“Disaster Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated in October”

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    A public tweet from a large government supplier of emergency response products specializing in “high risk events” says that Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told to prepare to be activated in the month of October. The shocking revelation, made on the Goldenstate Fire/EMS Twitter page, suggests that not only did someone know that the Ebola virus would be reaching America, but that they knew exactly when it would happen.

    “What we are now hearing is just the tip of the iceburg as we enter October,” noted the company’s Twitter spokesperson. “Ebola virus will cripple EMS and hospitals.”

    When Future Money Trends, a follower of the page, asked what they meant by this statement, Goldenstate Fire/EMS responded with a shocking revelation.

    “DART teams were notified months ago they would be activated in October. Timing seems weird. Source: current DART member.”

    Twitter exchange:

    The full twitter exchange is available here and a screenshot has been archived.

    With the Ebola virus now having been confirmed on U.S. soil, speculation as to how it got here and how many others may have contracted it is mounting. The traditional thinking here is that the virus made its way to the United States simply by one infected individual coming into contact with another, and so on. But, a growing chorus of contrarian researchers suggests another possibility – the Ebola virus may have been weaponized by a government or rogue terror cell and it has been deployed as a bio weapon.

    This may sound outlandish, but in August SHTFplan.com posted a video of a State Department official’s remarks to reporters about developments in Africa. In her statement she specifically referred to the growing crisis as an “Ebola attack,” suggesting that not only has the virus been weaponized, but that the U.S. government knew it was not a naturally occurring event.

    Though such weaponization is difficult to achieve according to Dr. Joe Alton, it remains a distinct possibility.

    As noted by Kurt Nimmo, who cites a 2013 Global Policy Journal report, if someone had the resources to make it happen, they probably could:

    Although weaponization of Ebola is complex and unlikely, experts in the field say transmission of the virus by air has occurred between animals. They believe “with advancing knowledge about how to manipulate viruses, the traits that make these [hemorrhagic fever virus agents] difficult to weaponize might be a diminishing barrier.”

    Additionally, a “reverse genetics system provides a way to produce highly virulent mutated viruses for the purpose of biological warfare or biological terrorism,” scientists believe, according to Teckman’s research. (Infowars)

    Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show notes that the U.S. Army is intimately involved in Ebola research, adding further fuel to speculation that it has been used to develop new bio weapon systems:

    The fact that the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) is involved suggests that either the Ebola virus, or the vaccine, or both, have been weaponized.

    Weaponization aside, there is a third possibility and that is the virus did spread through the natural contagion effect, but that its entry into the United States is being facilitated by lax border policies and almost non-existent airport screening procedures, something that has Immigration and Customs officials terrified.

    Over the last several years the U.S. government has been actively preparing for a widespread crisis scenario. Whether that crisis is Ebola or something else remains to be seen. But, what we do know is that they have stocked up not only armaments and ammunition, but tens of thousands of Hazmat suits, body bags and what are believed to be millions of disposable FEMA coffins.

    Moreover, the President updated several Executive Orders over the last several years authorizing, among other things, forced quarantines and round-ups in the event of a pandemic emergency and the appropriation of private resources like food, water and human labor.

    That a major government supplier of emergency equipment has come out in the open to claim that their sources had foreknowledge of an emergency Disaster Response mobilization to occur in the United States in October of this year is an astonishing development considering what has transpired in the last 72 hours.


    Sources: Goldenstate Fire/EMSFuture Money Trends, Infowars, Steve Quayle, The Daily Sheeple, Hagmann and Hagmann, The Common Sense Show, Survival Medicine


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      1. WTf is going on here! This is crazy… I try to put everything into perspective here, but lots of info is starting to point to this not being on the up and up.

        Something ain’t right people. Somethin ain’t right!

        • Nothing has been on the up and up with the federal government for a long time. Believe nothing of what they say and half of what you see. In the meantime do what you can to get ready while you still can.

          • MUST WATCH: UPDATE – Several Quick Videos regarding EBOLA.

            Please watch these Vods before they are erased. EBOLA IS TRANSMITTED BY AIRBORN. The GOVN’T is Lying to Us, and covering their tracks.

            This Guy Dahboo77 or his alternative Site Dabhoo777 is doing a great Job with Updates. All these short videos were Posted Oct 1st.

            “So It Begins… 2nd Potential ‘Ebola’ Patient Being Monitored In Dallas!”

            “‘Airborne’ Ebola Info Is Being Removed from Internet! Flight Path of Patient Zero Is Revealed!”

            “Alert! Rick Perry Says First US Ebola Patient Had Contact with School-Aged Children!”

            “Five Kids Linked to Ebola Patient are In ‘Isolation’, NOT Quarantine!”

            • Georgia guide stones people. The culling of humans has been the agenda since the garden and Eve having sex with Ole Scratch to produce Cain and his offspring that Jesus pointed out as the decedents of Satan. John 8:44

              Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

              So we are all “of the devil” and this is why the world is as it is. The Feds are just the symptom of the disease that is the thinking process of humanity. Without Christ there is no hope as a specie we are doomed to our pride, greed and desires.

              • I had a conversation with a staffer in the UNSG office last Autumn (Nov), 2013. We discussed the next global crisis to unfold: a pandemic, which would begin to emerge in Spring 2014.

                Its full eruption into the general public awareness via media would be within 2 weeks of the end of the World Cup. Perfect timing, Aug 1, NYC held bio-drills and Ebola hit front pages of newspapers in that city.

                This is not a joke or a hoax. Ebola event is not a natural occurrence, but well planned. WHO KNEW??

              • PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK!! Life is hard enough without all your negative bullshit pulling us down further!!

                GOD IS LOVE… stop torturing my ears with all your negativity!

                Think: God is Love! Dwell on something positive, for a change!

                • (Meant for above poster with all his bullshit preaching.)

                • Then go to a celebrity site or some New Age airhead forum on gardening. Why are you here?

                • People who refuse to face what is happening are the reason these things are happening. One’s connection to God is between one’s self and God. But that doesn’t change reality on the ground.

                • If you freak out just HEARING ABOUT IT, I’d hate to be around you when you actually have to LIVE THROUGH IT.

            • WWTI- Careful with that Dahboo77 dude, hes a friggin shill. I dont trust him and hes been called out numerous times on his you tube videos…

              • i would rather trust a Dahboo 7 than a DMONIC TROLL

            • It would be interesting to see what happens when a person with midst age Ebola also became symptomatic from the influenza.

          • October surprise

          • The enemy has attacked and it can no longer be denied or stopped. How will the people respond?

            Those who seek to be free and let alone will probably have to wait for the willing slaves to die off in mass numbers before an opportunity to fight back.

            My first shot will be fired at the first one who tries to inject me with the enemies weaponized vaccine or tries to remove me from where I am against my will.

            It is now time to lay down your specific rules of engagement for this war. We did not ask for it, but we have no choice but to fight it.

            • Well said.

              • Saddam Hussein attempted to weaponize Equine Encephalitis and west Nile Virus just before the first Gulf War. He had them manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan (the one Clinton bombed) and then introduced it in Israel and the USA. Both are still slowly killing people.
                They didn’t work that well as bioweapons; I suspect Ebola won’t either.

                • Some of us remember the news release that he had weaponized Ebola also and it was being found at a border of iraq. I guess that was not true.

              • Saddam Hussein attempted to weaponize Equine Encephalitis and west Nile Virus just before the first Gulf War. He had them manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan (the one Clinton bombed) and then introduced it in Israel and the USA. Both are still slowly killing people.

              • Like I said a month ago, the more they tell you not to worry…the more you better worry.

                • So, can we catch it from coming in contact with govt bullshit?

            • GC
              you may be right on colodial silver
              http://www naturalnews.com/047101_ebola_colloidal_silver_government_seizure.html#

              • I will LITERALLY bet my life on it, if that means anything to you.

            • Yeah had my share of vaccines in the Army. I have never
              been paranoid about them, but to be concerned about
              Ebola vaccine is not paranoia. Just common sense for
              people who are not asleep. I won’t get one and will
              bug out rather than go to a Fema camp for all those
              who refuse.

              • Better to be on my feet, than under a sheet.

            • Time to start head hunting…..all the globalists get hunted NOW!
              They are already running and hiding those gutless pussies.
              Get them!

          • Muddy
            Amen to that, our government is divided between the good and the bad and has been in a internal war for a longtime now, we will see soon who will win! sure hope it is the good guys, because if not we will go into civil unrest and things will be far worse than they are going to be anyway!

        • “” But, what we do know is that they have stocked up not only armaments and ammunition, but tens of thousands of Hazmat suits, body bags and what are believed to be millions of coffins.””

          Bullshit, you don’t need millions of coffins.

          YOU bulldoze and burn if in the millons.
          Just ask the people of Haiti.

          • Makes me wonder if this emergency response vendor referred to isn’t just dropping this news to boost sales on the public side. Probably not, but I can see some motivation there.

            • GoldenState Fire/EMS provides consulting and training services. That doesn’t completely the financial incentive for such tweets, but it does minimize it: they don’t sell typical emergency supplies.

            • Well look at this site both left and right nothing but ADS for survival gear and food.

          • I don’t know Ghostrighter,

            Unless they dig up Central Park, millions of bodies would have to be moved and shipped out of the city “if” an outbreak or something like it occured there.
            It would be much easier and safer to wrap bodies in shrink wrap and enclose in a plastic shell caseing for stacking in 53′ trailers and containers.

            The plastic containers would be reusable after hauling and incinerating the bodies to a strategic location.

            Just sayin’

            • The disposable coffins he was referring to ARE plastic!

          • Screw the Body Bags. Stock up on SANDBAGS!!! I just acquired several SQ Yards of Sandbox Sand. 80 Sand Bags. And going to fill up some just in case. Sand Bags will stop most Bullet rounds up to almost 50 Cal.

            • WWTI

              You are now an official “Sandbagger”.


              Hide in plain sight.

          • Sad to say, but the new threat are Funeral Homes spreading of these diseases. These people handling dead Ebola Patients, preparing them for burial. I would just move them from the hospital room to the incinerator. Why let that body fluid seep into ground water systems in burial? Torch them ASAP!!

            • Boy, that would be the perfect cover for “renditioning” govt threats, wouldn’t it? If they have to start burning bodies, there would be no way to tell how many patriots in the govt ranks, were actually hauled off to detention black sites. Everyone could not be accounted for.

              Perhaps something like this is why the highest ranking patriots have been silent. Maybe they were already threatened with being black bagged.

              If they start haphazardly disposing of dead bodies, it would be perfect cover. There could be no autopsies later, either. No one would ever know the difference. This would be the perfect cover for selected murders.

              Something to think about as the chaos mounts.

          • yes, In Libera, West Africa, they brought in Livestock incinerators to burn the dead, ran out of grave space.

            Putting the dead from Ebola into the ground does not kill the virus, just puts it in hibernation until its found again.

            If it breaks out here as in Africa, the bodies will have to be incinerated.

          • They’re not coffins, they’re vaults. Their purpose is to protect groundwater from contamination from corpses and are required by law in some states (Texas, for example).

            • Hey Tonto, What do you think Happens when there is a Flood. Like in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina when many Cemeteries with these above ground vaults and cripts were flooded. That Ebola Disease will be like trying to herd Cats into a potato sack.

              • “…like trying to herd Cats into a potato sack.”

                LOL. I had enough problems trying to herd my ONE cat into his cushy backpack carrier…

          • Excellent point…its called cremation.

          • But we are more sofistacated then Haiti so we will use plastic instead of just good ole dirt

          • Not coffins per say but shipping containers for bodies.

        • Three men go deer hunting.

          One has the latest tacti-cool camo. One has a red/black lumberjack checked shirt. One has a loud Hawaiian shirt.

          Who has the most success killing Bambi?

          Big game animals are color blind, you idiots. It is the PATTERN OF SHAPES in the camo; the fact that it BREAKS UP THE OUTLINE OF A MAN, that makes it effective. The main stalk of camo gear is to ambush your wallet at Cabellas (shitty service and they make shitty gear) and Bass Pro shop (better).

          Fish have blurry color vision. Birds and fowl have sharp color vision. Only when hunting turkey do you really need the latest and greatest tacti-cool shit. That’s it.

          Realtree is for fall (leaves), mossy oak is for spring (no leaves). I use Columbia (cutting edge of tech) and Under Armour (scent control product line seems to work).

          Under Armour has a new camo pattern called Ridge Reaper. No good for my area but check it out.

          ALWAYS wear an orange camo vest and hat when in the woods. I said ORANGE CAMO not BLAZE ORANGE. Once again, THE PATTERN, NOT THE COLOR, MAKES THE CAMO WORK. Big game see orange as a shade of green.

          For fishing, I use LL Bean gear in muddy brown color. Other recommended brands are Simms, Redington, and Patagonia (overpriced hippy bullshit).

          • Deer are not totally color blind. They just have less rods and cones in their eyes than we do. They can distinguish some colors and shades. Remember you enter THEIR living room when you hunt them. If you are out of place or don’t blend in, you’re busted. You better worry more about their nose and hearing than their eyes.

            • I’ll bet etch-a-sketch is one of those who thinks they should cut thirsty elk off from the water stations in the national forests, too. If you want to read some more selfish, narcissistic comments, google that recent article.

          • Aannnd, what supermarket checkout magazine did you read that in?

          • So much venom from a unrelated topic. Sore anus?

        • Remember in the movie “world war z” they called the zombies “ZEKES” ? I motion we call ebolas “Ekes”, anyone have a better suggestion?

        • Woo-hoo- we’re on the express elevator to Hell! Going down!!!!

          • “Ridin’ on a train…train was bound for hell”- Bound for Hell, Love and Rockets

          • “…Don’t go ridin’ on that long black train…”

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyRZTAmcW7c

        • I was being sarcastic when I posted the Government brought the virus yesterday. Truth is deep down I would have bet money they did. Remember they put the word out for contractors to relocate 60,000 illegal “children” who have now infected our children in 42 states with Obama Flu back in January of this year. Its planed people and I think we can expect it to get a lot worse in the near future. A few weeks ago I posted heavy aircraft were flying over and to watch for something to happen in a couple weeks. Its been a pattern. Well Ocommie bombed Syria. They were flying over again yesterday so look for something to happen soon.

          • Do you really think that an airplane flying over your home has any correlation to something that happened in Syria?


        • I believe this is all about a forced vaccination campaign. The two so called vaccines have the ebola virus in them. I do not believe there is a pandemic threat. Also, has no one noticed how quickly people recover in the states? This guy in Dallas went into the hospital by ambulance in”critical” condition. He was upgraded within a day to stable and on October first he was “hungry”. No vaccine or miracle drug given to him. I have had flu a lot longer than this. I have been suspicious ever since Dr Brantly was in “critical” condition and yet walked into the hospital. Take another look people and ask yourself this….WHO STANDS TO PROFIT FROM THIS? I have also looked at pictures of so called dead bodies….have you ever seen anyone in a battle for their life? I have and they don’t look healthy when they do not make it. At this point in time QUESTION EVERYTHING.

          • Great point, Diane.
            NEVER—NEVER have a vaccine injected with who knows what.

          • Which would also explain the CDC not being alarmed, and why the man wasn’t quarantined, being around children attending 4 different schools–he never had Ebola??

          • Who Will Profit Try Bill Gates & Gov, The Have The Patent, For All Thing’s Ebola,Cure’s Shot’s, Paten Only Good In USA Does That Tell You Something,Got get it to USA to Reap The $$$$$$$$$$$ Depopulation Yes! It’s Started Guy’s Don’t Take The Shot,It will Take You Down,Its Been Planned With Border’s Wide Open Sick Children,Planned For Yrs God! Help Us Us Good PLP In This Country,Pray In Jesus Name Put a Hedge Of Protection Around Us,Repent, Hear Steve Quyale Dr S On Ebola,& Dave Hodge Tell’s All,We have All Warned Now Here,Jesus Help Us, “Come Lord Jesus Come” Be Safe Blessing In Jesus

            • Plus, there’s a guy who was in Bush Administration– forgot his name– but he has huge stock in the pharmaceutical industry. when the soldiers were complaining about the shots they were required to take, that they were making them sick and refused to take them, well, old whats his name was raking in millions of dollars from the drug.

              • Donald Rumsfield

        • We Have Warned,& Warned Of This Coming Steve Quayle,Dave Hodge,How Did They Know It Would Be OCT??? Here It Is OCT 2,Its Appearing Every Where, Connect The Dot’s, Depopulation Starting,Don’t Take The Shot’s, If Ebola Hasn’t Gotten to You Shot’s Will Take You Down, Pray,Get close To Jesus, Know Him In Your Heart Not! Head, Repent Be Ready, “Come Lord Jesus Come” Be Safe Hunker down

        • I don’t see why all the cuss. Ebola kills what? Couple of thousand a year? The regular yearly flu kills over 500,000 on a weak year. Doctors misprescribing or over prescribibg prescription medicine kill over 200,000 folks a year in America, and those are just the reported cases, and we are freaking out over a case of Ebola? I would not get too tweaked over this yet.

        • WOW– I had a feeling that October was the month of apocalypse– even mentioned it a few times…

          Last night, I was thinking about all those FEMA camps with the barbed wires turned INWARD so that people can enter the place but not escape– now we know what they are for.

          Mac is right, at first it seemed unbelievable that our government would do something like this, but as you read the whole article, he is absolutely right.

          Plus, remember what the US Government did to the American Indians– how they lied constantly, tricked them constantly, and gave them blankets with malaria on them (or whatever the disease was), and every time the Indians bettered themselves on the Reservations, the US Gov.t made new laws to make them poor again… totally untrustworthy!

          And how they duped the Russians, and every other country you can think of…

          And it all goes along with the book “the Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism” about how to subdue people and get them to do whatever you want…

          • They learned the “poison blanket” trick from the English, who did it early in the colonization effort.

        • According to AOL news, Duncan will be prosecuted when he gets back to Liberia for lying about health documents… don’t know exactly what this means– did he know he had the disease before he left Africa? Sounds like it.

        • You know something is REALLY WRONG when the guys cleaning up the vomit outside the apartment complex aren’t wearing HAZMAT suits, breathing apparatus or shoe coverings..


        • “Something ain’t right”… Ya think?

          America is going to reap 5 generations worth of chasing money, and willful ignorance. And this is just the beginning.

          I just wonder how the people behind this can live with themselves for what they are doing. Especially the Americans involved in poisoning their own people.

          • They can life with themselves, the same way you can live with yourself, after exterminating cockroaches. They see this as THE SAME THING.

            • oops…

              They can live with themselves, the same way you can live with yourself after exterminating cockroaches. They see this as THE SAME THING.

              • Very well put… deserves a higher rating

        • This is not crazy…. this is not on the up and up…. this is NWO…
          For those who have educated themselves about this
          Order …it’s comes as no surprise …..their stated mandate is
          to kill all of us ( 90 % that is )…their god is Lucifer…..as Teddy
          Pendergrass of the band Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes sang
          in 1975…….Wake Uphttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-TDfPgd3Kyc

        • DUH????
          When will all you people realize that the “cooks” you have labeled “conspiracy theorists” are actually pretty bright sleuths who have been sniffing out these vi pig globalists?
          Something ain’t right???? REALLy.

          Now, go back and learn the truth about WACO, Oklahoma City , 9/11, Boston marathon, Sandy Hook, Aurora theatre, Dorner, the murder of Hastings and Clancy andbreitbart! the Wisconsin Mosque shooting, and all the other bullsh!t that has been enacted by the bass tards in DC

          Wake the puck up, you damnable fools.

        • Looks like @GoldenStateEMS twitter page has been taken down…hmmm

        • This is so exciting!

        • “Something ain’t right people. Somethin ain’t right!”

          You are correct and the more you look the more is wrong. The good news is most viruses are rather simple to defeat with a few salubrious actions. Knowledge is our way out of Political Pandemics

          VITAMINs D & C, selenium, a strong immune system and the AVOIDANCE of NEEDLES are the best weapons we have against Ebola IMO.

          “The Ebola disease outcome is determined in the first few days. Surviving patients show an early and strong immune response and by day 4 viral numbers drop dramatically. Fatal cases show a weak to no immune response with high viral numbers. … the innate immune system is quite important in making the decision of survival or non-survival.” Doctor Erica Oilmann Saphire PhD Virologist, CDC Ebola Project Lead Scientist

          “In a 1995 peer review publication out of Africa the use of selenium supplementation was given there [Africa] and it reversed Ebola. … they found in a large number of cases there were gross deficiencies of selenium. … in this country there are a number of cases of gross selenium deficiency as well.” Robert Scott Bell Note a lack of selenium allows viruses to rapidly multiply

          Ebola is not magical; it is only a virus. If you can defeat most viruses you have a good chance of defeating a naturally (as opposed to a NEEDLE) acquired Ebola. IMO Ebola does not kill; it is the victim’s weak immune system, especially their Innate or Natural Immune System and perhaps African (for now) “vaccinations” that is doing most of the Ebola killing.

          “Finally, I stumbled on expert testimony that the only time a simian monkey virus presents a danger to humans is when it has contaminated a vaccine and then is injected during a vaccination, and that the Marburg and Ebola hemorrhagic viruses were man made. These statements came from two of the world’s leading experts in simian monkey virology, Doctors Seymour Kalter and Robert Whitney.” Doctor Leonard G. Horowitz DMD

          Here we see the KEY to defeating Ebola and it is a simple and easily achievable task. Get your vitamin D levels UP, perhaps your STRONGEST innate immune system tool, and make sure your immune system is in top notch shape; avoid all needles.


      2. Lots of supposition and very little information in this article. Show us something beside an ambiguous tweet from a third party, like a copy of a notification to DART teams about Ebola being online in October, something concrete.

        Were I the one funding DART teams, I’d set a date for full readiness, threat or no threat. Show a link between setting a date that coincides with the end of the federal fiscal year when results are expected for money spent, and Ebola turning up in Dallas.

        • Slightly off topic, but patient zero was observed vomiting outside an apartment as he got into the ambulance to go to the hospital. His name has also now been released: Thomas Eric Duncan.

          ht tp://news.yahoo.com/dallas-ebola-patient-vomited-outside-apartment-way-hospital-064730195–finance.html

          • Ahaaaaaa. 3 names Thomas Eric Duncan. The gov often uses 3 names to identify a supposed killer; victim; etc.
            I say gov farce, AGAIN. Gov ops.

            So even if there is no Ebola here or anywhere, for that matter, they want us to fully believe there is. So why are they doing that? They’re getting ready to force vaccinate us upon this pretense. When? Soon. I’d also beware of March 20 and 21st (spring equinox and full solar eclipse), if it’s not done before then).
            The bees are supposed to be used to spread THE plague, although I wonder if they will also spray by planes.

            Check your yards for round holes in the ground, the size of nickels. Bees living in nests underground. Spray in there at dusk in all the holes or pour liquid chemical in there. They will be programmed by low frequency or whatever to attack at the right time.

            Beware that they want you to believe that coughing, sneezing and the lousy flu are ebola. They want you to freak out and turn yourself into the nearest hospital or clinic.

            Remember the symptoms of ebola are blood coming out of the orifices of the body. Seen that yet? Until you see it, don’t believe it. However, be ready so when they lie to you and come for you as the excuse for that lie, that you will be ready for it. Don’t forget they use actors. Nuff said?

            Good luck to us all.

            • Another interesting question to get kooky about is: Why Dallas? Why not New York or Los Angeles? So long as I am waxing conspiratorial, I’ll opine an opinion on that one too. Dallas has a certain propaganda value to it. It’s seen as a sort of all-American city without any obvious skeletons in it’s closet by most people. Their football team is sometimes referred to as “America’s Team”. The specter of slavery does not hang in it’s past and it is not one of the major cities you learn about when studying civil rights movements. It’s in a part of the country seen by many to be clean and conservative (again, we are talking about general public impressions here. The truth may vary.). Thus for Ebola to attack Dallas, it’s attacking America. It makes it difficult to spin it as only affecting “those” people. Instead, it is attacking the “normal” people. It can attack anyone. This makes a “War on Ebola” easier to sell to the public and makes those who oppose some draconian measures used to fight it enemies of the USA.

              Am I right? Is this the real reason it hit Dallas first? Who really knows? It is something to think about though.

              • NYC and Los Angeles are where many of the tribe live. Bibi is coming to NYC to give Obama his orders from the Zionists, so nothing will immediately happen there.

                • “Thus for Ebola to attack Dallas, it’s attacking America.”

                  Yes this makes sense. IMO this attack is a carefully scripted Global event.

              • Why Dallas? Because the guy’s girlfriend lived there.

              • why Dallas……because it’s on the 33rd parallel which is a very significant number for the nwo folks and human sacrifice. same parallel as the Georgia guide stones, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and various other killing fields!

            • Has Been Reported By Doug Hagmann, He Went to Dr 2 weeks Ago on His Recor’s It Showed He Use’s Inhaler For Ashma,He Said,”Dr, I Don’t Have Ashma Or Use Inhaler’s Can You Take It Off My Record’s”, Dr Say’s,No! It Goes Straight To IRS Per OB Doesn’t Matter If U Have Ob-Care Or Not, We Are Suppose to Notify Gov Of All Use Inhaler’s”, We Learn that if You do You are Down For Fema Camp they look at U 4 some reason As Possible Ebola Transfer, Isn’t That Stupid! More Than 75% Country Use them Especially Spring Time,I Have Heard It reported time & Time Again UR On “RED LIST”, If U Use them connected to Ebola Excuse to Take U To Fema Camp’s Reported All PLP Med’s Being Reported To Gov That’s All PLP No Matter UR Insurance All PLP, There goes Our True FreedomTheir Going to Pick & Chose Who Lives Or Dies “Come Lord Jesus Come

            • Only 50% of Ebola patients bleed out. And this virus is Ebola/Lasa so that % may be different as Lasa is hemoragic but also upper respiratory. The only way to tell if it is Ebola is with a test.

            • Perhaps they just wanted to differentiate him from, say, Thomas EDWARD Duncan, or Thomas WILLIAM Duncan.

      3. keep stocking and working to put the finishing touches on your preps

        • Amen, to that Wilson.

          I got a wierd and “insufficient” prepper, feeling, a few days before the recent 9-11 anniversary.
          We went out and bought up extra stuff and began building up our F.U.C.T. preps.

          Those who missed my earlier post tonight…. FUCT preps are basically those foodstuffs that may have a shorter shelf life and are better if bought & stocked on a regular basis or if… one sees a FUCT indicator. aka, Flag Up Crunch Time, scenario possibility. Such as flour,sugar,cornmeal,coffee,olive oil……….

          I am not saying i think everything is going Martial law status next week or even next month….but;
          I did tell Pissed Off Granny last month that I had a funny feeling and a gut hunch that something pretty big was coming in October.

          I said for some reason i keep getting visual flashes of Oct. on a calendar and around the middle to latter part is a big flashing warning light. Maybe it’s my subconscience warning system for getting FUCT. Since i don’t get the kind of “phucked” i want anymore, and seemed to have always gotten “phucked over”, in the past; I may just be a little paranoid and deprived.

          Anyways, we are continually stocking other important items and re-checking our lists. IF the S don’t necessarily HTF, this time; we do have winter coming on and it will be nice to have a good extra stockpile of the foodstuffs we regularly use anyway.

          Our FUCT plan will have paid off anyway, if we get a record breaking snowfall and can’t get out for a couple or three months from the retreat. Dad is nearly 80 and his mind is slipping more and more so it is good that he is within walking distance cause he has no one living with him.

          Problem with him is two fold; he is a hypochondriac and set in his ways like bark on a tree. His MD doesn’t even try to talk him out of antibiotics anymore. If i had all the $$ he has spent on getting antibiotics, I could buy the 10 k solar & wind, generator system i long for.

          Oh well, he did clothe and feed us when we were young, well at least till me and my next younger brother were 16, and then it was, “get the fuc out of my house, you got two strong arms and legs, go to work”.
          “Pops, I been working for ten years as your indentured servant and on the side, jobs to make money to pay for my dirt bikes, plus go to school and help out gramps on the farm for $1.OO per week in the summers and a $10.00 bonus at Christmas.” Sadly, that is all true, and i do feel bad about stealing all those silver dimes of dad’s, to buy ice cream at school. kinda, sort of.

          Ain’t no wonder I’m sick and tired, of being sick and tired, at 58. I’m going to bed.

          • Passin’…I was up till about 3am last night reading and making a couple of comments. I turned 60 a couple of months ago. I guess some of us older people tend to stay up late; it was quiet, except for the thunderstorm which passed over our area last night. I rode dirt bikes in the So. California (El Mirage dry lake, beaches) area when I was a teen, but never owned one. Left home when I was 17 when I went to boot camp (Navy).
            This site is one of the few bright spots to visit; things are getting strange out there. Lots of changes taking place. Looks like the stock market is taking a dump. And now a potential Ebola case in Hawaii?

            • Yes, coming in here really helps as things get weirder out there. I appreciate being able to brainstorm with like minded individuals. I also find comfort in the fact that I am not the only one who sees what is coming.

        • Picked up the Smith and Wesson m&P 15 w/ 5- 30 round mags yesterday. The douche bag gov instant background check always makes me wait 3 days so I cant pick it up until Tuesday. No matter.. Getting the reloading room ready to start cranking out custom ammo for it. Have been working the oil patch in the Bakken again so the money is coming in and I am going to invest into night vision/FLIR combination with a laser targeting device. Will be putting together a solar charger for all the batteries this is going to take. When this Ebola goes critical, I am only coming out @ night.

          • Here in NV with a CCW we don’t do a background check. Went and bought my new KSG 12ga last month. It was great walked in filled out the paperwork paid for the gun and walked out. I’m looking for a good night vision scope. I did not know about a “night vision/FLIR” combo. Do you have any info about it?

            • I WILL NOT ASK PERMISSION for my 2nd ad RIGHT and pay a gov stooge to carry a weapon. This background check is bad enough! I could have bought used easily but this is my first black rifle and I want new. I have owned ak 47s and sks but the smith is American made w/ a life time warranty.

              Night vision/FlIR/laser. My research into night varmint hunting uncovered a technique of using a handheld Flir device ($2100) to recon the critter then the night vision headset goggles ($2000+ for good ones) w/the red laser ($200+ the one I am looking @ is $450) on target. Fast, effective and NO VISIBLE light other then the green glow from the night vision. FLIR has come down in price over the years to become affordable. A night vision rifle scope alone will work but peering through one while waving the rifle around is not the best method. You could drop the FLIR and go just goggles w/ laser if $ is tight.

              • They were selling those FLIR devices for about $1500 when they first came out a few years ago, and the popularity drove the price up to over $2K. Too much for me to pay yet.

            • Greetings from northern Nevada maddog!

              • Spent years in Elko, Reno and Battle Mountain. Never go hungry if you eat rattle snakes. I HAVE NEVER seen snakes like the amount of them in the hills outside B Mtn. Gawd all mighty is there a shitload of snakes there!!.

                • Love Battle Mountain. Worked at Donna’s doing electrical work and bar tending. Not much of a bar maid but as you may know Donna’s is not known for its bar. By-the-way rattle snake does not taste like chicken it taste like rattle snake and it sucks. I’ll eat the chuckers from now on. Good luck with your new AR. I have 2 gas piston AR’s and we love ’em. Next will be an A-10 hopefully. Thanks for the flair info.

                  • Flir scout/Armasight Sirius QS MG Multi-Purpose NV Monocular with head set/ar-a2 laser= bad ass setup. Coming soon to ole .02 in Williston, North Dakota. look out coyote.. and “other” vermin.

                • A co-worker told me that he has seen a lot of copperheads around his property. More than usual. He has some land near Seminole, OK. Understandably, he’s nervous about letting his dogs run on the property.

                  • Killed a 4ft diamondback this year in the backyard. The dogs were barking like crazy. My dumb ass yelled out door for them to shut up. After half an hour and the barking continued I went out to yell louder. Found them barking at sagebrush. When I walked up the bush stated rattling. Said to myself sagebrush doesn’t rattle and sure enough I was right it was a rattlesnake. Had short and sandals on so went in to change and told my wife about the snake. She goes in the garage and comes back with a hatchet. Tells me is to cut the snakes head off. Told her to please go back out and bring me my ranch gun that I wasn’t about to go after a 4ft rattle snake with a hatchet in shorts and sandals. Was surprised to see the dogs knew better and stayed away. Usually they play with wild animals and then kill and eat them.

              • Greetings, from the Carson Valley.

              • Excellent. Good stuff. Thanks.

          • .02, if the 3-day wait isn’t per a state law where you are, it’s likely your name may be similar to others and they use the time to sort it out.

            If you put your SSN on the 4473 form, that should take care of any delay potential.

            First NICS check for me had the wait, too. That’s in spite of CCW and prior purchases, it’s just the system.

          • There you are, .02. We were all just wondering where you’d gotten off to, just the other day.

      4. A new potential Ebola case is in quarantine in Honolulu Hawaii. I hope it’s a false alarm.


        • YH..the island is 44miles long and 30 miles wide with nearly a million people on it..wonder what Neil is going to do since he’s up for reelection? I hope it’s a false alarm as well.. But could be a false flag.

          • ..besides, how else are they going to impose martial law in the islands if its not there.

            • Abercrombie the zombie isnt going to do shit,,, he is as ineffective as his buttlicking idol Odumbo!
              Best thing to do is just keep up on what is going on, is going to be hard to isolate, I wish my significant other had a different job right now, the people she is exposed to could very well be some of the worst for exposure as they travel, HNL was rated as the third worst airport for spreading a pandemic, not a good thing on such a small group of islands and considering how much interisland travel there is could be a real bummer,,,

              • Kula,

                I lived in Oahu for about 6 years. Grad from UH.

                State of Hawaii bleeds liberalism. I got relatives who are all libbed out.

                Sure, there are some conservatives over there, but da Dems own Hawaii, brah.

                The people voted for Abercrombie. And Lingle was probably a RINO. It eees, what it eeees. No can change.

                • Aloha Free Slave…
                  Less we forget, it was Lingel who had Soetoro’s birth records sealed. Conservatives in Hawaii haven’t had a presence since Sam King was Governor back in the late 50’s until Jack “the hack” Burns turned it over to the Unions. Gavin Daws “Shoal of Time” really defines what Liberalism did to Hawaii…they will never get it in Hawaii nei.

                  • Tanks for da Aloha, talon 1776.

                    Glad to hear that Obola’s not in Hawaii at this time. Just good precautions by da folks at Queen’s Medical Center.

          • Neil already lost on the preliminaries.

            • My bad…so missed those results and should have known. What is interesting is…would Neil invoke a suspension of the general election due to a state wide emergency and clamp down of the residence so no one can vote…therefore pulling a possible “Barry” style permanent power grab?..remains to be seen. As history has demonstrated..Dictators never relinquish power.

              • Abercrombie is definitely a washington insider and I wouldnt put any of the Marxist agenda beyond his sights

          • Talon1776,

            At this point with the preponderance of disaster preparations the government has undertaken especially in the last few years, I think everything is up for grabs including a possible false flag.

            What I cannot understand is what kind of political plot is worthy of unleashing Ebola upon the masses. It is worse that letting the Genie out of the bottle. I know that Rham Emanuel and cohorts never like to let a crisis go to waste. But considering the mass loss of life that could result in a uncontrolled mutated or weaponized Ebola strain, whatever they are planning to do must be incomprehensibly large in scope. Something that goes far beyond simple Martial Law.

            • If Ebola isn’t a naturally occuring virus think population control.

              • Weaponized Ebola goes way beyond population control. It’s genocide on a scale not even Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined could fathom. I hope everyone is ready for worse case scenario.

            • @ YH,

              I don’t mean to sound condescending or like a smart ass; but, you must be living in another world. Where the hell have you been? Are you a teenager?

              You make a statement like this…”What I cannot understand is what kind of political plot is worthy of unleashing Ebola upon the masses.”… and not expect such a response.

              TPTB are led by evil forces, and those forces, primarily Satan’s forces are after the ultimate prize.

              World domination through deception. Now there are segments of TPTB (Illuminati,freemasonry,Joo banksters), that believe the world will be a better place for them and their “families”…aka, “like minded liberals”; if two thirds of the populations of the world are eliminated.

              They have plans in place to accomplish this. They have been working towards this goal of a New World Order ever since the 1700’s.

              To help with this understanding, i will post a recent comment that i have saved. here is a link to the USA timeline, TPTB in the last century have created and accomplished. ………..w.threeworldwars.com/nwo-timeline1.htm

              …KNOWING THE ENEMY

              Do you know who your real enemy is? You should, for he has a very active part in your life; you are enslaved to him and do not even perceive it. He ultimately holds the note on your car and home, he sets the price for your food and oil. The interest rate for your money which you have allowed him to use to make more money.
              He makes your laws, runs your country’s war machine, he makes Presidents, and “pro choice” laws; he stirs racial animosity, he is the guarantor on your insurance policies, he is also your taxer.
              He tells you what to think and say, and then sets up the apparatus (Political Correctness) to condemn and punish you when you disobey.
              There is nothing in your life that he does not control. He corrupts your churches, he takes away your crosses from government lands that you fund, he takes God out of your schools, and inserts ‘alternative lifestyle’ reeducation in is place. He is your master and yet he seems invisible.
              He has muddled your history books, omitted the truth and inserted lies. He drew the Christian nations into war against each other in the World Wars. He forms wars and revolutions–he is above all a revolutionary–for his credo is “Destroy everything, whatever is, is wrong”.
              He poisons your children with unsafe and unnecessary drugs and inoculations, he poisons (sedates/makes docile) you with fluoride in your water, emasculates your men with feminizing hormones in your plastic food containers and masculinizes your women with chemicals.
              He is behind the women’s movement, the racial integration laws, the Social Welfare System. He is above all a Bolshevik, Marxist, Socialist COMMUNIST.
              And that is not all he has done to you. His motto is “Out of Chaos, Order”. Thus he must destroy your world so that he may rise from its ashes. “Pluralistic chaos, out of which the Phoenix of the New World Order can rise, resurrected from the ashes of the mysteries of the past”.
              He above all promotes social reforms, for they all play into the hand of destroying everything that was once holy, true, and good.
              He is a friend of the gay, the lawless, the Atheist, the criminal. He shall make your world theirs. He is the enemy of Christianity, God, and Jesus Christ, he seeks to make the world his own along with his god, satan.
              He attacks every tenant of your Christian Bible, yet he is esteemed as the chosen of God by the ignorant and indifferent,
              The Bible paints a very different picture of these people and their great ancestor Satan, the serpent of old. Gen 3: 14-15.
              The “Kenite” (off spring of Cain and his father Satan), is everything spiritually and morally vile. Don’t cry for his safety, he wants most people on this earth dead. And in the end, for a little while, his god and father Lucifer shall rule the world–then Christian beware, you have absolutely not seen anything yet by comparison Matt 24: 21-22.
              Will we be able to harm and hinder them? You couldn’t. You can’t, he already possesses you, what can a slave do to the master?
              Only God can set things straight, and he shall at the appointed time. Just open your eyes, try to protect your loved ones until that time…..prep and pray.

              • passinwiththewind,

                No I am not a teenager and I have been looking at the problem long enough to know the players involved. Population control through vaccines, even through eugenics is one thing. Releasing a virus so dangerous that it liquefies the internal organs of its victims is incomprehensible.

                Not even the most hard-core jaded psychopath could stoop that low. Such a person would have lost all humanity. Nothing recognizable as human would be left. You had better pray hard this is not the case, because we would be dealing with the devil himself.

                • However, as Diane’s post suggests…this case was NOT Ebola.
                  He recovered too quickly and no quarantine as in Liberia; it wasn’t handled like an Ebola case.

                • “Such a person would have lost all humanity.”

                  Such a person had already received the antidote, as well as his family and friends, and they all live in secured compounds where the “zombies” can’t get to them. Their large bank accounts and high-end political connections isolate them from the rest of us…all they have to do is wait for us to die off.

              • You Are So Right Friend Of Jesus, U Called It All, Only If You Put Your Faith & Trust In Jesus Christ Will We Ride this Out Until He Come,Person That Is Not a Teenager That Say’s,”Who Would Do This?”U Answered Ur Own Question These PLP, One World Gov,Ill Have Given Over To Satan They Have No! Care For the Most Brutal Of Death’s,For their Thinking As Their Father Satan Thinks,EVIL Bar-None,The More Blood & Brutal The Better,They Hate mankind,What God Blessed,What God Created, They Want All Thought of God & Human’s He Created Wiped From The Earth,The OK City That Allowed Satan Worship with Dark Mass Come in is Proof Of a PLP Gone Dark,OK has Suffered From Allowing this Dark Mass Come in,2 Crash’s Buss,The Sports Crash & Beheading IN OK,The Map Used to track this lines Up All Connect to Route 40 on Map It says 9-11 this is cause & Effect from Allowing Satan In To This City,It Was Last Slap In The Face To God,Judgment is going to come By God’s Hand Warning to any other city thinking of Allowing Such Evil Set Up Shop,U Will Suffer After Effects From it Fl Is Next State that Allowed Black Mass In Look For Back Lash Come Lord Jesus Come, & Pass The Salt

          • Talon1776, I also smell false flag. I’ve been offline for the past 2 days resolving some ‘work issues’. I just finished the last 2 articles on ebola and this has false flag written all over it. My prepping is now in overdrive and I hope everyone else’s is as well. This all stinks to high heaven.

            • BH False flag.It is very possible that this is one.If it is a false flag It would serve a purpose.Very soon people will tire of it and let their guard down.I will continue to prepare which will include face mask with biohazard filters.About the only thing I cannot prepare for would be a bomb.

        • YH: Sounds like another plot by Wo Fat, McGarrett is already on i: “Isolate the patient and lock down the Island Danno.”

          • …and get “Ice Pick” to suppress the opposition

            • Wrong series. Ice Pick was on “Magnum P.I.” Wo Fat, McGarrett and Danno were on “Hawaii 5-0”.

              • Damn..sorry WS..fat finger..you’re right

      5. Kinda saw this coming (duh who didn’t) since the first doctor they brought back from Africa. One of the first things I ranted about was the need to immediately quarantine african countries with ebola outbreaks.

      6. This “event” seems plausible as the method obama and his handlers would use to trigger a declaration of Martial Law….. An EMP, or nuclear event, or some other major catastrophe would be too debilitating.

        Lately, much of the alternative media that focuses on this stuff has been posing various scenarios that could trigger this event. A pandemic could easily be it…..

        • Yes Your Right, There’s Your Gun Grab Too, If Their Sick-Un To Death Too! Weak to Put Up A Fight or Dead, They don’t Have To worry about Gun Grab& OB Declare’s M-Law Who’s Left Will Have Dictator OB As Pres For Life,All This Planned,I told You don’t think He’s Stupid, He’s Been Sitting back Just Waiting with Ebola, ISI Coming In Russian Boot’s Already Here, Any Kid Would Have said (Border’s) “Mommy Close The Door,Don’t Let The Bad Guys In”, Planned Border-Sick Children,Ebola Coming In other Horror Illness God Help Us Get Close To Jesus, If You Don’t Know Him Repent With True Heart,Not Head,Jesus Will Forgive All Turn UR Life To Jesus,No Man Is Promised Tomorrow, But U will Have Life Forever In Heaven With Jesus if You Chose Him This Day,The Hour is Late We Are At The Midnight Hour Blessing In Jesus To U Be Safe Walk Wise,Ask Jesus For Wisdom for what is Ahead Pass The Salt

        • The frightening thing is that when you read that article, you realize they really don’t have the proper facilities to deal with it and that they have not even begun testing them for it! This is despite them having recent travel history to the correct area and some symptoms that meet the criteria for diagnosis.

          • I believe the government has been filtering EVERYTHING for a very long time. Fukushima, I believe was one event that you could see clearly they were not telling the truth and it also fed into the main stream media.

            How can I tell they are lying? Because Chernobyl was far less catastrophic, but far more concerning. It was almost not reported by MSM and the government. It was an after thought. I firmly believe they all “under-played” that whole event to keep the masses from panicking…….

            • That goes without saying. The thing i have found fascinating as a student of history is comparing and contrasting the reaction of the repressive Soviet regime to the “democratic, capitalist” Japan. Sadly though, there doesn’t appear to be much difference.

        • Thomas Eric Duncan had two layovers at two airports before arriving in Texas.

          I wonder how many people this man had contact with during those 10 hours spent at the airports?

          “The federal health agency ABANDONED IT NORMAL POLICY of informing fellow passengers of which flights Duncan took from Liberia to the U.S.”

          Why? I find this very odd. What were they thinking?

          “Thomas Eric Duncan left Monrovia, Liberia, on Sept. 19 aboard a Brussels Airlines jet to the Belgian capital, according to a Belgian official.

          BRUSSELS – After layover of nearly SEVEN HOURS, he boarded United Airlines Flight 951 to Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia.

          VIRGINIA – After another layover of nearly THREE HOURS, he then flew Flight 822 from Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the airline confirmed.”

          “The CDC typically notifies an airline when it learns that an infectious person traveled on that carrier. The airline then turns over the flight manifest to the CDC, and health officials notify other passengers while the airline deals with crew members.”


      7. I tend to take a relaxed, pessimistic but logical approach to these things. However, I do have to question exactly why these agencies would have been primed for deployment in October. Yeah, OK, technically it hit in September, but c’mon. It’s a little too coincidental not to suspect something here.

        Going off on a conspiratorial tear here (why not?) but a pandemic is sort of a perfect storm event. Opposition to the government then becomes a matter of life or death for all outside the movement and ensures that public support can’t be gained for a revolutionary movement. It’s the perfect cover for implementing any policy the government wants. Will they do it? I want to say no but my ability not to believe is steadily being eroded by the march of history.

        • (continuation of above post)

          It now seems they let this happen here. Hey may not have known the exact date and person who would bring it here, but mathematical models likely predicted their arrival. Thus they still have plausible denyability, but blood is on their hands for refusing to secure our borders. It seems that this is the reason they refused to do so.

          • “my ability not to believe is steadily being eroded by the march of history.”

            Added to my list of quotes I will never be able to surpass.

        • Hey, Back in about 1986 I left the First Responder Fire Fighter/ Paramedic Service partly because of the AIDS Outbreak that was killing the masses, and they had no cure or even knew then, how it spread. Many thought you could get it just from kissing. Well, I feel I made the right decision to quit then, because I am still alive and healthy. Just saying, if you work in this field, or in Emergency rooms, you may want to consider a career change before its too late. Bottom line back then I was getting paid about $30K a year, and only being in my Mid 20’s felt it was not worth that measly pay to die young. And this too was the same time in the Mid 80’s during the Baseball Strike when Professional Crybabies were claiming that a Million Dollars a Year Salary was not enough to play baseball. I too then made a choice and banned watching Pro baseball.

      8. I play one of the Facebook games and have talked to pose Ll over the world. About a month ago Mr. L came on the chat and said he had been diagnosed with Ebola. He lived in NICARAGUA. He told us not to believe anything we were being told. HE said this was much worse than they were telling people. He also said he felt it was in the wAter supply. He was only on the game one other time after that so I am sure he did not make it. Now here it is in our backyard and our government wants us to believe the lies they are spewing.

        They really do think we are stupid. Today I heard a man from the CDC say you could catch it by being 3feet away from someone. That is an airborne virus not blood and bodily fluid contact which is what they had always said. They quarantined the paramedics and ambulance used to transport the positive , patient. But how many other people road in that ambulance or how many people did those paramedics treat? Folks, this could get ugly really fast. I pray I am wrong.

        • Shoot, I just can’t seem to get home tonight; I guess I should just stop reading all these comments…and RESPONDING!

          ‘Evening grits,

          There IS a distinction between ‘aerosolized’ and ‘airborne’, primatily centered on the size of the droplets that the virus can be communicated IN. In the first case, the range is as stated…but no more than several feet. In the second case, THAT is like influenza in an office building…it can ‘get you’ 90 feet down the corridor and around three turns.

          I’ll admit the story IS changing – almost daily now – but as yet they have NOT admitted that it is ‘airborne’. If THAT happens then it’s definitely ‘Captain Tripps’ world-wide in short order…and may God have Mercy on us all. Hope that helps clarify things somewhat. It’s partly ‘thier’ propensity to use very speciic ‘jargon’ that is so damn confusing mostly. Fairly ‘opaque’ to outsiders it is.

          • Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons warns…

            on Ebola – “it’s very, very contagious, it only takes between 5 and 10 virus particles to infect a person.

            You don’t have to have cuts…there are receptors for the viruses in [people’s] normal skin.”

            And “it’s extremely transmissible that’s why people who like the idea of killing off 90% of population say it would be an ideal agent for accomplishing that.

            There have been attempts to weaponize it…but you don’t really need an ICBM warhead to transmit this, just some infected people coming across your border.”


            • Thank you M’am,

              THAT is something that I had not – apriori – seen at this point. Knowing that I am now far more concerned than before. If only a dozen or so virii are able to instantiate an active case of infection then we are quite possibly in ‘DEEP SH_T’ here. The reason is that most communicable diseaess require a far higher inital exposure to initiate an actual case, to my knowledge. Very Good info, Thanks again.

      9. Disgraced and incompetent secret service director resigned.

        It should be no surprise.



        • After all the hearings with Lerner and Holder. This seems pretty petty for a Obama friend to be let go.

          Someone else said this was a set up so they can lock down the White House. I think I agree.

        • I guess you never heard of Margaret Thatcher. The Russians referred to her as the Iron Lady.

          • You don’t understand the difference between posturing and sincerity. What did Thatcher really do to the Russians? Nothing.

        • Welcome to the 21st century. And stop referring to women as “bitches”. That’s filthy.

          • Barncat, I agree on acid/eisen. My late wife was one of the ‘brightest bulbs in the house’ that anyone could ever meet and she could run circles around a moron like acid/eisen. she could even take him to the woodshed.

            • Brightest bulb?

              Not if she married you, methinks…

        • RE: FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: We need to fire half the Federal Employees that are USELESS!! Ever call a Federal Agency?? It seems their main talent is to answer the phone, then transfer you someone else, that transfers you to someone else, and after a day or 2, you are given the phone number to the first Idiot who you first called a day earlier. Its the “Pass the Buck Federal Agency program for a pay check.”

          On a very rare occasion you actually reach a Federal Employee who listens, and tries to help , but then usually has no authority to do anything. But at least somebody listened. Then if you try to re-reach that same person back, they have been transferred somewhere else.

          If I was President, I would spend my time firing USELESS Federal Employees who do Nothing all day but waste taxpayers money.

        • Acid ;you must be a woman and you just hate yourself. Why don’t you go back to sleep and quit denigrating everybody and everything. Better yet how about a cost free vacation to Africa?

        • See your well on your way to finding a wife ass itch.

      10. Game over, man. Game over.

        We’re in some real pretty shit now.

        Now what the fuck are we going to do?

        Why don’t we build a fire. Sing a couple of songs. Why don’t we try that?

        • why don’t you put her in charge!

          • Said Hudson to Hicks

        • Settle Down Hicks!

          • It wasn’t Hicks it was Hudson that said that.

      11. As I stated a couple of days ago, let the SHTF, I bought a can of 500 pellets for alittle under $10. Thats 500 rabbits, suirrels and grouse, think I can survive on that until things clear up. I have a bow for larger game, both of these are very quite. Now two legged varmints, thats a different story. Trekker Out. They’ll Have To Pry My Pellet Gun, From my Cold Gloved Fingers.

        • That’s a good one. 500 pellets = 500 kills. I can do better. I can get 1000 kills out of 500 pellets because I’m just that good.

          /sarcasm off

          • Barncat. The best thing you can do for us all, is to shoot yourself. Thanks for your cooperation. Barn Mgt.

            Air Pellets work good in a break barrel High powered rifle 1200+ FPS, with a scope. All pellets are not the same. Look up ballistics for pellets. Some are more accurate, some fly faster, some are more deadly, some are steel or brass tipped, Pointed or ball. Lots of choices for different uses. Also stay away from CO2 cartridges, cause once they run out of gas in SHTF, your Air Guns becomes useless. 1200+ Ft per second can kill a wild Pig head-shot. .177 or .22 Cal. Gamo Silent Cat makes a good rifle about $125 – $200. A great tool for SHTF, Silent and Deadly.

        • @MtnTrek
          A Tip: soak those pellets in WD40 and they will come out of that barrel at about 1/3 more the speed. I have a .22 Crosman Pellet rifle and it will shoot through an inch thick piece of dry wood. You can get about another 20-30 yards out of it because of the WD40.

          • @WhyDieLost
            Interesting! Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely have to give that a try. My Gamo Whisper does a pretty good job on small game, but another 20 yards could sure make a difference at times.

        • If your pellet gun is anything like mine even the two legged varmints are on the list,,,,
          no problem going through that thin skin and causing problems even at 75 yds or so

        • better stay out of Wal-Mart with that pellet gun or you might have cold, gloved fingers.

          • I always open carry my 45ACP in WalMart, never been called on it, and never had the police bother me. But then again I use a little common sense. When anyone talks to me or ask anything about my gun, I never wave it around and it never comes out of its holster. My pellet gun stays home. Trekker Out. BC 1000 with 500 good shooting!

            • I too, open carry in Wal-Mart. my 9mm also stays in its holster.

      12. Can any of us believe Ebola, incurable TB and many of the other contagions is an accident? What we have is a contrived crisis being carried out by government agents, plain and simple.

        The only people prepared for this is us on sites like this, we’ve always understood the threat and known how to respond.

        The question is can we in a pandemic stay invisible or will we ourselves become targets of people reacting to the crisis?
        So many questions and so little time.

        • @ y99,

          Yes, BUT WHICH government%^%^#$%^#^!!!!!

          Nah…I KNOW, it’s all of them: never been a group with POWER that didn’t go puking MAD with ass-wipe “Dreams of Empire”…WHAT is it about HUMANS that always goes this way!?!? Lately, it just defeats any remaining hope I have for the species….a part of me – lately – thinks ‘FUCK EM ALL, burn the WHOLE PLACE DOWN…six FEET down…to get the damn soil STERILIZED as well, just get rid of the TAINT of Humanity….and start over again…probably with ‘something’ else.”

          Oh Fock….

          Hmmm, seems maybe then that the only solution lies in there being no “AUTHORITY” anymore, of ANY SORT…maybe? God KNOWS nothing else has worked thus far…Let me know, I’m game for a variety of NEW and DIFFERNT things after the last – failed – 10,000 years or so of shitty-ass Human history; People just can’t seem to NOT abuse each other given any opportunity to do so, can they? Really though, until and ONLY if, People ‘Man-Up’ – universally – and start acting like fucking ADULTS is anybody getting out of this place ALIVE! The weapons of the END of Humnaity already exists…and have for some time. I wonder lately if ANYONE, ANYWHERE actually gets THAT. Don’t take that wrong, none of this directed at you y99; I’m just REALLY sick and tired of Humanity’s bullshit anymore…kinda venting here, Rant concluded.

          As an afterthought to the foregoing, everyone might SERIOUISLY want to start thinking about what truly ‘ethical behaviour’ one to another – actually, factually – should consist OF, in any future to come – IF any future – and meaning no offence but given the plethora of ‘religons’ existent today…all pof which claim to be “THE ONE” whatever comes along MIGHT had best leave HIM out of the ‘direct’ equation; Religions – anymore are like Assholes…we’ve all got ONE and they all STINK, there is never going to be any form of tolerance or agreement on THAT…and we’re likely going to need a direct one-for-one RELACEMENT for this broken SHIT we are all currently ‘enjoying’, and awfully soon I’m afraid.

          Gee, kinda tired…till later all.

          OOPS, almost forgot…”Be careful for WHAT you wish for….”…the Nikkei is down 400+ points tonight ALREADY and all the other Asian markets are equally bad except for Shang-Hai, flat…this is NOW three nights hand-running and given the hip-deep involvement of our OWN ‘Great Houses’ …the “Rockeffellers, Morgans, Du Ponts, Vanderbilts, and other ass-wipes of similar ILK, I’d say that another two or so days of Asian exposure might JUST provide a nice, tasty ‘tipping-point’ HERE at HOME, sometime rather soon via the derivatives markets and the CDS’s involved…the Hang-Seng has lost over a 1000 pts in just the last few days alone, excluding tonight. Need sleep now, so I am gone….

          • Mr. Rodgers,things not well in the “neighborhood”?!Perhaps it is time to take a ride on “Trolley”,i.e.,get the fuck out of town.My guess is you really at moment do not want anybody to “Be my neighbor”!The decrees from King Friday are just insanity!

            • Yep, SOMEDAYS it’s not a ‘wonderful day in the neighborhood’…astute observation.

              That said, has anyone seen the latet on NBC as to the number of contacts that the DFW Ebola patient had prior to his isolation?….well, better multiply that by a factor of 4 or more due to the ‘combinatorics’ here involved.

              Of Geez…this just keepa getting better by the day, doesn’t it?

      13. i find it ironic how so many educated people in zog amerika are so brainwashed by the zog propaganda media machine.

        they the cia cdc who ama are deliberately spreading multiple deadly diseases around the world and right here in zog amerika thru the vaccines.

        your kids are the real victims here. the new viruses is killing them off like flies , giving them cancer and sterilizing them.

        the school shots are a real killer!


        • No, it’s ironic how people are so quick to buy into Nazi propaganda because they love evil.

          • BarnCat – Like the ZOG’s (Zionist Occupational Government) occupation in Palestine and The Month of Genocide in Gaza killing and injuring tens of thousands? You mean that kind of Evil? Who’s propaganda are you buying into? Get real!! The World has awoken to the Zog’s Motives.

          • Barn Cat. This is son of satan in case you don’t recall. Just a simple answer to your post: Go and F&^%$ yourself.

            You and folks like you must be eliminated so the evil can be stopped. USEFUL IDIOT.

      14. It’s the October surprize

      15. She-it…I WAS having a fiarly GOOD day till the last article hit…then THIS one. I WILL note that a certain issue of ‘credulity’ exist here, as well, will mimic someone abovve ho expressed a certain basic cynicissm as to the source given, still…while we are ALL HERE, take a gander at this….

        Quite some time ago…on a continet far, far away…

        !!!!!!! RESOURCE WARS !!!!!!!

        A long WHILE back, as I heard it, a Chinese businessman who managed to squrrel his family and some fair amount of money (some Billions) off-shore was ‘debriefed’ by the Canadians (where he was trying to get citizenship prior to that option recently closing – which apparently they do as a matter of course for anyone RATHER high up the ‘food-chain’. What he relayed to them was sufficient to cause them to contact US…which branch here I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at so it’s no good asking me, however…

        In ANY EVENT, what was suggested – and yes, this was BEFORE the Ebola outbreak had ‘blossomed’ broadly, publically – was that he had had access to the top eschelons of the Chinese poliburo – details here are scarce I’m afriad – and he had suggested that the Chinese NEED for arable land had an easy solution…want to take a wild ass guess WHICH continent that solution lay in?

        Alright, first two guesses don’t count anyway…the correct answer IS: Africa…tada!! The Chinese already have Ordos-style “Ghost city’s there, openly so, a significant – and increasing – miltary presence there as well, yada, yada, yada….it goe on for a ways, bt the rest isn’t entirely applicable here.

        The only question here involved in this though is….WHAT MADMAN would ever ‘weaponize’ something so truly LETHAL…and NOT have the requisite vaccine already at hand? Not even Josef Mengele would have consciously contemplated lunacy of that sort. Perhaps the moron jihadi’s would do something that stupid, GOD knows the Arabic world LACKS in the smartz department something FEIRCE …but NOT the Chinese. Go chase that TAIL for a bit and see where it leads. Happy Hunting.

        In all seriousness here everyone…if this gets ANY worse – the Ebola thing that is – I sincerely hope everyone is – by now – “…Ready for Freddy”; might not be a lot of time for last minute shopping….”Move like you have a purpose in Life.”

        • I think your intel sounds correct based also on my own work and travel. Most do not realize where we are in the resource wars but it is a death struggle now and the powerful are the ones who will win. Compare it to the behavior of the Europeans when they had their empires: the prosperity and power required them to seek and control resources all around the world just to keep their populations content. It did not matter if there were a tribe of hunter/gatherers with bones in their noses occupying the land: the colonialists wanted what was under the ground and they grabbed it. They even used viruses to do it, distributing diseased blankets to the local natives to get rid of them (an approach perfected by the British). In short, this is a method used throughout history to gain control of land and resources.

          Fast forward to today, and it is the same dynamic: advanced societies now no longer have the patience to wait it out for certain countries to catch up in development: they now want to just get rid of the problem on the surface so that they can get to the goodies under the soil (and to grow food on top of the soil). There is no political correctness in this scenario: some countries do believe their people are superior and they will now stop playing nice about it. This virus outbreak may be part of that.

          • Good Morning Frank (T),

            The historical paralell you draw is exquisitely exact when campated to today, astute observation Friend and Kudo’s therefor. I have been trying diligently to GET SOME SLEEP tonight but all this sh_t keeps me from getting THERE I’m afriad. I have to apologize – to everyone here – for my harsh use of langauge earlier this evening…typically I do not lower myself to that form of expression, though – onviously – on occaision…

            Lately, I am become nearly completely convinced of two things…1) that Humnanity – broadly – is simply not ‘fit’ to reign over all life on this planet, let alone itself even. I am FAR from being a ‘bleeding heart, eco-freak’…way, WAY far from, but anymore the outlook for Humanity in terms of how it treats itself – how we treat each other – and the World around us as well, is simply “dismal”, and utterly so, 2) that unless we soon develop an integral system of ‘ethical’ treatment of ALL things – both ‘each other’ and the World that we are STEWARDS of…and NOT owners of, that Humankind will shortly extinguish itself in final and ulimate wars over EXACTLY what you have noted above. More’s the pity I’m afraid…a million years of WASTED time evolving; 10,000 years of linear struggle to BECOME something more than mere pond scum…all wasted – utterly so – due to the ‘procreational’ GREED of a few ethically challenged sphincters/orifices which call themselves Human….and which have absolutely NO resemblance to any of the rest of Humanity…but FOR whom all will be in the End be Judged in this World, let alone the next.

            Sorry, don’t get me wrong here: Humanity has – at various times in it’s brief history – demonstrated the most truly noble and inneffably sublime characteristics that one could possibly Hope for…but I think it will not be enough…and it’s always the ‘sphincters’ who end up in charge, isn’t it?

            Oh Well, Mother Nature will NOT be trifled with…will she? Perhaps that is what is near to hand now in West Africa…and ‘coming soon to a theatre near you’. It has been a VERY long time since a good long “culling” occured among us. Scary, I know, we can only Hope that the disease is eradicated along the way. Good call on the resource issue Friend, insightful whereas many are not. Sheesh I am TIRED, so till later then…maybe now sleep….

            • There are two kinds of people.

              Those who want to be left alone. And those who won’t leave others alone.

              Please don’t condemn all Humanity over the small % who are sick in the head.

              And I will add this. There’s something to be said for a tribe called “The Government.’ When one becomes part of this tribe. They have a paridigm shift on how they view non government. Don’t mess with thier meal ticket.

              • I hope citizens not only “mess”with govt. meal ticket but obliterate those in govt. that are sickos as you put it,4 boxes to do this with,seems we may be down to one box left,what a lousy/insane way to view life in this country but feel it is realistic.

              • @ Sierra Dave,

                You will please note I am NOT – per se – condemning ALL Humnanity, by way of my comment about ‘Nobility’ in the preceding…but at times I DO fear for us all and occaisionally that does get under my skin to excess. As said above, “a rant’. “All that is required for Evil to Flourish is for Men of Good Conscience to do nothing….” that likely sums up where we gotten to, over time in recent decades. In truth that seems to have been an ‘organic’ outgrowth of the character of our society itself….at large, as it has evolved; so much to DO…so LITTLE time to do it; Parents without TIME to give thier kids so as to educate them to grow up and become RESPONSIBLE Adults, thus leading to a further degradation of ‘what we see’ around us everywhere incrementally…bit by bit. I suppoae that the observation I am trying to make here is that this came by slow degree’s…with the tacit consent of each and every one of us along the way…small, tiny little bites of ‘temptation’ that sum to the mess we see around us everywhere now. In that sense we are become the veritable ‘poster child’ for “Moral Hazard”; WHAT NOT TO DO as a civilization…

                Yes, the ‘tribe’ you refer to is nearly at the point of having ‘sucked the host dry’ soon the parasite will perish as well without it’s source of NUTRITION…it goes without saying. Hopefully SOME can ‘survive it’s DEATH’ in time to come…if so, then I HOPE that someone, somehow, SOMEWHERE ‘learns something’ from all this ‘waste’ else it is all too dreary to further contemplate.

                Best of Luck in the upcoming ‘Bio-War’ Friend….

      16. What’s going to cause this to spread like wildfire is when someone who works in the food service industry, specifically food prep, goes to work sick one day. They think it’s just early stages of a cold or maybe the flu but they go tough it out anyway because they got bills to pay. If that happens you will see exponential growth in the number of cases.

        • YEP!! That’s IT!!!! I agree.

        • Most of the news fails to mention the people at risk who were in the emergency rooms. Mr. Ebola must have left the gift that keeps on giving all over.

          I think we are going to see the numbers skyrocket real soon!

          • And you can expect healthy hospital workers and EMTs to stay home out of fear for their lives.

            • Registered nurses are REGISTERED. They may find new “friends” waiting when they get to work. Better form a network with coworkers and be ready to hide somewhere besides home (and ditch the phone). Keep your eyes and ears open Drs and nurses. You may be unwittingly exposing your family.

        • Jake, Jake, Jake,

          That’s seriously scary.

        • Agreed, but NOT ONLY that. I would suggest that it goes for anyone who works in a “public” place and has constant contact with other people – stores, restaurants, offices, ALL forms of public transportation, ALL schools, any and all hospitals, etc., etc. And it would affect NOT ONLY employees and customers/visitors there, but also people like delivery-drivers/couriers…the list is just about endless, and UNLESS you already live in complete “isolation” with every member of your immediate family, it will likely be IMPOSSIBLE to avoid coming in contact with someone who is infected sooner or later (especially since the initial symptoms are easily mistaken for “just a cold”).

      17. Remember the movie OMEGA MAN in the 1970s.?

        Well here we are folks…………..

        • SS,though posted recently will post again,”And nothing cleanses quite like fire!”I saw that as a kid with me dad when it came out,in a small town local cinema.

          • One creature, caught. Caught in a place he cannot stir from in the dark, alone, outnumbered hundreds to one, nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, his cars, his guns, gimmicks… and yet the whole family can’t bring him down from that, that… ,damn,I love that movie!

      18. I think we are about to have to activate our SHTF operation.

      19. Off topic question. Where’s BI been. I wasn’t around for a couple months and when I come back he’s not around anymore

        • Seems to have dropped off the matrix,if by choice,good for him and best of luck to him!

          • I miss seeing all his earth quake data and all he brought to table. Hope all is well BI

        • I noticed that when MayBeSo started posting cryptic references to JustOneGuy directed at BI, he mysteriously stopped posting. What was MBS and JOG involved with that required such secrecy? Sure, keep your BOL info secure, but my impression of MBS was that he either was trying to convey something he knew few details about, or that he was genuinely scared to the point of running to his BOL where JOG and others have apparently already set up shop.

          Be informed’s posts were one of the main reasons I came to this site

      20. Sort of looks like the traitors have just about destroyed this country, between the monetary and economic crisis and all the diseases that these 10s of thousands of illegals have brought and have been distributed all over the country you would have thought that someone would have noticed and maybe even cared about what was happening to the country, but it looks like everyone in america sold out, the voters who voted us into this mess, the ones voted for, the courts, the law enforcement, the military, greed, everyone wants all they can get for themselves and they aint worried about the country or the people. Society is degenerating and is most likely worse than sodom and gomeorrah, its a dog eat dog world, war by those who have the money and power to wage it, and greed on every level of capitalism which is the major problem. Well fools you have just about destroyed another civilization and much of the earth with your stupidity and greed and killer instincts and now its karma time, and everyone will pay their debt be it sooner or later it will be paid, from the poorest to the most wealthy, no matter how rich or powerful you are, your karma will find you. The universe and even planet earth is responding to and going to reject your insanity and your sick perverted ways, damn all the religious fanaticism, damn the newageism, damn the liberalism, damn the greed, damn those who make war for greed and power, may the universe end this insanity and see that every man receives his just reward. In case you didnt know it the destruction of america has already been accomplished, its now going to fall down around you and on your head, i hope you enjoyed creating this horrible mess that the world now faces. Your future was created by you in the past recent years now it must be manifested and oh dont tell me about your death wish that you have and that you are ready to go, just tell me that you dont give a shit about anything but yourself and be done with it, tell me that humanity, the earth, your family and friends dont matter because that is the reality. Man has once again shown the universe that he is not worthy of life. May the universe end this insanity and the corruption and evil of the insane, and i pray that those who are worthy will survive to jump start another civilization and that they wont tolerate evil, corrupt, perverted, diseased in mind leadership. no need to respond with your religious horseshit, it dont fly here and your false religions have no power to save you from what you have done, you are just too ignorant to understand it.

        • and the above will be my last post ever on the net, its time to stop talking to fools.

          • Good. sprained my eyes looking for a paragraph indent.


        A beautiful young New York woman was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the ocean; but just before she could throw herself from the docks, a handsome young man stopped her.

        “You have so much to live for,” said the man. “I’m a sailor, and we are off to Italy tomorrow. I can stow you away on my ship. I’ll take care of you, bring you food every day, and keep you happy.”

        With nothing to lose, combined with the fact that she had always wanted to go to Italy , the woman accepted. That night the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a small but comfortable compartment in the ship’s hold. From then on, every night he would bring her three sandwiches, a bottle of red wine, and make love to her until dawn.

        Three weeks later she was discovered by the captain during a routine inspection. “What are you doing here?” asked the captain.

        “I have an arrangement with one of the sailors,” she replied. “He brings me food and I get a free trip to Italy .”
        “I see,” the captain says.

        Her conscience got the best of her, and she added, “Plus, he’s screwing me.”

        “He certainly is,” replied the captain. “This is the Staten Island Ferry.”

      22. The sky is falling….again.

      23. It appears the patient in Dallas, Thomas Duncan, is a Liberian citizen that came to the US for better medical treatment after knowingly was exposed to the ebola virus. No concern for the health and welfare of others or the risks to others. What a selfish POS.

        • Joke’s on him, he’s going to have to pay for an expensive first-world funeral.

          There was a scare earlier this summer, the man had used his Sierra Leone gov’t connections to get on a plane to seek treatment.

          So much for the rule of law in Africa.

      24. Any of you fools that still trust this government,the stock market,your banks,the major news networks and the dollar will get what you so richly or blindly deserve.Seek the truth it is out their,but you aren’t going to like what you find.The America you remember has died !

      25. Screw this ,a little good news in a fucked up world: ht tp://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/10/02/florida-man-collects-21g-in-coins-donates-to-animal-shelter/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+foxnews%2Fnational+%28Internal+-+US+Latest+-+Text%29 ,space in http to avoid the dreaded”Moderation Game”.Yep,in many ways the world is a rat fuck,not a complete rat fuck though!

      26. If anybody asks how the War going in Syria and Iraq against ISIS, just check some underground news channels.

        Obama’s US Air force bombed the wrong Oil Refineries. Yep destroyed friendly oil producer refineries. OOPS.

        Here is another Beauty. Iraqi Air Force Drops Supplies on ISIS Instead of Bombs. Major F-UP!!

        Watch Video here: “Huge Mistake! Iraqi Pilots Drop Supplies – Instead of Bombs – On ISIS Militants!”

        • Yes, it was surely an accident.

      27. Medical arts use very precise language to convey exact meaning. The current mantra is “Ebola is spread by bodily fluids”. Blood, vomit, & secretions are all liquids. When you add breath, then the correct term becomes “fluid”.

      28. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of things. I have a gut feeling that something else is coming and it’s going to be unimaginable in nature. I’m afraid that this Ebola thing is going to spiral out of control…..too many factors in play for it not to. Things are escalating in nature. People are becoming more evil and violent. The government doesn’t care for its people. Hold onto your hats people. This ride is fixing to get really wild and bumpy.

        • All it would take for the ebola thing to fly out of control in the US would be for the ILLEGAL ALIEN (thats for you Pelousy) population to have an outbreak, just imagine hundreds of snotty nosed alien kids running around sneezing and coughing and puking on your kids or someones kids at school,
          and these people would be afraid to seek treatment because of their ILLEGAL ALIEN status,,,

          • Exactly. I am soooooo glad we homeschool and can lock down with no trouble.

      29. If this is true?
        President Obullshit is the most inept, lazy , stupid of all time, or he just doesn’t give a damn about the USA. He would like to see her DIE.
        There is no reason that TPTB couldn’t have stopped all travel from the infected countries, They just wanted them here.
        Now they are sending 3000 troops. WTH! Our military is the best in the world for breaking things, Why are they sending the troops to an infected country.

        • It just boggles the mind doesnt it Sarge,,
          NOT the country I was brought up into, NOT the lifestyle I would call mine either, but again, the mass majority are just asleep and dont care about anything other than who got sent home on DWTS

          • Kula
            I heard on the news that there is someone in Hawaii that Is in the hospital in your great state with possible Ebola.
            If this be the case I will keep you in my prays, more that I all ready do. I know some people don’t like it but I pray for everyone on this site.

        • I was thinking the exact same things. Why are we not suspending flights from West Africa? And, why are we letting West Africans into this country? The UK has suspended flights. I can only think that they WANT this virus here.

        • I was thinking the exact same things. Why are we not suspending flights from West Africa? And, why are we letting West Africans into this country? The UK has suspended flights. I can only think that they WANT this virus here.

        • I was thinking the exact same things. Why are we not suspending flights from West Africa? And, why are we letting West Africans into this country? The UK has suspended flights. I can only think that they WANT this virus here.

          • Dobie,there is only one reason why the flights have not been cancelled,and that is because you triple posted!They were all set to start acting rationally and then YOUR triple post questioning their actions threw em for a loop!

      30. The eradication of the human race has begun. The government thinks they can turn it on (Ebola) and turn it off on a whim. Me thinks they got that wrong. When scum like Emanuel states that there are too many people, we need to get rid of some, and that people 75 and over should be gotten rid of because they become a drag on the rest of us, its time to wake up and get ready for what is coming. Maybe be it will be useless, in the end, but it will be fun putting to ground the government representatives sent to enforce “the law”. Its ammo time!

        • Begun? shit it has been happening from the beginning. 200+ million dead @ the hands of gov last century give you a pause?

          Angels on the sideline,
          Puzzled and amused.
          Why did Father give these humans free will?
          Now they’re all confused.

          Don’t these talking monkeys know that
          Eden has enough to go around?
          Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
          Where there’s one you’re bound to divide it.
          Right in two.

          Angels on the sideline,
          Baffled and confused.
          Father blessed them all with reason.
          And this is what they choose.
          And this is what they choose…

          Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
          Over pieces of the ground.
          Silly monkeys give them thumbs,
          They forge a blade,
          And where there’s one
          they’re bound to divide it,
          Right in two.

          https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=YdwYGu1o8gs

      31. down here in cajun country if you tell us Ebola is good with roux n rice, it would be on the endangered species list in less than 2 weeks. mmm mmm good

      32. Does anyone else see a pattern of deception and complete disregard for human life:
        1. Open borders
        2. Open flights into and out of the US
        3. Militarization of our local police
        4. NATO/Foreign troops on US soil
        5. Ebola and TB running uncontained thru countries
        6. Our rights are being stripped away piece by piece
        7. US is starting wars and missions that are meant to topple governments
        8. Everyone is fighting for resources
        9. Evil is running a muck
        10. People are being killed for their faith

        This is just a small list. I’m sure others can add on as they feel fit. It saddens me that our beautiful country is turning into something that is evil and sinister in nature. Our land of the free and brave has turned into the land of the no freedom and sneaky/betrayed. I am completely disgusted that many of my family members and others have fought for this country and for my rights and now the government(s) are taking those rights away. It’s a slap in the face and a punch in the gut…..

        • It’s interesting that although the UK stopped flights, (possibly the only smart thing our current goobmint has EVER done) the darn ESSU liberals let us down yet again.

          The man got a flight to Belgium (from the African hot zone) where NO direct flights to Dallas exist. What parts of Europe did he cross to get to an airport that would take him to Dallas?

          So now we have to scramble to check if he used Heathrow – the world’s busiest international airport. If he infected anyone at Heathrow London – the whole world’s in trouble as we’ve all seen the pandemic spread animations and computer models.

      33. Sgt:

        More troops away from home less likely to cause TPTB problems here. You know send a few here and a few there and pretty soon it adds up to a lot. Just look at what when into the Poland area for 3 months (right). Something big is coming our way soon. Be PREPARED as I know you and a lot on here are.

        THX to you SIR: A.S.M.S best advice one could have!

      34. To All;You may want to read the article @ Natural News, about The government banning nano silver shipments to Africa!
        My God when are people going to see our government is intentionally causing Genocide and are allowing this to continue to your own demise!!!!

        • Not just our gov, they are in cahoots with the Chinese to bring Africa to them wrapped in a couple trillion dollar treasury swap. Between me and you, Africa is the prize for available resources left in this strip mined/clear cut world.

      35. Anybody remember the movie ’12 Monkeys’ from 1995?
        12 Monkeys premieres on SyFy Channel in January of 2015.

        I think this whole Ebola story is another distraction of what is really happening in the world like the Iraq war version 3.0 that is now starting up now and the war on Syria that has totally failed for over 3 years now.

        Why send so many U.S. troops Africa for the “Ebola Mission”?


        Are they coming back after that mission to the USA and be “zombies”?

        What i think the big pharma wants to make a buck and scare the hell out of you, so that you soon need “mandated vaccines”.
        If you don’t comply, you will be put in a “quarantine concentration camp”.

        Vaccines are known for spreading diseases and not bringing the cure.

      36. To those who have experience with the colloidal silver. I’ve been making for a couple months now and I notice that it looses strength over about a week or so. Let’s say I make 15ppm a week later it’s down to about 7ppm. I store in a brown bottle and keep in a dark area am I doing something wrong?

        • DC; Did you shake the container ? If its sit very long the nano particles settle at the bottom.I only make mine about 10 ppm.

          • Yes I did Thinker I don’t shake a lot but so I will try shaking more and see if I get a higher ppm. Thanks for your input. I got guestions coming out my butt right now. I’ve been at prepping a year now I have about 6 months of food water ammo and other misc supplies but I’m not ready for it to all fall apart yet. Lol

            • Dc;It sounds like your ahead of most in your preps,don’t panic and stay the course.People are waking up to this evil game all over the world,and the evil money makers that are making slaves out of us all are on there last push,soon things will start to turn on them,and we will soon be able to look up with some hope!!

              • DC,I see a difference between being prepared and being “ready”for it all to fall,I doubt on any side of these equations is any one really ready.

                • WD;Absolutely to many variables,like my Mom used to say “”Don’t get yourself all worked up in a dither”Enjoy what time you have,and prepare as best you can.

                  • It’s like I want to shake certain people in my family and wake them up do I get extra for them or say screw them I can’t turn away family or can I that’s what I’m struggling with right now. I know when it’s comes down to it my wife and 2 boys are come first. The boys are still young so that’s why I say I’m not ready I want it to all hold together forever of course but my 2 year old can’t shoot yet so that’s why I don’t feel ready. Lol. And like you guys say we will never be ready but I will be as prepped as possible. Stay safe…..

            • How do you test the concentration?? this is something I have been wondering about, suppose I could just google it, but curious how you check it as a normal person,,

              • Kula;You can get a TDS Meter (Total Desolved Solids) online for under $30 just put in the solution and it will give you the ppm.

              • Kulafarmer, Tds meter same as Thinker stated

        • DC.

          I have been using silver for a few years and done really well with common colds. I had a bout with pheumonia that overpowered me. I read that they are saying silver in 10PPM is the right solution. They never say how much to take. What exactly is the dosage. Can not pin anyone down on that one. I make my own and overshoot the PPM so if I want 10 PPM I make 15PPM and store in a brown bottle and cool place.

          • Thanks Slingshot I really think it has it benefits will it help with the Ebola I don’t know but it’s not going to hurt that for sure

      37. Typhoid Mary.

        • Apparently not for Africans or central Americans. They’ll just be given another ‘notice to appear’

      38. M-O-O-N…that spells Ebola.

        Many out there agree that there is something very wrong with this whole story and yet it’s hard to drill down on what that is. Can the mid-term elections get postponed/suspended if this ‘problem’ gets out of hand?

        I haven’t heard the term ISIS dominating the news in the last 72 hours. Funny how everything prioritizes differently when a perceived medical calamity is hanging in the shadows. Whether this is real or not, we all must remain focused and keep planning for the worst while hoping for the best. You will probably agree what sucks the most is not knowing more or being 100% in control of your own situation.

        This may be one of the ways to get everyone to return to Him who worked our country’s founding. Remember how everyone prayed together (Dem/Repubs, dogs/cats, etc.) after 9/11? Who prays when the stock market hits all-time highs? Is it a coincidence we only reach out when we are in trouble? Ebola/war/ISIL/eonomic collapse…Matthew 10:28.

        Maybe this is YOUR prepper calling: what if you are one of the survivors who is going to need to have more than bullets and food and water…someone to have a strong mind, clear conscience, and solid commitment to God.

        Keep preparing, but don’t neglect your spiritual preparedness. None of this is a coincidence.

        Keep the faith.

      39. The Prophet speaks! The government and the news media wouldn’t ever lie to us, would they? We’re adults. We know they lie. The Dallas hospital gets the first case of Ebola and they screw it up. The TV now says they are watching 80 people who came in contact with the first patient. They say the patients are not following the guidelines they gave them. They are not seeing doctors for follow up visits to watch their conditions. Some had to be ordered by officials to stay home or be taken into “medical custody”. The US is flooded with 3rd world people. Just because they live here doesn’t mean they gave up the old cultural ways. I lived in Africa. The use of witch doctors and mediums is wide spread. The belief that they can be cured of HIV and Ebola by having sex with a virgin is another wildly popular belief. Keep your kids close.

      40. The addition of the 2014 cornerstone to the Georgia Guidestones in the midst of this Ebola outbreak seems to point to more than mere coincedence.

        • Exactly what I was thinking Lee H

      41. The Prophet speaks! The Conservative Treehouse website is now reporting that the Dallas Ebola patient knew he was exposed to Ebola, so he left Liberia and came to the US for free treatment in a good hospital.

      42. The patient, identified by The Associated Press as Thomas Eric Duncan of Liberia, arrived in the U.S. on September 20th to visit family. When Duncan arrived in the U.S., he was not symptomatic. In other words, Duncan was asymptomatic, meaning that even though he was not actively manifesting symptoms, he was still contagious.

        In addition to local health authorities, the CDC has rushed 10 specialists to Dallas to assist in the assessment, treatment and quarantine of Duncan. The CDC is pulling out the stops in order to give the illusion that they are on top of the problem and nobody has anything to worry about. There are reports coming in from around the country which strongly suggest that the publics’ health is not a priority with the CDC and Ebola potentially threatens to spread far and wide because of the CDC’s and the Obama administration’s inactivity in this matter.
        ht tp://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/10/02/the-cdc-does-nothing-as-ebola-potentially-spreads-from-dallas-to-portland-to-payson-az-to-nyc/

        • Simple social distancing seems to have worked for the ruling class during the black plague event in Europe.

      43. The Scarlet Plague
        In The Scarlet Plague, London investigated many traditional issues of the literary topos of plague, ranging from a reflection on morality and justice to the contagion and clinical features of the disease. In particular, the author focused his attention on behavioral responses to a pandemic, showing the emergence of fear, irrationality, and selfishness in a previously civilized and modern society.

      44. The Prophet speaks! Sounds official when I say that. We’re screwed. The government finally has the ability to prove to the world how incompetent they really are. Remember, when your kids get Ebola, make the politicians pay for what they’ve done to us.

      45. ALERT–ALERT–ALERT!!!!
        Why Isn’t the CDC Helping In Payson, Arizona?

        Payson is just over an hour’s drive from the Phoenix area.
        Payson is just over an hour’s drive from the Phoenix area.

        His name is Alan Mann and for the next 18 days, Mr. Mann is potentially a health risk to his community in Payson, Arizona. Mr. Mann is a servant of God and he was carrying out his Christian duty by preaching in Liberia, where there are Ebola outbreaks.

        Mr. Mann boarded a plane and flew, without restriction, to Brussels. From Brussels he flew to Phoenix and nobody in an official capacity has checked to see if Mr. Mann is a carrier of the Ebola virus. After what has just happened in Dallas, this is the ultimate in governmental irresponsibility.
        “”From Mr. Mann’s blog he tells the story as he was part of a team delivering health care supplies to potential Ebola victims, who happened to be children.”
        My neighbor is a Christian Missionary who just returned from Liberia two days ago. He is doing a “self-imposed quarantine” in his home for 21 days.

        Excerpt from article of a letter:
        What concerns me is that he doesn’t seem worried about potentially exposing his own family or his hometown. Yes, he is in this “quarantine” with his wife and children…
        My neighbor is a Christian Missionary who just returned from Liberia two days ago. He is doing a “self-imposed quarantine” in his home for 21 days.

        What concerns me is that he doesn’t seem worried about potentially exposing his own family or his hometown. Yes, he is in this “quarantine” with his wife and children…
        ht tp://gospelmann.wordpress.com/ the possibly infected person’s blog, Allen Mann.

        There can be no question that with up to two million people quarantined in Liberia, everyone leaving Liberia needs to be screened for this deadly virus and not leave it up to the good judgment of individuals to quarantine themselves, or not.

      46. UPDATE!!!
        Yesterday, The Common Sense Show was also contacted by Sherry Edwards, the research director for The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health. Ms. Edwards stated in the email regarding the Ebola outbreak:

        “…I think your audience needs to hear this and become involved. We tested people today in NH, CA, TX, Ohio and several from Africa. We are being exposed some way – all the same across the country this looks very man-made…”

        For now, the CDC is missing in action.

      47. From Public Health Agency of Canada

        this is from Canada govt report (theres more at that link):

        The largest recorded ebolavirus outbreak to date began in March 2014, with initial cases reported in Guinea and then additional cases identified in the surrounding regions (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria). A new strain of the ZEBOV species was identified as the causative agent of the outbreak.

        INFECTIOUS DOSE: Viral hemorrhagic fevers have an infectious dose of 1 – 10 organisms by aerosol in non-human primates.

        MODE OF TRANSMISSION: In an outbreak, it is hypothesized that the first patient becomes infected as a result of contact with an infected animal. Person-to-person transmission occurs via close personal contact with an infected individual or their body fluids during the late stages of infection or after death. Nosocomial infections can occur through contact with infected body fluids for example due to the reuse of unsterilized syringes, needles, or other medical equipment contaminated with these fluids. Humans may be infected by handling sick or dead non-human primates and are also at risk when handling the bodies of deceased humans in preparation for funerals.

        In laboratory settings, non-human primates exposed to aerosolized ebolavirus from pigs have become infected, however, airborne transmission has not been demonstrated between non-human primates. Viral shedding has been observed in nasopharyngeal secretions and rectal swabs of pigs following experimental inoculation.

        INCUBATION PERIOD: Two to 21 days

        COMMUNICABILITY: Communicable as long as blood, body fluids or organs, contain the virus. Ebolavirus has been isolated from semen 61 to 82 days after the onset of illness, and transmission through semen has occurred 7 weeks after clinical recovery.

        SUSCEPTIBILITY TO DISINFECTANTS: Ebolavirus is susceptible to 3% acetic acid, 1% glutaraldehyde, alcohol-based products, and dilutions (1:10-1:100 for ≥10 minutes) of 5.25% household bleach (sodium hypochlorite), and calcium hypochlorite (bleach powder .

        The WHO recommendations for cleaning up spills of blood or body fluids suggest flooding the area with a 1:10 dilutions of 5.25% household bleach for 10 minutes for surfaces that can tolerate stronger bleach solutions (e.g., cement, metal).

        SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: Filoviruses have been reported capable to survive for weeks in blood and can also survive on contaminated surfaces, particularly at low temperatures (4°C).

        One study could not recover any Ebolavirus from experimentally contaminated surfaces (plastic, metal or glass) at room temperature.

        • Question for the scientsts about the info in Calgulga’s post.

          Does the temp info mean that a domestic steam cleaner could sterilise surfaces. I’m thinking if we go into lockdown then things like jars/cans/packets of food before opening, external door handles, parcels etc, etc. Even maybe our outdoor shoes and coats before coming into the home.

          Some items & surfaces can be quickly and easily steam cleaned that are hard to bleach, hence my query.

      48. Doctor dons Ebola protection suit to protest CDC


        “Dr. Gil Mobley checked in and cleared airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, “CDC is lying!”

        “If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent,” said Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo.”

      49. The Prophet speaks! So, the Zombies are on the loose. Shoot them on sight. And don’t stop until they’re all really dead.

        • T.P.
          Don’t bury them burn them.

      50. Thomas Eric Duncan!!! TED!!!!!! The Forum BIll Gates talked on about reducing Population with VACCINES!!!!!

      51. I have a hunch that the reason they won’t cut air travel in and out of West Africa is so that new screening procedures(ie. control) can be instigated. Watch for a lost of more privacy to gain a more perceived security. Our citizens will be begging them to do something shortly and they will oblige.

      52. Not sure if we should believe the latest figures from Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation on Facebook but they are saying that since they kicked the US out, they have no new cases of ebola.

        birdflu666 at wordpress dot com has these statements:





        • Calgagus,

          If true, that’s extraordinary! Mind-blowing in terms of the implications.

          • Free Slave, Implications hell! Looks to me like a guilty verdict could go down pre trial dont it?

            Last week I went to that facebook page and saw that some people were asking about their numbers being off. So who knows. If you want to get the facebook link just go to that wordpress blog and look for the artical. I aint a facebook fan but its one of the only ways that the public can get info from far away.

            Stay safe. I have a comment in moderation w/ good ebola info from Canada so watch for that one. I sent that off to relatives who live w/ there heads in the sand and they wrote back and said they were doing a big shopping order today. So I wrote back and told them about masks and gloves too. They got city water so I told them to prep w/ the idea that there aint clean water. Ill be surprised if they aint overwhelmed by tonight.

      53. The Prophet speaks! More bad news. ISIS massing fighters just 1 mile outside of Baghdad. Get ready for that Saigon moment. Also, the stock market is still tanking. What more could go wrong?

        • T.P.
          They have also moved very close a city in

      54. Doctor Boards Atlanta Flight In HazMat Suit To Protest “Lying CDC”

        “If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent,” said Dr. Gil Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo. as he checked in and cleared Atlanta airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, “CDC is lying!”

        As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Mobley says the CDC is “sugar-coating” the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.

        A Missouri doctor Thursday morning boarded a plane at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport dressed in full protection gear to protest what he called mismanagement of the crisis by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

        Dr. Gil Mobley checked in and cleared airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, “CDC is lying!”

        “If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent,” said Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo.

        Mobley said the CDC is “sugar-coating” the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.

        “For them to say last week that the likelihood of importing an Ebola case was extremely small was a real bad call,” he said.

        “Once this disease consumes every third world country, as surely it will, because they lack the same basic infrastructure as Sierra Leone and Liberia, at that point, we will be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis,” Mobley predicted. “That will overwhelm any advanced country’s ability to contain the clusters in isolation and quarantine. That spells bad news.”

        Mobley, a Medical College of Georgia graduate who had an overnight layover after flying to Atlanta from Guatemala on Wednesday…

        “Yesterday, I came through international customs at the Atlanta airport,” the doctor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The only question they asked arriving passengers is if they had tobacco or alcohol.”

      55. repost from Avianflutalk
        hat tip Jacksdad

        “I’m watching CNN right now, and Anderson Cooper is talking about the woman who shared an apartment with Thomas Duncan as he fell ill. She’s been quarantined in her home with three other people that were also potentially exposed, and the bed that Duncan slept on still has the sheets and pillows he used, and she put the towels he cleaned himself up with in a plastic bag because nobody from the CDC gave her any indication as to what to do. The CDC said they would check on her every day, but nobody has shown up today, and she’s waiting for food which the Red Cross was supposed to bring. Someone gave her some bleach, and she’s been left to clean the apartment up herself.

        think the .gov is on top of this ???

        HA HA HA

        think again

        your life depends on it

      56. How to spread Ebola for $1,800

        Uncle Sam has spent the past decade and a half frightening you out of your basic rights. He listens in on your phone calls… he practically takes naked pictures of you at the airport… and he’ll tell you he’s doing it for ONE reason.

        We are fighting the most frightening undeclared war in American history.

        There are terrorist cells in every corner of the world — even sleeper cells right here in America — just waiting for an opportunity to create the next 9/11.

        Or something worse.

        But there’s a new terror hitting American soil, and it’s our own politicians unleashing the carnage. Countless American lives may be at stake right now, thanks to the single greatest risk to your safety — and your life.

        Political correctness.

        Ebola, one of the most gruesome deaths on the planet, is burning like a brushfire through Africa — and it’s now reached America. The same global health officials who claimed the disease was “contained” now admit it may infect 1.4 million people worldwide… and counting.

        Just days ago, our president stood before the United Nations and declared Ebola an urgent national security threat. So why the heck isn’t he halting flights from infected regions of Africa to the United States?

        The truth is, he’s jeopardizing your life so he doesn’t have to hurt some Third World politician’s feelings.

        And the damage has already been done. Right now we have a confirmed Ebola case in Dallas, and it appears the patient recently arrived from Africa. We don’t know if this patient has infected others — but there’s no doubt a travel ban could have prevented the whole ordeal.

        But you don’t need some accidental tourist to bring Ebola into America. Any terrorist with $2,000 to spend could do the job.

        Did you know you can book a flight from Freetown, Sierra Leone to JFK for just $1,800? Right now. You could be spreading Ebola across America in less than a day’s travel time.

        And if you think this is a bridge too far for the ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists of the world… if you don’t think they’d attempt this kind of suicide mission… remind yourself that these are the same crazies who strap bombs to their chests.

        Except an Ebola outbreak would be much more terrifying.

        While Obama is acting like the top rooster on the world stage, you and I are sitting ducks. Your safety… right now… is in the hands of Third World airport security and America’s porous borders.

        Contact your elected officials today and DEMAND that we halt all air travel between America and nations infected with Ebola. Because it’s high time we stopped protecting foreign politicians’ feelings — and started protecting Americans instead.

        • It was never going to end well: allowing untrammeled movement from the impoverished countries of the world to the first world without any health checks. AIDS spread like wildfire this way; drug-resilient TB has done this; and many other health threats have also made their way across borders. While the border guard will snatch the orange you bought for a snack from your hands so that you do not infect a farm, they will wave somebody through who is HIV positive but does not know it.

        • your comments are spot on ‘cept for the condescension when you use “Third World”. we and our politics were created by the “First World” many times over and its all part of what the “First World” wants in order to remain ‘superior’and controlling. Obadman doesn’t need to play up to our so-called leaders, its all part of the Zogs plan. Condescending memes perpetuate division among the earths inhabitants and so fulfils the desires of those who are REALLY in control right now(well so it seems anyhoo)

      57. What people forget is that the gooberment is being run by the Chicago DemoCrap Mafia ….

        What seems totally impossible and improbable in other areas of the country – is the norm for Chicago …. to this day disgraced & imprisoned ex-IL governor Blago admits to trying to sell the IL US senate seat – and the Chicago & State DemoCraps back him up 100% …. I’m sure Obammy is in that corner ….

        You put Obammy together with unlimited resources like a CIA Black Ops team …. turn them loose …. anything is possible …. they have been involved in corrupting & bringing down foreign gooberments for decades ….

      58. You can bet all your PM’s that a vaccine/cure is in the hands and already in the butt checks of the elite for Ebola and anything else out there. These A$$ Wipes could care less about the common people/slaves, but their day is coming for sure. Be safe and prepare.

      59. Just in time for the elections. If you can not make it an election booth, call this number to place your votes, which won’t be counted and will all go to someother person.

        Now that is the american way.

        Because of the ebola threat the election has been cancelled, because we care about you.. sure

        I can see one of these coming true, if not bofem.

      60. There was a massive plague that hit Europe right at the end of the Roman Empire. The plague finished off the empire. Remember, that the national sin of America is very similar to that of Rome’s at the end.
        It is very important that you build your immune system. The warnings are out there that diseases are coming with no cure. You need your immune system built up to resist what is coming.

        I believe as the time grows closer for the Day of the LORD, the pestilences will arise. So, before the Lord comes for His bride there might be horrible pandemics spreading across the earth. You need your immune system strong to resist this pestilence, and you need to get right with God.

      61. ONLY IN TEXAS !!!!

        President Barack Obummer was in the Oval Office when his telephone rang.

        “Hello, President Obummer.” a heavily accented southern voice said. “This is Archie, down here at Goliad Texas . I am callin’ to tell ya’ll that we are officially declaring war on ya!”

        “Well Archie,”Obummer replied, “This is indeed important news! How big is your army?

        “Right now,” said Archie, after a moments calculation “there’s myself, my cousin Harold, my next-door-neighbor Randy, and the whole dart team from Hooters. That makes eight!”

        Obummer paused. “I must tell you Archie that I have one million men in my army waiting to move on my command.”

        “Wow,” said Archie. “I’ll have to call ya back!”

        Sure enough, the next day, Archie called again. “Mr. Obama, the war is still on! We have managed to acquire some infantry equipment!”

        “And what equipment would that be Archie?” Obummer asked.

        “Well sir, we have two combines, a bulldozer, and Harry’s John Deere tractor.”

        President Obummer sighed. “I must tell you Archie, that I have16,000 tanks and14,000 armored personnel carriers. Also I’ve increased my army to one and a half million since we last spoke.”

        “Lord above,” said Archie, “I’ll be getting back to ya.”

        Sure enough, Archie rang again about twenty minutes later.. “President Obummer, the war is still on! We have managed to git ourselves airborne! We up an’ modified Harolds’s Piper Cub with a couple of shotguns in the cockpit, and four boys from down at the VFW have joined us as well!”

        Obummer was silent for a minute then cleared his throat. “I must tell you Archie that I have 10,000 bombers and 20,000 fighter planes. My military complex is surrounded by laser-guided, surface-to-air missile sites. And since we last spoke, I’ve increased my army to TWO MILLION!”

        “Well, now,” said Archie, “l’ll have to call you back.”
        Sure enough, Archie called again the next day. “President Obummer! I am sorry to have to tell you that we have had to call off this here war.”

        “I’m sorry to hear that.” said Obummer. “Why the sudden change of heart?”

        “Well, sir,” said Archie, “we’ve all sat ourselves down and had a long chat over a few beers, and come to realize that there’s just no way we can feed two million prisoners..”


      62. just heard on NPR news that they plan on suing the man who knowingly came back to the u.s with Ebola. It seems he lied on his questionnaire about if he had been in contact with anyone infected

      63. Just watched one of the Dallas patient’s relatives on TV say he had been visiting his sick and quarantined relatives. And now he was sitting in a TV studio on CNN. He broke the quarantine and then went on TV. I hope he contaminates all of CNN.

      64. I wonder about all the fuss and attention given to this Ebola mess. Yes, it is a terrible disease, but the reality is, Ebola kills a couple of thousand folks a year total. The common flu, in a weak year, kills about 500,000. Doctors in America kill over 200,000 Americans every year with misprescfibed or over prescribed medication. And that is just the reported cases.

        American police have killed almost as many Americans every year as Ebola kills worldwide. Drunk and sleepy drivers kill about 20,000 a year,so really, how dangerous is this Ebola threat?

        I don’t want my family getting it, but I don’t want them bit by rattlesnakes or struck by lightning or killed by terrorists either. And all of those have about equal chances.

        I worry these days more about what the other hand, the one not waving around the ball of flaming Ebola is doing, than I worry about the Ebola itself.

        • Scout…Better to be prepared the best we can than be sorry.One day they will drop the sure thing on us.

        • I think the issue isn’t that Ebola has only ever had maybe 400 people die in a given event (maybe not even that many), but this time it isn’t isolated to a given tiny village …. its in the big cities out-of-control, which makes this time …. different.

          They always stopped it before (in the very events when it has happened). But, now we have more than dead than the cumulative total of earlier events ….

      65. Have there been any ebola outbreaks in Russia or China?

      66. First, as someone mentioned above, THE GEORGIAN GUIDESTONES were changed by someone while cameras were turned OFF. The corner stone added to an empty space reads 20 on one side 14 on the other. Making many think this year is it! First tenet of One World Order’s plans #1 is depopulation, check it!
        The other thing is the massive spray campaign, chemtrails. Strange weather and with vaccines, the chemicals may be attacking our immune systems?

        birdflu666.wordpress. com is excellent at finding the dirt on the freaktoids weaponizing a deathly problem.

      67. The genie is out of the bottle. If this is a planned strike against the US public (you and me), then its a defcon 1 situation for us. No tyrant would release ebola into the general population unless it was a full-on attack. And the government is not screening inbound traffic from ebola-rich foreign countries, so my guess is this is a scripted move.

        Nano silver at 10nm is reported by DoD to kill the ebola virus. 1tsp every two hours. I posted a dosing protocol here: http://www.jerrywdavis.com/nano-silver-protocol-ebola/

        I also posted a recipe to make your own Silver Tea, and EPA documents that support the tea solution.

      68. In Liberia. ..that’s exactly what they are doing now a specialized team such as “hazmat” shows up for the dead and hauls them off to an unknown location for “encineration” regardless of the cause of death. Whether its a medical facility, street or home. They are not conducting autopsies or proper death record of those deceased. They simply come and take and leave. I know for a fact ALL governments work together in one way or another specially with “big” world affecting events. Such as 911 the gov. Already knew the attack would occur as they did with pearl harbor and they needed it to test the A bomb…sucks but it’s true. Can’t trust the gov or its affiliates they’re bunch of bulls shit liars. Specially our current Presidency.

      69. None of these twitter links even work. If they were going to weaponize a disease, Ebola would be a very poor choice.. I mean it is one of the least easily contageous. A superflu would be more effective. Ebola is completly dependent on a host. It has a VERY short life without a living host. Ebola has only mutated airborn once, and it weakened.. Mutations normally weaken the virus.
        You’ve been watching too many Dustin Hoffman Movies.

      70. Now their Twitter page has been deleted. Call me paranoid, but WTF!?

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