Report: Chance of a Catastrophic Solar Storm Is 1 in 8; Would Take Down Power Grid, Food Transportation, Water Utilities, Financial Systems

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Headline News | 217 comments

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    According to a recent study published by Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications,  we have roughly a 12% chance of getting hit with a solar storm so powerful that it could take down the national power grid and yield catastrophic consequences for the general population. Pete Riley, a senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, is the author of the study which looks at the probability of the occurrence of extreme weather events:

    Via: On the probability of occurrence of extreme space weather events

    Key Points

    • Probability of a Carrington event occurring over next decade is ~12%
    • Space physics datasets often display a power-law distribution
    • Power-law distribution can be exploited to predict extreme events

    By virtue of their rarity, extreme space weather events, such as the Carrington event of 1859, are difficult to study, their rates of occurrence are difficult to estimate, and prediction of a specific future event is virtually impossible. Additionally, events may be extreme relative to one parameter but normal relative to others. In this study, we analyze several measures of the severity of space weather events (flare intensity, coronal mass ejection speeds)…

    By showing that the frequency of occurrence scales as an inverse power of the severity of the event, and assuming that this relationship holds at higher magnitudes, we are able to estimate the probability that an event larger than some criteria will occur within a certain interval of time in the future. For example, the probability of another Carrington event occurring within the next decade is ∼12%.

    The 1859 Carrington Event, as described by Wired Science, may have been a marvel to observers and caused some setbacks in the developing telegraph infrastructure at the time, but a similar occurrence today could be a global game changer:

    At the time of the Carrington Event, telegraph stations caught on fire, their networks experienced major outages and magnetic observatories recorded disturbances in the Earth’s field that were literally off the scale.

    In today’s electrically dependent modern world, a similar scale solar storm could have catastrophic consequences. Auroras damage electrical power grids and may contribute to the erosion of oil and gas pipelines. They can disrupt GPS satellites and disturb or even completely black out radio communication on Earth.

    During a geomagnetic storm in 1989, for instance, Canada’s Hydro-Quebec power grid collapsed within 90 seconds, leaving millions without power for up to nine hours.

    The potential collateral damage in the U.S. of a Carrington-type solar storm might be between $1 trillion and $2 trillion in the first year alone, with full recovery taking an estimated four to 10 years, according to a 2008 report from the National Research Council.

    The post-storm effects of such an event are underestimated by the majority of the world’s population, including our political leadership. Like an electro magentic pulse attack, according to the National Research Council a massive enough solar storm could have long term effects that “would likely include, for example, disruption of the transportation, communication, banking, and finance systems, and government services; the breakdown of the distribution of potable water owing to pump failure; and the loss of perishable foods and medications because of lack of refrigeration.

    The worst case scenario has been outlined by the Center for Security Policy, which suggests that an EMP, or a solar storm that results in similar magnetic discharge across the United States, could potentially leave 90% of Americans dead within the first year:

    Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy. “And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

    In the documentary Urban Danger, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett warns of the threat posed by a downed power grid and urges his fellow citizens to take action to protect themselves for the inevitable results that would follow:

    We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country. They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it. Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.

    There are a number of events that could create a situation in the cities where civil unrest would be a very high probability. And, I think that those who can, and those who understand, need to take advantage of the opportunity when these winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city.

    Source: Congressman Warns: “Those Who Can, Should Move Their Families Out Of the City”

    For many, a 1 in 8 chance of a catastrophic event occurring in a decade’s time may be nothing to worry about.

    For the emergency, disaster and preparedness minded individual, however, a massive solar storm with the potential to take out our modern day power grid and utility infrastructure  is just one in a variety of potentially catastrophic natural and man-made scenarios that could lead to the collapse of life in America as we know it today.

    Though any given event on its own may have a low probability of occurrence, when combined with other potentialities like economic collapse, currency collapse, global or regional military conflict, Super EMP, political destabilization, massive earthquakes (such as on the New Madrid fault), Tsunamis, asteroids, pandemic, and cyber attacks the odds of a game changing paradigm shift in our lifetime’s rise significantly.


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      1. Sorry, 1st.

        • This is the one disaster than I plan for more than any other because if one is ready for this than they are ready for other survivable events by default. It’s why I drive an old diesel pickup that is modified to run on recycled vegetable or motor oil in a pinch. It’s why I have a dual sport motorcycle in my Faraday shed and three ways to get to the retreat where even my solar panels are stored away protected from EMP.

          It’s no coincidence that 90% the population lives in the city and 90% of the population would be dead a year into a grid down situation. We have done our best to lead others to get ready, but when there is no time left we will close off the only bridge into our mountain community and make our stand. Not everyone will be saved so make the decision today before its too late.

          • Your truck probably wont work. There is a little solonoid valve in the fuel pump that opens everytime you turn the ignition on and off. I had a 1980’s chevy and that little coil in there would burn out everytime I passed the magnet at a scrap yard I used to bring material to. Just letting you know.

            • Even if his diesel truck did work, I wouldn’t want to be the one driving it anywhere. Talk about a target. Sheesh.

            • Most experts agree that most cars will not be affected, I will take my chances with my manually aspirated diesel as this part is not computer controlled.

              Surely, I do not want to be cruising town, but normalcy bias means most people will sit there for a while and see what happens. I only need it for an hour.

            • Prepared Pastor – In that case, I’m just jealous. God Bless and stay safe!

            • Fascinating.

              I’d stake my life on bicycles.

              The bicycle was possible back in da Vinci’s time, except people back then didn’t understand frame geometry. Frame geometry is tricky and the bicycle had to be smack-in-the-face obvious before people put in the time, pre-computer, to work it out. Now that the math’s been worked out, bicycles are within the reach of people who used horses to get around and ground their telescope lenses by hand.

              First, Rawlesianly, one must be living at one’s BOL fulltime. Then, learn about bikes. Learn about bikes the way an FCC Class A license holder had to understand radios. Able to design and build a station by hand, from a pile of parts, first drawing all the schematics on quadrille paper.

            • Points and a carburetor.

            • “Most experts agree that most cars will not be affected…”

              Pastor… I strongly agree with your preps and choice of vehicle for a post EMP world. I also strongly disagree with the “experts” on the effects of EMP on “most vehicles”. Tests run by the US military in regards to a possible enemy induced EMP via a nuclear weapon burst high in the stratosphere indicate that unshielded autos (civilian cars & trucks) WILL be totally disabled because the micro-circuitry in their controlling computers will be burned out. These machine controlling computers are quite sensitive to this and an EMP burst can generate an induced electrical current in their tiny circuits that is hundreds of times more powerful than the current that they are designed to handle. Imagine connecting a 220v power line to a battery operated portable radio and you will get the idea of what will happen to those tiny and delicate circuits. Does the term “BZZZT! POOF!” mean anything? A sufficiently large solar flare will generate a very strong EMP that is every bit as powerful as the EMP from a nuclear weapon and it can be every bit as devastating to our fragile electronically controlled world. This will not just affect cars and trucks, however, but every single thing we depend on for modern life… even things as basic as water supply and sewage pumping depend upon computer controlled pumps and valves, not to mention hospitals and their equipment, fuel station pumps, traffic control, natural gas delivery, etc. The list is virtually endless and is rarely grasped by people until the things they depend on quit working. For a good look at all this, read the book “One Second After”, by William R. Forstchen. It is a fascinating and terrifying novel that provides what I believe is an accurate look into any future holding an EMP event in store for us.

              As to “being a target” because of having a working vehicle, consider that ALL preppers will be targeted by those who have not prepped as it finally dawns on them what kind of trouble they are now in. Desperate people WILL do desperate and deadly things. This is why so many preppers are armed to the teeth. We KNOW that we will need to be if we are to survive.

            • I will use my 70’s era MG with mechanical fuel pump, carb,etc etc to make my deliveries of “everclear” to my customers while the revenuers sit by the side of the road. Beep Beep.

          • That’s why I think an old diesel mercedes with mechanical fuel injection would be the best post EMP car. Along with storing an extra solenoid and starter for it in a faraday cage.

            • Dont count on any diesel.Most diesels in cars and light trucks have fuel injection made by Bosch. They all have that same little tiny solonoid valve which might burn out. Ive taken them apart and the wire is thinner than a hair. much thinner. but it is just a magnetic device that has to hold a very small pin up to keep the fuel going to the pump. Its not easy to change a mechanical fuel injection pump. As stated above the best thing is a car with a carb and points type distributor. A pre 68 VW bus or car is your best bet. Completly EMP proof. Has a generator too.

            • I’m another push bike fan. Quiet, no smell, can go off road and trail, between, through buildings. Security issues in a grid down situation could be dire. The ability to get the fook out of the way of trouble quietly & without fuss could save your life.

              Pushbike and a tent.

              The only vehicle on the road will attract attention for miles.

          • The cars of today would be useless, most have numerous computer chips that would get fried. The older models might work but like one poster stated, it would be risky, like a moving target. Personally I’m in favor of non-electrical transportation like bicycle, horse, or just plain walking which would be easier to hide when needed. Just make sure you have weapons… gun, knives, machete, base ball bat… with you at ALL times. Can’t be too careful.

            • 63 convertible sky blue Lincoln with snow plow and hanging porch lights above tail lights. Just like Water World except with tires!

            • @Sweed, loved Water World! Can you imagine a life with no land? No way…. and yet their way of life was self -sufficent. Pretty cool how they worked in the Exxon Valdez…

          • “And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

            The pagan Judaic Bacchanalia of Purim* started today, so expect an increase in the incessant hasbara demonization of Iran.

            Iranians are not the banksters that have looted your nation. Iranians to do not send your children to die. Iranians have not attacked any nation in 300 years. Iranians are not your abortionists. Iranians are not your pornographers. Iranians are not your sex slavers. Iranians are not the leaders of homosexual “rights.” Iranians do not run your ACLU. Iranians do not run the “Russian” mafia. Iranians are not the ones who control the filth from H✡llyw✡✡d or the lies on your Talmudvision. Iranians are not the ones pushing gun prohibition. Iranians do not run your government to your own destruction. Iranians do not teach that they are Chosen. Iranians do not teach that only they are human. Iranians do not teach that “the best of the Gentiles should ALL be killed.”

            Who does do ALL that? Think clearly.

            Prosecute those guilty of crimes against humanity; leave the innocent alone.

            • Netanyahu’s Purim Plan


              US President Barack Obama reportedly on Monday gave Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a copy of the Book of Esther in honor of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which is celebrated on Thursday and Friday this week.

              Netanyahu took the opportunity to draw a parallel between the narrative in the Book of Esther – wherein the wicked Haman seeks to destroy the Jewish people throughout the Persian Empire – with Israel’s modern day conflict with Iran….

              Iran is geographically Persia and the Iranians are descendants of the ancient Persians.

              It seems that Netanyahu failed to mention the fact that the Persians were on the side of the Judahites. Their enemy was an Amalekite, who tricked the king of Persia into signing the decree. When the Persian king discovered Haman’s real motive, he issued a second decree allowing Judah to defend itself.

              Why punish the Persians for this? The real culprits are the Amalekites. Guess who they are today?

              This article shows us that Netanyahu really wants to attack Iran during Purim. They already succeeded in getting America to attack old Babylon (Iraq) at Purim in 2003. Now Iran (Persia) is next. Then it will be Greece. Then Rome, which they identify as the Church. Perhaps it would be better to stop their plan of vengeance now, rather than wait for them to destroy the Church.


        • the best thing about the power grid going down will be that your computer stops working…

          now on to a comment thats actually relevant….

          i made my own fariday cage recently, i took a steel trash can and lined it with cardboard, i took an old extension cord, stripped one end and bolted this to the can, and clipped off the hot prongs on the other end, leaving just the ground, and plugged it in.
          i tested it by putting an am/fm radio inside, with the lid cracked just a bit i still got a signal, but when closed it goes completely to static…
          inside my new fariday trashcan i’m storing some two way radios, my am/fm survival radio, and a complete wiring harness (coil, stator, regulatior/rectifier & cdi box) for my motorcycle…it’s probably overkill but i wrapped these items in a few layers of foil just to be safe…

          • Military ammo boxes are probably pretty good too.

          • “…it’s probably overkill but…”

            It might be… but then… over-kill beats the hell out of under-kill! Good job on that. I will do something similar. The local hardware store here has some nice little 20-gallon galvanized steel trash cans with lids that should work really well for this. Don’t forget to insulate the lid too, folks. 🙂

          • @Dix

            I think after all of that trouble you went to that you would be better off with a foil hat!

            What a waste of time with all of the other looming problems we face….

          • Would this work if you had a steel building?

      2. Complexity in everything increases vulnerability to catastrophic failure. I would welcome the collapse of our modern society if it meant the end of socialist college professors. I say bring it on!

        • Careful what ya wish for…I think the SHTF is inevitable and I’m preparing, sure, but I don’t wish it on anyone. I would love nothing more than to stand up, apologize, and say to everyone I’ve spoken to that I was wrong about the economy, monetary policy, central banksters, fixed politics, 9/11, Kennedy, gold prices, peak oil, dishonorable wars, etc, etc, etc.

          To say, “Don’t worry, folks, you’ll get a steady R.O.I. of 8% on your investments, we’ll defeat ‘Al Queda’, and we’ll live in a safer, more free and properous society soon, where infinite growth is good for us all!” would be blissful. But I know I ain’t that wrong. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Light your way.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • @moon, you are right in what you say. The problem the public is having seems to be that we all want a change but at what cost? Elections don’t mean shit no more and whether it’s dem./repub. is not going to change one thing. However a catastrophe such as an EMP or what have you, would be extremely devastating, yes, and millions will die because of it BUT and I say this with much respect to every one, BUT that may be the only way to “clean house” so to speak. Maybe start fresh and MAYBE get back to what our country was originally founded on. Maybe… all we can do is hope and pray and prep, prep, prep…

          • Allow me to suggest that prayer IS prepping, just not the physical kind. 😉

            Yes, an EMP event would be both horrible and devastating to our civilization and the death toll, especially in the “advanced” countries, would be shockingly high. 90% may be conservative in the death toll estimate. Personally, I would not wish this on a stray dog, let alone my fellow human beings. I will prepare for it nonetheless because I feel that it and financial collapse are the two most probable disaster scenarios we face. As an extra benefit to such prepping, we also get ready for the usual natural disasters too, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, wild fires, pandemics, etc. I wonder how many of those who survived Katrina or the Japanese tsunami now have a very different outlook on prepping activities than they had before those events.

        • And I say be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

      3. Last summer I a an old tube radio for this type of solar event.

        Any other suggestions of things to get for this event, probably wont get an old car.

        • I read a report by US military (or was it scientists) somewhere about cars and the EMP effect on them. what transpired from that report showed that sudden death to cars in EMP event is greatly overrated to say the least. even the newer cars were not fried by EMP device they used. but of course one should not cling too much to that report, I’m still concerned about our family car and plan for the worst case! just remember to give your car a try even if all the world went black because of CME
          but a Faraday cage is always a good idea for those radios of yours.

          • I did read some time ago that the cars body acts as a Faraday cage. If this is so, then buy an old big van or old box truck and store your radio’s , three wheeler or motorcycles in them. 😉

            • New stuff is made really well EMI-wise. Take an old TV that some idiot’s ripped the bunny-ears antenna off of, it’ll still receive strong local stations. Take a new one, antenna off, and people think it’s dead. But put a wire on there where the antenna was and it comes alive.

              It can’t hurt to put stuff you really want to be safe in a Faraday cage.

          • If your car stops because of cme or emp and won’t start, take the negative battery cable off for 2 minutes and reattach it then try to start it. If it doesn’t start then, it probably never will. Unhooking the battery will allow the computer to reset if it was not damaged beyond use. Also Russia,China and North Korea supposedly have super EMP bombs producing up to 200 kv/m. If one of these is used even a faraday cage may not help but I’m still researching that so stay tuned.

          • the test was done at a SIGNIFICNTLY lower level.about a tenth of what a massive CME would generate.about the size of the canadian incedent.makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
            on another note: truly sealed electronics no seams or openings in plastic offer almost the same level as the lined trash can or ammo can. hope you’re well. thanks delr

          • Giurza, you are correct. It was about 1 in 6 cars if, I remember right that, that succumbed to an EMP. But it was close 100 percent for the home PC, Modern TV’s, and the like. Peace

          • Consider that such tests do not involve the use of a nuclear weapon to generate the EMP and that if they were able to do that test, it is likely that they would not achieve the same result.

            The Carrington Event of 1859 virtually destroyed telegraph systems that were hit by it and they were clunky old analog systems that are many times more rugged than today’s sensitive milli-volt micro-circuitry. Some of them even burst into flame and burned the telegraph offices to the ground. Unless specifically hardened against such induced over-load electrical currents, no computer or other electronic device is going to survive that. The US military does not harden its electronic systems just to make them cost more. They do it so they can survive an EMP event on the battlefield.

            The great unknown in all this, of course, is that no one knows the electro-magnetic field strength of any future EMP event. It could very well be mild. It also might not. As in all other forms of prepping, we need to hope for the best but plan and prepare for the worst. Hope is NOT a plan.

        • Maybe an old bottle of scotch.

          • Hey Bill.., does Scotch have computer chips inside them now? If so, I will wrap them in aluminum foil and stick them in a trash can. 😉

        • I also have a vacuum tube radio, the tubes are resistant to an EMP but the selenium rectifier will most likely get fried so you need to keep that kind of radio protected too. As for cars, I used to work at a garage. We once had a car in that had EVERY electronic module,the computer,radio and electronic dash fried. A bolt of lightening hit nearby while it was traveling down the road and fried everything. If lightening can do that so can an EMP.This vehicle was a mid 2000 vehicle.

        • “Carrington Event, telegraph stations caught on fire.”

          Will houses and buildings catch on fire during this event? If so, we are in deep sh**.

          • I’ve heard TVs ‘could’ catch on fire. If that’s true and one of these solar flares hits and folks don’t unplug their sets, you’ll see fires galore. Could say it would almost look… apocalyptic.

            I’ve mentioned it on this site before that a friend of mine was an engineer for NASA and he’s a prepper because of this possibility. He fears another Carrington event will occur and our satellites will be fried and we’ll all be instantaneously living in the 19th century again. Unlike me, he’s no dummy. I trust his judgement. I still fear ObamaCare more than solar flares, but 12% odds of the apocalypse are nothing to sniff at. The sun is like my wife… cold… then hot… and then sometimes just outright dangerous.

            Have a great night!

            • Oh good grief Mal,
              I hadn’t thought of that possibility. Gee whiz, I guess i’ll have to strap a fire extinguisher to every tv in the house. Also, has anyone thought about emp proof toilet paper?

              Seriously folks, what good is it to prep if all of your shit paper gets burned up because of the rays from outer space.

            • Mal: Thanks for the info.., I will just disconnect all my tv’s, computer or just shut down the power switch.

      4. Such a event is exactly what we need to regain control of our country, and hopefully the damage is so severe that going back to delicate privacy invading eletronics would not be an option…. The martial law thing? Thinking of the thousands of hours i myself have put into projects over the years and realising i can destroy it all in a matter of hours along with the views of those who have admired it.. There is not enough puppets to stop the chaos .

        • Given mankind’s sordid history, I sincerely doubt that the ‘new world arising from the ashes of the old’ will be much better. The only real advantage (if you can call it that) to society crashing? It will take a very long time for it to get to a point where relatively small groups can once again control entire continents. In the meanwhile, however, you’ll have to contend with tin-pot dictators, Washington Wannabes (who have no power or intelligence to back up the ideals), and basically anyone with a gun and a big enough posse to try and seize power/control.

          Want a good parallel? Europe, just after the Western Roman Empire fell, otherwise known as the Dark Ages. Every provincial governor and his dog decided that he was the next emperor, and fought like hell against all the other governors to prove it. It took well over 1500 years, and we still have the remnants of that mess (otherwise known as the current nation-states of the EU, which barely stopped fighting each other for imperial control 70 years ago).

          Trust me – life for most folks in any post-TEOTWAWKI society will have the exact same description as life in the Dark Ages: Nasty, brutish, and short.

          • I concur. At the end of the day we are still us.

            • and we still have a silly jug-eared, purple lipped turd as president.

          • Your analysis of medieval history is very weak, but otherwise your point is well-taken.

      5. lets see dec 21st 2012 end of the world, february 15 end of the worl due to meteorite,a solar storm, the arrival of the 12th imam (sp). The big question that isn’t being answered is will snooky’s baby be a boy or girl!

        • twins!

          • Triplets—–one of each

          • oh god noooo… that’s a scary thought. No more Snooky!!!

            On the other hand, if power grids did go down, we would not be subjected to hear about stupid, useless reality wannabe stars. See, there is a silver lining after all!

            • OMG, Squirt! Are you saying that there would be no TV?! Holy crap! No more Dancing with the Tards or Stupidity Island? What are we going to do? Our lives will be SOOOOO empty!


        • It will probably BARK. woof woof

        • that jionni dude has bigger balls than i do for gettin in bed with that thing…

          • Snooki who? Are you people watching TV when you should be prepping? can anyone say ….


        • Snooki want smush smush!

        • You’ll have to wait until it hatches to know for certain. Candling didn’t give us squat for insight.

          • How long is the incubation period?

            • One television season, give or take a few weeks.

        • Just heard on the Radio, we now have another doomsday event coming on Feb 3rd 2013 or somewhere around there, a giant meteor is headed our way. Spanish stargazers spotted it. I am officially thoroughly confused, to say the least. I don’t know which doomsday to prepare for!

          • Just do the best you can and let the chips fall where they may. No regrets.

          • Its just like women at a Club. Start with the one closest to you and work your way through them one by one.

          • Nasa did the math, came out yesterday. Gonna be a near miss.

            Doesn’t overcome that fact that they only found it LAST MONTH!

            What if it were going to hit? I’d barely have time to finish all my beer!

        • his kids will probably be paternal twins that are shims!!

        • “Mutant, m’Lord…”-Wizards

      6. so much doom and gloom.. if this all comes into play.. just punch my ticket..

        i am going home!!

        • …can I have your stuff when you’re dead, or did someone else call ‘dibs’?

          On a more serious note, that’s the exact same question you should ask any non-prepper if they declare that they will commit suicide come TEOTWAWKI.

          • I am well prepped.. live in rural Farm, have every farm animal you name, 5 years worth of staples, have solar, lpg tanks x 2000 gal each, guns / ammo, trade able assets, and a home set up with forte in mind ..

            Now.. All this (prepping) is In vain once the natural disaster described as the global killer or if the solar storm hits hard..

            All you would need at that time- before the end.. Is a big bottle of jack danials and a nice piece of A-S!!

            So yes.. You can have All my stuff.. Once we are All wiped off the face of this planet!!

            • Got solar? How well are your inverters, transfer switches, or other digital items protected against an emp?
              (PS Forgot to mention water….that pesky little issue people don’t tend to be well-stocked with.)

          • naw we split up his stuff just like in the military!
            IMAO tee shirts! they’re a hoot.

            • Did he say Ash? Yea, Ash burns pretty good, but not much btu.

        • I have no problems with people who feel this way. It is your choice, after all. What I don’t understand is if this truly is the way you feel, why bother with a site like this?

        • Send me all your preps, guns, and vehicle.

      7. Oh hell here we go again. The hits just keep on coming, maybe I don’t need to plant my new grape plants or my pecan tree’s.. But what the hell I got them so I think I’ll plant them..


        • Hey D,

          That’s why i insist we drink our bud, in Cuba, under some pine tree.
          Screw the preps, the garden, and the meat cans.
          If we go, we go happy and drunk. 🙂

          • monos,

            Hows my greek buddy doing? i think that last budweiser commercial should have made the superbowl buddy. And yepp I’m all in for cuba, even though my GF made me take those twins off my screen saver. Beers and babes in cuba sounds great.


            • This commercial has been sent to a good quantity of friends around the town.
              But the horse scene is top of the tops.
              Thanks man.

            • I wish I could get make to post that little rascals episode on here I think most ofr the gang would love it.


            • opps Mac not make..

          • manos,

            Just sent you 3 more. Don’t know if I already sent them to you.


      8. Our industrialized society with our dependence on electricity is only about 100 years old, to keep it simple. Some parts of the country had electricity sooner, some not until after World War II. Our society is much too dependent on it, given how easily it go down.

        • My grandfather died last year at the age of 99. I asked him once what the greatest change was during his lifetime. I thought he might say computers or the Internet (he was online). He looked at me like I was from the moon and simply said electricity. He did not have any growing up on a farm during the depression.

          • hey pastor! i grew up in rural NC. up until 7th grade some people i grew up with had no indoor running water or still used an outhouse.
            one set of my grand parents had running waterand electricity but use chamber pots and heat was abig old potbelly in the livin room! i can remeber loading it up with coal before going to bed under about 80 pounds of quilts! might’ve been poor but didn’t know it and didn’t care.some of my best memories come from spending time with delr

            • Growing up in the 70s after we’d crashed down through a few class-levels, we knew people who used an outhouse, we got used to cooking dinner in a fire ring, maybe 1 telephone per 5 houses, party line (!) etc.

              I can look at this whole “Doom” thing and think, “Been there, done that, and maybe better this time around because I know so much more and am not a skin-and-bones ignorant kid”. But anyone born after say 1975, all they’ve known is abundance.

            • Another tarheeler here, grew up with grandparents nearby that had one faucet from the well house to the kitchen sink. No water heater except a big pot on the wood fired kitchen cook stove. No bathroom. It was a couple hundred feet, out past the wood shed and smokehouse. The kids that stayed over could doody in the piss pots (one gal. lard cans) if they were under six. Everyone else had to grab a flash light and run to the johnnie house,a double seater though, for the emergencies. Never cared much for shittin’ beside someone else. Ole cousin Pete(7 yr. old) was scared of the dark and would doody in Granny’s piss pot about every night he stayed. And every morning he got his ass welped and had to clean out all the piss pots. That’s how the nick name “Piss Pot Pete” got started.

            • “But anyone born after say 1975, all they’ve known is abundance.”

              That’s true, DT. That’s why it is up to us older folks to pass along the lessons of the past and especially those we got from our parents and grand parents. They paid a heavy price for the knowledge they gained during hard times. It would be a complete shame to waste that by not keeping it alive in the younger generations. No, they might not be able to accept it at first but those memories will come back to them when times get hard again… and they will.

          • Up until last year, my mother in law had no indoor plumbing, heated and cooked with coal and no telephone. Hell, that’s how my wife grew up. Of course this was in Ukraine, but I personally know some people today that live the same way on the Navajo reservation.

            • yut tee hey!

      9. Johnf. Sorry, but December 1st end of the world ain’t happening. There have been 514 leap years since Caesar created it in 45 BC. Without the extra day every 4 years today would be July 31, 2013. The Mayan calendar did not account for leap year. Technically the world was supposed to end according to their calendar timeline 7 months ago.

        • The Mayans calendar end is based on the Winter Solstice of 2012, not a date on our calendar they did not recognize.

          They gave the time, we gave their time our date.

          • Yeah! Is that the Julian or Gregorian calendar, solar or lunar?

        • Saw a funny cartoon awhile back. Mayan carver guy standing with the calander carving talking to the Mayan king. Guy says to the king,”look king, I ran out of room on the rock”. King says to the carver, “gee, this is going to confuse someone someday”!

      10. I am thinking of only showering one time a month until the end of the world. This way if I survive I will be ready for not having hot water.Thinking of getting a generator so if a solar flare hits I have a back-up energy supply. LoL

        • Just something as simple as water, showers/baths to be more exact, will cause most people to panic if they can’t turn on a faucet and take a shower. Can you say “spit bath”? Yep, just dip your wash cloth in the creek or bucket and wash the best way you can. Boy these young kids are in for a real treat without their “possessions”. No lights, no water, no computers, no smart phones (now considered DUMB phones), no NOTHING, just living off the land like earlier tribes had to do and did well. Also, no pasteurized milk for those that insist on having it.

          • Just look back at the Katrina mindset. Apathy, then anger. People were pissed that the Red Cross handed out water, not Pepsi.

            More sub-humans will be angry at the loss of their cell or the TV than showers. Never piss off the caged animal.

            I consider the reset button like a National cleansing….and I know I’m not alone thinking this.

            • Talking about Katrina, did you notice how many people did nothing to help themselves? And I’m not talking about the ones that broke into Wally World to get TV’s and stuff that had nothing to do with survival. I’m talking about the ones with their hands out wanting to be taken care of and yet they got pissed about water instead of soda/beer or not the right kind of food was delivered. When the SHTF it’s going to be EVERY WHERE this time not just N.O. and that is going to be pure hell. Especially when they realize that this time there may NOT be any help. That alone will be the death of so many.

              In a nut shell, one needs to learn to be independent and self-sufficient. I feel for the city people, many won’t make it.


        • Yeah, John, that could work. As an added benefit, any group of raiders that comes along will think that you are already dead, so just lie there perfectly stiff and still and you will have the perfect camo! 😉

        • nope, wrong……Your generator will be burned up by the emp cloud and the solar flare storm and then the 6.00 gas will hit and then you’ll discover there is a hole in your faraday cage and the bird flew off. And then obama will come around to comfort you and we will live happily ever after in our steaming pile of shit…..

      11. I’m more inclined to believe the EMP will be a black swan even to control the citizens/gun owners of America.

        But what ever, the same outcome same percentages of life.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • go to and read his thread onan EMP. its great doomer story he’s getting ready to publish.remember one second after? lot like that but black swan. care mona. delr

      12. 1 in 8 – not bad. Kidding.

        Given all the storms and tornados as of late, is the power grid going down really that far fetched? I think we’re on our way whether it’s a solar storm, EMP or otherwise.

        • Could be, Mike. A lot of our power grid is 25-30 years old and was not designed for the tremendous increase in power usage that has occurred over the past decade or so. It is a real patchwork of old, middle, and new stuff, so like any cobbled together system is not nearly as robust as it should be considering just how heavily dependent we are on it.

      13. quoting frank gaffney, mac? seriuosly, you post one article about how attacking iran is stupid, then the next post you include frank fucking gaffney? that shit heel makes his money on beating the war drum. i’m confused.

        • With all due respect, what have you done with your life which allows you to be so critical towards Frank Gaffney?
          Please give details.

          • i have eyes that read and ears that hear. with those two senses and a decent intellect, i can arrive at conclusions as to whom is a deep thinker and whom is a raving lunatic. after much deliberation, i’ve concluded that frank gaffney isn’t fit to scrape the dog shit off my boots, let alone have his opinion considered in terms of real threats faced by various populations of the world.

            he’s a shit head. a raving retard. a one trick pony who schemes and lies in hopes of being relevant to the important discussions of the day.

            i’m nobody important, but i don’t have to be important or well known to know that frank gaffney is a douchefalcon.

            • Like you wrote, you are nobody.

            • now let’s hear from you about why frank gaffney’s opinion is worth considering? let’s hear it big shot.

          • c’mon, frank gaffney’s a fearmongering douchefalcon. that face he makes when he’s on television, you know… the face that screams “i’m an impotent dickhead,” it makes me want to declare jihad on his ass.

            he’s a dickhead. it’s an operationalizable phenomenon that anybody with three brain cells to rub together can figure out.

          • Anonymous can never provide even so much as a modicum of fact-based evidence. If they had facts, they’d have an online screen name and be proud to use it. Til then….Anonymous is zero.

            • yeah, screen names really matter. they matter so much that i, zoltanne, am happy to announce my intent to drink my own urine if shtf occurs. it’s got vitamins!

            • I suppose that stealing someone else’s screen name gives you a better sense of self-worth, despite an infantile comment. LMBO

      14. PREPARE FOR GLOBAL UN TAX DEBT SLAVERY… that is what you should be preppin for… losing 40% value of your dollars over night is what you should be prepping for… preparing for hyperinflation $60. can of beans… is what you should be preppin for… tripled electric gas bills is what you should be preppin for… tripled property taxes is what you should be preppin for… poisoned eugenics shots franken monsanto gmo eugenics foods and gov fed fda aluminized fluoridated poisoned tap water IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PREPPIN FOR!


        buncha silly rabbits…

        • One who is prepared for an EMP is also prepared for this. I can grow my own beans and my home makes its own electricity and is heated with wood grown on site. I have enough silver to pay my property tax bill for the next couple hundred years as long as it keeps up with inflation. People here choose for themselves whether to vaccinate their children, eat food other people grew, or tap into public water so live and let live I say.

          • @pp … hey Preaching Iranian CHILD KILLIN, WAR LOVIN PREACHER go tag on someone else’s posts… your a FALSE FAKE PREACHER and a KNOWN FED!

            I do not want you near my posts… Your a FED Troll FRAUD!

            go away… OR I’ll show you what you can do with that Science Fiction Zionist Jew Written Bible of Yours!

            All History is Written created by the Killer’s Dominator’s Enslaver’s of Man in History! The Bible is no Different!

            @PP … It’s false preachers like you who give homo child molestin Catholic Priests a BAD NAME!

            Take a Hint – Bugger Off!

            • Dude, seek help soon. This crap is just not that important. Try meeting a girl, watching a sport on T.V.
              Down a six-pack on St. Pats.

            • Somebody needs their meds adjusted.

            • here’s your hint GROW UP AND GET OUTYA MOMA’S BASEMENT

            • You need to cancel your subscription to Prison Planet TV and find a meaningful purpose for existing. You will not last long with this attitude.

        • @everyone-I am not an animal. I do admit I pay my taxes. Goy??? Thats what they think I am. Mother Mary a whore?? Thats what they think she is. I thank the memory of Jesus Christ that I don’t give a kosher rats a$$ what they think.(you don’t want to know what “they” say about JC)…………………@jQp-Hey, john q, can I go to walden books and pick up a jewish bible, so I don’t have to depend on glenn beck to tell me about stuff and tell me what it all means???

        • I was beginning to like you with your 5:22 pm comment, however, you just shit in your momma’s living room with your 6:27 pm attack.

        • man, you ought to just get on some kind of medicine for your paranoia. and stay away from sharp objects. Those joooooos are out to get you……..oh boy…….!

      15. 12% chance is not a high risk. The issue is how bad things would be if such an event were to occure. The only reason worth prepping for something with such a low risk, is the event would be a real SHTF event, if it were to occure.

        But, it’s still only 12% chance. Just don’t want it to be when I’m living and walking on this planet.

        • There is only a 0.8% chance that your house will burn down, but how many people buy homeowner’s insurance? A 12% risk means this is fifteen times more likely.

      16. Was just reading about our sun getting kind of nasty today. The video is 38mins but is really interesting and I found I need to read more about remote viewing. I have never heard of that before today.

        • OLD MILITARY program that was coopted by the alphabet agencies. from what i could gather one out of 20 something viewers were pretty damned good. most couldn’t do squat. the better ones were scary accurate at geo delr


        and also disabled updates, remote connection etc etc

        the nwo.fascist.zionist.owned.fbi.cia.nsa is coming to take CONTROL your pc via the web… all in the name of terror…

        protect your pc’s…

        march 7-9th 2012…

        web users beware!

        • Ninaorkat ….. we love you, we really do.

        • We’ll know for sure on March 10th if your a whacko.

        • they push’d it down the road for 120 days just red adout it,,, still have 4 months till the FBI gets back to it

      18. To me, or anyone worried about marshall law declared and military force declaring war on its own citizens should look at a nasty solar storm as a blessing. The military and gov’t depends heavily on technology to conduct operations. This would level the playing field. No drones without satelites.

        • A solar storm would be a blessing compared to martial law as everyone would be trying to survive, not just the people not in uniform.

      19. if a natural cosmic EMP event and all the death, suffering and wealth destruction it would entail is what it takes to thwart the globalization movement….then I would consider it an act of God…

      20. At least if it was a solar event instead of a targeted EMP it would take out the whole world’s power.

        We wouldn’t be sitting ducks waiting for the Mexicans, Russians & Chinese to come overpower us at our weakest moment.

        • This is what I’ve been wondering, would a solar event actually take down grids on the opposite side of the globe (of the event), how and why?

      21. Isn’t life grand, always full of surprises! Live, love, laugh and be happy. All I know, is that the snow is melting, the birds are singing and spring is around the corner. Come on mother nature, do your magic. All’s well ends well.

      22. Very odd that in the beautiful East Texas wilderness – my office had multiple electrical outages today. Sun shining brightly with gusty winds and our commercial generator working overtime to keep up. We don’t have these kind of outages in raging thunderstorms.
        Our security office called 5 times to ask why our outage alarms kept going off. Everyone kept joking about ‘not paying the electric bill’ as the electricity cut off and on. Hummm. I’m glad I keep my finger on the pulse and check in with SHTF. The sheeple I work with are not interest so I quit trying to enlighten folks.
        Keep stackin’, packin’ and the BOB current.

      23. currently Tuesday at 7:35 pm eastern time another X-1 class flare blew off the sun….just keeping everybody aware.

        • correction….the peak is still climbing… look under x-ray solar flares where it says more data and click on it and it will give you a graph.

      24. “Dixon Jabuti says:
        March 6, 2012 at 3:39 pm

        the best thing about the power grid going down will be that your computer stops working…

        now on to a comment thats actually relevant….

        i made my own faraday cage recently, i took a steel trash can and lined it with cardboard, i took an old extension cord, stripped one end and bolted this to the can, and clipped off the hot prongs on the other end, leaving just the ground, and plugged it in.”

        I’ve been advising people to do the same thing so yes this is good advice.
        On minor change however is to buy some aluminium (cooking) foil and seal the lid/bin gap thoroughly too.
        For the ground lead make sure you use a good steel spike and drive it into solid ground (not sand !) for at least 500mm, preferably more.

        As far as the much touted EMP taking out electronics, ignitions etc, I think that’s somewhat of a stretch…

      25. My view is that we are most vulnerable to failure of the electric grid, not only from EMP but from lack of energy to maintain and fuel the system. As oil production becomes more and more expensive, the quality of what is produced declines, and total production enters long term decline, maintenance of everything, including the electric grid, will suffer. Eventually this system, which has a majority of its components at the end of design life, will fail beyond restoration. It will come in fits and starts, with brown outs followed by blackouts of increased frequency until it just collapses in darkness.

        Of course it may be take out first by the sun or by enemy attack, but it is doomed and so are the dependent people stacked on top of one another in unsustainable cities. All species that achieve overpopulation are vulnerable. Perhaps cave men should never have played with fire in the first place.

      26. The frequency of solar flares has picked up the last couple of days. I get an alert from ips . gov . au for each flare. There were 9 on Monday, including an X1.1 at 1:36 AM ET. The one going on now is the fifth today.

        • I get the alerts also…the sun has been VERY active the last few days, wonder if it’s “waking” up?

      27. It may be God’s way of slapping the shit out of everyone so caught up in the world and all it’s entrapments. Take away their elctronics. I, for one, can live without them. Just like the preppy preacher, been thinking this out for years. Just finished a loft on the barn, strategically positioned so I can use a passive solar water heater system off the south side and run gravity (hot) water into the house. Got a used 15′ stand-up swimming pool ready to set up, further up the hill and 200′ of 1/2 in. pipe to run gravity to the loft. Now if I can just get my mules to make about 20 trips to the spring everyday we can keep her stocked and wash off the sweat before saying our prayers and bedding down. I’m getting tired just thinkin’ about it.

        • Do you live in an area where it rains enough to collect rainwater from the barn roof? It would have to be treated if you want to drink it, but would be acceptable for most other purposes.

          • Yep, Most of the time, PP. I have all my gutters funneled to rain barrels. Gardens are located so irrigation isn’t a problem. If there’s no rain, I have a portable pump that will pump from a small spring/run-off pond. Two deep cells and inverter will get ‘er done.

      28. More concerned about a nuke generated EMP from a piss ant third world like Iran.

        • I think you are part right, but since Iran is so far off I’d be more worried about China who could do it – tomorrow – and they could plant enough evidence we’d blame Iran. Then we nuke Iran in response and China gets rid of two big problems (Iran / US).

          Shortly after Chinese “peace keepers” arrive to help the surviving 10% farm the land for their kibble.

          • maybe we should worry some about China,Russia,N.Korea,Iran telling us, enough is enough, get your asses back to America and stay there, we’re tired of these wars going on all the time, it’s been one country after another since WW2, no generation gets a break without someone in their family becoming a casulity.

            • What, the U.S. staying out of other countries business? For real? What on earth would we do then? Oh I know, maybe then we could protect our OWN borders and rage war with the 13 million plus illegals in our country. I’m sure there’s enough of a selection of mixed nationalities (brown skinned people) that our gov. could fight with. Oh wait, we like to fight over seas and flex our muscles, forgot about that. Show offs…. busy bodies…. no wonder other countries don’t care for us. Unfortunately they judge our country as a whole instead of just the dumbasses in gov.. Can’t say as I don’t blame them. I hate the way our gov. makes us look… we look and act like BULLIES. Gee, what a good example to set for the kids of today. And yes, we have bullying problems at schools too. Go figure…

      29. My biggest worry isn’t an EMP event. It’s the year after the EMP event that kills 9 out of every 10 Americans. At that point America is ripe for the invaders. I’m assuming that in most circumstances, the whole globe isn’t affected equally. If the US get torched, and say China doesn’t, then how long until we have millions of Chinese military on our soil performing mop up operations?
        Just in case you weren’t neg’ed out enough, I thought I’d add that bit of survival porn for you.

        • Thanks Tony, I needed the mental masturbation.

      30. The current solar flare just ended at 10:40 PM ET. It was an X5.4.

      31. I know that the electronics in a car is already partly sheilded to handled the electro-magnetic interference caused by the coil and spark-plugs. Now, I don’t know if this sheilding could handle an EMP or solar flare. Personally, I do not fear an EMP attack since this would lead to nuclear war and everybody looses but a large solar flare will happen sooner or later.
        My biggest concern is a large quake on the New Madrid Fault which would still be big here 400 miles away in Northeast Tennessee. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands would die from the actually quake and im sure several more would die due to the lack of potable water and food in the weeks after. Another thing that concerns me is either a terrorist attack on some high power transmission lines or something like a tornado taking a few out shorting out the whole or regional system until it can be repaired.
        On another note, my wife has been reading posts on this site and others like ready nutrition and she has gone from ” I will let you do your thing but your nuts, to I think I will be nuts to and join you.” So to that, I must say thank you to everyone here. She has started looking at sites about dehydrating and storing in mylar bags with O2 absorbers. Its looks very interesting and will keep us from discarding so much food from the garden that goes bad before we can use it. It is worth checking out.

      32. This is a field in which I work and here’s a little electronic shielding information.

        1) A Faraday Cage is comprised of the following:
        a) Hermetically sealed metallic enclosure
        b) A ground wire bonded to the Earth

        This is the simplest shielding method for electronics and can be achieved through a variety of methods. Yes, garbage cans, ammo cans, weatherproof junction boxes and even gun safes can do the job. The metal does not need to be very thick but should be Ferris, steel or iron. The seal is very important and should be a metal on metal overlap. I also use an EPDM gasket behind the metal to create the hermetic seal, particulate in the air can also be a conductor.

        2) Using a metal building as a giant Faraday cage.

        Yes, this can be done to protect vehicles and anything else. Making sure you have a good seal on the building is critical and driving a solid copper ground rod, running a #4 or greater bond wire and testing are all important. After you have constructed your building and feel confident in the seal, the easiest test is the cell phone test. This is in no way a perfect test, but cell phone signals have a way of finding the smallest cracks to permeate due to being a microwave based signal. If you place a cell phone in the building, seal the building and try to call the phone, the phone will not receive a signal if the seal is good.

        The metal building is not just good for EMP, it’s also good for ESD (Electro-Static Discharge). When we build server rooms, the outer shell is all Ferris metal, bonded to the Earth and the floor inside the room is raised so all the equipment is floating in the cage, free from EMP, ESD and the ground itself. Believe it or not, a direct or near direct lightning strike releases both of these. This is why any server room worth building is done this way. You’re more likely to suffer equipment loss due to a lightning strike in Florida than by a solar flare.

        3) The foil trick

        This little trick is useful for a lot of things and might protect your less important gear that cannot fit into your cage. This trick can also block your cell phone from sending or receiving signals.

        a) Take a piece of aluminum foil about 12″x12″
        b) Gently crumble the foil into a loose ball
        c) Carefully unravel the foil ball back into a square

        **NOTE** You’ll notice the foil has many wrinkles in it now. This is the same technique used in stealth aircraft technology to defeat radar. The signal gets bounced, sent into a arbitrary direction and never returns to the source. For EMP or ESD scenarios, this can also provide a light shielding for residual emission. There is no guarantee this will work and should not be used on critical equipment.

        d) Now, place your cell phone in the center of the square.
        e) Gently fold the foil over your phone to create an overlapping seal around the phone.
        f) With the phone completely wrapped in foil and powered on, try to call that phone.

        If you did everything correctly, the phone will not ring because the signal cannot penetrate the angled foil properly which bounces the signal. If it rings, you did something wrong. This little trick can be used for a lot of reasons which is why I mention it.

        4) The EMP Notes

        a) Regular batteries should remain unaffected by EMP if not connected to anything.
        b) The electrical wiring on your home will remain in tact and will still be useful after an EMP in almost all cases.
        c) The breakers in your electrical panel are not electronic and should still function after an EMP.
        d) Standard generators that have no electronics in them should still function after an EMP in most cases, but you should keep a spare coil in case it gets fried. (If your generator uses Electonic Ignition or has a Full Wave Rectifier for producing DC, it will fail.)
        e) Solar panels should still function after an EMP, but the regulator and charging circuits should be shielded as they are vulnerable to EMP.

        The main thing to know about EMP is that it is nothing more than an electrically charged waveform. Like any radio signal, the strength is decreased by passing through solid objects. The more objects it passes through, the weaker it becomes. All this signal wants to do is return to ground, the same as electricity. Taking a few steps in advance to protect critical gear is relatively simple and can greatly benefit you later.

        Finally, there are no guarantees. Depending on the strength of the waveform, some people will fair better than others depending on the distance from the center. The further away you are, the better off you’ll be. All things to consider and I suggest doing your own homework on this topic.

        • I have a metal shed in which I store my motorcycle, generator, and other power equipment, but am concerned that it do not have a metal floor. I was thinking of framing up a wood floor and laying down a sheet of Mylar or other metal sheeting, laying a plywood floor over that, folding the Mylar or metal sheeting over the top and sitting the shed from down on that. Is there a better solution?

          Also, is there any modification I can make to my generator (which also produces 12 volts) so it will still provide 110 after EMP?

          • Hi Pastor,

            Yes, a wood raised floor with a metal sheet connecting the floor to the walls will do. Don’t forget the seal on the door. It must be hermetic.

            As for the generator, make sure you have a spare coil. To still get 12 volts, all that is comprised of is a full wave rectifier and a 10 to 1 transformer. You can either buy a spare set that fits the generator and store them in a Faraday cage or buy the parts to build a new external device. The parts to build one can be purchased on Ebay, Radio Shack or any electronic parts supply outlet on the web.

            Do you have any electrical/electronic skills?

            • Mostly electrical. I can wire a house and built my own transfer switches, etc. My electronic skills are limited to hooking stuff up, assembling computers, etc. I’ve built a few circuits from scratch, but only using plans.

            • Why does it have to be a hermetic seal?

        • So, you’re saying my tin man suit is good to go. Thanks JR.

        • Hey, my phone wouldn’t ring with the foil around it..Kewl.
          So you can’t be tracked by towers using this method??
          Great for cheating husbands and wives, huh??

        • Regarding the foil trick and cell phone, I thought the phone had to be wrapped in non-conductive material (paper, plastic) first, or is the outer case of the phone enough?

          • The phone’s electronics, as well as most devices, have a plastic case. The case is the liner between the circuits and the shield. No need to go with paper or plastic liners unless the case itself is metallic.

            As for the hermetic seal, air can become charged or transmit the charge through particulate. I’ve been very close to high voltage discharges and the air itself can become plasma. I’ve had all my hair standing on end, could feel the waveform pass through me (This may have just been the concussion from the discharge being felt in my lungs) and my walkie-talkie was fried by it. It’s not a healthy experience for people, but fatal for electronics. This is why you want a hermetic seal.

            Air may be invisible to the naked eye, but it has a lot of particulate in it that can conduct a charge and the gases themselves can become charged. If you have a stun gun or Tesla coil, take note of the smell in the air from particulate being vaporized during discharges. Now imagine that air flow carrying a charge, bypassing your shielding and cooking your electronics, defeating all your hard work. Why risk it?

      33. Unless you need transportation to leave an urban area to get to a save haven having a motorized vehicle will be more of a liability (target) than a necessity since there will be no fuel available and no where really to go.
        You should plan on how to sustain yourself in a secure location or a previously identified secondary location for at least three months. During that time the riots and uprisings may be leveling off.

        This and other events could trigger such a disaster. See

      34. My newspaper says romney got ALL the delegates from idaho, I DON”T BUY IT!

      35. In the news this morning…

        FEMA’s National Responder Support Camps for any Potential “American Spring”


      36. Of course, world governments could use the Spectre of a massive solar flare to bring down the system anytime they want. That’s what I would do.

        “Oop’s, what do you mean I owe you 100 Trillion dollars? I have no record or recollection of that”…..To be cont.

      37. People are already using that on a personal level. “Student loans – what student loans? You must have the wrong guy. Maybe you should repossess his brain.”

      38. Just wondering, Did anybody’s computer update overnight?

        • Yeah, and my computer is slow now, and my WHOLE lay out of my browser is moved around(up top. example- favorites on right side now)

      39. It’s funny how numbers are relative. If there was a 1 in 8 chance to win a lottery jackpot or a car, or in Florida the newest pair of Nike’s, there would be riots in the street at a chance at that. But a 1 in 8 chance of catastrophe? Nah – that’s blown off – why worry about that – that means there’s an 88% chance that it won’t happen. Oh well – can’t say you weren’t warned!

        • @Z- very good analogy. When you put it that way, it does sound absurd. How convenient for some of us to like those statistics when it comes to winning something material. But when it comes to something catastrophic and it’s the same percentage, then every one is like “oh that won’t happen” , oh you’re just trying to be a fear monger.

          How many millions play the Powerball and what are the odds of winning that? But that’s different because it’s safe and I might gain some money. Yeah, right…

      40. I think the risk is over-rated, but and the likely result is simply a baby boomlet.

      41. I believe everyone that has a job should get a free Chevy Volt with a glove box full of condoms. Maybe free insurance too!

      42. Am I missing something? Didn’t the article say 12%? Let the hysteria subside.

      43. Within an hour of any event that disrupts power generation or distribution an army of workers begin working to restore power. In the event of a EMP that created widespread power outages restoring power would take longer then it does after a hurricane, ice storm or tornado. But in general power would be restored. The critical locations like hospitals and emergency services would be first priority and urban areas followed by surburban areas next. within hours hospitals and emergnecy services would be up and running. Within days cities would be on the grid and within weeks suburbs would as well. Some more remote areas would take longer but within months the system would be 95%-100% functional. There may well be medical and law enforcement crisis that are not responded to quickly in the first few hours to days but soon these would be treated with normal response times. The fear and hype of the EMP is overstated.

        • Gonewiththewind,

          So you don’t see a problem with the suburbs remaining dark for a few weeks?? Or a major city being dark for a few days? Hell people are being rape and killed every day and night with the power on.. Let me say when things go black people turn really bad.
          Here is a story that happened about 1 hr ago in a small town close to me…

          And they just disconnected him, So tell me really think things won’t get ugly..


        • From what I understand about EMPs, most of the transmission lines will be fried and damaged to the point of no return. How long would it take an “army” to get things up and running for rural areas? Too long. I wouldn’t count on electric current to be flowing to rural and remote areas for months, if not years. Has anyone ever witnessed the effects of an EMP? Too many variables for me to count on any scientific information. That brings to mind a word I remember from college; “hypothesis”= basically an educated guess. I wouldn’t want to stake my survival on an hypothesis.

          • don’t-tread,

            You hit that on the head, if EMP isn’t enough then we have these solar flares to put up with. NASA, NOAA, hell every single science channel I looked at today claims they will only get worse. Don’t know about you but this event is God sent, And he has every right to be pissed off. About the only thing I’m doing differant for the weekend is I’m going to have some fun.. If it hits then what the hell can I do about it.
            If it doesn’t then so what, but I am prepped for such things..


            Enjoy the weekend, I’m going to race motorcycles again.

            • When an electric circuit is overloaded the weakest link burns out like a fuse then the circuit is open and no more damage occurs. The electric lines are not the weakest link. Restoring power will involve finding the failing component and fixing or replacing it.

              Sure people are hurt and even killed in the dark but the implication of the article is that somehow an EMP would mean TEOTWAWKI and that is a lot different from reality.

      44. These are happening more often and dont you love how msm has a shut mouth about it.

      45. Physics MIT 1982 here…. what is hitting us at midnight EST will not shut down the grid so don’t stay up waiting for it.

      46. It’s all a lie. How could there be a solar flare at night? Yuk,Yuk.

      47. Class X5.4 sure doesn’t sound to good to me considering A is the smallest and X is the largest. That and the solar flare 2 days ago was just a X1. something And the Flare in Jan. 2001 X2.8

        Hell might be time to open that bottle of Rare Breed Wild Turkey..


      48. YAWN!!!!

        • Burrrrp!

      49. Hey DPS – that Wild Turkey might be a good idea! Ya’ll should check out the warnings coming out about the CME that will hit tomorrow (Thurs, 3/8) about 4 pm. Been watching them for most of the day, off and on, and they continually get more ominous. And not just for auroras – now they are expressing concern for possible power grid issues in northern areas, radio and phone disruption, GPS issues, etc. One report indicated that flights across the polar regions are already being rerouted.

        [link to]
        Watch it all the way to the end – pretty impressive!

        • grannyb,

          I know right, MSM is so full of BS, hit the NASA web site they took some great pics or the last to flares. I guess time will tell, sure makes you glad to have back up systems.


          PS Its could be a great show in the next few days.

          • yea time always tells and it tells that nothing ever happens now doesnt it ?
            Im still waiting for comet elenin……oh yea that has passed after months and months of hype.
            you people need to wake up

      50. You people need to get out of your basements once in a while.

        • I couldnt agree more….as the years pass and i hear about all these warnings that never happen i begin to say the same thing. These people are very sad and obviously live very empty lives as they WAIT FEVERISHLY for some cataclysm to occur…….BUT IT WONT

          • RICH99

            I’ll tell you what is sad, YOU ARE!!!! You are here everyday I look at this site,you never miss a day to tell us how wrong we are. I just think you like the abuse.. Now tell me I’m wrong? If you don’t feel like prepping for your family, then take your ass on down the road!!!!!


      51. Greetings, CME/EMP…well, something i need to work on, still workin on my general preps, most importantly the food part.

        Last month, I earned enough award points from my visa card issuer(lord help me)and redeemed them for merchandise, in this case a battery operated Coleman lantern i’ve been itching to get, good to excellent rating on various web sites. there were way more items i could have got’n, watch, bolle glasses, ipod shuffle, etc. given the times we’re in i told my wife we really need to consider items that will preserve an amount of normalcy, this’ll add options to what we have, honda generator, coleman dual gas lantern and was glad to get this battery operated lantern, seems our local Walmart are always running low on outdoor items.

        Low n behold, few days ago we had a black-out effecting 3 block area lasting 7 hours, my budding survival skill (if u wanna call it that lol) kicked in. I looked at our newly acquired item on our shelf and boy i had a smile as far as the east is from the west, put in 8 d batteries, turn it on…glory!

        Little by little, emp or cme, just do it, just get it.

        Be prepared.

        • USA721516,

          2 yrs ago we had a tornado hit up the road and knock out our power for 3 days. I think thats about the time I started prepping. I was very lucky that we go camping alot, Coleman stoves and lanterns, propane stoves and lanterns. But the strange thing was the night, only 3 neighbors had lights on. Its just makes you wonder if people really care about their families.


          Kepp prepping you never no what could happen.

          • last year when a hurricane was heading our way
            I was in the local Wally World just doing some general shopping
            (I’m prepped for a hurricane 365 days a year )

            I saw a young woman holding a baby and with two toddlers in tow
            go up to 2 sales clerks
            “do you have any flashlights or batteries?”
            they both looked at her and laughed
            “yeah,if you were here a couple of days ago”

            how can someone live in a hurricane zone and not be ready
            with at least the basics ???

            last week I was in another department store and they had LED flashlights on clearance for half off
            I bought four of them

            while checking out the clerk asked me if I was going camping
            I said no,just doing a little early shopping for hurricane season’
            her response?
            “oh do we get those around here?”

            • Satori,

              Right man, I mean really how many flashlights do you own? I have lost more of them then I can count, batteries we damn what good is a flash light with out them. I mean really the people are just clueless, It would be like going to a BBQ, taking a ice chest and not bring any beer. Whats the point, you live close to hurricanes so you prepare for the lights to go out. I live in tornado ally so I prepp for the house ending up in freaking kansas.
              Keep prepping bud.


      52. /supreme-court-ruling-prompts-fbi-turn-off-3-154046722–abc-news.html

      53. I read about this on EMPact America all the time and listen to their broadcasts. Latest tests show that about 20% of cars would no longer be drivable. Many others would have problems one kind or another, but still be drivable. How confident am I in the tests? Maybe 60% confident. I built a faraday cage for my communications gear and mission-critical electronics and I’m preparing an old truck just in case. Even though I’m not in a high risk area, one of the most overlooked threats is all of the nuclear power plants that are dependent on electricity to not go Chernobyl or Fukushima. There are about 200 of them in the eastern US. If a significant number are compromised, the Only way anyone East of the Mississippi is going to survive is if the bug out West of it in a big hurry. I would be more concerned about that than what it does to a percentage of the cars.

        • Cache Valley Prepper,

          Sounds like you are on top of things. It sure never hurts to be prepped.


      54. @NinaO,

        Thanks for the dates on the PCs. Hat Tip!

        Y’all Beware!

      55. It freaking funny everybody just laughs when it come to this. When a 1 and 8 chance it could and 100 % says it will happen in our life time and people just joke about it. We all preppare for shyt like this and I’m betting only 10 % went and filled up gas tanks today. very sad.


        In the end we all die alone and we will be held accountable..

      56. In the 80’s there was a phrase called TEMPEST, which stood for “Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Protection of Electronic Systems Technology.”

        I will describe a visit to a TEMPEST facility. It was in that upscale hotel, on M street, on the south side of the street, right at the bridge where M Street in Georgetown turns into Pennsylvania Avenue in Foggy Bottom.(Wash DC).

        There was one floor of this upscale hotel, it required a swipe card to cause the elevator to stop on this floor. You entered a 10 x 10 room with a couch, a closed door was in the corner. When that door opened, the inside of that door was lined with layers of metal, like a bank vault door. You then stood in a 5 x 5 compartnment, while the front door closed, and it almost made my ears pop. Then an inner door opened that was 5 inches thick and had stepped edges like a bank vault door.

        Inside this ‘office’ were more separate rooms, but on the right was a totally enclosed bank vault, with 1′ thick lexan/glass and fine wire mesh embedded inside.

        In the room was a mainframe computer, and color terminals, the room had a raised deck with cables running under steel 2ft x 2ft floor panels. There was a huge video display projected on the wall, which was a map of the world. Remember this was 1987 or so… The cables, like the monitor cables and ethernet cables were all double shielded cable – each had two layers of 100% shielding with insulator between and separate grounds. The video displaying something that looked like Google earth, “4 clicks on Saigon” yielded an intersection, with the positions of every wire on telephone poles, where the sewers ran, where the water lines ran, etc. etc. under the street and in the air. Microwave transmission lines of sight were indicated..

        Perhaps this will help put the danger of an electromagnetic pulse into perspective… Thank you for reading.

      57. Nuclear plants going all wacky is DEFINITELY the scariest thing about all this. If even a few plants (out of 700 worldwide) go wacky, it’s pretty much a wrap. I’ve sorta made peace with fate if this happens. Yeah, go west or north into Canada. Maybe.


        Civilization got too big for its britches. Civilizations always do that. Dark comedy. I try to laugh about it. Hmm.

      58. Wow I think the main problem here is that when things are going too well it seems inevitable that they will be taken away. What will truly be the end of us all is the apathy that runs rampant throughout society, that makes us lock our doors rather than congregate and figure out a plan together. All of the resources we have right now are not a figment of our imagination, and they would not cease to exist without electricity. Humanity would do anything possible to keep the order they had before, and if we worked together our current population IS sustainable. Acting out of fear is a good way to make all of your greatest nightmares come true, and those stocking up on guns are far more likely to find a reason to use them. I personally do not feel my life is more valuable than another and if I can not be part of a viable SOLUTION than I will not simply board myself up with my resources and sustain myself. “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls….”

      59. It’s a good thing the majority think like you do, Andrea. It leaves mor prep stuff and ammo and guns for the rest of us. I respectfully disagree with your liberalist view of gun owners. Your statement “Those stocking up on guns are far more likely to find a reason to use them”; sounds like you think every gun owner will be “trigger happy”, and looking to shoot anyone and anything. If that is what you believe than you are sadly mistaken. Most mature,adult gun owners only have them for protection purposes. That includes protection against anyone wanting to bring harm against their friends and family. Then there are the gun owners like me and my wife. We love to target shoot. A pump BB/Pellet gun,22 cal auto, 38’s and 45’s, rifles of all calibers and 12 ga. shotguns to kill clay pigeons. We love it. I ocassionally shoot a deer or a varmint , but killing isn’t what it is all about. If I truly need to, I will kill another human being; “self-defense” is what I believe in. That is why the most important gun we own is my wife’s 357 Magnum revolver. With two quiki-reloaders she can get off 18 deadly shots against intruders or would be rapists and murderers. She can take the eyes out of a target at 30 yards, so bring it on. I have her prepared mentally and physically to defend herself. If I die today, I know I did the right thing for her because she won’t have to just give in to a raping murderer as you would have to.

      60. For the good pastor and others here who advocate blowing away anyone who might come to them for help post-apocalypse, what ever happened to faith in God and love for your fellow man? Oh, that’s right, this is American style God Guts and Guns style of Christianity we’re talking about, Jesus in camouflage with an AK47 slung over his shoulder, not the real thing.

        Well I suspect if it’s a young girl you’d make an exception right? Yeah.

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