Report: Ebola Suspected In Europe: “Broken Through All Containment Efforts”

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    Though officials at the World Health Organization are feverishly working to stop the spread of the Ebola virus in what is now seven African nations, their efforts may be for naught. In Guinea, a hot spot for the deadly contagion, government health officials have said that the outbreak is nearly under control. Yet, Reuters reports that the government “planned to stop publicly releasing the death toll to avoid causing unnecessary panic.”

    But panic may be in order.

    Despite the best efforts of emergency health workers it appears that virus may have crossed out of Africa into Europe.

    The outbreak of Ebola Virus in seven west African countries has broken through all containment efforts and is spreading like wildfire.  According to Christian Relief groups working in Guinea and Liberia, the number of confirmed infections jumped 15% in just the last 24 hours. In addition, 40 illegal alien migrant workers from the outbreak area, who came ashore in Pisa, Italy, are showing signs of Ebola infection and are being isolated in Pisa Italy because of fever and “conjunctivitis” (bloody around the eyes).  According to the World Health Organization, this strain of Ebola is entirely new and although it is close to the Zaire strain, it is different, thus accounting for false-negative test results . . . . . for weeks!

    Those false-negative results meant people who were actually infected with Ebola, were returned to their families and neighborhoods to recover from what they believed was the Flu or a case of food poisoning, only to spread the Ebola further. 

    The result has been a complete loss of containment of this Ebola outbreak.  

    With the likely arrival of Ebola in Pisa, Italy, the European continent is now at severe risk.

    Italian officials deny the reports, but alternative media in the country suggests this is the reason for a complete lock down of a hospital in Pisa, where it is believed to have infected some 40 individuals. Other reports trickling in from various sources like social media indicate the virus may have also appeared about 50 miles from Pisa in Tuscany, Italy.

    Alarmingly, a story that appeared about the outbreak on national news wires was reportedly removed by the Italian government for “national security reasons,” suggesting that there is more to the reports than Italian officials are willing to express to the public at this time.

    Though they have denied that the Pisa hospital was locked down due to Ebola, they seem to be bracing for the possibility of a severe epidemic in Rome and Milan.

    (Google Translation via Italy’s Vnews24)

    And ‘mystery about forty hypothetical cases of Ebola registered in our country. The virus is particularly common on the African continent – the cases “official” were recorded in Senegal, Mali and Ghana – may have arrived in Italy “thank you” to the massive exodus of immigrants to our shores. A first “bell” d ‘alarm was launched by Lampedusa. According to a report appeared in the network (and immediately removed for reasons of “national security”), in fact, April 16 would be recorded on an epidemic ‘island, never confirmed nor refuted by our Ministry of Health.

    A new “SOS” about the spread of the virus’ Ebola in the Bel Paese is, this time, from Tuscany. Means of dissemination of the news shock is always the network: blogs, social networks, websites dedicated highlighted the “Curious Case of St. Flushing,” reception center site in Pisa, closed to the public due to the presence, all ‘inside of it, forty non-EU nationals which are to some strange symptoms. Capuzzi Sandra, Councillor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Pisa, he would have dismissed the alarmism of his countrymen, by classifying the health status of the refugees in the structure in these terms: “They have just a little bit fever, caused by stressful travel conditions under which the children were subjected. “

    Fear, meanwhile, remains. The forty possible carriers of the virus’ Ebola have been subjected to all the tests required in high-risk situations. The Italian population, however, does not feel the climate of reassurance that high institutional positions and subjected try to transmit information through various channels, official and unofficial. The tension increases, although the Ministry of Health said that, in the unlikely event of an outbreak, Rome and Milan would be ready to face the ‘epidemic.

    According to Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief group actively working with hospitals and health officials in Guinea and Liberia, what makes Ebola so dangerous is that it can be transmitted through human contact and may take weeks before symptoms appear:

    The initial Ebola outbreak in Guinea is believed to have started when hunters came in contact with infected fruit bats. The Ebola virus is spread between humans through direct contact. Once infected, it can take up to 21 days for symptoms to appear, which include high fever, headaches, and fatigue. At that point, the infected person is contagious.

    With details lacking and health officials opting to keep reports of infections from the public, it is impossible to know exactly how far the virus has spread.

    As noted above, this new strain was not identified immediately, thus blood tests of people showing possible symptoms may have shown false-negatives even though those individuals may have been carrying the virus. Once returned to the general population and assuming they did not contract the virus, it is certainly possible that it was then transmitted to others.

    If Ebola has taken hold in Italy, then we can expect more reported cases all over the continent in coming weeks, with the real possibility that the virus could make its way to U.S. shores via hundreds of international flights arriving on a daily basis.

    It’s understandable that government officials do not want to overreact and cause panic, especially insofar as global air travel is concerned, because doing so would lead to a lock down of airports worldwide.

    The panic would be unprecedented.

    As noted by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition, even if the public became aware that a pandemic was in progress, many would remain in denial about such a prospect and would remain oblivious to the long-term repercussions. She notes that the effects of a pandemic could be swift and drastic, leading to societal upheaval :

    Understanding that our lives will change drastically if the population is faced with a pandemic and being prepared for this can help you make better choices toward the well being of your family. Some changes could be:

    • Shut downs of business commerce
    • Breakdown of our basic infrastructure: communications, mass transportation, supply chains
    • Payroll service interruptions
    • Staffing shortages in hospitals and medical clinics
    • Interruptions in public facilities – Schools, workplaces may close, and public gatherings such as sporting events or worship services may close temporarily.
    • Government mandated voluntary or involuntary home quarantine.

    (Source: Pandemic Preparedness)

    Given the continued spread of the virus to numerous countries in Africa, and now possibly Europe, we urge readers to remain vigilant and have, at the very least, their basic essentials in place.

    This virus is incurable and is believed to have a mortality rate of up to 85% of those infected.

    If it is spreading outside of Africa, then it is only a matter of time – perhaps several weeks – before it becomes apparent in developing nations.

    These posted probabilities are in no way authoritative, and should be considered a “best guess” only.

    Probabilities of unchecked infection at this point, based upon a method of travel, times and frequencies of airline flights to various cities, also including certain assumed volumes of “mixed maritime” traffic between north Africa and southern Europe –  the Probability that Ebola will strike is:

    63% in Italy within 8 days
    44% in Spain within 15 days
    77% in Riyadh/Saudi within 21 days
    40% in Libya within 25 days
    29% in the US within 28 days
    37% in Egypt within 33 days

    By the time we get to 35 days, it can be in 25 countries on 4 continents.

    (Source: TRN)

    In the United States, the CDC has issued a travel alert to airlines and set up emergency quarantine stations at domestic airports, though there are no specific guidelines in place at this time according to BD Live:

    The US is well prepared to handle infected patients on its soil with 20 CDC quarantine stations in place at US airports that are designed to deal with anyone who has symptoms of a wide range of infectious illnesses, including Ebola, according to spokeswoman Christine Pearson. Despite the outbreak, there are no special requests or guidelines to airlines about Ebola, though the CDC has issued a travel alert, she said.

    “The time it takes to travel from rural Guinea to anywhere in the US is more than enough time to incubate the virus and be symptomatic,” Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Laurie Garrett said in New York.

    If in the next month we see Ebola popping up in North America then we may have a serious problem on our hands.

    This is a developing report and is in no way conclusive. Official statements from the WHO, CDC and European governments have yet to confirm Ebola’s crossover into Europe or the United States. Updates will be provided as details become available.



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      1. Bad news..and this combined with the possibility of other viruses makes one wonder not if but when.

        • No doubt.

          Whether it’s a natural effect or a man-made virus, the threat of widespread contagion is certainly plausible.

          I am fairly certain most preppers plan for this particular disaster scenario, but the problem here is that the governments of the world won’t really let anyone know until it is too late.

          By the time they send out the alert people all over America could already be infected.

          Hence, I found the need to post this report today, though incomplete and without official confirmation, just so that each of us can keep an eye on it and keep it in the back of our minds as a distinct possibility.

          You just never know.

          Take care all.



          • A pandemic I’m sure will truly unveil

            the total worthlessness of obamacare.

            • “””This virus is incurable and is believed to have a mortality rate of up to 85% of those infected.”””

              The virus is incurable through the modern cut/burn/poison medical model.

              Colloidal Silver will protect you if you make it and use it wisely.

              Instead of wasting your time thumbing me down, use it to get the few little items you need and learn to make it to protect yourself and your family from this presumed threat.

              Fortunately, it works on man-made virus’ too.

              • I was thinking if an Ebola epidemic occurs, all preps will be useless except to con men who attempt to prey on the ignorant by offering some miracle cure. Sure, here you are. if you must be ignorant, please keep it to yourself. But, what am I saying this site is full of sheeple who revel in ignorance.

                • NCjoe.
                  It is true that you cannot prep for everything. But it is wise to prep for a Rainy Day. You never know if you may be out of work, or if food inflation takes another 15% from your wages. You should not be 100% reliant on society for your food and water. People should know how to garden, know about some edible plants in the wild, about agriculture, and how to filter water. Africans in the jungle know how to do this, so why shouldn’t we spoiled Americans?

                  • Africans in the jungle? More than half the planet know how to survive and live off the land and oceans, not just Africans.
                    And spoilt Americans? Many Americans think we’re spoilt, but realistically we are not. High taxes, low wages, we have to pay the most for our medical on the planet!! Our kids receive some of the lowest level of education in the western world. We have poor quality food …. We have lots of choices, but realistly our food is filled with chemicals. Can anyone please explain, how Americans are spoilt?? As compared to people in the western world? And I’m not talking about 3rd world or developing countries..

                  • Dustin Huffman, Rene Ruso, and Cuba Gooding Jr. are all over this… we are saved.

                  • Cede, Americans ARE spoiled, relatively speaking. I’m an American living in Italy, and by American standards millions of people here live in total poverty. In fact, what the US calls “poor,” in Italy is “normal.” How many Americans live with no heat in the winter because they can’t afford it, go without meat for the same reason, and pay 50% of their income in taxes (no minimum or deductions, either: if you earned only 2000 Euros last year, you still pay about 1000 in taxes)?

                    If this disease takes root in Italy, I can assure you, the “health care” system here is so ridiculously broken that there will be total chaos very quickly–and no amount of money thrown at the problem will remedy that. Not that the govt has any anyway! Even if someone gives it to them, the Italian govt (fed and local, every level) is so corrupt that the money would disappear into their relatives’ pockets immediately–you can’t even wrap your brain around the corruption here, it’s so out-of-control.

                    Americans in America don’t know how good they’ve always had it–although with this unamerican in the White House, they’re going to learn real soon…

                • ncjoe, I’m going to be civil to you for a change. it’s true that you can’t prepare for everything. Anyone’s best bet for avoiding Ebola is avoiding the infected. On colloidal silver, maybe it has something in it that could help fight the Ebola virus, I don’t know, but everyone’s best bet is to stay away from the infected. Plus, the people here are not ignorant.

                  • I liked you better the other way, BH.

                  • Braveheart,
                    Thanks for the Welcome back note the other day. Last Jan. I spent some time in Sanibel Island contemplating life altering decisions and have begun to address them. It may take a few years to achieve but my mission is exit the beautiful New England region. Unless global warming hopefully kicks in and palm trees begin to flourish on the banks of Lake Champlain.
                    I hope you are well and still off the cigarettes.
                    Take care,
                    — Miss Dee Dee




                • NCJoe:

                  Stupid, he was not offering a “cure.” He was talking about a preventive agent. Silver is an anti-bacterial agent. Bio-Gard socks contain silver. I am having a wound treated, and the doctor spritzes silver powder into the wound before rebandaging. Why don’t you keep your own ignorance to yourself? I don’t know personally whether colloidal silver is useful, but it doesn’t cost much to try. But then you probably don’t have any silver.

                  • Colloidal Silver is a natural Anti – Boitic

                    Anti Biotics have zero affect on Viruses.

                    They only effect bacterial infections not viral infections

                  • Silver is not anti-viral?

                  • The ignorance is YOURS, too. Ebola is a VIRUS, not a bacteria. Just because Colloidal Silver can work on neutralizing bacteria does not mean it can work on a virus, especially Ebola. Think before YOU speak.

                  • colloidal silver is effective against ALL germs pathogens and viruses…my husband and I have proven it to the world by using it in PNG and Fiji to treat the natives suffering from AIDS, Cancer, etc.. it does not matter what they had…all responded from death to life scenarios using silver water and other simple protocols we took with us…after we leave these places the locals continue to make the silver water and the natives continue to recover form their conditions which included cholera….we are using a fish tank to rip the silver producing 100 liters at a time…as for the media covering the results of people living rather than dying in PNG and Fiji our thank was to be threatened with arrest should we return to PNG and we were deported from Fiji, however our point was to show the locals what to do and that is what we achieved

                • @NCJoe….

                  “But, what am I saying this site is full of sheeple who revel in ignorance.” –NCJoe–

                  And yet, you continue to come here. How pathological is that?

                  Hilarious…..NCJoe….the ultimate Obamazombie calls other people “sheeple”.

                  What a laugh.

                • Not having to leave your house for a period of time will be the best protection against this if in fact it is real and not just another “the sky is falling” rant.

                  • Stay safe in your home, and limit contact with others. You don’t really need to make that trip to a crowded mall.

                    Plan NOW to follow strict quarantine, hygiene and sanitation procedures if your loved ones do become infected. This should include the judicial use of fire to cleanse sheets, garments and sadly bodies when needed.

                    make up NOW as many anti-viral remedies as you can, and do what you can to boost your immune system. This MAY help you become one of the 15% that do survive if the worst happens, though there are never any guarantees with mother nature.

                    Garlic – one of natures best anti-virals. Plant some NOW.

                    Anti-viral cordial – recipe (even children will tolerate this and it will protect them better than pop!)

                    Raw Elderberries
                    1 Litre of water
                    500g sugar
                    ½ small packet of cloves
                    1 small packet of cinnamon
                    A large ginger root

                    nature usually provided the elderberries just as we go into the winter viral flu season, but you may have some lurking in your freezer.

                    make your own version of “vinegar of the four thieves” using organic apple cider vinegar today.

                    Include some anti-virals as you plant this year’s herb garden:-
                    garlic – the great all rounder & most effective raw out the ground.
                    golden seal
                    milk thistle
                    dragon’s blood
                    tea tree

                    Look around your property as you may already have some of these growing wild.

                    Think about what happens when the pharmacy is closed for good and plant up what you can now. It’s all you can do.

                    This is especially important for those that suffer chronic health problems today – better to use a herb from your garden to combat hypertension than risk a trip to a clinic full to the brim with Ebola infected individuals.

                    be prepared to combine them for best effect.

                    Add all ingredients into a large pot with just enough water to cover. Simmer gently for 1 hour, slowly crushing the berries with a potato masher. Cool and strain into sterilized bottles. Take a good dram in a cup of boiling water each evening.

                    My gut tells me strong natural antivirals administered in the earliest stages to those with an already fortified immune system may be the only slim chance to save your loved ones if exposed to this horrific disease.

                    Store some collodial silver to fight off any secondary baterical infections that may occur as you recover.

                    None of this guarantees your safety, but it’s better than sitting around scared waiting for the ax to fall!!

                • Hey Joe,
                  You are a big mouthedd, idiot. Even I, a tradionally trianed health care provider am aware of the
                  Effectiveness of colloidal silver.mmwhat back wood cqve have you been living in for the fast decades? I am utterly surprised you even know how to use a computer. Stupid is as stupid professes……..I would bet you had no idea how you were exposing the fact that uou are not only ignorant, but also grandiose……bad combo, pal.

                • Hey Joe,
                  You are a big mouthedd, idiot. Even I, a tradionally trianed health care provider am aware of the
                  Effectiveness of colloidal silver.mmwhat back wood cqve have you been living in for the fast decades? I am utterly surprised you even know how to use a computer. Stupid is as stupid professes……..I would bet you had no idea how you were exposing the fact that uou are not only ignorant, but also grandiose……bad combo, pal.

                • The Reston, Virginia Ebola Outbreak – 1989

                  This was caused by infected monkeys brought to the United States.

                  “Until 1996, Ferlite Farms in the Philippines, exported 1500 monkeys annually to the United States. The monkeys used for breeding come from Zamboanga and Iligan City. Supposedly, Ferlite quarantines the monkeys 30 days prior to shipping.”

                  “Six of the 178 people who had contact with the infected monkeys at the Reston Quarantine Unit seroconverted. All six of the individuals worked with the primates.

                  None of the six who seroconverted developed a filovirus-related illness. Of them, four (all of whom were animal handlers at one quarantine facility) had serologic evidence of recent infection with Ebola-Reston.

                  It is likely that one of the four infected himself when he cut his finger while performing a necropsy on an infected monkey.

                  The mode of transmission for the other three handlers is not known.”

                  Virus dot Stanford dot edu

              • Here is what we need to know:

                Is this strain the new strain?

                Is this new strain contagiuous or more infectious like the other strains?

                WHEN does it become dangerous to touch someone, are they too sick to travel when they become contagious or infectious?

                Can the virus live long on object away from the contaminated host?

                Has the virus married with another virus making it more durable outside the host?

                These are questions that I highly doubt that we will be given the truth about. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. We just don’t know how well this Ebola virus spreads.

                The question I would always ask about collodial silver is does it get into all the cells that Ebola would infect. Ebola basically melts down the body and this virus infects most organs. I would think that anything taken such as the collodial silver would collect into specific parts of the body in which Ebola could not live with the silver. What about the rest of the body? I am not a biologist but from what I understand is that any metal tends to collect in places like the liver, but it does not distribute itself throughout the entire blood stream. I hope someone with extensive medical knowledge could explain this more to me and others because it sure would be nice to have a cure all for all diseases.

                By the way there was another earthquake on the Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge. This one is again shwoing past major quakes to follow on the Australian plate from east Indonesia to around Fiji and New Zealand. Also Japan to Kuril Islands and east Russia. Chile to Ecuador. The eastern Caribbean plate. This exact spot was hit on June 21, 1992 and 7 days later Southern California had the 7.4 earthquake that hit Lander and Big Bear lake region. So this is showing what the previous precursor quakes have shown, that California to Alaska is in a high quake prone time until at least May 4. From the previous records there is good chance of a major quake from California to Alaska, probably Alaksa or the Pacific northwest is more likely.

                • Be informed, Thanks, I just came on here specifically to see what you had to say about the earthquake. Thanks!

                  • @ Carolina Girl. Just had another one on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge, exact opposite of the equator of the earlier one today. First one at 28.3 north and this one about a hour ago at 28.3 south. Never seen that before. This one has lead in the past 90% of the time to big earthquakes. The Australian plate again, especially Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji, Kermadec Islands, New Guinea and New Zealand. The only other areas before where California and Alaska. Almost ready to raise the threat level to red for Alaska, Pacific Northwest and California.

                    These outer plate boundary earthquakes are telling what is to come. Foreshocks don’t usually occur where the future major quake is because it is too locked to release some of the tension. Therefore the pressure is released on a portion of the plates where the tension is not so high. This is usually where the plates are speading apart or sliding past each other. These precursor points again and again over the decades have earthquakes on them and the same major earthquakes follow in the same locations. These patterns when you look back tell where the same earthquake locations will get hit again. When you further triangulate these points from different precursor quakes you get an idea the most likely areas to get hit. Not always, but most of the time.

                    Anyone can take a recent quake such as the one a hour ago that occurred at 28.3 north by 12.8 west by projecting an radius outward of about 10-15 miles from this location. Anything larger distorts the narrow point at which the future major earthquake’s energy came from. Past earthquakes in this zone, above 6.5 will show just a few locations that have been hit before. Like back in 1992 this same spot was hit on April 20, 1992 and 5 days later up in Northern California west of Eureka there was a 7.2. This area also has the Rat Islands, Alaska getting hit several times days later like the 7.8 in 2003. This along with other precursors are saying Alaska watch out.


                • This is an entirely new strain of the Ebola Zaire species…like a subtype.

                  Ebola is not highly contagious, but it is highly infectious. It is spread via any body fluid, including sweat, saliva, blood, sexual contact. Unlike most viruses, EVD can still be spread after a person has died, via touching the corpse, hence immediate and highly precautionary burial procedures are necessary.

                  The incubation period is 2-21 days. It is unknown at this time if an infected person is contagious during the entire incubation period, or only once they are showing symptoms, however it is believed they may be contagious before they are symptomatic, and definitely for a period afterwards, if they survive. It is believed that since many become ill quickly, it is unlikely it would spread via air travel, as once a person exhibits symptoms, they are definitely too ill to travel.

                  Ebola is actually a very fragile virus and will not survive long without a host. I believe it will die within seconds, in fact.

                  There has been no evidence so far that this strain has married with any other viruses. Viruses do evolve all the time in order to survive.

                  During treatment of this particular outbreak, it has been discovered that in fact, if a patient is treated QUICKLY after infection, they have much higher likelihood of survival than previously believed. Due to poor healthcare systems, in the past, Ebola patients have not received rapid healthcare and death rates were likely much higher for this reason. While there is currently no cure for Ebola, biologists are working on a vaccine.

                  Currently, the WHO has ONLY confirmed cases in Guinea and Liberia.

                  • How Is the Ebola Virus Spread?

                    “The spread of Ebola virus occurs when uninfected people come into direct contact with an infected person or his or her secretions or blood. This is very common in hospitals during outbreaks of the virus.”

                    “In a primate research facility in Virginia, the spread of a subtype of the Ebola virus from monkey to monkey appeared to have occurred through the air.”

                    ebola dot emedtv dot com

                  • treated quickly with WHAT been checking the facts?

                  • Ebola-Reston has spread from pigs to monkeys via air also. It should be noted that each time this strain was transmitted in this fashion the human workers developed anti-bodies but not the actual reston strain.

                    “What we suspect is happening is large droplets – they can stay in the air, but not long, they don’t go far,” states Dr Gary Kobinger of the National Microbiology Laboratory at the Public Health Agency of Canada. “But they can be absorbed in the airway and this is how the infection starts, and this is what we think, because we saw a lot of evidence in the lungs of the non-human primates that the virus got in that way.”

                    Does anyone know what happened to the Canadian man, Rod Olgivie, who had tested negative after visiting Liberia and was put in isolation in St. Pauls Hospital in Saskatoon. Since this is a new strain I wonder if that is what he had after all. The last news I can find on him is from April 3, and he was unconscious, on a respirator near death and they still did not know what he had.

                    So far what I know is this new strain (not sure what they are going to call it) is 97% genetically identical to the Zaire strain but originated in Guinea and has a mortality rate of 87% while Zaire mortality rate is 90%. The lower percentages you hear about on the news are the other 4 strains. Zaire is the most virulent.

                • BI, I am not a doctor and I don’t know much. Although I learned how to make CS with a couple of batteries and things laying around the house, I splurged and purchased a high end commercial CS generator. With the unit came a nebulizer to disperse CS into the respiratory system. This in turn is supposed to distribute it through your blood stream. I also use it topically when needed. I can testify that CS does work. I have not caught Ebola, so I cannot say that it is indeed effective against that, however it will be my first line of medical defense.

                  • Where did you find your “high end” generator? I’ve looked for, but not found, one offered for sale. We have a small generator, but I’d like a larger one so I can produce more in quantity. We have a large family. Thanks!

              • CDC reporting external bleeding to be mild and tolerable here in the USA

                Nothing to worry about here..This IS the United States??

                Any questions??

                • Is there a link you can post?


              • “Colloidal Silver will protect you if you make it and use it wisely.”

                You really want to test that theory? The only thing that will save your ass is not going anywhere near the infected. Colloidal silver may have beneficial properties but it’s not some magical cure all that will stop a killer like Ebola.

                • Correct the only thing Ebola does is kill.

                • I would rather have something I’ve trusted in the past on hand than hope we just don’t catch the virus. In my experience, Silver does help destroy viral infections. I used it when my husband had viral pneumonia and our doctor told us to “tough it out”, and when two of our teenagers came down with H1N1. Either the silver really did help, or we’re an amazingly strong group. While healthy overall, I think it was the silver. At least do something in addition to assuming it won’t hit you or that the government will help you.

                • NC,

                  What I know about silver is what I have seen it do first hand.

                  There is NO KNOWN bacteria, virus, or fungus that can survive contact with it. Including those made by man.

                  It is a magical cure for it in that if you have silver in your system the Ebola virus will not be able to take hold and get worse.

                  Even if you are late into the virus, if taken in enough quantity I have no doubt that it would take care of the illness.

                  I do not fear the Ebola or any other virus or bacteria. I am well armed against those threats.

              • Say there G.C. do you have any good links on this subject that you could share? Especially if its an inexpensive way of getting the colloidal; I’m just a schoolteacher and I don’t make very much

                • Try
                  Pure Bio Science formally known as IV-7: This is sold as a germ killing cleaning product cause it does do that too. And due to “mass murdering FDA” rules they can’t tell you what else it does. It’s basically like MMS (miracle mineral solution) and Colloidal Silver only better. Plus it does not taste bad and you don’t have to mix it.
                  This is not endorsed by AMA so due diligence is strongly advised.

                  • Thanks. The AMA doesn’t impress me any, so I don’t care if they’ve vetted it or not.

                • Off Topic: NEW MILITIA LAW!

                  Russia’s New Law, allows for citizens to choose if they desire to Join Police as a citizen auxillery assistant to cops….OR…FORM Citizen Militias in order to protect their reigons and enforce laws etc!

                  From RT video on it, it looks as if even police type marked cars and related cop type equip, is also being Provided for said Militias folks!

                  Like how Amerias us const calls for and it used to be here in the usa eh.

                  Guess any nation that allows for armed citizen Militias, like Russia now does, Cannot be said to be run by a Dictator as many here seem to think of putin and russia huh?…..Seems every Week we get More evidence that Russia is being run like America Used to be before so many Kommies and libs ruied things here, while America weekly proves to be More like Old russian soviet used to be!

                  THIS New russian Militia allowed Law is Per RT TV News reports Monday april 21st 2014.

                • Mac, I’m trying to post a 10 page document, created by a Dr. who did clinical tests how and what to use silver for…(many illness with what strength, x a day, etc.)

                  This stuff kills AIDS and MERS among many other things…whether ionic silver or colloidal. This is our best defense.

                  Can you help me? It won’t let me post…do I have to do it in smaller sections?

                  Also see this link for more info:



                  • Hi PK, yeah there is a word count restriction of around 500 words or so (maybe less)…

                    the best thing to do is posting that link the way you did…

                    In the future I hope to have a system in place that will allow you to post longer articles/information, without the need for moderation…. hopefully coming soon!

                    For now, preferably, an excerpt and a link would be great.

                    Thank you!


                  • Mac, the link I posted was a separate article not the one that is long….can I send the information to you or can I post it over several posts?


                    • PK, I approved the first two pages — if possible, is there any way to cut it down a bit and then link out to the rest of the info?

                      Thanks if you can!





                • Colloidal Silver works. Also MMS…..Miracle Mineral Solution see:

                  MMS stinks but it heals. I have a 20 gallon CS generator and I will make my own. I do have MMS but it has expired and I can always order some more. MMS is a cure for all.

                  If anyone is desperate, put pure silver coins 99.9% in drinking water. This is what saved Europeans from Plague in the Middle Ages….silver spoons.


                  • No it didn’t. If silver spoons were the cure, the black plague should have mostly effected peasants. It hit everybody.

              • Not that it means anything , but I personally can testify that CS does work. And no it won’t turn you blue, if made and used stated above, it is best to avoid illness altogether, but you can bet I will be using cs before I go to one of these modern day witchdoctors.

              • Colloidal silver has never been tested on ebola patients, and considering the nature of ebola’s pathology, it would probably have no effect on the disease process in an infected patient.

                Unless colloidal silve can prevent the internal necrotizing of virus-amplifying organ tissue in a still-living patient – which I highly doubt is possible – it would be of no value in treating ebola.

                Educate yourself and be informed – that will assist you more than anything in preparing for the possibility of ebola in your area.

              • For all those considering ingesting Colloidal Silver, I would encourage you to do some serious research first. Clearly there is evidence to show its effectiveness, however there are side effects that can be irreversible. At this point, there is not enough solid research to show the full effectiveness and dangers.

                For those who don’t know, the silver attaches to sulfur in proteins, which can effect the folding of proteins thus cause a bacteria to die, or a virus to not properly form. It also apparently causes bacteria, not viruses, to produce oxygen containing molecules that can kill the bacteria. But, silver is NOT protein or cell specific, which means it can and WILL effect your proteins/cells too. Apparently it does build up in the body and can give you a bluish color that doesn’t go away. In high doses, apparently cases have been seen where there has been kidney, liver and neurological damage.

                Can colloidal silver work? Yes. When combined with antibiotics, it is given at a low, dose specific level that is non toxic. I think it is a good thing to have in your preps, but I would caution only using this as a very last resort if other medical treatments are not available. Just my 2 cents.

                • It only turns you blue if you are using it wrong or homemade….the new stuff is so small that it does it’s job and passes thru. There are clinical tests that prove this. Do your research everyone….this works….and you can even use a silver coin when all else fails…


                • kynase,

                  There are no side effects of colloidal silver usage.

                  It kills virus’ and bacteria by shutting down their respiratory abilities so they die. It does nothing to proteins.

                  It does not build up in the body, and is excreted through urine and feces just like everything else.

                  Does it work? Yes, but NOT in small quantities against a bad infection. Silver is NON TOXIC in reasonable amounts, as much as 100 times what it would take to knock out a serious flu.

                  You may now go and cash your pharma paycheck, or maybe you would be better off to quit that job and learn some facts about silver.

                  • No offense, God’s creation, but you need to understand the molecular biology of the action and one of the mechanisms is binding to sulfur groups on proteins. I am a well studied molecular biologist who is pretty f-ing smart, that’s why I didn’t shoot down colloidal all together, but to assume there are no side effects to humans is, imho, naive. It does build up in the body, though varies from person to person. If you are going to encourage people to take it, I would strongly urge you to understand HOW it works, not just that it can work.

                  • God’s Creation?: Viruses do not have any form of respiration therefore your claim is pure nonsense. It’s obvious you never even had high school biology.

                  • kynase, you certainly do not have to use colloidal silver. And I just as certainly do not want to be without it of the knowledge of it’s true power.

                • Not true….me and my children use it all the time. It is the safest antibiotic there is. Only it cannot be patented and Big Pharma does not like cheap cures.

                  CS will stop the Ebola. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. For those like me who can get it, make it…USE IT!!

              • I can’t imagine why anyone would “thumb down” this information. Colloidal silver has been a God-send to us and we are reasonably well-supplied for our extended family. This plague should expose the inadequacies of ObamaCare, but am sure it will be hushed up. I also strongly recommend hydrogen peroxide for those who are around the virus but haven’t yet developed the illness. For those who scorn your information, what do you suggest?

                • Vicky,

                  They would suggest we sit back and die along with them because they are unable to think for themselves and use the tools God has provided us with…

                  We know better 🙂

                • slightly off track here…, but does anyone know if it could possibly work for “dementia” ??

              • Colloidal Silver has some very good effects, the Israelis are using it IV with very good luck. But, I suspect the problem with Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever is immune complexes. I was involved with using 25 gram doses of Vitamin C IV denge fever and it brought the platelets up from 40 to 150 in 72 hours. It has been believed that Denge destroys platelets completely, yet there is no way that the body knows how to generate new platelets from 40 to 150 in 72 hours. Thus, I can speculate that there is an immune complex going on, and the denge virus, somehow, with the human body creates an immune complex against the platelet. The Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, grabbed on to the platelet immune complex and then freed it up. Thus, returning the platelets to normal function.

                Vitamin C IV is very low cost, thus no US university or US researchers will ever seek this out, there is no money it, and those of us that seek the truth, have learned that money is the god of those in charge of research.

                I do not fully appreciate ebola, but suspect it may be similar t denge.

              • God’s Creation: Ah, offering medical advice with your grade school education, how appropriate for the backwoods of America. More useless ‘folk wisdom’ from someone who doesn’t know the difference between a bacterium and a virus. This is one way to thin the heard.

                • Dear Professor Higgins, Do you always open your mouth to change feet? You are talking with a medical researcher with over 650 college credits, degrees in engineering, botany and medicine, and a person that has worked as a physician in the USA in 6 States, and in Asia for many years. Also as a hospitalist, critical care doctor, anesthsia, emergency department and office.
                  Though it is only a guess, I suspect that Professor Higgins is not a professor at all, and his statement most likely revolves around his small environment. Professor, I understand that large motor cycles make people such as you feel better.

                  • Margaret: So what is the point you’re trying to make, Doctor, if that is indeed your title? Is it that I don’t know what I’m talking about; that is the difference between a virus and a bacterium? Or that I’m wrong about the solid fact that antibiotics, including colloidal silver, are useless against any viruses. It’s interesting that you stopped short of actually calling yourself a licensed medical doctor here in America. I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not an M.D. or a D.O. Perhaps a P.A. or an N.P. If you think I’m being too harsh on GC for hawking his ‘cure-all’ colloidal silver, then you’re nothing more than a snake oil salesman than that semi-literate hillbilly GC. Recommending an antibiotic for a virulent virus is nothing short of criminal. There are a lot of so-called physicians from third world countries that can’t pass our medical boards for one reason or another but still pass themselves off as physicians here in the U.S. and I strongly suspect that you’re one of those-DOCTOR Margret. Why do I now call you out, because no responsible American medical doctor would even recommend the use of antibiotics for any viral infection-PERIOD, only as a treatment for any secondary bacterial infections that strikes patient in a weakened state caused by the primary distress of the virus.

                • Professor Higgins is a plant, works at a 3 letter agency, the focus is on getting off theme, trying to get people excited. This is the standard Communist Manifesto motis operandi. Yes Professor Higgins is a communist plant. Now I suspect that Higgins, believes that he is doing some good, for he drank the kool-aid. But Higgins is only a plant with nothing to offer, nothing to say, and is being hired by communists to deviate from the discussion. Higgins is involved with satan and evil actions. May GOD have mercy on your soul higgins, for you have entered into the side of evil.

                  • Rita: Pretty Rita meter maid, I always liked that song. Sorry pretty Rita, but I AM ON TOPIC. The discussion was about Ebola, a very deadly virus. Ol’ Cousin CG was offering some of his homespun country wisdom about the ‘cure-all’ colloidal silver. While it has been shown to be effective for bacterial infections, as are commercially made antibiotics, they are all of no use against viruses. Viral infection, especially virulent ones such as Ebola cause a sever compromise of the entire immune system, secondary bacterial infections can set in and often finish the patient. Colloidal Silver can help with those infections but I repeat, it does nothing against viruses and there is no scientific evidence to support that it does. Would you be surprised that the 3 letter agency you think I work, or have worked for, is not the NSA, CIA, or of that kind but the NIH?

              • Is the collidial silver you can find at the health food store effective? Thanks.

              • A few little items? You are going to have to survive for two years without any contact with infected people. But who are they? You’ll need grain (cornmeal, flour, rice) and canned goods (no refrigeration needed) water and heat (candles are cheap). You will lose friends and family. You may get dead anyway. But do your best by avoiding contact. Have a couple gallons of bleach (that will be in short supply) and do use in in your environment. Boil water 5 minutes

              • where do we buy colloidal silver ? and how do we make it ?

            • What does Obamacare have to do with Ebola? It started outside the U.S. and if it reaches our shores, it would be devastating Obamacare or no Obamacare. The only thing you are doing with this statement is showing your ignorance.

              • Well Duh…!! You’re probably right, joe.

                I was only pointing out the vaunted promise

                of the Obama Miracle as opposed to what the

                stark reality of same will be on the street.

                Though ignorance is bliss, I didn’t inhale.

                • Keep all your Obozocare plans…just go get in line with all the illegals and aids patients.
                  It’s the same treatment as you used to have, before it was made illegal.
                  Waiting in line outside in Phoenix in the summer will be a treat.
                  No thanks ..I’ll pay for my healthcare, and continue at the Mayo clinic, Scottsdale ..
                  Don’t believe they are currently taking the Obobo cards there…
                  But you can keep checking back every couple of years……NOPE still not…

                  • ….. Total idiocy is all that needs to be said about ur comment. Lol absoult idiocy.

                  • James don’t be all butthurt just because you got scammed and signed up…
                    What about my comment is idiocy?
                    I see the lines right now in Phx.
                    You will be in line at the clinic with the rest of the dregs…
                    You wouldn’t be a democrat would you?. Wonder?

              • ncjoe, I’ll agree that Ebola could be devastating, but let’s not start attacking my people again, OK?

                • BH don’t let GC sell this. There is nothing except not coming in contact that will work. Period.

                  • BH, those who do not believe in the power of silver are those who have not tried it.

                    But YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN in order to have sufficient quantities available to do it’s work.

                    If you do not have the ability to manufacture your own colloidal silver, you are not prepped medically AT ALL.

                    And I am willing to bet my life that it will keep this particular Ebola at bay and save the lives of those who are protected by Gods silver shield.

              • Under Obamacare, The Doctor Won’t See You Now

                “Unless the ACA is redrafted to provide insurance coverage that most physicians and hospitals will accept, many patients will find that when they need medical care, the doctor is NOT in.”

                “States already are struggling under huge budget deficits from their existing Medicaid programs. Since states lose federal funding if they adjust their Medicaid eligibility guidelines, their only option for reducing deficits is to CUT already-low Medicaid reimbursement rates.”

                “Physicians already are reluctant to treat Medicaid patients under current rates that are a FRACTION of private and Medicare rates. Cutting reimbursements will exacerbate the physician-access problem and could lead to closures of so-called “safety-net” hospitals that care for many of the poor and uninsured. These hospitals have long depended on federal Disproportionate Share (DSH) payments to offset the cost of caring for the uninsured.

                But the ACA severely CUTS DSH payments on the assumption that the uninsured will gain either Medicaid or private insurance. If large numbers of patients remain uninsured, the financial difficulties of safety-net hospitals will be compounded by their obligation to provide uncompensated care.”

                “Many people will not be able to see the physicians who have treated them for years, use facilities providing the most appropriate treatment, or access care within a reasonable time and distance from their homes. Some specialty hospitals have been excluded from all exchange plans.”


                This is happening in many places. Here is an example from California…
                ConsumerWatch: Some Covered California Patients Say They CAN’T See A Doctor
                Patients Stuck In ‘Medical Homelessness’

                “Unable To Find Doctors On Plan”

                “In some states, MANY of the newly insured patients checked the physicians’ lists they were provided and were told they weren’t accepting new patients or they did not participate in the plan.”

                These newly insured are having to go to clinics to see a doctor and get medical care. How long do you think they will continue to pay their health insurance premiums?

                • Right on the $$$, KY Mom.

                  Obamacare/ The Unaffordable (un)Care Act, was designed and implemented thru fraudulent tactics for one purpose, and it isn’t to help insure the uninsured or reduce costs as was told to the sheeples.

                  It’s main purpose is to further the “agenda” of the NWO.
                  It will continue “their/NWO” purpose to bankrupt and weed out the middle class and the well-to-do elderly.

                  No poor folks or longterm unemployed are being helped by the ACA. They are turned away to their usual alternative and that is medicaid (only if they qualify) and to their local health departments. Sometimes a trip to the local Health Department is a gamble in itself. I prefer home remedies over Health Dept. or ERs unless I have to have antibiotics as a last resort.

                  The bottom line is that more people will die as a result of the law that was pushed down Americans throats. It has been a hard pill to swallow and an even harder pill to get rid of.

            • A pandemic of EBOLA would not only reveal the worthlessness of Obamacare, but of the human discipline of medical care itself.

              One in three is really shit odds…

          • Mac,

            If memory serves, isn’t through the port cities in Italy in which (due these cities being the heavily traveled commercial routes) the Black Death made its way in the 14th century?

            • GNR ,
              You are correct yersinus Pestus originated in the rat population as the main vector from infected
              Fleas, the mild climatic conditions in the mediterranean region allowed the contagion to flourish and trade spread the organism far and wide. (guns , germs and steel, book) Poor hygene and unsanitary conditions did not help in the cities. This strain later mutated ( like bacterial infections sometimes do in a human host to defeat the immune system) to become pneumonic plague that rapidly spread from person to person . The victims turned blue back in color as the toxins secreted by the bacteria caused gross tissue necrosis. Death was rapid with the organs liquefying .

              Today we have rapid air travel EBOLA and other types of hemorrettic fevers have an incubation rate lasting up to 28 days without showing symptoms. ( the hot zone, book , a VERY scary book) .
              You are talking about a ribo virus with a 85 to 90% mortality rate . At DHS we trained for a scenario like this, the table top excercise did not go well .this is one of those things that keeps one awake at night.

              We are about as well prepared as the renaissance era society that delt with the black death.


              Semper Fi 8541

              • Yep, the Mongols brought it with them out of Central Asia where it is endemic, it flattened China, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, following the trade routes.

                Four Genoan trading vessels left a Tartar port on the Black Sea and brought it southern Europe, while another vector was up the Danube into eastern Europe.

                Read an excellent book on just this last week, “The Great Mortality”, by John Kelly, worth getting a copy and reading it.

                Between the virus, Medieval hygiene, and malnutrition in the peasant population, the death rate was 30% to 90% in affected areas, which ran to about a 40% death rate overall in Europe.

                The Ebola virus has a 90% death rate in populations which are better fed and healthier than any Medieval peasant. This is something very serious, considering the speed of modern travel, large numbers of third-world immigrants, etc. Maybe we will do alright with our hygiene and medical system, but if something like this got into the slums of Brazil, Mexico, or North Africa, outside of equatorial Africa, it’s going to be very bad.

                • Americans would not be so well fed during such a pandemic. Our JIT food supply system would grind to a crawl.

                  • True, but Ebola will kill a well-fed population much faster than the effects of malnutrion would ever begin to show up in that population should the food supply chain get kinked.

                    A populace that is already malnourished, such as the very poor here, or much of Latin America, will have suppressed immune systems and will succumb quite readily.

              • thought ebola was a filo virus.

                • It is.

              • What a great post! I’m going to buy the book you mentioned, and suggest that people read about the 1918 “Spanish” flu epidemic or watch the History Channel program based on one of the many books about that time. I’m going to use what I have available to combat Ebola. Since my husband and I both work, and can’t afford to quit and stay home, we’ll have to take our chances and hope for the best. We will not, however, be going to the state capital or to any city with a large airport or to either the east or west coasts, not that we wanted to do so anyway. One city in Kansas quarantined their town during the Spanish Flu, but were infected through the postal system. I guess you need to wear gloves and stay away from people as best you can. Good luck to all!

            • Yes and 20 Million people died. Only those with silver utensils survived. Get your colloidal silver generator:

          • Actually, the population would be notified fairly quickly if confirmed cases are located in the US.

            Ebola is not the doomsday pathogen that these news stories are making it out to be. Its mode of transmission, incubation period, and period of communicability will not result in high numbers of infections in developed countries.

            In many African countries there are cultural practices that result in increased rates of infection, such as touching the corpse during the funeral. Many hospitals propagate the spread of the virus through a lack of infection control practices and resources (gloves, masks, disposable gowns, eye protection, etc.), proper diagnosis, and the practice of family members caring for the patient.

            At any rate, this situation should be monitored. For up-to-date info:

            • That is exactly what they told the owners of the monkey house outside of DC when they found Ebola in a group of monkeys. They ended up losing the entire house full of monkeys through air transmission. I really suggest reading “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston. I have been following reports of Ebola outbreaks since the mid 80’s…. We are one mutation away from having the human slate wiped clean…

            • ” infection control practices and resources (gloves, masks, disposable gowns, eye protection, etc.)” I find this argument particularly interesting. Have you spent any time in a long term isolation area of a major hospital. Even with our mother quarantined with C-Dif (which she caught in hospital)the nurses, on more than one occasion while I was witness, changed her diaper and then touched her bedding. I had to demand they stop, remove the bedding to the shower area, remove their gloves, wash, and order new bedding. I reported this to the head of the hospital, twice. Infection control practices are a joke.

          • Mac, I for one, appreciate the fact tat you posted this whether it’s official or not. It’s certainly better than the govt. leaving us in the dark. Thank God for alternative media. Thanks, Mac.

          • “officials at the World Health Organization are feverishly working to stop the spread of the Ebola virus”

            I hate to bring this up, but The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation FUNDS WHO projects, and many don’t work out so well. They generally kill more than they save, since the Gates Foundation is a EUGENICS foundation.

            Such as the spread of polio in Africa not too long ago, and the paralysis of thousands of children from the vaccines. Absolutely none of those WHO efforts actually benefited the people in those poor countries, they were doing nothing more than experiments for Big Pharma.

            If a new strain of ebola is in Africa, you can bet your ass it is there because it was supposed to be there. It is EUGENICS, and the poorest part of the world, is where they want to get rid of the most people anyway.

            It is also unwise, if one wants to survive, to take seriously, any information from the Council on Foreign Relations…

            • Sixpack:
              I couldn’t have said it better myself!
              Gob bless & protect you!!

            • Agenda 21, sixpack, Agenda 21.

              The Georgia guide stones are there for the world to see, but we insist on being willfully blind.

              It’s a new strain for which a cure was developed in 2010. I’ve posted the relevant links in previous discussions.

          • Mac: Thanks so much for sticking your neck out and posting this. There are few that would do so! Sadly, I believe this Ebola outbreak is nothing less than a planned release by those who desire to bring down the world’s economies, diminish the world’s populations, sew havoc and mayhem and give world governments reason to declare martial law. I know a certain administration that has been itching for just this opportunity. You will never be able to convince me this was happenstance, particularly if it goes global. As another “friend” says, “Heads up, be safe!” And, “God be with you!!”

            • Absolutely—there is no such thing as “coincidence”, especially in politics.

          • Check this out – a guy named Joey Romanus was RIGHT all along. He predicted a bio-engineered virus that will cause a pandemic long before anyone started talking about it. Even if this Ebola is not it now, then some other virus is coming. The reason for the pandemic, says Joey Romanus, is to 1) blame the impending collapse of the global economy on the pandemic, as to divert attention away from the Banskters for causing the collapse, thus, greatly lessening dissent and physical uprising against the Banksters and their puppet establishment; 2) DE-populate the earth from 50% – 98%; and 3) to help finalize the coming of a one world government, economy and false religion under the auspices of a Satanic cabal, who are largely a part of the international and national banking sectors. The Banksters are basically the lieutenants for Satan and the anti-Christ. They’ve had their people working on a freak virus for a long time.

            • Lefty Luke: Wow, with that imagination you could write some decent fiction and get paid for it. Just like that crank preacher John Hagee who’s hawking another book, this time on how the next 4 blood Moons will fall Jewish holy days and that this may be a sign from God 9yet again). Pure clap trap my friend, but hey, you could make a few bucks off the suckers out there like Hagee’s doing.

              • If you do just a bit of research into virus development and viral agents as warfare agents you will find that the HIV virus is totally manmade (according to the worlds top virologists) and it “emerged” on 3 continents at the same time (impossible). It just happened to emerge at the same time and places as UN vaccination programs.
                Go ahead. Do the fact checking. It will all be there if you look.

                The beauty of a crazy idea is that it can “hide in plain sight”.

          • Ebola Zaire is 90% fatal. No cure, no treatment and no vaccine. Oh, and it is highly contagious! If it gets loose it can spread to every corner of the earth and bring about the so called “Agenda 21” all by itself. No one is immune either – money, power, influence – all count for zip!

            Only safeguard is isolation – total and complete insolation plus quarantining at more than arms length any new arrivals to your home/retreat.

            A rampant virus like this is a true world changing catastrophe.


          • One thing I feel is important to point out is that ebola I not the easiest virus to catch. It is not spread by airborne transmission; it takes direct contact with infected bodily fluids (vomit, diarrhea, blood, etc) to catch the disease. That being said, since ebola amplifies so tremendously once in the human body, it takes a ridiculously small amount of virus (perhaps even only 3-5 particles) to transmit it to another person. That’s not good news. However, unless ebola develops a strain that can transmit via a non-aerosol airborne route – not impossible, but also not probable – we’ll never see an “ebola pandemic” that would be anywhere near on-par with an influenza epidemic.

            I do think it’s likely that we will see ebola spread off of the African continent to other areas around the world, but it will be healthcare workers who are in the most risk of coming into contact with the disease and possibly contracting it. I also think that with its inability to spread through the air and the much better hygiene practices in the western world, we won’t see the high rates of infection that we do in Africa during ebola’s many outbreaks there.

            Be vigilant, but don’t panic.

            • The best way to avoid becoming infected would be to avoid contact with others and stay away from cities.

              “It takes direct contact with infected body fluids to get Ebola.”

              How many feet can body fluids be spread if an infected person sneezes?

              • Four to 12 feet is the common answer.

              • KY Mom, a good question…and I see and understand where you’re going. Yes, Ebola has been shown to spread via an aerosol route…but only under controlled laboratory conditions so far. If you want a very interesting example of how basic hygiene controls can prevent the spread of ebola, read Joe McCormick’s account of how he spent several days in an isolation hut treating patients who were infected with Ebola Zaire. He used barrier protection…gloves, that is…but no masks or special clothing. He emerged from the experience uninflected. Ebola is a virus exceptionally suited to blood- and fluid-borne transfer, but – praise God – it has not yet mastered infecting humans with a sneeze. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but it’s highly improbable. Knowledge, as we all know, is power. The more you know about emerging diseases (and re-emerging diseases, for that matter…drug-resistant TB springs to mind, as well as smallpox since virtually nobody on the planet other than BSL4-level researchers are vaccinated against it anymore), the more you know how to avoid them. God bless! 🙂

            • “Registered nurses” would probably find themselves hunted by our benevolent government and forces into service of “the public good”.

          • Hey Mac,

            you’re plagiarizing other people;s research and not giving them credit.ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A LAWSUIT OR JUST A LOSS OF CRED?

            highly unethical for a “Christian patriot” dont you think? stolen right off the thread from GLP.
            you’re selling ads on here as if this material is YOUR own work. NOT cool and you will be EXPOSED for the liar you are.

            • every excerpt in this article has been linked to its original source as best as i can tell. While I did not visit Godlike Productions prior to this posting, because it is such a large forum I am sure someone there also linked and/or excerpted the same or similar reports.

              if you can be specific on how this has been ‘stolen’ it would be appreciated and corrections will be made accordingly.

          • Is turner radio network a trustworthy, reliable source? I checked out their page and can’t find their sources for this supposed spread to Italy.
            I’m not suggesting we don’t have a problem on our hands, but I’m dubious of TRN’s credibility.

            • *EDIT* Just to be clear, I know they mention names like Samaritan’s Purse, I just don’t get why they don’t link to the source of their data.

          • Good link – and for those who want to buy n95 ( or higher ), Home Depot or your local hardware store has them as well… Super cheap and a worthwhile investment if you ask me…

            • I’ve got mine.

        • Listen Goys (I know it’s goyim pl but it sounds better for the ‘Great Unwashed’) the AIDS virus chugged along just fine with the green monkey of the Congo along with ebola not too far from there. Probably climate factors contained them, amongst others……..But then came bio-engineering! These freaks are not overseen in any meaningful way. Los Alamos, Sandia Peaks, etc are a law unto themselves, with top clearances. These are MUTANT viruses. Ted Turner said in Pittsburg that 2B people have to go, for starters. This is serious contingency planning by the Bilderbergers. We’re screwed already with girls becoming pubic at ten, which one has to point the finger at hormones in poulty products
          etc etc. So we’re seeing four generations of a family going for a walk together. My point is; sooner than later, we have to be prepared to see more virus warfare. This just the start.

        • I’m sure the EU is glad they have open borders. USA is doing a good job importing disease from the third world as well. When I was a kid, bedbugs were something my grandmother spoke of. I had never actually seen one until recently.

          • Same here. I had heard of bedbugs but had never seen one. My mother never had roaches and I had moved to Louisiana before I saw one. Same with lice. I never had them, nor did my older kids, but now there’s some virulent species that is almost impossible to kill. The local school doesn’t even send kids home unless they’ve got lice in their eyebrows. (Ugh!) Nits seem to be okay or it would mean students would be home all the time and their “education” would suffer.

        • Ebola is transmitted primarily through blood to blood contact of direct contact with body fluids.

          This is NOT an airborn virus. So panic is not helpful. Standard hygiene precautions are.

          Wash your hands several times daily. Do not touch your mouth or eyes or nose with your hands. Do not share food or tableware.
          You have now protected yourself from most diseases including ebola.

          • All strains(6 now) are spread by any bodily fluids: saliva, sweat, mucous, ect. -not just blood-. Ebola-Reston is also spread by airborn transmission. Several studies have confirmed this. It can also be passed through sexual contact and recovered patients can still transmit the virus through sperm for at least 6 weeks after recovery (Zaire strain)

      2. I’m sure the TSA will stop the spread immediately.

        • With a little luck, the Ebola will take out those crotch groping perverts.

          • Yeah, I hope they get coughed and sneezed on a lot.

          • You beat me to it, SD.

        • Thats CBP’S Jurisdiction actually.

        • Yeah, wouldn’t something like this be the perfect excuse for everyone to have to deposit blood and urine samples before being able to fly. You know the control freaks are drooling at the possibility.

          • They can take their samples from my lifeless body.

        • TSA would only stop the contagion to perform a cavity search before it continued on its trip.

      3. Wouldn’t the time to act and shut down travel be right now?

        A step in time saves nine as my Mum used to tell me.

        Or is this yet another opportunity to cull the herd, put in place more restrictions and make money all at the same time?

        • NO travel restrictions is how you cull the herd to the maximum afforded by nature. contrast this ‘pandemic’ treatment to the WHO Level 5 non-event of H5N1 in 2009.
          Pretty interesting- and incriminating

      4. @Gods Creation,

        I wonder if Colloidal Silver will combat ebola?

        Psalm 91

        • BJ, you will be safe. As will I.

          Those thumbing this down will not be so fortunate, I’m afraid.

          • C silver won’t do anything to this virus. This is not just an infected little cut. Or floor odor we are talking about. On this subject GC you need to shut your mouth you will get people killed for no reason.

            • FB: Pull your head out and do your homework on silver. You do not know what you are talking about.


            • One would think CS would have already been tried on Ebola patients. I would think afflicted areas would be desperate to try anything.

            • As compared to what? Doing nothing?

        • Only if it is spread by vampires.

        • BJ: That’s my new favorite verse…..scary stuff coming.


        • BJ: No because Ebola is a virus and the only way to stop a virus is with antibodies from being exposed to some form of the virus and surviving as we’ve done with disease such as polio. Colloidal Silver may help with bacterial infections but is a useless as any other antibiotic against a virus. Dr. G.C. Quack doesn’t seem to understand the difference. But what can you expect from some hillbilly.

      5. You can count on the governments to do the wrong thing. By concealing it from the public. They could have a yellow alert of some kind to raise awareness. But nooooo.

        And yes. It IS a matter of when, not if. Larger population gives a greater chance for a virus to mutate. And higher population densities increases the chance of spreading.

        I’m in a bad mood today. Bring it on!

        • This administration might tell us about a US outbreak, but only belatedly, and it’s for certain they would never control immigration or advise us of which population of immigrants was responsible for spreading the disease.

      6. Hey Mac. Thanks for all you do. Look up Four Thieves oil. I’ve been making it based on a formula I found on the Internet. There is a history to it you will find interesting. I’m making it and giving it to my loved ones. There are a lot of antibacterial antiviral anti fungal properties to this blend. If there is any kind of outbreak here I’m covering my whole family in this stuff

        • Thanks, and I think I would wear a mask with a long pointed nose also.

        • Thanks for bringing this up… My father is a big proponent of the Four Thieves oil… I don’t know how effective it would be against Ebola or other modern pathogens, but considering there will be no medications available should another plague spread across the globe, it certainly couldn’t hurt to take this, Vitamin D, colloidal silver or other natural remedies.

        • Better than covering them I would recommend deep frying them as well.

        • @ Lv gurl: Too bad Ebola is a VIRUS, not a fungus or bacteria, therefore, this sets a major problem against your thesis that Colloidal Silver can protect one from a virus, particularly EBOLA.

          • Silver kills HIV and MERS….both viruses…do your homework.


            • I think this is what makes silver bullion such a favorable investment for the coming decades… It will be increasingly used for digital AND medical application… I think they’ve started experimenting with silver-based paints and such for hospitals, as well as other silver-based medical technologies…

            • @ PKLL: You liar. I’ve been researching MERS since it broke out in Sept ’12, and there is no study showing Colloidal Silver kills MERS. If there is such a study, then post the link, You won’t post it because such a study does NOT exist. You LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • LOL!!! I have the info that I will post. It is 10 pages long and I’m trying to figure out how to post it or send it to Mac to post.


      7. Yeah, “THE EBOLA VIRUS” this is what all the racial segregation in South Africa was all about. Illegal immigrants from neighboring countries would pour across the border bringing with them all sorts of deadly infectious diseases. And then that POS Nelson Mandella made it all a racial issue, which allowed him to kill off all the Dutch Boer generational farmers and turn the country’s top economy into the basketcase it is today. Various media sources say you got Africans bailing out by the thousands. You can bet the lib-f*ck politicians led by O’Bama will be bringing scores of these 3rd world deadbeat non-English speaking immigrants, like Mandella, to serve as a secondary justification for O’BummerCare which in turn will set up the parameters for a major plague, and destroy what is left of the US healthcare system.

        • And while untethered illegal immigration floods our borders daily, what do we now risk as far as disease?? Hmmm??!! The prospects boggle the mind and chill the soul!!

          • Tuberculosis, leprosy, and polio are back, thanks to the illegals.

          • This is juat another reason for THIRD WORLD PEOPLE TO STAY IN THE THIRD WORLD!

      8. Ah, crap! Given this country’s intentionally lax approach to illegal immigration, especially from black countries, this is all we need now.

        On top of that, how lame is that cover story from the Italian politician about “fever from stressful travel conditions?”

        • Legal immigration is no bargain either. It is a way to eradicate the white culture nations. This has been the goal since Powell warned about it along time ago in his book Rivers of Blood.

        • …about as lame as this one: “College Student Plays ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Theme Song With Wine Glasses”

          STUPID SHEEP.

          • Actually, that’s pretty cool!

      9. don’t worry, obamacare will take good care of U.S.

        • i actually thought of a better way to say that…”obamacare, it’s shovel-ready”.

          • BCOD, I couldn’t agree more about that one.

          • Yes, but exactly WHAT are they shoveling?

            • You name it…if it kills, maims and destroys – they shovel it!!

            • @ Son of Sam

              Dirt on our graves? 😉

            • mainly they shovel SHIT, of the bull variety.

        • You betcha,,
          We all gots cheap and plentiful healthcare now, plus the desert tortoise is safe from all those domestic terrorist and the Russians are quaking in their boots from our fearless leader and his robust threats,

          • Kulafarmer, I’d rather face the NWO than something like Ebola. If it’s my time, let a bullet take me quick and get it over with.

            • I agree,

            • If you get Ebola, it will take you quickly and get it over with, don’t think you’re going to linger more than a few days.

          • Strike 3…

      10. If this stuff ever turns up in the U.S., then hide ya kids and hide ya wives, etc. “The Hot Zone” is a book about this virus, which Stephen King said was the scariest book he ever read. I just read it myself the other day. This virus basically turns you into a walking zombie corpse in less than a week. Your organs die, liquify, and rot inside you. You puke up gallons and gallons of black shit which is basically blood mixed with remnants of your internal organs, and constantly bleed from every orifice. The virus attacks everything except bone and muscle; it dissolves connecting tissue and your red and purple blotched, yellowing skin detaches and hangs loose from the underlying muscle. You are aware and lucent to the very end, even as every blood vessel in your brain clots up and your personality slowly disappears. Nasty shit. Not the way you wanna go out, or see your loved ones going out.

        • It’s worse than being a zombie. No joke.

          • There is no such thing as a zombie. So how do you compare it to that? It however will indeed suck big time.

            • John W.

              Ever been to Haiti? The witch doctors who practice voodoo, who also convert people in “zombies” as part of their religious rituals, they believe in zombies.

              There is research documentation to support the zombie state of being. It is nothing like what you see on TV.

              People who have been converted into voodoo zombies and have returned to normal claim that it is like being trapped in your body, being wide awake but having no control over their bodily functions.

              Look John, believe what you want to believe. As for me, I believe there are things in the universe that we don’t understand. So when I claim Ebola (a pathogen that attempts to liquefy the internal organs of it’s host) is worse than being a zombie, that is precisely what I mean.

          • I know most folks don’t want to hear it but here goes anyway.

            Eze 5:12 A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee:…..

            If one takes this message literally and takes it as an end times prophetic warning from the Creator, then something like Ebola- a plaque, will cause many many deaths across North America. This message is given directly to the “House of Israel”, not the nation/country of Israel, or House of Judah (Jewish peoples); since the majority of the population of North America is basically Caucasian/Israelite.

            Just sayin’….you decide. There will be a judgment/punishment, coming against North America for her part in accepting the Liberal’s agenda of promoting the killing of the unborn and allowing the proliferation of homosexuality (especially in our educational systems) against our youth.

            • pissinwiththewind,

              I can’t argue with that. Something is certainly approaching. You can sense it, even if you don’t know or don’t believe in the scriptures. Thanks.

        • If you look at a structure of a virus, it looks like the design of some genetic engineer. They are little spacecraft looking instruments that inject deadly foreign material. It is the ‘War of RNA v DNA’. They look like the product of Intelligent design to me. Basically, a spaceship with a Search and Destroy mission.

          • Bullshit. This virus has been around throughout recorded history. More ignorance rearing it ugly head.

            • NC Joe. Not true dummy. For most of recorded history people are not sure why others died suddenly. They just didn’t know. Most of history is filled with illiterate people, thus they couldn’t write down the symptoms anyway. In the history of the World, only about 1% of the people were literate, with the last 300 years comprising the most. Sorry dude, but you are wrong again.

              • even a broken clock is right twice a day

                poor NC Joe ain’t even meeting that mark

                oh well

                he’s got a goal to work towards !

                let’s wish him luck !!!

            • ncjoe, I see YOUR stupidity and ignorance rearing its ugly head AGAIN!

              • NCJoe is no doubt a government employee.

            • The difference is the speed and amount of modern travel. When travel was by horse back, camel or on foot and there were few settlements the infected usually died off in some remote area with no way to spread the disease. Now it is possible to travel thousands of miles and interact with thousand of people who also have that capability in the time it took to walk fifty miles. That is the difference.

        • Yes, the hot zone talked about hazelton labs in Reston virginia. As teenagers we walked in there on a Sunday and lo and behold the back door was unlocked. We found stitched up monkeys that would throw themselves against the back of the cage in terror when they saw us. We decided to let them all go, including the 4 baboons. That was when it became prudent to leave. I have heard rumors of monkeys in the woods, but that was years ago. Not sure if they were infected, one would have thought security would be a little better.

          • Ken says:

            …….. “we decided to let them all go, including the 4 baboons.

            That was when it became prudent to leave “..

            …….rumors of monkeys in the woods ….


          • Stupid is as stupid does…

            • Hey smoky fuck you too.

          • The baboons are not in the woods still, they went to Washington DC in 2008 and are there to this day.

        • Well, Nathan, THAT was Some detailed description….I won’t be sleeping well tonight…But I thank you for the information! I will definitely do some research on this.
          Have Faith, Keep Faith, Share Faith

        • And to think this was concocted in a lab somewhere… Luciferian scheme if ever there was one! PURE EVIL!!

      11. What did government’s expect might happen? It’s Ebola! One of worlds’ most deadly and communicable naturally occurring pathogens!

        Instead of dropping an iron curtain on top of Guinea to limit travel, the idiot governments allowed international flights to continue without interruption.

        Almost three weeks ago France placed its’ entire medical community on high alert due to an increasing probability that Ebola would arriving from an infected airline passenger.

        Obviously the urge to collect passenger fees and taxes FAR outweighs any potential outbreak catastrophe. This is life imitating art directly from the novel “The Hot Zone”. Only this time the blood, death, and 90% mortality rate are very real.

        • This is the real reason the government put out bids so many mobile hospitals, coffins, etc. We are way past due for this.

          • Government Guy,

            Super Flu or even The Plague are one thing, but Ebola is a whole new ball game, especially the Zaire strain which is the most deadly strain.

            The only reason I can think of why you would not shutdown air travel is if you wanted to allow the virus to escape and spread. There is no reason to allow unrestricted air travel during an Ebola outbreak considering it’s lethality. In less than 24 hours an infected person can travel half way around the world infecting others.

            For all we know there could be confirmed cases well beyond the outbreak origin that governments have not announced. There was a suspected case in Canada about 2 weeks ago.

            • Canadian case via Minneapolis in thru NYC was a negative. False negative? they’ll never tell…

              • Absolutely true…Many moons ago I would have believed that the govt would lie or mislead the public in regards to health and hazard. UNTIL….I met someone who contracted anthrax while in DC after the 9-11 scare then unknowingly left the area because she was still asymptomatic. Returned home to the west coast, started showing symptoms, got quarantined, etc….but if you’ll remember, the govt told everyone that the anthrax was fully under control and had not left the building. Lies. Probably to prevent panic, but lies none-the-less.

                • “I would NOT have believed” arg…typos

              • oiu,

                You are 100% correct, the result was negative. But with a new novel viral strain there are always false negative results until a more accurate test is developed. Thanks.

      12. “Hence, I found the need to post this report today”

        This has Detrick or Porton down written all over it…

      13. Ever wonder about the timing of this and makes you wonder if this in’t being done on purpose? If it isn’t its still dangerous and scary…time will tell.

        • Yes. Just like all these killer flu viruses popping up in certain places, like China, the Middle East, etc. And wasn’t there recently a pig virus outbreak here in the US? At some point in the history of mankind, it’s inevitable that a virus like this will be weaponized and turned loose on an unsuspecting population. World War 3 will feature such biological warfare. So is this the moment?

          “May you live in interesting times.”

          • Yes you have a massive pig virus outbreak which your administration are making an absolute cluster fuck of managing.

            That is why the price of bacon and pork is going throught the roof. Our local media ran a program on it last week for rural listeners down her in Tasmania.

        • If there is a pandemic in the U.S. then Bobo can declare martial law and EO himself King…..(who’s gonna vote or object?)


      14. Pestilences have probably taken out more people than wars. When you factor in malaria, flu, bubonic plague, hanta viruses, small pox, disenteria, aids, scurvy, etc.

        Actually hunger is probably the number one killer in the history of our world. When you are hungry, diseases come in….that is why ‘He’ who controls the food also controls you….

        • Actually, I think it’s still Democide, that’s the number one killer of people in the world.

      15. I also find it interesting that at this time, 4:30 est this date, in Orlando on fox35 they’re playing “Resident Evil”….OMGoodness…

        • Mila is HOTT!!!!

          • Why am I not surprised that YOU would say that… 😉

            I certainly agree though…

      16. It seems unlikely that it will spread when so few people have it. It’s not like 100,000 in Africa are already infected.

        • the scary part is the 21 days until the symptoms appear.. run that scenario through your mind.. 3 weeks of spread from ONE person until that original victim seeks a doctor? cmon

        • actually, in the very first twitters from late March (now not to be found) the MSF posted map of Conakry with 100,000 sites that needed to be checked as possible infection points. havent heard of the project since.
          we have no idea how bad this is; the blackout is fairly airtight.

      17. Hemorrhagic viruses have limited… Shelf life.

        They are self reconciling.

        • That was true in the days of slow travel. That is not true anymore if some one who is flying should contract the disease. They can be on the other side of the world all the while shedding the virus. That is the game changer.

      18. Am I the only one who believes this could be a man-made strain devised to kick off population control?

        I find it difficult to trust TPTB/ or Gov at all anymore.

        • y99

          we have GOOD reason not to trust governments on this
          or anything else

          at least one country in Africa has stopped reporting EBOLA deaths
          Saudi Arabia is DELIBERATELY withholding info on MERS

          ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

          Saudi Arabia announces jump in new cases of deadly MERS virus

          “RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia confirmed 20 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)on Saturday and Sunday, adding up to 49 infections in six days, a sudden increase of a disease that kills about a third of the people infected and has no cure.”

        • I don’t believe it. The disease is fatal too quickly. A better virus would have a longer incubation period and a longer period where the patient feels OK but is spreading the disease. You’d also want to target specific groups. For example, the disease could be programmed to stop if the person doesn’t have enough African genes.

          • in the article it says the disease has a somewhat longer incubation period, no?

            • I believe the article said 21 days which is more than long enough to allow it to spread quickly, and if I was a sick PTB I would start it were it was born, especially because Africa still lays an untapped territory that still hold riches beyond belief.

              Why are the Chinese all over Central and West Africa drilling for oil, why did we help throw almost all of Northern Africa into turmoil? These and many other things, along with this this outbreak can only make one think something is up.

              I’m spit-balling here; Africa probably has enough Oil, PM, and diamonds to bail out the World 3 X over yet much has been untouched because so much of what came out was covered in blood.

              We have a President who is a prefaced anti-colonial, almost all the Country borders are left over from colonial times and many progressives believe those old borders unfair based on the riches within each Country, even our Military is now all over the areas now in question.

              Just a lot of shit going on, just thinking out loud.

            • and then in the next sentence they say that anyone positive would have signs before they could make it to the US. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t take 20 days to get from Africa to Amerika. Such BS.

            • Fruit bats spreading this means the contagion could be spread on FRUIT itself. Lives on soft surfaces for days- at least its cousin Marburg does. Also- semen is infectious for up to 8 weeks post recovery.

            • How about an incubation period of 6 months and a contagious period of 5 months? That would literally be a killer disease.

          • Barn Cat

            Your argument is between TPTB killing us to slow or putting us in a position where we beg them to take power and make it stop.

            A black-flag event with real cost of life attached is a great way to gain power and control over the masses.

            I’m not convinced this is the case, I just believe there are too many unanswered questions as thing pertain to the African Continent. The Ukraine at its base is about moving Russian energy/oil/gas, it seems a side show to the next real war which looks like Africa.

        • It times in quickly enough to keep track of and it may well be being seeded at strategic locations to produce a mass panic or at least a subliminal sense of “you better behave or we will get you”.

          It’s more like a mind game.

        • “I find it difficult to trust TPTB/ or Gov at all anymore.”

          I met a dem today who has converted to a card-carrying tea party member. I nearly fell off the couch!

          the tide is turning my friends. we need to get the vote out (yes, i know, many of you think votes don’t count and we’re all entitled to our own opinion). We can no longer allow folks to sit and do nothing come election day. I swore to dicky blumenthal and chris ima communist murphy that I would go door to door campaigning against them, no matter who their opponent was after voting for the small arms treaty. Buggars.

        • I think it is highly unlikely ebola is man-made but anything is possible. It was first discovered in 1976 and carried by fruit bats and some primates. There has been quite a bit of forest clearing lately in Guinea and that probably pushed the bat population into more populated areas is my theory.

      19. there are 4 basic ways to control human population



        ALL of the above

        • You mean like…the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse…maybe the game clock is about to run out.

          • Egypt has a population of 84 million yet only has the capability to grow enough food for forty million. The difference has to be imported. They are already living on borrowed time and the prediction is for there to be over 100 million Egyptians in a few years. What then when they cannot find a source of food? Just one of many countries in that fix.

        • …and with freebies…

      20. I’ve posted this before
        but it very related to the current topic

        Could Ebola now be airborne? New research shows lethal virus can be spread from pigs to monkeys without contact…s-contact.html

        • If the original test was not picking up the virus, it’s definitely mutated, and don’t forget the guy in Canada who tested negative while exhibiting symptoms of hemorrhagic fever. If this disease Has mutated it could be airborne, but may not be robust enough to spread like flu yet.

      21. It is rather easy to find out if a hospital in Pisa is in lockdown given today’s worldwide social network.

        To write, “complete lockdown of a hospital in Pisa” is weak. If true, this is very important news. But not important enough to look into apparently.

        Given that, one can only assume it is repetition of a rumor, which is meaningless.

        I miss investigative journalism.

        • In other words, name the hospital or you don’t have a story.

      22. chem trail spraying.

        Weaken the immune sys.
        Then let the Jennie out of the bottle.

      23. Drudge not even reporting? Come on now.

      24. Not trying to be rude but if I happen to meet any of you…I WONT BE SHAKING YOUR HAND. luv ya’s

      25. To those who haven’t seen it, watch the documentary “After Armageddon”. It’s on Youtube and it’s a great documentary movie about a family during a global pandemic. For pandemic readiness:

        -9V batteries, alligator clips with wires, (distilled) water, and .999 pure silver for a colloidal silver generator. All fits in an Altoids tin as a kit except the water.

        -Sprayer tank of 90% water and 10% bleach solution, antiviral cleaners, antimicrobial wipes, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol based sanitzers, and isopropyl alcohol.

        -NIOSH CBRN hycar or butyl rubber respirator with side mount NATO 40mm filter thread, polycarbonate ballistic outsert lens, voicemitter, anti-fog nose cup, hydration tube with matching canteen, in-date 40mm NBC or CBRN filters. A mask that uses filters other than 40mm will be hard to find filters for or is an outdated obsolete model.

        -Full body protective splash and chemical resistant suit, like a CPF 2-3 or CPO or Tyvek F or any protective coveralls, with (butyl rubber) gloves and boots or boot covers. The woodland BDU charcoal suits are mostly surplus.

        -Chemical tape, masking or duct tape.

        -P100 or N100 dust masks.

        -Antibacterial and antiviral foods such as garlic, honey and cinnamon, etc.

        -Avoid touching your face, avoid common public surfaces, avoid crowded and densely populated areas, avoid close contact with strangers, avoid contact with any bodily fluids or excretions, avoid unsanitary environments, avoid people with infected symptoms, avoid contact with the dead, wash hands frequently, and isolate from outbreak areas.

        -Weapon, you will need a gun to protect yourself during any chaos.

        • Where would I get some of those less common items on your list? I don’t want to draw attention to myself with my confusion so clear guidance is appreciated. Thanks so much!

          • I get mine from the Nbcgasmask and ApprovedGasMasks sites and also industrial supply stores like Grainger. Grainger carries CBRN masks, CBRN filters, disposable face masks, flu kits, decontamination supplies, decon showers, and so on. Grainger may or may not have some of the items in store for in-person pickup so you’ll have to check. Other regular N95 or P100 masks can be found at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Gas mask filters for training, expired ones from an army surplus will do as long as they’re sealed in their canisters like the C2A1s or the ones in the green plastic shells.

      26. Interesting read:

        Report indicates that US aligned regimes are preparing for war:

        Every year the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) releases a study on military spending around the world. This year’s report contains many interesting details.

      27. Europe needs the slave wage african and muslim populations to pay high taxes for the health benefits for their aged white populations. Just like Amerikkka

        • Most of their Muslim and African populations do not work moron. Don’t get out much do you?

      28. Then I saw a rider on a pale horse

      29. I ain’t worried I got me Obama care…
        They got me a vaccine I can take to cure it.

      30. A 85% death rate is to be expected if this virus gets going strong world wide. Of the roughly 7 billion people on the planet now that will leave about 1 billion people left alive world why. That last population figure cant be a coincidences. Has anyone else read or heard about numbers like these in the past?

        • And viruses mutate at a rapid rate…just imagine that it mutates into a more potent strain!?

      31. I think all shows that NO virus is eliminated from the planet as long as their is some reservior that it can remain dormant. I have long thought that smallpox can exist in some other biological holding cell. It is interesting to note that many of these really deadly viruses they think is in bats. I think some of these viruses lay in plant material. The environment plays an important part of keeping a virus “alive” until it can find a host. Smallpox, Ebola, and others probably are in some “perfect” climate for them and are just waiting for it to be unearthed. Perhaps this is even a natural way of nature keeping certain species from too much population. When humans dig up the wrong area one day, boom.

      32. Mac, I was putting together a brief ‘hygiene’ for SHTF article, and this is some of the information I wanted to impart. Everyone should read this.

        For a good all around disinfectant, google Super-Sani Cloth wipes. Its what we use in the hospital. BTW this does NOT kill Clostridium Difficile. If you are on antibiotics and develop serious abdominal pain and diarrhea see a health professional and clean everything with a BLEACH solution, not SANI Wipes.

        official product description–>A Quaternary/High Alcohol Formula (55%) for the disinfection of hard, nonporous surfaces and equipment. Super Sani-Cloth kills: TB and RSV in 1 minute; HBV, HCV, Human Coronavirus, Rotavirus, MRSA, VRE and ESBL Producing E. coli in 2 minutes. Wipe size: 6″ x 6-3/4″.
        Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, and virucidal
        Tested effective against 26 microorganisms* including TB, Influenza A (H1N1) and MRSA on pre-cleaned, environmental surfaces (Contact time is 2 minutes or less*)
        Unique Deep Well Lid provides ample space to store and access next wipe
        Distinctive Hexagonal-Embossed Material Contains 40% wood-based fibers for a more cloth like feel
        More pliable to get into crevices and hard corners of equipment
        Highly absorbent material has better fluid capacity
        Thick and strong
        Natural, latex free, bleach free and phenolic free
        Ready to use – No mixing or measuring – saves valuable time
        Two (2) year shelf life from date of manufacture on product label
        EPA registered; meets CDC and OSHA guidelines – Maintain compliance to protocols
        Super Sani-Cloth® kills viruses, bacteria and yeast including:

        VIRUSES: Pandemic H1N1 Influenza A Virus, Influenza A2/Hong Kong, Adenovirus Type 5, HIV-1, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Vaccinia Virus, Rhinovirus, Human Coronavirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Rotavirus, Herpes Simplex Type 2

        BACTERIA: Mycobacterium bovis BCG (Tuberculosis), Burkholderia cepacia, Salmonella enterica, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Campylobacter jejuni, ESBL Producing Escherichia coli (E. coli), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Acinetobacter baumannii, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Escherichia coli O157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

        YEAST: Candida albicans

        Happy Easter.

        • Thanks for posting and feel free to forward over a link to that article once you have completed it!

      33. This much ado about nothing. Buy your prepper supplies because you need them and they fit your budget. Don’t put yourself in the poor house because of BS Internet rumors. In another three weeks, there will no Ebola in Europe. There will be no significantly larger numbers of Ebola infections in Africa.

        The article even contains clues letting you know it’s fake.

        • True, but I’m crossing Bat Soup off my prepping list.

        • Hey! you are giving the game away. Not nice.

      34. Go virus go!

      35. Off Topic:

        A Call to All

        Americans, listen up and fear
        About what’s happening out here
        How our bureaucracies do anything to win
        They stomp all over rights
        Starting State and local fights
        Stealing land and property from citizens

        How the bureau of mis-management
        Doesn’t even have to get consent
        To spend six million to put one lone rancher down
        Cuz, a tortoise might get stepped on
        And some fees they disagree on ,,
        Make it worth Gestapo force with guns and hounds?

        The roots from which this stems
        Come from their rules, all wrote by them
        And they enforce their rules, but if you disagree
        Guess who judges the whole mess?
        You don’t even have to guess
        The monster’s growing folks, it’s hungry and wants feed

        Shall we all just sit and watch
        While they carve another notch

        Continue reading:

      36. For those wondering about Ebola and Colloidal Silver:

        Ebola is an RNA Virus, not a bacteria. Viruses are parasites- they can only reproduce inside a host’s cell. Think of it like a contact contaminant. Once it makes positive contact, a protein chain allows it to enter a living cell and make it do it’s bidding.

        Silver is a true *natural* anti-viral and anti-bacterial metal, one of the only ones known in fact. How it works is this:

        The presence of Colloidal Silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune,
        lymphatic and elimination systems.

        Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes, Colloidal Silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact as they are; radically different from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life. Thus Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for humans, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter.

        Colloidal Silver is the result of an electro-magnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into a liquid such as water. These microscopic particles can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal Silver works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one celled bacteria fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short- the bad guys suffocate.

        Unlike with antibiotics, resistant strains have never been known to develop. In fact, antibiotics are only effective against perhaps a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. Because no known disease causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of metallic silver, colloidal silver is effective against more than 650 different disease causing pathogens.

        There is not enough room to list all the diseases against which Colloidal Silver has been used successfully, but here is a reported small list; acne, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, blood parasites, bubonic plague, burns (colloidal silver is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive), cancer, cholera, conjunctivitis, diabetes, gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, leprosy, leukemia lupus, Lyme disease malaria, meningitis parasitic infections both viral and fungal, pneumonia, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, shingles, skin cancer, staph infections, strep infectious, syphilis, toxemia, trench foot, all forms of viruses, warts and stomach ulcer. In addition it also has veterinary uses such as canine parvo virus.

        Many looking for precious metals need to look closely at silver, there is a good reason why ancient cultures fully embraced it (I didn’t say primitive either). It just works!

        • I got a kit to make colloidal silver, it uses .999 pure silver wire for the silver supply, available on Ebay quite inexpensively. I am going to get a whole lot more serious about using colloidal silver, used a colloidal nasal spray for a couple months and cleared up some breathing issues i had when sleeping, (sinus congestion) was really pretty amazing.

        • @ Socrates. Like Nathan Cline says above, do you want to test that theory on Ebola. Let’s hope to God none of us ever catch Ebola or any other terrible virus. I personally have seen that collodial silver works on bacteria infection quite well. A rampantly expanding virus like Ebola, I don’t know. I wish someone had actually tested this out on an Ebola patient and it worked well. That would be wonderful to know.

          I did get something from a health food store that states something about colloidial Silver that I would like everyone to read. This is NOT my words, ONLY what I am copying this from a brochure why they won’t sell it.


          Collodial Silver; Although silver is an effective antimicrobial agent, the concentration required for any systemic effects are not likely to be obtained safely with oral adminstarion. Additionally, silver can accumulate in the body’s tissues and cause a disfiguring skin condition called argyria. Medial literature shows that neurological problems may develop with long-term use of oral silver products. Keep in mid that none of the beneficial claims of silver supplementation have been proven. Also, silver is not an essential mineral for humans.

          References: Fung, MC, Weintraub M. Bowen. DL. Colloidal silver protien marketed as Health supplements. JAMA 1995, 274 (15): 1196-7.

          Weil, Dr. Collodial Silver. Better than antibiotics?

          What causes me to pause is why do haelth foods stores that are only in it to make money most of the time not carrying something that would be an excellent alternative to Dr. Quack’s dope. They push just about every other herb, supplement, amino acid, etc. Why not collodial silver? This is just me playing devil’s advocate because I have seen how well it works, but I am still hestitate about some doomsday type of virus like Ebola or Marburg that is as bad as a full dose of radiation to the body with something curing this very fast moving nightmare virus.

          • Be cautious when using a health food store for this colloidal silver.
            I bought some that wasn’t really bad on the price years ago.
            A couple years later decided to buy again(years before I started saving for collapse, etc) and the shelf had different percentages of purity??
            The purest was out of my reach monetarily(like $100)–in other words, the strength I bought and took wasn’t much pumpkin.

          • I think that’s a bunch of legalese to protect themselves from the FDA.

            The risk of Argyria is minimal. From what I have read, takes years of excessive amounts of colloidal Silver. Not sure there’s more than a handful of people worldwide who have it. Also, the first time I have heard of neurological risks.

          • I believe almost nothing that comes from JAMA.

            They are like auto salesmen from the Big Three who used to tell us that Japanese cars were junk.

            They do studies that are funded by Big Pharma.

            If you want to see how Big Pharma and the AMA operate, watch this:


          • I have also seen this warning at my local Whole Foods Market but not my other organic health food store. Both are still selling the colloidal silver and I believe that it does work but that WFM wants to CYA just in case.

            I went to a holistic health center in Florida that has an international reputation and a proven track record for their protocols reversing diseases. I won’t go into too much detail about the facility or protocols because that is off topic, but they do use IV therapies including colloidal silver for the treatment of Lyme. I am providing this information ‘for what its worth’; I personally believe there IS a benefit for this product and have learned a lot more about it from this site.

        • Before I describe our experience with CS I must say that we are not medical advisers nor should anyone try our methods just because they work for us.

          And, we make our own CS using an electrolysis kit we purchased from a reliable source after some extensive research into the pros and cons of consuming CS.

          We follow the directions exactly and use only steam distilled water prepared exactly as instructed. Since this is a metal and we know it can accumulate in tissue and turn one smurf-blue we are very cautious about how we make and consume it.

          We only drink ounces at a time when signs of illness start. We have never consumed it on a daily basis nor will we. We treat it as a medicine and only use it when necessary.

          My family purchased a CS kit in 1999, to see if their claims were true. 15 years later we still keep a quart jar of CS in the fridge for any and all bouts of sickness. The very best use we found has been for hay fever or exposure to airborne mold. A few gulps during the allergic reaction to these agents always immediately stopped the reaction cold. I have not taken a single allergy pill since 2000 and I am thrilled to be free of that seasonal bondage.

          The few times we had food poisoning or other gut-bugs silver and other fluids greatly reduced the severity and duration so I trust it for that.

          For the colds or flu of today I am not as sure of the protection offered by CS. Years ago it worked and the virus was gone in a day. This last winter, the cold virus that hit our family were so severe we made a rare trip to a statcare for medical help. CS seemed practically worthless this time and I am now suspicious that the virus soup is getting meaner or weaponized or zombified…

          Virus attacks really scare me these days and I am not sure from our own usage recently that CS will kill the really bad (ebola) bugs to save my life. I want to trust but something in me says at some point the human body will succumb to the unseen parasites. That being said I will still make and consume the CS to increase my chances of staying protected during community outbreaks.

          I will self quarantine and do everything in my knowledge and power to stay alive and well. CS is just one of many tools.

          My opinion, don’t buy the overpriced golden liquid called CS in the health food stores. Not sure it even is CS and it will drain your bank account pretty fast.

          Don’t watch youtube to make a homemade battery/electrode “cooker”. The blue man on the tv did that, used tap water, and drank like a quart a day year after year and yes, turned smurf blue. You can make it wrong and have your life ruined.

          We use a Uni-Phase 16 that uses pure silver rods and has explicit instructions for the proper way to make it. The silver rods are lasting for years and it is the best asset we have traded paper dollars for our health preps.

          I hope this helps those with questions. To your health!!

        • No one will believe me but my dog had 2 tested rumors on paws that I put ASAP silver gel on twice a day and the rumors were gone before his surgery date. The vet cannot explain it. I am not sure but I am keeping silver gel and spray around for sure!

          • Two tested cancer tumors, stupid auto correct I hate you!

      37. looks like we will not have to worry about our retirement savings after all.

      38. wow ya think its time to stop manufacturing ebola at the CDC

      39. Question: There was a great 90 minute video played on the internet and I can’t find it now. It was about a paramedic who was caught up in a major pandemic and moves his family out of the city.
        After much violence he attaches himself and family to a group of other souls. Being there is no doctor he becomes medical.Home gardeners become farmers, etc. It is the best after SHTF recovery movie I’ve seen. With what I,ve given you can anyone supply a link to this movie sorry I don not have title.

        • I think it was After Armageddon. You can watch it on Youtube.

        • It seems that there are 2 “Mikes”
          To prevent confusion I’m changing Name to Cactus
          Thank You.

      40. Aint no stoppin dis virus you pathetics human fools. LOL. It gonna gets you all asses. You motha suckas be deservin it. Run and hides, bitches!! You be ignorin the atrocities in Syria that you own govt be fueling and funding, nows the chicken be comin home to roost on you all asses. LOL. Meets the virus from hell, bitches. Steps right ups, you fun and apathy for the sufferin of others be over, bitches, now it be your turn!! Thin the herd – no, thin the bitches, BITCHES !!!

        • If it rescues me from having to live in the same world as illiterate retarded cock suckers such as yourself then Lord kill me now!

        • LOL!!!! I’m betting they hired a new 18 year old at DHS who thinks he rocks with his fake gansta lingo. How obvious is this troll?


      41. Ebola be kickin you all asses. Chicken be comin home to roost on you all bitch asses. Dats wat you be gettin for causing war and death in Syria. You punk asses elect an evil govt dat funds and fuels the rape and murder in Syria, nows the virus from hell be comin to gets you asses. Runs and hides bitches, aint no stoppin this invisible demon from infiltrating your meager human cells. LOL. It be gettin you all asses. You be bleedin through all you all holes and eyes and mouths. Come gets som Ebola, bitches. Steps right ups, you funs and indifference for the murder of innocent Syrian Christians by you all govts who support murderous rebels gonna be gettin some virus PAIN !!! It be gettin ya !! Oh yeah, the time is now.

        • Tyyyyyyrrrrrone…..Oohhhhhhh….you so scary…..Ima shakin…

          (sorry for feeding the trolls….this was just so obviously ridiculous that I couldn’t help myself)


        • Word

      42. There is a book called, “Fever! The Hunt For A New Killer Virus, by John G. Fuller, published in 1974 about the discovery, loss of containment and eventual absolute LUCK the world had with the very first cases of Lassa Fever. In 1969 a commercial Boeing Pan Am 707 carried Penny Pinneao — a nurse suffering one of the very first known cases of Lassa Fever, and Dorothy Davis, Penny’s nurse and co-worker to New York for emergency treatment. Dorothy Davis had also brought along a sample of ‘the virus’ in a vile in a cardboard box on her lap. This was on a common carrier aircraft — one that you or I might fly on! Long story short, that sample Dorothy brought with her…they got it to the CDC, which had just opened. The scientists there allowed the virus sample to get away from them, and several of them also came down with Lassa Fever.

        The important point here is that NONE OF THIS WAS COMMON KNOWLEDGE to the population of the world. Fuller documented it in his book, but he had to do serious research to get that documentation.

        This is where a Federal Government should shine. THIS is the kind of intervention we all had in mind when we granted you the ability to pass laws and grow the government.

        It is unfathomable that a government, ANY government, that has access to hyper-critical plague and pandemic information would keep it from the world! And yet, that is exactly what contemporary governments do — they triage and evaluate risk — just like the TBTF Banks do. Here they could help, save lives, prevent an apocolypse, but they are driven by avarice and self-importance and lately, by the fear of being driven from office at the head of a torch-bearing mob.

        So anyway, I got torches for sale…

      43. Just might be a good thing for those whom survive.

      44. My money is on the fact that if this enters the country, it’ll be via our southern border where the flood gates leak profusely. There’s no way we’ll escape this virus from making it’s way here.

      45. My guess is that the Ebola rumour in PISA is probably not Ebola . However concerns are understandable, someday we will face a nasty outbreak likely originating from overseas. Right now EBOLA captures our imagination because of its gruesome symptoms & its very high mortality ,but there are other worrying threats out there . Anyone else watching the MERS CoV outbreak in the middle East? The numbers are starting to escalate at an alarming rate see
        On a related topic the threat from large scale African immigration to Europe is of a more long term nature. European peoples have forgotten how to reproduce Birth control pills haves freed the white women from the hassle of having children, and social change has opened the wider workforce to women giving them a career option other than that of a housewife . Unless the white people can find their lost motivation to produce the next generation they are doomed to slow extinction as they are replaced by the faster breeding non whites . Nature does not like a vacuum,and the immigrants are simply being sucked into a vaccuum. I invite you to read up on the history of the West Indies , then take a trip to Jamaica or Haiti ,ask yourself who were the people living there at 100 year intervals starting 500 years ago,and then go for a long walk ( be careful even if you are armed ), and then ask yourself how much of the rest of the world will look like this in 100 years.

      46. My concern is this. Around two weeks ago there were reports that a man and a woman (separate incidents) flew to Canada from the infected areas in Africa. They were both quarantined. W.H.O said they were tested for Ebola because they both were showing signs of Ebola contamination. We were told that they both showed negative for Ebola. Was it a false negative result in both cases? Have we had Ebola in Canada for 2 weeks or more? Scary.

      47. In other news, Saudi Arabia is reporting 20 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

        Also there is a research report that since 2001, there has been 26 Atomic type explosions around the world from asteroid impacts
        that occurred in remote locations, fortunely.

        Virus programs– Mass depopulation operations….better to use than weapons that leave excessive radioactivity….WMD’S

      48. I wonder what secret lab this new strain was created in?

      49. Using google translate, I have been furiously reading articles on this…gobbling up all I could find. What seems to be a common thread is that these immigrants are from Mali, Ghana and Senegal – ALL of which have not had any confirmed cases. There seems to be a lot of rumor flying about and not a whole lot of solid facts…anywhere. You think, in this day and age, what with the internet and all, this would have reached english speaking (nothing against italian newspapers, etc) news sources. Heck I haven’t seen seen a damn thing about it on ProMedMail (A VERY VERY good website for tested, factual info) or MSF’s website or WHO or…anything. There was a report before from Turner Radio Network that turned out to be false, as reported on by ProMedMail.

      50. Seems I hit the enter button before I was ready! Anyhow, I DO trust alt media and the like (or I wouldnt be here) but I would like folks to know a few facts about Ebola:

        -It is NOT airborne, despite rumors.
        -The victim is contagious when they start showing symptoms, not during the incubation period. (There was a case of an ebola victim getting on a plane (Yes, scary! =/) and NO one caught it.)
        -We must remember that it doesn’t magically spread; as I said, you’ve got to come in to contact with the bodily fluids to “catch” it.
        -This is int the movies; while there would be deaths, the health care systems in first world countries are so far above and beyond what they have in west Africa…what i am saying is, if they can slow down and start to contain what is happening in W.Africa, (given it’s poor health infrastructure) we COULD cope with it in a developed country.

        I think that if there is to be another world wide pandemic, it won’t be Ebola….it’ll be some type of MERS-COV/Avian Flu/SARS/Etc. That is because as deadly as it is, it is not as contagious as you think it is.

      51. Here is some info, seems fairly recent:

        Google Translate:

        The fear that immigrants can bring the Ebola virus is getting stronger

        Ebola, the fear grows and the demand for greater controls for immigrants 17/04/2014 – There is certainly no case at the moment, there are no alarms official in our country, but the ‘ Ebola is a bogeyman that is increasingly fear. These days, especially in Sicily and especially in the province of Agrigento, there are many immigrants from Africa landed without that provision is made ​​to identify them and many fear that some of them may come from countries where the alert for the ‘ Ebola is maximum. Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Liberia, but also, here are the African countries where Ebola has already claimed victims or in which he has recorded some cases; Ebola is frightening especially for his percentages: the mortality rate is very high, there is no cure, at least 50% of those affected is bound to perish.

        The question is: if in Europe, especially in France, precautions have been taken by the countries where the risk of contamination is high, such as the much tighter controls for flying, because in our country there is no provision to ensure that at least those arriving on our shores does not come from the states afflicted by ‘ ebola ? Meanwhile, after the reported case, and then denied, a case in Lampedusa, from Pisa comes the news that 40 immigrants have been put in solitary confinement for thorough checks, after some important signals. If the authorities reassure the other, the fear among the citizens is lots and lots of it is the demand for greater security, in particular health and hygiene.

      52. So are you ready for this?

        Really? If this bug gets a foot hold you can bet plenty of people are going to die because of ignorance. Normal Bias will help along. We are the only one’s that discuss these events and prep accordingly.
        TPTB will keep the system running with no warning to us until they are dropping like fly’s in the hospital.

        News Flash.

        Today Johnston’s Hospital reported its tenth case of ebola.
        Honey, I’m off to work. See you later, dear.


      53. Test

        • Funny how your comment got through but mine haven’t yet. I posted some important information for the lovely folks who frequent SHTFP and I would like them to see it. =(

          • Szolkir.

            This site has its quirks and you have to wait sometimes. Until the site recognizes you.

            • Ahh, I got it, and my comments are, indeed showing now.

      54. Oh and another thing:

        AN update via ProMedMail/WHO/ Take a look. We all need to be prepared but we don’t need to cave to gut-wrenching fear. Fear like that clouds good decision making.

      55. Some good video links with SHTF medical information by The Patriot Nurse…

        Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage

        The Role of Dental Health in Survival

        The True Shelf Life of Drugs – What the FDA isn’t Telling

        The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 1

        The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 2

        The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 3

      56. There is ebola now in Florida , and 3 other states ,(I would name them if I knew them). I guess the msm will wait until we need a distraction from another event to announce this one.

        • ahem.

          Please post link.

        • Yes, please do share a link, or a source or something. What are your sources? I am not calling you a liar, but I can’t take your words on face value, either.

      57. Well, sheople come in many flavors.

        Suppose that it is Ebola in that hospital. If the Italian government wanted it to spread, then why would they lock down the hospital? And if colloidal silver were an instant guaranteed cure, why would the Italian government let all the people in that hospital be exposed to the deadly virus, and not offer the victims a cure? It simply cannot be that medicine has completely overlooked the only cure for this disease; nor can it be that the Italian government is deliberately trying to reduce the population of Italy by encouraging the spread of the disease.

        We use some homeopathic remedies here at the compound, with mixed results. For me, for example, apis mel seems to boost my antihistamine system when I’m stung by yellow jackets, which happens during mowing at some unspecified time and place in late summer. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but that particular placebo works for me in ameliorating stings.

        We’ve used colloidal silver too, again with mixed results on various ailments as covered in Boerike’s repertory:

        Sadly to some, the oracle acknowledges the use of silver in wound dressings, but does not suggest it as a cure all:

        “The medical uses of silver include its incorporation into wound dressings, creams, and as an antibiotic coating on medical devices. … The silver ion (Ag+) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria in vitro. Silver exhibits low toxicity in the human body, and minimal risk is expected due to clinical exposure by inhalation, ingestion, dermal application. Silver and silver nanoparticles are used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare and domestic applications.

        “Colloidal silver (a colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid) and formulations containing silver salts were used by physicians in the early 20th century, but their use was largely discontinued in the 1940s …”

        As always, any reference which doesn’t completely support one’s personal preferences should be discarded, and any reference which supports one’s personal preference should be accepted and not researched or questioned.

        The best cure for Ebola would be to stay away from the infected. I for one, am not planning to go to Italy and demand entry into that hospital. Call me weird.

        No question in my mind but that the Italian government will say what it wants to say about this hospital lockdown.

      58. “As with nearly everything involved with prepping, the wisest approach with regards to what you will add to your personal medical supply stash is by considering your specific needs and your expertise.”

        Level 2 Medical Supply List:
        •N-95 Respirator (Helps protect against disease borne illness)
        •CPR Mask (Avoids cross-contamination when administering CPR: available at the Red Cross)
        •Saline Solution (Used to irrigate wounds—SHORT shelf life)
        •Extra Contacts Lenses
        •Contact Solution
        •Extra Glasses
        •Carmex/Lip Balm
        •Ear Plugs
        •Eye Solution (For treatment of Pink Eye)
        •Eye Wash (To rid the eye of foreign debris)
        •Quikclot (Helps control bleeding)
        •Ankle Brace—Lace-up is recommended
        •Knee Brace
        •Air Cast
        •Crutches (Look to 2nd Hand Stores & Thrift Stores to save $)
        •Finger Splints
        •Emergency Blanket
        •Dermoplast (Topical pain reliever )
        •Mosquito repellant
        •Aloe Gel (Treats minor burn pain)
        •Anti fungal Ointment
        •Vagicare (For feminine itch & skin irritation)
        •Epsom Salts (Helps in the treatment of sprains)
        •Duct Tape (Can be used to remove warts & to adhere large bandages in a pinch)
        •Pregnancy Tests
        •Rolled Gauze
        •Tongue Depressors
        •Splinter Removal Kit
        •Baby Powder (Can be used to alleviate chafing as well)
        •Diaper Rash Ointment
        •Petroleum Jelly (Also used to seal wounds & used as a moisturizer)
        •Lotion (To treat dry skin)
        •Tea Tree Oil (Natural method to treat bug bites)
        •Calamine Lotion (Treats itching, bug bites, poison oak, poison Ivy, etc. )
        •Potassium Iodide (For pre-treatment of exposure to radiated iodine particles: Beware of allergies to Iodine before treatment & use with pregnant women and small children! It coats the thyroid to avoid cancer long after radiation exposure)
        •Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls (Absorbent and will hold sterile bandages in place)
        •Sutures (For deeper, larger cuts and wounds, administered by those medically trained)
        •Mole Foam (Helps to avoid blisters when hiking long distances)
        •Cohesive Bandages
        •Sterile Swabs
        •Basic Face Mask
        •Dental Probe
        •Dental Mirror
        •Sterile Swabs
        •Steri Strips (Used for deep, smaller cuts that do not require stitches)
        •Elastic Gauze Bandages 6-inch X 4-inch
        •Clove Oil (Home remedy: Helps relieve toothache)
        •Dental Wax
        •Dental Floss
        •Floss Threader
        •Cool Downz (Neck cooler)
        •Pepto Bismol Chewable Tablets (Used for stomach upset and diarrhea)
        •Zantac (Antacid for stomach ache)
        •Ginger (Home remedy for stomach ache)
        •Dramamine (Used for the treatment of nausea)
        •New Skin (Used for cuts)
        •Halls Menthol Cough Drops
        •Vicks VapoRub
        •Nasal Spray
        •Saline Nasal Spray
        •AZO Yeast (For treatment of yeast infections)
        •AZO Standard (For treatment of urinary tract infection)
        •Castor Oil (Used as a laxative BUT adverse effects are reported for pregnant and breastfeeding women and small children)
        •Acidophilus (For help with digestion)
        •Imodium (For the treatment of diarrhea)
        •Anti-Diarrhea Meds, Misc.

        •Fish Oil
        •Vitamin B-12
        •Melatonin (For sleep)
        •Vitamin D-3

        For those with extensive medical training, some move on to advanced prepping for wounds, surgery, and setting broken bones–which may or may not include the following:
        •Surgery Gloves (These are individually pkgd and one step up from surgical gloves)
        •Surgical Kit

        • Knox unflavored gelatin is also a good coagulant and is good for joints and arthritis (sp)

        The infected carriers move as illegal immigrants and are ALLOWED into OUR COUNTRIES like the African going to Italy by boat! The infections are in the camps and detention centers.



      60. I think the President ,first lady and most of their relatives who have RELENTLESSLY visited their African HOMELAND have the EBOLA VIRUS and are spreding the EBOLA virus at every oppurtunity in Schools, collage graduations and every event the think up, The president and his ugly old woman have been acting brain dead and Afro centric for many months!

        IF you MUST go to DC WEAR A HAZMAT SUIT!!!

        NEVER let Obummer or his wife TOUCH YOU OR YOUR KIDS!

      61. so is this how the zombie apocalypse starts?

      62. Off Topic…

        Facebook Deletes Pro-Cliven Bundy Comments

        The following offensive text was considered by someone at Facebook to be inappropriate. It was posted by Todd Starnes of Fox News:
        “Rancher Bundy should’ve told the feds that those were Mexican cows – who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of love.”

        Apparently it was too much for the folks at Facebook. Starnes was told, “We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.” Of course, he was never told what “standard” he had violated.

        Starnes later wrote: “Thousands of you posted comments and many more shared that message. It’s now gone — blotted out by anonymous redactors.
        “I reached out to Facebook to find out which part of the message violated their standards. Never heard back. I suspect I should’ve used the term ‘illegal alien cows.’”

        “None of this should surprise us since that the BLM/Bundy standoff, the government put up “Free Speech Zones.” These were the only places where the First Amendment applied.

        The king can’t be reproached in any way.”

        Godfather Politics

      63. About the benefits of Colloidal Silver and whether it might be of any use in a viral pandemic?

        If all you have is a hammer then you’re going to see everything as nails.

        In other words in a pandemic you’re going to use anything you have on the off chance you might get lucky and it helps.

        Don’t discount it, but also don’t depend on it or assume it’s going to do anything.

        3 is 2, 2 is 1, 1 is none. Have alternatives to your alternatives.

        Regarding CS, please do your own real research, not just ‘this anonymous person on the internet said it cures cancer so it must be true’, I’ve done it and I don’t consider it an option at the moment but it’s not hard to make if it comes to that.

      64. Go to youtube, and lookup After Armageddon. It is a prep docudrama about a pandemic.

      65. I’ve been following this outbreak for a while, and it’s very worrisome that it’s crossing borders and may have invaded Europe. It’s not time to panic, but it IS time to make a plan as to how you’ll protect your family from this or other contagious disease that may become the next pandemic.

        Here’s my article from last week:

        Dr. Bones

      66. Why is everyone believing this ? Do you just believe everything you hear ? I’m calling BS on this one. You watch there will magically be a vaccine for it.

      67. Thats right, fall for the fear mongering. You watch how fast they come out with a fake vaccine for something that doesn’t exist. Better get in line.

      68. The immediate issues for most are probably not “biological threat” or “catching it,” although this ultimately becomes a grave concern. The immediacy of the issue has been demonstrated in global bio-warfare games with leaders such as Sam Nunn and Madeline Albright in Dark Winter (’01) and Atlantic Storm (’05). In both, the dynamics are lead by striking pilot unions and flight crews, public transportation infrastructure collapse, and other immediate and catastrophic dynamics that lead to an implosion of cultural and economic break down. If this article reasonably captures the current status – this is a matter of days not months! Prayer should come spontaneous. JM

      69. A coplete travel lockdown is the only way to keep every country safe until the outbreak is contained.

        They will never do that as they think the world in over populated and want to thin it out anyway.
        Since this is a new strainand the US has been experimenting with it for years and the US has a hstory of testing biological weapons in other countries on inoocent people. it would not be that far of a stretch to think it was releaed on purpose.
        They have been caught discussing the use of such weapons to thin out the populstion as well.

      70. Like I have said before this will be a non event .

        • Don’t bet on it and wake up.

      71. Ebola has been found in Ireland now according to the WHO map.

      72. Your comment encouraged me to go to the WHO website and look at their map myself. No Ebola in Ireland. Maybe Ireland has been cleared since you last saw the map? Today’s map shows interesting info regarding where Ebola has been detected in imported monkeys and pigs: China, USA, and Italy.

        • Hah! That WHO map shows an Ebola case in Switzerland! Just when you thought you had your escape plan all worked out…

      73. Had no idea that Ebola virus turned up in imported monkeys in three USA cities. The WHO map made me aware that Ebola virus is more wide spread throughout the world than I previously thought.

      74. Ebola.

        Frankly, I am pleased to see the Africans bringing their Ebola strain into Europe and North America.

        I hope all the progressives die from it.

      75. It would be hopelessly naive not to see the SHTF. A long asymptomatic period with fearful flight from Guinea predicates large numbers have hit the road from Guinea and cases will “pop up.” It’s anyone’s guess where they will pop up BUT where it does a number of asymptomatic cases have been started. Preppers have canned food & staples and can hunker down isolated for a while. From 1918 flu and Bird Flu we learned pandemics have three or four waves. The “all clear” will not be possible until well into 2015 or 2016. One should figure at least ONE year AFTER cases no longer “pop up” to know the plague has fizzled.

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        highest quality sites online. I am going to recommend this website!

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