How can any not read the writing on the wall at this point in time?
                Been wanting to say I agree with you on much .
                I give green thumbs to you regular .
                Take care

                • please google sites for raising fish in a barrel. if you have a bigger yard, you can always say that it it a koi pond. best regards from julio bodega, at your service.

          • Ever heard of the “Squirrel” You have no idea what is going in Argentina. And if you had looked at the new “Crowd control “Non lethal” weapons the government is ready to field, And if you had ANY knowledge of electronics?? You would know exactly what a “tinfoil hat” is for. Remember, we aren’t ignorant camel herders, the technology CAME FROM HERE! Therefore the government doesn’t have the “corner on the market”

        • I have been hoarding vegetable seeds and storing them in the solar powered freezer. I think they will be worth a lot some day. We have millions of them in the deep freeze.

          • Solar Boy : Periodically take some of those seeds out and see if they will grow — there is a contradictory school of thought on seed viablity with freezing versus refrigerating. Best to experiment before you need to rely on this.

            • I saw a study done by a university a couple of years ago. They studied the viability of seeds over 10 years under different conditions. Frozen seeds seemed to fair the best with most types of seeds in the study having better than 80% germination.

        • gg

        • When the SHTF, how will the gov. goons get paid? I don’t think they’ll work very long for free. If the gov. goons don’t get paid, they’ll jump ship. Whose side they’ll be on then, is anybody’s guess.

          • There will allways be a currency of some kind.
            It exists for one purpose.
            What is not paid for in fiat will be paid for by other means.
            Criminals are setting the rules.

      2. H7N9 update

        tick tock…

        one mutation away

        ““This finding implies that H7N9 viruses have partially acquired human receptor-binding specificity. All of the H7N9 human isolates examined contained a lysine residue at position 627 in the PB2 protein. It is well known that this lysine residue contributes to the replication and transmission of avian influenza viruses in mammalian hosts. It is likely that the acquisition of this lysine in H7N9 viruses during their replication in human hosts has significantly contributed to their virulence and lethality in humans.”

        • I think most likely limited H2H already.

          I think nature always has a way to solve imbalances. Whether it is strain in the earths crust, cold and hot air over tornado alley, high ocean temperatures, or too many people living too close together . . . It has happened before, it will again. The difference this time is we think we can out fix mama nature. I don’t know which happens first, we collapse ourselves with debt or a little bug makes a lot of people go away.

          We are the oppressed now.

        • Colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide and lots of D3 and green tea. About the best you can do besides staying home and washing your hands after getting the mail, or anything foreign which comes through your door. Good luck to all of us. Also a good time to explore home school since I’d never consider sending my kids to public school during an epidemic.

          • Bbbbbb,b,b,but Obamanure wants to OUTLAW home schooling!

            For our own good and the safety of the children of course.

          • What does H2O2 do?

            • Hydrogen Peroxide

              • NSM: H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide should only be used internally in a 3% solution which can be obtained at Wally World for about 88 cents a bottle. It is an antioxident in that there is an extra molecule of oxygen to bond with and eradicate free radicals in the body.

                As the skin is the largest organ soaking in a tub of water with H2O2 is a healthy practice for your skin. Vitamin C for example changes into H202 in the body.

                Take two Vitamin C tablets and call me in the morning. Oh and don’t forget to put a check in the mail. I’m easy but I am not cheap!

            • It’s a strong germicide. You can gargle it for mouth infections and sore throat, plus disinfect wounds. In the 30s, there were a few doctors who administered it intravenously with, allegedly, good results, but I wouldn’t consider that. Get some betadine or iodine as well. This is when your preps come to the front, since you shouldn’t be going to the grocery store.

              • It’s the best mouthwash around. It also disenfects woumds, etc. And best of all, cheap!

                • question; does peroxide weaken with time like bleach, or does it retain it’s full potency? thanks.

        • And we will be told “It came out of nowhere!”

        • Big Thanks for Keepin’ us up to speed on this one Friend, “Domo Arigato”

          “Tick-tock goes the Clock”..

          The nuclear folk have that “Doomsday Clock” that usually hovers at around 2-4 minutes to midnite…
          seems we might be needing another one soon, to go
          along with that one….at this point I’d think that
          the next ‘tick’ will put us, Oh….about 1 minute
          till the stroke of the Hour…

          Lotsa Luck Y’all…IF ONE case is reported as having gotten into the West proper (US or Europe) I’d get REAL ‘Concerned’, real quick by the reasoning I detailed previously; this is way WORSE than the old saw about cock-roaches which goes, “If you SEE one then there’s 100 others there hiding”, here it be more like for each ONE identified there would already be several thousand lastent exposures….Hmmm, what’s the equivalent phrase for a Biological event I wonder…For the Nuclear crowd it was always ‘Duck and Cover’….seems we need a new one, Y’all put your thinkiing caps on and come up with something ‘Catchy’…


        • Satori,

          I would like to thank you for posting the information on H7N9. As in previous posts, you have been keeping us abreast of these pathogens and their potential spread to humans. The info is greatly appreciated.

          The four people that gave you thumbs down – are sad really sad cases of Just Pure Dumb Ass (JPDA).

          Other than ‘chockin the chicken’ this was probably the only other way they could get off (thumbs down)!

          Y’all Beware! For those here that provide us with useful information – MANY THANKS to y’all!!

      3. Buy and hold onto as much tangible assets as you can they won’t be there when you need them most. Beans band aids bullets and anything else you can think of

        • The flip side of that is to stay out of debt. When one has no house payments or car payments what we do have goes a lot farther. I don’t have to pay for these or water or fuel.

          • Agreed. Whatever the payment is, that becomes a raise after the note is paid in full. I love having no debt.

          • don’t pastors generally live in a parsonage, rent free? (this is a sincere question, not trying to be rude)

            • This depends on which faith. Sometime, it is provided to him, or his family, in return for his service.

              Some. on the other hand have to pay rent out of a salary, they get. Of course if they are Monks, then rent would be free. Hope this helps

              It can be either way. Depending on the contract, between the Parish, and the pastor/priest.

            • Yes many pastors do, but others are given a housing allowance and use that to purchase a home so that they have somewhere to live in the latter years of life. Right now I would prefer a house of my own as long as it is paid for. Oh, and btw those parsonages aren’t as free as you might think as most do pay taxes on the value of the home they live in.

          • What about confiscatory taxes on your paid-for land???

            • You tell ’em Vicky.

          • Yes, starve the juden bankers!

      4. Hide yo shiat

      5. Amazed Gun Show was a bust this weekend. Ammo Dealers had plenty of 9mm,457.63,5.56 and 22 was all over the show everywhere.

        I think everyone has what they think they need and are now working on other preps. Or they are out of money.

        Even saw a few AR for 800 not being bought up..

        Magpuls and Glock Mags everywhere $24 to 30.

        It doesn’t take much for everone to forget and set back into thier old ways.

        • You can only fire two guns at a time. One if its a gatling gun. The market may well be saturated. At least enough for the gun bubble to bust.

          Grenades however are still at a premium. 🙂

          • And a mighty fine run it was. Sold three myself and did very well. One of them traveled from MD. to HI.

          • DK I dont know about that. The ones you find at the swap meet by post are usually quite cheap as long as they get beer money when they return from sandboxes of the world they seem to be happy.

            • Facebook…. you have put down 40 words to tablet, which have almost no meaning taken in context. Either enunciate a little better or tell us exactly how much per word the government pays a troll nowadays? Seriously. I realize that sometimes a thought outpaces the written word, but DANG!

              • It’s called word salad. Psych 101 in nursing school. Wish I could master this so I could play crazy if the need arose.

                • He is saying that he has seen cheap grenades from soldiers returning from the middle east. I think. But good to know that nursing schools are training their students to suggest psychiatric problems based on bad typing. I will be sure to punctuate correctly so as not to lose my right to own firearms.

                  • That’s what he’s saying. And exactly what I thought about the psy evaluation as well, had to laugh.

          • Hand held anti-personnel nuclear missile launchers?

            Now THAT would be something!

            Speaking of… to stop being silly for a second… did they ever develop a tactical nuclear land mine? ‘Cause… yeah that would work… probably… nuke the entire battallion.


            • “Did they ever develop a tactical nuclear land mine?”

              Yes, they were used to deny potential enemies avenues of advance. They were placed in remote areas not easily covered by troops but which would have made a good route for the enemy. Usually, the enemy was informed of the presence of the nuke mines. We did not really want to use them, only deny an enemy passage.

        • What was the price per round for the common calibers like 9MM & .223?

          • 9mm 75 Cent Each
            223 1.00
            5.56 m855 1.20
            7.62 .50

            22lr 8 to 10 dollars box of 50
            Bricks 55 to 75 good stuff 100 to 125

            • Those are pretty high prices for those, especially 9mm and 223. I found some 9mm FMJ at the Loveland show a couple weekends back for 34 cents a round. I picked up a whole case of 1,000.

              • Absolutely right about those prices. I can see why there were cases unsold.

                • At the show I went to, one guy was ASKING $199.00 for a 525 round box of Remington Golden Bullets.

                  No takers that I could see.

                  • The time is soon coming that the price you quote will not only sell, but “a line of buyers” will be waiting to pay.

                    Very “near event/events” will corroborate my prediction. The day is soon coming that .22 LR will EASILY attain near $1 dollar/round with multiple “buyers” waiting in long lines to acquire at this price.

                    Call me crazy, but the coming “events” will “set the ammo market”. Soon a single FIAT dollar will “be a steal” for even the under appreciated .22 LR.

                    Scarcity and demand will set the price.

                    Think of it this way, I no longer consider the “value of gold/silver” in ANY TERM other than ounces in possession. The “phony paper price” is now irrelevant. Very soon, “rounds of ammo” will be in the same category. If you don’t “hold it”, you WILL PAY the “going rate” to acquire it.

                    While I don’t intend to reveal my “stock”, suffice it to say I never payed more than $19.00/brick of 525, or $7.00/100 CCI mini mags. And, I am not looking for more!

                    The highest I have EVER paid for Winchester NATO 124 grain 9mm “hot loads” is $14.00/50 rounds. These “loads” are 10% “hotter” than most standard 9mm rounds. Also not “looking” to obtain additional supplies in this category.

                  • Very simple, that’s called the marketplace.

                  • I got that same box of goldens for 14.99 last fall on sale and after a $5 mail in rebate at Gander Mountain….

                  • good people quit paying to much for them and before long you can go to your local sporting goods store and buy a brick of 22lr for <25$, in Asheville NC there ppl in line at 5am like its black friday ever wed and fri to buy them and resale the to stupid ppl thay will pay it

              • The .22lrs are actually the highest taken as a percentage of previous normal, 4 to 7 times previous normal price of 4 to 5 cents a round. Others still high but I’m still surprised everytime I see those prices.

            • The prices are what is holding people back from buying a little extra, now that they have stocked up. My friend feels comfortable with the amount of 9mm he has. He would like o have more, but not at 20-40$ a box of 50. Last year it was 12$.

              • Did it ever occur to anyone that the wise guys driving the other bubbles and manipulating the economy are also getting rich off the ammo panic?

            • If you don’t mind a credit card/paper trail, use the online ammo search bots.

              The selection is not as extensive, but most calibers are available through online sales.

            • FACEBOOK went to a gun show in WEST TENN over the weekend
              ammo wasnt cheap 22long was going for 60.00 to 80.00 for
              550 value pack 9mm was $30-$50 cci22l stingers 50rd $30
              about the only thing cheap were the guns

            • I’m so glad I stocked up on a couple thousand rounds two years ago!!!

            • Those prices are fucking ridiculous. I can buy 1000 rds of 9 for about $300 any day of the week…that goes for .223/5.56 @ $500/1000.

              .22 at .10 cents each.

              …and that pisses me off.

        • 457.63???

          do you mean 45, 7.62×39 perhaps…

          • yes

            • I did a cost check yesterday.

              22Lr on gunbroker was ~18 cents a round

              7.62x54R here in AZ is going for ~22 cents a round

              go figure

        • Ever ammo maker there said

          they can not get any of the raw material to produce more. Many said they were laying people off.

          There still isn’t any out there to get.

          • Coming Soon: “Roadkill, it’s what’s for dinner”. Think of all the fun games the non-preppers can play around the dinner table like “what is tonight’s mystery meat” and “what kind of claw is that in our soup” ? But for those living in big cities it’ll be more like “Tuesday is Soylent Green Day”. Life gets ugly when you’re hungry.

          • 0_o

            Laying people off????

            … that’s… weird… you have unprecedented demand so you lay people off???

            Ok I guess nothing surprises me anymore in Bizarro world but still…

            • “Facebook Page” said it, no raw materials. I ‘spose that would include lead, brass, powder, and primer’s or rim fire primer material. Not every manufacturer builds from dust.

              Just make sure you save your wheel weights buddy.

          • Hornaday…. Working 50+ hour work weeks. Had lay offs because of lack of brass. Only 5% of production for GOV. 1 million orders behind.

            • Making projectiles require copper cups. Who makes them? Olin (Winchester). There are others but this is the bottle neck. Copper is cheap but who makes the sheets for the cups? Lead cores? Govt. contracts? It all costs the same to produce these components so the markup in price originates not from the manufacturer but from the others in the chain before it reaches the consumer. At some point the prices will fall back to reasonable levels.

        • I was at the Denver Tanner show this last weekend. Found a bunch of 9mm HP, 350 rounds of 22 Magnum, and some 12 gage. There’s ammo to be had, it’s just a matter of how much one is willing to pay for it.

          • Yep. One table in the corner over by the cafeteria had a box of 525 .22’s for $179.99.

            I just figure they were priced so he could tell the misses that he tried to sell ’em.

        • I had a similar experience at a gun show near me. The crowd was not near what I expected.

          Those Magpul magazines were available…..but not in the $13.00 range like they were before Newtown.

          .22LR….while available, was all over $75.00/500 rd. brick.

          Prices on AR’s and other “black rifles” were coming down…but still not at pre-craziness prices yet either.

          In local gun-stores, ammo in popular calibers is still in short supply. Many stores sell it at regular prices WHEN THEY HAVE IT….which is not often, and not for long when they do get it.

          • Yeah, I’m guessing people are out of money. If people could really afford to buy thousands of rounds of 5.56 and two AR-15’s a week then the country wouldn’t be coming apart at the economic seams.

            It’s way cheaper to hoard lima beans.

            • OFF TOPIC ALERT!!!!

              Am I the only one who heard that police were searching door to door for the killer of an 8 year old who had been stabbed? I expect such “investigations” to become the norm.

            • Heck, here they are $1 a can if you can find them.

          • Yeah, amazing what the magazines go for right now, especially for Glock. One guy is charging fifty bucks a whack. No thanks.

            • Bought Glock 17 magazines(9mm 10rnds) from Keltec even during the shortage a few months ago for 22.00..
              of course they are now out of stock..

              go figure..

              a local Boston area shop has 9mm brass rounds for 16.99 for 50 cnt..

              keep shopping..


          • Fu-cking silly. Use dto get bricks of .22 for five bucks. This will be another Cabbage patch Kid insanity that when it is over everyone will think how stupid they were.

          • basic BushMaster at Academy Sporting Goods in Joplin is $749, flattop $1100. Harrisonville Walmart has basic for BushMaster for $999.

        • FP,Boom-Bust-Boom-Bust, don’t you just love it. I will get in, after the Bust is complete. With this Joker in office and the people we have in the Senate, you can bet the next Boom won’t be to far down the road. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it atleast twice, never buy in a panic. You will get trampled in the Stampede.WASP

        • Plenty of ammo & mags at new, HIGHER prices.

        • 22lr at luck gunner com. 40 + cents each. Never do business with them. Manufacturers have not raised their prices. I hope they payed 20+ and eat them.

        • Academy Sporting Goods in Joplin Missouri currently has .223/5.56 basic BushMaster for $749. flat top receiver one for $1100. Walmart in Harrisonville, MO had a basic BM for $999. julio bodega

      6. I’ve been waiting for this topic.. remember the drought of last year ? We were told that we could expect huge increases in the prices of meats.. so stock up. I did. Has ANYONE noticed a substantial ( 15% or more ) increase in the cost of beef, pork or chicken ?

        I have not as yet, as a matter of fact, prices seem to be either unchanged or actually a bit lower…. What about in your areas of the country ?

        • Meat has gone up a lot in Ga.

          • ,,, Free fish under the sailboat!??/

            • Awesome.

            • In Los Angeles, near Dockweiler beach, that’d be more like brown trout.

          • Bacon $1.00 a Lb.higher than 6 months ago.WASP

            • $1.50 a pound higher than last year in NW Ohio. I canned a case of pints last year. Unfortunately, it’s hard to can the drippings as they contaminate the seals. But we do have 24 pints of relatively dry bacon. You might try Werlings brand for a few cans to have on hand, plus their canned hamburger isn’t bad. I can my own larger cuts since I don’t trust anyone else. If you find a sale on meat, buy extra and can it.

            • I saw 3 pounds of bacon at sams club today for $9.00.

            • Now THAT is what I’m P.O.’d about. I have enough ammo and beans etc, but leave bacon the hell alone!!!

        • Went to school with the meat dept. manager in one of our local supermarkets. He told my wife and I (this past weekend)to hold off buying extra meats because come May we’ll see low prices that we were seeing two to three years ago. He said that had come down from corporate.

          • Good to know. I got a bunch of bone in/skin on chicken breast a couple of weeks back for .78 cents a pound. Will use the 100 gift certificate I recently won at the grocery to stock up on meat. But generally the winter early spring meat is more expensive, time to buy is in the summer months and freeze for use in fall and winter…

            • What a great find. Hope you canned some too.

              We have cut way back on the freezing, and stepped up the canning. Meats will can and keep with more flavor and nutrients if kept in the right storage areas.

              We dry a lot of things, especially venison and apples.

              We just have this terrible fear of the electric grid going down and having to deal with a big freezer full of food.

              Our back-up solar charging for the deep freeze (small unit) will buy us some time; but, we don’t rely on it for long term.

              • Same here dt, getting off the freezer dependence. Got frozen skinless chicken breasts and much venison to can and dehydrate as well.

                • Been experimenting with running fully cooked BBQ chicken in the oven on low heat and making it into jerky .
                  And using canned unsweetened applesause and making it into fruit leather .
                  Keep wanting to make food small and dense .
                  And easily portable .
                  And local farmers say the meat prices being low are because everything is going to slaughter .
                  Noboby can afford hay or feed .
                  Herds are far smaller than ever .
                  But plenty of deer and turkey out there .
                  Too many I suppose.
                  Might I point out the local deer vanished during the depression?
                  I think about that sometimes .
                  Take care

              • Don’t tread, same here. I go to the freezer first–save those canned goods/dry foods for later.
                Trying to use enough to stop using the little freezer altogether and sell it; keep the big freezer.

          • Patriot
            I wouldn’t think meat would be lower in May since there is plenty of grass for them to eat that time of year to get more weight on them or to produce offspring. Any ideas why?

            • Never got a answer to that question from, the manager.

            • Most ranchers in my neighborhood calf in Feb, Mar, April. They don’t normally sell the calf’s until Sept, Oct time frame. What ends up in the store are specifically fattened for that purpose and may only be 18 months old. They are on a specific schedule and would not be sold early. Everything else could be old cows(McDonald’s buys old lean cows and adds fat to the meat), bulls, etc. When there is a lack of feed all the marginal, bad tempered, fence busters go to market first. Then eventually they cull their herds, you could see a temporary price decline, but will be followed by years of higher prices.

            • ranchers sell cattle Oct/Nov for two reasons. we have to pay tax on everything we own on Dec 31st & costly to feed and hay them over the winter. buy calves in the spring, feed them all summer for (almost free), sell them in the fall at double the weight.

        • In N. California meat has gone up at least 20% in the last year. Chicken not so much. The butcher at the local save mart told me that they are only breaking even in the meat department.


          • The Cesium radionuclides in California milk, meat, and veggies has gone up 400% due to Fukushima.

          • Ooops, grammar correction:

            The Cesium radionuclides in California milk, meat, and veggies have gone up 400% due to Fukushima.

            • That’s why the cost increase. Kobe’ beef isn’t cheap, neither is a Fukushima tomato!

        • oUCH – I have noticed a jump in the price of beef, but in my area pork and chicken had only a moderate rise in price since last year.

        • it is up quite a bit in northeast Mississippi area…meat and bread being followed closely by fresh produce.

        • prices(chicken) here in Mass have been somewhat relatively stable over the last 6 months..despite the scare mongering..

          The only prices going up have been boneless cutlets..and wings..thru the roof!

          Whole roasters are now 1.99 @# average
          Legs and thighs are @ 1.29#..up a bit from last year.
          Drumsticks are still @.79# overall..

          Not much of a pork consumer but noticed prices are higher..


          • oven roasters on sale here for 79 cents a pound @ food lion. Gonna pick up a few for the oven and canning.

        • GB still $2 a pound wholesale. On sale in the store is $3.95. The games have begun.

          • GB here on sale is $2; otherwise around $3.
            I bought last spring more GB from the slaughter house with the news to get it now before price doubled.
            Canned some and still have waaaaay too much in the freezers.

            • Thanks for the replies everyone.. I’ve really been wondering about this, since all the hub-bub last autumn was that come spring, we would see huge price increases in meat because of the drought. In my area, I haven’t seen any particularly noticeable increases.. at least not painfully so. At the stores, I’m seeing chicken leg quarters at $.97 a lb. I previously recommended the restaurantdepot dot com if you have a business ( required for free membership ). I pay $0.54 cents per lb. for chicken leg quarters there.. I do have to buy 40 lbs., but it’s easy to repackage using vacuum bags. Ground Beef, 85-15 is going for $2.29 a lb in a 10 lb tube.. again, repacking into 1 lb vac bags. I’ve not really seen any of the huge price increases I honestly expected to see. That’s a good thing, but it sure seems counter intuitive.. given the drought we suffered.

      7. Not new; anyone notice all the new storage bins all through farm country USA. Our farmers have been doing this because they don’t trust the mills like they used to

        • New bins yes, hording grains no. Tax right off. They are just upgrading. Bins are almost empty. The CORP bankers make them sell early to cover their arse. If they don’t they threaten them with no operating note for next year.

        • Or as in the case in our area, the Elevators are closing down due to EPA restictions

          • EPA needs to be recycled into something productive. All the x-employees could become seasonal farm help.

      8. @FP
        As someone who likes to stock up when prices are low I’m glad to hear this. Let the masses go back to their own little worlds. If their attention span is that short it’s fine with me.

        • Freezing a large amount of meat only makes sense if you have a sub zero -40 below zero freezer. Otherwise after seven or eight months meat is not that safe anymore.

      9. The USA is not Argentina. WE had the collapse. The economy will continue to stagnant pretty much as it is until War breaks out.

        Watch for events in Tunis.

        • We had “A” collapse not to be confused with a “the” collapse. Nothing has changed and round two is guaranteed to come.

          • KEVIN2 your correct round 2 is on it way

        • DK,
          Do you Think there is any chance that the physical will decouple from the paper gold and silver?

          • It already has to some degree.

            • Yep, but remember gold is in a speculative bubble (much like stock market) due to many iterations of QE (aka money printing for the wealthiest of the wealthiest of the wealthy). Ratio of Gold to Oil has come down some since the little gold drop, but its still very very high compared to the historical average. More over gold to silver is still astronomically high.

          • My husband sells PMs, small time. He had a show Sunday. People were asking about bullion. He had bought high a while back and had marked it at $33-42/oz depending on mint and coin(he carries Austrian, Australian, philharmonic, libertads, among others) he was totally expecting everyone to go away mad, and not buy, because he doesn’t do enough bullion sales to get good dollar cost averaging and refused to lose his shirt.

            Well to his surprise, his bullion was going like mad at $10-18 over spot, pretty much no questions asked. People want physical, and they’re willing to pay to get it. Most dealers weren’t even selling their bullion at the show because of spot silver.

          • Slick I really don’t follow the paper market. I don’t buy or sell paper assets. I am not interested in paper, only physical gold. But from what I have read, I believe it already has. People want the physical. They are limited as to how much they can buy.

            The banks have manipulated the market down, understanding that in the Spring prices ALWAYS fall as demand drops globally for physical gold. GS just pushed the drop by telling their clients to short the metal. They look like a genius but in reality, gold ALWAYS drops in the Spring and ALWAYS rises in Winter.

            War is coming folks. Gold will spike. Sell your basis and buy it back at half the price after another Police Action. Bury the balance in the backyard for a rainy day.

            It will rain, but the superstorm is years away.

        • Whatever happens, collapse or something close, Barter will be the replacement paradigm.
          Barter is not traceable nor taxable. (Think of a Swap Meet) That little data storage facility up in Utah they’re building is going to be instrumental in tracing stuff like this. ”Not gonna happen” But you do have to make sure you have something worth bartering with/for. If you have been scootering around in an office pushing pencils and exercising that lovely degree you paid so much for and not gaining any hard assets, you just might be screwed, DUDE!!

          • you are mistaken…barter is taxable…and it is a written tax law..yes, it is hard to trace..but it is not impossible. double check your laws .

            • Its taxable but only if your foolish to report it.
              that’s why i say trade with friends and Never keep records.( who would ) look at everything as if you found it in the street and gave it back to the proper owner .
              and he or she rewarded you.
              if you sell stuff at say a garage sale only have one or two a year ( if that . i had a neighbor and she supported her self and two children with weekly garage sales and selling to antique stores. but after about 6 months she got caught by the city and had to get a business license and pay taxes. suddenly she stopped selling stuff and started selling her self.

              claimed to make more and it was all free money to her

              skittle shittin unicorn

            • Taxes was the primary reason for moonshining.

              Yes…moonshiners get busted. But it takes a lot of manpower to get one moonshiner.

              When people go to barter on a vast scale, it will be a practical impossibility to tax it effectively.

              And if people have to go completely black-market to survive, you can bet that’s what they are going to do.

              Never forget…..MANY of the founders of this country were smugglers.

            • Carynverell: Unless you put a tax man on every corner, not much is going to happen to barter. If the economy turns bad enough where most folks leave the dollar for barter no tax man would dare show himself for fear of being beaten and eaten (fed to the pigs), or just sold into slavery because things would be that desparate and savage.

              • I would not want to be one of the taxmen standing on every corner when things start going bad and people become increasingly desperate.

                In the days leading up to the American Revolution, there were instances where tax collectors and customs agents of the British Crown were tarred and feathered.

                • Walt K: Folks are a little more “Upset” these days so tar and feathering just won’t do for parasites like these.

            • Banks have just started the practice of when you cash a check they will not just directly cash it but deposit in your account firsy then disburse the cash. Just started doing this. Someone speculated it was because of the scam at B of A.

      10. When money is created out of proportion to productivity and it instead follows a politically expedient path it eventually looses its defined purpose as a medium of exchange. Barter may be more reliable but surely is far more inconvenient thus reducing productivity making shortages inevitable feeding a vicious cycle of too many dollars chasing too few goods.

        Without a fixed standard that cannot be physically compromised fiat currency eventually reduces to such a limited value that it no longer functions in its original role. The human trait of wanting something for nothing guarantees it.

        • Kevin2… Money loses its defined purpose as a medium of exchange when it’s born in debt. With the issuance of every dollar, there is a roughly 5% interest attached to it. Since only $1.00 was issued, there will never be enough to cover the 5 cents interest. Consider this for every dollar issued plus the exponential affect of compounding interest over say, hmmm, 100 years, and wha la… Unsustainablily and finally, collapse.

          This has happened countless times throughout recorded history and the stupid humans keep falling for it because they always cover the collapse with an “unrelated” series of tragedies. This time will be no different. We will beg them to implement their next phase, because we are predictable that way.

          • Well put Heretic Historian.

          • The next Phase is War.

            • Hey! There’s a good one going on in Syria! At least one side is rumored to have used chemical weapons. Who wouldn’t want a peice of THAT action?

              • Ah….the question is…..which side did it? Was it Assad’s side….or the rebel’s side?

                • Therein lies the problem, Walt. 6 on one side and half a dozen on the other.

                  Assad and Hezbollah on one side and Al-quida on the rebel side.

                  Evil is evil.

            • The game plan is to just overwhelm us with immigrants. Seems to be working.

            • Their next phase will be their Final Solution, after the war.

        • And that’s where PM’s come in Kevin2….and why gold and silver have ALWAYS had value. They are a convenient store of value for trade. In other words….REAL money.

      11. This is exactly what farmers did in Weimer Germany…

        • A student of history… refreshing.

      12. “The Cernobyl Diaries” is an extremely good survival movie. You should watch it.

        • Not if you recommend it.

        • IMO, it’s a teen horror movie and a waste of time

        • The Chernobyl Diaries was a god awful movie. Are you freaking serious?

          • yes he is after all the great EISEN has spoken
            consider the source the Nazi surfer skateboarder hot rodder biker god Eisen

            Gods gift to women and MILFS ever where

          • Whats wrong with it? It was awesome! You’re a negative person.

            • Lordy lordy if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black

      13. Still working on my Beans, Bullets & Band-aids here, will not quit. Determined to be prepared here, I feel like something is going to happen sooner than later. Thanks to all on this site that posts up all the valuable information for those of us that are learning to follow !!!

        • Consider protein supplement powders such as Met-Rx. Unlike livestock, don’t need to feed, water, house nor protect it. A month’s protein for one person in a two-pound canister. Unlike frozen meats it will not spoil within a few days when there is no power. When there may never be power again. Mix with water or powdered milk. Drink it, put it on cereal, in soup. Day’s RDA of other vitamins and some calories too. Supplements those multivitamins you’ve been laying back. What is the durability of things you use everyday, maybe seasonally? Socks, sweaters, jeans etc wear out. What are ya gonna do when the doll hair is no longer the world’s reserve currency and you’re out of white jock socks? Buy them with silver or knit your own? Stock up on the no-glamour stuff you use now and will always need because it won’t be available forever.

          • a6.8′
            Someday you run out of stored food. Animals produce and reproduce for the long term. In a collapse of civilization, should it go that far, a lot of culture gets lost. I want to preserve genetically useful plants and animals.

            • Good points ENFP. I don’t live on a mountain top in Montana. If I were to start raising any kind of livestock it would draw unwelcome scrutiny here. I probably have ample logistics to survive the great die off(s) at which point it won’t matter how discordant I look compared to my no longer with us neighbors.

              • anon6.8, you could probably raise rabbits:very high feed to meat conversion, small, quiet, unobtrusive, easy to care for. We had some out here in la dee dah town, and nobody knew….

      14. Sort of on topic about having something tucked away. 38 years ago today, about this local time. The last Marine was lifted off of the embassy roof in Vietnam. 59,000 of our brave young men sent to slaughter in that hell hole for some political or monetary gain. Many of the locals that made it out only did so because they had a little something tucked away.

        Keep your eyes open at all times

        • “The last Marine was lifted off of the embassy roof in Vietnam”

          At my last duty station I worked with a civilian (fmr Marine) that was one of the embassy guards. He was there for this. He told us about it once.

      15. Ammo is still scarce in SE Texas and meat prices/food prices are up. $250 for 1400 22lr, $9 # for beef. is anyone participating in the silver buy May 1st?


        • I bought the 3-box limit (300 rds) of 12 ga #8 birdshot for $25/100 yesterday at a Wal-Mart north of Houston. The salesman said prices will rise soon, so get it now.

          • OHIO TENNESSEE wal-marts loaded with shot gun shells NO

      16. Save your seeds. Great advice and even better, go start a stealth garden, any bit of land not producing should be cultivated. Get your groceries scattered all over town and countryside. No better place to get fresh produce other than your own backyard and no better time to start it than right now, its spring, get some tangible wealth and barter items on a high yeild investment course(stick some seeds in the ground)today.
        Yes you to can have about 100+ times your initial investment in about 2-3months from now if you jump on this intant growth opportunity. Buy in options start at 99c per vegetable and cap out around $3.99, but hurry before the planet tilts back and we miss this window for merger of seed dirt and water. Happy farming everybody. Prepare to increase the tangibles and reap the rewards of your labors.

        • Near me, 3 packs/$1 for most seeds at Dollar General. Some are 2/$1, and most are non hybrid.

          • $5 bucks off on $25 purchase Friday. That would buy the whole rack of seeds.

          • Non hybrid is important if you want to grow a garden next year with the seeds from your harvest. hybred/gmo wont do that.2/$1 is a good price. I paid 3$ a pack.

        • Stealth gardening is good. One website I visited recently called it “guerilla gardening.” You plant seeds and plants everywhere you can, vacant lots, ditch banks, other people’s yards (as a gift), etc. Most people don’t know what food plants look like.

          This is good method when you don’t have all the land you need. I only have an acre, so I may be plowing up the front yard soon to plant with edible ornamental plants, such as cabbage, peppers, and then a couple of fruit trees, maybe a crabapple tree just for the pectin. There is a swamp behind a number of the neighbors, so I might go on a midnight spree planting seeds along the edge of their back yards.

          • I love the idea of stealth gardening!! potatoes along the edge of the forest, sweet potatoes under the under the hedge or aside the shed. Thanks so much.

        • good advice, Boss! Springfield, MO finally OK’d having up to six hens in your backyard. chickens eat bugs, fertilize the yard and give you eggs. all natural. thought that the “green earthers” would like that, but it was fought tooth and nail by yuppie control freaks who cannot stand anyone to be self sufficient.

      17. The ammo sitution is improving where I am.

        • Government got a new delivery?

        • B-B’s back on sale?

      18. It becomes more apparent to me everyday that this merry-go-round that we call the US economy will continue just as it is as long as the money presses continue printing. I am perpetually amazed that the Dow continues to hold and inch up as it does. Corporate America is leaning out and showing profits with no plans of expansion. No growth, but still making good profit. Also many of these companies are getting exemptions from Ocommiecare. The beast will fall, however, it could be a while yet. This is good and bad at the same time. One one hand we have longer to prepare, on the other, the larger the system that falls, the worse it will be. Nothing good on the horizon, and it does get old living like this and being aware that the toll must be paid at some point.

        • sorry, should be thumbs up!

        • News breaking out that central banks are placing larger summs in the markets. Not bonds as the currency wars persist. Looks as though a large correction could spell trouble in the near term for these banks and their share holders (us)!
          Another interesting crumb is the market valuation of western currencies. Is there a good explaination for the rise and fall, all leading to $100.00 ? The Yen, Dollar, Euro ?

      19. Best real life prepper book-Surviving economic collapse by Ferfal on amazon .com

      20. So what is happening to the people who have stocked up on PM’s? Can’t they trade for food? Can’t they just openly say “hey, I have gold and silver who wants to trade for some food”? Oh that’s right it would be taken away from them by the government if they made it known they have pm’s.

        Now there is a conundrum for you.

        Sorry, I am being sarcastic and don’t want to offend anyone, just saying.


        • Several states have already passed laws that gold and silver are money. I’m not aware of any current attempts to confiscate precious metals and cannot accept your statement as prophecy. If there was confiscation the black market would still need a medium of exchange and people are more sophisticated now so won’t be turning it in this time. PMs are for wealth preservation and not a substitute for food storage so those of us who own the already have at least the first year of food covered.

          • Prepared Pastor, agreed. I was speaking of those in Argentina, Greece and the like who have had at least currencies confiscated. Have always been an advocate of PM’s for use after the collapse. But as I have also said if you have tangible assets to trade during a collapse you will get a better return than if you purchase now.


          • Prepared Pastor: And even if the Govt. did decide to TRY and take PMs like they did in 1933, all they’d get today is silence from most and a big F*ck You from the rest. Actually it’s already been going on in the underground/black market where folks barter goods and servies all the time. The only folks left out are the bankers and the tax man. As things continue to deteriorate, these two will become even less relevent until they simply vanish like a fart in the wind.

        • Precious metals should be in addition to having food storage and other provisions–it’s a way to store wealth. You do not break out the gold to buy a loaf of bread.

        • BigB: That’ll happen now and not by Govt. thugs but by your local gangs if you mouth off about what you’ve got. OPSEC/COMSEC is essential if you want to live more than a day or two. During a barter situation find out who has what you need and THEN ask what they’re willing to trade for it. Chances are that it’ll be more than one item and PMs are probably one of them. And unless you have to travel far to trade/barter never carry more than a small amout of excahnge items, lest you get robbed and lose it all.

      21. Farmers are smarter than the average joe. They know that the Market is one catastrophe away from running wild. They can either capitalize on the run or at least keep their community from starving.

        The big corporate and gov controlled farms won’t be handing out bags of beans and corn to the neighbors. Their stockpiles will go to the elite and whomever TPTB say gets it.

        Thank God for the family farms and hope you are near one.

        We sold some of our excess last year at the “farmers” market at a bargain/fair price. A few of the long time sellers were pissed that we were there and let it be known at the meeting in March. Too bad, cause we have decided to scale back, and not deal with the assholes that are too greedy to accept good people with good, organically grown produce to help with the growth of the local market.

        We decided to take care of ourselves and a few friends and neighbors. The ones that didn’t appreciate our sharing have been “culled” also.

        People that don’t see the writing on the wall and get hung out to dry will sure miss the compassion and charity of those that have shared their excess in the past.

        • “People that don’t see the writing on the wall and get hung out to dry will sure miss the compassion and charity of those that have shared their excess in the past.”

          Charity is a good term to raise. I have a family of six next to me. Four little kids live there. I have extra food and powdered milk just in case they are slack in their prepping. I’d rather not see those kids go hungry.

          • Totally agree SM.

            Our biggest concern “now” is having extra for the little ones and the elderly in our community. We won’t turn away those in need, except for the freeloaders and the dumbasses that have scoffed at us in the past.

            • Im with you guys, am upping my plantings of stuff that keeps growing or produces lots of propagation stock, taro, sweet potato, regular potatoes, yacon, sunchokes, artichokes, figure it will be easier to gain allies if i help keep em all fed, lots of older folks and single women around me so sort of feel a bit of responsibility to help if i can,

        • dt– It’s funny that you bring up the farmers market. I have had exactly the same thing happen. So I just give any extra away. I always get a big laugh out of it. Almost everyone I have given produce to always says the same thing.
          “How do you do it” “How do you grow such nice looking stuff” “I can’t grow anything” “I don’t have the time” “You must have gone to school for this”

          This is just another example why it’s gonna be scary when tshtf!!
          molon labe

        • You are a good man don’t tread.

        • Why thank you DT… 😉 I know what youre sayin…hard to sell good produce…give it away and pay them to take it? ya,youll get some takers there but like you I scaled back except for self and family…sadly for some poor saps there just isnt gonna be any “excess” to spare…aint interested in giving my sweat away to the govicorp or ingrates!

      22. I raise beef Cattle,an farm grain to feed. The price of Fertilizer an seed ,fuel is throw the roof, so with that said meat has to go up. But with the grain Shortage last summer most farmers have to sale off stock, feed lots can’t keep them either witch Saturates the market,now you kinda have to start over with new Breeders witch takes a couple few years to get going again,,now the price of meat is going to start to go up,Demand is there but Product isn’t gona be..Good Luck All..

        • P.A…this is what I read last year.
          We will see livestock, esp. beef prices, stable for a few more months, then watch out??

      23. You know I have seen this again and again, and it really grinds the gears. The sheeple condemning someone like a farmer for putting away food for emergencies or to be later used for barter or whatever. It is perfectly okay for someone to save up in paper gold, stocks, 401K’s, etc, for retirement, but when someone does this with food they are some sort of monster. Talk about hypocrites that encourage “savings” with bank accounts and electronic garbage that can be erased within an instance. But when it comes to saving up in raw tangible goods, they are some hoarder that is a Scrooge or some robber baron or something.

        This is partially the bad rap that preppers/survivalists get when storing up what they need, it is now politically incorrect. This political correctness garbage is killing this country and life itself, not to mention freedoms dying in droves each month. Thankfully it has not come to the level at which you are doing something illegal to store food. Right now the government makes it illegal to store over a certain amount of ammunition of each caliber. Could food and other supplies be next?

        My answer is that as long as this political correctness poison continues, there could be a situation that develops in pure hellholes like these areas that limit magazine size to nothing in firearms or tell you what you can or cannot eat, that they could limit what you store up for emergencies. They have tried this type of policing people for health violations and code enforcement crap. Just look at how they don’t even call arab bombers anymore islamic radicals, just extremists or radicals. After all it is not political correct to refer to a terrorist as anything to do with muslims.

        I would absolutely love to hear from everyone out there what they would think and do if the government started to limit the amount of food and other supplies you could store up because it was deemed to be selfish, and not to be political correct to do to your neighbors. I would give them the double bird for one and never comply.

        • @BI,

          The U.S. Government has already stated , through Big Sis, that those who have more will be forced to share. We are now at a point where what we once thought of as being well prepared is not politically correct. The “norm” is now that we share everything including the raising of our children.

          This ideology makes me physically ill. How we came to this point in such a fast manner only confirms my thoughts that this has been planned for many, many years. We are reaping the seeds we planted when we allowed everyone to live beyond their means. The housing bubble and all that has happened since it burst is now our harvest.

          1 in 5 people on food stamps, Obama phones, Obama care. The list goes on.

          The truth is we are not waiting for the collapse, we are experiencing it. The only reason the reality of today is not considered a depression is because it is being managed. Revolution, armed and philosophically is the next step.

          Keep your preps up and your powder dry because it is here and it is now. Just no one has bothered to state it.


          • If the government thinks they will be able to get producers and growers to supply them in a time of emergency they have another think coming, some will go along, the vast majority i would bet will give them the one fingered salute, i can see it now, these pompous assholes from the usda will be coming out with dhs pricks and telling growers what to grow and that they will be given low interest loans to cover expenses and will be compensated fairly for their product, same with the beef and poultry and dairy industry, they will will be sadly mistaken if they actually believe that their worthless currency and empty promises will be enough to get most producers to do shit, as it is the government programs are like farmers crack, the producers who get on that treadmill of government loans almost never can get off, dependence is a death sentence, independent thinking and low overhead are where its at.

            • It worked soooo well in USSR.

          • Really true BigB. In my neighborhood there is a lady whose husband left her and her developmentally disabled child. She works for the preschool but it closes in a month and she will have no income for the 3 months of summer. She used up welfare benefits before she got the job and no one can refer her to any help. She can’t drive due to epilepsy. Her electricity bill was over $300 because hot water leaks and she can’t fix it. My sister works for the YMCA in Seattle and says people come in all the time, like a Mom with 4 children, and homeless people, to see if she knows of any help they can get. We are very definitely in a Depression.

            • I see it every day as well ENFP. 1 in 5 on food stamps? How many people percentage wise stood in soup lines. Check out the ever growing home less camps in your area. Ask a friendly cop what they are seeing on the street. Take a look at the amount of RV’s that people are living in both in parks and on the streets. In Los Angeles there are so many people living in RV’s on suburban streets that the neighbors call in to complain. Those in the RV’s now know that if when the cops come a knocking to ignore them and not answer the door. The cop can’t tell you to move if you don’t answer the door. There is a term here in California and I think it works in most states. Sole Residence. If the RV or car you are living in is going to be towed all you have to do is say those words “sole residence” and they cannot by law impound your home.


          • good post. producers versus parasites. take from the productive and give to slackers, and guess how the slackers vote!! hurricane katrina: volunteers from all over the country cleaning the streets while the locals sat on their porches and watched.

        • Mine is all outdated and not fit for consumption. After all, how do you determine how old it is if it’s home canned in dusty old glass jars in a spider infested corner of the root cellar. Dog food. Giggety.

        • Be informed

          Another good point and reason to be as far away from
          the cities as one can get. I know not everyone is able
          to do so, but if they could, they would find the rural
          setting much more survival friendly in all of the ways
          being discussed here today.

        • I would fucking ignore them. I always have and I always will. Rules, regulations and unlawful laws are created by unelected bureaucrats and elected nincompoops to control the nincompoops that elect them. I ignore rules and regulations and I obey laws when it suits me. Thank you.

        • Its called the collective and its pure evil…you dont count in the collective…you can die but the collective and especially those who fancy themselves to be “elite” must survive….one way is to scatter your food stores around,properly prepared caches will keep a long time….I have enough scattered to insure my survival even if the govicorp decided to pull a food holocaust like they did in russia and other places in history…were gonna have to get smart and get mean so to speak or theyll eat us alive and complain that we’re stringy and tough…how to do it and not lose our humanity is the nut to crack!

      24. This is nothing new. Farmers always store whatever they grow and sell it at the highest point when they need the cash for operations. The only problem I see is if this is news then the governments have already been looking at this angle for a long time.

        Look how other shortages are created. If the government can create a shortage on ammo or precious metals, why couldn’t they create a false shortage on any food product. This is a sure fired way to control the masses and the uninformed will blame the farmer, and all us hoarders!!

        In our area food prices haven’t changed much, but the ammo and mag shortage is critical. Except for shotshells, there is nothing else on the shelf. I firmly believe we will see all shotgun ammo dry up also before this false shortage gets over with. Everyone keep stocking up on what is available.
        molon labe

        • Kettle Moraine: What ammo shortage? Sure, the box stores where most sheeple shop are empty but that happened the first time Obummer was elected. That was a ‘tell’ even then that things were eventually going to go bad if he got a second term. I moved to a rural county and the Army-Navy store has all the ammo I can buy, if I want to pay $22+ for a 20-box of .223. Now the hardware store in the next town sells .223 for $15+ but I can only buy 2 boxes a day of that and any other caliber. The shelves are full in both places because most folks here saw this crap coming years ago and planned accordingly unlike the panicing fools who are stripping the shelves at Wally-World, Cabelas, and Bass Pro Shop. Better 10 years too early than just one day too late.

        • As in buying 300,000# of sugar….?

      25. you would think that people living in the cities would be buying up those shotguns and cases of ammo first, before tha AR etc.

      26. I found a Southeastern grocery chain is now packing large individual Romaine lettuce with a type of Velcro strip that has male / female on each side. Seems to work well as they are ½” wide (white) and 17 ½” long. They now have found many alternative uses back at my Hacienda. Replacing old rubber bands and holding things in place when you need an extra hand.

        Y’all Beware! Fun Stuff.

      27. “But the rice, beans, wheat, and pasta you stockpile will still have the same exact intrinsic value a decade from now as they do today.”

        No way, will my beans and rice have the “exact” same “intrinsic” value as it does today, in a full blown SHTF situation. The rice I have purchased, @ about .25 cents per lb., could easily be traded for a 50 round box of 22 ammo if the holder has no food. At today’s prices, that box of 22s is costing about $5.00; so what would it be worth to another, that didn’t have any, but needs it for protection?

        I only see the value of my preps increasing with the liklihood of a SHTF situation increasing, as time goes on.

        To a family on the threshold of starvation; PM’s aren’t worth shit to them. To a family in dire need of ammunition to protect what food they do have, PMs aren’t worth shit.

        All kinds of situations and predicaments will be on the horizon when SHTF. Plan and prioritize. Just sayin’.

      28. @BI: USGS are back at it in the WVSZ and around the NEW MADRID. Something new for me but I have read about it. USGS taking soil samples down to 50 ft. or (to rock), along I-64 from Louisville, Ky. to St. Louis, Mo. and other places. They are looking at the soil, to possibly becoming liquidized in the event of an earthquake in the area. Taking samples every 5mi. and GPS’n locations. Just found this out, work has been completed.

        Keep the FAITH

      29. How times have changed. Somewhere in China a mother is telling her kids to clean their rice bowl because there are starving children in America.

        • My buddy came to the shop today and told me he’s been buying salmon for dinner a few times lately. He said he finally looked at the package the fish came in and the salmon was from CHINA. Now tell me about the supply chain when you have to get cheap fish from across the world and sneak it through the borders of North America
          to sell at the grocery store. We are a fuel shortage away from starvation.

          • Walk into your neighborhood store and look at what’s on the shelves. Then understand that what you see is what you get. That’s all there is. The store doesn’t have stuff in the back waiting to be put on the shelves. They are totally dependent on the next truck to arrive. If it doesn’t come, when the stuff on the shelves has been purchased…..that’s it. You’re done.

            Now…imagine that there are no trucks for a week.

            Then imagine that there may not be another truck for months.

            Then imagine that there may never be another truck….ever.

            After you’ve thought about that for a minute…..consider who your neighbors are…..and who your neighbors across town are.

            And then remember the last time Nike released a new model of athletic shoe……or the last time the new X-box game console was released.

            Imagine Katrina and Sandy on steroids…..because there won’t be anybody coming to help.

            And then you’ll understand why it’s important to prep.

            • When I canned food in my shiny new pressure cooker in the early 80′ s out of my yard, folks used to tell me I was silly and stupid .
              Yet when they saw rows of veggie soup mix they wanted me to just hand them over .
              Yet these same folk would never think that one day the shelves at the store might be completely bare .
              Get seeds in the ground now .
              I say .
              Scatter things out .
              If you got a rural retreat scatter around some patches of sweet potatoes and onions .
              Among tree lines and over grown areas .
              You might one day be glad you did .
              Just sayin …
              Take care

              • I have horrible soil here.
                My tomatoes are going in the flower beds!!!!

                • @JayJay
                  I have moved around quite a bit over the years .
                  I’ve always been a fan of making good ground to grow food even if I had to haul it in in the back of my pickup truck .
                  I am certainly planting in containers this season, a first for me as far as food goes .
                  However, soil can be improved no matter what you start with .
                  Even here right now, I got a compost pile going for peelings inside a 40 gal trash can
                  Got a worm compostergoing too small scale in a recycled cracked ice chest .
                  Most of my pots are other folks garages give aways or yard sales or curbside freebies .
                  I have always thought anybody determined enough could do about anything .
                  It’s the real want to that matters ..
                  Now that the latest spring monsoon has moved through today here,
                  I’m planning on wheelbarrowing some dirt from above me behind my duplex /apt. to a new flower bed across and under my front porch balcony .
                  Starting after coffee and a scan of headlines, comments and daylight .
                  I’m putting my tomato plants there .
                  Figure it will take two mornings work to get it done .
                  But I’m slow and plan on watching some butterflies and enjoying the birds too .
                  God bless friend sister
                  Take care

                • Horrible soil can easily be fixed. Turn the soil over to the depth of a sharpshooter (long straight shovel)(This is a lot of work) Apply a generous amount of animal manure (horse, pig, cow, chicken, rabbit; whatever you can get), add a little lime, bone meal, blood meal and a sprinkle of sulfur. Till it under really well and let it sit for a couple months. Mark your rows with the tiller, spread another generous amount of composted manure, till it under, draw up the rows and plant away. I, and several friends get composted horse manure from a couple folks that have horses/jackasses. They are happy to have someone come and haul it away. Last weekend, I hauled out 32 yards of manure from a lady who owns horses. That stuff is powdered gold!!! and the vegetables love it. Also, start a compost or if you become somewhat lazy like me, you can put your wet garbage down the middles of your rows and cover it with grass clippings. How to keep varmints out of your garden… buy several 4′ rolls of chicken wire and several full length 5/8″ re-bar. Cut the chicken wire in half with a hacksaw before unpacking it to get two 2′ high fence rolls. Cut the re-bar into 3′ lengths. Spread the 2′ chicken wire around the perimeter of the garden and fasten in place by threading 3′ re-bar every 6-8 feet. I’ve done this for over ten years and it has kept out all the varmints that prowl around our place, including the chickens that run free in our yard.

                  • Folks, I have a husband with beginning dementia…and a man that grows all kinds of plants across the highway.

                  • I ran a couple of adds “Free Horse Manure” as we have horses. No takers. If I bagged it would be $6 at the nursery.

                    Makes me wonder if anyone is watching the news.

                  • Sell your manure? It is too valuable for us to sell, but then we have only two (big horses), that eat and shit like four.

                    We compost 80% and then stockpile it for later gardening.
                    Never have too much.

                    We return the other 20% back onto the pastures for fertilize and then only add lime to the soil, a little each year.

                  • Horse manure is too “hot” to use directly on a garden. You must compost it for a year. Now, COW manure can go right on.

            • Hello Walt.
              That’s the most sobering statement I’ve heard in a long, long time.
              I am a newbie prepper. I am trying to learn fast.
              I had some guys working with me that were from Yugoslavia and they told me about the days when the war broke out, Serbs, Croats, and
              what it was like when people would gladly shoot you for a pack or even a single cigarette.
              I would say the veneer of civilization is incredibly thin.
              Thanks again!

      30. In the past, you could go to the market and buy fresh vegetables for less than you could grow… Now I compost, plow, and till instead of fertilizers & herbacides and it is cheaper. I have onions, garlic, spinach, carrots, brocoli, and a patch of the three sisters… Unless something big happens, I think we are that frog being boiled in a pot of cold water…

        I don’t see or hear the negative remarks about prepping. I think it is what we do here in the Blue Ridge. It’s what they’ve done for hundreds of years… I would help those who help themselves…

        • Sounds like my kind of person. Keep the traditions alive.

      31. My silo out back is filled with bitcoins.

        • This is friggin funny. I would’ve never guessed there were real?? ones out there. I hope the silos full of the solid brass ones.

          molon labe

          • Dear God! That looks suspiciously like Monopoly money. Thanks for the laugh, Kettle!


        I had a dream the other night, I didn’t understand
        A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand
        His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by my bed
        He took off his three cornered hat, and speaking low he said:
        “We fought a revolution, to secure our liberty
        we wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny.
        For future generations, this legacy we gave
        in this, the land of the free and the home of the brave”
        You buy permits to travel, and permits to own a gun
        Permits to start a business, or to build a place for one.
        On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent
        although you have no voice in choosing, how the money’s spent.”
        “Your children must attend a school that doesn’t educate.
        Your Christian values can’t be taught, according to the state.
        You read about the current news, in a regulated press.
        You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the I.R.S.”
        “Your money is no longer made of Silver or of Gold.
        You trade your wealth for paper, so your life can be controlled.
        You pay for crimes that make our Nation, turn from God in shame.
        You’ve taken Satan’s number, as you’ve traded in your name.”

        “You’ve given government control, to those who do you harm,
        So they can padlock churches, and steal the family farm,
        And keep our country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,
        harass your fellow countrymen, while corrupted courts prevail.”
        “Your public servants don’t uphold the solemn oath they’ve sworn.
        Your daughters visit doctors, so their children won’t be born.
        Your leaders ship artillery, and guns to foreign shores,
        and send your sons to slaughter, fighting other people’s wars.”
        “Can you regain the freedom for which we fought and died?
        Or don’t you have the courage, or the faith to stand with pride?
        Are there no more values for which you’ll fight to save?
        Or do you wish your children, to live in fear and be a slave?”
        “People of the Republic, arise and take a stand!
        Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land!
        Preserve our Great Republic, and God-Given Right!
        And pray to God, to keep the torch of Freedom burning bright!”
        As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from whence he came
        His words were true, we are not free, we have ourselves to blame.
        For even now as tyrants, trample each God-Given Right!
        We only watch and tremble, too afraid to stand and fight.
        If he stood by your bedside, in a dream, while you’re asleep,
        and wonders what remains of our Rights he fought to keep
        what would be your answer, if he called out from the grave:
        “Is this still the land of the free and the home of the brave???”
        Author unknown

        Keep the FAITH

        • Bravo Watchman!

          FINE prose Brother! Kudo’s to you, gladly given! 🙂


        • I just wish people woul wake the hell up and stand for the principals that founded this country,
          Time for a little hope and change patriot style, its sickning how everyone but a few is afraid to speak about this stuff.

      33. Off subject, but does anyone besides me keep the socalled News sites on your start page? I keep CNN,BBC and FOWNEWS on mine. CNN is an absolute joke> Any way today they had BREAKING NEWS,White house official: President Obama phoned Jason Collins to express support after the NBA player came out as (Queer)! Is this really suppose to be the leader of the FreeWorld. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t removed the Liberals from my email list after the election, Just so I could attack their stupidity. Trekker Out. Live Free or Die!

        • MT, add the Drudge Report to your list. Interesting reading.

        • I was having my car repaired and heard the “coming out” news while waiting. THe TV announcer said Obama made a big deal out of it and congratulated Collins. Our society is really sick!

          • obummer is thrilled by this black queer coming out it gives him a man tingle up his leg

            also it makes his two bit presidency seem more relevant and timely
            Remember he repealed DADT and made it popular for them to be in the military and open
            he sees this as his legacy getting homos more out there and more in our face

            • I always did think basketball was a sport for queers. Right after wrestling.

          • MILF, what the heck do you care about the gays for? Just let ’em be they don’t do anything to you.

          • I think Michelle said something about having Collins back. She seems to get her two-cents in a lot these days, even went to the hospital to visit the suspect in the Boston bombing that now has disappeared back to where he came from. I find this very odd at best.

            Got my seeds in the ground and my plants almost ready to hit the dirt. Love my garden can’t wait to take the knife and salt shaker out to the garden and have lunch.

            I have a neighbor who doesn’t see the point of growing a garden and stocking up he tells me I’m an stupid for believing all this “crap”. We’ll see in time.

            I just got my water filter today now to get the buckets drilled and ready to go check out $25.00 for a filter that will make 5,110 gallons of pure water along with 2 plastic buckets sure beats other methods.

        • I get this mental image of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

          • Nero? Oh..oops. Misread that one. I accidentally added a “g” in there somewhere.

            • my dear wife swears obummer is asexual or Moochelle is the dominant one and ties him up at night
              she wonders how this ball less pos could ever father children

              any one else got a ideas ?

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • People I know refer to her as his “moustache”, but I think she’s the one who shaves.

            • LOL!

              Shifty….you’re a bad man. LOL!

            • Shifty,I had to laugh, although not trying to be funny, but I must have what ever they call it when you add something that ain’t there or leave it out when it is there. But when I first read Walt’s line, I swear I could see a (G) in his statement. And then you confirmed it. Trekker Out. Freedom Ain’t Free!

          • This news brings a new meaning of dribbling down the court!

        • Re News, a great Christian news researcher is at
          The six corporate owned American news media are just government propaganda tools. I actually refer to RT News (Russia Today) before them. RT tells us what our government doesn’t want us to know (payback for America Free Radio?). I only refer to the American outlets to see what most Americans aren’t getting – for instance, very little coverage of the big Cyprus bank heist. RT and Drudge Report had lots to say about it. RT has the Keiser Report, the funniest financial report you can get. Tells it like it is, almost to the point of using expletives.

        • MT, do you catch the irony in your Live Free or Die? Does that apply to gays too or only to you? The problem is saying liberty is god given. Then the tyrant asks you to prove the existence of god to his satisfaction, not just to yours. When you can’t, your liberty is a chimera. [ An individual ] is free by virtue of his humanity. From the ability to reason, make choices and act on them. Anyone can demonstrate that ability. There is no difference between any species of theist presuming the authority to dictate to others. Fundie Christian bigots are just as anti-liberty as Wahhabi Muslim bigots. Out of control theists all want to dictate to others based on beliefs you can’t prove. It isn’t your deity or your holy book that gives me my liberty. I’ve got some good friends who are gay. Run your bigoted mouth about them in my presence and you’ll be eating through a straw.

      34. water, food, and guns….better get ’em while you can

      35. If you need to get out of town in a hurry during a SHTF situation, PM’s might be invaluable. In the book, “the Patriots” dollar bills were basically worthless and the highways were filled with people trying to get out of town. PM’s, I think, were used to buy gasoline! If you already live in your hideaway, that’s one thing. However, if you are not yet moved to the ideal location, PM’s may save your behind, seems to me, because they may be the only thing the gas attendent will accept as payment for the gas!

        Oh, and concerning the book I mentioned the other day about Ebola (and U.S. involvement in biological research), the name of that book was “the Hot Zone”. If you get hold of this book and read it, you will not regret it… very, very scary!

        • Just downloaded from the library

        • I lived in Northern Virginia back in the early 90s; and there was a company that unknowingly imported moneys with ebola. The CDC closed down the company, but the building owner had to sterilize the building. After no one would rent the building the owner torn it down and sold the land.

          • patientmomma, I think all our moneys got ebola. It’s just a shame the moneys in the whitehouse don’t have ebola.WASP

        • Read it when it first came out.

          Scary indeed.

        • I remember the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973.
          Gas stations immediately quit taking checks and put up signs saying the prices of gas in both cash and in pre 1965 silver coins.

      36. Big Thank You Shifty. Never thought about that. Trekker Out.

      37. I am beyond disillusioned.

        As a Bostonian I now know anything that can happen, most likely will happen. They show up while your sleeping. Streets, businesses, transportation, cell phone use, even taxi’s are cut off and not a damn thing anyone can do about it. No, you will NOT say they cannot come into your home. They WILL!……and they’re taking notes. Just be advised.
        For those storing their wealth in silos, basements, attics, etc., again, they’ll know.

        Bostonians can be a fearsome group. The kid never would have been able to get away. Right or wrong, anyone even resembling him would have been stopped, questioned, held by the people. There was never a need for this infiltration.

        My point: It’s already happened. It will happen again…….to YOU! Papers Please.

        And to add insult to injury,………just try renewing your drivers license. Pphhtth

        • Thanks for posting that tishie…..

          Some of us here were complaining about how wrong these searches were. And some of us were suggesting that the real motivation for the house to house stuff was so they could take notes of who had what and who might give them a problem in the future.

          You pretty much confirmed what we’ve been saying.

        • Criminals on the run don’t observe driver’s licensing laws any more than they observe gun laws.

          If you’re in a vehicle whose registered owner has a valid DL and no wants or warrants (if the plates get ran by police), they don’t usually stop you unless you have a light out or something, or you run a red light or do something wrong right in front of them. A baseball cap and some sunglasses, and one might drive right on by.

          just saying, criminals don’t obey ANY laws that hinder their progress. My brother did it for decades.

          • You are right about being able to drive for decades without a license. My brother had a DUI back in 1987 and did his time and paid his fine, but never took his alcohol abuse class. So he never got his license back. He drove for more than 2 decades until he did a friend a favor and helped her retrieve her car from somewhere it had been stored. The license plate had expired and he was arrested for driver’s license revoked. He did 30 days and had all the money in his pocket confiscated at the jail for his “booking fee.”

            • sounds about like the ‘norm’ Daisy. When Oregon first mandated auto insurance, I drove for years without it. I have never been in an accident that was my fault, even partly. When they suspended my license for no insurance, in protest, I drove for another 20+ years without it. I still refuse to be robbed by these predatory insurance companies.

      38. You know I was thinking how much interest the avg. person pays directly and indirectly.
        Here’s the rundown…

        First…income tax, which is used to pay interest to bankers who didn’t even print up the money…our treasury did that. They just had the banking sys. in place that originally was backed by gold… no way that had that much…so I call bullshit and fraud.

        Then int. on your house, cars, cards, student loans, loans to fix up your over priced shack you bought from boomers.

        Then the interest cost buried in all the things you buy.

        We are all slaves to the bankers.

        I hope it all collapses….

        This year I’m building a heated hot bed, like a cold frame for growing greens.
        I’ll stay home and eat well….and watch it all go down on TV.

        • There won’t be any TV. Or electrickery to run your hot bed.

          But yeah, buying things with debt is selling yourself onto slavery. Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt.

      39. Good read today. Keep it coming been enjoying it.

      40. With all the rain we have had here lately our strawberries are really blooming. Onions, spinach, carrots, beets, and lettuce looking good too. Love this gardening. First year for a serious garden. Had beans and tomatoes with a few herbs last year and they did OK, but we are stepping it up this year. Plan to can, dehydrate and freeze as much as we can. Our fruit trees are in their 3rd year and we hope to get some fruit this year. Not bad for a couple who just a few years ago did not have a “clue”. If we can do it anyone can!

        Being prepared is critical but our goal is to move to sustainable living where we can be as independent as possible. Healthier too. I shudder to think we use to love in Orange County, CA where this lifestyle would NEVER have been possible. Thank you God we made it out.

      41. YOU must escape to the country now while you have time! All stupid things happen in a city!

      42. has ammo, for alot less than those silly stores in your town that also have duck calls,green deere hats and deer spray….those places can see you comin $$$

      43. I am new to bartering. When the grocery shelves empty and bartering begins, where will it take place? At the local farmer’s market, the church parking lot? Is it all by word of mouth because most likely the phones won’t work? How will one keep their “exchange” private, so others don’t mob you? How do you keep your location private so others don’t steal?

        • Patientmomma I think it will be different in each community. Will start just between close neighbors and friends. In our rural community I suspect our “jack of all trades” guy will use the community store as a “barter store”. He just operates that way..called flexible. Hubby and I have lots of wood and know that will be needed. Have also collected LOTS of garden seeds. Out here I suspect that will be valuable too. I do a good job with homemade bread and think some of my friends who see would trade with me for bread. Pays to think in 10 mike radius I read somewhere, so who can you possibly barter with who lives within that distance from you(cause driving will probably be out). Just a few of my thoughts. Good luck.

        • well your on the right path
          Barter will take place any where it needs to your house a alley a back yard etc.
          just be careful! if you have some one else take them with you and always carry a gun or two but never show sounds paranoid but try to never trade in your home and try to not let folks follow you (IF YOU CAN )
          if you have to travel out of your home don’t head straight back go shopping etc drive around for a little bit make em loose interest in following you.

          if your trading now look up items on the internet and get a ball park value but remember condition effects everything. beat up not worth crap Mint lot of $$
          dont go to swap meets and think you can buy and pay there prices and turn around and charge almost new BUT in a SHTF situation tools will be worth a bit more oil burning lamps maybe more valuable then a saw.
          Multi fuel Coleman stoves may be the most valuable. but that’s my opinion ( it’s why i have 4 )

          Opsec should be the key word in your life.
          security should be first second and third on your list. and NEVER tell any one where you live or where you get anything. just say i found it

          as far as value i am sure there are folks on here that can help with that. but the basic is whats your item or items worth ? did you make it grow it or just get need to be flexible but need to feel you got a good deal. i have been doing this off and on most of 30 years and at times made what most would consider bad deals. BUT i have made some great deals with the same people down the road. They And I always remember the times i gave em some thing for next to nothing and they have returned the favor by letting me have what i wanted for all evens out
          and don’t think like the clowns at the local Farmers markets. they have a huge mark up on everything and think its worth gold.after all they have to pay for gas space rent gas for driving around to find items etc

          say you make moonshine what would a quart be worth ?

          $10.00 or $50.00 i have seen it go for $50 partially because of the Legality of the product ( its not LOL ) but in a SHTF it might go for $100.00 or 20 lbs of fresh pork or beef maybe 30 lbs depends. but would you also trade a gun for a couple gallons ? you would if you were going through the DTs and literally dying from lack of booze.

          Barter can get you some nice things one time i got a mint M1 Garand and i do mean Mint never fired for a couple trades of basically to me Junk. and i still have it Unfired.

          Hope this helps

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • I think, at least for a while, people will keep trying to place the same prices on things as they remember them in the store. A loaf of bread about a buck fifty, a pound of butter about 2 bucks, a tomato about fifty cents etc.

            I’m thinking you’d most likely trade a loaf of bread and maybe a tomato for a pound of butter, for example. Of course, as some things get more scarce, that basic starting point will probably change…drastically.

            As will the congeniality scores…

          • Thanks for the advice everyone; it helps a lot. I have good skills and a lot to trade but need mechanical repair help for equipment. I live in a open carry state so where ever I can, I do; I just don’t advertise it. Agree OPSEC!

        • can you make jelly ??
          do you can food ??
          can you sew and make clothes ?
          or alter stuff like shirts and pants
          Knit ?? spin wool etc

          all of these skills are barter material

          Look into the Foxfire series of books done by a group in the late 80s i think. they talked to the real old timers in the Appalachian mountains
          these folks knew how to make do and make things last NEVER bought till they had to

 book collection
          $20.00 per book plus shipping not cheap but you will get a wealth of info out of them one volume ( number 5 ) has Black smithing info and Flintlock gun making
          also gun powder

          i used to read them when i was attempting to get back to the land and be more independent
          you might also look for the Old Mother Earth News
          its what we call prepping now but back then it was living off grid
          but it tends to be a bit preachy about the planet and such Mother had articles about rammed earth homes recycled homes etc

          • Yes to All those, brew, shine, weld, machinist, electrical, motor reminder, builder, farmer, fencer, and more. And so are mt neighbours. And in my current role as a sales rep I know where every orchard within 100 miles is ans what is in it.

            I am getting sick of waiting tho.

        • Best to start doing it whilst you arnt under duress…harder to start doing somthing when the pressures on….

      44. Good evening, Be Informed, and once again I’m on the same page with you. I also predict they’ll pass some stupid, asinine laws like what you mentioned. I’m not going to follow such laws and I don’t subscribe to political correctness. Nobody tells me what I can or cannot have in my own home; they can get f@#$ed. I have peace of mind knowing I already have what I need to make it through any adverse situation. Those who refuse to prep, who refuse to do anything for themselves, have already screwed themselves. They just won’t realize it until TSHTF. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. This is why it is so important to remain as discrete as possible when preparing and stocking up. Normally anyone that is quiet is not going to stir up anything, even if some nazi passes some anti-freedom law that you can’t keep a certain amount of food and other supplies in your own home. I have seen unbelievable violations of basic freedoms that no one would have dreamed of could happen, but they are now and more to come in the future. It is no wonder that people are rushing to purchase ammo as fast as they can.

          Here is what is so horrible about the political correctness crap, IT IS POPULAR with the ass monkey masses. It is real desirable to control your neighbors and be able to rat on them when they don’t comply. Just look at these hideous covenants (legal binding home contract) in which everybody has to have the same color house, no clothes lines in your own backyard, no outside garage sales, grass has to be a certain length and brand, trash cans can’t be put out until the morning of trash pick ups, etc, etc. In other words dip sh&*s like living this way like good little brain dead conformists that MUST have everyone else behave the same way.

          This is why I mentioned this, because the path to a police state is so clear. The masses like to be controlled and corralled around. The masses like to have a nose ring to be lead around. The masses are so sick in the head that they want EVERYONE to behave and OBEY just like them. Those that don’t they want locked up. The definition of freedom is gone with most people gladly bending over on hand and knees to kiss the fat butts of their local politician, both cheeks. Then bow down to their saviour, BO.

          Anti prepper/survivalist laws are coming if the world doesn’t blow itself up first. The prepper/survivalist is one that still understands the shear importance of freedom and basic rights as a life form. The masses regard that type of thinking as being an insurrectionist. As those that carry the principles of what the country was founded on are now enemies of the state. The masses are following BO and the other politician right into ruin. Watch and see how many new laws are passed that urinate on the Constitution and basic horse sense and fairness. I say this again, why anybody right now would not be storing up for what they need is incredible to behold, and the numbers that don’t, 99%, is nauseating.

      45. Watchman, thank you for that song. I first heard it on shortwave back in the mid-90s. it was the theme song for Mark Koernke’s show, “The Intelligence Report” on Republic Radio.

      46. “The US dollar isn’t getting any stronger over the next 10 years.”

        TEN YEARS? Thanks for the dose optimism! We’re in a HOT currency war with several of the largest richest countries in the world and our “communist-in-chief” is getting out-foxxed by everyone on the planet, except for the American Sheeple who can’t see through Obama’s (and his handlers’) obvious ‘False Flag’ hoaxes (e.g. the ‘Boston Marathon Drill’, the ‘Sandy Hook School Drill’ ‘The West Texas Bombing’ etc.) designed to trick and scare us out of our God-given Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. I’m praying for 6 more months before the BIG financial collapse, and I certainly can’t see any possible way that the crisis won’t come within 5 years. As for the long-term, within 10 to 15 years we (or those of us remaining) will most likely be fighting WWIII.

      47. Just a thought, Sam’s Club online has some really good prices on long term food items, Also ammo is starting to come back as I bought a case of 6.8 SPC today.

      48. At 10:15 pm . Flying north .
        Wing squadron of B-52’s.
        about 3 mile high .
        counted 8.
        Never seen that before .
        Only up by Goose Bay close to the NATO base while there a week before I flew out .

        Looked like a bombing run .
        Sure hope this is one of those practice runs .
        NOT GOOD .

      49. Off topic..but I can’t help it….pew article on drudgereport…”On the eve of President Barack Obama’s visit to Mexico, the United States is enjoying a resurgence of good will among the Mexican public, with a clear majority favorably inclined toward their northern neighbor and more now expressing confidence in Obama.”

        Can we send him to Mexico, with a big red bow? Please!? And let the drug cartels keep him?

        • Stupid beaners.

          No wonder their country is so screwed up.

        • I think they’re all smiling at him knowing full well he’ll be leaving shortly…if he was going to stay, it might look a lot different.

      50. Be Informed,

        Do you have any update on quakes?

        Thanks in advance.


      51. Ha , the average long row monocropping , calorie strip miners . Know as much about growing food sans fossil fuel inputs , as the typical hamster knows about quantum physics. Given the average age of the soil rapers , most of them will drop dead sans big pharma inputs. The amish might have chance , however I suspect they will be eaten out of house and home and then eaten themselves. When the nearest bunch of armed vermin get the hungries.

        • Re Amish and Mennonite communities, they are pacifists so definitely in danger of being overtaken. Any of you who live near them should make it a priority to defend them as they have the practical skills and knowledge to rebuild society after shtf. I would love to find a Mennonite or Amish youth rebellious enough to want a high school education to come live with me. I am a certified Christian high school teacher who provided consulting service to home schooling parents. I would trade the youth a high school education for learning how to live without electricity.

          • I’ll say this one more youth 20 gauge came from an Amish and he said they are well equipped to protect their families.
            That’s in Ky, though. YMMV

            • Yup! I also live in an area with many Amish and Mennonites. They keep guns and they are good hunters. I do not doubt that they will defend their families, and I will be right alongside them.

              • Lots of mennonites here too. They Hunt. The guy I buy alfalfa from says his whole family hunts. He also said they use the same caliber rifles. I am sure they will protect thier families. The “same 308 caliber” was the flag for me. Good people. The Bakery sells bulk hard red wheat too.

      52. So many topics to cover here:

        The whole premise of cities was to make people dependent on the ‘system’- just in time delivery, drive thrus, home delivery and all the others. The government knows this and they do *not* want you to be self-sufficient in any way, shape or form. This is an affront to their ‘authority’. Farmers were the original innovators in this world; livestock, crops, tools, inventions, you name it. Farmers are *the* last vestige of hope that people have…and many do not even know it. That is why they are to be vilified at all costs.

        Anyone who does not already have a LARGE supply of quality non-GMO heirloom seeds…you missed the boat. I know a lot of heirloom seed companies had trouble delivering this year…not a good sign.

        You should also become very familiar with home canning and preserving. When the grid goes down, you do not want a lot in your freezers unless you have rock solid long term power backup sources in place, like mini hydro or solar battery/inverter storage.

        Speaking of canning, EVERYONE should check these out, it’s what I use and they have been in business since 1978! Well worth the extra money NOW.
        MyPatriotSupply is also the only one who delivered seeds to me quickly this year…others not so much.
        (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with said company)

        As my spouse and I were shoveling compost this spring and watching others around us play and frolic… I could only think of how many are not going to make it, and it troubles me to even think it.

        • My Patriot Supply is where hubby got my Christmas gifts this past year. Survival Seed Vault, Culinary Herb Garden, & Magnesium Fire Starter. Herb bed & garden are already sprouting. My first garden since I was a kid and it’s growing!!!!

        • Socrates….I look outside and see my idiot neighbor spraying her dandelions(again) and think…is this how Noah felt??

          • I have a bumper crop of dandelions in my yard. My wife and I are considering making dandelion jelly. We also have lots of wild violets that can also be made into jelly. When I was growing up, my father would let the wildflowers bloom in the spring for a while before he would start mowing. My yard is full of wildflowers and other useful plants. I would never think of killing it all and putting in grass.

        • Victory Seed Company in Molalla Or. delivered mine in less than 2 weeks.

      53. Just a thought here. Is ammo the new “poor mans silver” The big price jump in any ammo, once again points out simple free market principal of supply and demand. If readily available stocks don’t show up on the market soon, ammo will surely be hanging in there with silver as a hot commodity. All the preppers want it, but you can’t find it at reasonable prices anywhere.
        As the economy breaks down, as it has been, it’s anyone’s guess what might be the next hot commodity. Freeze dried food, canned meats, any long term food in general???
        Let’s not forget the individual who actually has a marketable skill. Car mechanic, plumber, electrician, nurse, carpenter. It’s frightening just how many people out there don’t know how to do anything at all, except stand in a line waiting for someone to give them something.
        The government is here to help you—-it’s for your own good–your money is totally safe in your local bank, the economy is in full recovery—invest in the stockmarket—the dollar is strong—911 was a terrorist event– the list is endless.
        Wake me when this is over….

        • My father always told me that the more things you know how to do, the less likely you are to be unemployed. So I have learned how to do everything I can. I have watched other people work on things and have remembered it all. I built a greenhouse and also my current computer.

          Recently I have been working on computers for people. I charge them less than what I ought to. Then most of them feel guilty about how cheap it is and pay me double what I asked. So I actually get more money. I also work for fudge and homemade candy!

      54. @ Watchman, The Hawk, and everyone else. Today there was an extremely rare earthquake on the western portion of the Cocos plate that affects Central America and some of South America. It has been 30 days today since the nazca plate started up all sorts of earthquake activity and 100% of the time before Mexico and/or Central, South America was hit with a large earthquake. This has not happened. Bad News. During the first to middle portion of the month the Scotia plate has a major swarm, no big earthquake other than in New Guines which does happen when this plate gets active. The the quake today where only on 5.0 has happened in 40 years, back in 1976 on the western Cocos plate. Again Bad News.

        What Watchman was saying about the USGS is predictable as they know what is going on to the south of the New Madrid. They are always waiting for some sort of precursor to go off. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is the biggest target for this, but so is a major movement on the Caribbean or the Cocos plate as these plates help the North American plate twist and cause the SEAM to open up along the New Madrid. The San Andreas is on a plate boundary, but in reality so is the New Madrid because of this rift type situation that develops from the twisting that is the result of the plate to the south, even the Nazca plate has some barring on the New Madrid.

        This is why I say bad news, because a super quake down in this area of the Central or South American region can definitely trigger the New Madrid. Besides this a mega quake on the Caribbean plate will cause large tsunamis on the Atlantic and Gulf states of the U.S.

        This was a rare event today as having a 5.0 of the western side of the Cocos is huge because the plate is clipping along at one of the fastest paces of most plates of the world. Normally pressure doesn’t have time to build here to cause any quake on the western side. Normally there is simply a large earthquake in Costa Rica or other Central American country and it is over. This time it shows that there is some major pressure building on the portion of the plate that rarely has the chance to get to this point, as in massive quake coming. Not good, not good.

        • Good stuff, thanks.

          It would be nice if Mack could something give you a spot to put your Earthquake updates, so they’re easy to find.

          • +1000 to that ! ! !

        • The oil that is extracted from the ground acts as lubricant between the tectonic plates. Removing the oil from the ground increase friction between the tectonic plates, making the earthquakes stronger.

      55. Back in August 2011 when I said it will take between 5-8 years before we see any semblance of a collapse and I was told I was nuts but here we are almost 5/2013 …..already 2 years into my 5-8 and back in 2011 I bet almost 90% of you NEVER thought we would make it economically or financially this far

        • The negative rating shows the frustration from my accuracy

        • I tend to agree with you, but it makes it that much harder to warn people that it really is coming. People who have been warning for 20 years already really get a martyr complex. I don’t know if it is being held off so that it is really, really big when it happens or if it will just be really really gradual and we will just be the boiling frogs.

      56. Just talked to a guy last night whose brother and nephew build on-farm crop storage. They are so busy they worked through the winter and are now adding a couple of crews for the summer (triple their normal workforce). These guys are selling one of the more expensive storage systems and haven’t ever seen demand like this. Most of this is happening so that farmers can sell when the price is highest rather than at harvest, but it’s interesting none the less. One older farmer that is still unconvinced that we are facing a major collapse keeps 50 tonnes of wheat in one of his bins year round “just in case”

      57. I’m cramming my garden full of food plants. I want to use every square inch available.

      58. I think it’s important to stress that this collapse isn’t limited to a country or a few countries. This time, it’s worldwide. Some countries may be a little better off, but the whole world is going down the drain.

      59. For all you preppers, don’t forget about all of the edible weeds and such out there. Educate yourself. Granted, not necessarily tasty, but high in vitamins, and can supplement your food stores.

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