Report: Disaster Looms: FEMA Scrambles To Stockpile Food Reserves

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 435 comments


In recent years the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been regionalizing disaster supplies and rapidly procuring hundreds of millions of ready-to-eat meals, blankets, and body bags. Coupled with the Department of Homeland Security’s suspiciously massive purchases of ammunition, firearms, and riot gear, it is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. government is positioning itself in advance of an as of yet unknown widespread calamity.

The stockpiling of supplies often considered prepper staples has been occurring since at least 2008, and has increased in scope and velocity throughout the last several years. In fact, the government has been buying so many supplies and in such large amounts that shortages have affected the world’s leading manufacturers to the point they’ve been forced to suspend shipments to retail customers of survival foods and ammunition.

The efforts to stockpile supplies have not abated, despite the mainstream notion that we are experiencing an economic recovery and that relative peace exists throughout the world. In fact, it seems that FEMA and DHS are increasingly expanding their efforts. As evidenced in the report below, they are no longer just waiting for bids posted on the Federal Business Opportunities web site.

FEMA is now actively engaging businesses on the retail supply level, suggesting that whatever they are preparing for is imminent and may occur in short order:

Via and My Patriot Supply:

The owner of was contacted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by way of email, leading on that something is ready to pop off.

“Here we are, August 2013 and FEMA once again is trying to buy up large stockpiles of food. And they don’t want anyone to know it, and they want to take immediately delivery… I’ve studied history. That is what got me into preparedness in the first place. History has shown us time after time that those who depend on the government to come to their aid during a disaster are the ones waiting the longest for help. Sometimes help never comes…or comes too late.

I do not believe these critical emergency food supplies should be in the hands of the government, stored in some secret warehouse only to be brought out and distributed to their own agencies first,  with the rest of us getting table scraps long after we need it.

These life-saving meals belong in the hands of people like you and me. This is why I declined the opportunity to sell to the Department of Homeland Security. 

But let’s not forget the most important part of this: 

Why the sudden sense of urgency? What do they know that we do not?

I’m not one to cry that the sky is always falling, but when DHS/FEMA make a move to quietly buy up emergency food supplies and ask how much we can ship within 24 hours…I think this is far enough outside the realm of what is “normal” to beg some questions.

A snapshot of the email from FEMA has been made available below:


Granted, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is tasked with preparing America for unexpected, widespread emergencies, so having supplies should be their top priority. However, that they would be anxiously contacting retail suppliers of emergency food and equipment is highly suspect.

We know the U.S. government has been actively preparing for and simulating scenarios that include economic collapse and civil unrest with participants including everyone from the Pentagon to hybrid local law enforcement agencies.

For all intents and purposes the government of this country is engaging in activity that is, when applied to individual behavior, considered suspicious terroristic activity. They are doing everything their FBI bulletins say we as individual citizens should be reporting to police, including the bulk purchases of meals-ready-eat, ammunition, high capacity magazines, and firearms.

Though most Americans are ignorant of these facts, many of those who are aware of what the government has been doing dismiss this as completely normal. They believe that, should disaster strike, those supplies are being stockpiled for their benefit, never realizing that they will be the last in line when a true breakdown happens.

When Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast last year tens of thousands of people were left without homes and supplies. Where was FEMA? We’re not sure, but we do know that within 72 hours of the grid being down residents of New York and New Jersey were starving and rummaging through trash looking for scraps of food. Those who were lucky enough to find a FEMA shelter soon found out that the assistance being provided felt more like a concentration camp than a refugee center. We saw similar events unfold in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The bottom line is that these supplies and the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent by FEMA are not for us. They are being allocated for the elite members of society, not the average American on the ground.

For those who fail to prepare for long-term disaster situations, life will be horrific and unbearable, because, as noted by FEMA itself, government recovery assistance could take weeks or months.

They are preparing. For what? We can only speculate, but the evidence suggests it’s big and involves a potentially long-duration event.

When it hits the fan all bets are off and you’ll have only yourself, those close to you, and your community to keep you alive.

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    1. Unreconstructed Southron

      Maybe they’re just planning on having a big party.

      • Anonymous

        There are two possibilities:
        1) They want to put others (we the people) in panic mode.
        2) They are in panic mode and realize they don’t have enough themselves.

        Spent the past 8 days traveling Texas and found most of the people are prepping and glad to engage in conversation with like minded folks. Plenty of preppers out here in Texas.

        • Be informed

          What is so incredible that happens again and again, the government gets caught doing something that they can’t explain. Almost 2 billion rounds and now this. You know there are going to use this, and everything else they have bought up, it won’t just sit there.

          Let’s see now, after this happens, price tag should be quite steep for getting food from the government. First thing first, everyone will have to get their implant stuck in their forehead or hand. They will probably tattoo on some bar code also. Make everyone swear complete alligence for a box of crackers and some dehydrated soup. I can only imagine what a roll of toilet paper will cost.

          There is absolutely no reason for this to be happening. Why would the government be buying up survival supplies unless they are expecting something that will require it. My guess is the following order of likelihood is:

          1. War
          2. Terrorism, false flag or real
          3. Natural disaster(s)
          4. Super virus loose, on purpose or from nature
          5. Martial law excuse, too many reasons to mention
          6. Economic collapse
          7. Something from space, yes space
          8. Bizarro black swan event no one saw coming

          One thing we all know, the government is up to no good, as usual.

          • Merree

            Possible disasters? -Round up the usual suspects.

            • ed

              All I have to say is when TSHTF don’t say you weren’t warned.

              • John W.

                Big trouble coming with the bond market. If rates ratchet up to six percent or higher on the ten year then the interest cost alone on the federal debt will eat up every bit of taxes paid. Not to mention the disaster for car loans and the real estate market. What a mess they have made. Fuc-ing criminals.

                • Gravlore

                  Doesnt matter. The Fed’s can buy all the debt they want. The FR can pay the debt off and have it on its balance sheets forever. What difference does it make when money is not real anyhow? This however means they own the American peoples ass. That is until the American people get off their ass and do something about it.

                  The black swan is China going to a gold standard and tanking all unbacked currencies. The FR will need to go back to a gold standard as will everyone else.

              • seektruth

                Questions left unanswered…
                1. Why have no other “Prepper” retailers disclosed similar requests?
                2. Why obfuscate out the contact info/ email address of a public official?
                3. What would a govt professional start off an initial contact RFI email with “Matt” instead of “Mr. [insert last name here]”?

                My answers lead me to the conclusion that things sell better when consumers believe the supply will be limited in the near future. Remember those $700 AR-15’s selling for upwards of $2K a few short months ago…

                • john b

                  good call

                • Vicky

                  Plus, I’ve never seen a government invoice say “Let me know when you have the opportunity.” That’s not a recognized closing to a letter requesting information on anything.

                • Gods Creation

                  That email is what is known as a spoof, or phishing.

                  They don’t want food, they want information that will allow them to hack the site.

                  I get them all the time from idiots pretending to be Paypal as well as the IRS. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a package waiting for me to pick up from some some shipping company. I still have packages waiting for me at DHL and they went out of business years ago.

                  The owner of the site is an idiot if he does anything other than delete it. Oh, wait a minute. He sent a screenshot to Mac…

                  Tells me all I need to know.

              • mike prince

                I gave your blog Thumbs up;however When the TSHTF I must say ” I was not warned ” I will wait 2 hours in line for water, ect.
                Got to blend in.

              • c

                I don’t know what that letter is but it is not any kind of government order. The government contracts are so detailed it takes pages and pages for even simple orders. And they already know exactly what they want and the time table to get it or they could not write those contracts. This “how many can you send and how fast” stuff it NOT real. And why would they be asking a middle man? Why not order from the factory? That is how the government usually does it. I have seen food service orders and that is NOT it.
                I don’t know what this guy is peddling but ask him to show the actual contract. He won’t be able to do it.

                • alice

                  Perhaps they dont want to buy it, they just want to know how many lorries they need to pick it up ?

                • Morgan Rogers

                  I ran that address in the letter through the Look Up widget. It says that 395 E Street zip is NOT 20742. HOWEVER, if you just lookup “Cities by ZIP Code” for 20472, it says:

                  The preferred city in 20472 is…

                  WASHINGTON DC
                  To minimize delivery delays, use the preferred or acceptable city names for this ZIP Code™ rather than the following…

                  FED EMER MNGT AGNCY DC

                  Oh yeah… yikes.

                • b

                  Well I work for state govt entity and this type of inquiry from FEMA is totally plausible if they want to attempt to get from resources that they have not already tapped. An inquiry is not an order.

            • Matt

              Check out, great little stove to stash with your food. Simple and study. I really like it.

            • durango kidd

              FEMA is probably considering purchases using any extra money in its budget; or anticipate buying additional when the new budget account is allocated in October.

              It’s called disaster PLANNING.

          • OutWest

            I believe you’re mighty close, Be informed.
            Think how many loyal Obama supporters there
            are and how fast they would line up for the
            food and fame of being on the “winning side”.

            They would become a 150 million strong civilian
            task force for their lord and master Obama.
            Keeping their eyes peeled and their see something,
            say something mantra running through their heads,
            they would be scrutinizing preppers and survival
            folks like a duck on a junebug.

            • JayJay

              And to get food will require tattling on your neighbor??
              Think of the pointing fingers. 🙁

              Now, you know why I don’t talk to my neighbors about prepping food and supplies.

            • braveheart

              OutWest, all of those Obamanistas are just as vulnerable to malnutrition, dehydration, disease, war, etc. as anyone else in a post-SHTF scenario. Very few, if any, of the Obamanistas will survive what’s coming because their minds are the exact opposite of ours. They will lose bigger than s#$%! braveheart

              • OutWest


                Government chattel is as old as civilization
                itself. There are always those who will prostrate
                themselves in deference to perceived power.
                These are the remoras of government largess.

                • braveheart

                  OutWest, I agree but also never forget those who betray innocent people for no good reason are always vulnerable to revenge. “Accidents” do still happen on occasion. Let anyone target me without a legitimate basis for doing so and they will find out the hard way that there is a price to pay for being a snitch. braveheart

              • Yogi Beara

                Man, where do you come up with these ideas?

                Who stays up all night writing this drivel.

                Blame Obama he is socialist?
                Blame Obama he is a fascist?
                Blame Obama he is a Nazi?
                Blame Obama he is one of those minorities?

                Doesn’t this Blog ever get REAL for a Change?

                • clint

                  It does get real but 10 years ago none of us would ever be talking about getting guns banned on this large of a scale. if the dems were in congress ar-15’s would be banned now. If you dont pay for health insurance your fined and if dont pay you will owe backpay and penalties and if you miss those it will compound bigtime!! This has never happened like this!! Oh this is real and we are waking up, if you like whats going on then more power to you, but this king has done more damage with his lying cronies. Can’t you see this??

                • Frank

                  Sez clueless.

            • Seriously

              The only thing Be informed is close to is a freakin straight jacket.

              Batshit crazy.

              • braveheart

                Seriously, F#$% you to hell and back! Be Informed is one of the brightest lights in our community who provide a valuable service informing us all of seismic activity that can affect all of us, even trolls like you. If you don’t want to pay attention to credible information that can help you survive whatever life and mother nature throws at you, that is your own affair, but you don’t come on this site attacking the good people in this community. This is my community, F#$%ER, and I won’t stand for you attacking it. Go to MSM sites. i’m sure you’ll be more at home there and go f#$% yourself in the process! braveheart

                • clint

                  braveheart and be informed you guys know me as well, it’s probably someone being stupid to get a reaction out of us or someone who doesnt take this site serious and just likes to start shit on here but seriously don’t be serious on here, we seriously want to be serious with you serious, go have a drink my middle aged friend! If you don’t care then go find another site. We share our thoughts and help each other on here. We don’t always agree but we talk like adults and have fun on here a lot of times, but cutting people down does nothing ok. Be real on here. we try to be!!

                  Now to this food Fema order, why would fema be contacting them? I think maybe its to check to see what they may have ready if they needed it at a certain time. I think its just a check the bosses gave a bunch of people to contact these places to see what they have ready if needed. Thats what I think this is. Fema would already have its pick to get its stuff from from major food companies or businesses. What do you think? I don’t think this is anything to panic over.

                • BigB


                  You let him or her get to you on that one. Exactley what they wanted. My bet is that seriously is one of our own litle trolls using another name. You have a pure heart and a lot of wisdom. Ignore the ass. Plus BI aint no slouch when it comes to taking care of his or her self.


                • Yogi Beara

                  If there was ever any Real Information with creditable sources It would be worth reading.

                  The way this Blog is with no practical information and answers you could help in contributing useful knowledge.

                  Don’t worry after reading this drivel with inaccurate and idiotic information for a while I really enjoy the humor it presents.

              • OutWest

                Seriously— you have to be batshitting me

                You epitomize the result of Be informed
                casting pearls before swine, guano boy.
                You’re not in a class worthy enough for him
                to even look down on you.

                • Be informed

                  @ OutWest. I have my own personal troll, what do you think I should feed it? I think most trolls eats manure like dung beetles. Never expose them to sunlight or they turn to stone. They have to wear a bag over their face when seen by children as their ugliness is too much for kids to bear. My very own troll named seriously. Someone out there must really like me. 😉

                • REB

                  Seriously….hes just an example of someone who having nothing useful to contribute to the conversation feels compelled to tear down someone who does…in this case BI…cant imagine someone being so small and insecure that they find happiness in slandering others…keep doing your thing BI… 🙁

                • AnonLegion

                  wrong troll BI an internet troll is like a fishing troll not an under the bridge troll. Not sure you can feed fishing line…

              • Kulafarmer

                And you would be???
                Havent seen any meaningful contributions from you.

              • JRS

                Seriously…I don’t want to say you’re full of shit, since I am basically full of shit myself, but if you click on the “horrific and unbearable” link in Mac’s post above you will see a contribution from BI that has well over a hundred thousand reads. Must be some info there worth reading. Check it out.

          • Stevo

            Your so right, but now it’s getting so they’re past hiding and smoke and mirrors, they seem completely blatant and in your face with their progressive and socialistic agendas. I bet if I reviewed saul alynski tactics and
            cloward piven strategies- it would fit todays left wing progressive narratives to a tee.

            • Tom T

              I have reviewed both teachings and indeed they are in lock step. Obama didn’t teach the constitution he taught Aulinsky. There is a picture (I am sure most have seen it) of Obama with his sleeves rolled up writing on a chalk board. If you look at what is written on the board it is an illustration right out of “Rules For Radicals”. Aulinsky said “do not debate opposition, crush it, isolate them, portray them as fringe and radical elements. Did you ever think those who wanted our leaders to follow the constitution and spend only what you take in or less are considered radicals?
              Cloward and Pivin calls for spending the government into economic collapse (currently spendin $200 million per minute) and intentionally collapse it into a structured infrastructure government (FEMA / DHS ). Seems like both parties are following the book alright!

              • A Christian Man

                Well said Seriously speaking!

          • patientmomma

            I work at a sleepy little military support facility in tn. In the past 5 weeks the number of “parked” military vehicles has tripled. Two weeks ago, 12 tanker trailers arrived, last week, Humvees, and this week I saw them off loading what looked like personnel carriers mixed with more Humvees. This base has no need for this number of vehicles unless it is used as a staging center for when something.

            • BadAmerican


              Hi. Can you send some pics to Mac, so he can post ’em?

              …be safe….stay the course…BA.

            • braveheart

              Patientmomma, what part of TN are you referring to? I’ve been on the lookout for similar things in my area, but nothing so far. braveheart

              • patientmomma

                Braveheart, North of you in Memphis, Millington.

                • braveheart

                  Patientmomma, are you referring to Millington Naval Support Activity which used to be a Naval Air Station? I’ll drive around there when I get a chance. braveheart

                • SWIFT

                  Wow! I haven’t heard the name “Millington” in decades. As a Marine, that is where I took my initial helicopter training.

            • seektruth


              Ever consider it might be Army Reserve or National Guard units performing their required two week annual training (AT)? Summer is when most AT’s take place.

            • drclean

              In Fredericksburg Virginia,,the National Guard off of rt 1, the lot usually had 8-10 vehicles in it, now the lot is so full of mean looking personal carriers that you would be hard pressed to get another one in it..what is that all about?

            • durango kidd

              CND: WE are in the “seven years of plenty” now. Food, water, and supplies ARE available for those who can afford them. For those who cannot, use your local food bank to accumulate what you can, as you can.

              Yes, the perfect storm is brewing but there is still time to prepare, prep, and adapt to the Changes that are coming. Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity and for every thing there is a season.

              The Age of the Gentiles is just about up! 🙂

              • Sigi

                Everything I am seeing says that either something hits us in the next 1-6 weeks or multiple other chickens come home to roost in 2014.

                Tomorrow is a new moon and it is also the end of Ramadan. Hmm I wonder why 19 embassies in the 10/40 window have closed for THIS week? I’d say be sure to deal with something this week while continuing to get ready for next year and multiple scenarios.

                As Ol Remus would say- stay away from crowds!

                • sean


            • REB

              And just like joseph did… this govt will feed you if you sell all you have including yourself to the king…govt isn’t interested in you or me,just they…best to be your own prophet and realize history and scripture is/has warned us to prepare…aint no one looking out for you other than you generally speaking!

            • John W.

              Shortest Arctic Summer on record. Instead of the average ninety day above freezing time period this years only lasted forty five before freezing temps returned. This may be a really nasty Winter. We shall see. Anyone notice the lack of tropical storms and tornados? Sign of global cooling.

          • Gonetoolong

            BI, Maybe I am a little late to the party with this, but in my profession we use atropine daily. I got an e-mail Friday that when there current stock is gone, they have no more in the foreseeable future. The atropine in the US comes from one manufacturer. Then it is labeled to match the outlet. The longest shelf life that they have on hand is Dec 2013. When it is gone it seems to be gone. Glycopyrrolate is also gone (as are many other drugs we used to use). However, both of these compounds could be used as treatment for various nerve agent exposure treatments. This is just me but it seems odd that we have nerve agent issues with Syria all in the news and now these facts. Could it be that someone is stockpiling just in case? Who knows. But it got me thinking.

            • homesteadr

              I used to work in a Hospice facility and we were always running out of Morphine, can you imagine? If the patents are expiring on these drugs, why isn’t our Gov allowing new drugs to take their place.

              • John W.

                Ever since the Feds stuck their noses in the drug business the supply has been constricted. Everything they touch gets damaged.

              • sixpack

                I’m not sure what you mean to ask: “If the patients are expiring on these drugs, why isn’t our Gov allowing new drugs to take their place”

                If you meant, why doesn’t the govt make sure there is something to ease the suffering of terminally ill people—well, consider the fact that opiates made into heroin is much more lucrative than when it is made into morphine. We already know the CIA literally runs the opium trade as well as the coca trade. In other words, illicit drugs funds more black ops than morphine…and the govt isn’t in the business of easing people’s suffering.

                • Shootit

                  It works sort of like this. I will use FREON as an example. FREON was selling for 89 cents a pound because it was simple to make and the patent had expired. DOW Chemical is not making any money on FREON. DOW lobbies the CORP. saying that FREON hurts the ozone. The CORP. outlaws FREON and oh by the way her is our ozone friendly solution R12. DOW now has the entire US market for refrigerant. DOW has the patent on R12 and sets the price at $25 a pound. One problem with the ozone/global warming scare. FREON is heavier than air and sinks to the ground. That’s right there is no way that FREON can effect the ozone layer.

                  CORP. and CORP. just scammed you and me.

                • Reynaldo

                  Also don’t forget that intentionally shorting supplies keeps the prices going up. They do the same thing with vaccines when they use the pandemic propaganda, making sure the media’s out there saying “Supplies are running low, so be sure to get yours today.”

            • Sigi

              Pair that with the sudden increase in prices for Doxycycline and similar drugs since January (due to shortages) when Doxy is used to combat anthrax among other things.

              An article published in June of this year by the ADA says, “Doxycycline manufacturers attribute the drug shortage to scarce raw materials and to supply and demand, although not all manufacturers could provide reasons for the shortage, the ASHP Drug Shortages Resource Center reported.”

              If this isn’t part of whatever is afoot, then is it is a bad coincidence.

              • Gonetoolong

                Doxy went from $55/bottle to $1500/bottle. We no longer use because customers can’t afford. Diazepam went from $29/box to $190/box when you can get it. Phenobarb also now up 800%. This has been going on for me over the past 4 years and seems to be getting worse by the month. Makes it hard on a small biz.

            • Be informed

              @ Gonetoolong. This is a terrible misleading bit of MSM rhetoric out there that poison gas will not be used because it takes so much to kill a large number of people. Outdoors this has some truth to it, indoors this could not be further from the truth. VX and sarin are terrible and it only takes 70 mg of sarin and 36 mg of VX inhaled per cubic meter of air to kill 1/2 of any person exposed to it. It takes 1000 mg of sarin and only 15 mg of VX for skin exposure per cubic meter of air to kill the same 1/2 of those exposed.

              Let’s say that a typical sports arena has about 200 meters long, 200 meters wide, and taller than most at 50 meters high. This would be 2,000,000 cubic meters of air space. It would take 72,000,000 mg of VX spread through some sort of air filtration system to kill up to 50% of the people inside. There is 1000 mg per gram, and 1000 grams per kilogram or 1,000,000 mg per kilogram. 72 kg or about 158 pounds of VX could kill 50% of the people. Out of a stadium with 20,000 people, this means up to 10,000 people could die with what would fit into about two standard oxygen tanks smuggled in. If the terrorists, likely Hezbollah were to use more VX there could be higher death rate. With sarin it would be 316 pounds or about 4 tanks worth. No one wants anyone to know this on the MSM, no way.

              These calculations are nothing but taking the LD 50 rate (lethal dosage) of the nerve agents that are available on wikipedia and many other sources and using basic math to calculate the amount of cubic air mass. When you plug in the figures it shows WHY there is a lack of atropine, because THEY know how deadly this crap is within closed spaces. A canister the size of a sports bottle could end many hundreds of innocent lives in smaller closed areas such as restaurants, movie theatres, malls, anywhere that people are crowded into where the outdoor air is not circulating. Israel during the intifada wars with the arab terrorists, the Israelis would throughly check anyone going into densely crowded indoor events for not only explosives but gas canisters on some terrorist.

              I can see with the massive amount of nerve gas in Syria why everyone should be real nervous about such an attack. VX also is one of the worst cleanups there is as it gets into the pores of everything on the ground and walls, even concrete. Imagine some terrorist using two tanks of this toxin and causing more than 3 times the amount of deaths or more than all of 9/11. Anyone that wants to see how small a gram, or 1000 mg, is just has to look at a typical vitamin capsule. This is how serious that these gases are.

              • Merree

                There are so many ways to kill large numbers of people. Some are heavier than air and will get people hiding below ground. Others can sweep through an enclosed group. Infections can hide and incubate allowing the person to infect others. There are so many things that could be used.

                Thus far our government has gotten away with using these agents in other countries but It is likely that the world will eventually tire of this and we will see attacks far worse than 9-11. I think of what happened to the German civilian population in the 1940s. It did not matter that someone did not vote for Hitler and was not a Nazi. They all were bombed and attacked equally and they all suffered.

                An interesting aside about diazepam (also known as Valium)which is included in military kits as an anticonvulsant. When I took disaster preparation training, we were told that they had a hard time keeping the military kits stocked with diazepam since people would sneak it out for recreational use. I wonder if anyone has ever come to regret that,

                • Them Guys

                  Thats how they got enough dead bodies to “claim” their “six” million now famous number. You can view actual black and white full size photos of Desdren Germany after it was Fire Bombed and a 2-3 million dead civilian germans numbers was added to WWII deaths.

                  The usa and england did dresden bombings After WWII officially ended. It got so hot that aluminum Plane wings went soft and began to bend or buckle and planes were not able to fly low for bombing runs. They flew way higher and bombed everything there. Dresden was where the innocnet civilians went for safty. usa and brit govnts Knew that. But did the destruction anyways to please their mutual zionist handlers.

                  Those photos show people burned black as coal and Stuck crawling on hands and knees trying to escape burning buildings, then getting trapped and Stuck in the melted Tar and Blacktop roads. Stuck in blactop up to their lower legs and wrists on hands and knees escapeing.

                  Once dead and especially burned beyond recognition, made it far eaiser to convince usa folks to believe that Six-Million number zionist owned newspapers keept stateing. Propaganda to the extreme.

              • Seriously

                @ Be Informed—

                You seem to have a lot of knowledge about death by chemical. Just another hobby or are you formulating a plan to do something you will regret?

              • Heirloominati

                The Steelers just announced this week additional restrictions on purses & small packs entering Heinz Field. The NFL must’ve got the memo…

            • fatty

              As soon as I saw you mention atropine being unavailable, nerve agent was my first thought before I could read the next sentence in your post.

              Thank you for this info.

          • Seriously


            are you freakin serious? Really? Are you serious?
            Or just nuts?

            I think I know, but tell me what YOU think.

            • braveheart

              Seriously, BI is always serious. Once again, go away and go f#$% yourself! braveheart

            • Merree

              Interesting thoughts. I find names and their implications fascinating to analyze.

              Serious=Sirius= Dog star

              of which Homer says in the Iliad:

              but an evil portent, bringing heat
              And fevers to suffering humanity.

              It was thought that Sirius made its appearance in August to cause the dogs to pant and over heat and develop rabies. Thus the Dog Days of Summer.

              Time to quarantine the rabid frothing at the mouth that is seriously taking place here.

          • sixpack

            …or they could be doing the same thing with food that they’re admittedly doing with ammo—simply keeping as much out of the hands of the common people as they can, while adding to the coffers of the elite.

            It’s a win-win situation…for them at least. They even get to ensure THEIR survival with TAX MONEY THEY ROBBED FROM US!

            It doesn’t get much better for them, than that.

            I’ve been looking at what they’re doing with WATER RIGHTS lately, and that isn’t working out to be in our best interests either. While we’re worrying about skin color and spying, they are sewing the resources up for themselves.

            It doesn’t get much better for them, than that…or much worse for us.

          • Braveheart

            Once again RIGHT on target BI. Pun intended this time. I LOVE your posts and scan SHTFplan just to comment on them. Keep up the good work. I sure feel sorry for anyone who crosses me, it will not end well for them.

            • Be informed

              @ Braveheart. Whether it is ncjo(k)e(r), finx, or the other wide variety of internet trolls, what they are to any web site is a liability. I really enjoyed what Merree said about the Sirius dog star, as the dog days of summer are about to end fairly soon. These internet trolls are such fools because they are interrupting a chain of thought that is aimed at getting to the answers to what is coming. These imbeciles should be taking notes for their butts that will be affected just like almost everyone else when SHTF. They say a fool, typical internet troll, will step off a cliff even though they have been warned about it, see it, feel the gravity of it, hear the rustling air below, and know it is a cliff.

            • Quotations from Braveheart

              Man this dude is so brave and strong and threatening and intelligent we should all follow him.

              Quotations from Braveheart:

              “Let anyone target me without a legitimate basis for doing so and they will find out the hard way that there is a price to pay for being a snitch”

              “if someone wants to make an issue of that, let them come on and see what happens to their stupid asses”

              “I won’t tell you how many fights I was forced into just to protect the supplies my wife and I purchased for ourselves”

              “Howdy, BI, and once again you’re on target”

              “Let them come to my place in the middle of the night and it won’t end well for them”

              “I experienced numerous other personal SHTFS but I was prepared for every one of them and survived them all. I was a prepper before the word was even invented and never regretted it for one minute”

              “ANYONE in government wants to make an issue of it, they do so at their own peril. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES”

              “Howdy, BI, and I’ll be looking forward to that article; I LOVE your articles”

              “BI, good morning, and once again you’re right on target [pun will be intended from this day forward]”

              “Howdy, BI, and once again you’re right on target [pun intended this time]”

              “I say. “Bring it on if you think you have what it takes and let’s see what the consequences will be for you.””

              “Let the bastards come on if they think they’re so bad!”

              “BI, AMEN! I’m with you all the way!”

              “Anyone who f#$%s with my community will pay a price for their action”

              “Howdy, BI, and once again you’re right on target [no pun intended]”

              “Don’t come to my place with bad intentions unless you want to have the “trayvon” done to you”

              “If someone else is stupid enough to try it, they’ll receive the “trayvon” treatment”

              “it’s time to do a “trayvon” to these animals out here”

              Seriously though, I love 95% of your posts… you just need to take a chill pill on the boastful talk and the hanging from BI’s balls bit. Other than that your all good and I’d “watch your six” anytime.

              • braveheart

                Quotations, thanks for the support. Everyone here knows my thoughts on these subjects and I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I refuse to live in fear of political correctness. i’m even more on edge now after the 2 home invasion attempts on my humble abode back in May. I’m “old school”. I don’t compromise on anything I believe in. To do so would be to open the door to God knows what kind of nightmares. braveheart

                • Vicky

                  You had TWO (2, II) invasions? Yikes! What did you do first, how did you handle it and how did it turn out. Hooray for you!

          • Man on the inside

            You forgot SHARKNATO!!!!!

          • Tucker

            I saw a video hosted by that was discussing a report that there are about 20 asteroids floating around in space that appear to be on the same trajectory path as that one that exploded over Russia about a year ago.

            Maybe the lying, criminal SOB’s have some inside information that they’re not sharing with the public and it is related to this asteroid story?

            Or, maybe the dumb bastards are planning to start WW3 by attacking Iran and they know the USA will wind up getting nuked by Russia and China?

        • BC

          August could be the pivotal month…..

          I’ve seen some chatter about the New Madrid fault and the possibility of a major quake soon. I’ve seen reports about a possible EMP (attack or solar). Nevertheless, People….if you are reading then you are some of the very few. WATER… you have to have it. I have 4 children. They will have ALL of my resources before I have them. Think about your Families. What does it hurt to obtain extra water or food supplies? You will use them anyway eventually. The “crazy” things I’ve read about DHS purchasing 2 Billion rounds of ammo and FEMA recently purchasing (or inquiring to purchase) K-rations and 140 million “under-water” body bags?!??? What the heck do the Feds expect to happen? SOMETHING is coming……I’ve seen more military helicopters in the last year than I have in my entire lifetime combined. I have so many photos and videos that I don’t have enough recording devices to keep them. Blackhawks and Chinooks fly over my house on a regular basis. There is no ammo to buy where I live. I’m always told “you just missed it, we had all kinds the other day”. Bull. I always thought I was a pretty reasonable dude over my adult lifetime, but something just doesn’t smell right. There is going to come a time that People will have to choose a side. “Who will you follow?” That is what you will hear……Or, “Where does your allegiance lie?”

          Islam is the Enemy of the World. Allah IS Satan. Look it up (not hard to find) Walid Shoebat can tell you.

          People, things are coming to a head. There is not much time left to prepare. The Church and Israel may be the two “Witnesses” mentioned in the Bible (I’ve read online). May God grant you the wisdom and knowledge so that you will know what to expect. I’m ashamed to say that I am not the Church-going man that I should be but I still SEE what is to come. We have disaster brewing.

          Love one another as God has loved you.

          • braveheart

            BC, welcome aboard, and you’re in the right kind of compsany. We all have the same concerns here. I’m only an hour’s drive from New Madrid. don’t worry about not being a church-going man. All of the churches these days are just as bogus as the day is long with their false message. The kind of people who pass for Christians today are totally misled and will only find out the hard way when it’s too late. braveheart

            • braveheart

              That should have been “company”, not “compsany”. I was typing a little too fast.

            • drclean

              now all churches,,,,just some of the most liberal ones. there are some that still stand on the truth.

            • Janice Greer

              Most people do not understand the difference between “Moral Law” and “Ceremonial Law”(Ceremonial Law being your religious services, court of law). Ceremonial law was not to replace moral law, it was the remedy to when Moral Law was broken. What is a remedy? A cure or treatment to a disease. What disease? Fallen man. No need to do Ceremonial Law if you follow One Law, Love your brother. One Law, One Word…. Love. Its not about a chip in your hand or head, its about having control over what your mind thinks or your actions. Actions derives motive of character. One should always ask before on acts “Does my actions put myself or others at risk”? This is a debt(slave system)(always has been)you need the deaf and blind(poor and ignorant) for this system to stay in place. Take the word understand(which means who authority you stand under). Its a word game. Learn their words(black law dictionary). Remember ignorance of the law is no excuse. People consent with silence because they do not know. Peace Brother

              • Janice Greer

                I would also like to add this, hate and fear are the biggest tools they use against us. Hate and fear keep people divided. I was born upside down in a backwards world, good thing I was dyslexic, made it easier to see past all the backwards stuff. I have today, I might not have tomorrow, so I hope to use my time that I have to make a difference in this world for my grand children. Peace

            • BC

              Thanks braveheart…..Molan Labe…

              Every man dies…..not every man really lives…………… Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • John W.

            Chinooks? The Marines got rid of them when the Ospreys came in. Don’t know about the Army and as I don’t go for rides out to ships anymore not sure about the Navy but most of the ones I rode on were USMC reserve tasked to the Navy.

          • Kulafarmer

            Excellent post BC
            Faith comes from within you, not from sitting in a congregation, dont be hard on yourself, thumbs up!

          • sheptical citizen

            I live in arkansas on the rock. Im located about 150 miles west of the new madrid. It has been raining evry day in NE ark for the past week. Not big volumes but slow steady soaking raain. The bottom land is saturated. If the new madrid went off now the liquifction would be greatly enhanced. A large quake could easly cause all the alluval plain from southern ill to new orleans to liquify and slide into the gulf. How big a tunsami would that cause? Any way we had a late spring. so my plantig was delayed. Ive been planting every year a small patch of indian corn from seed saved for 40 years. this year it was planted late. It just started tassellng last week. Its over 9 feet tall and all stalks have two large ears a lot have three ears and I seen one with five ears. Never before has this variety of corn grew this tall. Usually 6 feet with one small ear and a nubbin. With this rain & cool weather I should make a bumper crop. My wife states we have skipped a month that its not august weather its sept weather? My squash,cucumbers,watermellon ,cantalope, sweet potatoes & beans are doin great.The irish potatoes where a failure. The tomatoes have a lot of green fruit but it isnt ripening. Something is out of kilter the geese & ducks layed eggs all winter. My bantam hen,s are setting year round. I seen baby deer with spots in the fall & winter.Today all the livestock where acting funny.The cows every time they seen me came up and bawled like they wanted to be fed and there is plenty of grass. The billy goat jumped the fence and came up to the house stood on the porch and bleated like he was lost. And it was raining Goats hate rain they always get in the barn when its raining? All of the barn swallows have gone? I havent seen the roadrunner or kingfisher also. my dogs have been barking a lot also. I caught another chicken snake eatin geggs last friday nite 5 & 1/2 feet long! Eny Road time will tell? In not too worried about the bad thingsevl or misguided folks do. I really beliee Karma will let folks get whatever they deserve and deserve whatever they get.

            • drclean

              well said,Kulafarmer,,,our crops are about the same, I got things in late but we have a good harvest, the tomatoes are just starting to ripen, corn has been good, and potatoes good, still have sweet potatoes to harvest but they look good. we have one white potato that weighed 2.4 lb. and a lot of 1 lb. ones, cukes are coming in by the bucket full. now for a little rain,,,not too much though. have a good day.

              • Reynaldo

                I didn’t get hardly anything this year. Tomatoes all gone. Corn cobs all empty of kernels. But we seem to have the fattest deer I have ever seen.

            • quick

              I think your right – ‘Something out of kilter’

              I’m sure all remember the big quake and sunami in India a few years ago and the one in Japan.

              I read sceince reports after the 1st big earthquake and sunami – They said the earth shifted a few degrees on its axis — Read the same thing in sceince journals after the Japan earthquake.

              Now I’m no sceince scholar – but it appears to me if the earth shifted on its axis – weather patterns would change with the shift.

              Melting ice packs – few hail storms and no hurricanes to speak of so far this year.

              Dont get me wrong – I’m not complaining for lack of bad weather – It just appears weather patterns are changing.

            • Vicky

              Good article! We’ve noticed some really strange things, as well. Iron Weed has been blooming for a month, and it’s a fall flowering weed up here. We’ve had more rain than usual, but still not enough. Lost most of our corn crop to a wind storm, but what’s left is good. Cabbage is wonderful, tomatoes better than average, but the broccoli headed in less than a month and is flowering. This doesn’t happen until the end of September, usually, and I got it in late on top of that. The posts on our deck keep coming loose and get wobbly, no matter what we do. The rose hips on my antique roses are HUGE, and they’re forming very early. ?? Chickens are nervy, as are our dog and cats. Lots of chemical contrails and lots of small white airplanes flying low over the Village and our acreage. ???

          • Road Runner

            BC: are you fucking shitting me. Walid Shoebat is a shithead Zionist a complete fucking sellout of the truth. And look at the Green Thumbs you got. The people who read this and all your shit and endorse it are braindead and should be ashamed of themselves and will deserve the consequence. My Lord, when guys like you post it sends chills up my spine. Go pound sand you Zionist shills and wake up to the Truth. Actually your ignorance is devastating and no one on the site has taken you task. What an indictment! This is a shameful discourse that braveheart, kulafarmer wholeheartedly endorse. Three more Zionist shills have been outed. No wonder America is going tits up. I will tell you one thing all your prepping will do you no good if your a fucking lying sack of shit.

            • Road Runner

              Shoebat: An Israeli agent or a freelance Bernard Madoff ?

              We observe that it is nigh impossible for a freelance con-man to live such a lie as Shoebat has wrapped around himself; but trained agents of intelligence organization go lifetimes on invented identities and cooked up histories. They often tell dramatic lies that are so big and dramatic they can be remembered and are rarely challenged.

              Shoebat is exposed by a respected writers like Chris Hedges.

          • Road Runner

            BC: The Church and Israel the two witnesses…..of whoredoms and murder. By your words…justified or condemned!

            • Road Runner

              Go ahead you commie red thumb dipsticks. Believe the two witnesses are the Church and Israel. Your blood be on your own head. Go on believing that Walid Shoebat is just one good old Christian boy.

              • Anonymous

                roadrunner is being misled (lied to) by a “political system” NOT a religion whose founder was a nutjob pedophile. mohommed wanted to get rich, raise an army, and fulfill his sexual perversions with women and children. satan knew he would lose the war but wanted to take as many people with him as possible. This is why he is misleading the “muslim” (i.e. satan followers) to hell.

                There is only One Way. There is no other way…..

                Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Heaven…..the Only Way.

                “Stand firm to the end………..”

                • Road Runner

                  Can anyone explain this psychopathic post by this nutjob ‘anonymous? If so go for it! Sounds like some Jew or Zionist shill who dumped his brains in the toilet.
                  Road Runner.

        • tayronachan

          @Anon, Another interesting possibility is the following, start it at 2:30,
          As most of you know there has been talk of this solar max cycle being weaker than expected. That could lead to cooler temps world wide. Anyone hear of the Maunder Minimum (1645 to 1715)?

          • M

            How about the younger dryas, much more exciting.

        • Mary

          Yes, in Texas we are preparing and planning…. 🙂

      • DRD5508

        Been gone so long, forgot my name wasn’t on the reply ledger. The 8 days driving around Texas was a blast to hear others share their insights. TPTB haven’t fooled as many people as they think, even the younger ones.

        • sixpack

          I’ve been surfing the comments of a lot of articles on NSA spying, Snowden, the economic collapse and other related topics. I’ve spent hours reading comments, so I can speak for a large sampling. What I’m seeing is that almost ALL comments are aimed directly at govt bullshit. Almost nobody believes anything they see or hear from govt.

          I’ll summarize:

          1. Snowden is not a traitor and this usurping govt could actually take a few notes from Russia, all rhetoric aside.

          2. Most people commenting recognize the MSM is heaping propaganda on them and, have no problem debunking the crap in most of the articles as lies.

          3. THE GOVERNMENT LIES and nobody believes any of what it says about anything.

          4. People in general are on to the false flag issue and, don’t buy into it.

          5. A lot of people see the gun-grabbers for what they really are.

          6. Most people are mad-as-hell about the economy and believe this govt is really trying to break us.

          7. The majority of commenters see SWAT-style police tactics as over-the-top and unnecessary. In short, police are way too violent for their job description.

          8. Almost all commenters see MSM as a lying bunch of govt shills, especially

          9. They mostly see congress as a joke on the American people.

          10. People do not generally believe returning vets and christians are the enemy. They see the govt, especially obummer as the enemy.

          I just had to smile.

          • Emily

            There is a Global Travel Alert for Americans.
            Why is John McCain and Lindsey Graham over in Egypt,
            allegedly to solve the Egyptian crisis.
            Why can they travel, and everyone else cannot?
            This whole thing does not set right.
            Was this Al Qaeda chatter a set-up to see how the
            Government would respond?
            False Flag? A test run to see how high the U.S.
            would jump?? I just don’t know who to believe
            anymore, or who to trust. Except to trust my inner gut,
            and most of the people on this site.

            • Kulafarmer

              You for sure cant trust anything that has anything at all to do with government, especially the nonrepresentive representatives. They are like a bunch of leeches, good for nothing but sucking and not in a good way.
              MSM+ Govt = BULLSHIT

            • REB

              Maybe they will keep McCain and Lindsey and save us the trouble….

              • Them Guys

                Funny how DHS admits that over 1/2 prisoners at gitmo bay army jail are not charged with anything as zero has been found to charge em with! Yet They been held captive 12 yrs almost.

                Yet Wallid Shobatt(sp?) has Admited he used to be a full blown Jihadist terrorists, murdered many innocnets in several nations, Blew up folks with bombs etc…Yet he now “claims” hes seen the lights and has become a “Jewdeo Christian” and he gets to roam free across the usa, hang out with megga church pastors who have their Own private $80 million Jets courtsey as a “Gifted Jet” from Israel govnt in telaviv and NY fellow jew travelers.

                And to add iceing on that cake Wallid also gets several multi Million dollar Book deals as he steps off the plane when landing in usa!!!

                Can You say Wallid=Israel Mossad agent code named “Jewdeo Jihader Christian Zionist”….Here in usa to Decieve and delude other ignorant jewdeo christo zios…Hmmm Very fishy….Very…

      • The Hawk

        I heard from a very reliable source that US is looking to send troops to North Africa soon… lots of troops. They’re contacting companies to supply their needs while there…

        • JayJay

          Doesn’t the military have that under control BEFORE sending troops??
          Just seems a little ‘off’ if it happens that way.

          • The Hawk

            Yeah, the reason they’re locking things down now. I don’t want to mention what the supplies are, as it may be directly linked… but they’re necessities.

            • sixpack

              Why are you afraid to back up your assertion by providing specifics?

              • The Hawk

                Because it’s not my ass that would feel the repercussions… and I’m not willing to put that person in that situation…

          • John W.

            That military is gone. Now the big deal is gay rights and Muslim outreach.

        • PenCRNA

          My friends daughter (in anapolis) is dating a Marine. Fluent in Arabic. been in the ME many times and knows situational awareness and how to blend in. He’s on his way to egypt for “post graduate studies”. I call Bullsh!t. Especially when my son was told last year when he was notified he was being transferred to a black ops group that if they got sent out after he completed training that it would be in Africa. Hmmmmmm.

          • Facebook Page

            If it is your son in a Black Ops group. Why in the fuck do you post it here.

            What you don’t give a shit if now his op is blown and they cut his fucking head off.

            Stupid Motherfucker.

            • braveheart

              FBP, I understand the point you’re trying to make from the OPSEC perspective, but you could’ve gone easier on the lady. b raveheart

              • Facebook Page

                Brave heart. I beleive I was going easy. In a time of war allowing information like that out is treason and should be punished by death.

                I will say after calming down I remember who the poster was and should of said bullshit instead.

                But I stand with my original statement if it is true.

                And will add she may have just of either destroyed his career or got him chopped up into little pieces for a YouTube video.

                • braveheart

                  FBP, it’s OK. I totally agree with your point especially concerning OPSEC. PenCRNA, I wish your son the best and hope he survives whatever he’s going into. braveheart

                • Facebook Page

                  BH I see all the thumbs down and all I can think of is all the “people” that are not taking this serious. I receive thumbs down for the words but no one except you makes an effert to see her mistakes. BS or not many are more concerned with being “nice” instead of looking at what the statement she made means. No one read into it.

                  And you think we/you can get anyone to be engaged.

                  Survive its death. I still don’t see where you think we have a chance to save this mess.

                  Yes we should engage where we can but we should be putting our true effert in to surving what ever is coming.

                  Serious ?? Do you believe that we can pull together to do all that you wish. Because I do not and have chosen to Surve its death. Will that statement receive your wrath or understanding.

                  And for the haters I know most of the downs are just the haters of the PAGE. Think though what is above. If any of her BS was true she just got a family member killed.

                  Think all you say though before typing/posting/speaking/writing.

              • PenCRNA

                Thanks braveheart but that’s okay. Soon as I hit the send button I know I should not have posted that. But what to do? It’s too late to take it back. I get fired up over everything that is going on these days.

                That being said, there are dozens of groups around the world, and we are in and out of Africa and South America and God only knows where else all the time, or so rumor has it (from other sources) And who knows, maybe I’m making crap up, ya know? My point was Africa was supposedly an expected hotspot over a year ago.

                • Facebook Page

                  “Making crap up”.

                  Enough said. Now every post ever made by you should be called into question.

                • Seriously

                  Sorry PENCRNA you ARE full of shit. “Black Ops” operators don’t tell ANYONE what they are doing, or where they are going………..EVER…….. that’s first of all.

                  Or maybe your son is just a dildo swabbing decks and wants to be a ninja.

                • Sigi

                  FWIW, Africa is a big place (a whole continent) and has seen many a hotspot my entire lifetime; from Biafra to Benghazi and beyond! There is no doubt about how hot Egypt is right now. I know a person who was being considered for civilian security work in Africa 3-4 years ago (he works stateside instead) so it’s not surprising that Africa was being discussed as a potential hot spot just last year.

                • JayJay

                  Pen, I doubt if Al Qaeda is reading this. Anyhow, Africa is a pretty big place!!

                • Facebook Page

                  Jay Jay Someone out there is. Like His Bosses.

                  And in the end it was just a story. I wonder about all her other stories now.

                  Maybe she telling stories like the Big E does.

                • REB

                  Ya we gotta be careful what we say…that said Im not gonna critic you…hope your son is okay…that said I will add that back in the day when I was in the surplus/survival business and did a lot of outfitting men and women for deployments…many of them I knew well mind you, some of them told me what was up and I kept my mouth shut…most times Id have what they told me confirmed later my some means…and not many of em were youngsters who just talked too much…most were older guys who knew me and trusted me…knew I distrusted this govicorp and wanted me to know what was going on …so the idea that what you said just had to be a lie aint absolutely so…Ive no reason at this point to doubt you…call it the benefit of the doubt 🙂

          • 82nd airborne.

            Believe me if your son were in black ops he sure as hell wouldn’t tell you a f#%&king thing. And if he did and his team mates found out he would be out in a new York second.

          • John W.

            If it’s a black ops group how come you know about it? Better yet why did he tell you anything. Need to know and all that shit no one cares about anymore.

          • Tucker

            A ‘black ops’ group going to Africa to receive additional training?

            Now, that sounds like a punch line for a really funny joke.

          • Anonymous

            Interesting you should mention this. I know a person who is just out of the service, but they sent him last week to some training in a desert state….they aren’t letting him go home….this is NOT good…

        • Reynaldo

          The US has “obtained” millions of acres of land in North Africa for Monsanto who is going to cover it in their GMO and experimental crops outside the purview of the US, the EU, and South America. Why do you think we needed to collapse Libya? We need their port to transfer out the tons of toxic crops for Monsanto. The troops will be their to keep the Africans from burning the fields down because they do not want that toxic crap on their continent. Just like we’re keeping the Taliban away from the poppy fields in Afghanistan.

          • REB

            As per my most recent info(07) the US(corporations) has access to 1 million acres in Sudan…next door to libya…where did you get your info as to “millions” of acres for Monsanto experiments? I hate Monsanto and the govicorp with a passion as most here know…I keep up on a lot of issues relating to farms and food and food politics are a mainstay of my daily consumption…if this is correct then I want to track it down…as it stands right now I cant find any info to collaborate this…got any links? Thanks!

      • Connor Kenway

        That’s what I was thinking Southron, maybe like a “red wedding” straight out of Game of Thrones…..only we patriots are to be playing the part of King Rob and his mother.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Oh, I’m sure they’ve already got firm bookings for their “entertainment.”

      • Ordinary Average Guy

        More like bait for the trap….but what happens after the hungry show up for help is anyone’s guess…my guesses generally tend toward the worst case scenario.

      • scott

        They could just roast Janet, she could feed lots of people.

      • ZZAT90




        • ILmom

          I buy whole loins and can it.

          • drclean

            whole loins are 1.99 a pound here,,,we can it also in a presure cooker…will keep for years.

        • Sigi

          I’ve noticed rising meat prices in general.

          Canning, jerking, dehydrating amd freezing are all ways to perserve meats for stockpiling. Be sure to get some non-iodized salt for curing and brining.

          • VA Patriot

            As long as your not jerking while your canning!

            • John W.

              That’s the secret seasoning. That’s where they get pulled pork.

        • Mountain Trekker

          ZZAT’s right, bacon was 3.50 a lb. and now it’s $5.00, now they try and fool us buy putting it in 12 OZ packs. Kinda like coke with 20 can cartons. Trekker Out. Talkin Way To Much.

          • sixpack

            Most welfare recipients can count to 24, but fewer can tell you how many ounces are supposed to be in a pound. That’s a fact I recently learned.

            • sixpack

              …er, that’s a fact I recently learned about welfare recipients, not weights and measures…

              • Mountain Trekker

                sixpack, sometimes the way we word thing can be more humorous than when we try to be funny. And then when we selfinterpt it only tends to accent what we said”lol”–Trekker Out.

                • sixpack

                  I know.

          • Charley Waite

            Saw a watermelon today at the market for $8.99. What the hell?

        • Ender

          Your caps lock key is malfunctioning.

        • armed citizen

          I just got one on the hoof, cute little piglet. he’ll be tasty about feb.

        • lower40

          Spam ? good for the life of the can just sayin

      • marylander

        Yes, and not grab bag door prizes

      • jayjay

        Yeh! A Killer Bash.

    2. apache54

      One would like to think with all the seeming leaks someone would be talking about what it is THEY are prepping for, we know what WE are prepping for, BUT is it the same??

      • troll killer

        this is a bull shit e mail

        the Govt does not really want food from the civilian market there just testing the waters to see if a company can deliver large quans fast.

        then they will use the info to shut down any Prepper Food company ” See there all whack jobs we told you Mr Obama”

        and then he decides that ALL PREPPERS are up too no good and need to have all there food and guns taken away.

        i have already heard from a liberal how all Preppers are selfish and should be jailed for Hoarding food so that the POOR cant have any.

        were bad people we wont share Blah Blah Blah
        ( Sarc on)
        i offered to share my ammo one round at a time LOL
        ( sarc off )

        Troll Killer

        • hammerhead

          @troll killer ,
          i agree , when i read this my first thought was that FEMA wasnt buyin anything , they are fishing for information on the size of the company and their general stance on government. now they are on an anti government hit list .
          but the point of the article is still factual, the US government is stockpiling supplies , and tellin us not to worry . I’M WORRIED .

          • braveheart

            Hammerhead and Troll Killer, DHS/FEMA have been stockpiling even before Katrina and then they’re going to tell us that if we stockpile we’ll be regarded as terrorists? The feds can go f#$% themselves! I’ve been a prepper going back to the 70s and don’t apologize to anyone for it. if someone wants to make an issue of that, let them come on and see what happens to their stupid asses. braveheart

            • Duh

              We can see your “name” at the top of your post. Why do so many here feel the need to “sign off” on the bottom of every damn thing they write here?

              • Outlaw

                I personally like the sign off, as often times I will not pay attention to an unknown to me poster until I read his post. I hate scrolling back up to catch the poster name if it is a long post and informational. After a few times of reading a good post from someone their name tips me off and I pay more attention when I see it at the beginning.

                • Outlaw

                  Or reverse, auto-scroll past, if I do not generally enjoy the poster’s contributions.

            • MadMarkie

              @ braveheart –

              Google or Bing D.U.M.B, for deep underground military base. You have absolutely no idea of just how extensive these complexes are and what all they have stored down there. Some of these places are reasonably pleasant small city type of installations, just way underground or deep inside an old mine or inside a mountain.

              Our beloved government has spent literally ‘bizillions’ of our tax $ building these places….. but I still haven’t received an invitation for me or my family. Kind of got to guess that the PTB doesn’t feel that we rate one.

              Got your invitation yet??? Not to worry though, probably just delayed in the mail system someplace. sure to be here within a day or two at most.

              Keep watching the 10 year T bill interest rates boys & girls; they were 2.66% just last week and headed for 3% soon. The Fed can’t print fast enough to keep those interest rates down for much longer. If they were to hit 7% – 8%? It is doubtful that the US Govt. could even service the interest on our national debt. And then there are a couple of trillion $ of those ever pesky interest rate related derivatives.

              And just think ….. we get ring-side seats to the show!

              • braveheart

                MadMarkie, thanks, but I have researched the d.u.m.b.’s previously. I saw a couple of youtube videos taken from inside the cab of an 18-wheeler in one of these bases and it just took my breath away, but like you said, our tax dollars at work. braveheart

              • John W.

                Only thing that will help us is all the new domestic oil production if the dollar loses its’ reserve status.

        • Sookie sookie

          Agreed that it is BS. Gov’t doesn’t do business this way.

          No rfp?
          No nutrient breakdown requested?
          No caloric requirements listed?
          Poor grammar in the email?

          Please. To top it all off, the source hasn’t proven most credible in the past.

        • sixpack

          I did think it was odd, that the govt would approach any company with “Patriot” in their name for supposed business props, especially since it’s also a specific key word they use to look for companies to harass with the IRS. If they loathe Patriots so much, why offer them profits? Doesn’t make sense to me.

        • Ordinary Average Guy

          “i have already heard from a liberal how all Preppers are selfish and should be jailed for Hoarding food so that the POOR cant have any.”

          If they are that poor they can’t afford to (or won’t) prep anyway…that logic is flawed from the getgo.

      • marylander

        The media isn’t likely to mutter a word…We know their joint mindset to keep the public in the dark

    3. peter parker

      Remember, water is your first priority. Water that is safe to drink, purified. And of course food is next. Ensure you have enough good water to drink first. PP

      • Mountain Trekker

        This may sound like a stupid question, but does anyone know what the shelf life of bleach might be. Might be a good item to stock up on. Trekker Out.

        • ben

          the item to purchase is pool shock its concentrated powder bleach.

          • TXRNGER

            With pool shock you can turn your pool into drinking water and reservers. Very smart…

          • DRD5508

            keep it dry and out of the heat it’ll last for years.

            Mountain Trekker, almost all bleach comes in plastic. If that is what you have, keep it, the bleach, at a constant your storage facility.

          • Mountain Trekker

            ben, I have saw this mentioned many times on this and other sites. And I personally know nothing about it. Just wondering what type of container it comes in, and how is it stored, and what kind of a shelf life does it have. Will it draw moisture if stored in a basement or under the house. One good thing about bleach, is it is fairly cheap and can be stored about anywhere in it’s own jug. Trekker Out.

            • Chip

              comes in one pound plastic bags. the bags will deteriorate over time due to the chlorine so best to get it into something else non-corrosive…

            • CrabbeNebulae

              @MT… You cannot store bleach in its own container for long term without ruining your floor or cabinet, or the bottom/top of wherever you put the bleach container. Whether or not the bleach deteriorates over the long term is a different issue, but the plastic bleach container will biodegrade and the bleach will seep/leak out and eat a hole in your floor or ruin whatever it comes in contact with. I found out about that the hard way and have several holes in my floor. One on the front porch, two in my shed and one in my food storage room. Transfer the bleach to glass bottles as soon as is practical after you purchase it. (Or buy powdered bleach tablets) Again, I’m not pushing Carlo Rossi wine but the glass gallon jugs it comes in are great bleach storage containers. They have an old fashioned style glass ring handle at the neck and the plastic cap from large bleach containers fit the Carlo Rossi bottles. I use them for bleach, used motor oil, kerosene as well as other things. Just saying.

              • Sigi

                Buy Rossi’s burgundy and make boeuf bourguignon if you aren’t a drinker. I LOVE it and it transforms lean/ cheap cuts into a satisfying meal.

            • hammerhead

              trekker , look closer into the bleach shelf life , i know it loses efectiveness with age because it has such a high water content.
              pool shock comes in granular form , usually in small bags and i think it would last alot longer.
              i read a good article about it awhile back , but dont remember where .
              maybe MAC should do a water purification article ?

            • GRITS

              Bleach does not have a very long shelf life. Maybe 2-3 years at the most. However, the containers don’t last that long. I had bought up about a dozen bottles and have had 4 bottles leak. That is not a mess you want to deal with.

              • John W.

                If the SHTF for real most will be dead in two or three years. Bleach shelf life will be one of the minor worries.

        • Anonymous

          It’s my understanding that household bleach starts to “separate” after six months. You should be able to research this on internet and get authoritative info.

          In regard to the Homeland Security memo on emergency food supplies….these people who work at this level for large bureaucracies are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. They are order followers and not independent thinkers. The food on their table depends on them doing what they’re told, day in and day out. However, the date on the memo suggests that it might, maybe, perhaps, possibly be connected to the current ongoing terrorist threat that has the MSM updating almost hourly. Supposedly, the primary target area is the Middle East and our embassies, so the food supplies would not benefit our embassy staffs, who would simply be evacuated.

          This food supplies thing, if it’s legit and not an exercise to see how fast supplies can actually be acquired were they needed, strongly implies needs within the U.S.

          This story could use more fleshing out, such as the food supplies owner’s previous experience with this “Matt” person in Homeland Security.

          But the wording of the memo is typical, put-it-together-fast-and-get-it-out bureaucratic stuff.

          The whole problem is, though, that Obama and his people are hardcore communists and communists remain strong users of disinformation and deceit to accomplish their goals. So, it’s entirely possible that the whole thing is a provocation for websites and target audiences exactly like this one, just to get people riled up.

        • BOHICA1

          I’ve read bleach is good for 6 months tops. better to invest in poolshock tablets (calcium hypochlorite). I bought a box for 20 dollars that can purify up to 20000 gallons of water

          • Chickenlegs

            I’m glad you mentioned its proper chemical name as calcium hypochlorite (70%). White blood cells called neutrophils produce it as an anti-bacterial,fungal and viral biocide. I had severe prostate problems and this chemical compound has removed all symptoms for the last year ( I place it in size OO gel capsules) You won’t get big pharma talking about it for obvious reasons. Look up miracle mineral 2 for further info.

        • JayJay

          4-6 months.

          • JayJay

            4-6 months and will add.
            It takes lots of precious space, will get old, and might leak.
            Why bother??

            • JayJay

              1 $4 bag of CH will purify 10,000 gallons of sick water.
              Directions are easy:
              1 to 2, then 2 to 1..easy to remember.
              Add 1 level tsp of CH to a 2 liter of clean water to make the solution.
              Then add 2 tsp of that solution to a 1 gallon of dirty water to purify it.

              1 to 2, then 2 to 1.
              Preparation: Keep the 2 liter, the gallon jug, the tsp in a canvas bag always ready for use(with directions written on the plastic jug).
              Only prepare a 2 liter amt of solution at one time–it has a shelf life like bleach when diluted.
              Your welcome!! 🙂

              • Connor Kenway

                Awesome info to have JayJay, thanks much!!

              • Mountain Trekker

                Thanks JayJay and all who responded. I’ll definitely make a hard copy of these directions for using CH. I have a crawl space which has a chat base, so I’ll store some bottles of bleach, which won’t damage anything if they leak and also get some Pool Shock. If the “Schumer Hits The Fan” pure water will be our main concern. Trekker Out.

              • two2wisper

                Thanks JayJay

              • sixpack

                I’ve got to add some pool shock to my preps.

                • Facebook Page

                  Buy 2 10 Packs of Pool shock and then seal them in a 3 Gallon Bucket.
                  Perfect fit.

              • JayJay

                Calcium Hypochorite, not Sodium, and companies recommend leaving in the vinyl plastic bag is the best storage for long term.

        • Barn Cat

          It’s about 6 months. I googled it awhile back.

          • sixpack

            …never relay on govt-run google for anything but passing your data to the NSA.

        • z-71

          M/T got it in my notes somewhere, think maybe about 2yrs for full strength not sure but you can make your own from pool shock the formula is easy to find and the pool shock itself will store for a long time. Just Google home made bleach you can make a swimming pool safe to drink for a few bucks.

        • InsanityIsContagious

          Mountain Trekker — Bottle liquid bleach lasts less than a year. Powdered bleach (pool shock, etc) has a shelf life of approximately 10 years, but once you mix with water, the shelf life becomes less than a year (every month, the potency goes down percentage-wise)

        • Closet Prepper

          Bleach is only good 6-9 months bought from the store. The only way you guarantee a good supply for water is Calcium Hypocholorite(pool shock) which is stable indefinitely as long as its stored in air tight, cool, dark area. There are recipes on the internet for disinfection purposes(cleaning) but if you have a 25 pound bucket of calcium hypochlorite at proper concentrations,it will treat 250k gallons of water. Also be sure that you dont buy the junk that has herbicides/fungicides in it. You will hurt yourself and others possibly pooping for weeks. Good Luck!

        • sixpack

          bleach will store for longer than you’ll probably need to store it.

        • Stickman

          I wondered the same thing about bleach and heard it starts breaking down after a year. I learned that storing pool shock in powder form containing calcium hypochlorite is the way to go. You can’t use just any kind of pool shock though. You mix a ratio of calcium hypochlorite with water and then use THAT to mix with water to be purified. Can’t remember what the ratios are but a web search can guide you. A pound of calcium hypochlorite is around $5 and I think can treat upwards of 20,000 gallons of water if i’m not mistaken.

      • Barn Cat

        If you can, it’s best to have a well on your property that you can work with a hand pump. We don’t have that but we have 1500 gallons stored in our basement. It’s going to become a very dangerous world when it hits the fan. Much too dangerous to walk a couple of miles every day to get water and bring it back home.

    4. Tactical

      If they ask for a permanent / daily delivery of Domino Pizza then it is time to run. I am just sick and tired of these scare tactics…..if any Government wants emergency food they will get it if they already don’t have it. The main question is if they approached all of the suppliers or just

    5. California Resident

      Just like with the ammunition sales all going to the government at the expense of the citizen, these long-term food storage companies could halt this nonsense by simply refusing to sell to FEMA or any other government agency.

      Wouldn’t that be a bitch?

      • Barn Cat

        Do you think they could get away with that? It would be very, very simple to coerce anybody to do business with the government. Just threaten their wife or their kids. Somebody refuses to do business with the government. Agents show up. Pull out pictures of the guy’s kids. “You’re son will die of a heroin overdose if you don’t cooperate.” Your daughter is really pretty. It would be real shame if something bad happened to her, wouldn’t it?”

        • DRD5508

          Barn, scary thoughts but most likely true. How else have they turned so many elected reps to vote against anti-constitutional bills?

          • Barn Cat

            You can only imagine what blackmail info the NSA has found.

            • Outlaw


            • 10% Off

              It’s easy when the politicians are all corrupt anyway! Not too hard to find their “secrets” when the crap ends up on the front page….Weiner, Cuomo, Filner….Should I go on?

            • drclean

              It caused the General to resign didn’t it?

          • sixpack


        • Tucker

          I’m wondering if the evil SOBs who’ve hijacked our government and who’re trying to dry up the ammunition supplies available to the public might not also be pulling the same maneuver with regards to the survival food and other supplies that preppers would need?

      • JAS

        Personally, I don’t think they really want to buy it right now. They are just trying to get a handle on how much these companies keep on hand and when they need it, they will just take it by executive order. The executive order is already in place to allow them to confiscate anything they need in the best interest of the country. If things get really bad, they just take over the plant and start running it themselves.

        • JayJay

          JAS..I think like you. Definitely getting information to chart their maps.

        • z-71

          JAS Why would the Gov. need to make calls to all these co.’s to find out what there capable of doing when the IRS has everything from what they buy to make a product to how much or many they produce and sell with there tax info they have to produce every yr.? Maybe I’m the dumb one?

      • DRD5508

        Cali and Barn, there is something that could be happening. Towards the end of any fiscal year (30 Sept.), many government agencies find they have addition funds and go on a spending spree. They do this so as not to turn back the money/funds which if returned are then subtracted from the new fiscal budget. No agency wants to receive less funding. During the first 2 quarters, the agencies will cry how then need more funding.
        Does FEMA need what they are buying? As with ammo, it could very well be the dumping of funds to validate their present funding amounts.
        Dumping and theft are unaccounted ways of showing increased needs by the departments. Theft? Inter agency bartering.

        • Merree

          That is true. Every year from July to September 30 government agencies go all out to spend every dime they have in their accounts. If they do not spend it by September 30, they will lose it and that amount will also be subtracted from future annual budgets. Some of the government departments go crazy buying stuff, even things they may never use.

      • dave in Id

        Be prepared for a PRICE INCREASE. Fear Porn. MRE’s are not cost effective.

        • sixpack

          No they’re not cost effective, but I keep a 7 day supply in my BOB.

    6. ScoutMotto

      I already have close to two years of food for myself. Doing a little math:

      – If my nephew were to move in to help protect the place, that food cuts in half, enough for us both for a year.

      – If his 8yo daughter moves in, that cuts the food down to perhaps 8-9 months.

      – Add some charity in there, and we might have enough for 7-8 months between the three of us.

      In my thinking, the more food that can be stored, the better for all involved.

      • Dick


        Your plan is my plan.
        I have folks I know that are half heartedly prepping that are important to me.
        They are family or friends and have skills that I believe are beneficial.
        It will hit my stockpile but if you can’t protect what you have or lose the ones that make life worthwhile then prepping is useless the way I see it..
        I also agree about warnings on water.
        The predators will congregate near fresh water just like in the wild.


        • ScoutMotto

          I wonder if we also somehow have to look hungry like everyone else, perhaps forage out now and then in search of a bread line to visit now and then, so folks see us as they are.

          • Anonymous

            @ScoutMotto… That’s why I grew a long scraggly beard and wear old dirty worn looking clothes when I’m out and about. I wouldn’t want others to think I have a nice well supplied larder.

            • Sigi

              My stuff’s wearing out naturally thanks to the economy. I come by it honestly 😉

            • RedRex

              Yuupp A, and i play dumber than a bag of rocks !!

          • InsanityIsContagious

            yeah, in times of hardship, you don’t wanna be the fattest guy on the block

          • sixpack

            keep some old clothes on hand, that are about 3 sizes too big for you. Put your smaller kids in the bigger ones clothes. I have some smock-type simple dresses that are several sizes too big for me. I’ve taken them in to fit loosely. I’ll let them out as I go, to make it appear as though I’m losing weight (in the same dress). It only takes about 20 minutes to run a seam down the back of a simple dress, BY HAND.

            • sixpack

              I got the dresses at the goodwill for $2 each, because they’re not very fashionable…who cares, as long as you avoid having to kill someone over your preps?

              • Facebook Page

                That is a fantastic idea.

            • Facebook Page

              Add some dark color to the face and some smell.

              Even if you just go out to give a show once and awhile it would be good to calm the neighbors if you are still in an area where they are that close.

              Sixpack you have given me some serious camo ideas. Oh crap more work.

              • sixpack

                I’m sure you’re up to the task, FBP.

                • Facebook Page

                  No serious we have been at this for a long time.

                  And I am thinking of a call idea. Clothes that are let out left unwashed. Worn when neighbors public looking. Some ash makeup. And some fart spray cans. Not joke meant.

                  This would allow even travel to city for recon or whatever easier on an ongoing basis. Keep a old car looking old.

                • Them Guys

                  My neighbor has Two Great Danes, he says he will barter with you FP. Trade him one can beans, and he will allow you to Roll around in his yard after the dogs are done. He says you will have a smell that nobody will come within 100 ft of you. All for a single small can of beans trade off!

                • sixpack

                  Guys, I don’t know if I’d worry about adding “smell” to your costume, once TSHTF, everybody’s noses will no longer be accustomed to the perfumery we’re used to anyway—plus, most people, especially hard-working guys, can just fore go the deodorant for a day or two and that should be enough.

                  It sounds like some people think they’ll be living almost normally, but I don’t…I’ll go into “reserving resources mode” almost immediately. I won’t be dressing up, putting on makeup and spiffing up the house with all the endust and carpet deodorizers I normally use.

                  At some point, “clean” will be redefined and a lot of the civilized “fluff” will become unnecessary for survival, right along with the ipad and car wax and tire brite.

      • JayJay

        Scout Motto–In respect to charity, I filled rice into cleaned, thoroughly dried 2 liter bottles.
        They stack nicely laying down on their sides buffered in between 2 cases of canned food.
        Cheap rice, donated 2 liters.

        • ScoutMotto

          Good idea, Jay. Thanks.

        • just sayin

          Freeze all rice, beans, sugar, pasta first. It will kill the larva that IS in it. Heard you need to freeze it for 3 days. I do it for a week and that is generally because I put it in when I get home from the store and then next week when I put the next batch in I find it and thaw it out. After it is Room Temp then put it in whatever storage container you’ve got. It takes a lot of worry out.

          Wife’s gluten intolerant and I’ve managed to freeze and store for her (just a little but…) Anyway, she purchased some GF breakfast food and had been eating it then it got shoved to the back of the shelf. She pulled it out after a couple months (Probably more like 4) and said it didn’t look right. I took a gander and it was crawling with little worms…. Sure they are extra protein but the food I’ve frozen and stored is still like new… no bugs m’lady…

    7. unknown suspect

      I work for a company in the region of this country. We’re a major wholesaler for guns, ammunition, camping gear, etc. DHS or fema has not contacted us. Sounds like a BS story to me.

      • oUCH

        Agree 100%. Business is not done in this way.

      • TXRNGER

        You may not have what THEY require. Never disregard a story until the facts are known.

        • 10% Off

          Maybe the guy is a prepper himself and is using a “work” email to throw around some clout. Just a thought… He could have a big ass bunker of his own to fill. I trust no one but family any longer (really never did). Any theory is possible at this point.

          Take care everyone and thank you for the priceless information!

          • drclean

            you are exactly right,,,and sometimes you have to be careful of family.

    8. CPB

      Maybe its past time for a secret warehouse/storage facility game called, find the supplies!!!

      • patientmomma

        Most prepper stores are resellers. If the govt wants stuff they will go to the places that actually do the freeze-drying, dehydrating, pack 100 pd bags of wheat and other grains.

        • InsanityIsContagious

          could this be a ploy to up his retail sales?…interesting theory – spread panic to preppers and watch sales go up.

          • ScoutMotto

            I doubt it, myself.

    9. braveheart

      There is no question that another govt.-engineered false flag is coming. What do the feds know that we don’t? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Everyone get everything you can now while there is still some time left. I’m still doing the same. braveheart

      • Sigi

        False flag or not, ’tis the season for something to happen.

    10. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      I think i speak for most of us here when I say “fuck FEMA!” Most of the folks who view this site know what’s going on in the world, and have prepared as best as we can. It’s the rest of the zombies that will walk in lockstep to the FEMA camps and beg like dogs for a bottle of water and a can of soup. Or worse yet, the zombies that come to my home (or your home) in hopes of looting and stealing. Stay frosty, my friends.

      • braveheart

        7 3/4 tinfoil hat, I’m with you all the way. I do all of my prepping by myself and I buy supplies, equipment, weapons, etc. with my own hard-earned money and no one else’s. F#$% FEMA and all of the rest of the feds! I don’t give up anything of mine to anyone. I do for myself. Anyone who refuses to listen and do for themselves is a damned fool and will pay dearly for their attitude when the time comes. braveheart

    11. Barn Cat

      After the collapse the federal government will supply key personnel, full government agencies like DHS, the US military, and who knows how many foreign soldiers that are already here. That’s likely to be 5 million people or more. I’m sure they’re not going to feed very many people in the FEMA camps. They may use the FEMA camps to find useful people with the right ideological makeup but that’s about it. The UN’s Agenda 21 fits right in with the government’s plans for genocide. They want to depopulate the world from 7 billion to 500 million. In other words, they want to kill 13 out of every 14 people.

      • Peter Parker

        Isn’t it time to mention that Wednesday (the seventh) is the new moon?

      • Sierra Dave

        Funny thing about that depopulation thing. America is like only 5% of the world population. If we have half die off. That’s still 97.5% to go.

        Where is the main die-off’s going to come from? Has to be China, India, and Africa. They have the bulk of the population.

        The EU is 460 million or so. Another few drops in the bucket.

        • Tucker

          Did anyone see that recent Time Magazine cover where the owners of that publication were trying to promote the idea that White married couples should not have children?

          Always the same pattern. The anti-White agenda, and White genocide agenda that is constantly and relentlessly being pushed by the tribe who owns and controls our mainstream media. They’re getting so blatant and brazen with it these days, that anyone who still can’t notice what’s going on has to be a complete idiot.

          Oh, and what is even more curious about it – is that, if one were to contrast the successes and productivity levels between White Western European nations and these grotesquely over populated third world non-white nations, one would have to ask: “Why are these evil SOBs working so hard to destroy and eliminate the race of people who have produced so much and ignoring the vastly more populated third world hell holes?”

          Would a football head coach want to put his entire first string on the bench and then play the Super Bowl with his entire third string? What sense would that make?

          • Them Guys

            Tucker: Found this at incogman dot net website wirh time magaz article etc.

            By Kevin MacDonald

            Writing in Time, Joe Klein presents the view that it is necessary to import millions of non-Whites as a cure for “our poisonous biracial era

            Yes, we are nearing the promised land of racial harmony that will be possible only when those evil Whites are a minority. Not surprisingly, Klein looks forward eagerly to a non-White majority America:

            This is not the 1980s; race isn’t the issue it was 30 years ago. It isn’t binary–black and white–anymore. It’s a kaleidoscope now: Latinos outnumber blacks in the American population, healthy dollops of South and East Asians add to the mix, and the prospect of a nonwhite majority is just around the bend.

            The logic is quite familiar—the same logic that has motivated generations of Jewish activists advocating non-White immigration in order to make it safer for Jews. People like Klein pose as moral paragons when their logic is nothing more than self-interested ethnic hardball: Demographically swamp White America so that the political power of Whites declines, making the rise of an anti-Jewish movement among Whites much more difficult. Recall Jewish sociologist Earl Raab on the Jewish role in promoting non-White immigration:

            ARTICLE Continued at www dot incogman dot net

    12. ayermedic

      I don’t see where in the E-mail they indicate some near term situation is about to “pop off”. They, I am sure are probably always looking through what means they could source food for any large scale crisis. Since this would be long term storage type stuff that would make sense to have plenty on hand stored for such a situation. I don’t know that we can definetly say this is an indicator of some short term situation. I suppose if other indicators start rising to our attention then this might be viewed as a piece of the puzzle.
      I am sure that to this group there will be no suprise that the future looks sketchy for many reasons. Either way “Big Brother” run by “Big Sis” has to be prepared at there level for such national situations as earthquake, hurricaine, etc.
      Either way we will just watch and see where this goes. Thanx for the info.

      • InsanityIsContagious

        What concerns me is their intent to invade Syria — that will probably set off WIII. Conversely, China is getting bolder and bolder every day…China Sea is a real hot spot.

    13. oUCH

      I saw this “report” and reported email from another source about a week ago.. I discount it fully. The reason is that the Supplier contacted is fully identified. Horse Hockey. No business owner would divulge such information as it would automatically disqualify them from future bidding if the customer became aware of it.. and there is no way Fema is not aware of this if it’s real.

      While I do not discount that this is occurring, I do discount this report.. we don’t need to “fluff” up facts.. the naked facts alone are plenty scary for me.

      I’m not aware of any Gov. Agency nor private company for that matter, that would request a quotation like this in the absence of an NDA.. standard business practice.

      • BlueH20

        What’s with the “3 servings 3x/day per person”? Is that similar to some dog kennels, where they overfeed the confined animals to counteract depression?

        My thought is that some idiot intern or even part-time staffer was researching sources in order to present their assigned report to a boss.

        I try to keep informed on commodities. Can someone in the elevator or processing end of things explain why spot price on corn is below (actually way below) $5/bu in August, just before harvest? IIRC, sometime in the past few months someone mentioned that the elevators were stuffed to the brim. I know farmers get below spot and processors pay above. I would just think that any grain would be higher than normal just before the next harvest.

        I also wonder if My Patriot Supply is trying to drum up business. I am getting a lot of !SALE! ads from the suppliers I normally deal with. OTOH, maybe the other suppliers aren’t talking, have provided the requested information and this is just an initial inquiry preparatory to a formal order? In my business, it is common to first receive a query as to production availability, turn time, lead time, et al, before receiving an actual order.

        Our own preps got majorly out of hand, threatening to overrun our available space. We had about 1 1/2-2 years supply. 8 months ago we began to go beyond rotation, restocking less of conventionally processed food than we were consuming. This helped out the current bottom line immensely. Plans are to restock over the Fall.

        We have a huge crop of tomatoes on the vine and are actively using up our supply of dried and frozen sauce from 2011, which was a bumper crop year. 2 years is just about the limit of shelf life, we have found, for dehydrated tomatoes. They begin to lose flavor after that. Watching the weather closely, though, since all the signs point to an early frost. Coupled with a late date for planting, we won’t start seeing ripe fruit, except for the miniatures, until Labor Day.

        Those growing container plants in the Upper Midwest might want to make shelter plans that include some extra overnight heat, just in case of continued cool weather. Your crops are doing nothing at all overnight when temps are below 56 degrees. Gardeners might want to think about nighttime covers, as well. You won’t be able to get any off-vine ripening in tomatoes that haven’t reached breaker stage: already showing a bit of pink. We’ve had these cool summers before, so we know this from experience.

        • Mountain Trekker

          BlueH20, as I use to farm some when I lived in Mo. I wondered the same thing, although I was small time, I think the reason prices are low ahead of the harvest is due to the fact that many big farmer, which is about all there is anymore, now have storage. So prices come down, because farmers can’t continue to hold on to their stored grain because they will need the space for the new harvest. May or maynot be the reason, just my thoughts. Trekker Out.

          • BlueH20

            That’s sort of what I was thinking, too, Trek. But, every facet of an industry can differ, so I thought I’s throw it out there.

        • LSB

          Don’t ever toss out those green tomatoes. If you individually wrap each one in newspaper, then store them for awhile, they will ripen.

          • JayJay

            LSB–that’s a sin in this part of the country.
            Green tomato relish!:-)

          • BlueH20

            @LSB: If those ‘maters aren’t showing at least some yellowish-pink (breaker stage), they will rot before they ripen and the taste is weak.

            Yah, relish and pickles are an option, but I personally prefer red ripe tomatoes to dehydrate and turn into sauce.

          • CrabbeNebulae

            You are sooo right! Never discard green tomatoes. Green tomato casserole is awesome! Cook it similar to eggplant Parmesan

            • JayJay

              Oh, we had fried pattypan squash tonight.
              Do the same with green tomatoes.
              Slice 1/4 through egg/buttermilk mixture and then through a bowl of cornmeal.
              Fry in deep pan skillet and um-um-um-um-um!!!
              Heaven has fried green tomatoes and fried pattypan squash!!

        • JayJay

          *** 2 years is just about the limit of shelf life, we have found, for dehydrated tomatoes***
          Do you mind sharing if they are ziploked, frozen, or vacuum packed in mason jars??
          Thanks from a newbie dehydrator.
          Last night–bananas.

          • LSB

            Today I went to town to get gas and had to explain to the young fella pumping what was in all the containers I had in the car. Cookie sheets loaded with multi-colored peppers, some green onions, parsley. They were spread out all over the car – seats, floor. It gets so hot here that they dehydrate real nicely in the car. And the best part is that it is free.

          • wrong

            We dehydrate ours and then seal them in vacuum packed mason jars. They seem fine for cooking after many years. We like to cut the cherry tomatoes in half, sprinkle a tad of garlic salt on them and then dry. They are delicious! Like gummy tomatoes. Lots of flavor!!!! Don’t know how long these last cause my wife eats em all!

            • JayJay

              Years? That is a great fact to learn.

          • BlueH20

            Dried to brittle and packed in zips with reused silica gel desiccators that I get free and re-dry in a 170 degree oven. Don’t dehydrate beyond a nice red color. If they get too dark, they will have a caramelized flavor, ie: burnt.

            The bananas and apples just get eaten too quickly, so I have no idea of their shelf life. I’d guess about the same though. We prefer a little granulated sugar on the apples. There is a recipe on the web for oven dried apples with confectioners sugar. Very tasty. Once a bag is opened, it is gone quickly. They are that good.

            Vacuum packed should extend the shelf life. We freeze sauce that has been cooked down to a very thick consistency, placed in a quart freezer zip w/all the air squeezed out and frozen on a cookie sheet so they are thin and flat. They stack nicely. Food Saver would work, but it is tricky with liquids, so we stick to the freezer zips. We try to cook down to 1/4 of original volume for this, to save space. Sometimes have to add liquid back in when using this sauce. If a tomato sauce/product is too thin, rehydrate a few dried ones and puree to paste consistency, then add back in to whatever needs thickened.

            We neither peel nor seed, but some folks can’t handle the roughage, so it’s an individual choice.

            • JayJay


        • JRS

          Blue…Thanks for the tomato tips.

          We got inundated with rain in June, after the first tomatoes set. Then 2 weeks of hot weather. 2 weeks fairly normal. Now it is like early fall. Early blight is once again setting in.

          Anyway, after it rained so much I noticed a lack of pollinators and the blossoms stopped setting fruit. In fact, I did not see a honeybee until the giant sunflowers bloomed. Then only half a dozen or so. No bugs hardly.

          I had to start hand pollinating the tomatoes and they are again setting fruit. I hope they ripen up or we will be sick of fried green tomatoes. I like tomato pickles JayJay but we still have a bunch from last year.

          • BlueH20

            @JRS: Meant to reply to you earlier and got called away.

            Tomatoes, corn and beans and squash are New World plants They are wind pollinated. The problem you had was likely hormonal due to the heavy rains washing away nutrients right at the time the plants needed them to set fruit. Or the rains could have just washed off the pollen or made it too heavy to be air-borne. Think of the plants at that time being like a pregnant mother, with specific hormonal and nutritional needs. There is a plant hormone out there in the garden and farm stores. Haven’t had to use it, but I think it is called Blossom Set.

            There are lots of other pollinators besides Honey Bees. I have even read that there is a worm that can pollinate pumpkins.

            The cooler temps have kept the bugs down. July was pretty dry, too and that also contributed. Except for the danged gnats! And the cure for that is vanilla extract or Absorbine, Jr., depending on how you want to smell. Just dab it on the forehead, your hair, neck, arms and it keeps ’em away. Use it on the dogs, too, around the base of their ears and around the base of their tail.

            • JRS

              I was thinking that they didn’t pollinate with the rain and stagnant air. By “hand pollinating” I mean I just flick the blossom stem as I go through the rows to release the pollen since the pollen doesn’t have to be spread plant to plant. Not sure if this works or not but it is an “old wives” tale that may have some merit.

        • Barn Cat

          That 3 servings 3x a day doesn’t make sense. If you’re making MRE’s you could have one meal of chili. You could have another one that’s like a TV dinner with meat, a vegetable, and some instant potatoes. Breakfast could be one serving of oatmeal or it could bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes.

          • BlueH20

            @Barn Cat: I asked that question, too and then I got to thinking about it. We older folks don’t eat that much, nor do women and young kids. 3 servings/meal 3x/day sounds like teenagers, young men and someone doing heavy physical labor. So, maybe they are looking for food for military or first responders?

    14. VRF

      It could also be to drive prices up, just like they did with ammo

      • Barn Cat

        Not drive prices up but to keep other people from getting what they need.

        • VRF

          yep, that too

    15. TXRNGER

      I just hope all of you have your supplies. 1-2 year if at all possible. Something’s not right here. FEMA/DHS never uses resourses such as this unless they have drained the well. Prepare…..

    16. MadAtchew

      Prepping is priority one…
      but they’ve got me so broke I can hardly pay attention…

      Their nefarious plans are working.

      Thank God I’ve been in survival mode since 2005, but the reality is, “they” truly have the screws to us regarding disposable income. Beans, Bullets and Bandaids are getting my milk money while it seems more and more like my mortgage is the “disposable income”. What a crappy feeling…I had more jingle in my pocket working part time back in college than I do now as a “once-upon-a-time” successful self-employed prodigy. What a bumper!

      And to think…I’m eating canned BPA again because the dates tell me so…and there’s something wrong with the fact that I’m already dipping into my stash just to survive TODAY.

      • st.augustine

        I’ve got some of those out of date cans also,I’m not afraid to consume them cause I make my own collial silver and when warming a can of new england clam chowder I pour a little in the mix and I’m still pretty.
        I was eating C-rations in nam made in 1945 and yes my wife of 40yrs, says;you got it,I’m still pretty,ha ha!!!!

      • Sigi

        I hear ya. We’re using up the late dated stuff and I used evaporated milk to get by until we can visit the food place again. I’m loathe to actually start on the dehydrated eggs, but for us survivial is now. Thankfully we bought a cheap dozen of eggs instead and it didn’t break the budget.

    17. Mountain Trekker

      Sunday afternoon after Church, I went to Wal Mart which is 80 miles away to do monthly shopping, and I’m not insinuating that there was any panic buying, but the shelves were empty of many items. I know that the Indians get their checks on the first of the month, so I’m sure that was part of the reason so many items were gone, but point being, It just impressed upon me how quickly the stores would go empty in a emergency situation. And just for example, a couple of items that were gone, was most brands of coffee and believe it or not, of all things there was no Spam. I know Spam may not be alot of peoples favorite, but it was just a thought since it is a long term canned meat. Trekker Out.

      • BlueH20

        Trekker, in my area, WM restocks on Mondays. Shopping on Sunday always means partially empty shelves.

      • Them Guys

        As A Good American I wish to help DHS in Locating the recently escaped 1000 Alciada prisoners we heard of.

        I suggest DHS and Hobammys whitehouse assistants simply Issue the next weeks pay checks to those missing alciada persons. Then have the paycheck issuers aka mossad-cia, check the Banks the terrorists cash said checks at!

        Bingo! Found! 1000 escapees who operate for and by their handlers and trainers and suppliers at cia/mosad HQ.

        My main delema is…Are them escapee terrorists the ones our Military are fighting against in Afgan or Iraq? Or is it the group of same alciada usa is funding and giving weaponery to in Syria?

        And while patroits worry of fema requests etc…Sheboon and Bammyboy continue their several times weekly massive parties at the whitehouse, with a usual 1000+ party goers, dineing on $150 per LB Kolbi Steaks from Japan, with Chefs Flown in from 2000 Miles away from DC, because Mrs. Sheeboony prefers Chefs able to prepare Fried Chitlins with her Watermelon Din Din.

      • Barn Cat

        The thing I always think about is the availability of kerosene heaters in winter. I live near a city of 70,000 where you can buy kerosene at the pump at the farm supply store. But if you count all the kerosene heaters in all the stores I’m sure there’s not even 50 available in the whole city. If there was a major winter storm coming with freezing rain that would knock out power for the whole area very few people would be ready for it.

      • sixpack

        Personally, I love fried spam sandwiches.

        • Tucker

          Ever try using fried slices of spam on a hot dog bun and then putting chili over it? A spam-chili-dog?

          Don’t forget the mustard and Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

          And, a very cold beer.

        • dave in Id

          @ sixpack…. You, my friend will survive… unless you tour the spam manufacturing plant. then your a gonner.

          • sixpack

            dave in ID—if it ever comes down to having to eat unsavory or “odd” items to survive, I’ll have a much more robust menu than a lot of people will. You’re right, as long as I don’t get caught in a fire fight (and lose), I will make it out the other side…mad as hell, but I’ll make it.

    18. Man on the inside

      I work for a different part of DHS. I am also on the FEMA Surge team. They are in place to “backstop” FEMA during large events. They also have FEMA reserve personal. These are citizens who also help out FEMA on an as needed basis (think FEMA National Guard). I worked the hurricane Sandy event. THERE WERE NO FRIKING FEMA CAMPS!!! The National Guard of each state and the Salvation Army run these disaster centers. FEMA can barely handle what they have. This is why they have FEMA reserve and Surge teams. I worked the entire New York sector and I can tell you there were no secret camps. Most of the people we meet were thanking us for the help they got. Please stop with the FEMA camp crap. I have literally driven to the supposed camps (eight of the sites claimed) in the Pacific Northwest. Guess what… no dam camp. Now as far as them buying up supplies: They may or may not know something is up. I love the fact that some manufacturers are now refusing to do business with the new “Hoarders” (AKA the US government). If their business model can support this AWESOME! I think that someone some were knows a S*#T storm is coming and they are hoping to be ahead of it. Insurance companies and Governments worldwide also know that natural disasters that effect people are on the rise. This is part of their planning cycle to mitigate risk and cost. As for the article … not quite sure this is on the level. Grammatical errors in the email “… for immediately delivery….” And other issues make me think this is suspect. That being said we have all seen what went on with Mountain House and multiple ammo manufacturers. The take away is… PREP… PREP… PREP… PREP… PREP… PREP… PREP… PREP……. And practice good OPSEC and build teams of likeminded people. 12-24 months…. That is when the financials will start to unravel….

      • agent provocateur

        Sounds about right.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Funny, because that’s how I knew the story was legit. When I saw “for immediately delivery” I “new only a guvernmint obamanoid wood right that weigh.”

        • Man on the inside


      • Kulafarmer

        Actually i would bet they are just trying to spend the rest of their budgeted money.

      • Barn Cat

        I agree that the FEMA camp maps are all fraudulent. They’ll have like 7 of them in Alaska which would make no sense. I think after the collapse they’ll use military bases for FEMA camps.

      • Night breaker

        man on the inside .
        I also work for DHS could it be that due to the fact that MRE’s are not long term storable and FEMA disaster stock piles are severely depleted (this is why the web site (FEMA) is urging people to prepare on their own) It would make sense that long term storable items for regional disaster supply would fit the bill, long term less waste by items spoiling before use. most people do not understand FEMA’s main role is planning and logistics , relief supplies are basically supplied and delivered by state and county emergency management Personel with assistance from non govermental organizations, the Natiional Guard and lastly the Federal Government.

        the Email does look like a .gov Lotus notes format. Could be some summer intern was assigned something to keep them busy happens in the division where I work. Also remember this is hurricane season.
        still it is prudent to prep on your own , in the end you are responsible for

        sorry about the poor grammar had a real “meat grinder” of a day at work , tired!

        We live in a very unpredictable dangerous world anything is possible .

        Be Prepared, Stay Alert , stay alive.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Man on the inside

          Copy night brreaker … felling the work pain myself…. FEMA is trying to catch up from SANDY. As for the article…mmmmmmmmmm not so sure. Prep baby Prep……

          And yes we do live in interesting times……

    19. Watchdog

      Wake the fuck up….Which scenario or false flag do you want to believe? They are all coming true and in their due time. Just prepare, stock up, hoard as much as you can from everything. But please…..Stop procrastinating or giving more wonders.

      We all know it will hit the fan soon enough. So sit back and watch for events…. Whether it’s a financial collapse, Meteor, earthquake, war or whatever. Do your part and communicate and if no body fucking listens, you have done you job. You know FEMA’s agenda, you know DHS’s agenda. Get on with your preps already.

    20. king krazy

      If things go like I think the coming SHTF won’t go as a lot of preppers planned. It will be a hundred times worse. Just assume the absolute worst will happen. I went to a survival school in the military and I guarantee you when the truck drops you off miles from base and you realize there is no back up reality hits hard. Hunger, thirst and shelter will be your only priorities. After a couple of days you are starving. Forget the Rambo shit. Also that food supply you have can be wiped out by marauding hordes, fire, floods, and a host of calamities. Don’t underestimate the non-preppers will to survive. When they realize that this is it they will turn into savages. The coming SHTF will not be pleasant. 🙁

      • sixpack

        …some of them are already savages.

        • 10% Off

          Spot on sixpack! That’s why I think the .gov will just sit back and let the savages take each other out. They know it will happen. They won’t try to stop it. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the little guy. The only reason the .gov comes to the aid now in a crisis is because there is always an election around the corner. When the SHTF for real, they will look after their own. An event so bad elections don’t happen? Yeah, I wouldn’t be waiting for a rescue.

          There won’t be any rounding up, because they WILL have to feed those people. They WANT the masses to take each other out. Less dirt on their hands!

          • sixpack

            Well then, I guess we can agree on at least ONE thing—let them take each other out, so we don’t have to waste ammo…

    21. SmokinOkie

      Grocery List

      6,000 lbs peanut butter (Skippy, smooth)
      2500 boxes Ritz crackers
      4,000 6paks Coke Zero
      250 rolls Bounty towels
      1 bottle Febreeze mountain spring scent
      1 pak Chicklets

      Guess that’s everything we’ll need. Load up the mini van Honey, we’re going to town!

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        You forgot brownies. You have to have brownies.

      • CWinOR

        Thanks for the laugh S.O….but now can I borrow your Febreeze?

      • BadAmerican

        @Smo-O: forgot your toothpick, just sayin’…


      • JustMe

        Skippy SMOOTH!? OMG!!! You don’t actually eat that do you!?

        Jiff CRUNCHY is THE only REAL peanut butter 😉

      • drclean

        you forgot the 1000 rolls of toilet paper.

    22. swampratt

      I have food water guns ammo I have told family,coworkers
      and friends whats coming they don’t believe so im no
      longer spreading the word when it hits the hell with them they will die

      • warchild

        Ratt,is a hard thing for some to even think about the world turning upside down,try to gently change their thinking,put it as a spare tire option,hope you don’t need it but nice to have.Some folks have very limited funds,even then can prep a bit,may not be able to ride out years of turmoil but even say a month buys a little breathing room and doesn’t cost much,if these folks are friends/family would not give up on them.

        • Ferral

          Yes, we should waste our time trying to convince aquaintences & relatives to prepare. Seems wise. All that time spent, what, begging people to see the light? Please. I can’t imagine why anyone would feel the need to basically be an irritation to someone that doesn’t want to hear it. If they don’t have money to do it thats not anyone’s problem but their own. If they can’t get right with their finances that this not anyone else’s responsibility. To nag people to see the light is an infringement on their constitutional right to remain in the dark. Converting people is not a wise use of time.

          • Sigi

            The more you convince now, the fewer you have to shut the door on to starve or fight against later.

            • Ferral

              Sounds great, there might be a small percentage that might wake up in time but not a majority. I’m in a city of 6 million people. The illegals could care less, they don’t seem to watch the news, and frankly I think they would try to take advantage of a civil unrest situation. The urban/suburban families are uninterested & don’t want negativity in their energy fields thst could disrupt their bliss. The downtown hippster crowd cannot be bothered, its all about partying & making more superficial FB friends. Very few (versus the total) are interested & aware here. Some people seem to look like they’re awake and then when you check back they’re ‘over it’ & moved on to the next celebrity scandal. My opinion is no one will be at your door if they don’t know what you have. The preppers I know here tell no one. You would be DOA if something pops off & people know you have things. Maybe smaller cities have more non-zombie types, but here no one thinks it can happen to them.

              • RedRex

                Ferral, I live in a small farming community and it’s just like where you live. Even farmers where prepping is a way of life don’t get it. People just don’t want to face the facts !!!

          • Tucker

            The problem with exerting so much energy trying to convince others to wake up and start prepping is that you reveal to them that you are prepping. So, if they refuse to listen to you – and the SHTF, you can bet the farm that they will suddenly remember that you are someone who has food and supplies, and they’ll become a threat to your survival. They might even rat you out to their friends, as a means of enticing them to help them storm your house and steal your preps.

            The best policy, I suspect, is to keep the number of people who you try to recruit down to a bare minimum and be very selective at deciding who you decide to approach.

            Also, if the SHTF – this criminal government of ours will probably offer rewards for non-preppers to rat out anyone they might know who has stockpiles of food and other survival items. Hence, the fewer people who know about your preps, the safer you will be.

            BTW: Use cash as much as possible when purchasing prepper items. Try to not leave a paper trail.

      • Barn Cat

        That’s about where I am too. I’ve told friends, relatives, and church people. Everybody thinks I’m crazy so I’ve stopped trying to wake people up.

        • Iowa

          Im done preaching to zombies, not 1 has prepared. “Why should I give the childrens food to dogs?”

      • Sally

        Exactly. Time taken to try to wake up others takes away from the time we need to prepare ourselves and our family. If people can’t see the obvious and refuse to get real, that’s on them. When that day comes, swift and sudden, we won’t have time to answer questions and help them. That will be the time they can reflect on their choices and live with those choices.

    23. Mountain Trekker

      Smokin, if there’s a famine coming, you better get the full octane Coke. Just a thought. Trekker Out.

      • SmokinOkie

        Trekker- right you are. Cant go far on the unleaded stuff.
        I’m thinking I’d better add another pack of chicklets just to be safe 🙂

        • CWinOR

          and probably at least one of those hanging pine tree air fresheners!

      • JayJay

        And if that PB is for not-so-loved in-laws?
        IGA has it for $1.50 right now.

    24. Mr. Blutarsky

      I wonder how long it will be until and similar companies are forced by the government/FEMA to sell to them.

      I suspect we are pretty close to that type of thing occurring. In non-wartime conditions no less!

      • LSB

        I wonder how long it takes the gov to pay for these meals. If they take as long as it takes them to pay Medicare payments, these companies might go out of business.

    25. Kulafarmer

      Its all just psyops,

    26. LSB

      If there was a large disaster, the gov would probably tell the churches to do what they could to feed everyone. A little down the road they would say, no, we can’t do that any more. The people might get some bad expired food. Then the people would start combing the trash dumpsters. Then the gov would say, we need to buy all these hungry people tickets to some other states.

    27. JayJay

      9 servings per person every day??? 🙁
      Say what??

      • Kulafarmer

        You might be surprised exactly how many servings a day you eat, a 1500calorie diet would be over 9 servings.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Beatin’, torturin’, and rapin’ takes a lot of calories.

        • braveheart

          Southron, it wouldn’t take near as many calories to pull the trigger on those same torturers, beaters, and rapists. braveheart

        • Mountain Trekker

          Southron, is that the reason the Feds is buyin all those meals. Or did you mean us.LOL Don’t know if Braveheart will be shootin you or them. Trekker Out.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            I guess you never really know, MT. I guess that’s why they call it SHTF. It gets pretty messy for ever’body.


      Mac- perhaps it’s just some last minute resource planning as the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season ramps up and the feds fear they’ll find themselves with another post-Hurricane Sandy situation on their hands?

    29. warchild

      I would say if any real govt. involvement in this story then may be checking to see who to occupy if disaster hits for local grub in a emergency,would guess with all the spying going on would not be hard to do though quietly thru some net research.Hell,without any immediate fishing/hunting additions have only @ best 8 months or so of food stored up not including helping out the less fortunate.My guess is a real disaster will be dead way before then stopping or trying to stop truly horrible actions committed by some,frankly that is ok by me as none personally depending on me and could not watch atrocities happen around me without doing something,plan for tomorrow but live for today.

    30. John Orlick

      They are drying up the emergency food supplies, just like what they have done to ammunition.
      They want you at their mercy, if you have no food, you will have to go along with their plan.
      Keep prepping, you are running out of time!

    31. The Natural Prepper.

      Yea, here it comes again! Something inside me has been telling me to replenish my food storage. Wheres the beef?!!!!!!

    32. Anonymous

      Another deeply horrible sign the whole lot of it is coming down in an Earth rumbling thunderbolt from the sky. These devils are trying to classify pedophiles as a sexual orientation protected under law. The kids are once again future victims. Sodom and Gomorrah present day.

    33. I see nothing

      Thinking back on every major natural disaster that has hit in the last few years I cannot remember one story of fema or any federal agency providing survivors with freeze dried foods or MRE’s. In fact when the huge hurricane hit the east coast people were begging for food. And you know that even if one instance of them giving out food rations happened they would promote it to the sky. Saying “See, we help people” So where is all this emergency prep going? Certainly not to those affected by disasters here in the US.

    34. y99

      “In an age of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

      Government is not content when it comes to leaving freedom alone, they are working to claim ownership of everything and every individual, gates are being locked and laws are being created only for the purpose of control, they are misusing basic truth in an attempt to subvert it into power.
      They don’t understand that truth is always moving, flowing in the hearts and minds of free men and women and is available to any intelligent person who has the courage to ask a question and search for it.
      God given freedom and individuality are the keystones of real people and real freedom. American culture has been poisoned over time, the collectivist believe sameness equals fairness. All the while they never take into consideration the tinderbox of trouble they’re actually bringing to civilization.

      • braveheart

        Y99, AMEN to your comments. If I’m a revolutionary for telling it like it really is, then so be it. I’ll wear that badge with pride and honor. Give me truth over propaganda any day. yes, there are times when truth about any particular subject will hurt, but I know how to deal with that. braveheart

        • y99

          Braveheart, our thoughts on these threads have crossed many times brother, I only wish that we were closer so we could band together as the future is unsure, but brotherhood is forever.

          Stay safe my friend and know others are out here. “We the people”

    35. Sick of it all

      Do we have drones flying over Egypt??

    36. Grandma

      Remember, its now what they say but what they do.
      They know we are in danger. Stay away from large crowds. Theme parts, stadiums, concerts. I don’t trust the fact it might be in the Middle East ONLY. There are cells here. Fires started by them.

      Hope you will see fit to listen to this….It’s �downright scary!

      • Emily

        @ GrandMa ~ I did watch this video in its entirety.

        It is frightening, and gives one pause.

        I always wondered about the increasing fires that

        seemed to spread rampant throughout the U.S.

        When William Scott stated that many fires

        were intentionally set, you’re right, the cells are here

        now, and wrecking havoc in the west, or, all over America.

    37. Infidels-r-us

      All the background noise @terrorist activity is to prep us for the next unimaginable false flag. The gov has to outdo the 9-11 fiasco to properly get our attention and impress on us how important is is to declare martial law. They play the public like a fiddle. I think their main plan is population reduction while at the same time solidifying one world government or NWO. They look at us as cockroaches infesting the planet and using up all “their” resources. Watch for a false flag attack against our food or water supply or a brand new vicious pandemic. Ugly does not describe our future.

    38. agent provocateur

      Well whatever it’s for the food is not for John Q Public !
      It’s for the Power elite and by that I mean Federal Employees only. If you have not started stocking up it’s your own damn fault> just sayin

    39. CelticNana

      This story is disturbing on a couple of levels. First, that the feds are stockpiling. Who are they keeping it for, and who are keeping it away from? (Sorry for the awful English.) Time to ramp up the prepping. And the people trapped in Hurricane Sandy, rummaging through trash cans. Hurricanes are not like tornadoes. There is almost always several days of warnings, but people choose to ignore the warnings; the classic example of “it can’t happen here.” I remember reading an article about an idiot in an expensive, high-rise condo in Hoboken, complaining that the feds hadn’t come to bring them bottled water. He knew the storm was coming, may even have been told to evacuate. But no, don’t do anything for yourself, let the government come and make it all better. Dangerous fools that risk the lives of others because they’re lazy, ignorant and too self-centered to get off their asses and do something, because they wouldn’t take some simple precautions. We are screwed. Misneach, fianna. It just keeps getting worse.

      • braveheart

        CelticNana. I can speak with some authority on that subject after living in FL from 1975-1982 and survived numerous hurricanes myself. My late wife sold me on prepping and I’ve always been grateful for that. Even back in those days there were people who refused to buy any supplies whatsoever after being given several days warnings. I won’t tell you how many fights I was forced into just to protect the supplies my wife and I purchased for ourselves. Just like everyone else here, I’m deeply suspicious of the motives behind FEMA’s moves. braveheart

      • The Concrete Fairy

        I keep seeing people talking about the people digging in the dumpsters after Sandy, I looked at some of the pictures. The pictures I saw were of stuff that a store had thrown out, probably because the power went out, and they had to for liability reasons. Perfectly good food thrown away for stupid reasons by all means should be scavenged. It’s not “bad” food, it’s not “trash,” it’s good food that in a sane society would have been given away. In our insane society, it was trashed. There’s no reason why it should not have been salvaged. And that doesn’t make them starving hordes (yet) (not saying they won’t be soon!) I just think that whole incident seems to have been blown way out of proportion by the media, and I hate seeing it perpetuated. (I wasn’t there, insert all disclaimers you can think of here, this is just my .02)We all know the media does this, look at the pictures, see what you think.

    40. Trailer Park Investor

      Time to go to Walmart and buy the biggest swimming pool they have with a cover. Teat it with a chlorine test kit to 1 to 2 PPM . Cover and save for drinking purposes. Before you drink this water draw a pail of water and let it set open for 24 hours before you drink it this way the chlorine will dissipate. Put ALL the food away you can afford to buy.
      Hell On Earth Is Coming – Prepare.

      • Barn Cat

        I bought over 1500 one gallon water jugs at about 69 cents each. The plastic doesn’t break down and the water is good forever. I put together towers using cinder blocks and 4’x 8′ sheets of plywood. I get 512 gallons in one 4’x 8′ tower.
        We have 3 in the basement.

        • Sigi

          Really? I bought a plastic jug of water a couple weeks ago (when the weather was SO hot) and the stuff tastes like plastic jug! This is the milk-jug style HDPE; I notice those gallons in the clear PETE bottles don’t taste funny.

      • JayJay

        Trailer Park–don’t want a Berkey??

    41. Voice Of Reason

      It’s just some FEMA drone trying to establish if this business can be added to his list of businesses that can supply food at short notice. They aren’t actually placing an order just making sure that if they need to they know roughly what they can expect to get.

    42. Cellar Spider

      Sounds like more capacity analysis. They’ve analyzed ammunition resources, now it looks like they are on the tail end of their food analysis.

      I say lie, increase the amounts you can provide significantly. Then, sell it to them at 5 times the price. TAKE PROFIT. You deserve it.

      Of course, in one of the boxes in your pallets, please embedd a Satellite Tracking Device.

      I’d love to see where all these orders our really going!

    43. Prepping in Port Orange

      I also believe that “something” is about to happen. I’m not sure when, but soon. Living in Florida taught me to be prepared in case of hurricanes, and we’ve experienced a few. I refuse to be afraid, but I’ll keep prepping just the same. Stay ready. Water, food, ammo. Repeat as necessary.

    44. Comet Ison

      Things are different than ever before, and these are some of the reasons that you should be prepared, for what is coming! #1. The earth is changing at a spectacular rate: more earthquakes and volcano’s recorded than ever before worldwide. #2. Species on the planet are dying off at a huge rate, just the bees alone 31% wiped out in one year alone in the USA. Mass die off of birds and bats. #3. The Northern poles are melting and moving at an alarming rate. True North has moved 162 miles toward Siberia, Russia. And at this rate will be at Russia’s Coastline in two years!

      A 10km hole opened up creating a giant hole dumping tens of millions of gallons of fresh water into our oceans daily, causing desalinization of the oceans and causing the gulf stream to Halt!, yes it has halted, causing dead zones in the gulf and a backwards rotation of our jet stream going across the United States from east to west, something our scientists are calling an anomaly? #4. Ocean Creatures are beaching themselves daily in a mass die off. Freshwater creatures are also having a mass die off as well. #5.Political and social unrest worldwide. #6. famine, disease and new viruses are coming out daily. Bird flu, MERS corona virus, SARS, H7N9.

      But none of the above matters, because these are all natural cycles. It is all distractions…. Everything you hear, everything you read, is all bullshit, Propaganda, Disinformation and lies to keep your mind so occupied that you do not know which way is up or down. Even the prepper movement itself was created! Yes a created event, so A small few will survive, because the governments will need workers to rebuild!
      Comet Ison is in our solar system and it is a Sun-grazer. THEY HAVE BEEN CHEMTRAILING BIG TIME FOR FEAR AND PANIC WITH THE ISON SITUATION COMING IN, TO HOPEFULLY DIMINISH THE EFFECT OF THE MASSIVE CME’S COMING IN WHEN ISON RIPS PLASMA OFF THE SUN IN ALL DIRECTIONS, TOWARD (EARTH) aka A KILLSHOT!!! All worldwide economies have been drained financially to build super underground structures, build seed vaults, buy massive amounts of food, weapons, ammo, only to save people that were hand picked out of society. Comet Ison’s Core is 5km in diameter, the full size of the overall comet could be over 42km long. Comet Ison passing so close to the sun, with its super gravitational forces, will grab up plasma from the Sun’s upper atmosphere and slingshot a massive CME and throw it directly at earth. That is where the Barium, Aluminum and Ethyl-bromine come into play, it is to (try) to protect the Earth from massive CME, EMP and Radiation, Also please note that when Ison rips past the earth at 56,000 miles per hour, it will start a polar shift from massive magnetic pulls from Ison’s Iron core. With a pole shift occurring , the earths magnetic field will be somewhat diminished. And the earth will be vulnerable to the CME’s and Solar flares from the Sun. This is why all of the worlds economies have failed, they are spending trillions of dollars to prepare for this E.L.E. (extinction level event).


      Call it ison. Wormwood. the phoenix, Nibru or whatever You want. It is in fact real. The effect and amount of clatyclismic destruction it will cause is unknown. Nobody can say for Shure how bad how much or exactly when. The only Shure thing is these end of a age earth changing events will certainly increase in magnitude & occurrence. This isn’t caused by Mans activities Global Warming. Its not The wrath of god punishing mankind for sins. Its not mother nature getting revenge. this event would be occurring even if man had never walked upon the planet earth. Man didnt cause it. Man cant prevent or even mitigate it. Its a new adventure kinda exciting to be alive on the earth during an end of an age. It will not be a complete total extinction event. Most will not survive. Most that do survive will likely wish that they where dead. Nothing to do but embrace the new adventure. Do the best you can with whatever you have to work with.

      • JustMe


        Do you have link(s) to further information?


      • JayJay

        Okay–but my saving grace is reading Luke 21: 7-36.
        Amen…it is written. 🙂

      • smokey

        True North is a point where all lines of Longitude in the Northern Hemisphere meet. You must be referring to Magnetic North, which moves cyclically.

      • sheptical citizen

        Comet Ison. I see you have plagurized one of my post. I am the original author of your last paragraph. There Is a website called zetatalk the has information misinformation on Nibiru. Much of what is posted is looney bin crazy. I think It needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

        • Night breaker

          If you go to the website Heavens use the solar system view for comet Ison’s path earth is on the opposite side of the sun when the comet reaches perihelion, the comet is no where near earth when it enters and exits the solar system.

          Semper Fi 8541

      • possee

        I believe it is prudent to prepare for the evil that men do rather than conjecture some heavenly object’s wrath upon the earth..

        Nasa was defunded because its goal was achieved for quite some time..installation of the star wars type grid..military hardware circling the globe.Every single manned ,and unmanned, shuttle launch was all military under the guise of space exploration.

        Chemtrails will not stop radiation…they are designed for global cooling utilizing the aluminum and barium salts. … metal oxides which convert the warmth that is prevented by the greenhouse gases from escaping from the earth’s atmosphere, into infrared waves. These waves are then abducted into space, resulting in the desired cooling effect. Weather a nut shell.
        Never mind the health implications,crop destruction,wildlife ,etc. and the utilization of haarp and other vast arrays too numerous to delve into.

        Governments worldwide prepare for every scenario and then some..all to protect themselves..never to protect us.

        Of course they contract out supplies, food, arms is all for their benefit and survival..not ours..should any event occur..natural,space based, or man made.

        Prepare accordingly..


    45. TG

      All of this smells like what my dog left out in the backyard this morning. They know something is going to happen and we the people are a stain under their shoes…

    46. GEO-LITHIC

      First Bullets now FOOD they’ve had the shelters forever ! so what’s next ? they may know — and that’s a scary thought!

      Move to the country now while you have time!

    47. JRS

      Here in the NE it feels like an early fall.

      Well, fall gets me thinking about winter and heating the tar paper shack, so I wheeled the last of the split wood into the basement.

      I am going to break down and get a splitter this year before I break down. Too old for that hand splitting anymore.

      Was going to get a Cadillac splitter with all the bells and whistles, but the old 89 Merc was limping along on 3 legs so I had to spring for some “new” wheels. Something from this century.

      Guess I will go with the Celica model splitter…27 ton…Honda engine…horizontal and vertical.

      I hope it can make it up the mountain out back. It’s so steep at the top that you can cut the wood off both sides of the same acre.

      • drclean

        aint nothing like a good set of hydraulics..

    48. free-for-now

      It is better to live one day as a tiger,than to live a thousand years as a sheep.-keep prepping my friends

    49. ready down under

      Hi Guys, first post and my sincerest thanks to Mac for this blog.

      Been watching developments with growing concern. Used to think we had 4-5 years. Not so sure now. Most likely TSHTF event will occur in the Northern hemisphere – Im thinking economc meltdown, pandemic, global conflict in that order – but we are only a small country so will catch the fallout. All three will trigger a “One Second After” apocolypse. We are the same size as the Lower 48 but only have 23 million people. Lots of space here to hide in. Pretty well prepped but can always do and have more.

      My best wishes to all the “Family”.


      • braveheart

        Aussie, welcome aboard, and you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions about any survival-related subjects, feel free to ask and we’ll do all we can to help; that’s what we’re all about. braveheart

        • ready down under

          Thanks BH, been reading this blog for some time and while like most blogs there are a few weirdo’s and nutcases I think there is a lot of commonsense on show here. Is it possible to PM anyone on this blog? Cheers from “ready down under”, Aussie.

    50. mostevenings

      I believe the government is needing new sources (suppliers) because they haven’t paid the old supplier for services/products that was bought on credit.

    51. Whatever

      I think Obama is a NWO commie. I think just before he leaves office…he’s do something to flash crash the dollar…it could be a bunch of things. Spike the oil prices…. get into a war, false flag, declare martial law.

      Sorry Obama… we’re a heavily armed and ready American population.
      We’ll just stay home and watch it all go down on tv. When you are armed…you can stay at home in peace and laugh at all the crap that will go down in Oakland, CA and other ghetto areas.

      • Iowa

        ghetto is DC.

    52. Watchman

      Beet Sugar Making

      You start by shredding the scrubbed beet and just covering with
      water. Then you cover and simmer for about an hour. Then you remove
      the beet pulp and squeeze it and press it to get all possible liquid
      from it. The pulp is a great amendment for compost, or livestock

      The liquid should then be strained through a very fine mesh or
      cheesecloth and simmered until it condenses by half, and then boiled
      until conditions are right for sugar crystals to grow. Then the
      liquid is poured into a pan and kept hot in an oven until crystals
      start to form. Once the crystals have formed, the molasses part is
      poured off to be used elsewhere, and the crystals are dried. It
      takes a spinner to get all the molasses off. If you don’t have one,
      you’ll have a raw, brownish sugar, which is still sweet and good, but
      more strongly flavored. Give it a dry with hot air, and then package

      Beet molasses is not as good as cane molasses, by the way, but is
      still quite good for use in further sugar production, microbe
      growing, alcohol making, and livestock sweetening.

      Keep the FAITH

      • eagle eye

        Excellent info, When do you plant and harvest sugar beets, Watchman. Any growing tips?

        • Watchman

          @EE: I grow them like I do Turnip’s. Add some balance firt. 12-12-12 if you want.

          Keep the FAITH

    53. bbrrrp

      if obama had been born in america he would have been born in the ghetto of oakland where he would be and is now a total thug like his son crayon martin, obama was saying he is a thug and would have had a thug son like crayon while he was living in thug oakland where he would have been from, If he was born in the usa

    54. braveheart

      Seriously, you back off from PENCRNA and the other good people of this site. braveheart

      • Facebook Page

        What the hell I ash a question and you threaten me.

        I will not ever allow such a fuck up statement as hers to go unchallenged.

        What cause your change in attitude.

        I know there are good people here. BUt lately I have been seeing stupid mistakes. And that gets people killed.

        • Ferral

          Holy crap! You’re a moron. This isn’t a video game idiot, people aren’t dying, nor are their lives in jeaopardy from posting here. Go take your meds, you definitely off them.

          • Facebook Page

            You don’t think what people post here won’t effect them in the future.

            • Ferral

              No. not at all.

    55. Ted Kennedy

      I use to like getting the MRE’s with the Skittles. Not any more. M&M’s & Tabasco are the ticket.

      • ziglviet b schtoonk



      • Mountain Trekker

        Ted, Ted, Ted, you haven’t been paying attention,don’t you remember Skittles is one of the ingredience used to make “Purple Drank”, and since you never met a drank you didn’t like, those MRE’s with the skittles may come in handy in a SHTF senario. Trekker Out.

    56. Sally

      I think all of this is about taking the public’s temperature to see if everyone is glued to the tv scared, waiting for every update- or not, so then they know how big an incident they have to create. I don’t think they are getting the hysteria they were hoping for and the media isn’t hyping it like they would like, so now they’re going to really have to make it a big event.. in my opinion..

    57. Socrates

      A lot of ground to cover here:

      Saw many posts on shelf life of bleach- You want PURE Calcium Hypochlorite with NO algaecides or other additives, those will kill you. Also Safety: I see a lot of comments about sealing up and storing it, make sure you do it right, otherwise huge risk as well.

      Calcium hypochlorite is best kept in a cool dry place away from any organic material. It is known to undergo self heating and rapid decomposition accompanied by the release of toxic chlorine gas.

      Keep it in a cool dry place(not cool,damp) and def not out in a hot storage shed. Bad things happen there real quick.

      Be Informed had a good list of possible motives and I believe he is correct. If you remember, the gov also sent out the same types of letters to the ammo mfgs, asking the same types of questions:

      -Can you produce ‘x’ amount
      -How quickly can you ship
      -Willing to add extra shifts, etc… to meet contract demands.

      Yes, Virgina it looks kinda funny in the normal scheme of things, but things are no longer ‘normal’ are they?

      As far as FedBiz Ops and regular old bids I think the public has viewed more than they were supposed to in the past 1-2 years and many ops are going dark and off the radar screens on purpose now. Time is short.

      Comet ISON poster could be spreading fear porn, or could be absolutely correct about everything. The comet is indeed coming in this fall and could change life here as we know it. Won’t really know until it’s too late, unfortunately. Those who want to know about plasma discharge can search for James McCanney Science. Considered a ‘fringe’ astrophysicist by any standard, but hey, who knows anymore. Do your own research as always.

      The other option that the gov buying up food for is to actually need it for the upcoming catastrophic events. Continuity of gov and power is the main goal of their day to day lives… not saving yours or mine. Think about that. I have personally seen a warehouse here loaded floor to ceiling with dry goods-food. When I checked out who the property belonged to via public records a bogus name and address came up. Odd, yes. Who would own a warehouse full of food and not have their name on the public records for insurance purposes though? Bingo.

    58. Theguy

      Maybe it’s for Syrian civilians… after… all the… erm “festivities”…?

      I dunno… possible…?

      Haven’t heard the theory yet so thought I’d throw it out there…

    59. Frank Thoughts

      Watch for the month of September: so much is on schedule to go down in that month: economic collapse, air strikes on Syria/Iran, move into Africa lockdown.

      It feels like the build-up to the attack on Iraq: that weird calm and lots of high-level movement and preps.

      The “Dumb F@cks” will continue to watch their reality TV programmes, eat their welfare payments and basically degenerate into an obese hoard of diabetic, mentally deficient zombies. We are witnessing the de-evolution of humanity.

      • JC75

        “We are witnessing the de-evolution of humanity.” – Bingo! Chemtrails, GMOs, prescriptions & TV have accomplished this.

        As for me, have preps but I have a nagging feeling that I’ll have to bug out, try to survive off the land. I’m currently learning how to identify edible plants, how to make critter traps, honing my hunting skills, etc. Most of my friends/family think I’ve lost my mind – they’re too heavily invested in this illusory world.

    60. ZombieDawg

      It is better to live a whole life as a tiger pretending to be a sheep than to be a tiger and die on day 2 😉

      What’s going to happen?
      An event out of left-field, that’s what.
      Something half-expected but unpreventable regardless.

      Start thinking cyber attack on the entire global financial system…
      Reduce the value of everything to ZERO…

    61. Watchman

      As long as man lives there will always be war. It is a cycle that cannot be broken. War is within us, for thousands of years. We cannot avoid conflict no matter how hard we may try. As long there is corruption there will always be suffering and if there is suffering there will always be conflict and if there is a conflict there will always be war.

      Keep the FAITH

    62. John Galt

      “It’s impossible for the average Joe to determine what the hell is going on. Impulse is to jump to conclusions, like a half-drunk detective.. Looking at parts of the puzzle are useless.” quoted from Markrpat,SA on the latest drop in Gold Inventories on the Comex.

      This comment is equally applicable to this article as well.

    63. loulou

      Hmmmmm yesterday morning my husband and I was sitting outside drinking coffee and holy behold a drone flew over ahead,,,,,, we couldn’t see it, but could hear it, crazy humming noise,………..we live in Texas,,,,,,, anyone else hear this?

      • Catfish

        Here in MI, over st parks… Talked to a guy with a small one in hand, he got pissed when I called it a drone, sed its like calling love making fuking.. He sed it was a remote controled first person airil viewer or somthing, sed its a hobby of his, but I’ve seen a differnt kind out ther to. It looks to small to have a pilot an real funny lookin triangle shape with the big wing in the back and the tail wing in the front seen it yesterday hard to see real good through trees, prop could be in front or back idk

        • VRF

          Michigan being a border state, I wouldn’t doubt it

      • The Concrete Fairy

        There are drones that patrol the border of Mexico. Depending on where you are, that may have been what you heard.

    64. Frank Thoughts

      An outstanding call-to-action in this paper about the current state of the United Kingdom: Peak Evolution – Benefits Culture, Shrinking Brains, Are Human’s De-Evolving?

    65. VRF

      Hillary Clinton, fired at the age of 27 as a lawyer during the Watergate Scandal for unethical behavior and lying to the House Committee doing the investigation and was refused a letter of recommendation. Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham and said in an interview – Fired because she was a liar, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.

      some things never change, yet a lot of people forget too dam easy

        • JayJay


          Just close spaces for link.

      • Emily

        @VRF ~ Thank you Vrf for that information. Keep putting it out there. I don’t understand the obsession, fascination, the drooling over Hillary running in 2016. I remember during Bills reign, the scandals and cover ups they were involved in.
        Recently, I met a former drug addict and alcoholic. She receives food stamps and medicaid for her family. She told me that she, her 2 teen age daughters, and another friend of hers are going to vote for Hillary. She then admonished me, and told me to look up all the good Hillary has done. I turned it around on her, and told her to google all the crap/scandals/coverups she has been involved in. Hillarys daughter called the Marines ‘pigs’ when they were in the White House. They have a total disregard and disrespect for the military. The military that is assigned to protect their ugly faces/asses. I conclude with ‘Benghazi.’ She has blood on her hands that will never come off. Am I fan of Hillarys?
        No. Will I vote for her in 2016? No. The mentality of this country frightens me.

    66. Southern Border

      Good Morning folks, I’m sure most of you have seen this But WTF??, What the hell is this ? These fuckers have gone completely nuts !!! Guess this will eventually be their line to hold everyone in when the SHTF, looks like they are setting up one big FEMA camp to me !

    67. Jack

      Please kep in mind it is August and the government fiscal year ends on September 30th. They HATE having to return unspent money because their request for as much or more money for the following year will be questioned. This might just be a case of trying to spend all remaining fiscal year 13 dollars fast…..or doom on.

    68. maudy fricket

      I live in Northeast Illinois. I often drive on the Interstate system in this area. I haven’t had to scrape a single bug off my windshield this year. I normally have to use tar and bug remover to get squished bug remains off the front of my car. Not this year. People I talk to started to realize the same thing. We looked in my buddies repair shop and not a single car had any bugs on it. Too much insecticide or something else?

      • Swinging on a star

        I think all the bugs have moved to New Hampshire, more this year than others. As for the honey bees, there are plenty as well. For some reason, lot’s of crap seems to evade this state.

        I will say that the weather has been quite odd, heat wave and then fall like temps. The horses are growing in their winter coats already and getting ahold of second cut hay at all may not happen this year. Bad growing season due to all the rain.

        The grocery store has a much more limited supply of staples then they used to carry, things are just plain bizarre. Live Free or Die!

        • Road Runner

          Swinging on a Star: all the old timers in N.NH say what you are saying…may be a wild winter and summer cut short. Shelves and products are iffy. People are iffy too and not preparing at all. The old timers are dying out and none of their kids do what the old timers did, head stuck up their moronic asses. Old timers were of the depression era, all had gardens and canned every year and had good root cellars…no more. That is a harbinger of trouble. Most of the people are brain dead as to the future of America, they complain but have no understanding AT ALL. Live free or die…a dying breed being replaced by libershits who come from the outside and bring their bureaucratic bullshit here. Towns are debt-ridden and the assholes running things are living in fairy land drinking the cool-aid. Politicians in Concord are worthless. Truly they have no concept of Liberty, of its meaning!

          • Swinging on a star

            Road Runner,

            The good news is, I am not an old timer yet, my kids are homeschooled and they are awake and aware of what is going on, everywhere. You’re right, they are dyeing out but there are a few that are young and educated in the old ways. In that respect, N.H. is no different than any other State, so many ignorant and rude people here but it is still a good place to raise your kids and if you’re lucky to have some survival skills, then living here can work to your advantage. I live in Northern N.H.,I have land and skills that I am teaching my kids. There is always hope, isn’t that what they say?

            I really can’t argue with your post, sadly, you are right.

      • Anonymous

        I just drove across about 500 miles, 600 miles south of you and the bugs hitting the windshield were so numerous that it literally sounded like raindrops.

        The bugs in our area are as numerous as ever. The lightening bugs are as beautiful as ever, etc., etc.

        Your suggestion about overuse of insecticide is not just baseless — it’s silly. Are you some overaged hippy commie?

        Some of you people are just out there, or, have an agenda.

    69. JayJay

      ***First lab-grown hamburger gets full marks for ‘mouth feel’***

      We won’t know what we are getting from Kroger’s or Burger King soon, folks.

      • wrong

        Now that’s just gross. Where’s the beef? Burger King, now using 100% lab grown “beef substitute” with REAL mouth feel! None of that fake mouth feel you get at the Golden Arch!

    70. KY Mom

      Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia
      Aug 3rd, 2013

      “The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is reporting today that Switzerland’s Federal Intelligence Service (NDB) is proposing that the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) issue an immediate “Situation: Grave, DO NOT TRAVEL” warning for the United States upgrading that North American nation from its current status as “Stable” and on par with a similar warning issued for the war torn Middle Eastern country of Syria.”

      “…Swiss intelligence analysts point to what they describe as a “cabal” of US military officers “fully intent” upon destroying the Obama regime, even if it means war.”

      “Unbeknownst to the American people about the Obama regime, this report says, has been its tens of millions of dollars in funding of al-Qaeda terrorists to create an Islamic Emirate in Syria and its over $8 billion in secret funding to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood radicals, both forces who are currently being defeated on the battlefield and in the streets.

      Equally unknown to the American people is that Snowden, a “high-level member,” according to the NDB, of the US military cabal threatening the Obama regime, had offered to return to America to face the charges leveled against him knowing that if were able to survive the citizens of his country would learn the full horrors of the monsters ruling over them, an offer that was rejected by the US.”

      EU Times dot net

        • possee


          Please please avoid the EU TIMES!..I perused there many years ago and it is a false disinfno site perpetrated by none other than Sorcha Faal..and others.

          Everything on that site is a ruse..false..and misdirection.

          We all need facts and documentation for everything!

          Including here..

          There are way too many out there in cyberspace placing corrupt and idiotic webpages to lead us astray..

          Just do some research yourself…you’ll find out.

          Thanks for all you do..


      • Southern Border

        KY Mom, read the complete article, very interesting to say the least !

    71. Agenda21 is REAL

      One of few possibilities are going on here;
      #1) FEMA is burning through its balance sheet of government funds in order to receive more funding before any spending cuts are made to the department.
      #2) Nibiru is real and they are gathering stock piles of survival supplies before it passes our solar system.
      #3) Agenda21 is being pushed through even faster then before and they want to keep as much supplies on hand before the alterations are made to the American landscape.

      I hope and pray its the #1)reason, but i believe that #3)is most likely, read up on and educated yourselves on Agenda21, it’s no fairy tale or green poetry, it’s real and its happening faster then you think. Help spread the word.

      • Smokey

        Or, 4.), FEMA is just fighting the last war (Hurricane Sandy), with end-of-fiscal-year money, so they don’t get caught short again when they need a bazillion meals somewhere.

    72. loulou

      Interesting I get two thumbs down for sharing our experience about the drone?? Whatever for???….I thought this page was also to share info on such events

      • REB

        LouLou…don’t fret it…doesn’t matter what you say some dummy will down it…Ive had it happen and Ive seen it happen alot…some losers just love to do that to anyone they can no matter what they say…watch how many I get for simply saying so… 😉

    73. The Concrete Fairy

      If you read all the comments here, you’ll see there are trolls who are here just to be irritants. Don’t take it personally 🙂

    74. dave in Id

      red thumbs Probably done “remotely”

    75. Eternal Nuclear Fire

      If you want to survive when TSHTF, you’d all better organize the biggest bucket brigade you can, and douse the thousands of tons of nuclear waste sitting at a nuclear plant near you. Otherwise prepping is a total waste of time and energy since you will be cooked by radiation. Have a nice day.

    76. J Gibbs, PhD

      This does NOT appear to be a typical email from FEMA. My SIL works for FEMA in Denver, and I have never seen an email quite like this. Also, she states she has no knowledge of anything like this happening, so I am very skeptical about this report. Maybe someone is trying to push sales for their company?

    77. hellochigger

      What a shameless sales ploy. Should be called MyFaktriotSupply. Wolves heartily fleecing the flock. Makes me sick.

    78. C.W. Smith

      Civil War

      this land has been
      through one

      we prayed that it
      was done

      brother against mother
      it near wiped
      us out

      we can feel the pain
      looking back from the

      from our new cave

    79. Alan Blackbart

      They food is for the next extremely violent Crusade . People have had enough of the Muslim bullshit, lies and criminalities.
      That included that phoney phuck O Bombus. The Russians are going to brutalize the US leadership. (If you can use that term for a bunch of N lovers)

    80. name chang


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