Report: Congress Holding “Secret Conversations” About Removing Trump

by | May 5, 2017 | Headline News | 160 comments

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    This report was originally published by Clifford Cunningham at


    Members of Congress are holding “secret conversations” about removing President Donald Trump from office following a “difficult first 100 days,” according to a report from The New Yorker magazine.

    “Nobody occupies the White House without criticism, but Trump is besieged by doubts of a different order, centering on the overt, specific, and, at times, bipartisan discussion of whether he will be engulfed by any one of myriad problems before he has completed even one term in office—and, if he is, how he might be removed,” wrote Evan Osnos.

    Osnos claims to have “interviewed several dozen people about the prospects of cutting short Trump’s Presidency,” including “his friends and advisers; to lawmakers and attorneys who have conducted impeachments; to physicians and historians; and to current members of the Senate, the House, and the intelligence services.”

    “This is a conversation that people are having around the dinner table, it’s one people have at the office, members of Congress are talking about it in private and the question is very simple: is this a president who is able to do the job and is able to go the distance,” Osnos said on MSNBC’s The Last Word.

    Critics of President Trump are actively seeking to remove him from office via impeachment or declaring him mentally or physically unfit for office under the 25th Amendment.

    Under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, a President can be removed from office if he is judged to be “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” by the Vice-President and a majority of the Cabinet secretaries or by a congressionally appointed body, such as a panel of medical experts.

    If the President objects, Congress is given three weeks to decide if the President should be removed. A two-thirds majority in each chamber is required to remove the President.

    Osnos argues the “considerable speculation about Trump’s physical and mental health,” as well as President Trump’s alleged unwillingness to disclose details about his health, could be an effort to cover up a deliberating illness.

    After the magazine Fact asked psychiatrists if they thought Barry Goldwater was psychologically fit to be President in 1964, over a thousand called him “warped,” “impulsive,” and a “paranoid schizophrenic.”

    Goldwater successfully sued for libel, and in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association created the so-called “Goldwater rule,” which forbade making a diagnosis without an in-person examination and without receiving permission to discuss the findings publicly.

    The “Goldwater rule” has been broken repeatedly in regards to President Trump, with nearly 50,000 mental-health professionals signing a petition claiming Trump is “too seriously mentally ill to perform the duties of president and should be removed” under the 25th Amendment.

    “Although some of my sources maintained that laws and politics protect the President to a degree that his critics underestimate, others argued that he has already set in motion a process of his undoing,” Osnos claims.

    Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, privately told friends that he puts the odds at two to one against Trump completing a full term.

    William Kristol, an anti-Trump neo-con, argued the chance of Trump being impeached is “somewhere in the big middle ground between a one-per-cent chance and fifty. It’s some per cent. It’s not nothing.”

    “I believe that invoking Section 4 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment is no fantasy but an entirely plausible tool—not immediately, but well before 2020,” said Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard.


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      1. As much as I agree with the Gorsuch and Maddis nominations and confirmations, the reality is that Trump is not qualified or competent, for the job of POTUS. We’ll be better off with Pence running the show, and it will be sooner, rather than later. Two years tops……

        • Look at it this way… least he flushed the toilet and got rid of the Bush’s and Clintons….

          • Americans Hold secret meetings about hanging all of Congress from light poles. Got Rope?? The newest Prepper essential. For Pre or Post Collapse multipurpose force multiplier.


              I do not live anywhere near here. I do not ascribe to their religion but I do agree with the Constitution and the right to property etc…
              This case has merit for so many reasons. Why is this story not being posted????????????

              Is this a country of rule of law? How can you be found acquitted in one instance then pretrial held? Then while held tortured????

              I do not agree with with torture except in time of War and only of the enemy. Col. Allen West was correct on that issue. This is a case of American cowboys, landowners who so far have been acquitted yet held pretrial and tortured.


              This starts in the middle of nowhere coming to a neighborhood near you???

              This is a disgrace! What a terrible day for America!

            • Good idea!! Hang the fucking bankers too! And the god damned lawyers!!

              • Prius drivers receive a beating as well…..

            • Deep state openly wars with Trump administration

              “Reports indicate that government bureaucrats are using the security clearance process to block key members of the Trump administration from accessing sensitive national security information.

              The politicization of the security process is a signal that unelected government insiders, not the appointees chosen by the elected Trump government, are ultimately in charge of the nation’s military.”

              “The Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday that officials within the intelligence machine have again made a decision about security clearance based not on the nation’s best interest but on bureaucrats’ desire to damage the president’s ability to lead effectively.”

              ht tps://

              Do you think the Trump administration is being undermined by a shadow state?

        • And you think Obama was qualified and competent for the job? Get real, for christ sakes! the presidency is not just about one man, no one can do everything, but it’s about the people he chooses to help him lead the country & make decisions, better people than the weather underground shitbags and chickens are coming home to roost reverands, and american hating douches with a criminal history.

        • HORSE MANURE PAL !

        • the plan… to give pence the job . better hope kush doesn.t move up .

        • And I guess you are? What a stupid remark

      2. Fake news – never happen – not enough support for it – would be blood in the streets. Antifa are pussies compared to what would be wrought.

        • well said.
          100% agree, to which I say: so what, and bring it!

          • you might just get what you ask for….SOONER than you think. just stay tuned to what’s going on in nawlins sunday.

            • Don’t forget JFK and Reagan. It is possible.

              • Exactly. Most people underestimate who they are really up against. If they cannot control his every move, somehow destroy Trump through COG, or whatever, you can expect that they will take him down the hard way. The parasites and their lackies want global communism, and do not care how many people they have to murder to get it.

                • “The parasites and their lackies want global communism, and do not care how many people they have to murder to get it.”
                  True but don’t underestimate the power of prayer. the global governance Luciferians will win one day just as the Bible foretold but only on God’s timing.

                  • Well said, deplorable. Liberals work with tenacity and will do and vehemently ANY Thing to oust this president. there’ll be hell to pay if they resort to drastic means. God’s timing is perfect. A deplorable 2…

            • BCOD, what’s happening in New Orleans Sunday?

              • Not much so far, the 3% cowards are staying home

        • Fully fake news–embarrassed that this site would further the propaganda of the Deep State.

          • I agree. Fake news. Only Pelosi and Maxine Waters are having this conversation around the dinner table …. with their imaginary democratic friends.

            More Propaganda from the Left.

            The propaganda assault on TRUMP is unparallelled in American history; which tells me that he is doing a great job dismantling the Obama NWO Deep State, neutering the Lame Stream Media, and restoring American Constitutional Values throughout the land.

            If 50k mental health quacks have signed a petition against TRUMP, it is only evidence that he is doing a great job. These are the same people Obola wanted to use to disarm America. 🙁

            • “as well as President Trump’s alleged unwillingness to disclose details about his health, could be an effort to cover up a deliberating illness.” A deliberating illness must be libtard for debilitating. It was a Freudian slip.

          • Its hard to even take this site serious any more. Too much negativism and lies, which ruins your spirit. I only pop in here every few days now. Go live your lives people, this is also why I cut the Cable cord. Why pay for Lie TV. I would rather read one great article here a day, than the same old 5 article spoonfuls of BS, from the various usual authors that try to out do themselves, with more outrageous sensational, Fear, Lies & BS. Get real. Get out of their Fear Bubble. I think many of these articles are CIA Psyopps planted to break our spirit. None of this is the Real America. It the GMO phony News feed propaganda. Remember you are what you eat.

            • “Its hard to even take this site serious any more.”
              You got that right at least.
              With a screen name like yours being the main reason.
              Now tell us again how efficient and clean solar energy is or how much silver you have…

            • I am at work now getting paid by globalist bankers at double time wages. The least I can do is waste my time bitching instead of making them richer?

              • The left is using the ole, “If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it” routine. It’s stale of course’ nothing new out of the morons.

        • It is not possible to restore our civilization unless women are denied the right to vote and businesses are free from anti discrimination laws.

          Women need to be home, home schooling the kids and fixing healthy meals. They need to be satisfying mens sexual desires and giving them children to encourage men to work hard. Women have no productive value on the economy in the first place.

          • Oops, over the top there on the women.

            No longer agree with you.

            I’ll be glad to stay home and take care of the next generation. But let’s leave my rights in place.

            As far as the other, it goes both ways.

          • This coming from eisencrap who sleeps with other men and hates women…that’s rich.
            Did you know a particle of rust can hold information?
            Did you know in the 40’s and 50’s “computers” were actually people?
            They were hired to compute rocket trajectories with paper and pencil, using trigonometry.
            And that women were hired to do this and began the process of engineering rocket engines in what became the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
            It’s all in the book, Rise of the Rocket Girls.
            They were brilliant minds that would send the first rockets into space.
            Far, far more brilliant than some homosexual punk millennial that claims to be a genius because he speaks more than 2 languages.

          • You are right eisen, until the women grow a pair of balls ? and foreign owned companies stop hiring illegal Migrants nothing will change.

          • Better be getting a bunch men into nursing school quick, since most nurses are the women you want to stay home. It can be a dirty job.

        • Fake news

          Nothing secret about it. People get away with threatening him on national news.

        • DAMN RIGHT KEN

        • exactly

          What a piece of crap for an article

          • Yooper, I don’t normally trust Infowars for anything, but it IS true that every libturd and his momma want to see Trump gone. Let’s not forget those are the HILLARY supporters. I’m still willing to give Trump another chance if he’ll make certain changes to the WH staff. His kids and whatever neocons and globalists are there need to be given the boot. THAT’S who needs to go, not Trump.

            • Agreed Trump getting bad advice from Kushners.
              Ivanka and Jared out!
              Lee Stranahan: ‘Ideological Coup’ By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House
              ht tp://

              • I love trump, love him back cowards.

            • Braveheart1776

              I agree with 100%

              problem is our government has been infested by war mongering Zionst Neo-cons. The only way to fix this is with Revolution .

        • Ken, it’s only a matter of time before the libturds start ‘acting up’ for the summer. There’s going to be an awful lot of libturd blood on the streets. There’s a storm coming…..can you hear the thunder?

        • He’s doing the Deep State’s will, so why would they remove him?

      3. If his son in law has ties to Soros, Trump must go. Nuff said.

        • If his son in law has ties to Soros (Seems like he does), shouldn’t the son in law go?

          • SC-Lane, welcome. Damn right the son-in-law needs to go along with all the other opposition.

          • How dare you introduce reason into a juvenile mantra?

          • SC you “must” keep your friends close but…your enemies closer. We need intelligence on Soros

        • how many Goldman Sachs did he appoint/hire?

          that is it, he is a liar.

          or he loves his precious Ivanka and the threats of her in an ‘accident’ is all it takes to control him.

          Or he fell for the fake Sarin Gas stunt.

      4. Every time I see the name Osnos I laugh so hard I piss my pants!

      5. If, as I’ve suggested repeatedly for almost a year, if Pence is to Trump as LBJ was to JFK, the seriousness of what now seems to becoming more than just conjecture cannot be underestimated or understated. It would rip the fabric of the nation irreparably. Americans should conclude that those who pursue this course of action have as their goal the overthrow, not only of the government but the total subjugation of the American people. Ne’er-do-wells who embrace this dangerous fantasy would do well to study the commentary Isoroku Yamamoto.

        • Buffalolips, you make some valid points. Not very much is known about Mike Pence. I’ve had suspicions about him ever since Trump chose him as his running mate. There’s been talk about trying to remove Trump ever since election day. Impeachment was brought up several times between Nov. 8 and Jan. 20 and the man wasn’t even sworn in yet. Libturds on the streets, in Congress, and everywhere else have done nothing but moan and bitch ever since Nov. 8 and there’s no end in sight. They just won’t STFU! Although I feel let down by Trump, I damn sure DON’T trust those 50,000 so-called ‘mental health professionals’ who claim Trump needs to go. F#$% ALL OF THE LIBTURDS AND NEOCONS EVERYWHERE! William Kristol is the WORST of the neocons who I would love to just put my fist in his mouth. He once said that all average white people should be done away with. I’m not surprised, coming from a vile disgusting chew. If anyone needs to be let go from the WH, it’s Trump’s son-in-law and daughter along with whatever CFR/Trilateralists are in there. F#$% everyone calling for Trump’s removal. Don’t forget they’re HILLARY SUPPORTERS! Look at the bullet we dodged by keeping her OUT of the WH.

      6. President Trump has not been given a chance to have success. I feel he has tried very hard to make good on promises and I think he has done more than any president that I can remember. the problem is the greedy elite and the entitlement frauds are so worried about loosing their power(money) and free things paid for by the working people that they have made life miserable for President Trump and the people who want our country back. It is time to get tough on these people and throw them out of the USA( not jail because then we have to support them I think Syria is nice this time of year) Now the librals are arming themselves to fight off the silent majority because we are not thinking like they want us to. I only hope that President Trump doesn’t get killed by one of these easily moulded libes wanting to show the real people how good libes follow stupidity. The last 8 years were horrible and it is so nice to have some common sense in the white house now!

      7. it’s about time. I have lost all confidence in this president. He has done nothing for the country and everything to benefit his own private business. This is not what we need in the WH today.

        • Nothing for this country? If the Senate passes the current House healthcare bill, our tax savings will be an estimated $100 billion per year. And that’s just one thing out of many.

          • Yep and that will all go into his pockets as he goes from one of his resorts to the other and charges the government for his and all of his securities expenses. The tax breaks will benefit him and his kind only. Everything he does benefits his kind far more than it will help anyone else. I can’t wait until people wake up and realize what he is doing, but maybe they never will. If any other president was doing the things he is doing, he would be leading the charge against them.

            • JAS, you’re an idiot for believing that crap. No factual basis to it at all.

          • I agree pres. trump has done good but the health care bill is neither his, nor is it ANY good. obamacareII is all it is…it will fail.

            • Trump-care-HEAVY is what I call it.

          • I don’t trust anything Paul Ryan is involved with

        • JAS,
          WTF? The alternative was “The Hildebeast”!

          Trump has done a great deal already to help our nation, his program to destroy government regulation has been a great success and continues. Is this why you are losing faith?

          Have you looked at unemployment numbers lately. Jobs numbers for months now have been setting records. Is this why you are losing faith?

          What exactly is it you want that you aren’t getting?

          It’s congress that is failing to deliver on healthcare and the budget, or is congressional failures Trumps fault in your eyes?

          Me thinks you post fake stuff.

          • He’s a troll

        • the destruction of TPP saved millions of American jobs alone and maintains our economic sovereignty for a while longer.
          Halting the flow of almost 300,000 Muslim immigrants a year into our country and shipping them everywhere from Montana, to Idaho to Maine is a big deal.
          The fact that more illegals are leaving the US than entering now is a big deal.
          A constitutionalist appointed to the Supreme Court instead of ” the first gay” or “the first transgender” or “first black female” etc is a big deal.
          Tactfully using obsolete tomahawks that were gonna be shelved anyhow to do a harmless bombing on an unoccupied Syrian airbase and demonstrating toughness as well as shutting up the “Russian crony” BS was genius, and a big deal.
          Successfully flexing muscle without engaging us in any further warfare or involvement is a big deal ( remember everyone comp[laining how o-bama made us lose international respect and look weak?, You can’t have it both ways and he succeeded in issuing a warning without doing harm…a big deal.
          The budget–a complete pantywaste whipping of the Republicon Congress and Senate–the POTUS did not write the bill and had to sign it or would have been lambasted for a government shut down–I’m sure not funding EBT, SSI payments to the elderly or tax returns would have gone over real well…..
          He’s a multi Billionaire, if you think he is making his political decisions to get a few million here or there, you are off your rocker–plus he has turned over all of his business holdings into trusts.

          • Here here! Nice rebuttal!

          • very well said javelin!

        • Baloney. No president has ever worked harder and accomplished as much as Trump. Pretty sure you are a liberal loon.

        • JAS,

          You’ve simply ignored what he has done.

          And probably deliberately.

          But tell me, what would you have him do, other than what he has done so far, that is within his power and legal authority?

          Specifically, not some platitudinous avoidance of an answer.

      8. Notice to congressional dumbasses,,,
        Does the term “no quarter” ring a bell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


          Recent, one event, in one area of the country.
          Americans have spent the last 8 years gearing up for the gusto!
          None shall be given, I imagine.

      9. It hardly seems to be of any great importance whether Trump is expelled from office. He has the same relevance to me as a spinning weathe rvane.

        I voted for him. Once he reneged on his campaign promises I realized that he has no value to me as a citizen and as a voter.

        If he had kept his campaign promises he could have had an army of citizenry to back him up.

        • What exactly has Trump reneged on?

          Congress doesn’t report to Trump, congressional failures are just that, congressional failures. Take them up with congress.

          • 1) “Lock her up” turned into “The Clinton’s are good people”
            2) Repeal of Obamacare turned into “The Freedom Caucus is bad” when he reneged on that, and tried to ram Boehner-care down our throat;s.
            3) Non-intervention in foreign countries turned into bombing Syria under false pretenses.
            4) Non-intervention in foreign countries turned into a new cold-war with Russia.
            5) Deporting illegals turned into a continuation of DACA.

            Yep, I got swindled.

            • “1) “Lock her up” turned into “The Clinton’s are good people””

              That’s basic political savvy. TRUMP does not want to appear vindictive or biased now that he is POTUS; but above the petty political fray.

              Like Pilate, TRUMP is washing his hands of her guilt and leaving it to the DOJ and Congress to investigate and prosecute the Clintons. Unlike Christ, the Clintons are guilty as sin.

              TRUMP has invited EVERY major critic, Republican and Democrat, [except Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore] to sit down and discuss their particular issue and/or perspective with him; including Al Gore and Governor Kasich.

              TRUMP IS FUCKING BRILLIANT !!! 🙂

              • Yes, and I like trumps hairdo better than Kim jung un’s but not much better.

            • “3) Non-intervention in foreign countries turned into bombing Syria under false pretenses”

              No false pretense in Syria. Assad Forces were guilty of attacking a hospital where chemical attack victims were being treated. A major violation of the Geneva Convention.

              He put Assad on notice that the US could/would target him. The result: Russia sent half of its combat planes (35) back to Russia last week. Obviously a deal was struck between the USA and Russia before the US bombing of that air base, because, not ONE Russian technician out of 100 was so much as wounded.

              TRUMP IS FUCKING BRILLIANT !!! 🙂

            • “4) Non-intervention in foreign countries turned into a new cold-war with Russia.”

              The new Cold war was created by the Obama / NWO Administration, not TRUMP. Relations between the two countries will “thaw” at the appropriate political time. It’s not that time yet.

              No point in TRUMP thawing relations until he can EXTRACT something from Putin in EXCHANGE. That’s the way the Great Game is played.

              TRUMP IS FUCKING BRILLIANT !!! 🙂

            • “5) Deporting illegals turned into a continuation of DACA.”

              TRUMP has made good on his promise to deport illegals and stop the invasion, as there has been a dramatic drop off of migrants at the border.

              That promise will continue to intensify.

              Authority has been granted to the Border Patrol and ICE as to whether to deport and these two agencies are using that authority to evict every Illegal they come across, not just the criminals. A “DACA” immigrant was just deported in Arizona a week ago after committing a minor crime.

              A good CEO sets the POLICY and gives his authority to others to exercise in his stead. That is happening with Immigration, while TRUMP again, is above the political fray. Unfortunately, in a Republic, some compromise is required to get other things done where cooperation of others is required.

              TRUMP IS FUCKING BRILLIANT !!! 🙂

            • 1. Investigations into the Clintons are still ongoing.
              2. ObamaCare repeal passed, and has moved onto the Senate. And so what if it takes several try’s.
              3. Syria, I think the CIA and deep state neocons are screwing with Trump. It may also be that Trump just wanted a show of force to show the world roll over and butt phuck me Obama isn’t in charge. I think the CIA etc is out of control, we’ll see if Trump can rain them in. This will take time.
              4. Russian Cold War. The Russians are misbehaving too. Are they just negotiating? Again Obama set a terrible tone for international relations, that must be adjusted.
              5. Deporting illegals. If you watch the news you’d see the left is freaking out because ICE is back to enforcing immigration law and illegal crossings are down 80%. Are you calling this a failure?
              Much of what you want requires congressional support, have you contacted your congressman and demanded support for Trumps agenda?

            • Amen… and Amen.
              More of the same. Same path by a different name. Puppet Trump.
              Control. War. More control/surveillance of you, and your children. More war.
              War. War. War. Nuclear war.

              Humanity and Civilization is at risk. Does anyone here understand that?
              This is not a video game. No resets. No multiple lives.

              But we do need a Reboot. Banker controlled war mongers must go.
              If not. We ALL die. Do you understand that? They are stopped or we ALL die.
              Our children DIE.
              Things are getting serious.

              Economic meltdown.
              Nuclear war.
              Governments out of control. More and more control they demand and put in place.
              Politicians casually loosely Talking of Nuclear War as if ordering a cheeseburger.
              Police murdering unarmed people all over USA. Police abusing children at school.
              People committing suicide over the internet.
              Children committing suicide.
              People killing their own family. Murder suicides happening all over.
              Large percent of population on drugs.
              Unemployment out of control. And a segment of population does not even want to work. Grown adults living at home with parents.
              Robots about to take over many jobs.
              Nuclear war is not a game. Should never be an option.
              War is NOT patriotic. War is INSANE. Insanity.

              What is wrong with you people? Following these war mongering greed filled psychopath fools.

              • If they depose trump then you will understand how great he was.

            • Just one man’s opinion Brent but even though I am some what disappointed like you it is some what early in the game to give up on him. We did get Gorsuch.


            • You must only read MSM,,,,
              Need to look into the details and the why,

              • NB,
                I find it interesting how a half dozen new handles pop up on nearly every article these days to trash talk POTUS, whine about his failures, and how No one can have faith in Trump anymore.

                All I can say to these fools is; “Hillary still lost, and you are a bunch of hateful creeps”.

                • Leftist stealth posters are well organized and highly active.

                  They’ve become more sophisticated lately to the point of fooling many people into believing they are not what they are.

                  They usually claim to be former Trump supporters but have no history of supporting him and fail to acknowledge anything he has accomplished so far while criticizing him for not keeping all his campaign “promises” (most of which weren’t actual promises, just his desires) in the first couple of months of his administration.

                  Their purpose is to sow dissent among his supporters and, sadly, the do so with many of them who don’t understand how they are being manipulated.

      10. Happy Stinko De Mayo to all. Kind of a St. Patricks Day for Mexicans without the green beer. Bunch of Sombrero wearing taco benders. Ondalay! Ondalay!

      11. Remember all the dirty tactics he used on Ted Cruz? I still glad he got the nomination.
        Theres no way Cruz could have beaten Clinton in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
        No way those swing states would have voted for a Texan. Everybody knows it. Sometimes
        you gotta get in where you fit in.

      12. One of the links on Drudge says eating boogers is good for your health. No wonder Henry
        Kissinger is still alive. That jokers been eating his snots forever. Old lizard.

      13. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      14. I am Groot.

        • And that was the news for today.

          Thanks Groot!

      15. A psychiatrist has declared Trump to be mentally ill. The same psychiatrist said he can spot dangerousness a mile away. Well guess what Mr. Psychiatrist. So can I. And I see plenty of high profile figures in the banking and political arena that I would deem disordered. I can see for miles Mr. Psychiatrist. If you want to educate the public on psychopathy, tell the whole story instead of singling out one individual.

        • Anonymous, psychiatry is totally bogus. I ignore ‘mental health professionals’.

        • The psychiatric community passed a rule in their medical community called the Goldwater rule.

          This happened after a thousand psychiatrists publicly stated “Barry Goldwater”, candidate for president, was insane. Afterword Goldwater sued and won for defamation, several of the most vocal psychiatrists had their license to practice suspended over it.

          The Goldwater rule states that: 1. Members of the psychiatric community can’t diagnose anyone based on public statements without a full examination. 2. Any diagnosis of any individual is subject to full privacy without the explicit permission of the patient or their responsible family members. Later the privacy side was reinforced with federal HIPPA laws.

          Point is, any psychiatric professional that offers a diagnosis based on someones public statements alone is either a political shill selling out the reputation of the psychiatric community, or a quack.

        • That psychiatrist is an unethical quack. You don’t diagnose people who are not your patient, not do you disclose the diagnosis to others.

          Basic medicine.

          He needs to stand tall in front of his state licensing board.

          • Smokey and PTPO, I don’t pay attention to ‘mental health professionals’. They’re all full of shit. They don’t have any business classifying anyone as anything. I don’t care what ‘rules’ they come up with. It’s all null and void to me.

            • We know who the nutjobs are.

      16. Seeing groot tomorrow:)

      17. If Trump was impeached, where do people think the extreme pro-trump people would strike first?

      18. In this political climate anything is possible ???

      19. Trump is not a one man band. He is herding cats with his own party. congress could turn it around in a day with some discipline from themselves and get his agenda going. Can’t build a wall if they won’t fund it,can’t repeal anything or pass anything if congress won;t get off their asses and do something. Heard from North Korea lately? They are even pissing off China! Supreme Court looks good to,maybe better when a couple more get on there. The lower courts are playing games with Trump too,holding him up in litigation. 100 days? What do you reasonably expect?

        • Well said Jim in Va. Also, I guess these dumba$$e$ don’t realize there was an election by the people. Don’t hear these voters calling for impeachment. They have been trying to find ways to get rid of him ever since the election; from electoral votes, to impeachment. The democraps have said from day one they will not work with him. If anyone is unable to do their job it is the democraps, lets call for their impeachment. Trump needs to go back to his original promises made to the voters….we all can’t be crazy to want HRC in prison for treason, the swamp drained, and a wall built, and most important all these radical muslims out of America.

        • Here Here herding cats, EXACTLY!

      20. Congressional authority to remove a President is very and specifically limited under the Constitution. High crimes and misdemeanors (things like Treason, Bribery, Murder, etc,) and becoming incapable of performing the duties of office.

        Anything else would be an unconstitutional act and a coup, a destruction of the Free State and replacement of it with something else.

        This would be ugly, most all of Trump’s supporters are armed with the duty of securing a “Free State” directly placed on them (as the Militia) by the second amendment. This is why the Second Amendment was written.

        Think about it before you decide to try it, Congress, you have no guarantee you will have popular public support no matter how you perceive the public thinking to be.

      21. It appears Brent is a ‘leftist plant’ trying to sew discontent after only 100 days…

        Anyone doesnt think it will take time to undo 8 years of BarryO’s, bull shit, rules for radicals, America hating, gay boy style of communists community organizing, can’t be very smart…probably a demoncrat.

        • And with these idiot congressional turds almost nothing can get done, they are a waste of oxygen, IMHO the biggest thing Trump has done is allowed congress to show its true colors, left, right, doesnt matter, they are a waste of oxygen

        • Leftist plant? Really?

          If I am a “leftist plant” so is Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Paul Craig Roberts.

      22. Gee, what an amazing coincidence. These bottom-feeders in Congress and among the Neo-Cons are talking about removing Trump. The American people are talking about hanging THEIR sorry asses for treason.

        • I’ll bring the rope

      23. Ahh the sweet sound of desperation on the LOONY left, at their wits end, NYT, MSNBC, Infowars real reliable sources of facts!

      24. Just more drama from the Fascist D.C..

        May 16, 2016 How the President could overthrow the U.S.

        As of 2007 the President has the ability to replace the US government if they feel an emergency constitutes such actions.

      25. I like Trump

      26. There are a lot of Repubs that need to be challenged in primaries as they come up,drain the swamp at the state levels.

      27. The powers that be think the bottom dwelling public will sit in the mud and watch gas bubble rise to the serface and not react to a coup attempt, that is a huge error. the people of the US will rise and take over the govt removing the coup leadership, Why on earth do the idiots think they are immune to this? Trump was legally elected and that is reality, I live ruraly and commonly hear the local mallitia out in the weeds training. the arrogant asses who think they are above the law need to reconsider treason That is what it is open treason

      28. They can’t remove Trump. Ivanka won’t let them.

      29. So let me see if I understand this. If you’re not in the Washington elite club of pedophile Luciferians, you must be crazy and unfit?! Sounds like the Globalist way of thinking.

      30. This is how the deep state operates. Bill Clinton changed the way the unemployed are counted. Bush, Obama, and Trump have continued the charade. The government on Friday released the jobs report. 211,000 new jobs and unemployment at 4.4%. 30 years ago, when we had about 80 million less people in the US, we needed 300,000 new jobs per month to stay even. So, 211,000 new jobs has left us short about 90,000 jobs. We fell behind. The exact opposite of what they were trying to imply. If your unemployment benefits run out, you are no longer considered unemployed by the feds. If you just got out of school and couldn’t find a job, you are not counted as unemployed because you never had a job. The 4.4% number is merely the number of people still eligible for benefits. Keep us in the dark and pull the wool over our eyes. See the truth. Remember the truth. Spread the truth.

      31. Yep…TROLL-TIME. If one puts ALL of Congress in a bag, shakes them up, pour them out, (save less than 10-12), ya’ can’t tell them apart. Just look at the net worth of both houses, and ‘splain to me ‘Lucy’ how come the rest are multi-millionaires, on less than $200,000/yr in salary??

        They will never pull this off, if they even try at all. Doing so, would guarantee the much needed and delayed American Revolution II. AND, the intel/deep state/NWO have no idea of what 10’s of millions of patriots/military/LE, severely pissed off are willing to do what was suggested in the Federalist papers.

        Have ya’ seen ANY out even protesting the “protesters”….fuck no, oil, plan, stock…….wait them out ’til THEY cross the “MOTHER OF ALL LINES”.

        • Roscoe. Best comment out of all these nailed it. Molon Labe

      32. Trump sucks just like the rest of the liars of the past 30 years. Really no difference that I can tell. The same criminals run the show. Why give the warmongers more billions when multiple trillions are unaccounted for? The baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964 are said to be the last generation to do better than their parents. No doubt. If you don’t already have security it’s unlikely you will ever have any. All the fake news was trashed but people continue to believe in it, without fake news there would be no news on the tube.

        • I was born in 1946 and I’m not doing better than my parents. I’ve worked hard all my life, working two jobs, going back to school in my 50’s, and I still can’t get ahead.

        • You can’t possibly be as stupid as what you just posted.

          Trump is no different than Jimmy Carter, Bush, or Obama?

          Give the rest of us a break from your idiocy.

          • Not you, Waiting, that was for Aljamo.

            Me, I’m not so sure we can possibly do any better than our parents. A house, car, family, and work. That’s what they had, and after the Depression and the war, all they wanted.

            If we want to do better each generation, I think we need to change some things. We need to build better houses, and live with our parents and children in them. We need to give up on crap like $75,000 cars and vacations to Mexico twice a year. We don’t need half of the stuff we own. Our parents didn’t buy that stuff, we did.

      33. Fake news is entertainment period. I can’t stand watching or listening to the BS. This one and that one died horribly, filled with infomercials, meaningless sports, and all manner of propaganda. Giddy mindlessness laughing on air, yeah at you suckers tuned in. Apparently the majority believe and suck up the BS as facts. No relevant truth touched. When the media is the government mouthpiece justice is denied and fortified by scripted lies.

      34. Why is it that when information is presented everyone goes nuts? Intel is Intel. Even if it’s fake Intel, it can be revealing. Pot a dot on the chart…Take a step back and see where that dot interconnects with the rest of the dots.
        Sometimes even the smallest of details can be a game changer!
        Keep your eyes and ears open, and your brain engaged. Over look nothing!!!

      35. I voted for President Trump and I support him. He is doing more than I expected. This president is working in an environment which makes things very difficult. Yet he manages. He is amazing. Even things with which I was initially upset with, I have come to see as strategically sound. Only a very shrewd and intelligent individual could be responsible for some of the brilliant and creative maneuvers this man has performed.

        His budget allows for a sizable down payment on the much anticipated WALL. I understand he is considering giving the task over to the company who built the wall in IsRealHell. Although I am not keen on giving contracts to the ((you know who’s)), I love the idea of having a monstrosity like they have.

        It is not that I dislike all the people coming in. I have many good friends who just crossed the border without going through the proper channels. But it is not right. It is not fair. And, above all, it is dangerous. We must control immigration, period. Disease, terror, drugs: this has to stop. Btw, there is already a 70% reduction in illegal immigration. 30% to go. Presiden Trump, BUILD THAT WALL.


        • You’re not going to get a wall because you’ve been swindled and are just too stupid to admit it. Keep stroking the Don’s unit.

          • Cretin.

      36. I want to give Trump a chance, because he really has had no cooperation what so ever in DC. I know, I’ve had my doubts, but can’t really make a decision about him until his own party steps up and gives him support. The reason he can’t do his job is because no one will work with him. You can’t put the blame on him for their bullheadedness. Also needs to fire Ivanka and Jered.

      37. Yeah… and serial rapist Slick and his serial lying wife are “acceptable” right?

        • No, they both need to be in jail!

      38. Here here dangerous,build that wall! Support the president ,disregard Trolios!……

      39. I guess some folks really need a bogeyman.
        Trump’s not going anywhere. He’ll do his 4 or 8 years and then someone else will occupy the office. Contrary to sloganeering, nobody can “ruin” the country single-handedly from the Oval Office. Trump’ll do some stuff, some good and some bad, and then someone else will get a shot.

      40. That is ok.

        Certain members of the public are having conversations about replacing certain politicians at the next mid term election.

      41. The election is over and Donald Trump is the President. Wish him well and especially wish America well. It is unpatriotic to wish ill on America just to make Trump look bad! What is happening to people (too many Holliweird actors!).

      42. (((Those))) who seek to continue the decline and corruption of America are behind this.

      43. who friggin cares? it would be one thing if he followed through with some of his campaign promises but instead he is full neocon/establishment so who cares if he burns at the stake

      44. Check out. Laughing Mexican guy 6 million Jews.

      45. meanwhile, patriots are talking about removing certain members of kongress

      46. Report congress is holding secret meetings that this article
        More nonsense

      47. Hard too believe that trump wants to go down in history as the worse traitor of modern times? JFK had his brother killed his son killed his sons wife ? So his genetic line?Will trump ? Would you? Go along or get your family exterminated? Take your pick? And the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity. A hard choice? The endtimes choise? Free will? Jesus suffered crusifiction. Would you?

      48. I wonder if it comes down too who has the strongest survival instincts? Will you fight or submit? Do you believe that others will care? Or fight for theirs? Only your blood father cares. Everyone else is just a stranger? Mommy can’t defend you? She might try. When all the politically correct bull is gone . You will run for daddy. Cause only daddy can win?

      49. Bull crap article. Trump is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. He will not be impeached. The only way that he could possibly be removed is by his death. Lets hope that don’t happen.

      50. Secret conversations ? As in secret societies? Didn’t JFK tell us about them before he was killed? Time to wake up and smell the coffee? The tribulation will be the worse fight we could imagine ? We have been warned? Fill your lamps? Or else?

      51. Is hating traitors bad? Is all hate bad? Hating serial killers, rapists, child torturers? Should we not hate evil? And who decides what is evil? Some say if you can’t decide you are evil?And what do we do with them? Let them prosper? Or exterminate them? Who decides? The eternal question? Should we kill? Tie a millstone around their necks? Or let them have their fun? And at what risk? The resistors will be tortured to death? Which do you want to be? Rich or crusified? Nice and comfy with your whole family safe? Or the other? And the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity? Ouch! Hard choice?

        • I’m following my God and his commandments, even if it means I have to die for my beliefs. I’ve raised my four children this way. The only real hope we have is the promise of a resurrection in a better world. Jehovah God does not lie.

      52. I guess we are confronted by satanic forces? Will we let them win?All life is in a fight for survival? And many times what we believe is good has lost? Do we fight or submit? Turn our plows into swords ? Or go peacefully into the night? Take your pick? As usual we are outnumbered? But so far we always win? The Tares will burn ? Keep the faith?

      53. This is about the last straw for this site. Another bs article! Trump has done everything right in my opinion. Removing this site from my favorites. I guess since everything is looking better we need more panick articles?

      54. And the people are expected to sit in the the mud with their mouths hanging open watching in awe as the beautiful gods in DC take power and become more terrible than the raging sea as majestic as the sun rise. All must bow to them Total lunatics Treason is treason

      55. People used to get ahead because they didn’t get a new car every 5 years. They didn’t look to the store for a solution to their dilemma. They made meals they didn’t order food every night or drive up window dinner. They didn’t buy $100 jeans for brand name recognition. They mended their clothes and other things as well. They were not lazy. However they also weren’t slaves to corporations. It seems you work under 30 hours or you work 60 plus so your either broke or you don’t have time to take a shit. Times were different. You can’t go back in time. The good ole days are gone now we are all professional strugglers. Get your shit together your gonna be on your own soon.

      56. Nope. BS story. Not gonna happen. Just because the left is pouting in the corner because they don’t like “mean ol’ President Trump” doesn’t mean they can remove him. He’ll be fine.

      57. They remove Trump from office and you will see the SHTF fan in this country. Be careful what you ask for. For all of the preppers and tacticool guys and gals, you haven’t seen shit until you remove a sitting POTUS that the American people elected. Those politicians will not be able to hide from us. So, whether you think Trump is competent or not doesn’t matter. He has zero support from either party and it’s time he stood and started taking names and firing MF’s. You can be the most prepared and trained individual and all it takes is one well placed shot and you are done. That shot can come from anyone, anywhere at any time and even from the most underprepared person.

      58. These communists talking about impeaching President Trump should all be arrested and charged with High Treason !

        • Very true, but can’t get the DOJ to do anything. Sooner or later it will be up to the true American Patriots to do this by showing up in Washington DC and drain the swamp.

      59. When will we learn to recognize fake news and the politics of division? Of course there are many powerful people under threat right now and they have been throwing the sink at this administration even before the election. This is nothing new as impeachment was heard from day one in the oval office.

        Unfortunately it seems that the current administration is making the same mistakes that Dems made when they refused to prosecute Cheny. Clinton, Shumer and others need to answer for their crimes NOW! Whats holding up the prosecutions? Refusal to do so only emboldens the enemies of freedom as we see from this and other stories coming out of the media. Principalities and forces of darkness at work here. Recognize it for what it truly is.

      60. Congress can hold all the secret conversations it wants but I have news for them.

        One, God hears everything. Two, prayerfulness of many protects Mr. Trump.

        Three, Paul Levy, a Therapist, wrote a book a while back, “The Madness of George W. Bush” which clinically asserted Mr. Bush was a malignant narcissist, yet no one questioned the sanity of a man who lied about weapons of mass destruction which led to the deaths of many of our young servicewomen and servicemen.

        Now why would that be? Where were Trump’s accusers, those self-proclaimed experts when Mr. Levy described Mr. Bush’s malignant narcissism? Oh, I almost forgot, they were profiting from the spoils of war.

        Mr. Trump is not mentally ill but destructive accusations of him to the contrary tell us who the truly destructive and mentally ill are: those utterly dedicated to lies. However sometimes crudely put, truths spoken by Mr. Trump have ruffled quite a few feathers.

        “Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs,” wrote Dr. Peck. But many are dedicated to spreading lies about Mr. Trump’s mental state.

        Get right with God every day, stay in the Light, bask in the Truth. Life may be as short as the time you take to read the next post.

        Pray for God’s protection every day.* God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Always tell the truth, that will astonish some and gratify the rest.” – President Truman

        * “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle,
        Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil
        May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Hosts
        Cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
        Who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.”

      61. No high crimes, misdemeanors or treason. THUS THIS IS RUBBISH !!

        We are done here, as Judge Judy would say !!

      62. Congress is getting everything they want…
        Why get rid of trump??????
        He’s only f…..g all of us who voted for him.

      63. Omg i hope so. That way these globalists can see that blm snowflakes transgendered marches and riots pale in+comparison to working middle class full on revolution. Bring it.

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